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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  March 19, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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>> did this guy choke? he's a choke artist. i can't believe. are you sure he's a mormon? >> donald trump attacking mitt romney, questioning his faith and who he really supports. news room starts now. hello again, everyone and thanks so much for joining me. happening right now a crowd is building as donald trump gets ready to hold a rally in phoenix, arizona. the republican front runner is set to begin speaking in less than an hour from now. republican voters in arizona and utah hit the polls on tuesday. meantime, look at the crowd building in new york city. this is an antitrump rally. p protesters accusing him of having fascist policies and they plan to march to trump tower. jeremy diamond is covering the
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trump rally today from arizona. joining us live now where the crowd has built significantly. so set the mood there. >> reporter: yeah, hi, so we have a long line of supporters trying to get in here today. we have thousands of trump supporters trying to get in. we also have some supporters sitting beyond the area on the grass and trying to watch the rally from there. we have seen a couple dozen protesters who are protesting trump on immigration grounds, one of the big components of his policy but we haven't seen too much protesters and nothing violent so far which not too many protests compared to what we've seen in the past, but waiting to see, there's always the potential for protesters to break out here in the midst of the crowd once donald trump starts speaking. >> and what do you know about his arrival at these rallies? there's the images of his plane coming in and then via either motorcade in some circumstances
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arriving, oh, what is it people are anticipating there? >> reporter: well, certainly we're expecting donald trump to arrive within a couple of hours here. we know that sheriff is here and he is of course the hard line immigration sheriff in marcoux pa county here. he's known for his positions on immigration, something that donald trump has also leaned on during his campaign. it's of course central to his campaign to build a wall on the border with mexico and also to deport the millions of undocumented immigrants living in the country. the sheriff earlier on cnn saying that, you know, he believes that trump is the best candidate to address the immigration issue. other opponents saying like ted cruz saying he is the best candidate to address the issue. part of the gop establishment is zeroing in on a way to derail trump's momentum and ted cruz says mitt romney's support is a big step in doing
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just that. here's what he told supporters in a visit to the arizona/mexican border. >> i appreciated governor romney's kind tweet today where he announced he is going to vote for me. and he encouraged others to do the same. when someone says i'm voting for you and i encourage everybody else to vote for you that's pretty darn good. >> what does that tell me? >> what it tells me is we're seeing republicans come together. we're seeing republicans unite all across this country. you know, this campaign, this primary started out with 17 candidates. started out with a fantastic diverse, young, talented field, and the field has now narrowed dramatically. and as a practical matter there are only two candidates that have any plausible path to winning the republican nomination, either donald trump or me. and what we are seeing is the 60 to 65 to 70% of republicans who
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recognize that donald trump would be a disaster. >> so with current and former republican candidates teeming up to stop trump, the question is will it work or is it too late? let's talk with our panel. we're bringing back reporter jeremy diamond who was at that trump event about to get underway in arizona. so jason, you first. too little too late? >> it may not be too little too late, but you know, the narrow victory that ted cruz is fighting for is becoming more and more difficult. we're now in winner take all states. donald trump only has to win a little bit more than half of the remaining delegates and there's no sign that the dropping out of the race of other candidates has harmed him. in fact, the most recent polls that have been taken since rubio dropped out of the race show that his supporters seem to be leaning toward donald trump or split evenly between trump and cruz which helps donald trump so i don't think mitt romney
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rallying around cruz is going to stop trump from having the most delegates even if he doesn't hit the magical threshold. >> and is there any way of gauging whether all of this talk further galvanizes the trump supporters, does it help him pick up any additional support? >> yeah. he certainly thinks that you know, he's continued to hit mitt romney. we heard him questioning last night whether or not he's a mormon because he's endorsing quote lying ted cruz. so i think donald trump is enjoying this moment. seeing the establishment rally around ted cruz. you had graham who likened him to a lesser disease than in the past. it positions him yet again as the antiestablishment candidate and i think that's really resonating with the supporters including here in arizona where folks are really expressing that kind of anger and frustration with the politics as usual. something that donald trump has
