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tv   Wolf  CNN  March 1, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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hello, it's 9:00 a.m. in juneau, alaska. where ever you're watching from around the world, thanks for joining us. we start with super tuesday underway. voters in 12 states get their say in the 2016 presidential race. on the republican side, we have 595 delegates up for grabs, while the democrats are fighting for 865 delegates. none of the candidates sitting back. they're all out there on the campaign trail. trying to squeeze out every vote possible. hillary clinton is meeting with voters in a coffee shop in minnesota right now. let's listen in briefly to hear what she is saying. >> organizations and individuals who hold deplorable views about what it means to be an american,
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to be given any credence at all. so i'm going to continue to speak out begins bigotry, where ever i see it or hear about it, and i wish everybody, i wish every american would do the same. >> all right, folks, let's keep moving. >> thanks. >> thank you. >> donald trump will be the eventual nominee? >> i don't know. that's going to be up to the republicans. i don't have any real insight into the thought process, obviously he has done very well. he could be on the path. maybe somebody else can intervene and rise above that. you know what, i think everyone of them has views and has made comments that are deeply troubling to what i want to see. whoever they nominate, i'll be prepared to run against. >> go right here. >> hillary clinton answering a
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few reporters' questions as she is campaigning in minnesota. we'll take you back to minnesota, marco rubio scheduled as well. helping guide us through what's going on, jim acosta, brian todd, the pulse of voters in ja, and mark preston, they're weighing in here in washington. let's bring the super tuesday map back for a moment. one state not highlighted there is florida. they don't vote until march 15th, that's two weeks from today. but tonight, while the super tuesday states tally up the votes, hillary clinton, marco rubio and donald trump, they will all be holding events in the sunshine state. donald trump expecting big things today. could conceivably run the table in the 11 republican contests, although it would be a big upset for him to take texas from ted cruz. brian todd is watching the vote unfolding right now in virginia. that's one of the key states up for grabs today. first, let's go to jim acosta in
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columbus, ohio, with the trump campaign. jim, what did we just hear at his rally there? he is keeping up the pressure on marco rubio or has he moved on? >> reporter: he certainly is going back at marco rubio. he did that not only with his own comments here at this rally in columbus, ohio, his chief surrogate, new jersey governor chris christie doing it as well. one thing we should point out, donald trump is feeling so confident about his chances on super tuesday, he's not campaigning in a super tuesday state. back and forth with marco rubio, you'll recall over the last 24 to 48 hours, marco rubio has really been going after donald trump, sort of giving him a taste of his own medicine. at one point saying donald trump want gs to make donald trump orange again. talking about the size of his hands. donald trump had not responded to that up until this point.
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did he here in columbus, saying he does from fact have big hands. you could believe the rhetoric has gotten to this point. here is how he put it a few moments ago. >> now the other day, i hear there is rubio, i call him -- all right. i call him. i call him little marco. little marco. hello. he said i had small a hands. i'm 6'3", they're not small, are they? >> i never heard that one before. i've always had people say, donald, you have the most beautiful hands. >> so there you go, wolf, donald trump says he has been told and time again that he has the most beautiful hands. besides that, in the debate over the size of donald trump's hands, there has been this very tense atmosphere at the donald trump rallies, and we've seen over the last 24 hours, it was yesterday in virginia, why you
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saw some black lives protesters ejected from the rally. they were ejected and then a tense confrontation, a violent confrontation with the secret service agent and a photographer, who was covering the rally. donald trump seemed to acknowledge some of that. he didn't come out and say it, but he seemed to acknowledge the controversy created about that. he said that he wants to make america great for everybody again. trying to sound inclusive about the people coming to his rallies. we should point out, there were a few protesters that broke out during this rally in columbus, but no violent incidents. nothing happened to the protesters, escorted peacefully and quietly out of the event. in question about it. donald trump was acknowledging it. even just ever so slightly, during this event here in columbus. we should point out, donald trump said at one point, just a few moments ago, he likes the rallies better when there are prote proe proteste
