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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  August 19, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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crucial first primary state. he has already taken aim at jeb bush, hillary clinton, the country of mexico. there will be more. thank you for joining us i'm jim sciuto. and "ac 360" starts right now. >> good evening. thank you for joining us tonight. a whole string of firsts. first look at federal sex crime charges against jared fogle, charges he is pleading guilty to. sex with minors, child pornography. the details paint the picture of a child predator. >> tonight another first-- the first poll showing donald trump sharply closing the gap against hillary clinton. donald trump holding his first townhall event taking questions from an estimated 1,200 people. the pinkerton academy in derry, new hampshire. let's listen in. >> and they saw so many people killed violently and viciously. the other night, 66-year-old veteran, raped, sodomized,
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brutally killed by an illegal immigrant. we got to stop -- we got to bring back our country. we have got to take it back. we have got to take it back. [ applause ] okay. yes, ma'am. go ahead. >> right here, mr. trump. >> yes, sir. young man. >> hello, mr. trump. my name is caden. i wanted to know if being president is so hard, why do you want to be president? >> that might be the best question i get all night. great question. so if being president is so hard why do i want to be president? because i love this country. and i know that i can make it great again. i know it. for you, you know? and really for you -- these folks they have seen it. but it's for you and people your age. because when they get to be our
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age if we keep going the way we are going to be it is a very going to be a very unattractive picture. yes, sir, go ahead. >> i was coming today. i went on your website to see some of your policy positions the only thing there is immigration reform. can you speak to any of your own plans for policy? >> i did a big policy position on immigration. i think most people really like it. certainly it seems it has been very popular. we are going to be doing a lot of policy positions. you know i say this and i mean it. when i want a deal, i don't sit down and say, we'll see i am going to get 14 points. you know, the press -- i think the press. are you a member of the press? i actually think the press wants policy -- you know the so-called policy positions more than the people. if you want to know the truth. because when, when i sit down and, i really enjoyed and i
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really feel we have hit something special with the immigration policy positions, very formally done. done with a lot of people including senator sessions who is a terrific guy. terrific guy. a and -- but when i do transactions. i have made a lot of great deals. i don't sit down and say, i will mark down 14 points. first thing i am going to do is call somebody. next thing get on an airplane. it doesn't work that way. doral in miami. everybody wanted it. i heard it might be available. i got on a plane. i want down. i scooped it up before anybody knew what the hell was going on. does that make sense? we have to have flexibility. when you do 14 points, you know the second point may change. and it may be much better than the second point you put down on the policy position. may be much better. that will throw off the rest of the points. but it will throw it off for the better. i'm doing the policy positions.
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i'm doing tax papers. i want to put h & r block out of business. it is too complicated. it is too complicated. but when it comes to policy i'm going to give you wonderful policy positions. but i just want to tell you, the great people, and this is including politician thousand thousands -- including politicians, there are very to, they are only good at one thing, they care about getting re-elected. if there are any politicians in the room, i'm not talking about you. i am talking about everybody else. if you look at policy positions. we are going to be putting out some very good ones. you need flexibility team. if you don't have flexibility you are not going to make the great ones. i mean flexibility in the proper way. the proper way. as an example, i could give you policy on dealing with china. china is killing us. china has taken so much of our
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wealth. they have taken our jobs. they have taken our businesses. they have taken our manufacturing. the land -- let me think about that one. the way they're going they'll have it pretty soon. but china has taken so much from us. then think about it. we have rebuilt china. somebody said to me, i said wow that is a harsh statement. it is the greatest theft in the history of the united states. now i have great respect for china and their leaders. and i, hey, look the largest bank in the world is from china. they're a tenant in one of my buildings. i love china, i think it's great. but we don't have the people that know what they're doing. so we have lost -- you can't just go say i want -- you go in, they just devalued their currency the other day. two decades, the biggest they have ever had, they're killing us. you know what that? s they -- they call it a sucking
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action. you know what it is, they're sucking the jobs and the money right out of our country. that's what they're doing. we rebuilt china. not to mention the george washington bridge, a tick tillitill i -- ticklish name around here. they have bridges, roads, airports. other countries, same thing. we are lake a third world. have you seen la guardia airport lately. like a third world airport. kennedy airport. a third world airport. l.a.x., los angeles. newark airport, awful them. we are like third world. they're taking our jobs. they're take our money. here's the beauty, we owe china $1.4 trillion. thing of it. like a magic act. they take our jobs. they take everything. and we owe them money. how does that happen? it's magic. it's magic. on their side not on our side. that's not going to happen with
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donald trump. that's not going to happen. that's not going to happen when i kill the carl icahns and others like carl, do me a favor. take a look. it is not going to happen. here is the funny part. we will have a better relationship with china and a better relationship with japan and a better relationship with mexico. we don't have a good relationship with mexico. right? do we have a good relationship? remember sergeant tamarisi, kept him in jail, couldn't get him in. we had a president didn't even want to make a phone call. he was in the jail rotting in that jail and i helped him with greta and some people. and i helped him financially. finally he got out. he was in there so long. [ applause ] she was terrific. by the way without her you probably wouldn't, he would still be there.