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continued to hit on the campaign trail. >> and jason brings it up, the establishment, the republican party as a whole, how much damage is really being done here? is it in large part because of donald trump or was this inevitable to have this kind of in fighting? >> this was inefabvitablinevita. we need to be a bigger tent and instead they have put more and more conservative candidates in and so the establishment's desire to make a bigger party has completely blown up in their faces. so this is harming the establishment, it's harming their legitimacy, they look like hypocrites by supporting somebody like ted cruz. this is really one of the worst things that can happen to the republican party, either the conservative, the moderate or the nonexistent liberal wing. >> and do you get a feeling that some of the supporters that feel like they identify with the
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republican party with the establishment, or is it that they are behind trump, you know, who is running under the republican ticket but they're not necessarily showing any allegiance to the party. >> well, certainly they're drawn to this larger than life presence that trump has -- has had consistently throughout this campaign and i think it really is this idea that they like what trump represents. they like that he represents this outsider image rather than being a republican candidate. but certainly most of the trump voters are republicans. he has also though, drawn a lot of democrats, a lot of independents to his candidacy. you've seen that in the open primary contest where donald trump has taken support from elsewhere as well. so that's where he really benefits is from his outsider appeal, something that goes outside party lines. >> and meantime there's a large crowd gathering in new york and apparently people say they're going to march their way to the trump tower and so, you know,
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jason, i wonder if this kind of movement, this antitrump sentiment right there in the big apple will in any way, you know, disrupt, distract donald trump in his message. >> i don't think it's going to distract trump in his message, but it is going to change one of the longest changing political axioms ever. i've always said you can never win by having the people vote against the other guy. that may change this year. i think there seem to be so many people including about a. >> protesters or, you know,
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people who are showing up who are professing that they're not really there in support of donald trump? >> yeah, and certainly in the last -- we've seen protests of course against donald trump since the beginning of his campaign in the midst of all of the controversial comments that trump has made, but in the last couple of weeks you've seen a solidifying of the antitrump protests. you've seen the more organized efforts and the rhetoric kind of break out as well with some violence. so today we have -- that hasn't been the case yet, but we've seen a lot of antitrump protests and a will the of protests that are more organized in concerted efforts to top donald trump. >> thank you so much, gentlemen. to the democrats now. bernie sanders will hold a news conference at the u.s./mexican border just a day after he walked off an interview after a tense exchange. let's get to cnn's correspondent with the latest on this. >> reporter: yeah, bernie sanders has been campaigning
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very hard out west and it's a region where he thinks voters are more open to a message and a place he can make up some ground against hillary clinton. yesterday he was in all three states that have contests on tuesday. he hit arizona, utah, and idaho and sanders, remember who's been battling with hillary clinton over which of them will have an easier time defeating donald trump he managed to take a shot at both clinton and trump. it was a two-fer. let's take a listen. >> let me say a word or two about my good friend, donald trump. just kidding. he's not my good friend. in fact, i never even went to one of his weddings. >> now, remember bill and hillary clinton attended trump's 2005 wedding to his current and
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third wife so sanders kind of portraying clinton as cozy with trump and that's a line that will sure to play with sanders antiestablishment base and sanders has been spending a good chunk of time in arizona. the most delegates at stake on tuesday with 75 and if sanders really starting to campaign there on tuesday. remember, his supertuesday 3 election night headquarters was in phoenix. he's making a stop at the border in just a few minutes so sanders really putting down a marker there in arizona. for her part though, clinton has not campaigned in any of the three western states up for grabs on tuesday. she's been doing a lot of fund raisers this week though she is up with a spanish ad in arizona and she called in to a phoenix radio show to say she thinks the government has been doing a good job securing the border. both courting those big hispanic vote in arizona and bill
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clinton, he'll be in arizona tomorrow stumping for his wife. >> and what's behind it? is it frustration displayed between bernie sanders and a local reporter? >> well, so there's two versions of that story out there. apparently, you know, the local reporter asked about jane sanders, bernie's wife, who went down to the tent city that the sheriff keeps there with migrants who have come through that he's arrested. she was questioning the living conditions there and the reporter was asking about that trip. bernie sanders asked -- answered the question and then walked off. his campaign saying well, the interview was over, had run over its four minutes of allotted time. a rapid response time saying that the reporter had taken a shot at jane sanders so it's unclear what was behind that. we've not yet seen the question asked by the reporter either. that local station not putting the question out. so the official explanation was that the interview was over. he had answered the question and they were out of time.
