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  Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  March 9, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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live from miami. "ac 360" starts right now. good evening from miami-dade college. we're now just an hour away from tonight's univision democratic debate seen right here on cnn. bernie sanders and hillary clinton are going to take the stage shortly. she, of course, coming off a win in mississippi, which was expected. what wasn't expected was his win in michigan. no overstatement to call it a shocker especially considering he was down by about 20 points in the polls going in. what happens on the debate stage behind me tonight has taken on a new level of importance in a
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race that's gone to a new level. first the republicans who are going to be taking part in tomorrow's cnn debate at a nearby university of miami. i sat down today with donald trump the front-runner. he made headlines. he expects a softer tone tomorrow night at the debate. however, he's still calling his leading rival lying ted. we'll bring you the interview in depth after sara murray sets the republican stage. >> i was watching the news in one of the rooms, and every single advertisement was about me. and it was during my tournament. i'm going from tournament to -- the most vicious. >> reporter: in the face of an onslaught of attacks, donald trump is triumphing, notching three more victims tuesday night and urging the party to rally behind him. >> we have something going that's so good. we should grab each other and unify the party. and nobody is going to beat us. >> reporter: the billionaire businessman celebrating with a surreal election night event,
5:02 pm
responding to a drum beat of criticism about his failed ventures with an evening designed to showcase trump branded products. >> we have trump steaks. if you want to take one, we'll charge you about 50 bucks a steak. >> reporter: according to news reports, sharper image no longer sells trump steaks. >> you'll love trump steaks. >> and busch brothers provides steaks to trump hotels and golf clubs. it's unclear where the trump touted steak came from. ted cruz isn't letting up. >> i don't have any steaks to sell you. i don't have any wine. i don't have any cleaning products. >> reporter: the texas senator emerging with a victory in idaho and today another boost with an endorsement from former presidential hopeful carly fiorina. >> carly's being with us today is just one more manifestation of what we have been seeing playing out over the last
5:03 pm
several weeks, which is republicans uniting, coming together behind our campaign. >> reporter: for marco rubio, a brutal night. another winless evening and even steeper odds as he pins all his hopes on florida. >> you believed in me once. i am asking you to believe again. we can win this election, and we will. i need your help next tuesday because we're not just going to win the florida primary. we're going to win florida in november. >> reporter: today john kasich is still holding on. outperforming rubio last night and fighting for victory in his home state of ohio next tuesday. >> and with those states that have not yet selected a delegate, basically, the three, donald trump, ted cruz and i, are dead even going into the last half of this whole match. so don't be thinking it's over yet. >> sara murray joinsis from the university of miami which is the site of tomorrow night's cnn republican debate. what can we expect from the gop candidates at that debate?
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>> anderson, no doubt ted cruz wants to turn this into a two-man race with donald trump. as donald trump said to you, he wants a kinder, softer, gentler debate because he wants to come off as more presidential than perhaps he and others did in the last debate stage where they were comparing hand size among other things. and for marco rubio and for john kasich, the stakes could not be higher. these two candidates need to prove to voters that casting a ballot for them is not a waste. both of their states coming up march 15th. it's pretty much do or die for both candidates, anderson. >> sara murray, thanks. one of the things i talked to trump about. coming up, the wide-ranging interview with trump. how he sizes up his competition. his thoughts heading into tomorrow night and next week's winner take all florida primary. i pressed him on his promise to reverse the country's weaken position in the world as well as his evolving positions on fighting terrorism that some military and legal analysts say could amount to war crimes.
