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tv   Inside Politics  CNN  March 13, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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comcast business. built for business. chaos in chicago sets off a presidential blame game. >> my people aren't violent. it's these people that come in. >> that he has created a toxic atmosphere of dividing us. that's undeniable. >> will the images and outcry impact trump's presidential hopes? as for two candidates, tuesday could be the last stand. >> leadership is about using the langer to motivate us, not to define us. and a defining day in the democratic race. >> american workers should not be forced to compete against desperate people. >> after a debate hillary
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clinton would just as soon forget. >> if you get indicted will you -- >> it's not going to happen. "inside politics," the biggest stories sourced by the best reporters now. welcome to "inside politics." i'm john king. thank you for sharing your sunday morning as we take stock in a troubling turn in american politics and prepare for a big tuesday night which will determine whether donald trump and hillary clinton become prohibitive favorites. three questions frame the big 72 hours ahead. one, can trump run the board and sweep five big states even after a weekend of bitter finger pointing over who is to blame for increasing tensions and violence between trump supporters and protesters? >> we cannot let our first amendment rights be taken away from us, folks. we can't let it happen. we want to get along with everybody, but when they have organized professionally staged wise guys, we've got to fight back. >> question two, will tuesday
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end the campaigns of marco rubio and john kasich or can they get home-state wins and significantly complicate any trump path to victory? >> i hope i can earn your support so that we continue this campaign moving forward into other states and other parts of this country. >> so now we're here. please don't screw this up for me, okay? >> and question three, can hillary clinton end tuesday with near insurmountable delegate lead or bernie sanders prove last week's michigan's upset was just the beginning of a rust belt revolt? >> many of the new manufacturing jobs being created in america pay significantly less than those jobs paid 15, 20 years ago. in other words, we are in a race to the bottom. >> with us this morning to share their reporting, molly ball, jonathan martin of the "new york times" and nia-malika henderson. we begin with the turn from
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tense to ugly. donald trump canceled the s chicago rally. inside it got unruly and sometimes violent. one of the demonstrators tried to make his point by charging the stage. >> we made a decision even though our freedom of speech is violated totally, we made a decision not to go forward. >> that was trump talking to cnn's don lemon friday night. there were more protests saturday as trump campaigned in ohio and missouri, including this man rushing the candidate as trump spoke in vandalia near dayton. [ bleep ]. >> you see the secret service intervening there. this is hardly the first time there's been trouble at trump rallies. last week in north carolina a trump supporter sucker pumpednca
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demonstrator as he was being ushered out of the arena. >> i certainly don't incite violence and i don't condone violence and i don't talk about violence. i certainly don't condone violence and it's not acceptable to me. >> now, maybe that druonald tru you just heard right there should have a conversation with this donald trump. >> so if you see somebody getting ready to throw a tomato, knock the crap out of them. seriously. pail for the legal fees, i promise. >> do you know what they used to guys like that in places like this, they would be carried out on a stretcher. >> he's walking out, smiling, laughing, i'd like to punch him in the face, i tell you. get him out. get out of here. get him out. get him out. troublemaker. get him out of here. they can swing, they can hit people, but if we hit them back, it's a terrible, terrible thing, right? >> how did we get here? how did we get here? trump says he's the victim that his first amendment rights to
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speak at his rallies are being infringed by organized protesters coming in and disrupting his events. the protesters say no, you have said these horrible things, we're going to protest you and you've created this environment of tension inside the room. >> if trump becomes the nominee we're getting a preview of what this general election is going to be like. we've talked so much about trump's -- trump being powered by this ground swell of anger in the electorate but there is a reaction to that. there is an anger against him. there are a lot of people who are saying we're angry too but we're angry at you, and so, you know, you're going to see these massive demonstrations in urban areas, particularly in places like chicago. there are going to be a lot of people coming out to say this isn't us. we don't want this. and so, you know, i think it's an inevitable. you hear people talking about 1968. that's really what we're looking at. >> it's interesting too, john, trump has been saying all along
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the benefits of his candidacy is he's energizing the republican party, bringing new voters to the poll. what you're seeing is he's energizing the left. if hillary clinton becomes the nominee, she's had problems with energizing the left. how is she going to do that? trump is going to be the answer to that. gee tried to dial it back a little bit yesterday. he has used as you heard, he has said i wish i could punch them, i punish it was the old days. yesterday trump knowing the eyes of the world were on him dialed it back a bit. >> i hope they arrest these people because they're really violating all of us. i'm going to ask that you arrest them. i'll file whatever charges you want. who the hell knows. >> it's an interesting moment. number one, there's a huge election on tuesday, jonathan. if trump runs the board on tuesday, the math gets pretty unstoppable. but number two, there's been this conversation among republicans who sort of thought trump was a clown at the beginning. they thought he would implode. then they had, he's starting to damage our brand.
