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tv   Wolf  CNN  February 26, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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senator rubio shown himself over the course of time wholly unprepared to be president of the united states. nothing's changed my mind now. fact is this is the only guy on that stage other than governor kasich who's made executive decisions. who's had to make executive decisions throughout his life, who understands how to put together budgets, how to make sure that money is spent e ferntly and effectively to create profit and makes sure the country is on track. this guy knows how better than anybody on the stage. this campaign has a long way to go, a long way to go. and there's going to be lots of conversation still to cov but the confidence i have is he's strong enough to take on the d.c. establishment which is what's represented by, you know, senator rubio. the d.c. establishment against a guy to come in and fight the establishment to turn around when's happening in the country, the failure of both parties to be able to do anything that's worthwhile. i can't to have great conversations about the campaign
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going forward. i intend to be a resource in any way i can be for him. and i have absolute confidence in the ability to get in there and fix the problems that plague america. [ inaudible ] >> well, i think i told you about 12 times yesterday, my taxes for many years have been under audit. and for some reason, i have a lot of rich friends. they never been audited. i'm audited every year i think for 12 years. many of those audits have been finished. but we have some left. and until such time as the audit is finished by the irs, i think y routine, i won't release. go ahead. >> how do you feel about the recent -- [ inaudible ] >> i didn't know he endorsemented. david duke endorsed me? i disavow.
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okay? yes? [ inaudible ] the wall just got ten feet higher. i gave it to you yesterday. he used foul language. and if i used that language, chris can tell you. can you imagine? >> terrible. >> using that language, it would be a mayor scandal and five times more. it was disgraceful the way he went about saying it and mexico will pay for the wall. the wall will be built and the other people will never get done and mexico will pay for the wall and the reason is very simple. 58 -- we have right now $58 million in trade deficits. the wall is a fraction of that. we'll get the wall done and mexico will pay for it. yes? go ahead. okay. don't get nervous. don't get nervous. don't worry about it. not a big deal. [ inaudible ]
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i think a lot. good question. i like it. thank you. i think a lot. people are angry, upset. upset by what's going on with the economy. they're upset by trade. they're upset by virtually everything. nothing good happens with us. we don't win anymore. nothing good happens. so there is a very angry group of people out there and they're not angry people but angry at when's happening to our country. yes? go ahead. stay with me. we'll get you jobs. i meet college students. they get out, work hard. they put debt up to the neck and then they can't get a job when they graduate. because the jobs we have are all bad jobs. not created good jobs. they're going off the country. out of our country. pfizer is leaving and moving to ireland. it's disgraceful. we'll get them jobs. yes. go ahead. [ inaudible ] >> governor christie -- [ inaudible ]
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>> how did you know i was talking about mr. trump? what, by the way, i mean, listen. i think you watched the act senator rubio putting on over the last several of weeks and now part of his talking points to try to be entertaining and smile a lot. you know, listen. it is one act after another. we don't need anymore of these washington acts. the acts to get rid of are washington, d.c. acts and as a governor of a state capital i said we don't need somebody from washington, d.c. what i said in that campaign was the problem is washington, d.c. and we don't need washington politicians to fix it. and so when you look at who's remaining on the stage, no question this is the person who will go to washington, d.c. and be able to absolutely turn the place around. we don't need anymore washington politicians, especially some who have only been there for a term and never shown up for work to tell us how to run the united states government. and so, i absolutely believe
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that donald trump is the best person on that stage to be president of the united states. by the way, there was a period of time i was running against him. he knew i wanted to beat him. he wanted to beat me. we had open conversations about that. but that part of this is over. and then you have to say to yourself as a good, loyal, american who is the best person to stop hillary clinton from ever getting inside the white house again. this is the best person to do that. turn away from the amateur acts, from washington, d.c. and turn to a professional, long leader. that's who this man is. [ inaudible ] yes. [ inaudible ] no. what my intent for being here today is to say to anyone who's willing to listen, not just
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members of the rga or donors but to the american people, that you need a strong, tough leader to restore america's greatness. and this is the best person to do that. and so whatever message anybody else wants to take from that, they can take whatever message they like but you know people do best with me if they just listen. they listen to what i say. i don't send smoke signals. what i'm doing today is i'm endorsing the person i believe is the best person to defeat hillary clinton and restore american jobs, restore american prestige around the world. and restore the faith and confidence of the american people again in the fact we are an exceptional and great nation. [ inaudible ] mitt romney, to donald trump? they're very different fellows. [ inaudible ] >> i think we have a great
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shotmeshot. i think people are liking me a lot. i have many friends in texas. many, many friends. i'm here a lot. i think we have a really good chance. looking at south carolina, that was supposed to be cruz's stronhold. that was a stronghold. win that easily. i won by is it 22 points? i won in a landslide. i wonevangelicals, the men, the women, the military. same thing in nevada. we came in. we won every category including by the way hispanics. so, you know, it was supposed to be a stronghold. he was supposed to do great there. he lost by a lot. i think i should have a really good chance of texas. i see the bloomberg poll came out and massive leads in every state. doing very well in texas. emerson poll came out. tied or effectively tied. i think we'll do well here. i'm here now. i will be here. i would love to get texas
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because of my relationship to texas, so many friends. okay? [ inaudible ] >> he's desperate. he's a desperate guy. i'm watching him over the last number of -- he is not presidential material. that i can tell you. doesn't have the demeanor. he is a nervous nellie. i watch him, you know, backstage. he's a mess. the guy's a total mess. and, you know, i joked recently. can you imagine putin sitting there waiting for a meeting and rubio walks in and totally drenched? i have never seen a human being sweat like this man sweats. so i don't think he's a presidential. i don't think he's of presidential caliber. i don't think he has the demeanor. i don't think he does very well and a mess because in florida which he abandoned, by the way, i love florida. i've invested hundreds of of millions of dollars.