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we spoke earlier today at his mar-a-lago club in palm beach. >> huge night last night. do you have any idea that you were going to win as big as you did? >> i felt good. mississippi, i was in three or four times and it was like a love fest. i felt very good about it. michigan has been great for me for a long time. i have so many friends there. i had no idea it would be that big. >> do you think it's the message on trade in particular in michigan that was effective? sanders winning as well there. very similar message. >> i think they want strength, i think they want military and take care of vets. i think they hate obamacare. i would say ultimately it's about jobs and the economy. and michigan has been stripped. you look at those empty factories all over the place. and nobody hits that's message better than me. i'm going to take care of it. i'm going to stop it. i'm going to stop the craziness going on. if you look at what's happening, how -- even today, we're just shipping company after company after company is leaving this
5:06 pm
country and leaving jobs behind. i'm going to get it stopped. >> two new polls out today. quinnipiac and a cnn one both showing essentially the same thing. you are way ahead here in florida. almost 2 to 1 against rubio. and even in ohio leading kasich, s six points and seven points in each poll. if you win florida and ohio, is it over? >> i think if i win those two, i think it's over. i thought kasich said after michigan he was going to drop out. he was saying he will win michigan, he will win it easily. and he -- >> he is now saying ohio. if he doesn't win ohio -- >> no, he said michigan. it's his neighbor. he said he's going to win michigan, and he was pretty confident of michigan. i thought he said he'd drop out if he lost michigan. i guess he's not going to do that. we're going to do very well in ohio. i know ohio very well. >> you think you'll win there? >> even paul o'neill of the yankees endorsed me. a great guy. he endorsed me last night at the
5:07 pm
press conference. i think i'll win ohio, yeah. we just have better policies. the country is sick and tired of what they are seeing. the country is sick and tired of these politicians that's talk and ooths all talk, no action. and they are all tired of it. >> if you win ohio, kasich drops and out you win florida and rubio is gone and it's just you and cruz if you don't get all of the delegates needed to win by the convention -- >> i think if i win ohio and florida, you're going to be pretty much assured of doing that. >> you think you'll get all the delegates? >> yeah. i don't see the convention going that route. i see probably getting the delegates. that's the ultimate way of doing it. you knock them out. if you knock them out, nothing can happen. >> if you get to the convention and don't have the delegates, is any kind of a deal acceptable to you other than you getting the nomination? >> then you have to fight it out. let's say you get there and are a few short but you have 1200 and somebody else had 500 or
5:08 pm
600. because i'm way ahead and in all fairness to ted, he's the only one who beats me but he doesn't say i beat him two or three times for every time he wins one. we've won the important ones, the big ones and won last night. last night was a romp. so, look. the problem with ted is he walks in with the viable, hauls up the viable. i call him lying ted. >> you think for a guy who says he's very religious, you are surprise audio. >> i call him lying ted. and that's his name. and i think frankly that name has stuck because the evangelicals are on my side. they don't like liars. evangelicals do not luke liars. >> if it goes to convention, you are a couple short or couple hundred short, for you, that doesn't matter. it's got to be you as the nominee? no other deal is acceptable? >> if you go to the convention and because of some artificial number that they said, if you go to the convention and are
5:09 pm
leading by a lot of delegates, i think you should get the nomination. and that will be me. i'll have far more delegates. whether i get to that artificial number, i don't know, but i think i will. >> you've had a lot of money thrown at you the last few weeks. >> this whole never trump movement, is it dead? >> i think it's mortally wounded. marco had a very rough night. no delegates. he got nothing. and that was a very, very bad night. and, you know, when people have hit me, if you watch, and it's been the story of my life, but everybody that's hit me has gone down. they all came at me. perry came at me. i can go through lindsey graham came at me. bush came at me. every one of them came at me. and every one of them that's come at me has gone down. and wouldn't it be nice to have that happen with our country where we can very simply win again? >> what do you think was rubio's demi demise? >> i think he tried to be don
5:10 pm
rickles. he wanted to be don rickles and he's not. and it took me by surprise. i'm standing at one of the debates and all of a sudden, he got nasty. he was very nasty. >> did he get under your skin? >> nobody gets under my skin. you have to handle it. but he was really rude. and, in fact, for a while, i wasn't even sure if what i was seeing was right. then he had a horrible debate with chris christie where he folded, totally choked. you know the expression. once a choker, always a choker. >> going after you with jokes, hume oinsults, that took him off his message? >> i think so. he wasn't only joking. he was insulting and nasty insults. >> and it weakened him? >> i hit him pretty hard. but maybe for me it's more natural. it wasn't natural for him. and took him off his game. amazing, i've never seen
5:11 pm
anything like it. he went from doing pretty good to now he's at the bottom of the pack. >> i want to ask you about cruz in a minute. in a big picture, have you given much thought to how you want to define the gop? you will be not only the nominee but the standard bearer for the republican party. how do you want to redefine the gop? >> the biggest story in all of politics, all over the world right now -- i've been on the cover of "time" magazine four times in the last short number of months because of what's happening. there's a movement. and it's millions and millions of people that are disgusted with the incompetence of our politicians and leaders. if you want to call them that. >> republicans and democrats? >> republicans and democrats. and i'll get to the republicans in a second because they are blown a great opportunity. you have primaries. and millions of people more are going to the primaries and voting. in all fairness, it's because of me. i'm not going to joke. it's not because of ted cruz who nobody cares about.
