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tv   Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  August 24, 2015 2:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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happening now, breaking news. stunning slide, the dow drops 1,000 points at the start of the day, climbs back but plunges again. is china sending world markets into a tailspin? what does it mean for your money? terror on a train. three americans are honored for stopping a gunman and prevents a massacre. there are now new worries of sympathizers out there are getting ready, and they're eyeing some very soft targets. brink of war, the first time tension leads the u.s. to break out the war plan. north korea launched a worrisome military buildup. why was the communist regime rocking out to a european heavy-metal band? and is joe biden jumping in? from a private lunch date to hints from a lectern, there are new indications that the vice president is leaden toward a run for the top job. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room."
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this is cnn breaking news. let's getting right to the breaking news. wall street took investors on a sickening roller coaster ride today. the dow battled most of the way back but then dropped again, closing down more than 3.5%. in the last five trading days alone, the dow has plunged more than 1600 points. the s&p 500 and nasdaq today closed down nearly 4% and markets around the world suffered massive sell-offs. the stampede started in china where an economic slowdown has global consequences. also three americans who tackled and subdued a gunman at a high-speed train received france's highest honors. officials and fellow passengers say the three friends, along with a britishman prevented a
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massacre b. stone the heavily armed suspect. he was reportedly known to counter-terrorism is agencies in europe worried officials say it does show the vulnerability of soft targets. our correspondents analysts and guests are standing by with full coverage. let's begin with the breaking news. let's go to richard quest. what's going on? >> you'll see just how unpleasant the whole day was. we had a very sharp fall at the open when the dow jones was off the best part of 1,000 points. a lunchtime rally, where the one moment it looked like it might actually go posit, but towards the end, towards the close, the selling just came in again, and the dow was off 588 points at 15,871.
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wolf if you look, all the other markets, the nasdaq off 3.8% what was really serious is the way this went around the world, wolf. it starts in china. it starts with the shanghai. it starts with problems in the chinese economy, shanghai down 8.4%. it sweeps through europe. frankfurt off nearly five parris off more than 5, london 4.5, and then it comes back into the u.s. markets. the fear and conteenaging is as the world turns, it goes back to china in a few hours' time and the whole cycle begins again. >> what worries me as i'm sure you and some of the other investors out there, in the last five trading days 1600 points down. that's about 10%. >> i'm going to show you what it looks like on the graph. there you have one week, down to
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15,871. it's a lot of 9.5% over the course of the week heading towards the technical correction. look at the year wolf a 12-month graph. you see, that's a point around ebola last year when there was a lot of uncertainty. that's where we were a year ago, and now come over here and you see that dramatic sharp fall is what we are looking at at the moment. the analysts say unless there's a reason now for this market to turn around that the pressure is down and we saw that today. that's what you saw, that lunchtime minor rally, when it looked like thing could get going, but the pressure is down and that's the concern at the moment. >> what are the experts saying about tomorrow? >> if i still have my shirt on
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the back and manage to keep it there by not predicting and the experts say it's going to take china to come out with some form of policy statement. there has to be a reason -- you've got one other thing to remember the emerging markets, indonesia, brazil russia the whole of latin america, they've got problems with oil, which is now into $40 a barrel. in the absence of a reason to buy the deck if you like the cards are stacked against. it doesn't mean there's going to be a calamity or a full-scale bear market. the u.s. is still growing at 2% to 3% it's got low unemployment and low inflation, but it does mean the headwinds have suddenly gotten much stronger. >> richard, thanks very much. we'll stay on top of this story. other news we're following, three americas received france's highest honor today after they and a british man tackled and subdued a gunman aboard a
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high-speed training to paris. the three childhood friends, two of them service members, were on a sightseeing trip when gunfine snow started. >> i turned around and saw he had what looked like an ak-47. it looked like it was jammed or wasn't working. he was trying to charge the weapon alec hit me on the shoulder and said let's go ran down tackled him. alec came up grabbed the gun out of his hand while i put him in a chokehold. he seemed to be pulling more weapons left and right a handgun, a box cutter started jabbing at me with that. we let go all three of us started punching him while he was in the middle of us and i was able to grab him again and choke him unconscious while alex was hitting hit in the head with
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the pistol the rifle. authorities say as well that the passengers prevented a massacre. there's now new information about the suspect and his alleged ties to terrorism. brian to do is here looking into this part of the story. >> we have learned this suspect was on the radar of european counterterrorism officials. by it's not clear if any wand monitoring him. his lawyer says he had found the weapons in a suitindication abandoned abandoned. >> he hadded idea of getting on the train that he heard healthy people take amsterdam to parris. he thought of doing this to feed himself and do a robbery. >> reporter: french officials dismiss his tornado.
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he was armed with a rifle, a shot dun and pistol. french intelligence officials say they put an s-notice to his name signifying an individual who merited surveillance. he got that notice because of the apparent connection to radical mosques in spain where he once lived. a senior european counter-terrorism analyst tells cnn of a trip he took -- >> there is strong indications that he traveled to turkey from europe between may and july of this year and they believe he did that in order to try to link up with the isis terrorism group in syria probably. >> reporter: it's not clear if al kazzani got into but they're looking into when he was linked to a group of french fighters in turkey.
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that man was arrested in april, allegedly plotting to attack a church near paris. after moving to spain from morocco, he had worked as a house painter, convicted twice for drug smuggling. he had moved to france to work for a telecommunications company, laid off, and was recently living in the streets of brussels. >> a terrorist in europe in particular are people who come from broken homes and/or criminal backgrounds. they don't have a way in life and they're finding meaning and purpose belonging, that kind of family bond that purpose in life in the islamic state. >> reporter: analysts say more and more isis is directing those militants to go back home and attack. tonight a u.s. counter terrorism official told me this is an example of how groups like isis like to use lone wolves to strike soft targets, and they continue to pose a danger right here in the u.s. and among american allies wolf.
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if he did make that trip to turkey recently did turkish officials ever flag him? >> apparently not. turkey has not yet confirmed that trip. a turkish officials tells cnn he was not flagged by their counterparts in europe as a possible threat and it's not clear how long he might have been survail in europe. >> it was because of the heroism that that attack was foiled. it underscores just how vulnerable civilian targets can be and that is sparking great concern pamela, what are you learning? >> reporter: a thwarted attack on a grounded plane.
