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tv   Americas Choice 2016  CNN  February 20, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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ahead 4 points stayed wide. this is the base of her support, so what she needs to do is keep a good margin in the 10-point range, as this vote comes in. we're at 39% now. i watched it dip, then gone back up. she has been around 10% as the vote continues to come in. that's where the bulks in clark county. if she stays ahead there she will keep this narrow lead. but you have hats off to senator sanders, where wreereno is. the place that sanders is winning more of the vote is counted, some of these rural counties 87% here 83% here down here 75% there. if you look at the places where senator sanders is ahead more votes are counted than the largest area the biggest basket of votes where secretary clinton is winning. looking at the map now and what we're missing, as long as the trends continue as they have been so far, she will keep this lead. that's a giant question mark. we don't know which are out.
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we don't know if the reason they are slow is new voters came out. if that's true the sanders people think that helps them but we'll do the math. at the moment she held pretty consistent her lead has grown a little bit. >> winning big in clark county the home of las vegas. that's where most of the people of the state live. i want to go back to dana and david as we watch all of this unfold. you guys are taking a close look at the entrance polls, the questions we asked people as they were going into these caucuses. >> right. i was looking at the numbers from 2008. back then hillary clinton won among the democrats who describe themselves as liberals. she beat barack obama on that. but it's a different picture now. >> it is a different picture. we talked about this before it is a liberal electorate and much more than we saw eight years ago. now we can look at how are those liberals and non-liberals are splitting. take a look at this. liberal voters, 70% of the electorate bernie sanders 53%,
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hillary clinton 44%. he's got a 9-point lead there. among moderate or conservative that's 30% of the electorate hillary clinton big win here 58% for her, 37% for sanders. obviously i'm sure she would prefer to be winning by 20 points among a larger group but clearly, the 70% of the electorate being liberal is helping bernie sanders now keep this close. if it had been like in 2008 only 45% of the electorate said they were liberal this would be different. that is helping bernie sanders. >> it's interesting, i wonder why the dynamics have changed within the democratic party and nevada. we know obviously that the demographics are changing but the dynamics in terms of where people are on the democratic spectrum is fascinating. >> we've been seeing this in both parties, seeing in these
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nominateing race that the activist base that is more idyllically pure cares more about idyllicle purity are driving these candidacies on both sides. i don't think that was the same kind of dynamic in 2008. >> really interesting numbers. >> david, quickly, we're about to start getting the initial exit poll information from south carolina where there is a republican presidential primary. not a caucus primary under way. >> right. polls there don't close until 7:00 p.m. eastern but we are going to start looking at digging in now to the numbers in south carolina and i'll be back with you on some of those key findings. >> as soon as we get those we'll let viewers know. another key race alert. look at this. the race the caucuses in nevada right now, 48% almost half of the vote is now in. hillary clinton maintaining her slight advantage, over bernie sanders, 51.9%, 48.1%. very close but that lead jake
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tapper that's pretty steady now but there is more than half of the vote remaining. >> right. it's still too close to call and too early to call. let's talk about what we're seeing in this vote so far. the votes actually coming in. michael smerconish if hillary clinton wins by a small margin as is the case right now, if the numbers hold up does that mean it's a clear win for her? >> no. not in my opinion. i think i'm in the minority on this. i think that margin matters. and as i look at the data and the internals i don't see where's the enthusiasm for her? yes, she's winning, but somebody used the word crushing earlier to refer to how bernie was running. where is she crushing him? nowhere that i see. if in the end he beats her with hispanics i think that's significant. a close margin in nevada where she was presumed a month ago to have a double digit lead maybe a 20-plus point lead then to lose among hispanics, i think that's a big take away.
