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tv   Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  August 21, 2015 2:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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increased by 25% over the last ten years. the faa has been working very hard to reduce the number of incidents. we know from 2008 to now, they've reduced it by 44%. however, they are concerned that slightly in the last few months that we've seen a slight uptick. >> renee, thank you so much. now turning it over to wolf blitzer in "the situation room." happening now. warning of war. after an exchange of artillery fire, north korea says it's closer to war with the south and kim jong-un's troops are waiting for an order to attack. american troops are right in the middle of all this, holding military drills with the south as tensions soar. isis deputy killed. the number two
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gop war of words. donald trump stands by his use of the controversial term "anchor baby" to describe u.s. born children of undocumented immigrants and he blames jeb bush for urging other republicans to avoid it. markets plunge. the dow drops more than 500 points as other major indexes are also follalling more than 3 among fears of a world economic slowdown. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." ♪ >> this is cnn breaking news. >> let's get to the breaking news. the bottom dropping out on wall street, the dow falling more than 500 points. indexes plunging around the world as fears of a global slowdown wipe out the year's
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gains. and threats of war on the most dangerous place on earth. north korea now warning that its troops are waiting for an attack order and demanding to the south stop propaganda broadcasts. the united states suspended, then resumed joint military drills with the south. meantime, the white house says the number two leader of isis is dead after a u.s. air strike hit a vehicle near the iraqi city of mosul. i'll speak all about this and more with chairman congressman ed royce of california. he's standing by live. our correspondents, analysts and guests are standing by with full coverage. but let's begin with the threats of war on the korean peninsula. brian todd has the latest. >> tensions seem to be getting
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worse. tonight, the two koreas could on the brink of more hostilities and there are tens of thousands of american troops right in that region on the southern side of the dmz. there are indications that north korea is making preparations for some sort of short or medium range scud launches from single location. there's also a deadline looming, and you've got an unpredictable violent north korean leader calling the shots from his side. he says his million-man army is in a war-time state and waiting for an order of attack. neither kim jong-un nor his south korean enemies are backing down from this dangerous standoff. >> it's a classic game of chicken where both sides have said what they're going to do and they can't back down. >> reporter: north koreans are demanding that south korea stop loud speaker broadcasts sending
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propaganda to north korean soldiers by saturday at 4:00 a.m. why do those message proce agag north korea? >> now the south koreans are using north korean defectors say i've been in the north, brothers, believe me, life is better here. so it goes to the core of the legitimacy of the kim jong-un regime. >> reporter: south korea says it won't stop the broadcasts and will respond strongly if north korea shells them again. south korea called the live fire across the border a provocation. >> translator: it is a criminal act. >> reporter: the standoff is so spence, u.s. forces pulled a move which observers haven't seen before, halting their joint exercises with south koreans this week to game plan the crisis. u.s. officials say they were monitoring the situation and getting intelligence together. with no easy way to deescalate
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the crisis, forces on both sides are readying themselves. >> north korea increasing its artillery and anti-aircraft training. they've opened gun ports on outposts, and the south korean forces would have an increase in their readiness. >> reporter: kim's recent behavior is unpredictable, including the placement of land mines which nearly killed two south korean soldiers. >> when you talk about this new leader who executes his own officials and builds amusement parks and points out strike zones in the united states he wants to go after, it's a whole different ball game. >> reporter: kim jong-un does have seasoned militariedy ed ad telling kim what he wants to
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hear. if he goes against him, he'll execute them. he's gone through four or five defense ministers, including one he had executed with an anti-aircraft gun. >> u.s. officials, though, correct me if i'm wrong, they have some 13r5separate worries south korea's response. >> one of the things they're watching is south korea's pattern and policy of this overwhelming response to north korea's actions. this week, the south koreans responded with 36 artillery shells across the border. the u.s. does not want south korea and its forces to overreact, but they may not be able to control that, wolf. >> very dangerous situation. thank you very much. i want to go to kyung lah on the ground in south korea, very close to the demilitarized zone. what are you learning over there? >> reporter: wolf, the deadline
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that brian was just talking about being 5:00 p.m. local time here in korea today, it appears to be getting a little muddy, because we're just hearing from north korea's deputy u.n. ambassador resetting that clock for 48 hours, so it's widening the number of hours north korea says it will contemplate if south korea does not remove those loud speakers. these loud speakers that are on the border that south korea is blasting into north korea, south korea says it is not backing down. this is a very dangerous game of chicken. south korea saying that if north korea does take any sort of action, it will retaliate. >> i see watchtowers for the dmz right behind you there. nearly a million north korean troops with tons of artillery, shells, missiles, rockets just to the north. almost a million south korean
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troops in south korea, 30,000 american troops right in the middle of all this along the dmz. this is incredibly perilous right now. do you get that flavor where you are? >> reporter: this is just one small snapshot of what is the most fortified border in the entire world. the strongest relic that we have of the cold war. what you see over my right shoulder, there are soldiers inside that watchtower. they're scanning the earth, all the way across this area. this isn't even the dmz. when you step into the dmz, there are soldiers staring at each other from the north and south. that game of chicken, you see it come to life. that is miles across the peninsula. we're still about five miles south of the actual border between the north and the south. you can see how far this stretches. this is just one snapshot as you get closer, the tension, the anger, the emotions, they continue to rise. >> and seoul with millions of
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people, only 30, 40 miles from the tmz. so well within artillery range. hopefully it won't happen if the tensions escalate. stand by. i want to bring in the chairman of the house foreign affairs committy of california, ed royce who is watching this clearly. how concerning are these escalating tensions for you? >> they are very concerning. north korea has been able to tunnel under south korea. so when you have a million man army up on that border, and you have them doing provocative things, such as blowing the legs off of two young sergeants. i got a call yesterday, wolf, from the ambassador from south korea to the united states, explaining the emotions in korea, and that the reaction to that kind of provocation, and on top of it, the fact that north
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korea fired a rocket into south korea. they have nuclear weapons now in north korea, and this is another very concerning reality. and so we're waiting to see what the north koreans do next in this standoff. >> and the kim jong-un, the leader of north korea, the young leader, is very unpredictable. his father was at least a little bit more predictable in these kinds of situations. when you say north korea has dug tunnels under the dmz that go into south korea and they would move troops that way, is that what you're saying? >> right, they can move troops through those tunnels. i also had the opportunity some years ago with the south korean delegation to go into there, and when you look at the way on the north korean side, from all of the artillery pieces and the tanks and the missiles, the
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katyusha rockets, they have that so militarized up there, that they can unleash quite a sea, as they call it, a sea of fire onto the south. you pointed out that the south korean capital of seoul is close to the border. so our hope is that the tensions can be ratcheted down and efforts are being made to do that, i'm certain. but you look at the situation now in north korea, and the old officer corps, so many have been pern purged. the uncle, who was an adviser to this young man, not only was he killed but every extended member of his family was slaughtered because he was considered too close to beijing. so in this kind of an environment, anything can happen. and our hope is that cooler heads will prevail. >> very tension situation. i want you to stand by, mr.
