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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  August 19, 2015 11:00am-1:01pm PDT

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rise, it is wednesday. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. thank you so much for being with us. the top of the hour here. you know this guy. he had a lot of subway sandwiches. he lost a lot of weight as the face of the world's largest fast food chain. he now admitted he victimized 14 underaged girls. under the deal he could be sent to prison from 5 to 12 1/2
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years. this is him leaving the courthouse a little while ago. investigators say the case against fogle span years and include tens of thousands of pieces of evidence. >> mr. fogle had done the right thing when he learned of the victimization of the first victim, the first girl who was 14. if he reported that to authorities, victims 2, 3, 4, 5-6-7, 1, 9, 10, 11 and 12 would never have been victims. >> today jarred fogle has admitted to par tut baiting in a five-year criminal scheme to exploit children. beginning in 2011 fogle learned that the head of the jared foundation russell taylor was sexually exploiting a 14-year-old girl. at that time fogle chose to receive and repeatedly view child pornography involving that 14-year-old girl. this continued during a four-year period and fogle's
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actions resulted in the sexual verdictization of 12 minors in the state of indiana. the approximate amount of data reviewed by the indiana state police, the indianapolis metropolitan police department and the fbi includes 159,634 text messages, 27,140 e-mails, 47,623 images and 3,394 videos. >> all of those numbers here i have with me. cnn legal analyst danny cevallos and correspondent jean casarez. how far back and it also began involving one of his colleagues, right? >> that's right. russell taylor who was the head of his foundation that came to be because of his involvement with subway, separate foundation
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to battle childhood obesitobesit they said in the press conference he was engaging in some of this even before he met russell taylor with that foundation, so a long time ago, 2005, is the date that they thought this began, but there are two separate counts, and they both involve very individual factual scenarios. count two is traveling in interstate commerce to engage in sexual acts with children, child prostitution, brooke. >> yeah. >> specifically it says he came to new york city saying in posh hotels like the rites karz-carld would engage in sexual relations, pay them money and ask them if they can find any other children for him, and there are 14 victims. 12 of them were videotaped by the man who had to do with his foundation. secretly they were videotaped getting in and out of the shower doing different things along with the two in new york. $100,000 he must pay to each victim.
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it amounts to $1.4 million. he must deposit that in an account within days after accepting the plea of guilty, and those victims will be paid immediately. >> i had a question on how you even arrive at that dollar figure. i'm going to you in a sec, but let me just play some sound from fogle's attorney speaking brief ly. >> he's already volunteered to make restitution to those individuals who have been impacted by his behavior. he knows that restitution can't undo the damage that he's done, but he'll do all in his power to try to make it right. jared also knows that he has a medical problem and he's already sought evaluation by a world class psychiatrist, experienced in these matters, and he will seek appropriate treatment. >> so, danny, to you on that. i mean, obviously that's what the attorney is pointing out, x, y and z reasons they hope he'll serve less time behind bars. so talk to me a little bit about that, and also how do you
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arrive -- when you sort through all the evidence and you say, okay, all of this means i'll give each victim $100,000, how do you get to the dollar victim? >> this is somebody who has the means to even be able to pay restitution in the first place. most criminal defendants simply don't even have that place on the table. all of these factors, restitution, a plea agreement. remember, a plea agreement saves the government the resources of having to spend going to trial, and more than that in a case like this it saves the agony of bringing in these victims, these alleged victims and having them testify on the stand. so there's no question that when a defendant enters into a plea agreement he provides a benefit in the government and should receive some benefit at sentencing, nothing necessarily specific but should receive a reduction for the costs he's saved the government both in actual dollars but in things you can not measure in dollars such as coming these witnesses to
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testify. as we move to the sentencing phase, haven't moved to the plea phase but after the plea phase there will come the sentencing, and at that hearing almost any evidence can be considered by the judge, and believe it or not despite the agreement that the parties have entered into, a judge in federal court is not necessarily bound by that agreement. so not anything is ever certain in federal court. >> okay. so can we also just end on talking about the fact that he's married. he's married and now we're hearing -- >> with two thin. >> with two children. let me read what this i imagine soon to be ex-wife has said. obviously i'm extremely shocked and disappointed by the recent involvements of involving jared. i am in the process of seeking a dissolution of the marriage. my focus is exclusively on the well-being of my children. he's fague restitution to the victims. once he gets out, what is he even entitled to, what would he be entitled to, both of you? >> when he gets out he has to have at least five years of
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supervised monitoring and that's something that's at issue at sentencing because i think prosecutors will want much more than that but there are conditions he would have to meet but he'd have his freedom anyway, but any engagement with minor children, if they are still minors at the time would have to be supervise and agreed to and many, many other conditions. he'll be a registered sex offender for the rest of his life. >> thank you both very much. now this. donald trump is closer to hillary clinton than ever before. brand new cnn poll has just revealed the surprising showdown. let me show you numbers, and will you see for yourself trump is closer to hillary clinton, an average of just six points behind, the first time any republican candidate has really been within striking distrance of the democratic front-runner and that's not the only problem here for hillary clinton. for the first time in this race support for hillary clinton has
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fallen below that 50% mark, a sign that questions about her e-mail use and trustworthiness may be having an impact on her ambitions to the white house and joining me is cnn national political reporter and let's just begin with the headline with the top numbers. i mean, this is the first time trump really appears competitive for a hypothetical general election. >> it does, and as we've discussed many times, you know, poll numbers this early don't tend to mean that much, but this one i would pay attention to because what voters are looking for right now on the republican side is who can be the most competitive up against hillary clinton and the stronger that trump starts to look in that sphere, the more voters might be attracted to him because there's a lot of debate out there when you talk to voters about whether or not he could actually make it, whether they can actually picture him in the oval office but if he looks like he can really take it to hillary that's going to be a very strong point in his favor, and we are seeing, you know, as we've seen over the last few months, the e-mail
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issues that hillary clinton has had really starting to atext her trutworthiness numbers. >> the drum beat. >> yeah, yeah. that's something she has to keep talking about and when she's really trying to get her message out on other areas. >> i was also seeing today, moving off of hillary clinton in nevada, martin o'malley is there, and apparently he changed his news conference from one hotel after he speaks in a closed door special with the afl-cio, he'll be boom smack dab in front of donald trump's hotel. >> surprise. >> the fact that i'm asking you about that tells me that that was kind of a smart move, right? what's going on there? >> when's the last time we were talking in any depth about martin o'malley, right? >> true, try. i think what all of these candidates have figured out, both on the republican side and the democratic side is that if they can talk about trump and get into the trump coverage, then they are going to get more attention, and right now they are all just wrestling to try to
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get their message out when so much of the attention has been focused on him. probably a pretty good move, especially in vegas, will probably draw a big crowd. >> and speaking of, i'm being told these are live pictures we're looking at right here, martin o'malley, the governor, standing in front of some palm trees with a big old trump sign right above his head. maeve reston, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> we'll continue that conversation. coming up, awkward and weird moment between hillary clinton and the press. she why she interrupted this press conference as trump calls this, and i'm quoting, watergate on steroids. oh, boy. anonymous no more. if you're cheating with the help of website ashley madison, the gig is up, folks, the secret is out and hear what happens next. two explosions, a huge manhunt, the race to find a man suspected of bombing a tourist hub, and we're now learning he
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did not act alone. stay with me.
