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tv   Americas Choice 2016 The New Hampshire Primary  CNN  February 9, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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to me. our coverage continues now with john berman and poppy harlow. ♪ >> good morning, everyone. welcome to a special post primary edition of "early start." it is 2:00 a.m. in the east. i'm john berman. >> i'm poppy harlow. so glad you're with us. >> big, big wins for bernie sanders in the new hampshire primary. bernie sanders riding a wave of younger supporters. he pulled in 60% of the vote to 38% for hillary clinton. >> what began last week in iowa, what voters here in new hampshire confirmed tonight is nothing short of the beginning of a political revolution. [ applause ]
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>> and for the republicans, donald trump took 35%, winning by 51,000 votes. this is the largest margin of victory for any republican candidate in a contested primary, at least since 2000. >> we are going to make america great again. [ applause ] >> ohio governor john kasich, dark horse of the establishment candidates, if you will, came in a strong second place. though still far behind donald trump, with a pile in his rear-view mirror as they fight it out for third place. >> jeremy diamond joins us now from manchester with more on tonight's winners and losers. the winners were big winners, jeremy. >> reporter: absolutely. i mean, you had donald trump and
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bernie sanders both coming out with huge double digit wins over their closest competitors. donald trump tonight really proving finally that his momentum, that his movement as he calls it, is absolutely 100% real and he now has the votes to show for it. he spent the whole week kind of reeling from a second place finish in iowa and tonight coming out with that strong finish was crucial for him. he's showing that his movement is real and he's able to have big rallies and have supporters support him in polls, but go out and vote and that's a testament to the questions that happened this week over whether or not he had the ground game capacity to get those people out. but he certainly did. of course, john kasich coming out in second place here tonight. he spent a lot of time in new hampshire, probably more than most other candidates, especially in recent weeks. just before the iowa caucuses,
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he skipped out on spending time campaigning in iowa, instead of having the whole state to himself that last weekend, as he campaigned through the state. so coming out with 16% there is really something that's going to help kasich as he goes forward to try and be that establishment candidate after rubio came in third in iowa, a lot of people thought he would be carrying the banner. now john kasich challenging that. but the question is where next is >> and also how much money can he raise? a week ago we were talking about establishment money going to marco rubio, then the debate happened. will that money now go to kasich? i want us to listen to sarah marie as she was on kasich's plane as they're heading to south carolina. let's listen.
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[ inaudible ] he's not exactly bouncing off the walls. he told us that he almost can't describe the feeling right now. he can't quite believe it. he knew they had a strong ground game and had been working really hard. but he also told us that he's been listening to the song called "stress out" and that song has been really resonating with him and it's a sense of relief that he feels that he is boarding this plane and is heading on to south carolina. they're hunkering down in eight or nine states further down the calendar. they feel like they can pick up some degrees and by the time you get to april 15th, they'll be in
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a good position to pick up delegates in places like ohio or michigan. so i think what this really does is it sets up the long haul for the next four oh to six weeks. >> berman, you had kasich on your show today and you guys asked him whether he was definitely going on to south carolina. he said i can't guaranty anything. >> but he's going. look at that, 19 points behind donald trump. it is stunning. i think so many times we focus on second, third, fourth, fifth place, but donald trump winning among every major category. same thing on the democratic side. bernie sanders out in a way the winner over hillary clinton. a state she won in 2008, a state that made bill clinton the comeback kid. bernie sanders wins in new
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hampshire, even winning among women in new hampshire, which is a group hillary needs to win. >> what's stunning is he won women in new hampshire 55% to clinton's 44%. if you look back to 2008, when it was a much bigger race, eight people in on the democratic side. she earned 46% of the female vote. so what happened there? >> jeremy, what's going on with the democrats right now? what are the clinton people saying? >> listen, the clinton campaign did not expect to win in new hampshire. they made that clear, and it was going to be tough for them after eking out a win in iowa, it could have been nice for them to come out with a win in new hampshire. they knew that wasn't going to be possible. what they were trying to do is narrow the gap between them and sanders. it's not clear they were able to do that. there is a substantial margin between the two at the end of the night. so hillary clinton and her campaign now saying that they
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have this southern firewall. bernie sanders came close in iowa, he won new hampshire, but where does he go next? can he do well in a state like south carolina? bernie sanders did well in two states that have largely white populations and he hasn't yet made huge in roads with minority communities. that's where hillary clinton and her campaign think they have the edge going forward. >> that's where this so-called firewall, if you call it that, comes into play going into south carolina and nevada. >> let me bring in the rest of our panel. thank you all for being with us. where do we begin? one thing that stood out to me was comparing and contrasting the speeches, carl, of hillary clinton tonight and bernie sanders.