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i own doral, many clubs and trump international and one of the best in the country. i own many. and a lot of real estate in miami and a lot of people. i have -- i'm a major investor in miami. one of the biggest. frankly, the people of florida like me. but for me to go in to florida and have like a 20-point lead over the sitting senator, but remember, the sitting senator abandoned florida. he left florida. he was supposed to be -- he defrauded florida. the people defrauded because they elected him as a young senator. he goes there and before he sits down starts running for president. he's not the right guy in my opinion. i think he's got the absolute wrong temperament to be president. go ahead, katy. [ inaudible ]
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he did speculate my vice presidential candidate. now it's obvious he's not going to be. i never had it in mind. i don't think he has the right temperament. i watched chris do a number on him. never seen a meltdown like that in my life. it's interesting about people who choke. i'm a good athlete. i have watched people choke over the years and once a choker, always a choker. it never, ever changes. the guy that misses the kick, misses the kick. when he misses the first one, you got to get rid of him. doesn't work. once a choker, always a choker. and that was one of the epic meltdowns. he didn't know where he was. i thought he was going to die. good going, chris. >> mr. trump? mr. trump? mr. trump? >> a poul running mate? >> he's got the tall en. you know? we didn't talk about it. we did not talk about it.
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certainly has a lot of talent. katy? >> the irs said there's nothing precluding you in their rules -- >> i don't want to do it until it's done. >> what about -- >> we talk about establishment. it's very unfair that for many, many years i've been audited. i have many, many friends that are very rich people and they never -- they have never been audited. i was with somebody the other day, a very rich guy. i said how often are you audited? he said audited? he didn't know what i was talking about. i have many, many rich friends. almost all of them never audited. why am i audited every single year? so i'm just going to put you people to rest. until my audit is finished, very simple, you won't see anything. when it's finished, you will see it. i won't complicate things by doing it. put yourself in my position. why is it that every single year -- talking about beyond barack obama, but every year in his term, also, every single year i'm audited. not fair.
