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tv   Americas Choice 2016 Super Tuesday 2  CNN  March 8, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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>> anderson, let's get to a key race alert right now in the state of michigan. 52% of the vote is in. bernie sanders was not ahead in the polls going into michigan but he is right now, 51.7%, 46.5%. actually, it's a pretty significant lead right now, that's a lead of 27,415, 271,051 for sanders, 243,636 for clinton. i guess they're not very happy right now, the clinton folks when they see these numbers, though we're not quite ready to make a projection. >> hillary clinton just finished speaking here a few moments ago and did not acknowledge the race in michigan, did not acknowledge what is really going on that is consume beiing everyone in her
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campaign. they are poring over the numbers county by county. wayne county may not have delivered as big of a margin as they expected. they're also looking at ann arbor, home to the university of michigan, not far from detroit. they believe that senator sanders may be running up a big margin there as well. so the clinton campaign, about an hour or so ago, wolf, thought this would maybe be a three or point win or so. they believe this is incredibly close. they believe it could be less than 1%. and they are uncertain at this hour, if they will even win michigan. this is something the campaign has been telling us for the last several days, that they did not believe public polling. we thought they were trying to lower expectations and in fact they were. with you this is one sign, i'm told, by a top democrat in michigan i talked to a few moments ago saying that the attack on the all the outo bail
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rescue clearly didn't work. but that trade message that bernie sanders was talking about for the last couple of weeks clearly resonated in michigan. clearly if bernie sanders were to win, this could reset this rate. the clinton campaign is still poring through the numbers and believe they can pull out a victory but they're watching wayne county, ann arbor and they're not sure what is going on. they're looking at these numbers. we'll have to wait for a while as these votes are counted, wolf. >> right now he's ahead by 5 points, which is pretty significant, 53% of the vote is in. that's a significant lead for bernie sanders right now over hillary clinton. it's just changed. take a look at this. 56% of the vote is in. all of a sudden it got a whole lot closer, 49.9% for bernie sanders, 48.3% of hillary
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clinton, that's only a difference of 9,003 votes. all of a sudden it got very, very close. 1 1/2 points down from 5 points. what are you hearing from the bernie sanders folks in johnson if they've got this latest number, 56% of the vote is in and it's all of a sudden gotten a whole lot closer. >> reporter: wolf, they've been watching this from the beginning, even when it was just 2% reporting and bernie sanders had a lead. what one aide said to me was, well, it's nice to be in the lead even if it just for a little while. so that really reflect what is they were thinking, that ultimately this would tighten and hillary clinton would win here. so if bernie sanders is to win michigan, if this lead even as it's tightening manages to hold, i think bernie sanders might be one of the most surprised people and those around him will be
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some of the most surprised people about this. what they were hearing a short time ago from their modeler in michigan is that the areas of michigan that were more friendly to bernie sanders were outperforming expectations in terms of turnout. that was initially a very good sign. at the same time as you heard jeff there talking to his sources, they are certainly watching these area that may be more friendly to hillary clinton and the thought was that ultimately as that came in, that may slip away in favor of hillary clinton. at this point they're watching and i think they're ecstatic about how close it is. >> it's very close right now, 56% of the vote is in. he has 49.9%, she has 48.3%. there's still plenty of votes left outstanding. look at this, it just changed once again. 49.8%, 48.3% for hillary clinton. there's a difference now, he's ahead by 8,731 votes.
