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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  March 24, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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if you're trying to teach a kid about a proboscis just sketch it on the screen. i don't have a touch screen on my mac, i'm jealous of that. (laughs) you put a big bug in a kids hands and change their world view. (laughs) -- captions by vitac --
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and kwoorm good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. some of the world's top terror investigators scrambling to unravel the belgian attacks and racing to prevent the next ones. and an all out man hunt. sources telling us there may have been a second bomber at the belgium train station. surveillance cameras captured a suspicious looking man holding a large bag but it is not clear if he was killed in the blast. if alive he becomes a second focus in the hunt for this man, the third airport attacker. police still have not identified him. but we now know the names of the attackers killed. both at the metro station and at the airport. on the far left is najim
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laachraoui. and the prime suspect, salah abdeslam is no longer cooperating with investigators in belgium. his attorney is demanding he be extradited to france as soon as possible. correspondents, analysts and experts are covering all angles of this unfolding story. we begin with cnn's phil black at the maabeek metro station. >> it was here where it was the deadliest of the attacks. at least 20 people died in what investigators say was a suicide bombing. we understood they had identified one person who was involved. one of the brothers involved in the overall operation khalid el bakraoui. now today we hear they are looking for another suspect. someone bhofrs apparently captured on security video in the moments before the blast
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with a large bag. now the language they use in here is interesting. they are talking about seeking this person. that doesn't make clear where they believe this suspect also died in the blast or whether he is now another member of this network that is effectively on the run and police are trying to catch one him in that sense. >> phil black live for us this morning. now let's turn to the attack on the airport and new links investigators are chasing today. nima al belbagir is in brussels. >> we know they are the seeking the man in the light colored jacket in the surveillance still image that's been disseminated by authorities here. but i just wanted to remind our viewers of the other threads now becoming apparent in this investigation. take a look at this, carol. >> just two days after the
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deadly coordinated attacks on brussels, investigators are scrambling to piece together the trail of clues on who the terrorist were and whether they have other accomplices. authorities identified two out of three suspects. caught on airport surveillance cameras before two bombs went off. on the left, najim laachraoui, prosecutors say he's a bomb maker whose dna was found in the home where the devices for the paris attacks were made. next to him is ibrahim el bakraoui. the second suicide bomber. last year he was deported from turkey to holland. he had a criminal record but coy couldn't determine any links to terrorism. the third man still unidentified and now most wanted man in all of europe p. investigators say he dropped off a suitcase full of explosives
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and fled. an hour later a metro station near several european union facilities also rocked by terror. investigators learned he detonated in the second car of a crowded train at rush hour. before the attacks -- belgian authorities say that until now these belgian born brothers had been linked to violent crime, not terror. khalid was arrested 2009 for carjacking and five years in prison and ibrahim was arrested after shooting at police in a robbery in 2010 and had nine years in prison. this as we get another look at the horror that unfolded moments after the blast. a taxi driver capturing this
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chilling video, filming as he runs into the departure halls to find his son, who worked at the airport cafe. thankfully he survived. he stumbles over debris. bodies buried underneath the rubble. a baby cries in the middle of it all. alone. her mother lays unmoving. here a single rose lay crushed. possibly a welcoming gift for an arriving passenger. now a symbol of lives lost in this tragic terror attack. outside bystanders coming to the aid of the injured, waiting for medical assistance. those who are able comfort the wounded. though many inside did not survive. >> we have some news just into us here, carol.
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belgium's interior minister has offered his resignation over his country's failure to detain ibrahim el bakraoui when he was flagged to them by turkish authorities. as we've been reporting the prime minister has not accepted the resignation. but it gives you a sense of the seriousness of these intelligence gaps and the ramifications of them. >> nima elbagir. live from brussels this morning. u.s. officials telling cnn they are seeing emerging signs that isis leaders in syria may have helped in the attacks. evan prerz is live with more. >> what we're hearing from intelligence and counterterrorism officials are those emerging signs that isis leaders in syria had a hand in directing or at least facilitating the team that pulled off the attacks in brussels. there is still a lot of investigation to be done and no hard evidence of a direct line to isis and external operations in syria.
