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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  February 10, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PST

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craig: laquinta! happening now in the newsroom. trump on top in new hampshire. >> we are going to make america great again. >> a strong second for kasich. and a jumble for third. >> it looks like you all have reset the race and for that i am really grateful. >> our disappointment tonight is not on you. it is on me. >> now it is on to south carolina. plus -- sanders storms to a first place finish for the democrats beating clinton by 20 points. >> we have sent the message that will echo from wall street to washington, from maine to
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california. >> can clinton turn the page and capitalize in the south and west? >> -- it is whether you get back up. >> let's talk, live in the cnn "newsroom." >> and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. anger wins in new hampshire. who would have thought a billionaire businessman and a democratic socialist would win and win big? ♪ you tell me that it's evolution ♪ ♪ well you know >> donald trump celebrating victory to the tune of the beats "revolution." >> we are going to start winning again. and we are going to win so much
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you are going to be so happy. we are going to make america so great again. maybe greater than ever before. >> a tonight we head to south carolina and we will move through south carolina all across the country. and we'll end up in the midwest. and you just wait. let me tell you, there is so much going to happen. if you don't have a seat belt, go get one. >> and buckle up if you are democrat. bernie sanders riding a surge of fed up voters and cruising to a win over hillary clinton. >> it is just too late for the same old, same old establishment politics and establishment economics. the people want real change. >> and here is what we're going to do. >> now we take this campaign to the entire country. we are going to fight for every vote in every state. >> cnn's sarah murray is
6:03 am
covering the republican race. jeff zeleny the democrats and hugh hut looks at the message rippling throw the mainstream. >> there are some who didn't believe donald trump would win a single state. once again trump shattered expectations not only winning new hampshire but winning decisively. >> new hampshire, i want to thank you. we love you. we're going to be back a lot. we're not going to forget you. you started it. >> donald trump exhilarated after crushing his gop rivals by more than 50 thousand votes? >> we are going to make america so great again, maybe greater than ever before. >> boasting amid record republican turnout about how he pulled off his big win after a disappointing loss in iowa. >> i think the ground game was very strong. and i'll tell you we really focused on it after iowa.
6:04 am
the ground game was not something i was extremely familiar with but i learn quickly. >> the other big winner? john kasich. kasich taking pride in running a positive campaign in a field of sharp elbows. >> tonight the light over came the darkness of negative campaigning. >> meanwhile the winner of the iowa caucuses ted cruz in a dead heat for third with jeb bush. >> this campaign is not dead. we're going on to south carolina. >> as marco rubio suffered a bruising fifth place finish. >> i know many people disappointed. i'm disappointed with tonight. >> even admitting his rocky debate performance was likely to blame. >> our disappoint tonight is not on you. it is on me. it is on me. i did not -- i did not do well on saturday night so listen to this. that will never happen again. >> now john kasich really pinned his hopes on new hampshire.
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he held 106 town halls there. spent 62 days in the state and it ended up paying off for him. he told he was not surprised by the strong finish. >> you know, i was very calm about it. i sort of felt we were going to be in second place. i heard earlier that, you know, there was some word that we were going to be there. and when i traveled around to the polling places it was pretty clear. i was running into everybody and they were like yeah we really like you and all that stuff. so, you know, i'm gratified by it for sure. but i wouldn't say i was shocked by it. >> -- saying that you are going weaken the military. are you prepared for the incoming fire that is going to
6:06 am
come your way now that you have landed a second place finish? >> well i think they have spent about $120 million so far. and i don't know. somebody said as much as 50 million in new hampshire. i mean they ought to get this thing figured out at some point. i mean, they are spending so much money. yob who's advising them. but i think that's kind of silly.i don't know who's advisi them. but i think that's kind of silly. what do we think the bush campaign spent against me the? they spent seven or eight. there was four million spent by another super pac. that was 12. rubio spent money against me. another million and a half. i think that's like $15 million of direct hits and that doesn't even count the mail pieces. and we beat everybody, except trump. who never attacked me. so i know we can't just go through this like falling off a turnip truck and saying that everything's just going to be positive. because i'm gonna have to
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respond to some of this stuff. but i'm starting to really think we're on to something. i'm starting to really think that the positive nature of a campaign can be very effective. i'm starting to think it could be true. >> now kasich says he still wants to run this sunny and optimistic campaign. but he and his advisors know politics can get a little more rough and tumble down here and they say they are prepared to push back against any attacks that come their way. >> we'll see. for mainstream republicans though, despite kasich's second place finish the race for the white house is still as muddled as ever with no real momentum and no realali alternative to donald trump. that leaves establishment republicans fighting amongst themselves. and with three weeks to go until super tuesday the one thing you
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can count on is that the race will get even nastier among establishment republicans. i want to bring in conservative radio talk show host hugh hewitt. should he feel that optimistic, kasich? >> yes. the happy warrior. he's my governor. he's won 14 or 15 elections. he's only lost one before. he know this is game. john swooefr a very competent ald vierz. he's going to be --. donald trump won big last night. he's not going anywhere. ted cruz won big last night and they are going to fight a knife fight. it was described on my show last night as the knife fight in a phone booth. because you have donald trump versus ted cruz and you have jeb bush versus marco rubio.
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and john kasich is standing over here, the happy warrior, not having to get down into the mud here. >> i don't know. >> so i think an open convention in cleveland -- he's not going to do it. i've known him a long time. he will not do that. >> i'm talking about jeb bush. jeb bush was on "new day" this morning and guess who he talked about. that would be john kasich. let's listen. >> i commend him for his election. he worked hard in new hampshire and came second. but he has nothing going on down here. he has no tangible support. we've been building an organization here. he's a -- he's been a capable governor for sure. i'm the most conservative, capable governor in the field. and here in south carolina they generally support the most conservative candidate that can win. and i think that's me. >> so here is the thing hugh. john kasich doesn't have the money. he's out of money, right?
6:10 am
jeb bush still has lots and lots of money. you heard jeb bush say he's the most conservative candidate and rub on -- he could be the john huntsman of this campaign. >> he's not john huntsman. the idea that john kasich is a moderate is laughable. he was a budget hawk who killed the b one. jeb bush is going after him on the military side and being a budget hawk and the guy's been out passing the constitutional amendment on the balanced budget. i'm neutral in this. i'm a switzerland person. but jeb bush is going fight very hard. each of the previous bush candidacies had a moment of crisis where at water first advised 41 and then 43. and bush is going to fight very hard. marco rubio is going fight slard. donald trump is a brawler. and ted cruz hassed a good a group as anyone in the race.
