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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  March 2, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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panic in the gop. donald trump has rewritten the rules for this campaign but is he threatening the very existence of the republican party? the elites fighting back with a last-ditch plan to derail the juggernaut. plus trump and the race card. is race the issue that will decide the whole campaign? let's begin with trump's seven
8:01 pm
victories, putting him one step closer to the republican nomination. >> joining me margaret hoover, republican consultant and kayleigh mcenany. margaret, trump an existential threat to the gop? >> if you think you know what the republican is and you think you know what it stood for over the last few decades and you think you understood a little about the modern conservative movement, social conservative, fiscal conservative and strong national security chops, look no more. you have no idea what it will look like if donald trump is the nominee of the republican party. look, honestly, we don't know what donald trump will say or do or be when he's the republican nominee and it's likely he will be the republican nominee. he has come out tonight, just this evening, a plan for how he
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would replace obamacare. it looks remarkably like paul ryan's plan for replacing obamacare. there are tax credits if you want to take your health care with you. there are -- i'm sorry, block grants to the states. i mean, it basically looks like they're going to replace -- get rid of the individual mandate. it's what paul ryan -- many planks of the paul ryan plan. but this is the first time he's said it. >> i would say that donald trump is broadening the republican party in a way that's needed to happen for a very long time. >> there have been some real flaws in the republican party, one is losing manufacturing jobs, sending them overseas, hurting middle class workers, working blue collar workers, states like michigan, colorado, who are helpless. donald trump wants to make america great again by bringing the job back over. you look at foreign policy.
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americans are tired of intervening in libya, syria, toppling dictators and putting our men and women overseas in perilous situations. >> i was speaking to someone who said they were speaking to the steel industry and they said who would be the better candidate and they said probably donald trump would be the better candidate for them. >> that's why the head of the sicu came out and said -- >> of china? >> yes. >> last night was a great night for your candidate. do you think there's an anti-trump movement inside of your party, does it make him stronger? >> absolutely. it was said that when people are negative towards donald trump, it actually ends up helping him. he said he ran two hours of negative adds about donald trump to donald trump supporters and it emboldened his report.
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it's really quite shocking. >> let's put the delegate count up. because ben carson -- ben carson said he doesn't see a clear path forward that, he won't attend tomorrow night's debate. if you look at this, it going to be pretty tough. ted cruz is not that far behind, but now with the delegate race really shaping up, is that plan -- is there an emerging plan that could actually make a difference in all of this? >> this -- what you're seeing and what you're hearing is the only way to derail donald trump, assuming the inertia and momentum continue in the direction they're going is to block and tackle. it's to continue to accumulate delegates if you're marco rubio and ted cruz and john kasich -- >> so keep it more fragmented and not consolidate? >> either way, so long as the
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accumulation of delegates is happening with candidates over than trump. that's the only way to do it, to keep him from getting the 1,23 delegates -- >> which would lead to the an brokered convention works could lead to -- >> even i who am not a trump supporter, if donald trump win it is outright, he wins it outright. i agree, you can't go into the nomination of somebody who has won the 1,237 votes and try to make a case they haven't. if they haven't gotten the 1,237 votes, i would really call it a contested convention because there's no guys in the back room who are going to come out and decide. >> if nobody hits 1,237, the most equitable outcome is to allow those who had the most votes to receive the nomination. to allocate delegates to those
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no n the minority would be a really bad -- >> it depends what the numbers are. if it really is pretty evenly divided, maybe the delegates at the convention have to have multiple rounds of voting. >> it's the decision of the people, not the decision of the party. >> 2,000 delegates isn't a party deciding. those are people from all over the country voting. >> it sounds like you guys are at the convention deciding what are we going to do about this? is th is marco rubio in michigan today. >> when you're the front-runner, everyone is saying, please, get out of the race. when people are saying now is, please, ev get together so we can keep this front-runner from winning and destroying the republican party. >> what do you think mitt romney's going to say tomorrow? >> mitt romney -- >> first, reaction to that. >> my first reaction to that is no one is consolidating against a frun bares this is the first time a strong outsider is in
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contention for the nomination and pose as threat to the establishment. the republican party has lied to the republican base forever. they say they'll decrease spending, they go and pass 1.3 trillion in new spend. they say they'll defund plant parenthood -- >> what does rom anyway ni saisai tomorrow? >> the "ronnie is he won't endorse someone. the last thing you want is the face of the establishment endorsing you. it consolidates his outsider persona. >> house speaker paul ryan take a swipe at trump for his non-disavowing of the kkk on sunday and trump reresponded during a speech last night. listen to this. >> if a person wants to be the nominee of the republican party, there can be no equation and no
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games, they must regroup any cause build on bigotry. this people does not play along with people's prejudices. paul ryan, i'm sure going i'm going to have to get along good with him. and if i don't, he's going to have to pay the price wp. >> look, i want to talk about one thing that paul ryan said. we don't think of the best traditions or the best heritage taj of the party being a party of bigotry, dividing people and explaining race relations in the country. >> say that again. >> we don't think of the best traditions in the republican party. it was good that he came out and said this is not the republican party -- >> let me ask you this. i'll let you finish. you may not think of it that way.