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some now think he's destroying their brand. >> the language you hear is striking. it's not just about this nomination. not even just about this election. it's about the party for years and years to come and kind of what he's done both on policy but also his persona. you talk to people in the party and they believe that in terms of young voters and minorities, that he has really set them back for a long time, that whatever work they had put in in recent years, he has undermined. trump has clearly said things that have incited people. you played those clips in the past. he has to bear some burden for what's going on at his rallies. it's hard to imagine another major candidate for president in this country saying those kinds of things at rallies. think about the history of this country. both parties' candidates for presidents, can you imagine any of them saying those kind of things at rallies, i want to punch him in the face. george w. bush, dick cheney, al
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gore, bill clinton, go through the list. that language is simply not heard of in american politics. i think you feel why this woo weekend people are concerned about what's happening. it's the tone in the campaign. >> i believe there's one poll in ohio that shows kasich ahead, but in every other state where we've seen data trump is ahead. if he runs the board in these states, he'll have a significant lead. all of his opponents spoke out against this. here is ted cruz and marco rubio saying, you know what? we don't like protesters who stop you from speaking, but, mr. trump, you share some responsibility. >> we've seen some protesters that take speech into indim dation, into violence in trying to silence anyone who might disagree with them. that is wrong. i think it is also true that any campaign, responsibility begins and ends at the top. >> i think we also have to look at the rhetoric coming from the front-runner in the presidential campaign. this is a man who in rallies
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have told his supporters to basically beat up the people who are in the crowd and he'll pay their legal fees. someone who has basically encouraged people in the audience to rough up anyone who stands up and says something he doesn't like. >> any sense among the smart people out there and the smart people have been wrong about trump from the very beginning that this weekend will give people pause? that people will see these pictures, even trump supporters, because a lot of trump supporters would have to back away for him for the numbers in these states to leave. >> probably not. you heard marco rubio there sort of had his own doubts about whether or not he would support trump if he were the event you'll nominee. he said it's getting harder and harder but sure i would. i doubt it. donald trump is casting himself as the victim against, you know, what might be called some sort of counter culture uprising. there is a person at a kasich rally who stood up and asked kasich, he said, listen, why are you taking the side of the black lives matter movement and
5:10 am over donald trump's free speech rights? so i think it's clear that even these candidates have to have sort of a tricky line because in our debate, for instance, all of this had happened in terms of donald trump saying very off-color things at his rallies, but none of them in that moment actually felt like they could stand up because they know that trump is at this moment really the face of a very powerful movement which represents 35%, maybe 40% of the party, and these are working-class white people and some of the rhetoric i think is in line with the southern strategy which republicans have used for years, so it's very tricky but not clear that this is going to turn the tide for tuesday. >> and there's lots of delayed outrage, shall we say. his opponents finds it convenient to benefit their outrage when it could most benefit their campaigns. >> but not a lot of cards early
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on. >> you played that montage of clips -- >> there's more than that. >> there's much more than that. where was the contemporaneous outrage from the candidates when he said those things to his audience. way tonight punch that guy in the face. there's trump, but there's no real anger. now that we're on the precipice of florida and ohio and three other states on tuesday and some of the candidates are fighting for their lives and they see civil disorder in chicago and it's sort of, oh, my gosh, moment, then they're outraged? >> so much of the stop trump movement has happened too late. this outrage could have happened months ago. >> it's tactical outrage. >> right. >> i think there's a feeling though that something changed in chicago. >> there was a tipping point. >> there was a feeling that things had reached a certain point. up until now it was all fun and games and obviously it wasn't. people were tyme getting hurt. it being all fun and games until people get hurt, but there's a feeling this has reached a fever pitch that's unstable and