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this is cnn breaking news. >> let's get to the breaking news. a gunman described as an islamic extremist has opened fire aboard a high speed train traveling
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from amsterdam to paris wounding three people. the shooter is in custody. we're learning some u.s. marines were on that plane and may have prevented a massacre. our terrorism analyst is working his sources in your. what are you finding out, paul? >> reporter: a cnn european counterterrorism official saying they believe this was an islamist terrorist attack, that the moroccan gunman had been on their radar screen because of his radical, pro jihadi view, that two u.s. marines in civilian clothing surprised him in the toilets of this train as he loaded his rifle up. surprised him. he then shot off a gun, wounding one of the two u.s. marines, who then overpowered this islamist terrorist and prevented in the words of this senior counterterrorism official, a massacre on a train to paris.
2:18 pm
extraordinary events playing out in just the past few hours. >> did you say, paul, one of the marines was injured? >> reporter: my understanding is one of the marines was injured, was shot and has been injured quite severely, was shot with hand gun by the suspected terrorist as he tried to overpower the suspected terrorist in the toilets of this train from amsterdam to paris. >> stand by, paul. i want to bring in our pentagon correspondent barbara starr who is monitoring what's going on. a pretty amazing story, very disturbing, this train from amsterdam to paris. two u.s. marines are involved, one of them seriously injured. what are you learning? >> reporter: wolf, we've just received a statement from the pentagon in the last couple of minutes. keep in mind, all of these are first reports and in incidents like this, often the information changes in the opening hours. all i can tell you is what the
2:19 pm
pentagon has told us, and the pentagon's statement says they are aware of the report about the train incident, and that they can confirm only, and i'm quoting, that one u.s. military member was injured in the incident. now, the pentagon goes on to say the injury is, in their words, not life threatening. we are well aware that the pentagon is looking into reports and trying to confirm itself that these are marines that were involved in this. that is something i know paul is hearing in europe. the pentagon not yet confirming it, but indeed saying there were non-life threatening injuries to one of those military members involved in the incident on the train. >> you're also getting information about other isis developments as well, right? >> reporter: a lot to report on here tonight, wolf.
2:20 pm
the u.s. had been looking for one key member of isis for a very long time, and tonight, it looks like they got him. isis' number two was killed this week in a u.s. drone strike near mosul, iraq, a stronghold of the terror group according to u.s. officials. a senior u.s. official tells cnn the u.s. had actionable intelligence on this man, hajji muzzaf. it knew he was in a vehicle when the drone launched its missile. critical intelligence as the u.s. is trying to collect every scrap of information on isis leaders, using overhead reconnaissance, eavesdropping, and spies on the ground. a long-time deputy to al baghdadi, the isis leader. he oversaw isis operations across iraq and was a top
2:21 pm
financier. >> there's no doubt this would be a significant loss to isis, not only because of his very senior role in the organization, but chief deputy to baghdadi, and because of his military expertise. >> reporter: and very much in the u.s. cross hairs. >> this is somebody that knows how to organize a terrorist group, knows how to organize a military campaign. >> reporter: the white house called him the primary coordinator for moving large amounts of weapons, explosives, vehicles, and people between iraq and syria. he ran the isis offensive that overtook mosul in june of last year, iraq's second largest city of 2 million people. the big question -- could the intelligence that led to him
2:22 pm
also help find and kill key isis operatives like al baghdadi and jihadi john, who executed western hostages. the u.s. looking not just in mosul, but also raqqa, syria, isis' declined capital. the u.s. helping forces advance on the city that isis leaders may be happen. >> it's been taking a beating for some time now. that will be seen when the ypg forces and the oes of the forces in the north continue their advance south. and only then will we see how dug in they truly are. >> reporter: i have to tell you, there have been news reports at the end of last year that this man who was killed had been killed in an attack last year. it turns out those reports obviously not proven to be true. the pentagon thinks there was a mistaken identity issue back then. today, they say they are certain
2:23 pm
they got him. >> barbara, thank you. let's bring back congressman ed royals of california. mr. chairman, sources telling cnn this strike, you just heard, was based on what's described as actionable intelligence. does that mean the u.s. is getting closer to actually finding the real number one isis leader, al baghdadi? >> by taking out the number two, the one thing you can be sure of, this is the individual on the ground who actually procured the vehicles, procured the munitions, came up with the strategy apparently of blasting through the lines and taking mosul by using those vehicles and those bulldozers, sort of suicide vehicles. when you lose your general at the front, you know, the field commander here, is going to be more vulnerable. and so the more of these assets around the leadership that have taken out the stronger position
2:24 pm
we're going to be in, my only caution here is that we've passed on a lot of opportunity to drop ordnance. i talked to pilots and others in the theater who come back with three quarters of their ordnance. they're still being moicromanagd to hit targets. but today is a good day of pushing back on isis. >> mr. chairman, we'll continue this conversation in the days to come. coming up, a market meltdown. the dow plunging more than 500 points to cap off the worst week for the stock index since 2011. why are investors so nervous right now? ss expert from at&t? yeah, give me a problem and i've got the solution. well, we have 30 years of customer records. our cloud can keep them safe and accessible anywhere. my drivers don't have time to fill out forms. tablets. keep it all digital. we're looking to double our deliveries. our fleet apps will find the fastest route. oh, and your
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stock markets took a sharp turn for the worst today, the fourth day of losses. the dow jones finished the day down 531 points, more than a 3% drop. nervous traders say concerns over china's slowing economy are driving fears in the market. let's get more. our business correspondent richard quest is standing by in new york. richard, this is bad. what's going on? >> what's going on is a fundamental fear that there is something nasty out there in the
2:30 pm
wider economy. the reason today and yesterday was china. the fear that china's growth is nowhere near the 7% that the government officially says. the fear that the bubble still has to burst, that the chinese stock market has further to fall. all of these things mashed up into a market that is also uneasy about when the feds are going to raise rates and one crucial factor, the price of oil. oil fell for a moment below $40 a barrel. everybody agrees there's a glut of oil on the world market. if you put this together, you end up with investors saying it's time for a correction. a long, overdue correction. it's been more than 1,000 days since we've seen something like this. >> and the markets have gone down, the dow jones about 1,000 points in the last few days. >> yes, basically the market has
2:31 pm
had its worst week since 2011. and if you want more statistics, today's fall was the worst in something like five or six years. the issue and the question and frankly this friday night, nobody can tell you is whether this goes into next week. if it does, for how long. because fundamentally, the u.s. economy is enjoying moderate growth. unemployment is low. inflation is low. yes, there are interest rate rises on the horizon. at the moment, the best opinion is this is a correction, not the start of a bear market. >> richard quest, thank you very much. we'll check back with you. other news, donald trump is turning the political playbook on its head once again, holding a huge rally in alabama tonight, despite the fact that voters in that state won't go to the polls until a month after iowa caucuses. in alabama, they vote in early march.
2:32 pm
let's get some more with ryan nobles, at the site of this trump rally in mobile, alabama. set the scene for us, ryan. >> reporter: wolf, donald trump has drawn some big crowds to his campaign events already, but nothing like what we expect to see here tonight. his campaign says some 40,000 people have rsvp'd for tonight's event, and if most of them show up, this stadium will be packed. there were people here as early as 6:00, and the line was somewhere in the range of 400 to 500 people and this doesn't start for another 2 1/2 hours. trump in arrive in his private jet. he'll get here to the stadium with -- by a motorcade and he'll be riding in the mayor's official vehicle. i talked to a lot of people in line today. they say they are not here because they're gawking or to catch a glimpse of a celebrity.