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>> all right. thank you so much. appreciate that. >> we've been mentioning to you that there is going to be a rally that will be getting underway for donald trump there in phoenix, arizona. we saw jeremy diamond there and the crowd was growing. meantime, new pictures right now that we're receiving. i had asked jeremy about any signs of protesters and he described what they've been seeing recently at various rallies. today here in phoenix there are a number of people who are not supporting trump who have showed up. apparently even blocking traffic on the way to the event. you can see these parked vehicles on shea boulevard there blocking both lanes of traffic into the arizona area where that rally will be taking place. we understand that the deputy says that this boulevard is the main artery into the area and
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the protesters actions are causing motorists to drive into on coming traffic as they try to get around the protesters there, potentially dangerous situation. county deputies are on the way to, quote, engage the protesters, end quote, at this time and remove some of the vehicles. they're hoping to reopen the arteries there so that people can enter and exit the planned rally for donald trump there in phoenix. we'll of course keep you posted but those are the latest images of the small group of people -- appears to be a small group of people who have gathered there. and something you don't want to miss, come monday, democratic and republican candidates all making their case to voters on the same network here at cnn. the final five candidates monday, 8:00 p.m. eastern right here on cnn. we'll be right back.
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welcome back, everyone.
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live pictures right now in phoenix, arizona, and what you see is a traffic jam there, a number of people who are holding signs preventing those vehicles from passing. we understand this is shea boulevard and in order to get to the donald trump scheduled event about to get underway momentarily you've got to get through that roadway. apparently according to deputy county officials there, the people who have clogged this artery are antitrump demonstrators who have gathered in preventing any passing through this road in order to get to the donald trump event. maricopa county deputy enoree k -- telling us that it is the main artery into the area and it's causing motorists to drive into on coming traffic as they try to get around the protesters. it looks like everything is in a stand still, but that coming from the maricopa county
10:19 am
authorities who are describing it as a potentially dangerous situation. now on the phone with us is the deputy who i just spoke of with his quotes saying this is a potentially dangerous situation. so describe for us from maricopa county there exactly what you're dealing with. how do you allow demonstrators to gather safely, but at the same time ensure the safety of ores and allow this event to get underway? >> caller: yes, what we have is a group of antitrump protesters who have used their vehicles to block shea boulevard which is a major artery into the town. i mean, obviously the sheriff's office is going to treat and wants this to be a peaceful protest, however, when they block a major artery, they're causing safety hazards, emergency vehicles need to enter and exit this way so this is
10:20 am
causing a huge issue for us considering there's backing up the highway. so this is probably not the way they wanted to do this, and right now we're in the process of towing vehicles, and if this continues obviously it might lead to arrests by the maricopa county sheriff's office. >> so you could potentially arrest them not because they're gathering but because they are blocking traffic? >> that's correct. the arrest won't come from them protesting. the arrest is going to come from them blocking a public thoroughfare where obviously this is a roadway. cars need to get through. maybe someone has an emergency, a legitimate emergency. now they can't get through because we have people and vehicles blocking this roadway. >> so roughly how many people are you dealing with because we're looking at these live images right now, and it clearly is significant enough of a turnout on the roadway where these cars at least in this
10:21 am
image are not even able to get around them. roughly how many people are you dealing with? >> caller: right now i think we're dealing maybe 50, but they keep gathering. i think there's more people coming in as this keeps happening. i'm being told that we've towed cars and more cars are lining up and we're going to keep towing them and we're going to have to start affecting arrest. we have people driving on the shoulders and oncoming traffic creating a huge safety hazard for us now and putting people's lives at risk. we have to be aware of that and we have to take action. >> when you say there are about 50 people and more keep gathering, from which direction do you believe these people are coming those who represent the antitrump sentiment does it look like many of the people are coming from the rally site and come to find out there are many, you know, people protesting donald trump who may already be inside and working their way to that location or people coming
