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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow  CNN  March 19, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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-- captions by vitac -- top of the hour. i'm poppy harlow in new york. glad you're with us. we want to begin this hour in tucson, arizona, security is tight. one man protester removed from this trump rally. also, major protests against trump in not one but two states, earlier today protesters blocked the road near trump's event in arizona, backing up traffic for miles. that was happening, demonstrators in new york marched through the streets down to trump tower on fifth avenue. a few of them pepper sprayed and arrested after throwing water bottles at police. all of this playing out before the big primary contest next week, we have arizona and utah. 98 delegates for the republicans
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at stake. arizona one of the winner take all states. in arizona, at the trump rally in tucson. you've got folks behind you, not full, but what's the main message there from the supporters today? >> reporter: poppy, people are still pouring in. there is expected to be a big crowd. earlier donald trump spoke to his core message that anti-immigrant message, that fiery rhetoric that plays well here in arizona. you remember in 2010 the state passed a controversial law that allowed police officers to detain anyone simply because they didn't look like a citizen. trump's message plays well here. he is expected to do well here. he received key endorsements, one from former governor jan brewer and several border patrol unions and one from sheriff joe arpieo. so that message that we should build a wall and make mexico pay
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is music to the ears of arizona republicans. a taste of what he talked about earlier today. >> this country has a big, big problem with illegal immigration, and all of a sudden we started talking about it, and then you had lots of bad things happening, crime all over the place and for the first time people saw what was going on. you had so many killings, so much crime, drugs pouring through the border, people are now seeing it and you know what, we're going to build the wall and we're going to stop it. it's going to end. >> reporter: so, we're expecting to hear more of that later today. as you mentioned poppy, every delegate counts from here out. arizona could be big for trump. 58 delegates here, winner take all. he's expected to perform very well here. and if he can get these delegates it will help him cross that barrier of 1237 needed to go into cleveland with a
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majority and not have a contested convection and potentially a fractured republican party. >> what about hispanic voters there? jeffrey lord who will be on with us has spoken about the support among latino voters. in this shot we see a lot of white voters, but you have the lay of the land there behind you. is he getting that latino support? >> reporter: for the most part what i have seen this crowd is mostly white. a couple of african-american people here. i didn't see many latinos but i didn't spend too much time outside. what i can tell you is that arizona is not exactly a very contested state, trump is expected to do well. his main competition is ted cruz who was here last night. conkasich has yet to visit. it's not going to be extremely competitive but again, trump can use all these delegates. >> absolutely. especially when you talk about
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winner take all. let's head out to sarah outside with dozens of folks staging anti-trump protests. as we prepare to hear from the republican front-runner he will speak in about an hour. what's the main message there? >> reporter: we've been here for hours, very quiet. lines of people trying to get in. and there are still lines of people trying to get in to see donald trump. now there are a group of protesters about 200 people who have shown up. screaming things like shame on you and talking directly to the crowd. they have also been saying trump is a racist and so are his supporters, which you know, have upset some of the folks who are in line. but people are still getting through, they are still walking through into the event. but there are plenty of folks standing here who are very clearly upset with donald trump and his message, a lot of latinos are here. a group of people of very
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different backgrounds. at this point, they are allowing people to come in but this is growing getting louder and louder. >> sarah, is the police presence growing as well? >> reporter: yes. so i mean, basically it's hard to hear you but we're going to go around these and show you kind of how far back this line goes. people have been here for hours and hours. but now you're seeing a little bit of back and forth between the crowds and those who have come in to see donald trump. you're seeing it closer to the entrance. this crowd got here and got here in mass. they have various messages and you see both sides engage a little bit about donald trump and his message. >> bring us more as you have it. thank you. let's talk about it with our panel, jeffrey lord, a trump supporter, ben ferguson, a conservative radio host and
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backing ted cruz, on the left mark lamont hill and professor, thank you gentlemen all for being here. let's start with this. look, jeffrey, today largely peaceful, you have protesters at the earlier arizona event and today in tucson. if you look overall trump has been criticized for how he handled protesters, invoking the word riot, saying if he were denied the nomination there would be riots in the streets. does he have to step up and do more to address this? >> i think they addressed it before every rally. i think somebody comes out and says something. >> does he, does he the candidate? >> sure. he said repeatedly he doesn't condone violence. i don't know how many times, this is like the clan thing. houmt do you have to say this. he said it and said it. you know, he doesn't condone
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violence. again, poppy, what we're facing here is a political movement that has historically throughout its entire history, and it's violence. they are tending to violence now, when i was a kid. and they tended to violence with occupy wall street and black lives matter. it is what they do. so i mean, donald trump is just merely the latest in a long line of targets that they go after. >> ben, mitt romney came out this week and announced he is going to vote for ted cruz. he said in the statement that he was repulsed by the trump campaign. and trump fired back on twitter. let's show that saying, failed presidential candidate mitt romney, the man who choked and let us down is now endorsing lying ted cruz that's good for me. so romney said he'll vote for ted cruz. he didn't exactly endorse him. do you see that as a lack of conviction? >> i don't, and to be honest i'm not sure right now you really want the mitt romney endorsement because it adds to this trump
