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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  November 4, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PST

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up. i want to remind you what these men and women give up and what they missed and i felt that this was a way to tell it in a positive way. imagine coming home to this. >> beautiful gift. >> so proud too. you warned us. >> you did warn us. thank you. >> they didn't put any of the practice sessions on facebook because they wanted to surprise the father. >> they did it. >> time for newsroom. >> that was a lovely moment. thank you. have a great day. newsroom starts now. >> happening now in the newsroom, a rich republican with outsider cred. no, not donald trump. kentucky's governor elect. >> this offers us an opportunity to change the tenor of what has become expected in the wrld of politics. >> is his win signaling anything about 2016? also, his shooting death spurred a massive man hunt and now a
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shocking turn. who investigators think pulled the trigger. plus could a rally against police brutality put quiten tarantino's new movie in jeopardy? police threatening to boycott. as the director says he never applied cops are murderers are. let's talk. live in the cnn newsroom. and i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. the donald trump of kentucky wins big after a stunning political comeback. after republicans sweep elections in the south. the big question, what does it mean for 2016 and will it change the way democrats campaign? all that red you are about to see, those are the states with republican governors. kentucky now on that list as tea party favorite and political outsider matt bevin muscled his
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way to the top despite weeks of trailing behind in the polls. bevin who made his mark on the campaign trail by traveling around in a golds escalade challenged voters to unite. >> my challenge is do not fail to take the high road as we have done to this point. continue to take the high road because this is the opportunity for kentucky to be a beacon to the nation. the values that we hold. the principles that we hold. the work ethic that we hold. the high road that we will take. this will change the ten over what happens in the 2016 race. >> joining me now to talk about this, wdrb media columnist, john david dike. welcome. thank you for being with me. so you wrote this op ed calling mr. bevin kentucky's donald trump. you wrote this, "the fact that -- and trump are wildly
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inconsistent does not seem to bother those whose -- as long as he is saying it in an aggressive colorful way." . you are conservative. do you really believe kentucky voters elected bevin on bluster? >> not just. he does have some good ideas but the fact remains he contradicted himself frequently on the a campaign trail. and he did resemble donald trump in a lot of byes during the campaign. >> how did he resemble donald trump. >> well he operated w ed withou establishment's endorsement or support. mcconnell did back him. but bevin never closely embraced the establishment. he didn't operate off the usual political script. he was saying things that would have been considered outrageous for more conventional candidates and he used a lot of his own
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money. >> okay. so he also talked a lot about against obamacare. did that also put him over the top in kentucky? >> well there is no doubt president obama has alienated kentuckiens of both parties with obamacare and coal issues and on social issues. a lot of people are experiencing premium issues under obamacare. but then a lot of people obtained coverage under expanded medicaid. i think perhaps more importantly is the gay marriage issue, which focused on kentucky nationally. when kim davis t clerk in rowan county refused to issue same-sex marriage licenses. bevin was quickly on the scene there to take her side. >> so you do think his election is a sign of things to come in 2016? >> it could be. it is tough to translate
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kentucky nationally. we are a different place not necessarily representative of america. but on some of these campaign tactics and on some of these issues i think there could be some significance for the country as a whole from what happened in kentucky last night. >> interesting. john david dike, thanks for your insight. >> thank you. in the meantime the republican race for the white house is heating up. a new poll shows donald trump and ben carson running neck and neck. trump now leading carson by just 1 point, making it a statistical dead heat. this is the first national poll since last week's debate. marco rubio and ted cruz also seeing gains. bad news for jeb bush though. he's actually down 6 points since september. new wave of attacks against his rivals, especially ben carson. >> ben will not be able to deal with china. he will not be able to deal with iran.
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he will not be able to deal with any of the countries that are really abusing our country. and they are abusing -- >> but what is the proof that you could? >> -- because that is not his thing. and frankly when you talk about energy he's got lower energy than jeb bush. >> what does that mean low energy? >> -- at all. i don't know where ben comes from. but if ben got in you would say, oh my god, we have ourselves a problem. >> but ben -- >> i will tell you that right now -- >> i'm not here to advocate for them. >> my temperament is great. ben carson would have done saturday night live in two seconds if they asked him. but they won't ask him because it is ratings driven and he's not going to get ratings. and frankly if they asked him he would have done it in two seconds. so when i heard his statement about this is too serious, give
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me a break. >> all right. joining me to talk about all of this is o co-founder and executive editor of real clear politics. welcome. >> hi carol. >> donald trump is now openly attacking ben carson. ben carson says hey i'm a nice guy. i'm not going to attack anyone. will this help trump is this. >> it hasn't so far. ben carson season a little bit different though. because ben carson's support, you know, donald trump when he lost in iowa the lead and attacked his faith. and now he's losing his lead nationally. you mentioned the quinnipiac poll he's down to 1 point. now behind ben carson for the first time. so we're seeing sort of trump decline here. and he's reacting to it the way he's reacted to it in the past which is to lash out at his closest execompetitors. i don't know if that's going to
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pay dividends for him this time. >> before we go on think want to get this out of the way. trump retweeted a tweet showing a the swastika next to the bush family. we're going to put it up in a second. it is a like a collage of images. another with jeb bush wearing a the sbrar row next to a cactus. and trump says this was retweeted like hundreds of others. he did not see the image and it has since been deleted. i can't believe i'm talking about this. >> it is a retweet. it is not a big deal. donald trump has retweeted other stuff that is offensive and political incorrectly. they deleted. it. they said he didn't see the image. has hard to say. donald trump is a master of manipulating the media and social media in particular. he's always retweeting favorable comment, derogatory comments about other candidates. this is just one of thousands of
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tweets he's done. i don't know that it is going to amount to much in the end. >> let's go back to donald trump attacking his opponents. namely marco rubio. let's talk about marco rubio this time. he's now at 14% in the quinnipiac poll. mr. trump called rubio over rated and criticized his credit card debt. here is how rubio responded on gma. >> ultimately i have one debt in the world. i have two debts in the world actually. the mortgage on my home and the fact that america. i owe so much to this country because of everything it's made possible for me and my family. >> so in my mind that was a pretty good answer from marco rubio. but in this political season who knows what's effective and what's not? >> i agree. i think rubio. he's been shown to be quick on his feet. he showed that at the last debate. he can parry these sports of attacks pretty effectively i think. he did a good job this morning. what i do think is marco rubio is getting his close up now. he's up five points in the
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quinnipiac poll he mentioned earlier. hoo erising in polls in earlier states nationally. he's now drawing attention of trump and other exert competitors like bush. but the national media. there is a lot they are going to sift through including the credit card issue in florida and other things. i think marco is in for an interesting close up that's coming here as he's been rising in the polls. >> appreciate it. a stunning twist into the investigation of the shooting death of beloved illinois police officer that sparked a massive man hunt. officials tell cnn the death of lieutenant joe gliniewicz was likely a suicide and not a homicide. authorities will hold a news conference promising to reveal the quote conclusive results of the investigation. >> you have to remember the climate in this which happened. just a week earlier a sheriff's deputy had been shot and killed
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at a gas station just outside of houston. so the fact that another police officer was down just days after that really sort of riled the nation, hundreds of officers swarming to fox lake to search for three men, three killers believed to have gunned down lieutenant joe gliniewicz. turns out that may not have been what happened. lieutenant gliniewicz shot two times wearing a bullet proof vest. no sign of a struggle. >> breaking overnight. a bomb shell development in the shooting death of fox lake police lieutenant joe gliniewicz, killed in early september. this morning illinois law enforcement officials expected to announce they believe the 52-year-old officer committed suicide, dying from a self inflicted gunshot wound. this a departure from the initial theory that the army veteran and father of four was gunned down by at least one of three male suspects. after he chased them on foot.