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i will tell you. >> why would you not appease them and release a -- >> i can't tell you why. >> why would you not -- >> i can't tell you why. i can't tell you why. all i can say is many, many people very, very wealthy not audited. >> what about a past return? >> one thing that -- [ inaudible ] >> yeah. [ inaudible ] >> yeah. which is -- [ inaudible ] which is totally wrong. totally wrong. he said i got $200 million from my father. i wish. i wish. i got a very, very small loan from my father. many years ago. i built that into a massive empire. and i paid my father back that loan. and by the way, i was telling chris, chris was telling me because he understands it. my father left me some money. not nothing like the numbers you heard. but by that time, it was many, many years later when my father passed away. my father more than anything
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else, i learned a lot from my father. but for this guy, this lightweight, i call him a lightweight. because he is. to say 200 million. the first call i got last night from my sister. and then i got a call from my brother. and they said, wow. how does he say that? that's not true. they understand. you know? we have five in the family. and they said, so, in other words anything also would be split up. but she called. she said, boy, was that untrue. and it's really a shame. i'll tell you where they got it. "the new york times" wrote, you know, i call it the failing "the new york times" because it is a totally failing paper. with some really inaccurate reporting and purposely inaccuratement out of their way and trying to make a correction prior to the story, they don't want to do it. they made a statement about it. i don't know where they got it but the number is wrong by a factor of hundreds. by a fortune. i got a small loan. started a business and it's now
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worth billions and billions and billions of dollars. and if i ever wanted to sell the assets i have, trump tower, the bank of america building in san francisco, big chunk, 1290 avenue of the americas. some of the best land in the country. doral country club. scotland, open of the open championship. referred to the british open sometimes. my property would sell for numbers like nobody would believe. i have among the best properties anywhere in the world. [ inaudible ] >> i think it's unfair a guy says my father gave me $200 million. if you knew brooklyn, okay, in the early 1980s and you understand this, chris, if you knew brooklyn in the early 1980s and the 1970s, there wasn't $200 million. that i can tell you. i have brothers and sisters. but the first call from my sister and then from my brother late at night. and all he wanted to do is say, why are they allowed to say
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that? he's a liar. he's a liar. used to call ted cruz a liar. now i'll also call marco rubio. actually mentioned some companies and some of those companies are very successful companies. he said they closed. i sold some. i sold -- like for instance, miss universe for a lot of money. got a lot of money for it. i sold others and the water company he mentioned, i think the wine company. i have the biggest vineyard on the east coast. [ inaudible ] i make vodka all for my clubs because i have many clubs and we make vodka for the clubs. he said it is closed. it is not closed. [ inaudible ] go ahead. go ahead. >> does this make -- pledge -- [ inaudible ] >> well, no. i think about it. i would certainly look about it. if it didn't work out for me, chris would understand this. i'm going back into what i do. i don't need to do this. this is something i'm doing because we are going to make america great again and
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politicians are not going to do that. these politicians and i know the people on the stage. they're not going to do it. marco rubio is a lightweight. he doesn't have the talent. he doesn't have the temperament. he can never make us great. >> i have a question for governor christie. >> can you tell -- write off the money that you were using for your campaign, do you know if you can write that off? >> no. what -- >> governor christie, can i ask you a question? you as you said are a former federal prosecutor. is there a position in the cabinet that you would be interested in, attorney general? something like that? would you like to be his running mate? >> i am the governor of the state of new jersey until january 19th of 2018. and i have every expectation to fulfill the end of my term and then make money like trump in private life. >> if you were offered a position, would you take it? >> i haven't been offered any position. and i don't speculate on those kind of things. i have a term of office until january 19th, 2018.
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i intend to fulfill my term and then like i said go off to the private sector and finally beat my wife one year in our marriage, we have been married 30 years in march, one time before i die to make more money in a year than she did. that's my goal after january 19th of 2018. >> she has talent. thank you, everybody. we have thousands -- i have to go. we have thousands and thousands of people outside. you will be very impressed. thank you all. thank you very much, everybody. >> all right. so there you have donald trump getting a big endorsement from chris christie, the governor of new jersey. welcoming view earls in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer in washington. we want to apologize. the technical difficulties, you could hear donald trump and chris christie well. we had technical problems with the video. but you got the gist and fully understand, very surprise announcement today in this republican race for president of the united states.
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the new jersey governor chris christie now throwing his support behind donald trump. here's what christie said a few minutes ago. >> the best person to beat hillary clinton in november on that stage last night he's undoubtedly donald trump. and so, i am thrilled to be here this morning to lend my support. i will lend my support between now and november in every way that i can for donald to make it a better campaign than it's already been and to do whatever he needs to do to make the country everything we want it to be for our children and grandchildren. he is a good friend, a strong and resolute leader and he is someone who is going to lead the republican party to victory in november over hillary clinton which is the single most important thing we can do. >> all right. let's get some assessments of this dramatic development. congressman kissinger of illino illino illinois is joining us.
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ken kucchnelli and joining us from nashville, tennessee, a surrogate for usa radio networks. mark preston to you. this is a potentially tremendous development for donald trump. >> it is. on a couple of levels, not surprising that chris christie endorses donald trump. look at who's left in the field, not backing marco rubio. he is not a ted cruz supporter. i think looking at john kasich up in ohio and realized he doesn't have a path to victory and not ben carson. but at the very end of that news conference, interesting, asked to serve in the cabinet, asked to be the vp. obviously very hard question to answer and he dodged it but i'll tell you what. if you watch that today, it looked like a ticket to me. >> let's get some reaction from the three campaigns. adam, we all remember the chris christie battled with your candidate marco rubio.
