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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  February 8, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PST

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and good morning i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. the final push hours away from the new hampshire primary and presidential candidates are racing to snatch up last minute votes. you are looking at live pictures out of new hampshire where chris christie is rallying supporters at a town hall thmpt new jersey governor unleashing a series of scorching attacks against marco rubio during saturday's gop debate slamming rubeio for repeating the same line four times. >> let's dispel this fiction that barack obama doesn't know what he is doing. he knows what he is doing.
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>> he knows what he is doing. >> this notion that barack obama doesn't know what he is doing. >> there it is. the memorized 25 second speech. >> here is the response. i think anyone who believes that barack obamap isn't doing what he is doing on purpose doesn't understand what we are dealing with here. this is a president who is trying to change this country. >> today rubio was back at it, not backing off the very same line. >> i'm going to continue to say it. barack obama is deliberately carrying out a strategy to change america. he wants to redefine this country. we will continue to say the truth. barack obama is trying to carry out an effort to change this country. the issue is that he is carrying out an effort to change the country. >> voters across the country and here in new hampshire got to hear me say repeatedly the truth that barack obama is trying to redefine the role of government in our country and america's role in the world.
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>> got it? the candidate struggled for the spot light all eyes are on mother nature. will snow and winter weather impact voter turnout? let's bring in chris cuomo. good morning. >> how are you? totally right to be focussed on the weather. they are watching it. these are hearty people. three to six inches they are saying won't make a difference. every little bit counts especially in this race especially on the gop side. every poll you look at including cnn's poll of polls has donald trump on top by a healthy margin. will that margin hold? what about second, third and fourth? that is the big battle going on and the big story. specifically, what carol was showing you about senator rubio. what happened at the debate wind up being resolved at the polls? remember momentum coming in after iowa. let's get perspective from phil mattingly in hudson, new hampshire, where one governor is
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in play. the man who came after rubio at the debate, chris christie. >> that's right. chris christie said it didn't take him long at all on that stage to recognize that he had landed a clear and decisive punch in the 36 hours since. just about everybody else has started to follow suit. >> he has to earn it. there is no coronation here. he is not going to get a layup. the whole washington establishment can't just say part the waters, marco's coming. the debate on saturday proved why that is important that all of us get challenged. >> i'm saying did i hear that five times now? and it was obviously a sound byte that he likes. you can use a sound byte once but not five times. >> i think the race changed because you know there was a march among some to anoint senator rubio. i think after last night that is over. the fact is that senator is
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unprepared to be president of the united states. >> chris christie, also yesterday told reporters that he wanted to quote the great political philosopher saying everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face. the big issue, marco rubio came in with momentum. his town halls were packed while people were willing to acknowledge. the support doesn't look like it is. as we move in, the polling in the state, up to 30% of likely republican voters remain undecided and that doesn't bring into play the independents who choose to vote when they go to the polls. there is a lot of ground that can be made up by a candidate. how they position themselves and how the attacks on marco rubio continue is a very interesting
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element to watch. >> spot on. chris christie took it to rubio. what will that mean for him? was he too strong? the unknown vote here in new hampshire looms largest in every poll. like you said something very important and unique here in new hampshire. different than iowa. same day registration. you can cross parties and do it in iowa, too. this is a primary. a tougher read, could be a bigger impact. thank you very much. carol, to you. >> should be very interesting in new hampshire tomorrow. chris cuomo, we will get back to you. in the wake of the heavily criticized debate performance, the former senator kicking things off. the first stop in a jam packed schedule throughout the state today. as rubio returns to the trail he may find an uncomfortable reminder of the debate waiting
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for him in the form of marco robotoes. they are members of a liberal group dispatching program full of talking points to fend off the press while they fix their glitches. joining me now to talk about this former senior adviser to the romney 2012 campaign and aaron lewis. thanks to both of you. so eric, i will begin with you. rubio has embraced this attack on barack obama. we have heard him say it over and over and over again. as a former campaign adviser and communications direct, is that wise? >> this is called owning your mistake. i don't think there were clear winners coming out. the media decided to create a loser and that is why we are hearing so much about marco rubio's repetitive debate answers. there were rather bold things said at that debate.
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donald trump said he wanted to bring back waterboarding. jeb bush said he would launch a military attack to stop north korean missile test. we are talking about marco rubio being too repettive in his answers. you have to ask yourself why is that happening? it is happening because if rubio finishes second in new hampshire to donald trump then it means it will make it much harder for candidates like jeb bush, john kasich and chris christie to go forward. they are kind of uniting against marco rubio. >> very interesting. so do you agree with eric? >> absolutely. they have to try to stop marco rubio because he is moving up. i would add that what marco rubio is doing is not just making lemonade out of lemons but it is a basic communication strategy. in 1992 how many times did we hear bill clinton talk about remembering a place called hope, the town he grew up in or ronald
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reagan talking about a rendezvous with destiny. you get your line and repeat it. how many times do you hear barack obama talk about not the red states, blue states but the united states. i witnessed this in person on the campaign trail. they wanted him to say it again and again and again. marco rubio is giving a part of his base exactly what they want to hear. i don't think you can say it too many times. >> you don't this can chris christie -- he said it is a game changer. io don't think that is true? >> i don't. i don't think it is necessarily going to benefit chris christie either. christie started off as the original angry candidate. for those of us who remember his 2009 campaign for governor he was the republican key note speaker at the last convention, endorsed by the largest newspaper in new hampshire. he adopted as his slogan telling it like it is. but the candidate who is more
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satisfying to the angry voter this year is not chris christie but donald trump. chris christie may be taking out his frustrations on marco rubio but the person who really doomed his campaign is donald trump. >> what about the happy warrior, john kasich saying that these attacks on rubio will help him? >> john kasich has a lot of different things that may or may not help him. i think the thing that helps him most is he is the governor of ohio, a state that all republicans recognize as a must-win state. there has been a lot of quiet talk that what kasich is doing is running for vice president or number two slot on somebody else's ticket. if he has any shot at all it should play out tomorrow for him. so either second place or surprisingly close third place keeps him in the game. other than that i think we are talking about the convention and possible vice presidential nod at best for kasich. >> i want to touch on something
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you said about donald trump and waterboarding. felt he said he believed in waterboarding. the moderators didn't follow up. what do you suppose donald trump was talking about? >> he was asked about that after the debate in the spin room and refuse today specify exactly what he had in mind. but in this year trump can get away with it. like in every new hampshire election independents are the key to the voting. over 40% of the electorate, single largest voting group. trump is winning one-third of the independent voters. guess who is right behind him. marco rubio and ted cruz. those are your top finishers in iowa. >> we'll see. thanks to both of you. still to come, bill clinton on the trail and on the attack accusing bernie sanders supporters of being sexist. and the vermont senator labelled
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dishonest. >> when you are making a revolution you can't be too careful about the facts. you are for me or against me.
