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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  December 22, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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but this is a next step in trying to make progress in icy in syria. the group is part of the of up to 50 special operation forces that president barack obama approved for advisory operations in syria. stay with cnn for breaking news for information on that story throughout the day and evening. that does it for me. now time for "the lead" with jake tapper. right now. >> thanks, don. i admit i have never before heard that particular word used by a presidential candidate, but then again i never covered lyndon johnson. "the lead" starts right now. hillary clinton takes a bathroom break and donald trump resorts to bathroom humor and grabs a vulgar word from yiddish for the democratic front-runner. the crazy question, how much will this help trump's poll numbers? isis terrorists preventing civilians from leaving a key
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iraqi city, even worse, using them as human shields. desperate attempts to flee. the fierce assault to drive isis out. with terror fears sky high and the holiday season in full swing, how did the guy manage to sneak on to the tarmac undetected at a new york city airport? >> hello, welcome to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. politics lead, negative campaigning, it's american as apple pie. dates back to at least 1800 when jefferson's allies called adams a hideous character. with that said we never seen a campaign like this one, nor a candidate such as one mr. donald j. trump. in michigan, playing to a packed house, trump broke into an attack on hillary clinton. instead of sticking to questioning her truthfulness or polysis or record, he invoked
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the bathroom break that clinton took during the democratic debate. he called it disgusting. and then trump went even further, talking about her loss in the democratic primaries in 2008 saying clinton, quote was favored and win and she got schlonked. >> dana bash here with me in washington. one can only expect this will, for whatever reason. help him and have him rise more in the polls. >> i think that's entirely possible, if not probabe since this time trump is insulting hillary clinton and not his fellow republicans. but even by trump standards pre-christmas rally filled with more lumps of coal than usual. >> hillary, that's not a president. >> reporter: there's down and dirty campaigning and then there's this -- donald trump using a yiddish word for a certain part of the male anatomy to slam hillary clinton for losing to barack obama in 2008.
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>> she got -- she lost. . she lost. i watched her the other night. was hard. there were other things on better, including reading books and financial papers which i enjoy reading. >> reporter: that's not all. that moment in this weekend's debate when clinton was late returning from the commercial break -- >> sorry. >> reporter: -- apparently nature was calling, that clearly grossed trump out. >> i -- i know where she went. it's disgusting. i don't want to talk about it. no, it's too disgusting. don't say it. it's disgusting. we want to be very, very straight up, okay? but i thought that -- wasn't that a weird deal? ready to start, looking. they gave her every benefit of the doubt because, you know, it's abc and she practically owns abc. she really does. >> reporter: to add to the bizarre nature, hillary clinton's campaign responded with a response previous faced by insisting they would not respond. a spokeswoman saying we are not responding to trump, but everyone who understand the
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humiliation this degrading language inflicts on all women should, #i'mwithher. and hillary clinton herself took this not so subtle dig at trump within a little girl asked about being bullied. >> you are looking at somebody who has had a lot of terrible things said about me and i'm well aware of the fact, it's easy to do that, and you know, you say it, you send it around the world, and luckily i'm old enough it doesn't particularly bother me. >> reporter: team clinton continues to say, hell no trump's call for an apology for making a claim about trump and isis that independent fact checkers call false. >> they are going to people, showing videos of donald trump insulting islam and muslims in order to recruit more radical jihadists. >> she's terrible. donald trump is on video and isis is using him on the video to recruit!
