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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  March 14, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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thank you for joining us. set your dvr to record "outfront" so you can watch us any time as we get you set for this crucial super tuesday. let's hand it off now to "ac 360." good evening. thanks for joining us. get ready for a day that will almost live up to the name super tuesday. especially on the republican side where it's do or die tuesday with big winner take all states florida and ohio. by this time tomorrow two gop candidates could be back in the game or on their way out. and donald trump could have the nomination just about within reach. another chance for bernie sanders to narrow the gap with hillary clinton. most headlines tonight revolve around one party and one cand daut and one thing. the republicans, donald trump and all the violence at his campaign events, including the brawl in chicago on friday. trump accompanied by chris
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christie is campaigning in ohio. jim acosta is there as well. trump's final push before the two big primaries tomorrow. what's his message in ohio, in florida? >> reporter: anderson, we should point out donald trump was able to get his message across without interruption at this rally. no disruptions, no protests. the trump campaign required the people attending park miles away and take buss to get here. you should see the line to get on those buses behind me. one trump volunteer organizer was hoping that's tactic would help keep down the demonstrators, and it worked. as for trump's message, one attack after another on ohio governor john kasich. trump said at one point about kasich, quote, he can't make america great again. totally overrated. and that he has supported trade deals in the past that will destroy or have destroyed ohio jobs and will do so in the future. we should point out as we've been saying, this is really
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crunch time for donald trump and the rest of the candidates in this race for the gop nomination. a rubio win in florida, a kasich victory in ohio. that would essentially rewrite the narrative signaling for the first time trump may not have the necessary delegates to clinch the nomination. but a clean sweep tomorrow for trump would do the exact opposite. there would be no more muddle. this would clear away much of the field leaving tom cruz to battle it out with donald trump. >> jim acosta, thanks for that. ted cruz has a late campaign event later in decatur, illinois. he amped up his approach that a vote for kasich or rubio is a waste wasted vote. what has he been hitting on in his final push? >> his final pitch is all about his own campaign's viability. we saw him really amplify this
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message today on the campaign trail when he was talking to voters in illinois. he said point blank, the math matters here. so making something of an academic argument to argue about the realistic chances, what he sees as realistic chances of his opponents and arguing point blank if you support john kasich or marco rubio, basically that is a wasted vote arguing that he is the only one that's because of the delegate math that is well positioned going into tomorrow to potentially beat donald trump. the cruz campaign has been trying to make this message for so long. they see tomorrow as a chance to inch closer to that goal. so much of that hinges on how marco rubio and how john kasich do tomorrow in their respective home states. >> sunlen, we'll check in with you later. marco rubio has what they are calling a homecoming rally in west miami. now appears to be staking it on his home state's 99 winner take all delegates.
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he also wavered over the weekend of whether he could support trump in november. sara murray joins us from where another rubio event took place earlier. what about rubio's message tonight? >> marco rubio was much more reflective than we've seen in recent days. he and his staff are looking at the same poll numbers we are. they know it's an uphill climb in florida. and his speech tonight was almost talking about the campaign he wished he had run, sort of making that his final campaign stand. he said he felt terrible for some of the attacks he launched against donald trump reiterating he embarrassed his family members, embarrassed some of his supporters. but he went hard against donald trump without really even talking about the candidate by name saying this is someone who encourages people to fight at his rallies. this is someone who is essentially turned this into a reality tv show. you try to drive home the seriousness of the choice that's voters are going to be making at
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the poll tomorrow night. and, of course, he asked for their vote. this state is really do or die for marco rubio. and i think we saw that all coming home for him tonight. he's spent 11 months working up to this moment, and it all comes down to tomorrow. >> ohio governor john kasich says he'll score a home state win tomorrow. he got help from mitt romney but did not get his endorsement. certainly the stakes for john kasich tomorrow night are incredibly high. what does he do on this final day before the primary? >> it's more or less do or die. john kasich did today what he's been doing most of this week. trying to remind ohio republicans why 77% approved of him. he has serious strategic advantages in this state as you'd expect for a home state governor. he has a significant operation. the state party support and a superpac that's put seven-figure ads up.