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dangerous and scary. >> it comes at a key moment where some republicans are saying i haven't liked this at the beginning but i'm going to get on the trump train. among them dr. ben carson. at one point trump compared carson to a child molester, but carson endorsed him the other day. >> he is actually is a very intelligent man who cares deeply about america. there are two different donald trumps. there's the one you see on the stage and there's the one who's very cerebral, sits there and considers things very carefully. that's the donald trump that you're going to start seeing more and more of right now. >> when? >> exactly. famous last words. >> everybody's takeaway from the debate is, wow, this is statesmanlike, presidential, general election donald trump. he may sort of be incoherent on
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policy but he's saying look how civil we're all being and nobody has the guts to attack him because they look at what the consequences of that have been for all of the other candidates. so he gets to be mr. nice guy and i think that's part of what inspired carson to say that. >> yeah. >> it goes back and forth. >> very strange, the carson campaign, a very strange one in and of it itself and that was, i think, a strange moment. here was a guy who was supposed to be mr. civility. right before he dropped out, he called for a summit where they would learn how to all be nice to each other. so the fact he comes out and endorses trump -- >> unintentionally revealing, what a lot of people think about the trump deal, which this is all shtick. carson almost put words to that. if you talk to the guy behind the scenes, all that bluster, it's all for show. he didn't say that directly but that's what he was getting at, which is trump by the way sort of walked back what carson said. >> i should note trump is already on twitter this morning saying that bernie sanders is sending these protesters to his rally and if he keep it is up
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trump says he'll send some of his guys to bernie sanders' rallies. just we need at this moment. a little escalation. next tuesday isn't just about survive aae aae aal for marco r john kasich. >> we're getting word now of yet another incident of violence at a donald trump rally. apparently the victim was this man, dr. ben carson. who was attacked moments ago by an angry mob that mistook him for a protester. we go there now. >> it's okay. i'm fine. guys, what did i say? not this one.
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welcome back. five big states vote tuesday. 367 republican delegates in all. the math at the end of the night will determine how many candidates remain in the field and how likely it is that republicans end up with a contested convention. let's look at the math. donald trump enters tuesday with the lead, 462 delegates. ted cruz in a close second at 371. rubio and kasich, this is what happens if trump runs the board on march 15th. florida, ohio, missouri, illinois, north carolina. if trump runs the board he will be close to the ballpark of 800 delegates. at this point forgive me republican establishment, the trump train would become a runaway train. if he runs the board, he would only need about 44, 45% of the remaining delegates in the rest of the contest, easily achievable to get to 1237 by the time of the convention. but if john kasich can win his home state of ohio, that changes the map somewhat. then at this point trump needs
5:20 am
about 50%, 55% of the are he maining delegates. that makes the math a little harder. marco rubio, if he can somehow pull off florida where polls show he's trailing but if rubio can somehow win at home and kasich wins at home, then trump would be right at the halfway point. but at this point he would need more than 60% of the remaining delegates to clinch before the convention. again, at this point the republican establishment thinks, okay, he's still the front-runner, but we'll stop him before the convention. but mr. trump thinks the map is going to look more like a route on march 15th. he thinks he's going to run up the numbers and win them all. he says any talk of him losing is foolish. >> we're going to win at so many levels. we're going to win, win, win. you're going to get so tired of winning. you're going to say, mr. president, please, we don't want to win anymore.