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and it turned out to be a lie. she's a liar. turned out to be a lie. turned out to be a lie. and the last person that she wants to run against is me, believe me. >> reporter: sparring with hillary clinton, a common gop enemy, is a way for trump to try to solidify his front-runner status among republican primary voters, even as one of his rivals is now nipping at his heels. a new national poll from quinnipiac has ted cruz four points behind trump, a big jump for cruz to 24%. he was at just 16% in the same poll earlier this month. >> donald trump said a couple of days ago that he thinks this race will come down to him and me. i think donald may be right. >> he thinks the gop race could end up two-man race between him and trump which he sayses a good thing for the couldn't trip jeb bush campaigning in new hampshire said, that he believes
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that by trump doing this, about hillary clinton, that it is going to enhance her, quote, victimology status and that he's not going to be president by turning people off. he also went on to say, for crying out loud, two days before christmas, lighten up, man. >> all right. dana bash, thanks so much. staying with the politics lead, next guest has gone to being an afterthought to showing signs of strength in new hampshire with a little more over than a month until that state's primary. how can he seal the deal with voters? joining me now, standing in his tell it like it is bus, in new jersey, republicanle presidential candidate, chris christie. thanks for joining us. >> appreciate it. >> you're third in the cnn poll in the granite state, behind trump and rubio. do you think it's fair to say you need to finish in third place or better in new hampshire for your campaign to credibly
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continue? >> let's talk on january 15th, jake. let's see. you know, i think starting around the 15th you can really get a handle on polls starting to solidify. people in new hampshire making up their minds. have me back january 15th, i'll give you an affirmative answer one way or another. >> i'm pencilling you in. your rivals, i'm confused of senator marco rubio. you've gone after him for missing key senate votes. also gone after him for not campaigning in new hampshire. . where do you think rubio should be? where is he? >> i don't know where he is. apparently not in washington. he's not new hampshire either. but my point on the senate vote was, don't come out and say that you are opposed to the spending bill that congress is going to pass and you're a member of the united states senate and not show up to work, no. people think it's a strange, you have an opportunity to vote no
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and you don't show up and vote. that was my point. it's not a series of votes, it's that particular vote where he's said he's opposed to the spending bill. go down, make a speech on the floor of the senate, try to persuade people, and if you can, at least vote no yourself. >> you said you can do your job from the road as governor? >> i do my job from the road every day. by the way, when i need to be home, i go home. i'll be home tonight, i'll be in the state house tomorrow, doing my job in trenton, new jersey. and i do my job from the road. you can be guaranteed this, if i said that there was a bill that came to my desk that i was opposed to, i wouldn't miss the opportunity to veto it by not showing up in new jersey and executing on the veto. that's the difference. >> you were critical of senator ted cruz saying that the u.s. should carpet bomb isis in iraq and syria. what's your issue with that? >> my issue is, that's tough talking when he had the opportunity to protect the homeland preserving the nsa metadata program he voted the
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other way. don't be talking tough on one end but not give intelligence community and our law enforcement community the tools they need to protect the homeland. and i think those things are just contradictory. >> i want to play a question you got in new hampshire yesterday. take a listen. >> when we talk about you, this is no disrespect, one of the things i hear all of the time is, shady. how do you convince me, my vote is wide open, i love everything you're talking about tonight, but how do you convince me you're not shady and you're actually here to help us? >> do you think that that is what's keeping you from being in first place this perception among some voters that you're shady, that the bridgegate scandal really is indicative of a bigger problem with you? >> no, in fact, if you showed the rest of the tape, i then asked him, what made him think that. and he said, i don't know. i mean, so, no, i don't think it's anything in particular. what we concluded, he and i had
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a conversation back and forth, he said probably because you're from new jersey. you know, so list. there are just certain cultural things that get baked in in some people's minds after, you know, jersey shore and the sopranos that make people think certain ways. i wanted to know what he wanted. if you played the rest of it, we went back and forth and i questioned, what makes you feel that way. they concluded just because i'm from new jersey. i said, there's nothing i can do about that, i was born and raised there, proud to be there from. that was all that was. >> i'm from philadelphia, i'm going to hold my tongue when it comes to new jersey. the clinton -- >> be very careful, jake, very careful, jake. >> the clinton campaign doubling down on hillary clinton's claim that isis is using video of donald trump to recruit new members. we have found no evidence that isis is doing that. the hillary clinton campaign says, trump's rhetoric about muslims hurts us in the fight against isis. do you think that point is true? >> what i think the two should
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stop bickering about personal disagreements with eacher who should apologize to who and get back to talking about the things that americans really care about. protecting the security of the homeland, making sure that our intelligence, law enforcement communities have all of the tools they need to be able to protect us, coming up with a strategy to beat isis, where they live and where they're breeding. and making sure that our economy begins to recover so that we don't have stagnant middle class wages for the next 15 years. those are things we should be talking about. tired of hearing about the bickering between donald trump and hillary or donald trump and jeb. they should all grow up, start talking about the issues people care about, not issues that concern them personally. >> that's fair enough when it comes to bickering. the issue of whether or not donald trump's rhetoric hurts the united states in the war against radical islam, that's a legitimate issue to discuss. >> listen, you know what? i don't think it hurts it anymore than hillary clinton saying we're right where we need to be with isis.