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inevitability is in doubt. >> let's recall also that even if hillary clinton does win by the small margin the delegate count, which is what ultimately matters when it comes to winning the nomination but i know you disagree. >> i think the w is a w for her. if she comes out on top here with two points if it's one, that's good for her because it changes the narrative out of new hampshire and it sets her up i think for south carolina. on the latino vote i do agree that it is somewhat surprising that at least so far it looks like sanders is doing well. i think one of the reasons that is is that latino voters tend to be much younger than african-american voters and asian voters 33% of hispanic voters on 2014 were between 18 and 29 for black that was 25%, and 21% for asian so it's a much younger demographic but it does seem to suggest that sanders can kind of transfer this generational divide we're seeing
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among white voters to latino voters. we haven't seen that among african-american voters. >> i'm going to finish the point i started an hour ago, which was when you look at this number about clinton winning overwhelmingly people want to continue obama's policies and you put that together with the fact she is winning among non-white voters but losing among hispanics, all of this adds up to me to say she is doing very, very well among african-americans. and that may be significant moving into the south carolina primary. >> i think that's the big unanswered question. because we don't know how specifically she's doing with african-americans. but if you are trying to put together the obama coalition in an election without president obama, you need african-american voters. and the latino number i will give you that. i think is surprising. if bernie sanders is doing better with latino voters. but i also believe that a win is a win. for her here.
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the baseline has been ratcheted down over the last couple of weeks. and if she wins and she comes out with more delegates, it's a win. >> it's a win is a win but van, i want to go to you. they were talking at the other table there about why is the nevada democratic electorate in this caucus as opposed to eight years ago so much more liberal than it was eight years ago? you had a one word answer. >> pain. pain. pain. that's why. you have -- it's almost impossible to imagine if you are in nevada they were decimated in the housing crunch the first one. they are now having a double dip on housing. people who crawled out barely crawled out are falling back down again. when you have economic pain the extremes gain in both parties. and by the way, you say a w is a w. i heard fire wall fire wall fire wall. this is a fire speed bump. that's real. >> let me chime in. the reason that this is
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important is because we are seeing hillary clinton do extremely well with african-american voters. where is she crushing? she's crushing with african-american voters. why does a that matter? bernie sanders is doing well so far, right. keeping parody. but the narrative doesn't get easier easier. the path gets that much more difficult because the next stop isn't just minnesota but the next stop rolls through south carolina through georgia, through the rest of the south. it is going to get a lot more difficult. >> let me update voters now with 53% of the actual vote in. hillary clinton leads 51.9% to bernie sanders 48%. >> this is what we're hearing the map gets harder except it isn't. and i think gloria mentioned the baseline sort of moving down. yes, by hillary clinton. i mean the clinton campaign a month ago would have told us that nevada was not competitive state for bernie sanders.
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they spent the last week saying well this is a competitive state. there are lots of white people there and young people there. so they have changed the baseline. i agree with michael, if she doesn't come -- if she doesn't win by at least 5 points if it's this close when it's over i think she loses her argument against bernie which is that he is unelectable. >> you don't cover the spread in politics you win or you lose. okay. if she wins this in the state, first thing i said when we started this i said what van was saying talking about the pain. this is the state with the fourth highest unemployment in america. the second highest home foreclosures in america. 30% increase in home foreclosures in the last month. enormous pain. she hangs on and wins a 4-point lead that's a big deal. and i'm sorry if people don't think she covered the spread but there ain't no spread in politics. >> 54% in from the nevada
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democratic caucuses. hillary clinton leading 52% of the vote to bernie sanders 47.9% of the vote. we'll take a quick break. when we come back more actual vote coming in from the nevada democratic caucuses and we're going to start to pay attention to the south carolina republican primary. we're going to have some of the exit poll results from that state coming right back after this. landed last tuesday. one second it's there. then, woosh, it's gone. i swear i saw it swallow seven people. seven. i just wish one of those people could have been mrs. johnson. [dog bark] trust me, we're dealing with a higher intelligence here. ♪ the all-new audi q7 is here. ♪ pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved to relieve both your itchy watery eyes and congestion. no other
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we've got a key race alert. hillary clinton maintaining her lead building her lead a little bit. 58% of the vote in she's got 52.1% to bernie sanders 47.8%. still plenty outstanding. hillary clinton, look at the picture, she is going to make a statement we're told that the rally in las vegas. that's coming up soon. we will have live coverage of that. i want to go to mark preston. we're not ready mark to make a projection as to the winner in
2:15 pm
nevada though she's been maintaining a small but steady lead. >> we're not. and the reason why, wolf we don't know where the vote is out specifically in clark county. this is las vegas and the surrounding suburbs, where she won back in 2008 hillary clinton did. we don't feel comfortable calling this because we don't know where the vote is at this point. we don't know what percentage of the hispanic vote is out, specifically when you look at las vegas as a whole is it down town metro area or henderson and the suburbs around nevada. now, this is worth 70% of the vote meaning this is where the highest concentration in the state of the vote is right now. so that's why we have not called this race at this point. look how close the margins are. >> mark preston in the decision desk john king at the magic wall. one county the largest county clark county 72.3% of the
2:16 pm
population. >> mark said we want to be extra cautious. it's competitive, count the votes, if you look at this right now yes, she has a 10-point lead in clark county. more than 7 in 10 in clark county. she held a 10-point lead as we've gone to now 53% of the vote but that doesn't mean the vote that's missing is going to come in that way. if the you want to guess that it can at home you can at home. we can't. but it is look if she keeps this lead she will win. the question is when we get the other half of this vote from clark county are there sanders precincts, does he win and take this down. we'll wait. if she keeps a 10-point lead or close to that she is going to win statewide because it's more than 7 in 10 of the votes. you look in the state, senator sanders doing quite well. waiting here this is largely reno then rural areas here. senator sanders winning by 6 points out there. across the rural north senator sanders winning.