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protesters. it's higher energy. >> always says that he likes the protesters, because the cameras then focus in on the huge crowds that have gathered in those various locations to hear what he has to say. all right, jim, thank you. brian todd is in virginia for us. brian is going to be a big story there in virginia, which votes today as well. nationally, in the electorate, it has gone democratic. but clearly it is a swing state. what does it look like today, the traffic out there? >> well, traffic has been steady. seven hours into the voting here. six more hours until they close. steady, heavy early on when it opened at 6:00 a.m. eastern time. it ebbs and flows throughout the day. people are coming in here now and checking in, kind of the post lunchtime crowd. checking in here at the table. showing a photo i.d., then go over here to those polling station and vote on paper only. once you're done with the paper ballot, bring it over here to the scanner, put it in the scanner here, a print out comes
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out later where they tabulate all the votes, send them over over to the central counting station. you mentioned turnout, wolf, is very key. certainly is in northern virginia, and certainly so in this precinct. we kind of took a gauge of the new voter turnout here. we took a sampling of people as they exited. we sampled about 50 people and one-third of them were first time primary voters. among them we sampled, most of them went for marco rubio and bernie sanders, with respective parties. they're getting some good energy from the new voters in their primaries. we'll see if it's enough to pick up some delegates. not win or take all in virginia. you can win some delegates p proportionate proportionately. marco rubio and bernie sanders, hoping pick up some delegates. hillary clinton and donald trump far out ahead. this is a place where marco rubio and bernie sanders can convince the donors, hey, maybe i'm still a viable candidate.
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the way virginia votes, as you know, the way the notion votes. the blue collar, educated white collar vote in the northern part of the state. that's how the country goes over all. a good gauge of how the nation will vote in november, wolf. >> good point, brian. thank you. the speaker of the house of representatives, paul ryan, weighed in on the presidential race today. not choosing sides, but did take a shot at donald trump over his seemingly slow disavowal of the klu klux klan. >> if a person wants to be part of the party, they must reject any group or cause that is built on bigotry. this party does not prey on people's prejudices. >> joining us now, mark preston, cnn politics executive editor, also joining us, commentator,
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ryan lizza. speaker getting involved in this latest uproar involving trump. >> you know, not that surprised. i would be surprised if paul ryan didn't speak out about this. he is watching the likely nominee of his party fail to defend the klu klux klan. i mean, i think he is as shocked -- excuse me, failed to respond to jake tapper. he was as shocked as everyone else that trump whiffed that obviously opportunity to condemn one of the worst domestic terrorist organizations in american history, and so look, paul ryan, for a long time, has been on the side of the republican party that wants to reach out to the core demographic of whites in the party that wants to do better with hispanic voters, political advice for republican candidates han been the opposite of where trump has taken this campaign. it does show if donald trump is
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the nominee of the party and president, you're going to see quite a -- and paul ryan remains the speaker of the house, you're going to see a teale of two agendas in the white house and in the u.s. house. >> stand by, ryan. mark, governor john kasich of ohio, republican presidential candidate, he has already predicted what he describes as a sweep for trump of all the super tuesday states, although ted cruz seems to have a good shot at winning his home state of texas. if trump wins the whole table, how could it impact the republican contest? >> well, wolf, no question the narrative tomorrow morning will be that donald trump is on his way to becoming the republican nominee. we can't get ahead of ourselves. slow it down a little bit anding knowledge there are still more contests in front of us. the way that the delegates are going to be dold out tonight is
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not a win or take all. even if donald trump does sweep the board, he has to win by large margins in order to walk away with a large amount of delegates down there. having said that, there is no question at this point that donald trump is the front-runner. that the wind is at his back. if you were in the republican establishment lane right now, you are trying to think of any way you can to try to slow donald trump's momentum, if not to try to get marco rubio as the nominee, to at least try to deny donald trump enough delegates to become the nominee so when they go to the convention, they can try to stop it and put somebody else in his place. >> ryan, let's talk about potential matchups out there. brand new cnn/orc poll looks at the hypothetical general election matchups. bernie sanders, for bernie sanders, look at this, clean sweep. he would top all three of the leading republicans, trump, rubio and cruz. not rosey for hillary clinton. she would only meet donald trump