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clear my throat and talk politics with you. bill clinton is going after bernie sanders. former president unleashing a verbal assault on his wife's rival accusing sanders of a lot specifically being sexist and saying the senator's health care plan can't work and that labelling him dishonest and hypocritic hypocritical. take a listen. >> when you are make ag revolution you can't be too careful about the facts. you are just for me or against me. anybody takes money from goldman sachs couldn't be president. you heard that in the last debate.
6:16 am
he may have to tweak that answer a little bit or we will have to get at the candidate. but -- that was funny. i can tell you get online and go look. i practically fell out of my chair when i saw it. >> we have with us cnn senior washington correspondent. look, president clinton is one of the best on the stump. when he is out there for secretary clinton, his wife, it is a different calculus of plus/minus. how will it help and how will it hurt this time? >> everything he -- he is the best. he is doing things for a reason here. he is trying to shake voters and get their attention to look and scrutinize the record just a little bit more. he has a big history here, of course. i went back and looked at the '08 video. it is different because barack obama is different.
6:17 am
bernie sanders is not barack obama. no question that bernie sanders has gotten under their skin somewhat. the campaign put out a statement, it is disappointing that president clinton has decided to launch these attacks. the race has changed in new hampshire in elsewhere. the point of that is this race will go on for a long time here. bill clinton kboez that and believes it is time to inject a bit of reality. when he was talking about a report that eric bradner, our colleague had yesterday, that bernie sanders has been attending a lot of fundraisers himself over the years where there are lobbiests and people from goldman sachs. bernie sanders has attended these. bill clinton believes that senator sanders has not been scrutinized as much. >> how much -- >> zero. because feem if you are a bernie supporter you believe what bernie is saying. >> going after his health care plan fair play.
6:18 am
you can scrutinize other people's policy decisions part of the competition. what about this main allegation? bernie, you are getting dirty. is that fair? >> bernie sanders has said i'm going to have this positive campaign and never waged a negative ad in my life. true, but the advisers to senator sanders are a little more aggressive. there is a lot of negative stuff. i think bill clinton is right in the sense that the campaign has not been 100% youtopian positive. some of the sexist comments online call them the bernie bros, young guys and others who have sexist comments out there but you are only supporting hillary clinton because she is a woman. bernie sanders yesterday with jake tapper disavowed and said i don't want their support. so it is a little bit sort of nasty out there.
6:19 am
>> anybody who knows social media knows it is a toxic cruseble of negativity. i think that is one place where you do get a little bit of cushion between people who say they are for you and actual supporters. it is interesting how this dynamic has changed as the polls have tightened. >> the clinton campaign believes they can do much better. they are only down a few points. >> although on the sanders side they tell you young women came out for him in huge numbers in iowa and has momentum here and elsewhere. that is the beautiful part is that you crunch all the numbers and get out there and talk to people and listen to the campaigns and at the end of the day it means nothing because the votes come out and then that is -- are you just waving me off? i think you waved off my point. >> i didn't wave off your point. i swear i did not. i was just -- >> i saw you wave me off.
6:20 am
>> we have to stretch for just a second. i am interested in these bernie bros because supposedly been trolling like political blogs or political types who write online saying some nasty things. >> there's no question that they are out there. you remember we know this. carol is a beloved figure. i am not. on social media you do have to distinguish between the people who are out there just hating as a sport and negativity versus organized efforts from actual campaigns. there can be a lot of misinformation about that on the ground. on social media it is fair to give a little bit of cushion. >> no question at all. i have noticed some bernie sanders supporters are some of the nastiest on twitter. when you post something like that so i think the sanders
6:21 am
campaign he has not said anything like this. if he would we would call him on it. he has not done anything like this. >> sometimes you deserve the benefit of the doubt especially when it is not coming out of your mourth unlike carol costello who clearly waved me off. she said shutup it is my show. i give it back to you with apologies. >> i did not. thanks to you both for stretching. it was effective because karen is here now joining me now, senior spokesperson for hillary for america. >> i heard them. >> let's talk about what bill clinton said at the campaign rally. he has been restrained until now. bill clinton said about bernie sanders when you are make ag revolution you can't be too careful with the facts. is this a sign that your campaign is worried about sanders not just in new hampshire but beyond?
6:22 am
>> i think there is a couple of things. obviously, president clinton is a passionate advocate for his wife. the truth is that there has been hypocrisy that we have seen. for example, senator sanders health care plan. we know that independent outside health care experts and other economists have evaluated that plan and said the numbers just don't add up. some of these things may end up costing more than what they are telling you about. how about the ads here in new hampshire where nemepeople's im were used without permission. they asked the campaign to stop using that. i think the president was pointing to some of those things that we have seen on the campaign trail. >> no doubt that things are getting nastier between the campaigns and for those women who support hillary clinton things are getting interesting. over the weekend gloria steinem
6:23 am
said younger women are supporting clinton. >> when you are young you are thinking where are the boys? the boys are with bernie. >> if i said that -- >> come on. >> i wouldn't. >> so steinem later apologized for that remark. you had former secretary of state saying a special place in hell for women who don't help each other. younger women don't like to be patronized. are these comments hurting? >> both of these women have been first in their careers and obviously they have strong feelings. i heard former secretary talk about that a number of times before. i just want you to point out, these are two women supporting hillary but we can't control
6:24 am
what they say, obviously. >> you can disavow what they say because they seem to be pitting the older generation of women against the younger. that is never a good thing, frankly. >> i would put this to you. i would like to see the senator sanders campaign disavow comments specifically talking about saturday in south carolina horrendous comments and misinformation about hillary clinton's record on criminal justice reform and the death penalty without recognizing or acknowledging that senator sanders voted to expand death penalty when he voted for the 1994 crime bill. i would like to hear his campaign disavow those comments and tell the truth about that. >> shouldn't hillary clinton come out and totally disavow what dplogloria steinem said?