2:17 pm
but tiny population so this is not going to have a dramatic impact on the statewide vote totals. it will in the end what nevada democrats are electing today or delegates to the state convention. the state convention picks delegates to the national convention you look at how the map fills in now, at the moment it looks like secretary clinton if she is holding that narrow lead if she wins, if she wins state wide it looks like a pretty even delegate split. remember, this is 2016 back to 2008. the dark is senator clinton, the lighter blue is senator obama at the time in 2008. she won by 6 points statewide then it was a split actually slight obama advantage in delegates to the democratic national convention after they sorted this process out in part because he won so many other areas of the state. we watch the rest of the vote come in here there is no question senator sanders is holding his own in the rural area secretary clinton in clark county. up to 55%. in the course of this
2:18 pm
conversation from 53 to 55 and it has stayed at 10. so again, if the you're in team clinton you're confident but as mark noted you are asking what's missing. what are the precincts look like. we think there are our guys. what are our guys on the ground say. it looks good now but we need the rest of the votes. they are right here in vegas and the suburbs. >> we're told she is getting ready to speak pretty soon to her supporters in las vegas. we'll see what is going on. we'll watch that very, very closely. i want to go back to dana and david as we're watching all of this unfold. dana and david, as much as we're interested and we're fascinated by the democratic presidential caucuses in nevada we're also interested on the republican primary that's taking place today in south carolina. polls close under two hours from now in south carolina. we're beginning to get some indications in this battle from our exit polls in south carolina. >> right. because in both of these contests as john was saying will is the kind of mathematical importance and then there is the
2:19 pm
psychological importance. how many delegates, but then it's whether or not they get a boost of enthusiasm from their supporters or each feeling momentum. but on the republican side let's look at south carolina. where i have been all week you were as well. one of the key questions is who is going and what does the republican electorate look like? >> you remember before iowa we talked a lot about the evangelical vote and how critical that was. it is even more critical in the south carolina primary. take a look at this. among the voters going to vote in south carolina today, 73% tell us in the exit poll they are born again or evangelical chris nan. 27% are not. that compares with 64% born again in iowa. this is the religious argument the social conservatives, born again evangelical vote is critical in south carolina. we'll look to see how that splits up of it then when did
2:20 pm
you decide? this is fascinating. in the last week 45% of republican primary voters said they made up their mind. 55% said they made up their mind earlier. dana think about what has happened in the republican race in the last week. you had that debate last week where donald trump started taking on george w. bush in a way that may have been dangerous in a republican electorate. his battle with the pope and how that played out. you had his comment about obamacare, his comments about his own opposition to the iraq war being questioned. so there was a lot of news in that final week of the republican primary. and if nearly half 45% didn't make up their mind until the last week that is a lot of fluidity in the race that could have occurred as we wait and see. >> so much and yesterday i was at a trump rally, i met a lot of people who said that they were undecided, same goes for rubio rallies, jeb bush rallies, across the board. so many people who said they
2:21 pm
were leaning one way, weren't so sure. and boy, were they paying attention to every little nook and cranny of news you were talking about. it was incredibly fluid and everybody in the campaigns understood that which is why they were trying to influence so much. >> we'll continue to watch the events unfolding, the republican primary in south carolina. but we're also going to watch what's happening in nevada right now. hillary clinton maintaining her lead now, take a look at this. 63% of the vote is now in. that lead increasing for hillary clinton, she must be happy about that. 52.2% for hillary clinton, bernie sanders 47.7%. she had a consistent lead now for the last hour. it's been building imjpressively the past hour or so where we're going to continue to watch what's going on in nevada and south carolina. we'll take a quick break. ♪ to thrive under pressure.
