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tv   New Day  CNN  March 2, 2016 2:30am-6:01am PST

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tying up. trump sweeping seven. marco rubio capturing his first win. on the democratic side, hillary clinton widening her delegate let with seven, bernie sanders holding his oven with four wins. the two front-runners appear to be accelerating. let's begin our coverage with john berman who's here to break down who won where and the latest delegate count. good morning, john. >> good morning, alisyn. look at this. seven states that donald trump won. blaek, arkansas, georgia, massachusetts, tennessee, vermont, and virginia. ted cruz, though, did pick up three states, his home state of texas, oklahoma, and also while so many of you were sleen iping alaska. florida senator marco rubio did something he has not yet done in
2:31 am
this race, he actually won a state. he won in minnesota. his first and only win so far in this election. what does that mean? let's talk the delegate count. 315 for donald trump, 205 for ted cruz. marco rubio at 106. i will remind you that's a pretty big distance between trump and rubio. let's talk about the democrats. let's move over and talk about the democrats from this side, shall we? hillary clinton picked up seven states as well. let's read them off for you right now. texas, arkansas, alabama, tennessee, georgia, virginia, and also she won in american samoa. bernie sanders, oklahoma, colorado, minnesota, and his home state of vermont. alisyn?
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>> john, we're so glad you're doing the math so we don't have to. thank you for that. rupp front-runner donald trump dominated. none of his competitors ready to throw in the towel. where does the race go from here? c cnn white house correspondent jim acosta joining us. good morning, jim. >> reporter: as you've been saying the billionaire has racked up wins but trump could not deliver that knockout blow he wanted to to ted cruz who won his home state of texas and oklahoma. cruz argued he's now the best hope of the gop of keeping trump out of the white house. he's the only candidate who beat him. but trump could not help poking fun at marco rubio who lost a southeast of personal attacks in recent days against him to no
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avail. >> they say the loser of the night is marco rubio. it's true. he hasn't won. at least you can say ted has won something. you know, marco has not won. you've got to be able to win. >> we're going to send the message that the party of lincoln and reagan and the presidency of the united states will never be held by a con artist. >> now, as john said, rubio did manage to win his first state, minnesota, but he's vowing to fight on, saying he can beat donald trump in the end, and after stirring up controversy for days on this issue for days, trump tried to strike a more diplomatic tone saying he could unify the country. here's what he had to say. >> i am a unifier. i would love to see the republican party and everybody get together and unify. and when we unify, there's nobody, nobody that's going to beat us. >> now, despite that tone, he warn thad bad things would
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happen if republican leaders don't get behind him. he even said paul ryan would pay the price if they can't get along. chris s when is the last time you heard a gop nominee going after a same member of his party who currently holds the position of speak ore f the house. we're living in an unprecedent time, chris. >> no question about it. the rules are all new. to be honest, jim, everybody did what they needed to do to stay in the race. certainly hillary clinton cementing her status as the democratic front-runner, but she did leave the door open a little by bit for bernie sanders. she definitely has the momentum for nominee but they're going have to look ahead to michigan's primary and take on donald trump after that. senior cnn correspondent jeff zeleny live. jeff. >> there's no question hillary clinton had a super night. this, of course, is a delegate fight. she won 492 to 330 for bernie
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sanders. but it was clear she had one thing on her mind as she addressed her supporters here in miami. >> that work is not to make america great again. america never stopped being great. we have to make america whole. we have to fill in, fill in what's been hollowed out. >> of course, she was not referring to her rival bernie sanders. she has more work to do on the democratic side. her aides believe she should be able to reach an insurmountable amount of delegates. bernie sanders says not so fast. he hopes to win in nebraska, in kansas, in maine over the weekend. but as you said, that michigan primary in one week is the
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central place that they believe this race could be decided before it goes into florida, illinois, iowa. a lot of states here, but hillary clinton still driving this race. alisyn? >> okay, jeff. thanks for that. it's always interesting to get a feeling of how voters are feeling. they're angry at the federal government and they feel betrayed by their own party. cnn's christine romans is here to take us through the deciding factors. hi, christine. >> hi, there. they're big ones. people were asked as they left the polls, how did you feel? how did you vote? they were angry. i want to look at georgia first. almost half of the voters there say they are angry, angry with the federal government, and trump won 47% of those voters. arkansas, same question there. trump winning a commanding lead in arkansas of those voters, 42% of those voters who say they're angry with the federal
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government. tennessee where almost half say they're angry, trump winning diseasively there as well dominating the southern states but also winning in massachusetts, traditionally a more moderate state when you look at massachusetts. the common trend, voters here want a president who is outside the establishment, not from the establishment. look at trump. 74% of those voters. and alabama. alabama voters agree. they want an outsider, trump winning those voters, 65%, alisyn. >> thanks, christine. >> let's talk about what happen and didn't happen. we have david gregory, author and formerly with "meet the press." so brother david, do you believe that it is a fair statement to say thatter did what they needed to do to survive last night? trump didn't slam the door shut, neither did clinton but they both did go far. >> i think that's right. with trump, his support is wide,
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it's deep. it's massachusetts to virginia to the deep south. he's had a number of 315 which make his imthe prohibitive favorite and yet because it's so big, nobody's likely to overtake him. but as you say, cruz wins texas and oklahoma. rubio getting on the board. they have a reason to keep going. their strategy now i think is more stopping trump rather than beating trump. they want to stop him by denying him a chance to go over the top at 1237. that's really their hope. i talked to gop officials last night who said, look, this is still possible. it's possible to deny trump. what's left of the political zaebment is still fighting and fighting hard to do that. alisyn and i were talking earlier. one of the problems is cruz is not doing what he should do. he's not really expanding support among very conservative voters and, likewise, rubio is not expanding among moderate voters. he's still getting hit by
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kasich. it's only trump. that's what makes him in the strong position. >> and yet both rubio and cruz made their cases last night about why they deserve to stay in the race and they drew a distinction between each other. listen to why cruz says he's the one that should beat trump. >> i am the only candidate that has beaten donald three times, has beaten him in iowa, has beaten him in texas, has beaten him in oklahoma. >> i will fight as hard and as long as it takes to save this party from a conservative movement like donald trump. >> maeve, given how everything has played out do, they both have a case? >> i mean they have some very slender threads that they are hanging onto as you guys mentioned earlier. the mixed results last night kind of gave everyone an argument for going forward, right, and we're going to have to see. there's this anti-trump cavalry that's going to come in and try to rescue marco rubio as he
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heads into florida. you have ted cruz arguing for conservativing that it's time to consolidate around him. so far those things have not worked for the candidates. obviously donald trump was the dominant winner. if you see a shred of hope for ted cruz and marco rubio, it's that the late deciders went to them rather than donald trump, but that was a smaller share of the vote last night than those people who have been loyal trump supporters from the very beginning. so it's really -- we talk about these make-or-break moments, but over the next two weeks we're going to see how much money goes into the attacks against trump and whether they make any kind of a difference for these two candidates. it would be a very narrow path. >> mark let's look at it in the reverse. last night you had it in virginia where but for john kasich he said he would have beaten donald trump rchl you
2:41 am
seeing a theory of the case after last night that as you move in to winner-take-all states, if you can console day, which means kasich at this point, could rubio pull even and nudge ahead in big states? >> look. certainly in the winner-take-all, if he can't win florida, he's out, game over. but listen. dave and maeve are right. there's a very narrow packet for marco rubio to move forward and i think the narrative over the next 24 hours if not the next two or three days is going to be whether it should be ted cruz or marco rubio to get behind. the establishment here in washington does not like ted cruz and we've heard that over and over and over again but he's a known quantity. what there's a great fear in the republican establishment is that trump is unpredictable, he's not a known quantity and he's certainly not willing to work with the republican
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establishment at least with what we've seen. at least with ted cruz, they feel like they know a little bit about him. expect rubio to fight for the consolidation of any kind of establishment to try to take down trump. >> but the problem is they know cruz and they really don't want cruz, what's left of the political establishment. >> the problem is their party has completely changed right before their eyes. trump has done more for the party than he has for the people. this is a right term. a hostile takeover of the gop. he's the man to beat. >> i think you're absolutely right. again, what's left, they're so angry at kasich because kasich is really drawing from rubio who has very slender support, has not really shown much, but he keeps getting a push. and if you look at march 15th, john berman was saying he's ohio and florida behind trump right now. well, if kasich is still in and he can win ohio and still does not have much of a path, it just
2:43 am
continues to splinter the field. >> basically we heard from donald trump that he's a uniter, he's the person the party can unite behind because he brings so many factions together. listen to donald trump. >> i am a unifier. i would love to see the republican party get together and unify. and when we unify, there's nobody, nobody that's going to beat us. >> maeve, i mean does he have a point? he will pivot, he's saying, and he will begin using different language and unifying people. >> yeah. i don't know how much different language he can use given what he's downtown campaign trail so far. the idea that donald trump is a uniter, all of the results from last night show quite the opposite. he was obviously trying to look more presidential last night, doing this very unusual move of having a press conference with chris christie over his shoulder, but we have seen some
2:44 am
of the most device in rhetoric that we've seen in a long time from donald trump. you see in the numbers from last night just the democrats consolidating against trump. and so if he unites anyone, it's froebl democrats. >> okay. go want to talk about the democrats. panel, stick around. we have a lot more to talk about. hillary clinton piling up primary victories yesterday on super tuesday. she's zeroing in on battling donald trump. but can bernie sanders have a comeback. we'll look at that and discuss the numbers when we come back. ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪
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all right. we told you about the gop. we'll continue to all morning. the story now for democrats on super tuesday. the headlines, clinton wins big,
2:49 am
but sanders is still alive. clinton is now almost halfway to the magic number needed to clinch the democratic nomination. can she seal the deal in the next few weeks, or will sanders stage a comeback. legit question. let's bring back david gregory along with jackie kucinich. and ron brownstein. on the gop side, we hear trump coming out saying i'm a big uniter. if that's his because of the results, what should hillary clinton's headline be today, david? >> that she's on her way wrapping the thing up. she's actually uniting the party. >> actually uniting. that's the competitive phrase. >> right. what's happening on the republican side is a crackup. that's not happening on the democratic side. it's much smoother. she has a lot of work to do against much of the young voters in particular. there's no question that bernie
2:50 am
sanders who still has plenty of money and a strong argument is going to continue to play a role in the democratic platform, in the democratic story for the rest of this nominating season but i think she's in a really commanding position altd this point winning all parts of the electorate while having a vulnerability among young voters. >> people didn't know if he was going to win any, at least that's what her people were saying yesterday. >> it's a lot of the same voters though. it's young, it's mail. she hasn't really fixed anything with those voters. david mentioned the yum people that and white. >> and white. young white males. in that way, the math is getting better for her and her campaign knew that was going to happen. in some places she was winning by 80%, 70%. so we have -- >> we have some of those exit polls just to illustrate them. let's look at how black voters did.
