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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  March 9, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PST

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but first, bernie sanders stuns in michigan. the vermont senator capturing the big prize of super tuesday two, sanders barely edging out hillary clinton and mocking polls that showed her with a huge lead. clinton crushing sanders in mississippi. that state is a smaller prize for democrats, her victory is so overwhelming that she still raked in more delegates for the day and maintains her big lead on sanders. both claiming victory. >> i just want to take this opportunity to thank the people of michigan, who kind of rep repudiated the polls who had us down days ago. who repudiated the pundits who said bernie sanders was not going anywhere. >> i'm proud of the campaign that senator sanders and i are running. we have our differences, which you can see when we debate. but i'll tell you what, those
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differences pale in comparison to what's happening on the republican side. >> so what's happening with the republicans? donald trump dominates, winning michigan, mississippi and hawaii. cruz captures idaho. marco rubio gains nothing on the night and falls farther behind. the pressure falls on him and john kasich to win their home states next week, simple to keep their campaigns alive. correspondent, experts and analysts are scattered across the political landscape. let's begin in next week's battle ground sta state of ohio. jeff zeleny in cleveland. good morning. >> reporter: good morning carol. bernie sanders is hoping his big symbolic victory in michigan and big delegate victory as well will translate here into ohio. as you know better than anyone, a key presidential battle ground in the general election. and over the next five days or so is going to be the center of
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attention on both sides of the primary fights. on the democratic as well as the republican side. the ohio primary next tuesday along with florida and other states will be central. but for now bernie sanders is relishing in his michigan victory and seeing if he can replicate it. a surprise upset over hillary clinton in michigan. >> what we have done is created the kind of momentum that we need to win. >> reporter: vermont senator sanders clinching a narrow win, breathing new life into his campaign. in an expected but sweeping victory in the deep south clinton easily taking mississippi. >> i want to be the president for the struggling and the striving. for people who have a dream. >> reporter: expanding her delegate lead after scoring huge with a turnout of african american voters but it is the battle ground state of michigan, sanders biggest victory yet that
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is keeping the fight live. >> the political revolution we are talking about is strong in every part of the country. and frankly we believe that our stroongs areas are yet to happen. >> secretary clinton projecting an air of confidence at a rally in detroit just monday night. >> the sooner i could become your nominee the more i could begin to turn our attention to the republicans. >> reporter: looking around the corner to the republican fight ahead may have distracted her campaign. as sanders held massive rallies on college campuses across the state. >> if you come out to vote here in michigan on primary day we are going to win here in michigan. >> reporter: his support from younger voters and his economic message paying off in a big way. now carol, there is no question mathematically hillary clinton is still the big lieader here i
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pledge delegates and of course super delegates but politically speaking bernie sanders has a new lease on life and they are heading down to miami tonight another face-to-face debate. and you couldn't ask for better timing on issues of trade and other things they will talk about. i'm headed down to miami as well. we'll see you down there. >> i'll see you there. now, let's break down the sanders surge in michigan that scored him that huge upset. who voted and why? jean casarez is live in detroit. hi. >> the polls were wrong, the experts were wrong. but the will of the people right here in michigan is what won the night last night. as i spoke to voter after voter the formula was really clear. they feel he is down to earth. they feel he is for the people. they feel the grassroots approach. not succumbing to money from
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elitists is what will help this state in michigan. let's show really who voted for bernie sanders and why. first of all by gender. white men. we show that 63% voted for bernie sanders. 36% voted for hillary clinton. worried about the u.s. economy. very bord worried about the u.s. economy. bernie sanders got 56% of the vote to hillary clinton 41%. and finally feelings about the federal government. voters are angry about the federal government. overwhelmingly. 60% voted in michigan for bernie sanders. 40% voted for hillary clinton. and that is the feel that i got through the day yesterday, as more people were telling me they were voting for bernie sanders than hillary clinton. and last but not carol, let's not forget. bernie sanders came to michigan several times. went to universities around the state talking to the students.
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>> it made a real difference. jean casarez live from detroit this morning. as you heard, young voters helped propel bernie sanders to that stunning win in michigan turning out in drove asks now sanders is making it his mission to go after even younger voters. his campaign is now suing the state of ohio accusing it of quietly changing voter laws and barring 17-year-olds who would be 18 in time for the general election from voting in the primary. the polls showed clinton leading sanders by 20 points in michigan and she lost. what gives? >> that is as big a polling failure as we've seen.
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look, he proved much more competitive among african american voters in michigan than he did in the south. that was one of the core expectations of the sanders campaign. they have been talking about that for weeks. they have argued that they would be more competitive with black voters outside of the south. inside she still won them by 2-1 but he won 30% of african american voters compared to about 10% in mississippi. that bodes well for him in the other mid western states. ohio and missouri are likely to be even more white electorate. so the advantage to african american voters won't weigh as heavily for hillary clinton. florida, north carolina likely b to be more diverse and so the issue throughout the south next week. >> this question for you, sanders needs young voters. his campus actually suing in
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ohio to allow 17-year-olds to vote. is that the way to go? >> i think it is very smart for two reasons. one is from a general election strategy standpoint there is a candidate still in the race that happens to be the governor of ohio. and this is just one example of the many things that john kasich has done to suppress the vote in ohio. so it is a huge problem and it was a brilliant strategy on behalf of bernie sanders. millennial have overwhelmingly said they feel disenchanted and frustrated with not only the election process but the government writ large and bernie sanders continues to appeal to these folks who are generally antiestablishment and don't see themselves fitting in or benefitting from any advocation by the federal government whatsoever. so it is actually very very smart. the challenge is he's not necessarily who needs the help. hillary clinton does. she is getting beat hand over fist with millennial voters. we see time and time again bernie sanders 80% to hillary
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clinton's 20%. her message is i'm going to continue to fight for you even if you don't vote for me. that message is not resonating. >> and ron, something that bernie sanders kept saying over and over that resonated. he was hammering clinton over their differences over trade. and that certainly seemed to pay off in michigan. so does she have to change tactic sths. >> absolutely. michigan my be the state most uniquely sensitive to that issue but it is certainly part of the equation. part of what we saw in michigan was continuation of one of the major successes for the sanders campaign. he started as the classic wine track candidate. but more than previous. he has shown he can compete for working class white voters. he won almost 60% of them in michigan. and if he can continue that
