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tv   Wolf  CNN  August 18, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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donald trump solidifying his position as leader of the pack in the race for the republican presidential nomination. in a brand new cnn/orc poll, trump is firmly in first place 2 24% among republican registered voters.
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jeb bush is trailing at 13% followed by retired neurosurgeon ben carson at 9%. senator marco rubio and governor scott walker are both at 8%. the new jersey governor chris christie, he's fallen out of the top tier. he's 3%. he's behind mike huckabee. let's bring in nia-malika henderson, david chalian and sara murray. nia, you've been looking at these numbers, behind these numbers. can he stay this way? he seems to be doing better and better and better. >> that's right. as we set up almost daily and say well, something will trip him up. hasn't happened yet. i think the conventional wisdom about presidential politics is that at some point the empire strikes back and by the empire it's the party. and if you look at the past few presidential campaigns, there are upstarts that end to do well but then a mortar moderate candidate break us there.
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then mitt romney broke through. in some places where donald trump seems to be on the upswing but we'll see how voters respond in the voting booth. >> looks like people didn't respond favorably to jeb bush's performance in that first republican presidential debate. look at this, 45% trust donald trump more than in june. 32% say he's the only one they trust to handle isis. 32%.
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what do you make of these numbers? >> the first thing that pops to me is how dramatically he's improved since june. he's made leaps and bounds of support on these issues from a couple months ago when he got in. so what we're seeing is him moving from a fascination to a serious contender. and he has been dominating the airwave airwaves. i think he's getting the response from voters and they think he's competent and confident in what he's talking about and this's why he has huge leads over his opponents. >> and look at this, sara. after that first debate he was criticized, maybe he was too tough on megyn kelly, one of the fox news anchors but look at this, 60% favorable rating among female republican voters. that's higher, 57% have a favorable rating among male republican voters.
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>> when i talk to women at these political events they say, look, the fight with megyn kelly was a political fight, she's a journalist, that's her job, donald trump punches back, that's what he does. but they didn't look that the that as a reflection of how he would treat women if he were president. in terms of the people who say they would vote for him, he is drawing more male support than female support. >> but he's doing well among registered remember women 60% of whom in our poll, this is not just iowa or new hampshire, this is national, they have a favorable rating. >> but of those who say they'll vote for him, it's more men than women. >> what do you make of that? republican women seem to like him more than remember men. >> well, i think women want the same things that men want in the republican field. they want somebody who's going to talk tough on isis. that's certainly what he's doing, he's appealing to a segment of the republican party
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that are more -- whiter and working class as well and that sort of shows in the numbers as well, people without a college degree more likely to support him than folks with a college degree. so not surprising he's doing well among women, too, who want the same kinds of things. 245i feel alienated by where we are in this country. they feel alienated by democrats they even feel alienated from their own party, people like mitch mcconnell and people like the establishment candidates like jeb push. >> speaking about that, look at this, favorable rating for jeb bush has dropped overall. just 34% of registered republicans in our brand new poll of the favorable view of bush, 56% have an unfavorable view. i guess that's not encouraging. >> i guess that's among everyone, not just republicans. >> he does do better among republicans. >> still, his unfavorables went up significantly among republicans.
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he's at 42% unfavorable among republicans. and i think you mentioned his debate performance before. that lackluster performance had something to do and we should remember jeb bush we've known since before. he himself said i may have to lose the primary in order to win the general. he calls him the tortoise in this race because he sees he's not able to keep pace with donald trump right now but it -- his numbers are going in the wrong direction right now. his overall support and his favorability ratings with his own partisans is not where it needs to be and that's why his super pac goes on the air. >> and that super pac has, what, 100 -- together with $100 million already that they can spend, is that right? >> incredible. his super pac and his campaign, something like $114 million. and when you dig into our poll numbers, jeb bush did best among the least enthusiastic voters. that's why you need the money.