2:51 am
in alabama, clinton got 93% to his 5%. in arkansas she got 91% of black voter to his 9%. >> so, ron, why? that becomes the question, right? when we look at sanders' message, certainly it should appeal to every socioeconomic strata, every race. why do you think we're seeing this division? is it just organization and history? >> it's history in part but also a tangible versus a theory rhett cal. if you look at black voters in this state so far, e'er state accept oklahomaing it inoklahom. and that ended the debate as to whether she could appeal to hispanics. minority voters have very -- many of them have very pressing concerns. have pressing concerns about health care, about safety and communities, about economic opportunity and i think clinton's prom of economic
2:52 am
progress feels realistic and relatable and there's also the history of the clinton name. both of those create a big challenge. the point is the map, you just run out of places to win as a democrat if you can't win diverse voters. think of the states coming up. illinois, ohio, florida, north carolina, missouri. all of them are states with diverse populations and if you can't break into that -- >> david, i want to play out for you as how bernie sanders explains the math. listen to bernie sanders last night. >> tonight you're going to see a lot of election results come in. and let me remind you of what the media often forgets about. these are not -- this is not a general election. it's not winner take all. if you get 52%, you get 48%, you roughly end up with the same amount of delegates in a state. by the end of tonight, we are
2:53 am
going to win many hundreds of delegates. >> okay. so it's proportional he's saying. >> but as ron just pointed out, the map gets very small. what we know is because of the others and w.h.o. have pledged to hillary clinton, it's very hard to overcome the lead, even if it's a narrow lead in the democratic race and that's what he faces. look. i think what's clear this morning, he's not going anywhere. he's got a lot of money, major arguments. he's going to affect hillary clinton as a nominee. he's going to affect this race. but it's very difficult to make a comeback. >> let's button on the true/false. because of representation, sanders does have a lot of money, do you think he could make it all the way to a convention if he wants before this is over? >> i think he'll make it to a convention. he'll have a good speaking spot. for him it's about a movement.
2:54 am
it's no longer about money. >> by the way, he hasn't been that nasty to clinton. he wants to dial it back. >> everything looks better than what's going on in the gop. if you punched me in the face, that would be a step up. >> oh, a compliment. hillary clinton and bernie sanders will face off in the sunday.mocratic debate on anderson cooper will moderate live from flint, michigan. we'll have kochk here on cnn. we have super tuesday ahead. bernie sanders, ted cruz, clinching wins in several states. several of them key as well. how are they going to remain viable. what is their path. we take a closer look at where the races go from here. stay with us.
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3:00 am
want. but i am a truth teller. >> this is not just about electing the president. it is about transforming america. >> it was a very tough night for marco rubio. >> he is a con artist. >> i'm going after one person, that's hillary clinton. >> we have come too far in this country to let us turn back. this is cnn breaking news. >> it looks like the hall of justice, but it is the "new day" studio. good morning. welcome to your "new day". it is wednesday, march 2nd, 6:00 in the east. a big night for donald trump and hillary clinton. both nominating their fields, piling up wins this morning. on the gop side, trump sweeping seven states. vowing now to be the uniter of
3:01 am
the republican party so badly news. cruz victorious in three states. marco rubio capturing his first win. >> on the democratic side, hillary clinton with wins in seven states. sanders did win in four states. the two front-runners, trump and clinton, appear to be accelerating towards their party's nominations. we have this race coughed only the way cnn can. john berman is here to break down who won where. you have been up all night with your calculator. show us the numbers. >> i have been up all night but i don't need a calculator. trump one alabama, arkansas, georgia, massachusetts, tennessee, vermont, and virginia. donald trump not the only winner, though. ted cruz picked up three states as well. alaska, which we just called a couple hours ago. oklahoma and texas. a big development for another
3:02 am
candidate. florida senator marco rubio won his first state of this entire election he was vick election. let's look at the delegate map. donald trump "outfronou out in 315. ted cruz with 205. and marco rubio 106. a big, big gap amongst these candidates. the democratic side, hillary clinton won seven states as well. alabama, arkansas, georgia, massachusetts, tennessee, texas, and virginia. but berne skwrapbders didn't leave with nothing last night. let's talk back over here. he had colorado, minnesota, oklahoma, and home state of vermont. what does that mean for the delegate math right now? 1,055 for hillary clinton and 418 for bernie sanders.
3:03 am
this includes superdelegates. but you know what, they count so we're counting them here. alisyn. >> thank you, john berman. the human calculator. donald trump extending his dominance in the republican race, winning seven states on super tuesday. his chief rivals also celebrating this morning. it appears this race is not over. cnn's super white house correspondent jim acosta is live with more. good morning, jim. >> good morning, alisyn. hands down donald trump is the clear winner. firmly in control for the white house. he did not drive his rivals out of the race. allowing ted cruz to emerge as the man who could potentially stop trump. >> we have expanded the republican party. >> the republicans have tremendous energy. the democrats don't.
3:04 am
they don't have any injury. hour numbers are through the roof. >> reporter: the billionaire businessman ranned up seven wins including virginia, georgia, tennessee. >> i think we will be morin collusive, more unified. >> reporter: after days of controversy, he claimed he could unify the country. so, look, i'm a unifier. i know people are going to find that a little bit hard to believe, but believe me, i am a unifier. stkpwrb or. >> or. >> listen, if we remain divided, in all likely donald trump is the nominee. >> reporter: cruz making the case he is the gop's only hope to win the white house. >> for those who have supported
3:05 am
other candidates, we welcome you on our team standing united as one. >> reporter: but trump said gop leaders should get behind him or else. >> i'm going to get along great with congress. paul ryan, i don't know him well. i'm sure i'll get along great with him. if i don't, he will have to pay a big price, okay? >> reporter: and trump continued the war of insults with marco rubio. >> he had a tough night. he worked hard. he spent a lot of money. he is a you lightweight. >> reporter: rubio did pull off his first win in minnesota and vowed to fight on. >> there will never come a time where our supporters will tell us fight as hard as you can to save the party of lincoln and reagan from a con artist who refuses to criticize the kkk. >> reporter: but the stop trump movement is picking up steam. a republican anti-trump said it
3:06 am
is hiring more staff and pouring in more resources. for those in the gop who want to stop trump, time is simply running out, chris. >> worth mentioning, jim. although he won seven, he won states haft night that since 1960, no represent nominee has all the states that he won last night. that will be meaningful as well. let's look at the other side of the ball now. hillary clinton looking to build on her super tuesday momentum pivoting to the general election and increasingly likely matchup with donald trump. bernie sanders not throwing in the towel for the latest, cnn washington correspondent jeff zeleny live in miami with the clinton camp. >> she left bernie sanders last night, scooping up 500 delegates
3:07 am
across the south from virginia to arkansas and beyond. now, it was clear she did this by winning a coalition of african-american voters, hispanic voters and white voters indeed. she had one thing on her mind and it was certainly not bernie sanders. >> it's clear tonight that the stakes in this election have never been higher. and the rhetoric we are hearing on the other side has never been lower. trying to divide america between us and them is wrong. and we're not going to let it work. >> bernie sanders won four states. a respectful showing. this is a fight for delegates. so the next two weeks of this race so, so important. the michigan primary is is next
3:08 am
week. they have two debates next week as well. this race could end, most democrats believe, at least mathematically in two weeks's time after the florida primary march 14th, which is why clinton was in miami last night. alisyn. >> jeff is, thanks so much. based on exit polls, donald trump is winning a broad cros cross-section of republicans. he is winning with moderate republicans as well. what are you seeing? >> it's really fascinating. we ask people in exit polls, who showed up? what are you looking for? they show us trump support was broad with mod rats and conservatives. alabama, 80% identifying themselves as conservatives. trump won big. in massachusetts, a third of all voters call themselves moderate. they broke for donald trump. cruz and rubio doing especially poorly in that group.
3:09 am
half of tennessee say they have no college degree. they chose donald trump 2-1. a third of those in arkansas that make less than 50 grand, they chose trump. marco rubio was the one in virginia who swept the voters. >> we have dave gregory, maeve reston and mark preston, cnn politics executive editor. so looking at the gop side, not since 1960 has a candidate on the republican side won all the states that donald trump did last night. that's big. and every one of them that came close became the nominee. >> right. >> look, his support is big.
3:10 am
and it's wide. virginia in particular, that's important. you have higher educated voters. ron brownstein breaks down the numbers. trump plays well with down scale voters economically. higher education, 60%. they are more apt to support a legal path for immigrants. yet donald trump wins there. he wins in the deep south and massachusetts. that's the point. the only candidate consolidating the party is donald trump. cruz and rubio are not doing the job they hoped to do. cruz trying to consolidate the very conservative voter in the republican party. they're not doing that. that's why the super is the hostile takeover artist. >> but, mark, am i being to pollyannaish. soccer trophy for everyone!
3:11 am
rubio won minnesota. >> there was certainly a bit of oxygen for everyone last night. ted cruz, if you were to look at who came in second place, it would have to be ted cruz. had he not done well last night, had he lost the state of texas he would have had to get out of the race. now he can try to lay claim, alisyn, to the idea that he should be the one to take on donald trump. he's the only one, with the exception of marco rubio winning the caucus in minnesota, he defeated donald trump multiple times. this is that scares the republicans at this point. >> texas, oklahoma, alaska. three states for cruz. >> maeve, let's look one level deeper into what this means that donald trump pulled off this varied win. this is something we haven't seen before literally since 1960
3:12 am
winning the state states he had. one he had won previously. however, is he unifying the party or unifying all of those who are so angry, so disaffected. is that what he's consolidating, or is it bigger than that? >> i think it is exactly that. he is unifying these angry voters who are angry at the federal government who feel the country has not rebounded after the crash. they feel the slow growth economy has not been bringing them along. that we have not seen, even though donald trump is talking about being a uniter is whether or not he can appeal in a general election to independent voters and bring in that wide cross-section of people. he obviously had divisive rhetoric. what we will see as we head into
3:13 am
these huge contests in ohio and florida is this sustained attack on not only his electability but also, you know, his business ventures. all of the attacks that other candidates have been using against him. we will see if there has been a lot of money behind the attacks this time and whether they actually make any difference in the long run. and whether they might just tear down the republican nominee in the end. >> well, that's the important point maeve is making. for this to be done should have been done before. remember the takedown on bain. that happened during the new hampshire debate. the strategy right now for what's left of the political establishment is to deny trump. not to beat him but to deny him going over the top at the convention on the first vote. then maybe having a brokered convention. >> that's the plan? >> that is the plan. for what's left of the establishment.
3:14 am
as has been said here, and mark made this point, winning texas was essential. there is still room, there is still a case for each of the candidates to keep fighting. bigger the field, bigger for trump. that's why he is winning so big. >> you have to ask that question, is that the plan? >> is that the plan? >> with less sarcasm. >> that is an incredible plan on the drawing board. maeve has said he will have to pivot away from his divisive language. he talked about how he is now the uniter. listen to this. but i am a unifier. there is nobody that is going to beat us. >> the exit polls do back that up. he has brought different factions together. let's look at alabama for one second as an illustration. young people between 18 and 44
3:15 am
and older people above 45, college graduates and no degree. people who make under 50,000, people who make over 50 he is uniting different factions in that way. >> he is driving out the vote. i have to say this, it is difficult for us who live in the so-called beltway or in manhattan or new york city to grasp the idea that donald trump is going to be the republican residential nominee. he's so unconventional. but the fact of the matter is, in addition to these angry voters, he is touching a chord. but to the point of the establishment about them trying to deny donald trump the nomination on the first ballot. if he gets very, very close to securing that nomination, or quite frankly if he were to get the delegates to be there, this had been talk about trying to
3:16 am
get the delegates. folks last night said if that were to happen you would is see the end of the republican party as we know it. they are elders in the party. they hate donald trump with a passion. but they said if that were to happen, you would see cleveland burn down in many ways. what they are thinking about right now, what else do you do? what are other options? do you run a third-party candidate against trump, knowing it is a suicide mission, creating a safe haven for republican voters and candidates running for the senate and the house of representatives to flock to if trump becomes too nuclear. right now they don't know what to do. they are trying to find some ideas. >> as unconventional as this is, we have been here before. 1964, lbj over goldwater. kind of resetting of the republican party. and we may be facing that again. it is important to know in the exit polls how anti establishment so many republican voters are and how anti federal government they are.
3:17 am
this is a real feeling about how paralyzed washington has been. trump is turning out new voters. there could be such anxiety because of trump. the republicans say home and the democrats are extra energized and in a better position to win. those are all the pieces on the board right now. >> maeve, mark, david, great to get your insight. thanks for being here this morning. hillary clinton piling up primary victories as well on super tuesday. she is zeroing in now on donald trump. could bernie sanders have a comeback? we'll discuss those numbers next.