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>> this is lieutenant gliniewicz' radio call from that day. minutes later he requests back up before radio communication drops off. the back up team later finding his body 50 yards from his squad car. authorities say the 30 year veteran of the force was shot twice with his own service weapon. gliniewicz's death prompting a massive man hunt in northern illinois. hundreds of officer, dozens of k-9 units combing the area for weeks, leaving the small community stunned. no one was ever arrested. the coroner saying he can't rule out a homicide, suicide or accident. >> and the search had been suspended after just a new dfew. the lieutenant buried. a big funeral. thousands of law enforcement attending. and carol there were a couple of things that really complicated
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the investigation. first there was dna found at the crime scene. they didn't know who it belonged to. it wasn't anybody in a criminal database. so they were testing other officers actually to see whether in fact the crime scene had been contaminated. also there was an internal investigation of the police department. the police department was really in turmoil. one chief was actually put on paid administrative leave and then simply outright resigned so they had new leadership. and this was all going on at the same time. and we do know that gliniewicz actually met with the mayor the day before his death asking him to continue to run a program he ran for teenager whose wanted to get involved for law enforcement. >> why would he allegedly commit suicide? >> his wife doesn't believe it. she says this was somebody making plans. eligible for retirement. he was looking for jobs as police chiefs in other areas. she says this wasn't in his
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character. >> i wholeheartedly believe he was murdered. >> and to say otherwise? >> is disrespectful, hurtful. irresponsible. >> the coroner said maybe it is a suicide. how did you take that? >> there was a lot of anger. >> and you have to keep in mind that if it is a suicide, the widow will lose her husband's pension. she will not be eligible for death benefits. so there is really a lot at stake. we don't know what was going on but we do know there was a big internal investigation at the police department. so we're hoping to hear more later from officials and from the coroner as well, who has the final say. >> we'll check back thank you. still to come, a nine-year-old gunned down in a chicago alley. now a devastated family is pleading for answers. >> put the guns down, please. taking too many young lives. please.
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in chicago a heart wrenching p plea from a mother whose nine-year-old son was gunned down in an alley. cnn's jason carroll is here following the story. what can you say? >> you know you look at his face there. it is really heartbreaking. and his face has really become a symbol for so much of the violence that's been plaguing the south side of chicago. his name was taeshon lee. you can see him there in his yellow shirt as he was on his way to school. he was shot monday afternoon. not far from his mother's home. area detectives are working two theories. one he was walking down the
6:20 am
alley and came upon a fight or conflict and was simply in the wrong place or the wrong time. and two he was the intended target. police are not ruling out the possibility that he was targeted due to some sort of alleged gang activity involving someone in his family. his mother as you can imagine devastated by the loss. urging an end to the gun violence and urging anyone who knows anything at all about her only child to call police. >> please come forth and find whoever did this to my baby. oh my god, i love my son. oh my god. i'm gonna miss him. he was supposed to play ball. that's wha all he liked to do is play ball and play his video games. he ain't hurt nobody. i don't know why this had to happen to him.
6:21 am
>> when he grew up he was going the take care of her and the family. and police asking anyone with anything to come here. and chicago police are also keeping track of how many people have been shot this year so far this year due to gun violence. 2,578 have been shot so far this year in that city. >> in light of that we have to talk about this some more. let's bring in cnn analyst from washington. good morning. >> good morning carol. how are you? >> what kind of monster shoots a
6:22 am
kid like that? >> obviously our prayers and thoughts go out to tyshawn's family. but if this is related to some type of gang violence, then a line has been crossed here. and that line generally is, you know, you don't harm children. you don't harm mothers and you don't harm grandmothers. now if that line's been crossed then this could be the beginning of some horrible violence in chicago. and there are ways to stop this violence, some strategies that have been used in the past. and the numbers, as you look at them, this isn't the worst. it almost runs on 20 years cycles. in 1974 they had over 700 murders in chicago. in 1994 they had over 900. although the numbers are lower here, when you hear cases, these
6:23 am
antic do iecdotes like this -- course this isn't the first child shot but it seems to me this child was targeted since he was shot multiple times. >> since there are no easy answers, is it a cultural problem? a police problem? a gun problem? what is it? >> i think it is all of the above. in the nineties when this was occurring not only in chicago but in several other cities, to include d.c. federal law enforcement got together with with state and local law enforcement at the behest of governors and mayors and we put together an operation in d.c. where we were able to shut down 300 crack houses and make several,0 tuesday arrests over period of about ten peeks. this operation cut the murder rate down in washington d.c. by 21% in that time period. so that type of strategy could work here and other cities
6:24 am
around experiencing this rise in the homicide rate. but obviously it takes funding and it takes people to be able to look at proactive policing instead of reactive policing. >> art, thanks for your insight. >> still to come in the newsroom. more co-tom ccome on the deadly as injuries on board could explain what happened. [ screaming ] rate suckers! [ bell dinging ] your car insurance goes up because of their bad driving. people try all sorts of ways to get rid of them. [ driver panting ] if you're sick of paying more than your fair share... [ screams ]
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and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. investigators expanding the search area in the deadly commercial airliner crash in egypt. this comes after reports that the plane's tail was found three miles from the rest of the wreckage. that same tale was repaired in 2001 after an accident,
6:29 am
prompting speculation it could've played a role in bringing the plane down. they have discovered two forms of injuries to the victim's bodies. those in the front show trauma from the fall. while the passengers in the ball show metal shap nel in their bodies. what that is that mean?rapnel i bodies. what that is that mean? what do those injuries mean? >> well it is pretty typical to see in an inflight break up different types of injuries based on how the aircraft had come apart. but this is kind of interesting. there is some reports that there was metal inside the bodies. and that is pretty rare actually, other than specific injuries from shards of metal, that sort of thing. so that is pretty specific information that we'll look forward to getting more details
6:30 am
about. >> so why would the people in the back have the shrapnel in their body and not in the front. >> basically it tells us is where the break occurred in the fuselage itself. it could either be from some kind of bomb or something on board but more likely it is from the shrapnel from the aircraft being torn apart. pieces from those metal will go aft from that trajectory. and that is where that shrapnel would be. >> does that lend credence to the tail section theory that it wasn't repaired properly and broke off in midair? >> nothing conclusive, carol. it tells us there was an inflight break up. there were pieces of metal part of it. and it doesn't tell us how it broke up. that is the real question at this point. other top stories for you at 30 past the hour.