6:25 am
>> she talked about it yesterday in a couple of interviews. these are women who are passionate advocates. they support hillary clinton. we can't control what they say. and again this is how -- >> they can disavow what they say. >> they feel very strongly about having a woman president. i would point to something that gloria steinem said which was talking about women in power and how men tend to get more power as they get older. i think there are some realities here but the point is these are women who are passionate advocates. we can't control what they say. they are very passionate about women. they have been first throughout their careers. they know a little something about what that is like and have feelings about it. let's also talk about i would like to see bernie sanders disavow comments being made by
6:26 am
ben where he is not telling the whole story about hillary clinton's record on social justice and the work done throughout her life certainly as time as senator against racial profiling and sentencing disparities and what she is talking about now in her presidential campaign not only about criminal justice reform and how you invest in communities of color. i would like to hear some more information there, too. >> i have to leave it there. thanks for joining us this morning. still to come, he is a loser. that is not coming from donald trump, it's jeb bush's attack against trump.
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and good morning. i'm carol costello. the u.n. security council vowing to punish north korea for launching a long range rocket on
6:31 am
sunday. the regime celebrated the successful launch with a fireworks display. it said the launch was for scientific purposes. rocket delivered earth observation satellite into orbit which passed over the super bowl site about an hour after the game ended. cnn chief national security correspondent joins me now from the pentagon with more. >> good morning. this is a shock one month to the day after north korea successfully tested something, a nuclear device which seemed to be a step forward. north korea claimed it was a hydrogen bomb. they are concerned it was a step forward in terms of increasing the size of the explosion. now a month later on the day of the super bowl you have this launch and it is delivering
6:32 am
certainly a blow to the national community but to its neighbor china which has been an al vie trying to push north korea not to test this missile. >> so is there anything the united states is doing about this? >> here is the thing. the fact is that the west arsenal of sanctions against north korea is limited because the west doesn't do much if any trade at all with north korea. there is no economic trade. in the past the things that have worked have been restricting north korean leaders access. they tried that a few years ago. north korea does this through a part of china. that really stung but the thing is once you have done that, how do you step forward? it is really china that has the power, the influence. china subsidies the regime with
6:33 am
food, fuel sdaeubsidies. as much as china pushed to stop the nuclear test and they did push hard, there was a senior chinese envoy a couple of days before the launch urging them not to launch it and they launch it a day later. the fact is that china determined they would rather have a nuclearized north korea than reunified korean peninsula with u.s. ally on the border. they choose that over having the west on its door step. that is their decision. >> reporting live from the pentagon. one day to go until new hampshire voters cast their ballot, one day for candidates to push the all important undecided into their corner. cnn's chris cuomo live in new hampshire. >> hello carol costello. it is good to be with you. this is the place to be here in manchester, new hampshire. this is going to be the site of the country's first primary.
6:34 am
what about iowa? that is a caucus. it is different in structure and predictability. that is why so many people have their eyes here. what happens especially on the gop side. marco rubio is brushing off attacks this morning not backing down as his rivals rip him for what they say was a rehearsed campaign style exposed at the most recent debate. right now senator rubio is holding a town hall in new hampshire. you will see him on the left and governor chris christie, the man who levelled the attacks on senator rubio on saturday on the other side. this is his town hall in hudson, new hampshire. still out in front of the whole pack, of course, is donald trump, no matter what poll you look at it is all about the margin of victory that he will have and the real race is for second. let's bring in manu raju out in new hampshire. rubio is not the only one getting hit today. take us through it.
6:35 am
>> reporter: that's right. jeb bush is also in donald trump's firing line. jeb bush really is the only candidate going after donald trump. marco rubio even though he had been in second place before the debate has avoided going after donald trump. he has looked at him as someone who maybe will get in a fight with him down the line. jeb bush has been going after him and those two did not mince words when asked about each other in recent days. >> a sign of real weakness when you call john mccain or anybody else that was a p.o.w. who served this country in a way that should be admired, american heroes, calling them losers. donald trump, you are the loser. >> jeb is a loser. he spent $110 million so far and towards the bottom of the pack. he is going nowhere. the only thing he does is attack me. he thinks if he attacks me that
6:36 am
will show he is tough. every time he attacks me he melts like butter. >> reporter: for jeb bush he views new hampshire as critical for him to get back in the race. he has seen large crowds at his events and has put a lot of money at stake in his events. i have been to a lot of jeb bush events. what you are hearing is a strong anti-donald trump contingent. he believes he can end up in second and third place finish. to get him into south carolina with a head of steam. donald trump is about to do something rather unusual, having town hall meeting where he addresses questions. both are making final calculations heading into a critical day tomorrow. >> donald trump has a very good nose for what he needs to do in terms of whom to attack and how. if he is going after jeb bush
6:37 am
that is good news for governor bush. it means he must be making a move and must have momentum. thank you very much. appreciate the take, as always. what is the future for rubio's campaign. how big a deal was the debate performance? we'll take you through it. hi, i'm leeza gibons with an amazing story about how
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marco rubio is saying what happened at the debate happened and i am moving on not letting attacks change my campaign. last hour the florida senator ramped up rhetoric at president obama and what he says is the potential future of america. take a listen. >> it's about the future of our country and what kind of country this is going to be in the 21st century, what kind of nation for our kmirn. that is what i continue to focus on in this campaign because that is what matters to voters.
