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tv   The Sixties  CNN  March 12, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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>> in average man's life there are two or three emotional experiences burned into his heart and his brain. and no matter what happens to me i'll remember november 22nd as long as i live. >> there has been an attempt on the life of president kennedy. >> they are combing the floors of the texas book depository building to find assassin. >> did you shoot the president? >> i'm just a patsy. >> oswald has been fired at point blank range, fired into his stomach. >> police are working on the assumption that oswald's murder was to shut him up. >> elements of the central
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intelligence agency killed john kennedy. >> a story that has been suppressed. witnesses have been killed. we have a right to know who killed our president and why he died. ♪ ♪ ♪
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in dallas, preparations were already under way for extraordinary police protection when the president should arrive. >> do you anticipate any trouble on the president's arrival? >> because of what has happened here previously we would be foolish, i think, not to anticipate some trouble. i don't -- really i don't anticipate any violence. >> here comes air force number one, the president's plane now touching down. there is mrs. kennedy, and the crowd yells. and the president of the united states. and i can see his sun tan all the way from here. >> looking at how things
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actually went, it wasn't just a trip to dallas, it was a political trip preparing for the 1964 elections. >> shaking hands now with the dallas people, governor and mrs. connolly, governor connolly on your left. >> it was whether kennedy, using all his charisma and influence to get all the squabbling democrats in texas to come together before the election the next year. >> and here comes the president now. in fact he is not in his limo, he is reaching across the fence shaking hands. >> in those days everybody could get a lot closer to the president. i was standing behind mrs. kennedy and saw a hand reach through the chain link fence and break off one of the red roses. >> thousands of children now swarming, trying to get over the fence. the dallas police trying to keep them back. >> this is great for the people and makes the egg shells even thinner for the secret service, whose job it was to guard the man. >> the trip had gone terrifically well in texas. pretty hard to write a script for it going any better. >> thousands will be on hand for that motorcade now, which will be in downtown dallas. >> a number of my classmates were gone, they were at the parade. my father had been invited to have lunch with kennedy at the trade center.
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there was a mood, a climate of excitement. >> the speech of president kennedy at the dallas trade mart will be broadcast by radio. stay tuned for the dallas speech at the trade mart. on 570 radio. ♪ ♪ ♪ work hard in the daytime rest easy at night ♪ ♪ big boss man won't you hear me when i call ♪ ♪ yeah big boss man won't you hear me when i call ♪ ♪ well you ain't so big you just tall and that's all ♪ >> this bulletin just into the news. three shots were fired at the motorcade of president kennedy. today in downtown dallas. >> police radios are carrying that the president has been hit. >> parkland hospital has been advised to stand by for a severe gunshot wound. >> this is walter cronkite, in our newsroom.
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and -- there has been an attempt on the life of president kennedy. >> just turn the mic on. i can't hear you, johnny. what do you want? you want me to move back a little bit. is it all right now? is this all right? ladies and gentlemen, i would like to introduce to you the chief cameraman. and assistant news director. bert, we have brought the people pretty much up to date. would you tell them exactly what you know as of this point? >> well, i was standing at the trade mart, waiting for his arrival there. all of a sudden we saw them approaching, they didn't slow down, as a matter of fact, they were going 70, 80 miles an hour past us. and then i jumped into a police car and went to parkland.
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>> these two men come in and one of them had a large machine gun and they were hollering for the cots and the stretcher and everything. >> what happened? >> then the president came in behind him and they took both of them back -- >> albert thomas, democrat of texas is standing outside the corridor of the emergency room said he has been told the president was still alive but in very critical condition. >> two priests who were with president kennedy say he is dead. >> bullet wound. this is the latest information we have from dallas. i will repeat, two priests with president kennedy say he has died of bullet wounds.