3:18 am
3:19 am
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just a real person, real fast. whenever you need them. great, that's what i said. so your business can get back to business. sounds like my ride's ready. don't get stuck on hold. reach an expert fast. comcast business. built for business. hillary clinton taking seven states. polling strong in the south. she is about halfway to the nomination. but bernie sanders is hanging tough. does he have a viable path to the nomination? >> i have a viable path. >> here.
3:22 am
and jackie kucinich and senior editor for the atlantic ron brownstein. good to have all of you. we featured david. let me start with you. bernie sanders won four states, oklahoma, vermont, colorado, minnesota. >> if bernie sanders can't win minority voters, he doesn't have is a path. he could win the republican nomination with all white voters. but you can't do that in a democratic party. you just can't. >> we don't like such dower predictions. >> sorry. it's morning. >> let's look at the turnout last night. because what bernie sanders was counting on is a revolution. voter turnout and looking at the past contests is not there. we're seeing what is obvious there. there is a populist momentum. not to the democratic side.
3:23 am
>> wait until you siva va. when we get to the next slide of virginia, up for republicans 107%. and that's why you hear -- when you talk to democrats, they're not entirely sure that trump will be good for the democrats. because he is blowing up the turnout model because he is getting new voters who aren't on anyone's radar. so it's really unpredictable what he could do in a general election. >> these could be a lot of working class democrats as well. and especially the industrial midwest to come out and vote for trump in a general election. the original point is bernie sanders has a compelling argument to make in this campaign he can keep going. he has a path. an argument. not a path toward winning. between superdelegate support and how they are consolidating the major elements is just hard to see. >> ron, what do you think? >> bernie sanders has an advance
3:24 am
from where he started. he can be competitive with working class whites. in 13 states where we have exit polls, hillary clinton has won white voters in eight of them. and in states with enough african-american votes to measure, she has won 78% of those. the path does narrow for sanders because the big states on the democratic side are all diverse. we will see it in florida, michigan, north carolina, missouri. all of those plates you can't compete unless you can do a lot better with minority voters than he has done. to the other point about turnout and what it means for democrats, there i think that's where donald trump is a destabilizing force. he could bring out more working class whites and millennials, minorities, and social liberal whites, all who express high
3:25 am
negatives of him in the cnn poll out yesterday. >> i think there is an anxiety factor that will help hillary clinton overcome some of her vulnerabilities and her negatives. she has high negatives too. that is fear of trump winning. >> we have heard that you guys -- we have heard that before. i don't know why we feel so confident in that. why would people come out to vote against trump? we're not going to see any indication in the primaries because it doesn't make sense. it is not logical. >> we look at the african-american turnout. in 2012 it was so high. you had a lot of angry voters coming out because of those restrictions. and i think anxiety and fear could drive out a lot of key elements of the democratic party and perhaps independence and combine with republicans who don't vote. we can't predict exactly what that electorate looks like given trump's impact here and the
3:26 am
potential to bring out new voters. >> and not to mentioned establishment of voters, republicans who might hold their nose and vote for hillary clinton. >> or not vote. it would be hard to see republicans vote for hillary clinton. ron, what have you got? >> real quick. >> acceptance of a divorce tolerable america that. would drive the turnout. he is empathetical to the vision of america that most people voting democratic now hold. you see it in the cnn, unfavorables with millennials. almost 75%. two-thirds among college graduates. two-thirds among women. it would be particularly with the control of the supreme court also potentially at risk in this election. it's a very tangible kind of prospect of a different vision of america than i think that is what is holding together.
3:27 am
>> you hear hillary clinton talking about peace and love. she wants the contrast with trump. she wants to say to the democratic coalition i'm really about bringing everybody together because the contrast is so stark with trump. >> that is her language. we have heard her kindness, prosperity, a softer tone which she really talked about last night. >> absolutely. is she's going to have to pull that contrast. because she's not going to be able to out bombast him. >> not to get on a soapbox, but this country is always trying not to be the bully. dropping the hammer on trump. >> that is true. people underestimate that. hillary clinton will have the ability to fight like nobody in the primary right now. >> okay. very quickly, ron of last word.
3:28 am
>> the argument make america great again is directly to people who is aimed at people who are comfortable with what america is evolving in. that is the fundamental line between the parties. >> and we have just begun to see it in stark relief last night. panel, thanks so much. great to have you with us this morning. so hillary clinton and bernie sanders will face off in the next democratic debate on sunday. anderson cooper will moderate live from flint, michigan, sunday night 8:00 p.m. >> racism in politics between two cnn commentators. jeffrey lord on the left and van jones on the right. fireworks that have larger meeting than this particular spat ahead.
3:29 am
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3:33 am
isis op sieve. barbara starr. it will be turned over to iraqi authorities in the next few days. the mission carried out by the pentagon highly secretive team. >> lgbt rights activists score victory. bill vetoed that would have restricted bathroom access. it would invite conflict and litigation local school districts can address the issue themselves. the law would have been the first to make transgender students matching the gender listed on birth certificates. astronaut scott kelly back on earth after 350 days in space. look at these pictures. gosh, that's incredible. nasa will perform a battery of
3:34 am
tests to see how such a lengthy stay in zero gravity affects the body. wow. kelly posted breath-taking pictures and tweeted extensively from space sent one final note reading in part, thanks for following our year in space. the journey is not over. follow me as i rediscover earth. so cool. >> it is so cool. such a sacrifice. >> absolutely. speaking of sacrifice, we go the extra mile in cnn money. chief business correspondent looking at campaign spending. what are the dollars that makes sense. >> i'm your money space case. money poured into super tuesday races. $27 million spent on broadcast cable and satellite tv ads. that's according to cantor media. more than $4 million spent in massachusetts, colorado, and oklahoma. bernie sanders spent $7 million
3:35 am
on ads in the super tuesday states. hillary clinton was second. she spent $5.6 million. ted cruz topped republican candidates. $3.4 million. the superpacs almost matched that. the spending won't slow down in florida and north carolina and ohio. >> they kill people. don't play games with that. >> you're right. if you don't hide and say that's not the face of the democratic party. ? more of that heated debate when we come right back. ♪
3:36 am
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3:39 am
the high stakes in this presidential race has gotten fiery. two of our political commentators, jeffrey lord and
3:40 am
van jones went at it. >> the things donald trump has done in this race are horribly offensive. you can go with back with this guy for a long time. i want to talk. >> i didn't say anything yet. >> you breathed. you can go back to the central jogger case. he came out and had innocent black kids -- >> innocent kids. >> just listen. hold on a second. we have a big problem at this point. i agree with you about a lot. we have taken him not seriously. we have not respected his voters. but there is a dark underside here. and he is right. he is whipping up and tapping into buttons that are frightening to me and frightening to a lot of people. number one, when he is playing funny, with the klan, that is not cool. hold on one second. i know this man, when he gets passionate about terrorism. i know how he talks about terrorism. the klan is a terrorist
3:41 am
organization that has killed -- >> a leftist terrorist organization. >> you can put whatever labels you want. that's your game to play. >> it's important to history. >> we're not going to play that game. >> we understand history. >> you need to take a serious look at the fact that this man has -- is playing fast and loose and footsie when we talk about terrorism, he gets passionate. he says no. this is wrong. but when you talk about the klan, oh, i don't know, i don't know. that's wrong. and you came on the air and you said, this is just like when reverend wright was speaking. >> yeah. >> reverend wright never lynched anybody. reverend wright never put anybody on a post. and you guys play these word games. and it's wrong to do in america. it is wrong to do. >> it is wrong to understand that these are not leftists. they were -- >> what difference does it make if you call them leftists? they kill people. they don't play games with that. >> you're right. you don't hide and say that's not part of the base of the democratic party.
3:42 am
they were the military arm, the terrorist arm of the democratic party, according to historians. for god sakes, read your history. >> i don't care who -- >> the attitude of by race is still here. and this is how democrats do the deal. >> i don't care how they voted 50 years ago. i care about who they killed. you have stood with donald trump. and you made a case for donald trump. and you've earned the respect of a lot of people. but when you do not acknowledge that he did not answer that question with the passion, he answered with other terrorist organizations, you do yourself a disservice. >> he has made this point over and over and over again. this is a media thing. did he make a mistake? sure. but he said this many, many times. i've gone back and looked. he's well on record, over and
3:43 am
over on this. >> it's worse than that, sir. the whole thing with the central jogger kids, he got the entire city whipped up that these kids had done nothing wrong. we all make mistakes. he never apologized to those kids. that's a stain on him. you can walk through, time after time, where he's done stuff like that. the stuff he said about native americans, being criminal organizations. >> but what you're doing right here, is dividing people. we're all americans here. you are dividing people. this is what liberals do. you're dividing people by race. >> i'm not. >> this is what liberalism. >> the klan divided it by race. >> the klan kill people by race. >> and they did it to further the progressive agenda. hello? >> that is, first of all, so absurd. >> it is not absurd. >> the democratic party of the south of the old days was a racist party. they were a violent party. hold on a second. that's not the democratic party of today. what are you talking about that for? you play these games -- >> it is the democratic party of today. it divides by race. >> i have a kid. 7 years old. >> right. >> he can't even watch -- i used
3:44 am
to say -- i don't want you watching "the kardashians." watching in nonsense in your party, he says you're a liar. he doesn't know what the word means. but he brings that into our house. we have to have him watching nick jr. he can't observe civics because of what is going on in your party. the circus wing in your party. i know you. i trust you. tell donald trump he needs for my children's sake. if he's going to lead this country, he needs to be as passionate about my community as anybody else. >> we have to be passionate, making sure this country is color blind. we have to make sure that race has no place in american life or law. that's what we have to do. we have lost that totally because the democratic party insists on dividing people by race and it's wrong.
3:45 am
it's phorblly wrong. >> sometimes you wind up having a conversation on tv that captures a big moment that's going on in the country. not so much about trump and the kkk. but this discussion about what's right and what's wrong. >> they were passionate and heated. >> we will take it on more with our panel next. are you ready to open? ready to compete? ready to welcome? the floors, mats, spotless. the uniforms clean and crisp. do your people have the right safety gear? are they protected? i'm ready! you think your customers can't tell the difference between who's ready and who's not? of course they do. everybody wants a piece of ready.
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3:49 am
just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at all right. let's reset what happened with donald trump. he did not disavow the kkk the way many would have liked of a presidential candidate. is that him being a divider or the dividers from way back until today. we saw it play out with jeffrey lord and van jones. we have republican consultant margaret hoover, kaley and bakari sellers, a clinton
3:50 am
supporter. good to have you all here. bakari, let me start with you. as a former lawmaker from the south, you know the roots of this discussion. you understand jeffrey lord's point about the history of the kkk as early democrats. >> no. but first let me say i had the un enviable task of laying it out. the fact that is playing coy, playing loose as if your earpiece doesn't work. when we're talking about david duke, the kkk is disingenuous and hurtful. we want the pain, the death caused by the kkk. we know the democratic party was
3:51 am
racist at one point in time. but that is not the democratic party of today. a person running for free leader of the free world cannot look in the camera and when asked about the kkk cannot disavow them. it has caused so much hurt, especially those families of color, went through in this country. >> the other side of the argument is that trump has disavowed in the past and very recently. he flubbed the question. he didn't mean it the way it came off. that's his explanation. the kk was democrats back in the day. who cares? they have always been the kkk. they have always been horrible. why is that the only basis of analysis? >> i agree with you. i understood jeffrey point. we moved past this being a democratic issue. we can agree racism is reprehensible, disgusting and
3:52 am
should be dismissed at every term. donald trump has done so five times when it comes to david duke and the kkk. >> what do you think happened? >> i think it was his earpiece. it happened to me last week. if you believe he did not dismiss the kkk or did hear the question and dismissed it, then you think he is a racist. i think it is unethical. >> let me just say love you. this is not about you. rush limbaugh thinks it wasn't his earpiece. do you think he is a racist? it doesn't matter where it was in the democratic party. >> what was the up side? >> you know what, i don't know. maybe it was before the southern
3:53 am
primary. i'm not saying hesitate racist. but there are undertones in our politics. rush limbaugh isn't saying he is racist. >> margaret -- >> here's the other point. that was an attack ad. he just gave great material as an attack ad for democrats to run against him in a general election. what do you think hillary clinton is going to run? how is she going to mobilize less enthusiastic african-american voters to the polls? she's going to run the kkk piece, central park jogger piece, conspiracy theories against the first black president when he was flirting with a different presidential run. there is nothing about donald trump's history that suggests he has a unifying background with race. >> either donald trump is the racist or the south is racist. that is the premise underlying your conclusion is that the south is racist or donald trump
3:54 am
is racist. >> hold on. let's get bakari in. >> that is not the prism we look through. donald trump has had more than troublesome val answers with this race. donald trump put a $5 million bounty on the birth certificate for the first african-american president of the united states. >> that's -- >> i'm not done. >> that is an is assumption. >> it is not an assumption, kaley. it has to do with his name being barack hussein obama. you can say his earpiece malfunctioned. he said to jake tapper, david duke. he said kkk. it is intellectually dishonest. . >> we should talk about that.