6:42 am
>> what he says is his insistence on staying on message is what he was getting attacked for at the debate being stuck on being on message. campaign staffers jumped in linking super bowl ads to rubio. rubio's communications director tweeted almost every super bowl commercial urged americans to embrace the future. bad news for hillary clinton. good news for team marco. clinton campaign staffers fired back. deputy director rapid response said, quote, almost every super bowl commercial so far has been 30 seconds and prescripted. good news for team marco. michael warren, a staff writer is with us right now. interesting use of other people's advertising to try to juice their own campaign. what is your take on the impact of what happened in that debate? >> significant for marco rubio. it makes this race a lot longer than people maybe thought it
6:43 am
would be. rubio really needed to come out of new hampshire as a strong second consolidating that not cruz not trump vote. i think it hurts his ability to do that. it doesn't give one of the other candidates a ticket to the nomination but it does extend this fight a little longer and makes things a little more interesting going into south carolina. >> not that it hurt rubio but helped the others, probably gave them all tickets out of new hampshire. you may not see separation out of the field being anticipated and may have extended the process for all of us who have to watch it unfold. here is the key question. do you think what 457enned in that debate was senator rubio getting caught offguard having a bad night or was it what governor chris christie wants it to be which is that is marco rubio, the guy who couldn't take his eyes off the teleprompter and couldn't reach for glass of
6:44 am
water. this is a guy who can't take the heat? do you think there will be any real purchase with that extreme perspective on what it was? >> there could be. i think that is what people will look at after new hampshire. now people are attune to what marco rubio is saying and pit falls of the candidacy. i talked to a jeb bush adviser a couple of days ago. his line was rubio was expected a coronation and now will have to fight for the nomination. you have to remember that marco rubio is really high favorability ratings among republicans. republicans like marco rubio. now they may have reason to doubt or at least look into deeper what kind of candidate rubio is. rubio will have to work harder at demonstrating that he has the sort of metal to go head to head with hillary clinton. >> the expectation coming in was that rubio would not be challenging for first and second in this state and that iowa
6:45 am
changed the calculus. what is going to happen in new hampshire may wind up being what was expected to happen all along and now will be seen differently. >> in a way the expectations have been raised for marco rubio and a lot of ways because of rubio himself in that speech it sounded like a victory speech. it will go on for longer here. we have to recognize that some of those other candidates, john kasich and chris christie don't necessarily have the resources to keep going much farther beyond south carolina. that could change. kasich has a big boost in fundraiser if he gets a strong second in new hampshire. it does shake things up a little bit and maybe gets us back to where we thought we were after iowa. >> if chris christie's number doesn't move from where it is right now, will this end up being the epitaph and will it be seen as a murder suicide? >> anything can happen but i think christie is at a do or die
6:46 am
situation here in new hampshire. the poll numbers don't look good. he did a good job of reversing his ratings among republicans but it hasn't translated into actual poll results. he sort of stuck in the single digits. i don't think he has much money going on after new hampshire. so this is do or do for him. all of that noise with jeb bush and john kasich buries him. >> got the big endorsement. the question is the one you identified. they have to like you. saturday night doesn't translate into increased likability for christie. thank you so much. >> see you again here. still to come, beyonce got political. did you see her statement at the super bowl halftime show. it was a great act. what was the message in that act or at least what are people saying it was? next.
6:47 am
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with super bowl 50. their defense ruling the night. smothering cam newton and the panthers in a 24 -10 win, handing them only their second loss of the entire season. von miller was the game's mvp. it is the second super bowl ring for peyton manning. is this it? >> i don't know the answer to that. it's been an emotional week and night, and the night is just beginning. i look forward to sell wrating with my friends and family, and
6:52 am
i think i'll take some time after that. i think i'll make a good decision, and i think i'll be at peace with it whatever way it goes. >> manning might be thinking about retirement, but beyonce, the person who performed at the hoof time show is staying busy. she has a new campaign to help people in flint, michigan get fresh water, and a new video. she unpacked a political message at the super bowl. ♪ ♪ >> so the song is called formation, and you can see the dancers behind beyonce are wearing black panther braids. obvious in her new video, formation is homage to new orleans during katrina and a shoutout to black lives matter.
6:53 am
with me now, erika tottin. welcome. >> thank you for having me. >> thanks for being here. did you know beyonce was going to do this during the super bowl halftime show? >> i didn't know. i don't have personal information. i had a feeling. we all had a feeling she was going to bust out with that song at the halftime show. >> and i ask you because beyonce follows only a hand full of people on twitter, and a very vocal member of black lives member is one of them. did she talk with him? >> not that i'm aware of, though i wouldn't doubt it. >> you wouldn't doubt it? doou do you know? >> no, i don't know. >> let's talk about the song and itself. i'm going to put up still frames from the video because the symbolism is there. you see, of course, that's -- that could be, like a dual message, right, symbolism from
6:54 am
katrina and also against police brutality. >> absolutely. the visual of a drowning cop car, yes. >> and this image, a little boy in a black hoodie. you can see people in the background with their hands up. >> yep. >> you know, some people are very upset about this, especially since she brought the message to the super bowl. this is one of the few events that draws americans together, and yet this was out there in all of its controversy. what would you say to those people who say it doesn't belong at the super bowl? >> i think it does. our goal is to disrupt the status quo and the bring the message wherever the message may not be heard. we're all using our platforms wherever they are, and beyonce's platform, she chose to bring this message to all of america who was watching this american game. >> i think that the critics would say it was very one-sided and anti-police.
6:55 am
>> i would say -- yonz the one-sided piece. ultimately, she is amplifying our message in the movement, so if you are on the side of oppression and state sanctioned violence, you're on the wrong side. >> how much does beyonce help your message or hurt your message? >> she absolutely helps and supports. she is a leader in our culture. and shaping culture and shaping conversations. and i think more now she's become more vocal so it helps us. she wasn't as vocal before, but i think as she is continuing to grow in her platform and grow in her own consciousness, and then having agency in that, she is bringing whatever her message is, wherever she wants ate enpeople will eat it up, and they consume it. >> all right. i have to leave it there. erika tottin from black lives matter. thanks for being with me. >> thank you. >> as the clock ticks down to
6:56 am
tomorrow's presidential primary, donald trump makes his last pitch to new hampshire voters. o. avo: he gets a ready for you alert the second his room is ready. avo: so he knows exactly when he can settle in and practice his big pitch. avo: and when craig gets his pitch down pat, do you know what he becomes? client: great proposal! let's talk more over golf! craig: great. client: better yet, how about over tennis craig: even better. avo: a game changer! secretary: your 2 o'clock is here. client: oops, hold your horses. craig: no problem. avo: la quinta inns & suites is ready for you, so you'll be ready for business. avo: the ready for you alert, only at craig: laquinta!
