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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow  CNN  March 19, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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all right. top of 9 hour. 3:00 p.m. eastern. i'm poppy harlow in new york. so glad you're with us, three days ahead of arizona's primary. donald trump campaigning, rhetoric tough and leading to protestors in more than one place, while bernie sanders is also speaking in arizona talking about a key subject, immigration, and as you see he
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is right there at the border with mexico. in belgian, is hunt is over. what can they learn from a key suspect in the paris terror attack? all right. any moment now donald trump is set to take the stage at a huge rally in arizona. you see sheriff arpaio standing next to the former governor, jan brewer. earlier today anti-trump protests blocked the main artery, the main road leading to this event. traffic was stuck for miles and mimes. protestors walked along the road in hot summertime temperatures. emotions, you can see, running high. immigration, a crucial issue in arizona, home to a significant number of hispanics and donald trump's stance on immigration is expected to trigger a strong response there. today our jeremy diamond is inside the event held in fountain hills, arizona. look, it looks like the protests cleared up.
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i know, jeremy, three arrests, right, for people blocking traffic? >> reporter: that's right. sheriff joe ar pipaio speaking right behind us. protestors were blocking the roadway on the way over here to this venue and sheriff arpaio saying nobody is going to intimidate the trump supporters or, of course, donald trump himself, who he referred to as the next president of the united states. behind us, you can hear the music now beefing ining up as expecting donald trump to take the stage right now. >> and as we wait for him to take stage, jeremy, what are some of the folks there telling you about their main issue right now. why they're supporting donald trump? >> well, certainly people here are carrying the same message they shared, supporters shared around country. they talk about the fact that he's an outsider.
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talked about the fact he's a businessman and, of course, here in arizona one of the key issues, striking a cord with people is immigration. something they're expecting donald trump to speak about right now as he just took the stage. >> thank you very much. >> let's listen in to donald trump, jeremy. thank you. >> -- some sheriff. there's no games with you, sheriff. that's for sure. and jan, thank you so much, and jeff, boy, oh, boy. we have such great support, and tuesday is so important. we have a movement going on, folks. we've got to make that movement go forward. you have an establishment has doesn't know what they're doing. they have no clue. they don't know how to win. they haven't won in a long time. they pick the people that -- they absolutely will never win with the people they talk about. go out on tuesday and vote. i will never let you down. remember it. [ cheers ]
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[ chanting "trump" ] >> and i want to tell you, you know, so much about illegal immigration, and so much has been mentioned about it, and talked about it, and these politicians are all talk, no action. they're never going to do anything. they only picked it up because when i went and announced i'm running for president i said, you know this country has a big, big problem with illegal immigration, and all of a sudden we started talking about it, and then you had lots of bad things happening. crime all over the place and for the first time, people saw what was going on. you had the killing of kate. you had the killing of jam i'm. y jalil. so much crime. drugs pouring through the border. people are now seeing it and you
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know what? we're going to build the wall and we're going to stop it. it's going to end. [ chanting ] >> i only wish these cameras, because there's nothing as dishonest as the media. that i can tell you. i only wished these cameras would spin around and show the kind of people that we have, the numbers of people that we have here. i just wish that for once, do it, because you know what? we have a silent majority that's no longer so silent. it's now the loud, noisy majority, and we're going to be heard. we're going to be heard.
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so today on drudge, one of the very big stories were the border agents, they say they support trump. that trump is the only one running that has their backs. okay? and they can do the job, but they don't get support from the politicians. now, why? i'm self-funding my campaign. i'm putting up my own money. these guys are all -- i look at them all up and down. we started off with 17. we're down now to 3. don't we love that? don't we love it? don't we love it? we lost the future of the republican party last tuesday in florida. you know that. he was the future. he was the future of the republican party. except i won florida in a landslide, because people are tired of what the politicians are doing to our country. remember that. they're tired of it. they're sick and tired of it. so we're going to make change, but it's not going to be obama change. remember, obama change.
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this is going to be real change. and we're going to have a border, and unless you have a border, you don't have a country, folks. you don't have a country. remember that. now, in addition, and we'll go through a list of things very quickly, because frankly, it doesn't take a long time. we're going to end common core. we're going to bring education, it will be local. everybody wants it. we don't want our children educated by bureaucrats from washington, d.c. so we end common core education. local. we're going to terminate obama care. we're going to repeal it and replace it with great health care for far less money. that's going to happen. that is going to happen. we are going to protect our second amendment. our second amendment.