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what we are talking about is more of a dotted line connection. the broader network behind this attack and the one in paris shows a much more sophisticated planning operation than western intelligence agencies thought that isis was capable of. a year ago u.s. intelligence agencies had broad disagreement as to whether isis even had the external operations capabilities. that the group was more focused on taking territory and building its caliphate in syria and iraq. what they didn't know at the time was that isis was already sending trained bombers to europe. the paris attacks certainly put those questions to rest. and isis appears to have more of a loose control over those attacks. the bombers have some autonomy over when and where they are going to attack. now investigators are racing to try to figure out to t support and the money system that these attacksers have in europe and where isis is looking to strike
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next. >> evan perez live from washington. authorities in belgium under scrutiny in the wake of the brussels terror attacks. many questions whether officials have missed major warning signs, just months after similar coordinated attacks were carried out in france. in paris. i sat down with the u.s. defense secretary ash carter to talk about it. >> it is not enough that we defeat them in iraq and syria. what brussels tells us is that they have a sympathizers, people who are belgians or french, who live there already. and there are an important part of the fight is also going to be a homeland security and intelligence and a law enforcement fight. on the other thing i think that brussels event is going to further signify to europeans is that they -- as we have been accelerating our campaign to defeat isil in syria and iraq and elsewhere, they need to
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accelerate their efforts and join us. >> why aren't they? -- >> that's exactly right. and the european countries are doing a lot more. now in many cases they don't have the military capability that they used to have. and they certainly don't have the military capability that we have. and that's fine. we can do a lot of the military job. where we need the europeans and also the gulf states and the rest of the coalition is for example, rebuilding these places that have been destroyed. helping them to be governed. because remember, our strategic approach in iraq and syria is to help local forces to take back territory from isil. because after all, they have to live there afterwards. >> let's talk about this. i'm joined by cnn terrorism analyst paul cruickshank,
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co-auto ore f asian storm, my life inside al qaeda. and peter beinart. welcome both of you. peter, that surprised me when the defense secretary said that europe needed to accelerate its fight against isis and terrorists. because you do wonder like paris happened. so why isn't it? >> well i think there is a good story in the "new york times" today about the difficulties of the coordination. we know how difficult it is to coordinate between governments. here you are talk about a continent with a lot of different sovereign governments. times said the europeans don't even have common way for trans lit rating arabic names. in the difficulty of belgium getting the information they needed from turkey to be able to trap this guy. >> paul, what does europe need to do now? >> well i think one of the things that ash carter was referring to was the actual war
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against isis in syria and iraq and apart from france, most of european countries are making very modest contributions to the anti-isis coalition efforts. britain has very few combat aircraft in operation. a country like belgium does have some aircraft that are bombing isis in iraq. but they have limited capabilities. european countries have not been spending much on defense. their defense budgets have gone down. they are losing frankly some of these capabilities to launch air strikes that they may have had a generation ago. so they need to contribute more. because as long as isis has that safe haven in syria and iraq, this terrorism is going to continue. it is going to accelerate. this is one big terrorism safe haven. thr are thousands of western recruits who have gone in. and they need to get rid of that
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as a hugely urgent task. >> well it is urgent. especially in light of what evan perez reported. if things are being orchestrated from syria and they are sending people in europe, these bomb makers and organizers of these terror attacks. why does -- i understand that europe's been through a terrible economic time and they probably don't have the money to invest in a lot of, you know, military equipment. but as ash carter said they can do other things. they can still co-other things. >> sure. this has been a long-standing complaint by the united states that the europeans don't invest more in their militaries. and i think you are right. the fact that europe hasn't rebounded as well as the united states has from the financial crisis it means it is hard to have the budget for that. i think we're this a particularly dangerous moment now because there is some evidence that as isis is losing territory in syria and iraq, they are trying to make extra effort to attack in europe and elsewhere to show their relevance, showing their
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supporters that they are not losing. and so we're in this dangerous moment where the very success we are starting to have in the middle east is in the short-term, maybe not in the long-term but in the short-term potentially making isis an even greater threat. >> that is a scary proposition. i want to center on the united states for a second. ash carter told me there is a difference between, you know, the terrorists carrying out these attacks in europe and some of the terrorists who have carried out attacks here in the united states. so i'd just like you to reiterate the difference and why americans perhaps needn't worry as much as the europeans have to. >> carol as the simple math of arithmetic. about 200 americans have traveled to syria and iraq to join the various jihadi groups. around 6,000 europeans. so 30 times more europeans have traveled than americans. and you can roughly translate