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it's raising concern among officials about how to better protect so-called soft targets. >> if you tried to make trainings look more like tsa, they suddenly become much more difficult to travel on and it's extraordinarily economically expensive to have those layers of security around train stations. >> reporter: the gunman was on the radar for french and spanish authorities because of his suspected tie toss terrorist networks but he still managed to board a train that crossed from amsterdam to paris with an arsenal of weapons. law enforcement officials say he could have just as easily boarded a plane to the u.s. highlighting the challenge of tracking of thousands of potential terrorists in europe. in january, terrorists armed with assault rifles walked into the charlie hebdo newspapers in paris and fired. just months before that another
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terrorist killed four at a museum in belgium. tonight law enforcement sources say they worry trains will increasingly become an attractive terrorist targets. in europe 40 million people travel daily on the rail networks there. in the u.s. 30 million people ride trains and subways every day. >> i don't think there's anything at all that will stop somebody from getting on a train right now in place with a weapon. overall, if you have a carry-on and you're getting on an am track going from new york to d.c., there's no security there. >> officials i have spoken to today says the paris terror suspect was not on any u.s. watch list even though he was known to european counter-terrorism authorities. the officials i have spoken with say that shows there's still a gap in information sharing. the concern is he could have boarded a plane to the u.s. and caused harm here. joining us now our analyst, former cia official phil mudd
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or law enforcement analyst tom fuentes, and cnn terrorism analyst paul cruicrshanks. >> i just spoke to investigators about this. they believe he boarded a flight from berlin to istanbul in may of this years. they believe he boarded that night in order to get to turkey. in order to probably join isis in syria. one of the key lines of inquiry is whether he developed connections in turkey with a french isis cell who this year were behind a plot to attack paris churches and other targets by an algerian student. that student had been communicating with the cell and discussing the idea of attacking passenger trains in europe. so they're obviously looking at all of that closely. emerging concern that turkey is emerging as a staging spot for isis plots against europe.
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>> phil, take us behind the scenes. what are authorities doing to determine whether al kazzani was working with others? >> we've only focused on the first piece, which is taking down the guy on the train, talking about the awards given to the three individuals. there is that secondary piece you are suggesting that's of interest to me. that is are there indicators here that intelligence folks can use that in the future? those are, did they get his cell phone? a laptop? do they know where he lived? that means you can start talking to the people. did they travel? is there indication? travel databases that he was actually on an airport. given the digit at world we live in allow you to answer a very simple question. were there other people involved in the conspiracy or not? so far the conversation has been too focused on the train. >> the other issue, tom, is the weapons he had, the ammunition
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he had, the box cutters, he was heavily armed, this guy in europe. it's not that easy to get those kinds of weapons. >> we keep saying that but it's not that easy. so apparently it's easy. now, whether they're using organized crime links or terror lirks from others to obtain those weapons illegally, but there certainly seems to be an abundance of weapons for people who want them in europe. stand by. we have much more to assess. more information is coming in right now. we'll take a quick break.
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. investigators are urgently looking into the suspect's ties to terrorists. we're back where our experts. tom fuentes, el khazzani the suspect, apparently hi rifle jammed and he didn't know what to do. what does that say to you? >> it says he probably doesn't have a lot of experience with that. interestingly, the ak-47 doesn't jam very much. that's why it's so popular. even if he changed a little bit with a gun, he mass not have had
2:21 pm
that experience. >> but his lawyer says he was just going to rob some people. he was not a terrorist. you say? >> usually when you commit a robbery, you take the money and run. where is he going to run on a train going 200 miles an hour? >> most people don't buy that excuse. paul how many radicalized individuals are there roaming around europe right now just like this guy, waiting to strike? >> the numbers are staggering up to 6,000, many joining isis and other groups hundreds and hundreds have cup back and are now in europe thousands of others haven't traveled but are radicalized form the security services are stretched thing, they can't monitor but a small fraction of them. so what we are seeing is these youngsters launching attack with
2:22 pm
very little warnings. in the old days the security agencies had a lot longer to act, because people would try to buy bomb-making ingredients, now heart just going and getting a kalashnikov on the market a. the scale of the threat there is unprecedented. president hollande saying they're almost learning of a new terrorist every week. he was on a watch list but they hadn't flagged him to turkish intelligence. why aren't these agencies -- they're all europeans, all allies better able to communicate? >> quust questions is you have to triage these guys. i heard the world surveillance. he was flagged for survaluance. that means a lot of things that
2:23 pm
can be going by an apartment once a week and saying he still has the residence. >> the second issue, finally an issue we have here in the united states and in europe. if you're going to say someone is radical in your community and going to a foreign government to report on we have your own sith zen and you're going to say my sid zen is radicalize radicalization is not illegal, you're telling a foreign service they might look at for something who is a citizen of your country who has not performed an illegal act yet. there's a lot of debate whether that is appropriate. >> what do you think? >> phil is exactly right. the europeans are very conscious of exchanging information and going too far with that kind of intelligence sharing. that's why you're sigh difficulty sharing with the turkish government back and forth. their concern over data privacy,
2:24 pm
the privacies rights of individuals, this goes back to world war ii. in the aftermath, police intelligence was knutered because of guessestapo and not wanting another one. >> i understand the legal problems. there was all those problems of stove-piping the fbi not talking enough to the cia, and the nsa now there's supposed to be much better sharing. all right, guys thank very much. coming up we're learning new information about a possible presidential bid by the vice president joe biden, as the white house has interesting comments about the vice president. plus north and south korea pulling back from the brink.