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remember, it's under siege, like you've never seen before, and we are going to protect it. you know in paris which has the toughest gun laws of the world. the world. no tougher gun laws than paris, france. tough. guess what? 130 people dead. no bullets were going in the opposite direction. it was just, boom, boom, boom. same thing happened in california. 14 people, radicalized people. she probably radicalized hill. they went in and killed 14 people that they worked with, supposedly that they liked. it's not going to happen anymore, folks. it's not going to happen. we're going to be smart. we're going to be vigilant. we're going to be the smart people. we're going to know what we're doing. we're going to be proud of our country again. our military is depleted. our military is exhausted.
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we don't replenish. we take. we don't replenish. we send the best equipment in the world over to -- wherever we're sending it. we don't even know. i don't even think we know where we're sending it, and a bullet gets fired in the air and the people we send the equipment to, they flee, and the enemy takes over the equipment we send and they have better equipment than we dpo, and they're using our equipment. those days are done. those days are done. we are going to rebuild our military. it's going to be bigger and better and stronger than ever, and hopefully nobody, nobody, and hopefully we're not going to have to use it, but i guarantee you this -- nobody, and i mean nobody, is going to mess with us anymore. all right? nobody. [ chanting "usa!" ]
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>> i love you, too. i love you, too. i love you. you know, i love this country. i feel so -- i have such a spot in my heart for this country. the people are so amazing. no matter where we go. we have crowds like this. i mean, this is a pretty big one. in alabama we had 31,000. oklahoma -- no matter where we go we have these massive crowds, and by the way, are we winning or what? look at the numbers. man. you know, it's really amazing. it's really, to me, it's really amazing. we've won now, i think, 21 states. okay? 21. and we've won in massive, massive landslides. started with new hampshire. i wasn't supposed to win new hampshire. ted cruz, can you believe it? he wasn't born in our country, folks!
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he was born in canada. he's weak on immigration. he's in favor of amnesty. he shouldn't even be in the same category with the people that we're talking about, but ted cruz was supposed to win, but definitely was going to win in south carolina. so i go new hampshire. we win in a massive landslide. we go to south carolina. well, you have the evangelicals, now, 68%. but you know, lying ted. we call him lying ted. lying ted. so lying ted comes up with the bible high and he's going with the bible, and he puts it down, and he starts lying. and you know what? the evangelicals don't like liars. so we go into south carolina. that was his stronghold. that was going to be an easy victory -- >> donald trump speaking live in fountain hills, arizona introduced by the former governor jan brewer and sheriff joe arpaio of maricopa county.
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talk about what we've heard so far with jeffrey lord, and thank you for being with us. we heard some headlines. saying you have no country if you do not have a border. he said, look, i'm the one who started this illegal immigration discussion. let me ask you this. had you look at the party as a whole, jeffrey and look ahead to a general election, if he is indeed the nominee, what about the gob autopsy report that came out after romney lost in 2012 that said we have to do a much better job of tapping into minorities, are getting the support of minorities? how does trump walk those lines as he talks in arizona? how does he also make sure he has the burgeoning arizona vote? >> poppy, i think the autopsy report was wrong, and i think, frankly, i mean, this is the criticism i have of the republican establishment, is that they are basically democrat-like. and the democratic party, i won't go into all the history, they basically have a long, long
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history right from the beginning of appealing on people base and race. began in 1800 when the party first appeared on the scene with thomas jefferson. this is the wrong way to do this. latinos are american. african-americans are americans. donald trump tends to appeal to these people as americans, and based on ideas about economics, foreign policy, et cetera. not by race. that is the approach that i think should be taken with everybody in this country. we are all american citizens. races i frequently quote president kennedy from his birmingham speech in 1963, has no place in america, life or law. so sigh thii think we should ap people are all backgrounds exactly the same way base and the fact that they are americans. >> do you think, quickly, jeffrey, dnonald trump, your candidate, has enough to win in the general? numbers didn't bear out for
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romney. >> gentlemyes, i do. i think the exit polls in florida showed he did very well in the hispanic community. so yes, i do. >> jeffrey lord. thank you. stay with me. ahead, a lot, monday night, a presidential primetime event. all the remaining democratic and republican candidates make their cases to the voters on the same night. only on cnn. the five final candidates, monday night, 8:00 p.m. eastern hosted by our anderson cooper and wolf blitzer. ahead tonight, also, donald trump not the only candidate in the southwest today. senator bernie sanders speaking in the shadow of the boshd bord fence. you'll hear from his next and the man's most wanted man behind bars. what does the arrest of the man in the paris attack? we'll discuss. later in the hour, what do people around the world think of a donald trump potential presidency? what do global experts say he could do in terms of the global economy, the terrorism threat.
