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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  November 23, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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11:00 p.m. in washington, 5:00 a.m. in paris, president
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barack obama is set to meet today with french president hollande. as the u.s. learns more about the attackers and their plans, bombs rained down on the isis capital as france launches air strikes. meanwhile in paris, a new information on salah abdeslam where a suicide vest was found. and in brussels, another terror team waiting to strike. a lot to get to this hour. i want to get straight to martin savage in paris and nima el bagra is in brussel these morning. what are police saying about these new developments? >> first of all, the scouting
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and the orchestration on the part of these isis attackers. surprising and impressive to authorities here because they did not think up to this point that there was this kind of sophistication nor coordination. so that is insightful if obviously in a horrific way. the other thing is the vest that was found. this vest was found 10, 11 days after the attacks themselves. and it does come, as you pointed, in the area in which a cell phone that was belonging to this one terrorist that is still at large was last heard from or seen in the area of the paris attacks on the 13th. so very suspicious than the phone was found in that area and then days later this vest is found in the area. this vest reportedly did not have a detonator attached to it, but it was still the same explosives as those that were used on friday the 13th. is it from this missing fugitive? we don't know at this point, but the vest itself could tell so
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much for investigators, even if it doesn't give the whereabouts of the man right now, salah abdeslam. >> nima, police are searching for abdeslam. is there any new information on the hunt for him? >> well, we now have one man in custody that the police have linked, they say directly, to the paris attacks. also to the broader network that was supporting the paris attacks here in belgium. so you have one more person who is currently being questioned, who's linkes and broader contact list is currently being questioned. many of the investigations so far point to the nexus of that cell booelg being the subof mollenbeck here where the two brothers and the leader of the attack, abdulhamid abaaoud grew up here. we knew the arrow would be
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pointing here, but they're now point to go other towns and city necessary belgium. that is what this terror alert has been about. it is very much a serious and imminent threat and it's about having the opportunity to comb through those neighborhoods and find out really how deed about this plot go? how wide did this net in terms of the support network go out, don. >> so this brussels alert, maximum terror threat there. what is life like for people who are under these lockdown conditions, nima? >> well, we have had people coming out today during the day. saturday was, i think, the most difficult day because it was -- there was such a state of shock. we were in the central shopping district when some of the shops that had opened, in spite of the terror threat level were unceremoniously asked and you had this sense of contained management and police managing
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people's fears. but by evening, most people told us they wanted to be in their homes. this is coming up to christmas. brussel sess a christmas down, a tourist down. this is a difficult time for people, but they're trying to make the best of it. some amazing means on social media, people trying to be supportive of the broader security operation by not giving any details away about what they're seeing on the streets and depression it up by depicting cats being police officers and being searched and following the rules. so trying to return to some semblance of normalcy, but there is no doubt, don, this is a difficult time. >> same question to you, martin. how are pooeg people doing in paris? >> they're doing better. although i have to say that the discovery of this belt is another setback here. i think what really has shaken the people of paris, they've grown accustom to the idea that the city of paris is a target. but this particular assault, aside from the sheer numbers of people that were killed or
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wounded, it was the neighborhoods that were struck. it was the fact that this time no one was spared. it wasn't that the perpendicular was picked up because of their faith. it wasn't because the person was picked up because of their jobs such as "charlie hebdo." this was just people. any kind of person. and that has really shaken the people of paris. this time you could not explain it was ae somebody else's threat. it was people here. that is something they're still adjusting to. >> i appreciate that. now to cnn's nick payton walsh is in syria with the latest sglp nick. >> with the carrier in the east mediterranean, the french have upped the tempo of the strike saying they hit a group of fighters near ramadi. that's part of the increase in intense bombardment of syria, iraq, and we had the chance to
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get within 20 miles of the outskirts of raqqua. when we saw the front line being held by young, often likely armed kurdish fighters who have a lot of optimism about taking the ground fight to isis, but lack, really, the capability at this stage. after paris, the sinai and the cross hairs is here, raqqau. lost in the haze, yet they can hear it, loudest atting dusk. thee days ago, he says, we saw air strikes nearby and then the french say they started bombing. we'll do our best to avenge paris. he, like the other young kurdish fighters here, have lost friends, but saying fighting isis is a duty for humanity, rather than vengeance as they man a series of trenches and outposts about 20 mights from the city. we have just heard distant thuds of what could have been two air strikes. but from where we're standing, here is the kurdish front line,
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a french dug as far as we can see and then all in this direction flat, open land until you reach the outskirts of raqqua, the capital of isis's self-declared state. it's the silence of stalemate in the desert. weapons here are scant. this man carries the ak-47 of his friend who died eight months ago. out here in the flat, open ground with isis in the next village, they still scorn isis's leaders and welcome help. if french, russian or american fighters, this commander says, with come here to fight, we will cooperate with them as we are all fighting to clean the area of isis for humanity. isis left their mark as has the fight for it. even the mosque littered with mines. the silence here is breath taking.