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we're following the growing buzz about a possible white business by joe biden. a source who's been in touch with biden's aides, says he's much more likely than not likely to interthe race possibly
2:29 pm
announcing candidacy in early october. president obama hasn't endorsed anyone yet, but the white house has very warm words for the vice president. >> the president has indicated the view that the decision he made to add joe biden to the ticket as his running mate was smartest decision he had ever made in politics. that should give you some sense of the president's view of vice president's aptitude for the top job. let's talk about this and more with cnn political report sara murray our commentator s.e. cupp and former adviser, now cnn political commentator, dan pfeiffer. what do you think? it's looking increasingly likely that joe biden might challenge hillary clinton. >> it's interesting to see that the white house had such warm words for him i still think that
2:30 pm
it is a very personal decision he's still getting over the death of his son, and i think it's a tough thing, if you don't have the president on your team. that's not going so far so say the president is behind you if you decide to run, joe. >> you worked for the president for a long time josh earnest, the white house press secretary, he knew he would be asked about the luncheon today with joe biden, about the vice president's secret meeting with elizabeth warren. and the first words out of his mouth -- we just heard the greatest political decision the president made was selecting joe biden to be a running mate. that's not a casual utterance by a press secretary? >> no it isn't, but they have said it many times. the president is incredibly close personally to joe biden. everyone who has worked for the president is tremendous for the great loyalty that the vice
2:31 pm
president has shown us. all of us our hards go out to him. if he does there will be a lot of people on team obama who are willing to get back in the trenches? >> will you see? >> i will not. i will stay retired. >> do you know he will run? >> i don't know. he's going through a rigorous and smart process to make the decision. the "wall street journal" report is there's a big caveat. he's leaning if he thinking he did mount and serious and credible campaign. i don't think he'll know that until he does more of the meetings but if had el does i think a lot of people would be behind him. >> what do you think, could he beat hillary clinton and the others? >> i think if she continues to slide, and this is his calculation as well i think he could absolutely come in and speak to a contingent of the democratic party that has felt
2:32 pm
left behind in the rise of the progressive, the older white male blue collar voter who actually if it's just down to hillary clinton and bernie sanders might consider a republican. joe biden speaks their language. if he came in and spoke to that wing of the party and not so much of elizabeth warening wing i he he could bring back to the fold a lot of the voters the party is in jeopardy of losing. >> hi came back to the vice president's residence to meet with senator warren and jeff zeleny, or political correspondent, he broke that story. that was a significant moment. it sent a powerful signal. >> he's definitely doing enough to keep this idea buzzing. it's clear you if you're not interested you don't go around doing things like this. just because you're getting warren's endorsement, that's not enough to say i'm going to run
2:33 pm
for president. >> this process is so grueling you need to do so much you need to build a ground game and so far joe biden hasn't done any of that. >> dan, when the president says when josh earnest says the best political decision the president ever made was to select joe biden as his running mate. does that automatically mean he will endorse joe biden if he runs for president? because he doesn't say the best political decision he ever made was to select hillary clinton as his secretary to state. >> no but i would bet he would say it's one of his best. i would be surprised if he got in the middle of that race. >> why would you be surprised? >> because there's two people he believes would both be incredibly qualified, and they're both friends. it's hard for me to imagine -- >> but he's much closer to joe biden personally. >> he is but he's also the leader of the party. this would be an important
2:34 pm
primary process, and it would have to be up to the caucus-goers. i would be surprised, but i don't know that for sure. >> i wrote a headline and forgive me for the attribution, but the is mine but their hearts will always be with joe, so they've put the resources and infrastructure behind hillary at this point, but there's such a close connection it would put hem in a tough spot. not to mention the optics of having a 74-year-old at the time man swoop in to either rescue hillary clinton or usurp her, when the democrats are trying to insist the republicans have this war on women. i don't think that would look very good. i think the white house knows that. >> a lot of democrats have said you know what? they think hillary clinton will be okay they don't think the e-mail controversy will derail her campaign though a headache for some time to come but they are seriously looking at a
2:35 pm
backup in case it's more serious, the fbi investigation turns up something they don't anticipate. they need a backup if you will. >> this is the kind of thing that i feel like is thrown around in every election year you know is this superman who will come in at the last minute i think hillary clinton is in a different situation than others we have seen the scenario floated about, because it does have this ongoing investigation. you go out, talk to voters they have a lot of questions, they don't understand what's going on and they don't feel like she's answered the question sufficiently. >> you think elizabeth warren is more inclined to endorse biden or hillary clinton? >> i have no idea what elizabeth warren is thinking. i would be surprised if she endorses anyone. she has a ink with of party, and i would be decide if she decided to jump in on either sigh this early, but the vice president apparently was meeting with her to make the case this weekend.
2:36 pm
>> she's been thursdayously quiet. >> i think she's eyeing a twenty20 bit or 2024 bid herself, so i think she's probably going to say fairly objective. guys good enough good politics to discuss. coming up back from the brink of war. a deal reached to defuse the dangerously high tension between north and south korea. we're going live to sowell. plus donald trump pulls barbara bush into the campaign in a individual new video attack on his rival jeb bush. unbelievable! toenail fungus? seriously? smash it with jublia! jublia is a prescription medicine proven to treat toenail fungus. use jublia as instructed by your doctor. look at the footwork! most common side effects include ingrown toenail, application site redness, itching, swelling burning or stinging, blisters, and pain. smash it! make the call and ask your doctor if jublia is right for you. new larger size now available.
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sources tell cnn the tension had been so high the top u.s. military have been reviewing the war plan for defending south korea under kim jong-un's regime. what's the latest on this deal to escalate the serious tensions? >> reporter: well it's not quite a done deal yet. almost but not quite. where are we so far? north korea has, quote expressed regret. those are the key words, expressing regret for the injuries the south korean soldiers sustained when land mines were planneded so now
2:42 pm
south korea will stop broadcasting propaganda from giant speakers into the north. this is propaganda like news pop music, all of this frankly making kim jong-un nuts because that is something he views as a destabilizing factor. once those broadcasts stop north korea will draw down troops stepping back from the brink of war. hopefully this will be that there will be inter-korean dialogue and north korea can at least start talking about the nuclear missiles and weapons. >> since the announcement was released are people calming down over there in south korea, kyung? >> reporter: they're still waking up but we're always hearing from analysts greeting this at least as progress. it's a step forward, better than the angry words that were being
2:43 pm
flung towards each other. at least they are talking about talking, wolf. let's dig deeper the former estate diplomat senior adviser, cristian witten. what do you make of this tentative deal? >> it's a good sign. i think we all want deescalation. it's a way from both sides to step away without lose ago lot of faith. that started this crisis moth people believe there's always concerns whether you have some back-panel pay, or some inducement but there's no evidence of that yet. one last factor, there was a large dispatch of submarines reportedly during this crisis. i wouldn't say it's over until they're back at their bases.
2:44 pm
>> it does show tentatively, a much more mature kim jong-un, relatively young guy, right? the question of course is with his recent history, which included some execution of very high-level people people thought essentially untouchable, maybe they could face a palace coup but there would be no warning of that. he's willing to consistently to probe the south and the united states and see how far he can go. >> who blinked first? >> you know i think it would be unfair to south korea, unless there is some back-channel as i say, the leader of south korea, she's been president for about 2 1/2 years, i think did very well. she showed confidence. she had her military respond when north korea lobbed some shells over the dmz.
2:45 pm
there was no distance between the united states and south korea. so you know i think it's basically a truce, a stalemate, as long as south korea and the u.s. continue their commitment and their solidarity i think it's good for us. >> in the past where there have been these tensions along the dmz, separating north and south korea, in the past very often an outside party like china, for example, that has some influence, would step in and help ease the crisis. any indication that may have happened this time? >> there's in this this time and that is remarkable how quickly, and that separates this crisis from past like the one in pyongyang when north korea sank a south korean ship in 2010. this time they jumped into talks very quickly, the u.s. and china not involved. there have been rumors in washington that the obama administration may try in the last year or two have some sort of grand negotiation with north
2:46 pm
korea like the two predecessors but so far it's just bilateral. >> interesting development. let's hope this deal works out and calm over there. let's not forget there's still a million north korean troops a million south korean and 30,000 american troops right along the dmz. maybe the most dangerous spot on earth right now. thank you, helping us better appreciate what's going on. coming up a standing ovation for a western band playing the sound of music in north korea. we're going to show you the story behind this bizarre concert. jeb bush jabbed by his mother's own words, in a brand-new attack video from donald trump. ♪ ♪ no student's ever been the king of the campus on day one. but you're armed with a roomy new jansport backpack, a powerful new dell 2-in-1 laptop and durable new stellar notebooks, so you're walking the halls with varsity level swagger.