6:31 am
overnight a russian car go plane with 18 people on board crashed shortly after takeoff in south sudan. 15 passengers were killed, while three others, including a baby, survived the crash. the cause may have been engine failure. kentucky clerk kim davis filed an appeal asking the court to dismiss rulings that landed her in jail. in september she was found in contempt of court for refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses. the attorneys called the court's original order a rush to judgment that trampled on her religious rights. and the wife of late comedian robin williams was on good morning america describing the day before robin williams took his own life. >> it was a perfect day. we just did what we loved to do together. and i know now that he gave me that perfect day. he gave us that perfect day. >> he planned it.
6:32 am
>> in hindsight. it's -- he knew what he was doing. >> susan williams says that to spite what most people think, her husband's struggles with alcohol, drug addiction and depression did not drive her husband to his death. she said his battle with louie body dementia effects his mood, body and. and up next bush's biggest creditic. capital appreciation, and this has been denied to many south africans fenerations. tic. the idea was to bring capital into the affordable housing space in south africa, with a fund that offers families of modest income safe and good accommodation.
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bush may be down but he's not out. he's criticizing rivals and showing off his confident side. during a recent one-on-one bush recognized that for him to win he needs a campaign reboot. >> i have good news for you. you are working with lowered expectations. >>. [ laughter ] yes. >> does that in some way to free you up? >> to a certain extent. i always knew this was going to be hard. i never felt like i was a front runner. because we haven't earned it. you know, just starting out on the journey you have to go earn it. i got to get better at debating i guess, or perform iing -- wha ever that's called. >> you keep saying i'm a grinder. what does that mean. >> that means i eat nails before i have breakfast. i'm focused.
6:38 am
i have high expectations on myself. i knew this was going to be hard. >> donald trump is tweeting out every two seconds, this morning he said you should quit. he said all the candidates should quit, except -- except him? >> except for him. do you think an old fashioned guy who wants to be a doer, who wants to be a fixer, is really what people are looking for. >> >> desperate for it. this is the real world. in the pundit world where it is all about this kind of bizarre tweeting out things that aren't relevant to anybody's real life, you know, that is another subject. i'm not going to win over the punditry class for sure but i know i can win over people who aspire to a better life for themselves and their family. and as it relates to donald, he's run for president twice and quit. and i've run for governor in the biggest swing state and won twice. i know how to win. i've done it. i actually know how to govern,
6:39 am
which is going to be an attribute when we get closer to the election. >> so for the record. for donald trump, you are not quitting. >> no. i mean, what -- do we have to talk about donald trump? no i'm not quitting. he's entertaining and fun. he says great things in the debate but i'm running for president of the united states. and it is a serious endeavor. i do wit joy. there are a lot of fun parts of it for sure. >> marco rubio is how rising in the policy, your former protege. in the debate you went after him for missing votes but he hit back. and some people think he got the better of the moment. was it a mistake to attack him on that in. >> here is my point. people that are serving need to show up and work. period, over and out. >> so it wasn't a mistake. >> i just think people need to show up and work. >> i understand. but this is a campaign you got
6:40 am
to beat the other guys. so do you keep attacking. >> i'm not attacking to say someone isn't showing up more work. do you get paid when you don't show up? does anyone get paid when they go do something else. the people of the state of florida expect you to show up and work when they elect them. it is not a criticism. it is just a simple fact. >> but you are going to keep saying it. >> >> that people got to show up and work? >> that marco rubio -- >> it is not a criticism. >> donald trump. you have to get back to him one more time. he just called marco rubio a lightweight. and he said vladimir putin would eat him for lunch. do you think that's fair? >> no it's not fair. look, marco is a capable guy. he's a talented politician. here's what i think. i think i'm the best qualified
6:41 am
to be best. >> is marco rubio ready? >> i'm the best qualified to be president. i'm better qualified than anybody else running for president and it's not. i'm not pushing people down when i say that. and if it makes you feel better, everybody on the republican stage is better than hillary clinton. there is a a low bar though. >> you have said you have grave concerns about donald trump. you watch firsthand your brother, your father be commander in chief. are you comfortable with donald trump as commander in chief? >> i'm not comfortable with some of the things he says particularly about syria, where he one week says let isis take out assad and then the russians come in and he praises putin, let russia take care of isis. it's a reactive kind of mode that somehow i'm the big guy in the room, i'll just figure it out as i go along. foreign policy needs to be under
6:42 am
gured with a settle of principles. i think he's got to learn if he's serious about this to be able to get your foreign policy advice from the shows is probably not the best way to be ready to be president. >> with me now, jamie gangell. he's the most qualified to be president? >> he is. he's on message. >> i just wonder. he seems to be exuding more confidence. you also can asked about his family. has he improved with the answers as far as his family is concerned? >> you know i think when he spoke about his family, look, they are very disappointed about the poll numbers. there is a new poll out today. quinnipiac has him at 4%, falling from 8%. so they are very frustrated. but this is a family who knows politics. he likes to say oh my father is throwing things at the tv. but he talked in a way i've never heard him speak before. he said he hoped he wasn't letting them down. and i asked him about his
6:43 am
brother. and whether his brother had any advice for him. >> his advice is to be patient, stick with it. at the end of the day people are going to start figuring out who is going to be president. who's going to sit behind the big desk to use his terminology. and it is encouraging to hear him say that. he knows. he's been through ups and downs. that is just the way it is. >> they have been through ups and downs. but i don't think anyone in the family going into this expected that he would be in this place, that donald trump would be doing what he's doing. carson. this is not the political climate. that his brother ever ran in or his father ever ran in or he ever ran in when he ran for government. >> certainly a different climate this time around. jamie, thanks so much. still to come in the newsroom a lejtdry movie director takes on police brutality and faces
6:44 am
massive backlash. quenton ta quenton tarantino finally speaks out about the controversy next. [ male announcer ] eligible for medicare? that's a good thing, but it doesn't cover everything. only about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you.
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quenton tart tarantino is breaking his silence. over comments he made at a new york city antipolice brutality rally last month. >> i'm doing here because i am a human being with a conscience. and when i see murdermurder, i stand by. and i have to called the murdered the murdered and i have
6:49 am
to called the murderers are the murderers are. >> how many police error outraged a that the remark and calling for a boikt of tarantino's upcoming film, "the hateful eight." now the director is firing back. saying quote i have a 1st amendment right to protest against anything as i see it. and i'm not backing down from that. and welcome our guest. welcome sir. what do you say about tarantino's first amendment rights. >> he certainly has a first amendment right. we defend it every day and we have a first amendment right to say we don't agree with him and implore our members to boycott his tarantino said instead of examining the problem of police brutality in this country, better they single me out, and their message is very clear, is to shut me down. it's so discredit me. it is to intimidate me. your thoughts.