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while holding down hillary clinton's advantage among african american voters that formula could work. as i said it is tougher when you look at other diverse states that will be voting, illinois, north carolina, florida. he's going to have to do better than he did among minorities in order to keep those out of her column. >> and i want to ask you about the minority vote because i have to go. because bernie sanders seemed to do better with minority voters in the state of michigan and that seems to signal like maybe clinton's firewall when it comes to minority voters is starting to crack. >> well i think it is a little bit different than that. i think that he does not do well with southern black folks. and i think what it demonstrates carol is the black vote is not monolithic. it is nuanced and changes just like the white vote. just like the brown vote. so you have to speak to the issues and you have to talk to the people. bernie sanders was on the ground not only speaking to students but speaking all throughout
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michigan. we cannot afford for any of the candidates on the democratic side to look towards the general and forget about the states that are immediately before them. they have got to talk to the voters on the issues that resonate to them. and black voters overwhelmingly are issue voters. so bernie sanders was smart. he hit all of the issues that were important. it is the sixth largest state with union representation in the union. it is very important to know her audience and everything she's talking about in the south doesn't necessarily resonate in the northern states. >> i have to leave it there. ron brown stein. angela ry. thank you so much. tonight's univision democratic debate starts at 9:00 p.m. here on cnn. and tomorrow night the republicans turn, also from miami. moderated by jake tapper. the only place to see it right here on cnn. starting at 8:30e p.m. so clinton gained the delegates even if sanders gansd the
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headlines. on the republican side donald trump gets almost all of the spotlight to himself. this morning on cnn he said he is ready to become the nominee and unite his party. >> i am a uniter but i have to finish off the project. i can't all of a sudden stand there and let people. marco was very very nasty to me. and i guess he made a mistake. because i was more nasty to him. you have to finish off what you have to finish off. i can't say all of a sudden let them make statements. i do think this. i think the debate tomorrow night lab softer debate. i really do. i hope it is going to be a softer debate. i can tell you i go in much more as the uniter -- i think the wins last night were very big wins and very decisive wins. >> they were indeed. cnn's jim acosta with me in miami, covering the trump campaign. and i've never seen anything like it.
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wine and even trump steak. >> donald trump is sizzling like a trump steak this morning, carol. racked up some big victories last night winning three of the four states up for grabs and now it is the stop trump movement that seems to not be able to get started. >> only one person did well tonight, trump. >> another victory lap for donald trump. serving up some red meat in the form of trump steak, trump wine and trump water, the gop front runner laughed off the forces out to destroy his campaign. >> i don't think i've ever had so many horrible, horrible things said about me in one week. the super pack ads bombarding him on the airways. >> i want to thank the special interests and the lobbyists. they obviously did something to drive these numbers. >> ted cruz and -- >> liein' ted. holds the bible high.
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and then he puts the bible down and then he lies. >> and marco rubio. >> hostility works for some people. it doesn't work for everybody. >> kasich bolstering his case. >> the people are beginning to reward a positive campaign. next week we are going to win the state of ohio and it -- >> cruz won idaho managing to perform better than marco rubio who had another rough night. the florida senator is still holding out hope for his home state. >> i believe with all my heart the winner of the florida primary next tuesday will be the nominee of the republican party. >> as cruz again is making the argument he's the gop's bested can to stop trump. >> what donald trump wants is he want us divided. if we are divided he wins the nomination and hillary becomes president. if we unite that ain't gonna happen.
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>> now marco rubio will have to recover quickly to lay the groundwork for a come back win in florida next week. looks like a tall order but a rubio aide tells me this morning there is no talk whatsoever inside the campaign of him dropping out. they say they are in it to win the state of florida. that's been their strategy since the beginning of this month. they are sticking to it. any talk of him dropping out at this point is stupid. >> there is a new cnn orc poll this morning that shows trump with 40%. rubio far behind with 27%. >> incredible. and if donald trump really destroys marco rubio in this state, i think that is it. it is over for rubio. and if donald trump also wins in ohio, the margin is a little closer there in ohio over john kasich. at that point it might have to be a hug trump movement. not a stop trump movement. there are going to be a lot of republicans who say okay, this is our guy.
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it appears there is no stopping donald trump. and he knows it. opting again to hold a press conference after his big wins instead of following tradition and giving that rousing victory speech. it could be part of an effort to seem more presidential. after all trump says he's more presidential than anybody. but it is clear he intends to control the message. this is how he responded when he was asked about the reporter about his use of profont. >> oh you're so politically correct. so beautiful. oh look at you. oh i know. you've never heard a little off language.
6:22 am
you're so perfect. aren't you just a perfect young man? hey, give me a break. >> trump is quick to fire back out his critics. the campaign cracking down an rally protesters sometimes kicking them out after rallies even begin. using plain clothed guards to scour the crowds and look for disruptions. welcome both of you. welcome matts. matt lewis, i'm start with you. trump is instead holding these press conference, almost presidential in nature. why is he doing that. >> >> i think exactl why you say. they are almost presidential in nature. and i think he wants to create the image. he's obviously very astute in terms of public relations.
6:23 am
interesti interestingly last night there is a tie in. a reporter trying to ask trump a question. and reportedly the trump campaign manager grabbed her. and this whole control -- >> now that you bring her up i have a quote. you're right. this reporter, michelle field, he was attempting to ask trump a question as he exited the press conference. secret service was starting to clear a path when she was forcibly ground on the arm by trump's campaign manager and he apparently moved her out of way and nearly brought her down to the ground. that is what a source tells politico who witnessed the situation. >> and this is what they go to friendly media outlets. i think this is indicative of a larger point. it is not just controlling protesters. it is controlling the media. it is trump sort of exerting his alpha male authoritarian status. and we're going to see more of
6:24 am
this. because i think he stokes this. and this mentality is concerning, especially if you are concerned about journalism. >> is this unusual that you would get plain clothed security to throw out dissenters before they begin dissenting? >> the way it usually works is you get secret service protection when you get to a point in the race. donald trump has secret service protection but he's also kept his previous detail. so he's got both. i wonder how they work with each other. and the one thing you do have to give trump a lot of credit for is he a answering a lot of questions. look it a juxtaposed to hillary clinton. the rope lines and pre screened questions from kids in schools. trump is the opposite of that. he's spontaneous and willing to take all of these questions. but it is rough and tumble.
