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tv   Americas Choice 2016 The New Hampshire Primary  CNN  February 10, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PST

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good morning, everyone. welcome to a special post primary edition of "early start." it is 3:00 in the east. i'm john berman. >> i'm poppy harlow. so glad you're with us. >> hope you didn't sleep at all. donald trump, democrat bernie sanders, they won big in new hampshire. look at that. young voters, independent voters, even women voters helping drive sanders to a 22-point win over hillary clinton. >> as the results came in, the candidates looked ahead, straight at south carolina. both winners and losers. that's what they were focusing on. look. >> we are going to make america great again. >> hillary, you just needed this much and head to south carolina
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because it ain't working here. >> the real winner is the conservative grassroots. >> i did not do well on saturday night, so listen to this, that will never happen again. >> there's so much going to happen. >> i love you all. thank you, new hampshire. thank you, we are going now to south carolina. we're going to win in south carolina. i love you all. thank you very much. >> i love you all. thank you very much. thank you, new hampshire. thank you. that was donald trump right there. cnn politics reporter jeremy diamond is in new hampshire. thank you, jeremy. what a night it was for donald and bernie sanders. >> unbelievable. as donald trump would say, "unbelievable." he came out tonight with a really strong win that is really showing that his movement, as he calls it, is absolutely real.
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he was 20 points over his closest rival, as did bernie sanders. but for donald trump, this was an important night. after he raised expectations before the iowa caucuses and then underperformed by coming in second place. this week in new hampshire, he kind of underplayed expectations, said, we'll see how we actually do. and then came up with this double digit win. so donald trump learning to play the expectations a little bit. he's really improved as the candidate. as far as bernie sanders is concerned, he tonight showed that his campaign can pull out a win against hillary clinton, showing that his campaign is moving forward and is trying to build a national campaign, one that can challenge hillary clinton for the democratic nomination in a way that hadn't previously been thought of. this race was not supposed to be a close one early on and bernie
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sanders showing that he too has a movement that he too is really leading the charge and kind of taking the progressive wing of the party and trying to put it in its place at the top of the democratic ticket. >> jeremy, stay with us. i want to bring in our panel. so josh rogan, to you. when you look at sanders and you look at nevada and south carolina, on my show this week, one of my guests kept saying, stop calling south carolina a firewall for hillary clinton. she and her husband have entrenched roots there, however, you've heard others saying more and more african-american voters are on the fence, and if bernie sanders has done anything this campaign, he has surprised. >> right. i think what everyone is being surprised by is the real deep
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seeded discontent with the establishment. when you apply that to each individual state, it plays out in different ways. in south carolina, the best predictions are is it won't be enough for bernie sanders, but some states are not like that. that's why you see the sanders' campaign projecting out into the march and prim time frame. you never know where that wealth of support, where that wealth of anger and real unhappiness with the clinton machine. you've got to take a shotgun approach. you shoot a thousand bullets. you'll hit a bunch of things. in the end, if it's really close, hillary clinton has very strong, super delegate support. and so it's not enough inner bernie sanders to keep even with hillary clinton until the end. if that happens, the super delegates, hundreds of which the clinton team has been rounding
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up, going around the country, that if it ever came down to what it came down to in 2008 or the super delegates, that's how she lost to barack obama, hillary clinton is prepared for that. so sanders has to really beat here. >> let's talk donald trump. i was in new hampshire until three or four hours ago. we've been hearing the same people whispering. the whispers today were that maybe donald trump will win, but it will be low single digits. this could be the biggest win in new hampshire since john mccain. 51,000 votes. this is big and it means something, eric, going forward. >> absolutely. donald trump defied the rules of conventional politics here. the idea was in iowa and new
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hampshire you had to do what john kasich did, a hundred town halls. but donald trump demonstrated these giant rallies, these events here and there, maybe he gets snowed out, he stays in manhattan for a night, it doesn't really hurt him. so the hard part is over in that regard. now he's moving to a couple of bigger states and then super tuesday where these big rallies can be a lot more effective, where his domination of media attention can be something that nobody else can match. so donald trump really turned the story around tonight. meanwhile, marco rubio, who is starting to look like a really start challenger, totally collapsed. so now it's a question of where does the establishment support go? will it stick with rubio? will jeb bush get more of a lease on life headed into south carolina where his super pac has been taking a lot of criticism, a lot of flak for going so hard
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after marco rubio. maybe now establishment donors are going to say go after him. maybe jeb bush is the best alternative. so that splintered field is great news for donald trump and good news for ted cruz, too. but you combine this shift in where the race is headed next with a lack of clear establishment alternative. tonight was a great night for donald trump. >> let's talk about donald trump. the way that his campaign chose to spin it is, we spent the at least amount of money here and came in third. >> that's very smart. lower the expectation and come in third and he's beaten the estimates. so yes, i think that everyone that i've talked to in all the campaigns recognize that cruz is a threat nationally. he's got a lot of money and support in the next few states.