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more than 30 staffers focussed just on that state. even his advisers say it's a close race. he's been rising in the polls, stretching a lead over donald trump but utilizing mitt romney today. two big events. one in stark county. one in westerville. that's important for this reason. those were three huge counties for mitt romney in 2012 when he won ohio by just 10,000 votes. the turnout in those counties will be crucial to how kasich does tomorrow. mitt romney trying to give him a little bit of a boost as he tries to stop donald trump tomorrow night. >> i'm going to talk to governor kasich in the broadcast tonight. i'm going to ask him if he's going to support the nominee, even if it is donald trump as we heard marco rubio saying it gets harder every day. we'll see what the governor says. phil, thanks. gloria borger, john king, political commentators, kayleigh
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mcenany, tara and peter beinart. gloria, the tone, the tenor of this republican rairx the huge stakes tomorrow, what's do you expect? is there any way to know? >> well, we could end up with four candidates still in the race. we could end up with two candidates in the race after tomorrow night. >> those are the options. >> what we know for certain is donald trump is going to gain some delegates, and we don't know how many. and i think that for john kasich, as we've been saying, for john kasich over and out, if he doesn't win ohio and the same for marco rubio if he doesn't win his home state. i think cruz, talking to cruz people, they believe they have a
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paths forward no matter what happens tomorrow. they believe they'll be able to pick up some delegates. maybe not win anywhere. but pick up some delegates. and they vow to continue no matter what. but to answer your question, we don't know what to expect. >> a lot of early voting in florida. it's a state that likes to vote early. people were saying that broke for marco rubio because people had made up their mind to support him in any decline he reached, they'd already voted by then. do we know what the polls show in florida? >> the rubio people think they did quite well. one of the complications. in most of the polls he's down 15, 18, 20 points. that's pretty discouraging. we've learned believe nothing. nothing is certain and every day brings a new surprise. if he closes strongly in florida, might we have a dynamic tomorrow night where rubio does fine? but jeb bush gets a healthy chunk of those early votes. if he falls 5,000, 6,000 votes
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short that jeb bush's early vote is a determining factor in that. today is the storm before the reset. everybody is out there being busy. if trump has a big night, if he runs the board -- >> if he wins florida and ohio, is it over? >> you assume he's also winning north carolina and missouri. if you are winning states as diverse as ohio and florida you are probably also winning missouri. donald trump has a chance to end up in the ballpark of 800 delegates. if he's in the ballpark of 800, he needs about 42%, 44% of the remaining delegates. if he loses florida and ohio, and i'll show you the map in detail, then you are almost guaranteed an open convention as long as cruz and whoever stays. if they do okay down the path, trump will still get to the convention the leader. if he loses one of florida and ohio, the likelihood of an open
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convention is up there. if he loses both, it's probably an open convention. >> the violence he saw on friday, how do you think that's plays either for or against donald trump? >> i think in the short term it probably helps him a little bit. everything is happening on the margins here because there's so much information out there and so many things floating around. if you think about this -- think about it from the perspective of a conservative casual news consumer. they haven't followed every one of trump's rallies. they probably don't know he's been essentially goading people in the stands to hit protesters over the course of the years. what's they see are a mob scene of protesters shutting down trump's rally and trump saying the police told us we had to shut it down. that's not actually true but that's what's trump says. a narrative where angry protesters shut down conservative politician's rally, that's not necessarily a bad
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thing. it's a bad thing but not necessarily something they say this must be the politician's fault. >> tara, do you think it helps? >> yes, in the short term because of the way -- what ross just said. most people are very -- they have short memories. they don't cover it like we do. they don't live and breathe politics the way we do. >> you mean they have real lives? >> yes, outside of the election they have real lives. they see disruptive protesters coming in, mob rules, reminiscent of the black lives matter disruption. most people look at that independently and go this isn't how you object to questionable speech. donald trump has a certain responsibility here but he's been very clever in his denials of this. he continually repeats that, oh, well i say we have peaceful protesters. there's no violence there. as if we all don't see what we
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see and hear what he says. he continues to repeat those lies in a way to try to create something like we're all crazy. >> but that's what he does -- >> correct. that's been characteristic of his entire campaign. >> the theme of the trump campaign. >> his entire campaign, dishonest. >> there's a larger theme. one of the ways he incites fear among supporters is to portray outsiders as violent even when there's no evidence they are. remember when he -- the first thing he says about undocumented immigrants. they are criminals and rapists. the vast, vafts majority, even if you are a hardliner of immigration. remember the syrian refugees. the vast majority have nothing to do with violence. same thing with the protesters. some are obnoxious. some may yell obscenities. donald trump repeatedly again and again describes them as violent in order to legitimize