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for the last several hours we've been crunching the numbers, we're ready to make a major projection. cnn projects hillary clinton is the winner of the nevada democratic caucuses beating bernie sanders, she expected a win, she is going to win, she wins the nevada democratic caucuses not necessarily by a huge margin but certainly plenty of votes enough to make her the winner certainly a great relief to the hillary clinton campaign as a result of the stunning loss in new hampshire. they are cheering there. they got word of our projection. so go ahead if you can speak up tell us what's going on where you are. >> reporter: that's right, wolf. i'm watching hillary clinton supporters there is a bit of a delay here but they have been watching as the projection came in on cnn which is what they are watching here at her headquarters at caesars palace erupting in a lot of cheers.
2:26 pm
also hillary clinton tweeting a short moment ago said to were who turned out in every corner of nevada with determination and heart, this is your win, thank you, signed h which means supposedly that's a tweet she put out herself. we also know that the chair of her campaign thanking the labor movement on social media. certainly this is a big win for hillary clinton here in nevada it seemed very possible that she was going to have back-to-back losses to bernie sanders with new hampshire and nevada so this is certainly a win, wolf that she is savoring. and a lot of her success in this will have to do with what she didright here in clark county. she visited several casinos in the last few days really trying to create a lot of buzz with casino workers, even a post-midnight meeting in a housekeeping break room with some employees of a hotel. really wearing down that shoe leather trying to get support.
2:27 pm
we saw people earlier in the hotel for this at large caucus site at caesars palace there was almost a two to one ratio working in hillary clinton's favor. they were very happy, her supporters and caucusgoers walking through the casino wearing t-shirts and cut tons for her campaign. >> i'm sure they are. even more excited in a few moments when she joins them. she is going to walk without her husband and daughter we're told making a victory speech very important win for hillary clinton. she won in iowa lost in new hampshire. cnn projects she will be the winner in the nevada democratic caucuses. i want to go to jeff at the bernie sanders campaign. more subdued i take it there, jeff. >> reporter: no doubt about it wolf. when that projection was made here a few moments ago the few people who are gathered here behind me booed at the suggestion that hillary clinton won nevada.
2:28 pm
but win this she did. this is a decisive win. had it not gone that way there would have been a lot of questions about the strength of her campaign. she did win this race so now she is going forward, of course this is not going to stop this democratic race at all. the sanders campaign believes that the tightness of the race here shows that he can appeal to latino voters and african-american voters but there is no doubt about it this provides something of a reset on this campaign and i talked to one clintoned adviser, they said this resets the race and puts confidence back and is going to put a bounce back in her step. so this is definitely a good win for the clinton campaign. bernie sanders is going to come out tonight i'm told and say this is going to go on. his message of income inequality is resonating he is going to speak behind me in not too long. this is where he was friday night and he had some 6,000 people here.
2:29 pm
you can hear people shouting behind me bernie. so this race is going to go on to south carolina tomorrow he will campaign in greenville. then he is going to super tuesday states massachusetts on monday and keeping an eye on caucuses in minnesota, in colorado the oklahoma primary, so wolf this race continues but it's a good afternoon here in nevada for hillary clinton. >> next saturday the race continues with the democrats in south carolina. that's when the democratic presidential primary in south carolina takes place. only moments ago hillary clinton tweeted a picture of herself, there you see with her supporters when she got word that she was projected to be the winner of the nevada democratic caucuses. an important win indeed for hillary clinton. she needed this win. she gets the win. they are going to hear from hillary clinton momentarily. we'll also hear from bernie sanders as well dana and david. this is an important win i got to tell you, after new hampshire she would have suffered a setback it would have been really, really ugly for her. >> right.