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i mean, both of them have said some things that i don't agree with. she's also said that assad was a reformer. so, you know, we can go back and parse all of their statements back and forth and say whether it helps us or hurts us. what will help us we get a commander in chief behind the desk in the oval office who understands how to fight terrorism because he's done it. i'm the only one in the race who has done that. if people give me a chance to be president, they'll see an effective terrorism fighter in the united states. >> drawing a strong contrast with hillary clinton, last night donald trump did something like that, he said that what clinton did during a debate bathroom break was, quote, do disgusting to talk about. he said she got, quote, "schlonged" by president barack obama in 2008. thoughts? >> none. none. not going to respond to everything that comes out of donald's mouth. >> is it appropriate for a presidential candidate to use the word in that way?
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>> i am not going to respond to everything that comes out of donald trump's mouth. it may fascinate all of you, it is of absolutely no interest to me. i'm running for president of the united states, jake. >> okay. i will say, when you have no thoughts on that, i don't believe you. but i will move on. >> no, i said -- no, jake, i didn't say no thoughts. i said i had no interest. that's different. plenty of thoughts. no interest in discussing it. >> fair enough. you said you've been going after senators cruz and rubio the most because those two, quote, made the biggest mistakes at the moment. it's hard to square with comments made by trump. jeb bush says he's the only one tough enough to stand up to donald trump. >> i've heard jeb say that. it's fascinating to me, i don't think the complaint about me has ever been i'm not tough enough. you know, if jeb somehow thinks he tougher than i am, he's
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absolutely entitled to his opinion but over the course of time, two things people have never said about me, i'm not tough enough and i'm misunderstood. i'll continue to be who i am, and we'll let the voters decide. >> governor, thank you so much. merry christmas to you and your beautiful family. >> thanks. happy holidays to your and your family. great new year, look forward to talking to you again real son. donald trump won't kill journalists if he wins the white house. i was worried for a second. while the republican base heats up trump's talk on the media and more, did trump's vulgar takedown of hillary clinton finally go too far? our panel is next.
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welcome back to "the lead," donald trump redefining what going beyond the pale is saying about this about the democratic front-runner, hillary clinton. >> she was going to beat obama. i don't know who would be worse. i don't know. how does it get worse? but she was going to beat, she was favored to win, and she got schlonged, she lost. she lost. >> i want to talk about trump and 2016 race with former press secretary, ben labolt and cnn political commentator s.e. cupp.