2:08 pm
rhetoric which is you know, the establishment is against us, and we're going to beat the establishment. i do think this will have an impact in utah, i think it's important to also note that donald trump took a swipe at him saying he might not even be mormon. i don't know why you take that right now if you're donald trump but this shows exactly what you should expect from donald trump, a guy who said i don't endorse violence but he says punch a guy in the face i'll pay for your legal fees but i never ever, ever, have said that i would be violent. he has said this consistently ratcheting up the rhetoric. not only is he questioning if you are a person of faith think about this record for a moment. he questioned marco rubio's faith, questioned and demeaned ted cruz's faith implying he was catholic that would be a bad thing because his family was from cuba. questioned not only that but if the citizenship, the american citizenship of two candidates, in rubio and ted cruz. now he is going after mormons as
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well. i wonder if you are a person of faith, whether catholic or mormon do you find this offensive now that donald trump has gone this much and attacked this many relinens in a non-presidential way. >> let's listen to that. we have that sound, ted cruz talking about his faith. let's roll it. >> stop going to the gutter. politics should be about bringing us together, about uniting us, it shouldn't be following the pattern of barack obama the last seven years it shouldn't be dividesing us and tearing us apart. >> mark, to you. your response to that, but then also, ted cruz when he was asked a few months ago about president obama's faith, you know, he didn't -- said i don't want to speculate. i don't know what it is. despite the president saying he is a christian. >> exactly. what ted cruz tried to do for a
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long time was link up closely to donald trump. he didn't challenge donald trump's rhetoric. and some ways he softly mimicked it. >> now this. >> because he was hoping eventually donald trump would lose and he would inherit all of donald trump's voters. now the rhetoric has come back and he is outraged. hard to feel sorry for ted cruz though he is right about the rhetoric and the tone of dtd's candidacy. ben ferguson is also right. donald trump is -- i love you ben but he's right here. donald trump has repeatedly thrown rocks. he says i don't endorse violence however, punch him in the face. riots should break out if i'm not the nominee. he continues to do this and continues to work for him. we're going to see the same over and over. >> let's take a listen to what the co-chair of trump's campaign said talking about the potential for wa would happen if we do have a brokered contested
2:11 pm
convention if he feels like the nomination is quote unquote taken away from his candidate. let's play that. i will tell you this, if the republican party comes into that convention and jimmies with the rules and takes away the will of the people, the will of the republicans and the democrats and the independents who voted for mr. trump, i will take off my credentials, i will leave the floor of that convention, and i will leave the republican party forever. >> jeffrey, you worked in the reagan administration would you walk away from the party if they denied trump the nomination? >> i will support the republican nominee period. as does ronald reagan. i understand what he's saying. historically speaking 1912 when teddy roosevelt tried again for a nomination against his one time protege taft there was the feeling and president roosevelt supporters walked out of that convention, formed their own
2:12 pm
third party and proceeded to defeat william howard taft. there is a lesson and you need to be careful. >> let me ask you this, mark. before i let you go, looking at all of these supporters and also these protesters of donald trump. it was interesting because the former governor of pennsylvania ed rendell said, who is a clinton supporter, said that trump has, quote, crossed over appeal with some of the blue collar working class democrats and said that there is an opening for trump in that. an opening that the clinton camp should be aware of. >> absolutely. >> ben and mark. >> that is absolutely correct. i mean, one of the things we see is trump's message of economic populism with targeting of faulty and flawed trade. and because bernie sanders had success in the same areas, hillary clinton needs to be concerned about this, needs to address that dead on. i'm not sure if she can. donald trump in illinois,
2:13 pm
michigan, ohio, west virginia. she better be careful. >> i agree. i think you look at the bernie sanders rise and some of this is he's saying i'm looking out for you when hillary clinton and the establishment democrats have not. some of those people certainly could vote for donald trump because they are both tapping into the same anti-establishment, we're mad as hell, we want to take washington back and we don't feel like these establishment on the democratic side and the republican side have been representing us, and i agree. i think that is a real possibility. i think it's a possibility for anybody on the republican side to tap into that because ted cruz, to quote trump, the most hated man in washington. that means you're an outsider by default. >> thank you. ben, thank you. got to leave it there. we'll be back with more from all of you in a little bit. i want to get to this programming note. monday night, three-hour prime time event here, the five remaining presidential candidates all on one stage, one huge night, republicans,
2:14 pm
democrats, on the stage hosted by wolf blitzer and anderson cooper. the most wanted man in europe questioned after four months on the run. he has been captured. will he provide police with details about the massacre in paris that took 130 lives. also, our exclusive reporting from inside syria, aid workers risking their lives to help families caught in a brutal civil war. clarissa ward on a journey with aid workers. donald trump inspiring more latino immigrants to become citizens. why? they want to vote against him. some do. that story from also ahead. only glucerna has carbsteady, clinically proven to help minimize blood sugar spikes. so you stay steady ahead.