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but, but they don't respect us. i would say let him out. l let him out now. he will be out. he will be out. no it's the messenger. i will give you another example if you look. our foreign prisoners. now i think a nuclear deal is very important. we should have doubled and tripled the sanctions and made a real deal. having a deal is great. we have to have a real deal. the worst thing we can dupe o i bad deal. we had three prisoners, now four. one in there, he is a christian, a minister. because he is a christian he is in jail. we don't have anybody talking. i say how do you make a deal without getting them out? before they even started, kerry who is a baby, here is a guy goes on a bicycle to go on a bicycle race, 73 years old, in a bicycle race, falls and breaks his leg during the negotiation. i tell everybody, you probably heard it, i swear to you, i will
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never be in a bicycle race as long as i'm president. but you look at -- you look at what is going on. and you look at a deal where we have these four people there. so you do, at the beginning. shouldn't be now. by the way now is inconceivable after what they got that we don't even get these four guys out is incredible. but at the beginning they should have said, fellows, let the prisoners go. going to help us all. you don't need them. your people don't know they're there. let them out. it's good for us. good for you. good for the deal. sets a good tone. let them out. 95% sure i will get them. if i don't i walk. because you know what, if they wouldn't do that you're not going to make a good deal. now kerry and president obama when they asked them about the prisoners. one of our reporters.
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where is our cbs reporter that did such a good job. he was very brutal. but did a very good job. he asked a simple question, what about the prisoners? and what president obama said, and what kerry said, and kerry said it like, it was inconceivable. i didn't want to bring it up because i didn't want to complicate the negotiations. do you believe this? that was his answer. he didn't want to complicate -- where do these people come from? you know it is interesting. we're fighting against them in yemen. i guess in theory we're fighting against them in syria. we're fighting all over the place. they don't want to talk about those things as part of the deal because they deon't want to complicate a deal. then you get a deal signed. they're dancing in the streets of iran, they're calling for the destruction of israel and the destruction of the united states, and we're saying, when do we sign? i never saw anything like it. i have never seen anything. i did write "the are the t of t
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deal." >> donald trump in derry, new hampshire. fielding questions. one of six candidates holding town halls in new hampshire today and tonight. coming up next, we'll ask our gop insiders of what they make of it all. and the new polling information that shows donald trump closing in on hillary clinton. hear from jeb bush who moments ago took a sharp jab at donald trump. that and a lot more when we come back. intrgummy multivitaminever from centrum. a complete, and tasty new way to support your energy, immunity and metabolism like never before. centrum multigummies. see gummies in a whole new light. you can help children all around the world grow up strong, thanks to walgreens partnership with vitamin angels. when you get vitamins here... change lives everywhere.