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you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. let's begin with hillary clinton who is taking a big hit in the polls, as we mentioned, a moment ago. the new numbers into cnn, 53% of americans now view her unfavorably. this is her most negative rating actually since 2001. this is how far back this goes, and as support for hillary clinton is cooling off a bit, her frustrations appear to be boiling over. the presidential front-runner on the democratic side getting into a heated exchange with reporters in nevada while defending her private e-mail server. sheer she was. >> my personal e-mails are my personal business, rightle? so that's all i can say. >> did you try to wipe the whole server? >> i'm -- you know -- i have no idea. that's why we turned it over. >> you were the official in charge. did you wipe the server? >> like with a cloth or something? >> i don't know. you know how it works digitally.
11:16 am
>> i don't know how it works digitally as all, but we turned over everything that was work-related, every single thing. personal stuff we did not. i had no obligation to do so and did not. nobody talks to me about it other than you guys. >> is she right? is this just a media flap or perhaps much more? new cnn orc poll shows a growing number of americans feel her personal e-mail use was just wrong. 56% say so, up from 51% in march and 39% say clinton was not wrong to use her personal e-mail but that's down from 47%. i have with me mitt romney's former deputy campaign manager and also with me angela rye, democratic strategist. ladies, wonderful having both of you on. >> thank you. >> angela, you're up to bat first here. let's begin with what we just saw, hillary clinton with the reporters, the whole, you know, joke about what, with a cloth
11:17 am
and arms up after walking away. obviously she's frustrated. joke number two she's made over this in about a week. is this the appropriate way to handle this? >> well, listen, brooke. i think part of this it has to be extremely frustrating to be wanting to run a campaign, talk about real issues, families in america hurting, struggling to keep the lights on and you're having to constantly revisit this, personal e-mails versus non-personal e-mails. >> there are people who say this is a real issue. >> it is a real issue, but it's hardly the right place to talk about it in a forum like that. i hope that the campaign will have her do a one-on-one exclusive on air with someone. >> but why not. these are reporters. you understand they are going to ask tough questions when they get a first question. >> this is a former first lady of the united states and former secretary of state and the reporter who she had the exchange with was a bit too testy and that's why the forum is important for her to be able to explain this and maybe even go a little further than saying she regrets it.
11:18 am
>> this is, again, just to remind everyone though, this is while she was -- i know you point out she's a former first lady but this is when she was serving in the obama administration as secretary of state. >> absolutely, absolutely. >> i just want to button up with that. katie, i want to talk about donald trump and how the message -- i mean, it looks like all these republican candidates, they are now having, to you know, respond to questions about the 14th amendment because, you know, trump has outlined this plan. he doesn't want kids who are born to undocumented immigrants in the united states to americans, shouldn't be here, and so now all these candidates are having to answer this question. whether you like him, love him or somewhere in between he's driving the debate. >> let's face it and going back to the hillary question just real quickly. >> you had to go there. >> this isn't beanbag and the notion that reporters have to treat a candidate with kid gloves. >> that's not what i said. >> because they used to be the former first lady and secretary of state. if she's hadn't used her private
11:19 am
e-mail server. >> she got advice that it was okay. >> so that notwithstanding, well, she got bad advice and that's unfortunate. >> then blame it on the lawyers. >> she has to blame that. >> she's responsible. the buck stops with you when you run for president of the united states but moving on to trump, you know, this is an issue that i think republican candidates have to be very careful about. i don't think that the majority of the american people are ready to repeal the 14th amendment and say that children born in this country are not citizens. you know, i do think that there's some challenges with border security and those have to be addressed as well and all of the candidates, including the democrats are going to have to answer that question, but, you know, the notion that we're going to, you know, tell little children born in this country that they can't stay i think is a little bit silly and it's not really a very realistic notion. >> i'm not saying i disagree with you but the overarching point, donald trump talking about whether it's immigration initially or what he said about that, whether it was veterans issues and now this. i mean, it's like you have donald trump talking about something and, wham, this
11:20 am
becomes a cross-platform issue. >> it's because the media immediately gloms on to everything he says and hangs on to his every breath but reali reality -- >> it's not just the media. >> your polls -- >> let me finish this -- let me finish my sentence, please. you know, he's holding it about 20% to 25%. that means about 75% of republican primary voters are saying no thank you so he does not represent the majority of the republican party or even republican primary voters. it's something that's been inflamed because he's a celebrity and an entertainer and an interesting news story but i don't think it's -- it's a true representation of where the party is. >> okay, okay. let's pivot back to democrats and angela, when you also take a look at a poll because we now have and you talk about maybe the hypothetical of the joe biden jumping in, majority of democrats want him to run. in fact, when you look a little closer and look at hillary supporters specifically, half of hillary clinton supporters want
11:21 am
joe biden in the race. what does that tell you? >> a little nervous. >> what does that tell you, angela? >> i think that folks really want to focus on having a democratic primary about the issues. the e-mail controversy, benghazi before that, has just been a distraction there. has not been an opportunity to real talk about issues. i think that most folks want to see a competitive democratic primary so that hillary, joe biden, martin o'malley maybe even and bernie sanders can be properly vetted going into a general election. what you also see in this poll today, brooke, is the fact that hillary clinton is the only candidate who can go toe to toe and real beat every single one of the gop folks in the primary so i think -- >> trump is inching up. >> he can be inching up. >> not quite a fair fight at this point. >> katie, last word from you. >> well, i mean, most of these candidates, trump notwithstanding, candidates on the republican side don't have high awareness with voters so hillary is who they know better,
11:22 am
but the fact that people are clamoring for joe biden and john kerry at this stage of the game sounds to me like they are reaching for a life preserver because the "titanic" is going down. >> ouch. >> i don't think that that would be accurate but that was cute. >> okay, ladies. we'll leave it there. thank you both so much. love hearing opposite perspectives. reminder tonight at 9:00 eastern, chris cuomo, his wide-ranging interview with republican front-runner donald trump right here on cnn 9:00. next, millions of cheaters exposed, the dating website ashley madison the place to go to have an affair. it's been hacked and we'll talk to someone who he thinks, his experience and what he's worried about and presidential candidate mike huckabee says reverend martin luther king jr. would be appalled by the black lives matter and we'll talk to the pastor of the ebenezer baptist church in atlanta next. list. how may i help you? i heard i could call angie's list if i