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there's a begrudging respect in the campaigns of jeb and rubio for how ted cruz played new hampshire. so he's looking good. >> there are four candidates who got what they wanted. donald trump, john kasich, ted cruz, and jeb bush. they got what they wanted out of new hampshire. chris christie really didn't. it makes the race that much more interesting going forward. jeremy, i want to shift back to the democrats here and talk about bernie sanders. i was talking the decisions they are making going forward. they have a heap of money and the decisions are, do we go after states that are delegate rich, congressional districts? it sounds like now they got to go wage a national campaign. >> absolutely. they are pressing forward,
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sourcing telling cnn that they are starting to build that national infrastructure to really make sure that they can go beyond the first few states in the primary process. so they're building that ground game. the question is, can they build it fast enough? can they not only build up the staffing and the resources and put them many the right places so that they can perform well in these later primary states, but can they rack up some endorsements and bring minority communities into the fold and really convince them that bernie sanders also stands for them and not just the folks in the whiter states in the country, like new hampshire and like in iowa. so certainly going forward, bernie sanders has to prove that he can in fact wage a campaign in other types of states and his campaign is shifting towards getting that done. >> and eric, quickly to you -- >> john -- >> go ahead. >> fascinating thing happened
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tonight. bernie sanders was doing his victory speech and he instructed supporters to go to his website and donate. >> right. >> so many people did it that it crashed the site. there were reports of people on twitter trying to give but unable to do that. so his campaign is pumping money into four states, colorado, massachusetts, minnesota, oklahoma. those are the states they think they can pick up a lot of delegates. this massive online fund-raising operation they have, where sanders can take these opportunities on national television and sort of press the button, are huge. he's been able to keep up or surpass hillary clinton in fund-raising. and as he tries to go national, this is going to be really important, the ability to keep going back to that well to help him expand into state where is she has a head start in terms of organizing grassroots type
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support. >> guys, stick around. a lot more to discuss. hillary clinton and bernie sanders face off in a pbs debate tomorrow night in wisconsin. but cnn, we are broadcasting, as well. you can watch it right here live 9:00 eastern time. >> this is just the beginning when you talk about iowa and new hampshire. so many states still to go. what does what happened in new hampshire actually mean for south carolina, nevada, and beyond? we'll talk about that ahead.
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all right. we know donald trump loves to win and he did exactly that in new hampshire by a long shot. it was a very different story for marco rubio in the granite state. a very disappointing showing for him and he owned up to his poor debate performance on saturday as the culprit. >> i want you to understand something. our disappointment tonight is not on you, it's on me. it's on me. i did not -- i did not do well on saturday night, so listen to this, that will never happen again. [ applause ]
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that will never happen again. and let me tell you why, let me tell you why it will never happen again. it's not about me or this campaign. it is about this election. it is about this election. it is about what's at stake in this election. >> joining us again, our panel. guys, we just heard marco rubio say yeah, i screwed up in the debate. clearly it hurt him. there is an irony here, though, the man who took him down in the debate, chris christie, he may not be going anywhere after tomorrow. let's listen to what chris christie told supporters in new hampshire last night. >> mary pat and i spoke tonight and we decided we're going to go
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home to new jersey tomorrow and we're going to take a deep breath, see what the final results are tonight, because that matters. >> so chris christie going home to reassess. that generally means one thing. we don't know for sure, but man, oh man, chris christie leaves this race making a huge impact, opening the door really for john racic and jeb bush to stay in this race. >> i heard some folks talk about it like a murder-suicide. i think that's what we'll see from chris christie. he's now on death watch, now that he's back in new jersey does he have any umph to do? he much like john kasich kind of bet the farm on new hampshire. i remember talking to his officials early on and they said if they thought they could do well in new hampshire, they could convince donors to come off the sidelines. that looks like the position
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john kasich is trying to put him in. but are the donors going to get behind john kasich? then there's marco rubio. he did not do so well. but he's far from dead. and a lot of people want to see him continue to coalesce. but this is going to be a knife fight between jeb bush and marco rubio, which is going to be fascinating to watch, the former mentor jeb bush taking on his mentee, marco rubio. it's going to be fascinating to watch, guys. >> josh, when you look at a john kasich doing very well, getting what he wanted in new hampshire
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tonight, i heard someone say it this way, john kasich is the republican candidate that liberals want to see win. they love but the base doesn't love. >> how did that work for jon huntsman? john kasich went all in on new hampshire. >> 106 town halls. >> and that paid off. but he hasn't done that in the other states. in the end, the establishment doesn't trust him, so the path for him to succeed is of the there. now, marco rubio, when he says this will never happen again, if he's talking about chris christie besting him in a debate, that might be true. but overall, marco rubio still has a pretty good argument for how he gets through south carolina, nevada, super tuesday, jeb bush. but jeb bush spent $40 million in new hampshire. can he do that in every state?