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7:00 am
and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. we begin with a battle for new hampshire. today the presidential candidates are out in full force, making their case to voters hours before tomorrow's primary. donald trump getting ready to rally supporters in salem. you see them about ready to walk through the door. soon we'll see john kasich holding a town hall as well. all of that after marco rubio's debate performance has dominated the headlines for the last two days. he's holding a town hall. we're following this with our team of reporters. first let's talk about another fight withdrbrewing on the demo
7:01 am
side. going after bernie sanders, accusing sanders supporters of being sexist, blasting the vermont senator's health care plan and even labeling him dishonest and hypocritical. listen. >> when you're making a revolution, you can't be too careful about the facts. you just form late against me. anybody who takes money from goldman sacs couldn't be president. you heard that in the last debate. after that cnn report yesterday, he may have to tweak that answer, either that we'll have to get a write in candidate, but -- i know. that was funny. i can tell you. get online and go look. i practically fell out of my chair when i saw it. >> cnn senior washington correspondent jeff zeleny joins me with more on this. has sanders responded? >> they have responded, but the
7:02 am
fact that bill clinton is going online to look at stories about sanders tells you all you need to know about the state of play in new hampshire and as the race moves forward. the sanders campaign was watching that carefully. they responded and said it is disappointing that president clinton has decided to launch these attacks. obviously the race has changed in new hampshire and else wiwhe in recent days. i am told senator sanders is not going to address this as he campaigns in new hampshire. he's not going to engage with bill clinton, but the reality here is this race is very close. bernie sanders has a lead in new hampshire, but we don't know how durable that lead is or how big that lead is. i talked to some supporters of senator sanders yesterday to try to get the sense of why they're supporting him, why they're backing him and if they're going to stick with him. let's listen to this conversation with a grandmother and granddaughter. >> had you ever considered
7:03 am
supporting her? >> eight years ago i did. >> what changed? >> i don't think she is believable. i just -- i don't have the good vibes about her that i had about bernie. >> reporter: you are two women of different generations and not voting for someone who could be the first woman president. does that give you any pause at all? >> well, i did start out this election supporting hillary because i thought it's time to have a woman president. there was final a huge leap and bound electing someone who is african american, why not have a woman, but i love bernie sanders. it's time for a revolution and to pay attention to the middle class. we are diminishing. >> reporter: talking to voters like that brings the polls to life here. what the challenge is for secretary clinton here in the final day. that was someone who supported
7:04 am
her eight years ago. and supports senator sanders right now. hillary clinton realizes that she has an uphill road to climb. she said that exact same thing last night here in manchester. >> i love campaigning in new hampshire. i really do. i know i've got an uphill climb. i'm asking people to really consider this a job interview. who is ready to do the job on day one? who can be president and commander in chief. >> reporter: a bit of a one, two punch. bill clinton is urging voters to scrutinize senator sanders. hillary clinton is hoping her old supporters come back around. both of them, all the clintons will be campaigning out there together throughout the state of new hampshire today. one more day until stop number two on the road to the white house. >> all right. jeff zeleny reporting live from new hampshire. thanks so much. so bill clinton is on the attack calling a group of rapid sanders supporters, the bernie bros
7:05 am
sexist trolls. you heard what jeff zeleny presented as well. with me now a senior advisory for the sanders campaign. welcome. >> thank you. good to be with you. >> good to have you here. bill clinton accused sanders of selling a pipe dream to supporters saying sanders too has taken money from wealthy dono donors, calling him a hypocrite for calling for a bill to deregulate wall street. >> that's a lot. i'll take them one at a time. the bill he voted for was signed into law by president clinton. i'm not sure he should be talkital attacking about that. bernie has disavowed the attacks online. we don't want people to act like that. if people act like that, we think it's reprehensible. we're trying to hold a positive
7:06 am
campaign. >> some might say that bernie sanders has gone negative when he promised he wouldn't. >> well, listen, i don't see it that way. i think we have a lot of ads on tv right now that talk about america and the future of this nation and bernie's vision for where he wants to leave it. they talk about issues like equal pay and a living wage and having health care for all and the kind of country we can achieve. now, admittedly, in order to do this, we're going to have to change the system. i think bernie understands that. i think the reason he's connecting with people is he diagnosed the problem. the economy is rigged and it's held in place by a corrupt system of campaign finance. we have to change the system. he's talking about it. i don't think it's pie in the sky. i think people understand if we've going to do that, we have to take on the system, and if we do, we hope for change. >> i think the clintons are calling it pie in the sky
7:07 am
because both houses are controlled by republicans. anything bernie sanders gets through won't pass because of wall street. >> if bernie sanders is elected president of the united states, i can guarantee you the electorate that's going to come out to accomplish that is going to be one that elects a lot more democrats to the house and the senate. i think we have a shot at both the bodies. we can change american politics like barack obama did in his first term. he won states even though the only age group he won was 18 to 29-year-olds. so many of them came out and voted for him that he was able to change the nature of american politics. that's what bernie sanders is capable of doing. i believe only bernie is capable of doing that. >> let's go back to bernie sanders supporters. over the weekend, gloria steinem
7:08 am
scolded young women for not supporting hillary clinton. al bright saying remember, there's a special place in held for women not supporting each other. low blow? >> well, my reaction is that we're thrilled that so many young people in particular are coming out and supporting bernie sanders. they're looking at his ideas and plans. >> but specifically about these comments from gloria staeinem. >> gloria, i think shortly after he made the remarks on live television said she regretted it and apologized for it. as to madeline, this is something she's said a lot of times. i understand what she's saying. i respectfully disagree with anybody wants to support bernie sanders because they think he'd be the best president, that's the right thing for them to do. >> one last question about this issue of gender. there's a group, i don't know,
7:09 am
dwri don't know if i'd call it the group. they're called the bernie bros by the clinton campaign. they troll women political pub di d -- pundits and harass them online. senator sanders said what? >> bernie said, and i couldn't agree with more, is that we denounce anyone who pursues those tactics. that's not the kind of support we want. he's trying to run a positive campaign. we just can't stand it that anyone would do things like that and we want to keep as far away from it as possible. >> because, you know, we got an e-mail from one of these women who is a pundit and writes online she's had to block 300 people from her twitter account who were supposedly those bernie bros. >> i don't know what we can do other than denounce people for doing that and saying that's not
7:10 am
the support we want. we want people to support bernie for his ideas and not engage in this. >> thanks for stopping by. let's head back to new hampshire and chris cuomo who is live in manchester. hi, chris. >> carol costello, you blocked me on social media before. i think you should disclose that when disz cussi when discussing the topic with other people. it's a great discussion and great that you followed up getting him to answer specifically what was said on the women front on both sides. it's good to hear that. thank you. here i am in manchester waiting for the votes to start. they start at midnight tonight, but really tomorrow morning is when the polls open. this is going to be the first real primary. a caucus system is different. you'll have crossover of indpepts. how does that play? the last minute pitchers are important. we have marco rubio getting a lot of attention, and not all of
7:11 am
it for the right reasons on the republican side. his rivals are all over time. they say what you saw saturday night when he had a tough time in their estimation, was the real rubio. he can't deal with the pressure. he can't deal with the are questions. that's why he kept repeating the same line. he says it's the important thing to say. he here's the sound. >> let's dispel this fiction that barack obama doesn't know what she's doing. let's dispel with this fiction that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing. this notion he doesn't know what he's doing is true. >> there it is. the memorized speech. >> here's the response. i think anyone who believes that barack obama isn't doing what he's doing on purpose doesn't understand what he's dealing with here. this is a president who is trying to change this country. >> senator rubio is making an obvious point that he believes
7:12 am
president obama is doing what he's doing on purpose. yes, he said it a thousand times, but gop voters liked that line, and he says that's why he's going to keep saying all day today as rubio says his focus is president obama, not who he is running against. take a listen. >> i am going to continue to say it. barack obama is deliberately carrying out a strategy to change america. he wants to redefine this country. we're going to continue to say the truth. he's trying to carry out an effort to change this country. the issue is that he is carrying out an effort to change the country. voters across the country and especially here in new hampshire got to hear me say repeatedly, the truth, that barack obama is trying to redefine the role of government in our country and america's role in the world. >> three big factors here, voter registration and cross over. there's as many as one-third of
7:13 am
the electorate here still undecided when you look at cnn's poll of polls. as many as 33% still don't know what they're going to do. the third one, mother nature. take a look at any of the maps. they're showing you that there's some yuck coming this way. they're saying about three to six inches, and that really should matter in as hardy a place in new hampshire. you never know. every factor matters in fact let's bring in phil matingly where it's all about the last minute pitch. chris christie in the spotlight in a new way. the question is what will be the impact on him from saturday night, phil? >> reporter: chris, if you want to underscore the urgency of this moment for candidates, one undecided voter at this town hall informed christie she hadn't decided which way she was going to go. chris christie got down on one knee to talk about his plans. they are more than happy to hear rubio defend the line he repeated over and over again.