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taking a look at live pictures at a tucson, arizona on one half trump supporters gathering waiting to hear from the gop front-runner. the other side protesters gathering outside of that rally. we'll have more on that in a moment. first, to europe. and the one remaining suspect in the paris attack captured. we're learning more what salah abdeslam told authorities about his role in the attack that quilled 130 people. >> salah abdeslam foond others were captured in brussels. after a fierce gun battle with authorities. he was shot in the leg, he is alive and answering questions from the authorities. our senior correspondent is in molenbeek, looks like he was
2:19 pm
hiding out since the attack. basically in plain sight. clearly he had support and help from people. now he's talking to the authorities. do they feel he is giving them material information that will help? >> reporter: they are stressing at this stage that they are treating everything he says with caution. but they also admit that the picture that is emerging is giving them really chilling insight into the conspiracy that carried out this attack. that he seems to have been key to this plot. they are characterizing him as essential. they believe that he was mobilizing what they call the commando unit that carried out the attack, that he rented the vehicle that ferried the units. they are trying to understand what made him turn back at the last minute. he admits to prosecutors he was supposed to be among those
2:20 pm
attempting to gain entrance where some 80,000 people were inside watching that event that he was supposed to be among those trying to detonate inside. but he didn't. for prosecutors this isn't just about unraveling the events, it's what's stopping what could happen. interpol is warning all european countries to be vigilant, the concern is that some unforeseen circumstances could emerge in terms of militants scattering after this capture. >> certainly huge intel begins win for authorities there in belgium tonight. thank you very much. up next, we'll take you live to cuba. president obama is preparing for a historic visit. this is the first time a u.s. president has gone to the island nation in 88 years. tomorrow live on this show, just about 24 hours from now, you
2:21 pm
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when it comes to the fithings you love,. you want more. love romance? get lost in every embrace. into sports? follow every pitch, every play and every win. change the way you experience tv with x1 from xfinity. president obama will make history tomorrow when he lands in cuba on an official visit. he will be the first sitting
2:25 pm
u.s. president to set foot in cuba since calvin coolidge in 1928. the two-day visit underscore the warming of relations between the countries following the u.s. reductions in sanctions and regulation. patrick is live in havana tonight. the president making a huge trip, very, very monumental. historically. but practically speaking what does he want to accomplish on the ground? >> reporter: in about 24 hours from now poppy, he will step off air force one with the first family. the first sitting president to visit a post-revolution cuba. it's going to be a blur these days visiting old havana, the center of the city, having meetings with raul castro, speaking directly he said with the cuban people. and we had the opportunity just a few hours ago to sit down with the chief cuban official who deals with the united states, led the normalization process,
2:26 pm
says yes, while there will be cultural events for president obama, to reach out and speak to crowds of people, there are also going to be very serious frank discussions about the differences that still exist between the united states and cuba. >> speak frankly and openly about the differences that we have. but not with the pretension that we will change you or you change us. it will be finally up to our population with our sovereign to decide what kind of model, what kind of government they consider is better for them. >> reporter: poppy, i can say four years of living here i covered popes, lots of presidential visits, presidents from other countries. never anything like this. over 1200 members of the obama delegation, hundreds of press pouring in. not enough hotel rooms, not enough cars, not enough of
2:27 pm
anything. they are trying to get absolutely everything ready for this historic visit. >> it's so telling what that diplomat told you there. you won't change us, and we won't change you. saying we'll go the way we want. yes, things may be opening and changing, but we are not changing who we are as a nation. you still have u.s. sanctions against cuba that cannot be lifted unless the u.s. congress lifts them. you still have people who say this administration has infringed on human rights. >> very much. this is a paradox that president obama comes because he wants to change cuba, change the human rights record. the issues of freedom of speech and the government has been very clear that those issues are off the table, we're going to see what comes out of this visit, poppy. >> we will. patrick, you'll be live with us tomorrow night on this program. chris cuomo will be in cuba, special coverage tomorrow night when the president lands in cuba. also tomorrow night
2:28 pm
something you will not want to miss. bill weir for the premier of "the wonder list." tomorrow night, a look at the people, the culture, the history of cuba ahead. up next, a surge in latino immigrants filing to become u.s. citizens, the reason, it's so many of them can vote against donald trump. what will it mean for the race going forward? we'll discuss. trugreen presents the yardley's. hello?! -oh, pizza is here! -oh! yeah, come on in! [claps] woah! lose the sneakers pal. kind of a thing.