3:55 am
>> that's what the question goes to. do you have to be a racist to be an opportunist. >> that's my point. >> that may be the worst criticism. you're not a racist. but here you played opportunism. >> to suggest this is opportunism is to suggest an entire region of the country likes the idea of embracing kkk. that is false. let me finish, margaret. you need facts. i heard assumptions. he asked for the birth certificate because he is black. that is an assumption. >> button this up. >> nobody is calling an entire swath of america d. >> yes, you are. i am not calling people racist. i am saying you and i both know the debate about race in this country is far more nuanced than
3:56 am
just black and white. no pun intended. >> we know there are strains through our history and there are things as dog whistles. >> guys, we have to leave it there. i want to thank all three of you. what do you think? tweet us at "new day". post your comment on coming up in the 8:00 hour, the men who sparked this will return with some time to think about it and have the conversation again. jeffrey lord, van jones will be here to continue this debate. that will be interesting. meanwhile, it was a super tuesday for the front-runners. hillary clinton and donald trump did not run the board last night. their rivals won states too. this morning they are all still alive. we will break down the results and where the race goes from here. the better it works. retinol correxion from roc.
3:57 am
methods, not miracles.
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4:00 am
we're going to make america great again. >> we're going to start winning a lot, folks. get used to it. >> this is not a general election. this is not winner take on. >> this is a fight for the heart and soul of the republican party. >> the stakes have never been higher. >> rhetoric we're hearing on the
4:01 am
other side has never been lower. >> i deal with rubio. i deal with cruz. they have no clue what's going on. >> we need to step up and say enough is enough. >> our country is so unbelievably divided. we're going to bring our country together, folks. >> welcome to our special edition of "new day". donald trump and hillary clinton both dominating in last night's contests. trump sweeping seven states. rival ted cruz victorious in three states. marco rubio capturing his first win. >> looking at the democratic side, hillary clinton wins seven states growing her delegate lead. she did not shut the door. bernie sanders with four wins. now you have trump and clinton appearing to accelerate toward
4:02 am
their party's nominations. >> big wins last night in seven states. alabama, arkansas, georgia, massachusetts, tennessee, vermont, virginia. alabama, massachusetts, georgia, vermont. a broad range right there. trump not the only guy to win last night. ted cruz picked up three states as well. texas, oklahoma, and in the wee hours of the morning we called alaska for ted cruz. marco rubio got his first win in this race. he is not just claiming victory for second and third place
4:03 am
finishes. marco rubio at 106. let's talk now about the democrats. hillary clinton, like donald trump, picking up seven states. alabama, arkansas, georgia, massachusetts, tennessee, texas, va is va. a lot of southern states. massachusetts closely contested by both campaigns. a big win. bernie sanders picked up four states. colorado minnesota, oklahoma, and home state of vermont. they are all proportional right now. hillary clinton at 1,055. yes, hillary's numbers include superdelegates but they count
4:04 am
here and at the convention. >> j.b., appreciate it. makes it clearer for us. he was dominating as his rivals as you look across. he won states no one has run on the other side. where does it go from here? florida looming as winner take all. >> that's right. he is hands down the clear winner from super tuesday. he did not drive his rivals out of the race. there are men left standing. ted cruz has emerged as the man who could potentially stop trump.
4:05 am
it was a big night for donald trump. the clear front-runner well on his way to clinching the republican nomination. >> the republicans have tremendous injury. the democrats don't. their numbers are down. our numbers are through the roof. >> he won virginia, georgia, tennessee. >> i think we are going to be morin collusive. and i think we're going to win in november. >> after days of controversy over support from white supremacists, trump tried to strike a more diplomatic tone, claiming he can unify the country. >> i'm a tpaoupb phier. believe me, i am a unifier. >> listen, if we remain divided, then in all likelihood donald trump becomes the nominee.
4:06 am
that result was made clear tonight. >> cruz is making the case he is the only hope to win the white house. >> for those who have supported other candidates, we welcome you on our team standing united as one. >> i'm going to get along great with congress. if i don't, he's going to have to pay a big price, okay? >> even on a night of victories, trump continued the war of insults. >> i know it was a tough night for marco rubio. he worked hard. he spent a lot of money. he is a lightweight. >> there will never come a time where our supporters are asking us to get out and rally around donald trump.
4:07 am
save the party of reagan from a con artist who refuses to disavow the kk. >> contests coming up quickly on saturday and spread out the next two weeks. >> still bernie sanders fights on. senior washington correspondent jeff zeleny is live in miami with the clinton campaign. hi, jeff. >> hey, good morning, alisyn. hillary clinton rolled through a swath of southern states racking up big wins from virginia to arkansas. even beyond that. some were 2-1 margins, winning
4:08 am
60% to 70% of the vote. it was clear at the victory parties, they had one person on their mind. his name was donald trump. >>. >> it is not to make america great again. america never stopped being great. >> when we have the courage to stand up to the billionaire class and tell them they can't have it all. >> you may be wondering why they are talking so much about donald trump. they can fire up the base. one thing we have seen starting with iowa, continuing through super 250us, the voter turnout is not hitting record levels at all. it is on the republican side. they believe he is the rallying
4:09 am
cry here. next week so important. michigan primary in a week, march 8th, next tuesday could be a critical moment between now and when they have two dates. bernie sanders and hillary clinton on sunday and again on wednesday. a key week going ahead. hillary clinton is the front runner. it is getting impossible for her to lose that lead. >> no question that turnout will reverberate on many levels. it means something about sanders, his revolution or movement. christine romance here to take us through it. if symbolism means anything, donald trump looked like a president to flags behind him. christie poised over his shoulder the message clear. >> his supporters are mad as hell. anger was good for donald trump.
4:10 am
georgia. almost half say they are angry with the federal government. in texas, half are angry. trump overwhelmingly won in tennessee. the anger at the federal government pervasive. massachusetts, three quarters there say they want an outsider, someone not from the political establishment. in alabama, 6 in 10 say they wanted an outside to be present. donald trump is their man. the huge dissatisfaction and anger with the establishment really driving donald trump. guys. >> we want to bring in now the first member of congress to endorse donald trump.
4:11 am
chris collins. ted cruz won texas, which many predicted. but also oklahoma and alaska. did those things surprise you? >> no. it was a big night for donald trump. he is right where he needs to be in florida, ohio. winner take all states. there is no question the republican party want donald trump as our next president. as i heard others say, the outsider. we have been seven and a half years without a leader. frustration with russia. our jobs disappearing to china
4:12 am
and mexico. our borders not secure. america wants a leader who will stand up to vladimir putin. there is still a question. we heard from all sorts of party leaders saying it would be the death of their party. and basically terms like that, for instance. let's talk about what paul ryan and mitch mcconnell said just yesterday. they were responding to the fact that donald trump seemed reluctant to condemn the kkk and david duke. let me play your colleagues for you. >> there can be no evasion and
4:13 am
no games. they just reject any group or cause build on bigotry. >> let me make it perfectly clear. senate republicans condemn david duke, the kkk and his racism. >> congressman, all sorts of establishment republicans are not embracing donald trump. >> but he has condemned david duke. he has disavowed anything to do with the kkk. those who keep bringing that up, it is desperation politics. that is what desperation politics is all about. it is clear donald trump is not a racist. he disavowed david duke and the kkk. to think people are still bringing that up means they have nothing else to go to. >> the larger point is you're saying it looks like republicans are embracing donald trump. but it doesn't. as recently as yesterday, the party leaders were saying he would be bad for the party. >> well, no. the public is speaking. when i say the republican party,
4:14 am
it has gone from new hampshire to south carolina. >> we were to become president, he would sro to work with those in congress. here's what donald trump said in response to paul ryan last night. >> look, i don't want to waste a lot of time. i've disavowed. -- okay. i'm going to get along great with congress. paul ryan, i don't know him well. i'm sure i will get along well with him. if i don't, he's going to have to pay a big price.
4:15 am
>> that is not conciliatory talk. >> he is a chief executive. he has a 40-year career in the private sector dealing with vendors, customers, employees. we learn how to get along to make sure we have bridges to everyone. that's the difference between private sector individuals and die hards in the political world. i am confident they will get along very well because we all care about one thing, getting america great again. we care about securing our borders. once donald trump is president trump, you will see us working well today. >> congressman, back to the news conference last night, it looked presidential.
4:16 am
he was with all these reporters. it was draped with flags. there was chris christie, in the traditional vice presidential position. do you think he would be his pick? >> i don't want to travel down that road. that would be up to mr. trump to see where he goes. he is the presumptive nominee. certainly he has more work to do. i think ohio and florida will be very big states for him. at some point you're going to see him pivot to a general election like you see hillary clinton. you can't be the president without the nominee. you can't be the nominee without winning the primary. what donald trump has accomplished is unprecedented with very little money. donald trump is absolutely brilliant in what he has done from a strategy standpoint tells you why america needs donald trump. his strategy, his focus and the
4:17 am
way he wins is shaking the very foundations of the political world. that's exactly why the american public are going to follow him. you will see working class democrats, the trades. they are going to be crossing over with energy to support topbld trump, who is going to bring the jobs back to america. >> congress, there is something else new. six new jersey newspapers have called upon chris christie to resign. all againette owned. is it dangerous to support donald trump. what kind of pushback are you getting in the halls of congress there? >> i'm not getting any push back. my fellow members realize donald trump is the presumptive nominee for various reasons they can't endorse him. i'm getting no push back in washington.
4:18 am
weston, new york, the energy is beyond anything. on friday i will be one of the key note speakers. they have asked me to open the convention because they want to hear about donald trump. so the energy in new york, the energy in weston, new york is you could imagine. within my district, the 27th district of new york, it is very good politics for me. >> congressman chris collins, thank you for being on "new day". we appreciate it. >> on the other side, hillary clinton winning big wherever minorities were driving a vote. but there is concern in that success. turnout. we're going to discuss what last night means about the race ahead. no-no less than madeline albright. stay with us. actions. they speak louder. we like that. not just because we're doers. because we're changing. big things. small things.
4:19 am
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4:23 am
minority vote to be sure. she is halfway to clinch the nomination. a reminder of how much is at stake. here to discuss former secretary of state and former u.s. ambassador to the u.n. madeline albright endorsing hillary clinton. always a pleasure to have you with us. thanks for being here. you just came from a trip abroad. you said it gave you fresh perspective on seeing people. >> i was in tunisia, egypt, jordan, saudi arabia. people are asking, what is going on. how can we be having a discussion in which foreign policy is kind of not at the super center of things. but whenever anything is said, it is by donald trump, it is stare i think in terms of what he thinks he is going to do or lack of understanding. and we have an opportunity as never before to have somebody who is really ready to be
4:24 am
commander in chief and president because of her experience. >> when the people said what's going on in america, how could this be happening, what was your response? >> when you travel abroad you don't try to chris size your country. but they are very afraid we are not interested in the world anymore. the discussion has been about walls is and keeping people out and not about what makes america great but what we can't undo, the greatness of america, which has been our involvement, our interest, our desire to have partners and allies abroad. and they're worried. they're definitely worried. >> the democrats will say, ooh, that's scary. the republican coalition around donald trump will say, good, they should be scared. america is too strong.