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tomorrow night there's a uni vision debate. if it stays this close, that becomes even more interesting. >> it sure does. david, i've been talking to a source in michigan, a top democrat, who is a clinton supporter telling me a few things. one, the clinton people are exsee extremely nervous, despite the fact they've been trying to lower expectation, they're very nervous of what they're saying and there's second guessing of strategy. on this front the second guessing is that hillary clinton spent too much time focusing only on detroit and flint and not enough on other parts of the state. for example, i was told that in debbie dingle's district, for example, a congresswoman from
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michigan, bernie sanders was there ten times and hillary clinton wasn't. >> that's the ann arbor area, right? >> exactly, which would make sense, because it is a college town and at least that's part of her district. so that's some of the second guessing. the other is, as we've heard sprinkled through all of our colleagues reporting tonight, the moment it was cnn's debate that hillary clinton went after bernie sanders for not supporting the auto bailout. cindy estrada wrote on her facebook page something pretty scathing. i'm not sure it was, it was private, about that being effectively what david axelrod said ash cheap sh said, a cheap shot. >> our first include of michigan being closer than any of us expected was that debate probably on sunday night. one of the things that struck me as the debate was going on, i thought, wow, i didn't know if
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these democratic candidates had another debate in them. fully engaged, she launched this opposition research, she just unloaded it on the all the owe bailout. clearly they knew there was still a fight to be had. >> very close but bernie sanders is ahead. >> i'm going to walk over to john king pip suspect we'll learn a lot more about michigan's geography, population. 57% of the vote it is. 49.9% for bernie sanders, 48.2%. the outstanding vote is it in her favor or his? >> you can find it both. this is your african-american population here in the city of detroit and just around the city of detroit. we're now up to 46% in wayne county. hillary clinton had just a small
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lead until just a few moments ago. she got up to 60% lead in wayne county. more than 24,000 votes. >> this is 18% of the population. >> 18% of the population. we're just shy a half%. if you think of that lead, 20,000 plus votes, if it stays the same, there's no guarantee of that. there's potentially a big basket of votes there. with you if you're the sanders campaign, you're looking out here in kalamazoo county, you're winning big, you still have a third of the volts to be counted. you come over here to lancing and sanders is winning. kent county, grand rapids, only 6% in. sanders with a huge lead. if he keeps that percent and, there are baskets of votes for him here. western detroit, you come here and this is ann arbor,
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university of michigan, the college town bernie sanders expected to do very well, a 10-point lead in the county so far so another basket of votes here for bernie sanders. if you look at the map statewide, bernie sanders is running it up in most of the state. a lot of these counties are very small. it's not a big margin. look how close this is. this has been a fight for blue collar voters, the debate over the auto industry. oakland koutcounty, this is aut country. >> most of the county is in. >> belong blue collar voters, this is where flint is, hillary clinton was ahead by a larger margin early, only a little more of a quarter of the vote there. this is a hand-to-hand combat here. we just did oakland a moment ago. you comb to mccomb county, hillary clinton was leading,
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bernie sanders by small percentages has caught up, home of the so-called reagan democrats, areas where you have the auto industry, general dynamics and the like. 23% in the light, this is literally hand-to-hand combat, rock 'em sock 'em robots. you see her lead jumped up a little bit here. even if hillary clinton keeps it running up here, i suspect, my friend, we'll be counting for a while. >> a little bit more than 1%. but it's a significant moment right now. it could still clearly go either way. >> and, look, the delegates will be roughly split if you keep this percentage but for bernie sanders, if he can keep that, it's so important for bernie sanders. bernie sanders wants to end the night with that. bernie sanders blue in the midwest, even if it's by a couple hundred votes, even if
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it's a delegate split, that would be a huge moral victory with bernie sanders. hillary clinton will end the night with more delegates because of down here in mississippi. that could be game changer. >> there will be another debate tomorrow night between bernie sanders and hillary clinton. we'll be there for that as well. much more when we come back. ♪ america, let's take a break from politics this month. let's have a few bud lights and focus on what unites us all. three weeks of non-stop basketball. yes! no! enough attack ads and name calling... yes, that was a foul you jerkface! yes! i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghanistan. if you're totally blind, you may also be struggling with non-24. calling 844-844-2424. or visit i'm in charge of it all. business expenses, so i've been snapping photos of my receipts