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now the ones who are tuning in want a significant change. as we get closer to election day and the caucuses, people who don't obsess about politics as much as we do will weigh in. maybe that will help jeb bush, maybe they'll join team trump. >> $100 million. money talks in politics as we all know. but let's not forget, donald trump says he's ready to spend out of his own pocket a billion dollars. >> exactly. and not to mention he's already getting free airtime just being on shows and sitting down with folks on our air for instance. obviously jeb bush has the strategy of being the tortoise. he wants to live up to the exclamation mark on the end of his campaign poster, but so far i think people are underwhelmed by him in large part. they're still waiting for the real jeb bush to show up and hoping his approach so far that he's waiting and seeing and
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something else will emerge. >> there were some republican candidates like michele bachmann, herman cain doing well, but then they slid down quickly. i don't get the sense that will necessarily happen to donald trump. >> in fact, this weekend he said when asked about that, they're not me, i'm not them. and he's right. he is tapping into something and has more staying power never mind his $1 billion which helps have more staying power also. but remember there are 16 other people not named trump in this race. that wide field of the non-trump is splitting up all the non-trump and undecided vote. as the field winnows, the dynamics of this race will shift as donald trump gets into a one on one or one on two conversation with his competitors. >> let's not forget, if he says he'll spaend billion dollars, he says "i make $400 million a year, what's a billion?" >> i don't know how the answer that. [ laughter ] >> that's a lot of money. guy, thanks very much.
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coming up, newly released video between hillary clinton and black lives matter leaders. i'll speak with two of the activists who appear in the video and ask if they were satisfied with hillary clinton's answers. later, they survived parachute jumps, obstacle courses, brutal marches, now two american women are making history. by making it through the u.s. army rangers school.
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there's a rising voice on the presidential campaign trail. it's not necessarily donald trump or any of the other declared democratic or republican candidates. it's a movement, a movement called black lives matter. they're raising their voices, their politics obviously coming forward during several campaign events, from taking the stage at a bernie sanders event to shouting out during a jeb bush event and last week members had a face to face meeting with hillary clinton after an event
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in new hampshire. they wanted an answer from hillary clinton about crime legislation passed during the bill clinton administration and her support for it. black lives matter shot video of the meeting. "good" magazine obtained that video. i want you to listen to some of the back-stage exchange with hillary clinton. >> what in your heart has changed that's going to change the direction of this country. what in you -- not your platform, not what you're supposed to say -- how do you actually feel that's different than you did before? what were the mistakes and how can those mistakes that you made be lessons for all of america? >> there has to be a reckoning. i agree with that. >> but i also think there has to be some positive vision and plan that you can move people toward. i mean, once you say, you know, this country has still not
10:15 am
recovered from islamic jihad origin -- its original sin, once you say that, then the next question from people on the sidelines -- the vast majority of americans -- the next question is "so what do you want know do about it? what am i supposed to do about it?" that's what i'm trying to put together in a way that i can explain it and sell it. because in politics you can't explain it and sell it. it stays on the shelf. all i'm saying is your analysis is totally fair. it's historically fair, it's psychologically fair, it's economically fair. but you're going to have to come together as a movement and say "here's what we want done about it." because you can get lip service from as many white people that you can pack in into yankee stadium and more m more like it
10:16 am
who say "we get it, we'll be nicer." that's not enough. >> there's not much to stop the violence against us. >> i understand what you're saying -- >> but also respectfully -- >> well, respectfully, if that is your position then i will talk only to white people about how we are going to deal with the very real problems. >> that's not what i mean, that's not what i mean. but like what i'm saying is what you just said was a form of victim blaming. you were saying that what the black lives matter movement needs to do to change white hearts is to -- >> no, i'm talking about -- look, i don't believe you change hearts. i believe you change laws, you change allocations of resources, you change the way systems operate. you're not going to change hearts, you aren't. but we have to change some systems in creating more opportunities for people who deserve to have them to live up to their own god-given potential. to live safely without fear of
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violence in their own communities. to have a decent school, to have a decent house, to have a descet future. so we can do it one of many ways. you can keep the movement going which you have started and through it you may actually change some hearts but if that's all that happens we'll be back here in ten years having the same conversation. >> that was part of a much longer exchange. if you want to watch the full exchange go to the black lives matter boston's facebook page. joining us now, two of the people you saw in that video, leaders of the black loouives matter. daneisha yancy and julius jones from worcester, massachusetts. julius, did you get the answers from hillary clinton you expected, you wanted? >> i got the answers i expected but i didn't get the answer that i wanted.