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not really. as we look at the establishment side, it's down to rubio, bush, and maybe kasich, if he can really ramp up fast, which is a big if. >> jeremy diamond, you have eve been following around donald trump. ted cruz, what he really wanted to do in new hampshire was beat marco rubio. he did that. he probably defied expectations. now he goes to south carolina. then you have the s.e.c. primary with all those southern states on march 1st. ted cruz has this lined up just how he wants it. >> yeah, and it's interesting, because donald trump and ted cruz, no two candidates have spent more time in the southern states and the s.e.c. primary states than those two candidates. donald trump frequently almost has split his time between the three early primary states and the southern state where is you've had these big rallies
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with sometimes 10,000 people in states like alabama and mississippi. and ted cruz, as well. did a big tour a few months ago and that's where he's positioning himself for a big win on super tuesday. so it will be interesting to see how a state with a similar dynamic, how that plays off of it. >> gentlemen, stand by. so much more to talk about. next stop for the republican candidates is south carolina. we'll speak to some undecided voters there, next.
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donald trump, bernie sanders, the big winners in new hampshire. the race has already moved on. the democrats, they go on to nevada, for the republicans, south carolina. south carolina the next big stop for everybody. cnn's randi kaye spent the night with voters to see what they took out of last night's primary action. >> we are here in charleston, watching with a group of up undecided voters. here we have the democrat voters, on the other side of the room is the republicans. bernie sanders did so well tonight, winning new hampshire, did he change any of your minds, anyone decided to vote for bernie sanders, raise your hands that wasn't going to vote for him before? so we have about five. a handful of our undecided
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voters have decided. on the republican side, john kasich also a big surprise. did john kasich anyone any of you over tonight? not one person raising their hand. how about donald trump, did donald trump coming in first win anyone over tonight? you decided -- four people decided on donald trump. we were able to see their reaction tonight in realtime, because they all had in their hot little hands a dial tester. when they liked what they were saying, they would turn it up. there it is at 83. then they would turn it down if they didn't like it. at one point donald trump was speaking and this group had a big reaction. watch this. >> we are going to preserve our very sacred second amendment. there's not going to be anymore chipping away at our second amendment. if we had protection in california recently and so many
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other places, you can even look to paris, if there were bullets going in the other direction, it would have been a whole different story, folks. but nobody had protection. >> so the dial really spiked there for donald trump when he was talking about the second amendment. i know you said you felt like you sort of aligned with donald trump but he's not your guy? >> he's not my guy. >> what's the problem? >> even though he says he's a winner, he just doesn't tell us how he's going to do it. he says he will eliminate isis, he's going to build a wall, and he's just going to do it. >> let me ask sam next to you who is a big fan of donald trump about you already decided on him? >> i like donald trump more than all the other candidates. >> what do you like about anymore >> he says he's a winner and he won. >> and you think he can get it
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done? >> yes. i like the fact that he's not a politician, and i think that he can do much better. the country needs to change and he's the man for it. >> so you think you're getting close to deciding on him 100%? >> yes. >> let's move back over to the democrats, because they had a big reaction to bernie sanders, who was the big winner new hampshire tonight. they especially reacted to this sound bite during sanders' speech. watch this first. >> no, we will not allow huge tax breaks for billionaires. we will not allow tax cuts to social security, veterans needs, medica medicare, medicaid, and education. >> all right. let many ask becka here. you came in tonight as a bernie sanders supporter. you have a few doubts but you still really like him. what do you think of his big win
12:29 am
in new hampshire? >> it was a lot bigger than i expected. and i still really like a lot of his ideas, but actually was swayed by hillary's speech. i'm still undecided. i love what they both had to say, but maybe more undecided tonight than i was when i came in. >> you're going in the wrong direction. >> i know. >> you really do like what bernie sanders has to say, which he was surrounded by young people tonight. >> absolutely. and i think again obviously as a college student, i love all of the ideas that he has, the focus on higher education and making that easier on people. but as i said, i'm also concerned about how those things can be implemented. so in that respect, i might be a little more interested in what hillary has to say. >> anybody else here decide on bernie sanders? anyone, anyone? anybody here decide on bernie sanders?