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into a terrorism threat which is at least, at least 30 times but actually much bigger because there are other greater radicalized community in europe. so this is a vastly greater threat in europe. and the threat in europe. the biggest threat is isis directed this attack was make no mistake about it. isis directed this. this was the same cell as the paris cell. they were given their marching orders from isis. they filmed an elaborate propaganda video before the paris attacks were. almost all the attackers appeared in. and this was coming from the very top of isis. >> so it is no surprise the belgian interior minister wants to resign, right? that's what that says. thanks both of you. that is my other terror pam. thanks to both of you. i appreciate it. still to come in the "newsroom," the excruciating wait for information about missing
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>> into brussels hospitals with identities unknown. she talked with cnn this morning how she's coping. >> it's been deaf tag. my mind wanders into the dark places. but then i -- i just see a glimpse of hope. i just hold onto the relationship i have with jesus
6:21 am
and knowing that bart, he is very strong in his faith as well with jesus that i just keep looking to that. and that is just -- that is the most comfort that i've been receiving. >> cnn's on what's been doing to locate and identified the missing but i want to start with international correspondent frederick pleitgen. he's at what's called now the airport morgue. hi fred. >> hi carol. yeah, and the morgue here at the airport in brussels is of course the place that pretty much all of the bodies that were -- the people who were killed, after the bombing at the brussels airport were brought to. and they have been ever since that bombing took place. and the most recent information we've gotten from the authorities here is that even three days or the third day after this attack place there
6:22 am
still hasn't been a single body that's been identified with absolute certainty and that's certainly something very troubling to people who are still missing loved ones, who are still missing friends and possibly family members. but of course as always is very troubling to the authorities as well. nevertheless we know from the people who work here and also from those who work at other morgues around the area of that metro station that was hit, that of course the people here are really working around the clock trying to identify the bodies but in ma m cases these were very, very powerful explosions that hit that area. and so it is very difficult for them to say with certainly who -- the identities of many of these people. >> frederick pleitgen, live from brussels this morning. so -- >> not easy. >> no it's not. >> and very sad. the issue is we still don't know those names with certainty. and so pain staking for the
6:23 am
families who vntd heard and just want some answers. so we know that state deputy is reaching out to any sources that they have out there. we have people from the consulate in belgium actually going to hospital, trying to cross names off the list of people injured. but again we don't know the people who have died in these enormous blasts. of course we have a list of people missing. so families reaching out on facebook, any social media possible to get some answers and we have those two siblings we've heard about who were last speaking with their mother when the phone went dead. we found out that one of them was engaged to an american and now her father is going over to brussels. saying we have to get over there and find out only answers and talk to people and also support the pinczowskczowski family.
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forces fighting to retake two major isis strongholds this morning. palmyra in syria, mosul in iraq. syrian tv saying they are poised to retake it from isis militants. isis had been in control of palmyra since may and has demolished many of its historic treasures. the iraqi armying launching new operations near mosul. forces have taken control of
6:29 am
several villages south of mosul. they have been under the terrorist groups control since june 2014. and in an exclusive interview with ash carter, he told me mosul will be crucial in the fight against isis. >> when you say accelerate our efforts are you talking specifically about retaking mosul? >> two critical is cities if you are thinking in sort of world war ii maps of the battlefield sense. and think of two arrows, one headed towards mosul in iraq and one towards raqqah in syria. those are the two key cities. mosul is the city that isil has taken control of and we need to collapse its control there -- >> some americans might say why don't you just bomb mosul out of existence? >> well we are bombing very considerably in mosul. but we're bombing isil targets. we are not bombing the city out
6:30 am
of exists. we do tremendous amount of air strikes on leadership, command and control targets the ability to move forces. you don't see isil forces riding down big convoys waving flags because we destroy them when they do. in the case of our bombing campaign, iraq and syria, it is mogsly driven by intelligence. and every time we find a target through our as well as we hit that target. remember that is not all we're doing. it is just an air campaign. it's got to be a campaign on the ground. that is one where we wage with local forces because we learned the lesson strategically over the last decade, that if you are going to defeat a terrorist group ow an insurgent group, the united states can help local forces defeat them. but we can't substitute for that. because at the end of the day they have to run the place. they have to govern the place and we can't do it. that is why we're working with
6:31 am
the iraqi forces and iraqi forces that took ramadi. they couldn't have done it without our help. they are the ones in there now. their police who are rebuilding the city, not americans. >> i think that i read that supposedly would take a year to get -- to rest control from isis. is that still the timetable? >> nobody knows that. this is a war. i'm not prepared to say it will take an entire year. but i'm not prepared to give you a timetable either. this is a war. i think we need to do and are doing everything we can to accelerate that schedule. and by the way carol, we'll be doing more. i predict. >> like what? >> well as the iraqi forces move north towards mosul, they will need all kinds of help. not just our air power help. training, equipment. they need things like bridges to cross the tigris river.