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but john kasich is --. so the five tickets out make for a wonderful explore tory committee into where the republican party want to go because they can win the white house carol. the bottom line i took away from last night is the democrats are trapped between an unwinnable but likable bernie sanders. and an unlikable and unwinnable hillary clinton. i mean, the honest factor was so high in the exits last night. so i think it is the republicans to lose the white house and that this process is going to be very useful in finding the person who's going to win that white house and not lose that race. >> all right hugh, thanks for your analysis. always insightful. thank you. no signs of a coin toss here. bernie sanders the decided victor in the new hampshire primary beating hillary clinton when it came to younger voters, female voters. first time voters in every shade of democratic ideology. and this morning sanders is courting the vote me may be falling short on, that would be
6:12 am
african americans. meeting with al sharpton in a few minutes. more on that in a minute but first jeff zeleny is in new hampshire. good morning. >> reporter: as snowfalls here in new hampshire a new bit of perspective on the race. it is a new day for bernie sanders in this campaign. he has raised $2.6 million last night in four hours alone after the polls closed here. that worries the clinton campaign the most. they know this race is now on and it is going to be a long one. a victory lap for bernie sanders. >> the people of new hampshire have sent a profound message to the political establishment. to the economic establishment. and by the way, to the media establishment. >> reporter: in a profound message to hillary clinton who's no longer the undisputed democratic front runner. a commanding across the board
6:13 am
win for sanders among women, young voters and independents. riding a wave of discontent at politics as usual. >> the people want real change. >> reporter: the clinton campaign predicted a loss and got one. even bigger than they feared. supporters masked frustration with cheers. >> my goodness. i -- i i don't know what we'd have done tonight if we'd actually won. >> sanders will draw more scrutiny as the battle with clinton intensifies. >> they are throwing everything at me except the kitchen sink and i have the feeling that kitchen sink is coming pretty soon. >> as the race moves to nevada and south carolina, sanders vowed to build on his growing movement but it is ab open question whether he can find the same appeal in a diverse electorate of black and hispanic voters. >> what began last week in iowa, what voters here in new
6:14 am
hampshire confirm tonight is nothing short of the beginning of a political revolution. >> a humbling and frustrating moment for clinton. but she made clear she's been down that road before. >> i know i've had a blessed life. but i also know what it is like to stumble and fall. and we've learned it is not whether you get knocked down that matters. it is whether you get back up. >> and carol, for secretary clinton. it must seem like ground hog's day. she's going to have to go through this again to see if she can build back up. one thing against her here is that she's lost a lot of the core base of the democratic party. she will have to build that back. but the complex of this democratic primary is about to change considerably. in nevada and south carolina and in march. so many contests here. >> thank you jeff.
6:15 am
coming up tomorrow hillary clinton and bernie sanders face off in the pbs news hour democratic presidential debate on cnn. thursday night 9:00 p.m. eastern. also still to come, bernie sanders might have been nailing shots and a win last night but south carolina, that could be a completely different game. (ray) i'd like to see more of the old lady. i'd like to see her go back to her more you know social side.
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or go to today. get this free calculator just for requesting a quote. before bernie sanders blitzes south carolina, a pit stop. the democratic candidate is to meet with the reverend al sharpton for breakfast in harlem. and if this all sounds familiar to you. this might be why. it is the very same spot sharpton met barack obama in the 2008 campaign. there with more, good morning. >> and good morning. that meeting is supposed to get under way about 9:30, right here at sylvia's restaurant. an iconic spot.
6:20 am
the meeting is supposed to take place for about 20 or 30 minutes. a number of people gathered out front right now waiting for sabds to show unders to show up. doing all he can to try and woo african american and latino voters. clinton is out polling him and out pacing him so far heading into the nevada and south carolina. and an endorsement from the reverend al sharpton would definitely be a, would be a huge push for sanders coming out of that huge win in new hampshire. when we were talking to voters out here earlier today we were hearing from a number of them saying that, you know, this is clinton county. it may be harlem but they also call it clinton county. she has a lot of support here. but that was among a lot of the older voters i was speaking to. i was speaking to younger vote who are say they would definitely put their support behind sanders.
6:21 am
they may have some sort of a generational divide here in harlem as well. al sharpton has made it clear that whether it is clinton or whether it is sanders. do not take the african american or latino vote for granted. >> show us how many people are there waiting. >> a lot of people. because as you know sanders is gaining popularity in places like harlem. especially with younger people. so not surprising that a number of -- again, an iconic spot here. it is going to be interesting to see how that meeting goes. >> i was hoping that you would move the camera but maybe you are in a place where you can't do that. just so we could see the line. >> as you can see here carol, yeah what you are looking at really is press. it is not a line of folks out here. yeah this is the press that is coming out here to see sanders and clinton.
6:22 am
as people come by and stop and see what is going on, they are weighing in on what's happening here. and what i found to be interesting is while clinton clearly has a lot of support among older african americans who are dedicated to her, among younger african americans at least here in harlem, there seems to be some support for sanders. >> jason carol live from harlem this morning thank you. of course this is a reason sanders is wasting no time courting black voters. he needs them to win south carolina but can he? new hampshire voters felt the bern in part because two-thirds of voters identify as politically liberal and the vast majority of those voters in new hampshire are white. with me now cnn political commentator, and a political director and anchor for new hampshire one news. welcome both of you. >> good to be here. >> nice to have you both here. so sanders asked for donetation
6:23 am
in his acceptance speech. and the website struggled to keep up. how widespread do you think sanders support is? >> it is pretty widespread, carol. you look at the results here in new hampshire. he won -- look at the exit polls. he won every demographic. the only one hillary clinton won were voters over 65. this was not just a victory for bernie sanders and new hampshire. it was a trouncing overwhelming victory. it points to a lot of problems for hillary clinton and it points to sanders appeal and not just because the state is white. it's because he's on -- he's winning the issues that are important to democratic primary voters. income inequality. civil rights. you name it. you name the issue. bernie sanders is winning that issue right now carol. >> but clearly bernie sanders needs african american support to win south carolina. he wouldn't be meeting with al sharpton this morning if he didn't, mark. is that an important endorsement for him to have?