6:25 am
raucous. >> potential for something to happen. we saw a couple of weeks ago there was an ap who allegedly choke slammed a photographer. and i wonder. >> i read in the local cleveland newspaper that the police there have already requested riot gear just in case. >> usually there are tear gas outside conventions. we might need inside if it goes that way. >> we're all laughing, but it is disturbing, isn't it? >> it is. we're at a recall time. emotions are really exposed. especially on the republican side. and that is the message from the voters. as the blunt noej people in washington. we're tired of this. we want it to stop and shake it up. and donald trump is who they are turning to. and i plays into his narrative
6:26 am
in a way. when he says get them out of here. the crowd loves it. he is standing in for them as somebody who's not going to tolerate political correctness and leftists interrupting his events. he talked about bernie sanders had a black lives matter protester take over one of his rallies. never going to happen here. there was a great vox article the other week that showed the biggest predictor as to whether or not you like trump is your propensity towards authoritarianism. and that is what we're seeing. >> really? >> absolutely. >> let me give you a counter to that. i think there are a lot of folks who's been in republican politics for a long time. who aren't like the incrowd. they like the fact donald trump is taking on all of these sacred cows and knocking them over. that is kind of like antiestablishment and against authority. against the ruling authority and
6:27 am
that is very appealing to people. >> i have to leave it there, thank you matts. still to come in the "newsroom," donald trump says he's a good christian and apparently voting evangelicals agree with him. frank graham though? he may not. he joins me next. i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine, i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help improve breathing for a full 24 hours. breo contains a type of medicine
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and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. live in miami at the university of miami. the big democratic debate will place later tonight. trump's big win. sanders stunning michigan upset. what about the surprises beyond the headlines?
6:32 am
what do they tell us about the vote voters? christine romans has been following the exit polls. >> the exit polls show a yearning that is anti trade, anti establishment. only an outsider can fix the problems. overwhelmingly worried. donald trump's appeal comes from angry angsicious voters. for sanders supporters, free healthcare, free college, breaking up bank, raising taxes. that is how they want to fix a game they see as rigged for the rich. beyond the overwhelming theme there were some surprises. john kasich came in third there in michigan. but look at this surprise. he won with the late deciders, grabbing about 43% of that group. he'll need every late decider
6:33 am
and then some if he wants ohio and its delegates. another surprise. is how much bernie sanders antitrade talks agreed. bernie sanders has tapped into that. 58% said sanders is their pick. even clinton's attack on his auto bailout had little influence. another surprise. trump nabbing evangelicals in michigan. 53% identify agonize evangelical or born again christian. donald trump edging out ted cruz with that group. trump is making inroads with evangelicals and with people who call themselves ideological moderates in several states carol. >> christine romans, fascinating information. i appreciate it. so support with evangelicals is something donald trump he actually loves to out the thtou the campaign trail. >> we have a lot of great endorsements.
6:34 am
jerry falwell j.r. was r. was s helpful. i'm leading with the eva evangelicals. i'm a good christian. i'll be the best thing that happened to them. hundred percent. >> in an op ed for the new york times "what wouldn't jesus do" waner write this is man conducting a very public affair. chronically bullies and a joining me to talk about it is franklin graham. an evangelical and president and ceo of samaritan's purse. welcome sir.
6:35 am
>> do you agree with peter wehner? >> as we look at this election? as a christian i'm not going to get behind any of these candidates. and i understand where a lot of them are coming from. there is a lot of anger in this country. but i'm angry too and i'm angry at the republicans. i'm angry at the democrats. they have messed up this nation. and we are in trouble. and i believe the only hope carol is god. and i'm going to all fifty states this year to have rallies on the capital steps having people come to pray. and i think the only hope for this country is god. and that is what i'm going to do is try to get the christians of this country to begin to pray. and if we pray i think god may just give us favor and maybe he'll temperature help turn this country around because i don't think the political process can do it. we're in trouble.
6:36 am
>> so help me understand more about how evangelicals and christian, born again christians, are willing to put aside, you know, what traditionally would be mr. trump's sins and embrace him? what is it about him that appeals? and you say it is anger but what are they angry about? >> they are angry about the government, the politics. they voted to go to washington and do nothing just like the republicans right before christmas. here they voted the spending bill and they didn't even try to get anything. they just voted for it and went home. and that is the kind of thing that i think the american voter is sick and tired of. and the republicans especially they cannot take the evangelical vote for granted. the evangelicals want a good -- they would like to find a christian, they would like to find someone that understands their values and supports their values but more importantly i think they are looking for a strong leader and i'm not going
6:37 am
endorse any of them. but i believe the only hope we have again is like i said is god and that is what i'm standing for. >> so when you pray, what do you pray to god for? >> i pray that god will give us leaders. not just in washington, carol. we need christian men and women in politics. we need mayors. we need city council. we need christians on school boards. we need christians at every level. and i'm encouraging people to run. run for public office. at the local level, the state level. washington is broken but i think there is a lot we can do at the local and state level. >> i understand that. but, you know, there is a lot of lot of evangelicals already rallying around a man they think is a strong leader and that could be donald trump. they apparently think that this is our guy. this is the guy who can get it done and it doesn't matter what sins he's committed in the past.
6:38 am
we're going to follow him. so hasn't god already delivered as far as those evangelicals are concerned is this. >> carol i can't speak for the evangelicals and those who support donald trump or don't support him. i can just tell you whether i'm going to do. i can say that people are fed up. and i think donald trump to his credit, he is shaking up the republican party and the republican needs to be shaken up and he's certainly doing that. >> are you going to vote this year? >> oh sure. absolutely. >> but you are not going tell me who you are going to vote for? >> no i'm not going to do that. we got a long way to go. but i'm going to encourage christians across this country not only to pray. but i want to encourage them to vote. i'm not going to tell them who to vote for but i want to encourage them to go to the the polls and vote. last time i think it was 20, 30 million evangelical christians
6:39 am
stayed at home and didn't vote. that is a shame. i want christians s ts to get d vote. it is their responsibility, their duty to get out and vote and be involved in the political process. >> i have to leave it there. reverend graham, thank you so much. the public will soon begin paying final respects to the former first lady nancy reagan. she'll lay in repose today and tomorrow with visitation beginning this afternoon. a private funeral will be held friday. michelle obama is expected to attend that service. still to come in the "newsroom" the suspect in an idaho pastor shooting traveling 2,000 miles. he was captured in front of the white house. we'll talk about that next. of p is better for your skin than wearing no makeup at all? neutrogena® cosmetics. with vitamins and antioxidants. now with foundations in shades for more skin tones.