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breaking news. donald trump in new hampshire holding his first townhall tonight as a candidate. chris christie also speaking right now. jeb bush just wrapped up his townhall where he said this about donald trump. >> look, mr. trump is clearly -- got talent. no denying that. he has won over a lot of people. people are very angry about how washington is not working. he tapped into that. i respect people that feel the way they do for sure. but when people look at his record it is not a conservative record. even on immigration where it's, you know, look it's-- the language is pretty vitriolic for sure. but hundreds of billions of dollars of cost to implement his plans is not a conservative plan. why don't we support -- this is going to be my pitch. let's support someone where you
5:16 pm
don't have to guess where he stands because he is consistent. because he has been governor he consistently views, has the views he has. >> joining us alex castillanos, jeffrey lord, and with us tonight as well, amanda carpenter. alex, the fact that trump is within six points of hillary clinton. this is an entirely new position for him? >> yep. it is. he has grown. he was just an anti-washington vote. stick your finger in washington's eye. that has evolved into a, "hey, we kind of like this guy." a pro-trump vote too. we saw why in the townhall. masterful political performance art. this one of the world's great political salesman who understands the nuances of politics. underneath it we saw some one who is really not a republican
5:17 pm
or conservative. he told us what he was about tonight. give him power. give him the power to fix things. he is fine with more power in washington as long as the losers aren't running it, he is. what does that mean? give him the flexibility. don't worry about the plan details. give him the power to deport 11 million people. give him the power to deport kids, children, who are american citizens and take their, their citizenship away. so, donald trump is about more power for donald trump. this is how a nation turns to a political strong man when it thinks things are falling apart. so it is wonderful art, but also very scary. >> jeffrey, what about that? to alex's point. that is really a message not quite as extreme that we heard, not, not as extreme from jeb bush tonight that donald trump really is not a true conservative? >> you know, i used to hear that ronald reagan was too extreme to ever be elected president.
5:18 pm
gerald ford said that as a matter of fact. that was in 1980, march 1980 when reagan was well on his way to winning the republican nomination. we have sort of been down this road before where people try to scare people away. he ties much of a strongman, whatever alex's description of him was there. i just don't think the american people are buying it. you have to look at the size of the audiences that he is getting right now. as compared to jeb bush's audience. >> the republicans -- the democrats and independents have not. that's the question for trump. can he grow? he has grown in the republican party. to his credit. it was just an angry mob that wanted to burn down washington. now a lot of republicans are in fact beginning to like him. >> amanda, do you believe he can grow among democrats? among independents? >> sure. he has the potential. i think those are great observations from alex and ifferiffer iffer -- and jeffrey.
5:19 pm
here's what's going on. i don't pay attention to what trump says. how the other candidates react to trump. in the republican primary there is going to be a consensus moderate conservative, and conservative candidate. that will be the battle. nobody has claimed the mantel. donald trump is claiming a quarter right now. that's because the other guys i don't think they really defined themselves to voters yet. you played the clip of jeb bush reacting to donald trump. why isn't he pushing his 4% growth plan? why isn't he establishing himself as the a candidate on the specific issue? because that's all that is going to get played. i think you are getting sucked into the battle. walker earlier. now trump is more electable according to your new poll. >> alex, when the field has kind of narrowed down somewhat, does that give one or two candidates, does trump have a lot more
5:20 pm
growth in the gop or do, you know, if the field islessened do one or two get a boost from that? >> trump solidified himself and grown in the gop. there isn't a lot of room left in the gop. for further growth he has to grow with independents. he has to grow with conservative democrats. he has done a little bit of that mostly in the gop. what should happen now its at some point as the field narrows. you know we are right now the republican party is dating the girl in the red dress. and it's summer. it doesn't mean they're going to marry that girl later in the fall when the election starts. and you get serious. trump gets away with a lot of this outrageous stuff precisely because he is not a serious candidate for president. that's why the things don't hurt him. people aren't saying send him to the big seat. they're saying send washington a message. when these outrageous things he said start hurting him then you will know he has become a
5:21 pm
serious candidate. >> jeffrey do you think that point will come? they will actually start hurting him? or does he continue to defy kind of all of the political laws? >> i think he continues to defy, if you will. when you look at the size of that crowd there tonight, i mean they're extremely interested in donald trump. they're not just about sending a message. they want something done. and you know, i have always believed that we were going to get down long before the trump phenomenon began that we were going to get done to one insider and one outsider. i think we know who the outsider is. the question is who is going to be the other? as the cnn poll revealed. boy he is leading jeb bush in all these categories by as much as 30 points in some cases. that's a pretty interesting set of numbers right there. >> amanda, do you think the people though in that audience, that a percentage of them are there just to kind of be part of the experience to see what it is all about? not necessarily because they
5:22 pm