6:24 am
>> i think any endorsement is important. but we have to remember black voters do not follow one particular person. al sharpton, as much as i like al sharpton is not the president of black people. you want a strong presence and you want al sharpton to not be pushing back against you on the race issue but ultimately bernie sanders is going to have to meet with more than al sharpton. he's also going to have to talk to black voters and speak to black issues and not just talk about an economic plan but also a vision to combat white supremacy. if he can do both he's on thing so. even if he doesn't win does he get completely trounced? if he does then he's going to have a significant challenge moving forward to super tuesday. >> and it was interesting to listen to his acceptance speech last night because he talked about the incarceration rates of blablgs and hispanics. and he's intimating that about the 1994 crime bill that president clinton pushed
6:25 am
through, that hillary clinton supported and by the way nobody really realizes that bernie sanders also voted for but that bill is responsible, that law is responsible for putting more minorities behind bars. so how do you wiggle your way around that, paul? >> it is going to be an issue just like some of his votes with the gun lobby have been an issue on the campaign. you have seen hillary clinton bring those up, trying to paint bernie sanders as pro nra. so yeah he's going to have to explain those votes as we move on. but carol let's be honest. he tied, basically tied hillary clinton in iowa. he won big here. he's got a lot of momentum now. this fight is going to go on for some time. as the dynamic where bernie sanders is raising a lot of money and he's got some friendly get through nevada, south carolina he's got states on super tuesday he can do very well on -- >> absolutely true. but again he did well in iowa and he wins new hampshire. those are two of the whitest
6:26 am
places in america. at some point you have to go someplace where black people know you and recognize you. what helps is that he did win iowa and new hampshire. obama was polling fairly even with hillary clinton until he won iowa. once black voters saw he could win now they could vote their conscious. and -- he has not done that purely by talking economics. he has to also talk to our racial pain, you are a racial realities. if he tries to run a race neutral campaign we're not going to buy it and it is not because hillary clinton has been good to black people. the clintons have been terrible to black people when it comes to reform. we can go down the list but they know the clintons they don't know bernie and that is going to be a challenge for him. >> we'll see what happens. still to come in the newsroom we know who came out on top at the polls last night but what could be even more telling is why people voted for a particular candidate.
6:27 am
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good morning. we all know donald trump was a winner but exit poles show he won across all groups. but there is a head scratcher in the very same exit polls. traditionally voters want a candidate who share theirs values yet only 13% say trump actually share theirs values. kasich cruz and bush all beat out trump in that category. but when it comes to telling it like it is trump is the clear winner.
6:32 am
fascinating. >> it is. and it is really a question of what voters want done and whom they think can get it done. one of the other interesting metrics of this is government experience. look at this. for the people who want an experience in government. people who understand how government works and have been there. look at the results here. kasich up top. 28%. bush, rubio, cruz. that is who people chose if they said the solution to the problems in washington is experience. when you say the solution is somebody who just doesn't do the it the washington way, look at the difference. trump rockets up to 61%. then you get cruz, fiorina, kasich a totally different mix there carol. so this question of being from the political establishment is on this side just as it appears to be on the democratic side right now a bit of poison. and let's turn to the next one here because i want to talk about this next bit here. look at this. field betrayed by republican
6:33 am
politicians. these are new hampshire republicans saying they feel betrayed by their own party. 36% there for trump. and cruz is the guy running on the campaign of our party has betrayed us in a sense. we have to be the radical reformers here and he's only getting 15%. and when you look at the independents there is a payoff for trump there as well. 35% go to him. 18% for kasich and then cruz and bush. you see how it is stacking up. this is what we've been hearing all along. bernie sanders on the democratic side is this is about revolutionary politics. it looks even more so on the republican side. >> thanks for the insight. very interesting. very interesting. i was gonna way with me now to
6:34 am
talk about this republican national committee member steve dupree and cnn political commentator and new york one anchor. when you consider what tom told your viewers just now what goes through your mind. >> i think donald trump had a very convincing win. when somebody wins by two to one in new hampshire and a crowded field and hard fought battle that is nothing short of impressive. donald trump did a better job capturing the anger that republicans have with a government that doesn't seem to work. nothing gets done. he tells it that way and that captured the hearts and minds of lots of voters. >> it certainly did. but i too was surprised by the low numbers for cruz since he is running on i'm anti establishment. >> this is true. you have to keep in mind the establishment doesn't just mean the political establishment. during his victory speech donald
6:35 am
trump made a lot about the unemployment statistics and saying he thinks it is much higher than what is reported. and says he doesn't believe it is 5%. yeah well the state of new hampshire has unemployment rate down around 5%. . a 18-35 yearlies it is a much much higher percentage. so he is speaking some truth. it is an unusual kind of truth and not everybody is hearing it but the dismay that people feel is not just at the washington establishment. it is at the corporate leadership. it is at an economy that is not working for them and their families and hasn't for a long, long time. so this is a pretty big wave and not every political poll is going to pick up just how deep and how broad it is. >> is it fair to say for a large number of voters it doesn't really matter where the candidates stand so much. it is if they can bring change however that change comes. >> well i think that is absolutely correct and i think that's one reason bernie sanders had such an historic win.
6:36 am
people want someone who can change the system who are going to -- who is going to get things done. i think that you just heard there are a lot of people in new hampshire who are underemployed. who's wages are stagnant. they haven't seen this recovery and they are willing to try somebody who's completely outside of the government. so even though ted cruz has been pretty good at raling against the washington establishment he doesn't seem to be picking up speed here. >> he's a sitting senator. i don't think we can totally forget that. >> no. >> people clearly want change. but what do they mean when they that? >> what do they mean? >> i think in the first instance what it seems to mean is they want to hear that there is a path forward that is simple, that is not complicated, that is guaranteed to win. that is guaranteed to succeed. so when trump gives them what they are asking for, he's saying
6:37 am
we're going make america great. eh won't explain how. he'll solve immigration, he won't say how. he's going solve all of the trade relationships and doesn't say how. the more you get into the weeds about how the less attractive it all starts to sound. think right now voters want to hear someone at least say i'm going to give you exactly what you want, what you are calling for. there could well be some disappointment down the road if a president trump actually has to, say, deport 11 million people as he promised. but we'll have to leave that for another day. still to come a world away from u.s. politics and a exclusive look at life in al poe syria.