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>> yeah. >> he was pretty tough on marco rubio. right now, your reaction to this endorsement. >> look. everything donald trump says is childish and seemed like in this. i'm surprised with chris christie and jockeying for position in the administration and will have to explain, you know, trump support for the 9/11 truther stance that bush responsible for 9/11. for his admiration of vladimir putin and lack of details how to destroy isis. so i'm actually very surprised to get behind a guy that has no detail on foreign policy. and runs a campaign just on emotion and not based on actual logic. >> let's get reaction. >> wolf, this is a republican in chris christie from the left edge of the republican party was never embraced by conservatives or ordinary republicans. endorsing a person that joined the left edge of the republican party, never really been endorsed by embraced by conservatives. we had another half hour donald
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trump press conference without any new substance whatsoever. it was literally i answered that and that. we heard the wall but not one other bit of substance and much like last night's debate where it's all hyperbole and no details. ted cruz exposed that effectively last night. >> ted cruz, or endorsed marco rubio we would have had extensive live coverage of that, as well. >> the plus is it's a news event. >> it's a news event. that's what they were doing. scotty, you support donald trump. what was your reaction? >> i was shockingly surprised and happy. listen. any marco-mentum or whatever you call it coming from last night's debate stopped right now as i'm sure marco shop stopped in the tracks of whatever he was trying to do at this point. look at it. what we have seen this week is strength. you saw now we have governor
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christie a strong man and had been criticized for and rudy julgiuliani saying i'm consulti with mr. trump and huckabee's daughter joining the trump team and seeing the circle of strength of consultants around mr. trump because they realize that when like governor christie said, it is who can beat the hillary clinton democrat machine and starting to fire up. as well as who can continue to build and grow america and make it great again so i'm actually very happy that this is happening. >> well, are republicans beginning to coalesce around donald trump? >> not at all. if this is a sign of strength, i mean, if, you know, donald trump yelling and screaming and making fun of people sweating despite his own sweat-stache while doing it, if that's strength, maybe a fourth grade student council election that's strength. strength is uniting the conservative movement, a country behind a mission an explaining america's mission. i have yet to see donald trump
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do that and i see marco rubio do that every time he speaks so maybe the emotion of donald trump is bringing the folks in, some of them calculating a job in an administration. but this is not a sign of strength. >> wolf, last night you hear the declarations and by scotty here declaring to beat hillary clinton. chris christie said the same thing. ted cruz made the case for all the evidence of why he can. the tax returns isn't about what mitt romney said. it is about openness when our whole side is hammering hillary clinton about hiding speeches of goldman sachs and e-mails and here's donald trump hiding this material which he is perfectly able to release and he doesn't, and in the real clear politics set of polls that was referenced by ted cruz last night, ted is beating hillary all of 2016 and donald trump has not. >> we have to take a quick break and you wanted to weigh in quickly? >> just very quickly, one, what is interesting is seeing ted cruz and marco rubio actually
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come together and saw it on the debate stage last night to some extent. the clock is very short right now for marco rubio or ted cruz to make a run at donald trump. and if donald trump is a nominee, the's an incredible amount of pressure on the republican establishment and the conservative wing of the party to come together and get behind him or write off the nominee. that's the problem for republicans. >> texas, biggest prize on super tuesday, next tuesday. it's very close right now between not necessarily marco rubio but texas senator ted cruz and donald trump in texas. we are watching that closely. scot scotty, stand by. we'll continue the assessment. to the viewers, donald trump just received the endorsement of the new jersey governor chris christie. they just finished up a joint news conference. we'll assess that. what it means for the race for the white house. we'll be right back. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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breaking news in the presidential race here in the united states. the new jersey governor chris christie joined the trump campaign. christie dropped out after a disappointing fin initial in the new hampshire primary and resurfaced in ft. worth, texas, with the billionaire. also, we have the numbers on last night's cnn gop debate, more than 14.5 million viewers tuned in last night. once again, scotty hughes is joining us, chief political correspondent for usa radio network, a trump campaign surrogate. illinois congressman kinzinger. ken cuccinelli and executive editor mark preston. mark, how weren't are these endorsements in general in this campaign which is pretty extraordinary, i must say?