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in a head to het. donald trump responded to our bowl on abc's's good morning america. >> i haven't even focused on hillary clinton yet. i can tell you the one person she doesn't want to run against is me and i have that on good knowledge. i will defeat hillary. we'll take a lot of democrats and a lot of independents away. we'll possibly win places like michigan, new york, states that are not even in consideration. by wait, these aren't things that have been taken things in the poll. i will beat hillary clinton much more easily than anybody else. >> one on the sanders poll, consistent all year, that sanders has done better than hillary clinton against high thetd cal republicans. it hasn't really helped them much with electability in the democratic primary. but, you know, i have to say, trump has a point here in terms of how these polls, the track record of these polls being a
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good -- actual campaign between hillary and trump where the voters have more information about the two of them and you actually see the lines of attack between the two of them. i don't put a lot of stock into the matchups this early. and i think trump is right. if he is the republican nominee, the traditional coalitions of these two parties are going to be scrambled in some way that we just don't know right now. and i don't know if he is right, that you know, that's going to be to his benefit. i think hillary has a good case and to her benefit, but definitely going to be scrambled. >> absolutely right, ryan, mark, guys, thank you. note to the viewers, all day we'll be covering the voting in all of the super tuesday states. anderson cooper, dana bash and i will bring you the results later today, our special coverage will start at 5:00 p.m. eastern, in the situation room and
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throughout the night. coming up, bernie sanders targeting a handful of states. will that be enough to keep his momentum going? is hillary clinton turning her strategy towards donald trump? stay with us.
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live pictures coming in right now from inside a polling station from chattanooga, tennessee. 12 states holding primaries or caucuses. hillary clinton, out on the campaign trail. today, just moments ago, asked about donald trump and the republicans, listen to what she said. >> well, i'm just speaking out against bigotry and bullying whenever i hear it. i hear a lot from the republican candidates. they seem to have forgotten about issues and now running their campaigns based on insults. it has turned into kind of one up man ship on insulting. i don't know that's appropriate in a presidential campaign. i'm going to let them choose their nominee and if i'm fortunate enough to be the nominee, then i'll turn my attention. >> hillary clinton is pinning her super tuesday hopes on minority voters in several of the states.
10:19 am
coming out over a blow out in south carolina, and try certainly to keep the momentum going today. she is hoping for wins for example across the south and texas, arkansas, alabama, georgia, tennessee and virginia. joel bennett joining us now from new york. joel, thank you for joining us. some of your friends out there, your supporters of hillary clinton who think with the exception of virginia, bernie sanders' home state, hillary clinton will sweep the other states. do you believe that? >> look, we think we're going to have a good day. i think that senator sanders is competing hard in florida, five states or so. there are 12 being contested today. we're competing in all 12. our goal is to, as we've said all along, wolf, this is a big day. more than 20% of the delegates are going to be assigned today and from here on out, the delegate count is what is going to matter. we think we're going to come at it today with a good lead on
10:20 am
committed delegates, and that's what's going to matter coming through march. and you know, to win the delegates, you've got to compete in the states, either stay close or win big. we hope we win big in some states like we did in south carolina, because that gives us an additional delegate advantage. >> regardless of the out come today, senator sanders says he is not going any where any time soon. listen to what he told reporters after he voted this morning in his home state of vermont. >> this is a campaign that's going to the philadelphia convention in july. and i want to thank the millions of supporters throughout this country of what fighting to make real change in this country. our hope is that we can win a number of states, and in those states where we don't do well, obviously we want a larger vote. but it's possible. the goal of today is to stand up with as many delegate as we possibly can. >> as you know, his campaign announced this morning that it raised more than $42 million in
10:21 am