5:12 pm
millions of people are going to the polls. more people than did four years ago and did ever. by the way, ever. you report on it. millions of people, it's the biggest story. and people come up to me, mr. trump, when i'm signing autographs or shaking hands. 50 years old, 60 years old, i've never voted before, but i'm so proud to be voting. >> so you want a more populist gop? >> no, no, i'll tell you what. i'm a conservative person. i don't think the labels matter. jeb bush used to say he is not a conservative, okay. he is not a conservative. i would say, what difference does it make? who cares. i have very conservative views. but one view that probably isn't considered conservative, but is it smart trade. >> your position is similar to bernie sanders in a way. >> his response to that and critics who say he's destroying the gop brand and perhaps the party itself.
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as we count down to the univision democratic debate which you can watch here and tomorrow's cnn republican debate, more with donald trump. in part two, his trade plan and answers to critics who say it will boost prices of the things americans buy. also the comparison between him and bernie sanders. >> your position is similar to bernie sanders in some way. you are both -- >> the difference between sanders and i, i watched him recently. he's right about one thing. the world is ripping us off on trade. it's been a horrible thing. a horrible, horrible experiment. i've been against it for years. if you look back, i've been against it your friend wolf blitzer did a tape of his interviews with me from like 15, 17 years ago. i was saying the same thing, a little different nations like japan was really ripping us off. >> your position is pretty unrepublican. larry kudlow who is positive about your corporate tax policy,
5:18 pm
he's critical of you on trade. he says that essentially it's going to be raising prices for people on consumer goods, on electronics, on cars and other items. and it's essentially a tax on people who can't afford it. >> i've heard larry. let me tell you what's going to happen from a negotiating standpoint. the world is ripping us off because of manipulation. monetary manipulation, devaluations. the greatest player of them all is china. nobody has played the valuation game with their currency better. it's currency devaluation, than china. china is a grand master. japan is doing very well. but some of these countries are absolute masters at it. when we start getting tough, and they think that we're serious, and i'm totally serious. i'd put a tax on it in two seconds. >> you talk about a 45% tax -- >> i've talked about different taxes. >> i said use it as a negotiating tool, and i would if we couldn't make the right deal. >> that would raise prices for
5:19 pm
consumer goods. >> china just devalued their currency recently more than they have at any time in more than two decades. this was shocking. the only reason they did it is because we're weak and have no leadership. it makes it impossible for our companies to compete with chinese companies and china generally. it makes it absolutely impossible. the threat of me doing this, for instance, the threat of doing it against japan or china, tell japan, when your cars come in you'll have to pay a 35% tax. i only use 45% if somebody is really egregious and now you have many people that are really egregious. >> you are seeing this as a negotiation tactic? >> absolutely. when they see that we're not playing games, because i would do it in a heartbeat. i'd love to do it. when they see we're not playing games they'll stop playing with their currencies and stop taking our jobs to the extent they're taking them now. >> you worry a lot of people in the republican establishment. you know this better than anybody and you don't like the
5:20 pm
nbc/"wall street journal" poll. you are harming the gop's image. two-thirds have a negative impression of you. how do you go about bringing the gop back together? >> look, first of all, millions of people now are voting more as we just said. more than they were four years ago. eight years ago. 16 years ago. millions and millions of people. they'd never seen anything like it. i was in south carolina and a woman came up and said, mr. trump, i've done this for 24 years. i've never seen anything like it. >> there's a lot of higher voter turnouts. that's bringing new people in and -- >> many more people are coming in. you know where they're coming from? they are democrats n independents and people that never voted before. and don't kid yourself. the people that never voted before, that's a huge part of it. they are coming in in tremendous numbers. so many people have told me that, anderson. they said i've never voted before. these are people that are 60 years old. i'm not talking about somebody
5:21 pm
that's 18. they never voted before. and they are coming in. i've had hundreds of people telling me that just walking down the line shaking hands. >> so when lindsey graham said choosing between you and cruz would be -- >> he was very nasty. they were all nasty. when they are bad you have to do something about it. lindsey graham started at 7%. i got into the race. and he attacked me. and lindsey graham went home at zero. lindsey graham in south carolina where he's a senator was at 1 when i was at 40 and i won south carolina. just so you understand. and i watch this guy who ran for president and he left in disgrace. he was a fool. he left in disgrace. in disgrace. he made a fool out of himself. i don't think he could be ele elected again in south carolina because he ran so badly. when i see him on television
5:22 pm
like nothing happened talking about donald trump. donald trump is this. donald trump is that. i destroyed him in the sense of we were competing. we were combatants. then i hear him talking about the war. i've been doing this for ten years. you know why we've been doing it for ten years? because of guys like him. he wants to attack syria and isis at the same time, okay? now for what reason? i want to knock out isis. you do one at a time. >> how does the gop differ under donald trump than under president bush, than under -- >> it would be smarter. it would save money. it would have balanced budgets. it would have many more products made in the united states. it would have smart trade, not free trade. i'm a free trader. the problem with free trade, and it's a very big problem. we need smart leadership. you have to have a really smart group of people at the top and person. we don't have that. we have people that are grossly incompetent. we're dealing against china.