6:32 am
they need loss of things. so we'll be doing more to help accelerate the collapse of isil control in mosul. as soon as possible, if the iraqi government continues to support their own armed forces and we continue to support them, there is no reason we have to wait a year for the collapse of mosul. >> all right. defense secretary carter. i want to bring you out to brussels for a moment. they are observing a moment of silence in the town square. let's pause. all right. just heartbreaking images out of
6:33 am
brussels. 31 killed, 270 injured and there is an intense man hunt still on going for two suspects. back to new york now: and i want to check in with military analyst are mark hertling to talk about what was said. so you heard secretary carter tell me the united states is accelerating efforts against isis and mosul. they have been in control since 2014. so read between the lines of what secretary told me. when he says accelerating, what does that really mean? >> first of all carol. off i don't have to read between the lines. i spent a lot of time in and around mosul and i understand what the secretary is suggesting. first there was an announcement by the iraqi government this morning that the operation to retake mosul has begun. in fact in arabic they call this
6:34 am
operation conquest. they are starting in a town southeast of measuosumosul, to logistics. and this is the base of the arrow going into mosul. and those kind of locations have to be secured first in a campaign. you will soon hear other names of towns. all of those are towns critically important to set logistics bases to surround mosul. the iraqi arm and peshmerga have been attacking from the north and the west over the last several months while we've been watching the political campaigns, movement has continued. so the iraqi army, peshmerga with coalition help have been setting the conditions for this attack into mosul. which i think many are predicting will occur before june because that is the beginning of the holy month of
6:35 am
ramadan and then the beginning of the very hot weather in mosul. >> so let me ask you this. let's say iraqi forces are success nfl retaking mosul and maybe syria forces successful in retaking raqqah in syria. so if those two cities are retaken, what does that really mean? does that mean isis is decima decimated? >> it does not. and that's the critical question. and you have asked the right one. first of all you have to either kill or capture all of the isis soldiers. and estimates of the city of mosul, which has a population of about 1.5 million, there are only several thousand isis fighters in that city. but they are embedded very well. that is why you can't just bomb and obliterate the entire city. but once those iraqi forces and person go into the city, surround it, capture or kill those isis fighters. what's going to happen next will always be important and that is the iraqi government rebuilding
6:36 am
of the city, providing economic assistance. getting the businesses back up. because frankly in the past, iraqi army forces have often gone into mosul to counteral qaeda. but what's failed in that is it the inclusion of the people and the citizens in mosul in the rest of the iraqi government. they see the baghdad government as countering their best interest. so what will be important to watch is will there be a relief effort? will there be economy -- >> so let me ask you about that. because the secretary addressed that issue too. and he said europe should really step up and help with that. it should help in rebuilding the cities that have been destroyed by isis. should help in rebuilding bridges so people can operate and troop will operate more effectively. do you think europe will really do that? >> i think they could. and it's a mixed issue carol. because in order to have others come in whether from the europe or united states or industry to rebuild the bridge, rebuild the town, rebuild the road, you have
6:37 am
to have security first. and that is what's critically important. you have to gain that security before others will come in. i guarantee you, if you can get security in mosul and it seems like it is a well secured city and the population wants to advance there will be a lot of businessmen within the wanting to go in there. >> lieutenant general hertling. thanks for your incite as always. still to come, ted cruz has become the unlikely choice more establishment republicans. but could a reluctance to really rally around him do him any good at all? we stop arthritis pain, so you don't have to stop. tylenol® 8hr arthritis pain
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it's become a rallying cry for ted cruz and his message to establishment republicans is clear "unite behind me to defeat donald trump." well this week jeb bush joined camp cruz following the lead of carly fiorina and senator graham. but last night graham paid visit to comedy central where he talked about the visit to the white house and ghaif this less than ringing endorsement of ted cruz. >> it's safe to say that you are slash were slash are not a fan of ted cruz. >> it tells you everything you need to know about donald trump. >> i don't understand this. you really really don't like you
6:43 am
don't like ted cruz. >> i don't dislike ted. ted and i have a lot of differences. i'm getting better at this. so -- >> all righty then let's talk about this. so john, you write this about the crisis in -- for the republican establishment. we'll psi see it in a second. we'll see it in a second. anyway wrote an article in the daily beast and it was really interesting and you said things like that could actually book fire on ted cruz, right? >> yeah. you know, we've got -- gop has a real problem. it can't ignore it. they have elevated trump and cruz. 60% of the party supports them. the center right foclks are backing cruz instead of kasich. and it really suspense to a impetus on the part of the center right or what's left of
6:44 am