10:30 am
>> i'm not actually a big believer in endorsements, actually, help a candidate win a campaign but certain moments in a campaign where think ire crucial and critical and i think this is one of those moments. and it's because of two reasons. one, you have a short clock right now for marco rubio or ted cruz to try to take over the lead for the republican presidential nomination. going to super tuesday, so many delegates on the table. and then we are going to roll in to march 15th of a winner take all. the clock is short and chris christie gives a little bit of validity to donald trump's campaign. sating governor. he has won twice now and ran for president and had to drop out a few weeks ago and i think that from a valid standpoint at a time of a lot of talk about the republican establishment to push back against donald trump, chris christie is part of the establishment. >> scotty, a marco rubio who really went on the offensive against donald trump last night as did ted cruz, he spoke this morning and he continued to
10:31 am
ridicule donald trump. listen to this. >> you want to have a little fun? all right. what does donald trump do when things go wrong? he takes to twitter. 66 him right here. let's read some. you'll have fun. all right. number one. here's the first one. lightweight marco rubio was working hard last night. this is true. the problem is he is a chalker. and once a chalker always a choker. i guess that's what he meant to say. he spelled choker. choker. he called me mr. meltdown. let me tell you something, last night in the debate in a break, two of the breaks, he went backstage and having a meltdown. first he had this little makeup thing applying like makeup around the mustache because he had a sweat mustache and then asked for a full length mirror. i don't know why because the
10:32 am
podium goes up to here. maybe to make sure his pants weren't wet. i don't know. then, not one tweet, three tweets misspell words so badly. i reach two conclusions. number one, that's how they spell those words at the wharton school of business where he went. or, number two, just like trump tower, he must have hired a foreign worker to do his own tweets. [ cheers ] all right? so, guys, we have a con artist as the front-runner in the republican party. >> all right. scotty, i want to get your reaction. for months holding back but last night no holding back and you see it's continuing today. >> yeah. you have to wonder what actually flipped him out? what made this change? it comes to the point that i think you realize because he had very little delegates and support. only way that he has a chance in
10:33 am
the nomination to cause chaos in the republican party and have a brokered convention going to the rnc. only way and we're about to suffer through seven more months of that type of low blows there. that remind me about my life at the sorority house because that's the way that sisters sometimes talk to each other but i go to the people that actually have to trust this man who know the man the most and go to florida and a reason he is leading him 44-28. i think because like around lake okeechobee people feel like they're left, betrayed by marco rubio's ties to big sugar seeing the waters polluted and marco rubio's done nothing about it or maybe nose within the florida republican party believing that somehow speaker of the house rubio got a personal charges mixed up with the campaign charges and just, you know, wrote a check back later on once he was caught. the people of florida know marco rubio because i guess he spent more time there than washington,
10:34 am
d.c. voting and representing them. so i just have to wonder right now going forward on this, senator rubio, welcome to the big game. if you want to sit there and play with the big boys, be prepared. the low blows like this morning get a few laugh lines and maybe a "snl" skit. >> i love it. trump people offended because of what are called low blows. %-p. secondly, a minor percent of what trump yesterday, sweating, whatever. i mean, childish. fourth grade. and then to see his tweets, what that is showing is not just that he can't spell which is important and reacts so emotionally and angry and shakes like a fourth grader. he has to just blast stuff out on twitter. have a real discussion about this not talking about, you know, rubio's sweating but then getting angry and people do what you do. trump -- >> okay. i gave you the facts. answer that. >> trump's businesses have failed. he can't take it. >> four. >> he just throws back childish
10:35 am
insults. funny. >> why is he doing -- hold on, scot scotty. why is donald trump doing so amazingly well? won decisively last three contests. >> there's something about the tone people are attracted to. they feel disaffected and angry and bombastically standing up with the pronouncements but when people realize trump can't be the nominee, a majority of republicans and realize that and we have consolidation i hope and think it will be behind marco rubio and see that the months we had was a bad dream. >> ken, is the clock ticking, though? time may be running out. >> clock's always ticking, wolf. always ticking and, you know, ted won off the top. we'll win next tuesday. i don't know whether -- >> texas? >> no, no, no. somewhere between 11 and 1 state ice how many? i don't have that kind of insight scoop but where -- this is the day that we have invested the most time in that ted spent
10:36 am
the most time in. he'll perform well next tuesday and he's going to go on in this election and i don't know -- cand candidly, i don't know if marco can. you have to have won a state. >> so far iowa. and let's see -- >> out of four. >> see what happens on tuesday as you point out 11 contests including cruz's home state of texas. cruz went on the offensive against trump today, as well. just like marco rubio. listen to this. >> i think donald trump had a tough night. i think we saw last night on issue after issue after issue donald's positions are identical to hillary. for those 65% of republicans that say donald's not the right guy, i would encourage everyone here in tennessee, everyone across super tuesday, if you don't want to see donald trump as the nominee, we need to unite and the candidate who is running neck and neck with donald in the states across super tuesday is me. >> let me tell you what i like about that. it's focusing on issues that tie
10:37 am
to hillary. no openness. we talked about it on taxes. supporting the intervention in libya. big mistake. donald denied it last night and that was false. >> all right. hold up for a moment. >> single payer health care. again, one after another. let's beat him on substance. ted cruz, consistent conservative to do this. >> chris christie is speaking at that donald trump rally. just endorsed donald trump. i want to listen in briefly. >> and donald trump is just the man to do it! america needs someone to make doesn't get within ten miles of the white house! donald trump can do it! america needs someone who's going to make sure that when we give our word around the world that america's word means business. donald trump is just the man to do it. and here's what we don't need.