5:23 pm
i've made a lot of money dealing against china. i own the bank of america building. i got it by competing against china. i competed against him. i won and i have these great assets. i've told you before, i have the biggest bank in the world is a tenant of mine. i get along great with the chinese. i have no problem with the chinese. i wish we could do it. i respect china. they've gotten away with murder. the single greatest theft in the history of the world what china has done. >> i want to ask you about ted cruz. ted cruz says flexibility is washington code word for he's getting ready to stick it to the voters. what does flexibility moeb mean to you? >> he had a lot to say about senator cruz. more of our conversation with trump just ahead. plus what to watch for in tonight's democratic debate here which starts at the top of the
5:24 pm
hour. hillary clinton and bernie sanders facing off in the wake of his michigan win and just a few days from florida's important primary. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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we're a little more than a half hour away from the democratic presidential debate. univision is hosting it. cnn is bringing it to you live. florida's primary is on tuesday. and tonight donald trump is riding a new wave of momentum after winning big in michigan and mississippi last night. he also won the hawaii caucuses. i sat down with him earlier today. we talked about his rival ted cruz who also had a big win last night in idaho and got a ringing endorsement today from carly fiorina. you talked about the importance of being flexible. >> he's totally inflexible. >> cruz says flexibility is washington code word for he's getting ready to stick it to the voters. what is flexibility to you? >> it's negotiation. >> you can work with democrats?
5:29 pm
>> i wrote the art of the deal. >> how important is unlocking gridlock in washington? >> we have total gridlock. we have corporate -- you look at corporate inversions which the senators don't even know what it is. we have companies leaving our country. they are leaving for two reasons. because the taxes are too high and i cut taxes substantially and larry kudlow loves my tax plan. taxes are too high because they can't get their money back. they have money outside of this country. billions of dollars, big corporations like pfizer that are leaving and moving to ireland. they have money out there. every democrat agrees we should let it come back. every republican agrees we should -- they all agree we should let it come back. who wouldn't. let the money come into the united states. they have agreed for four years they can't make a deal. there's no leader. i could sit these guys down in a room and within 20 minutes we'd have a deal. >> donald trump as president reaches out to democrats and republicans? >> that's the way it was set up.
5:30 pm
>> there are some conservatives who say it's more important to stand on principle than compromise. >> i watched ted cruz make a fool of himself. how long did he filibuster? i also watch eed 99 senators sitting back and laughing at him saying when do we get back to work. they don't get along so getting back to work doesn't mean anything. he sat there and told stories about alice in wonderland. >> what's do you want to make deals with democrats on? where do you see room for a compromise. >> corporate inversion. the money has to come back in. they have $2.5 trillion, probably $5 trillion. $2.5 trillion that companies want to bring into the country. they can't bring it in. some companies are leaving to get their money. they are leaving because they can't bring their money back in. i could solve that problem in ten minutes. but there are many things. we have to make a better health care deal.
5:31 pm
work on education. we have horrible education. we're number 30 in the world in education and yet number one per pupil in cost. >> so those are all things you can make compromises on with democrats to get something done? >> of course. you can't be inflexible. if somebody wants to sell this house and they want a billion dollars. i want a billion dollars. you have to negotiate a little bit. okay. >> the other knock that some conservatives make, certainly on president obama. he's an imperial president. one of the things cruz is saying about you. the pledge that you are having people make at rallies. he says that they are treating your supporters like subjects to a king. the implication being as president -- >> it's just words. it's just words. it's just words with ted. ted is a guy who -- he's a very inflexible guy. you talk about gridlock now. if ted cruz became president you wouldn't have anything done and washington would be a total piece of stone.