think they want to end up sending him to be in the most powerful position in the world? >> yeah, i think there is a huge curiosity factor. apparently, alex, i will stay away from the red dresses coming up now t sort of the idea. let's see what he is about. it is very interesting, you can't put him in a box. we know he is not a conservative. he's not a democrat. not an independent. people are trying to figure out what he is that is interesting. he says provocative things. he pushes other candidates into taking other positions. so it is part of a show. but that said, you know, a quarter of the people are intrigued and willing to give him a vote. i think the people could go to other candidates eventually. they will find other people to date to continue that analogy. but the other candidates do have to woo them to some degree in the coming months. >> all right, amanda carpenter, jeffrey lord, alex castillanos. more on the cnn poll just mentioned how donald trump stacks up against hillary clinton. >> coming up next, mr. trump's conversation with chris cuomo,
5:23 pm
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donald trump tonight wrapping up his first townhall meeting taking questions in derry, new hampshire. earlier he fielded questions from "new day's" chris cuomo. it airs as a special report
5:27 pm
after us, at 9:00 p.m. eastern. here's some of that interview now. >> when you think about isis and what you do to stop them how much of it for you is about the military? how much of it for you is about doing other things, political things to strengthen the regions they're preying upon? >> i think a lot of it is about the military. and in your poll i came out way ahead of everybody on the economy. a lot of people weren't surprised. i also came out ahead on the military. >> and isis specifically. >> and isis. i will be a great sleeper in the military. people wouldn't think it is my strength. i think it would be. i want to build up our military. i want to have such an incredible military that nobody is going to play games with us, nobody is going to mess with us, hopefully we will not have to use our military. i will build up the military so strong, so powerful, nobody will mess with us. >> you said something earlier about the poll -- that you came out ahead on isis that was a surprise to people.
5:28 pm
>> not to me. because i talk about it a lot. >> i understand. one of the reasons it might have been surprising something else you said. you get a lot of your military analysis from watching television. >> see, i -- i watch your show. i watch other shows. and you have on the best generals. >> great staff. >> frankly probably better than i could get. in all fairness, what do i know? i'm a man that made a great fortune. going to make our country rich. i am going to make our country great. but you know what you do -- get me the right generals. i will see, four, five generals, see all sorts of people. stoop down to the colonel stuff. you go all over the place. you have a lot of different people. and they're really good people. i watch that. and i read "the times" and "the wall street journal." >> you need a team don't you? >> i read magazines, especially "time" magazine this week. i am on the cover. i especially will read that. i read magazines. and i read other things. sure, i need a team. but you know by the time you get to a problem.
5:29 pm
we are talking a long ways away. it is going to be changed. different countries will be run by different people. in all fairness. >> you will have some one like your opponent, jeb bush, i have a approximatepolicy staff and a don't have one. >> he says he does. he is a very low energy person, jeb bush. it's okay. it is good. if you want to lead a long life. he is a low energy person. perhaps he sits down all day long with a particular general, you know what i can get a lot of information in a very short time. i have met with numerous people. given the biggest award by the marines, just about one of the biggest civilian awards by the marines the other day. with all the marines, new head of the joint chiefs of staff, an impressive guy at the waldorf-astore yewaldorf- -- >> you say they respect you? >> they do. i got at ward from them. they presented it to me.
5:30 pm
i think they do. so when i say that, a lot of people thought that was very smart. you know i watch all of the shows. you get the best people. you know because even the generals want to be on television, right? or the retired generals in many cases. but i see a lot of good things by watching your show and other shows. and it is really nothing to be laughed at or scoffed at. >> chris cuomo joins us now. he was talking about the award from the marines. do you know what he was talking about? >> he didn't get an award from the marines. the marines put out a statement, the u.s. marine corps hasn't presented any award to any presidential candidate. not customary to make presentations. a charity, a law enforcement charity. that's who he got the award from. >> you also talked about his position on the 14th amendment, any child born in this country is an american citizen.
5:31 pm
how does he plan to reverse that? >> he really doesn't. this was -- you sat with him a couple of times. i think you are going to get a different look at donald trump tonight. this is the front-runner donald. this is being a little more cautious. cautious for him. he says, there are a lot of people will agree. i said, nah, not that many. scotus. a minority legal opinion you are talking about. he said it will take eight years to change the amendment. i think i can get it done legally. i think we can get a law done. he is not clinging to that. he is using the power of its persuasiveness with its base. but not promising to deliver on it. i think he is seeing it more not as an action item but a staement -- a statement of intent for him. >> that's what, he said this publicly, his whole philosophy of having policies. he said, it seems like a lot of things are negotiable. he doesn't want to have a
5:32 pm
14-point plan, because during the negotiation if point two doesn't work out he wants to be able to maneuver for the best, in his words "the best dechal." >> playing on a rational notion of variability. things change. you have to be flexible. i think he will see over time that's not how this particular game is played. he is making the rules early on, frankly because the rest of the field isn't running the game on him. but eventually, he says the media mostly wants it. yeah, we do. we want the plans because the responsibility as you do very well on your show every night and everything you do is to your audience. and to best equip them to make the decision. you need to know what the guy is going to do. not just to guess at it. >> yeah, look forward to seeing the complete interview. 9:00. half an hour from now here on cnn. special report at the top of the hour. chris, look forward tight. thanks very much. >> appreciate it. >> new cnn polling just out show donald trump appeal growing. a general election threat to hillary clinton. we'll run the numbers.