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the spike in tension from seek didn't stop north carolina from staging a rather bizarre concert with an unusual rock band. will ripley is joining us live. tell our viewers about this strange show. >> people may remember when they started in the early '80s known for nazi themes in their importants one of the few western groups allow to the play a concert inside north korea. this is something north koreans have never seen before. a slovenian rock group in pyongyang. >> this was something strange for them. >> reporter: even stranger because of who this band is.
2:51 pm
lybok has been criticized for fascist imagery and totalitarian style. the ageing rockers made headlines for being among the first western performers invited to north korea. joining the likes of bill clinton's half-brother roger clinton who played here more than 15 years ago. today, young leader kim jong-un seems more open to western culture than his father and grandfather. a documentary crew followed lybok on their liberation day tour. they laid flowers at a statue of the late leaders and even visited the dmz. it was not the show they planned. north korean censors made lybok change many onstage videos and cut their 18-song set list to nine. >> you can't really censor lybok. as much as you cut away it's still lybok. >> reporter: the 45-minute performance was an odd mix of mostly covers including a medley from "the sound of music."
2:52 pm
♪ climb every mountain ♪ >> reporter: it's one of the few western movies north koreans are allowed to see. the audience seemed puzzled. more familiar north korean pop gets a much different reaction. ♪ >> reporter: when we met with the band off their plane from pyongyang they called their concert the most significant in lobok's 35-year history. >> we connected well with the people in north korea. >> reporter: an artistic experiment that even got a standing ovation. so the audience you may be wondering how they were reacting. one of the men who was interviewed after the show said we didn't know there was that kind of music out in the world, but now we know." wolf as you know the north koreans have occasional access to outside music. my producer tim and i were talking about north korean minders singing "my way" during one of our visits. you heard them listening to music as well. >> i heard them listening to
2:53 pm
kenny rogers when i was there almost five years ago. good report thanks very much. coming up three americans are honored for stopping a gunman and pleebting a malice customer on a high-speed train. there are now worries other isis sympathizers are scouting very soft targets. and breathtaking drops on wall street. china's troubles send world markets into a tailspin. donald trump is warning things could get messy.
2:54 pm
can a business have a mind? a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive?
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2:56 pm
happening now. breaking news. massive losses after a day of panic and wild swings on wall street. stock prices end with another
2:57 pm
nosedave. the dow jones industrials closing down nearly 600 points. how long will the markets keep hemorrhaging? terrorist ties. investigators are zeroing in on a recent trip taken by the suspect in the attack on a high-speed train. willis travel reveal connections to isis? war plan. there's new evidence that the united states takes north korea's newest military threats very seriously, reviewing its strategy to respond to hostile action against the south. are tensions any lorton night? border attack. jeb bush takes his immigration fight with donald trump within miles of mexico. speaking the language of the locals to blast the gop front-runner's proposals. did bush help his campaign or trump's? we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." this is cnn breaking news.
2:58 pm
>> and the breaking news a new and stunning blow to the u.s. stock market and millions of americans' retirement accounts. the dow jones industrial average has plunged another 588 points. it's been a roller coaster day that began a 1,000-point sell-off. the market bounced back some but not enough to calm growing fears about the future. the dow has lost more than 1,600 points over the past four trading sessions alone. behind the smiles of the closing bell many investors are worried about china's economic slowdown and it's fuelling the markets' losses. now republican presidential front-runner donald trump is saying, i told you so. >> i've been telling everybody for a long time. china's taking our jobs they're taking our money. be careful. they'll bring us down. you have to know what you're doing. we have nobody that has a clue. >> we have our correspondents analysts and newsmakers standing by to cover all the news that's breaking right now.
2:59 pm
first, let's go to our business correspondent richard quest. richard, help us appreciate what's going on on wall street. >> what you're seeing is when fear confusion, and worry all come together and investors -- somebody basically shouts "fire" and people head for the door. the core concern is china. and whether we can believe the economic numbers coming from that country. and crucially, wolf how slow the slow-down is going to be. chinese government says it will grow 7%. nobody believes that. some people now think it could be as low as 5%, 4% even 3%. in that scenario wolf the selling started in shanghai. it went through europe through frankfurt, paris, london. it finally ended up on the shores of the united states. for a good reason. up to 40% of profits made by many major corporations in
3:00 pm
america, top global multi-nationals, comes from china. and that's the reason. now, i can throw into that pot of misery other factors, like the fall in oil price. under $40 a barrel. emerging markets. indonesia, brazil russia india. all worried about growth. but the net net of all of this is that the concern has finally led to a market crack. >> and as i pointed out, 16 hundred points in the last few days alone. that's almost 10% of the dow jones industrials average, if you will. >> yes, and that 10%, it become aztecs a s a technical correction from the may high. is it bear territory? not until 20%. even then even if we hit a technical bear at 20%, you're really asking is the market -- is the global economy fundamentally sound? at the moment the conclusion s.e.a.l. seems to be-- seems to be
3:01 pm
center are strond headwinds that the u.s. is doing extremely well by comparison the u.s. is having to go into those headwinds and bash against them. it's not going to be easy and that's why the consensus at the moment is that the fed probably will not raise rates in september. some are suggesting it's now put off well into next year. >> richard quest, thanks very very much. tonight other news we're following, including what law enforcement sources are telling cnn, that the attackers on board that high speed train in france was not on any u.s. watch list even though he was on the radar of european authorities. we're learning more about the suspect and his alleged ties to terrorists as the three americans who subdued him received today new honors. let's go to cnn's marcus savage join us is from paris with the latest. tell our viewers what happened. >> reporter: good evening. it was a remarkable day here in paris. and for three americans, it was
3:02 pm
a day that three days ago they couldn't possibly have even imagined. dramatic cell phone video captures the heavily armed gunman bloodied and restrained on the floor of the train. >> the guy had a lot of manyfof ammo. his intentions were pretty clear. >> reporter: the three americans -- u.s. national guardsman alec car latos, air force airman spencer stone, student anthony sadler credits with thwarting a deadly attack. along with british passenger chris norman. the group tackled and hogtied the gunman with neck ties while other passengers took cover. >> i was able to grab him, choke him unconscious. >> i ducked under and had the tray table over my head as well. i thought, am i next? >> reporter: stone almost lost his thumb in the attack. his brother said it could have been much worse. >> dude i tried to shoot him. >> he should not be alive at all and he saved every single person's life on that train,
3:03 pm
including the man who was shot in the neck. >> reporter: according to french radio station europe 1, that man is french american mark mugolian author and musician seen here on social media, who was teaching english in paris. in an interview his wife told the station he helped wrestle the weapon from the attacker before collapsing telling her, "i'm hit, i'm hit." today the three americans and the brit were awarded france's highest honor by president francois hollande for their actions. >> reporter: >> translator: you risked your lives to defend an idea of liberty, of freedom. >> reporter: mugolian will also receive a legion of honor. the alleged attacker al khazzani well known to hardline european islamist groups. investigators say he was heavily armed with an assault rifle, nine magazines, a pistol a box cutter all which of his attorney says he found in a park.