it that's trying to cloak, pretend it is a matter of expediency. it is not. that is deep problem that needs to be addressed. >> so jason in instead of endorsing a guy you really don't like, what should establishment republicans do? >> they have to stop what they are doing now. you can just sort of see lindsay graham having to take like a drink of wine and say okay now i have to go out and pretend i like these people. at the end of the day the republican party just needs to be honest about the fact they don't want to support donald trump. and if you are an establishment person, rather than going out and saying you support you don't like support some down ticket candidates. just criticize trump. but claiming you are supporting someone you are not enthusiastic about that you have nothing positive to say about. hurts ted cruz and strengthens trump and makes entire party look foolish. >> let's talk about the polls this morning. cnn orc policy. we talked about donald trump's
6:45 am
appeal to the middle class but when you look at this poll and the question is asked who is more in touch with the middle class, clinton comes out with 51% to donald trump's 36%. does this surprise you, john? >> well it surprises me only to the extent that the narrative has all been about how donald trump is going to appeal to middle class voters and reanimate the reagan democrats. but hillary clinton's campaign has been focused on messaging towards the middle class since the beginning. what's significant is in the democratic party she actually for a period was falling to bernie sanders in that key demographic. and here is the big point, carol. we know elections are won by the candidate who connects with moderates in the middle class. if you become crypt night and an insult comedy approach to running for president ends up alienating a lot of those folks because it doesn't mean common sense standards then you are in deep deep trouble. that is donald trump's problem and by transitive property the
6:46 am
republican party's problem right now. >> are we overplaying the popularity of mr. trump? >> no. but somewhere between everyone thought he was a flash in the pan and everyone thinks he's a revolutionary. i'm from ohio. there are a lot of people who support donald trump. who like he who is. think he's a salt of the earth kind of guy. but the thing is he's offensive. e offended women, brown people, lots of white people. and if you offend people on a regular basis usually you can't dend an election with others voting against the other guy but that is what people are saying and all hillary has do is not look offensive and she might be able to win the preponderasiden. >> thanks both of you. still to come in the "newsroom," social media has been one of the most effective weapons of terror groups like isis. but is it also the best way to stop them?
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social media play a critical role in isis recruiting in the west in the aftermath of the brussels attack the hacking group anonymous repeated the vow to wage war against isis by shutting down jihadist social media network and hacking their financial network. we can't confirm it's happening but let's talk more about it with charlie winter. he studies question hajihadist and how they use it to spread terror. >> they're talking about it.
6:52 am
they post these lists where they say they've identified keynotes in isis's social media nexus, and then taken them down. but i think that the actually effect they're having is fairly limited. it's good that they're throwing their two cents into the ring. when it comes to actually limiting the overall reach that isis has, i think it's not necessarily working. i don't think we can sit back and let anonymous do the work. as we've seen this week, it took a matter of hours for isis's claim at the brussels terror attacks, literally millions of telephone screens and computer screens, they're good at delivering their brand and message. it takes more than a few hackers posting lists onto twitter to remove that. >> here's one of the problems that i hear from officials within the government. they say it's tough to recruit people who can actually infiltrate isis through social media because people who can actually do that don't want to be seen as working for the
6:53 am
government because it kind of blows their credibility. how do you get around that? >> absolutely. we have to think about how to best challenge isis on social media. whether it's a question of monitoring or trying to get deep inside the network and expose operational details. i would say the latter prong is not possible at this stage. certainly not possible from activists on the internet who don't have a strong hand in whether it's hacking or whether they're actually infiltrating jihadist groups. when it comes to monitoring, i think there's an important role people play, also challenging the space isis has on the internet. at the moment, it has a broad monopoly on how it talks about itself. it dictates its story word for word. the more people challenge that, the more normal people contest the isis narrative, the better.
6:54 am
>> talk more about the level of sophistication that isis has when it comes to running its online news service and things like that. >> well, i've done a lot of work an trying to map out the infrastructure behind their propaganda network. it's vast and sophisticated, and importantly, it's always adapting. if something like twitter becomes difficult for it to operate on, it will move and it has moved onto tell gegramteleg. it has limitations but it moved quickly to that when it looked like twitter was becoming a difficult place to deliver the propaganda. we have official teams, and then a second rung of individuals who are volunteer media activists for the organization. these guys really came out in force in the wake of the brussels attack announcement which they were actually asked by the organization officially to engage with the media that the organization was putting out about brussels, try and sabotage hash tags and dominate the air
6:55 am
waves with what isis was saying. there isn't any match for this on the soucounterside. i would argue there needs to be more appropriate plans on -- people really hate isis and would like to do something, activism against it. i think the internet is a good place to challenge the narratives, challenge the intents it's going or the trying to stoke anti-muslim things. hash tags don't work. that's what isis wants. >> thank you for your insight and good ideas. the next hour of "cnn newsroom" after a break. attacks three strong litter box odors, plus locks clumps tight. ... and now it's light. every home, every cat. there's a tidy cats for that.