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take a look at michigan right now. bernie sanders now 50.2%, hillary clinton 47.8%, 61% of the vote is in. that's a significant percentage. he's ahead now by 14,456 votes, which is a significant lead right now given this very close race but there are still plenty of outstanding precincts which is not yet reported. we're watching this very closely. it just changed. 61% of the vote in, 50.3% for bernie sanders, 47.9% for hillary clinton. anderson, this could go on for a
7:15 pm
while. we're watching these numbers come in. >> this would be a big, big win for bernie sanders, if in fact he's able to pull it out. david axelrod? >> we said the key is can he cut into her african-american support and can he build on the strong support he's got in working class white communities. and looking inside these numbers, that's appears to be what's happening. she's not running the same kind of numbers in the african-american communities. it's still formidable but modest. her fire wall is buckling a little bit. >> why do you think that is in michigan? >> it's hard to say. michigan has been frustrate wau these racial issues. i don't know. i would defer to you guys, you were over there this weekend. >> she is winning 65% of
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african-americans, which is not as high as she's done in the south. and he is winning 57% of white voters, 73% of independent voters. of course younger voters, as we know, and the question about where she may be vulnerable is cares about people like me, which is important to bernie sanders and his coalition. he is ahead of her 57 to 39 at this point. >> and trust and honesty. >> these issues have been dogging her throughout. >> you got to give credit where credit is due. bernie sanders is talking about the economy. he's talking about jobs and wages. he's not only talking about criminal justice reform. he had an ad out or something out on foreclosures. african-americans were hard hit by the foreclosure crisis. he really, i believe, ran a very strategic campaign targeting those voters. they lost their homes, they've
7:17 pm
lost their jobs and unlike in these other states where the clinton campaign may have not put the resource, bernie sanders put a tremendous amount of resources in educating people. >> and not just the financial resources. they unleashed people like ben gellas. you had a lot of others -- there is a younger african-american left. we always act like the black vote is just one thing. there's a left, a right, a center in every community. and the african-american left came out, whether you're talking about a harry belafonte, a danny glover, michelle alexander, making the case that the clintons should not have a lock. now you're seeing that pay off. i also think that the trade message hurts across the board in the rust belt. i think african-americans and whites and others are having a
7:18 pm
difficult time digesting this present global reality where our jobs seem to be on the auction block. >> which is why you think in a general if it's hillary clinton and donald trump, it spells trouble for clinton. >> can he improve with the black vote? he said ghetto. he's going to make all black people mad. people aren't focused on that. if this holds up, he has a case to make in the north. >> to van's point, if the race is dead locked, what is absolutely dead locked, union househol households, they're split evenly between the two candidates. i think we're going to see a very dynamic fall. the teamsters, the uaw, they sat those out. donald trump is going to compete like reagan competed. he won't get the union leadership, i suppose, but he'll get a lot of rank and file
7:19 pm
voters. >> i'm getting e-mails from friends in michigan that are seeing numbers for bernie sanders-the-didn they didn't ex i'm sure the trade issue has to did with that. >> because she hasn't been there. hillary clinton called ttp the gold standard and then -- >> she's now talking about claw back provisions. >> and this sets up tomorrow's night debate. this is a fight for latino voters, it's on uni vision and our network, too. >> we're going to take a quick break. we expect to hear from bernie sanders any moment. we'll bring that you live any moment.
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we have a key race alert. what's going on in michigan right now, the democratic side, 67% of the vote is in, bernie sanders maintaining his lead, growing a little bit in the last few minutes. he's got 50.6% to hillary clinton's 47.6%.
7:23 pm
he's ahead now by 20,480 votes. that's impressive. it was not supposed to be like that, if you believed the polls going into michigan. he's got a lead right now. we'll see if that changes as more votes come in. we're watching michigan very, very closely right now. by the way, we're going to be hearing momentarily, we told, from bernie sanders. he's about to make a statement. we'll have live coverage of that. he's probably very, very happy with what's going on in mish given rig -- michigan. he's got a nice little lead. you have to give him a lot of credit. you have to wonder if 68% of the votes that are in, there's still a lot of votes are not in. >> there are a lot of votes out, some of them in big places like wayne county. as votes have come in, she would probably like it to be about 60. if you look at this, 23,000
7:24 pm
votes plus a few hundred. if you double that, no guarantee of that, but just assume the vote came in double that, that would put her ahead of bernie sanders, if she got that. if that's how wayne county came in, essentially the second half came in exactly as the first half. >> that's the biggest county. >> that would put her up there. but, look, there are a lot of places that bernie sanders is running well ahead of her that still have votes out. kalamazoo. you come over here just west of detroit, you get here where ann arbor is, university of michigan, less than half the vote counted, a healthy bernie sanders lead. can you find places where there's still sanders votes out, too. >> by the way, it just went up to 69%.