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what is your takeaway? >> that sanders went on for a long time, but i think one reason was, he wanted people to get a first look at him. many people hadn't seen him. this was a huge, national audience. and he laid out what he believes and the reason there is this huge movement that he's begun and has revealed hillary clinton to be a deeply flawed candidate. she was repudiated tonight in a very personal way that shows how deeply flawed a candidate she is. she won, i think, only one demographic, over 65. and the failure to win women, the failure to win young people by about 4-1, and the idea that she's not -- she's got problems going ahead and sanders is -- yes, there's a firewall supposedly, but he can now go the distance through this campaign season. he's got enough money to keep going and momentum behind him. it's going to be an exciting and
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increasingly nasty unfortunately horse race. >> you see the numbers among people and asked who they felt was the most honest and trustworthy. 91% for sanders, 5% for clinton. josh, it is a big number right there to be sure. josh, i want to talk about the republican side. you have donald trump winning by a lot, 19%. i was in new hampshire in 2000 when john mccain won which 19%. donald trump could top the margin that john mccain won there. talk to me about trump going to south carolina and beyond and josh, just the shockwaves right now in the republican establishment. >> i've been talking to my republican sources in preparation for this interview. they say there's no doubt about it, this was a terrible night for marco rubio. he simply did not perform. >> fifth place. >> we'll see how it shapes up as the returns come in. but either way, he had a moment after iowa to establish himself at the front of the
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anti-trump-cruz wing. he missed that moment. what they say is simple, first of all, marco rubio has a good ground game in south carolina and the endorsement of tim scott. that carries some weight with conservatives in south carolina. and they say every campaign eventually faces this. you get to the top and everyone attacks you and you fall. the question is can you recover from the fall? there's no way to deny it, the trump phenomena is real. he's going with big rallies and media. and he's proven that can work. no longer can anyone say oh, well, the trump ground game is not as good as the other ground game. big rallies and earned media are going to take him through the next couple of weeks. >> you look at the numbers and these exit polls and he won across every single group. young, old, men, women, across
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the board. it is astonishing for those critics of his who, back in june when he made his announcement, laughed it off. when you look at marco rubio, josh says he had this moment and he didn't grasp it. was it simply the minute and a half exchange between chris christie and rubio on stage on saturday night that did him in? was it that or was it more? >> well, john kasich and chris christie have spent a ton of time here in new hampshire. so that has something to do with it. but yeah, a ton of this was that really bad debate. it wasn't the kind of thing a candidate can easily recover from. it was something that gets to the core of marco rubio's political talent. he was sort of exposed this that debate. now he has to play a new game going forward. there's another republican debate coming up saturday night. and rubio isn't going to be able to pull the same sort of
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reliance on a set of practiced lines. he's going to have to show a new sort of component to his political talent that he hasn't shown before. so yeah, this gives new life to the other establishment candidates. south carolina, it will be jeb bush versus marco rubio. that's going to be a huge thing to watch. ted cruz is absolutely thrilled about this, because this means, you know, it's not going to be him versus rubio quite yet to see who can become the primary alternative to donald trump. it will be more establishment on establishment competition for at least one more state. >> the cruz camp is "laser focused on rubio still right now. >> ted cruz finished third in new hampshire, which is an astounding finish. we'll have much more on this. gentlemen, stick around.
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there's a democratic debate, hillary clinton and bernie sanders face off tomorrow night. the pbs democratic presidential debate in wisconsin. we are simulcasting. you can watch it right here on cnn at 9:00. it will be fascinating to see. all right. so what happens now? how many candidates will make it out of new hampshire? we'll discuss that and hear donald trump's first interview after the win in new hampshire. that's coming up. >> thank you, new hampshire! [ applause ] >> i still love new hampshire and i always will! >> we want to thank the people of new hampshire! right? do we love the people of new hampshire? >> the people of new hampshire have taught me a lesson, and from this day forward, i'm going to go slower and spend my time listening and healing and
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ask your doctor about it by name. . a stunning win for donald trump in new hampshire by more than 50,000 votes across a broad range of demographic groups. cnn's jake tapper spoke with donald trump in his first interview after the big new hampshire win. >> i'm joined on the phone by
11:18 pm
donald trump. mr. trump, congratulations on your victory. did you ever think this was going to happen? >> well, it's been a really wonderful evening, jake. i thought i might, but i didn't know by these numbers. i just looked at your report, it was right across the board with men, with women, young and old, with everything. it was perhaps the greatest honor of all. >> and it looks like the voting results are still coming in, but it looks like this is the biggest victory in a republican primary since george w. bush lost to john mccain 16 years ago. how does it feel sh >> i didn't know that number. that's a great feeling to know it's been that big of a victory. but i will tell you, it's just an honor to have won. i told you if i win by one vote,
11:19 pm
i'll be happy. but this makes me even happier, i will say that, jake. >> so if you look at the exit polls, you'll see that voters are looking at an outsider, they're mad at the republican establishment. what do you think in particular about your message resonated with the voters of new hampshire? >> i think the fact that well w border, people started saying that i would also be the best with respect to isis and some of the outer problems that we have.