5:33 pm
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donald trump, jeb bush, chris christie, scott walker, carly fiorina, and john kasich, holding townhall meetings today. all except donald trump facing a different political landscape than the one they, we or anybody expected a couple weeks ago. the polls have been spelling out
5:37 pm
just how different. tonight, we have yet another big one. a real eye-opener for the clinton campaign. gop front-runner donald trump closing in on hillary clinton. tom foreman has been crunching the numbers. he joins us with more. this latest poll, tom, shows a clinton lead. but that gap does seem to be tightening. >> yeah, this is something that people thought was impossible in the political scene here in d.c. that he could actually threaten her in a head-to-head race for the white house. but he has been closing this gap for sometime now. take a look at where he was back in june when he was trying to mount this charge against her. no one was taking it seriously. because he started off at 24 points behind her. then, as we move into july, you see him come rocketing up to 16 points behind her. again people are saying that's not enough to make a difference. it's not a credible threat. look where he is today, just six points back. this has happened in a very key way. basically what happened he had
5:38 pm
momentum trending up while she had momentum trending down in a different way. all you have to do is look at the democratic race to see her part of the equation here. look what happened with her and bernie sanders. her nearest challenger. back in june she had 58% support. he had 15% support. since then she has dropped to 47%. and he has nearly doubled his numbers. this is still a substantial lead. no reason for her to think she is being threatened for the nomination itself. but it does show a weakness on her part and there has been strength shown on trump's part. >> one of her big weaknesses, her unfavorability rating, that is a big problem? >> people say the is sexist, unfair. a million things to say. you have to look at the numbers. back in september, 2011, one of her better times in all of this. look at this back then her rating was 26%. she was quite well liked. watch what happened over time.
5:39 pm
it has clicked along and moved up and moved up and moved up. and now, anderson, with 53% unfavorable opinion out there, this is the highest worst thing she has seen in 14 years and something you know her campaign does not want to see now. >> she still does have a strong lead. >> yeah, no question about it. and she has a strong lead for very basic reasons. people trust her on the issues. democrats out there still believe for everything else they may think about her she will be stronger in handling the economy, race relations, foreign poll se policy, income gap. for everything else they still think she is their best choice for president. >> tom, thanks very much. senior washington correspondent jeff zeleny, reporting on the clinton e-mail story, factoring into some poll numbers. with us former obama adviser, john pfiefer, a cnn political
5:40 pm
commentator. what does it say about how this race is unfolding? they're both getting a lot of attention. it just seems to be hurting clinton and helping trump? >> i think it is important to have a little perspective. hillary clinton is beating donald trump by 6 points. she is not going to beat the republican nominee by more than 6 points. a massive electoral landslide. trump gained by consolidating the republican party. i think this poll tells you more about trump's capacity to win the republican nomination. hillary clinton had a really hard summer. if you come at the end of the summer and you are beating all republicans by a larger margin than barack obama beat mitt romney. you have to feel good about that. >> dan, a lot of republican folks don't like donald trump, had on this program. they say no way he will be the gop nominee. you think it is possible he could be? >> i think so. every time people predict the demise of donald trump, he gets stronger. as numbers grow with
5:41 pm
republicans. if you compare donald trump's townhall to jeb bush's townhall today, it is really hard to see how jeb bush, as donald trump says, low energy, not a lot of passion is going to do better than donald trump. he has a shot. he could implode. he has a shot. >> jeff, it is not only the general election. hillary clinton's numbers are down in the primary, nine points. bernie sanders ten points. how is her campaign, how are they spinning all of this? or are they trying to? >> they're trying to focus on the positive. she has 47%. in the most enviable position of any candidate on either side. anyone would change places with her right now. they believe they're still ein strong position. watching bernie sanders very carefully. mainly because of this enthusiasm. we talked about donald trump vs. jeb bush. there is just not the enthusiasm, not the passion and the drive surrounding her. and perhaps that is in large
5:42 pm
degree because they put her in smaller settings, or quieter townhall meetings. but this is a woman who could be the first woman president, historic nature of the candidacy, people are more excited about the 73-year-old democratic socialist from vermont. so the clinton campaign is watching the message carefully. they believe at the end of the day his candidacy does not hurt hers. his voters will ultimately support her because they generally agree on probably at least 80% of the issues set. >> does hillary clinton have an authenticity problem? her favorability ratings are the lowest they have been since 2001. the more people have seen of her on the campaign the lower they have gotten. do you think she has an authenticity problem? you could make the are ggument, voters view donald trump as authentic, bernie sanders, as this authentic person. do you think they don't feel that about her? >> i think she carries a lot of baggage that goes back to the