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>>. >> the abolitionists -- it seals like the party is that way. thank you for helping me make the point. paul ryan comes out and says that's not our paper, i'm not going to have that in my party. but in the next breath he says but i'm dwog support the republican nominee,whoever that is. the problem is that we are vo. >> say that again. >> we haven't made the didi describeding line. let me just finish. william f. buckley said you cannot be part of the conservative movement. we are not going to say have you antagonize this movement. there is going to be some sense of decorum, but the right in the last decade has not drawn that line. >> by the way, this is the narrative that has been put forth by democrats time and time
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again. the irony is carter cape out he did not denounce them throw it's done. it's unethical, it wrong. i. i'm talking generally right now. does chris imexist inside the republican party? >> no, it is a minority. >> but it's wrom at that irked. >> you can't choose who reho supports you. >> but you can choo your reaction pup can fwlsh why can't
8:11 pm
you say i am not interested in your vote, i want nothing to do with you, you have nothing to do with the republican party? why can't you just say that? >> donald trump did that on thursday, he did that on friday -- >> here's what i heard from him, "okay, i disavow." that's like me going to you, okay already, enough already. he talks about terrorism. he talks about people coming over the border. i wangt him to say i want nothing to do with racist people pep i want nothing to do with the clan. it's just like off the cuff like stop asking me that stupid question. it's not a stupid question. >> he does o in the think the k kkk. >> but, he does in the think the kkk deserves this is not a
8:12 pm
robust group running around the way it was in history. alts reprehensible group. we've updated the record four times. >>ing is in a up to towel happen mus are and that has helped bring us to the point here where you have republican front-runners getting a little too cozy. >> i o have to say that donald trump reached out to paul ryan. they haven't spoken yet but we'll see once they do speak. >> thank you very much, and what it could mean in the campaign. you've got to see this. it's next.
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donald trump's initial refuse ar refusal to disavow the ku klux klan. >> you need to take a serious look at the fact this this man is playing fast and loose and footsie, when you talk about terrorism, he gets passionate,
8:17 pm
says, no, this is wrong. when you talk about the klan, oh, i don't know, i don't know. that's wrong. you came on the air and said this is just like when reverend wright was speaking. reverend wright never lynched anybody, never killed anybody, never put anybody on a post. you guys play these word games and it's wrong it do in america. >> it is wrong to understand that these are not leftists. >> what difference does it make if you call them leftists? call them chipmunks, they killed people. don't play games with that. >> they were the military arm, the terrorist arm of the democratic party according to historians. for god sakes read your history. the whole attitude of dividing by race is still here. >> i don't care how they voted 50 years ago, i care about who they killed. >> i care about american history. it counts. >> van jones is here along with
8:18 pm
"washington post" reporter janel ross and matt lewis, author of eye too dumb to fail," kaylee back with us as well. you know, you're out with a piece for "the washington post," all about the jeffrey lord and the van jones throwdown. like van, though, you take issue with a lot of what jeffrey lord is putting out there. what was the concern about jeffrey's argument? >> certainly he has repeated something that has become a very popular meme in political circles, which is that the democratic party was the home base of the founders of the kkk. and technically of course they are right, that is true. but there are a whole series of things and about a hundred years of history, a little more than a hundred years of history that have happened since. there's been a complete reorganization and resorting of voters and the reality is that
8:19 pm
the -- whatever share of the electorate is different by the ideas that motivated the kkk, including vote are disenfranchisement or disenfranchising voters of colors being those are certainly not leftist ideas. >> hang on, van. i'm going to continue on with janel. you say "this should make fully clear to every american how central bigotry, combatting it, defending it and employing it has become to the 2016 presidential election. explain at that to me. >> almost every day there's a situation like this one. someone on the campaign trail or during the debate or when asked a question says something that would seem to largely assign blame or suspicion or recommend
8:20 pm