10:22 am
from the opposite direction? >> no, they're actually coming from the opposite direction. some are coming from where the traffic is backed up. so i know there's different rally locations where they're meeting and gathering and putting their plans together, and like i said, peaceful protest is fine, but when you start to block roads like that, that's the main issue here that we're dealing with when they're basically giving the threat to public safety. >> is there a way of telling just how far backed up it is? is it a matter of meters or miles? >> no, i can tell you it's definitely miles at this point. and the longer it stays like this, the quicker it's going to continue to back up. shea boulevard is a major artery into the town so that's what we have going on. we need to get that opened as soon as we can. >> and what about on the opposite direction, the other side? now we're -- in these images we're seeing some people backing
10:23 am
upper happens by the direction of the man in the vest. i don't know if he represents the county deputies that you're representing, but some of those vehicles are backing up because it doesn't appear as though they can see that they'll be able to get through this crowd of people. what is the instruction being given? >> caller: that's the other thing too we're going to have. we'll start to have people that get impatient with us and start to turn around causing maybe -- maybe accidents and this might turn into a big issue and that's why the sheriff's office is trying to get resources out there and trying to get these vehicles along with other law enforcement agencies that are in the area as they're helping us out too so we'll try to resolve this issue as soon as we can. >> so if people refuse to leave because you're saying -- you're describing for us here, you want the people standing there blocking traffic to, you know, push aside, perhaps offroad so
10:24 am
that these cars can get through and you said there could be potential arrests but how would you go about doing that as the crowd continues to grow? you know, clearly it seems it builds a potentially volatile situation. >> caller: no, i would agree and obviously we would obviously want this to end peacefully and we don't want to arrest anybody, let's make that clear. however, we have a job to do and obviously we need to get this road open. it's not like they're gathering on the side of the road. it's not like they're gathering at the park or they've had a designated area. they're in the middle of a three-lane roadway. i mean, who's to say that when some of these cars get moved that these cars won't start moving and they start to get hit by cars so we're doing them a favor as well. we need to get them out of the roadway. >> what kind of time line are you dealing with? >> caller: we have resources deployed everywhere. it's a big situation that we're
10:25 am
working in different places and we have other little gathering that we're dealing with at the same time so we're deploying manpower to every little issue that we have going on so we're relying hard on other law enforcement agencies that have -- from the valley that are helping us out here too, but we want to get this resolved in the next 30 minutes to get this back open. >> all right. within the next 30 minutes you're hoping that people will get off that boulevard, that main artery and now we're looking at a large aerial. we can clearly see this traffic backup as a result of number of people. the sheriff's deputy here saying roughly about 50 antitrump demonstrators that are on shea boulevard blocking the entryway to the donald trump rally that is scheduled to get underway within a matter of, you know, minutes, under the next hour, hour and a half or so. traffic cannot get through and
10:26 am
the sheriff is describing -- they want these pedestrians to get off the roadway. they can gather protest peacefully, but not in the fashion that is underway right now blocking traffic. it's creating a potentially dangerous situation because some of the motorists are feeling compelled to cross the median there driving the opposite direction and in some cases turn around right where they are, driving in opposite directions trying to get out of this traffic jam. so sheriff deputy, thanks so much for being with us. i know you're trying to resolve those within the next 30 minutes, but we want to keep close tabs with you to see just how things transpire. also right now with us mike shields, what are your concerns when you see this? >> well, look, there's some protesters, they're doing their job. they're trying to get attention. they're getting the attention. hopefully this is something that can be resolved peacefully. i think arizona is on the front line of immigration. i think some of the candidates
10:27 am