5:13 pm
the violence of his protesters. >> when you go and watch the -- >> i watch this carefully. that is not true. >> over the entire -- >> who are the violent protesters. >> there have been three incidents with trump supporters. one protest, one trump supporter engaging in some sort of physical altercation. >> that's actually not true. there was one encounter of an african-american -- >> that's was one of the three. >> and you are reporting to the breitbart reporter. >> kayleigh, you are saying there's no incidents. you are counting one incident in which a number of people manhandle and -- >> total three incidents over -- >> but numerous people involved. >> compare that to in the last two days, three large-scale incidents on the part of protesters. protesters had to be -- they had to use tear gas on the protesters nrd to disperse the protesters. on friday night, it's not people
5:14 pm
in trump shirts engaging in the violence. it is the protesters, people with anti-trump signs. >> does it concern you that your candidate has encouraged that's? by saying i'd like to punch this person. back in the old days we were able to do this. now we're so politically correct. i'm going to pay your legal bills. >> if i were a candidate, i would not have chosen those words -- >> even someone supporting this candidate, does it concern you? you are practicing to be a lawyer. does that concern you that somebody is going to be president of the united states is saying like back in the good old days we'd be able to just beat these people up -- >> it concerns me that barack obama in 2008 -- >> it's important -- >> you are deflecting. we gave you three opportunities to answer and you deflected. >> you rnts giaren't giving me opportunity to answer -- >> you are deflecting. i love to hear how even as an
5:15 pm
evangelical which you claim to be that's you can look at what's going on there -- >> i watched the don lemon interview friday night seven times and i have the time stamps. trump says i denounce violence. he witness on an alternate network and said -- >> but after saying i'd like to punch them, if they throw tomatoes, just knock them out -- >> every time i say obama, they say in 2008 -- >> you need to bring a gun to a knife fight. i've seen you eagles fans. that's a vilent statement. it was a jestful statement. likewise jump's statements were jestful. in hindsight -- >> other candidates have made similar statements in the past. >> this is the schick. if you have donald trump on set and say do you day vow the kkk
5:16 pm
and violence, he'll say it four times, seven times, 11 times. but the next day at the protest -- at his rally, he's going to get up there and make a joke again. a joke, right? >> when is the last time he made a statement i want to punch a protester -- >> he's changed his rhetoric since the chicago protest? >> so in 48 hours? >> they were attacked before the chicago protest. >> he said he'd look into paying the legal bills of a supporter who knocked -- almost knocked out a protester leaving peacefully. >> that's was a complete sucker punch of a guy -- >> and just for the record, you didn't answer the question. and that, for me, as an actual conservative, life-long conservative and a person that believes in integrity and character, i find it despicable that you cannot disavow his despicable behavior and double speak and --
5:17 pm
>> i said i wish he wouldn't have made those statements. >> you said it was justifiable. >> tara -- >> so why can't you just say no? >> you just said he'd pay the 78-year-old's legal fees. >> this isn't about his age. in that same statement he made he said nothing condones a sucker punch. i'd like to take a look at what's hand. >> double speech. >> you can just take a look at -- donald trump watches tv more than any candidate i've ever seen. >> he's watching -- he watches all the coverage. you can't tell me that he hasn't seen the video of that 77-year-old something white guy sucker punching this african-american white guy. to say that you consider paying the fees for that guy who later on was quoted as saying that guy might have been from isis, next time we might have to kill him -- >> from that video, that's is
5:18 pm
inexcusable. what we see is absolutely no excuse for what that man did. if you take that into a court of law they'd ask what happens -- >> nothing happened between those two people because wherever that man was protesting was further down. he was just walking down and this man saw an opportunity to stand up and sucker punch him. >> we don't know what he did before -- >> what is true from the beginning, because of the nature of trump rallies and because he started out talking in very vivid language about illegal immigration, his rallies have attracted a difference kind of protester than marco rubio's rallies. >> or ted cruz's rallies. >> this is the thing, in a sense, up until a few weeks ago you can say this in trump's defense. other candidates weren't having, you know, sort of large-scale groups of protesters go in and try to be disruptive. >> although bernie sanders did and basically -- >> but bernie sanders was in an
5:19 pm
utterly different way. >> we've got to take a break. we'll continue this discussion in the next few hours of 360 coverage. also this issue of violence at trump's rallies. and candidates claiming there is none, that's it is in his words, a lovefest. i'll speak with john kasich who says a home state victory tomorrow could propel him to the victory n beyond. would he still support trump for the nomination, if, in fact, trump gets there? be right back. look like this.