12:30 am
oh, let me just ask you, what made you decide on bernie sanders, sir? >> specifically, his commitment to do something about mass incarceration of african-americans and latinos. that really impacted me. i didn't feel he had those kinds of sensitivities before, but he said it with such conviction tonight, he won me over. >> we want voters to be decided, not undecided, but i can tell you tonight, wolf, of our group of 65 undecided voters, 23 have decided after watching the speeches tonight, and all of the debates that they've seen so far. >> randi kaye, thank you so much. always important to hear from our pundits but important to hear from the voters, especially in a state that's going to go to the polls next. let's bring in our panel.
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undecideds, always the name of the game in new hampshire. i want to show you on the democratic side how they split tonight. let's pull it up, was overwhelmingly, 72% of those undeclared voters tonight went for bernie sanders. 27% to clinton. josh, when you compare it to the road ahead, what is your prediction for south carolina and how this may change the game for sanders, not necessarily taking south carolina, but doing frankly what clinton wanted to do tonight and that is have a closer final number. >> i think it cuts two ways, the exit polls show on the democratic side more voters have made up their minds earlier. so there's less of a pool of people to convince, despite what we saw in randi kaye's interview there. so they're fighting over a shrinking pool of democrats. that's why those undeclared who
12:32 am
can vote in the open primaries such as in south carolina but not in the closed caucuses such as in nevada become so important. getting those independent voters, that's where the game moves and that's where bernie sanders has the advantage. >> how does bernie make up ground among registered, self-identified democratic voters? he lost that group in iowa. >> that's true. although tonight bernie sanders did buck a lot of negative trends. he won women 55-44%. that's something that is shocking. he won voters ages 18 to 29 by a 5-1 margin. so states that only allow democrats to 1r0e79 are going to
12:33 am
be tough for him. that's why his campaign is going to devote resources to state where is they can bring new people into the process. this is going to be a targeted operation as they build out nationally. it's going to be tough to ever pass hillary clinton in terms of super delegates, endorsements. but sanders feels strongly that his electability argument is that he brings now people into the process. so he's going to talk about record turnout. he's going to look for state where is he can have people register on election day or why independents can vote in the contest and focus his time and energy on those states. >> as we look at the screen here, the top quality of these voters, can the candidate win in
12:34 am
november in a general? clinton overwhelmingly took those voters 79% to 19%. stay with us, a lot more ahead. bernie sanders and hillary clinton squaring off tomorrow night at 9:00 p.m. eastern. we'll air it live right here. don't miss it. also coming up, jake tapper had a chance to sit down with donald trump in the aftermath of his huge win in new hampshire. that's right, donald trump won new hampshire if you haven't heard.
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donald trump won new hampshire by more than 50,000 votes. cnn's jake tapper spoke with donald trump after his big new hampshire win. >> i'm joined on the phone by donald trump. mr. trump, congratulations on your victory. did you ever think this was going to happen? >> well, it's been a really wonderful evening, jake. i thought i might, but i didn't know by these numbers. i was so happy. i just looked at your report, it was right across the board with men, with women, young and old, with everything. to win every single category was perhaps the greatest honor of all. >> and it looks like the voting results are still coming in, but it looks like this is the biggest victory in a republican primary since george w. bush lost to john mccain 16 years ago in new hampshire. how does it feel? >> i didn't know that number.
12:39 am
that's a great feeling to know it's been that big of a victory. that's a lot of years. but i will tell you, it's just an honor to have won. i told you if i win by one vote, i'll be happy. but this makes me even happier, i will say that, jake. >> so if you look at the exit polls, you'll see that voters are looking at an outsider, they're mad at the republican establishment. what do you think in particular about your message resonated with the voters of new hampshire? >> i think the fact that we are being ripped off by everybody, china, japan, mexico. i think it ended up being very much boarders and security and other things having to do with security. and then you have the migration and you have isis and all of a sudden it morphed into that. i think because of the fact that i had done so well with the border and done so well with the
12:40 am
wall, which will be built, people started saying that i would also be the best with respect to isis and some of the outer problems that we have. so it seems the whole military thing, i'm going to take better care of the vets, it came down to that. but it seems like a victory in every category. of course, the easiest thing for me is going to be trade and jobs, because that's really what i do. >> in terms of how you won in new hampshire, did your campaign pay more attention to the ground game, to getting your voters to the polls, to making sure that they were motivated, as opposed to the approach of big rallies? >> i think the ground game was very strong and we really focused on it after iowa. the ground game was not something i was familiar with, but i learned quickly. otherwise the voters wouldn't like me too much. i think i learned very well and we have a very good ground game.