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the secret is out on millions of married cheaters, hackers made good on the threats to post their names and lots other personal information of these ashley merchandise job users, a website geared towards those looking to step out, have an affair. the hackers revealed the names of more than 30 million users on the dark web along with credit card numbers, e-mails, physical addresses and, let me tell you, apparently it's more than that. now that information is making its way to some mainstream websites. the hackers are calling themselves the impact team and in a statement they fancy themselves as moral vigilantes saying in part, quote, find yourself in here, learn your lesson and make amends. embarrassing now but you'll get over me. joining me now is charles orlando and is back and smiling. he had so much fun last time, a relationship expert who went
11:28 am
undercover on ashley madison and had a couple of profiles, all for the sake of work. let me be crystal clear. charles, welcome back. >> thank you for having me back. >> when i chatted last time you were thinking you would be part of the hack. have you looked. have you found your name out there in >> >> i've looked and used my real name and a real profile picture and i was smart enough to have a couple of burner e-mail addresses to go with this. didn't want to give away my own e-mail so i have gone through some of the data. it's very complicated and i know there's hundreds of people that are trying desperately to put this in a format that the standard layman can kind of search. but i don't have anything out there or nude photos that i posted. >> speaking of that. i remember last time not only would that be hacked, credit card information, names, et cetera, but, i mean, it's like sexual preferences, what you like, what you don't like,
11:29 am
right? i mean, that also would be out there. >> absolutely. >> oh, sure. anybody who went there will definitely have some information that will be shared out it's a smoking gun. if you're caught up in this, you're done, as soon as the people who are actively putting this together for anyone to take a look at, you're looking at some damage and from what i've read it's a challenge to get past, military addresses, bank of america, university of sydney, a variety of governmental and high-profile corporations domains all a part of this, and if you're able to link up those e-mail addresses with pictures and chat sessions, there's going to be a lot of damage done, especially in the military. >> yeah. in the military infidelity is a cou court-martialable offense.
11:30 am
you can be ought mat chris discharged. >> some defense attorneys salivating over this story. >> chomping at the bit, so to speak. >> i know that you created a couple of different profiles and you were explaining, you went out on some of these dates and saw how far you could actually take it and i'm wondering because you hear about these websites and in a statement these havtivists point out that 90% to 95% of the actual user is a scam and the site is a scam with thousands of fake female profiles but who were the women you met? >> i met women, maybe some of the chat sessions i'm not aware of. maybe this was a 65-year-old man, you know, on the east coast that i ended up talking to. >> how do you know? >> i'm not sure, but i am sure about the women i actually took out in person and they had some interesting things to say, but when it comes to fake profiles that goes for any dating website that's out there today. i did an expose a few weeks ago
11:31 am
around online dating and dating profiles when it comes to everything from tinder to e-match to match to eharmony, and they are all guilty of it. there's all -- reports show that there are fake profiles built up. >> bottom line, you did this for work. what's the conversation you had with your wife when you wrapped this project. >> she told me not to screw it up. i wrote an in-depth piece going undercover on ashley madison to discover the real reasons women cheat. it's out there to see for everybody. >> you're the only man probably grateful for this. >> at this point, absolutely. >> charles orlando, thanks very much. best of luck to you >> thank you >> next, one of cnn's newest stars goes to the iowa state fair which has been called the whitest place on earth.
11:32 am
>> people are taking pictures of me. i don't think it's because i'm famous. i think it's because i'm a black dude. >> interesting exchanges with some of these candidates including mike huckabee. do not miss that in iowa. plus, republican presidential candidate mike huckabee says reverend dr. martin luther king would be, quote, appalled by the black lives matter movement. we'll talk to the pastor of ebenezer baptist church in atlanta and get his reaction to that next.
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there's no limit to how much you can earn and this savings applies to every vehicle on your policy. call to learn more. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. the iowa state fair, fried oreos, cows, photo-ops, what about all that and the host of
11:37 am
the cnn upcoming series "united shades of america." here we are at the iowa state fair. they never have kamel. people are taking pictures of me, i don't think it's because i'm famous but because i'm a black dude. livestock and all about the food and the politics. now that i'm with cnn i get my first assignment, interviewing one of the republican presidential candidates, nope, not trump. i'm the new guy. >> waiting for i guess mike huckabee to come out here. >> but before i make my cnn debut, i make my c-span debut. i'm a black dude from california, sell me. >> i believe in treating everybody the same regardless of who they come and where they come from and i'd love to have your vote. >> i'm going to think about it. >> think about it a lot, and you just engage, i can see what happens. you're going to say, that's my guy. >> hmm. let me think. nah. >> we are americans. >> next, a democrat, martin
11:38 am
o'malley. he's had his own problems connecting with black voters. >> black lives matter. white lives matter. all lives matter. >> so i'm going to try to help him out by teaching him a black man handshake. >> if you're going to hold it, we have to do this, this, and this. >> man, that was awkward. >> now the livestock, soon to be dead stuck. apparently we've got some ku klux lambs. >> we're at the lamb show and showing the lambs and we're looking for muscle quality for lambs that go into the food market. >> this is a food lamb. >> yes. >> you're going to eat this. >> i like them a little more well done than this. i'm like this is the adorable lamb show. >> this is your dinner. this is dinner lamb. >> yes. >> and now it's time for -- for something inappropriately deep
11:39 am
fried. >> are they heart healthy? a little bit like kale. >> the number one weight loss food. >> okay, okay. ♪ ♪ >> while politics divides us, food shoved on sticks brings us all together. pork on a stick 2015. what do you have to say about the iowa state fair? >> it's you a sglom are you going to eat anything? >> yeah. >> that's what i'm gonna eat. >> is that wrong? let's move on. some are hailing this as the civil rights protest of the new millennium, the black lives matter movement has taken ahold of the national discussion when it comes to race and criminal justice and reform and politics,
11:40 am
but republican presidential candidate mike huckabee says if civil rights icon dr. martin luther king jr. was alive today he would not approve. >> when i hear people you know scream black lives matter of course they do, but all lives matter. it's not that any life matters more than another. that's the whole message i think that dr. king tried to present, and i think he'd be appalled by the notion that we're elevating some lives above others. >> let's get some reaction to that from the reverend rafael warnoff, the senior pastor of ebenezer baptist church where dr. king preached in atlanta on vacation and good enough to join us for a couple of minutes here but also the author of "the divide mind of the black church." reverend, wonderful to have you on and it's impossible to crawl into the heart and mind of dr. king but when you hear governor huckabee say that, what do you think dr. king would think today? >> well, it's really not difficult. thanks, first of all, brooke,
11:41 am