6:50 am
>> we have a guy who arrives from l.a. on a plane, gets off, goes to an anti-police rally, finishes his anti-police rhetoric which we don't need at this time in 2015, gets back on his plane, goes back to his mansion and sleeps soundly and stirs the pot of, you know, certainly a fragile relationship we have right now with the citizenry of the country. >> tell me about that fragile relationship and how exactly tarantino is feeding into that. >> well, you know, since, of course, the events of ferguson, things have changed dramatically in our business. the thing that people lose touch of, there are almost 1,000 arrests a day by law enforcement officers throughout this country. there's 12.5 million people a year get arrested. and by far, you don't hear about them. they're not all pretty. when we arrest somebody. even if it's not violent, it's nothing fun to watch or pretty to see. we don't take great pride in it. but unfortunately, some people choose not to follow the lawful
6:51 am
direction of police officers. and again, it's not pretty when it happens. when we're fighting with a suspect, you know, we know that there's 50 cameras on us now. there's things that we have to do to an effect an arrest. we can't walk away and say we're going to get you next time. when somebody's placed under arrest, they're compelled to comply with that order. >> you mentioned that quentin tarantino lives in this fantasy world, and i just want to play a clip from the upcoming movie. what is it? gosh, i'm going to forget its name now. "the hateful eight." quentin tarantino's movies are often ultra-violent, and they feature gun violence often. so i just want to play you the clip from the trailer to his latest movie. let's watch. >> move a little strange, you're going to get a bullet. not a warning, not a question, a bullet. ♪ >> in your mind, does quentin
6:52 am
tarantino have a responsibility for some of the gun violence that's occurring in this country? >> you know, that's been debated for decades now. he has the right to make any movie he wants. but his timing, i really question the timing of him flying out here, talking at this rally and heading back when his movie's about, what, less than a month away. and that's really my issue. to come, hop in at a popular time at a large rally, say what he says and then, like i said, get back on the safety of his plane and sleep soundly in l.a. isn't sitting with me or any of the other police groups that have chosen to boycott, again, this anti-police rhetoric that we don't need right now. we need to heal. we don't need to exacerbate the problem and make it worse throughout this country. it's a time for us to move on, and the changes are made. the body cameras are coming out. we know we're on video every time a police encounter occurs. let's move on. i mean, like i said, 1,000 arrests a day.
6:53 am
and every once in a while we make a mistake, and we know we make a mistake. and do we have bad cops out there? there's bad doctors and bad mechanics out there. let's all learn instead of sit there and pointing fingers and calling us murderers. i mean, let's face it. he wasn't at a girl scout rally. he was at an anti-police rally. and his statement was i have to call the murderers the murderers. i don't know what he thinks he said. i don't know what he thinks he wants us to assume that he meant. he called us murderers. it's clear and simple. >> all right. pal rick colligan, thank you so much for joining me this morning. i'll be right back. hey, you forgot the milk! that's lactaid. right. 100% real milk, just without the lactose. so you can drink all you want... ...with no discomfort? exactly. here, try some... mmm, it is real milk. see? delicious. hoof bump! oh.
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6:58 am
super bowl look like chump change. our vanessa has the all-access pass. ♪ >> reporter: it's never been done before. preakness, the kentucky derby, the belmont, and now the breeders' cup. welcome to the two richest days in sports. >> we're going to pay out $27 million over the next two days. and that certainly gets people's attention and gives people a reason to be here. >> reporter: and no expense was spared to witness history. 450 private jets descended on lexington, kentucky. this is the official private jet partner of the breeders' cup. and to charter a flight, it costs up to $14,000 an hour. >> usually the super bowl is the top of that for private jets followed by the masters. this year because of american pharoah, it kind of got inverted and flipped on its head. >> reporter: what effect has the partnership with the breeders' cup had on your bookings for this event? >> traditionally, prior to being involved with the breeders' cup, we would put a handful of flights in here. but because of the exposure
6:59 am
we've given the breeders' cup and you align that with american pharoah's popularity, our bookings are up 800%. >> reporter: at keeneland racetrack, 95,000 racing average fans spent on average per ticket. for vip, it was north of $1200. >> what we needed was a little extra seating capacity, so we created these luxury chalets that really handle the demand for our customers. last year we sold about $8.5 million worth of tickets. >> reporter: this year, it was over double that. $19 million. and big money isn't just spent on the horses. the races are a runway for pricey fashion. these hats and fascinators can cost up to $2,000 apiece. >> it pays to look good. yeah. >> reporter: what's business been like for you since you became the official milliner? >> business has been great. i mean, it's bolstered up our sales incredibly. it has opened up my demographic of buyers. it's introduced me to people i
7:00 am
never would have met before any other way. >> reporter: after a proper hat is secured, it's time to bet. this year's breeders' cup had a betting pool of $150 million. that's $50 million more than the super bowl. how do you bet smart? >> money management is the key. i know i put a lot of work into my handicapping. and you just feel good about it, you know, because you've done your homework. it's like being, you know, in school. you've got the final exam, and this is the final exam, the breeders' cup race, and now you've got to produce. this is like the super bowl of horse racing. happening now in the "newsroom," a rich republican with outsider cred. no, not donald trump. kentucky's governor-elect. >> this offers us an opportunity to change the tenor of what has become expected in the world of
7:01 am
politics. >> is his win signaling anything about 2016? also, his shooting death spurred a massive manhunt, and now a shocking turn. who investigators think pulled the trigger. plus, new clues emerging over what brought down a russian passenger jet. the search zone now expanding as the mystery deepens. let's talk. live in the "cnn newsroom." and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. we begin in new hampshire. any minute now, we're expecting presidential hopeful donald trump to officially file in order to get on the ballot for the country's first primary. all of this as a new national poll shows trump and rival ben carson in a dead heat, oh, but marco rubio and ted cruz are gaining momentum. trump wasting no time, unleashing a new wave of attacks against his rivals. >> ben will not be able to deal with china. he will not be able to deal with
7:02 am
iran. he will not be able to deal with any of the countries that are really abusing our country. and they're abusing it. he will not be able to deal with japan. >> what is the proof that you could? >> but that's not his thing. and frankly, when you talk about energy, he's got lower energy than jeb bush. >> what does that mean? >> cnn's chief political correspondent dana bash is in new hampshire on the campaign trail. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol. this is the place to be right now because this is the first day, the first morning, that people who are running for president need to win this first-in-the-nation primary, can actually register for that primary and the first official republican who's going to do that is going to be donald trump. he's supposed to be here any minute. it doesn't take very much. you mentioned just 1,000 bucks to get on. you have to just sign something saying that you meet the requirements for president of the united states. and it is going to be something that we are going to see donald trump do today, tomorrow marco
7:03 am
rubio who is doing much better here and nationally and so on and so forth. so this is certainly a chance for donald trump to have another kind of image-making moment. he's got a lot of supporters here lined up, and he's going to make a point of greeting them probably before and after he goes in to do this official, official moment. >> all right. we'll let you get back to it. dana bash reporting live from new hampshire this morning. the so-called donald trump of kentucky wins big after a stunning political comeback as republicans sweep elections in the south. the big question, what does it mean for 2016? take a look at the map. all of that red, those are the southern states with republican governors. kentucky now on that list. after tea party favorite and political outsider matt beven muscled his way to the top dispute weeks of trailing behind in the polls. beven who made his mark on the campaign trail by driving around in a gold escalade challenged his supporters to unite,
7:04 am
insisting that kentucky will set the scene for 2016. >> my challenge to you is do not fail to take the high road as we have done to this point. continue to take the high road. because this is the opportunity for kentucky to be a beacon to the nation, the values that we hold, the principles that we hold, the work ethic that we hold, the high road that we will take. this will change the tenor of what happens in the 2016 race. >> so will it? joining me now to talk about this and more, staff writer for "the weekly standard," michael warren. hi, michael. thanks for being here. >> hi carol. >> so does kentucky set the stage for 2016? >> well, it certainly sets the stage for a potential for republicans to do really well. i don't really know if i agree that matt bevin is kentucky's donald trump. i mean, he's run for office before, bevin did. he tried to knock off mitch mcconnell in 2014 in the republican primary. and he's got a lot of tea parties aboard.