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this is directly the road down to raqqua. and you can just hear the complete absence of human life. there is little in victory left to fight for. on the way out, we meet these guys. they don't look much like white knights, but that's what the pentagon hopes they are. the syrian democratic forces getting american aid who explain they've secured the major defection of sunni tribes inside raqqua to fight isis. we weren't expecting this large number to join, but there are now 4,000 tribesmen, he says. when we want to move, all of them are ready and we've already managed to sneak weapons to them. we're moving forward. western leaders call this a global fight, but here alone do you feel the dust, death and determination. now just in the area where we were, we were there on a friday. on the monday, intense clashes broke out between isis and those
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kurdish fighters. there were four coalition air strikes that targeted isis positions around that town on that same day, ayn al issa. it's still in flux, without a doubt. they have the desire to move against raqqua. but they don't, it seems, have the numbers. there are potentially americans, we think their advisers in that area. they seemed to mention that once talking amongst themselves. but they are assisted, too, by that sheer amount of vast, open terrain where isis are and where those trenches that that leaves isis so vulnerable to air strikes if they try to move towards the kurds, but it puts the kurds out in the open if they try to move towards raqqua. a sense of stalemate. don. >> nick paton walsh, thank you so much for that. good evening, gentlemen. rick, to you first. the french are launching air strike from their aircraft
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carrier, charles de gaulle in the mediterranean. what impact do you think that is going to have on the fight against isis? >> i think the fact that the french are willing to commit nor aircraft to the fight does have an impact because the french are actually dropping their bombs on their targets. their rules of engagement are much different than ours, much more different than ours. so when they approach raqqua, they're going to drop those weapons. they don't go through the cumbersome validation process that we're going through. so the french are having an effect. with their aircraft in theater and that french aircraft carrier, they're bringing almost 50 aircraft to the fight. if they're willing to use them on a daily basis, yes, they can have an effect. >> general hurtling, france, russia and the coalition all bombing syria and iraq. is there any indication that the structure is being degraded? >> it's a combination of a couple of things. it's not only the leadership being degraded, but it's also the fighters. you put your fighters under that
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much bombardment for this long a period of time, it not only kills a lot of people, but it affects their will to fight. and i think we're beginning to see that based on some of the reports nick paton walsh is giving and others. but it causes them to shift their fight to other places and that's exactly what we're seeing in other parts of the world. so as this is a multi pronged approach, there are seven lines of operation in this strategy against isis, this is just one of them. and we've got to up the ante in the other efforts, as well. >> the "new york times" is reporting today that an intenl pentagon investigation of the u.s. central command claims supervisors change military analysis of the fight against isis in iraq to make it seem as though it was going better than it really was. rick, your background is in intelligence in general. as a commander, intel is critical to what you do. what do you make of this? first, to you, general. >> well, this is an interesting
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story, don. i've watched this for a while. i don't know exactly what is happening inside sidcom, but truthfully, rick is a great guy to answer. he's been an intelligence analyst. i've taken intelligence product from my analyst and measured not only what they say on paper, what they've done in terms of their written products, but also combined that with some other products that come from the field, the signals snalgs, the human intelligence that comes in that sometimes don't get it into the report, and you also -- the analyst res separated from what's going on on the ground, which can only be provided by the people on the scene and the commanders. so i don't know what's going to happen on this report and the dod ig is going to investigate it. but it seems to me like this may be some problems inside the central command intelligence instruct. it may be leadership issues. it may be just the way these things are processed, but the analysts sometimes get a little