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speaking live in fountain hills, arizona at a rally. he is focusing on immigration. let's listen. >> -- choked. pure and simple. he choked like a dog and that's not going to happen. that doesn't happen with me. so here's the story. here's the story. we're going to tell our company, come on back, folks. come on back. you left. we had incompetent leadership. you left, and they're not going
12:19 pm
to come back. they're going to say we're not coming back, why should we? we're in mexico, all over the place. here's what we have to do. jeb bush would say, he is not a conservative. i'm conservative, folks, but i'm also like, smart. you know? smart. hey, look, jeb spent $48 million in new hampshire. i spent $2 million. i won in a landslide. he was number six. i mean, give me a break. okay? give me a break. he is not a conservative. i am a conservative but they get me on trade saying i'm not a free it trader. i'm a free trader but it's got to be smart trade. good for us. not bad for us. okay? and if our incompetent politicians use political hacks to negotiate trade deals -- >> also speaking about immigration this morning, bernie sanders. democratic candidate digging into donald trump at a news conference at the u.s./mexico border earlier today slamming trump's views on immigration ahead of a crucial primary. arizona on tuesday.
12:20 pm
chris frates is in washington, and, chris, 2reinteresting to m. sanders speaks at the border goes hard after trump. clinton not on the trail today is that right? >> exactly right. interesting to watch, in that tour, that visit to the border, he did take these shots at donald trump's immigration policy. sanders saying the country does not need a wall or barbed wire. here's what he had to say about it, poppy. >> to insult an entire nation is not befitting of anybody, let alone a candidate for president of the united states. our job as always is to bring people together. not drive them apart. >> reporter: so sanders has been campaigning very, very hard out west, and it's a region where he thinks voters might be more open to his message. a place where he thinks he can make up some of the ground he's lost to hillary clinton, and yesterday he was in all three states that have contests on
12:21 pm
tuesday. he hit arizona. he hit utah. he hit idaho and he's been spending a good chunk of his time in arizona. that's no surprise. the grand canyon state has the most delegates at stake on tuesday. they have 75 delegates up for grabs. so sanders really has been putting some time in, in arizona. as you point out, poppy, hillary clinton has not been to any of those states. she's been doing a lot of fund-raising. bill clinton will be in arizona on sunday. hillary will be there on monday. poppy? >> i think it's interesting, this recent piece in the "new york times," chris, pointed out that clinton's camp is looking ahead more 20 a general election. what it would be like to run against donald trump and saying some of those campaign officials, to the "times" she would try to run a campaign against bigotry playing on and focusing on trump's stances on immigration, as they see them. we'll watch how that strategy shifts especially heading into arizona as clinton faces off with sanders there.
12:22 pm
chris frates, we'll get back to you. i want to take our viewers to stephanie eham, live in fountain hills, arizona. you're right with the protestors that stopped traffic for a few hours this morning. what are they saying? >> reporter: right, poppy. they've made their way to the protest, to the rally to protest, as we expected. you see a lot of people who have signs. i'll step out of the way so you can see it. "hate it not welcome in our state" love trump's hate" the signs out here mixed in in a lot of the supporters of donald trump who came out here as well, but what's interesting, too, about this setup now and the way that this rally is set up, where donald trump is speaking it's really far out into the distance. they moved the barricade back when we were here earlier so the people protesting are far removed from donald trump, not up in this face. a good number of people are out here and also a lot of people supporting donald trump who came out here at 8:00 in the morning, some of them, to line up to get
12:23 pm
inside of this event. it's a free event but they had to sign up to get tickets online. you have right here, take a look at it, a lot of people just here to just get attention and others are here genuinely here. look up past here, asking my photographer jordan to show this. they're here to support donald trump. have been here. you can see them and hear the chants there, but then there are -- yeah. there are also people here that are showing that they are not down with the idea of hate being a message, and something that these people feel is out there. obviously, you have a situation like this. you hear things that you don't want to hear. we apologize to viewers who heard that, poppy. >> all right. stephanie elam. it's a fluid uncontrollable situation. thank you very much. bring us more when you have it. a quick break and keep monitoring donald trump speaking live there. also a lot of global news to get to including the arrest of the most wanted man in europe. much more on that, straight ahead. stay with me. diabetes, steady is exciting.