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a bizarre turn in the hunt for a man police say shot a man in idaho.
6:44 am
arrested right outside of the white house. more than 2,000 miles away. he was captured as he apparently threw flash drives over the white house fence. >> reporter: this is a bizarre story. alarming on multiple levels. it has to be alarming to the secret service and to law enforcement the fact he was able to hop on that plane. here is what happened. the secret service arrested kyle otum last night. he's 30 years old. after he threw those items over the fence on the south lawn. he's suspected of shooting a pastor in idaho on saturday and then getting on a plane and flying from boise to here in washington even though there was a warrant out for his arrest for attempted first-degree murder. now, the pastor tim remington was shot several times but is expected to survive. i should mention that remington had delivered the invocation at a rally on saturday for texas senator ted cruz. then he was shot the next day on
6:45 am
sunday by this suspect allegedly. now police have not found any information that suggests that the shooting was politically motivated. but they have found letters and writings by odom, including letters and writing with names of members of congress. and along with zooel government officials on what they are all thing a manifesto by odom. they took the quote extensive list seriously. in a facebook post that's been attributed to odom he wrote things are not what they appear to be. the world is ruled by an ancient civilization from mars. pastor tim was one of them and he's he was the reason my life is round. i don't have time right now. they are chasing me. we know odom sent a letter to
6:46 am
his parents. along with a flash drive with other electronic documents and similar materials to members of the media. the key question, how did he get on that plane despite the felony warrant. >> still to come in the "newsroom," trump defending his name sake university and taking his former students to task in front of reporters and in a new online video. avo: when sends craig wilson a ready for you alert the second his room is ready, ya know what he becomes? client: great proposal! let's talk more over golf. craig: great. client: how about over tennis craig: even better. avo: a game changer! avo: the ready for you alert, only at
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. and good morning, i'm carol costello live from the university of miami where the big democratic debate will be held later on tonight. let's talk about the gop front-runner, shall we? donald trump is defending trump university, claiming that the people in the class-action lawsuit are lying about the school. >> trump university, it's -- we're holding it -- when i win the lawsuit, which i'll win, rubio did an ad the other day with two or three people and the three people were saying, oh, it was so terrible. their report cards were perfect. the person suing you has given you tapes and letters saying how great it is. >> trump went even farther and
6:52 am
put out this new youtube video and reading from their trump university reviews. >> and here's his report card on the school and he talks about excellent, quality presentation, quality everything. excellent, excellent, excellent. we have the other person named kevin scott, also in your thing, all excellent. he gives it five plus with the rating as high as you can go. >> so what's the real story? drew griffin investigates. >> reporter: this was the promise of trump university when it launched, direct from the university chairman's own mouth. >> at trump university, we keep success. that's what it is all about. success. it's going to happen to you. >> reporter: it operated from 2005 to 2010 and enrolled 10,000 students in real estate courses
6:53 am
that range from free seminars, up to $35,000 for advancd training and mentoring. trump university took in an estimated $40 million from people who believe they, too, could some day become successful. >> put proven donald trump secrets to work for you. >> reporter: but it turns out, not everything donald trump promises comes true and not all of his businesses lead to success. trump university is closed. >> and it ended. why did it end? >> well, the economy crashed. the real estate market crashed and demand fell off a little bit. >> reporter: alan garten is donald trump's attorney. there were two class-action lawsuits filed. >> it's one of the california cases donald trump has been named as a witness. pretrial motions in may and trial date set for august. all three cases are similar. new york attorney general filed his in 2013, then went on cnn to
6:54 am
explain. >> it was a classic bait and switch scheme. it was a scam starting with the fact that it was not a university. they promised they would teach people with handpicked experts by donald trump. >> he was very involved. from the early stages, he was meeting regularly, every week or two weeks with the people who were going to run the day-to-day operations of the course. >> reporter: so the allegation that he didn't have anything to do with this, didn't pick a single expert as claimed, you say it's completely false? >> it's completely 100% untrue. >> reporter: the new york attorney general declined to be interviewed for this clip but he said he has affidavits collected from unsatisfied trump university students who mostly complained that their education at the school was worthless. they promised they would get the tools and strategies to make them successful in real estate. in reality, they claim they
6:55 am
learned not much at all. one student wrote, i have not been able to get in touch with anyone after i signed up with a trump gold elite program. another student, who paid $25,000 to have special access to high-level mentors, claims he hasn't been able to get in touch with his nonexistent power team. >> there's at least 10,000 people who paid. so you can go and pick three or four affidavits from people or maybe 20 or 30 affidavits. it's still a minuscule amount. i have in my bag, and i'm happy to read to you, all of the people who loved the courses. >> reporter: he proved 14 affidavits from satisfied students. he says trump will continue to fight all three lawsuits until he eventually wins. even if legal fees wipe out any profit he may have made. drew griffin, cnn, washington. >> the better business bureau is pushing back on claims about the a rating for the entrepreneurship initiative.
6:56 am
they say it did not come from them and the reason it moved up from a d-plus was due to the winding down of the program, which meant no new complaints were reported. the next hour of cnn "newsroom" after a break.
6:57 am
6:58 am
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7:00 am
and good morning, i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me from the university of miami. the big democratic debate will take place here later tonight. i must begin with breaking news. barbara starr just uncovered this, an isis detainee providing vital information about chemical weapons. barbara, tell us more. >> good morning, carol. cnn has now learned that the u.s. military has completed at least a first round of air
7:01 am
strikes against what it believes it isis' chemical weapons capability inside iraq, mainly around the city of mosul. u.s. air strikes have been under way against sites related to isis' efforts to produce and use mustard agent. we should remind people, there have been several confirmed attacks by isis using mustard agent in both iraq and syria in recent months. for the last several days, the u.s. military has been endeavoring to strike these targets. people, vehicles, sites where it believes it has the solid intelligence that isis has been undertaking activitieities rela to the production, use and distribution of mustard agent. how successful those strikes are, whether they really have now been able to take out isis' chemical weapons capability is a very open question. that is not a settled question yet. the pentagon believes they were successful. but, it should be remembered,
7:02 am
isis can make this stuff so there's nothing to say they can't keep going. how has this information come to light? we reported several days ago that the u.s. military captured a detainee, captured a senior isis operative in iraq. this information came from him. he was a senior operative in the chemical weapons program. cnn agreed at the highest levels to withhold reporting that this man was involved in the chemical weapons and that the u.s. had him and was getting intelligence from him on chemical weapons because the u.s. military, the pentagon made a case to cnn that they wanted to finish the air strikes first. they were concerned, they believe as isis figured out, the u.s. had the intel that isis might move again with more mustard attacks. carol? >> disturbing information. barbara starr reporting live from the pentagon, thank you. on to politics now, hillary clinton stream rolls in the south but bernie sanders stuns in michigan.