policies based on group membership, identity, physical april appearan appearance, et cetera, and then someone else says that's wrong, that's terrible and then reporters write did it and it goes on and on and on and people on either side of the issue, depending who they support or who their candidate is are unable or unwilling to admit this is exactly what's going on. it's been the case as we've gone on and continued last night money. >> maybe i'm wrong, isn't it less about race than last time? >> i think it depends how you define what conversations were being had about race. there were when barack obama ran in 2007, twa2008 and i suppose 2 many conversations about his historic candidacy and presidency. but we are having now are conversations about who is guilty of what and how people
8:21 pm
should be treated and which people should be let into the country and who should be surveilled or treated with group suspicion based on, again, their group membership or their physical appearance. that is very much a conversation about race or about religion and/or ethnic identity or nationality, whether people call that a conversation about race or not, that's exactly what's happening. >> go ahead, kayleigh. >> i speak for a lot of republicans when i say this and speak and talk to our frustrations. are there problems with race in society? absolutely. our criminal justice system is a place we need to take a hard look at to see if there are racial systemic problems there. that being said, america has come a long way. the average person today white, hispanic, black, doesn't judge people by the color of their spin. i have faith in the american people and i get really
8:22 pm
frustrated when i hear racism thrown around loose as a word. i it's hurtful and wrong and we have to be very cautious when we talk about this. we have come a long way and the american people by and large are not racist. >> i can vouch for the fact that some of donald trump east fans are racist because they hit me up on twitter and they're angry. jeffrey lord said something that i think does deserve -- this isn't quite the non sequitur that the i think the democratic party kkk was, and this is identity o politics. we saw it with hillary clinton, the fact that if you're a woman, you have to vote for hillary clinton. if you're a black republican, some people say you shouldn't be voting republican.
8:23 pm
i really reject that. one of the things i don't like about donald trump and something a lot of his supporters seem to be espousing is the same identity politics thing. there's a sense if you're a working class white person, you should be supporting donald trump. he's not saying it. i hate tribalism. i think jeffrey lord had a point when he talked about the left dividing us. i think some of trump's fans say they do it, too, we should start doing it. that's not the answer. >> does he bare any responsibility to denounce what his supporters are saying, to say i denounce, i don't want that? >> it incumbent upon you as a political leader to distance yourself from anything, even the hint of racism. as a conservative, it's incredibly important that
8:24 pm
conservatism not be tarnished by the unseemlyness, the ugliness of race. whatever it is that really and mates you as a conservative, you simply cannot have a tarnished and tainted by ugliness and hatred. that's why william f. buckley -- >> that holds true for both sides. >> if she's going to talk, i get to talk. kayleigh said some things in the last segment that i think are very, very unfortunate, especially given her very good intentions. she dismissed and diminished the ku klux klan. >> i never did that. >> yes, you did. >> u got a chance to talk in your segment. i'm going to talk now. you said it's a marginal group and it's not worth anything other than just saying i disavow. sometimes facts should matter. what's actually happening, fact,
8:25 pm
hate groups are actually growing in the united states. they're not shrinking. that's according to the fbi. the hate groups are multiplying. more terrorists who are white, right wing and white suv premiseds hapre -- supremacists have killed people. the hate groups are multiplying and statistics show there's more racial animus right now than there has been. so this whole idea that if someone says this is scary to me, if someone says this is a big deal and i want a national leader to speak out, and diminishing the klan that hate groups are growing -- >> i want to start out by saying i speak highly of you. it's unfair to me for to you
8:26 pm
make a statement that you diminish the ku klux klan. i called them reprehensible. i said it's disgusting and later in the segment i said that donald trump realizes this is a fringe group that isn't operating the same way today is did way back when it was at its height and, therefore, he just said i disavow because it is kuke group. number one group of hate crimes, victims of hate crimes in this country are jews. >> donald trump made a calculated decision on cnn -- >> no, he did not. >> three times. >> what evidence do you have of that? what evidence do you have it was a calculated decision? he said his air piece malfunctioned. >> because i have a brain. i'm not a robot who takes the donald at his word.