11:20 pm
so it seems the whole military thing, i'm going to take better care of the vets, it came down to that. but it seems like a victory in every category. of course, the easiest thing for me is going to be trade and jobs, because that's really what i do. >> in terms of how you won in new hampshire, did your campaign pay more attention to the ground game, to getting your voters to the polls, to making sure that they were motivated, as opposed to the approach of big rallies? >> i think the ground game was very strong and we really focused on it after iowa. the ground game was not something i was familiar with, but i learned quickly. i think i learned very well and we have a very good ground game. you know, the people of new hampshire are amazing people and now going to south carolina. i think we going to have tremendous success there.
11:21 pm
we had 12,000 people in a wonderful, wonderful arena. to be honest, the ground game was very important to me. i think we really learned about ground games very quickly. >> as you may know, south carolina, they like their politics a little more rough and tumble. are you ready for what may come your way, the negative attacks, and perhaps even dirty tricks that might happen? >> we've already had dirty tricks in this campaign. i'm ready for whatever they want to throw at me and that's fine. you know, i want to congratulate everybody that's run. they're all very capable people and it was an honor to run against them. now i'll see them -- tomorrow around 12:00, 1:00 tomorrow, i'll be in south carolina getting ready. that should be interesting. i love south carolina. the people are -- i've been there many, many times and the people are tremendous people and i think i can do very well there.
11:22 pm
>> there's a big competition for second place and third place if new hampshire right now. what do you think is your competition going forward, is it ted cruz, do you see some rejuvenation for jeb bush, john kasich, who are you focused on? >> i see them all. they're all talented people. kasich has a little bit of a lead, but the other one -- i'm just looking at your chart. yep, it's getting a little closer. it's going to be a close race. you sort of predicted that, so did cnn. it looks like it's going to be a close race for second. >> lastly, you've been campaigning more with your family, your wife and boys. how are they taking the news? this is a big, big night in trump family history. >> they're very proud. they're standing with me right
11:23 pm
now. corey is right outside, who has done a terrific job. in fact, he just walked in now, so i will comment on his ground game which was excellent. it's been an amazing period of time. we're all thrilled and we want to make america great again. it's simple. we're going to make america great again. >> congratulations on a very strong win in new hampshire. best of luck to you. we'll see you on the campaign trail, mr. trump. >> thank you very much, jake. thank you. >> the winner, donald trump tonight by a landslide. joining our jake tapper for his first interview. let's get reaction from our panel. before i get to you guys, let's just look at the number that really stands out tonight. this is from the exit polls and what it shows is republican primary voters that wanted someone not from the political establishment. and donald trump won that by a huge amount.
11:24 pm
61% of people that want a president not from the political establishment going for trump, only 10% the second runner in that ted cruz. so carl burnstein, to you. listening to donald trump in that interview, listening to donald trump in his victory speech, if you will, starting out thanking everyone he knows, it seems like all of his siblings, people of new hampshire, everyone, and then talking about the epidemic of heroin that faces the people of new hampshire right now. did we see an evolution of this candidate don't? >> we are seeing a very clever candidate who is magnanimous in his new hat. but i think something else that needs to be looked at. a stunning victory but he does not have a majority. he will have to win some primaries to get the nomination.