it's great to be here with you. mike huckabee should go again and read dr. king's iconic i have a dream speech. in that very speech he says that we cannot be satisfied as long as the negro is the victim of the unspeakable horrors of police brutality. he addressed police brutality all those many years ago. he address it had head on. he didn't pretend like everyone is the victim of police brew tal brewbreau -- police brutality. black men are mostly impacted. plaque lives matter they are in fact saying all lives matter and those who respond as mr. huckabee has with this kind of knee-jerk response are tantamount to fire fighters who show up at a three-alarm fire and decide to spray all the
11:42 am
houses on the street because, of course, all houses matter. >> let me -- i want to come back. i'm glad you brought up dr. king's writings and i want to come back to that. as part of this conversation huckabee said, you know, he himself faced death threats some 35 years ago as a pastor who he was trying to integrate at the time this all-white church and was arguing you don't resolve the issues by magnifying the problems but by magnifying the solutions and i'm just curious what you make, reverend, of these activists jumping in and interrupting some of these campaign events. do you agree with that approach? >> dr. king brought attention to the issue. the reason we're not where we were 50 years ago because dr. king and those who were with him were incredibly strategic and gifted at dramatizing the problem that the nation would have ignored had they not drawn attention to the issue, and so, you know, civil disobedience is
11:43 am
inconvenient. it's disruptive. but very often it's necessary to draw attention to a larger issue. >> okay. >> dr. king spoke in very specific terms about what was going on. he didn't say that everybody should be able to sit at a lunch counter or everybody should be able to get -- to be able to sit wherever they like on a bus. the fact of the matter it was black people who were victimized by this so i'm proud of the young people who were in the streets today. it's a broad multi-racial coalition of young people a new kind of consciousness unfolding before our very eyes, and as one who is speaking the highest office in the land it seems to me that mr. huckabee rather than simply saying something very simple in order to get past the way in which donald trump is taking all the air out of a room
11:44 am
he ought to think in a serious and substantive way about race in this country and the ways in which all of us need to be embraced by this great american country. >> it is such an important issue, reverend, and this has become one of the questions for this campaign and to go back to dr. king's words, part of a letter from a birmingham jail in 1963. he wrote i must confess that over the past few years i've been gravely disappointed with the white moderate who constantly advises the negro to wait for a more convenient seen. shallow understanding from people of goodwill is more frustrating than absolutely misunderstanding of people of ill will. overall, reverend, do you feel like these candidates, and i mean republicans and democrats, do they have a shallow understanding of this very important issue? >> wealth, i think that if you're running for the highest office in the land you really ought to take the time to sit and listen. you know, politicians like preachers are used to talking,
11:45 am
but i've become a better pastor. i'm better at what i do when i sit down and listen to the people that i'm actually trying to serve and i would encourage those running for office to do the same. >> reverend, thank you so much for taking the time to be with me today. truly appreciate it. >> thank you. >> thank you. next, his doctor calls it a miracle. comedian tracy morgan making a comeback this upcoming season on "saturday night live" after his accident. we'll talk to someone who just interviewed tracy morgan, his brain doctor next. we danced in a german dance group. i wore when i first got on ancestry i was really surprised that i wasn't finding all of these germans in my tree. i decided to have my dna tested through ancestry dna. the big surprise was we're not german at all. 52% of my dna comes from scotland and ireland. so, i traded in my lederhosen for a kilt. ancestry has many paths to discovering your story. get started for free at
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11:49 am
when tracy morgan hosts
11:50 am
"saturday night live" this upcoming fall it will be not only a major comedic comeback but also a medical miracle coming directly from tracy morgan's doctor who spoke with a reporter we heard from from "the daily beast" who said when i started treating tracy in june 2014, if someone had told me that he was on "snl" in october 2015 i would have had to look at that with great doubt. so many people don't recover as well as he does, nothing short of a miracle in general. morgan was nearly killed in a highway crash on the new jersey turnpike. the ntsb says a truck driver had not slept for 28 hours when he slammed into morgan's limo bus. the accident killed his friend comic jimmy mack and put morgan into a comic for two weeks. kevin fallon is "the daily beast" reporter who spoke to the doctor. thanks for coming through, and we all read your piece this morning, my goodness. not only the fact that he'll be hosting this upcoming october
11:51 am
and how difficult the hosting duties, are but remind us how tenuous the first few weeks and months were for him. >> so when tracy arrived at the hospital to be treated by dr. greenwald when i spoke, to he was in a coma. his brain injury was so bad he was in a comb ambassador and it took a month for him to even be well enough to be released and to go back home. he had trouble with memory, fatigue, couldn't speak well. couldn't do anything on his own. the doctor was describing how literally every basic task you do every day required assistance so the fact that even just a year from now he's doing this hugely, hugely, hugely taxing ordeal with "snl" is astonishing, like the doctor said. it's a bit of a miracle. >> just quickly before we go through how difficult the hosting duties are, so rehab. what's he been doing these last however many months to get back to where he is. >> so is this's a lot of physical therapy, on ton of the brain injury also fractured his leg very, very badly. walks around with a cane still,
11:52 am
and it was visiting this doctor once a month to get the quickness back and learn the cognitive skills that you need to live. >> so when you are a host at "snl," from everything i've been told, you show up that monday or tuesday, that week, you're in it the entire week. >> it is a grind and forget just the rehearsal of the week, that night of shooting is absolutely insane. you're carted around like, you know, you're a car and the crew was disassembling you. you don't do the show once, do it twice. >> dress rehearsal. >> do the entire show before you do the live show. very, very physically demanding. watched the tip top tape talent sweat bullets trying to get this done so it will be a really huge talent for him. >> and how he addresses what happens, right, in his own sort of way and move forward? incredible, incredible for him to be able to do this. >> kevin fallon, thanks very
11:53 am
much with "the daily beast." >> authorities searching for the two addition al suspects that rocked the city of bangkok. what one taxi cab driver is saying about the suspects. that's next. and 2% back at the grocery store. even before he got 3% back on gas. kenny used his bankamericard cash rewards credit card to join the wednesday night league. because he loves to play hoops. not jump through them. that's the excitement of rewarding connections. apply online or at a bank of america near you.
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new information and now a sketch of the suspect in the deadly bomb attack in bangkok, thailand. let me show you first this is the sketch released just a couple of hours ago by tie police, and we are now learning a motorcycle taxi driver is telling investigators he may have been the one to pick up the suspect who handed him a note written in english and spoke on the phone in a language the taxi driver didn't quite recognize. thai police also now saying they are searching for possible accomplices. cnn's andrew stevens is live in bangkok with me on the phone. andrew, let's just begin what are you hearing from investigators and how -- do they have any solid leads?