10:38 am
we don't need another washington politician in the white house, do we? do we need a first term united states senator in the white house? do we need a united stes senator from florida who doesn't show up for work? let me tell you something, marco rubio. president of the united states is not a no-show job like you treated the united states senate. simple fact is that. america wants strong, tough leadership. america's tired of being walked on. america's tired of being treated second class around the world. we need a first class president and we are going to have it in donald trump. and all the political pundits and all the chattering class of washington, d.c. want to tell you you're wrong. the american people, we the people are right. and we the people are supporting donald j. trump. [ cheers and applause ]
10:39 am
now, listen. texas has a big role to play on tuesday. is texas going to be trump country? [ cheers ] are you going to send a message to the washington, d.c. establishment that you are tired of their failing the american people? well, i'll be right clear with you. i joined this campaign because i care deeply about our country. i love our children. i want the best for your children, as well. and we need to have a leader who will stand up for the american people first, not the rest of the world first. america first. donald trump is that man. [ cheers ] and last night, last night you just saw one strong man on that stage and that was donald trump. so texas, you got a big job to do. you have a really big job to do. i am proud and happy to be part of this team. i want texas to be trump country
10:40 am
on tuesday. and so, so ladies and gentlemen, it is my honor and my privilege to introduce the next president of the united states, donald trump! ♪ ♪ >> all right. that was a rousing endorsement from chris christie. donald trump up on the stage now. we're going to listen briefly in to what he has to say. obviously, very pleased. let's get some quick reaction, though, from some of the rivals before -- donald trump is about to speak. stand by for a moment. >> we love you, folks. we love you. we love you. it's a movement.
10:41 am
it's a movement. it's really a movement. [ cheers and applause ] [ chanting ] well, i want to thank everybody. i have to start by thanking governor chris christie because -- [ cheers ] i was telling the press a little while ago, everybody was really surprised. sort of a shocker. we kept it secret. chris and i met the other day. he said this whole thing, he called it the same thing. donald, i have never seen anything like this it. it's a movement. i've never seen anything like this so we shook hands and i said, let's keep it as a secret for the people in texas. let's do it. [ cheers and applause ] and when we walked in to that press room, they went, whoa.
10:42 am
and then we walk in and you people went, whoa. so it's really good. with all the people, we have a lot of endorsements happening. it is amazing number one place for a long period of time, the endorsements are coming in but the one i was happy with is this one right here. chris, thank you. we love you, man. so we had a debate last night. no, i have to say because i don't hear it from pundits as much. some of the pundits are honest and say trump won the debate and trump did well. some of the people are so dishonest. it's incredible. on the online polls with hundreds of thousands of people voting, we won every single online poll. [ cheers ] we won drudge who, by the way, a fantastic guy. won the online polls. this means so much to me. somebody says, what does that mean? hundreds of thousands of people
10:43 am
calling in, believe me, i can't have my secretary calling in for a couple of extras. so that was an honor. it's been an honor and we have been winning those polls literally from the first debate. obviously, something is going very good in the debates because the big poll is really the polls that are coming out. in texas, they just came out with a poll that we're effectively tied. the emerson poll. and i have so many friends in texas. we are -- we are loaded up with friends in texas. and i think -- i think we're going to surprise a lot of people. i tell you. we are going to surprise a lot of people. and it's going to be great. so, i'll talk a little bit about the competition. then we'll talk about our borders which we will build the wall and it will be -- it will be a great wall.
10:44 am
and can you only imagine your ex-president of mexico vincente fox -- you see, that's the way other countries are used to talking to the united states. no more. no more. he couldn't belief that somebody would say, mexico has to do something. and by the way, it's that way with japan. it's that way with india. it's that way with china. it's that way with vietnam. a new one coming along. they want to be treated with tremendous respect. even though they don't treat us with respect. it's going to change, folk. it's going to change. not going to be this way anymore. so he dropped the f-bomb and i said to myself, can you imagine if i said that?