3:04 pm
his attorney says el khazzani only wanted to extort money from the passengers nothing else saying the suggestion of terrorism "makes him almost laugh." for the passengers on board that train friday the risk was all too real. >> at that time it was either do something or die. >> reporter: for two of those americans who serve in the u.s. military they're next going to germ 90. the reason being that stone, injured by the box cutter needs further medical attention. he'll get it at a u.s. medical base there. >> three real american heroes preventing what could have been a massacre aboard that train. thanks very much martin for that report. let's bring in our cnn terrorism analyst paul cruikshank who's been doing reporting on what's going on. what are you learning about this attack suspect? >> reporter: authorities are probing his ties to radical extremists in europe. but also extremist groups overseas. they believe that he traveled in may of this year from berlin to
3:05 pm
istanbul in order to try and join the terrorist group isis in syria. it's not clear whether he actually reached syria. one of the main lines of inquiry is whether he met with a french isis cell inside turkey that has previously directed operatives to come back to europe to launch attacks, for example against paris churches in april of this year. now, the plotter in that case was communicating back with that french isis cell and discussing attacking passenger trains. >> it's been a crazy situation. because there are a lot of individuals roaming around europe right now that are suspect, that are under some sort of surveillance, right? >> the numbers are just huge. thousands and thousands needed to be under observation, according to the security agencies. they only have the resources to monitor a few 24/7. because just to monitor one or two or three suspects you need hundreds of police officers
3:06 pm
huge expense. they're very worried about the numbers, more than 6,000 are believed to have traveled from europe to syrian iraq hundreds and hundreds have come back. officials are saying that the threat is unprecedented and they're stretching increasingly thin. >> and how much cooperation between european intelligence services law enforcement agencies are there? in other words are the french telling the british telling the dutch telling the turks what's going on? who these individuals are? >> there is cooperation at the european level. they do share intelligence. but what they don't tend to share is raw intelligence. where the intelligence is coming from. sources and methods. obviously that can be absolutely vital. so they obviously need to improve their record in that regard. when it comes to sharing intelligence with the turks and getting information from the turks, it's not a very encouraging situation at the moment i'm told. >> unfortunately. all right, thanks very much paul cruikshank doing some good
3:07 pm
reporting for us. joining us a leading member of the house homeland security and intelligence committees republican congressman peter king of new york. congressman, thanks for joining us. do you have any indication any information you're getting whether others were actually involved with this suspect on this high-speed train? >> wolf all i can say is that is certainly being tracked down. the important thing is can they get his cell phone, can they get his computer can they find out where he lived? right now i'm not aware of any particular findings they made. but i know that's what they are looking for. the concern could be that this is part of a larger network, that more attacks are planned. i'm not aware of any. i'm not trying to get that out there. what i'm saying is that's what the authorities are very concerned about, to see whether this was part of a larger effort if there's any co-conspirators out there poised to attack. >> can you confirm that this suspect, ayoub el khazzani well
3:08 pm
armed, a lot of ammunition had this box cutter as well traveled to turkey in an effort to fight with isis? [ certainly i've been told that. i have not been told that in a classified briefing but sources i have in the intelligence community, law enforcement community, have told me that. that certainly seems to be the case that he did go through turkey to syria and wolf the danger here is that thousands, at least 5,000 7,000 europeans have gone to syria. they're the ones we know about. there's others we don't know about. they come back to europe europeans may not be able to track them, and also then since they are visa waiver countries which means that those european citizens that come to the u.s. without having to get a visa then that's the threat to us. i think in the last hour pamela brown reported the threat we could face in the u.s. that he could have easily come to the u.s. as paris. >> we're getting conflicting information whether or not -- we know he went to turkey this year. did he actually make it across
3:09 pm
the border into syria? do you know? >> i can't confirm that definitely. that certainly -- reports were that he had. again, whether or not he did -- it's going to be awhile before we get the final report on all this. the fact is he definitely was someone who was a suspicious character, certainly someone who should have been a person of interest, he's the type of person we really have to fear both in europe and here in the united states. >> are you satisfied with the cooperation that the u.s. and the other european countries are getting from the government of turkey? >> no i'm not, wolf. i don't believe that turkey has cooperated enough at all. there is an islamist element in their government. they are more cooperative now than they have been. certainly i wouldn't put it anywhere near at the level of cooperation that we get from the british, french dutch, australians, any other number of countries that are far more cooperative than the turks. >> what about soft targets,
3:10 pm
trains here in the united states? you take a train from washington to new york no metal detectors or anything already some security be strengthened given what's going on in europe? >> these are definitely soft targets. and there's no doubt that they are very vulnerable to attack. how much more we can do as far as -- for instance take new york city. we have 3 million, 4 million people every day on the subway system. over 1,000 entrances and exits on the subway system. you have the commuter lines. as you mentioned, amtrak going from washington, d.c. to new york. union station, penn station, there's no way you can have the level of security there that you have at an airport where you have the choke points that people have to go through. so it's always going to be difficult. that's why i think we should at least do random bag checks have more bomb dogs on the trains themselves. and also wolf it shows to me to stop this type of attack you
3:11 pm
almost have to stop at a source. either overseas which would require more military action or ear at home where you have increased surveillance in the muslim community. if that's where it's going to come from. find out about it get the intelligence beforehand so that the police and law enforcement, fbi, can be in a position to stop these attacks. if somebody makes it to a train station with a bomb with a weapon, which he's concealing, odds are he's going to make it. the orders of stopping him are 1 out of 10,000 probably unless you have prior intel to be on the lookout for him or her. >> congress man, barbara starr at the pentagon is getting new information on the u.s. war contingency planning. as far as the korean peninsula is concerned. i want you to stand by. we have much more coming up. we'll take a quick break, we'll be right back. we live in a world of mobile technology, but it is not the device that is mobile, it is you. real madrid have about 450 million fans. we're trying to give them all the feeling
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3:16 pm
congressman peter king of new york leading member of the house homeland security and intelligence committees. stand by. north korea and south korea, they have struck a new deal as tensions threaten to explode at the most heavily armed border in the world. and we're learning just how worried the united states is about the danger of a full-scale war. let's go to our pentagon
3:17 pm
correspondent barbara starr. she broke this story for us. what are you learning barbara? >> for the last several days the pentagon secretly watched as the north korean military went on the move and the u.s. scrambled to figure out what to do about it. cnn has learned just how worried top u.s. commanders were that north korean threats of military action were dangerously escalating. >> it was a very tense several days. and we were mindful of that. >> reporter: when the u.s. saw the north koreans mobilize key military units, u.s. commanders took the rare step over the weekend of ordering an immediate review of the war plan to defend the south. >> any time the north koreans start playing games like this you've got to take it seriously. you don't know what their next step will be. >> reporter: beginning late thursday u.s. intelligence satellite imagery and electronic signals monitoring showed disturbing north korean military movements, including activation
3:18 pm