10:18 am
it felt as if she chose to focus how much work she's done to advance the lives of children in pursuit of their dreams but didn't want to take personal responsibility for the danger they put their families in by putting their parents in prison and in jail and divesting from the black community and she wanted to focus on policy solutions and such without addressing how she personal felt and how her personal emotions affected the lives of black people across the united states. >> what did you think of her answers, daneisha? >> i agree. i was disappointed. we wanted to hear a personal reflection on her responsibility for advancing and advocating for these policies and that's not what we heard. dawn asia. her policy response, if it's not addressing the anti-blackness
10:19 am
inherent in previous policies, that's what will continue. so we're looking at what's changed for hillary clinton that will make us believe she can take this country in a different direction in terms of race. >> so far neither one of you has the confidence in her. are you hoping, julius, to speak with any other democratic and republican candidates one on one as you had an opportunity to speak with hillary clinton? >> i think that however the black lives matter protesters encounter and engage and confront and shut down these candidates, i think what's happening is that each one is being made to offer their racial analysis. in the united states we require presidential candidates have an understanding of economics, of foreign policy, of domestic policy, et cetera, et cetera. and to that list we need to strongly add racial analysis. because we live in a pluralistic society and as we've seen, a lot of the analyses that the folks have offered have been fairly
10:20 am
poor and tragically trite and haven't incorporated the scientific evidence, the decades upon decades of studies of the existence of racism, how it negatively affects people of color and the disproportionate affect that it has on black people in particular. none of these folks have shown up with that knowledge, with that analysis. and it's time they do. >> none of the candidates on the democrat yuck or republicic or . yet daunasia, some of the things that they have done is shouted down candidates, like we saw this video of bernie sanders, the democratic presidential candidate. are you going to continue to do this? because there has been, as you know, some criticism that's not polite, that's not the right way to get message across. >> yeah, we've seen a lot of backlash against the movement for calling out these folks and just to be clear, these are some of the most powerful people in our country vying for the most influential and powerful seat
10:21 am
and so if we can't hold them accountable, what are two do, right? so i think that people need to really look internally and think about their commitment to black lives. so we are committed to advancing black lives in this country and to improving the lives of black people. so whatever we need to do to hold these presidential candidates accountable is what we'll do and what we've done. >> so julius, we can expect more of that kind of interrupting the candidates as they try to speak? is that what i'm hearing? >> i think what the video that daunasia and i and others are in shows that there is more diverse tactics than just shutting down. but from the palette of things that we will do, there's a diversity. we'll shut them down, we'll have meetings, it will -- whatever it takes to get black lives matter on the national agenda is what we're seeking to do. and it's important to note that
10:22 am
folks want to characterize and judge the black lives matter movement in myriad ways but what no one can argue with s that this is a pressing issue. this is a pressing issue. and some people live in a world where it's just a pressing issue in politics and some people live in a world where it's actually our kids' dying. and so if folks want to inform their own perspective on become lives matter, it's the urgency that we see in the video of sam dubose who got shot in the head point blank range in a car just for diving. it's the urgency of tamir rice who was 12 years old shot literally for playing and it's the urgency of sandra bland, the case that everybody knows. so temper -- i would say temper your perspective with the urgency that black lives are actively under attack and we are in a terrible war with our own country, african-americans are
10:23 am
americans and we're not treated like that. we're not treated as if black lives matter and when people say "all lives matter" it's a violent statement because the only time that people say "all lives matter" is in opposition to black lives matter and it's the most violent statement of love that you can do. it's like "all lives matter!" yes, we understand that, it's true, but in this country for the long time the united states acts like black lives don't matter. >> julius jones, daunasia yancy, thanks very much for joining us. >> thank you. coming up, no claim of responsibility, but thai police are searching for this man. take a look. he's believed to be connected to yesterday's bombing in bangkok. we'll have the latest on the investigation. if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis.