2:30 pm
i guess we should kind of take a moment and note that. that this is a very big win for her. she was able to push back on bernie sanders' attempt to come in there with a new organization she has been there, her campaign organizing since august. she was able to push back on the momentum that bernie sanders had. and she now is in a very different place, a positive place, david, going into south carolina which is really really what the campaign is hoping is her actual firewall. >> yeah listen t clinton campaign needed a victory more than anything else. just to get out of the cycle that they were in with the rough defeat in new hampshire, getting that tonight is a big deal for them and scoreboards matter. this is two states for hillary clinton and one for bernie sanders and -- >> we have numbers how she won. >> take a look at what drove her victory. first up those voters that went to the polls today that said they wanted to continue barack
2:31 pm
obama's policies. hillary clinton won 74% to sanders 23%. that was 49% of the electorate. women made up 56% and hillary clinton beat bernie sanders by 13 points 55% to 42%. and, look at democrats. 80% today was democratic. 57% clinton, 41% sanders. obviously he's doing well with independents did well with independents today here too but they make up 19%. she wins democrats overwhelmingly women wins the people that want to continue barack obama's policies and they made up huge chunks. so this is how she won in nevada. >> i think your point about the independent es is critical. hillary clinton is doing very well among the peoplewho are supposed to like her, her fellow democrats. and you know when you saw the big win for bernie sanders in new hampshire, so much of his support does come from independents. >> so as this contest moves to
2:32 pm
more closed primaries where just democrats are participating, we move to super tuesday and beyond that is advantage clinton. >> no question. >> she has a slightly impressive win there, it's not necessarily even thaul close. look at the numbers now. 52.3%, 47.7%. it's not necessarily neck and neck. it's an impressive 4-point win at least as of now with the actual numbers coming in. >> i think the numbers that john was pointing out are interesting about clark county which you know is the by a long shot the population center where las vegas is. the fact that she did so well there, really says something i think also about the kind of democrat that she is appealing to. because if you kind of look at it objectively and bernie sanders' message he is going to help people more with income equality he would do better but she did. in addition to the more rural areas. >> if she wins by 5 points a win is a win and if she wins we
2:33 pm
have projected she will be the winner that is very good news for her. we're standing by to hear from hillary clinton. she is getting read the walk out address supporters there. you see the banner right behind the podium up there. we're going to have live coverage of hillary clinton's speech eventually we'll hear from bernie sanders as well. don't forget the contest in south carolina is getting going right now as wellment less. we'll see how donald trump is doing, marco rubio, ted cruz, lots of political news. we'll be right back. i think we should've taken a left at the river. tarzan know where tarzan go! tarzan does not know where tarzan go. hey, excuse me do you know where the waterfall is? waterfall? no, me tarzan, king of jungle. why don't you want to just ask somebody? if you're a couple you fight over directions. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance you switch to geico. oh ohhhhh it's what you do.
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hillary clinton is the winner of the nevada democratic caucuses. we projected her. she has a nice lead over bernie sanders. based on the votes that are in based on the entrance poll results, cnn projecting hillary clinton is the winner she is about to speak. we're standing by. she will be addressing
2:38 pm
supporters. we'll have live coverage of her speech also awaiting bernie sanders at some point, he will address his supporters they are both going to get ready to move on to south carolina where the democratic primary takes place next saturday. we're watching all of this. brianna keilar is at hillary clinton headquarters. she's been indicating why she believes she won, right? >> reporter: yes, that's exactly right. really the campaign is indicating that they think it's because african-american voters held and they think this is so important going forward of it i want to tell you about something i heard that happened at the brooklyn headquarters for hillary clinton. this crowd here was cheering when they found out the projection. so was her staff which of course is a ton of people there in her brooklyn headquarters who have been toiling away and the loss in new hampshire was tough on them. so they have been working very hard with the hopes that they
2:39 pm
would pull out a win in nevada. but this is something that certainly is giving them a big wind in their sails. they are still looking forward. we can see that from the fact that hillary clinton, wolf after she speaks here at caesars palace she is going to head immediately to houston and she will be at a historically black college for an event. this is key to how she's looking toward south carolina and the key black vote there and also other southern states where voters will go to the polls for super tuesday and just about a week and change. the campaign is crediting her message about breaking down barriers this narrative she launched during her new hampshire concession speech. >> the key, the african-american vote came out for her in nevada. that's clear, even more important in south carolina where the democratic primary takes place next saturday. stand by. right now 71% of the vote is in hillary clinton maintaining 52.2%, bernie sanders 47.8%.