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the gillette mach 3 turbo still feels better after 10 shaves than a disposable on it's first. mach 3 blades have twice the coatings. for a closer shave with zero redness. get an incredible experience shave after shave after shave. gillette. the best a man can get. we are continuing to monitor donald trump speaking live there in fountain hills, arizona. speaking largely about immigration, bashing, though, his opponents on the democratic side. taking a swing at mitt romney as well. we'll monitor. on the other side of your screen you seen a number of protestors who stopped traffic for awhile today for miles and miles
12:28 pm
protesting donald trump at this event. europe's most wanted man has been captured. i want to get to this. this gunfight ended with paris terror attack suspect sal liu abdeslam shot in the leg captured alive in brussel taking place yesterday. four others arrested al with him. one later released without being charged. for four months this man, abdeslam, evaded a global han hundt that stretched from belgium to syria. this is the man stopped by authorities driving to belgium in the hours following the paris attack. that attack claimed 130 lives. at the time authorities didn't know he was one of the suspected terrorists, they let him go and have been hunting for him ever since. on the outskirts of brussels, you're at the suburb where he looked for ages and ages for
12:29 pm
him. turns out he was basically hiding in plain sight. what do we know about who may have been helping him evade authorities for so long? >> reporter: poppy, we are just a street away from the original raid site in those days following the paris attacks. we stood a few houses from where i'm standing now watching police for salah abdeslam and finally found just here around the corner. the broader network what you were touching on, really what is crucial now. what investigators are trying to ascertain in their questioning of him. the fact he was able to disappear in plain sight for all of these months. that gives them a sense that there is a much wider network than they had suspected. supporting him. even the raid in forest, through sheer happenstance on tuesday triggered the series of events that led them to salah abdeslam here, that was part of a series,
12:30 pm
a sequence of safe houses dotted around this city. that's what they're going to be looking to pin down now in their questioning of him, because there are still key conspirators on the run. already he is giving detail, describing a role that investigators are characterizing as central to the conspiracy that led to paris. they believe that he deployed, those commandos teams. they believe he ferried them, rented the car. what they still don't understand is why he, in his own words, decided not to detonate that day in front of the place. >> they didn't know if he would give them information leading to a bigger network. quite a development. thank you so much, live for us tonight in belgium. we'll take a quick break and back to belgium talking about this in the bigger context. the fears that exist. the capture of abdeslam is going to trigger embedded isis cells
12:31 pm
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donald trump just wrapped up speaking at a rally in fountain hills, arizona focusing largely on immigration. the rally held up a little bit by a number of protestors who stopped traffic for miles and miles leading up to it. meantime, overseas, the final suspect of the terrorist attacks in paris was arrested yesterday, shot in the leg following a fierce gunfight with authorities, right now being questioned by those authorities in belgium. the terror suspect was found a brussels suburb. a frighteni ining reality when think abdeslam was able to hide so long in a small neighborhood in essentially plain sight. kimberly dozier is with me. when you look at what the prosecutor just said, francois
12:35 pm
hollande, just said that abdeslam told authorities his plan was to blow himself up along with some of the others but then backed down at the last moment, but the prosecutor also warning, take that with a grain of salt, kimberly. what's your assessment? >> reporter: well, the first news is, it's good news for brussels. their intelligence service is always getting beaten up as being too small, underfunded. there's a lot of criticism from both u.s. and british intelligence services that they don't have enough penetration of the terrorist networks in neighborhoods like this. so this means they finally did get some progress, and some penetration, but what they're hoping to find out is just how big this network is. the worry is that, you know, as we've been hearing from u.s. officials, something like 1,500 hardened fighters from isis have hidden themselves in the refugee flows and also in criminal
12:36 pm
networks and come to areas like this and there could be other cells waiting to launch new attacks in revenge. >> what about that? because you have spoken extensively about that. the fear some of these embedded isis cells will try to carry out something? even a symbolic attack to show they are still here, that they are still able to harm? >> reporter: well, u.s. intelligence does know that there are cells, but they don't know at what stage, how large they are what stage of planning they're in, and the fact that this suspect was able to hide here so long really gives them pause. i'm in brussels for the german martial forum with a lot of top belgium and officials at it. during the raids last night they actually whisked one official away, later said it was a false alarm, but there is concern among those officials that they could be targets of something
12:37 pm