5:32 pm
he talks about -- he's a constitutionalist. the constitution was set up with senators and congressmen and you are supposed to work and make deals. >> do you see the constitution -- >> two parties. could be more than two parties but two parties. >> do you see the constitution as a living breathing document that -- or as something set in stone from long ago? >> i see the constitution as set in stone. one of the great documents of all time. i also see tass something that says you have to sit down and make deals. if ted wants something, health care and he won't negotiate, the other side is not going to negotiate either. there has to be a little bit of movement. >> that's key to you to owned gridlock? >> i'm going to make a better deal. >> on foreign policy, and maybe you've been running a campaign. have you started thinking about a trump doctrine? when for using foreign power overseas. what criteria -- >> there can be no doctrine because everything is different. every situation is different. and i didn't want to go into
5:33 pm
iraq and i'll say it 100 times. they say, well, you were on howard stern's show years before it ever happened. he asked me that question and he's a friend of mine. a good guy. much different than radio. >> it's a great video. >> but howard asked me and i said, well, that's was the first time it was ever asked. i'm an entrepreneur. they don't ask me should we go into iraq at that time? this was long before we went in. i was very hesitant. look -- >> what criteria would you use for sending troops somewhere? >> going into iraq, my opinion, was one of the worst mistakes in the history of this country. one of the worst decisions ever made in the history of this country. it started everything that's happening today in the middle east is because of that one decision to go into iraq, okay? it was a horrible decision. including the migration. everything that, you know, it's a mess. now if saddam hussein was there, would we be better off? absolutely. hey, this was not a nice man.
5:34 pm
this wasn't a great guy, but saddam hussein did one thing. he killed terrorists. a professional killer of terrorists. now you want to be a terrorist? you go to iraq. that's called the har vard of terrorism. whether it's gadhafi, terrible decision, hillary clinton. whether it's saddam hussein, we were a lot better off before. >> do you think -- >> and besides that. iraq did not knock down the world trade center. >> do you think islam is at war with the west? >> i think islam hates us. there is something -- there is something there that is a tremendous hatred there. there's a tremendous hate red. we have to get to the bottom of it. there's an unbelievable hatred of us. >> in islam itself? >> you're going to have to figure that out. you'll get another pulitzer, right? but you'll have to figure that out. but there's a tremendous hatred. and we have to be very vigilant. we have to be very careful.
5:35 pm
and we can't allow people coming into this country who have this hatred of the united states. >> i guess the question is -- >> and of people that are not muslim. >> the question is, is there a war between the west and radical islam or between the west and islam itself. >> it's radical but it's hard to define and separate because you don't know who is who. these two young people that got married, she supposedly radicalized him. who knows what happened? killed 14 people. they gave them baby showers. they were friends of theirs and walked in and killed them. look at paris. 138 people killed. many, many people going to die in the hospital. mortaly wounded, horribly wounded. and they walk into a room and boom, boom, boom. there's a sickness going on that's unbelievable. and you have to get to the bottom of it. >> you talked about going after the families of terrorists. you've reversed -- >> i didn't reverse anything. >> you'd still want to go after the -- >> i didn't reverse anything.
5:36 pm
>> donald trump had a lot more to say about what tactics he would try to use against terrorists. how far he's actually willing to go and what he thinks about waterboarding. what we talked about today, some were calling -- we also talked about what some were calling his victory speech last night. and we ask our panel what they are expecting to see at the democratic debate at the top of the hour. we'll bring it live starting at 9:00 p.m. eastern. stick around. way. a leaf is a hint that is connected to each person in your family tree. i learned that my ten times great grandmother is george washington's aunt. within a few days i went from knowing almost nothing to holy crow, i'm related to george washington. this is my cousin george. discover your story. start searching for free now at find fast relief behind the counter allergies with nasal congestion?