7:14 am
the big question becomes, for them, is this a moment that just hurts marco rubio or is this a moment that just helps chris christ christie? one thing we do know, everybody is jumping on it. take a listen. >> he's got to earn it. there's no coronation here. he's not going to get a layup. the whole washington establishment can't just say part the waters, marco is coming. the debate on saturday proved why that's important that all of us get challenged. >> i'm standing there and saying did i hear that five times now? what's going on here. obviously it was a sound bite that he likes. you can use it once but not five times. >> i think the race changed last night. there was a march among some of the chattering class to anoint rubio. i think after last night that's over. senator rubio is unprepared to be the president of the united states. >> this town hall, it look chris christie all of three minutes to resume his attacks on marco rubio. he thought saturday night was
7:15 am
his moment, trying to capitalize that with a few hours left to make his final pitch to voters. >> you know, and as we've all been pointing out in a very real way, the race for new hampshire is a race for second. that's why rubio has a target on his back. still out in front of the pack, a man who is not in any race for second in his own mind is donald trump. he is doing something very rare for him. he's holding a town hall meeting right now. this is not usual for him. he's speaking directly with voters in salem, new hampshire. he is back to putting jeb bush in the cross hairs. ma manu raju is live there. maybe this is somehow a compliment to jeb bush. >> potentially, but also as we know, donald trump has sort of thin skin, and bjeb bush has ben going after donald trump as he's been doing for months and as he did at saturday's debate.
7:16 am
jeb bush himself is fighting a bit of a two-front war. he's going after donald trump because there is a very strong anti-trump contingent among voters. 36 % of voters according to a recent cnn poll have ruled out trump. that is far more than any other candidate in the field. bush believes he can do okay if he peels away from some of the voters who refuse to support donald trump. he has to worry about the establishment lane that we've been talking a lot about. the other governors and rue owe. there's a feeling that they are making headway, but they need a strong showing. if they're in the single digits tuesday it's going to be hard to make the case that they are the true alternative to donald trump and that they can be the party's nominee, jeb bush, all of which raises the stake for tuesday. >> reporter: absolutely. well put. we are going to watch who finishes second, third, fourth, and then after that, it gets very dicey.
7:17 am
how long can they continue? that's why all eyes are on new hampshire. thank you very much, manu. we're going to look at what happens in the final hours before the primary. with one-third of the electorate undecided here, everybody is in a frenzy to get to the finish line before voting starts who could be going home after this election? it used to be thought right up until saturday night's debate that only one governor would make it out of new hampshire. what about now? we'll discuss when we come back. in ally earned enough reward miles on your airline credit card. now you just book a seat, right? not quite. sometimes those seats are out of reach, costing an outrageous number of miles. it's time to switch... to the capital one venture card. with venture, you'll earn unlimited double miles on every purchase, every day. and when you're ready to travel, just book the flight you want, on any airline and use your miles to cover the cost.
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with the most recent debate behind them, republican candidates are taking their pitch directly to the new hampshire voters this morning. right now trump and kasich are holding dueling events in a bid to reach voters one day before the primary. trump and kasich fanning out all over the state today. let's does the state of play, who needs to do what, how many move on and et cetera, et cetera. se cup and hugh hewitt, s.e.,
7:22 am
let's start with you. the old thinking was only one governor makes it out of new hampshire. now, after the debate performance on saturday night and a bunch of new trending polls, it's anybody's game. do you buy that? if so, why? >> well, i think the stakes are different for each of the three governors. i think for john casing, he's known for quite some time, and i think he's right, that his long term goal, really, is a v.p. pick. i think he's valuable to any contender that would win the nomination. that's why you've seen him run a very happy warrior kind of campaign, not taking on too many candidates. i'm not sure new hampshire is all that consequential for him. for chris christie, i think it's do or die. if he doesn't have a good showing there, the rest of the map looks pretty tough for him. for jeb bush, he's actually on the rise in south carolina. the next primary state. he's got a very good ground game in south carolina.