7:03 am
the vermont senator capturing the big prize of super tuesday two and what may be the biggest upset in the political season. bernie sanders beating hillary clinton but clinton smashing sanders in mississippi. she ranked in more delegates for the day and maintains her big lead on bernie sanders. both candidates, though, claiming victory. >> i want to thank the people of michigan who repudiated the polls that had us 20, 25 points down. >> i'm proud of the campaign that senator sanders and i are running. we have our differences, which you can see when we debate, but i'll tell you what, those
7:04 am
differences pale in comparison to what is happening on the republican side. >> so what's happening with the republicans? donald trump wins mississippi, michigan and hawaii. senator cruz captures idaho. trump pulling ahead in the delegate count. marco rubio falls even farther behind and pressure growing on him and john kasich to win their home states next week simply to keep their campaigns alive. let's begin our coverage with cnn's jean casarez. these live in detroit. good morning, jean. >> reporter: good morning. as i spoke to voter after voter, it was clear in what they saw in bernie sanders. they see a simple man, a man that is authentic, that really cares about them and they feel he can effectuate change. they like the fact that he's not part of an elitist group, that his money financing comes from the dollars that people are sending in, not to be indebted into the higher economic areas supporting him. they also really like the free
7:05 am
things. they like free education. they liked free medical insurance. and i asked them, well, the country is in debt. how are we going to pay for that? there really wasn't an answer but replied to me that other countries were able to do this so the united states should be able to do it, too. well, let's listen right now to the candidates themselves as they spoke after their defeat and victories. >> we started this campaign, as many will remember, ten months ago. we were 60 or 70 points down in the polls and yet what we have seen is in poll after poll, state after state, what we have done is created the kind of momentum that we need to win. >> i want to be the president, not for those who are already successful. they don't need me. i want to be the president for the struggling and the striving. for people who have a dream and who are looking for a way to
7:06 am
achieve that dream. >> reporter: and let's look at a group of voters that bernie sanders really captured yesterday. it is the 18 to 29-year-olds overwhelmingly, 81% voted for bernie sanders. 18% for hillary clinton. and, carol, when you look at michigan, they have some dire, dire issues. the detroit public school system, $515 million in debt. the flint water crisis and more than anything the auto industry wanting to bring those jobs back. people on the side of the democrats believe that bernie sanders is the one that can effectuate that change to revitalize michigan. carol? >> all right. jean casarez reporting live from detroit, thanks so much. let's turn our attention now to the republicans. senator ted cruz rallies his supporters in miami right now. cruz unable to gain ground on donald trump. he's focusing on two states here
7:07 am
in florida. his rival's sagging campaign is pinning all of his hopes right here. trump is focused more on hillary clinton and her campaign stumble in michigan. he talked this morning on cnn. >> yeah, i think she'll definitely get the nomination. this is just a bump. but losing michigan is more than a bump in the general because that says that the people don't want her. she's not going to bring back trade. she's not going to bring back businesses. she's not going to bring back all of the employment that is gone and the factories that have closed. i've seen those factories and it's disgusting to look at what we've done with our trade deals. these guys that talk about trade, they are a bunch of dopes. >> cnn's jim acosta joins me to talk all things republican. >> what is happening with donald
7:08 am
trump? his momentum is slowing. rolling up big wins in hawaii, michigan at his victory party last night, the gop front-runner actually thanked the anti-trump super pacs from bombarding his campaign with negative ads. he showed off the trump steaks and trump water. he also attacked his rivals from slowing the momentum. it was rubio who struggled the most last night. he's vowing to fight on. as for trump, he's calling on the party to rally behind him, saying it's time to come to grips with reality. >> i am a uniter but i have to finish off the project. you know, i can't all of a sudden stand there and let people -- you know, marco was very, very nasty to me, i have to tell you. i guess he made a mistake because i was more nasty to him.
7:09 am
you have to finish off what you have to finish off. i do think the debate tomorrow night will be a softer debate. i really do. i believe it's going to be a softer debate. i hope it's going to be a softer debate. i go in much more as a uniter than a -- i think the wins last night were very, very big ones and very decisive ones. >> it may not be a softer debate. ted cruz is stepping up his ace taxes on donald trump warning that the party will be fractured if it's self-destructive. >> what donald trump wants is he wants us divided. if we are divided, he wins the nomination and hillary becomes president. if we unite, that ain't going to happen. >> reporter: now, as for marco rubio, a rubio aide tells me
7:10 am
that they will soldier on and the florida senator remains focused on his state. if he can't win here in florida and john kasich can't win in ohio, this nomination is probably donald trump's now. people have to get used to it in the republican party but it's essentially going to be a very difficult road to hoe if he wins next tuesday. >> thank you for stopping by. i appreciate it. disappointing finishes in several states and rubio's campaign rests on florida where he made this appeal yesterday to voters in his home state. >> if you listen to the media, they'll tell you i'm an under dog and i believe the winner next tuesday will be the nominee of the republican party. so you are given an incredible
7:11 am
task. you are given an incredible task a week from now and i need your help. i need your vote. >> joining me now to talk more about marco ruo's run, carlos lopez conrera, thank you for being here. >> welcome to florida. >> thank you. it's beautiful here and the weather is fantastic, let me tell you. let's talk about senator marco rubio. why do you think his campaign is faltering? >> i don't think his campaign is faltering. he's proven before that he can win florida. i'm proud of him that he's resisting all of the talk and punditry. in 2010 when everybody was telling marco, why are you running for senate? wait your turn, he believes in what he's talking about and why he's doing it. that's why he's running for president of the united states. >> here's the thing, though.
