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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  March 9, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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>> hillary clinton. >> oh, my gosh. we need more kids on the news. the kids, the kids. thank you so much for being with me. i'm brooke baldwin here at the university of miami. we'll be back here same time tomorrow. but don't move a muscle, "the lead" with jim sciutto starts right now. >> thank you, brooke baldwin. democrats about to square off after the biggest upset of the season. "the lead" starts right now. bernie sanders shocking hillary clinton in michigan, pulling off a win not even his own campaign saw coming. and this right before another big debate on cnn tonight. donald trump keeps rolling as questions mount about whether marco rubio's campaign can survive another disappointing finish. can he stay afloat through his own home state of florida? plus, breaking news in the war on terror. u.s. air strikes zeroing in on isis chemical weapons after u.s. forces capture the chief of the
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program and he starts talking. welcome to "the lead." i'm jim sciutto in again today for jake tapper. our politics lead, a big surprise winner in michigan. it is one of the biggest upsets in any one state in recent political history. and tonight sanders and clinton go head to head once again. the univision democratic debate starts at 9:00 p.m. eastern. you can watch it right here on cnn. tomorrow republicans get their last chance to slow donald trump before florida and ohio. jake tapper, he moderates the republican presidential debate live from the u. both events are the opening acts for the return of super tuesday. this time it is florida, illinois, missouri, north carolina and ohio. they are all on the line. these are some of the battlegrounds that truly matter in the general election in november. senator sanders says that is a long ways off and he is vowing
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to fight hillary clinton all the way to the democratic convention. but he will need to pull off the kind of victory he scored in michigan last night in other states if he wants to be a lasting contender. cnn's senior political correspondent brianna keilar is in miami at the site of tonight's democratic debate. where does sanders and his campaign believe he'll be most able to repeat the kind of success he saw yesterday in michigan? >> jim, they're certainly eyeing florida, where we are tonight, but they're eyeing ohio and also illinois where the campaign thinks that sanders can build on those attacks on hillary clinton's past trade agreement support. they think that will give him the edge, especially coming off of this momentum that he got from his big michigan win. both democratic candidates preparing for tonight's debate after a major upset in michigan. >> this should scare the clinton folks if anything. >> reporter: anticipating a loss, sanders campaign rally in michigan was over and done before results even began to
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come in for michigan. as it appeared he would clinch the win, he made a hastily made appearance at his florida hotel. >> i just want to take this opportunity to thank the people of michigan who kind of are you pud rated the polls that had us down 20, 25 points. >> reporter: his past attacks on clinton with her connections to wall street resonated with voters. >> secretary clinton supported every one of these disastrous trade agreements, written by corporate america. >> reporter: clinton's main attack line on sanders, that he voted against the wall street funds that included money to bail out car companies failed to deliver a win. >> he voted against the money that ended up saving the auto industry. >> reporter: clinton may have split the delegate prize in michigan with sanders, but he handily won the mississippi primary, picking up more delegates for the night than her opponent. the math is still very much in clinton's favor. she has a lead of 217 pledged
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delegates and her outlook for the next big series of primaries is better than sanders. clinton has been leading in the polls in florida and ohio but polling hasn't matched the outcome in several contests, and sanders may have found a message that will help him in michigan's industrial neighbor of ohio, where clinton held her rally last night. >> thank you all so very much. >> reporter: clinton may have to hit pause on her recent pivot to the general election and turn her focus back to the primary battle with sanders. sanders is promising a fight when the primary contests move out of the south, where clinton has enjoyed a big advantage. >> we believe that our strongest areas are yet to happen. >> with bernie sanders' momentum coming off of that win, the stakes are all that much higher at the debate tonight. sunday night it was the most contentious debate we had seen yet on the democratic side. perhaps bernie sanders will be inspired for a repeat performance. >> we'll be watching tonight, thanks very much.