5:21 am
it's too much, and i'm going to say i'm sorry. >> this tuesday, with he keep talking about these super tuesdays but this actually is sort of the key round in a heavyweight fight. if trump comes out on top, if he wins them all, pretty hard to stop. >> it's hard to stop marco rubio. there's virtually no way he could continue if he loses florida. you started to hear that in his voice the last few days. saying florida comes, then, you know, if we don't win, florida, you're the state that's going to decide the republican nominee, and you're hearing a shifting of strategy too. the rubio folks are telling voters explicitly if you vote for john kasich, you vote for ted cruz in florida, you're voting to elect donald trump as the next republican nominee. so we're getting to that moment, a real tipping point in this race. >> but also they apparently said, listen, if you are in ohio you should vote for kasich. the kasich folks didn't want to reciprocate with the rubio folks so, you know, strategy. >> you were making this point off the air.
5:22 am
if kasich wins his only state, that's great. but if rubio loses and kasich wince, kasich becomes the vehicle for the establishment even though he's not proven he's a train with a lot of steam. >> the 1 for 25 candidate will be the great hope of the republican establishment which tells you everything about that election cycle. but john kasich and ohio are really the linchpin to tuesday. if you believe rubio is not going to carry florida and every poll suggests he won't, what really matters now on tuesday are two things. first of all, john kasich carrying ohio. if that happens and if ted cruz can make inroads in north carolina, missouri, and illinois, kind of the orphan states on tuesday that are all forgotten but that all have delegates, if those two things happen, then i think the race will, in fact, go to a convention. keep in mind in the three states, missouri, illinois, and carolina that i just mentioned, 193 delegates. now, they're split, but that's more than what florida and ohio have. so don't forget those three states too, and if cruz can make inroads there, he can push this
5:23 am
thing closer to a convention. >> krez spent all day yesterday in missouri, i think he's spending all day today in north carolina. it's a key point. if you win by a decent margin even though they're hybrid states, it's like south carolina. the margins are going to matter as to whether they're split or not. cruz keeps saying it's a two machine man race. that's a fascinating piece to watch. >> you see trump saying essentially the person who wins should be the one who gets the most delegates. of course, there's an other sort of operation stop trump going on that so far hasn't really yielded any results if you look at the results of last tuesday. so, you know, we'll have to see what happens. >> you mentioned the debated. the other candidates -- it was very civil. trump said at one point, i can't believe how civil it is. clear they they understand the moment and they didn't want to have a nasty debate because they understand how important tuesday is. all the other candidates, especially rubio and cruz did try to make up the point and it came up when trump was asked to defend and he stood by his comment to anderson cooper, he said islam hates us.