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a tense situation right now in thailand just this morning a second bomb exploded on a
10:28 am
bangkok pier. no one was hurt. but police are saying the device has similarities to a bomb used yesterday in a deadly attack. that blast ribbed throw crowds of people near a popular shrine, a tourist area, 120 people were injured. the investigation is centering around a suspect in this surveillance video. the man wearing the yellow t-shirt is seen dropping his backpack and later walking away. then at 7:00 p.m. local time, a bomb explodes right in the heart of thailand's capital city. our senior international correspondent nic robertson is joining us with more on what's going on. i understand there's breaking news that's developing right now. >> wolf, police are saying this man in the video who is wearing a yellow t-shirt with a
10:29 am
backpack, in one piece of the video he has a backpack on, the second piece of video he's taken the backpack off. they say for sure now he is the bomber they say he put that backpack underneath a bench which made it difficult for them to see. they're saying the bomb that exploded on the pier, they are exactly the same devices. there's been no claim of responsibility but police are saying now they do that a thai national was involved but they also say were foreigners involved as well? they're still working on that. they say at this stage they're not asking for outside international help but they do say they have got hours, days of surveillance video go through just from that first blast alone. the reason they say they have so much video to go through is
10:30 am
because they believe the bomber may have made a look at this scen scene. >> no claim of responsibility, nic? >> no claim of responsibility and this doesn't fit the mold of any of the suspects. they've gone to iraq and syria, most of the people, but experts tend not to believe they would be acting in thailand. there's also the possibility for some sort of effort of political instability to if you will threaten the leadership of the military government that's there right now. increasingly, experts are looking towards the muslim insurgency on the border with
10:31 am
malaysia in the south of thailand. it's about 500 miles from the capital bangkok and about the area of t size of connecticut. typically the violence has been centered along that southern border. this group has had its first out-of-area attack wounding seven people with a car bomb on a thai island a few months ago. they killed several soldiers in an ambush in june so there is a concern that this group perhaps not satisfied after 12 years of fighting that they're getting their voice heard. particularly with this military government, maybe upping the ante. there may be a core group inside them that has decided to take the fight to the capital, wolf. >> and the suspect is still at large right now don't know if there are accomplices or anything along that nature but the investigation continues.
10:32 am
nic, thanks very much. co coming up, we'll look at why republicans trust donald trump more than any of the republican candidates to handle the economy, the issue of immigration, the issue of isis. big day? ah, the usual. moved some new cars. hauled a bunch of steel. kept the supermarket shelves stocked. made sure everyone got their latest gadgets. what's up for the next shift? ah, nothing much. just keeping the lights on. (laugh) nice. doing the big things that move an economy. see you tomorrow, mac. see you tomorrow, sam. just another day at norfolk southern.
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when it comes to key issues like the economy in the united states, immigration, isis, republican voters trust donald trump more than they trust the other republican candidates. that according to a brand new cnn/orc poll. but trump's immigration plan is drawing mixed reviews from some of the other republican candidates. wisconsin governor scott walker
10:37 am
says trump's plan is similar to his. others, however, say they support the idea of ending birth right citizenship included in the 14th amendment but not the rest of trump's immigration plan. >> donald trump's eight-page plan is absolute gibberish. it's unworkable. mitt romney said his biggest mistake as a candidate was embracing self-deportation. that hurt our party. donald trump's plan is forced deportation. >> i'm opening to doing thing for people that deliberately come to the u.s. for taking advantage of the 149 amendment but i'm not in favor of repealing it. there are some ideas that have merit but the majority is not a workable plan that could pass congress. >> let's bring in our political commentators, s.e cupp and tara setmeyer. let's talk thabout this plan, s. he says more will be released in