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malcolm was filling in for the press secretary and then he had to give the most falgt announcement that a press secretary ever had to give. >> i remember he put his fingers like this on the desk and pressed very hard to stop his hands from trembling. >> john f. kennedy died at approximately 1:00 central standard time today here in dallas. he died of a gunshot wound in the brain. >> where is he now? >> i have no other details regarding the assassination of the president. pet moments are beautiful,
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i can't believe it. in the first hours and minutes, chaos erupted from the scene. >> an automatic weapon fired possibly from a grassy knoll. >> i saw police chase someone, i thought, they're chasing a gunman. i went with them. a policeman went over the fence, so i went over the fence, too.
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there was nothing there. >> a television newsman said he looked up just as the shot was fired and saw a rifle being withdrawn from a fifth or sixth floor window. >> it was originally thought that the shots came from in here, but now it's believed that the shots came from this building here. >> central downtown dallas is in a virtual siege. they are combing the building in order to find the suspended assassin. >> in the building on the sixth floor, we found an area near a window that had partially been blocked off by boxes and what had apparently been fired from a rifle. >> they just came out of that with a british 303
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>> it was a .605 mauser. >> a 3030 rifle. >> one of the first things you hear are going to be wrong. and to some degree, you were constantly trying to separate out what seemed to be a fact. >> in dallas a dallas policeman just a short while ago was shot and killed while chasing a suspect. >> j.d. tippit, a good, experienced police officer, was shot three times in the chest in the oak cliff section of dallas. then the manager of a shoe store saw the suspect walk into the texas theater. >> someone has been arrested in one of the downtown theaters. they don't know if it was the man who shot the policeman or the person who actually shot president kennedy. >> this is a picture of him.
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he probably doesn't look exactly like this now after he's been questioned. that's lee oswald. >> the president was shot and a police officer is shot. then someone named lee harvey oswald is arrested. oswald may be a suspect in the assassination. who is he? >> lee oswald of dallas, a former marine who spent some time in russia, who at one time had applied for soviet citizenship. >> this description we have of the suspect in oak cliff was similar to the description we had in the man we were looking for as the assassin, but at that time we had not been able to connect the two in any way. >> there is a great deal of confusion. mr. oswald was put through the door. i don't know if you saw him. oswald lives at 1026 north beckley. he is an employee of the book binding firm in the building in which the police and secret
8:15 pm
service men believe the president was shot today. >> mrs. kennedy accompanied the body in an plans from a hospital to the airport where it will be flown back to washington. >> lyndon johnson had ordered that the body be brought immediately to air force i, so there was a little tug-of-war. it almost shook the crucifix off the top of the coffin as they were trying to get that coffin out of the hospital. >> vice president johnson is expected to be sworn in as president to board an airliner before flying back to the nation's capitol. >> johnson wanted to show the american people that the government was functioning without interruption. and perhaps he wanted to show that his predecessor's family bore him no ill will for the assassination. >> lyndon baines johnson is
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flying back to washington to take the reins of government, at which time president johnson will have to take into his hands the reins of the most powerful nation in the world. >> is there any doubt in your mind, chief, that oswald was the man who killed the president? >> i think this is the man who killed the president. >> is there any reason to think anyone else was linked to this shooting? >> at this time, we don't believe so. >> i don't know what this is all about. >> did you kill the president? >> no, sir, i didn't. >> did you kill the president? >> i work in that building. >> were you there at the time? >> naturally if i work in that building, yes, sir. >> did you kill the president? >> no, they're taking me in because i work there. i'm just a patsy.