8:27 pm
>> you jump to conclusions without supporting them with facts. >> you don't have to be a genius to put two and two together. >> he said his ear piece malfunctioned. it happened to me today. i heard every five words. you are wrong to say it was a calculation when you have no evidence of that. we can't throw out conclusions without evidence. >> do you really believed that happened? >> only donald trump knows the answer. >> i think what she's saying is that she takes him at his word and she has no way of knowing otherwise. >> now i think she's being intellectually dishonest. >> and quoted every word from a malfunctioning word piece? >> i'm not being intellectually dishonest. you are by saying you somehow made your way into donald trump's head and have proof -- >> i haven't even gotten to say when i was going to say. but i want to go back to the ear
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let's talk about moving forward. ben carson, who has 7, he says he's dropping out. who gets those 7? who is the beneficiary? >> ben carson makes that decision. a lot of the rules say, hey, it's who you endorse or move your delegates to. it's an interesting thought. as to who gets ben carson's support, i think it spreads broadly among the candidates. if you look at kasich, fingertips, who may drop out eventually, it's really curious but 16% of his support goes to donald trump and 30% of his support goss es to rubio. it's not a monolithic block from carson to, let's say, cruz.
8:33 pm
>> wouldn't you think because of the kerfuffle that happened in iowa, that this would go to ted cruz? >> i think kayleigh' right in the sense that weird that any of kasich's supporters would go to donald trump but some of them do. i think it's really hard to game out where they go. more or less i just think that this is winnowing that is a long time coming. it's going to be interesting to watch debates without having to go to sort of the perfunctory ben carson answer and maybe stick to the meat of things. >> so it seems a lot simpler, van, it appears to be a lot simpler on the democratic side. have democrats in your memory, have they ever been as out of
8:34 pm
touch with the base as it seems the republican establishment is right now? >> don't forget, we have a rebealion in both parties. the difference is that it looks like right now, you never know, that the rebels in our party will not succeed. so the question is do the rebels leave? in the republican party, the rebels are going to win. the question is does the establishment stay. but both parties are having a huge rebellion and it's based on the same thing, pain at the bottom, a sense of elitism at the top, a sense of big money corrupting things so trump is self-funding, bernie is people powered. these are very, very similar dynamics. the reality is that our party is less dissatisfied with the democrats than the base is dissatisfied with the republican but there's a rebellion in both parties. >> but anger and fear will drive people to the polls.
8:35 pm
abo will that be a problem for the democratic side? >> there are many, many voters who are quite dissatisfied with each of the parties and quite dissatisfied with what they see as the proceeds of each of the party. i would add that congress has taken a pretty limited list of actions in the last three to four sessions. so i think this is not just a function of the voter imagination but they have some real reasons to be displeased with the people they put in office and i suppose the infrastructure they think as standing behind that. of course it is true that sometimes angry voters are very reliable voters. they show up, they vote and they want to see change happen and they understand that's the way to do that in this country. >> let's talk about chris
8:36 pm
christie, kayleigh. did you see chris christie standing behind donald trump. the many faces of chris christie. what's going on here? >> someone said it's kind of like the reverse of when like sarah palin stayed too long and donald trump was off to the side but this time it was chris christie to the back. it was a little awkward, the configuration. i think chris christie endorsing trump is a huge deal for trump to have someone standing beside you, someone sparring with you say out of everyone in this line, this is the guy i'm supporting. likewise huckabee had some very nice words for trump today, saying he hopes the gop would get behind trump. >> matt, is this chris christie's last best home? voters in new jersey are not happy with him at this point. >> this is like donald trump is a big game hunter and he has captured his game and he is mounting him. >> oh, my god. >> it's an incredibly embarrassing thing. chris christie could have maybe
8:37 pm
been president if he ran in 2012 and now he's been subjected to this, being window dressing. it's shameful, it's disgusting. >> it's like a hostage video. >> he's like blinking the morse code. it's unbelievable. >> i got to run. coming up, hillary clinton winning big on super tuesday. but could some democrats switch sides to vote for trump? eat... and one that's sweet. to satisfy the adult and kid - in all of us. ♪ nutritious wheat for the adult you've grown into and delicious sweet for the kid you'll never outgrow... feed your inner kidult with frosted mini-wheats®. try new kellogg's mini-wheats harvest delights with sweet drizzle and bits made with real fruit.