2:33 pm
they want donald trump to be their next president. >> i think he'll do more in the first day of being president of the united states than most politicians do in a lifetime. >> reporter: so donald trump scheduled to be here in 2 1/2 hours. he'll hold a media event after that. wolf? >> clearly, he's the republican front-runner right now. coming up, donald trump jabs jeb bush in a fight over a controversial term for children of undocumented immigrants. but will trump's rhetoric cost him the chance to capture the latino vote? also, a former apprentice on donald trump's television show is hoping to help her old boss to get a job in the white house. we'll talk to her. technology empowers us to achieve more.
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several republican candidates are coming under fire for their use of the term anchor babies to describe children born in the united states to undocumented immigrants. listen to this. >> it is a very big question, as to the anchor babies. they've been talking about it for years. there's a very big question as to whether or not the 14th amendment actually covers this. we're going to find out whether or not it does. changing the 14th amendment would take years and years. it's a long, drawn-out process. a lot of people think that it is absolutely, in terms of anchor babies, that it is not covered. so we're going to find out.
2:39 pm
here's what happens -- wait a minute. wait, wait. here's what's happening. a woman is going to have a baby. they wait on the border. just before the baby, they come over to the border. they have the baby in the united states. we now take care of that baby, social security, medicare, education. give me a break. it doesn't work that way. the parents have to come in legally. we're going have to find out what's going to happen from a court standpoint. but many people, many of the great scholars say that anchor babies are not covered. we're going to find out. >> you said you have a big heart, and that you're not mean spirited. are you aware that the term "anchor babies" is an offensive term. >> you mean it's not politically correct. give me a different term, what else would you like to hear?
2:40 pm
>> children of undocumented immigra immigrants. >> do you regret using the term anchor babies? >> no, i don't. give me a better term and i'll use it. >> i think we need to stop this politically correct nonsense. we need to speak candidly about the problems face thing country. the media wants to have this politically correct debate. what i find objectionable is the fact that our border is unsecure, we don't know who's coming in this country, and that the obama administration is releasing violent criminals. and there's nothing that the press likes more than a sideshow on some politically correct debate. who cares? >> let's discuss all of this and more with our senior political analyst ron brownstein, rebecca
2:41 pm
berg is joining us, and jeffrey toobin. ron, the florida senator marco rubio, a presidential candidate, seemed to try to distance himself from these comments thursday in an interview on cnbc. listen to this. >> when i talk about 13 million people in this country illegal, i say 13 million human beings. >> people are talking about anchor babies. >> those are human beings. ultimately, they're people. they're not just statistics. they're human beings with stories. >> what's going on over here, ron? you've studied this. >> what we're seeing is extraordinary. it's a step and a process. if you go back to 2012, mitt romney won a higher share of the white vote than ronald reagan and still lost by 5 million votes. the immediate aftermath, the dominant impulse in the republican party is we have to expand our base and reach out, particularly to the minorities,
2:42 pm
who are reaching 28% of the electorate, in 2013, when rubio was a leader on the republican side, passed a bill on the immigration. but there's been a snap back, rubio walked away from it. the house passed legislation to block president obama's executive action and now we have this reopening of the issue of birthright citizenship, which was in the 1996 republican platform repealing it, but seemed to have been buried. even the candidates who are the furthest end of the continuum trying to expand the party base, jeb bush, has been pulled in by this gravitational pull to use thing language that is going to be a significant issue for him if he gets to the general election. what you're seeing is an almost complete abandonment of the impulse and a doubling down that the republicanks win the election by mobilizing a coalition that is almost
2:43 pm
entirely right, like the voters you're seeing lining up for donald trump. >> they are lining up in big numbers. jeb bush tweeted this today, his massive inconsistencies aside, trump's immigration plan is not conservative and does not reflect our nation's values. so there seems to be a serious difference emerging between jeb bush and donald trump on some of these sensitive immigration related issues. >> jeb bush has also said donald trump's immigration plan is unrealistic, it's not something that can realistically be implemented. but let's just take a step back and consider that donald trump is leading in the republican polls and he's the one driving the conversation now about policy in the republican party. i think that's exactly what republicans didn't want to happen in this election. and that does have major consequences for the general election. >> he's winning nationally among
2:44 pm
republicans in iowa, new hampshire and even in florida he's ahead of jeb bush who is the governor of florida. so he's dominating right now. hillary clinton's campaign, jeffrey, she was quick to pounce as well issuing a statement, if republicans continue to wonder how to label these children, hillary has made it clear to them. they are not anchor babies, they are babies. they are our neighbors. they are our families. they are part of our communities. they are american citizens, period. she's getting involved in this debate, as well. >> this is why it's good we have elections. because there is just a clear difference between democrats and republicans on this issue. the republicans are saying not only do we want to abandon the notion of birthright citizenship, which has been the law of the land in this country since just after the civil war, they want to completely -- to exclude 13 million or 11 million illegal immigrants. and, you know, the democratic
2:45 pm
party doesn't. so this strikes me as exactly the kind of issue the parties should be discussing, and polls seem to show that the democrats have the advantage nationally on this issue. but let's discuss it. but let's have this conversation. >> ron, does donald trump risk alienating latino voters by using this term anchor babies and does he really care? >> i think he's way past that. when you're looking at the term anchor babies, it's the end of a series of policies. what trump is saying goes beyond what the party has embraced in the past when they talked about repealing the constitution to end birthright citizenship. he's saying it doesn't exist in the first place and 4 million people, he's saying they're not citizens and thus can be deported with their parents. that was the implication with his interview with chuck todd and he said they would to go.
2:46 pm
that's an extraordinary position, and if you look at this country where 30% of the vote in 2016 will be minorities, republicans, if they can't improve on their performance, will have to match ronald reagan's showing in 1984 among whites to reach a majority, you can see why this could be so difficult for the gop in 2016 and you're see thing countertheory, we're going to mobilize the base. there are millions of white voters who don't come out and i will get them out. the gop is facing a real crossroads as a result in this primary election. >> think about what marco rubio said. he said those 13 million people, they're human beings. that's considered a gaffe in this environment. that's pretty surreal, the idea of calling people human beings is a political gaffe. >> and they're gearing up for huge rally. we have live pictures coming up, lining up by the thousands to listen to donald trump tonight.
2:47 pm
who would have thought? >> who would have thought? this has been the dynamic now for about seven weeks, wolf. donald trump has been the leader in the republican party and now he's drawing the biggest crowds of the entire election cycle. this is a real thing for republicans. and they have to figure out how to take this on. >> bernie sanders -- >> bernie sanders is -- >> all right, guys. stand by. coming up, we're going to talk live with a former contestant who is going back to work for donald trump, there she is, in iowa.