of some air defense radars that might be able to detect incoming aircraft. deployment of additional artillery pieces near the dmz. the concern, north korean artillery could hit population centers such as seoul in the south. signs of a potential preparation for a scud missile launch and dozens of warships and submarines headed out to sea. >> now it's up to the north to act and not simply just make assurances with respect to their own military activities there along the border. >> reporter: u.s. officials tell cnn they had two major worries. first, the north koreans took the unusual step of giving a specific deadline for threatening to attack the south if it did not stop loud speaker propaganda broadcasts. and second that the south korean government was considering military retaliation in addition to artillery shells
3:19 pm
it lobbed at an empty field near the dmz after its soldiers were hurt in a mine attack from the north. now u.s. officials tell me they took a couple of additional steps. reviewing the war plan in part to reassure the south koreans, and they did show them the latest intelligence about the north koreans on the move. all of this in effort to get the situation de-escalated. the hope of course is that peace agreement holds. >> let's hope. let's hope it does in fact. barbara, good reporting, thank you. congressman peter king, kim jong-un apparently showed diplomacy in reaching this tentative deal. what do you think? is this a promising step? >> i think it's hard to say anything is promising when it comes to kim jong-un. again, war was averted and a crisis has been toned down. why he did it i think we've got to have a psychiatrist try to figure that out. let's just be hopeful and say maybe he's doing the right
3:20 pm
thing. my own belief is i don't know if he ever intended to really go to war or fire any shots. i think often he does these things to justify the existence of a wartime regime to his people. the danger is once these things start, even if it's a phoney crisis once they start they can get out of control. that's why the u.s. military was 1,000% right in doing what they did. one, it reassures the south koreans. secondly it lets the north koreans know we're serious about defending south korea. and also it basically is a strong show of strength to all our allies in asia that the u.s. is serious about i know you're privy to the best analysis that the u.s. intelligence community have. is it the sense that kim jong-un, this young leader of north korea, is a lot more unpredictable than his father was? >> yes, consensus i believe that he's immature to an extent that he still does not have the same
3:21 pm
sense of confidence that his father had. and that's why you see some of the real -- really internal brutal measures that he's taken against people in his own family people in his own government. and also some of this needless provocation. i say needless because in the larger picture it serves no purpose. i think he's concerned about his own position letting people in the regime know how powerful he is and that's why -- also he's concerned that more and more people in north korea are going to realize that society is better outside their borders. and that's why he has to justify using the oppressive measures he does. to say he's holding off a south korean attack or resisting south korean aggression. again, i'm giving you my views. there's nothing official in what i'm telling you. it's hard to figure him out. i don't think anyone in the government anyone in the western world, fully understands him. >> there are nearly 30,000 u.s. troops stationed along the dmz
3:22 pm
in south korea. they're in between almost 1 million south korean troops 1 million north korean troops enormous amounts of artillery, missiles rockets. forget about the north korean nuclear capabilities. would you agree this is the most dangerous spot on earth right now? >> you know it certainly can be. you're talking about a madman in the north. and again, i don't believe he intended this crisis to lead to war. the fact is it could have. things can spiral out of control. yes, u.s. troops it's a very dangerous, precarious position to be in. i think it's important to have those troops there and the best way to protect them is for north korea to be convinced there will be massive, massive retaliation against them if they launch any kind of attack against the south and put american troops at risk. >> let me shift gears. the republican national committee chairman reince priebus says having donald trump in this gop political contest
3:23 pm
has been "a necessaryt positive" for the republican party. do you agree if. >> i do. i don't agree with everything donald trump says but he's making other republicans go off their talking points he's appealing to real people. i'm saying this as a new yorker. he may be a billionaire from the east side of manhattan but he talks like the guys i grew up with in queens or brooklyn he talks like a real person. how this is going to play out between now and the primaries i don't know. i think he's forcing the other candidates to be more real and to get off their talking points and address issues that the american people are concerned about. >> >>you haven't endorsed anybody yet? >> no. >> sounds like you like donald trump. >> listen, i like him. he's contributed to my campaigns. when i was having the islamist radicalization hearings he was one of the only people in public life who strongly defended me. i think governor bush is a good candidate, marco rubio, john kasich, carly fiorina.
3:24 pm
>> not necessarily rand paul or ted cruz? >> absolutely not, never rand paul never ted cruz. >> peter king as usual thanks for joining us. is joe biden sending hints he's ready to run for president of the united states? what we're hearing from our sources and from the top spokesman at the white house. jeb bush visits the u.s./mexican border. doesn't waste time going after donald trump and his immigration stance. is jeb bush's message getting through to republican voters? i'm ready to crack like nobody's watching. why? because it's red lobster's crabfest. and there's so much crab so many ways. and with dishes like this luscious crab lover's dream or savory snow crab bake. i'm just getting started so hurry in and get crackin'
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mutual insurance at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. the vice president joe biden is sending new signals tonight he might actually take the plunge and run for president of
3:28 pm
the united states. momentum appears to be building for him to challenge hillary clinton in the democratic primary. that's testing loyalties within the white house for biden and the president hit for lunch today. joe johns, how did it go? >> it is testing loyalties at the white house because on the one hand joe biden is a beloved figure at the white house. on the other hand there are a lot of questions about whether he could pull it off if he decides to get into the race. officially joe biden's office is saying no decision has been made as of yet. and any speculation to the contrary is false. biden did get a lot of praise in the white house briefing room today, but no endorsement. joe biden arrived at the white house today with a lot on his mind. his weekly lunch with the president in the oval office taking on new meaning with speculation swirling about whether he will run. >> everybody is pretty
3:29 pm
interested to find out, what decision the vice president is going to make. the president has indicated his view that the decision to add joe biden to the ticket as his running mate was the smartest decision he's ever made in politics. >> reporter: a democrat ecsource in touch with biden's associates tells cnn the vice president is now leaning more toward running for president than against it. the buzz about a possible biden candidacy has intensified after his secret meeting with influential liberal senator elizabeth warren this weekend. >> she's a leading voice in our party for progressive values and progressive issues and i'm not surprised joe biden and others will seek her counsel. >> reporter: so far the massachusetts senator has refused to endorse front run irhillary clinton, saying this last week. >> i don't think anybody's been anointed. what i want to see is i want to see all the presidential candidates lay out where they stand on key issues. >> reporter: biden associates see a possible opening because clinton has been battling trust
3:30 pm
issues with voters over her e-mail controversy. >> did you wipe the server? >> what with a cloth? >> reporter: the latest cnn/orc poll shows 53% unfavorable clinton, 43% view biden that way. democratic candidate bernie sanders sees clinton's numbers as helping him. >> i think the evidence is clear, we are gaining. what the polls seem to indicate is hillary clinton's support seems to be receding. >> reporter: biden would face major hurdles if he got into the race this late. raising enough money and quickly starting up an organization. he's been talking to advisers and supporters about whether a run is realistic. biden has been told he needs to make a discussion by october 1. one plan would have him announce his intentions the first week of october. fund-raising is one of the big biden obstacles. it was once a challenge for him. cnn's john king reforming a "washington post" report that after labor day, biden does plan to sit down with top democratic fund-raisers to talk about things.