7:25 pm
>> it went up to 69% but no more from wayne county. it stays a the 51%, you can assume there's a basket of boats out there and hillary clinton is likely to get the trend of them. to the point david axelrod was making earlier, oakland county, b blue collar, just to the north of detroit. if you're the clinton campaign, you wanted to do better. this is mccomb county, focusing on blue collar democrats who went and voted republican, bernie sanders at 50%. a lot of votes still to be counted in mccomb county. this is literally arm wrestling. hillary clinton says he's overpromising to you, i will help you and she talks about bill clinton's economy. bill clinton went into these counties back in the day, you remember it well, to sell free trade. hillary clinton is to the left of her husband on that. as you watch the economic debate
7:26 pm
play out, look at the map. bernie sanders is winning most of the counties in michigan, most of them are pretty small. but again, in a very close race, 43% of the vote, in a very close race, a couple hundred votes matter. it tells you, yes, the clinton campaign can look at detroit, if they get the turnout they wanted, there owes so's some voe gained here. we're going to, counting i suspect, what do we call it, cnn after dark? >> yes. he's doing very well, much better than the polls suggested he would do, very impressive night irrespective of what happens for bernie sanders right now in michigan. the debate that will air on cnn tomorrow night, 9 p.m. eastern in miami between these two democratic presidential
7:27 pm
candidates should be lively. >> no doubt about that. probably more than a lot of people thought it might be. we're also expecting live comments from bernie sanders tonight. we'll cover that live. donna brazile, let's continue the conversation. does the race change in terms of the expectations for hillary clinton? does she have to now kind of recalculate or rethink the strategy in terms of how serious live she's taking bernie sanders? >> first of all, i think they've been taking bernie sanders very seriously, especially after new hampshire. but no question, if bernie sanders is able to begin to attract a broader -- a broader base of the democratic party, then absolutely. i mean, look, illinois, ohio next week, missouri. if he's been able to make an argument on trade, on jobs, on wages, on home foreclosures --
7:28 pm
>> and that's a sleeper issue. >> that's a sleeper issue. >> that plays better for african-americans in the north than south? >> the african-american community lost about half of our weather in the crash of the housing market. good black people don't play the stock market. >> don't tell white people our secret. >> i'm not going to buy stocks and bonds, i'm going to go buy my mother a house. when we put so much money in homes and those homes were gone, we were devastating. bernie sanders went on the air with an ad on that issue. that moved the needle.
7:29 pm
that connects with wall street in a very different way. >> can i raise a different issue, the real estate hillary clinton is holding because of delegates. she's got pledged delegates more than barack obama ever had in the race. and tonight she's going to net out whatever happens in michigan, she will net out ahead of bernie sanders and add to her lead because she did so well in mississippi. and donna knows this math more than anyone else. once you get a lead like that in the nominating fight, because of proportional delegate apportionment, it's very hard to catch up. >> but just yesterday she was saying on the campaign trail and john king was saying she might want to rethink about saying that, she was saying the sooner i we can get the votes over -- >> if she clinches, she's not going to clinch until may. as we said before, the thing that drives candidates out is money.