in the republican primary field have talked about arizona being a model for the type of immigration policy they would like to have. the governor there got through their immigration law and as the presidential campaign comes through there and you have candidates it's not surprising to see people pushing back on that. >> but that's what's unclear right now. we don't know what they're pushing back on right now. we don't know if the issue is immigration and we heard the sheriff's deputy say it's antitrump demonstrators so it may be an issue of the rally that's about to take place, we don't know their sentiments, what exactly they, you know, oppose donald trump about, but as it pertains to the party, the cohesion, what appears to be a real fracture, there is the sentiment by the gop establishment trying to stop a donald trump who is the front runner, i mean, let's address that and if this is a consequence of all that has transpired, all that i just
10:28 am
described. how concerning is that to you? >> well, it remains to be seen. look, we're in the middle of a presidential primary process. there's going to be people with differing opinions. you're seeing protests at various events. certainly in the republican primary process they're fractured. whoever the nominee is is really going to have a huge task ahead of them to bring the party together. that's what happens pretty much every four years when you have a, you know, hillary clinton is now going to have to bring the democratic party together. whoever our nominee is going to have to bring the republican party together. >> this is unique to the republican party right now. this kind of tenor, this, you know, so far what we have seen in the last two or three donald trump rallies where there has been real vit real. there have been arrested, there have been violence which takes, you know, protests to a whole another level as we've seen in some of the other campaigns.
10:29 am
>> yeah, i think what's unfortunate is that my experience in politics has been most of that mind set comes from the left. it comes from people that are almost professionalized on the left to come and start these types of things and some people in our party are losing the moral high ground because they are also calling for using words that sort of incite violence and i think in the past republicans have had a little bit of the high ground of wanting peaceful protests as opposed to things that get violent and usually you see some of the union folks on the left that incite this sort of thing and we're losing some of that moral high ground when we start leaning into it a little bit. but it's a sign of the times. people are upset. they want their voices hurt. they want to be a part of the process. you've got that on both the left and the right and it can provide a bad environment sometimes and i think it requires leadership on behalf of everybody in the political process to try and get back to what we believe in as americans, which is that you can voice your opinions peacefully. you can protest things. you can state what you believe,
10:30 am
but you do it in a sense of respect and under the laws of the land so it doesn't ever get to a place where it's vie lents. i think our leaders have to step up and call for that type of peaceful protest as we go forward. if not it's going to get worse. >> what do you want to hear from leadership in the republican party? >> i think most leaders in the republican party are calling for that sort of thing. they want there to be peaceful ways to resolve these things. they're looking for americans to be able to share their voice and voice their opinions peacefully and i think we will get to that. i think that -- but we need all of the leaders to join in and say look, there's a way to do this and we also need to call out the people on the left. this is something that's been brewing on the left that hasn't been talked about. you should see what it's like to be a conservative and talk on a liberal college campus. there's threats to people, people get shouted down where they can't have their voices heard anymore and that's been going on for a while and it's spilling into the presidential contest and i would hope and
10:31 am
urge that republicans would continue to try to take the high road as opposed to leaning into that and saying we should be violent too or we should punch people or using those types of words that republicans would say look, this is not who we are. we need to set an example by using our leadership to say this is not who we are as americans. >> all right. mike shooelds if you don't mind stopping right there. we'll take a short break as we continue to watch this blockade of a major artery there as motorists try to make their way to a donald trump rally. but there are pedestrians holding signs, deputies telling me these are antitrump demonstrators there. we'll keep a close watch on how things are resolved here. the county deputy saying he wants it resolved in about 30 minutes or so. we'll take a short break. our lte coverage. ed our new extended-range lte now reaches twice as far... ...and is 4 times better in buildings.