3:31 pm
>> if he's serious he's got to start raising money and the clock is ticking. joe johns at the white house, thanks very much. let's bring in our national political reporter maeve reston political reporter sarah murray politics executive editor mark preston, janelle buoy "slate" magazine. is there a path for biden that you see, maeve, if he decides at this late date to jump into this contest? >> absolutely. i mean certainly it will be a challenge jumping in this late. but obviously biden has a lot of advantages that other candidates don't. yes, it's true that he had trouble raising money some time ago. but he's now been sitting in office, he's got that entire obama network potentially to tap. and what i'm hearing from a lot of donors out here on the west coast is that there is a certain degree of nervousness about hillary clinton, about her e-mails, and the fact that -- the feeling that her
3:32 pm
organization should have gotten more in front of that than they did. and so i think a lot of people would like to see joe biden enter the race and see how he fares. you know particularly going up against someone like donald trump. if he gets to that point, then there's a scenario where he could wait a little longer and the money will follow if he makes arguments that are compelling enough to top democrats. >> first democratic presidential debate is mid-october. he's got to make a decision presumably before that. you've suggested he's unlikely in the end to beat hillary clinton, but he would make her if he jumps into the race a better candidate? >> i think it's true. joe biden is a sitting vice president, a formidable campaigner great on the stomp, great on the trail. hillary clinton would have to compete, she'd really have to -- bernie sanders doesn't have the same national political experience she does. that is harder to beat. i think she'd probably win in the end but it would sharpen her skills for a general election.
3:33 pm
>> how surprising how important was that saturday lunch, that meeting that the vice president had with senator elizabeth warren? came back from delaware for that meeting. it was supposed to be secret. but jeff zeleny our political reporter broke that news. how significant was that? >> let's look at it two ways. let's not overplay what the meeting was. i think if you're elizabeth warren she'll meet with all the candidates. but what is significant is a week ago we were sitting here and we were talking about joe biden, most of us saying we didn't think joe biden was serious about getting in. i've got did tell you, seven days later, it really does appear joe biden is serious about getting in. there's a lot he has to think about and i think the driving force is going to be whatever one of those final conversations he had with his son before his son passed away. >> he's got to go through that period as well. if elizabeth warren, sarah, were to endorse him or even privately say to him, if you jump into this race i'm with you, that would be a significant development for him? >> yeah i think that would be
3:34 pm
helpful, be another thing he needs to be able to say, look i can wage a viable campaign i have people signing on to my team that could make a difference. this is a personal decision. you have to decide to put your family through this to put yourself through this and feel like if you're joe biden you actually have a shot. it's not worth it for someone like him to go through fit you just think you have no chance. i think that is really what we're seeing him weigh at this point as he talks to people like elizabeth warren as he gets ready to meet with donors. >> add his big problem in the past is his stance on the drug war, his stance on mass incarceration, his role in pushing prison reform in the '90s and '80s. right now the democratic party is turning against. that's something he should consider seriously before he decides to jump in. >> how did you read the very strong words coming from the white house press secretary today, josh earnest, asked about this luncheon meeting that was going on between the president and vice president, the elizabeth warren development, all this speculation now mounting that joe biden might
3:35 pm
actually run for the democratic presidential nomination. all of a sudden we heard the white house press secretary say, the best political decision the president made was asking joe biden to be his vice presidential running mate. >> which of course has been said before many times. but it's a totally different context now. i think that what that told us and what a lot of these signals have told us is that this is not a done deal for hillary clinton. and that there's enough people out there that want to see her sharpen up her skills and would maybe like to see biden jump into the race. i mean the meeting with warren for example. they could have just had a phone call that nobody knew about. but obviously people are sending out trial balloons here and trying to see whether there really is a path for joe biden to the nomination and whether democrats should feel more comfortable with him than they do with hillary clinton. >> and as you know sarah, there are some democrats out there who are worried if this e-mail controversy gets out of control that she could be vulnerable. >> i think that's absolutely right. it's not just democrats. it's democrats leading into
3:36 pm
independents. if you go to events and you're ata donald trump ral lick and someone's saying i'm trying to decide between hillary clinton and donald trump, but i'm worried about hillary and the e-mails, that's a problem for the democratic party to be bleeding that support over to a republican in the race. >> stand by. we have more to discuss. there's other developments happening. what, if anything, can jeb bush say to drown out donald trump's fiery talk about immigration? we'll discuss jeb bush's new message at the border today and whether it will translate into votes. shopping online is as easy as it gets. wouldn't it be great if hiring plumbers carpenters and piano tuners were just as simple? thanks to angie's list now it is.
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new tonight, jeb bush takes his immigration war with donald trump to the u.s./mexican border. bush is using the visit to drive home his differences with trump on the defining issue in the republican presidential race, at least right now. paolo sandoval is joining us live from the border in texas. how did it go? >> i tell you what wolf. jeb bush wasting no time immediately out of the gate here. he went straight for his strongest opponent. he quickly criticized donald trump's immigration policy saying it is not the answer to solving some problems in some of the border communities like the one we're in tonight. >> you have to have a much deeper strategy than just building a fence.