10:38 am
the coming days and weeks. how did he do on this one? >> it's more substantive and specific than i expected and that we'd heard from trump. so he went into detail. i agree rubio that there's a lot of what trump wants to do that would be unworkable let me point out, unworkability and high cost, two things common to almost every hypothetical piece of legislation you've ever heard about, including something called obamacare. so the idea that trump's ideas would cost money and might not be completely 100% workable is nothing really new in politics. >> tara, our new poll shows trump has a huge lead over his nearest rivals, 11 points ahead of jeb bush for example. how worried should the bush camp be at this point? >> i think they should be concerned even though donors are saying no, we're not concerned,
10:39 am
it's a slow and steady race and bush is where he wants to be to tamp that down. but we know jeb bush has suffered as far as favorability, particularly among independents and republicans he's steadily gone down, down, down. and this latest cnn poll shows a couple things that should be alarming for the bush camp. one, it shows donald trump is 20 points, 30 points ahead of him on the economy which is going to be the number one issue concerning americans. 44% i believe to 9% for jeb bush. also on immigration is another issue, 45% to 13%. then even on isis, foreign policy, donald trump is way a d ahead in so none of those things are good indicators for jeb bush on top of a tepid debate performance that most people agree he didn't do his best there. he needs to step it up. >> a lot of people agree with you on that. s.e, trump's plan on dealing with isis in iraq involves bombing some of those oil fields
10:40 am
controlled by isis forces to cut off the flow of money to isis. but several of our cnn military analysts say that would do more harm than good and that trump they say oversimplifies the situation. the poll shows that americans at least trust him on dealing with isis but can the general public -- are they ready for donald trump as commander-in-chief? >> look, when you listen to donald trump tell chuck todd that he gets his foreign policy advice by watching the shows, i think most people don't find that to be all that reassuring. he might be doing well in the polls among republicans on foreign policy but no one has been able to articulate a cogent long term foreign policy plan that would compete with whatever trump has said. you have to remember that the surprising support that trump is getting among republicans is only surprising in the context of current recent republican
10:41 am
history. if you think the republicans are these hardened ideological purity testing squish hating ted cruz types, sure, that's surprising. but they're not. the 2010 and 2012 tea party success waves left a lot of republicans behind. republicans who might have concerns about privacy but support the patriot act. republicans who want stronger borders but don't think it's realistic to send millions of illegal immigrants home. so for those republicans i think supporting donald trump makes perfectly good sense to them. >> are you surprised, tara, well, yes and new. i'll admit i was one of the folks that was surprised his popularity has sustained the durability of it thus far the more that we see what's going on and the more you talk to folks this is more about american people being sick and tired of
10:42 am
washington, d.c., politics as usual. people are frustrated and fearful about the direction this country is going in. and what happens when the government doesn't fear the people? tierney. so donald trump is like a plow that's come in and tilled the oil other and people are now feeling he has a voice for them because they've been frustrated for so long. something else interesting. when people are asked who do you think is the best candidate for gop to win 2016, it wasn't trump. by 20 points 58% of the people polled, republicans said they think someone else would be better suited to win the white house 234 november of 2016. so so that lis a 20-point margin for another one of these candidates to step in and capitalize on the frustration and disillusionment of politics as usual. and they better do in the a way that doesn't sound like the teacher from peanuts, mwah, mwah, that's what people hear.