7:23 am
it's a moderate state both among democrats and republicans. i think he could play well there. i think as long as he has a good finish in new hampshire, jeb bush will live to see another day. >> hugh, jeb bush actually in the poll that just came out goes from 4% to 13% in several weeks. that doesn't even include polling on the day of this debate on saturday that everybody is talking about. what is your take about what the exit is on this for marco rubio? is it him just pounding in a message that he thinks will resonate, or was it him being exposed for someone who can't take the pressure? >> a few things. i'm in boston where it started to snow and they've closed the schools. who knows what tomorrow is going to be. i think jeb bush is rising because he had his best debate performance of the season and unleashed barbara bush. i also believe that donald trump won tomorrow night but not losing saturday night, and especially by throwing a hammer
7:24 am
at the former secretary of state, clinton, about her server, et cetera. i think trump is going to win. jeb bush is going to go to south carolina for sure. john kasich is going to probably win. i think he's going to come in second tomorrow after trump, and i think marco rubio is actually along with ted cruz, benefitting from media overkill. there's nothing that conservatives rally to so much as a conservative being attacked by mainstream media. do you agree that the pileon on cruz and rubio isn't helping both of them? >> what's your take? >> what marco rubio is doing is very strategic. for one, he wants to be the candidate who can win, and the numbers show that most republicans coming out of iowa who said winning was the most important priority for their
7:25 am
candidate, thinks that marco rubio is that guy. so he talks about president obama because he talks as in a general election candidate. so he knows he's not actually running against ted cruz and chris christie and jeb bush and donald trump. he's running against four years of failed policy. that's why he hammers that message over and over again. he also anticipates that chris christie who also repeats himself on the campaign trail buzz was going to say he comes in without experience. he pivots that to say we thought barack obama was inexperienced. he knows what he's doing. this was planned. i don't think this was a mistake that he had, and the fact that no one emerged a winner from the night means that he wasn't a loser, i don't think. i think he was exactly right that the attention on marco now is good for him going into new hampshire and south carolina.
7:26 am
>> that's interesting. . an unconventional take. we'll see what happens. as always, thank you both. appreciate it. still to come, john kasich bets it all on new hampshire. s.e. kup says he country have to do that well. hugh hewitt says maybe he comes in second. it appears he's playing for the big ring or nothing. he says he'd be a horrible vice president. what's his strategy here and beyond? you get hungry. and you count the seconds until red lobster's lobsterfest is back with the largest variety of lobster dishes of the year. like new dueling lobster tails with one tail stuffed with crab, and the other with langostino lobster mac-and-cheese, it's a party on a plate! and you know every bite of 'lobster lover's dream' lives up to its name. hey, eating is believing. so stop dreaming and start eating.
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7:31 am
and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. it is do or die time for john kasich. he said if he doesn't do well in tomorrow's primaries he's throwing in the towel. he's putting his faith in his ground game and his ability to show his personality. here's what he said this morning about the key to victory. >> i think the debate helped me. people got to see a little bit more after my personalities like in the town hall or like in this interview. at the end of the day, i put my trust in the people there on the ground, and so we've just been like that little engine that can, and we're going to just roll through the tape, and then we're going to kind of duplicate this going forward. >> representative mike turner joins us now, a kasich supporters. welcome, congressman. >> thank you for having me. >> do you think kasich with drop out if he doesn't do well in new hampshire? >> i think he's going to do great in new hampshire.
7:32 am
people ask what is the candidate's position and can they deliver. and with casing he has the voter's confidence in both these. not only just his position on national security, creating jobs and balancing the national bu t budget. but we has the ability to go to real accomplishments. he's done it on the budget. he's balanced the national budget when he was budget chairman. national security he served on the armed services committee. >> he's so positive. he's like the happy warrior. isn't this election all about anger? >> i think he's a happy warrior because he has the resume. he can tell people this is not what i say. this is what i've done. when you look at ohio and people say we want the country to turn the economy around, they see he did that in ohio. >> why isn't he consistently slamming president obama like rubio? >> i think john is spending his time talking about what he's
7:33 am
done, not about the past. that's what i think the voters want to look to. they want to know the direction he's going to take the country. he has the ability and i think he's going to have the support of the voters. >> what do you think about marco rub rubio's debate performance and the repetitive line that obama knows what he's doing? >> i think it goes to some of the concerns of his candidacy of the depth of experience. that's where john kasich makes a difference there. he is the only candidate as the budget chairman -- >> did that hurt marco rubio? i guess that's where i'm going. >> it certainly did. most candidates, they turn to what to talk about, they can talk about something they've done. that's where john kasich has an edge. in his town halls, if somebody raises an issue, he's going to be able to say this is what i've done in congress or in congress or this is what i've done that's made a difference in people's
7:34 am
lives. >> so earlier they said kasich would be a great vice president. i said really? errol said stranger things have happened. >> i think we need to focus on the top of the ticket. right now i believe john kasich is the best for that. i think people will see that in new hampshire. as people have looked at all the candidates and begin to look at his resume, and what he's saying, i believe they're turn to john kasich. >> we'll see tomorrow. thank you for stopping by. still to come, young, female and supporting bernie sanders? some of the world's most famous feminists say support clinton inste instead. is there a feminist age rift? you both have a
7:35 am
7:36 am
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7:39 am
check out these live pictures. bernie sanders kicking off one of three rallies today. he's expected to attend a concert with members of the group, phish. and cruz will hold rallies today. on the democratic side, the battle between hillary clinton and sanders for the women's vote is heating up with polls showing clinton trailing sanders in this key demo in new hampshire. some boldfaced names are urging women to get behind hillary clinton. namely gloria steinem and former secretary of state, madeleine albright. >> first of all, women get more radical as we get older. when you're young you're thinking where are the boys? they're with bernie, or you know. >> a lot of you younger women think it's been done. it's not done, and you have to
7:40 am
help. hillary clinton will always be there for you, and just remember, there's a special place in hell for women who don't help each other. >> gloria steinem later apologized for her remarks, and madeleine albright says she's said it for years. here is a journalist and a democratic strategist and advisor south dnc. when you heard gloria steinem's comments and read about them, what was your first thought? >> my first thought was that oh, my goodness, i can't believe this is happening, and my jaw dropped to the ground. then, of course, i think it's important to stipulate that steinem has spoken out and issued a statement and said her statements were taken out of context. i think that's important. i think the story is really annoying. think we're trying to create
7:41 am
smoke where there's no fire, and i think it's condescending to the olding generation of women and condescending to the older generation of women. even though i'm an avid hillary clinton supporter, i think at the end of the day, it comes down to the fact that young women are going to vote about who they want to vote for, and they don't necessarily have to vote for hillary just because she's a woman. that's the hard truth. >> when i heard the comments and read about them, i love gloria steinem, my heart sank. it appeared she was pitting a younger generation of women against an older generation of women. that's not helpful. >> yeah. she said something before that little clip that i thought was almost more profound. she said men gain power with age and women lose power with age. and that actually is true. and women, gloria's age and