2:40 pm
cnn projected hillary clinton will win the democratic caucuses in nevada. back to jake for analysis. >> thanks, wolf. let's turn to paul who is an advising a pro hillary super pac. to talk about the fact that this is a big win. she needed it. >> it's an important win, decisive win, words that wolf and jeff used not somebody that is hopelessly biased like i am. robby, hillary's campaign manager he ran nevada eight years ago. the only caucus in america where she defeated barack obama. he has been under enormous pressure since new hampshire. my party, i don't know the -- my party bed wetters and thumb suckers, horrible people who any journalist can get on the phone to dump. >> ever one of them. >> is right. but as somebody who used to run campaigns -- >> another day. >> not my donors.
2:41 pm
>> we call them sources. >> every campaign has these. robby, good job, great job. heck of a job. >> glom on to your point, you know much was made of what they did in sclark county that was very good. the fact she cut the margins in northern nevada was a testament to the work they put in there, the time they invested there, both with her and bill clinton. i think this was a well-conceived effort on the part of the clinton campaign. i think it was an organizational win for them. >> i think it's also a precursor to the you look to south carolina and you see how well she did with the african-american vote here bernie sanders, you have to give him credit for doing well with latino voters but the key to hillary clinton's victory here is african-american voters. >> south carolina it's very interesting that the clinton campaign is so publicly crediting the african-american vote in nevada for her victory there. >> you have to. and with robby, you have michael
2:42 pm
jordan and with marlin marshall you have scottie pippen. so those guys go in and they know -- i was axlerad reference. >> i don't throw that around. >> but you know what they are doing is they have a strategy where they are not necessarily rocking the vote but targeting the vote with the platform with the message. it turned out. >> a quick break. we expect former secretary of state hillary clinton to talk about her win.
2:43 pm
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important win for hillary clinton today in the nevada democratic presidential caucuses. she beats bernie sanders, she needed this win, she got this win. i want to go to jeff over at sanders' headquarters now. i understand you have news. >> reporter: i do.
2:46 pm
i'm told senator sanders had a telephone call with his rival on the democratic side and he said that he congratulated her on this victory. he's going to put out this statement shortly. he said i spoke to secretary clinton and congratulated her. i'm proud of the campaign we ran. five weeks ago we were 25 points behind and ended up in a close electionment we probably will leave with a solid share of the delegates. that is true he will split the delegatesment she will win a handful more. he is not leaving with the energy that he had hoped. and so interesting in the last 48 hours or so the differences between these two candidates how they campaigned is something to keep an eye on going forward here. i have not seen the clinton campaign hillary clinton herself, campaign as aggressively or tire slesstirelessly. she spent all day on thursday, friday going casino to casino.
2:47 pm
bernie sanders did not. he was back in washington actually meeting with african-american leaders. he flew here and did three campaign events. a big difference in how they campaigned. hillary clinton i'm told by one close adviser was scared by what happened in new hampshire. so she clearly is campaigning more aggressively here. and the sanders campaign realizes they have a lot of energy a lot of support a lot of money behind them. this is not going to hurt him in the fundraising but it does show their campaign is not as equipped as her campaign to be as aggressive in these settings. she is the true athlete in this race. bernie sanders knows will have to step it up a little bit. >> impressive win for hillary clinton. she needed it she got it. she is going to be speaking soon. eventually we'll hear from bernie sanders as well. i want to go to brianna keilar right now. we expect to see her. i'm sure she is happy. she got the phone call from
2:48 pm
bernie sanders. >> we understand very much so wolf she is very happy. she was in her suite here at caesars palace receiving that phone call from bernie sanders, saying he had called to congratulate her. certainly this is a moment for her to saver. the clinton campaign seeing nevada really as a test of whether bernie sandsers could appeal enough to non-white voters. coming out of this contest, they feel like they're in a good place showing strength that she is the one with the coalition that ultimately will propel her to the nomination and of course they hope to the white house. but look now where she is going. she'll be heading right after she speaks here -- and we are expecting her at any moment to talk to her supporters -- tonight to houston. she'll be speaking from a historically black college. then bill clinton is going to hispanic heavy hif
2:49 pm
hispanic-heavy states. he's going to colorado then oklahoma, monday in tex tx as they try to shore up this coalition that maybe wasn't the coalition for hillary clinton in 2008. it was more the coalition for barack obama. hillary clinton trying to carry the torch. >> a one-two punch, bill and hillary clinton campaigning. thank you very much. live coverage of the hillary clinton speech. she got a congrat latory phone call from bernie sandsers he concedes defeat in nevada. our coverage continues right after this. ♪ ♪so nice♪ ♪so nice, so nice♪ ♪ spend a few days in the u.s. virgin islands and return with a lifetime of experiences.