10:43 am
donald trump doesn't do that at all and he garners people's attention and they feel like they have a voice. so the other candidates have an in. they need to figure out how to capitalize on it because it seems that this is temporary but when it comes down to brass tacks, who will they vote for in november? doesn't look like donald trump. >> it looks like he's doing well in our new poll. he's doing well in the polls in iowa, new hampshire, south carolina, the question i'm beginning to ask is if he wins all three of those first states, those contests, does that push him to the republican presidential nomination or can someone else still take it from him down the road. we'll have to wait and see what happens. thanks very, very much. for the latest in politics, head over to still to come, two female soldiers in the united states are set to make history when they graduate from the u.s. army's extremely gruelling
10:44 am
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go to
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. two american women will make history at fort benning, georgia. they're the first female students to garage fwrat one of the u.s. military's most elite schools, the u.s. army ranger school. it's an intensive training program. the combat course so gruelling only one-third of those who start it actually finish. here's just a few examples of what's expected. 49 pushups, 59 situps, a five-mile money from 40 minutes, swim and land navigation tests, 12-mile foot marches in three
10:49 am
hours, obstacle courses, military mountaineering, parachute jumps, 27 days of mock combat patrols. it's all designed to teach those young soldiers how to overcome fatigue, hunger, and stress. i'm joined now by cnn's pentagon correspondent barbara starr and dan lamothe, the national security reporter for the "washington post." barbara, first of all, give us a little significance, the historic significance of this accomplishment. >> it is a moment of history for women in the military, wolf. you know, women for the last many years have really many of them been pressing to try to get combat jobs opened up to them in this volunteer force. they want to serve in those jobs. this is a big step down the road to being able to do that. not fully, but this is a step in the eyes of many military women to be able to prove that they can cut it, that they can do it. now, in this ranger class that started in april, a number of
10:50 am
women did drop out but a lot of times, a as you pointed out, the men drop out as one of the mosg courses that the military has. but still, a lot of decisions by the pentagon about whether the actual jobs in the field in combat will, in fact, be open to women. >> you watched this class since april and you've done excellent reporting on it. the first women soldiers were allowed into the ranger school. you were there and got a rare look inside the program. give us your analysis. tell us what you saw. >> sure. i've been in a couple of different locations with them at this point. ft. benning earlier this year, they did preranger training. they had an assessment course that they were required to pass before they jumped into the actual training. and then from there they move on to mountaineering in northern georgia and more recently, in the last week or so, they've graduated from the florida phase down at eglin air force base.
10:51 am
>> what happens to these women now, dan? >> at this point -- the next couple of days, really, this is time for celebration behind the scenes and get decent meals. men and women alike, you don't sleep much and you don't each much during ranger school and it's very well known for that. i remember in both phases, there are times when they are receiving instruction and that sort and you actually watch people fall asleep while standing up. they are that exhausted. >> i'm sure they are. barbara, i asked this question because the two women soldiers will be allowed to wear the prestigious tab on their uniforms but i'm told they won't be allowed to, for example, to try out for the elite regiment. why is that? >> exactly right. this is the first step to be able to qualify. by the end of the year, this is what is critical. defense secretary ash carter has
10:52 am
to make combat jobs and in other words they will have qualifications and can they go out into the field in iraq, afghanistan, africa, wherever the rangers may be set on the very elite missions which often are in very hot war zones, essentially kicking down the door, conducting very hot combat operations. a lot of these decisions and the services making recommendations to the pentagon about what combat jobs they think can and should be open to women and, of course, let me take the opportunity to say that many military women will tell you they are already in combat. since 9/11, some 88 women have been killed in action. nearly 1,000 wounded. wolf. >> what was the reaction of the men to having these women
10:53 am
participate? >> i think it's a really mixed bag. and you see that every time the story is published on it as well. there are those who question whether or not the standards were changed as a result of the women going through and the decision to have media on and not only talk to senior officials but one-on-one conversations with instructors and other soldiers involved in the process, they wanted to underscore the point that nothing has changed and these women had to go through the exact same curriculum and difficulties. >> all right. dan lamothe and barbara starr at the pentagon, thank you very much. we're going to take a break. much more news right after this. . you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec® for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin®. because it starts working faster on the first day you take it. zyrtec®. muddle no more™ .
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after battling harsh
10:58 am
mountainous conditions, search teams have reached the crash site of the trigana air. none of the 54 on board survived. no distressed call was ever made. bad weather caused the search to be called off early. in china today, thousands of firefighters, police officers paused for a moment at the site of a huge explosion. the blast killed at least 114 people. 57 people are still missing. state media reporting authorities have detained ten executives at the company that own the warehouse that exploded. earlier we talked about the video of hillary clinton meeting with a representative from black lives matter.
10:59 am
we got their take here on cnn on the face-to-face conversation they had with the presidential democratic candidate. now we have this response just in from the clinton campaign to the discussion that was one of many that the campaign will continue to have with stakeholders to build on hillary clinton's policy proposals to help reform our criminal justice system and achieve racial justice. as hillary has said, the statement goes on to say, in order to implement real change, we must confront the deep-seeded biases and racial injustices that still remains in our country today. we must
11:00 am