11:58 am
>> reporter: they don't have follow-up leads at this stage, brooke. as you say, most of this comes from the taxi driver who picked up the suspect. he said that the suspect was on the phone during the trip. he wasn't -- he didn't know he was speaking english, didn't actually speak to the taxi driver. just landed him a note with the name written in english in a well-known park and that's where the taxi driver dropped him off. as you say, they released a sketch of the man that they are looking for, the man they say they are very sure is the bomber, and there are also two other suspects. they were seen in the video at the -- at the shrine as well. they are just being referred to as a man in a red shirt and a man in a white shirt at this stage. the images that we've seen are grainy, but police say this man did not work alone. the bomber did not work alone. there are at least two other suspects, and interestingly,
11:59 am
brooke, the prime minister tells reporters that the -- that the bombers should turn himself in for his own protection basically to suggest that he could say outside the law be killed for his actions and he should turn himself in to actually take the safety of the police so that's the development so far at this stage. we don't know whether he's still in the country. thailand police are still treating this as if he's still in the country. >> just to quickly follow up on your thought. so they are looking for him and possibly other accomplices. an arrest warrant has been named for an unnamed male foreigner. who would that be? >> that is the same person. >> got it. an drew stephens, thank you so much in bangkok. all right.
12:00 pm
let's continue on hour two. you're watching cnn, brooke baldwin beginning with the man who ate a lot of subway sandwiches and lost a lot of weight. he is now -- has been really the face of the world's largest fast food chain who now admits he victimized 14 minors. former subway pitchman jared fogle who has agreed to plead guilty to child porn and sex charges. under the deal that still needs court approval he could be sent to federal prison anywhere between 5 and 12.5 years and the case against fogle spanned years and years and included tens of thousands of pieces of evidence. mr. fogle had done the right thing when he learned of the victimization of the first victim, the first girl who was 14. if he reported to this victims 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 would never have been sexually victimized. >> today jared fogle has been charged and has admitted to participating in a five-year
12:01 pm
scheme to exploit children. beginning in 2011 fogle learned that the head of the jared foundation russell taylor was sexually exploiting a 14-year-old girl. at that time fogle chose to receive and view child pornography involving that 14-year-old girl. this continued during a four year period and fogle's actions resulted in the verdictization of 12 minors in the state of indiana. the approximate amount of data reviewed by the indiana state police, the indianapolis metropolitan police department and the fbi inclusion 159,634 text messages, 27,140 e-mails, 47,623 images and 3,394 videos.
12:02 pm
>> let's go to first our correspondent jean casarez and, you know, i guess how -- how many years did this man? >> where do you begin? 2005. >> so during the time that he was under contract with subway. >> as a pitch man. >> though they specifically said that they do not see any correlation at all with subway. the investigation continues, but this was something that he was doing unbeknownst it's believed to everyone, and there are two counts here. today was just the initial appearance where he was apprised of the formal charges filed today, but we already do have a signed plea agreement that he says he will agree to. it is so specific, brooke, but it really talks about these allegations, count one being knowing and distributing and viewing these child pornography videos that the head of his foundation secretly taped of minors as they were getting in and out of showers. they had no idea that they were
12:03 pm
being videotaped and count two, as concerning or even more concerning, he was traveling to new york at very exclusive hotels to engage in child prostitution, having sex with minor children, minor female children and asking them to then find other minor children where he would give a finder's fee and engaged in communication with prostitutes around the country. it appears as though adult prostitutes engaging in prostitution with them and then asking them if they knew any minor children he could have sex with. >> you say unbeknownst to the company and also apparently to -- to his wife. let me get to her statement in a moment, but first we heard from one attorney, jared fogle's attorney speaking briefly outside. >> he's already volunteered to make restitution to those individuals who have been impacted by his behavior. he knows that restitution can't undo the damage that he's done but he will do all in his power to try to make it right.
12:04 pm
jared also knows that he has a medical problem. he's already sought evaluation via a world class professional in these matters and he will seek appropriate treatment. >> treatment, restitution. can you tell me how they arrived to this plea deal and also the range and the money, the $200,000 per victim. >> here's what he's getting out of it because there is a possible 50-year prison term for those two counts and he has agreed he'll go to prison for five years. prosecutors said that they will ask to no more than 12.5 years in prison. however, fact is once it gets before the judge, the judge will listen to theest and the young can do whatever he wants irregard lesion of a plea deal but we'll say up to 12.5 years in prison and that's what he gets out of it. he has to pay $100,000 and upon accepting the plea deal he has to put that into a trust account
12:05 pm
and those monies will be paid to victim immediately. think about that and his networth is millions upon millions of dollars. >> thank you for my segue. let's talk about how much he's worth. because you know him as the 425-pound indiana university student who turned to veggie turkey sandwiches to lose the body weight and shot his first 30-second ad for subway back in 2007 touring his weight loss into quite a career, giving speeches all over the world and serving even as a grand marshall for nascar. how much money did he make and how much money can subway stand to lose? how much is he worth? >> well, celebrity net worth puts his entire net worth at $15 million and i spoke to industry sources who told me today that there are numbers going around, circling the industry saying subway paid him a couple million
12:06 pm
dollars a year. now, this is a long-standing relationship, right, and he started doing commercials back in 2000 and parlayed that success into motivational speaking engagements and those we found figures of reports that estimated those engagements from $5,000 to $10,000 every time he spoke so clear hi he was leveraging his fame as a spokesperson to his own personal benefit, right? but in terms of the value he generate, incredible amount. he helped them -- >> he's jared the subway guy. >> the largest fast food. >> incredible. >> bigger than mcdonald's and starbucks. >> to go along with what she is saying, nothing precludes civil suits here, that their lives have been destroyed. this is criminal court. >> could have a whole other
12:07 pm
wave, i hear you. thank you both so much. this is probably not the end of our discussing jared the subway guy. but let's move on and talk politics, shall we? hillary clinton, thank you, ladies. hillary clinton hanging on to her front-runner status but not by much because you know who is close in on her? donald trump. let me show you some numbers. the later cnn/orc poll of this hypothetical general election matchup, trump is now trailing hillary clinton by a mere six percentage points and also more bad news for clinton. our poll shows her approval rating is dropping among democratic voters. she now has dipped below 50% for the very first time. on the rise, bernie sanders and joe biden who, by the way, has yet to declare a candidacy. people want him in. joining me now is jeremy diamond. first, an these numbers when you parse through all of this, even her unfavorables, higher than
12:08 pm
ever before since 2001. you have the drum beat of the e-mails. that's not going anywhere. we saw her obviously frustrated last night at the news conference throwing her arms up and making a joke about it and the trump calling it the watergate on steroids. >> yeah. listen. hillary clinton is trying to downplay this issue. she seems to think that it's a sideshow. she and her campaign have repeatedly said that they want to talk about the real issues. they certainly don't seem to think that this is one of them. hillary clinton repeatedly insifts that voters aren't asking her about this, that it's just reporters, and, of course, the gop is seizing on this with donald trump making that xhegsz. at the same time. clinton is below 50% in first time in her support for democrats. but that still puts her at a high issue. i think republicans would like numbers that high this early in the game. >> what about donald trump and what he said about immigration