11:25 pm
it's possible that the republican convention could be a brokered convention. if that were the case, you have to think about the party looking at paul ryan as a possible nominee if these wings of the party can't come together on one of these candidates who we see up on the board tonight. i think it's a real possibility. so take a look at ryan, and i think there are people talking about it in the republican party, when they get to the convention, this might be a possibility. >> look, i think you're actually right -- >> it's a long way off. >> one thing is clear, and carl is right about this, the field is more jumbled coming out of new hampshire, and it's certainly possible that by the middle or end of march, we don't have just two people that have won primary contests but three or four. so people have tried to take on
11:26 pm
donald trump and they kind of have been cast off to the side. rand paul tried, he's off to the side. jeb bush tried, failed, he's clawed back. ted cruz did in iowa with some success. do you expect any of these candidates to say in south carolina donald trump, you're in our sights and we're going to take you down and will it work? >> i think so. you're looking at the ads out there in south carolina, which fights a little dirtier than the rest of the states. both trump and cruz had ads against each other. donald trump taking on ted cruz, and when you look at cruz, saying trump uses imminent domain to park his limousines and kicks little old ladies out of their house. so these guys are going to start to go at it. it will be interesting to see, do some of those establishment
11:27 pm
candidates who are left, jeb bush, john kasich, and maybe chris christie, we'll see if he continues on. but certainly marco rubio, do they start to coalesce and hit trump as a group? what he hasn't had is that target on his back that so many of the other candidates have. jeb bush had it in the beginning. donald trump went after him in the first debates and said you're low energy and not tough enough. and then trump skated through the rest of the debates until we got to marco rubio on saturday. and then chris christie knocking marco rubio around a little bit, showing that he's off his message and showing his weaknesses. but we've not seen the field gang up on donald trump and show those weaknesses. so i think that the establishment who is very nervous right now, they hoped maybe marco rubio would be the candidate coming out of new
11:28 pm
hampshire that everybody could coalesce behind. instead of three, we're getting maybe five. but do those establishment candidates form a little bit of an alliance and take on donald trump in the same way that we saw christie and bush trying to take on marco rubio. i think that's a really good question. >> which didn't seem to help christie tonight at all. >> or rubio. it hurt rubio badly. >> were you surprised to hear rubio say this is on me? i did a bad job on saturday and won't again. >> i am surprised it took him thee days to say it. we'll talk much more about the road ahead for some of those other candidates coming up. some very interesting discussion. >> we'll be right back. we have a lot coming up on this show and then ahead, three major interviews. donald trump will join us live. jeb bush, john kasich, all on "new day" begin at 5:30 this
11:29 pm
morning. quick break. we'll be right back. >> the sanders' sweep, we'll dive into that ahead.
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bernie sanders is on top of
11:33 pm
the world this morning, beating hillary clinton in new hampshire by more than 20 points. how did he do so well? how did she do so poorly? >> that is the big question. the question being debated on both those plains. back with our panel. josh rogan to you. when we look at sanders, sources telling cnn tonight that his camp takes this win, mapped out the next six weeks, looking at michigan very closely, minnesota, places where they don't go to the polls for three, four weeks' time. and some look at this and say are we at a bernie peak, where do you fall on that? >> i think there's a realization inside the sanders' campaign that they can't ramp up and take advantage of all of the new money and support they have right away. it takes time to build infrastructure. so by projecting that they're working on the states that are a little further out, they can lower expectations for the states coming up, namely south
11:34 pm
carolina and nevada. states that hillary clinton is favored to win heavily because of structural and political realities that go beyond what's happened in the last couple of weeks. and hillary clinton has done well in south carolina before. they have a lot of support there. so bernie sanders is trying to capitalize, take all of the new political and financial capital and spend it wisely. if he spends it fast and it comes up short, lit be over. but if he projects win out in the march and april time frame, he can keep the money coming in and stave off the downturn. >> keep your eye on nevada. it's a caucus state. bernie sanders has been up on tv there, he sent people in. he could do better than expected in nevada. i want to play some sound from
11:35 pm
hillary clinton. she focused on the young voters, who are running away from her in unimaginable numbers. she lost -- bernie sanders won like 91% of younger voters. hillary clinton knows that and talked about it in her concession speech tonight. >> i know i have some work to do, particularly with young people. but i will repeat again what i have said this week. even if they are not supporting me now, i support them. because i know -- i know i've had a blessed life. but i also know what it's like to stumble and fall. and so many people across america know that feeling. and we've learned it's not whether you get knocked down that matters, it's whether you get back up! >> so i got the number wrong, 83% of the younger vote that
11:36 pm