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the u.s. will send about 500 more troops to afghanistan's
6:42 am
helman province to help afghan soldiers there. the troops will help other american forces already stationed in the area. and this will not change the overall number of troops in afghanistan but it is just a shifting of resources. the afghan army has reported problems in helmand recently including low morale and accusations of corruption in senior ranks. the security council will meet behind closed doors this morning to discuss the humanitarian crisis. still home to some 320,000 people faced with constant shelling. many hungry and without electricity. cnn went inside aleppo and talked with people about life on the battle front. >> reporter: we are right in the heart of aleppo. this area is fairly close to the front line and also one of the main places held by the syrian
6:43 am
government. as you can see in this area there are a lot of products that are actually available. food, other products as well. however the people here it is very very difficult for them. there is almost no electricity. most comes from generators and because we are so close to the front line there is also shelling here and it is quite dangerous for the folks who live here. >> i believe we've already endured about 80% of the hardship this man says and i hope the remaining 20% will end soon. >> the situation is very tough right now he adds but we are steadfast and we believe the power will be on the correct side. and this man says we had very tough times but thanks to the victory of the army we have survived these hard times. -- in syria's civil war. the syrian government has
6:44 am
started a brutal offensive in this part of the country. also of course backed by russian air power and pro iranian militias as well. and they believe that if they are able to deal a crushing blow to the rebels in this part of syria that they could decide the syrian civil war for themselves. of course that still is unclear. they don't know how solid their gains are at this point or whether or not the rebels might try to launch a counterattack but at this point in time aleppo is certainly one of the toughest battle grounds in the civil war that's been going on for about five years. >> still to come in the "newsroom," want to win over the majority of voters? -- the minority. hillary clinton and bernie sanders bracing for a battle in south carolina. i've smoked a lot
6:45 am
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we have new information about chris christie's campaign. as you know he didn't fair well in new hampshire last night. and he went home to huddle with his people and apparently they have come to some sort of conclusion. mark preston is here to break the news. good morning mark. >> yes. no surprise that governor chris christie is heading back to new jersey and will meet with his top campaign aides today. all indications are that he will end his bid for the republican presidential nomination. one source told me that the governor is a political realist and he realized he was not going to make the cut to appear in the debate on saturday night. he also noticed that fundraising was going to dry up and would make it impossible to move on. now another source noted that
6:50 am
after his problems with bridge gate a lot of people had left him for political dead but in fact chris christie had clawed his way back in into the fight in many ways into the fight for the republican presidential nomination here and he actually did well. at this time, carol, it's unclear who chris christie might endorse for the presidency but it would be no surprise if eventually he would endorse one of the governors. so as we wait to hear some more details about when chris christie will announce that he's suspending his campaign, we look now down to south carolina and see what the other candidates are going to do. carol? >> this is really interesting news, mark, because during the debate everyone was wondering whether chris christie's attack on marco rubio would hurt rubio but ultimately help christie. didn't help christie, right? >> reporter: no, it didn't help christie. john kasich placed second in the new hampshire primary as well as jeb bush. in many ways, those punches that
6:51 am
chris christie threw at marco rubio took him off of his feet, off of his game and placed him fifth in new hampshire. so chris christie, if he does decide to endorse, could be a valuable asset on the campaign trail because chris christie is very good at throwing a punch and ducking when it hits him. >> does this decision surprise you at all? >> reporter: it does surprise me that chris christie was able to overcome all of the controversy over bridgegate. he was left for dead and fought his way back into it. he's a political realist, as someone very close to him told me. look, he's not going to continue on a fight where it was a losing battle. at this point in the campaign, carol, you need money. money is going to fuel the presidential campaign. chris christie was for the going to have that money and there's going to be a consolidation at some point after we see the battle between ted cruz and marco rubio and john kasich.
6:52 am
chris christie was no longer in that lane. they were trying to consolidate behind somebody else. so chris christie, a political realist. look, he could be a very valuable on the campaign trail and i would think he would be in position for a top cabinet position if he so wanted one. >> so just to reiterate to our audience, our viewers who may just be joining us, chris christie will what? >> reporter: well, at this point, all indications are that he will suspend his campaign today. he will be meeting with top campaign aides down in new jersey. chris christie will be ending his bid, we're told, for the republican presidential nomination. carol? >> mark preston reporting live for us and imparting breaking news. we appreciate that. mark preston, thank you. i'll be right back.
6:53 am
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6:57 am
for you, the city of flint, michigan, is now under a boil water advisory. city officials are urging people to boil their filtered water just as a precaution. in the meantime, flint's mayor says she needs $55 million to replace the city's lead pipes. she's asking governor rick snyder to partner with her to get the money. ferguson, missouri, could get slapped with a civil rights lawsuit after officials want to make changes to a deal worked out with the u.s. justice department. under the proposed agreement, ferguson must pay for reforms that include new staff and software. the city council says it is concerned the huge price tag will cripple the city but the justice department officials say changing the agreement will not create unnecessary delays. they are considering any legal action necessary against ferguson. the court-martial of
6:58 am
sergeant bowe bergdahl has been put on hold because of disputes of what kind of information can be given to bergdahl's defense team. some of the materials are classified and should not be shared. an appeals court has been asked to make that decision. bergdahl's desertion trial has been scheduled for august. there are concerns over exploding airbags made by takata, the same company that has made airbags linked to ten deaths in the u.s. you can see a full list of the affected vehicles at the next hour of cnn "newsroom" starts now. this is cnn breaking news. >> and good morning, i'm carol costello, thank you so much for joining me in the wake of a disappointing finish in new hampshire, chris christie has headed back to new jersey for a critical meeting with top aides. mark preston is cnn's executive
6:59 am
politics editor and he's joining me with the breaking news from new hampshire. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol. i've spoken to two sources very close to the governor and they tell me he'll be meeting with his top aides today and all indications are that he will end his bid for the republican presidential nomination. i'm told that chris christie is a realist and understands that he was not going to qualify to appear in saturday's debate down in south carolina and also realized that the fundraising was going to dry up. now, this is chris christie, who a lot of people had left for dead, political dead after the very controversial bridgegate. but as one of the sources said to me, he crawled his way back into the new hampshire primary and ran a very, very strong campaign up here, which showed that not only was he a good candidate but the resilience of the campaign around him at this moment, though, we don't expect chris christie to endorse anybody formally but as a governor you would have to think that he would look at two of the remaining governors left in the
7:00 am
race eventually, jeb bush or john kasich. carol? >> all right. mark preston reporting live from new hampshire with breaking news that governor chris christie will likely suspend his presidential run. as chris christie steps off the trail to reassess, the other republican candidates head south. today, they are canvassing south carolina where the next prime looms less than two weeks away. cnn's victor blackwell is live. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. the bush campaign very pleased with the third place finish in the new hampshire primary. the rubio campaign believes that he was weakened by the poor campaign performance and admits that it was due in part to the poor performance there. let's also look at bush v. trump
7:01 am
and kasich. jeb bush spoke with "new day" this morning. listen to what he had to say. >> he just doesn't want to face it. i'll solve it. it will be huge or whatever. nothing tangible that he has the tools to do it. i commend john kasich but he has nothing going on down here. he has no tangible support. >> donald trump and governor kasich will, of course, be fighting for the evangelicals here. that fight will continue. but as the fight continues for the establishment lane, as jeb bush fights it out with governor kasich, the campaign believes that governor kasich just does not have the finances, does not have the structure, the infrastructure here in south carolina to compete. the campaign says they have 20 staffers working across this state out of four offices and we
7:02 am
know, of course, that the governor's brother, former george w. bush, will be hitting the campaign trail here. the state has been good to the bushes over the years. george h.w. bush won here and george w. bush won here and they believe they have a strong narrative that jeb bush has the credentials to be commander in chief in these difficult times. carol? >> victor blackwell live from bluffton, south carolina, this morning. welcome to all three of you. okay. it's late-breaking details about the christie campaign. likely to suspend the presidential run. tara, what will this mean to the rest of the presidential field? >> i think it's clear that chris christie engaged in a kamikaze attack on marco rubio.