12:41 am
you know, the people of new hampshire are amazing people and now going to south carolina. i think we going to have tremendous success there. we were just there and we had 12,000 people in a wonderful, wonderful arena. to be honest, the ground game was very important to me. i think we really learned about ground games very quickly. >> as you may know, south carolina, they like their politics a little more rough and tumble. are you ready for what may come your way, the negative attacks, and perhaps even dirty tricks that might happen? >> we've already had dirty tricks in this campaign. i'm ready for whatever they want to throw at me and that's fine. we've had a lot of dirty tricks in this campaign. you know, i want to congratulate everybody that's run. they're all very capable people and it was an honor to run against them. now i'll see them -- tomorrow around 12:00, 1:00 tomorrow, i'll be in south carolina getting ready. that should be interesting.
12:42 am
i love south carolina. the people are -- i've been there many, many times and the people are tremendous people and i think i can do very well there. >> there's a big competition for second place and third place if new hampshire right now. who do you think is your competition going forward, is it ted cruz, do you see some rejuvenation for jeb bush, john kasich, who are you focused on? >> i see them all. they're all talented people. kasich has a little bit of a lead, but the other one -- i'm just looking at your chart. yep, it's getting a little closer. it's going to be a close race. you sort of predicted that, so did cnn. it looks like it's going to be a close race for second. >> lastly, you've been campaigning more with your family, your wife and boys. how are they taking the news? this is a big, big night in
12:43 am
trump family history. >> they're very proud. they're standing with me right now. corey is right outside, who has done a terrific job. in fact, he just walked in now, so i will comment on his ground game which was excellent. it's been an amazing period of time. we're all thrilled and we want to make america great again. it's simple. we're going to make america great again. >> congratulations on a very strong win in new hampshire. best of luck to you. we'll see you on the campaign trail, mr. trump. >> thank you very much, jake. thank you. >> we heard it on day one in june, make america great again, we hear it tonight and so many people, all the pundits wrote him off. look at tonight. >> first words out of his mouth when he won. >> let's get reaction from our panel.
12:44 am
chris, did you -- listening to that interview with jake, listening to his victory speech tonight, which wasn't all me, me, me, it was, thank you to everyone around me, thank you to the people of new hampshire, talking about problems specific to that state. is this a different donald trump? is this the donald trump with the temperament that so many people kept asking him if he would change? >> i think he's been humbled a little bit. you even heard donald trump saying how -- what a good race his opponents had run and how they are respectable folks. that's after they just spent the last week beating the crap out of each other a little bit. he went there and said, i was a magnanimous winner. so that was very interesting to watch. the other thing that was interesting in the dynamics of new hampshire was that donald trump didn't spend a lot of time here, he didn't do the town halls. john kasich did over a hundred of those. voters expect to see the
12:45 am
candidates. i wonder if this is a harbinger going forward that campaigns can and will be more nationalized. because donald trump was able to win, he got a lot of flak earlier in the week when he didn't leave new york, his plane got snowed in and people were like you couldn't stay in new hampshire one night to be here? john kasich who came in second, bet the house on here and that kind of retail new hampshire politics, going up to north country, those were the first voters in the new hampshire primary after midnight. i talked to a voter today who was waffling back and forth whether or not he was going to go for hillary clinton or for john cakasich. he went with john kasich because he felt like he spent the time here. it was interesting to watch donald trump and how he played new hampshire.
12:46 am
we're seeing that modulated donald trump, where he's not as bombastic, he's a little more gracious in the wind and he's trying to protect that presidential aura, where people are starting to ask, is this the kind of guy you want to be president? we saw that with the ads that ted cruz took out against him in south carolina. >> you can't even describe that ad. go online and watch this ad, because i've never seen anything like it in my life. >> jeremy, you've been attached to donald trump by the hip for the last several months. what does he have going on in south carolina? he had a really impressive event in the last couple of weeks. he has the support of the lieutenant governor there. what is the plan?