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>> this is room 217, homicide, at the dallas police station. as you see, they are bringing the weapon allegedly used in the assassination of president john f. kennedy this afternoon at 12:30 here in dallas. >> 6.5 made in italy in 1940. >> in the wake of the kennedy assassination, they were bringing in all the resources to try to solve the crime. on the other hand, they were ill equipped to handle this tsunami of reporters. >> well, i was questioned by a judge, but i protested at that time that i was not allowed legal representation. >> in bringing oswald out, they were of course doing something that you would never see happen today, but they were trying to cooperate with the press, with the understanding that there
8:18 pm
would not be questions shouted at him. >> did you kill the president? >> no, i have not been charged with that. in fact, nobody has said that to me yet. the first thing i heard about it was when the newspaper reporters in the hall asked me that question. >> you have been charged. >> sir? >> you have been charged? >> nobody said what? >> okay. >> what did you do in russia? >> oswald. >> how did you hurt your eye? >> a policeman hit me. >> at 1:35 this morning, a complaint was read. it charged that quote, lee harvey oswald did voluntarily and with malice aforethought kill john f. kennedy by shooting him with a gun, end quote. following the reading of the complaint, oswald said, that's ridiculous. what if one piece of kale
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you don't see that every day. introducing wifi pro, wifi that helps grow your business. comcast business. built for business. can you tell us in summary what links oswald directly to the killing of the president? >> he was on the floor immediately before the shots were fired, the fact he was seen carrying a package to the building, the fact that -- >> what package and when? >> yesterday morning. >> during 12 hours of interrogation with the dallas police department over the weekend, he told one provable lie after another. >> did you buy that rifle? >> i emphatically deny these charges. >> within a day or so, when they
8:23 pm
discovered what a complete nut this guy was, they were satisfied beyond all reasonable doubt that oswald had acted alone. >> we plan to transfer this man, not tonight, he will be here by no later than 10:00 in the morning. why, it will -- that will be early enough for him. >> chief, do you have any concern for the safety of your prisoner in due of the high feeling of the people in dallas over the assassination of the president? >> no, but cautions will be taken, of course. but i don't believe the people will try to take the prisoner away from us. they are awaiting a transfer
8:24 pm
of oswald from the county jail to the city jail. >> i am presently in the basement of the dallas municipal building, and it is like an armed camp. they are worried. they don't want anything to happen to oswald. >> there is lee oswald. >> he's been shot. he's been shot. lee oswald has been shot. there is a man with a gun. absolute panic. absolute panic here in the basement of dallas police headquarters. detectives have their guns drawn. there is no question about it, oswald has been shot at point
8:25 pm
blank range fired in his stomach. >> he is shot. >> it is oswald. >> immediately after the shooting, our only witnesses that we could talk to were other reporters. >> where did he go pierre? >> he was here. they just put the gun there. i saw the flash on the black sweater. >> did you see the gun to his stomach? >> i saw right here. he was in a group of men right here. >> masquerading as one of us or what? >> i thought it was one of the detective. he had a hat. >> the situation is now that lee harold oswald has been shot. the man who saw the shot fired said it was fired by a man wearing a black hat, a brown coat, a man that everyone down here thought was a secret service agent. we can hear sirens outside and ambulance apparently is moving down now into the basement. here comes the ambulance.
8:26 pm
and oswald will be removed now. the ambulance is being pulled up in front of us here. here comes oswald, he's -- he is ashen and unconscious at this time, now being moved in. he is not moving. he's in the ambulance now. attendants, police are quickly moving in. the ambulance is leaving dallas police headquarters. where will he be taken? >> i'm assuming parkland hospital. >> parkland hospital. irony of ironies, the place where john f. kennedy died. dallas city hall is usually a public building, but today it is under armed guard.