7:12 am
he's morphed into this candidate. some say he stabbed his mentor in the back, jeb bush. and then he turned into this out and out attack dog. so do his constituents even know who he is anymore? >> marco has always been the optimistic candidate. a lot of the things that you just said are from his opponents. marco's message has always been consistent and it's been consistent since i met him 20 years ago. he's always talked about how special the united states of america is and how anybody from anywhere can do anything in this country and it's true. this whole community represents that. >> he sort of broke from that when he began attacking donald trump so viciously, right? so was it a mistake for donald trump to do that? >> no. marco's been consistent on being optimistic and talking about how special the united states of america is. and his -- he's been running one of the most serious policy-driven campaigns of this
7:13 am
cycle. i mean, he's talking about reembracing the american free enterprise system, making the united states of america a leader around the world again. not only around the middle east but around the world. he's been consistent on that message. >> do you think jeb bush will give him his endorsement? >> that's up for jeb to decide. >> should he? >> that's up to jeb. i can't speak for jeb. >> do you know if the two men are even talking? >> i know that they have talked. i see reports that say that. whether or not jeb decides to wade into the primary before tuesday, i don't know. >> how much would a jeb bush endorsement help marco rubio in the state of florida? >> well, conventional wisdom would tell you that it would be helpful but this has not necessarily been a conventional wisdom year, has it? >> no, it has not. my last question to you, marco rubio may have a great message but john kasich appears to be appealing to the end of the liberal republican party and ted
7:14 am
cruz is appealing to the very conservative end of the republican party and marco rubio is somewhere in the middle and people don't know what that mushy middle is. is that part of the problem? >> i call him the one that can unite the republican party. here in florida, we've proven that conservativism works. we've been investing in infrastructure and education and making policy changes that make a difference. and so marco's focused on getting results. here in florida, we're focused on getting results and on tuesday we'll show that marco is going to win the primary and nomination. >> nice meeting you. >> thank you. we know anger is fueling votes for trump and for sanders and now it looks like their wallets are, too. we'll talk about that, next.
7:15 am
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7:19 am
it is still the economy after bill clinton rode his first term to the white house, donald trump and bernie sanders are winning voters who say the economy is losing. christine romans has another report on the economy. >> it's a yearning out there right now, a yearning that is anti-trade, anti-establishment, the idea that only an outsider can fix america's economy. what about falling gas prices, low unemployment and recovering home prices? that's not what these voters say they are feeling. they are overwhelmed and worried. in the gop, it's anxious, angry voters who favor the billionaire businessman. bernie sanders is promising free health care and college, breaking up the banks. so let's start in mississippi where 80% of republican voters, 80% say they are worried, very worried about the economy. mississippi has the highest unemployment rate in the
7:20 am
country. so no surprise there. almost 7% unemployment. the very worried voters, who do they break for? donald trump. ted cruz was a distant second there. let's go to michigan. jobless rate was 1.1%. specifically in michigan, deep anxiety over years of trade deals. 55%. 55% think the trade deals are killing american jobs and donald trump grabbed 45% of those voters who think trade is a job killer. it was the same story for the democrats. 81% say they are worried about the economy. 81%. most voters also said the economy favors the wealthy. 85% of michigan voters say it's the wealthy who get the best deal in the economy and those voters broke for bernie sanders. carol? >> fascinating. christine romans, thanks so much. i want to throw a few more numbers at you to show that the economy is improving and why the
7:21 am
exit polls are amazing. gas prices were down 63 cents this time last year. the dow jones is up 45%. the unemployment rate is at an eight-year low. so why do so many people feel the economy is doing so poorly? let's talk about this. i want to bring in two of our cnn commentators, john avalon and mark lamont hill. good morning to both of you. >> good morning, carol. >> good morning. so, john, the economy is actually improving. i mean, it's pretty good right now. so why are so many voters worried about the economy? >> look, it's one of the most fascinating things going on with the populist. a state in michigan, the unemployment rate has been cut in half in the last six years and usually the anger alies in
7:22 am
the persistent income inequality and anxieties on the folks who feel that the largest trends from globalization to global trade to inequality in their own communities has left them feeling powerless in terms of driving their own economic fate. those folks will gravitate either towards donald trump who is a tough guy businessman and renegotiates everything that he says or bernie sanders who says, no, the answer is to strengthen the social safety net. that i think accounts for what would otherwise be a situation we don't see in american politics and increased populist anger. >> i'm glad that john -- >> so let me ask you this, mark, because i want to ask you about angry white men because i think it will be kind of fun. >> that's my expertise. >> that block of voters, mark, they are gravitating towards
7:23 am
both donald trump and bernie sanders. why? >> and i think that's an important question and in connection with what john is saying, he made that distinction because sometimes we lump them in together because they both want to get rid of these bad trade agreements. donald trump is a free market fundamentalist. he still believes in the free market and the particular conception of free trade. he still believes in privatization and wants to slash taxes in a certain kind of way to invest in business. bernie sanders, as john says, wants to expand the social safety net. both resonate with voters who are tired of seeing wall street greed prevail. they both appeal to it and on the donald trump side, there's the white male component, which you pointed out. there's a sense that we are losing our country. there's a sense that not only trade deals with mexico and also mexicans themselves are the problem. there's a sense that, you know, ever since we had a black president and a rise of
7:24 am
opportunity for black people, that somehow we're losing our country and we as white people and white males, donald trump's narrative of we're going to make america great again says we're going to make america white again. it's a mix of zenophobia and populism. >> john, do you agree with that? >> i do think and i've written for a while now, one of the things that is driving politics on the far right is the rise of what might be called white minority politics, something we haven't seen before, when you interview folks in early tea party rallies like i did were stark. they would talk about how many generations their families have been here. it's underneath the claims of take our country back. but i think there's an important distinction to draw. we're not having a debate about privatization in this country and there is commonality between having a more protectionist free
7:25 am
trade. there's big business and big government, not one other the other. that sets up a very different dynamic where donald trump and bernie sanders for all of their differences, personally, professionally, politically, i think if you listen to their rhetoric, a lot of their anger is saying, guys, the system is rigged. big money is rigged in the system politically. that's causing the inefficiency and causing your anxiety. there's a flow through that i think we need to focus on as well. >> no. i agree. but i think the devil is in the details, though, right? if we don't nuance that thing out and understand that protectionism is a key issue. how we negotiate is important. those nuances get elited. they are also obsessed with the market and obsessed with free
7:26 am
market solutions. bernie sanders is an outlier. he's saying, let's not beat up on the poor. >> i have to leave it there. mark lamont hill, john avalon, thanks to both of you. tonight's univision debate from miami is more important than ever. it starts at 9:00 eastern. tomorrow night, it's the republican's turn. also, from the university of miami. moderated by jake tapper. the only place to see it is right here on cnn starting at 830 p.m. donald trump got one step closer to clinching the gop nomination but ted cruz says he still has a chance. is better for your skin than wearing no makeup at all? neutrogena® cosmetics. with vitamins and antioxidants.