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♪and i'm the world's forgotten boy...♪ ♪ ♪the one who's searchin'... ♪searchin' to destroy... ♪ ♪and honey i'm the world's forgotten boy...♪ ♪ in every election several million people in this country don't vote for the reason that they can't because they are not u.s. citizens. they are legal permanent resident who is could become citizens but haven't gone through the process. this year many of them have found a reason to. they tell our chunk la it's because they want to vote against donald trump. >> number one with hispanics.
2:32 pm
>> visible and loud. the protesters at donald trump's rally, many of them latino, holding and wearing their outrage. more subdued but just as powerful, protest, a native of colombia, only now that he feels the need to naturalize in time for november. >> you have donald trump to thank for bringing you out here? >> translator: if i can become a citizen i can vote against him he says. across the u.s. from florida to nevada, illinois to north carolina latinos content to carry green cards seek citizenship. when trump teed off his candidacy with this. >> they are bringing crime, they are rapists. >> and this. >> and who's going to pay for the wall? >> naturalization applications
2:33 pm
jumped 14.5% compared to the same six months last year. >> if all of those with green cards what happens politically? >> you want a cliche. >> the numbers reveal the power. nevada has 73,000 latinos eligible to naxize. arizona holding its primary, 146,000. florida, 637,000. nationally the u.s. is home to 4.5 million latinos eligible to naturalize. >> the very same group that he has been attacking is the one that's going to stop him from getting to the white house. >> no love lost between maria and trump. univision, a powerful organization owned by a hillary clinton donor joined to bring out the vote. the response, overwhelming. >> you feel it. you know that donald trump is your enemy because he declared war, because he's the one that declared us enemies.
2:34 pm
>> that's the main motivator why this cuban born is getting her citizenship after 22 years in the u.s. when we bring up trump's name. this reaction. >> i can't stand him. he is like a punch to the gut she says. donald trump's unintended consequence a pathway to their political power. the trump campaign says his proposed immigration reforms, deportation of 11 million undocumented immigrants, the wall, all of this will end up benefiting legal latino immigrants. no one we spoke with believes that. >> thank you so much for that report. let's talk more about it with our commentators, jeffrey lord, ben ferguson of it jeffrey, you look at the state of florida, and you look at the polling out of it after the vote, trump lost the latino vote in florida to rubio by double.
2:35 pm
trump got 26%. of how do you change that in arizona? >> well, in other words he got 26% of the latino vote as i understand it from a lot of his critics he's not going to get any of the latino vote. >> you need more than that. you want to win the latino vote. >> yes. you do. poppy, one thing before we get back to this. 46,000 pennsylvanians pick up on governor rendell, democrats say we registered as republicans according to the local newspapers so i wanted to get that in there. yeah. to get back to the latino vote. what's so disturbing about that clip that was played, is this is exactly what's wrong with the democratic party. this is what they have been doing for their entire history is playing to people because of their race. and this is what they intend to do in perpetuity forever. they don't want what dr. king talks about as color blind america judged on the content of your character. they specifically want a country where everybody is divided by race. this is what they do and this is
2:36 pm
exactly what they are tending to do right now. >> what are you pointing to? what are you pointing to that tells you that? >> well, i mean, the whole segment. i'm not blaming this on cnn, i'm saying the whole segment was about people who are coming out to register to vote because of their race. they weren't talking about issues, they weren't talking about the economy, weren't talking about foreign policy. they were clearly saying because they are latino, because of their race, this is why they have to register to vote. >> they are also saying they are voting against someone they believe has insulted their race in many ways. >> he was talking about illegal immigrants. illegal immigrants. people you were talking to were legal immigrants. are they truly saying that they want to be left out of a job because somebody came here illegally? i continue think so. >> mark, your response. >> so much here. first, this is a response to donald trump's rhetoric.