8:27 pm
is this a confirmed report as to who did the shooting? vic robertson from city hall reports that jack ruby, the owner of the carousel, which is a bar in dallas, did the shooting. >> my statement will be very brief. oswald expired at 1:07 p.m. he died at 1:07 p.m. we have arrested the man. the man will be charged with murder. >> who is he? >> the suspect's name is jack rubi rubienstein, i believe. he goes by the name of jack ruby. >> here is an associated press still picture at the moment, the
8:28 pm
split second as the shot was fired. this is the man dallas police have identified as jack rubienstein, and this, of course, is lee harvey oswald. you see the gun in the hand of ruby, and just about to be fired. >> i know my own feelings were, and i think they were widely shared by many, if not most, americans. this can't be coincidental. the assassin is assassinated in the police station. what the hell is going on? >> just learned from city hall from a very authoritative source that police are working on the assumption that there, indeed, is a connection between jack ruby and lee oswald, and that in some manner of speaking, oswald's murder was to shut him up. >> word also from dallas that the chief has now said the case
8:29 pm
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the whole world is poorer because of his loss. but we can all be better americans because john fitzgerald kennedy has passed our way. because he has been our chosen leader at a time in history when his character, his vision, and his quiet courage have enabled him to chart a course for us, a safe course for us, through the shores of treacherous seas that encompass the world. and now that he is relieved of the almost superhuman burden, may he rest in peace. >> my fellow americans, all i have i would have given gladly
8:34 pm
not to be standing here today. >> johnson knows he has to show the country that the ship of state is sailing on under a new captain. but at the same time, he can't appear to be too anxious to assume power, and he has to keep the kennedy people on board with him. so that speech means everything. >> no words are strong enough to express our determination to continue the forward thrust of america that he began. [ applause ] >> investigations into all the facts of these last four days may not be limited to the state of texas or the fbi. some congressmen have already suggested a congressional investigation. >> johnson realizes something has to be done. he realizes that he has to
8:35 pm
appoint a body that the public will respect to look into this. >> the warren commission appointed friday night will investigate and make a report on the murder. as yet it has said nothing about how it will proceed or when. >> let's see, the time of day was about -- well, we weren't very far -- >> the lawyers from the commission took 305 depositions and there were 94 witnesses that appeared before the commission. >> can you say you still think it was one man? >> i think we better not get into that area, you know. the report will cover all of that in great detail. >> it is now 15 seconds after 6:30 p.m. eastern daylight time, sunday, september 27th. as of this moment, the report of the president's commission is public record. for the next half hour, we will
8:36 pm
search it for answers. first must come the answers to the two great overriding questions, who killed john f. kennedy? the commission answers unequivocally, lee harvey osw d oswald. was oswald acting alone, or was he a member of a conspiracy? the commission answers, he acted alone. >> the media had all concluded that this was a most exhaustive investigation, case closed. oswald did it alone. >> the commission concludes that three shots were fired, all of them from this sixth floor window in the texas schoolbook dp depository. >> the initial report was given. >> tell me something about some facts instead of your deep faith in the chief justice.
8:37 pm
>> you are deliberate malfeasance. >> you are part of the media that presented the american people from finding out what happened. >> you are alarming the american people with your testimony. >> the public had been kept in the dark for so long about this but had an undying thirst which can only be quenched by getting facts. >> we have the right to find out what happened to the president and why he died. >> from the start, he was alone. now he's just one among a growing number of doubtists. the books are on the book stands in the supermarkets. now only one of three americans remains convinced that the warren report has the whole story. >> because of the conspiracy theorists who have put this case under a high-powered microscope, splitting hairs and splitting those hairs, the kennedy assassination is now the most
8:38 pm
complex murder case in history. nothing even remotely comes close. >> the warren report said that lee harvey oswald shot the president from his window in the texas schoolbook depository. three years after the kennedy assassination, the question is a simple one. did the warren commission, after all that time and all its resources, get its answers right? tonight we'll go over those arguments one by one, area by area. as the assassination was taking place, a dallas businessman called abraham zapruda stood behind that low concrete wall looking down on elm street. >> as the president was coming down from houston street making his turn, he was about halfway down and i heard a shot. another shot or two, i couldn't tell you if it was one or two, and i saw his head practically open up, all blood and everything. >> where did the shots come f m from? if the shots did not all come
8:39 pm