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5:23 pm
at his rally last week. >> the press is now calling this, oh, but there's such violence. no violence. you know how many people have been hurt at our rallies? i think like basically none other than, i guess, maybe somebody got hit once? but there's no violence. >> keeping them honest. we've been seeing these last weeks, the evidence suggests otherwise. whoever you support or blame for it, it's hard to deny there's something different about trump events. gary tuchman has more. >> reporter: there would be no wanderring in to this last donald trump rally before super tuesday 3. that's because people attending the rally took buses from a parking lot about seven miles away from the youngstown, ohio, rally site. it was not done this way to try to keep out possible trump opponents. they say parking was limited. but one of the trump volunteers wasn't completely on message.
5:24 pm
>> people walk in with trump is a bad guy. you don't want that. this is a rally, and it's paid for by trump. so we want trump supporters there. >> reporter: security keeps getting more elaborate. as the buses pulled in, secret service, local police and private security were keeping a close eye on everything. inside the hangar, many were looking over their shoulders. >> if you see protesters here, what's will you do? >> tell them to go whine somewhere else. >> those people have an agenda. >> what is their agenda? >> to destroy. >> reporter: this past weekend saw more tumult on the trump campaign circuit following the violence in chicago on friday. secret service and trump's private security scrambled when a man charged toward the stage at an ohio rally. trump was noticeably startled but continued on. another weekend rally in kansas city, donald trump showed no
5:25 pm
signs of flexibility for protesters. >> hello, darling. go home to mom. go home to mommy. get him out. get him out. out. >> i hope these guys get thrown into a jail. we are going to take our country back from those people, those people. they do nothing. >> reporter: on sunday, this is what trump said on "state of the union." >> when i say things like, i'd like to punch him, this was a person absolutely violent and a crazed individual. a lot of them are -- i don't even call them protesters. i call them disrupters. >> reporter: the trump supporters here have no prbs with their candidate's more controversial comments. >> do you think trump bears any responsibility? >> no. the media should stop showing it over and over. because then that makes people want to do it. >> it's the news media? >> it's the news media. it's not donald trump.
5:26 pm
he's perfect. >> reporter: people can argue until they are blue in the face about who is responsible for the violence at the trump events. >> get them out of here! >> reporter: many say trump should not change his language toward protesters one bit. >> i think we need a leader who has authority and is in charge. if that's what it takes to be in charge, that's what's it takes. >> it becomes an okay message? >> fine with me. >> gary tuchman joins us from tonight's trump event. did the increase in security make an impact in tonight's rally? >> if you ever wanted to be a campaign manager for a candidate and wanted to keep political opponents out, the smart thing would be to have it in an airport hangar away from houses and businesses and make people take a bus for seven miles. if you were a protester and got in trouble here you'd not want to ride a bus seven miles back with 50 or 60 people that hate you. tonight there were zero disruptions here. >> back with our panel.