7:05 am
donald trump support is much broader within the republican party. a lot of moderates and even liberals within the republican party supporting trump. but it does suggest that the south is becoming solid again. i mean, kentucky was really one of the last holdouts where democrats really competed statewide in the south. and now it seems republicans not just in that governor's race lut bm across the board did really, really well yesterday in kentucky. >> i want to allow our viewers to take another look at this quinnipiac poll that just came out because there's some interesting poll numbers included in this. so we'll put the graphic up here. you see trump is, what, now at 24%. ben carson's at 23%. that's a virtual tie, right? but look at rubio, rising to 14%. and look at jeb bush. he comes in with just 4%. thoughts? >> i think this poll is devastating for jeb bush. i mean, he's had a lot of difficulties in the polls. but, you know, he's had the money, the establishment
7:06 am
support. this is really bad. that 4% nationally, it's not just that. you look beneath those top-line numbers, and you see he has, among all voters polled in this quinnipiac poll, he has the highest unfavorability rating and the worst sort of net favorability rating. he's doing worse than donald trump and hillary clinton and voters overall, and he's in the bottom, really, among republican voters. it's just harder and harder to see where jeb bush's path is here. and again, you see those top two carson and trump and then the next two underneath rubio and cruz, that's starting to look more like a sort of winnowing field of potential republican candidates. i don't really see where jeb bush has any sort of hope in this poll. but i guess things can always turn around. >> you never know. let's talk about marco rubio because trump came out swinging. he called marco rubio a lightweight. and then he went on to malign his credit card debt. marco rubio appeared earlier on "good morning america." i don't know if we have his sound right now.
7:07 am
do we have his sound? okay, i'll just read what he said on "gma." this is what rubio said about his credit card debt. "i only have one debt in the world which is my mortgage on the home that me and my family live in in miami. i obviously don't come from a wealthy family." to me that was a pretty good answer. will it resonate? >> yeah, i think so. look, i mean, i saw marco rubio last week in iowa after the debate. he's very good at connecting with voters on the sort of middle-class issues. you know, he talks about issues in terms that aren't necessarily, you know, washington terms but terms that people who live paycheck to paycheck, to use a phrase he uses a lot, actually think about. and so the fact that, you know, he had some credit card problems actually kind of resonates with people. but, you know, i think this is something that in terms of his financial problems could come back to bite him if they seem to be more extravagant than, you know, simply credit card debt and maybe, you know, he bought a house as he did that didn't do very well. look, the fact that rubio didn't
7:08 am
do very well in a lot of these financial sort of exercises that he was trying to do sort of speaks that he wasn't really corrupt or doing anything wrong. he just struggled like anybody else. it's not a bad thing for him. >> all right. michael warren, thanks for your insight. a stunning twist in the investigation into the shooting death of a beloved illinois police officer that sparked one massive manhunt. in just about an hour, officials are expected to announce that lieutenant joe glennowicz died of a self-inflicted gunshot and not in the line of duty. deborah feyerick. >> the rumors that it could be a potential suicide started right after his death but his wife tamped down on them saying no, he had everything to live for, he was applying for jobs in other towns, the couple was planning vacations, and she discounts those rumors about a possible suicide. >> i wholeheartedly believe he was murdered. >> and to say otherwise? >> is disrespectful, hurtful,
7:09 am
irresponsible. >> when the coroner said maybe it's a suicide? how did you take that? >> there was a lot of anger. >> and the coroner would not confirm initially whether, in fact, or how, in fact, lieutenant gliniewicz was killed. he had responded to a call apparently at a warehouse, calling dispatch that he was pursuing three individuals. initial le ly he rejected backud then accepted it. those officers arrived just in time to hear the shots. he was shot twice. over the vest was the fatal shot. the shots were from his own gun, and there was no sign of an apparent struggle. one of the complicating things was they found dna at the crime saeb and they didn't know who it belonged to. and so that extended the search, een though a number of people
7:10 am
were pulling back, the dna did not match the lieutenant or anybody in a criminal database. so they were actually swabbing officers who had responded, thinking perhaps they had contaminated the crime scene. plus, within the context of everything that was going on, there was a massive investigation of the fox lake police department. they had just replaced their top leadership. the police chief actually being put on paid leave. and then being effectively just leaving, just retiring. >> well, the strangest part to me is he had on that bulletproof vest. so if you're going to kill yourself, why shoot yourself in -- i don't understand that. >> it's very interesting because i've done some stories on suicide. and the prevailing theory is that you never succeed the first time. and i know this sounds crazy. the first shot was in the side of the vest, the side of his body. >> but he knew the bulletproof vest would protect him. he was an expert sniper. >> well, that's exactly right. the second shot was the shot that did him in, and it was right above the collar of that vest. and it was the coroner who actually released that
7:11 am
information because there were reports that maybe he was shot in the arm or the leg. and so the coroner said no, he was shot here. and so that was one of the things they were looking at as part of the investigation. and they're expected to come back with some pretty definitive views on how he died and that, as you know, is coming up in about an hour. new information into the murder of a 9-year-old boy in chicago. now his mother is pleading for her son's killer to come forward. >> please come forth and find whoever did this to my baby. oh, my god. i love my son. oh, my god. actually be exactly what i am. i got to hang a picture.