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7:00 am
and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. any minute we could get new information about the belgium terror attacks. we're monitoring live events for you, the belgian prime minister expected to speak any moment now outside of the parliament building as investigators hunt for terrorist suspects who may have slipped away, and here at home the attorney general and fbi director expected to address the attacks in brusselss. you see the podium ready to go. we'll bring you the events live when they happen. in the meantime, some of the world top terrorist investigators are scrambling to enravel the attacks in brussels and racing to prevent the second one. brussels broadcaster reports a suspicious man with a bag. if alive, he becomes a second focus in the hunt for this man,
7:01 am
the third airport attacker. police still have not identified him. but we now know the names of the attackers killed at the metro station and at the airport. the far left, he's najim, laachraoui, and this morning we learned that prime paris suspect, salah abdeslam, no longer cooperating. his attorneys demanding he's exported to france as early as possible. let's start with phil black in brussels at the maalbeek metro station. hi, phil. >> reporter: hi, carol. it was here at the maalbeek metro station that the most people died on tuesday. this is where at least 20 people were killed underground in the station beneath our feet here. it was here that police investigators said they thought one person had conducted a decide bombing.
7:02 am
one of the brothers involved in the overall operation. today we hear they believe there was possibly another operative involved. someone captured on video in moments before the blast carrying a large bag. his where abouts are unclear. they say they're seeking him. that doesn't make clear if they believe he also died in the blast or whether he is now also on the run and being hunted in that sense by authorities here. as we know, one of the three attackers at the airport is now being hunted. the man who didn't die at that location but was seen leaving and the authorities are now seeking him as well. you mentioned salah abdeslam. paris attack who was sought his arrest here last week really began the dramatic events here in brussels. the authorities say they suspect he was supposed to take part in the attacks that took place here
7:03 am
tuesday morning. that was the intention. but after his capture, the timetable for that attack was brought forward. so what we are seeing here now are more emotional scenes on the street as brussels returns to something of a normal existence. the streets here around the station are now reopened. there's heavy traffic, and here behind me, i want to quickly show you, this is a new makeshift memorial opened here. people are bringing messages of love, peace, and hope. people standing here crying and weeping openly as this city while trying to return to normal, also really grieving and deals with the suffering and the death that has been inflicted here. >> all right. phil black reporting live from brussels this morning. thank you. as the man hunt intensifies, we're learning new details about the bombers, including the brothers.
7:04 am
they were no strangers to authorities. let's bring in arwa damon. she has that part of the story from turkey. hi, arwa. >> reporter: hi. turkish authorities are saying they actually detained and deported one of those brothers, ibrah i elle bakrai in the summer of last year. they're saying even though he was not on a watch list, they thought his actions were suspicious. they ploobelieved he had ties t terrorism and he was in turkey with intentions of crossing the border. they put him under surveillance and eventually brought him and notified they say belgium authorities. they say a few days after they net if ied the belgians, the response came that he was known to them, but that he only had a criminal record and they had not
7:05 am
been able to solidify any known ties to terrorism or terrorist organizations. the turks then beportdeported hk to europe, but they say they specifically warned belgian authorities about their serious suspicions that this man had ties to isis and terrorist organizations. turkey is growing increasingly frustrated with what it perceives to be a lack of seriousness on the part of various european nations when it comes to intelligence being provided by turkey. it's not just when it comes down to this. there are at least two other instances where turkish authorities alerted european nations about individuals in turkey that had been deported in some cases and in one instance, a individual, a french individual, a french national that the turks had actually flagged to french authorities who then ended up being one of the attackers in the horrific
7:06 am
massacre that took place in paris of last year. turkey right now is saying that europe needs to increase its cooperation with turkey and that it needs to really consider turkey as being its key ally when it comes to this war on terror. turkey right now has compiled a list of some 38,000 people plus who are on a no entry list, who are on a no fly list who are people that turkey is actively surveilling. they have plenty of surveillance. turkey says it needs to be taken seriously. >> belgian officials are under scrutiny as intelligence scour intelligence. i sat down with u.s. defense secretary ash carter and talked to him about the interworkings of isis's network of command. >> there is a sense, i think, on a part of many americans that al
7:07 am
baghdadi is like orchestrating all of this from raqqa. is that possible? >> they certainly get inspiration from the fact -- >> are there direct orders, though? >> there are some instructions that go back and forth or at least urgings. some of these people who are self-radicalized seek to make contact with the isil leadership. sometimes they're successful. sometimes we can see the communication. sometimes we can't. so it's there, but we also need to recognize that some of these people are belgian citizens. disaffected, looking for whatever reason for some cause and they find that. we need to take away that cause which we'll do, but also there's an underlying problem here, and particularly in the european countries. they're going to need to confront that. >> more of my exclusive interview with ash carter coming up later in the news room.