from the book depository window, there was some sort of conspiracy. >> i think the massive head wound where the president's head was literally blown apart came from a corner angle on the grassy knoll. he struck his head and it goes back and over this way which would be consistent with the shaft in that direction and newton's law of motion. >> unless the laws of physics were not working that day, the reaction of the president tells us where that shot came from. >> some critics say by the very fact that in the picture you can clearly see the explosion of the bullet in the front side of the president, that that certainly indicates the bullet came from the front. >> well, i don't believe any physicist has ever said that. quite contrary, it does indicate that the bullet was coming from behind. it's a minor explosion where pieces of material go generally in the direction of the bullet. >> if you look at the individual frames of the zapruda film, at
8:40 pm
3:12, the president is okay. at frame 313, one-eighth of a second later, the president is struck in the head. and what direction is the president's head pushed? not backwards, but slightly forward, indicating a shot from the rear where lee harvey oswald was. >> i would hesitate, really, to say it's absolutely 100% impossible, but it is highly improbable. >> could a single bullet have wounded both president kennedy and governor connally. the single bullet theory has become the single aspect of the report. >> if it couldn't be proven that one shot hit both men, then there were two shooters. and, in fact, it was a conspiracy. >> they argue that a bullet would have had to make a right
8:41 pm
turn, then a left turn in midair. the reality is that connally was not seated directly in front of kennedy. >> if you figure out the alignment of where the men sat, and if you look down as i did, it is perfectly plain, i submit to you, that the bullet that exited from president kennedy's throat would have to strike either the automobile, which it did not, or someone else in the automobile. >> to believe that it didn't hit governor connally, that would be a real magic bullet, one that disappeared in thin air. coming back toms ket on my long-term control medicine, i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help improve breathing for a full 24 hours.
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digestive core.r so choose ultimate flora by renewlife. it has 30 billion probiotic cultures. feel lighter and more energized. ultimate flora. more power to your gut. . i believe that jack ruby was a paid killer to close the mouth of my son, lee harvey oswald. >> because ruby knew people in criminal activities, there was a lot of investigation about a potential conspiracy. >> ruby would have been one of the most unlikely and worst hit men that the mob could ever get. >> on november the 24th, 1963, lee harvey oswald was supposed to have been transferred at
8:46 pm
10:00. at 10:00, the evidence is undisputed that jack ruby was at home asleep. >> the evidence shows that ruby was sending a money order to one of his strippers at a western union office across from the courtroom at 11:17 a.m. >> we know that at 11:20, three minutes later, jack ruby killed lee oswald. he was down there between 5 to 15 seconds. if this is a hired assassin who is supposed to have some advanced information, he is the world's best timer. >> jack ruby was a police and media groupie. ruby thought he was our friend. >> ruby was a vigilante. he wanted nothing to be known, for people to come shake his hand, and be known as the man
8:47 pm
who killed the man who killed the president. >> i don't want to get into the speculation of individuals, but i will say there is no question about the fact there was a plot, and there were a number of individuals involved. >> in 1967, he announced, i've solved the case. i found the real assassin. >> we'll make arrests based on that, and we will make charges based on that, and we will obtain convictions based on that. >> he wouldn't have paid much attention to this, except he was district attorney of new orleans. >> arrested this evening in the district attorney's office was clay shaw, age 54, of 1313 dorphin street, louisiana. mr. shaw will be charged in participation for conspiracy to murder john f. kennedy. >> clay shaw was a very well
8:48 pm
respected businessman in new orleans. he had been a distinguished soldier during world war ii. he was also a homosexual and closeted, and i think that played a part. then they realized the truth, that there isn't anything there. >> the case he has built against clay shaw is based on testimony that did not pass a lie detector test that garrison ordered, and garrison knew it. >> garrison started bribing witnesses, intimidating witnesses. >> i could serve my whole sentence or lose right away. >> we decided to give him objectifying machinery to make sure he was telling the truth. >> leon. >> does leon have a last name? >> oswald. >> would you say his methods were illegal? >> i would say illegal and unethical. >> then they had everyone and
8:49 pm
their grandmother involved in the investigation. then it was a homosexual killing. >> do you thi at one point he had 16 assassins in dealey plaza. i don't know how kennedy made it to the assassin's table. >> he said his unlisted telephone number appears in books belonging to shaw and oswald. >> p gives you 7, o gives you 6. >> he changed digits around, added digits, added letters. >> who is suppressing this, on whose order? >> i'll tell you who, the federal government. >> who in the federal government? >> the federal government is suppressing it on his order.