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s. is the democratic party rallying around hillary clinton? will bernie sanders drop out? here to discuss, bob beckel, cnn contributor bakari sellers is here and bill, you first. you a bernie sanders supporter. hillary won big yesterday. many predict she will be the democratic nominee. where does bernie go from here? >> he keeps going. he goes to nebraska this weekend, he goes to maine, to kansas and on to michigan. illinois, new york, california, you name it. he's in for the long haul. he got 42 --
8:42 pm
>> louisiana, bill. >> i'm sorry, thank you. i didn't mean to miss louisiana. had he will compete in all the states. >> is the math looking dire for him, bill? >> no, i wouldn't say dire. first of all, hillary had a very good day. i don't want to take that away from her at all. she also had what was designed as her best day. they call it the sec primary, it's really the dlc primary, it was designed by the democratic leadership council to give the conservative or moderate democrat a head start in this cross pr process. from now it looks a lot better for bernie, you're talking industrial states where jobs and trade deals are going to be the main issue. >> unlike donald trump and the gop, is the democratic party becoming more united around hillary clinton at this point? >> i don't think the dichfferens are all that stark.
8:43 pm
probably the one for her was massachusetts. a lot of blue collar workers went for her. and with bernie sanders won only caucuses, let's keep that in mind. moving into the west coast particularly is astoundingly difficult. >> vermont was a primary, though, bob. home state but still a primary. >> bakari, maybe you would or wouldn't. would you like to see bernie sanders drop out at this point? >> no, not at all. i think bernie sanders is running a heck of a campaign. he's talking about issues that matter, he's sharpening up hillary clinton, making her a much better candidate. i do have to push back on bill press a little bit for flippantly disregarding the south and saying it's some dlc contraption to get a moderate or whatever. the sanders campaign has been pushing those talking points, discounting minority voices in this election and that should not be the case. what we saw was hillary clinton actually have a message that
8:44 pm
african-american voters and hispanic voters gravitated towards because she did exceptionally well with hispanic voters in texas, exceptionally well with african-american voters. i chimed in when bill was running down bernie sanders's pathway because he did overlook indian a and has a large swath of african-american voters. bernie sanders should stay in. he has 42 million reasons to stay in. it going to be a good race. i think we're going to start focusing attention on donald trump. >> bill, as a louisianan, don't overlook louisiana, okay? >> i covered a lot of campaigns in louisiana, including the david duke campaign. mieb was a regional one, nothing in the northwest. it was centered for that purpose
8:45 pm
geographically to be cleared. >> bob, after months of asking the former clinton staff of pagliano has accepted an immunity deal. this couldn't be worse timing. how seriously could this affect hillary clinton's campaign? >> it's been serious from the beginning but the question is why did they do that? because they're stuck. they have no way to prove that she broke the law so they're going to try to get somebody who is going to give them an opening. i think frankly, it's a little bit desperation on the fbi's part. having said that, if hillary clinton gets caught up in this and say the impossible happens and she's going to get hauled in front of a grand jury, it won't make bernie sanders a democratic
8:46 pm
nominee, it will make joe biden the nominee. >> why is that? dunk what t do you know what the primaries are going to did with him? hill i c hillary clinton can take on the republicans. having run for office before is an enormous advantage for somebody and she's done that. that's the one thing that sticks in the mud for her is the e-mail server. i've got to think after all this time, if they haven't gotten something yet, they're grasping at straws. >> what's a good strategy, if there is one, to the server issue, bakari? >> i am a lawyer who attempts to practice law every day. >> attempts. >> i just think that this is a serious situation, no doubt.