campaign contributions in february alone. that's a ton of money. he has the money to keep this going for a long time, doesn't he? >> well, you know, he has been raising money all the way through. they certainly have been successful at that. no question. just as we have. you have to manage your resources well. you've got to be able to compete in the states where there are big delegate shares. you know, today, for example, the five states he has been competing in and spending his resources in total about 230 delegates. well, you know, that's as many delegates as there are in texas alone. this is a big state with a big day over 800 delegates. so you have to manage the funds well for the long-term here. we've been doing that. we've been saying all along, wolf, as you've heard me say on your show here, march is the month that's going to matter most here, because this is by the time we get out of this month, close to 60% of our delegates will be committed, and
10:22 am
you know, we think the goal is to pile up today and go into the rest of the states this month. >> as you know, there is widespread speculation based on republican comments that hillary clinton is already looking ahead to a possible general election showdown against donald trump. she keeps referring to stuff that he has talked about, not mentioning bernie sanders all that much. is this a new strategy? >> i think wolf, if you've been on this campaign and following it from the beginning, from the day donald trump started insulting mexicans and muslims, hillary clinton was the first and forceful voice calling him out, calling out all the other republicans for staying silent. she has been talking about these outrageous comments from the beginning. the clip you just showed a few moments ago, we are focused on the primaries right now. we have to take one step at a time, that is how we've been doing it, and here today on
10:23 am
super tuesday. you can't look too far down the road in these contests. you've got to just keep running your game plan. piling up delegates to win the nomination. that's what we're going to keep doing right now. when mr. trump or any of the other republicans say outrageous things, i'm sure hillary clinton will continue to call them out. but that's nothing new. she has been doing that all along. >> all right, good point. thanks very much, joel benenson. >> bernie sanders says he's going all the way to july. can he win enough delegates to stay really viable? where is he likely to win among the super tuesday states today? robert dempsey is the minnesota state director for the sanders campaign. joining us from minneapolis right now. robert, thanks very much for joining us. beyond vermont, what states do you expert bernie sanders to win tonight? >> well, thanks, wolf for letting me join you. we expect to do well in massachusetts, colorado, oklahoma and as you mentioned,
10:24 am
vermont and here in minnesota as well. >> do you think you're going win or just do well? i know the delegates are distributed proportionately, so even if you don't win, you still get a bunch of delegates. >> absolutely. we do plan on winning minnesota, but we have been working our mass to make sure we maximize the number of delegates. >> let me ask you the question basically that i asked joel just a moment ago. hillary clinton is directing her attention not so much at bernie sanders, but looking ahead to a possible showdown in a general election campaign against donald trump. listen to what she said in virginia. listen to this. >> at some point, you can't just say whatever pops into your head if you want to be the president of the united states of america. people around the world actually listen to what people running
10:25 am
for president say. >> do you think she is already looking ahead to a general election and not paying all that much attention right now to the man you want to be the next president of the united states? >> well, you know, we can't really speak to her strategy. all i know is that we are focused very much on finishing very strong today, and then the rest of the contest that lie ahead for us. so that is our number one focus, and we're going to continue that focus. >> she he's got a huge advantage over the so-called super delegates. that's a big problem for bernie sanders, isn't it in. >> well, you know, you have to remember that these super delegates can change their mind, and quite frankly, they can change their mind after the voting has begun in philadelphia. we're focused on securing as many pledged delegates on the 159 15th of march, the rest of the cycle. we're focused on winning as
10:26 am
many, and then pledged their support to secretary clinton and seeing where we are come july. >> it looks like there is battle between bernie sanders and hillary clinton will continue for some time. all right, thanks very much, robert dempsey, for joining us. an important note to our viewers, this coming sunday night, hillary clinton and bernie sanders, they will meet on stage in flint, michigan, for a cnn presidential debate. sunday, 8:00 p.m. eastern only here on cnn. up next, more on super tuesday in the expected outcome in virginia, texas, where the polls are now open. also, live pictures from capitol hill, where the fbi and apple, they're respectfully making their cases. two prominent makers to head off controversies in the future. stay with us.