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trump says that she got schlonged. thoughts? >> well, my parents were so proud, but i'm talking today about getting schlonged and humor. classy stuff. look, what's so frustrating for conservatives like me, who want to win the white house, is that today, hillary clinton was named the worst ethics violator of 2015 by a government watch dog agency. a long list of failed policies from the russian reset to the libyan collapse. people describe her as liar. and yet, yet, every time donald trump opens his mouth he gets her that much closer to the white house. so i know people love the entertainment factor of a guy who literally has no filter but when it comes time for the nominating process and time for a general election, trump is ensuring a democratic victory. so you're welcome. >> the media, what we talked about quite a bit yesterday and sunday was the fact that hillary clinton said this thing about
1:19 pm
donald trump and isis about isis using videos of donald trump as a way of recruiting. there's no evidence for it at all. yet donald trump knocks that off the front pages -- >> throws her out. >> -- and makes this comment. >> look, i think secretary clinton's comment was -- >> it was false. >> social media activity -- >> it was false. perhaps truthiness there somewhere, yes but the claim is not true. but ultimately, i mean, the -- you know, donald trump is making the war on terror look like a war on muslims. and that is a terrorism recruitment tool. but trump's comments yesterday, look, he's somebody who knows how to create reality television moments, that's how he's treating the entire campaign. and the clinton campaign didn't give him what he wanted today i don't know if he's look for an outreach back and forth like he had with rosie o'donnell a few
1:20 pm
years ago. every day he says something like this, he's driving up the gender gap that the republican party will face in the general election. >> one of the challenges i think, you saw it with chris christie, if you're a republican running against trump, but you don't want to alienate his supporters, a sizable group, what do you do? take a listen to ted cruz saying it will come down to him versus trump. here's his response to trump's vulgar remarks about secretary cinton. >> you know, they're an abundance of political pundits in the world, statler and waldorf assess every comment, i don't need to be another political pundit. i'm going to speak for myself. >> statler and waldorf, they were on the muppet show. what's the appropriate thing when donald trump crosses a line and says something vulgar or, you know, offensive. >> acknowledge it. i understand that cruz thinks his path to the nomination is
1:21 pm
bear hug donald trump and collect his voters when endonald trump magicallydisappears. imagine the negative ads. i mean, imagine -- democrats -- if ted cruz wins the nomination, democrats are going insist the republicans are running a donald trump and it's easy for them to do if it's ted cruz with some of the sound. really hard to do if it's jeb bush. really hard to do if it's chris christie. but not hard to do if it's ted cruz who has said, i'm not going to really get in there and insult him. i think donald trump is fantastic. >> what's interesting about this, ben, hillary clinton is emanately beatable if you look at new quinnipiac poll, voters say clinton is not honest, not trustworthy, does not care about the needs, does not share values. >> she's not running against the almighty, she's running against the alternative. if you look at numbers, she's doing better. look, what voters are seeing when they tune into this race today are those comments from
1:22 pm
donald trump. republican primarily voters don't reflect the broader general electorate. when we get to the general election, you're going to see more discussion on the issues and hillary clinton's going to win that discussion. >> all right. ben, s.e., thank you. national lead, personal details released what the sande bernardo terrorists told authorities. a brazen robbery, secret service agents gun, badge, computer flash drive stolen from a secret service agent in broad daylight, next. coughingniffling... and wishing you could stay in bed all day. when your cold is this bad... need new theraflu expressmax. theraflu expressmax combines... maximum strength medicines available without a prescription... fight your worst cold and flu symptoms... you can feel better fast and get back to the job at hand.
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welcome back to "the lead." following breaking news in our national lead on the san bernardino terrorist attack. cnn obtained a copy of malik's visa application, the female terrorist along with her husband slaughtered 14 people earlier this month. the pair met in 2013, granted entry into the u.s. in july of last year. farouk was a u.s. citizen, he was born in chicago. right to cnn's kyung lah. what does the application reveal. >> reporter: it reveals the process of how she got into the united states. this is a 21-page visa application, the very first look that we're getting into how tash she tashfeen arrived in the united states on a visa. released on the committee whether or not there were shortfalls in the visa process, the committee in releasing the 21-page document pointed to this page, and what the page shows is a couple of stamps where the
1:27 pm
committee says they weren't properly translated. it's a page from her visa, visa, saudi visa, she used to enter the country, they say wasn't properly translated. what we're hearing from the department of homeland security, when we reached out to u.s. citizens and immigration services malik passed a number of background checks that all different stages that there were no red flags. so in the interview process, that's why they focused on the marriage and whether they intended to marry. most interesting to us, jake, this page, intention to marry. you get to really hear from what he saw how it all happened. we met through an online website after several weeks of e-mailing we decided to meet each other. he describes how they met in person in saudi arabia. he adds my fiancee and i intend to marry within the first month of her arriving in the u.s. >> thank you so much. national news, security scare
1:28 pm
near the white house. cnn learned someone made off with a secret servicing a's gun, badge, flash drive in broad d daylight after breaking into agent's personal call. another black eye for the embattled secret service agency. kind of scary to think what somebody might be able to do with a secret service badge and gun. >> it is. and it's surprising, too. more trouble for the secret service, not only because an agent's gun and badge are missing but also it appears to have been a brazen car break-in during the day in washington, d.c., not far from headquarters. >> reporter: the u.s. secret service, whose job it is to protect the first family, can't stay out of the headline s. an agent gets his service weapon and badge stolen in a car break-in. author of the first family detail about the secret service.