5:24 am
jake tapper said do you want to collar fi and both kruds cruz and rubio said that's not the language of a president. >> donald trump says what people wish they could say. presidents can't just say anything they want. it has consequences. >> the answer isn't to yell china bad, muslims bad. you have to understand the nature of the threats we're facing and how you deal with them. >> don't you also have to not wait months to attack your opponent after praising him? >> and i think there are a lot of people in team cruz who look back on this entire campaign 23r the beginning with a little bit of regret that he didn't go after him sooner because that may have been a lot of what allowed trump to come into a commanding position far enough into this campaign he did then become unstoppable. that debate was such a perfect sort of microcosm of this whole race, right? you have a bunch of other
5:25 am
candidates facing this collective action problem. none of them wanting to really directly take on the front-runner because they have seen what happened to the others who tried to do that. they all got knocked back and pretty much eliminated, and then you have a front-runner who feels increasingly assured and who sees the upside for him in frying to seem statesmanlike and not directly going after his opponents, not, you know, being vulgar or making the jokes we have seen him bamake in the pas. >> one thing i want to point out, in that debate he was asked by jake tapper, all the candidates were asked, donald trump, if you don't win the necessary delegates, what will happen next? trump said that even if you don't clench, you should be become the nominee if you're the one who is the closest. not everyone necessarily agreed with him on that front. that's going to be the real question. let's say ohio goes to kasich, florida goes to rubio, how do they make the case, how do the republican establishment make
5:26 am
the case that donald trump should not be the nominee and what does it say to his millions of supporters potentially come the general election? that's going to be a real problem. >> which he kept mentioning, the millions of supporters. >> i think the theme song might be "send lawyers, guns, and money." ahead, donald trump says he's not to blame if protesters disrupt his rallies but many republicans see lasting damage to a brand that was already struggling with minority voters. ! that's lactaid®. right. 100% real milk, just without the lactose. so, no discomfort? exactly. try some... mmm, it is real milk. lactaid®. 100% real milk. no discomfort. cleans so well, it keeps your underwear cleaner. so could wear them a second day. charmin ultra strong. it's 4 times stronger, and you can use up to 4 times less. enjoy the go with charmin. the market.redict... but at t. rowe price, we can help guide
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welcome back. donald trump is again or maybe the better word is still center stage in the presidential race. >> donald trump has created a toxic environment. there is no place for this. there is no place for a national leader to prey on the fears of people who live in our great country. >> the ugly, divisive rhetoric we are hearing from donald trump and the encouragement he has given to violence and aggression is not only wrong, it's dangerous. if you play with matches, you can start a fire you can't
5:31 am
control. that is not leadership. it is political arson. >> john kasich and hillary clinton there on saturday. part of a bipartisan course of critics who say trump is to blame for the tensions that boiled over in chicago where a planned trump rally was canceled because thousands of protesters were on hand and things got pretty ugly. trump accused bernie sanders supporters of crossing the line. >> with bernie, he should really get up and say to his people stop, stop. not me. stop. they said, mr. trump should get up and this morning tell his people to be nice. my people are nice, folks. >> so where is this heading? there's the short-term question. what happens to trump in the big elections tuesday. there's a medium-term question, what's happening to the republican brand and will other republicans now run from trump if he is the nominee, and then there's the longer term question of general election impact if donald trump is the republican nominee. molly ball, listen here, marco rubio and john kasich. in debates they have said, yeah,
5:32 am
and held their nose a little bit, we'll support trump if he's the no nominee. >> i still at this moment continue to intend to support the republican nominee, but getting harder every day. >> will you still support him -- >> makes it very extremely difficult. >> and this is the conversation, the sort of meta conversations you're hearing. and the question for them is not just do you back trump or not, but where is this coming from? is trump the cause or the symptom? has this anger always been simmering and waiting to break out and he sort of lit the match and then declined to blow out the fire. so there's -- that's the split in the party, and you're going to hear this conversation almost regardless of what happens on tuesday.