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bit full of themselves and sometimes don't realize there are other things that contribute to painting the picture on the ground. >> colonel, what's your assessment of this report by the "new york times"? >> if what they're report sg true, this is unconsciousble. intelligence analysts is charged to provide the most accurate assessment of the picture on the ground, in the air, as he can, as she can to the commander. as the general says, the commander has to make decisions based on that information. if he doesn't have good information, he cannot possibly make good decisions. this is not just an academic exercise. this is an action that has consequence because the general will make a decision to move troops, to move resources and to send young americans into combat based on what you're telling him. so if you're going to skew the intelligence, you are putting young americans at risk. so i hope they get to the bottom of this and find out what the problem is. as the general said, there is
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real issues with the intelligence structure. i was part of that years ago where you've got a large capacity, a large force in tampa, florida, and you've got a forward based operation out in the theater. and so a lot of it is being done in tampa. some of it is being done out front. that creates a lot of problems. you don't have everybody there at the front with the commander. >> but isn't it a domino effect or a snowball effect? because if the -- you know, if his advisers are getting the right information, that means the president is not getting the right information and i may be a rosier picture, even though he doesn't think so, that he's getting than what is actually happening. >> yeah, but, don, a sidcom report does not go directly to the president. it's filtered through the defense intelligence agency and that's combined with other reports from cia, from operatives and from the commanders' input. so anyone that is saying that the president is being swayed by
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false reports doesn't really understand how the process works. and what i tell you, b just to add what rick said earlier, i remember an occasion when i was in iraq. every commander, every senior commander gets something called a black book every day which lists the things in either a secret or a top secret format. and i remember reading continuously reports that some of the intelligence analysts at multi national force iraq down in baghdad were given me about my area in northern iraq. finally, i called my boss at the time, general petraeus, and said how about sending a couple of those analysts up here and let them fly out to areas with me on the helicopters so they can see what's going on on the ground. and they did. and it gave them more input of how to write their report that, really, contributed to a better understanding of what they were putting that was going back to the dia and the cia that could have a better picture of what was going on on the grouped. so all these things, it's a give-and-take and the leadership
8:17 pm
on the ground really has to -- really talk to one another, engage one another and share the intelligence picture as opposed to just saying whatever is on the piece the of paper is gospel and we've got to abide by that. it's a continuous process. certainly if something was wrong, it is unconsciousble as rick said. but i think there's more to it than this. >> briefly, rick. >> what the general said is true. when the information comes from sitcom, it goes to dia, cia and everybody. but there is a robust dialogue going on constantly between sidcom, dia, cia because everybody wants to get the best picture they can to the president. they want to make sure what he has are right. there are disagreementes and sometimes you have to say, okay, this is what we're going with. but remember, the defense intelligence agency is the senior so they will filter out anything they believe sidcom may have skewed. >> colonel and general, thank you. appreciate it.
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to bill maher, muslims values are not our values he said on friday. he was arguing the muslim values were at odds with western values. listen. >> if you are in this religion, you probably do have values that are at odds. this is what liberals don't want to recognize. you may be from a country, as there are many, many muslim countries that either have sharia law or want sharia law. those values are not our values. this idea that somehow we do share values that all religions are alike is bull [ bleep ]. >> mark, do you agree with that? >> bill maher seems to get this islam question wrong all the time. islam is premised on some very basic fundamental values that are in line with what america articulates as its own values, what the vest articulates as its own values. questions of ethics, questions of mono theism.