12:09 pm
and now the whole 14th amendment issue and now all republican candidates are having to answer this because of this. it seems to me when you look at what he's saying, is he speak out of both sides of his mouth when it comes to immigration issues? >> we're still trying to get to some of the details about his policies. he's released details on sunday but there's still points he needs to clarify. at first he was calling for the end of birth right citizenship meaning if you're born in the united states you don't automatically become a citizen particularly if both your parents are undocumented. last night on fox news trump appeared to go even further where he seemed to suggest that even those who are currently considered american citizens, who may have been born to undocumented parents, he seems to suggest that even those aren't actually americans so that could take him even further, but it's certainly putting the gop in an interesting position with regards to immigration and with a lot of other republicans,
12:10 pm
trying to get a trump like dialogue. >> and correct me but he's also said if you're not from this country and attend an american university you should be able to stay in the u.s. it's sort of difficult to figure out what exactly the stance would be. >> exactly. >> let me move along though because tonight you have donald trump and jeb bush, like the exact same time in the same state, sort of these dueling rallies in new hampshire. >> yeah. both of them are going to be giving town halls this evening in new hampshire about 20 miles apart from each other, and this comes at an. bush was the presumed front-runner until not too long ago. trump has about surging and alop the polls in new hampshire, at 18% compared to bush who stand at 13% and bush is also looking behind him because he's got john
12:11 pm
kasich, ohio governor john kasich, coming up real close behind him so this evening in new hampshire will be interesting to watch and interesting to see how they pitch ear oshie to new hampshire voters as each is trying to contrast. >> we saw pictures of martin o'malley, switched his newser. saying people like donald trump sell this country short and there's no place for this. everyone trying to take a piece out of donald trump who i believe one of my guests last hour said he's taking all of the oxygen out of the room in the race. jeremy diamond, thank you so much in washington and speaking of, just a reminder tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern chris cuomo sitting down with trump. wide-ranging interview with the republican front-runner. do notties in it coming up at
12:12 pm
9:00 p.m. eastern. coming up next, a sex competition. virginity and rape at one of america's most prestigious prep student. here what happened. and also in. isis beheeded a world renew england figure. we'll speak with someone who flew this man and anonymous no more. you're cheating with the help of this website ashley madison. the secret is out, why men and women may have some awkward conversations this evening with their significant others. don't miss this. it's a golden y to elevate each moment. ♪ hit every mark. ♪ thread every needle. ♪ turn every ride into a thrill ride. ♪ come in to the lexus golden opportunity sales event, where you'll find some of the best offers of the year
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on our most exhilarating models. lease the 2015 rc 350 for $449 a month for 36 months and we'll make your first month's payment. see your lexus dealer.
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12:17 pm
you're watching cnn. i'm brooke balgd win. today a 16-year-old girl described to a jury how she says she was raped at one of the most prestigious high schools in the country. st. paul's school in new hampshire. the school is trying to distance itself here from the accusations against former student whose trial is now in its second day of testimony. brutors say the girl had sex as part of a senior salute, competition for senior students to have a relationship with as many women as possible. the two agreed to miss and. >> you realized at that moment that that's not what he should do and he told.
12:18 pm
>> let's get on our clothes and [ bleep ] head down and they said yes. what the evidence will show is that they never did have, is. >> let's go to cnn candidate. great to have you both on. great to have you both here. mel, to you first. fet the victim told in to tail how she was attacked and she said, quote in, that moment i wasn't strong enough to tell him how i was feeling, the motions i was doing and the imes i no. if you're a juror in that courtroom, how do you inreert it, meal? ? if you will -- that she did
12:19 pm
communication to him and she was stabbing on the stand when she was talking and that's got to head you right in the gut. this is a case, brooke, whether they think that this was consensual, and i think what you'll hear jay corny who is an attorney and we both went to b.y. law school, is that there's a difference between rape and regret. he'll argue this was consensual. she's 15 and may not have -- i don't know what to say. she may have no expect the it to turn out the way that it did. it did not constitute rape but she made for a while. >> on the flip side i think to mel's point. thereto's the defense saying there was nox and the two
12:20 pm
prosecute ors. there was penetration and therefore he was concerned about pregnancy. >> and penetration is a big issue in this case. >> that's why i said that. >> and he says there was no penetration but why this strange discussion? why does he say that he put a condom on and, you know, why did it come up at all. i think in getting back to the point raised by mel, this is a he said -- she said situation, but what i'm seeing described is something i've described many times as a prosecutor. sometimes when a woman has a gun to her head, the girl, the 15-year-old girl says i was looking up at the ceiling not knowing what to do, not knowing how to communicate my no. she said she said no to him and in the end the prosecutor is going to say men know when know is being said to them and she
12:21 pm
communicated that. he ignored it and penetrated her. that's rape under new hampshire law. >> mel, what about in addition to this conversation about, you know, condoms and birth control pills. prosecutors are spending a lot of time about how she spoke with him after this. tell me why that's important. >> there's a couple of things where it's important. this is not a stranger rape by an acquaintance rape. >> why does it before. because if you have a gun to your head you're not consenting. even if you're staring at the ceiling not doing nothing. she didn't breathe or sick or do anything to push him off because she didn't know what to do. that could way heavily on my mind, the 12 and two alternates on the jury, 11 are men so if a female prosecutor sands up and
12:22 pm
tries to tell 11 guys you know the between and you may have men who got mixed signals or had a woman regret hooking up with you. request jay carney continues to go forward saying there was no tax, no penetration in this case. i think you have the -- if they are communicating back and forth and goes to text and message him and say ilg wet you as long it's you're little secret. what happened in the aftermath, students found out about it and there was gossip about it and that's when she reported it. >> now you have a case building with -- >> with all due respect to my
12:23 pm
friend. >> jump in. >> this thing about women being more sympathetic to other women is a lite. a lot of times they are for criminal. they are going to understand. yes know when a pom says no especially a. they are going know that an 18-year-old or 17-year-old knows that he's picked a very young girl who doesn't have the skills and they have to be more careful about what they are doing so i think this could in the end help the prosecution. >> and i think beyond this, just learning more about this annual dance called the screw and these nude nights. another conversation with dehave koefrg this tria koefrg. coming up, two women have completed intense army ranger
12:24 pm
training and now the navy is breaking new ground announcing a move of its own involving the legendary navy s.e.a.l.s. >> infidelity and hacking into a database of the 33 million people who use the cheating website ashley madison. i'm ready to crack like nobody's watching. why? because it's red lobster's crabfest. and there's so much crab, so many ways. and with dishes like this luscious crab lover's dream or savory snow crab bake. i'm just getting started so hurry in and get crackin'
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12:26 pm
12:27 pm
12:28 pm
just one day after two women became the first to complete redifficult army ranger training, women can now become navy s.e.a.l.s if they can meet the requirements. joining me is corporal sergeant jenny did you have. she's received multiple commendations and achievement medals from the navy so thank you so much for joining us. >> actually the medals are from the marines but thank you. >> so many -- thank you so much for coming on.