5:27 pm
joining us is jeffrey toobin. no charges filed in north carolina. is there exposure for a campaign if there is violence at a rally? >> in the direction we're heading, it's possible. certainly in north carolina there was no justification for an incitement charge. >> this is from the guy sucker punching the man as he walks by? >> it has to be a riot. whatever you think, you can't describe that as a riot. but there are statutes on the books in many states that's make it unlawful to whip people up into such a frenzy that violence exists. there are also statutes in some jurisdictions that say disrupting a speech or a political event can be a crime as well. both the pro and anti trump people have risks are getting arrested. and the authorities are not going to put up with this. they'll start canceling trump events if they feel -- >> the thing about the sucker
5:28 pm
punch is the older man punches the african-american man and police did nothing about the guy in the hat doing the punching. they wrestled the african-american man to the ground and i assume arrested him. that's minutes after -- seconds after he sucker punched, he gets wrestled to the game by private security or police. nothing initially happened to that older man. >> though he was later. >> later on he was arrested. >> but ask yourself, would he be arrested if we didn't have that video? i think the answer to that is self-evident. but, clearly what he did is a crime. that's an assault. under all the circumstances that we're aware of now. and these kind of cases are going to start to be charged. the cops are going to be much more closely enforcing the law in these places. and the question will be, can they sustain this? can they allow this to go forward if it gets worse than it is now. >> if you are donald trump and watch that video, as i'm sure
5:29 pm
he's done, over and over again, how do you not go before your crowds and say, we know we're going to have these so-called disrupters. >> the message before the rallies -- >> if you are the candidate. >> let me law enforcement, which is sensible and -- >> but if you are the candidate and your supporters listen to you, what would be so wrong with standing up there yourself and saying everybody has a right to protest. we don't believe in violence here. we're not going to encourage violence. we don't want people to disruptor rally but use a different kind of language if you are running for president of the united states. it's a whole different level of a game here, right? >> isn't that part of -- >> but why would trump use different language? this is the core -- >> because it's getting -- >> but this is the core of trump's appeal. you think if he's watching us right now and hears jeffrey say, oh, you know the authorities
5:30 pm
might slap some charges on his campaign, he wants the authorities to slap charges on his campaign. his campaign was desperately hoping i'm insure that's somebody in north carolina would charge them with something because the whole raw visceral appeal of trump is, you know, the man who tells it like it is, no matter what. the man who is standing up for you against -- you heard him there -- against those protesters. there's a little bit of how george wallace handled these things in the '60s and a little bit of the wwe. trump was a wwe guest star, world wrestling. >> completely misunderstanding trump's supporters. the aggressive rhetoric is something they see as a cost of change. most don't support him because he wants to punch a protester in the face. many wish he wouldn't say things like that. they see it as the price for change. changing the republican platform, making it a more anti-free trade platform, making it -- >> is it the guy who punched him
5:31 pm
was concerned about free trade? >> not that guy. i think he's the outlier, though. >> isn't tells it like it is one of the top qualities that every primary night of the four qualities, tells it like it is. you don't think tough talk to protesters, not labeling everything political correctness. whatever gloria just said, could be labeled the epitome of political correctness by donald trump. >> shouldn't be naive. we have some data in south carolina. 70% of donald trump supporters didn't want the confederate flag taken down. this man's major highlights of political involvement in the last years have been this crusade to see that barack obama was not really born in the united states. the announcement for president in which he called mexicans rapists. and then calling for the banning of an entire religion into the country. if you don't believe that's inciting racial fear and hostility, you are out of your mind. >> you are more inciting racial
5:32 pm
fear and hostility than donald trump because -- >> i haven't called for banning an entire -- >> you are the only person who said that. he called -- >> he kaumd for temporarily banning muslims -- >> non-u.s. citizen muslims. >> how would you react? if someone call for temporarily banning non-american citizen jews, i would get into their rally every time i had an opportunity. i don't blame the people one bit given the hatred he has spewed. >> you sit here and say that trump supporters wish he wouldn't say those things. but i'm sorry. we watched thousands of people cheer and go nuts at these rallies when he says these outrageous things. obviously there are plenty of trump supporters who love what he has to say. and i don't know about you, but i've never in my life as my total adult life i've been a republican and conservative working on conservative issues, working for republican causes.
5:33 pm
i worked for seven years on capitol hill for a conservative republican congressman who worked for ronald reagan. i think i have my conservative chops here. but for me, i have never in my life been called the most despicable, horrible, racial names, names against women, telling me to go pick cotton. you should be a slave and go back to africa from donald trump supporters. guess what -- don't say that he has an agenda. some of the lowest common denominator -- >> that's a very poor argument because i've received terrible things from the anti-trump crowd. >> i don't think -- >> where did -- >> nobody can hear you if you are all talking at once. >> are you talking mostly about online attacks or in person? >> she's talking about twitter. >> online only because i haven't been -- i won't go to a trump rally. >> here's the thing and this isn't a defense of donald trump. the donald trump phenomenon is actually complex, right? if you -- the donald trump
5:34 pm
supporters who crowd twitter are disproportion atly anti-semitic white supremacists in an open explicit way who -- >> that's telling. >> it is. but it's also -- trump is clearly playing a game where he's trying to keep those people -- >> that's my point. >> but it's also important to note because donald trump is being supported by millions and millions of americans that's there are a lot of trump supporters who do wish that these people weren't saying that and -- >> nearly 50% of the gop do believe nearly 50% of the gop because he was at 49% -- >> a cnn poll had him at -- does that mean 50% of the gop is everything that you just described those horrific terms? >> not in totality but there's a large enough amount he's been able to bring this ugliness out and that should be concerning to those people who support donald trump. what is it about bringing that out of folks and as a republican and conservative that we have alternatives to someone like this. that should be very concerning. >> we've got to take a break.