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joining me to talk about the democrat presidential race is karen finney, communications director for the clinton campaign. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. one correction. i don't want my boss to get mad at me. i'm a senior advisor and communications advisor. >> i just promoted you. bluntly to start off, why did clinton lose michigan? >> well, look, it was a state where bernie sanders -- they outspent us, they had more people on the ground. it was clearly a must-win state for senator sanders. and while it turned -- it was close, he came out with the win. i think it's as simple as that. i also think it's quite clear that the polls were wrong. >> we've seen a lot of precedent for that. but there were signs in his victory that it would be worrisome going forward because sanders didn't just win over young people and independents, he also made inroads among blue
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collar voters there. how does the clinton campaign eliminate that disconnect going forward? >> we're going to take a look at the next five states and i think senator sanders will have the opportunity to demonstrate that he's able to put together the coalition that you absolutely must have to win, and that includes african-american voters, latinos, women, so he's -- he hasn't quite yet demonstrated the ability to put that full coalition together. hillary has won in the north and the south and the east and the west and put together a very diverse coalition of voters. so we're going to be working hard moving towards ohio and those other states for next week and making sure that they understand her -- know her message about the importance of job creation, how she wants to increase incomes. >> and we're familiar with the message, but i do have to ask you because there's this story, people were talking about this last night. hillary clinton is going to wrap it up last night and again not able to do that. i just wonder how you fight that sort of sense of disappointment
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or that the momentum can't build enough behind her candidacy. a lot of democratic voters still have questions about her. >> jim, come on, all due respect, she trounce in mississippi and we still ended the night very much in the lead and frankly very much in a very strong position going forward. at the end of the day, this is about getting to the number of delegates needed to secure the nomination and 4.8 million people have come out and voted for hillary clinton. so i understand -- i worked in television, i understand that we want to keep this going and we want to create the drama around it, but let's not forget the facts. and the facts remain that hillary is very much in the lead and, again, our hope is that we'll continue to pull away next week and we're going to work hard to make sure that that's what happens. >> let me ask you this because i don't want to get ahead of ourselves here. but looking ahead to the possibility of a general election, there are democrats i've spoken with who say that
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let's say it is trump versus clinton, that there are issues that trump actually matches up pretty well with hillary clinton, particularly blue collar voters who are upset about trade agreements signed by hillary clinton's husband. but also the loss of jobs. that he's eating into a base that you might have expected her to be able to rely on. i wonder how significant a concern that is. again, not to get ahead of ourselves, but in a potential clinton-trump matchup. >> but here's the thing. i understand why senator sanders campaign wants to talk about the '90s and, you know, attack hillary clinton for the things that her husband did rather than actually talking about her own record when she was a senator, and in the senate she voted against the trade agreement and she's voted against other trade agreements. so i understand why they don't want to talk about that, but we're going to keep talking about that and that's part of why we're also going to keep talking about what her ideas are, all of which are paid for, all of which are very well thought out in terms of how we create jobs, how we incentivize
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the private industry to support communities that have been left behind, invest in those communities, make sure we protect health care, make sure we're increasing incomes, so there's some very different ideas that hillary has about those things than does senator sanders. clearly i think it's pretty obvious hillary is nowhere near ever going to run a campaign on the kind of bigotry and bluster that we're seeing from the republican side led by donald trump. so we feel good about where wore and we think we have a message that is resonating with people. it is true to their lives. we feel good going into tonight. i think the debate will be good and we feel good about next week. >> senior advisor karen finney, thanks for coming on. >> thanks. i want to bring in bill press and van jones. bill, van, even his own campaign thought he wouldn't come out on top in michigan but bernie sanders, as you know, did and now in the race to pinpoint why a lot of insiders say his
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we are back with more in today's politics lead. new momentum for senator bernie sanders. his victory in michigan against hillary clinton put him on the path to boosting his tally of delegates. next week's primary calendar includes illinois, missouri and ohio. like michigan, midwestern states with a heavy blue collar base. the three making up more than half of the 691 delegates that are still up for grabs. so how do the candidates shape their messages going forward to win those delegates? van jones joining me in washington and bill press, a bernie sanders supporter joining me from chicago. van, i'll begin with you. how surprised was the sanders campaign by last night's results? >> it was a shocker to everyone. obviously they had senator sanders like sneaking out of town. they didn't even wait for the results to roll them out. had he lost, the entire