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before beginning his run for presidency donald trump was perhaps best known recently for his role on "the apprentice," where candidates compete for a chance to run one of donald trump's company. one of those former candidates hopes she can help trump achieve the top job in the white house. the iowa state co-chair for the trump campaign, dana, thanks very much for joining us. take us behind the scenes. how big this is campaign, how easy is it to get people to rally behind him? >> oh my gosh, wolf, it's insane in iowa. people love mr. trump. especially what he just did here at the iowa state fair. landing his helicopter and giving children helicopter ri s rides. only trump can trump trump, and he did at the iowa state fair. >> they have to say that. >> besides that the momentum, we're rolling.
2:53 pm
we are having so much fun, yet we're getting so many people to come out and caucus for him in february. we've got caucus leaders in place, we are shaking hands, meeting the voters. we are touching people's lives and letting them know that we work for the man that can actually make america great again. and it couldn't be a more exciting time for the iowa team, for working for mr. trump. >> are these mostly volunteers? or are they paid staffers? >> are what, the people that are excited about mr. trump? or the people -- >> the people that are organizing and working on his behalf. >> well, there are paid staffers like myself. but we have volunteers. you can't believe the number of volunteers that are coming out saying, i want to be a part of this in any way, shape or form. there are -- i get over 400 e-mails a day of people that say, i want to be a part of this, how, tell me what i can do. so we're getting them involved
2:54 pm
and we have events that they're coming to and we couldn't be more excited. it's a really good time. >> i don't know if you saw our cnn recent poll. it seems more women republicans are supporting donald trump than even male republicans. give us a little sense because you're on the ground, you're one of those paid staffers trying to help him win those iowa caucuses. what are the about women in iow saying to you about donald trump? >> women in iowa love mr. trump because they love a real men. mr. trump is showing things women love in men. we love strength, honesty, integrity, we love a mr. clean. he lives a clean life. there are so many things that so many women are loving in mr. trump. it's just amazing that they're like, we support this guy. we don't want a wimp running our country. and mr. trump is the furthest thing from a wimp. so it is very true, women are
2:55 pm
engulfing him and supporting him and are 100% behind him. we've got women for trump groups all over the state. people are excited about mr. trump becoming the next president. >> all right, dana gertz, i'll check back with you. thank you so much for joining us. terror on a train. u.s. marines travel okay a high-speed train in europe surprise an alleged jihadist gunman and they're credited with preventing a massacre. ♪ ♪ ♪ if you can't stand the heat, get off the test track. get the mercedes-benz you've been burning for at the summer event, going on now at your authorized mercedes-benz dealer. but hurry, offers end august 31st. share your summer moments in your mercedes-benz with us.
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happening now. breaking news, train attack. a gunman opens fire with an automatic weapon on a high-speed
3:00 pm
train. tonight sources are telling cnn it appears to be an act of islamic terrorism. we'll tell you what we're learning. massive sell-off. the dow jones industrials plunged more than 500 points, the worst week on wall street in years. is this a so-called correction or something worse for the markets and your investments? >> brink of war. north korea threatens new military action against the south. tensions right now are soaring. a deadline is looming. will either side back down? trump in the arena. he's holding a super-sized rally tonight and doing battle over a hot-button term to describe hundreds of thousands of american citizens. are trump's opponents fighting him? or are they copying him? we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." this is cnn breaking news.
3:01 pm
>> we're following two breaking stories. sources telling cnn that a shooting on a high-speed train is believed to be an islamist terrorist attack and the gunman appears to be sympathetic to isis. the alleged gunman is in custody accused of opening fire with an automatic weapon on a train from amsterdam to paris. also wall street's biggest loss of the year. the dow jones industrials taking a nosedive of 531 points as new economic uncertainty rattles investors. another major story this hour, we're standing by for a donald trump rally in alabama. it may be the largest campaign event of this presidential primary season so far. it was moved to a football stadium to accommodate 35,000 people expected to attend. the republican front-runner's popularity growing despite controversy after controversy. i'll talk with one of donald trump's rivals, republican presidential candidate rick santorum, standing by to join us
3:02 pm
live here in "the situation room." our correspondents and analysts are standing by to cover all the news that's breaking right now. first let's go to our terrorism analyst paul kruppcheck with more on that train attack amsterdam to paris. >> a senior european counterterrorism official telling me this is believed to be an islamist terrorist attack. the moroccan gunman was on the radar screen of european security agencies. the official also telling me that two u.s. marines in civilian clothing surprised the gunman in the toilet of this high-speed train as it traveled between amsterdam and paris, that when they surprised him in the train toilet, that the gunman with a handgun managed to get a round off. he was loading a kalashnikov at the time. the marines were able to overpower him despite the fact one of the marines was wounded and they were able to prevent a
3:03 pm
massacre in the words of this senior european counterterrorism official. so extraordinary events playing out on this high-speed train from amsterdam to paris. this gunman had a lot of ammunition, he had several weapons. this could have been a truly horrible terrorist attack. >> fortunately those two u.s. marines were there to stop it. stand by. i want to bring in our pentagon correspondent barbara starr. she's getting information on what happened as well. what are you learning, barbara? >> very sketchy reports arriving at the pentagon. officials tell us so far here at the pentagon, they cannot confirm that these two individuals were u.s. marines. they're not disputing it, they just don't have the information in hand to confirm it. but a short time ago the pentagon did put out a statement and let me quote it. "we are aware of the reports and can only confirm that one u.s. military member was injured in the incident. the injury is not
3:04 pm
life-threatening." they go on to say they will monitor the situation. now, if there were u.s. servicemembers on board this train, they would not be traveling in uniform, they do not do that. that is standard procedure to be in civilian clothes. they would not have any military-issue weapons with them on board a civilian train. if they had personal weapons, that might be something else entirely. but by all accounts, they certainly were not armed. this appears to be an act of extraordinary heroism, to save civilians on a high-speed train in europe. the pentagon still though trying to put all the pieces together. one military member injured, nonli nonlife-threatening. >> paul kruk shank working his sources on what's going on, this follows a series of terrorist incidents in france over these past several months. this individual, this alleged terrorist on this high-speed train amsterdam to paris, we're
3:05 pm
told and i think you reported it that he was relatively well known as some sort of isis sympathizer to french authorities? >> he was on the radar screen for radical pro-jihadi views. they believe that he was indeed sympathetic to isis but they're still trying to sort through that to see exactly where his loyalties were. not clear at this point whether this was a lone wolf terrorist, somebody inspired by a group like isis, or somebody that actually traveled to somewhere like syrian iraq and learned how to use these kind of weapons. he had a kalashnikov, he was loading it as the marines surprised him in the toilet on the fast-speed train. presumably the marines feared something was up and felt that they needed to act to stop a lot of bloodshed on this train, wolf. >> could have been a huge, huge massacre. fortunately those two u.s. marines were there. one of them injured.
3:06 pm
we hope not seriously. we'll stay on top of the story. guys, thanks very much. there's other breaking news including that huge sell-off on wall street, the dow jones plunging nearly 531 points at the closing bell. richard quest is joining us now from new york. almost 1,000 points down in the last few days alone, what's going on, richard? >> it's a question of serious selling but no panic. i can make an argument either way, wolf. but the best view seems to be you look at china which had bad manufacturing numbers. there are worries over the strength of the chinese economy. because china is for many u.s. corporations their profits and growth for the future, that is transmitting itself around the world. the reality is we just don't know how good or bad the situation in china is at the moment. and that's the uncertainty. but one other important point.