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welcome back. live pictures outside phoenix arizona. a large number of people gathered. they were blocking traffic for motorists trying to get to a trump rally. now we're seeing many of those antitrump demonstrators, now they're moving. we don't see the kind of cars on that particular roadway anymore, but once this shot -- this
10:36 am
aerial shot does widen out you will see that there is traffic backed up for miles on both sides intersecting with that shea boulevard. we understand it's the main road in order to get to the location where the donald trump rally will be underway. these are images earlier when those demonstrators were clogging traffic. you see they were all at a stand still there as were the vehicles lined up behind them. we talked to the sheriff's deputy earlier who said they don't want to disrupt the people's right to gather and demonstrate and protest there, but it looked like it was becoming a fairly volatile situation. dangerous situation because many of the motorists were turning around and they were going in opposite traffic trying to get out of that grid lock right there there by potentially endangering other motorists as well and even some of the pedestrians there. we understand that the sheriff is going to be joining us
10:37 am
momentarily to talk about what is transpiring there. okay. so sheriff, thanks so much for being with us. we know that you have endorsed donald trump. you are actually going to be introducing donald trump at the rally scheduled for today, but now that you see this unfolding with many demonstrators coming out, i talked with one of your deputies who said they thought about 50 people had gathered. what are your sentiments about what's taking place? >> i couldn't hear very well. i presume you were asking about some demonstrators out in fountain hills. >> we got a large group of my deputies there and we'll take care of business and the main mission is to make sure that donald trump is secure, protected, and also everybody else in the town because i'm the law enforcement official for that town so we got a lot of resources out there and we're going to do everything we can
10:38 am
to -- to continue or have this rally. i don't think i'm going to have many problems, but we're ready for any problems. >> all right. so safety is paramount, but talk to me about the strategy here where many of these, about 50 demonstrators were at that location at a stand still with traffic behind them and now it looks like they are being permitted to walk along this roadway. are they moving presumably toward the rally site? >> i believe we're starting to seize the vehicles. >> you are seizing the vehicles. okay. because our live shot -- we're looking at taped images but earlier we had a live imagery that showed the demonstrators walking and do you know that they would be walking toward the rally site. >> we'll take care of that. >> what do you mean? >> everything is in motion right now. >> okay. everything is in motion, does that mean that these demonstrators will be allowed to walk toward the rally location? >> we're going to try to do
10:39 am
everything we can to get the people to be able to attend that rally. that's the right thing to do, the fair thing to do, and we're going to do everything we can so they can hear donald trump speak. >> okay. and while the hundreds if not thousands of people just looking from -- looking at the live shots earlier of the grid lock, the number of people who would be gathering to hear donald trump, what about the 50 so people who are considered antitrump demonstrators? where are they going to be directed? >> i'm not sure right now. i don't have an update about those 50 people, but like i say, we'll do everything possible to make sure that we have a freedom -- that you know, a free -- free speech in this country, and donald trump has a right to speak out and the people have a right to go in there and hear him speak and
10:40 am
it's certain groups don't like it. that's okay. they have freedom of speech, but they're not going to violate any laws because they're going to have to pay the consequences. >> and then how will you keep these two groups. >> caller: i don't want to cut you off, but i have to leave here. so i'll see you in fountain hills. >> is it your concern that the two groups would come together. >> caller: the what? >> is it your concern that the group of people who are there to support donald trump would also interact with those who were not supporting donald trump? >> caller: no, i've been in so many of these rallies in phoenix three times and other places, and the -- the people attending the rallies are great. maybe one or two may demonstrate, but i've never seen any big problems. i don't expect any problems in this forum.
10:41 am
so you always have people that are agitated, want to send a message out and don't forget, they've been demonstrating against me, thousands and thousands for the last ten years, so i'm used to this. >> but is your concern or would your concern be different given that just last weekend in ohio and then also at a rally in north carolina and then again in chicago that there was violence at a donald trump rally and are you concerned that that could potentially here -- may be what was put in place -- >> i didn't see any violence in the forums. >> you did not? >> caller: maybe there was some outside in chicago but i didn't see any violence. >> right. no chicago there were arrests and in the north carolina case -- >> caller: they cancelled the -- that wasn't inside. they conditionancelled the meet.