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useful to other courts -- >> welcome back, the fbi director is testifying right now in front of the house committee between the u.s. government and apple, the phone used by one of the san bernardino shooters, two guests want to establish a commission to look into security and technology on these very critically important issues. mark warner of virginia is a democratic, member of the intelligence committee, mike mccall is a member of the house land security committee. not very often nowadays, we have
10:32 am
a republican and democratic working on a critically important issue like this. what has motivated the two of you to to work together? >> you know, we wanted this to be a bipartisan issue. this is not a partisan issue. it's an issue of national security. great importance to the nation. i think, wolf, one of the greatest challenges to federal law enforcement against the terrorists, you and i talked extensively about their ability to use dart platforms and the ability, if we can't see the communications in real time, we can't stop the attacks. particularly, the paris attack comes to mind where they were able to pull this off and we didn't see it coming. we don't want to see this, mark warner and i don't want tow sue this happen in the united states. it's great to see in a partisan climate to, from different parties coming together on an issue that is so important to the american people. >> senator mccaul.
10:33 am
the fbi says it's a one time request. is it from your perspective a one time request, and why do you need a commission now to study it? >> well, wolf, first of all, i hope none of your audience changes channels, because you have bipartisan folks trying to address a serious issue of international importance. that's what we're trying to do here. michael brings the law enforcement background. i bring technology. i think what we're seeing now with one court in california taking one approach, another court in new york taking a different approach, is that a lot of folks both in law enforcement and in the tech community are talking past each other. i think we know that oftentimes, commissions don't work. we think we've modeled this commission after the 9/11 commission, where congress did take its actions, and act on them responsiblresponsibly.
10:34 am
michael said, this is a national security issue, an issue if we get wrong, all we're going to do is push terrorists and criminals to foreign based platforms, and we think there is a tech mol gee and legal solution to get it right. >> that's a huge issue right now with lots at stake. gentlemen, thanks to both of you for joining us. as i say, it's always encouraging to see republicans and democrats working together, especially on a critically important national security issue like this. senator, thanks very much, congressman, thanks to you as well. coming up, as millions head to the polls today, including allen, texas, live pictures, will the results from super tuesday force the party to embrace donald trump as the potential nominee. we'll discuss that a whole lot more on this critically important political day here in the united states right after the break. this is joanne.
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with more vitamins. and 25% less saturated fat. only eggland's best. better taste. better nutrition. better eggs. welcome back. there you see donald trump, he is wrapping up an event in columbus, ohio. they vote actually two weeks from today. but he just did a big speech over there as well. if he does win the nomination, though, can the republican party accept him? let's discuss with cnn political commentator, annie novarro. so you think trump, anna, has this race basically tied up? >> i'm not ready to concede that yet. wolf, i think you you and i have seen so many elections where things happen at the last minute where the media wants a premature narrative and then something happens that may change that. so i think we need to let the process really work itself, or
10:40 am
we need to let the voters decide, vote today. we need to see how it develops. >> scottie, a new cnn poll, you have probably seen it by now, a head to head hypothetical battle, hillary would win over trump. bernie sanders would win with 55% of the vote. a potential problem for donald trump looking ahead, if he gets the republican nomination to a general election, isn't it? >> well, in 1988, you had dukakua, you saw how that worked out for him. he has not gone against hillary clinton yet. as we've learned, the trump campaign a campaign undefined. it's not like anything before. donald trump, junior, called into a sports station and talked fun in nashville, tennessee. there is no definition what a campaign is going to be like that hillary clinton can try to
10:41 am
figure out how she's going to go against, because it has been undefined. >> as you know, anna, christi endorsed trump. does it make it easier for the republican establishment to support donald trump if in fact he is the nominee? >> i think you're going to see two factions within the republican establishment. i think you're going to see a faction, that see him as a way to beat hillary clinton, if he does become the nominee and feel we have to back him and backing hillary clinton is just not an option, and i think you're going to see a faction of republican that hell no to trump, no way we can ever, you know, come to grips with the idea of supporting donald trump as we see as -- some people may change
10:42 am
their mind, some may change their minds, if and when he is the nominee. we'll really have to cross the bridge when we get there. but frankly, for a lot of us, the idea of having to choose between donald trump and hillary clinton, is really painful or really, really, really painful. >> that's the stage potentially, scottie, for a third candidate to emerge, someone in between, shall we say between donald trump and hillary clinton. you've heard all those suggestions, right? >> if we do that, you might as well move hillary clinton into the white house. you're talking about diversion of the republican party that refuses to work. i mean, we've had to sit here the last eight years as conservatives and get along with the leadership that we have right now, that paul ryan represents, so it's time for them to try something different. i like what anna just said, actually. she put it ve. we've been there. i still voted for romney.