3:07 pm
oil under $40 a barrel. that's great, wolf, for consumers, for holidaymakers and vacationers driving on the summer vacation. but it's dreadful for oil companies, for north dakota, for texas, for out west where the oil industry is such an important part of the economy. as i say, you paid your money on this one, you take your choice. >> they're saying this is a correction, not necessarily the start of a bear market, right? >> at the moment we're 10% down from the may high. so yes, we are now officially in a technical correction sense. we'd have to go 20% lower before we were in a bear market. and it would have to be a series of sustained sell-offs to make a bear market. a bear market is when you get the feeling the market's going down and it ain't going to recover. so far, yes, there are people out there who will say, this looks like a bear market. but the people i've been speaking to today say, this is an overdue correction, it's
3:08 pm
1,200 days since we had the last one, it's needed, there was way too much froth and frivolity in the market, and that's what's happened, it's been wiped away. brutally, in two short sessions, but it's gone. >> at least 1,000 point in the last four days in a row now. thanks very much, richard quest. a lot of nervous investors over the weekend. -- let's go to donald trump's biggest rally, the newest uproar he's creating in the presidential contest. we have new reaction to trump's use of a controversial temple to describe the children of undocumented immigrants who are citizens of the united states because they were born in the united states. our senior washington correspondent jeff zeleny is in iowa with the latest on what's going on. jeff, what are you hearing? >> as donald trump's momentum continues to grow, he finds himself at the center of another immigration firestorm. and it's really triggered an extraordinary back and forth between donald trump and jeb bush that's only likely to intensify tonight. but not all republican candidates are eager to weigh in
3:09 pm
on this trump primary. we caught up with ted cruz today who's smiling from the sidelines. >> i'll use the word anchor babies. excuse me. i'll use the word anchor baby. >> reporter: that single phrase that many consider offensive is setting the agenda for the whole field. ted cruz, who hopes to siphon some of trump's anti-establishment momentum, said today it was political correctness gone wild. >> the focus on language and mc and bickering back and forth, most people i think don't give a flip. they're interested in solving real problems. >> reporter: cruz is holding a rally in iowa tonight as he tries to tap into the trump phenomenon. >> some of your rivals are trying to figure out how to run against donald trump. you seem to be running with him. >> i am a big fan of donald trump's and i think it is a mistake for other republicans to try to take a stick to donald trump and whack him. >> are we prepared to do what it takes to remain the greatest nation ever? >> reporter: for marco rubio, a candidate the gop hopes can repair its image with latinos,
3:10 pm
the anchor baby fight is a chance to take a stand. >> people are talking about anchor babies. >> these are 13 million human beings. ultimately, they're people. we're not -- they're not just statistics. >> reporter: for jeb bush, the term became a problem of his own making after he used the phrase himself in an interview. >> governor, do you regret using the term anchor babies yesterday on the radio? >> no, i didn't have -- i don't regret it. >> you don't regret it? >> no. do you have a better term? >> i'm asking you. a lot of folks -- >> you give me a better term and i'll use it, i'm serious. >> reporter: trump was quick to seize on what he called a bush flip-flop tweeting, jeb bush signed a memo saying not to use the term anchor babies, offensive. now he wants to use it because i use it. stay true to yourself. but that tweet not exactly true. this is the memo. it does say to not use the phrase anchor baby. but it's not signed by bush. simply issued by a group he was co-chair of. so bush fired back with his own swipe at trump. his massive inconsistencies
3:11 pm
aside, donald trump's immigration plan is not conservative and does not reflect our values. >> i will not engage in the personal attacks -- >> reporter: cruz says he has differences with trump but now is not the time. he's waiting and watching, making sure no bridge is burned. >> do i want donald trump supporters to support me? absolutely. >> reporter: here in des moines, ted cruz is planning a rally tonight. it's partly trump-sized. 3,000 people are planning to attend. i can tell you all eyes of the republican party are on mobile, alabama, tonight to see what donald trump will do next. that is a key primary state next spring. but people are more interested in what he's going to say tonight about the rest of this gop field. >> he seems to be dominating and driving this republican presidential discussion. thanks very much, jeff zeleny. i want to show our viewers live pictures outside trump's rally in mobile, alabama.
3:12 pm
5,000 people waiting in line right now. it's expected to be the largest campaign event of this presidential primary season so far. maybe as much as 35,000 people will show up. let's go to ryan nobles on the scene, set the scene for us, ryan. >> reporter: right now they just opened the gates here to this football stadium in south alabama and the crowds are starting to pour in. they're estimating in the range of 35,000 to 40,000 people will be here for this rally tonight. that will be the largest campaign rally of the cycle for any candidate. even for donald trump who's drawn big crowds across the country. this event will have all the trappings of a presidential visit. he's going to arrive in his private jet. he's going to come by motorcade riding with the mayor of mobile. and he's expected to continue that fiery rhetoric that has drawn so many big crowds. people were lined up out here as early as 6:00 this morning. and i talked to many of them, wolf. they weren't talking about coming here because they want to gawk or see a celebrity. many of them genuinely believe
3:13 pm
that donald trump is the best candidate for president of the united states. not all of them are necessarily republicans. many of them describe themselves as independents. they want to see what he has did say, take that home, perhaps sell that message to their friends and colleagues. this will no doubt be a big event for donald trump. >> ryan, stand by. i want to bring in the republican presidential candidate, the former u.s. senator from pennsylvania, rick santorum, who's with me in "the situation room." thanks very much for joining us. >> thank you, wolf. >> did you ever think we'd be seeing this in this presidential campaign, what's going on for example in mobile, alabama, tonight? >> donald trump is making an impact. so, you know, it's good to see that he's energizing people. and getting people talking about issues that frankly i care a lot about. i mean, the most recent issue set is one that i've been out there focused on for quite some time. it's part of a package of trying to get people back to work and have their wages go up. and benefits go up.
3:14 pm
so they can live a better quality of life here in america. i think the immigration debate has too long focused on the people who are here illegally and not focused on the people who are impacted by the amount of illegal and even legal immigration that we have in this country. >> let's talk about that. first of all, where do you stand on the use of the term anchor babies? >> yeah, i mean, i don't use that term. is it pejorative? i don't know. it's a term that is used and often used. i try to call children children and not anything other than that. these are people who were born in this country. these kids are born in this country. under the law right now, they're certain citizens. they didn't do anything wrong. their parents did. and their parents should have to pay a price for doing that. >> you think jeb bush, for example, should apologize for using that term? >> no, look, i don't think -- i don't see it as an offensive term. it's a common-use term, i've heard it for a long, long time. up until last week, a couple of days ago, i never heard anyone say it was an offensive term.