1:29 pm
>> this is a total violation of basic security rules involving any law enforcement to allow a gun, a badge, to be locked up in a car, left unattended. >> reporter: it happened in broad daylight, outside secret service headquarters blocks from the white house. the police department report on the incident lists everything stolen including the black handgun, radio, handcuffs, flash drive, not clear what was on it, black bag and secret service badge, fresh fodder for critics harping on the agency's record. >> they are supposed to be guarding the president of the united states of america. >> it goes back to a really rotten management culture in the secret service which corner cutting lacks. >> reporter: the secret service declined to comment but a law enforcement official says the
1:30 pm
usb is encriped and the theft is not a threat to the agency. the incident adds to embarra embarrassments in the last few years. last month a man taken into custody after jumping over a white house fence, while the first family was inside celebrating thanksgiving. in november a secret service officer was arrested caught in a sting sending naked pictures of himself to someone he thought was a 14-year-old girl. and last september a man jumped the white house fence with a knife in his pocket, reaching the mansion's doors and ran through the main floor, past a stairway that leads up to the resident before ultimately stopped. we understand, from talking to law enforcement, that there is a way to disable secret service radios. there's not a lot of fear someone could be using it to listen to proprietary secret service communications. the report says the agent saw someone reach into the vehicle but did not see that person take anything out.
1:31 pm
>> amazing report, so many scandals we didn't have room for all in your piece. >> a long list. we literally had to throw things out. >> thank you so much. other national news, learning more about this woman, 24-year-old hal holloway, ramped her car into a street full of pedestrians on the las vegas strip. it looked as if she hat turned her life around, went from being homeless to landing a government job. now faces a murder job for allegedly killing a mother of three girls and mowing down others. she'll be in court tomorrow. brian young. do we know what caused this woman to snap? >> jake, you know, so many people asking that question. in fact the sheriff here alluded to the fact she may have been having a dispute with the father of her child. she was trying to sleep in several different parking lot in the city, the security kicking her out of places and she took
1:32 pm
her car and brought it on the las vegas strip. so many people standing on the sidewalk when the car started going on and off the side of the road. one doctor telling us he'll never forget the sound of the bodies hitting the car. tried to beat on the glass, trying to stop the woman to stop from hitting these people. she talked about getting her life together, getting that job, getting off the streets. >> being homeless, on my own, taught me how to stand on my own two feet. not only did i managed to land a federal job at 21. that is what i call living the grand life. >> this was terrifying for people out here. all of the bodies, not anybody being able to stop the car, all this going on while a 3-year-old, her daughter, inside the car. at some point when she tould th security guards she left the
1:33 pm
child in the car. that child is in the custody of the state as they try to sort all of this out. you spoke with the spokesperson for her family. how does the spokesperson describe holloway? >> reporter: this woman, a cousin and part of the family, now a spokesperson, was telling us they never thought something like this would happen. prayers, first, go to all of the victims of the families she hit. never believed -- there was no point of mental stability where they thought something like this could happen. they went as far to say she was not homeless, she hat a job and trying to figure out what's going on. they want to let her know she is not allow. she's on suicid watch. family members coming to town, try to rally around the child and her. so many want to know whether she's on alcohol or drugs. was she on drugs before this happened? so many questions yet to be answered. >> thank you so much. world lead, intense battle
1:34 pm
against isis under way at this moment, as the terrorist group grabs civilians using them as human shields. that story, next.