7:08 am
new video reveals the carnage and devastation inside the brussels airport after the attack. i want to warn you, the images you're about to see are disturbing, but they show the force of the explosives used. the video is from moments after the attack. as you can see, it looks like a war zone. there's debris scattered all around. you can see the smoke rising. a child screaming in the distance. it's possible the bombers used explosives that contained something called tatp. on the streets it goes by mother of satan. the ingredients to make this bomb are cheap, but they're quite lethal. joining me to talk about it, cedric lleyton. i'm also joined by buck sexton. welcome to both of you. >> good to be with you. >> thank you. >> buck, those suitcase bombs, the bombers were just pushing them through the airport.
7:09 am
i guess my first question would be as a person who travels a lot, how could authorities stop that? >> it's almost impossible to stop what happened. once they got to this point in the airport, they're essentially -- they're presecurity, and so even if you have in place the kind of procedures that would be able to figure out that there are explosives that have been put together, by this point they're already at the point of detonation. it wouldn't make much difference. this is a problem you see with check points on roads and in areas like iraq and afghanistan. even if you can stop a bomber from getting into the most crowded area or the central location, they can get to that sort of first point of impacont they can do tremendous damage. if they hadn't picked this target based on their expertise or planning, they would have
7:10 am
found another target. they need a crowded area. once you have the basic training to put together the ingredients, it's not hard to do, and if you know how to wrap a shrapnel, you can get a lethal effect. that's tragically what we saw occur in belgium. >> colonel lleyton, they're often learning their craft in iraq. i was told they're accelerating the mission in those country, but are things going fast enough? >> well, one of the things you'll see, carol, is that as the coalition and the u.s. forces move forward against isis in syria and iraq, you're going to see more of these attacks in europe or in other places unfortunately. and what that means is basically isis is lashing out. they sense their power base is being affected. they are basically in an existential struggle, and they have no qualms about doing what they did in brussels or paris,
7:11 am
and to great effect. the other thing i think you'll also see is they'll try to move their efforts from syria and iraq to places like libya, and libya is a lot closer to europe than syria is. so there's even more of a risk involved in all of this. >> going back to brussels for a moment, buck, and they had this active man hunt going on right now, but the city is not on lockdown. compare that to boston after the bombings happened there. boston locked down the city so they could search for the suspect. should brussels do something similar? >> i think that brussels is trying to strike a balance between doing everything that they can and using the security services at their disposal to try to trek down the individuals while also not adding to the terror affect in the aftermath in this kind of a horrific attack. shutting down the city, by the way, is a difficult thing to do. we're talking about the boston marathon bombing situation, that
7:12 am
was sort of all condensed into a number of hours. it took months for the authorities in belgium, as we know, to find salah abdeslam, and he was hiding in a neighborhood known to harbor jihadist. it shouldn't have been that difficult. the police forces that deal with counterterrorism have not been looking particularly adept recently, but locking down the city isn't really possible. they could do perhaps a bit more, but the most important counterterrorism work that's happening right now is a lot of what you're not seeing. it's tracing the leads and looking at cell phones. it's going deep into the hard drives of seized computers and also talking to human sources, people that you'll never hear about on the news but people who have a good sense of where to look for the very wanted killers. so that's the kind of stuff that actually brings this to a conclusion, setting up check points all over brussels and treating it like an armed camp is many ways counterproductive. >> and colonel, you said that
7:13 am
isis is lashing out. does that mean they put their idea to create a caliphate on hold, and they're trading bomb makers and sending them to europe? >> they've never put it on hold. what they want to do is make sure that they can do that. so they are training the bomb makers and working with criminal elements that can deal with their ideology and are supporting their ideology like these two brothers that we've just mentioned here. >> colonel, may i interrupt you? we are going to listen? . >> at the forefront of our minds continues to be the terrible events in brussels. let me take a moment. the entire obama administration and the american people continue to stand with the people of belgium with the people of all of europe, and the world in condemning the appalling attacks and in offering our support and
7:14 am
condolences in any way we can. our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and loved ones. all who are touched by this and the department of justice is in constant communication with our counterparts in belgium. we are are committed to providing any and all assistance as we move forward together with unity and strength. i also want to make sure while we have received no specific credible threats to the homeland, we will remain vigilant to ensure that we can keep the american people safe from harm. thank you. i am joined today for this announcement by james comey, by the u.s. attorney for the southern district of new york, and the assistant attorney general for national security. we're here today to announce a major law enforcement action as part of our ongoing efforts to disrupt cyber threats and protect our national security. today we've unsealed an indictment against seven alleged
7:15 am
experienced hackers employed by computer companies working on behalf of the iranian company. >> all right. we're going to step away from this. we'll continue to monitor this. we understand that this news conference will be open to questions a little later. still to come, a show of solidarity and concern. some of europe's most powerful decision makers are holding a crisis meeting. two cabinet members in belgium have offered to resign their post. we'll be back in a bit.