10:42 am
>> it concerned a donald trump rally and in north carolina someone in attendance sucker punched a demonstrator as they were leaving. and then remember in ohio, just last weekend there was someone who kind of rushed toward the stage where donald trump was standing and the secret service considered that a threat. so all of those things are potentially dangerous or -- or considered violent or disruptive occurrences, are they not? in a gathering of these rallies? >> caller: i'm going to bring me up again. i don't want to bring me up. i've had thousands of people demonstrate against me. i've gone right into the midst of all these people. i didn't get hurt, they didn't get hurt. i think this is overblown just because donald trump says a few words in a rally, and they take that out of contest. that has nothing to do with it. everyone's making a big issue.
10:43 am
they don't like illegal immigration and they don't like donald trump, so they try to demonstrate so they can get on tv and the more they get on tv the happier they like it and it perpetuates the continuation of the media, not blaming the media, but the point is right now, i want to make sure that that rally occurs, and everybody is safe, and that's why i'm going back to work to do that. >> right. and that's what i'm trying to get at as i'm asking you as the leading law enforcement officials there about your concerns as it pertains to maintaining the safety for those who are coming out to support or even protest against donald trump and to maintain the safety of donald trump himself. and i'm wondering -- >> i am not concerned. >> you're not. >> caller: i said again, i run this office as the sheriff. these are my people in that town
10:44 am
and i have great confidence in my people and i'm going to make sure that this continues, you know, that donald trump has the right to speak to thousands of people that love him, support him, and want him to be president. so i'm going to make sure that situation occurs. >> will you be introducing donald trump? >> yes. i do that -- this will be my fifth time. >> and what do you plan on saying? how will you introduce him? what's your plan? >> caller: i ad lib. i don't prepare statements so i haven't decided what to say. i say it -- i'll decide what to say when i'm there and speak out. >> and then what is it about donald trump, what is it about your relationship with him, what is it about his stance on certain issues that has helped
10:45 am
cement your support for him and -- >> caller: i met donald trump when he was here for the first rally in july. i was very impressed. therefore v there was about 10 to 12,000 people. i've been involved in presidential campaigns in the past. honorary chairman for bush, for mitt romney, the last cycle, i endorsed perry. they all came to me for endorsements so i know a little bit about presidential ka candidates, but this one, trump hit a nerve with me. he's different. that's why right off the bat i supported him because i know he's going to make a difference for our country and i'm not ever going to renig. i've endorsed him and i want to make sure he's now safe because he happens to be in my backyard where i can see my house. where the rally will be taking
10:46 am
place. so i have a lot special interests but my main interest is to make sure he is safe and he has the right to hold a rally and speak to the people regardless of a few demonstrators floating around trying to send a message out. >> we're looking at some images right now, some of it taped, some of it live showing that there is some movement on that roadway that was blocked, and we'd also seen that some of those demonstrators were walking. has anyone been arrested or detained -- >> caller: i don't know yet. i have the to leave now because i've got work to do, so anyway, thank you for having an interest. we'll keep you posted. >> all right. >> caller: and i'm sure everything is going to be great, and all you tv stations will be safe, and i hope you cover the gist of this situation at fountain hills which is allowing
10:47 am
to see trump have his rally and send the message out and that everything is going great. so that's what my mission is. >> all right. maricopa county sheriff. thank you so much for your time. appreciate it, of course. we will continue to watch the developments in fountain hills outside of phoenix, arizona. we'll take a short break as you look at aerial views of dozens if not hundreds of people who have gathered in support of donald trump there and also learning hoff a handful of antitrump demonstrators that are also in the vicinity. we'll be right back.
10:48 am
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10:51 am
in arizona bernie sanders in the city of nogales, arizona. let's listen in. >> -- particularly latino families i am struck by the fear and struck by the sadness that grips so many of them. i remember being in phoenix a number of months ago talking to a number of young girls, teenage girls, with tears, literally coming down their cheeks, who were frightened that they or their parents would be deported at any moment. people living in absolute fear, that their family life could be disrupted. i have seen the sadness of families torn apart. fathers or mothers, or both, sent out of this country having to leave their little children -- can we imagine -- parents having to separate themselves from their small children and leave them with others here in this country.