3:15 pm
i think it was just a term used to describe a phenomenon here in this country. but i think, again -- i think much has been blown up about this. i don't think it's offensive. i don't use it. >> you don't use it, all right. what about donald trump's notion that all 12 million, 11 million, 13 million, undocumented, illegal immigrants need to be deported, the good ones he says can then come back? >> i would say that we have to go through a process of enforcing our laws. and the laws say that if you came here on a visa and you overstayed your visa, you need to go home. and that's roughly, according to the numbers, anywhere from 40% to 60% of folks who are here illegally came here legally and chose not to leave. they need to be removed, they need to go home. people who came across the border illegally are in the same situation. eventually we have to go through an orderly pass of removals and enforce the laws of this country. >> what about the children, children who were born here in the united states? >> i look at the situation that
3:16 pm
confronted my father and grandfather. my grandfather came to this country after my father was born, lived here seven years, never saw his son. had to wait until he became a citizen in order to bring them over. i asked my dad, were you ever upset with america that you had to live in fascist italy and march as a brownshirt in mussolini's youth corps? and he said, no, america was worth the wait. i would say it's going to put a strain on families but they put themselves in that situation and they have to suffer the consequences. >> do you believe the 14th amendment to the constitution guarantees citizenship to the children who are born in the united states whose parents are here illegally? >> i don't. i think that's a -- i think there is some controversy about whether it does or not. i know that currently we do grant citizenship to people who are born to illegal immigrants here in this country. but -- and i would actually want to change that. i think that we need to have the congress has the authority, under the constitution, to determine citizenship. it's very clear. article 1. they have the ability to
3:17 pm
determine naturalization. and so whether these children in the future will be considered citizens or not, i think is under the purview of the congress and i would urge congress to change that. >> you think congress can do it without a constitutional amendment? >> i do, i think it's clear in the constitution. i think it's unclear in the 14th amendment. the 14th amendment doesn't say here if you're born here, you're a citizen. it says you're born here, you're under the jurisdiction of the united states. the united states congress has the right to determine that. >> children who are born in the united states of foreign diplomats serving in the united states, they're not -- >> at the time of the 14th amendment, native americans weren't considered citizens of this country though obviously they were born here. so there is precedent to say just because you're born here doesn't mean -- >> on this issue you're with trump? >> on this issue i agree with trump. i don't know exactly -- i believe people currently here, born here to immigrants, are citizens and you can't be retroactive. i don't think anyone's suggesting that people who are
3:18 pm
now citizens because of the way the law was enforced should be now stripped of their citizenship. i think we have to do this going forward. >> you see tens of thousands of people lining up in mobile, alabama, to listen to donald trump. we know the primary in alabama i think is early march. it's not that far -- >> i won that primary four years ago. >> so you remember that. have you campaigned in alabama? have you been down there? >> i have been down in alabama earlier this year. >> lack at these pictures, what's going on right now. it's pretty amazing when you think about it. >> it is. there's clearly a buzz out there. the media's focused on it. he's certainly developed -- continued to develop his persona. i keep reminding everybody, it's five and a half months until the first votes are cast and we're working really hard in iowa and we feel very good that we're going to do well. >> i want to get to substantive policy issues. but if crump were to win in iowa, new hampshire, south carolina, he's doing well in all of those states. do you think that automatically would set the stage for his winning the republican presidential nomination? >> one of the things i found last time when i ran, it's a
3:19 pm
long presence. and if he wins some early states, i think there will be an effort to try to galvanize behind some other candidate as what happened when romney won some of the early states four years ago. that galvanizing came behind me. we didn't quite pull it off but i think there will be a similar effort. i don't think anyone, whether donald trump or anybody else, is going to skate through this by winning the first few primaries and having everybody say it's over. i think this is going to be a long process. >> we have some issues in the news affidavit, what's going on with isis, the dow jones taking a huge fall today. much more with senator rick santorum when we come back.
3:20 pm
3:21 pm
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3:24 pm
republican presidential candidate rick santorum, following breaking news. sources telling cnn a train shooting in france is believed to be an islamist terrorist attack. two u.s. marines reportedly were on that train, prevented a mass slaughter from going on. you hear what's going on. there's been a series of these kinds of attacks in france especially. if you were president of the united states, what do you do about this? >> first, you've got to feel proud to be an american, don't you? that these two marines,
3:25 pm
off-duty, on whatever -- >> wearing civilian clothes. >> wearing civilian clothes, they figured something was going on and took matters into their own hands and potentially saved maybe dozens, hundreds of lives. so very, very proud of those marines and just god bless them and thank them for their courage. what we see is terrorism -- when i hear the term lone wolf, no wolf intended here, when you hear the term lone wolf, that disturbs me. these people are not lone wolves. they're following the call to jihad, they're following the call to isis to act. while they may not be coordinating with isis, they are being incentivized and encouraged by isis so they're acting in conjunction with what isis is asking them to do, which is to spread terror and to spread jihad. so this is a serious problem, not just in france, obviously, but here in this country. we have to take it seriously. the only way you stop it is by defeating isis. isis, as long as they are
3:26 pm
maintaining their territory, as long as they are continuing to say that we're fighting the great satan, the united states, and we're winning, which they can make the claim that they are because they're certainly not losing -- we've got a problem with jihadis being activated all over the world. >> in the last 4 days, on another very important breaking news story, more than 1,000 points have dropped on the dow jones industrial average, more than 500 today alone. nearly 400 yesterday. i don't know what's going on but a lot of nervous investors out there right now. sort of reminds me a little bit, i hope it doesn't fall on like this, what was going on in 2008 just before the election. we remember the great recession, the impact that had on people's lives. >> we had a housing bubble back then. i don't think we have a similar bubble in other sectors of the market. clearly the market is up and up dramatically. the fact that you see oil prices where they are is probably off-putting. you see china, the situation here in right now. yes, manufacturing's off in china, some of the other things are off. what's up is debt.
3:27 pm
chinese debt has exploded the last few years. trying to prop up this economy. just like this president, trying to prop up this economy with huge mountains of debt. there's only so much they can do before things start to crater and i think that's what the big fear is. >> senator, thanks very much for coming in. >> my pleasure. >> heading back to iowa? >> tomorrow. >> i'm sure you are. good luck. >> thank you, wolf. standing by for tonight's mass uh donald trump rally. the campaign says as many as 40,000 people will attend. you see them lining up right now. a top north korean diplomat now threatening military action against south korea. are the two countries on the brink of war? isn't it beautiful
3:28 pm
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take a look at this. live pictures of a rally for donald trump that his campaign says could draw as many as 40,000 people. this is happening at a football stadium in mobile, alabama. the university of south alabama. the response has been so great that the event had to be proved to this football stadium. let's get the latest on what's going on with the campaign. our senior washington correspondent jeff zeleny is joining us. he's in iowa. also joining us, our national political report eer maeve rest. ron brown stein and our senior legal analyst jeffrey toobin. jeff zeleny, you've been covering this campaign. what is the sense out there? is there a realistic -- a lot of
3:33 pm
people are doubtful but is there a pat to victory that people are beginning to see for donald trump? >> sure, wolf. i think there is a path to victory depending on what the next iteration of his campaign is. i think any suggestions that his campaign is nearing the end, i think those have been shelved by republican party leaders as much as some may want it to be so. but we still do not yet know how much is real in terms of his on-the-ground effort. and voters are viewing this as a process. every voter i've talked to is intrigued by donald trump. far fewer are actually willing to sign on the dotted line at this very point. i think it very much depends how he evolves as a candidate, how he conducts himself over the next six months. campaigns always teach us a lot about presidential candidates. i think that is never truer than this cam pip. we simply don't know what he'll do next. very much a live round. you cannot rule out that he could win some states,
3:34 pm
absolutely. >> he certainly could win iowa, maybe new hampshire and south carolina. he's doing better than jeb bush and marco rubio in florida, their home state. ron brown stein, it's been amazing to me, more and more political insiders are beginning to suggest, you know what, it's possible that donald trump could actually capture the republican presidential nomination. what do you see, what are you hearing? >> i think it's still difficult for him. there's no question he's tapped a nerve. donald trump is dominating among one wing of the party, what i call the populist wing of the party. tends to be more blue collar, more tea party, more evangelical. there will be a finalist in the race representing that wing. rick santorum in 2012, mike huckabee in 2008. donald trump could be that person. it's not clear whether he can go from 425% to 45%.