5:33 am
trump is still going to be the delegate leader by a large margin, and so whether it looks like the whole thing is over or it looks like he's just ahead by a little bit, there's going to be this conversation about can we sort of civilize him? can we take him into the fold and dress him up nice and make him sound like the kind of republican nominee that we wanted to see? and, you know, once you sort of hold your nose and get passed some of the shtick, the bluster, can we make him seem like a leader? and there's going to be people like chris christie, ben carson, who think you can do that. and then there's this other faction who have already sworn up and down that they will never be on that team. will some of them come around? a lot of them think some of them will. >> question for republican leaders is what kind of impact would trump have down ticket and does it make sense to distance themselves to donald trump? the risk from distancing themselves is to alienate his supporters. i spent a lot of time last week
5:34 am
talking to republican senators about this, republican leadership about this, and there's a clear divide about whether or not this would be good for the party. you know, if you start to criticize him directly, then all of a sudden you're going to anger the folks you need to bring out to the polls, and there's actually -- and actually a larger debate if kasich drps out and rubio drops out, who is going to be better for the party, cruz or trump? predictable candidate but also being very conservative and trump can bring out scores of new voters but you don't know what he's going to do on any day. >> there are a lot of democrats and even some republicans who look at trump and see a walking, talking, living, breathing turnout machine for the obama coal lis, african-americans, latino voters. president obama, and you can see him with a smile on his face talking about all this, no, he doesn't like the protests, but he says the republican party that is suddenly shocked about the impact of donald trump, it's
5:35 am
ridiculous. >> how can you be shocked? this is the guy, remember, who was sure that i was born in kenya. who just wouldn't let it go. and all this same republican establishment, they weren't saying nothing. as long as it was directed at me, they were fine with it. >> if you remember the birther history, if donald trump is the republican nominee, that he is no question president obama is going to be involved for the democrats anyway, but if it's donald trump, you're going to see him on the trail all the time. >> that's right. i think you will see president obama, you will see a first lady michelle obama, all of those folks out there. you saw donald trump in our debate twice in his opening statement and closing statement talk about all of the voters that he was bringing and essentially saying, listen, you reject me and you reject all these voters. i'm the messenger of this movement. it was just i guess three years ago that the growth and opportunity project, this sort
5:36 am
of autopsy of the republican party, came out. this idea that they needed to broaden their party. but there was also an alternative sort of theory of the case from 2012 which was that there were 6 million missing white voters that just didn't show up in 2012, and in some ways that's the theory of the case i think that the donald trump campaign is powered by and in many ways those are the voters that are showing up. the republican party sort of establishment is sort of treating these voters like they're alien voters. who are these mystery voters? they're republican voters many of whom voted for romney and santorum. >> the trump moment has been clarifying in way that is are deeply uncomfortable for many republicans. what i mean by that is that it has dawned on them or at least they have been forced to reckon with the fact that a big chunk of their base and many of those supporting donald trump do so for reasons of racial resentment and they have wanted to sort of ignore that. they can't ignore it janymore.
5:37 am
they can't disavow trump because to do so would be to basically give the finger to about 20% of your base. if republicans can't win general elections without trump voters and that's the problem they have right now and that's why these senators who are scared to death of what this means can't fully run away from him. they need his voters. >> but they can't figure out how to manage it either. up next, a bernie sanders is message candidate or a real contender for the democratic nomination? tuesday night should provide the answer. you forgot the milk! that's lactaid®. right. 100% real milk, just without the lactose. so, no discomfort? exactly. try some... mmm, it is real milk. lactaid®. 100% real milk. no discomfort. (vofights mess right.ghtweight 4-in-1 attacks three strong litter box odors, plus locks clumps tight. ... and now it's light. every home, every cat.
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...of fixodent plus adhesives. they help your denture hold strong more like natural teeth. and you can eat even tough food. fixodent. strong more like natural teeth. fixodent and forget it. tuesday's voting will go a long way in answering the biggest question of the democratic race, can bernie sanders change the math enough? >> hillary clinton more than 12 220 ahead at the moment. here is the map so far. bernie sanders big upset in
5:42 am