8:50 pm
>> on whose order? >> on the order of the president of the united states. >> reporter: clay shaw came to court in good spirits today. shaw seems almost relieved that his case is finally being heard. >> the chtrial went on for six weeks. it's important to know that not one witness pursued by garrison was unanimous. >> he said he conspired to kill john kennedy. >> why did you do it? >> i would sum it up by saying that any society which allows a man like jack kennedy to have the top of his head torn off and then protects the assassins and obstructs any inquiry in an attempt to find the truth is not a great society.
8:51 pm
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with every turn in the kennedy assassination, everything pointed to oswald as the shooter and the only shooter. >> there were feelings he had been harboring for a long time of an act that would lift him from his obscurity. >> oswald began to attend a small discussion group and he began to rail against this right wing general, general walker. >> general walker was about as right wing as you got in the early '60s. oswald saw walker as an american adolf hitler. >> someone said someone should kill walker. he then ordered a rifle with a scope, and he planned very meticulously his assassination of general walker. >> and then he took his place and shot at general walker.
8:56 pm
he was very disappointed to find out that he missed by less than an inch. >> it shows his ability to plan who his target was and that oswald was capable of violence. >> i think that was kind of the rosetta stone, that if you understood the walker shooting, you understood that lee was like a cocked rifle, and he could go off at any time. >> what said the conspiracy notion of many americans was the congruent affair, all that policy wiped out in an instant by one skinny, weak chinned little character. >> it doesn't satisfy our sense of narrative or justice that a small person of no distinction can be of such historical consequences to kill the president of the united states.
8:57 pm
>> but what would be more comfortable, believing that a shot was fired by a second assassin who materialized out of thin air for the purpose, fired a shot and then vanished again, leaving behind no trace of himself, his rifle, his bullet or any other sign of existence. >> there were two groups of people. there's one group that would look at an extraordinary coincidence, a cataclysmic circumstance, and say, yes, that's the way the world works. there is another group of people for whom that is quite unsettling. >> they don't want to believe that something so random could have occurred. can you believe that you could step off a curb someday and be killed by an oncoming car? nobody believes in that kind of possibility for themselves, but it happens. is life that fortuitous, that uncertain? >> for them, the notion of a
8:58 pm
conspiracy is more comforting than an absence of it. if there is a conspiracy, at least there is a plan. >> they've lost so much faith in government that they actually think that the government is an accessory after the fact to the president's murder. it can't get too much worse than that. >> the assassination changed the trajectory of the '60s. america was a different place on the day before john f. kennedy was killed. so when you look at this america as a whole in the 20th century, you looked at america in the '60s, you really say, that day was a dividing point. >> i guess in the average man's life, there are two or three emotional experiences that he doesn't forget because they're burned into his heart and his brain. and no matter what happens to me
8:59 pm
me, i'll remember november 22nd as long as i live. it's impossible for me to this day, and i'm sure ten years ago, to dot the dots without looking at the school book depository building. and it's impossible for me to drive by the texas hotel today and not think of that morning when presidnt kennedy was shot. it will always be with us. >> ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. >> kennedy's standing on the public will only fade if and when we get another president about whom they feel the same way as they currently feel about kennedy.
9:00 pm
we must open opportunity to all our people. >> we feel that women will work just as good as men and better. >> the husband is the guy who is in charge and should be all of the time. >> the latest threat to the status quo is the women's revolt. >> it is a pleading for social change. >> even the fear of imprisonment forces most homosexuals to camouflage their identity. >> let's grow up, conservatives. >> the public did not have the whole picture. >> what we are talking about is a revolution and not a reform.


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