8:23 pm
certainly islam is in line with that, as well. questions of democracy and fair ps. these are all things that islam does deal with. the question of sharia law is far more complicated than he would like to acknowledge. it's about a range of things and it's not a plight in every country or every way. so to say somehow because you have an investment in sharia law means somehow you're a radical or you're necessarily anti-growth, anti-democracy, anti-modern, it's just not true. >> i have to say, i think it's even more accurate to point out there are ideas within islam that are very popular in islam that they don't necessarily have a large portion of all islamic communities from kins around the world. we are talking about in the tens of millions and in some cases in the hundreds of millions that are more specifically at odds with liberal values in this country. ideals about the rights of women, the rights of same-sex marriage. these are places where you would think liberals particularly would be up in arms and critical of the prevalence of these ideas of these ideas that, under
8:24 pm
normal circumstances, would be considered bigoted by american liberals. in the case of islam, there's a lot of excuse making. there's a lot of apologies offered all the time and i think it's because they've accepted islam as part of the victimology in this country that is, therefore, protected and is above criticism. there are ideas about the role of women, there are ideas about homosexuals, ideas about all kinds of things in islam that millions and millions of people around the world believe that are very much at odds and if we don't address that and understand that, i don't see how this can get better and i don't see how sweeping it under the rug benefits anybody as we are so concerned about constantly trying to prop up and help. >> and he did reference this poll that says the majority of americans, i think it's 56%, that says they believe the value of islam are at odds with the american values. this is before the paris attacks. what do you think is driving these numbers, mark?
8:25 pm
>> zeeb know phobia, a lack of information, a media machine that is committed to misrepresenting the islamic community. if you were looking to, for example, ten years ago prior to president obama's presidency and they did polls on more mormonism. then we got to meet mitt romney and extraordinary people who represented their fatal in a very positive way and we learned more about them and the polls changed. if you were to poll america about homosexuality 20 years ago, they would have had a different vision. so i don't appeal to polls to make sense of what's true or not. and as far as saying, well, muslims believe this about homosexuality, to the homosexuality point again, you could poll conservative christians in this country now and find similar numbers. that doesn't mean the faith itself is the problem.
8:26 pm
we have a political issue, a cultural issue and an ideology issue being used to smear islam rather than residesing that it as other fatal have problems, but that's not the core of the problems. >> he said pointing out the extremes is the problem. >> with a little more nuance, but yes. >> but it's not just the islamic state we're talking about here. when you look at polling in countries around the world, view polling of what the prescribed punishment in, for example, for adultery, these are not fringe beliefs about year talking about many millions of people and in some cases majorities in very large countries, places like pakistan, where they do blooi believe hypocrisy is punishable by death or they would at least imprison you for a long time. there is a root fallacy within american liberalism and the american left that all religions more or less have some problems, that they're all more or less the same and that's, frankly, not true. there aren't a lot of quakers
8:27 pm
lopping off heads in public squares. we know this. we can turn on the news and see what's being written in newspapers around the world. there is one faith tradition right now that absolutely refuse toes allow criticism in the public square or anywhere of that matter of its basic tenants and does so with the threat of force. it specifically says you will be killed if you criticize our faith and it's a threat that has to be taken seriously because they've done it. they did it to journalists around the world and this is different. i think we need to recognize that and stop trying to play this false equivalentsy. it prepare pretends these problems are not as broad as they are and there is a regressivism that is particular to the islamic faith that is not particular to other faiths and we need to address this and empower the moderates. >> last word, mark. >> wow, that's a lot to respond to. one one take the most extremely liberal and you could argue not particularly religion and unitarian church and you compare
8:28 pm
it to the most extreme, they have never had a record of terrorism or extremism. let's not play with the extremes here. again, if you look at the pughed polling, which is perhaps the most flawed poll, i'd tell you, you would recognize within these countries, it's a more nuanced conversation about what it means to punish a prophecy. if you say muslim country res so silenced and so repressed and then you appeal to a poll where they're asked to think about the state religion, you may come one a poll that doesn't reflect what people on the ground really think. there is a much wider range of islamic practices and identities than what we see. it's a very small slice of a community or a population that is being blamed for a -- rather that is committing acts and committed to the whole range -- >> i have to say, mark, having spent time in the middle east -- >> as have i. >> and you and i both know the complexities you're talking