michigan yesterday the reason this week becomes so interesting. if hillary clinton runs the board in all five states, including ohio, illinois, well, then she's going to start to pull away, and yes, bernie sanders can say i'm relatively close behind but the math gets pretty indisputable here. but senator sanders wants to change the conversation. he says i'm going to beat new ohio. proportion nal delegates, the question is can he pull off ohio and illinois? even then hillary clinton would be ahead in the delegate chase but bernie sanders would have changed the conversation of the race because he could then make the point in the industrial midwest, in the heartland where the economy is at stress, i'm the democrat winning over blue collar voters. that's what bernie sanders very much needs. hillary clinton would like to end the day right here and send the message to bernie sanders i'm going to be the nominee. why don't you tone it down a little bit? both candidates understand the stakes so they're busy on the trail and on the air waves. >> every day i wake up and play
5:43 am
a brilliant, complex, overqualified, get it done woman. >> who obsessively fights for justice. >> who cares. >> who gives a voice to the voiceless. >> our characters are on television. >> but the real world, the real world has hillary clinton. >> the real world has hillary clinton. >> only one candidate for president has opposed every disastrous deal, bernie sanders. whip others supported unfair trade deals, bernie stood with american workers. you will take on wall street and their trade deals because he doesn't take their money. >> much like donald trump, molly, bernie sanders has bet the ranch essentially on trade and unfairness, she's part of the establishment, he would say. how important is it he adds to michigan? >> it's very important for delegate reasons and also for sort of psychological reasons, right? he needs to show he's still getting traction in this race. the narrative was turning against him before michigan, and then the fact that he was able to pull off that incredible
5:44 am
upset showed people that there is still a very vocal constituency in the democratic base that wants what he is selling, and particularly on trade. it is very striking that bernie sanders and donald trump have effectively the same position on trade and that they are getting traction in these heartland states, the rust belt, the industrial midwest where the loss of manufacturing jobs is very deeply felt and where even though hillary clinton has tried to run against the transpacific partnership and as a fair trade candidate, people are not buying it. they do not believe that that's the side of this issue she is on and they're reacting to that. >> one of the big differences is trump not able to broaden his coalition, certainly not racially, but firnally bernie sanders is doing that. we saw him start to eat into what had been hillary clinton's dominance among african-americans in michigan. she still won by 40 points. he's also doing better with white voters. he wasn't doing so well with white voters in the south, not
5:45 am
so well in mississippi. but won white voters by 14%. that kind of mixture for these other states which are demographically similar to michigan -- >> and really shows how well that populist economic message plays in the midwest. you look at obviously him doing well in michigan, potentially how he does in ohio will go a long way to showing how effective hillary clinton has been as she's tried to shift to the left on the issue and how much of a liability that trade issue is in states like michigan and ohio. i mean, rob portman, the senator from ohio, the former u.s. trade representative came out against the trade specific partnership. that's -- if she does do poorly, that will be a big reason why. >> trade issue is kind of a recurring theme in democratic primaries and every four years democratic candidates for president to be candid about it
5:46 am
bs about their views on trade. barack obama in 2008 in ohio promised if president he would reopen nafta. of course that hasn't happened. the fact is democratic elites are overwhelmingly pro-free trade. and the fact is you now have somebody who is not. he really is not for free trade, bernie sanders. and i think that resonates in these states for voters who are sick every four years of hearing candidates from both parties mouth sort of happy talk about fair trade and then go to washington and vote as free traders. >> i'm going to squeeze this part in from the debate. what was striking, especially on an issue of immigration. voters will have a very clear contrast and the immigration debate the candidates not only went way left of the republican candidates, they went left of the sitting president who happens to be a democrat. >> of the people, the undocumented people living in our country, i do not want to see them deported. i want to see them on a path to citizenship. that is exactly what i will do.
5:47 am
>> i happen to agree with president obama on many, many issues. i think he's done a great job as president of the united states. he is wrong on this issue of deportation. i disagree with him on that. so to answer your question, no, i will not deport children from the united states of america. >> they're playing to the base without a doubt. are they overdoing it or are they on safe ground looking at the obama coalition or is this general election quicksand? >> it may be quicksand, but, you know, there's a feeling that donald trump by being the build a wall candidate has opened up a large amount of space for whoever the democratic nominee is to run way to the left because they are going to need to activate that demographic coalition of minority voters and because this becomes a very, very active general election issue with donald trump on the republican ticket. >> fascinating questions, many more. big tuesday night. up next, our rompers share from their notebooks including president obama's strategy to win a hearing for his upcoming supreme court pick.