8:47 pm
but transparency is the key here. i think that the can't campaign, brian fallon has come out and said he wished this gentleman would have testified before the congressional hearings when he was subpoenaed before hand and they're happy to participate. until there's some fire somewhere, i'm not concerned about this issue. i think many americans, including bill press's good friend, bernie sanders, we're tied of these damn e-mails. this is going to be a blip on the radar. i don't expect any huge shoe to drop any time soon. >> stay with me. when we come right back, can hillary clinton win back young women who have been supporting bernie sanders? he was 34% eastern european. so i went onto ancestry, soon learned that one of our ancestors we thought was italian
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multi-car and joey fatone. ♪ savin' you five hundred ♪ i'm savin' you five hundred we have auto-tune, right? oh, yeah. that's a hit! all: yeah! bob beckel is back with me, bakari sellers and bill press. >> hillary clinton has been all over this issue, what about bernie sanders? >> bernie as been there and he'll be there sunday night. he's met with some of the people from flint. i think they're both good on this issue. this is just a total, total outrage. as hillary said and i'll quote
8:52 pm
her, she's one of the first to say, president obama said if this happened to some white suburban community north of detroit, we would have been all other it. it would have been a big media story from the very beginning. it would not have happened. it happened in flint, michigan and we know why. i just have to go back to, i totally agree on the e-mail thing, i don't think there's anything there, there's been two years of smoke and no fire, kind of get over it. i just have to disagree with my good friend bob beckel were the nominee, the party could not go with bernie as the nominee. democratic party is going to be united. there's not that big a difference between hillary and bernie on the issues. number two, we're going to be up against the biggest clown it looks like that ever ran for president. and what is bernie talking about? he's talking about jobs, minimum wage, university health care, criminal justice reform talking about the issues the party has
8:53 pm
stood for -- >> i'm surprised at you, bill press, name calling. >> bill, let's make -- that draws an important point here. the difference between the democrats philosophically is very marginal to say the least. morning republicans, it is a massive die vide. in '72 we split up oaf the vietnam war and it split the republicans. trump alters the trajectory of the republican party. there will be hell on the streets to pay for that. my only concern is that the republicans are going to be so desperate, that they've come out with everything they can on hillary. i don't know how much more you can do after 20 years. but on bernie, i think they're going to be roughest, nastiest crowd you could see.
8:54 pm
>> i'm sure they'll find something. bakari, black voters have shown they're pretty much all in for hillary clinton. when you look at these numbers, how galvanized will they be by a possible trump candidacy? is that going to and mate them more? >> i think donald trump is the number one energizer of the base vote and is going to be one of the most intriguing energy erz of the base party we've seen in a very long time, not just for african-americans, for hispanics, for women, any list of people who doesn't want to see our country run by hatred and bigotry and xenophobia. i think will are going to be a town of people who come out and support whoever the democratic nominee is. there has been this notion, sometimes we get caught up in campaigns and up say bernie sanders didn't do this or hillary clinton didn't do that but one issue both candidates have been very good on eye lightiligh --
8:55 pm
highlighting are those issues of social justice. i'm glad everybody is going to be in flint on sunday and both candidates have been good on this issue. i'm happy we're able to lift up the die rog log and have this conversation. on the flip side you have talking about little fingers and people talking about the kkk and who is doing interviews with white supremacists. >> i want to get this question in to bob -- >> speaking of the kkk and all that, are they becoming too divided on the issues of race and gender? >> yeah, i think it has. the democrats i think have gone the right track in is not the same party of let me tell u something, within 18 days we're going to know whether a trump is the nominee or not. if rubio can't win florida and kasich can't win ohio, it's
8:56 pm
over. >> thank you, gentlemen. appreciate it. stay with cnn for our democratic presidential debate. hillary clinton and bernie sanders go head to head sunday night beginning at 8:00 eastern. we'll be right back. sinesses being hacked and intellectual property being stolen. that is cyber-crime and it affects each and every one of us. microsoft created the digital crimes unit to fight cyber-crime. we use the microsoft cloud to visualize information so we can track down the criminals. when it comes to the cloud, trust and security are paramount. we're building what we learn back into the cloud to make people and organizations safer. i'm there for ray.sie. ted loved baseball. dr. phil likes to watch football. renne, who wants sloppy joe on the menu every day. rosie's my best friend. evelyn likes to dance. harriett wants her fried shrimp as well. alice anne likes vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup and rainbow sprinkles.
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