8:29 pm
about with sharia is often brutality. >> i disagree. >> well, then we need to take a trip together to saudi arabia and see how they handle things. >> okay, guys -- >> but let's take a trip to turkey or egypt and -- >> we have -- >> and we'll see sharia law is mimged in a particular way around crime, around marriage. >> i've got to go. >> okay. thank you. >> i love you, don. >> i love you, too. thank you, guys. >> what about me? >> whatever. not so much. sorry. >> okay. >> i love you, man. >> good to see you, mark. when we come back, new polls show donald trump solidly in the lead for the gop race. is he unstoppable or will his controversial remarks hurt his campaign? ♪
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joining me. i'll give the first question to you, ryan. the latest abc news/wall post poll shows this, donald trump comfortably on top, 32%. here is my question. there's a lot of things that potentially would have ended anyone else's campaign in any other year. he seems to be made of teflon. the most recent example are the comments about muslims. so what do you think? do you think anything is going to derail him? i think that what has to happen is that republican voters need to be getting a consistent stream of information about the downside of electing donald trump from sources they trust, other republican officials, the conservative media. i mean, in the history of campaigns is, if a candidate is riding high in the polls, the only thing that takes them down is new information. and, so far, republican elites, the party infrastructure, has not -- there's been no single
8:35 pm
organization that has launched a sustained ad campaign, information campaign pointing out things to republican voters that they might not like about donald trump. i think until that happens, he'll stay pretty steady where he is. >> i can read your face, katrina. >> look, don, the reason donald trump is on top is republican voters don't like the gop establishment. the gop can throw whatever they want because these what they've always done, even with the conservative candidates from last time and not to mention the negative bes donald trump are baked in and that's why he's been on top this whole time. >> you talk about donald trump's comments over the weekend, you call them bone chilling. here is what donald trump said. >> just to set it clear. i want surveillance of these people. i want surveillance if we have to and i don't care. i want -- are you ready for
8:36 pm
this, folks? are you ready? oh, they're going to make it such a big deal. they're going to make it so big. he said something so politically incorrect. that's why we're going to hell because we're so politically incorrect. such a big deal. such a big deal. i want surveillance of certain mosques, okay? if that's okay. i want surveillance. >> you say you're frightened by his rhetoric. why? >> i have never honestly been concerned for my family or my friends before when an american politician said something. this is the first time. it has really changed. his speech there is saying i want surveillance of these people and i am muslim. we are now these people. we're not fellow americans, we're not your neighbor, knox doctors, not taxi drivers. we are these people and he is dehumanizing the muslim american community at a time when we have a spike in terror attacks. i think it's painting a picture that somehow we're not
8:37 pm
trustworthy, that they're an enemy within this country and that's alarm to go mutt p muslims and people who are now standing with us. a rabbi wrote a great letter. i put it in my article. people came out on social media and said that is wrong. thankfully. >> let's talk about your article. you said if trump is the presidential nominee in 2016, they, meaning the gop, will have made it clear to america that the grand old party is no longer the party of lincoln, but the party of hate. >> absolutely. and we've talked about this before and i wrote an article earlier about some of the hateful comments by other republicans. right now, donald trump's ascendency is because he demonized muslims and he had a racist virtual campaign against president obama. >> that's more damning to donald trump i think about the electricat. >> if they choose a man centered to power on this -- i has
8:38 pm
nothing about platform and policy. his platform is personality. i'm imploring the republicans, support someone who values what our country is about. >> that may be coming back. it's more damning to say something about the electorate than it is to say something about donald trump. go ahead, katrina. >> that's what we hear a lot on the republican side or the conservative side is anyone who speaks the truth is obviously spewing hate. that's exactly what donald trump is speaking is the truth. let me point back in 2009, anderson cooper, on cnn, ran a special called "uncovering america," which identified muslims in america that were, in fact, radicalized. and the good news is, the clarion project has released a map of where all the radical mosques are. there are 80 out of 2100. yes, we should absolutely be watching those mosques. why are we even having this discussion right now? >> we have a thing called the u.s. constitution.