4:25 am
we have been too soft on them for too long. >> i think what they want is the goodness of american involvement with other countries and not kind of threats about bullying, bombing, building walls and scaring people. the world has existed in a positive way because of america's role. obviously i'm going to say that as somebody who has practiced diplomacy is. you cannot exist in this world alone. cannot exist by using all kinds of language that doesn't make any sense when you're in diplomatic negotiations. >> you are a supporter of hillary clinton. as we know, she won seven states last night. bernie sanders won four states. does that suggest more support for him than previously thought? what do you think the path is forward? >> obviously he says he's going forward i know hillary is
4:26 am
prepared to argue her points to clear what her policies are. she wants to break down barriers. she wants to really explain what needs to happen and not say, well, we can have slow gans and this is what we can solve by just having slow gans. i do think he will go forward. i think the democratic party will be unified and that it will be a very good campaign. >> three components, turnout, momentum, leading to consensus. if we look at the numbers, a clear message of what's going on here. republicans are turning out in bigger numbers. the reason this matters not just now because it matters more for bernie sanders in terms of getting a lot of support early on. in a general election, are you concerned it is donald trump who is awakening those who may not ordinary be voting in this general election if he gets there, not hillary clinton?
4:27 am
>> i think hillary will have the turnout when she is nominee. as somebody who knows what she is doing, who is ready on day one. believe me, the international situation will get more complicated. we need hillary clinton who knows how to make this happen. frankly, as i listen to donald trump, he may know how to build buildings and walls. but he does not know how to deal with the international situation. there has been nothing that he has said that shows he is ready to be commander in chief. >> you have been a vocal supporter for hillary clinton. were you surprised by the blow back that you got when you were trying to make the point that women should support women. >> i always think women should support women but i don't think i should have said it in a voting context. it is important for all of us to understand what hillary's record is in terms of being very
4:28 am
forward leaning on women's issues. even though some may not be supporting her now, she will always support them. >> that is an indication how polarizing this electorate is. people are jumping on everything in a reason to stoke anger. similar to the point i just asked her about. that is the dynamic that will be in this race no matter who the nominees are. how does that play to the democrats, coming off eight years of incumbent seu. >> well, i think there will be obviously things that are different. and i think those have to be stated. and the skpaeupb will make that clear. i think what's been very interesting is the democratic debate has gone on, they are talking about issues. there are differences between hillary and bernie. there's no question. but it is a really sparking interesting debate. whereas what's happening on the republican side are insults i have to tell you i am a mother. now a grandmother.
4:29 am
it all sounds like children in a school yard calling each other names. that's the part when i go abroad. i am chairing the national democratic institute. we talk about how democracy works abroad. we have examples of the kind of discussion that is in the gutter and is really embarrassing. i'm embarrassed of the things that are being said. it does not speak well for our country, one that wants to be a leader and has been exceptional in our leadership abroad. >> great to have you here on "new day" as always. >> very nice to be with you. thanks so much, guys. >> always a pleasure. sunday, anderson cooper will moderate live from flint, michigan. sunday night, 8:00 p.m. eastern >> marco rubio pulling out his first win. is it a sign of resurgence or is
4:30 am
it too late for him? we'll ask a republican congressman what he thinks looking forward. [ screaming ] [ tires screech ] ahhhhh!!! [ horn honking ] [ panting ] i focused on being prepared. [ gasp ] i saved your life by bringing you here. i knew this day would come. [ alarm sounding ] it's not safe out there. [ scream ] [ gasp ] something's coming. [ erie music ] ♪ some people know how to make an entrance. ♪ to thrive under pressure. ♪ to reject the status quo.
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4:34 am
is it too little too late. congressman, always a pleasure. >> thanks for having me on, chris. good to be with you. >> what's your take on last night? some say some too little too late. >> i think you have to look at the map and say the deep south was never going to be marco rubio's strong point. we did well. i think you have to look at what happened in virginia. he was down by more than 20 points. he came within striking range of donald trump. as we look to march 15th, the
4:35 am
map improves for marco. i think we are not just in the game. i think we are going to win the game as we look at the map as it develops. >> the goal isn't to stop donald trump from getting the number he needs. you think you can actually get to the number yourself. >> yeah. the goal is to win. and you have to recognize what happened in your guys's debate a week ago. marco rubio pivoted is and started to throw donald trump back at donald trump. and i think a lot of people liked that. they saw the leadership. they saw the strength. they saw the policy in marco. but what is we had is a lot of early voting. a lot of people voted before they saw marco pivot. i think they took another look at him. >> make your point, please, congressman. >> they are seeing donald trump as a manure spreader. marco has thrown a little bit of that back at him. and i think people like it in
4:36 am
conjunction with the policy. >> manure spreader. that's a very gentle term you're using there. let's talk about numbers that support and work against. here's the florida poll that we have from a week or so ago. this is the concern. if marco rubio does not win in florida, do you believe there is still a path forward for him? >> make no mistake. marco is going to win in florida. he has been an underdog in florida. marco will win his home state. as we look at the delegate vote, we go to winner take all states. though marco hasn't won a lot of states outside minnesota, he is still getting delegates for the convention. as we move into marco's strength, they are delegate take all states. which will only help him rack up the delegates he needs for a
4:37 am
convention. . people are starting to really take a new look at who is donald trump? who is marco rubio? could ted cruz unify the party. the second look at rubio has benefited him the last week. you didn't get to see the votes turn out fully because of early voting. >> what you want florida to look like. it's the only place where trump finished third and rubio finished first. this is what supporters believed the pie should look like if the old gop were motivated to come out, if you had the normal breakdown. but you don't. trump was winning in every category where regions it doesn't usually happen. since 1960, congressman, no republican has won the states that donald trump won in this election so far. they have all come close and have been the nominee. tough history. >> well, it is a tough history.
4:38 am
as you noted, this is not a historic election year. people are angry at washington. they're angry at barack obama. we haven't seen 3% growth in 10 years. so people aren't making more money. they're not having more opportunity. they are concerned about what's happening in the middle east. they want someone to fix it. the problem they are starting to see now with the front-runner, which is donald trump, is this guy talks big. and he seems strong. but when we ask questions about how do i make america safe again, how do i agree our economy, how do i fix health care, he doesn't have is any ideas. he just makes the statement but hasn't thought about the policies necessary to fix the country. when you want to fix the country, you want someone who can beat hillary clinton. marco rubio can do both. he can fix with great policy. and it's not donald trump who democrats are afraid to run against. they're afraid to run against marco because i think he
4:39 am
shatters the democrat coalition. he is going to bring over hispanics, single white women. democrats don't want to run against marco. i think he is in a great pole position to win. >> well, we will see. it's going to be decided relatively soon. he took one step. always a pleasure to have ow "new day", sir. >> chris, thanks for having me on. have a good one. >> alisyn. >> hillary clinton now the clear front-runner for democrats. she appears to be shifting her focus to donald trump. will killing him with kindness work? ok, but i have 30 acres to cover by sundown. we'll be with him all day as he goes back to taking tylenol. yeah, i was ok, but after lunch my knee started hurting again so... more pills. yep... another pill stop. can i get my aleve back yet? for my pain... i want my aleve. get all day minor arthritis pain relief with an easy open cap.
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4:43 am
america prospers when we all prosper. america is strong when we're all strong. and we know we have work to do. how that work is not to make america great again. america never stopped being great. >> all right. that was hillary clinton taking a dig at donald trump after they both dominated the super tuesday contest. clinton now looking ahead to a general election battle. but is it getting ahead of herself?
4:44 am
okay, ladies. you're in a category all on your own. ladies, it's great to have you here. sally, let me start with you. bernie sanders was doing his own math last night. you can always process these numbers differently. let me play for you how he sees the path forward. >> this is not a general election. it is not winner take all. if you get 52%, 48%, you roughly end up with the same amount of delegates in a state. by the end of tonight, we are going to win many hundreds of delegates. >> okay. sally, if you do proportional math, as he is, is there a path forward? >> first of all, man do i love bernie sanders. he's like an older version of
4:45 am
school house rock for america. it is. this is what he is doing. this is his gift to america, to explain things like this so we can be more informed and engaged and participate in a system which is really refreshing compared to what's happening on the other side. they want to push people out of voting and appreciate voters less informed. you take out the super tkpwel datz, they are pretty close. it is clear there is a strong third at least of the democratic base that is enthused about bernie sanders and what he stands for. >> hillary, do you see the math the same way? >> well, you know, presidential politics are about two things, math and the story. i think sally is right. sanders has a story that is still compelling to a large
4:46 am
number of democratic voters. but the math is just moving away from him. and, you know, i love the 1920s math teacher analysis here. but, you know, the fact is that hillary clinton has a delegate lead going into the states that they are going to be competing against in the next several weeks. that lead is probably going to grow. you know, sanders's team i think understands that. but they are going to stay in it because they like his message and they want to keep going. but i think democrats are increasingly coalescing around the notion that it will be hillary clinton. >> here is math that i believe is troubling. republicans for whom it is exponentially higher.
4:47 am
it is a problem moving forward for democrats. >> the other side of this equation is, you know, i keep talking to democrat after democrat who say, well, trump isn't going to win. he can't win. well, he looks like he's going to win. to be honest, that he wants the biggest motivator.
4:48 am
>> hillary, do you think that it will be a motivating factor come the general? >> oh, yeah. w.c. fields said i don't seat vote for anybody. just against. that chart was instructive for two specific things. first, look at the states where there was a real race between bernie sanders and hillary clinton. massachusetts and minnesota. the turnout was pretty close to 2008 when you had a massively competitive, very strong, two very strong and similar candidates. you know, i'm not worried at all about those numbers. when you look at the southern states, some of the other places where hillary clinton just ran away with it last night, people assumed she would be the presumptive nominee, places where it was competitive, the turnout wasn't so far down. >> hillary, sally, thanks so much. great to see you both this morning. >> always a pleasure. >> all right. we know that super tuesday was big for donald trump. what does it mean for the gop?
4:49 am
the hostile takeover is on. so will trump lift up the party or take everyone down with him? we'll ask one republican lawmaker whose seat could be in jeopardy next. when they thought they should westart saving for retirement.le then we asked some older people when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving and when we actually do is one of the reasons why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement. just start as early as you can. it's going to pay off in the future. if we all start saving a little more today, we'll all be better prepared tomorrow.
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4:52 am
rsm. audit, tax and consulting for the middle market.