unknown that they haven't yet penetrated. >> are your intelligence sources, kimberly, telling you indeed some of these hardened jihadi isis fighters are returning from syria, et cetera, from these training camps to europe? >> reporter: to europe, different european officials have spoken about this. i've also spoken to u.s. military officials who say they are trying to track some of these people as they leave places like iraq and syria, and share that information on with european law enforcement. and at this point they don't know how many, but they know that there are cells here. there will be future plots that they hope to intercept. at this point, because there's this intricate lattice work of european intelligence scervices that don't all work well together and are a little
12:38 pm
suspicious of working with each other, it's going to take several months. this is like a post-9/11 moment in the united states for europe learning how to share intelligence. >> that is critical as we talked a lot about in the days following the paris attack, and 2 does lo it does look like some of this intelligence sharing is getting stronger in europe. thank you so much. i do want to take you to russia now, where the u.s.-based ntsb, those investigators, are set to travel to the scene of a terrifying plane crash that happened late last night. this video shows the moment when the plane went down. you see the explosion in the background. all 64 people onboard were killed. a boeing 737 jet that circumstance manied the airport more than two hours because of bad weather. while it crashed at the airport, russian media reporters on the scene have found both the flight data recorder and one of the flight's voice recorders. obviously they're trying to get to the bottom of what caused
12:39 pm
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republican front-runner donald trump going after hillary clinton on social media pinning her against russian president vladimir putin. this is in one of his latest instagram ads. look. ♪
12:43 pm
[ dog barking ] [ laughter ] >> well, that ad certainly sparking reaction from the kremlin. our international correspondent matthew chance has more on that. >> reporter: hey, poppy, bizarre, actually showing the russian president vladimir putin showing an opponent in a judo bout then cuts to hillary clinton, trump's democratic party rival with the sound of a dog barking as if it's her making that noise. then cuts again to putin laughing hysterically. the idea being that clinton can't stand up to american opponents. but i can tell you, the kremlin isn't amused. its spokesmen saying that the video demonizes russia's image. this is what he says. i don't know if putin has seen the video, the spokesman says, but our attitude is negative. it is an open secret, he continues, that demonizing russia and whatever's linked to
12:44 pm
russia is a hallmark of america's election campaign. we regret this and wish the uss electoral process was conducted without such references to our country. back to you, poppy. >> matthew chance for us in moscow. i want to get another world view on donald trump, the republican front-runner. cnn correspondent matt rivers is in beijing, china with that reaction. >> reporter: poppy when it comes to donald trump's perception in china, an editorial in a state-run newspaper earlier that called the front-runner among other things a rich narcissist and a clown. those strong words likely in part due to trump's consistent china bashing where he says chine 2345 ha has stole's u.s. trump threatened to put a tariff on chinese exports. they say it's unfair and simply rhetoric designed to attract votes. >> most people in u.s., they can -- they need to -- that's
12:45 pm
why he said, chinese people is cheating the u.s. >> reporter: to are fair, donald trump is certainly not a household name near china yet but the people we've spoken to that know who he is and heard him talk about china are certainly not big fans at this point. >> matt rivers in beijing and now to jerusalem, where our oren lieberman has the view of israelis on the rise of donald trump. >> reporter:.donald trump is just as divisive in israel as he is the u.s. his comments about registering muslims in the u.s. pictures that have echoes of a nazi salute, very frightening to many israelis. when he said he'd be "the neutral" guy, it doesn't resonate as a fan to many israelis. and they're willing to forgive trump for just about everything long as long as he's pro-israel.
12:46 pm
it may not be trump who's the most popular candidate here. clinton may very well out pace him. analysts say she still pulls a lot of the popularity of bill clinton. when he spoke at a rally late last year, the crowd went wild for him, and hillary clinton may be able to capitalize on that enthusiasm. poppy? >> in jerusalem, thank you so much for that. coming up we're going to talk a lot more about some of the warnings expressed by experts when it comes to the potential of a donald trump presidency in terms of global threats. the global economy, et cetera. we'll examine that. and those claims. are they factual? stay with us for that and also, this -- this week's "cnn hero" once had a brush with the law only to be given a second chance. today he is helping our former inmates get their life back on track. >> coming back from prison after somebody's done their time,
12:47 pm
everyone deserves a second chance. >> i right hand moves, my left hand follows. >> i can see it and feel it and given the gifts to fight to make sure that that door does get opened. >> how does brandon open that door? to find out, watch his story. just go to while there, nominate a hero of your own. someone you think should be named the 2016 hero of the year. we'll be right back. (avo) after 50 years of designing cars for crash survival, subaru has developed our most revolutionary feature yet. a car that can see trouble and stop itself to avoid it. when the insurance institute for highway safety tested front crash prevention nobody beat subaru models with eyesight.