2:37 pm
donald trump has been the one who has initiated a conversation about immigrants and illegal immigrants. he is not saying people from latvia. he is talking about mexicans. when people say look, we feel targeted. even if we are documented people we want to reunite, we don't witness to be disconnected. there are a range of policies that affect documented immigrants. all of this is in response to donald trump. so for donald trump to somehow say or for jeffrey to say that the democrats or the left somehow starting a race conversation, they are responding to a race conversation. the left wanted a conversation about race wedded to justice. king didn't just say i want people judged by the color of their skin. he was asking for money, resources and policy change. that's the same thing that's happening now. an that's why in a place like arizona -- where you see such draconian anti-immigrant policy a response that will be equally strong. because of the tone that donald
2:38 pm
trump will likely win arizona, probably by a bunch. >> ben, you support ted cruz. you say what to that? >> well, this is where you have to look at a general election and look at the ceiling of donald trump. ted cruz is not going to get is same reaction as donald trump or any republican candidate in this field. this is where donald trump is going to be incredibly vulnerable in a general election, that is because the things that have polarized this race and basically given him this ground well of support of angry frustrated conservatives, i know a lot of them and respect them. jeffrey i respect a lot. this is a consequence for some of those actions. you go out and demonize people the way donald trump has, how do you then get them to come back to you in a general election? i'm not talking about pivoting. even though donald trump admitted that. he's going to pivot on these issues, he is going to become
2:39 pm
flexible. even praised marco rubio being flexible with the gang of 8. we don't know what he said to "the new york times" behind closed doors in off the record comments about immigration reform. but the damage has already been done. this is what ted cruz and what many other conservatives if you talk about them consolidating here, they realize that it's going to be virtually impossible for donald trump to walk back this rhetoric in a general election and this is where hillary clinton will have a big advantage. you look at the polls in the general match-up right now. donald trump gets beat badly by hillary clinton, ted cruz beats hillary clinton and it's because there is a difference between this rhetoric and i would say compassionate conservatism what ted cruz is talking about and why people have been endorsing him that didn't really like him early on. >> thank you very much, gentlemen. we'll keep it going. coming up, though, a lot ahead. especially in syria. aid workers caught in the line
2:40 pm
of fire there. and witnesses the sadness and the fury of the people that they are trying to help. take a look. >> you can go and ask the people what do you want. i don't think the people will settle for anything less especially -- the right to self determination. >> bombs falling from the sky, what is motivating them to stay and help. clarissa ward takes up exclusively behind rebel lines, in syria. don't miss this next. it recognizes pedestriansligent driand alerts you.ems. warns you about incoming cross-traffic. cameras and radar detect dangers you don't. and it can even stop by itself.
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now to a cnn exclusive under cover in rebel-held territory in syria. clarissa ward shows us the dangers faced by aid workers as they try citizens in the middle of a brutal war. >> it's a tuesday in syria. british aid worker is making the dangerous drive to aleppo. >> it's important that we drive with the windows open because any kind of explosions that land close to us, last thing we want is shrapnel of glass. >> he is traveling to the devastated city to deliver an ambulance but it isn't long before he is diverted.
2:45 pm
four air strikes have hit. he runs into the wreckage to see what's needed. >> this is a house. it's all houses. >> remarkably no one has been injured or killed. but the sound of another jet means it's time to leave. >> everybody out. let's go. >> they say the plane is in the sky. we can hear it. they are saying -- the ambulance turn up they hit again. so we're going to try and get to a safer place. >> he is one of a handful of western aid workers living in syria. >> most of the big aid organizations they don't want to go into the line of fire in a sense. this is something that we have to do, something that is human response. if we don't do it, then who will. >> in the relative safety of an olive grove near the turkish border he told us that religious
2:46 pm
conviction played a big part in his decision to come here three years ago. >> we need to look at what do the people really want and if the people are muslim this is not me saying it. they want some form of islamic government, then it's important that we help them to establish that. >> is that what they want? >> in my opinion, what i believe and you can ask, you can ask the pennsylvania i don't think the people will settle for less after all of this blood shed. the right to self determination. >> for many of the 6.5 million displaced people in syria, there are perhaps more immediate concerns. most live in sprawling tent cities along the border. conditions in the camps are brutal. there is a lack of food and clean water. they become more crowded every day. >> we just recently done a survey of this camp just this camp here alone, which is about 40 camps is around 80,000
2:47 pm
people. >> 80,000 people. >> this is just one. there is another not far from here. maybe 65, 70,000. >> his project is this smaller camp that houses roughly 100 widows and their children. syria is now a country full of widows and orphans. some still too young to understand what has happened to their country. others who have seen too much. all of them dependent on the mercy of others. >> clarissa ward's incredible reporting. i point you to you can see her reporting under cover this week. to cnn heroes, a run-in with the law before becoming an elite chef now helping other inmates get back on track. >> coming home from prison after someone's done their time, everyone deserves a fair and
2:48 pm
equal second chance. so my left hand moves. my right hand follows. >> i see that opportunity that someone deserves. i can see it. i can feel it. i've been given the gift to fight to make sure that door does get to open. >> you can see much more of brandon's story. also while there nominate someone you think should be a 2016 cnn hero. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides.