5:48 am
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let's head around the inside politics table and ask our reporters to get you ahead of the political news just around the corner. >> this is just a little story
5:52 am
yesterday that caught my attention because it could have larger significance. trump is airing ads in ohio against kasich which is itself an interesting development. but they had to pull them off the air because of a complaint by kasich's super pac that the disclaimer is in the wrong place. you know, the i approve this message. it's supposed to go in the end. i think it shows that the trump campaign is still not really a professional operation. we've known from the beginning these are not exactly veteran political strategists but as the republican party increasingly seems willing to accept that trump is the inevitable nominee, they're going to have to figure out how to give a sort of transplant to this campaign and get them into working order if this is going to be the campaign of the republican nominee for president. >> send in some lawyers. what every campaign needs. manu. >> john, as soon as this week the president could nominate his supreme court choice and that means pressure is going to intensify on chuck grassley, the
5:53 am
veteran iowa senator who is chairman of the senate judiciary committee. already democrats have launched a shame campaign. he's taken a hard line like his republican leaders saying no hearings this year. let's wait for the new president but what democrats are going to increasingly try to do is make it hard for him back home. potentially putting money behind his opponent. they've recruited his opponent, former lieutenant governor patty judge to run against him. they know it will be a tough race but they think if they hurt his favorability back home and maybe put money behind her campaign, then that could turn -- that could force chuck grassley to cave. we'll see if it works. >> a test of the old all politics is local. >> where are the governors? talking to the folks in the gop one of the questions i heard raised was in the history of these white house primaries, governors typically have the best organizes this their states and they often can bring out the people for the candidate they
5:54 am
endorse. what is striking in tuesday in three of the big states holding contests, the governors are nowhere to be found. in florida, north carolina, and illinois gop governors in even of those three states, the governors are on the sidelines. and i think as we get closer to a trump nomination and you hear more of this who lost china talk in the republican party, there's going to be finger pointing at some of the governors who stood silent while trump marched to the nomination. >> usually the most disciplined party in our politics is crumbling this year. >> interesting race, senate race in maryland for the chance to replace barbara mikulski. a new poll shows donna edwards is leading and this is really for the first time she's in a match-up against chris van hollen who is her congressional colleague. he is beating her in terms of endorsements and fund-raising. a 10 to 1 advantage. she has been making inroads in the baltimore county area, particularly with african-americans, particularly with women.
5:55 am
she's very much running as the sanders in this campaign, running as the outsider, running as someone who would be the second black woman in serve in the u.s. senate and chris van hollen running on experience, on establishment endorsements. emily's list is going to try to juice this campaign up. they put $1.5 million in it. they're going to put $1 million more in it. it's going to be fought on the air so look for those air waves in maryland to be flooded with campaign ads for both of these candidates. the primary is april 26 so we'll see how that shakes out. >> an undercard for the clinton/sanders race. i will close with a bit or on the conversations inside thes rubio and kasich campaigns as survival tuesday draws near. i'm told they're zero doubt the ohio governor will be gone if he loses the race. his team is hopeful about assembling a team assuming he wins to get into the nitty-gritty of planning for an open convention. inside team rubio, there are now some advisers arguing that if kasich and rubio both lose,
5:56 am
perhaps the florida senator should try to hang on a little longer in case the latest debate on trump tails a toll. but rubio's finance team rolls his eyes at such talk and makes it clear if he loses at home, the money will dry up. thanks for sharing your sunday morning. we'll see you soon, as well as tuesday night. coming up next, "state of the union."
5:57 am
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...up to 45 days of freshness pluggable febreze and fabric refresher... ...[inhale + exhale mnemonic]... ...two more ways to breathe happy out of control. donald trump cancels his rally as protesters descend and violence erupts. >> a planned attack just came out of nowhere. a disgrace if you want to know the truth. >> has campaign 2016 reached a boiling point? donald trump will be here in moments. but will any of this violence change the race? >> it's called chaos. it's called anarchy and that's what we're koreaning towards in our krill process. >> senator marco rubio will also be here. and with just two days to go before the winner take all crucial


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