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the possibility the real possibility of a donald trump presidency has triggered a warning from some experts who assess global threat. the economist magazine's research firm ranked a trump presidency among the top ten risks. they warn that his attitudes on free trade could disrupt the global economy and warn that his stance on muslims in america could increase jihadi recruitment and terrorer. look, you were reagan's political director and i want to compare this time in global relations to then. do you think at all that donald
12:52 pm
trump's, this version of donald trump if you will we see on the campaign trail needs to change at all if he is in the oval office and has to forge relationships like what reagan forged with mikail gor ba chaff? >> you make a good point. i would point not just to what reagan was like as president but the reaction before he was president to his candidacy. he was repeatedly called a cowboy, irresponsible, he was going to get us in world war 3. this went on and on and while he was president and the beginning of his term. if you remember there was a television movie about a nuclear attack in the middle of kansas. there were a million people or so that gathered in new york to protest ronald reagan. they thought he was bringing world war 3. i see a lot of similarities. donald trump is a very responsible guy. he built this entire -- >> you said yes at the beginning. so you do think some things need
12:53 pm
to change if he does take the oval office. >> i think that donald trump is a very responsible guy. he built this entire trump organization, the formal name of his business, which is not possible to do unless you have a solid good level temperament, unless you have good judgment, unless you can judge people, unless you can make deals which is what ronald reagan was about as well. so yes, absolutely but -- >> here is something that didn't happen to reagan, what has been debated in parliament and the united kingdom, the possibility of banning donald trump from the country after what he said about muslims in this country. how do you get him to work with the uk, for example, one of america's strongest allies? >> well, the reaction i find the reaction, that reaction, is more or less the british equivalent of the intolerant left. donald trump's position on this
12:54 pm
is -- i mean, as i think i said when i was in the studio once, poppy, we're all immigrants here, descendants, all he is saying is stop the flow until we figure out what's going on fix the system and start it up again. that seems eminently reasonable when you have people coming in and killing -- >> you have the parliament of one of our greatest allies debating whether he should be banned in their country. before i let you go, on the economic front. this is really important, the economy is issue one for democratic voters and republican voters right now. you had recently the ceo of hewlett-packard coming out and saying that if donald trump's proposal for a 35% tariff on imported goods were to actually be enacted, that would cause a recession, that would sink this country into recession. and that goes along the lines of what these economists are saying from this research group. do you think some of these policies he's thrown out would be harmful to the economy? >> well, i mean, i think the
12:55 pm
answer is when you look for instance at that famous now famous viral video of the people at carrier air conditioning, the current economic policy that we have was decidedly harmful. all of these people lost their jobs. you can't get more harmful than that. when you realize that a companies are leaving the country, leaving this country deliberately to go to ireland, for instance, to avoid the u.s. tax structure, i mean, this is harmful right now. so, i mean, we need to get out of the realm of theory and get down to what is in fact happening in this country right this minute. that's what he is talking about. >> jeffrey lord, a lot more. i want to get a break in. jeffrey will be with us next hour. i want to point you to this, a big, big day tomorrow on this program, you will see history made as the president lands around 5:00 p.m. eastern tomorrow night in cuba. he will become the first u.s. president to visit that country
12:56 pm
in 88 years, you'll see it live right here and later you'll get a fascinating up and close view, a personal view of cuba, this is the season premier of the cnn original series the wonder list, bill we'takes into cuba right h. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ he has a sharp wit. a winning smile. and no chance of getting an athletic scholarship. and that is why you invest.
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i'm poppy harlow. thank you for joining us. we begin with donald trump who wrapped up a rally in arizona. he spoke largely about immigration, he did slam his rival senator ted cruz saying quote evangelicals do not like liars. earlier, anti-trump protesters blocked the road a big part of the road leading to the event. three were arrested. trump was introduced by joe arpieo who praised the proposal to build a wall between the united states and mexico. >> from day one, i knew this was the guy. he said he's going to build a wall, yeah, it's going to be built. i'll tell you what. if they don't pay for that wall, then we should take away their foreign aid in mexico mex. then they'll pay. >>


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