4:53 am
paul ryan. i don't know him well but i'm sure i'm going to get a long great with him. and if i don't he's going to have to pay a big price. even you will be very proud of mow as our president. but we have to rebuild our country. our country is going to hell. and people don't understand that and hillary clinton doesn't have a clue. >> paul ryan will get a along with me or he may pay a big price. let's bring in a republican who may be vulnerable this fall. congressman, it's good to have you here. you have been quoted widely as saying you will never support donald trump because of the language he has used about people specifically muslim immigrants and immigrants in
4:54 am
general. are those still your feelings. >> absolutely. and so whether it is women, whether it is veterans, whether it is latinos or muslims. we do not need someone that is dividing or really tearing apart people. and for me it is personal. when he first came out and said he did not like john mccain because he was shot down. my uncle was the second one shot down in the vietnam war. spent eight years and a day in a hanoi. and if anybody wants to diminish his service to our country i think that disqualifies him as the commander? chief. >> how do you reconcile your feelings with what we saw last night and in the previous elections but certainly last night. broad constituencies of the republicans came to the polls for trump. in point of fact since 1960 nobody has won the states on the republican side that donald trump has already and not gone onto the nominee. >> well chris i'll let's you be the pundit on this. people are frustrated. they are sitting around their
4:55 am
kitchen tables and worried they are falling behind. whether it be the cost of food, higher education. healthcare. the uncertainty around retirement. these are all issues that people are facing and they have to come together to solve problems and put the people before politics and progress before partisanship. i've been able to do that and frankly i this i we need more bridge builders in washington d.c. to move forward coming up to solutions to problems the people face. >> if the gop is coming out in bigger numbers or more diverse numbers in recent history for trump why do you think that would put you in jeopardy when your election comes up? >> i don't think it necessarily will. i've been focused on the constituents and i trust that i will be judged on my record. and i've been ranked as one of the most independent bipartisan members in fact the united states congress. and we're focused on puts people's needs before partisan politics. precipitation dug abuse. focusing on the economy. or protecting the american people from a nuclear armed
4:56 am
iran. we're going to continue to focus on what unites us. and frankly there is more that unite us than divides us. that's my push and my goal. >> you have been building a record on the basis of compromise when it has just become a dirty word. do you think that there is a chance that if donald trump gets your nomination and he becomes the general election winner and becomes president there could be a backlash? >> what can i tell you is that people are very frustrated right now. they are frustrated they don't think that washington is working and we have to be focused on frying to makes sure that we're making life easier. that there are more opportunities for our children and grandchildren. and i've been focused on trying to come up with solutions to problems and working across the i'll and we need to cooperate in order to get things done. transportation, gets people to and from work. helping manufacturers out. trying to make sure that we've got more certainty in our tax code. these are things i'm working for
4:57 am
and things i'm hearing from constituents each and every day. and we need to make sure we're working on things like how we combat poverty. i'm anxious to roll up my sleeves and continue to work. >> you have a two party system here. nur one of them it is called the gop. if donald trump is the nominee of your party will you support him? >> i think donald trump has disqualified himself. and i will say that whether it be his divisive words. we do not need a divider. so whether it be on women. veterans or latinos or what he said about muslims and most recently what he said with regard to disavowing himself from organizations built on bigotry. we don't need that, frankly. and i think that is one of the things that disqualifies him. i've come out to say that i will not support donald trump now and i will not support him should he move on. we have to be talking about putting the country first and that is exactly what i'm going to do.
4:58 am
>> congressman. thanks for being on "new day." more super tuesday coverage ahead. so many numbers to process and that will decide where this race goes from here. let's get to it. -- captions by vitac --
4:59 am
good morning. wednesday march 2, 8:00 in the east. and we begin with breaking news of the political variety. donald trump and hillary clinton charging full steam ahead with a trunk full of delegates after strong super tuesday performances. trump sweeping seven states now vowing to unite the republican party. ted cruz managing three wins. marco rubio getting his first win. >> on the other side hillary clinton winning in seven states, expanding her delegate lead over bernie sanders who won four states. this morning trump and clinton appear to be on track to become their party's nominees. we have this race covered the way only cnn can. so let's begin with john berman. he's here to breakdown who won
5:00 am
wear, the latest delegate count. the human abacus. >> luckily i can count to seven on my fingers because that is what donald trump got last night. alabama, arkansas, massachusetts, tennessee vermont and virginia. alabama, massachusetts, georgia. vermont. vast geographic disparate there. he won across the board. ted cruz did very well also. he picked up three states. his home state texas, oklahoma which borders texas and alaska as well. that's tree states, including the home state of sarah palin who endorsed donald trump. marco rubio did something he has not done before in in race. he won minnesota. ted cruz second, donald trump in third. this is the only state so far marco rubio won in this race. let's look at the delegate count. donald trump at 315. ted cruz at 205.
5:01 am
marco rubio pretty far back off the front at 106. 1237 delegates needed to secure the nomination. so donald trump about a fourth of the way there. let's talk democrats right now. hillary clinton like donald trump. she won seven states. alabama, arkansas. georgia, massachusetts, tennessee, texas and virginia. a lot of southern states but massachusetts was a hard fought battle. both campaigns wanted massachusetts bad. she ended up winning it. bernie sanders didn't leave with nothing. he got four states, colorado, minnesota, oklahoma and vermont. and these four states they targeted. the fifth was massachusetts. they got four out of five. hillary clinton has delegates right now. 1055. that includes super delegates. bernie sanders 418. if you include the super delegates, which you need to because they count just as much of the other, hillary clinton
5:02 am
halfway there. >> that helps us so much understand what happened last night. so with trump winning seven states and racking up more delegates, many expected some of his rivals to get out of race but this morning that is not the case. cnn's jim acosta is live in palm beach florida with more. what is the latest, jim? >> reporter: donald trump clearly that is upper hand this morning. he is clearly in control of the gop battle. but he did not drive his rivals out of this race. allowing ted cruz to emerge once again as the man who could potentially stop trump. >> we have expanded the republican party. >> it was a big night for donald trump. the clear front runner now well on his way to clinching the republican nomination. >> the republicans have tremendous energy. the democrats don't. they don't have any energy. their numbers are down. our numbers are through the roof. >> the businessman wrakd racked
5:03 am
up seven wins. >> i think we are going to be more inclusive. i think we're going to be more unified and i think we are going to win in november. >> after days of controversy over support from white supremacists trump tried to strike a more kploemtic tone claiming he can unify the country. >> i'm a unifier. i know people are going to find that a little hard to believe but believe me, i am a unifier. >> path beating him is for us to unify. >> ted cruz also called for unity asking the other non trump candidates to drop out. >> if we remain divided, then in all likelihood donald trump becomes the nominee. that result was made clear tonight. but i think donald has a hard ceiling of 35-40%. >> cruz is making the case that he's the gop's only hope to win the white house. >> for those who have supported other candidates, we welcome you on our team standing united as one.
5:04 am
[ applause ] >> the trump said gop leaders should get behind him or else. >> i'm going to get along great with congress. paul ryan, i don't know him well but i'm sure i'm going to get along great with him. and if i don't he's going to have to pay a big price, okay? >> and trump continued the war of insults with marco rubio. >> i know it was a tough night more marco rubio. he had a tough night. he worked hard. he spent a lot of money. he is a lightweight. >> reporter: but rubio did pull off a win in minnesota and vowed to fight an. >> there will never come a time where our supporters are asking out to get out and rally around trump. they are asking us to save the party of lincoln and reagan from a con artist who refuses to criticize the kkk. >> but the stop trump movement is picking up steam this morning. a republican antitrump super pack announced last night it is putting more staff and resources into defeating the front runner.
5:05 am
saturday and spread out over the next couple of weeks. and chris, officials with that super pack say that time is still on their side. there is still time to block donald trump from this nomination and the fight is going to play out at the convention later on this summer in cleveland. >> time, yes. you have 250 days until the general election but not that much until we head to the conventions and time gets short real fast. the other side now. hillary clinton looking to build on her super tuesday momentum. shifting her attention to trump and a general election but bernie sanders is not conceding anything at this point. cnn's senior washington correspondent jeff zeleny live in miami covering the clinton campaign. good morning jeff. >> reporter: good morning chris. hillary clinton racked up big wins across the south yesterday from virginia to arkansas to alabama. she won some 65% to his 30%. about an average there in a lot of those states. but of course democrats split
5:06 am
their delegates. that means bernie sanders has the right to go on. he won four states in his own right. oklahoma, minnesota, colorado and his home state of vermont. but hillary clinton and bernie sanders had a meeting of the minds of sorts in their respective victory parties. they had a common person in mind and his name was donald trump. >> that work is not to make great again. america never stopped being great. >> when we bring our people together and when we have the courage to stand up to the billionaire class and tell them they can't have it all. >> now there is one reason hillary clinton and bernie sanders are mentioning donald trump. the fact is he fires up democratic voters. minority voters in particular. that is one thing that the clinton campaign believes is a strong suit for them. they have been worried all along if democrat voters would come out in the sizes they did in 2008 for barack obama.
5:07 am
so far they haven't but they believe donald trump will be someone who electrifies the democratic base here. but of course the next week of this democratic contest, so important. there are o two more debates. one on sunday a cnn debate. another a week from today in miami. that may be one of the last chances for bernie sanders to show that he is the better choice for democrats here. but going forward t clinton campaign tells me, a top advisor tells me they believe my march 15th they will have an insurmountable mathematic lead at least in this long democratic fight. >> march 15th. a significant date to keep our eyes on. thanks jeff. donald trump celebrating seven super tuesday wins but there is a twist. exit polls show many republicans would not be happy to see him as the nominee. christine romans joins was the conflicting results. >> exit polls showing broad support for trump. education, ideology.
5:08 am
but then there's this. we asked voters if they would be satisfied or dissatisfied if crump wins the nomination. and here is what they told us in four states donald trump one. in alabama, 50% said yes they would be happy. in tennessee, just over half say yes they are satisfied with trump nabbing the gop nomination. here is where it gets interesting. in arkansas a state trump won, he won this one. less than half would be satisfied with a trump nomination of those that don't support trump, ted cruz then marco rubio would be their choice. in virginia, that is battle ground state in november. 54% said they would not be satisfied with donald trump as their choice. marco rubio is their top choice. again, trump won virginia. he dominated in almost every demographic. yet more than half of voters would not be satisfied with him in the nomination. this and the late deciders breaking for marco rubio. those are the two cracks showing you guys for donald trump in the
5:09 am
exit polls. >> all right christine. thank you very much. appreciate it. joining us now with trump perspective is katrina pearson. national spokesperson for the trump campaign. congratulations to you on last night's seven states and if we can let's call up the turnout numbers from last night because that is the theory of success for donald trump that he is going to bring new and more voters to the polls for the gop and then in the general election. is that what you believe is going to happen based on last night katrina? >> good morning chris. and yes, i do believe that. we've been seeing that from the beginning of this campaign with mr. trump. at first they said can he turn these crowds into votes? and i think we've proven that we have actually done that and considerably so. and we're looking forward to that because that is what the republican party has been saying they needed and as you mentioned in your reporting this morning, mr. trump is bringing along people from all strikes of the board. young, old, some minorities. the conservatives.
5:10 am
moderates and liberals. that is what questiwe need. that is the coalition we've been talking about plus bringing states into play no other republican will be able to do. >> and in point of fact since 1960 no republican running has won the states that trump has and not become the nominee so that is in the favorable side of history. on the other hand we have whachd in minnesota. rubio's theory of the case. if we can put up those numbers. the only place where trump finished third. his point if everyone gets bind me i can take on trump and i can beat him. do you agree? of course not. why? >> if every state was a caucus maybe. but no, i don't think so at all. and i think this also shows where the race really is. it looks like senator cruz has won more states than marco rubio. actual states not just caucuses but actual primaries and that's important as well. and when it comes to policies
5:11 am
we're talking about someone who made promises to the people of the state of florida particularly with regard to immigration and then did the exact opposite, which is the definition of a con man by the way so i think he's going to have a harder problem winning his own home state because they already know he has no intentions of doing the things he's going do. whereas mr. trump has a record of creating jobs and building success and has great policies that are pro america and americans love that. >> you brought up the term con man. let's talk about some of that. and you can refute. talking about how he would be a unifier and be good. donald trump said i'll get along with paul ryan and if not he'll have to pay a big price. is that the kind of message to send as the unifier. >> what he's talking about are the people. we see the people out there coalescing behind donald trump and leadership of the party the quote unquote establishment once again fighting back the people.