7:30 pm
bernie sanders has a spirited group of donors and millions of them and he will be in the race to the end, if not to win the nomination, then to push the democratic party in the direction of responding to these economic issues. >> if he wins tonight, we could go to june, we could have a repeat of 2008. and tonight, by the way, my little delegate map, she will come out ahead regardless of the results by at lest 20, 22 delegates because of mississippi. >> anderson, i was just communicating with a senior democrat from the state of michigan. this person said i predicted this for three weeks, that hillary clinton was not campaigning in the right places and this person says that they have to pivot on their demographics. you just can't depend on african-american voters, you have to understand the trade issues, the issues that bernie sanders is playing to and this person says we'll know sort of within the next half hour. and i would say this person is a
7:31 pm
hillary clinton supporter, who was very upset about the way the campaign was conducted -- >> you did have bernie sanders also. he was fighting for his life. >> exactly. >> he spent money, deployed surrogates, sent ads up. hillary clinton was playing a bigger map -- >> she pivoted. >> i am home of the county that is home to flint. i saw how hillary clinton was messaging that. she put out this graphic on twitter that said i'm going to explain the flint water crisis. it talked about racism, it talked about bad infrastructure, it talked about poor education. it didn't talk about the problem. bernie sanders can talk about the problem and relate it to voters. hillary clinton cannot relate these issues to voters in a
7:32 pm
meaningful way. i think that's the core problem. >> you were there. >> i was there. i saw her. she was in flint, michigan. she went to an african-american church, 800 or so people there. they were very drawn to her message. she got a standing ovation. this was mostly african-american women. looks like she's doing well with african-american women according to these polls. but again, i do think bernie sanders speaks to kitchen table issues and he speaks in a way that i think is very easy to understand, it's on a ninth grade level or so and that's a good thing. it's almost like donald trump. >> can i just say they have one more debate left in them. tomorrow night is going to be amazing. >> it going to be ugly. >> you saying y ugly.
7:33 pm
>> john, 75% of the vote is in. he's still maintaining a lead, a significant lead. he's doing really well. 25% of the vote is outstanding. but going thinto this night he s not supposed to do as well if you believed all the polls coming into this primary. >> every poll i saw showed a hillary clinton lead, some a pretty healthy hillary clinton lead. he would much rather prefer the real victory but we have a lot of votes to count. 51% to 48%. we're up to 54% here. this is wayne county, the largest county in the state and where hillary clinton is hoping the african-american vote delivers the state. >> it's 18.4% of the population.
7:34 pm
>> it's not just the percentage. what are the final turnout numbers? did they get to their targeted turnout level? jeff zeleny saying they were concerned, perhaps they didn't turn out enough african-american votes in the detroit area. still just fewer than half of the votes in wayne county to come in. now up to 97%, that's a big dump in the last few minutes. bernie sanders winning big in kalamazoo county but not much more of them to get there. what's still out there, how many votes do ewwe think we going to get from here? still a decent amount from the center part of the state. healthy bernie sanders lead. if he can keep that margin, that will help him with the overall math. i want to check grand rapids and kent county.
7:35 pm
two-thirds of the vote still to be counted. that's a healthy bernie sanders lead. could be a more. if that trend continues and the math, there's more votes for bernie sanders there. again, we come just west here, i keep touching a little bit to the north there. come down here. college county here, bernie sanders still more half the vote to be counted, 10 point plus 12-point lead in this county. the biggest basket of votes is right here in detroit. if there's high turnout and math that sticks, it's for hillary clinton. as we get higher in the statewide count, and still votes for bernie sanders, i'd be encouraged in the bernie sanders camp. in mccomb county, bernie sanders was leading and now hillary clinton is leading but look, 70 something votes. literally arm wrestling. up here, mitt romney's home
7:36 pm
county. gets more affluent. hillary clinton a very narrow lead when you get into the detroit suburbs. in what you want to call the all the owe part here, there's-- au there's a struggle here. both the clinton and sanders campaign wondering what's going to happen. >> we're standing by to hear from bernie sanders. he can be very happy. irrespective of the outcome, he's done a lot better than most people thought he would do based on all of the polls. a week from today whether it would be in ohio or illinois, this bodes well for bernie sanders right now. we'll take a quick break. much more right after this. my school reunion's coming fast. could be bad. could be a blast. can't find a single thing to wear. will they be looking at my hair?