12:29 pm
>> thank you. >> you know, this is one of the great news stories but seems like the more i read about it this morning it's a great just story. >> yes, yes. with the two women who passed the army ranger school and women who can't take on combat positions and i'm wondering if these female women can become s.e.a.l.s works there be limitations to female s.e.a.l.s as well? >> exactly. so what my biggest question is we have no historical data that demonstrates what the itition rates are for women in long-term combats. women have actually 45% less muttle mass. first of all, congratulations to the two women who are west post good as i and againsting through ranger school. not a senior female has passed infantry officer training with the marine corps so this will have a long-term impact upon them medically. will we see them complete an enlistment in four years and
12:30 pm
will they even get to do 20 years? >> hold on. let me go back to your point because i think you said you knew someone in the military. a 29-year-old who had both of her hips replaced and toior point that this is some of this is incredibly arduous physically, but wouldn't women to a degree have to walk into these experiences or these challenges eyes wide open, a, and, b, everyone's body type is different. i've even some ready tough playedies. the female i into was 22 helps. when you're in a combat situation you'll gary gear that's 70-pounds plus along with a kevlar jacket and weapon. you're doing this every single day. a great article that was published that said get over it. we are not all equal.
12:31 pm
she served in iraq and afghanistan, and she was a combat engineer. ed with the training that she had endured, the non-stop, out there in the hostile environment ready to meet the enemy, any given day and became infertile along with muscle atrophy along with a wide range of issues. she noticed she deteriorated at a more raped rate than men. i agree with you, but the responsibility has a responsibility to understand if they don't finish that four years or have a career, one, we're setting them up to be on the bottom 3% and they are performing with first of all and second of all are we paying them for the rest of their life for the physical disability? >> those are 100% valid concerns and i want to be crystal clear as a woman of your stature, do you think this is even a good considered that women can now
12:32 pm
try to -- to go through the six-month init's basic underwater training? >> no, i don't think it's a good idea because i don't think we have a combat mission readiness need to put women in the front lines. i don't think we've demonstrated that. i think that this has been something that was influenced by a lot of politicians and people who wanted to get their name out there for women. i question them. this isn't about equality. this is about a complete physical difference, about biology. >> when will you know it is about equality and not about politics? >> would i say it would be about equality if women were equally capable of doing the job and we know right now, in our officer candidate school in the marine cox we've had discharge rates as high as 50% where the males are roughly around 16%. medical discharges result in about 16% or 17% for women and only 5% for males. we have a dramatic much higher
12:33 pm
discharge rated boysed upon medical reality. when you're talking about infantry and special forces and navy s.e.a.l.s, how can they perform under water with 20% lung capacity. i think we're setting women up for failure and will be looking at a huge medical bill at the end of this. >> what a perspective. appreciate t.appreciate your voice. >> thank you so much. well, they call themselves havtivists, the hackers who stole customer personal information from the dating website ashley madison where married men and women go to cheat and they have followed through with their threat to release that information to the public. a group named the impact team here basically what they can is they go in and money lishd 33 million users' names on the dark web and now that information is becoming easily accessed on mainstream websites. with me now are cnn money tech correspondent lori sgal. as it's been explained to me,
12:34 pm
not just this. it's like what you want, what you prefer. >> little give you the basics, talking 33 million accounts and 26 billion e-mail accounts. people can put in a fake e-mail if they want but not fake payment information and this is where we're cross-referencing. we have home references and internal corporate data and embarretting things like -- we're getting 35 gigabytes of data, a huge amount and for a lot of people very concerned making its way over to the open web where anybody can search for it. >> let's talk about the people who signed upped on the site and cnn cannot independently verify the names on the list. but you've looked. a little bit of everyone. >> about 15,000 government
12:35 pm
e-mails. now we obviously can't independently confirm this. you know, i did speak to a security researcher who cross-referenced a lot of this data with credit card information that they found on the dark web and they said about 60% of them seemed pretty legitimate. you're also, you know, they are dividing it folks potentially e-mail addresses from amazon, boeing and all sorts of folks. the e-mails could be fake and this could get really, really nasty really quick and just got off the -- if you think someone is sketchy. their phone is ringing off the hook because they have a service to figure out if you're on this list or not, and one of the representatives told me, brooke, he said someone called and said i want to figure out if my husband is on here because i want to get more alimony. it's getting nasty very quickly. >> maybe divorce attorneys after this whole thing, salivating. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. next, cnn goes one-on-one with the number one ranked tennis player in the world. i'm talking about serena williams who is making headlines
12:36 pm
both on and off the court. we'll talk to rachel nichols with that outstanding interview. also, he refused to give up key information that isis wanted. the hidden locations to priceless antiquities and a renowned scholar was killed after protecting the treasures. we'll speak with someone who knew him coming up. so you're a small business expert from at&t? yeah, give me a problem and i've got the solution. well, we have 30 years of customer records. our cloud can keep them safe and accessible anywhere. my drivers don't have time to fill out forms. tablets. keep it all digital. we're looking to double our deliveries. our fleet apps will find the fastest route. oh, and your boysenberry apple scones smell about done. ahh, you're good. i like to bake. add new business services with at&t and get up to $500 in total savings.