5:12 am
that is what mr. trump is talking about. he's saying pay attention. you finally have someone bringing everyone together. the establishment had an opportunity to acknowledge that but you are seeing them go the exact same way and fight back against the choice of the people. >> jobs. jobs is a big point. certainly as the big reason in motivation for people to come out and vote for donald trump. he says i'm going to bring jobs back. i really need you to explain how. because jobs are not really controlled by government. they are controlled by capitalism as you know. that is why trump makes his ties and different products outside the country. that is why he often sources materials for the buildings that he has a part of the construction in from outside the country. what could he do to change the rules that he himself benefits from? >> well i think that is a great question. and more specifically. to a point that's coming up actually with more trade agreements. because you are right, chris. government doesn't create jobs. but it can drive jobs away with
5:13 am
horrible tax policy, with horrible trade deals. which is exactly what we have today. mr. trump is talking about renegotiating those trade deals and actually those jobs will come back to america because we need to be making things in this country again. nafta eliminated a third of the jobs in south carolina and millions of other jobs along the south. talking about the trans pacific partnership now which is going to eliminate more jobs. we have to get back to common sense governing. true capitalism and not croney capitalism. and that is going to do wonders for creating jobs. >> what you are outlining right now at best would be a way to staunch job losses, not create more jobs. not bring jobs back. we both know why the jobs aren't here. it is cheaper to make things abroad. that is why donald trump makes things abroad. how do you change is that that is fundamental capitalism. is he going the make people raise labor rates overseas? is he going to lower what people get paid here? >> what he's going to do is
5:14 am
renegotiate the trade deals which means of course we're going to start taxing those countries that tax us. we are not doing that at present. we're going to bring jobs back by telling companies back and states are offering tax incentives to bring those jobs back. we have sent jobs overseas because we are taxing businesses astronomical astronomically. we have the highest corporate tax rate. that is why jobs are leaving. when you get that under control the jobs will come back and that is crow you create jobs in the country. >> last question for you today. if someone were to come up to you katrina and say america is not a great place. would you agree? >> well i think america is the greatest country on the planet and has been. >> but your slogan is make america great again. that obviously implies that we ain't great. >> but what i will say is what we have seen and why most americans including democrats are fighting this cycle is that when they wake up in the morning
5:15 am
they don't recognize the country that used to be great. they don't see a country they can pass on to their families like we had. every parent today wants their country to be better. 92 million people unemployed. mass uv job losses. we have policies implemented to help illegal aliens over veterans. trade deals helping transnational corporations and global banks not families in america. and donald trump is the guy to turn that around. >> katrina pearson. congratulations on last night. and thanks for being on "new day" today. >> thanks chris. it was also a successful day for hillary clinton. she won seven states but bernie sanders won four. so what is her plan to solidify support? the clinton camp next. avo: when sends craig wilson a ready for you alert the second his room is ready, ya know what he becomes?
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it was a big super tuesday for donald trump. but his campaign is not without some trouble. trump's most prominent supporter is now coming under fire. while the fall out over trump's kkk comments heat up. john berman is back with more what are you seeing? >> it's been a busy week in trump world. and trump world includes new jersey governor chris christie. the new jersey governor facing some heat at home. six newspapers in his own state, albeit owned by the same conglomerate have all called on
5:20 am
chris christie to get out, to resign. after his failed presidential bid and after he endorsed donald trump. and it is not just the new jersey papers. christie had a big endorsement from them in the new hampshire primary when he was still running. look at these words. boy, were we wrong. not happy with chris christie anymore at all. donald trump last night, he picked up seven states. won seven states on super tuesday. the biggest delegate hall. that is what the people said. the people spoke. but what about that party? top republican leaders not mincing words after trump took his time denouncing the controversial comments or endorsement by david duke of the kkk. >> if a person wanting to be the nominee of the republican party, there can be no evasion and no games. they must reject any group or cause that is built on bigotry. >> let me make it perfectly
5:21 am
clear. senate republicans condemn, david duke, the kkk, and his raci racism. >> now it is important to note that paul ryan made clear. he'll support whoever the nominee is. and senator majority leader mitch mcconnell also stopped short of denying he would vote for trumpb if he is the nominee but some are going that far. and from nebraska, ben sass, very popular, he says if trump becomes the nominee, my expectation is i'll look for that third candidate. a conservative option. a constitutionalist. he says he will not vote for donald trump. donald trump even congratulated cruz for his victories last night and he called for unity. >> i am a yub fire. i would love to see the
5:22 am
republican party and everybody get together and unify. and when he unify there is nobody, nobody that is going to beat us. >> if i have to be tough with paul ryan, i will be. alisyn. >> yes we know you will be, john. all right thanks so much for that. >> so an antitrump super pac is policying to ramp up attacks on donald trump. >> running against donald trump at this point is really treason to your heritage. i do support his candidacy and i support voting for him. >> i don't know anything about david duke. okay? i don't know anything about what you are even talking about with white supremacy and white supremacists. i don't know. i have to look at the group. >> -- >> you wouldn't want me to condemn a group that i know nothing about. i'd have to look. >> that's disqualifying right
5:23 am
there. it's breathtaking. >> it is all fun and all a circus and all a rodeo stem cell it starts to smack of racism then it's no longer fun. >> the antitrump super pac beefing up. and their advisor joins us now. that is a tough ad. even would have been trump's buddies from the media in there saying it was disqualifying. do you really believe -- >> absolutely chris. and number one it is disturbing that donald trump has a series of actions like this that, you know, smack of racism. that make people question what his motives are. but looking at this just electorally, this makes him absolutely une electronable. and a new cnn poll out yesterday has donald trump losing to clinton by eight points and all her other candidates were beating her. and hillary clinton literally could be under indictment in the general election and she would
5:24 am
still crush donald trump. you can't win a election in this country if you can't condemn the kkk. and the fact that i have to say that is so ridiculous. and that is one of the cases we are going to be making against him between now and the upcoming caucuses. >> the basis you are making here. the one of the against hillary clinton very little reason to believe she's going to be under indictment any time soon but let's put her to the side. he has said horrible things to some people's ears in the past. others see it as candor, refreshing. at least you know where his head is. whatever the explanation, it hasn't hurt him. why seize on this one about the kkk when he says i disavowed david duke. i couldn't hear anything in hi hear. whatever whatever. he disavows them. >> sure. well number one i have to reject this notion that donald trump is the king of candor. donald trump is a total fraud. he tells people what they want to hear. not what he really thinks.
5:25 am
he has an entire past where he's completely changed his positions on a whole host of issues. so look this is the case we're going to make, chris. i think you are right. people at this point understand donald trump is going to go out there and say a lot of crazy stuff. the case we're going make against him is it makes him completely unelectable against hillary clinton. any person who doesn't wan to see hillary clinton in the white house must support a candidate other than donald trump. and number two, we're going to be bringing new information to the table. things people don't know about donald trump, particularly related to his business record. the fact he enriched himself on the backs of regular people. that he has associations with a lot of scandalous characters and that is something that hasn't been in the discussion over the course of the -- >> the question is why not? other than the kk thing which is, you know, new.
5:26 am
all of this stuff had been around forever. you were with jeb bush's campaign. you could have brought up all of this stuff. none of you really did. it would bubble up in the and everybody would shout it down as being unfair to trump. you never picked up the ball. why not. >> every candidate has to run their own campaign and this has been a completely inprecedented race and the media and pundits look to look at this in the prism of how did it work in 2012? 2008? this was 17 person field and a field that has huge diversity in opinions on the issues. donald trump is completely outside of the mainstream on where the party is on a host of issues. so what we're seeing now is donald trump is having an erosion of support as his campaign goes on. if you look at the polls last night. 50% of the people in the exit polls who voted said they will be disappointed with donald trump as the nominee. we've never had anything like this before. so what e withed ha a really fractured field in a fractured race and now as it is coming into focus one of the things
5:27 am
that needs to happen is that voters need to be educated on donald trump's record when it comes to businesses the fact that he started a subprime mortgage company six months before the mortgage collapse. >> true. >> when people knew there were problems in the housing market he was giving people bad loans this is not a good businessman and this is a person looking out for himself and not regular people and that is the case we're going make. >> so the bet is that you are going the attack his past. what you could call his record because he hasn't been in public service. and the hopes of getting people to see him in a different way and coalesce. cal galvanize around another candidate. that's going to be cruz or rubio in all likelihood. jeb bush is going to have a big say here because florida is all important for rubio. as an all-in state. knowing what you know about his mind and that man, do you believe he's going to come out for rubio before that primary? >> i am going to have to let jeb make those decisions and those announcements for himself. >> give me something.
5:28 am
give me something. >> here's what i'll give you. number one, jeb bush through the entire primary made it explicitly clear he did not think donald trump was kwfds, had the right temperament to be president, was a conservative. he had a lot of negative things to say -- >> so did chris christie and look where he wound up. >> and he was the one doing it every minute, dating back to july, he was b standing up to him every step of the way. we know that about jeb. and he's going to have to make an endorsement decision for himself. what i'm doing and what our principles pack is focusing on rye we have to stop donald trump. right nowed in the media you a trying to anoint him and he doesn't have -- >> you go through an entire election cycle not coming at the guy on any of these bases and you are going to blame the me a media? >> no look, i'm not blaming the media. >> -- you just did.
5:29 am
>> -- the media thinks that donald trump is good for business. the media is anointing donald trump saying he can't be stopped. that's hogwash. there are three quarters of the delegates have not yet been voted on. three quarters of the the people in the republican primary have not had their say and of the people who have voted donald trump doesn't even have half. so this is going to be a long fight. donald trump is wrong for the party. the unfavorables are going up as this process goes along. and so we'll have to see what happens over the kours of the next three weeks. but i think there is a lot of material out there that is going to be used against him. and, you know, we get to help you guys out a little with your donald trump business. give you some more things to talk about. >> your position is clear. it is always easy to reach me. you know that. tim miller, thanks for being on "new day." >> thanks for having me chris. >> a successful super tuesday for hillary clinton. she won seven states but bernie sanders won four. what's her plan to become the nominee? the clinton campaign here next.
5:30 am
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just being together and appreciating what we have right here in santa cruz. see how you can save energy at together, we're building a better california. hillary clinton cementing her front runner status by
5:34 am
adding seven more states to the win column on super tuesday. clinton is now nearly halfway to getting the number of delegates needed to become the party's nominee. but there are still many challenges ahead. so joining us now senior spokesperson for hillary clinton's campaign karen phinney. good morning karen. >> good morning alisyn. >> hillary clinton won seven states last night but bernie sanders won four. in addition to his home state of vermont he also won oklahoma, colorado and minnesota. did that surprise you? >> no, of course not. we have always said this is going to be a competitive race but we are feeling very good about the results from last night. because as i think i may have predicted to chris right here on this network yesterday morning, i think what we saw is that hillary clinton's talking about, her message is resonating and she has really hit on something that is broadly appealing to americans across the country.
5:35 am
north, south, east, west. and so we feel really good about that. >> she does seem to have honed her message and shifted her focus. she seems to be playing more towards donald trump and his supporters and using different language. now using words like "kindness" and "respect" and "love." let me play hillary clinton last night. >> i believe what we need in america today is more love and kindness. instead of building walls we're going to break down barriers and build -- [ cheers and applause ] -- build ladders of opportunity and empowerment. so every american can live up to his or her potential. because then and only then can america live up to its full potential too. >> so karen, is this the plan?
5:36 am
going forward, to not go for the jugular but rather kill trump with kindness? >> well first you have to win the democratic primary, win the nopgs. so we're focused on that. because we have a big week coming up with the cnn town hall or debate in flint. but i just want to point out one thing alisyn, having known hillary clinton for over 20 years i have the benefit of knowing that she's actually been talking about love and kindness and building ladders of opportunity and breaking down barriers for more than 20 years. that's been her life's work. so this is what she feels passionate about. very strongly about. what happens on the other side donald trump is talking about essentially, as tim miller i have to agree with him, it's racist. it's bikted. it is about tearing us apart as the country. and the truth is that is not what we want in this country. we want to keep moving forward.