12:47 am
>> absolutely, yeah. the lieutenant governor endorsed trump last week or two weeks ago. i'm losing track of time now. but yeah, an establishment figure in south carolina and his staff there is always largely establishment. a lot of these folks connected to south carolina governor nikki haley and others involved in south carolina politics. so one of the more professional organizations he has there. it's going to be interesting. there were a couple reports suggesting that maybe super pacs already going to start bringing up donald trump's draft deferments in vietnam. he had draft deferments for medical and college education reasons. so south carolina is such a military state, has really responded to donald trump's message of taking a tough stance
12:48 am
and a bold tone as far as when he's talking about isis and foreign threats. but it will be interesting when the issue of draft deferments and other issues are brought up by his opponents. >> and we'll see jeb bush bring in his brother, as well. stay with us. much more ahead. also, don't go to sleep if you've been up all night, because these three guys will be on "new day" this morning, all live starting at 5:30 a.m. eastern time. and coming up, more about south carolina. we'll talk more about what the heck happens now in this race. again, if you thought we were going to get any clarity out of new hampshire, forget it. what a mess. our panel is back, next.
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rates are competitive, and they're the only plans of their kind endorsed by aarp. remember - these plans let you apply all year round. so call today. because now's the perfect time to learn more. go long. so what happens now? donald trump, bernie sanders, they both won big in new hampshire, already the campaign has moved on, nevada, south carolina, what do we expect next? >> let's talk about it with our panel, final thoughts. josh, to you first. final thought, if you're sitting
12:53 am
in hillary clinton's camp right now and you realize not only did i lose, but i lost by a huge amount and lost 4-1 to women 30 years old and younger. you can't reorganize your staff, so -- >> the trip is to make changes without looking like you are making changes. >> are subtle changes going to work right now? >> there's a lot of things you can do besides the speeches. they have voter rolls, data lists, use that targeting and bring that machine to work for them, to make up these demographic gaps that they have. whether or not that will work is a whole other story. but they have to change everything except what they're saying public, because if they do that, all of us in the media will say oh, you just made a big
12:54 am
change. >> whatever you say privately becomes public. >> there is no private in campaign. after iowa, marco rubio won third and declared victory. now after new hampshire, jeb bush came in fourth and he has new life. let's listen. >> the pundits had it all figured out. last monday night when the iowa caucuses were complete, they said the race was now a three-person race between two freshman senators and a reality tv star. and while the reality tv star is still doing well, it looks like you all have reset the race. and for that, i am really grateful. >> never before has someone been so happy with 11% and fourth place, eric. but look, he's going to south carolina and he's bringing his brother, the former president. >> that's right. that's right. fourth place winner, right? so jeb bush has been under a lot of pressure to sort of get his super pac to dial it back, to
12:55 am
sort of cede the way for marco rubio. he goes to south carolina as one of four establishment candidates but it sounds like chris christie might not be along for this race and john kasich doesn't really play in the south. so jeb bush is going to territory where he can maybe shake up this race. his brother is going to be there in south carolina. his brother won in 2000 in a key decision obviously. and south carolina has been sort of a firewall for the bush family in the past. this is as good a fourth place finish as you can imagine. >> jeremy, your thoughts? >> listen, donald trump proved tonight that he has the ability to win an election. now going forward in south carolina where he also has a similarly double digit lead there, he has to continue and see if he can maintain that m
12:56 am
momentum. trump certainly has a challenge ahead of him, but a win in south carolina will be something we'll be looking for and can go forward with that. >> guys, thanks so much. so much more to talk about after the new hampshire primary and a look ahead. "early start" continues right after a break.
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the big news this morning,
1:00 am
the big wins for donald trump and bernie sanders. the new hampshire victors in landslide style, crushing the competition. we'll talk about how they pulled off the big wins and what it means going forward. the presidential race, it is on. good morning, welcome to "early start," i'm john berman. >> and i'm christine romans. nice to see you all this morning, it's bright and early wednesday, february 10th, 4:00 a.m. in the east. big victories in the new hampshire this morning for the outsider candidates, donald trump and bernie sanders with 92% of the votes tallied in the state's first in the nation primary trump vastly outpacing his rivals, nearly 20 points ahead of john kasich, john kasich who nevertheless beat expectations with a number two finish, a second place finish. the rest of the republican pack bunched together with 12% or less. between the democrats bernie sanders also soundly beat hillary clinton in new hampshire by more than 20


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