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welcome back to "the lead." jake tapper. topping world lead, american fighting men and women playing a crucial role in a fierce fight that began this morning to liberate ra plaid did, isis stronghold 70 miles west of the capital of iraq, baghdad. iraq security forces advancing to the center of the city backed by coalition air strikes. complicating the effort, iraqi army says terrorists are using innocent civilians as human shields, this as we've learned names of some of six americans killed in the motorcycle bomb attack in afghanistan yesterday, include the air force major, seen here, on the right, alongside her wife and son and technical sergeant joseph lam,
1:38 pm
nypd detective. barbara starr live at the pentagon. you have late breaking details on u.s. special forces in syria. what can you tell us? >> that's right, jake. cnn has learned that a small number of u.s. special operations forces are now back inside northern syria, a very difficult situation for them, they are trying to keep a low profile, officials confirming they are there, but not saying where they are or how many are there to the security concerns. they've been there a few weeks ago for initial reconnaissance. now back to advise anti-isis forces on their moves to try to fight isis in northern syria. that is happening in syria, but at the same time, jake, a major strategic battle under way in iraq. >> reporter: gunfire in battles now reaching across the city of ramadi. iraqi forces on move to take
1:39 pm
back the city's center from isis, seven months after they ran away from the fight. back in may, when iraqi forces fled, top u.s. officials thought it was a bump in the road. >> it is possible to have the kind of attack we've seen in ramadi but i am absolutely confident in days ahead that will be reversed. >> reporter: but it's taken months of american-backed training and advice and careful choking off of isis supply lines to get iraqi forces to the point where they finally made their move. new iraqi assault began by unfolding a bridge like this one across a branch of the euphrates river. the u.s. military provided training for the operation. the iraqis then pushed into the center of the city. with help from u.s. air strikes to begin confronting an estimated 350 isis fighters. optimism from the u.s. military
1:40 pm
spokesman in baghdad. >> i think the -- the end is coming. >> reporter: the fighting is brutal. the u.s. believes isis is using civilians as human shields. the iraqis tried to get many of them out, dropping these leaflets with instructions on leaving. but isis fighters are dug in. >> isis is probably laid mines in buildings and explosive devices in the streets and houses that are going to cause more casualties. >> reporter: just getting control of ramadi back will not be enough. >> taking back and holding territory is a very difficult operation. it's one thing to clear that area, initially, but the problem that you have is actually coming back and making sure that nobody else goes into an area when you move to the next building or objective. >> getting ramadi back for the iraqis is a must win. they have to get it back and
1:41 pm
hold it. but in the political season, here in washington, it is also a must-win for the obama administration, which is under mounting pressure to show its anti-isis strategy in places like ramadi is working. ja jake? >> thank you. joining me, tulsi gabbard, she's an iraq war veteran, a major in the army national guard and serves on both armed services and foreign affairs committee. thanks for joining me. icy took control of ramadi in may, that was an embarrassing defeat for the iraqi army. if iraqi security forces succeed in retaking ramadi this time, are you confident they can keep isis out? >> jake, i think it's too early to tell, quite frankly. a lot is going to depend on how the people there in ramadi are going to be treated by the occupying forces who will remain there after this battle is won. that's a key thing that we've got to focus on here, because we've seen in previous battles,
1:42 pm