10:45 am
and nobody mentioned it. not a big deal. not a big deal. for him, it's okay. i wouldn't use that. i would not go there, by the way. but when he did it, it was absolutely fine because that's the way it is. double standards. but here's the story. we're being ripped on trade by every nation that we do business with in the world. we are going to become so good. we are going to negotiate so strong and so tough. we are not going to have a $58 billion trade deficit with mexico. we're not going to have a $500 billion trade deficit with china. $500 billion. not going to happen. we are not going to be billions of dollars behind with japan and we are going to talk about that in a second. but let's talk about our lightweight senator from florida who's losing big in the polls. [ cheers ]
10:46 am
so, i heard he was on television saying negative things. i see him. it all started about three or four weeks in new hampshire which i won. i love the people of new hampshire. we won it big. we won it big. and we won south carolina. big, big, big. in all fairness, that was going to be your senator's place. he was going to win it. he said he'll win south carolina and i won women, men, evangelicals, military, vets. i won everything. we won every category. and we won with hispanics! i love the hispanics. because people that are in our country legally, they don't want our jobs taken away and they don't want their jobs taken away and i'm going to bring a lot of jobs back to this country. remember that. but i saw with rubio, i saw and
10:47 am
he's a nervous wreck because here's a guy -- no. basket case. here's a guy -- you ought to see him, see him backstage. he was putting on makeup with a trowel. like -- no. i don't want to say that. i will not say that he was trying to cover up his ears. i will not say that. no. he was just trying to cover up -- he was just trying to cover up the sweat that pours -- never saw -- did you ever see a guy sweat like this? so, a number of weeks ago we were in new hampshire and chris was just so wild. what he did. one of the great prosecutions i have ever seen. and i'm standing in the middle. which, by the way, i've been for every middle debate. the middle.
10:48 am
i said to cnn, i'm in the middle all the time and i say to these networks, cnn in this case, so i'm in the middle number one. you announce me at number one? oh no. really, good. who knows you're in the middle. big deal, right? but i watch chris take a man apart and i looked at him and honestly i thought he was going to die. rubio. he was so scared like a little frightened puppy. and he kept saying the obama phrase over and over. so then i heard it once. and i said, that's fine. big deal? i'm standing here. he's right here. chris is over here. and chris was sort of cool because he was like this. i could don't that. you know? i want to stand up straight. i don't know. but this looked like perry mason. that's what it was. and chris started going into him. so he said the obama phrase
10:49 am
once. i was fine. twice. i said, he just said that. that was strange. but that's okay. right? twice. and then a third time. and i said, it was like a robot. and then a fourth time and a fifth time. i said this guy's cracking up on us. and he was sweating so badly i have never seen anything like it. it looked like he just jumped into a swimming pool with his clothing on. i've never -- and i said to myself, we have tough people to negotiate with. we have putin. we have the chinese. we have wars that we're in that we are by the way we're going to build up the military and knock out isis. [ cheers ] we're going to knock out isis fast. remember the great days. general george patton.
10:50 am
general douglas macarthur. do you think they would even be thinking about isis? by the time they pick up the telephone, it's over. what is wrong? you know, we don't win anymore and we're getting to that. i have to finish with this clown over here. so i watch this and i thought something bad was going to happen to him. he got through it, but barely. i was almost going to go over and hold him up. now, think of this, think of this. so we have putin and putin's going to meet our president and let's assume it's marco. [ crowd booing ] let's assume it's marco. now, i agree with you, we don't want him, boo boo. and putin's sitting there waiting for a kill. and he knows all about marco because when they put marco on to refute president obama's speech, do you remember that
10:51 am
catastrophe? and he's like this, and we will, ah, i need water, help me, i need water. this on live television. this total choke artist is refusing -- you know, i tell you, you know about sports, i love sports, we love sports, we're athletes. so you notice in sports almost always true, when you're a choke artist, you're always a choke artist. it doesn't really change. you know, sadly the guy that misses the kick and the coach says, i'm going to give him another chance. unfortunateally, the following year, he misses the kick again. so choke artists, they choke, they choke. so what's going to happen is we look at this and he goes in to see putin and he walks in and he's soaking wet and putin looks at him and goes what's wrong with this guy, this is going to be easy pickings, and believe me, it will be. but i'll never forget the scene.