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we're counting down to the next closing. idaho on the republican side will close all the voting at the top of the hours. we'll see what we can do at that point. let's get a key race alert right now. on the democratic side, a very dramatic race between bernie
7:40 pm
sanders and hillary clinton. 78% of the vote is in. bernie sanders maintaining a significant lead right now, more than 25,000 votes. he has 50.7%, hillary clinton has 47.4%. still 22% of the vote is outstanding. we'll see what happens in michigan. very close right now but bernie sanders maintaining an impressive lead. on the republican side earlier we projected donald trump is the winner. right now in michigan with 64% of the vote counted, donald trump has 36.7% but look at this fight for second place between john kasich and ted cruz. kasich with with 24.6%. doesn't get much closer than that. a very close race for second place between john kasich and ted cruz. for marco rubio, a very disappointed fourth place, only 9.2%. if he stays under 15%, he will emerge from michigan with zero delegates from michigan. there's a 15% it threshold you
7:41 pm
need in michigan. i want to go to briana keilar. we're told, briana, that bernie sanders is going to make a speech shortly. is that right? >> reporter: yeah, that's right. he's actually at his hotel here in miami and he is about to have an unexpected press availability and talk to reporters. i'm at his completely empty former campaign rally site. this is not exactly how the sanders campaign thought tonight was going to play out. this is so much closer than they thought. i guess you could say they're pleasantly surprised, that's an understatement. but they think this is a very, very big deal. i spoke with jeff weaver, bernie sanders' campaign manager and he said "we can't complain right now." he thinks that it's the auto bailout messaging that hillary clinton pursued that really back fired on her. he thought that it played in to some voter suspicions that hillary clinton wasn't playing
7:42 pm
it straight with them because he felt that voters really didn't doubt that bernie sanders was on the side of the automakers. i'll tell you also there a lot of long-time supporters here in florida or even watching from afar, one who had just left the rally thinking that ultimately bernie sanders was going to leave, sent me a text while grabbing a little dinner, "wow michigan," win or lose, wolf, this is something that puts a lot of wind in the sails of bernie sanders' campaign. >> especially looking ahead to next week with similar demographic to michigan. as soon as we hear from bernie sanders, we're going to take that live. we've been saying you have to give bernie sanders a lot of of credit in michigan. it was not supposed to be this close and he's doing really well. >> you and i have been talking about the fact that clinton has been trying to lower
7:43 pm
expectations saying remember, if you look at the delegate numbers in mississippi, she's still going to do quite well tonight which is true but -- >> it is true. she will emerge with a delegate lead. the folks on the other side of the studio were talking about the generational divide that exist among african-americans. we see it here more than anywhere else. the younger black voters under age 45 are splitting 51% clinton, 49% sanders. that's the closest we've seen in a group of young black voters -- >> it had gone mostly for hillary clinton. >> it had gone wider margins for hillary clinton. now bernie sanders has cut into her support. now it's happening that they're splitting young african-americans. right now we're seeing the michigan electorate at 68% white. iowa, new hampshire, massachusetts, so she lost new hampshire, she won iowa barely,
7:44 pm
she won massachusetts in a very close contest, those are the only states where the white vote was 68% or higher. we're seeing what the threshold is for her and what that means for states upcoming is no doubt something they will look at. >> let's look at the republican case. donald trump did well tonight. we'll see how well the others do when it comes it the delegate split. in michigan now, 9.2%, goose egg tonight for marco rubio, which when you're already down in the delegates, way behind ted cruz and donald trump and you're trying to get momentum into florida, that's not helpful. >> this is devastatingly bad, these two states for marco
7:45 pm
rubio. there's still idaho and hawaii tonight. this is just brutal. these are the big delegate prizes of the night. to not just be in fourth but to be below the threshold, they're going to have a tough time making an argument. again, he gets a pass just like john kasich gets a pass to their home state. they get to make that battle. but it just puts all the more pressure on marco rubio now. florida becomes more do or die for him. >> and john kasich is going to get some delegates tonight, in michigan and mississippi, maybe not but certainly in michigan he has been making a big play for michigan. we should point that out. as tonight was starting, the rubio campaign sent an e-mail out noting all of his eggs have already been in the florida basket and that's what the rubio campaign has said all day long. remember, we haven't even played in these states over the past weeks because they're so, so focused on those 99 delegates in florida because it's winner take
7:46 pm
all and it's his home state. is there we're still waiting for idaho, and hawaii, which really opens at 1 p.m. -- excuse me, 1 a.m. eastern. we have a couple hours to go. we seal how all the republican candidates do in idaho and ohio. we're waiting for bernie sanders momentarily. he'll he's going to meet with reporters and getting ready for the big cnn/uni vision debate tomorrow in miami. >> it's a continued conversation with our panel right here. marco rubio has been making the justification for staying in that he's at least picking up delegates, even if he's not doing well. tonight those numbers are -- >> as dana was saying, goose egg. and the other numbers i was looking at tonight is generally in these races we've seen late deciders, rubio is very pop already with late deciders and tonight not so much.