as you've mentioned with other cities, where the battle has been won but you've seen how the sectarian tensions have completely gotten in the way where the people there in the sunni communities were persecuted and allowed the space for isis to come back in and take over. >> the pentagon says that the only role the u.s. military is playing in this attempt to retake ramadi is air support, should u.s. troops be doing more, maybe even special forces on the ground, hunting and killing isis fighters? >> i think, generally, what i have long called for is having these hubs throughout the region in different places where special forces can operate from and conduct quick strike attacks against isis, al qaeda, and these other islamic extremist groups. there in iraq, it critical, especially within the sunni communities that you empower the sunni tribes, that you equip them and arm them so they can fight fights, and then more importantly, for the long term,
1:43 pm
that you have a plan in place to govern and secure these territories, and this is why long call for a three-state solution, arming and empowering the kurds in the north, the sunni and shia and, frankly, i think something similar is what's needed in syria, as well. >> former secretary of state hillary clinton, during the democratic debate, she said, we are where we need to be in the fight against isis. are we? >> i would heartily disagree with that. we've got a strategy executed that doesn't make a whole lot of sense. i've been calling for an end to the counterproductive illegal war to overthrow the syrian government of assad. and specifically, talking about how dangerous a no-fly zone in syria would be. we heard the president talk the other day about his opposition to a no-fly zone but at the same time we've heard from
1:44 pm
presidential candidates advocating for a no-fly zone. i don't see how your head can be on straight when pushing for i know fly zone when chris chrissie and rubio saying they would shoot down the plane. kicking off a u.s.-russia war, escalation to world war or nuclear war. this is something that points to a very important issue, which is the fact that our political leaders are not operating with a military mind-set. this is something that i have other young officers learn very early on in the military, which is before you go out and execute a certain course of action, you've got to look at what are the consequences, how will your enemy or other actors react to that course of action, and once they react, how will you, what will your response to that be? and then what will their response to that be? continue to go down layer by layer. so if you look at what's happening in the middle east
1:45 pm
now, the mess that we're in today can be pointed directly starting with the bush administration and continuing to today with that lack of military mind-set. that lack of foresight, whether talking about overthrowing saddam in iraq, gadhafi in libya, arab spring, mubarak in egypt. >> you disagree with secretary clinton, you do not think we are where we need to be? >> we are not where we need to be. we should have been -- >> yeah. >> president obama told npr the biggest lem in t problem in thes that the administration could be communicating better what they could be doing and the media ov overcovering the terrorist attacks. are those the main problems in the fight against isis? >> i respectfully but completely disagree. this is not a so-called communication problem for issue.
1:46 pm
there is far more that we should be doing, there should be adjustments and corrections made to this strategy so that we're actually focusing on defeating and destroying our enemy, isis, al qaeda, other islamic extremist groups. i keep pointing back to syria because it makes so sense how on one hand we can be -- the united states can be waging war to overthrow the syrian government of assad what isis wants and on the other hand fighting to destroy isis. you can't be doing to things at the same time completely opposed to each other. >> thank you so much. have a great holiday. >> aloha. islamist terrorists boarding the bus intent on killing all christians on the bus. plot foiled when muslim passengers step in. a scary breach of security at jfk. how did a man get past security
1:47 pm
and on to the tarmac, and where did he go?
1:48 pm
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a beautiful sight, we're happy tonight ♪ ♪ watching in a winter watchlist land, ♪ ♪ watching in a winter watchlist land! ♪ xfinity's winter watchlist. watch now with xfinity on demand- your home for the best entertainment this holiday season. gunmen believed to be part of the somali islamist terror group ambushed a bus with a plan to kill christian passengers. but another group of muslims ruined their plan. kenyan muslims on that bus, shielding the christian passengers, and standing up to the attackers saying they were prepared to die together.