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looking at the two podiums here in miami. less than minutes from now hillary clinton and bernie sanders will be facing off in a
5:40 pm
democratic debate. cnn is bringing the univision debate to you live. i interviewed donald trump fresh off his victories yesterday. and his victory speech he used to showcase trump products that aren't actually products that are available. steaks. some are calling it a qvc moment fueled by romney's recent remarks. i asked trump about that. you'll hear it in a moment. first let's pick up the interview where we left off before the break. where does trump stand now on his comments about going after the famies of terrorists? >> you'd still want to go after the families of terrorists? >> no, i didn't reverse anything. i clarified simply we have laws. we have to obey the laws. >> killing the families of terrorists would be against the law. >> i didn't say kill. we have to go after them. >> what does that mean? kidnapping them? >> we have to do something. it's the only way you stop it. i tell the story of general
5:41 pm
pershing in 1919 how he stopped terrorism. you'll take a look at it. it's too long a story to tell on the tape. it's one of the very interesting and very powerful stories. look, we're going to have to be a lot tougher. we are playing with a different set of rules. isis chops off people's heads. isis drowns people in steel cages and pulls up the cage an hour later. everyone is gone. 40, 50, 60 people. >> you said the other day we have to play the game the way they play the game. >> we have to play the game at a much tougher level. >> what does that mean? >> we have to expand those laws. >> does it mean cutting off heads? >> no, it doesn't mean that but we have to expand the laws. >> we are playing at this level and they don't care. they have no rules. and we have these rules that are very onerous. our military is -- >> geneva conventions on war. >> i know that, but it's funny. it's very interesting what's happens with the geneva convention.
5:42 pm
everybody believes in the geneva convention until they start losing and then, okay, let's take out the bomb when they start losing. we have to play with a tougher set of rules. we have laws. we don't allow waterboarding. isis is -- these are smart people. these are people that know the internet better than we do and we're the ones that's, you know, came up with it. isis is sitting around. they just chopped off 20 heads of christians and others. they just drowned 40 people. and they are sitting around watching us arguing about waterboarding. >> you say increase the laws and do more than waterboard, what is that specifically? >> i'll work it it with the generals. >> i talked to general michael hayden. >> he says it's terrible we talk that way. that's why we've been fighting this war for so many years. >> he says your foreign policy ideas are frightening. >> he frightens me because we've been fighting isis for many years and this shouldn't have taken -- this should have been
5:43 pm
over with quickly. we have these people that are frightened because i'm protecting -- >> you think the problem with fighting isis is that we're not using the same tactics? >> we're not fighting it strongly enough. we have to end it and get become to rebuilding our country. our infrastruct surfalling apart. our bridges are falling down. do you know 60% of our bridges are in dangerous condition? and we're spending trillions of dollars in the middle east. we have to fight it viciously and swiftly and we have to knock out isis. now i didn't want to go into iraq. but the problem now is the way obama got us out was a disaster. and if you remember, when we got out, and i said it on your show two or three years ago. i said take the oil. did i say take the oil? >> yeah, you did. so are you still in support of waterboarding and more? >> i'm in total support of waterboarding. it has to be within the law so i have to expand the law. a lot of people think it's not within the law now because of
5:44 pm
this administration. so they are allowed to chop off heads and we aren't allowed to waterboard. somehow we're at a big disadvantage. and i was going to give you the analogy. so they are sitting around having dinner. they eat two, even though they chop off heads and drown people, and they are talking. can you imagine the conversation when they are talking about how weak and soft and pathetic we are and they go out and chop people's heads off. they can't believe it. the fact is, just in a nutshell, we have to be much tougher. if we're going to beat isis, we have to be much tougher than we are. when you have general hayden saying, oh, that's so terrible the way trump is talking. that's why we're losing. >> i have to ask you. i watched the press conference you gave last night. the victory speech. obviously huge night for you. just a couple factual things. thi the steaks you showed, those aren't trump -- >> no, i buy them. i'm not going to kill the cow.