10:52 am
then we're going to go to something else that's actually more interesting. just remember this, remember this. really, really weak on illegal immigration marco. totally in favor of amnesty. totally. totally in favor of amnesty. totally in favor. so he's getting the thing. he's doing the speech. i notice he's -- live television. you just don't see it. i mean, nikki haley did it last time and she was good. at least she wasn't sweating like that, she was, like, fine. she did say we're angry people. when i was at the debate, they asked me about it, are you and your people angry? no, i was supposed to say no, we're not angry, we're thrilled with the iran deal, we're thrilled with all of the problems. we're thrilled with -- our education is terrible, with obamacare, which is terrible, no, we're not angry at all. but they asked me the question and i said yeah, we're really
10:53 am
angry, we are. and we're not angry people. i'll just finish off with confidence. and then out of nowhere, he goes, on live television, here's our response, he choked. he's a choker. he choked with chris. i watched it both times. but the one time i'm right next to him, and i looked at the puddle on the ground and i said, what is that, what is it? i wanted to know, what is that? but this time, this wise guy, this lightweight, is going over and all of a sudden, he goes like this, remember? i said, where is he? and then he comes back with water. and honestly, water's fine, but it should be in a glass. he's got the label of the
10:54 am
company here. and he's drinking -- honestly, i've never seen anything like it. i've never seen anything like it. so we are going to beat guys like that. see, it's guys like this -- and he's a nasty guy. i called him a nasty little guy but i wouldn't say that because -- he's a nasty guy. and we don't need nasty. we don't need nasty. honestly, there's no place for it. you know, there's no place. he said specifics on obamacare. let me tell you something, we're going to knock out obamacare. remember this, when we get the insurance companies who are taking care of all these people. i'm self-funding my campaign. i'm putting up my own money. so when the insurance companies come to me -- by the way, they're making a fortune. in texas, there's a practical monopoly. because companies aren't allowed
10:55 am
to come in very easily. they practically candidate come in. they said, oh, be more specific. i don't have to be specific. what's going to happen is you're going to create open bidding by getting rid of the borders around each state and the lines, restrictive lines around each state. you are going to have so much competition. you're going to have so much bidding, that you can't really say it's one plan, you can have hundreds of different options. you're going to have hundreds different plans. it's going to be so beautiful. and you're going to pay far less money. far less money. i want to just mention senator cruz. i thought he was better. last night, i thought the deal of the night was when i looked over to rubio, and i said you
10:56 am
remember, and we don't want jokers in the administration. i said, you're a joker and you're a liar. i have had a lot of difficulties with ted because he does lie, you know, i've dealt with much tougher. a guy like rubio is a baby but a guy like ted is tougher i well tell you, he's tougher, and he's smarter. ted is actually smarter. he's a smarter person than rubio. but i deal with people. last night, it was mentioned -- by the way, it was mentioned, my father gave me $200 million. oh, i wish. i wish. you know, first thing i did, get back, get a call from my sister who's a fantastic person, then i get a call from my brother who's a fantastic person. they said, hey, donald, that's not true, why did they say that? and he copied it -- you know, you have the failing "new york
10:57 am
times." it's a failing newspaper. i hate to tell you. like seriously failing. they wrote an article, they put something in, about $200 million. believe me, i got very, very little. and i built it into many, many, many billions dollars and i'm very proud of it. i just think -- i just think we have to correct -- we just have to correct the record. thank you. i love you. thank you. it's rubio. [ cheers ]
10:58 am
i spend a lot of time in laredo, texas. right on the border. i was invited by the border guards. by the way, i got endorsed, talking about chris, by sheriff joe aparedo. the one thing you know about sheriff joe, he's the toughest guy on the border. there's no games to be played with sheriff joe. who puts pink you know what on his people that are there illegally. sheriff joe does not play games. everybody wanted his endorsement. the toughest one on the border was endorsed by sheriff joe. and i think it's incredible. unbelievable people. they said mr. trump.
10:59 am
i was running, i was doing very well. practically number one. and now we have big leagues. please, texas. let's win texas. i want to win texas. [ cheering ] i was called by the border control. these people are incredible. and they want to do the job. they said, would it be possible for you to come to texas to laredo. i said, yes, i'll do it. i went to laredo and i met with a lot of the border patrol folks and some of the top people. man, they are just incredible. smart, touch, great people. you know who are great people? our police are great people. they're being abused. our police are being abused.
11:00 am
our police are incredible people. in fact, i just took people backstage. they're incredible people. i just want to -- we have to put out the plug, everyone, throughout. one bad incident, whether it's a mistake or somebody was just a bad apple, and it's played for weeks and weeks on the news. the thousands and tens of thousands of great jobs they do, they don't get appreciated. so let's hear it for the police. so i'm in laredo. we want to stop the drugs from pouring across. we're going to stop the drugs. this is going to be a real war. this is not going to be a toy war. these guys, they have no clue.