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switch to liberty mutual and you can save up to $509. for a free quote today,call liberty mutual insurance at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. . serena williams, she is on top of the world right now. she's the number one ranked female tennis player in the world, and if she wins this year's u.s. open, she will join a very small elite group of people to achieve the holy grail of her sport, the grand slam. cnn's sports anchor rachel nichols sat down with serena for
12:41 pm
this in-depth interview. so glad we're getting a chance to talk about. let me throw to a little bit of your interview when you're asking her about this power that she has in lending her voice to social issues. here she was. >> you recently tweeted about the college football player, the unarmed black player, christian taylor, who was gunned down by a police officer. you said, quote, really? are we all sleeping and this is one gigantic bad nightmare? how many hashtags to all these incidents that keep happening? what does it feel like you to to keep reading these storeies? >> i this the not just for me but a lot of people inside america and outside of america are kind of frustrated and concerned, but i really think it just boils down to people as a nation pulling together and it's not just me. it's not just me speak out. there's a lot of people that are speaking out, and it's a whole nation that's coming together and we're just asking the same question why? >> i really commend her for
12:42 pm
speaking out about it. >> absolutely. look, i've been covering serena since she was 16 years old and she's never been hesitant to speak her mind and she may have had an easier go it of in her tennis career going along with the flow. she says what she thinks and as she's gotten older and more advanced in her sport and others advance behind her. >> advanced in her sport and i love that 33 is old. i say this in air quotes. i have a few years on her. she's 33 and is taking college classes. >> amazing. first of all, we talked about her age and she said, yeah, you go to the doctor and they say oh, you're 33, you're so young and then, of course, you go into tennis and they say -- >> you're an old lady. >> i like to think of myself as vintage. >> mature. >> we're all vintage. >> we'll steal that. >> exactly. not only taking college cases. >> what is she doing? >> pre-med classes. >> her sister venus has been diagnosed with a syndrome where
12:43 pm
your immune system starts to attack itself and very impressive that venus is owl there still trying to play at age 35 with this condition but serena going through all of this, baby sister and never has had to take care of venus before and she is aiding her sister and taking college classes and decided she wanted to switch her major from business to pre-med. she said i want to know more about what goes on in the human body, how to take care of myself and i learned about my sister being an educated person when you go through a system like this is valuable. won't go to medical school and oh, by the way while also trying to become the most decorated female grand slam player in history is taking pre-med classes. what did you do this morning, brooke? >> wished i was still at the beach. that's phenomenal. if you want to hear more from this great interview go to for that. rachel nichols, thank you very, very much. >> all right. renowned scholar killed by isis after refusing to reveal
12:44 pm
the hidden location of ancient treasures. we'll speak to someone who knew him, and why that is so significant next.
12:45 pm
12:46 pm
12:47 pm
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12:49 pm
new everything about palmyra and spent his entire life there. i want to bring in someone who knew al asaad, syrian cultural minister who knew about heritage. thanks so much for joining me, and i'm so sorry for the loss of a man you knew for 25 years. >> thank you. >> i should also point out that you fled syria, and you're now the co-director of cultural heritage initiatives as the american schools of oriental research, so as far as this -- it sounds like he was just phenomenal in his knowledge of this history. the fact that isis militants tried to get this information, location for these treasures. he refused to betray his commitment to palmyra and he sacrificed his life. does that sound like the man that you knew? >> yes. yeah, in fact. he refused to leave palmyra and wanted to stay there with his
12:50 pm
son and other colleagues at the department of antiquities in pal my raft. he wanted to say with his site, monument, and artifacts and museum. can you help us understand why these treasures are so, so significant, so beautiful to the history there? >> palmyra is already listed by unesco as a world heritage site. it's belonged to the all of humanity. it is international, it has an international value as a historical site as well. >> so when you hear -- >> it's unique. yes. when you hear that these terrorists feel that these an
12:51 pm
tick acteak -- anities. it's the extreme of the extreme. and this is really unbelievable and they are top extremists. >> just final question -- how worried are you that these antiquities will not survive what's happening there? >> i worry about the people who are there, our colleagues as friend as well as the cultural heritage in palmyra, and i call on the community to assume its responsibility vis-a-vis this international site and the human beings there. >> abdale razzaq moaz, thank you
12:52 pm
for joaning me and i'm sorry for your is loss. >> thank you. will it test the longtime relationship between eye advantagea trump we stop arthritis pain, so you don't have to stop. because you believe in go. onward. today's the day. carpe diem. tylenol® 8hr arthritis pain has two layers of pain relief. the first is fast. the second lasts all day. we give you your day back. what you do with it is up to you. tylenol®.
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donald trump and hillary clinton waging a war of words, but their daughters remain friends, at least thus far. cnn's sunlen serfaty has more. >> reporter: as their parents sling insults at each other on
12:57 pm
the campaign trail -- >> so i have just one word for mr. trump -- basta! enough! >> reporter: ivanka and chelsea's relationship is about to be tested. trump making donations in the past to the clintons and their foundation, they are now rivals, knotts 408ding anything back. >> i think the guy went way overboard. pick your adjective. >> she's the worst secretary of state in the history of the country. >> reporter: chelsea and ivanka have a private relationship. both women in their 30s, new moms, living in manhattan, finding bonds in their similarities, their unconventional upbringing in the spotlight. >> do you talk to kids about why math and redding are so -- >> their career paths -- >> you both are amazing.
12:58 pm
>> reporter: to big roles in the family businesses and their family ties, both marrying men of you jewish faith, ivanka converting. they both seem to be president of the others' fan clubs, ivanka quoting chelsea in a tweet with the hashtag wise words. >> chelsea is saying -- it's an awareness that in some ways reminds me of my dad in his ability to increase the joy of the room. but their biggest connection could also become their friendship's kryptonite. bo are fiercely loyal. >> i can tell you there's no better person than my father to have in your corner when you're facing tough opponents or making hard decisions. he is battle tested. >> a battle twhakd become a
12:59 pm
rivalry for this trump and clint been too. >> sunlen, thank you so much. chris cuomo with the full interview with donald trump airing tonight, 9:00 eastern right here on cnn. i'm brooke baldwin here in new york, thank you so much for joining me. "the lead" about john berman is starting now. \s donald trump -- shy, humble policy jettic in a brand-new cnn interview -- i'm kidding. he was none of that. i'm john berman, this is "the lead." the politics lead -- donald trump one on one in his most extensive interview of the 2016 race so far, as new 308ing says his signature scowl is getting clearer in hillary clinton's rear-view mirror. the national lead, the man who male mid on, now admitting to disgusting acts, secretly taping children and traveling to have sex with them. the shocking details from jared
1:00 pm
fogel's day in court. scary moments on a u.s. flight as a passenger plane slammed the runway and scrapes lights, only to try it all over again. good afternoon, welcome to "the lead." i'm john berman in for jake today. web gin with the politics lead. donald trump in a brand-new, no pads full contact interview, on a day when a new poll shows -- the big headlines is that donald trump now has as good a chance as any is it republican to beat hillary clinton in the general election. trump now trails clinton by just six points in the new cnn l/orc is it poll. we'll bring you a sneak peek of the new interview, chris cuomo