5:43 pm
clintons of the last 20-some years, the e-mail situation, intense press coverage has not helped that at all. what i think the question will be is -- hillary clinton and her campaign need to change the race. so it is not do you trust hillary clinton? do you trust hillary clinton more than donald trump? do you trust hillary clinton more than jeb bush? turn it into a comparative exercise, because of her initiatives as noted in the poll she will come out ahead. that's the pivot they will have to make. >> jeff, voters are still in this holding pattern, poll numbers show a majority of democrats want joe biden to run, won't that be difficult for him to just dismiss? >> sure, vice president biden has been in the public arena so long. he loves campaigns more than any one i can think of. he must love the poll numbers. 53% of democrats want him to run. that include many of hillary
5:44 pm
clinton any supporters. among her supporters, half of her supporters want him to run. for a couple of reasons. they're hungry for a competition. they're watching all this on the republican side. they want more of a competition. they're also hedging their bets. they're still wondering or concerned could something happen to hillary clinton here? joe biden i'm told will not only make his decision by poll numbers, an internal, personal thing. i promise you, anderson, he loves these numbers. >> jeff, thank you. dan, thank you. fast night. former subway spokesman, jared fogle in court today, as part of his deal to plead guilty to child pornography charges and paying to have sex with teenage girls. details about what he is admitting and the prison term he could get next. >> back up, please. back up! imagine - she won't have to remember passwords.
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former subway spokesman jared fogle will spend between 5 and 12 1/2 years in prison on charges of child pornography and crossing state lines to pay to have sex with minors. a plea deal that still has to be approved. documents in court, revealing a long history of behavior involving a dozen victims, hidden cameras and possession of child pornography. randi kaye reports. >> reporter: jared fogle moments after agreeing to plead guilty to child pornography charges. >> jared fogle has been charged and has admitted to participating in a five-year criminal scheme to exploit children. >> reporter: children as young as 6 years old.
5:49 pm
14 victims in all. beginning around 2010, authorities say fogle traveled to new york city to pay minors for sex. the feds say he paid a 17-year-old girl to have sex with him at the plaza hotel. then offered her a finder's fee to find him another young girl, stating "the younger the girl the better." the indictment says fogle convinced that same girl to send three nude images of herself to his e-mail account. later paying her again to have sex at the ritz in manhattan. authories say the girl had also told them she had sex with fogle three times when she was just 16. >> this is about using wealth, status, and secrecy to illegally exploit children. >> reporter: investigators began taking a closer look at fogle when russell taylor, director of the jared foundation was arrested on federal child porn
5:50 pm
charges. authorities say fogle received images and video from taylor of partially clothed minors engaging in sexually explicit conduct. investigating the case was no small task. it included search warrants for 16 smartphones, five tablets, six lap taps, six hard drives, five cameras including hidden, flashdrives, 10 memory cards, 46 c.d.s, and 22 dvds. investigators looked at 160,000 text messages, more than 47,000 images and more than 3,300 videos. as part of his plea deal fogle will go to prison for 5 to 12 1/2 years and promised to pay restitution. $100,000 to each victim to cover counseling. >> he knows restitution can't undo the damage that he has done. but he will do all in his power to try to make it right. >> reporter: a stunning fall for
5:51 pm
someone the world came to love as the subway guy. >> hi, i'm jared the subway guy. >> reporter: before subway, fogle was an everweigoverweight. >> getting on the scale seeing that i weighed 425 pounds. >> reporter: jared dropped weight when he found the subway menu. a friend wrote about the diet in the campus newspaper. then "mens health" picked it up. jared got the call from subway shortly after that. by 2000 he was the face of their campaign. >> this is jared. he weighed 425 pounds. inspired by subway's low-fat sandwiches. >> reporter: jared claimed to have lost 245 pound in one year. >> what is your waist? >> 60 inch. >> reporter: jared fogle made millions as the subway guy. money he will now use to defend himself and pay his victims. randi kaye, cnn. >> joining me, dr. drew pinski,
5:52 pm
and jeffrey toobin. jeff, when you and i spoke yesterday about this. it seemed like he was pleading guilty to child pornography charges, soliciting and paying for sex with minors, this whole thing is unbelievable? >> it is really amazing, frankly. because you know the justice department has done a lot of cases in recent years involving child pornography. even looking at child pornography, not manufacturing it, looking at it is, is a federal offense. but actual sex with children is -- is still a very rare crime to be prosecuted by the justice department. and it is one obviously they take very seriously. and it's just shocking and appalling. >> dr. drew, all of the studies about this. is this something he would be born with -- this desire? something you develop over time? it is so incomprehensible.