1:51 pm
cnn international correspondent david mckenzie explains how passengers survived. >> reporter: aim to cause terror and division. but al shabaab gunmen here in kenya came up against an extraordinary show of defiance and unity. on monday, more than 100 passengers crammed on this bus, traveling on the chronically insecurity border with somalia. bullets ripped through the side of the bus in an ambush. >> two groups. i immediately see to stop us and told us to get those who are muslims to come out, go back -- don't go back to the bus. >> reporter: they told cnn 12 christians on board. the gunmen wanted to identify them and execute them. he says muslim passengers helped hide some of them on the bus,
1:52 pm
and they gave the christian women head scarves before the gunmen made them line up on the road. they stood strong, said the witness, telling the gunmen, quote, if you want to kill us, then kill us. there are no christians here. al shabaab then fled. >> we are all kenyans. we are not separated by religion. everybody can profess but we are one country, we are one people. that is a very good message. >> reporter: civilians suffered through countless al shabaab attacks in yen ka. earlier this year, al shabaab attacked a university killing 147 snunts. again, they singled out christians. more than 20 killed in a shocking bus ambush last year. tragically a man who fled the scene and passerby killed by the gunmen but the death toll could have been that much higher. kenyans are praising acts of
1:53 pm
citizens who stopped this terrible attack. david mckenzie, nairobi, kenya. >> thanks to david for that report. back to national lead, a major security breach at jfk airport. not only alarming but the story's strange, a week ago a man snuck past security, scaled a fence topped with razor wire and wound up on the tarmac bringing the airport operations to a halt. perhaps even stranger, authorities still don't seem to know who this guy is or where he went. let's bring in cnn aviation correspondent rene marsh. how could this guy possibly get through security and then get away? >> that is the million dollar question at this hour. we know that right now, investigators are going frame by frame through that closed circuit footage from the airport. but the mystery man was caught on camera scaling a perimeter fence in an area under the
1:54 pm
watchful eye of airport security. the intruder made it over the fence and on to the taxiway. at this hour, the man's motive remains unknown. >> reporter: tonight, cnn is learning a man made it over airport perimeter fencing and on to the taxiway near the terminal used by american airlines, bringing operations at john f. kennedy international to a halt. police were called in. >> getting phone calls on this. location of 3233 of terminal a. we have a male. >> roger. 32, terminal 8. >> reporter: cnn obtained the incident report that describes how a cargo worker questioned the intruder who didn't have required did. that's when the trespasser warned you better not say, expletive. the man had disappeared. last seen near terminal 8. >> doesn't appear anyone's on the taxiway. >> for someone to be on the
1:55 pm
airport property, jumping a fence, how far they got on, without proper credentials but more disconcerting to me is that the person was able to get away. >> reporter: congressman gregory meeks' district includes jfk airport. he was briefed today. jfk had sensors in some of its fencing but not all. it has gaps, and that's where this man climbed over. >> we don't know whether or not they were there casing the airport, whether they were testing security, what the purpose was, and it would seem to me that person then had some idea if they got away of weak points. >> reporter: breaches in airport per rim ter security more on than people realize. 2011 tsa told congress 2500 security breaches at airports annually, that includes perimeter breaches. this past august, jfk, a man ran
1:56 pm
out of fuel for his jet ski in waters near the airport. he climbed a fence, and walked across two intersecting runways before anyone spotted him. since the december 13th breach, we are told port authority is reviewing its perimeter security measures. congressman tells us that police were very delayed in getting on the scene. that, too, is under investigation. as for that surveillance video, we are told no clear shot of the man's face, you only see him as he's jumping over that fence. >> the kind of news you want to hear before the holiday travel season. they stuck the landing, after two failed attempts. elon musk's spacex launched the falcon 9 reusable rocket into space and brought it back, and landed it, upright. the pictures are almost unbelievable. it as if you're watching the launch in reverse. the upper stage of the rocket delivered 11 satellites to orbit
1:57 pm
for a spacex customer. the stunning, long exposure image shows two streaks of light, one from launch, one from the history making return. more politics ahead. donald trump's vulgar takedown of hillary clinton and the audience went crazy, that's coming up. toto the nation's capitalut to support an important cause that can change the way you live for years to come. how can you help? by giving a little more, to yourself. i am running for my future. people sometimes forget to help themselves. the cause is retirement, and today thousands of people came to race for retirement and pledge to save an additional one percent of their income. if we all do that we can all win. prudential bring your challenges®
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