10:43 am
the key is going to be tomorrow. the messaging that comes out from the campaigns and the pundits whether we're going to unify, continue to splinter, would ultimately put hillary clinton into the office. >> the message isn't going to come from the pundits or immediate yeah. it needs to come from the candidates. if donald trump sweeps today in super tuesday, it is he who has to start unifying this party. it is he who has to start speaking inclusive speech and rhetoric that we've yet to here in mine nonine months. >> hold on. we'll find out if he sweeps. we'll find out in the next several hours. guys, thanks very much. african-american voters showed big support for hillary clinton. can they help carry her to victory today or has bernie sanders been able to cut into her support? we'll assess that when we come back. one that's sweet. to satisfy the adult and kid - in all of us.
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live pictures coming in from ashburn, virginia, one of the states voting this super tuesday. if hillary clinton is going to pull off a big win, she'll need
10:48 am
support from minority voters, black voters in particular, already helped fuel her victory in south carolina. she might have the wider support nationally. it shows she has 56% nationally among nonwhite voters, compared to bernie sanders, has 39% nationally. let's talk it over with our two guests. michael eric dyson, the black presidency book, professor at georgetown. guys, thanks very much for joining us. michael, let's start with you. hillary clinton preassuming she'll carry the states. why is she doing so well with african-american voters. >> an extraordinary track record. she has been involved with issues important to african-american people for quite sometime. even those who disagree with her cannot deny the fact that she has been headstrong about
10:49 am
certain critical issues, especially in connection with critical black women across the decades. secondly, when she began her work with marianne wright, it set the tone for her appreciation for what kinds of issues are critical to black people. thirdly, she has an incredibly strong ground game. understanding that, you know, not only south carolina was the bellwether, and perhaps the bench mark for what was to come, she had to fight strongly for every vote and be up front to address the issues that are central to african-american people while linking them to the broader. >> and then states, as you know, in the south today, whether georgia or tennessee, alabama, mississippi, sometimes a majority of the democrats who are going to vote are african-americans. do you see bernie sanders making any significant in roads? >> what you have is the weakness of the white left meeting the
10:50 am
weakness of the black left. the white left has tended to be on the coast. it's tend to focus on these issues, elizabeth warren, bernie sanders, occupy, but tends to skew very, very white, coastal. the black left, critical of the clintons record, especially in the 90s when you talk about welfare repeal, that never trusted hillary clinton, have a weakness when it comes to electoral politics. they protest a lot but in terms of turning out voters, not a big focus for the black left. you have a weakness on the black left, a weakness on the left coming together which creates a collapse in this party to move black votes away from hillary clinton. >> as you know, hillary clinton is already saying her campaign is going national with the support on super tuesday. she's taking on donald trump increasingly. what role will african-american
10:51 am
voters in november play, should she and donald trump be the respective nominees? >> a huge windfall for her electorally but also the strength it will lend her because fighting donald trump in a broad election, this is about the future of america what future do we want to see prevail? a broadly-based vision that embraces under its broad tent a variety of ethnicities and races? or do you want a nation that is xenaphobic, resistant to those who are different? and the kind of constant drumbeat of bigotry that has circulated within those camps? so they will be critical to the election of mrs. clinton in november. and certainly providing both the intellectual wherewithal and the collapse of the left on each side, the white left and the black left, has been of little use to african-american voters
10:52 am
who are on the ground dealing with issues that make a difference in their daily lives. the black left supplies some arguments but doesn't translate well into the nuts and bolts of what happens when elections take place and imperfect people are elected. >> but will they show up, van, african-americans, in the numbers, in the turnout, in the enthusiasm for hillary clinton as they did for president obama? >> almost certainly not. however, you don't forget, it's not like president obama's going to get on a spaceship and go to mars and michelle obama's going to pluto. the obamas will still be here. and they will be a part of the general election. once the primary is resolved in terms of the democratic selection, which looks like it will be hillary clinton. whoever runs against hillary clinton will be running against hillary clinton, a formidable candidate, plus bill clinton, plus michelle obama, plus president obama. it's going to be a full-court