bernie sanders won. you heard hillary clinton say she knows what it's like to stumble and fall down and get back up again. >> it's a line from her mother, from her childhood, and indeed hillary clinton has done this throughout her life. both on the public stage and in private. but we keep hearing from hillary clinton a kind of evolved, why i should be president. and meanwhile, we're seeing bernie sanders saying this is a movement i'm building. and she's now up against a movement. and what all those exit polls show, and the anecdotal evidence shows is that this movement has left her behind, certainly in the states she's competed in so far, and i was fascinated by randi kaye's interviews earlier tonight on cnn with some undecided voters in south carolina, a number of whom were african-americans who said oh, i think i want to go with bernie sanders. i think we're looking at
11:37 pm
something that is a real repudiation of hillary clinton, of the clintons, of clinton fatigue. she might be able to right herself, the demographics still favor her in many ways. but this is a new campaign and bernie sanders has tapped into something. we don't know where it's going to go, but it's a different kind of fight, it's for the soul of the party and part of hillary's problem is she has come late to the issues that have been defined by bernie sanders. that's not to say her whole life has been devoted to many of the same causes of being espoused by sanders. but in this campaign, she's late to the party and that's a big party. >> she sort of ticked through that tonight, when i worked through the children's defense fund, here is how i executed on
11:38 pm
what you're hearing from bernie sanders. chris, looking at hillary clinton and the fact that women 30 years old and younger voted for sanders over clinton tonight in new hampshire by a nearly 4-1 margin, couple that with what carl just said in terms of some of the african-american voters, this so-called firewall for clinton in south carolina, may be tipping towards sanders. what do you do if you're her campaign manager right now? >> you saw those stories start to come out in the press that she was thinking about reorganizing that campaign. keep in mind that those stories are almost job security articles for the clinton campaign. if you're hillary clinton, you have to look at that gap, and you saw her bring some heavy hitters. she brought some women senators to the stage. she brought madeiline albright
11:39 pm
who said there's a special place in hell for women who don't support other women. younger voters are going towards bernie sanders because he represents the left here, and hillary clinton, whether it's on the tpp trade deal, the keystone pipeline, bernie sanders has outflanked her and she's always coming late to the party, because she's making political calculations and not calculations based on principles. when you look at south carolina, that's good territory for her, and so is nevada. but the sanders' people are making an argument that they have the money. now, remember, they are raising money almost at the same clip that hillary clinton is, and they had an almost bigger advantage, because they're getting smaller donors. as he loves to say, his average donation is $27. that means that donor can give again and again and again. whereas the clinton donors are often maxed out. but he can do things in colorado, minneapolis,
11:40 pm
minnesota, massachusetts. so look for this map to get a lot bigger and faster, guys. >> poppy, let me enter investigate with one another. >> quickly, carl. >> that is the distrust factor. that's what is really undermining hillary clinton. it shows in the exit polls, the server, the line she keeps going to about the vast right wing conspiracy is not working. and that is a big problem for her. >> when you look at the money, i was just going to say the sanders camp raising $20 million in january, clinton raising $15 million. stay with us. a lot more ahead. bernie sanders, hillary clinton, face to face, the two of them debating in the pbs democratic national debate in wisconsin tomorrow night. you will be able to see it live right here on cnn, 9:00 p.m. eastern. again, tomorrow night at 9:00 p.m. eastern. bernie sanders, hillary clinton debate. >> you want clarity coming out
11:41 pm
of new hampshire? forget about it. the republican race is a necessary right now, heading to south carolina. what has the best shot down there? who really won and who really lost coming out of new hampshire? that's next.
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this election season, everyone loves to win. but donald trump really loves to win. and that is exactly what he did in new hampshire by a long shot. it was a very different story for marco rubio. he even admitted his debate performance on saturday night really hurt him. listen. >> i want you to understand something. our disappointment tonight is not on you, it's on me. it's on me. i did not -- i did not do well on saturday night, so listen to this, that will never happen again. [ applause ] that will never happen again. and let me tell you why, let me tell you why it will never happen again. it's not about me, it's not about this campaign. it is about this election.
11:46 pm
it is about this election. it is about what's at stake in this election. >> let's talk it over with our panel. gentlemen, one of the very important things outside of the winner, berman always thinks we don't talk enough about, but how important is second place in this election? because it is who will be the establishment guy, if you will, right? so john kasich taking it out of new hampshire, the question is, what is his momentum like going forward? by the way, we're 46 minutes into the show, and we haven't talked about jeb bush, to you, josh rogan. >> talking to gop operatives and donors tonight, it seems clear they believe john kasich does not have what it takes to make it all the way through in terms of infrastructure, money, support. so that battle for the establishment candidate is still
11:47 pm
on. now, if you look through the list, jeb bush still has the fundamental flaws he had a week ago, but he has a ton of money. he still has that last name, he's still underperforming in the debates. so the support is not going to go right to him. chris christie is likely out, if not sooner than later. so as all of the republican power players look around, they still come back to marco rubio. we saw in the cnn exit polls that the republicans are late deciders. so what means the debate probably did have an effect, but rubio can redeem himself in the next debate. so a lot of money is still out there and rubio has just as much chance at reclaiming that spot. >> he does, but it was such a missed opportunity.