7:03 am
i wouldn't be surprised if he has an endorsement for jeb bush before he drops out. i think this was expected. everyone saw that chris christie put all of his eggs in one basket and spent tens and millions of dollars there to come in sixth. he told people to sit down and shut up one too many times in new jersey and it didn't translate well outside of the state of new jersey. i'm from there so i get it. >> but that works well for trump, right? >> i think one of the untold stories of 2016, carol, is that bridgegate, although governor christie has not been implicated in anything there, it turned the narrative around. before the victims of his elevated kind of talk were -- they were unions and they were democrats and people who were living off the system but then it looked like it was commuters and every day people. and i think that's actually something that could hurt trump in south carolina and beyond if people start to see that he's
7:04 am
not -- he says he's for the little guy but he's actually built a lot of his business on the backs of the little guy and a lot of little guys are through eminent domain, little guys have suffered. chris christie will be remembered for taking down marco rubio a couple of pegs and for really stopping his quest to be the establishment favorite in his track. maybe that's a good attorney general of the united states. >> i don't know. john, what is your take on all of this? >> first of all, kelly points out something really important. the republican party had somebody who was able to talk bluntly and car ris mat clee cad he came in sixth in new hampshire. chris christie deserved better. he ran a strong campaign. he got the union leader
7:05 am
endorsement. that attack on marco rubio was devastating, surgical and accurate. but christie, like all governors that have been in this race, have been frustrated by the fact that their governing experience hasn't been an asset in this republican electorate. governing requires to have a pragmatism that may be out of fashion right now but he came third in that pack of three and that's a tough place to be if you want to make an argument for going forward. >> let's talk about another governor, shall we, which is john kasich who came in a surprising second. he did good. sara murray was on the plane with john kasich. he seems ready to go and that nobody is going to attack him much but i think he's wrong about that. let's listen. >> when i travel around to the polling places, it is pretty clear -- you know, i was running into everybody and they were like, yeah, we really like you and all of that stuff. so, you know, i'm gratified by it for sure.
7:06 am
i think it's fantastic. but i wouldn't say i was shocked by it. i think it's going to be a long haul. he did do well but i think it's a long road. we just keep plugging. you know, all of the questions, all of the doubts and everything, i've been hearing this for so long. i guess for about 30 years. and so i'm sort of used to it. >> all right. so the "he" that john kasich was talking about is jeb bush who is now on to south carolina. he's taking george w. with him, which i find interesting, right? and he's going to probably attack john kasich on the basis that john kasich isn't a real conservative. tara? >> yeah. john kasich is -- he's a conservative when it comes to budgeting. he was a conservative until people would say he became governor of ohio and expanded medicaid and different things like that. john kasich actually is pretty -- i call him a pragmatic conservative on a lot of issues
7:07 am
but this is also an interesting electorate for him, too. he's establishment when it comes to this. he spent a lot of time in washington. he's an establishment guy. but john kasich doesn't have the organization moving forward. he's limping out of here on fumes. he'll get a little bit of money, maybe, but you can't take on the juggernaut which is jeb bush. >> he doesn't have to win south carolina or even have a good showing because he may not do -- he's got to get to super tuesday, right? he's got to wait for the midwestern states which he'll probably do well in. >> john kasich gets to say to people, even those mad at him for spending medicaid, for sometimes a scolding the rest of the republican party for not being as compassionate as he is, head and heart is his big thing. he gets to say, look, you don't win ohio, you don't win the presidency, republican party. an ironic thing has happened. the establishment is in a car pile-up now and conservatives
7:08 am
are trying to show they are not the wing of the party anymore. they are the base of the party. trump, cruz, outsiders placing -- cruz wins iowa, comes in second in new hampshire. it's an establishment now and pointing figures -- these egos are pointing figures and saying, no, you get out. you get out. look, jeb bush spent -- >> ted cruz spent 530,000 and came in third. >> go ahead. >> there's not a pile-up. you've got two governors left, both of whom governor the quintessential swing states, florida and ohio. the fact that so many conservative have said it's about fiscal issues, john kasich's fiscal record, especially in congress, is unimpeachable. the fact that he's caring about the florida middle class and working class and that ends up being a disqualifier because it's soft and squishy --
7:09 am
>> it's not a disqualifier. >> kasich really deserves another look from folks and bush certainly has the money to continue. it's a tough road throughout the primary for a midwestern governor, that's true. but kasich had a big win and deserves a little bit of credit for that. >> okay. i have to leave it there. kellyanne, tara and john, thank you. senator bernie sanders is making a pit stop in harlem this morning celebrating his resounding win in new hampshire by trying to secure another one. an endorsement from the reverend al sharpton. the two met for breakfast at a harlem lands mark, which would be sylvia soul food. jason carroll is live there now. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, carol. he's been celebrating for the past 15 minutes or so with al sharpton. the two are having breakfast right now as we speak. when sanders showed up, he was met by applause by some of the folks who showed up outside of sylvia's restaurant. he also showed up with ben
7:10 am
jealous, former naacp leader, got an endorsement from him. he's also hoping to get an endorsement from al sharpton. that is very clear. what is also clear, sharpton has not indicated who he will support, if anyone, in this race. it's very important for sanders to reach into the african-american community. clinton is outpolling him in the african-american community. it would be a feather in his cap to get the endorsement of al sharpton. they will meet for about 30 minutes. sanders has a heavy schedule today. he's going to do a number of talk shows. something that is interesting, carol, i spoke about this earlier this morning, but just reaching out and speaking to some of the folks who are out here, what is interesting is some of the older african-americans that i spoke to seem to throw the support behind clinton whereas some of the younger african-americans i talked to said that they were going to give bernie sanders a shot.