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7:31 am
and good morning, i'm carol costello, thank you for joining me at the university of miami where a big democratic debate is set to take place. i want to bring you right to miami-dade college. that's where senator ted cruz is rallying his supporters. he won in idaho, still insists he's the only man that can beat ted cruz. but i'll tell you what, florida's coming up soon, march 15th. that's when the state of florida votes. cruz is trailing behind trump and he's also trailing rubio. that puts him in third place. still, last night, he says he is the man to beat donald trump.
7:32 am
>> and i understand if you're angry with washington and donald trump can seem appealing because he has a cursing voice that can be seen as a vessel for that anger. you don't solve that problem by voting for someone who has been ameshed in the washington corruption for four years. >> all right. i want to go back to the rally in miami. you can see carly fiorina there. ted cruz picked up her endorsement. let's watch to see what happens next. >> well, thank you so much for the warm miami welcome. it is indeed a great privilege and pleasure to stand on the stage today. >> we love you.
7:33 am
>> thank you. >> you know, i ran for the presidency because i think it's time to take our country back because i think we need real reform because we have too much economic and too much political power concentrated in the hands of too few people and i ran because we need a real constitutional conservative running in the white house. now, i have to tell you last tuesday, my husband frank and i live in virginia where we met and have lived for over 30 years. last tuesday, we had a primary. i walked into the ballot box and i looked at the ballot and i saw my own name on the ballot. it was kind of a thrill. but then i checked the box for ted cruz and i'm here to tell
7:34 am
you what, you know, after we lost the 2012 election, the republican establishment knew exactly what we needed to do to win the next one. the republican establishment decided to pass comprehensive immigration reform. they decided that we needed not to rock the boat too much. let's just get along with the government that is incompetent and corruption and, for heaven sakes, don't talk about the republican issues. in the state of texas against all odds and against all the predictions of the pundits, the state of texas elected a senator named ted cruz. [cheers and applause ] and, you know, ted cruz has
7:35 am
always been a constitutional conservative. he is a fearless fighter and reformer and he didn't much care whether he got invited to the cocktail parties in d.c. we know ted cruz is a constitutional conservative because he has fought for our liberties over and over again. my dad was an appellate judge on the ninth circuit court of appeals. so i know, having watched my dad, what it takes to fight against the tide. he has fought. he has fought for our religious liberty. he has fought for our
7:36 am
sovereignty. and he has won. over and over and over, he has won. we know ted cruz is a leader and a reformer he's willing to take on the status quo in washington, d.c., whether it's replacing the irs or finally fixing the veterans administration so our veterans get the care that they deserve. or finally fixing our immigration problems. you know, i can tell you from personal experience, in order to lead, you must challenge the status quo. and when you challenge the status quo, guess what, you do more than ruffle feathers.
7:37 am
you make enemies. it is part of it. it is the price of leadership. you know, people say all the time, we are all known by the company we keep. i'll tell you what, ted cruz should be known, is proud to be known by the enemies he has made in the d.c. cartel. now, you know there are some people in our party now who are saying donald trump wouldn't be so bad. i mean, okay, maybe he's a liberal, a fraud but at least he's a deal maker. we can make deals with him. here's the thing. the truth is, that donald trump and hillary clinton are two sides of the same coin. they are not going to reform the
7:38 am
system. they are the system. hillary clinton has made millions of dollars from the inside and donald trump has made billions of dollars buying people like hillary clinton. they are the system. they will not reform it. and so when the establishment says ted cruz is too conservative, he's too much of a fighter, he won't get along, i say, you go, ted. >> >> usa! usa! usa! usa! usa! >> now, you know, there are
7:39 am
other people in our party who are actually horrified by donald trump. i'm one of them. but here's the thing, we're not going to beat donald trump by having leaders in our party tisk, tisk over our voters, we are going to have to beat donald trump at the ballot box and the only guy who can beat donald trump is ted cruz. you know, tip o'neil said politics are local. actually, politics are personal. people vote based on their own despairs and hopes and dreams. we need a conservative who will provide solutions in people's lives. that's the only way we are going to beat donald trump and hillary clinton and ted is the man to do
7:40 am
it. let me just close by saying this. there are big differences between aggressives aprogressivs and conservatives. you know, we as conservatives, we know that no one of us is any better than any other one of us. we know that each of us is gifted by god. we know that all of us want to live lives of dignity and purpose and leaning and we know that our values, our principles, our policies work better to lift people up regardless of their circumstances. it is progressives who believe that some are smarter than others, some are better than others. it's okay if some decide for others and choose for others. that is not who we are. so my fellow conservatives, my fellow republicans, you have a very important job on tuesday. and i say to you, it is time. it is time to take our party back. [cheers and applause ]
7:41 am
it is time to take our government back. it is time to take our country back. and so -- and so it is time now to unite behind the one man who can beat donald trump, who can beat hillary clinton, who can beat the cartel. ladies and gentlemen, the next president of the united states! [cheers and applause ] >> wow!
7:42 am
isn't carly extraordinary? we just heard a whole bunch of democratic activists of hillary supporters going, holy cow, what was that? i have to tell you, i am so humbled, i am so privileged to be standing here with carly. [ applause ] and our message today is one of unity. it is a message that brings republicans together it's a message that brings reagan democrats together. we know our country is off track. but we also understand the
7:43 am
principles, the values that we have to get back to to bring our country back to track. i believe this next election will come down to three key issues. jobs, freedom and security. let's start with jobs. let's talk to the single moms working two and three part-time jobs, who have had your hours forcibly reduced to 28, 29 hours a week because obamacare kicks in at 30 hours a woke. let me talk to all of the truck drivers and mechanics and electricians and plumbers, all of the men and women with callouss on your hands who have seen your wages stagnating near after year after year. cost of living keeps going up. but somehow your wages don't seem to keep pace.