10:53 am
press to preserve his legacy and the argument to be made for all african-americans will be whoever the republicans put in there will roll back everything about the obama presidency including the stuff that you like and that will be a motivator. it will not match but it will come close enough. >> van jones, thank you for joining us. once again, michael's new book is entitled the black presidency. as i said, an important book our viewers probably will want to check out. there's some breaking news we're following on more than 100 documents seized in the 2011 raid that killed osama bin laden in his compound in pakistan. our barbara starr is looking through this information. >> you'll remember when the navy s.e.a.l.s went into that compound, they grabbed on their way out everything they could. documents, computer, laptops, hard drives. the intelligence community since the night of that raid has been
10:54 am
pouring through all of it. there had been one release of documents. today, we see a second release now to the public of documents from that bin laden compound. we see a bin laden who is isolated. who is trying to still manage everything from his hideout where he's been for years. writing dozens of letters to other religious people, offering his view of jihad and islam and his view of all of that. writing to his relatives. these documents just go on and on. let me read one of those -- a little bit from one of these documents to you. he talks about his will and where he wants to leave his money to. and he says, let me quote from this, i hope from my brothers, sisters and maternal aunts to obey my will and to spend all the money that i have left in sudan on jihad for the sake of allah. the ler letter goes on to say
10:55 am
that bin laden, he says, has $29 million stashed in the african country of sudan. we don't know if that actually propped to be true or not. micromanager. he writes a letter to his wife and he talks about her dental work and let me read some of that to you. he says, i was told that you went to a dentist in iran and you were concerned about a filling she put in for you. as i previously mentioned to you, they can insert a small chip in it to implant under the skin. the size of the chip is about a length of a grain of wheat and the width of a fine piece of vermicelli. he's obviously worried there are tracking chips inside dental work and people might be able to track down his relatives and lead to tips about where he is. but what this really underscores, you see a bin laden who is still trying to be relevant, writing letters around the world. he's very concerned about keeping himself and al qaeda relevant. and you begin to see all these
10:56 am
years ago the first hints of the divisions within al qaeda, especially in iraq. little did we know that would eventually of course lead, today, to the rise of isis. wolf. >> fascinating material indeed, barbara, thank you very much. let's get back to the world of politics on this important super tuesday. senator rubio's making a campaign stop right now in andover, before heading to florida. i want to listen in. >> -- we elected a president who wanted to fundamentally change america. who wanted to make this country more like the rest of the world. he didn't understand, we don't want to be like the rest of the world. we want to be america. and so after eight years of extensive damage, this may be our last chance to get right. because if we stay on the road we are on right now, then we are going to become the first
10:57 am
americans in our history that leave their kids worse off than themselves. and we will stay on the road we are on right now, if the democrats win this election. we will stay on the road we're on right now if we elect someone who claims to be a republican and a conservative but, in fact, is not. now i want to be honest with you, for much of this campaign i have focused entirely on the issues and the uplifting message i want to leave with you today, or at least i hope you find uplifting. i did not believe this unusual election would take the turns it's taken. and we need to talk about it a little bit today. >> all right, we're going to continue to watch marco rubio on this important day. that's it. remember, our special super tuesday coverage continues right after a quick break. active management.
10:58 am
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hi there, i'm brooke bald win. you're are watching cnn. make no mistake, today is the most critical day of this election thus far, super tuesday is officially here, and millions of americans all across this country and the world by the way, they are casting their 11 states on each side are holding contests. let me tell you off the top here what is at stake today. first for republicans, you have 595 delegates. almost half the number needed to win the nomination. democrats are fighting for 865 delegates, that's more than a third of what's required to clinch the nomination on their side. i can tell you for a fact our cnn reporters are fanned out across the country. we will checking in with them as these crucial votes are cast today. jim acosta is at the trump event today. we've also got cnn's brian todd