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rationale for his candidacy would have completely collapsed. it would have proven this knock on him that he could not grow among black voters and his trade message does not work in the north. turns out he did grow among black voters, his message does resonate and he found an issue, a sleeper issue around the home foreclosure crisis up there that also helped him to break through. a stunner for the clintons, who, by the way, had every clinton ever born in michigan. they had chelsea, they had bill, they had hillary, they had socks, they had buddy, they had every clinton ever and they still got beat. a stunner. >> and mitt romney with the michigan past didn't help him chosen candidate there on the republican side. bill press, looking at this, particularly with those blue collar voters, right, which was a big issue there and spelling some concern for hillary clinton going forward. but i wonder, how does bernie sanders capitalize on his gains in michigan with these primaries we have coming up next week,
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particularly in illinois and missouri and ohio, with a similar kind of makeup? >> well, i think it's interesting. i don't think bernie has had to retool his campaign at all, he just keeps plugging away with the same message. for the last six months or certainly the last week, all we've heard from the clinton campaign is come on, bernie, the math is against you, time to fold your tent, time to get out of here, it's really all over. and bernie kept saying no, our best states are ahead of us. and it turns out he was right. so i think that there was some authenticity here, i believe, on the trade deals. even the democratic establishment don't get the anxiety among people, the pain to use van's words that people at the bottom feel about these trade deals, about jobs, about the economy. bernie has been speaking to that. it carried through in michigan. he's -- you know, he was against nafta from the beginning, he was against tpp from the beginning and people know despite what
1:17 pm
karen said, hillary was not. and that's bernie's message. i think last night's win really propels him and gives him really good momentum going into ohio, illinois and missouri. >> so van jones, the last democratic debate was fiery, as we know. after that kind of loss from hillary clinton's strategy, does she change her approach at all in tonight's debate against the senator? >> this is going to be the big, big mystery everybody is going to be looking for. i thought her attempt to pretend that bernie sanders was against the auto bailout was one of the low moments of the campaign. i mean it's just completely not true. he voted for the bailout, he just didn't want it mixed in with the wall street stuff. if she continues to go down that road, since she's still likely to win. let's be clear, bernie sanders has to start winning 60-40 to overcome her, so she's still the presumptive nominee. she's going to have to pull this party back together. if she does those cheap shots all night long, i think it's harder long term.
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>> bill, i want to ask you, on paper you look at the economy and it seems to be improving. unemployment is the lowest point since 2008, gas prices as we know far cheaper than a year ago. but this last number appears to be the key. the median income in the u.s. around $53,000, when you adjust for inflation, that number hasn't budged much in decades. a lot of people feel poorer than they were ten years ago or so. is that really the source of the anger from the voters who are supporting bernie sanders? >> i think it is. i think bernie has tapped into that and strangely enough donald trump has tapped into that on the other side. which, by the way, gets to your point earlier with karen, jim, i thought was absolutely right on. democrats have to be thinking about that key message in november. but at the bottom and bernie always says it. the gains have gone all the way to the top. millions and millions of americans in the 99% are really struggling with the same wages or lower wages and higher costs for college tuition just making their payments at the end of the
1:19 pm
month, and they feel that the democratic establishment as well as the republican establishment has abandoned them. and bernie comes along as a champion who says, yeah, let's shake up the democratic party too. business as usual is not good enough. i think that message is resonating. >> on both sides no question. van jones, bill press, know a little bit about what they're talking about. thanks for both of you to come on. sanders and clinton clashing again on the debate stage tonight. it is the univision democratic presidential debate. you can watch it here on cnn. that is tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern. and it all comes down to florida. but after another string of losses, is marco rubio's campaign all but over? and will he have any home state advantage to stop trump's momentum? then there was a warrant out for his arrest, so how did the man wanted for allegedly shooting a pastor in idaho manage to board a passenger flight here to the nation's capital?
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welcome back to "the lead." as the republican candidates prepare to meet onstage at cnn's florida debate tomorrow, donald trump says we may all be in for a surprise. >> it will be a nicer, softer, lighter debate i hope. >> now just into cnn, we're learning that ahead of the debate, former florida governor and early trump antagonist jeb bush will meet with every gop candidate, that is except those named trump. sara murray is live in miami, the site of cnn's republican debate tomorrow. sara, donald trump's insults of his rivals, as we know, virtually define his campaign style. why is he promising now to be nicer in this next debate?
1:25 pm
>> reporter: well, jim, i think you're seeing a donald trump who wants to appear more presidential. he wants to prove he can broaden his appeal. make no mistake about it, after last night he is clearly the republican front-runner and he's not going anywhere, jim. >> i was watching the news in one of the rooms, and every single advertisement was about me. and it was during my tournament. i'm turning my tournament -- i go from tournament -- the most vicious ads. >> reporter: in the face of an onslaught of attacks, donald trump triumphing tuesday night, notching three more victories and nudging the party to rally behind him. >> the bottom line is we have something going that's so good, we should grab each other and we should unify the party. and nobody is going to beat us, okay? >> reporter: the billionaire businessman celebrating with a surreal election night event, responding to a drum beat of criticism about his failed ventures with an evening designed to showcase trump branded products. >> trump magazine is out.