7:42 am
madeleine albright's age have really effectively felt that. that the farther up you go and there are studies about this, the farther up you go in amg age, the harder it is in the work force for women. here i totally agree. it was unfortunate. i don't think gloria steinem meant to put down young women. look, this is a woman who has fought for women her whole life. i just think they're speaking from some personal experience. i don't think we should hold hillary accountable for that. she's already said that she wants young women to feel empowered by this campaign, but if young women are not with her, that's okay. she'll still be for them. >> i get it, but if you look online, many young women are totally insulted by this and feel that they're being disrespected. >> well, nobody likes to be patronized, and nobody likes to be talked down to. i completely agree with hilary rosen. nobody understands the power and the significance of not only the
7:43 am
youth vote but young women's vote better than women like gloria steinem and madeleine albright. she said her statement was taken out of context, that she was interrupted while she was speaking. that's not what she meant. my heart sunk, and i met steinem many times. this woman would not be patronizing to young women. at the same time, there is an issue of ageism within the women's rights movement, and i think it's ironic, and quite sexist for the media to exploit it. we have bigger issues to speak about. i don't think this tension needs to be exploited. >> the other thing, older women, older feminists have problems with hillary clinton too. i spoke recently with susan sarandon who is not voting for hillary clinton because of her vote for the iraq war. >> hillary clinton wants people to be inspired by what she's
7:44 am
saying. i think this is an unfortunate conversation. we have to vote for the person we think will be the best president. bernie sanders or hillary clinton. there's no question about that. young women, old women, young men, older men. but i do think we have to cut women some slack who feel in their own lives, that they've been fighting a fight for respect for women, and if the reason that they want to support hillary is because and including that she is going to be the first woman president, you know, all power to them n. that doesn't mean that women looking for other things aren't also legitimate in what they're saying. i don't think we can hang all our hopes and dreams on hillary clinton as a woman. i think we have to think about who is going to be the best president. >> i think there's among older feminists there's a certain amount of, like, it hurts me that young women don't appear to be grateful for the fight we fought, and the fight we're still fighting. so i think there's that there,
7:45 am
too. >> there is, and young women are like it's hurtful to be talked down to. the luxury, i guess, of being young, is that you don't have to -- you haven't kind of suffered through and lived so much of what the older generation of women have. that being said, i agree with hilary rosen. it's about the best candidate. it's about the best person for the job. and if some people don't believe hillary is the west persbest pe that's what it comes down too. >> and this is generational. everybody does this. >> i have to leave it there. thank you both. still to come, the international community is looking at ways it can fpunish north korea for launching a long range rocket.
7:46 am
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all right. i'm sorry to have to tell you this this morning. the dow is in a free fall off by just -- well, just about 293 points. once again feeling the pressure from the drop in oil prices. now back under $30 a barrel. cheap oil is great for drivers but the broader economy is another story. we'll keep you posted. north korea's launch of a long range rocket comes one month after north korea claims to have tested a hydrogen bomb. the u.n. security council condemned the launch. they fear north korea is on a
7:51 am
path to launch a nuclear weapon. >> business as usual will no longer apply. there has been many resolutions which have not been implemented, and we have to work on this basis, working on the new security council resolution. >> let's bring in chief national security correspondent, jim sciutto. what's next? >> reporter: i've just learned the u.s. is moving toward the first military response to the north korean launch. consultations underway between the u.s. and south korea as we speak to deploy something called the fad. this is the theater high altitude defense system. it's an anti-missile system to help protect south korea in the event of a hostile launch from north korea. it's been on the table for some time. the principle reason that the u.s. and the west has hesitated
7:52 am
is because china has opposed it because they'd siee it diminishing their own nuclear deterrent. after this nuclear test last month and missile launch over the weekend, it appears south korea and the u.s. are close to making a decision. i'm told that system can be deployed as soon as the next week or two. an urgent step. a defensive step here in direct response to that missile launch this weekend from the u.s. and south korea. >> the pentagon, thank you. still to come, cam newton was once unstoppable, and then denver's defense took the field.
7:53 am
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>> what a spectacular way to break a record with the whereon koes winning super bowl 50, peyton manning makes history.
7:57 am
he passed brett favre for the most wins in nfl history with 2 00. the real star of the game in denver's defense. let's get more on the game. good morning, coy. >> reporter: good morning, carol. you know, as a former defensive guy, i was loving this game. in the nfl dominant defenses are difference makers. the broncos were the top ranked defense this season, but they were the underdogs. all week all they heard about was how unstoppable cam newton was. led by super bowl mvp, von miller, they annihilated him. cam was sacked seven times on the night, tieing a super bowl record set 30 years ago by the bears. he didn't score or flex or do his famous dab dance that carol does so well. he was sent home defeated. i talked to some of denver's
7:58 am
defensive stars after the game about their big performance. >> i think there was a number one scoring offense in the league. the boys had ten points. >> i told them, man, we were the best, and we -- just across the board, we had the talent. no one believed in us. we went out and handled our business. >> i'm glad i was on the same team as our defense and i didn't have to play against them. >> now, that defense allowed peyton manning to win his second super bowl title, becoming the first quarterback in history to win one with two different games. he's the winningest quarterback to play the game. he said this may be his last radio. wh -- rodeo. what an incredible story. we got to watch a master of his craft last night win it all. >> he was. he was amazing. you know, cam newton was amazing
7:59 am
all yearlong. i felt kind of sorry for him. he made a lot of mistakes, as did his team. >> reporter: yeah, they did. that's what the story wants to say. it's not what they didn't do. it's what denver did. they were just to dominant in that game. they were playing with their hair on fire like they were out there with not just a chip on their shoulder but like the whole potato. it was awesome. it was great to be here. and i was happy to be able to share some of this story with you today. >> so if you were a betting man, do you think peyton manning will call it a day? >> reporter: i think he's done. i have a titanium plate and four screws in my neck like he does from playing the game. hang them up. you're good. two super bowls, you're gone. >> and i read an article about joe montana, and the physical ailments that he has after playing so long in the nfl. i mean, he can't play tennis. he can't play basketball with his kids. he's like a mess.
8:00 am
he's in pain all the time. >> reporter: yeah. arthritis in his hands. we spent some time with him. chris cuomo was here for our super bowl special. he was talking about some of the ailments that joe was sharing with him. >> all right. thanks so much. thank you for joining me today. i'm carol costello. at this hour with berman and bou bolduan starts now. >> hello. i'm john berman. >> i'm kate bolduan. good morning from manchester, new hampshire. center of the political universe right now. just 13 hours now until the critical primary begins in this state. and that means if you're running for president, you are literally running across this state right now. for the democrats, hillary clinton and bernie sanders, they are fighting for every last vote. >> on the republican side, it's an old fashioned battle. maybe not for first place. donald trump seems to be


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