5:53 pm
>> right, incomprehensible. for a there manormal person imp to get your head around it. there is some genetic and environmental. the common feature we often see is childhood sexual trauma. people who are sexually abused themselves can often, not often, become some one preoccupied with children. >> the plea agreement says he'll spend between 5 to 12 1/2 years in prison. could the judge give him a longer sentence regardless of the plea agreement. some carry penalties of 20, 30 years. >> he could. basically as i read the agreement. he has agreed not to appeal anything, he agreed that the sentence will be at least five years. and the justice department has agreed to ask for 12 years. but the judge is free to do whatever the law allows. and the law allows 20 years or maybe even more if he were to do consecutive sentences. now in most circumstances, the
5:54 pm
judge applies somewhere in between the two. i would say some where between 5 and 12 is the most likely outcome. but i mean he is by no means guaranteed that as a floor. >> drew, when, you know, i guess, again this is a reminder to everybody. when people think of a child sexual -- molester, they think of some creepy guy lurking on a playground. the fact of the matter is this is somebody who, you know was world famous, recognizable, clearly, was a company spokesman, was believed to be, you know relatable, trust worthy, nice guy. this guy had a childhood obesity foundation. he worked and interacted with kids on a regular basis? >> yeah, tremendous compartmentalization he must be maintaining. yes, you cannot identify somebody by how they appear. however if you stand back and look at his history. as someone who had overeating, horrible obesity.
5:55 pm
that can be associate with childhood trauma. when they keep talking, defense attorney was saying he has a medical problem. i think they're talking about a trauma survivor. if he is a pedophile, that is his sexual orientation, treatment is not going to do very much. >> thanks. >> coming up next, a bad day for millions of suspected cheaters now that hackers have shared names and e-mail addresses of 32 million users of ashley bring us your aching and sleep deprived. bring us those who want to feel well rested. aleve pm. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid... plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. be a morning person again with aleve pm.
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5:59 pm
breaking news, randi kaye is back. >> reuters is reporting explosions including a massive one have been heard in egypt's capital. security sources in cairo say they fear there will be casualties. >> back home, the 19-year-old accused of raping a 15-year-old student at a prep school heard her tearful testimony for the second day. owen lebrie pleaded not guilty. it happened where male students try to have sexual encounters with younger students. >> marriages could be at risk tonight after hackers made good on their promise to post data from 32 million users of the
6:00 pm
website there are more than 12,000 accounts with u.s. military e-mail addresses and nearly 7,000 with american or canadian government e-mail addresses. anderson, a lot of people on edge. >> that does it for us. the cnn special report "the donald trump interview" starts now. >> i think the voters like me. they understand me. >> he is on top of every poll you want to look at. >> don't let the circus distract you. >> the donald in striking range. >> people do not want to have a president who attacks mexicans, attacks immigrants. >> they're bringing drugs. they're bringing crime. they're rapists. >> what donald trump said is wrong. >> i cherish women. >> he is becoming a jackass. >> we're led by stupid people. >> donald domination. >> ladies and gentlemen. >> president of the united states,