3:41 pm
>> reporter: it didn't take long for jeb bush to go on the offense during his day stop at the south texas border city of mccallan. the former florida governor went straight for his fellow candidate's donald trump's immigration policy. >> mr. trump's plans are not grounded in conservative principles. it would cost hundreds of billions of dollars. it's not realistic. i welcome mr. trump into the debate. i think that's great. he's a serious candidate. he ought to be held to what serious candidates need to be held to. he needs to be held to account for his views. >> reporter: from immigration to border security bush sought to show his deep fluency with the issue dominating the republican race frequently using spanish to answer reporters' questions. [ speaking spanish ] >> reporter: bush again defended his controversial use of the term "anchor baby" to describe children born in the u.s. to undocumented parents, comments that have been under fire from dpm democrats. >> this is ludicrous for the clinton campaign and others to suggest that somehow i'm using a
3:42 pm
derogatory term. what i was talking about was the specific case of fraud being committed where there's organized efforts, and and frankly it's more related to asian people coming into our country, having children, in that organized effort, taking advantage of a noble concept, birthright citizenship. i support the 14th amendment. >> reporter: bush's visit comes after trump flew his signature plane down to laredo texas, another border city. he toured the dividing line between the u.s. and mexico in the midst of a media frenzy. >> we have a tremendous danger on the border with the illegals coming in. >> reporter: trump today needling his fellow gop candidate. >> i was down on the border. it's rough, tough stuff. this is not love. this is other things going on. and i think he'll probably be able to figure that out, maybe. >> reporter: another significant difference here between the trump and bush visits to the border jeb did not visit the border itself even though the restaurant he spoke in behind me
3:43 pm
is about six miles from here. his campaign staff saying that he's already toured the border he knows about the dynamics and the problems there in america's front lines of this battle for the border and really today it was not necessary to travel to it. he does continue on the campaign trail, he's heading to colorado for yet another campaign stuff. >> paolo sandoval near the border the u.s./mexico border. we'll take a quick break full analysis much more news coming up right after this. super poligrip seals out more food particles. so your food won't get stuck. and you can enjoy every single bite. eat loud. live loud. super poligrip. seals out more food. ♪ ♪
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we're back with our political reporter sarah murray and mark preston. mark jeb bush had nice words to say about donald trump. he's a serious candidate. he said he needs to be held accountable for his views. is this a new strategy that jeb bush has in dealing with trump? >> the back handed compliment. i spoke to one of jeb bush's advisors a short time ago. expect more of this in the coming weeks or months. what they think or say is that trump has been able to tap into the anger and frustration. but when people focus on the real issues of the campaign that they will turn to jeb bush. i do think it's worth saying that donald trump is correct in saying this that jeb bush doesn't really seem to have the energy when he delivers the
3:48 pm
message. when you have donald trump out there, he's a better performer than jeb bush is. i do think there's something to be set for that. >> he makes fun of jeb bush that he's so weak and doesn't have much energy and he's passive, if you will. we are seeing more of maybe a sharper demeanor on the part of the jeb bush. >> he is being more aggressive. it's clear that his campaign has sort of decided, we're going to take trump on head on and we're going to be the anti-trump. i was talking to a frundund raiser for jeb. he said i'm not sure it's the right strategy. while you do want a candidate that's passionate energetic about making their argument, this person doesn't feel like jeb performs at his best when he is defensive. we have seen the flashes of angry jeb bush. that's why he wants to be the happy warrior and not angry and defensive. >> you say once again whenever reporters ask him about his use
3:49 pm
of the phrase baby anchor it irritates him. anchor baby i should say. >> you do see flashes of irritation. at the same time the big problem that we were hearing from jeb's perspective from voters was that they weren't seeing enough energy they weren't seeing enough fire from him. today he did show more of that energy and also the fluency going back and forth in english and spanish. he is competing with donald trump and wants to be in the ring with donald trump right now. in the long run, the group of republican voters that he is going to pull from is probably going to be a different segment of that population. that's who he is really performing for today. he is saying i'm the contrast. i can bring it on this issue. i'm going to be the stronger candidate in the long run in the general election. whether or not republican voters buy that argument remains to be seen. but we're not really talking about any of the other
3:50 pm
republican candidates right now other than trump and jeb. that's something. >> the national polls, those are the two frontrunners. donald trump released a new instagram video today targeting jeb bush. let me play a clip from there. >> would you like to see him run? >> no. i really don't. i think it's a great country. there are a lot of great families. there are other people out there that are very qualified. we've had enough bushes. >> what do you think? >> i'm impressed the trump campaign such that it is can use social media that well. i can't imagine any other republicans doing an instagram hit like that. i will say that it's not a bad point. at this point it's irrelevant. jeb bush is in the race. trump is running against him. based on where he is in every national poll this is second place, to me that's a sign that a sizable number of republican voters see him as basically electable. when it comes down to making
3:51 pm
that final choice later this year early next year about who they really think is going to be able to beat hillary clinton, jeb is positioned to do that. his last name doesn't matter that much. >> we're getting word from jeff zeleny that he is quoting a senior democratic source as saying that the president, when he had lunch today with the vice president, gave the vice president the green light to go ahead and consider running for the democratic presidential nomination. what do you make of that? >> that it's again not a done deal at all. remember think about how much joe biden did for barak obama. right? it's going to be really tough for president obama to navigate this fight. but he owes it to biden to let him throw his hat in the ring if that's what biden wants to do. i think it would make it a much more interesting race and sharpen up hillary clinton in a
3:52 pm
way some people think would be good for her. >> what do you think? the president gave his blessings to joe biden to go ahead and think about running for the democratic presidential nomination. >> in some ways it's ridiculous. joe biden wras enn was elected to the u.s. senate and he is mulling a bid. what is important is that obama is not stopping it. that would have been the news for him to go that obama said for the good of the party, for the good of the nation joe, step back. the idea that he is giving the green light to joe biden -- we know he will do what he wants. >> the idea that joe biden needs the green light? it seems like he is constantly thinking about something like this. >> he has been thinking about it for decades. >> i thought he was already mulling this. >> if you are vice president for 6 1/2 years, you would think that -- everybody should be automatically thinking you might want to be president of the united states. >> i think that's where we saw so many trial balloons so early
3:53 pm
is because joe biden's name wasn't out there in the ring and now it is. >> i'm sure he was not necessarily -- what were you going to say? >> i think that's exactly right. all of these signs that we're seeing that's exactly what they are. they are trial balloons. we should pay attention to them. obviously, hillary clinton's campaign needs to be paying attention as well. >> signs increasingly growing that this race for the democratic presidential nomination could add the vice president of the united states. we will know sooner rather than later. thanks very much. an important note to our viewers, the republican presidential candidates only a few weeks away from their second debate. it will air here on cnn september 16th live from the reagan library in california. also cnn will host the first democratic presidential debate on october 13th in nevada. stick around. you can always follow us on twitter. tweet me @wolfblitzer. be sure to join us tomorrow right here in "the situation
3:54 pm
room." thanks for watching. i'm wolf blitzer. erin burnett "outfront" starts right now. the dow's roller coaster day, dropping nearly 600 points in a massive sell-off. its worst day in four years. what's next? jeb bush on the border charging that donald trump's immigration plan is unrealistic, costly and offensive. what's trump's answer? a source tells cnn that skroe biden enjoe biden is leaning toward a reason for president? how does that stack up against donald trump? let's go "outfront." i'm jim sciutto in tonight for erin burnett. the
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