1:26 pm
it is? i thought i read one two days ago. >> reporter: now that the fight for the nomination is looking more like a two-man race, ted cruz isn't letting up. >> i don't have any steaks to sell you. i don't have any wine. i don't have any cleaning products. >> reporter: the texas senator emerging with a victory in idaho tuesday, and today getting another boost with an endorsement from former presidential hopeful, carly fiorina. >> carly's being with us today is just one more manifestation of what we have been seeing playing out over the last several weeks, which is republicans uniting, coming together behind our campaign. >> reporter: but for marco rubio, the night was brutal. another winless evening and even steeper odds as he pins all his hopes on florida. >> you believed in me once, i am asking you to believe again. we can win this election and we will. i need your help next tuesday because we're not just going to win the florida primary, we are going to win florida in november. >> reporter: and today john kasich is still holding on,
1:27 pm
outperforming rubio last night and fighting for victory in his home state of ohio next tuesday. >> and with those states that have not yet selected a delegate, basically the three, donald trump, ted cruz and i are dead even going into the last half of this whole match. so don't be thinking it's over yet. >> reporter: now, these candidates will make their closing arguments before the march 15th date on our cnn debate stage tomorrow night. for marco rubio and for john kasich, they're going to have to prove to voters that they are still viable candidates in this race. >> sara murray in sunny miami, florida. anderson cooper just sat down with republican front-runner donald trump, who had a lot to say about the state of the race and his victories last night. let's have a listen. >> huge night last night. did you -- did you have any idea that you were going to win as big as you did? >> well, i felt good.
1:28 pm
mississippi, i was there three or four times and it was like a lovefest so i felt very good about it. michigan has been great. it's been great for me for a long time. i have so many friends there. i had no idea it would be that big. >> do you think it's the message on trade particular lly in michigan that was effective? we see sanders winning as well with a very similar message on trade. >> i think they want strength, i think they want military, i think they want to take care of vets, i think they hate obamacare. ultimately it's about jobs and the economy. you know, michigan has been stripped. you look at those empty factories all over the place and nobody hits that message better than me. >> two new polls out today, quinnipiac, also cnn, both showing essentially the same thing. you are way ahead here in florida, almost, i think, 2-1 against rubio and even in ohio leading kasich six points and seven points in each poll. if you win florida, if you win ohio, is it over? >> i think so, yeah. i think if i win those two, i think it's over. >> if you win ohio, kasich drops
1:29 pm
out and you win florida and rubio is gone and it's just you and cruz, if you don't get all the delegates needed to win by the convention -- >> well, i think if i ohio and if i win florida, pretty much you're going to be pretty much assured of doing that. >> you think you'll get all the delegates? >> i think so, yeah. i don't see the convention going that route. i see probably getting the delegates. you know, it's like the fighters, that's the ultimate way of doing it. you knock them out. if you knock them out, nothing can happen. >> you want to go for a knockout. >> i'd rather go for a knockout, yes. >> you can see anderson's full interview with donald trump tonight on "ac 360" at 8:00 p.m. eastern time right here on cnn. steak, wine, water and magazines. sounded more like an infomercial than a victory speech but is that how the republican presidential front-runner should act? we'll ask the national campaign co-chair right after this. vo: across america,
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welcome back to "the lead." we've got more in our politics lead now. the fight for the republican nomination ramping up today, after donald trump solidified his lead as the front-runner last night. ted cruz still in striking distance after picking up idaho, and today getting carly fiorina's surprise endorsement. joining me now is sam clovis, donald trump's national campaign co-chair. sam, thank you for being with us once again. >> thanks, jim. appreciate it. >> so tell us, what's your reaction to carly fiorina's endorsement of ted cruz? >> well, i think it's what you would -- i think you'd see this. there are people out there that are trying to find a way. i think there's also some motivation, personal motivation behind it. i think that mrs. fiorina ran a reasonable campaign and i think that there probably is an
1:35 pm
affinity between her and senator cruz. it probably is a natural endorsement for her. >> it is likely that carly fiorina remembers the comment about her face by donald trump, as do many of women voters. are you confident that donald trump can overcome that and appeal to women voters in the rest of the primaries, but in a general election? >> i think so. and i think what you really see here is that the people are voting across the united states right now in a series of primaries and caucuses. we've seen record turnout across the board. i think we're looking at like 35% -- 35% increase in turnout in the primary cycle, which is pretty remarkable. i think that you see, you know, almost 80% of the vote going to people in the republican party that were considered outsiders, and i think this is really the american people getting up on their hind legs and telling the establishment that we're not
1:36 pm