5:35 pm
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welcome back. it's the eve of super tuesday 3. five states holding primaries including florida and ohio. the first winner take all contest on the republican side. hundreds of delegates up for grabs. ma marco rubio and john kasich. john king is here to break it down. >> for both parties, 691 democratic delegates at stake. 367 for the republicans. if donald trump runs the board, wins them all, florida, north carolina, ohio, illinois and missouri, depending on the delegate split-up in the states which are not winner take all. if you get the bulk of the delegates he could end up in the ballpark of 800 delegates. he only has to win about 44%, maybe 43% of the delegates from here on out to get to the magic number. if trump runs the floor it's
5:40 pm
possible he'll clinch before the convention. there's still a chance for ted cruz to stop him. you assume you lose kasich and rubio here. he's going after a part of the country, new york, pennsylvania, maryland, he thinks he can do well. if just john kasich wins ohio and donald trump wins florida, rubio likely drops out and kasich stays. trump would need 52, 55 depending on the delegate split in missouri and north carolina. here it gets to maybe an open convention. if this happens tomorrow night, if somehow marco rubio could defy the polls and win florida, kasich also wins ohio. you have jump about the halfway point. he'd have to win 60%-plus. if you get him back here you're almost guaranteeing an open convention. somewhere in the middle, just ohio, maybe an open convention. >> what about on the democratic side. >> it's interesting.
5:41 pm
if you flip it over, secretary clinton runs the board. same five states. because of the democratic rules, 55/45, somewhere in that ballpark, may be higher because of the african-american vote. she'll pull ahead convincingly. doesn't look as far. bernie sanders has to start winning other states, 60, 65% because of proportional rules to catch up. if she wuruns the board you can say these the overwhelming prohibitive favorite and his math is not impossible but almost impossible. bernie sanders needs to follow his big michigan upset with a win in ohio. it would change the conversation. two industrial states, two blue collar states and key states for democrats. bernie sanders' dream is to run the board in the midwest. take illinois and ohio so he can make a case to democrats, the math would still be tough. even if he won them both would have to start winning at 60%, 65% to catch up in the delegates. but that would change the
5:42 pm
conversation of the campaign and expose hillary clinton as weak among blue collar voters. you have a chance to change the race. if hillary clinton can run the board, not that sanders is going anywhere but she'd have a convincing case this is mine. >> john king, a lot to watch for tomorrow. my interview with john kasich, next.
5:43 pm
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5:46 pm
governor john kasich is campaigning in ohio a day before voters head to the polls. he has company from 2012 nominee mitt romney who has not officially endorsed him but said this today. >> you look at this guy and unlike the other people running, he has a real track record. he has the kind of record that you want in washington. and that's why i'm convinced you'll do the right thing tomorrow. agreed? >> i spoke with governor kasich just a short time ago. governor, how do you feel heading into tomorrow? all along you've said ohio is still a mufts-win for you. is it still that way? >> oh, yeah. we're going to win ohio. i feel very good. i think it's going to happen because we've had a good record here of job growth and economic
5:47 pm
gains. and i think when people take a look at some of the nonsense they're seeing on the campaign trail, the negativity, name calling, i think they are becoming really recognizing that the positive campaign really makes a difference. >> donald trump has been going after you attacking you in the way he attacked chris christie before christie endorsed him. hitting you for supporting nafta. could this make the difference for him? >> he's not going to win here. all this negative campaigning. when you live in ohio and you are the governor of ohio, you take a pounding from people. and they distort records and all of that. but as schwarzenegger told me in 2010, love the beatings, john. i love the beatings. we'll be fine tomorrow and moving on and it's going to get very interesting. >> you and trump have ratcheted up criticism in recent days. you've said he's created a toxic environment, points to comments he's made, incidents of violence at his rally.