7:11 am
so nothing is clear here despite what some of the polling is showing. both candidates definitely have their work cut out for them. carol? >> jason, you probably don't have a monitor outside but we have these pictures of bernie sanders inside sylvia's. here he is sitting at a table inside that diner. there he is. okay. so there he is. we've got a shot of that. we'll see what happens. jason carroll reporting live from harlem, thank you. still to come in the "newsroom," was clinton hit hard where it hurts? why women picked sanders, next.
7:12 am
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she said "absolutely not! we are going to finish this race!" and we were the last ones in, but you know what? we finished the race. and she goes "desiree, i'll never quit walking. ever"
7:15 am
bernie sanders won big last night and now new exit polls are painting how painful the picture is for clinton. clinton losing big across groups of voters including women. sanders topped clinton by 10% in that category. tom foreman has more. good morning. >> good morning, carol. the age line is just destroying
7:16 am
hillary clinton right now. look at what younger voters did here. she wanted younger voters to see her in the way that they saw barack obama. but 83% of 18 to 29-year-olds went for sanders. just 16% for her. she did better with older voters like she did in iowa if you look at those numbers. but look at her margin. that would be considered a big win normally. but when you compare it to the younger voters, it doesn't look like much. that is really hurting her. let's look at party i.d. as well. 72% of those that call themselves independent went for sanders. only 25% went for clinton. if you look at the qualities of the candidates, this seems to be the key as to what is going wrong here. people who supported clinton, look at this, they like the idea that they think she's electable, her experience, all of the years that she's been involved.
7:17 am
12%, cares. honest, 5%. that's eating her alive. we've been talking about it for a long time. look at those numbers and think about that and now look at the same set of qualities when you talk about sanders. only 4% think he has the electability and 52% say he's honest. honesty is that big of a tip here and it's absolutely an issue. i'm telling you, carol, the clinton campaign is trying to handle this right now but the speeches and what she's paid and whether she'll release the transcript of them, whether you think that's right or wrong or she has anything wrong with that or not, it plays into this narrative that we saw among new hampshire voters. they don't feel they can trust her. >> interesting. tom foreman, thanks so much. let's talk some more about that. with me now, the director for center of politics at the
7:18 am
university of virginia, larry sabado and keith boynton. the majority of voters say he's trustable and it's the opposite for hillary clinton. does that mean voters are willing to put someone into the primary that is not electable but honest? >> well, apparently in new hampshire they are. it's -- look, electability is always tough to sell. i think it works when you've been out of power for a while. it works for bill clinton in 1992 because democrats have been out of power for 12 years. ronald reagan and bush 41. but the bush had congressitio in. al control for some time. there's a bunch of dilemmas
7:19 am
wrapped up into dilemmas for them and they are going to have to find out before the end of the primary season and much before the fall. >> so 5% of the voters in new hampshire, keith, think that clinton is -- that's really an appallingly low number. so what can she do to prove to voters that, yes, i am honest and you can trust sne. >> well, that's going to be a tough question for her. she's been beaten up by the republican party and the establishment on that side for the past 25 years now. so i think what she's got to prove is that she's resilient, that she's been through these accusations going back to the bill clinton administration. she's been through them throughout her entire political career. >> yeah, but these are democrats saying this. these are not republicans. >> no, i know. but i think the effect of the republican attack machine against hillary clinton for two decades has had an impact on the way that democrats -- her
7:20 am
biggest moment, her best moment during the campaign was probably the benghazi hearing where she had an unfettered audience, unfiltered, just to be able to talk about what she really believes and i think that really helped her a lot, strangely enough, contrary to what republicans are expecting. she needs a better playing field. new hampshire is overwhelmingly white. she's going to south carolina and nevada where she has a much better playing field. the nonwhite vote is only 7% in new hampshire. it's not much to play with. >> no, not at all, larry. but what keith was saying reminds me of the vast white wing conspiracy. does that mean that hillary clinton should bring that up? >> well, i don't know that she wants to relive the '90s. but what keith said actually has a lot of validity. she has been in the headlines almost every day for 25 years and you are going to take a lot of hits and you're going to
7:21 am
develop scar tissue and also what we didn't fully recognize was the public has developed the scar tissue about hillary clinton and the clintons generally. this is an anti-establishment year. which two candidates were originally named as most likely to oppose one another? hillary clinton and jeb bush. jeb bush is in deep trouble, you know, despite his fourth place finish and 11% in new hampshire or maybe because of it. and hillary clinton in that blowout in new hampshire. yes, it's a white state but it's liberal democrats and, you know, this is something that the clinton campaign, as i say, will have to focus on. i don't know what the solutions are but i sure know, to win in the general election, it is not enough just to attract minorities. you have to get, you know, 38, 39, 40% of the white vote if you're a democrat you want to
7:22 am
win. >> i agree with what larry said but it means that she wouldn't be able to win the white vote in a general election. those are two different things. and i think they play a huge part in the vote last night. 30% of the voters were independents in the democratic primary and bernie sanders won 72% of those. so it's not entirely reflective of what the democratic party thinks. hillary clinton is leading in most of the national polls and many of the states coming up next. >> i guess we'll leave it there and we'll have to see what happens, as they say. larry sabato and keith boykin, thank you. and the pbs democratic presidential debate is carried on cnn and your local pbs station on thursday night at 9:00 p.m. eastern. still to come in the "newsroom," kanye west causes a
7:23 am
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checking some top stories at 27 minutes past, ferguson, missouri, could get slapped with a lawsuit after city officials want to make changes to a deal they worked out with the u.s. justice department. ferguson has to pay for reforms that include new staff and software under an agreement they made but the city council says it's concerned that the huge price tag for those reforms will cripple the city. the justice department fires back. they say changing the agreement now will create unnecessary delays and they are now
7:28 am
considering legal action. a big blow to president obama's new rules on climate change. the supreme court has temporarily blocked the clean power plan from going forward while it's challenged in court. 29 states are suing over the plan which limits greenhouse gas emissions from power plants. rising rap star kanye west sparks another social media uproar with this tweet. it says, "bill cosby innocent." we don't know how he reached that conclusion but it did not sit well with several people, including sarah silverman. it's not clear if this is a publicity stunt ahead of kanye's new album which comes out on thursday. good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. the 2016 race is on to south
7:29 am
carolina and jeb bush is trying to turn a fourth place finish in new hampshire into a winning bid for president in south carolina. he's tapping his brother, george w., for help. george w. even made a new radio ad that debuted today. >> this is president george w. bush. we live in troubled times with the military deployed around the world. we need a strong leader with experience, ideas and resolve. there's no doubt in my mind that jeb bush will be a great commander in chief for our military. jeb has dealt with crises as the governor of florida and did so with resolve, steadiness and the calmness necessary in a good leader. >> cnn's mark preston is here. so is george w. going to be on the campaign trail, his physical self, with jeb bush in south carolina? >> reporter: that remains to be seen but we knew this was coming.