really interested in what you have to say anymore. >> i have to ask you, watching donald trump's victory speech last night, to a lot of folks, it looked a lot more like an infomercial than a political speech. how is it presidential for a candidate to still steaks and wine onstage as he's running for the nation's highest office? >> because he was accused of all of those enterprises that he showed last night were out of business and they didn't exist. in fact they do. and i think here's the issue. i think one of the number one issue in this campaign has been, will be and will always be the economy. and i think if you take a look at any person running for the presidency of the united states, there is only one, only one who has created jobs. he's created tens of thousands of jobs. and that is a manifestation, what he showed last night is a manifestation of the breadth and depth of his business
1:37 pm
operations, standing in his golf club and doing all those things, those are things that tell the american people that this is a man who can get things done. >> i have to ask you too, we have another republican debate on cnn tomorrow night. we heard donald trump tell our chris cuomo this morning that he should expect a nicer, softer, lighter debate. in light of his tactics, his rhetoric to this point, why make that change now? >> i don't think it will be him that will be making the change. i think the other candidates have figured out that when everybody, you know, goes after each other up on the stage, the american people lose out and it really doesn't benefit anybody. in fact there's been no position improvement. in fact i think marco rubio is really struggling right now trying to find his footing. i think ted is essentially stagnating in second place. we seem to be improving and we're stretching our delegate
1:38 pm
lead. after next tuesday, i think it's going to be an insurmountable lead. and i think that this is what i think is really going on here. the psychology right now going into the next super tuesday is -- and i don't think it benefits anyone to get up on that stage and raise their elbows, it really doesn't. i think they really need to get up there and differentiate themselves and make the case going forward why they should be the president of the united states. >> sam clovis, thanks for joining us today. >> well, thank you, jim. appreciate it. >> we'll talk again. let's talk more about the republican slugfest with our political panel, ana navarro and communications director for the anti-trump al principles pack. is that a little of the pot calling the kettle back from the trump national co-chair? >> no doubt. look, trump has so many vulnerabilities that i wouldn't be surprised that his co-chair
1:39 pm
wouldn't want people to talk about him. just in the last two days, we've seen stories about how donald trump had a high roller at one of his casinos who is a racist so trump kept black people away from his table. that is jarring. trump has such a problem with race throughout his history. another story talked about all trump's outsourcing. trump colognes, trump umbrellas, trump body wash, trump everything, it's all infomercial and it's all made in china. so the voters need to hear about this and i expect they will tomorrow night, whether the trump people want it or not. >> i want to ask you a little about news. je jeb bush is going to be meeting with the three nontrump gop candidates before cnn's debate tomorrow. what influence does jeb bush hope to have at this stage in this race? >> look, i'm not sure that it's the influence that he hopes to have. i just think that people who are against trump, and i know jeb bush is against trump, thinks trump would be very bad for our
1:40 pm
party, very bad for our country, i think his motivation is how do we stop trump. i'm not surprised that he's meeting with all three of them. i think that for all of us, we're coming to grips with the idea that any of the three, including ted cruz who was unacceptable to many of us just a few days ago is a much better option than donald trump. i think jeb bush wants to add his voice to the anti-trump movement. i think you're going to see him, you know, maybe take a similar route to governor romney. people just -- people are in angst. people are worried about the notion of donald trump being our nominee, potentially our president, and feel compelled to speak out. >> tim, i've got to ask you, though -- >> jim, jeb had moral clarity throughout the -- >> let me ask you about a point to respond to what ana is saying there. yes, we've heard those voices among republicans, mitt romney, jeb bush among them uncomfortable with a donald trump candidacy and lead, but how do they convince donors to
1:41 pm
keep pouring money down that drain after, well, jeb bush's departure, marco rubio's performance and that surprise pick up in momentum for donald trump last night? >> well, look, two things. as ana was saying, jeb had moral clarity throughout the campaign about donald trump, about how we can't win if you're going to insult the disabled and insult hispanics. >> yeah, but he's winning. >> with regards to donors, look, our principles pac, we've had more support over the last week than the pac had in its entire existence to date for stopping trump. they saw his vulnerability in maine, in kansas, in idaho. trump can be beat. on march 15th we're spending a lot of money educating voters about his record. he's going to be in a lot of these big delegate states. >> jim, there's been a sea change in the attitude of donors after super tuesday. i think a lot of people, a lot of us woke up with very big
1:42 pm
hangovers that wednesday after super tuesday, and it wasn't from drinking, it was from the headache that we got at the notion that donald trump was likely the nominee, and people are, you know, feeling the need to act. look, it's a late effort, it should have started a long time ago, it should have started a long time ago by the other candidates, by donors, by anybody who really can't stand the idea of donald trump as our president, but it started now. better late than never. and i think people feel we have got to put the effort in. >> ana and tim, i'm going to get a brief answer on a final question before we go. is marco rubio's campaign finished? ana, you first, then tim. >> look, it's not finished until it's finished. really i think march 15th is a litmus test for marco. if marco does not win florida, at that point i think we can wake up on wednesday and say his campaign is finished. if he does win florida, it's going to be a huge night for him. that being said, he still has no