7:47 pm
while there are few late deciders, in michigan late deciders went to kasich and in michigan they went to cruise. >> is it a collapse? is it based on the attacks against trump? >> i think that he basically threw himself on the grenade there, you know, for everybody else. they're the beneficiaries or perhaps he threw the grenades for everyone else and got the return fire. for a guy who started off speaking to people's hopes and aspirations, the hit man -- i think he looked diminished in this process and i think he really paid a price for it. we should point out, anderson, the stop trump project relied on trump loses florida and enfeebled marco rubio is a great scenario for donald trump.
7:48 pm
he's the one that trump fierce in florida. >> i think it is clear now that marco rubio was never able to connect with blue collar, white voters, who are so important in the states. his message, as van was talking about before, was about sort of the rainbow coalition of the republican party. that's not necessarily a message that resonates broadly in some of these states like ohio and michigan. we'll see if it works for him in florida, see if he's able to do well in florida with latino voters. a lot of puerto rican voters -- >> i want our viewers to know what we're looking at. this is really the definition of a hastily called news conference, not a lot of signage, no supporters -- >> none of his personal products. >> right no, personal products. that i'm not surprised about. >> i'm unaware of any poll going into this election that showed that bernie sanders was ahead of hillary clinton in michigan.
7:49 pm
so even if he should end up lose big a wh-- losing by a whisker, think he's earned the right to have a conference tonight. 90% of his supporters do not regard her as honest and tr trustworthy. she's really dogged by that figure. with regard to rubio and florida, there's just not a path he can get to 1,237. >> let's listen in. >> i think we are in the midst of a very tight race. it is not cheer yet who will win this election here in michigan, but i just want to take this opportunity to thank the people of michigan, who kind of repudated the poles that had us
7:50 pm
20, 25 points down two days ago and said that bernie sanders was not going anywhere. i want to thank the thousands of volunteers we had in the state of michigan for knocking on doors and making the phone calls that created this enormously successful night. in the last week we have won three caucuses. whether we win or lose tonight, basically the delegates will be split up because of proportional reputation. what tonight means is the bernie sanders campaign, the people's revolution, the political revolution that we are talking about is strong in every part of the country and, frankly, we believe that our strongest areas are yet to happen. we're going to do very, very
7:51 pm
well on the west coast coast and other parts of this country. what the maeamerican people are saying is they are tired of a corrupt campaign system and super pacs funded by wall street and the billionaire class. they are tired of a rigged economy in which people in michigan, people in illinois, people in ohio are working longer hours for lower wages, worried to death about the future of their kids and yet almost all enough income and wealth is going to the top 1% and people are tired of a broken u.s. justice system in which we have more people in jail, largely african-american, latino and native american beep started this campaign ten months ago. we were 60 or 70 point down in
7:52 pm
the poll. yet what we have seen in poll after poll, stay after state, what we have done is created the kind of momentum that we need to win. so once again, this has been a fantastic night in michigan. we are very grateful for all of the support that we have gotten from this state and we look forward to going to illinois, ohio, missouri and the other states that we will be competing in next week. thank you all very much. >> that was a very brief statement by bernie sanders. we thought he might be actually talking to reporters or answering some questions. clearly not. he was doing that from florida where obviously now moving forward the focus of the next week for him is the state of florida and the big primary on tuesday. but clearly, i mean, this was an unexpected boone for bernie sanders. >> oh, yeah. i don't think there's any question. i think there was concern on the part of the clinton cam thp tha
7:53 pm
people expected. i don't think there was an expectation that sanders would actually win the primary, which he may be in a position to do. and either way you'd have to say it was a really strong night for him. the question is what does it portend for the future? illinois, as i mentioned earlier, now polling there is astronomical in her favor right now, she was born there, she's got roots there and a 24%, 25% african-american base there, north carolina large african-american base, florida a large minority base. but if bernie sanders starts cutting into that base, given the numbers he's been showing among white voters and particularly white working class voters, it will become more interesting. she still has a great advantage in delegates, but, you know, this will be interesting for some time to come. >> let's go back to wolf. >> we're taking a close look at the state of michigan right now