5:37 am
we don't want to be divided. we are suppose -- we are one nation and i think that's what people want. >> don't you have to be prepared for the personal attacks. he has said he plans to go after her personally. last night he spoke about her again. listen to this. >> our country is going to hell and people don't understand that and hillary clinton doesn't have a clue. she can't do that. she's talk about -- one of the things that's really bothered me. i think one of the reasons i have such great support is that people, take a look. people in the middle income groups are making less money today, less than they made 12 years ago. and mer her speech they are making less money. she's been there with obama for a long time. >> that's an interesting line of attack, if you are one of the dissatisfied people in the country and we know there are legions, that he's saying that she's partly responsible. she was part of the obama administration.
5:38 am
>> which of course i love how he conveniently, you know, leaves out the part about how we had a surplus when bill clinton left office and people were making money and then we had bush. but, you know, let's not let the facts get in the way. hillary clinton, they keep trying to knock her down and this is someone who gets right back up and keeps on going. this woman is tough. she is tenacious. she has -- she is guided by strong believes and strong faith. and let me tell you. i think the turnout that we saw last night shows that there is a very strong base in this country that will support her. and i they lot of people are going to stand up to that kind of hate speech from donald trump because that is not what people want in this country. and what shooesz really talking about. last night she's been talking about this for months now. how do we increase incomes and lower out of pocket cost for precipitation drugs. equal pay for women. she's talking about big ideas and she is talking about the
5:39 am
things that people really care about in this country. >> karen finney, thanks so much for being on "new day." we'll see you at the debate in miami where you are soon. thanks so much. hillary clinton and bernie sanders will face off in the next democratic debate. the first one is on sunday. anderson cooper moderates live from flint michigan, sunday night 8:00 eastern right hear on cnn. >> two of our commentators get into a fiery debate and they are back live to confront this sensitive subject. next. trees? eese. xerox helps hospitals use electronic health records so doctors provide more personalized care. cheese? cheese! patient care can work better. with xerox. that's it. how was your commute? good. yours? good. xerox real time analytics make transit systems run more smoothly... and morning chitchat... less interesting.
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i thodid the ancestrydna toian. find out i'm only 16% italian. so i went onto ancestry, soon learned that one of our ancestors was eastern european. this is my ancestor who i didn't know about. time for the five things for you "new day." one, donald trump winning 7 of 11 super tuesday states. ted cruz capturing three states with marco rubio winning his first. hillary clinton also celebrating wins in seven super tuesday states but failed to knockout
5:44 am
bernie sanders, the vermont senator winning four states to keep his hopes alive. >> and officials set to examine debris possibly from malaysia airlines flight 370. off mozambique, about a thousand miles from where debris linked to the plane was found last year. and interrogation by u.s. military officials before being turned over to iraqi authorities in the next few days. and scott kelly back of a record length of time in space. for more on the five things to know, go to "new day" for all the latest. >> and super tuesday was about a lot of things and one of them wound up being about race right here on cnn. it is always in play but not often like this. >> the what difference because it make the. >> it makes a lot of difference. >> they chipmunks they kill
5:45 am
people. you don't play games with that. >> right and you county hide and say that is not part of the base of the democratic party. >> they were making arguments not insults and as a proof here they are side by side again this morning. we are going continue this conversation. have they learned a little more about the other perspective and what does it mean going forward? next. (vo) new tidy cats lightweight 4-in-1 fights mess right. attacks three strong litter box odors, plus locks clumps tight. ... and now it's light. every home, every cat. there's a tidy cats for that.
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you're right and you don't hide and say that is not part of the base of the democratic party. that's been -- they were the
5:49 am
military arm. the terrorist arm. of the democratic party according to historians. read your history. >> i don't care -- >> this whole. >> hold on a second. i don't care how they voted 50 years ago. i care about who they killed. >> i care about american history. it counts. >> that was one small snippet of a fiery debate last night. commentators rnls jeffrey lord and jan jonas got into this heated debate over donald trump and the kkk. >> joining us this morning are our two esteemeden commentators. side by side it should be noted. it's arguments, not insults. with the benefit of time, van jones, does the perspective of done forget who these guys were the kkk and what it means to your party, does that make more sense to you in the analysis of what it means today with donald trump? >> you know, i don't understand why the right wing is so
5:50 am
obsessed with trying to point out that the ku klux klan 50, 60, 0 years was a patriot of the democratic party. the democratic party in that time was a racist party and there were violent elements. that is true because obviously the republicans at that time were the party of lincoln who ended slavery. but we've had a reversal. my entire lifetime. i was born in '68. there's been that reversal. i think for african americans when we try to speak about the pain of the lynches, try to speak about the fear that we are having around every african american dinner table about what does trump mean? and to us it feels dismissive saying they were 50, 60 years ago. >> rather than back two days to what donald trump said where he did not give any aggressive disavowal with jake tapper of the kk. why not just focus on the race today? >> i would love to focus on today, alisyn. what i was trying to give was
5:51 am
give historical context. my point is that race fuels the progressive movement. and has always fueled the progressive movement. whether it was slavery, segregation, lynching, the ku klux klan, to today's racial quotas. illegal immigration by skin color. groups like la razza, black panthers. black lives matter. etc. etc. it's always about let's divide by race and then here is the aggressive agenda we want to enact. that is the connection to me and as the constant throughout 2 hundred some od years of history. the clan being just one of thkl. and david duke was a big supporter of the occupy wall street right there with president obama. >> what's wrong with that lodge snick. >> i have no idea what he's talking about. first you are going to say the people divided by -- hold on.
5:52 am
you had your turn. i'm ninth generation american. i've been in this country for nine generations, my family. i'm the first person in my family born with all my rights. okay, i was born in '68. it was not progressives that were trying to keep slavery in place. it was not progressives trying to keep segregation in place. people of conscience on both sides fought against that. but there is this weird strain now on the right that tries to pretend their hands are completely clean when it comes to race. >> you know van, sometimes when you are in something it is a little harder to see what's going on because you are focused on making these counterpoints. i think i have one for each of you that i think is what's coming out here. what jeffrey is saying to you is what donald trump did with the kk is a non event. he didn't mean it as a hedge. he didn't mean it as the clever way of keeping them in his tentd. he disavowed them and the left is using them anyway because
5:53 am
that is what you do with race. you divide people. >> exactly cris. >> do you sthaep vaccept that? >> donald trump is not a moderate. he's not someone who doesn't speak his mind. he is a passionate person. and when you talk about terrorism. he is passionate. when you talk about people being murdered for no reason. he is passionate. when he talks about isis he is passionate. we have american terrorists, the biggest strongest, longest terrorist organization in the united states is ku klux klcank and you heard no passion. what i said last night is is where was the passion. if isis would have dorsied trump he would have sanity i dccade -. >> i like the exercise that chris is doing where it's like couples therapy that we are in. where you have to mirror each
5:54 am
other. so jeffrey do you understand van's point that donald trump needed a much more passionate response about the kkk and david duke? >> sure. i take his point but what i'm trying to say is if you sense a lack of passion in his voice is because frankly the ku klux klan is a non entity here. >> to you it is a non entity. we have hate crime -- sorry. i don't neon interrupt. >> that is the part that's difficult for people. the kkk and not a non entity. it is real. david duke is the grand wizard. >> he was. >> they are still coming out and making statements. and why would you have to qualify how legit an organization they are in today to condemn what they represent? >> iffic you cof course you con >> he didn't. >> but he did. >> not in that instance and the question is why? >> see chris you are trying to -- i mean i'm not saying this
5:55 am
personally to you. but i just -- the implication that he's what, sending a dog whistle to white supremacists? >> yes that is the implication. >> but that is because liberals play the race card all of the time. that is what they do. >> can with e have an whole hour on this? for 2 hundred years we've been being murdered and lynched and for us to speak out against that is not playing the race card. >> this is the party of lincoln and -- >> hello. well then why in donald trump -- >> -- versus democrat jeffrey. it is really just about donald trump owning what he said and why. >> he said it over and over and over again before this happened. >> that's true. and after. but not then and that is why people are raising questions. >> it is not just this statement. listen. >> it is what he said about imgrants also that people feel are fuelling this. >> 15 seconds. go ahead van. wrap it up. >> and donald trump rallies today, this past week. you don't have to go back 50
5:56 am
years. african americans have been e evicted ux hit. they have been hurt. there is a something happening that's a racial undertone and you have to be able to talk about that without being accused of playing a race card. >> we have to leave it there but i heard you say we need an hour on this. jeffrey a that's not fair. give us ten seconds. >> look, my childhood heros were jfk, bobby kennedy, martin luther king. the world they were trying to bring us to. martin luther king used to quote the declaration of independence. >> black people didn't get beat up at their rallies. >> -- by race because this is what happens, you get racial tensions when you divide by race. >> if you beat black people up at rallies you get tensions. don't blame black beam for getting beat up at donald trump rallies. >> there is an ugliness that everybody wants to see go aways as much as we can make it happen
5:57 am
in america. you are saying it jeffrey about having everybody be equal. van is saying it about let's be sensitive to what can be said that enhances these differences. the question is why aren't you two guys connecting? it seems to be about the blame of who's using this more of a weapon jeffrey. is that really the way to solve this. >> i do think this is used a weapon. i am so disappointed in the aftermath of the 1960s. the 1960s were a corrective to what the democratic party did. the reason -- >> you don't take any responsibility for your party's role in any of this. this is the problem. >> the reason we needed aez -- >> i was born in68 sir. >> the reason we needed those civil rights laws from the 1960 it is because the democratic party went out of their way to undermine. >> hold on. i have to correct this. i have to correct is this. >> -- you keep going back to history but what about today? why don't you understand that donald trump's language just on the jake tapper show, not what
5:58 am
he tweeted later, was not satisfying to people who wanted a real full-throated disavowal. >> because he's done it before. he didn't think it was a big deal because he's already done it. four different times. >> hold on a second. >> jeffrey, you unction in logic why that doesn't work. if you hold a position you hold it every time you. don't fudge a position because you have said it before. that's not convincing. >> if you want your doctor you can keep your doctor. politicians. >> two wrongs make a right? >> no. look -- >> i want to say something here. it is very important to me -- there is something with this particular view that because horrible racist dixiecrats in the is south did horrible racist things, and they did horrible racist things for a long time. >> for political reasons. >> let me finish. let me finish. >> yes, sir. >> for a long time that i had did horrible racist things. 50, 60 years. i say that is horrible. but guess what those people left
5:59 am
the democratic party and they joined your party. that is the problem. >> not true. >> i don't get why it is about party who cares. >> i don't either. >> didn't your leadership just come out and say exactly that? >> every time. a dodge they use every time to take no responsibility for the racism in their party. and that doesn't make any sense to us and it is horribly offensive and if you want to come together the one thing you would do is stop talking about stuff that happened 70 years with dixiecrats. let's talk about people being beat up at your rallies, today. today right now. >> let's talk. >> do you care about the black kids being beat up at your rally or no? >> i quantity want to know exactly what happened is this. >> why are they black kids van. >> because their parents are black. their grandparents were black. >> they are americans. >> americans aren't getting beat aupt your rallies. black kids areno. >> yes they are. >> see that's it.
6:00 am
you would rather focus on their skin color. >> pause because it is only blacking beat up if some -- >> -- t 1968. >> the year i was born. this doesn't make any sense jeffrey. >> it makes perfect sense. >> why do you continue to raise stuff from -- >> it's history. >> jeffrey. >> something happened to your kid right now and i say well guess what, 30 years ago something else you would say you don't care about my kid. >> you do think slavery . mattered. >> absolutely it matters. >> that's all i'm trying to tell you. >> hold on a second. what i would say is i probably heard a little bit about slavery in my lifetime and if i'm sitting here telling you as an african american parent i am concerned what's happening to wlak kids today you continuin


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