1:43 pm
mathematical path to the nomination. so at some point he's going to have to really reconcile the reality, the mathematical reality with the political reality and search inside his soul. but i am certain marco rubio is in this until march 15th and will give it his all. >> he's going to have to keep educating voters about trump and he'll be there on the stage and there's a big opportunity for him tomorrow. >> all right. optimistic point of view. ana navarro, tim miller, thanks very much. the next republican debate airs on cnn tomorrow night. jake tapper moderating from miami. it all starts at 8:30 p.m. eastern time. arrested throwing things over the white house fence. so how did this man wanted for the shooting of an idaho pastor fly cross country with a warrant out for his arrest? then terrifying revelations about the type of attacks that isis may be capable of carrying out. new reports that they manufactured deadly mustard gas.
1:44 pm
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm jim sciutto in for jake
1:48 pm
tapper. topping our world lead today, the u.s. ramping up air strikes targeting and destroying major kpoeb components of isis' chemical weapons program. cnn has learned critical intelligence has provided by a key isis operative recently captured and now being interrogated by u.s. forces in iraq. let's get right to barbara starr. she is live at the pentagon. barbara, how much do we know about how much this guy has been talking? >> well, supposedly talking a fair bit. captured and interrogated by the pentagon's supposedly secret expeditionary targeting force. this is a group of 200 forces operating in northern iraq ready to go into syria with the goal of capturing key isis operatives when they can and interrogating them for intelligence. they got this guy about three weeks ago. they have been interrogating him ever since. he is said to be by u.s. officials a top official in isis' chemical weapons program. they interrogated him for
1:49 pm
everything he knew and then began to carry out a series of limited air strikes against isis' suspected chemical sites. chemical sites associated with mustard agent. something that isis has used in the past in both iraq and syria against civilians. the u.s. wanted to get these targets, not clear yet how much of the chemical capability they really destroyed, jim. >> so another story, what can you tell us about an american plane that went down, hard landing in northern iraq and there was a rescue of them? >> well, i think we have some pictures to show everyone. this is a reconnaissance aircraft operated by the u.s. we are told now it was u.s. contractors. no one will say what agency they worked for, that went down in northern iraq. you and i might call this a crash landing, but in fact the pentagon is calling it, and i quote, an off airport emergency landing. off airport enough that a number of u.s. military personnel were
1:50 pm
quickly dispatched to the site to see if a rescue was needed. no reports of injuries in this incident, jim. >> glad to hear they're all safe. barbara starr at the pentagon, thanks very much. in our national lead, bizarre new twists in an alarming new story. the secret service arrested this man, 30-year-old kyle odom after he allegedly threw flash drives over the white house fence last night. now it turns out that the same man in custody was already a fugitive, wanted in the shooting of a pastor in idaho. despite a felony warrant, odom managed to board a flight all the way to washington, d.c. i want to bring in evan perez. so, evan, he had a felony warrant out for him. how does he manage to get on a u.s. commercial flight? >> well, it appears that this is exposing a hole in our system, jim. if kyle odom were a suspected terrorist, authorities say he would not have within able to board a plane. but he was able to fly across the country because he was
1:51 pm
merely suspected of attempted murder. he shot a pastor in coeur d'alene, idaho. police don't know a motive but they have uncovered writings showing odom was obsessed with aliens from mars who he thought were running the world. hours after the shooting odom flew from boise to washington, d.c., without being stopped. the transportation security administration says it screens passengers against terrorist databases but not criminal databases and the fbi's terrorist screening center operates an elaborate system, including the no-fly list. all of this is designed to thwart terrorists but not regular criminals. they put odom's name in a national criminal database sunday night and they notified airports and capital police because of materials he left behind list names of members of congress. fbi agents were on the case and by last night they had tracked his location somewhere in the d.c. area. that's when they got a call from the secret service saying that
1:52 pm
odom was arrested outside the white house after he tossed these objects over the fence. obviously now the fbi and all the authorities involved are very concerned that someone could do this and it's definitely something -- a hole in the system that they are trying to figure out how to fix. >> absolutely. thanks very much, evan perez on the story for us. a veteran graduate of west point and a business school student. we're learning more about the american tourist who was stabbed to death in israel as jerusalem remains on edge following more violence. i'm vern, the orange money retirement rabbit from voya. orange money represents the money you put away for retirement. over time, your money could multiply. hello, all of you. get organized at type 2 diabetes doesn't care who you are.