7:44 am
let me talk to all of the young people coming out of school with student loans up to your eyeballs, scared, am i going to get a job? what kind of future will i have? you know, the media tells us, this is as good as it gets. let me tell you, that is an absolute lie. it's easy to talk about making america great again. he can even print that on a baseball cap. but the real question is, do you understand the principles and values that made america great in the first place? if i'm elected president, if and
7:45 am
when, we will repeal every word of obamacare. we'll pass commonsense health care reform that makes health insurance personal and portable and affordable and keeps government from getting in between us and our doctors. and we will pass a simple flat tax. where every american can fill out his or her taxes on a post card. and when we do that, we should abolish the irs.
7:46 am
we're going to rein in the epa and the alphabet soup of agencies that have descended on small businesses killing jobs all across this country. [ applause ] see, that's the thing. the heart of our economy, it isn't in washington, d.c., it isn't in new york city. the heart of our economy is in small businesses all across this country. you want to kill jobs, do what we've been doing the last seven years, hammer the living daylights out of small businesses. you want to unleash jobs? lift the boot of the federal government off the back of the necks of small businesses.
7:47 am
and no issue captures the divide between washington and the working people more than the issue of immigration. now, immigration is a law enforcement issue. immigration is a national security issue. but immigration is also profound leanne economic issue. that when 12 million people come illegally to this country, it takes jobs from millions of americans and from mill agaiion have followed the rules. [ applause ] now, to the republican primary. every candidate will say they oppose illegal immigration. but there's a critical moment, a dividing line which was in 2013, the battle over the gang of
7:48 am
eight amnesty plan. far too many republicans in washington made the decision to stand with barack obama and push for amnesty. i made a very different decision to honor the promises i made to the men and women who elected me and lead the fight against amnesty. [ applause ] >> all right. we're going to pull away from the ted cruz rally. carly fiorina is throwing her support behind senator ted cruz. so let's talk about what this means with cnn political commentator kayleigh and also a supporter of marco rubio and runs an anti trump super pac. welcome to both of you. kayleigh, i'll start with you. carly fiorina coming out
7:49 am
strongly in support of ted cruz. how might this affect mr. trump? >> i don't know that it affects mr. trump at all because it doesn't broaden ted's base. that's the problem with trump. he's not even winning southeastern states which he should be winning. he won maine but that seems to be an outlier given the results. >> katie, before i ask you the same question, i want you to listen to carly fiorina because she gave quite the fiery speech. here's carly fiorina describing donald trump compared to hillary clinton. >> the truth is, donald trump and hillary clinton are two sides of the same coin. they are not going to reform the system. they are the system. >> all right. katie, that was a great line. how effective is it? >> well, i think it's all very
7:50 am
important in terms of just continuing to expose donald trump for the fraud that he is. he claims to be somebody that is going to rally against the establishment but he's somebody that has been buying politicians in washington admittedly for him for the last several decades. you know, there's a long line of these things. he claims to be the guy that's going to make america great again and all of his products that he solves in his company are made overseas. it's going to chip away at this veneer that donald trump claims to be something that he's not. >> and kayleigh, there is something to that, right? you could accuse hillary clinton of profiting from wall street or giving speeches and getting exorbitant speaking fees but donald trump has enriched himself. how does he distance himself from that during the general
7:51 am
election? >> you use the laws to your advantage. that's what you do when you have a business. otherwise, your business will fail. when you pivot and you're a politician, you can advocate to change those rules but to suggest that donald trump shouldn't have played by the rules given to him and he should have taken a moral high ground, i think that's a false argument. >> he's calling out apple and bill -- we just found out that iv ivanka trump's entire clothing line is made in russia. that's a very inconvenient truth for donald trump. he claims that he's not the establishment. the reality is, he's been very much part of the establishment for all of these years. he's part of the problem. people in a general election recognize that. we just saw today a poll that came out, he's the only candidate that runs double digits behind hillary clinton in a general election. that's a problem for republicans.
7:52 am
>> katie, you're criticizing him for having his businesses overseas and you're missing the predicate to him wanting apple to build their products here. and the predicate to that is he wants to make us at a competitive advantage again where businesses don't have to go overseas. katie, let me finish. i let you finish. more than 15% in taxes, that's a policy that would make apple more ameanable to building his products here. >> why doesn't he do it today? >> because the rules have to be changed first. he has to be elected president and implement his policies. >> he's so rich, it shouldn't matter. >> do as i say, not as i do. that's part of the trump history. people are going to start to recognize it. >> let's go back to carly fiorina for a second. i'm not sure that support will help ted cruz that much.
7:53 am
he overperforms with evangelicals but he's not attracting many other kinds of people to the tent. right? does carly fiorina in any way help him do that, katie? >> well, i think what carly does, i don't disagree that she does appeal to a conservative base that cruz is already appealing to but one thing she does is remind people of the fact that donald trump has been very degrading and demeaning to women. he's got a history of that. it's why he has a significant gender gap even in the republican primary. it's much, much larger in the general election and carly is a reminder of the way that he treated her on a very public stage and it's helpful to have women in leadership that are conservatives standing up saying this cannot be our standard bearer or we will lose terribly in november. >> and i can hear senator cruz repeating that infamous line, right? about carly fiorina's face? >> look, i wish donald trump hadn't said that line.
7:54 am
that being said, it's important to notice that this is not a gender thing. he's critiqued marco rubio's appearance as well. it's not a gender specific thing. you're wrong to say he's not winning women. he tied cruz in winning women. >> still has 31% in michigan around women. >> in every states he's winning women. i think women realize his critiques are not sexist. they are broad spread and regardless of gender. he will attack people who attack him. that's just the way it is. >> extraordinary to have a gender gap in a republican primary. to have a significant gender gap in the republican primary is an unusual thing. donald trump has managed to do it. >> all right. just to recap, in case you missed it, carly fiorina, the former presidential candidate coming out and throwing her support behind senator ted cruz. as you know, florida, the state of florida where we are right now, florida votes on march
7:55 am
15th. everybody is vying for that vote, especially ted cruz. also, marco rubio who hopes to win here because if marco rubio doesn't win here, his campaign is pretty much over. and actually, katie, before we go, since you are a marco rubio supporter, there -- oh, she's gone. i was going to ask her -- maybe i can ask you this, kayleigh, some say marco rubio should just drop out and not chance losing in florida because it might hurt his political career going forward. >> i think it does hurt his political career if he loses the state. that being said, dropping out of the race is a very personal decision and i resent it when i hear people say, this person should drop out, that person should drop out. it's his call. >> kayleigh mcenany, thank you. more after the break.
7:56 am
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