8:39 pm
>> and we have a thing called warrants. >> i wish donald trump would read the united states constitution. the i wish he would understand and value what this country is valued on. the idea for many become one. that's what concerned donald trump. his language is inciting a crowd to cheer for depriving muslims -- >> it is the truth. >> -- of the constitution -- >> people came to this country on visas and brought down the world trade center. they were not muslim americans. >> they were on visas and the boston bombers are refugees and you want to tell americans we shouldn't have anything to worry about? >> i'm saying if there is someone specifically that has done something wrong, the police then will investigate that person. your argument is actually supports -- >> he said certain mosques. certain mosques. >> katrina, let him finish. >> you're arguing that a handful of any minority group does something wrong, the rest suffering, that's the same racial profiling that hurts
8:40 pm
african-americans and nosht minority americans. if there are people in a mosque that do something wrong, surveil those people. >> that's all he's saying. it's much broader. the idea that thousands of muslims rallied in new jersey and celebrated after 9/11 paints a picture. why would you bring this up 14 years in a campaign that should be about the economy and foreign policy? >> because paris was just attacked and isis has targeted the united states. that's why he's being talked about now. >> katrina, can i jump in here for a second? >> go ahead, ryan. >> can i just jump in here. you talked about donald trump talking about the truth. could you clear up for us, yesterday molth most people that have looked into this say he tweeted something that was dee most strusble false about race and crime statistics and he said something that he that was demonstrably false about watching on tv in 9/11 thousands of muslims in new jersey cheering as the towers come down. could you clear up for anyone
8:41 pm
right now? >> sure. absolutely. >> confirm both of those things were incorrect. >> donald trump himself spoke tonight on bill o'reiley show -- >> katrina, here is the tweet. again, he said it was a retweet that he retweeted something else and bill o'reiley took him to task saying you should not retweet something if you did not know if it was true. it makes you look bad. >> that's absolutely right. he addressed it himself personally because it came from somebody that he knew as a radio personality and it was a retweet. he didn't check it and he apologized for that because -- >> that information is false, katrina? >> that is number one. let me ask answer your -- >> i want to get a clear statement. is that information false that he retweeted? >> i didn't economic the information. all he said was he just retweeted -- >> the information is false and he said that it's false. go ahead. >> and bill o'reiley addressed thad with him. >> but katrina, as his spokesperson, why are you not willing to say that information is false? >> let me answer the second part of your question.
8:42 pm
>> i want you to come back to my question and -- >> answer the second part of his question, katrina. go ahead. >> the second part of the question is what did he say about seeing people in new jersey cheering 9/11, right? that's what he said. >> he said thousands upon thousands. >> but you can actually go on to the jewish standard website on september 10th, 2014, there are 30,000 comments and there are individuals from new jersey recounting everything they saw that night, including muslims cheering the world trade center going down. >> katrina, he said he saw thousands of muss atlantic limps -- >> that they saw -- >> on anyone watching the towers fall, katrina. >> stand by. let me -- >> and the "washington post" even -- >> there's a washington post article that says people were allegedly -- >> "the washington post" fact checked this and they declared it false. >> they said they allegedly saw people and talked to people who were celebrating -- >> until -- >> let me continue.
8:43 pm
and it turns out that information is not true. there is no substantial evidence, no videotape or anyone to show any thousands in new jersey were celebrating after the fall of the towers. stand by, everyone, we'll continue after this break. may raise your blood pressure. that's why there's coricidin® hbp. it relieves cold symptoms without raising blood pressure. so look for powerful cold medicine with a heart. coricidin® hbp.