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we're waiting to hear from the winner of the democratic caucuses in nevada, that would be hillary clinton. she beat bernie sanders now with
2:53 pm
76% of the actual vote in. she's at 52.2%, he's at 47.7%. based on all of the information we have, she is the winner. she is the winner in nevada right now. i want to go over to john king at the magic wall. you've got more information john on how she did it how she -- she needed this win. she got the win an impressive win. a win is a win as we like to say. >> senator sanders say it's close. republicans are saying this proves she's weak. she's winning. that's what the clinton campaign will count on tonight. why is she winning? she's winning four points statewide. consistently she has been ahead in clark county more than 70% of the vote in this county. when we had 26% in she was up by 10 points, 50 brs, 10 points, now 71%, 10 points. this is where most of the votes are in the basket. she she's winning statewide. yes, there will be i debate
2:54 pm
heading into south carolina how did sanders get so close? why is this win so important? first let's pull to the national map. one win for sanders, two win for clinton. her support stays among the establishment. super delegates, if you're in the sanders camp this is a hypothetical. let's play this out. she just won nevada. this assigns her south carolina next week knd, she wins 55/45. let's assume she wins everything else she wins super tuesday. 55/45. then she would start to pull away with delegates. let's assume throughout march hillary clinton won everything. the sanders campaign thinks they'll win vermont. this is a hypeotheticalhypothetical. let's assume she wins 55/45 through there. may she's continuing to win 55/45. we finish out the final primaries. if she won 55/45 all of the way out, she would still be short of
2:55 pm
what she needs to clinch the nomination in sanders stays in to the end because of the party rules. but hae she has over 400 super delegate delegates. people who have pledged to support her but are keeping quiet now. if she won everything 55/45 and again, bernie sanders may win some of these states hillary clinton may win some by 65%. if you just hypothetically play it out like this in a long contest, it is son sievable she gets to the convention even if she won 49 states she could end up short of the delegates, pledge delegates, from the primaries and caucuses she needs the super delegates. to keep them keep the party support by wing cob tests. this isn't winning beautiful iowa and nevada some say it's winning ugly or close. but it's winning. that's how you keep the party establish the on your side. >> we'll see what happens next saturday in south carolina. the democratic primary there. we'll see how she does how bernie sanders does in south
2:56 pm
carolina carolina as well. she is clearly the winner in nevada. i'm reminded of 2008 because of the contest between hilarylary clinton and barack obama it went through february, march, april. >> we remember. >> it wasn't until june until she conceded he was the winner. >> that is why the fact bernie sanders can raise the kind of cash that he can from small donors and he has the ability to do that and to keep going is why his campaign can say with voracity that he can keep going until june if he wants to. but i think what john was just saying is important to flesh out about the whole concept of pledge delegates versus super delegates. explain what that means. >> believe me when i tell you hilary clinton does not want to win the democratic nomination just because of super delegates. >> because super dellegates are -- >> automatically given a vote at the convention irrespective of
2:57 pm
how their state votes they are free agents if you will. they are the party establishment. they are the leaders. they are members of the democratic national committee, governors, members of congress. nobody would want to win the nomination because they didn't have enough support to get over the -- >> from -- >> from all the voters across the country but what put them over the top are super delegates. everyone at the dnc will tell you, these are the rules. everyone knows what the rules are going into the game. those are the rules. but you can already see a movement starting among sanders supporters at trying to beg super delegate ss -- this is a repeat of a conversation that we all had eight years ago. and i think that the bernie supporters are going to keep this fight up to try and so
2:58 pm
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