5:45 pm
>> they aren't sold -- >> no, no, we sell -- excuse me. >> it was to fight back against what's -- >> trump steaks. we sell the steaks through my clubs. i have many clubs and hotels. >> but they aren't sold at sharper image. >> no, they are sold differently. >> that business is gone. >> it's the same thing. it's an offshoot of it. it's the same thing. we do a tremendous steak business. >> those steaks weren't bought locally from a meat supplier? >> if i'm in california, i don't want to buy my steaks in new york. >> so you order -- >> we have different suppliers and sell the steaks. largely to our hotels and clubs and things like that. >> and the magazine is not the trump magazine that mitt romney was talking about? >> i've had many magazines. i'll sometimes open a magazine for a period of a year get it started and -- >> people were pointing out today saying the items you were showing last night, in order to push back against mitt romney, you know, the implication was those are trump steaks available
5:46 pm
nationwide somewhere. >> they are available nation wide. you can buy them at different places i own. >> you can buy them if you eat in your restaurant here? you can't go on the internet and buy them. >> that magazine has been with me for a long time. >> that's not the trump magazine romney was talking about. >> i opened up many magazines when i start a business. after the business gets going, you close it up. it's like a lost leader. because frankly you don't make any money with these magazines. >> finally, the debate tomorrow night, do you expect the tone and tenor to be different. you had people on -- >> it's such an interesting question. i think it's going to be much different. i must tell you, last time, i was leading. and by the way, i don't know how you feel about it but every single poll said i won the last debate. with hundreds of thousands of people calling in. but every -- i was in the 60s and 70s percentile.
5:47 pm
now when i went into that, i said, this is going to be an interesting evening. i will tell you. a tough evening. many people said, oh, boy, i wouldn't want to be you tonight. that was going to be a tough evening. they were like wounded. they were really wounded. i think this is going to be much different. i may be wrong. but i am now far and away the front-runner. i think -- here's the thing. the republican party are sitting on millions and millions of people that want to be part of it. the worst thing they can do is knock me out. if i get knocked out, if i don't make it, every one of those -- >> you think they'll start to coalesce around you? >> i am the only one that can beat hillary and easily. i'll bring in michigan and new york. the paths is much tougher for a republican. you understand that structurally. because if they lose ohio, it's over. if they lose pennsylvania, florida, it's over. but i'll bring in states -- first of all, i'll win florida.
5:48 pm
>> will you debate cruz if it's one on one? >> that's fine. i don't think he's a good debater. frankly, the way i look at ted, it's very phony. i think ted is actually a bad talker, pretty good debater, bad talker. can't talk. i don't mind debating him at all. the problem is when i debate somebody, then people say i'm not a nice person. but they say you won the debate. >> so bottom line, tomorrow night you are expecting a different tone but you'll be ready for anything? >> i think it's going to be softer, but i'll be ready. i think marco will be a different person. marco has been mortally wounded. you know, question is will marco even be there? i hope he makes the right decision. i'm not going to make the decision for him. but marco has been pretty badly wounded. it will be interesting to see what happens. kasich is interesting. he said he was going to win michigan and he lost. he said to you. i watched him on your show. >> he never said he'd win.
5:49 pm
he says he would do very well. >> he says he would win michigan. he didn't even come in second. i was of the impression if he didn't win michigan -- i'm not talking about ohio. if he didn't win michigan, he'd drop out. he came in third. he didn't even come in second. it will be interesting what he says. and ted is ted. we've been playing the game for a long time. these debates to me are getting very boring, if you want to know the truth. >> mr. trump, thank you. a lot to talk about in that interview. just ahead, some reaction to what donald trump said. steaks and all. also what is at stake tonight for bernie sanders and hillary clinton about to take the debate stage in about ten minutes. stay with us. we'll be right back. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies.