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in this week's a american opportunity, i sat down with the ceo of one of the biggest tech companies in the world to ask him, how are you going to do it? watch. the number of women and minorities at the top levels of the technology industry, i think everyone agrees are not where they should be. they're disappointing across the board. when you look at cisco, 23% of
2:53 pm
employees are female. what should those numbers be? >> what we wobt of want to do is build an incredibly divorce workforce that actually provides opportunity for everybody but also gives us the business benefit of what the diversity play is about from a business perspective. it's the right thing to do socially. it's the right thing to do in the world. but there's also a tremendous business benefit of doing it because you bring people in who think about how you solve problems differently. how do you go at different issues based on their experienc experiences? and the diversity comes through ethnic diversity, gender diversity, nationalities, different nationalities working together and thinking about it. >> when you took over as ceo, was it a bit surprising to think that there wasn't more diversity that we're in 2016 and still there's a long way to go in terms -- especially with women in leadership? >> no, it wasn't surprising because i've been actively working on this for the company for the last decade honestly. through this process i think
2:54 pm
what we've learned, though, i think we've definitely learned what doesn't work and what i believe at the end of the day what has to happen is that you have to elevate the right leaders first and foremost. but when i put my leadership team together, my initial leadership team was ten people. it's now 12 but of the first 10 we went through each of the jobs and said, who's the right person forp that job, who's the right person for that job? when we went through that process, five of the ten were female. it's fantastic. it has to happen naturally, but that result is also what has to happen because i believe that the way this begins to flow through the organization is you start at the top. you still have to put the right people in the jobs in the first two quarters ways in the role, since we made these changes, 30% of our hires were female. i don't think that's a coincidence. >> mark bin offtold me he's put quotas in place. you have to have "x "eye amount
2:55 pm
of women. is that when we need, to make a conscious effort from the top, so they're in the position to get those jobs? >> we've done all the same work on the parity side. we've actually invested in the analysis to make sure we understand not only for women but all different diverse group that's we have balance and parity in pay. so we're doing the same things. we've released our gender statistics, et cetera, in the valley over the last couple of years which no one did five years ago. so there's transparency coming out in the system now. you know, i personally don't believe that quotas in and of themselves are the answer. in fact, i think sometimes they can do a disservice because what you don't want to do is create a situation where someone perhaps is commenting, that woman was placed in that job because someone needed to make a number. now, what i do believe you have to do is you have to ensure that you have fairness in the process. you have to make sure you have actually -- we look at it from a
2:56 pm
demand and supply side. the supply side is where we fwheed to do the work how do we get more defamifemales into the view process, into our leadership programs. >> from the beginning. >> from the beginning. and whale while i think it's important to measure because you have to know how well you're dog. we've tried the quota thing, i think it creates really odd behavior sometimes. it doesn't do either the males or females justice. >> my thanks to chuck robbins. coming up tonight, donald trump speaking again, he'll be live in tucson, arizona. you see people gathering for his rally right there. his rallies have seen a huge amount of support and protest. what will we see tonight in tucson? much more ahead at 7:00 p.m. eastern right here on that. but next, "smerconish." during the lexus command performance sales event...
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♪ we can't let you download... uh, no thanks. i have x1 from xfinity so... don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. ♪ i'm michael smerconish. new clashes between donald trump supporters and protesters. outside his rally in utah last night. all this turmoil fueling a big turnout at the ballot box and trump is taking credit. here he is last night. >> the biggest story in all of politics worldwide is what's en


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