7:54 pm
because it's 85% of the vote is in. so 15% of the vote is still outstanding. 50.9% for bernie sanders, 47.1 for hillary clinton. he maintains a nice little lead right now going in with 85% of the vote in. >> i can find places to show threw's math for hillary clinton to make this up but it's getting increasingly difficult to do this. the main point the chnt campaign is waiting for is wayne county. you see 18% of the population. hillary clinton is winning 57%. i think she'd like that number to be closer to 60. bernie sanders getting 41%. again, we're going to watch the last third of the vote come in in wayne county. it's enough to make the difference if there's high
7:55 pm
turnout. mccomb kind has been a back-and-forth tug of war all night long, 48%. this was the laboratory where they studied so-called reagan democrats. it may be a laboratory in this campaign. wow be, what a fight. what a fight for a big county, an important county in the state of michigan. you move out to oakhand county. you've done some blue collar narrow hillary clinton has a lead but not much more to come in. i'll start in the west, kalamazoo, up to 97% now, big college county here. bernie sanders winning by a huge margin. you come back to the center of the state, lancing, i've been talking about this as a state capitol. bernie sanders with a big lead
7:56 pm
in the a college turned he's going to be part of the you of when a big dump comes in, it can be a sizable amount of votes. there are votes here for hillary clinton still but there are a lot of places that bernie sanders is winning by decent and in some cases wide margins. we're up to 86%. he has a 4-point lead. the trend line is going in the way sanders likes but we have a little more math to do. >> he's got a lead by about 32 thersa thersage. >> she needs a giant vote dump.
7:57 pm
>> how many are still outstanding in wayne county? >> only 64% in. when this one goes up by 5%, you get a big chunk of votes. >>. >> adam: bakari sellers, what did as a former big time supporter of barack obama, this eerily reminds mae of new hampshire back in 2008, when everything was going barack obama's way, when we thought that after iowa, barack obama, he was up at the polls, 13, 14, 15 points and then new hampshire came in and it just didn't show up that way. i think you'll see a little recalibration but next tuesday, super duper super tuesday, you
7:58 pm
have florida and north carolina. the demographics are there. >> but it would behoof the clinton campaign to think about what happened here and to think about how they're going to address what is really real out there. think think there are people in this economy who do feel like the deck is stacked against them, who do feel like the game is rigged. the question is how do you speak to those people in an authentic way and give them confidence you're going to advocate for them. >> the issue is hillary clinton is not going to be an insurrectionist. she can't say the system is rigged. she's opinion at the center of the system for decade. but that's the flip side of her strength. that's why she can't say it with the kind of authenticity. people think she's experienced, she knows -- but him it to where she can rechange her message. >> bernie sanders found out you
7:59 pm
cannot let hillary clinton run up her vote al with the minority voters. ? that's just to put it very bluntly and very accurately. the clinton campaign has to see how they can rerecalibrate these issues of trade but talk about it on a level which van jones talks about often, would you talk to people's pain, whether or not it's the. >> ohio could be a problem. ax and i were just talking about the poll that you mentioned in illinois where she's far ahead, but if you look at the trade issue and the resonance of that
8:00 pm
in a state like ohio, that could be a problem. >> i want to toss to wolf. >> let's retap where the elections tonight stand. donald trump is the winner of the republican primary in mississippi. donald trump is the winner of the republican primary in michigan. hillary clinton won the mississippi democratic primary so those are the three winners. let's get a key race alert on the outstanding race in michigan right now. in michigan, bernie sanders maintaining a significant lead over hillary clinton with 86% of the vote in. but 405,343 for hillary clinton, 439,711 for bernie sanders. bernie sanders maintaining a lead of about


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