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5:53 pm
the univision democratic debate will be starting here on cnn in a few minutes. stake around for that. a lot of excitement in this hall. also looking forward to our cnn republican debate tomorrow. in light of my conversation with the gop front-runner, i want start offer panel discussion on donald trump and then talk about the democrats. joining us is cnn inside politics anchor john king and chief political analyst gloria borger. you know, it's interesting to hear trump. you and i were talking about this. he's aware of the moment he's in. >> take the whole interview globally. very measured, leaning back. you asked him about larry
5:54 pm
kudlow. six weeks ago, donald trump would not have let you finish that sentence. he would have jumped and attacked larry kudlow. you heard a bit of it last night before he got into the infomercial. keep the republican senate and congress. he understands the moment that he's very close to being the presumptive nominee and trying to seem more measured and, frankly, in a word, presidential. >> he can't stop himself from like going back to what mitt romney said about his failed businesses showing steaks which are not steaks that are -- they aren't trump steaks. they are bought from a local meat seller in west palm beach called bush brothers. >> irony there? it's a minor ridiculous point but the fact he was sort of fibbing about it in a nationally broadcast press conference is kind of surreal. >> he can only exhibit a certain amount of self-control to a point, i think, and i thought he was trying to do so with you today because, clearly, people have gotten to him and said,
5:55 pm
okay, you need to act presidential. then when you ask him a question, he turns into sort of donald trump who has to go on the attack, attack, attack. >> he got most of the way through. ted cruz doesn't get under my skin, doesn't get under my skin, roar! >> i want to bring in our partner from univision. we did a debate on sunday with the democrats. the stakes now. a lot has changed. >> and the candidates understand they are speaking to a broad audience but specifically to a latino audience which univision knows it caters to. top of mind, economic issues, one and three latino voters say that's what's top of mind for them. immigration, of course. a deeply personal issue. a study said 1 in every 3 latino voters actually has someone in their family who is undocumented. when you think about that, that's an issue not only that you might say to a pollster it's
5:56 pm
important to me. it gets you out of the door on election day. >> and i've also seen polls where they show donald trump very unpopular among latino voters in a general election. i'm curious how much they try to define the gop as donald trump a party and talk about donald trump. >> i think they would be insane not to. democrats see there's an opportunity for them to pivot to the general election to use trump as an example of what the gop stands for. and yet, even though you see a vast majority of latino voters finding trump's remarks on immigration abhorrent, only a small percentage thinks it's reflective of the republican party overall. so the question is, if it's someone other than trump, if it is cruz, can he get out from under the damage that trump has done? >> tonight you'll see hillary clinton hug president obama to a certain degree on the executive orders on immigration. but on the question of deportation and the number of
5:57 pm
illegal immigrants deported is a very big issue in the latino community. we'll see how she deals with that. >> who are they talking to? they have a national audience. bernie sanders is a newcomer, from the state of vermont. does he want to focus there or on ohio or illinois next week? also on the trade issue, does he want to talk like he talks in the rust belt about you're getting screwed by these deals? florida and among the latino community, a lot of small businesses do a lot of business throughout the hemisphere. family relationships, historical relationships. the tough on trade argument you can sell in michigan, ohio and illinois is a little different here. >> does hillary clinton start to -- did she learn some lesson from what happened in michigan and start to pivot that famous word in politics which you can interpret in a multitude of dchbt ways? >> i saw a statistic that should make the clinton campaign nervous which is about 18% of
5:58 pm
the early voting that's been done in the state by democratic voters are from voters who did not vote in the last two elections. those are voters more likely to come out and vote for an outsider candidate which is what sanders is trying to position himself as. you have the possibility of seeing the type of spike we saw in michigan that pollsters missed, actually happen on election day. >> it's such a diverse state, though, right? and i think that somebody who can win florida in either party can say, i have an appeal to a broad coalition because this is in many ways three different states. so either one of them would want to win this state. >> just in terms of delegate count. you have that floating around in your head at all times. bernie sanders had an amazing win in michigan. surprised a lot of people, certainly in the pundit world. the path forward, though, is tough. >> yet she stretched her lead in the delegate race. two campaigns going on. her campaign says it's okay.
5:59 pm
we took a punch. we didn't want to lose michigan. the psychology of the race is now in sanders camp. and the question is, one win is not enough. if he can take an ohio or illinois, or one of them, a stronger showing in florida than people expect. last night was an opening, not a game-changer. next tuesday could be a game changer if he wins again. he understands the pressure up there tonight. she wants to put him back in his place, make him more of a message candidate. they both have reasons to escalate the attacks but there are huge risks if you do that, too. that's what i'm fascinated by, the chess. >> how aggressive is it going to get tonight? we saw a lot of tension sunday over the issues of nafta and trade. are they going to be coming out from the get-go ready to go? >> i think they might. it's hard to say, but so much is at stake, particularly for bernie sanders right now that i can't imagine that he would back off. he was very aggressive the last debate. i think he'll continue. >> i want to thank john king and
6:00 pm
gloria borger. alicia menendez. thank you for joining us. we'll see all of our panelists after the debate. time now for the main event. it will be on live right afterward. here it is. i want to raise incomes, not taxes. >> some middle class families would be paying slightly more in taxes. >> we should be deporting criminals, not hard-working immigrant families. >> we have the affordable care act. let's make it work. >> 29 million people still have no health insurance. >> i want colleges to get their cost down. they are outrageously high. >> make every public college and university tuition free. >> we have to lead a coalition that will take back territory from isis. >> i will never send our sons and daughters to war under false pretense.