7:12 am
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investigators expanding the search area in that deadly jetliner crash in egypt. the plane's tail was found three miles from the rest of the wreckage. the same tail was repaired after a 2001, prompting speculation it could have played a role in bringing the plane down. in the meantime, forensic experts tell russian newspapers that they've discovered two forms of injuries to the victims' bodies. cnn's ian lee joins us live from cairo to tell us more. hi, ian. >> reporter: hi, carol. yes, those two forms of injuries to the body include trauma and burns. now, they think that is from when the plane hit the ground, causing the explosion. but the other injury is
7:17 am
interesting. this is from pieces of metal found in the body, potentially shrapnel from an explosion. now, the theory is right now that an explosion may have taken place on this plane. now, they don't know if it was from an engine or from a bomb exploding. but they're also looking at the tail that they found three miles away. the tail itself had no indications that there was an explosion. they had no scorch marks. so that is also helping investigators. but it's really right now -- egyptian officials are still downplaying and russian officials downplaying a terrorist threat. that being said, russian red wings airlines has said that they're going to put security personnel and reinforced cabin doors on all flights to egyptian resorts. >> all right. ian lee reporting live from egypt this morning. thank you. checking some other top stories for you at 17 minutes past. an investigation now under way in south sudan after a russian
7:18 am
cargo plane crashes after takeoff. the charred wreckage seen here now littering the banks of the na' nile. 15 died. 3 passengers survived. one of the survivor, a baby. protests erupting just ahead of an historic meeting. leaders are planning to meet saturday in singapore for the first time in 66 years. the demonstrators you see here gathered outside taiwan's parliament. many protesters are worried about beijing's growing influence on the island, and many oppose a trade deal with china. new findings this morning into the investigation of this dramatic runway fire in fort lauderdale last week. the ntsb says the part that connects the main fuel supply line to the engine disconnected behind the left engine. of the 101 on board, one person was seriously injured. another 21 suffered minor injuries. the on-site investigation expected to wrap up today. honda is dumping longtime
7:19 am
supplier takata over its faulty air bags. the automaker now announcing that none of its new car models under development will use that caught takata's air bags. they've been linked to at least seven deaths in the united states. still to come in the "newsroom," investigators say it's likely this police officer took his own life, but why?
7:20 am
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in chicago, a heart-wrenching plea from a mother whose 9-year-old son was gunned down in an alley. police say they'll work around the clock to find the killer of tyshawn lee. his mother is begging anyone with information to come forward. cnn's jason carroll is here. you talked with authorities. what are they saying? >> it's a shame when you think about the history of what's been going on. once again gun violence has claimed another one of chicago's children.
7:24 am
this time tyshawn lee. he was 9 years old. he was heading out through an alley on monday at about 4:00. apparently he got involved in something. that's what police are trying to determine at this point. they're working on two possible theories. first, that the 9-year-old was walking through that alley on monday, came across some sort of a conflict or argument involving a different group of people and was simply in the wrong place at the right time, carol. or that he was the intended target. and police tell me that they're not ruling out the possibility that he was targeted due to some sort of alleged gang activity involving someone in his family. as you can imagine, his mother, whatever the reason, absolutely devastated by the loss. she has been urging an end to the gun violence there in chicago and urging anyone who knows anything that happened to speak out about it. >> please come forth and find whoever did this to my baby.
7:25 am
oh, my dpgod, i love my son. oh, my god. i'm going to miss him to death. he was supposed to play ball. that's all he'd do. that's all he liked to do was play ball and play his video games. he wouldn't hurt nobody. i don't know why this had to happen to him. >> so painful to watch that. you know, carol, what's particular sad about this is that the folks there in chicago have seen mothers like this standing in front of cameras time and time again. you just do some of the research here. a couple other names i want to mention to you. amari brown, 7 years old from northwest chicago on the fourth of july. a bullet meant for his father got him instead. shot and killed. melanie irving, september 2015, shot in the neck.
7:26 am
she survived. but also a name you'll probably remember, hadea pendleton. remember that case from 2013? the 15-year-old as she had just performed for the president. one week later, shot in the back. there's a cycle of violence that seems to keep continuing in chicago, and no one seems to know how to break that cycle. >> all right. jason carroll, thanks so much. so jason's asking that question. what do you do about this terrible violence? what could be worse than a 9-year-old shot multiple times? with me, andrew holmes, a community activist in chicago. he himself was shot in the cross fire when he was a teenager. and his daughter, tomorrow, was fatally shot at an indianapolis club. welco welcome, sir. >> good morning, ma'am. how are you? >> oh, my goodness. you know, police suspect this little boy may have been targeted. what kind of monster shoots a 9-year-old? >> well, this individual has no value of life. and i'm quite sure something
7:27 am
went wrong with his upbringing, either something was wrong with him itself. but me as a crisis responder with chicago survivors, we are going to help to try to increase and enhance the family's life situation and get them back on track and help them. >> does it surprise you that a 9-year-old might have been the target of gang violence? >> it is surprising and absolutely is disrespectful because as i stated, this young man should have been hearing school bells this morning instead of taking a ride to the medical examiner's office to be identified. >> you know, we talk about violence in chicago endlessly, and nothing seems to change. why? >> well, in so many ways, not everyone, but certain individuals want to stay quiet and not speak out when they should stand up and speak out. we can't continue to point the finger at the chicago police department when it's in our community, and all we have to do is pick up that phone and call
7:28 am
someone and give up this information and let these individuals know we're fighting back, but we're fighting back through our mouth. we're talking. we're speaking out. and we're going to put your face out there because you are a person of interest to the community. >> i can sort of understand why people wouldn't call police and give them information because they probably are in fear for their own lives. but at some point when a little boy is gunned down, doesn't it take a whole community standing together to give these people up, these murdering people up? >> it takes a whole village and a whole community. and at the same time, someone in this community knows who this individual is. and on another note, if we come out in mass numbers and put those elected officials in office and take the ones that are out of office that are not helping fund the community around here to bring some economic development around here, that would help, too. but the community needs to be
7:29 am
outraged, and these perpetrators should have been incarcerated two days ago. >> you know, some people -- and i'm speaking specifically about your mayor -- he blames too many guns on the streets for violence. do you agree with him? >> we have a lot of guns that are out on the streets. i'm not going to point the finger at the mayor. i have children myself. gun violence has struck my home. he has a heart and feelings for kids in the city of chicago just as any individual throughout the united states. it's the individual that purchased this gun, either stole this gun, discharged this weapon and took this young man's life or any young man or woman in the city of chicago throughout the united states, those are the perpetrators that needs to be brought to justice. >> andrew holmes, thanks for joining me this morning. and good morning. i'm carol costello.