5:48 pm
he said those are outside agitators who come to stir things up and provoke his supporters. do you buy that? >> no, i don't at all. donald trump in some of his rhetoric at these rallies that i just read yesterday was the first time i read them is atrocious. it is not the mark of a leader of the united states of america. i am deeply disturbed by what i've read and then i happen to see that rally in chicago. there's no doubt that people will show up and cause trouble. but the toxic atmosphere has been created by pitting one group of people against another whether it's name calling mexicans or name calling muslims or the things he said about women. it just -- the list goes on and on. and so i'm very concerned about it. i'm not out here to -- i've run a very positive campaign. but at some point when you watch these things you have to speak. and i've had this to say and i'll have more to say a little bit farther down the road. >> you've taken a pledge to support the nominee whoever it is. that pledge seems to be --
5:49 pm
>> i said he makes it very hard. and i will have more to say about all of this when we get down the road. i am very, very disturbed about what i have seen and what i have read. >> so at this point would you still support him if he's the nominee? >> i will have more to say about donald trump and the nature of his campaign when we get farther down the road. >> just the path forward, assuming you win tomorrow in ohio, what then begins to change for you? >> well, look. we're rising in illinois. for the first time, you know, people are beginning to hear me. we see good poll numbers really across the country. and i'm going to have to just work extremely hard. we're going to head to pennsylvania on wednesday. we expect real success with our events over there. we're going to travel everywhere. i'm looking forward to getting in a coffered wagon and rolling out to the west out to colorado, the rockies, california. i'm looking forward to going to the eastern seaboard. i'm looking forward to maryland.
5:50 pm
a lot of things we can do and i'm very upbeat and optimistic about where we're headed. >> you'll need a motor in that covered wagon to make up all those -- >> i'm going to have a ball out there. the wind will be blowing. it will be at my back for the first time in this election. >> governor kasich, thank you for joining us. >> all right, anderson. thank you. >> we'll see what happens tomorrow for his campaign. that pledge to support the eventual nominee provides plenty for the panel to weigh in on. we'll check back in with them next. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies.
5:51 pm
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5:54 pm
we just heard from governor kasich who has high hopes for tomorrow. a lot to talk about with our panel. what do you make about -- it seems like both he and rubio are coming close to backing off the idea of supporting him if he's the nominee. >> yeah, i'm guessing rubio is waiting to sort of have his last run in florida and that after that, if he drops out of the race, or suspends his campaign or something, then there will be pressure on him to say i'm not going to support trump. kasich has actually -- it's actually a little striking that he said that. his play all along has been not to mix it up with trump at all. and he had that sort of shocked like -- oh, i only saw these things a few days ago. before that, i didn't know what's was going on. i'm surprised he's taking that rubio-esque pivot. >> kasich's brand has always
5:55 pm
been i don't get into the mud with everybody else. then when he saw the rally as he said, or read about it, it would kind of be antitheical as to who he has defined himself as. >> is it stringe have a mitt romney campaigning for john kasich but not endorsing john kasich? >> not in a campaign about when you come in third and you give a speech about making history. romney is telling people to vote for a guy without endorsing the guy. he leaned semi forward saying this guy has the track record. we're living in a parallel universe in a campaign. these are big decisions the party is going to have to make. john kasich may be in his last term as governor. marco rubio, we don't know what he'll do if he loses in florida and is out of the race. we don't know if he goes into private business. speaker ryan today saying he's very troubled by what's happening to these trump rallies. are they going to walk away from the person their voters are
5:56 pm
nominating and start a third party or justice say we'll never vote for him and not show up at the convention and give a milk toast speech and go home. this is the party of lincoln and reagan facing a choice about whether to ride this for one cycle or walk away from him. >> how does marco rubio turn around and after calling trump a con man and a fraud and say, oh, by the way, he should be president of the united states. >> i don't think he does. >> but he said he would. >> ted cruz said he'd do it just because he gave his word and he didn't want to go back on it. >> cruz is taking a different line. >> much more on our panel in the next hour of "360." we'll put some of donald trump's claims to the reality check. we'll be right back. with dreamwalk insoles, turn shoes that can be a pain into comfortable ones. their soft cushioning support means you can look like this. and feel like this. dreamwalk.
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6:00 pm
good evening. 9:00 p.m. winner take all florida and ohio. we are fast approaching super tuesday part 3 which unlike "jaws 3" and godfather part 3 promises to be a compelling sequel. before the most compelling story line is donald trump. we begin with that and cnn's jim acosta. >> reporter: one day before what's likely to be the biggest super tuesday yet, donald trump just wants his critics to feel the love. >> lovefest. >> reporter: as more