3:35 pm
while strong in iowa, new hampshire is a tougher place. there will be a candidate representing the kind of voters flocking to trump tonight in alabama. if you're ted cruz or scott walker or rick santorum and you thought you were going to be that guy, now you have the real possibility that trump could be the finalist from that wing and that is within the realm of possibility. >> maeve, you're speaking to the republican campaigns. top strategists, staffers. what are they saying to you? how concerned are they right now about donald trump? >> i think they're concerned in the sense that it's been very hard for them to actually get their message out. and there have been some strategy fights within some of these campaigns. >> exactly how to deal with him. we saw jeb bush coming out and punching a lot harder. they like the way that looks. it's now set up as a jeb versus donald trump fight on many of the networks over the last couple of days. they think that that really helps jeb bush because it starts
3:36 pm
to get people to focus on his message, so forth. i do think that jeff made a really important point here because i was hearing the same thing in iowa, new hampshire, which is that many voters out there still say they are considering as many as four or five candidates. when you start digging down and asking them what they think when they imagine donald trump in the big chair, in the oval office, a lot of them don't know exactly what that's going to look like and they aren't sure that they want -- that they're ready to commit to that yet. so i think we need to leave the possibility out there that this campaign is going to evolve over time. and also as we've seen today, some of the things, the developments that happen around the world can change the contours of the campaign. the way that people think about who they want in charge of the red button. >> and a 1,000-point drop in the dow jones, that could have an impact as well if that continues. jeffrey, why is he resonating with so many of these
3:37 pm
conservative republican, maybe independent voters? >> seems like there's a combination of sort of general distrust of obama, which has gone on for years. i mean, this republican party is united. but there's also resentment against washington republicans. the senate went republican. the house went republican. and what do they have to show for it? maybe that's an unreasonable expectation. but you have a candidate who is not a congressman, who's not a senator, who's not a politician. and who are the two candidates who are doing best in the polls right now? at least right now, you have donald trump and dr. carson. completely alienated from the current political structure. and that just indicates that they don't like any branch of government at the moment. >> jeff zeleny, in a fox news interview donald trump hit martin o'mally, former governor of maryland, while addressing his apology. owe mall hi's apology to black lives matter activists for saying that all lives matter. listen to this.
3:38 pm
>> then he apologized like a little baby, like a disgusting little weak, pathetic baby. that's problem with our country. >> he likes to go after these guys. he's hurling insults. it seems to be helping trump, doesn't it? >> sure, especially in a republican primary, it doesn't get much better than going after a democrat. but i think martin o'mally may end up winning this. shortly after he said that, the o'mally campaign sent out a fund-raising e-mail to their supporters saying, look, we're being mentioned by donald trump, it's a sign he's taking us seriously. i was interested to see he's insulting democrats. perhaps that's a sign he's moving away from insulting republicans. although i wouldn't count on that full-time here. but i think that people like this raw sense of what he's saying and doing. of course there is a line. we don't know what the line is. we'll know probably when it's crossed. i think this doesn't cross it at all. because republicans to the extent they know martin o'mally
3:39 pm
at all probably thought that was funny. >> jeffrey, there was a disturbing story out of massachusetts which you're familiar with, two brothers allegedly ambushed a hispanic homeless individual sleeping in a subway stop, saying they were inspired to go after this guy by what they heard from donald trump's recent comments. that's what these guys allegedly told police officers. it's obviously a very disturbing development when you think about it. >> yeah, i'm inclined to defend donald trump on that. donald trump isn't causing -- calling for people to be attacked in the subway or anywhere else. and i think you can't really draw a line between a pathological act by some criminals and donald trump's views. i think, niotwithstanding what they said, that's not trump. an important note, the republican presidential candidates are already gearing up for their second debate. it will air here on cnn on september 16th live from the
3:40 pm
reagan library in california. cnn will also host the first democratic presidential debate october 13th in nevada. just ahead, kim jong-un puts his million-man army on war footing as tensions between north and south korea soar, one official warning military action may be imminent. we're also tracking the first major hurricane of the atlantic season. where will it strike in the coming days? we'll have the latest forecast for hurricane danny. when you travel, we help you make all kinds of connections. connections you almost miss. and ones you never thought you'd make. we help connect where you are. to places you never thought you'd go. this, is why we travel. and why we continue to create new technology to connect you to the people and places that matter.
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3:44 pm
a very disturbing threat at the united nations.