7:30 am
in just about 30 minutes, officials in fox lake, illinois, will hold a news conference where they're expected to announce that a lieutenant's whose death and was the focus of a manhunt actually committed suicide. that's a conclusion his wife said earlier she doesn't belief. >> i wholeheartedly believe he was murdered. >> and to say otherwise? >> is disrespectful, hurtful, irresponsible. >> when the coroner said maybe it's a suicide, how did you take that? >> there was a lot of anger. >> well, let's talk about this. i'm joined by clinical psychologist gail saltz. dr. gail, thanks for coming in. >> my pleasure. >> so it seems strange to me that a man might take his own life wearing a bulletproof vest. and before the gunshots rang out, he called back and said there were three men chasing him down an alley. >> well, obviously, only he can
7:31 am
know what was in his mind. and so we don't. however, many people who are extremely depressed, who are contemplating suicide but who don't want to be remembered by their family that way, who want to leave a legacy of the way their life was, which, you know, if you are law enforcement is probably really is heroic. and who feel shame at the idea that they're depressed or they can't make themselves better or that they're thinking of taking their lives. >> well, and there's -- the other factor is if an officer commits suicide, his widow loses all benefits. >> correct, correct. it has certainly occurred in the past, let's say, that people have taken their lives and tried to make it look like something else happened for life insurance policies or the protection of their family, et cetera. >> dr. gail saltz, thanks for stopping by.
7:32 am
i'm going to take our viewers live to new hampshire now because as you know, it's sign-in day for the candidates. donald trump has arrived, and he will officially sign on the dotted line, announcing his candidacy in the state of new hampshire. it costs 1,000 bucks to do that. as you can see, he had supporters out there waiting for him to arrive. and it looks like that's his black car behind him. let's listen. >> -- to register? >> i don't think it's necessarily important. we just have a great turnout. we picked a very beautiful day. so in that respect we're very lucky. i'll see you inside. >> do you think your message is nothing but mean and hateful. what do you say to him? >> i don't know, does he register in the polls? he's at zero. >> mr. trump. >> it seems you have an issue with -- >> you really have to look at his record. his record is terrible. his record is absolutely terrible. his record on finance, his record on amnesty. he's for allowing illegals to
7:33 am
pour into the country. i mean, he's really got a bad record. i think when you look at a record, nobody's -- >> reporter: there's a brand-new poll that shows marco rubio doing much, much better. what do you say to that? >> all i know is i'm number one. that's all i know. >> what about finances? >> nice to meet you. >> do you think his finances are an issue? >> i do. i think they're a big issue. they've been an issue for years in florida. and he was told to put the money back, and he put the money back. other people aren't told to put the money back. they end up someplace else. here you go. see? that's when i was young. beautiful. we try not to. >> reporter: mr. -- >> thank you, everybody. amazing. this is amazing. thank you, darling. come here. let me sign that for you. >> are you going to meet phil gardner? >> i am. >> reporter: are you going to be able to foot the thousand bucks you need to file? >> i think we'll work it out.
7:34 am
i do believe. >> will you sign? >> yes. >> thank you, mr. trump. >> let's walk up there. we don't want to keep the people waiting. okay, honey, thanks. >> mr. trump -- >> thank you, everybody. >> mr. trump -- >> all right. we're going to jump out of this, but that's donald trump going in to sign on the dotted line to, you know, make it official that he's a candidate for president of the -- in the republican primary in the state of new hampshire. i admire dana bash for keeping up with him. i've got to take a break. i'll be back with much more in the "newsroom." awe believe active management can protect capital long term. active management can tap global insights. active management can take calculated risks. active management can seek to outperform. because active investment management isn't reactive. it's active.
7:35 am
that's the power of active management.
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7:38 am
i want to take you back to new hampshire where, as you can
7:39 am
see, donald trump is behind a podium speaking into the microphone, so let's listen. >> come on up here, everybody. come on. get my people up here. don't worry about the press. don't worry about the press. come on up. circle us. circle us. any questions, please? >> marco rubio said on his finances that he didn't do anything wrong and he's going to release them to prove that. >> marco rubio has a disaster on his finances. he has a disaster on his credit cards. when you check his credit cards, take a look at what he's done with the republican party when he had access, what he had to put back in, and whether or not something should have happened. you'll understand it. marco rubio has a basic disaster on finance. so let's see what you find. let's see what kind of a reporter you are. okay? good luck. it won't be -- it won't be hard. it won't be hard. >> mr. trump, can i just follow up on that? >> yeah, go ahead. nice, easy question, david.
7:40 am
go ahead. i know david so well. >> mr. trump, last night we had a marijuana initiative go down in flames in ohio. we had an outsider conservative win the governor's chair in kentucky -- >> which they said was largely due to the trump phenomenon. you saw that. no, they said it. they said it. on another network, they said it. >> sanctuary favoring sheriff bounced out of his job in san francisco. >> yeah. >> do you credit for this, and does this bode well for you? >> well, i will say a lot of good things are happening. now, if you look at ohio, and we have somebody running that happens to be from ohio, even though i'm beating him in the polls, he had a total monopoly. they had one company with a total monopoly on marijuana and the profits. how dumb is that? and that's probably why it failed. but how dumb is that? one company had a monopoly on the whole thing, and they were going to make a fortune. and i think that's one of the reasons it failed. i was happy to see that. i think it was a good result. i loved what happened in kentucky. and he's a good guy.
7:41 am
and they gave me a lot of credit for that one. i don't deserve the credit, but there is something happening, folks. i will tell you. there is something happening. >> mr. trump, you're on top of the polls -- >> and we sent you those numbers. i sent you some nice numbers. okay. >> you are on top of the polls here in new hampshire but not in iowa. what is going on in iowa? >> well, you haven't read the polls in iowa, obviously. i'm not surprised. yesterday's poll came out, and i was -- two polls -- i'm now on top in iowa, too. two polls. two polls came out. and now i'm leading iowa again. so we're happy with it. i think we're going to do great in new hampshire. i think new hampshire -- we had a tremendous poll a couple of days ago. it was 32% versus -- what was it, 12% or something? we were way up in new hampshire. so we're very happy with the new hampshire -- and you know what? i love the people of new hampshire. they're just incredible people.