7:30 am
south carolina is the state that is very welcoming to the bush family. now, we saw jeb bush's mother up here in new hampshire on the campaign trail. another person who is beloved in the republican party. now, jeb bush hasn't used his brother at all very much during this campaign. he has done some fundraising for him and has quietly, of course, done advising behind the scenes. but having him in this radio ad shows a shift in strategy and embracing the family name and trying to use that to his advantage. we'll see that and we are already hearing that right now in south carolina. >> the other big development today and you broke this in the last hour of the "newsroom," chris christie will suspend his presidential campaign. how will that help jeb bush or will it? >> reporter: well, in many ways, there was a hope among establishment republicans that there would be a consolidation of the centrist candidates and
7:31 am
by doing so they would be able to bring together the parts of coalition behind one. what they don't want -- what the gop establishment doesn't want is that donald trump or ted cruz with the nomination right now, carol. so with chris christie expected to drop out of the race today, that removes one of the building blocks but john kasich is coming in second place and it might not seem super strong, it's strong enough for him to head to south carolina and there is a bit of a pile-up in this middle lane right now from this establishment candidate. on each side of them, ted cruz is on the conservative lane and donald trump has his own lane. heading into south carolina, we're looking at five candidates now vying for the republican presidential nomination. >> mark preston reporting live this morning from new hampshire, thank you. joining me is s.e. cupp and
7:32 am
the independent director sabrina schafer. s.e., i want to start with the ad we just heard from george w. bush touting his brother's campaign. do you think that will be helpful to jeb bush? >> yeah. look, especially in south carolina, as mark preston mentioned, the bushes are beloved. jeb bush in recent polls has been on the rise in south carolina and, look, that's not a general election ad. that's a primary ad meant to remind republicans that the last eight years under president obama have been a disaster where terrorism is concerned and whatever you think of george w. bush's decision to go into iraq, you know, a lot of people feel as though the country was safer before the threat of isis was underestimated by president obama. and so reminding especially older republicans in south
7:33 am
carolina of that legacy, of that feeling of safety and security and attaching jeb bush to that, i think it's a pretty good strategy for south carolina. >> sabrina, will we hear jeb bush come out and say that invading iraq was a really good idea? how is he going to answer that question now since he had so much trouble before? >> i'm actually in disagreement with s.e. here. i don't think that's going to be effective as much as foreign policy is something we ought to be talking about, this is an election that is about anti-establishment fervor. so i just don't think is going to resonate with enough voters. trump is leading in the polls, cruz is coming up at about 20% and jeb bush is at about 10% right now. i just don't think that this is going to be sufficient to bring him up in a competitive zone. >> because what seems to be resonating, as far as military might, s.e., is that donald
7:34 am
trump saying on television -- you know what he said he's going to do to isis. and ted cruz is going to make the sand glow and jeb bush has a more recent approach. >> yeah. the question was, is this going to help jeb bush overtake donald trump. that's certainly not what i suggested. in south carolina or anywhere. but jeb bush isn't really running against donald trump right now. he's running against the other so-called establishments. i call them electable candidates in the field. that was chris christie, that's john kasich now for sure and marco rubio. so i think against those guys reminding older republicans of the legacy of countering terrorism that the bushes have, i think it's a very smart strategy to distinguish jeb from the rest of the establishment candidates. he's never going to talk the way donald trump does on terrorism or anything else. so he's not trying to outtrump trump. he's trying to outkasich kasich
7:35 am
and rubio. >> that could hurt all of the established candidates in the end. what is your take on that? >> s.e. is right in the sense that jeb bush and kasich can go up against each other in terms of who has the better foreign policy and that could give rubio a run for his money which is not a bad thing. i think it's an important issue that voters need to have some thought on. it could perhaps chip away at some of the trump support. we'll have to see. perhaps more importantly, it could make -- sort of undermine hillary clinton a little bit. we know from research that she's vulnerable on the issues of benghazi and foreign policy. perhaps this is a way of actually saying some voters on the fence may say i want to come over to republicans and remind them that, guess what, republicans generally are stronger on national defense. that could be a good thing for
7:36 am
the gop all around. >> we'll see. i have to leave it there. sabrina and s.e., thanks to both of you. still to come in the "newsroom," a stark warning that isis is the number one terror threat facing the united states and the group could be poised to strike right here at home. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in.