11:48 pm
it just completely stalled out after the debate saturday night. our folks are reporting, two senators were on the verge of endorsing rubio who didn't after saturday night. jeremy diamond, i think the rubio whiff, if you will, is a dynamic that's completely changed the shape of the raes. it's gone from a three-person field in south carolina to a five-person field. it's given new life to jeb bush and john kasich. if you give new life to those characters, you're giving even more life to donald trump. >> yeah, absolutely. listen, south carolina is an interesting state, because you have several candidates who have really strong operations there, some strong backing. donald trump's south carolina team is probably the most professional, the most prepared, the most establishment of his
11:49 pm
teams as far as between iowa and new hampshire and south carolina. jeb bush is going to bring in george w. bush, former president, into south carolina to campaign with him on his behalf. and he is somebody who is still a very popular figure in south carolina, which is really military heavy, military centric state. and what's interesting, i was speaking with some rubio supporters in south carolina this week. they were saying if marco rubio can pull out a second place finish in new hampshire, then that would help him solidify that moment and help the coalescing movement happen with the kstd. but marco rubio wasn't able to do that tonight. he didn't come in second or third. so that's something that will really hurt him and something
11:50 pm
that his supporters were not looking forward to going into south carolina. >> don't forget, he looks like he lost to jeb bush. it looks like marco rubio lost to jeb bush in new hampshire, which is a big bragging rights issue in florida. >> wiare we sure that rubio is e establishment candidate? his appeal was originally to the tea party. he's trying to be all things to all factions in this election. it would seem that the repudiation of rubio and what's occurred in the past few days is a ticket back to congress and for him to learn some things and then get back in the big leagues. i would be very surprised if we're going to see a resurgence of rubio in this campaign. >> we're going to take a quick break. new hampshire is one thing, the
11:51 pm
next contests are quite another. the makeup of the electorate in south carolina and nevada really looks nothing like it has in new hampshire and iowa. so where does the race go from here? stay with us. we're back in a moment. buying smartphones for the whole family is expensive. not at t-mobile® for a limited time, check out our half off smartphone event. get one of our most popular smartphones, and get the second one at half price. need more? buy another, and get the fourth phone at half price, too. smartphones like the samsung galaxy s6, note 5 and many more. hurry to t-mobile's half off smartphone event while it lasts and get the whole family a smartphone today.
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donald trump, bernie sanders, big winners in new hampshire. the democrats go on to nevada, the republicans go on to south carolina. what does that mean? how do they do it?
11:55 pm
joining us again, josh rogan. let's talk about nevada, it's a caucus state, which is messed up. it's all about organization. the democrats vote during the day, it's not something out in the open. how do you win in a place like nevada if >> you have to get your surrogates in place early and you have to have the ground game to set up your win. the other thing is that nevada is a closed state. so only voters who are registered with the party can vote for that party. >> one fun fact here, as much as hillary clinton got beaten, she tied with democratic voters. >> so it might be a wash. but on the republican side, independent voters lean heavily for trump. in a closed system, it will be hard to get over the establishment republican voters.
11:56 pm
will it be enough to overcome trump? we'll have to wait and see. >> it's a really difficult state. all right. donald trump, bernie sanders, they won big. so much more to discuss, special think what happens now. stay with us. i think it landed last tuesday. one second it's there. then, woosh, it's gone. i swear i saw it swallow seven people. seven. i just wish one of those people could have been mrs. johnson. [dog bark] trust me, we're dealing with a higher intelligence here. ♪ the all-new audi q7 is here. ♪ (singing alougetting to know you. getting to know all about you... getting to like you. getting to hope you like me...
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good morning, everyone. welcome to a special post primary edition of "early start." it is 3:00 in the east. i'm john berman. >> i'm poppy harlow. so glad you're with us. >> hope you didn't sleep at all. donald trump, democrat bernie sanders, they won big in new hampshire. look at that. young voters, independent voters, even women voters helping drive sanders to a 22-point win over hillary clinton. >> as the results came in, the candidates looked ahead, straight at south carolina. both winners and losers. that's what they were focusing on. look. >> we are going to make america great again. >> hillary, you just needed


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