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welcome back to "the lead." turning now to israel in our world lead, where fear is running high after another string of violent and random street attacks. a pair of palestinian men were shot dead by israeli police in jerusalem today after they were spotted with rifles in their car. police say they suspected the two men were behind an attempted shooting on a bus earlier this
1:57 pm
morning. all this as we're learning new details about the american graduate student and u.s. military veteran, taylor force, stabbed to death by a palestinian terrorist outside tel aviv on tuesday. cnn's ownrin liebermen has more >> reporter: taylor force, a west point graduate, an army veteran who served in iraq and afghanistan killed on a night out in tel aviv in a stabbing rampage. force grew up in lubbock, texas, an eagle scout and graduate student at vanderbilt university studying business. the university says he was in israel studying global entrepreneurship. force's death occurring a short distance from where vice president joe biden was in a meeting. biden's wife and grandchildren eating dinner on the beach near the attack as it was happening. biden meeting with benjamin netanyahu called the attack an act of terror. >> my condolences to taylor's family and to all those victims
1:58 pm
of attacks yesterday and every day. let me say in no uncertain terms the united states of america condemns these acts and condemns the failure to condemn these acts. >> reporter: the vice president not the only american politician to send condolences. texas congressman nominated force to west point. >> our thoughts and prayers go out to mr. force's parents and his family as well. i think one of the things that we know is that the world is a very dangerous place right now, and particularly the middle east is a very unstable area. >> reporter: force left a lasting impression on those around him. his scout master remembers him well. >> can't put any sense to why somebody would have randomly attack someone like him, you know, because he was a good kid, he was a good guy, he was a good man. they don't know anything about him. >> reporter: force was a tourist in israel learning about the
1:59 pm
country's high-tech industry. a veteran who survived two wars, killed in a conflict in which he played no part. we've learned that force was an artillery officer, a captain and vice president biden said some very powerful words about his passing, jim. he said his loss is a loss to the entire community, to his family, to his friends and to everyone. jim. >> just a sad loss for him and our thoughts go to his family. oren lieberman in jerusalem, thank you. you're looking at live images from the reagan library in simi valley, california, where crowds are lining up to pay respects to former first lady nancy reagan. a public visitation opened just moments ago. nancy reagan died last sunday from heart failure at her los angeles home. earlier today people crowded along highway overpasses to catch just a glimpse of the motorcade moving the 94-year-old's casket. you see some of them there. we just learned the former first lady roslyn carter, the wife of
2:00 pm
jimmy carter will attend today's funeral. she will join the current first lady michelle obama and former first lady hillary clinton. nancy reagan will be buried at the library right next to her husband, ronald reagan. that is it for "the lead." i turn you over now to wolf blitzer in "the situation room." happening now, trump's triumph. the gop front-runner adds three more wins and leads in the home states of two of his rivals ahead of cnn's republican debate. jeb bush schedules urgent huddles. mistake. donald trump displays water and wine and meat that may not really bear his name. why did he turn his victory news conference into an infomercial. misstep, hillary clinton stumbles with a shocking loss to bernie sanders in michigan. clinton may be eyeing november but did she take her eye off the ball days before more crucial contests, the democrats debate