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we have an update in the case of bowe bergdahl, the army sergeant accused of deserting his post in afghanistan. a judge has granted a delay because of a dispute over sharing classified evidence with the defense team. bergdahl was captured after leaving his post. the white house approved a controversial prisoner exchange to free him. and also happening right now
7:41 am
on capitol hill, a house hearing now under way to discuss how the u.s. will handle isis threats in iraq and syria. this, after intelligent officials gave sobering testimony yesterday about how serious a threat isis poses. barbara starr is at the pentagon with more. good morning. >> good morning, carol. this is the president's special envoy for counter isis policy and strategy testifying this morning. very sobering indied. what mcgerk is doing is laying out what the next week may see or look like. that means the situation that the next president of the united states, after the election, is going to face in dealing with isis. mcgurk talking about what the strategy is to take home mosul, iraq, back from isis but that may take months to do it putting it in the lap of the next president of the united states
7:42 am
to do it. that means shifting strategy, looking at external attacks and at the possibility of attacking even directly in the united states and that takes us right to the director of the defense intelligence agency who just yesterday laid out that case to congress. have a listen. >> as the paris attacks demonstrated, isil has become the most significant terrorist threats the united states and our allies. isis will probably attempt to conduct additional attacks in europe and attempt to direct attacks on the u.s. homeland in 2016. >> attacks on the homeland this year, possibly down the road as well. of course, that is what everyone is facing right now and it takes us, again, to this evolving situation in libya, which is now beyond syria and iraq, where air strikes are having an impact on isis, to some extent. moving to libya and north africa, establishing that as its third front, looking at trying
7:43 am
to plot and plan from that country external attacks possibly into europe and the united states, leaving the u.s. looking at trying to develop a libya strategy again that could take, we are told, more than a year to really fully put into place. carol? >> all right. barbara starr reporting live from the pentagon, thank you. months after a massacure left 14 people dead, they are looking for their cell phones but the fbi cannot unlock the encrypted data on that cell phone. pamela brown has more on this this morning. good morning. >> good morning to you, carol. that's right. two months after the terrorist attack in san bernardino, fbi director james comey testifying on the hill yesterday said fbi technicians working at quaintico
7:44 am
can still not unlock one of the devices because of encryption. so there were two cell phones that were recovered near the scene, carol, and one of them, due to encryption, james comey is saying that the fbi has been trying to unlock it, they continue to try but so far they haven't had any luck. and director comb me is saying that this has hindered the fbi's ability to be able to track the suspects' movements around the time of the terror attack. a few weeks ago, one of the fbi directors said that there is 18 minutes missing in the timeline. they haven't been able to piece that together and part of the reason why is the fact that they can't get into one of the cell phones. also, this is the second time james comey has come out and said that that encryption has hindered the fbi's ability. you may remember the garland attempted terrorist attack where one of the men had exchanged 109 messages but the fbi wasn't able
7:45 am
to see what was in those messages because of encryption. it's unclear in terms of san bernardino, carol, what kind of cell phone it was but we know that certain models, such as apple, automatically scramble data. so presumably that's what the fbi is up against but this will only bolster the fbi's argument, carol, that that encryption is a huge problem. >> pamela brown reporting live, thank you. still to come in the "newsroom," they are up and comers but their family's roots run deep in foreign soil. the cuban history of ted cruz and marco rubio. do you think offers best in class v8 fuel economy? best in class v8 horsepower, and best in class v8 towing? chevy. i'm going with ram. definitely ford. the new 2016 chevy silverado offers best in class v8 fuel economy holy smokes! ...horsepower, and towing. they're all chevy. that's right. all chevy. the fastest-growing pick-up brand. it's truck month.
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senator marco rubio changing his tune about his most recent debate performance that many say contributed to his lackluster finish in new hampshire. >> barack obama is deliberately carrying out a strategy to change america. he wants to redefine this country. it's one of the main reasons why i'm running and one of the reasons why i feel so good about our debate performance despite whatever the media people want to say, it was the biggest
7:50 am
fundraising night we've had. >> i want you to understand something. our disappointment tonight is not on you. it's on me. it's on me. i did not do well on saturday night so, listen to this, that will never happen again. >> he'll get another chance, as you know, in the new hampshire primary, marco rubio finished fifth, ted cruz finished third. not only are they fighting to be the party's future, they have common routes. both are cuban american. we trace their family's origins in cuba. >> reporter: ted cruz and marco rubio spend a lot of time talking about cuba on the campaign trail. >> my parents weren't born here. they were born on the island of cuba to poor families, no access to education or power. they came here in 1956, they didn't know anyone and no money and barely spoke english at the time. and yet somehow working hard as
7:51 am
a bartender and a maid, my parents owned a nice home in a safe neighborhood. they retired with dignity. >> to my dad. a man who came from cuba at age 18 with nothing, with $100 in his underwear. he doesn't carry money in his underwear anymore. a man who was imprisoned and tortured, who washed dishes making 50 cents an hour, who has lived the american dream. >> reporter: cruz's father rafael grew up here in the seaside city. he write as memoir and how he initially backed castro's resolution before fleeing to the united states. a schoolmate of the elder cruz who we spoke to who fought to
7:52 am
bring castro to power said cruz supported but didn't play a very active role in the revolution. >> translator: i don't remember him, he says. throwing bombs or putting up revolutionary signs against the tyranny. today the streets are covered in propaganda supporting the revolution that rafael cruz said he once fought for but now opposes. havana has changed since the 1950s when marco rubio's family lived here. this is the store that his parents once worked. his mother worked at the cash register and his father as the store's security guard and it's here where they actually met. of course, the store, just about like all private property in cuba, was taken away by the government. on this street where the rubio's once lived, no one we talked to remembers the family. a resident said he has a message to critics like cruz and rubio
7:53 am
of the new u.s. policy of restoring ties with cuba. why break relations now that we are just starting, he says, if both sides keep talking i think we will arrive at an even better understanding. if cruz or rubio is elected president, that's not likely the conversation either man would be willing to have. both have said they won't engage with cuba until the island changes its leadership. cnn, havana. still to come in the "newsroom," high drama on the high seas. a cruise ship battered by high waves is heading home. the latest on "the anthem of the seas." 53 state wins, and t-mobile... whoa, whoa, whoa. listen, folks. i have to apologize, again. look, those were last years numbers. it says right here on the card. t-mobile doubled there lte coverage in the last year. and with more lte towers than
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. checking some top stories
7:58 am
for you with 50 minutes past the hour. adding insult to injury in flint, michigan, the city is under a boil water advisory following a water main break. city officials are urging people to boil their filtered water as a precaution. in the meantime, the mayor of flint says she needs $55 million to replace the lead pipes and is asking the governor to partner with her to get the money. two automakers are recalling mercedes-benz cars and vans made from 2005 to 2014 and volkswagen is recalling the gulf and jetta sports wagon. they all have takata airbags. it was found to be detective causing some airbags to explode on impact. in just a matter of hours, the director of the cdc will testify at a hearing on the zika
7:59 am
epidemic. president obama has asked congress for $1.8 billion to fight zika in part to develop a vaccine. the number of cases in the u.s. continues to rise. the cruise ship damaged in the so-called extreme storm is heading back to its port in new jersey and is due home tonight. four passengers were injured aboard "anthem of the seas" when giant waves overturned furniture and smashed glassware. passengers will receive a full refund for the canceled voyage. meet ashley graham. last year, the size 16 model was featured in an ad but this year she's one of the swimsuit models. graham is thanking everyone who, qote, stood up for her curves. she looks great. thank you so much for joining me today. i'm carol costello. "at this hour with berman and bolduan" starts now.
8:00 am
hello, everyone. i'm john berman. >> and i'm kate bolduan. game on in south carolina. in the next few minutes, both ted cruz and jeb bush will be holding their first events in the key state following the stunni stunning finish in new hampshire. this is the kickoff of a ten-day scramble with a state known to not be always so fair but intense campaigning. or as one rubio aide puts it, it's going to be a blood bath. >> ted cruz coming off a surprising third-place finish behind john kasich and jeb bush. this week, jeb bush will be joined for the first time on the trail by someone who took the south carolina primary back in 2000, his brother, george w. bush. it worked out pretty well for him in


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