10:52 am
i recall talking to a united states serviceman, a man who has put his life on the line to defend this country, and while he was abroad, his spouse, his wife, was deported. and i have met with a 12-year-old boy who longs to be reunited with his mother. that is why i am here today. >> bernie sanders there talking about his impressions, being left by people who are living in fear, he says, and sadness. afraid they're lives will be disrupted. he's there on the u.s./mexican border town of nogales, arizona. just two days now ahead of the arizona primaries. much more of the action and the activity taking place in arizona right after this.
10:53 am
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big day of campaigning and protests in arizona and new york. take you to new york right now where a number of people have gathered in an anti-trump kind of sentiment. our sara ganim is there. remember, these people gathered, what, near columbus circle and were going to make their way to the trump tower, but then now there's been a little bit of dust up here and there. what's going on? >> reporter: that was the plan originally, was a peaceful protest. hi, guys. would walk from columbus circle to trump towers. but the problem has been, fred
10:57 am
it did not remain peaceful. there was a miscommunication where they were going to do, nypd trying to keep them in the street as they're supposed to be, and instead the crowds, as you can see, have been rushing -- the police barricades. chanting to push through. there are people who got pepper sprayed. there was a lapse here where it became peace. it again. they got back on track. i talked to organizers in that time saying this was simply all a miscommunication, but shortly after that, just really seconds after that, fred, the protestors began to rush the police barricade. again, in some cases, moving the barricades, nypd obviously unhappy. we did see at least one person being arrested and now it appears -- that's happening again. as you take a look. there are -- a couple of people in the street -- some people even throwing projectiles at the nypd and there are arrests being made here, fred.
10:58 am
>> hmm. >> trying to get a good look what's going on at the moment. >> right. doing a great job, sara. i'm wondering, that movement, people moving en massmasse, you moving along with them. what was that because of? you describe. >> reporter: you know, fred, it's hard to tell immediately exactly what caused that, but the problem consistently during this protest has been that the protestors want to get into the streets and the nypd want them to stay on the sidewalk. they don't want them in the streets, disturbing traffic. they want them on the sidewalks, protesting peacefully. that's what's supposed to happen. we're here in the middle of a pro test and that's not what's been happening here. like i said, we did see several people get pepper sprayed. we saw some people running from police, using pepper spray. i saw some people moving police barricades, rearranging them at some point and then you saw at times people just start running,
10:59 am
rushing the police barricades into the streets and that's what's causing these problems and seems to be what's causing these arrests. >> saryrrasara, people going fre to trump tower on fifth avenue. whereabouts are you now? are people still en masse trying to make it to that final destination? >> reporter: we're in midtown. not far away, fred. just taking a peek. we're at 56th and madison. in midtown. not far from trump towers but this is certainly not the route they originally told police they were going to take. you know, i have to note -- there's been heavy security here all day and in the beginning, it was unclear, you know, it was clear from the beginning of the day that the police were ready for this, that they were prepared. we saw police mounted on rooftops. we saw tons of police on the ground. at one point more police than protestors. clearly, that has changed. i would say there's upwards of
11:00 am
1,000 people who started this march in columbus circle, maybe between 7750 and 1000 people. it's unclear how many made that trip and i do have to say, it seems it was one or two people who really started to pick fights with the police, but at this point, there are certainly quite a few who have taken this uncertain route. >> okay. >> to trump tower. >> good job. be careful out there. sara ganim, thank you for that report there, and the 5 56th/madison location. >> reporter: we are getting here to trump tower. arriving right now. >> okay. >> reporter: this is where the crowd is arrive, and the plan here was also, again, to stay out of the street. the police told us they would not be closing down the street today for this protest. they wanted people to peacefully protest on the si


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