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sgroo all right. back now. quite an interesting situation. you said the tsarnaev brothers were refugees. they were chechnyan. their parents sought asylum from chechnya. so, katrina, continuing our discussion, go ahead. >> which part of it? >> you weren't finished. i had to cut you guys off. >> we were talking about the -- >> ryan was trying to get to the bottom of is he said if you can admit that retweet by donald trump, the information in that retweet, if that was false, then why can't you admit that other things were false? why can't you admit, as a spokesperson, that this information was wrong? >> because it was a retweet. that's not something that donald trump put together. had he put those numbers together and tweeted it,
8:48 pm
absolutely -- >> but as bill o'reiley said to him this evening -- >> was it performance art -- >> hang on, ryan. as bill o'reiley said to him this evening on fox news, he said why do it? if you're running as leader of the free world, you're only giving people ammunition to say that this is racist. >> and he agreed. >> and so why do it if you are donald trump and you're running as leader of the free world? >> chances are, don, he probably won't do that again, at least without checking the numbers. again, he already said this came from somebody that he knew. it turns out it was a quote from somebody that he knew that was tagged on it. and it was twitter. so, no, i'm not going to say that he did something wrong. he retweeted something he probably shouldn't have. but at the same time, had he put those numbers out himself -- >> katrina -- >> -- this yes. >> katrina, it's racist propaganda that he retweeted. that's the problem here. he's retweeting lies about crime statistics that suggest
8:49 pm
african-americans are killing white people at completely insane and exaggerated numbers. do you understand why people might be offended by that? and why people have a problem -- >> and do you -- but do you understand that -- >> -- retweeting false, racist propaganda? >> do you understand that donald trump could tweet out a dozen white roses to his wife and he would still be called a racist? do you understand that? >> no, i don't think anyone is calling -- >> calling him a racist. >> katrina -- >> pictures of roses. i think they're calling him a racist because he said yesterday that a black protester at his rally should be roughed up. he tweeted -- >> nais that's racist? that's racist? >> but it plays the -- >> and he is telling lies about muslims on 9/11. >> that's the thesis of my argument, ryan. >> katrina -- >> that's going to be the last one. katrina, i know we've got to go, but listen, as was said on fox news, why give people the ammunition? we'll continue to discuss this.
8:50 pm
>> right. you guys are here all the time. >> what you said is correct, don, yes. coming up, a young medical student shot point-blank. the whole thing caught on camera. the shocking story is next. ♪ how else do you think he gets around so fast? take the reins this holiday and get the mercedes-benz you've always wanted during the winter event. hurry, offers end soon. the way i see it, you have two choices; the easy way or the hard way. you could choose a card that limits where you earn bonus cash back. or, you could make things easier on yourself. that's right, the quicksilver card from capital one. with quicksilver you earn unlimited 1.5% cash back
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next story. medical student peter gould saw a man dragging a woman down the street at 4:30 in the morning and tried to save her. here is the story of what happened next. i have to warn you, some of what you're about to see is very disturbing. >> this surveillance video released by police is chilling. report rd early friday morning, it shows 25-year-old tulane university medical student peter gould getting out of a car, cell phone in hand, walking towards danger. he's just seen a woman being dragged down the street and he's trying to help. seconds later, gold appears with his hands up. the man in the hooded sweatshirt pointing a gun. you can't hear what gold tells him, but police say he's explaining he doesn't have any money. a witness who wants to remain anonymous describes to cnn affiliate wvue what he saw happen next. >> i saw the guy with the gun
8:55 pm
shoot the guy in the stomach. i saw the guy fall and then i saw him stand over him and attempt to shoot him, like, in the face a couple of times. >> but he doesn't. the gun appears to jam. watch it again. gold on the ground, helpless. the assailant leveling the gun. then, nothing. nothing, other than a look of shock across gold's face. the suspect, identifying by police as euric cain, takes off in an suv, leaving gold bleeding on the ground. after a more than 72-hour citywide manhunt, police arrested cain. they say he had been hiding at his 17-year-old girlfriend's house. >> now, he will likely spend the rest of his life in jail, as he should. and what a waste it is. >> the 21-year-old is facing a string of charges, including attempted first degree murder for nearly killing the young doctor who risked his own life to save another.
8:56 pm
>> his courage is an admirable fact that the citizens of new orleans are not going to turn a blind eye to crime and that we are going to fight back. >> police say the woman seen in the beginning of the video is okay. she suffered only minor injuries. gold, meanwhile, remains in the hospital. his family says he continues to improve and is in guarded condition. don. >> thank you, alina. what have we come to in this country, this happening? that's it for us tonight. i'm so glad you watched. i'll see you right back here tomorrow night. our live coverage continues in just a moment with max foster and aisha in los angeles.
8:57 pm
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