7:42 am
when you get a crowd like this that i didn't really know about, this is beautiful. i came here to file because i feel you have to come here to file. and you have this many people show up on a morning. and most of these people are working. i know that. these are hard -- as they say, these are hard workers. you're not allowed to use that expression. these are hard workers. okay. i mean, when we get to a point where you can't use the term "hard worker," this country is in big trouble, folks, i want to tell you. [ cheers ] >> all right. we're going to break away, but you can see donald trump in new hampshire waiting to go inside a state building there to sign on the dotted line announcing his candidacy in the state of new hampshire. he mentioned marco rubio using a credit card, a credit card that belonged to the republican party in florida. and i just want to address that so you know what he was talking about. apparently while marco rubio was
7:43 am
running for the senate in florida, he charged some personal expenses to the republican party's credit card. and marco rubio did address that this morning on "good morning america." he said that he charged -- he did charge some personal expenses on that credit card, and he also charged, quote, company charges on that credit card. but he did pay all of the personal expenses back, and he's fixed whatever was thought was wrong. but, of course, we'll be following that more throughout the day on cnn. but i just wanted you to know what donald trump was talking about there. all right. let's talk about evangelicals. progressive? those two words aren't normally in the same sentence, but on one issue, evangelicals are evolving. the issue i'm talking about is homosexuality. a new pew research study shows half of all young evangelicals say homosexuality should be accepted by society. interesting if you consider how mike huckabee, an evangelical, is campaigning for president. that's him, hosting a rally for
7:44 am
kim davis, the kentucky clerk who chose to go to jail rather than issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. ted cruz was also there in a show of support. both men are running far behind the front-runners in the republican primary race. are they falling out of step with young evangelicals? is that part of the reason why? with me now, matthew vines. welcome. >> good to be with you. >> you call this pew study a milestone. why? >> we have been seeing a shift among younger evangelicals for the last decade in terms of greater openness and acceptance, but this is the first time that we've seen a majority of young evangelicals in the united states say that they think that same-sex relationships should be accepted. there's still a long way to go to get to a place of full acceptance among evangelicals, but that is the future. that is where the evangelical church is headed, and the
7:45 am
numbers are going in only one direction. >> there is a caveat to that, though. while most millennials accept homosexuality, slightly less than a majority accept same-sex marriage. isn't that an important distinction? >> well, depending on how you phrase it the numbers will vary slightly. but all of the numbers have been going up. so in the pew poll yesterday, it said about 45% of evangelicals supported same-sex marriage, which is up from about 40% a few years ago. there are still some people who, you know, make distinctions between they accept but may not completely support, but i think on the whole, the trajectory is certainly a positive one. >> okay. so i'll ask you a very political question. why are so many evangelicals embracing ben carson over mike huckabee and ted cruz? >> well, i'm not sure that -- i'm not sure how much that has to do specifically with the issue of same-sex relationships. evangelicals have been pretty tied to the republican party
7:46 am
since the 1970s and 1980s in a lot of ways that haven't been great for the church's witness and the church's mission in the world. that isn't something that's going to change overnight. neither is the significant opposition that still remains in the evangelical churches to same-sex marriage. what i'm wanting to do through the work that i'm doing and my engagement efforts is help to lay the groundwork for that to change eventually, even though it won't change overnight. >> do you consider yourself a republican? >> i am pretty apolitical when it comes to the work that i'm doing because evangelicals, even though most evangelicals in america do identify as republicans, there have always been a number of evangelicals who have been democrats as well. and so in the church that i grew up in, nobody made their political affiliation the number one issue. the number one issue was your relationship with god, your relationship with jesus, and people can be democrats. they can be republicans. they can be independents. heck, they can live in other countries where they have entirely different political
7:47 am
systems and parties. but what i want to be focusing on with christians is because we believe in jesus, because we believe in the bible, we should be looking to the core values of scripture, the dew point toward greater inclusion and greater justice for marginalized groups like the lgbt community. >> matthew vines, thanks for being with me this morning. >> thanks for having me. irnlts still to come in the "newsroom," the vacation is over for jon stewart. the new destination for "the daily show" alum next.
7:48 am
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just when we thought we couldn't get through this
7:52 am
election season outjon stewart, the chidian is striking a new deal with hbo, but he's not quite making his comeback in the way you might think. brian seltzer is here. >> he's not coming back to television but the internet. it's almost like he's trading the predictability of an every single night "daily show" for the flexibility of the internet instead. we can show his statement about this new deal. he said that appearing on television 22 minutes a night nearly broke me. but he went on to say i'm pretty sure i can produce a few minutes of content every now and then. what's he going to be doing, carol? he's going to be making web videos. he could do these from home if he wants to. he'll come up with ideas about current events, weigh in on the political nonsense of the election season, record the audio and a graphics company will animate it. they'll create animated web videos with jon stewart's opinions. >> that's kind of cool. until he actually does it. >> i'd like to do that myself, brian. >> he's conquered tv. now he wants to conquer the web. we'll see this early next year,
7:53 am
but it's a four-year deal with hbo. hbo could do other things with stewart. they could work on movies together, they could work on tv shows, but they're going to tart with web videos. >> hbo is doing a lot of interesting things. >> bill simmons from espn, also a deal with "sesame street." and of course john oliver's show, he's been doing quite as well there as well. hbo is trying to gain online as well as through cable, they're going out and hiring a-list stars hoping people like jon stewart will appeal to online viewers who want to watch him on demand. you might not see stewart on tv but watch him on demand instead. >> brian stelter, i appreciate it. i'll be right back. we have three chevy's here. alright. i want you to place this award on the podium next to the vehicle that you think was ranked highest in initial quality by j.d. power. hmm. can i look around at them? sure. highest ranking in initial quality. it's gotta be this one. this is it. you are wrong. really? actually it's all three.
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7:58 am
the volcano is spreading a cloud of ash in the direction of the popular tourist spot posing a danger for all aircraft. hundreds of flights now have been canceled. a kentucky court clerk who refused to issue same-sex marriage licenses is appealing. attorneys for kim davis want four rulings reversed including the origin junction for her to issue same-sex marriage licenses and the order holding her in contempt of court. davis, of course, is the clerk in rowan county, kentucky. she spent several days in jail for refusing to follow the law. the wife of the late comedian robin williams is speaking out for the first time since his death. susan williams was on "good morning america" describing the day before robin williams took his life. >> it was the perfect day. we just did what we loved to do together. and i know now that he gave me that perfect day. he gave us that perfect day. >> he planned it. >> in hindsight, he knew what he was doing. >> susan williams says that
7:59 am
despite what most people think, her husband's struggles with alcohol, drug addiction and depression did not play a role in his death. she says what drove robin williams to suicide was his battle with louie body dementia which affects memory, movement and mood. the e. coli outbreak in oregon and washington state is spreading. there are now more than three dozen confirmed cases, many of those affected say they became sick after eating at a chipotle mexican grill. the popular chain temporarily closed 43 of its restaurants while health officials investigate. police say a 65-year-old man is robbing banks in washington state because he wants to be arrested. plice say the man is losing his home and wants a place to stay. that would be jail. he's carried out a string of robbe robberies, sometimes asking only for a dollar. after his latest hit this week, he stood outside the bank waiting for officers to take him to prison. oh. thank you so much for joining me today. i'm carol costello. "at this hour" starts now.
8:00 am
this is cnn breaking news. >> hello everyone, i'm john berman. >> hi, everyone. i'm kate bolduan. breaking news at this hour. we're awaiting official word out of illinois right now about the mysterious circumstances surrounding the death of an illinois police lieutenant. he was found dead in early september. he was shot twice with his own gun. >> you'll remember this sparked a huge manhunt. hundreds of local and federal agents scouring the small community around fox lake looking for clues. and nationwide it raised more questions over whether police officers were coming under attack. but now this morning, we're being told by officials that the army veteran and father of four likely committed suicide. cnn's deborah feyerick following this story for us. and deborah, this would be a strange ending to a really mysterious story. >> reporter: yeah, and it is very strange, indeed. there was a lot of confusion as to why the coroner initially


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