3:45 pm
north korea's deputy ambassador vowing his country will launch military action against south korea unless it stops broadcasting propaganda messages. the north korean dictator kim jong-un has placed his massive army in a wartime state as tensions escalate by the hour. cnn's brian todd is in "the situation room" working the story for us. what's the latest? >> tonight the korean peninsula could be on the brink of significant cross-border attacks because neither side appears ready to back down. kim jong-un's regime has issued an ultimatum that south korea has to stop these loud speaker broadcasts by saturday afternoon korea time, less than 12 hours from now. take a look at what we're talking about tactically on the map. a u.s. official tells us there are indications that on the north side of the dmz, the north koreans are preparing for short or medium-range scud launches from a single location. just a short time ago, north korea's deputy ambassador to the
3:46 pm
u.n. talked about the weaponry his country might use if south korea does not stop those broadcasts. take a listen. >> the enemy's provocation and the anti-dpkr propaganda and means for psychological war are now within sight of the people's korean armies, rocket launchers, and tactical and strategic rocket forces. if south korean -- south korea does not respond to our ultimat ultimatum, military confrontation will be inevitable and that confrontation will be very strong. >> u.s. and south korean officials tell us tonight they are watching this very closely. the south koreans for their part, they say they are not going to stop those loud speaker broadcasts. analysts say the broadcasts are provocative to the north koreans because south korea is now using
3:47 pm
defectors to relay these messages to north korean troops telling them that kim jong-un is doing a bad job, that there's a better life in south korea. the south korean government says it started those broadcasts because of a provocation that they cite from north korea. the placing of land mines on the south korean side of the dmz. a mine exploded on august 4th, nearly killing two south korean soldiers. the north koreans deny placing those my opinions. but that is seen as what started this escalation. analysts say the fact that kim jong-un may have decided to order those mines to be placed on the eve of major u.s./south korean exercises in this area is a dangerous move that his father likely would not have made. >> very interesting. we also have word of an extraordinary move by u.s. military forces this week. tell our viewers what happened. >> that's right. u.s. officials say they temporarily halted those massive joint military exercises with the south koreans earlier this week. this is a picture of south
3:48 pm
korean troops engaging in those exercises. u.s. officials say they did that just to get their intelligence together that they resumed the exercises a short time later. but military observers are telling us it is really almost unheard of for the u.s. military to stop an exercise of this magnitude right in the middle of it in a situation like this. it's very likely, wolf, they were trying to deal with this crisis and figure out how to reposition troops. >> almost 30,000 u.s. troops along the dmz. between 1 million north korean troops and 1 million south korean troops, very dangerous situation. let's dig deeper with experts on north korea. the former state department senior adviser christian whiten and the columnist gordon chang, thanks for joining us. increase, as i said, nearly 30,000 u.s. troops stationed in south korea right now, they're engaged in military exercises. what does the u.s. do in a situation like this, as tense as it is? because obviously those american troops, if the fighting starts,
3:49 pm
missiles start coming in, mortars, artillery, rockets, they're in danger. >> it is, they would be in danger. and that's a big problem. as sort of unsophisticated as north korea's mill tea is, they have a great number of artillery systems that could decimate seoul and wreak havoc, tens of thousands of casualties potentially in the opening phases of a war, should one ever occur. the thing you should do if you're the united states is really not change anything. and most importantly, to back up south korea, south korea's moves, show that we are in solidarity with our allies. if the suspension of the exercises was indeed necessary to prepare for a possible attack or escalation, then fine. but if in fact it was intended as some conciliatory gesture, that would be unfortunate because we should be sending the very opposite signal. >> what was your reaction, gordon, when you heard them temporarily suspended
3:50 pm
the exercises. >> this is the first time i heard the united states suspended for a little time an exercise under the thread of kim jong-un or his father. so i think that that is important. you have to remember that it's also important to lower the temperature. and i think that we can do that in ways that don't give incentives to kim jong-un to create the next provocation. the prove here is that this is not about us. it's not about the exercises. it's about the problems in the regime with all the executions of senior military officers. that's the real issue. i think that's the driving force here. >> it raises lots of questions about this new young leader. i was in north korea not that long after north korean forces basically launched an attack on a south korean ship, a military vessel. it was tense then. the sense was that kim jung-ill
3:51 pm
would calm things down. >> you know, of course, you mentioned the sinking of the south korean naval corps vet. norm cokorea didn't pay a price for that. there was an exchange of artillery. there is a 90% that this is the end of this episode, that there will be deescalation. the propaganda is useless on both sides. if it's being carried by loudspeaker toward troops, it's important to have defek tore de speaking. that's the most effective way of information warfare. but you reach very few people that way. 90% chance there's deescalation. with north korea, there is always that 10% chance. >> don't forget that north korea has a nuclear capability right now. >> yes. and the thing that i think is of real concern is not so much the
3:52 pm
weapon they have but when you look at, for instance, china, in crises past, what we would do is we would pick up the phone to beijing and ask them to reign in their north korean allies. china's relations with north korea are very bad. civilian diplomats, those relationships have been severed. kim jong-un has done a lot to receiver the military to mim tear military actions. we don't have anybody that we can go to to try to help us in this regard. >> guy, thanks very much. let's hope it deescalates and quickly. we're following the first major storm of the atlantic hurricane season. hurricane danny now a category 3. the latest bulletin from the national hurricane center says danny is 900 miles east of the caribbean islands. it could make landfall monday.
3:53 pm
it come days before the tenth anniversary of hurricane katr a katrina. recovery efforts there are ongoing. to find out how you can help, visit take a look at this. right now live pictures, donald trump's plane flying into mobile, alabama, getting ready for this huge rally at the football stadium at the university of south alabama. more after this. [ male announcer ] whether it takes 200,000 parts,
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the one on your right is made out of high strength steel and the other is made of aluminum. now i'm gonna release a 700 pound grizzly bear. so pick a cage and get in it. well i'm glad i picked this cage. why did you pick the steel cage? that's a big animal right there. you want to see something else made with high strength steel? that's the chevy silverado. made with high strength steel for high strength dependability. that's beautiful. look at the size of his head. take a look at these live pictures. the crowd is beginning to get ready. they are beginning to fill up the stadium. this is mobile, alabama, the university of south alabama. that's the football stadium there. originally donald trump was supposed to be delivering his rally in a smaller auditorium, a couple thousand. and then it was moved to a bigger convention center, an indoor arena. that wasn't big enough either giving the rsvps they were
3:57 pm
getting. they had to go to the football stadium in mobile, alabama. that holds about 40,000 or 45,000 people. donald trump's people say maybe as many as 40,000 people will show up. his plane -- the donald trump plane, you see it flying over the stadium, making a grand appearance in mobile, alabama. the mayor is going to be there to receive donald trump. as the plane was flying over, you could hear the crowds cheer as it was going over. this is a pretty amazing political scene. this will be the largest political rally so far, the largest political rally so far of this campaign. bernie sanders has gotten huge crowds as well. this will be even bigger, we're told. by the way, the faa gave donald trump, his aircraft special permission for the fly over. we will have special live coverage. we want to mark a milestone
3:58 pm
here in "the situation room." we're celebrating ten years on the air. a full decade of bringing you breaking news and other huge stories as they unfold here in the united states and around the world. here is how it all started. i'm wolf blitzer and you are in "the situation room" where news and information from around the world arrive at one place simultaneously. back in august of 2005, we changed the look of tv news with a wall of video constantly changing as we brought in new images, new information. we updated that look over the years. our commitment to solid journalism has remained constant. some influential people have noticed, praising us and spoofing us. >> wolf blitzer is here. he is the only man -- the only other man in america with his own situation room. >> you are the only one who has "the situation room," except
3:59 pm
president obama. >> thank you very much. >> good evening, i'm wolf blitzer. >> i'm wolf blitzer. >> i'm wolf blitzer and this is "the situation room." >> where you at? >> i'm in "the situation room." >> i must tell you, it has been a joy and honor to tell you what's happening now for the past ten years with the help of the best news team in the business. our staff works hard behind the scenes every single day. they make me look good. but more importantly, they are dedicated to keeping all of you informed here in the united states and as i like to say, around the world. so thanks very much to all of our viewers for supporting us for so many years. where we hope you stay with us as we now begin our second decade. remember, you can always follow us on twitter. tweet me @wolfblitzer. tweet the show.
4:00 pm
join us monday right here in "the situation room." have a great weekend. thanks very much for watching. i'm wolf blitzer in "the situation room." erin burnett "outfront" starts right now. trump storms alabama. donald trump arriving for a rally in high style. a dramatic flyby of his private jet buzzing a football stadium he had been hoping to fill for a big rally. plus, the dow plunges more than 500 points in a massive sell-off. a source tells cnn that two u.s. marines overpowered a gunman on a passenger train. did those marines prevent a massacre? let's go "outfront." good evening. i'm jim sciutto


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