7:16 am
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you may have ibs. bloating? ask your doctor if non-prescription ibgard is right for you. ibgard calms the angry gut. available at cvs and walgreens. we understand that police in brussels are searching the homes of the el bakraoui brothers. as of now they say the search
7:20 am
was inconclusive. i'm not sure exactly what that means. that's what they're saying right now. you see pictures. the el bakraoui brothers were the bombers at the airport. one with a suitcase at the airport and the other at a metro in brussels. we'll keep you upbaitdated news. an incredible meeting is happening right now in brussels. security and justice ministers from all over the european union are meeting to discuss the terror attacks and their shared concerns that more attacks are being planned. tim lister and fred pleitgen are following that part of the story. what do we know about this story, fred? >> reporter: well, it's set to take place in about an hour and 45 minutes here in brussels. what the ministers are going to discuss is obviously ways to make europe safer but most of the measures that they're going
7:21 am
to be discussing are things that were already set in motion but that haven't been put into legislation yet, if you will. one of them is better sharing of information of air passengers. what they call a european wide air passenger list. if you believe it or not, something like that doesn't exist just yet. it's something they have said they wanted to do and has been agreed upon. it hasn't been set in motion yet. it's about general intelligence sharing. it's a big problem here between agencies in belgium and many other european countries but also between countries as well. there's something where they're going to say they want to do a better job of intelligence sharing to make sure people can't krcross borders here. that's what happened in paris. some of the attackers there were i.d.'d on their way through europe and still made it to belgium and some of them to paris as well. there's more general issues, things that have already been identified, if you will, after the paris attacks, but many things were maybe actually putting those into law and
7:22 am
putting those into practice, has been somewhat lagging here in the european union. now where they think there is more of a sense of urgency. of course, there's also going to be displays of solidarity between the countries for belgium at the beginning of that meet meeting. there are also serious topics they need to discuss. intelligence gathering and sharing is still leaving much to be desired. >> it must be frustrating for the people of european. tim, the question, turkey sent intelligence to europe and said it was virtually ignored. it's really upset. it's mind boggling. why don't things move faster, especially in light of what happened in paris? >> as fred said, it's a question of sharing. intelligence agencies by their nature don't like to share. the turks have repeatedly
7:23 am
campai complained about sending information that's not acted on. this is a common refrain from turkey. they're not getting the sort of assistance and response. there's a european wide database that's sort of up and running but not working terribly well. the european parliament has blocked a lot of the security measures or delayed a lot of the security measures that would be in place because of privacy concerns. yoeuropean governments during t recession have been unwilling to put up the money to improve external border security. hillary clinton referenced all this in a speech last night she made in california saying europe has got to do better. the banks have got to be smarter about tracking terrorism financing. it's got to do better with border controls and a lot better with these databases that are acquired such as the one fred mentioned for airline travelers. >> all right. i have to leave it there. tim and fred, thanks to both of you. still to come, federal criminal
7:24 am
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7:28 am
and good morning. i'm isiscarol costello. thank you for joining me. they are intensifying their man hunt to find anyone connected with the attack in brussels. all this as salah abdeslam reveals h reveals he is no longer cooperating and he wants to be extradited to france.
7:29 am
in light of all 24that's going in brussels, they are holding a press conference. let's listen. >> to make sure they have the most recent information about other hacking activities so they can protect themselves. at this point we think this case speaks for itself in terms of these actors. obviously we remain vigilant in the future against not just dams but all of our infrastructure. it is a serious concern for us and we think this is another example in which the public private partnership is key. >> they often say attribution is difficult when it comes to prosecuting cyber attacks. can you give a little more detail as to how you were able to trace these actors? >> i can't give you specifics on that because that would go into a lot of the investigative techniqu techniques. i can echo what you've heard
7:30 am
today. which is an important part of our cyber security practice is to identify the actors and to attribute them public can i when we can. we do this so they know they cannot hide. a large part of successful cyber security attack in the perpetrator's mind is, in fact, getting in and out without anyone knowing who is involved. this cloak is being repeatedly pulled away. >> we're going to step away. specifically with the attorney general is talking about back in 2013 and 2014 iranian hackers targeted financial institutions and she's talking about how the government can better protect themselves with the new programs that are being brought online. we are monitoring that part of the story. we'll have more as we get more information. yesterday donald trump told wolf blitzer that torturing terrorist suspects might have prevented the brussels attack. i sat down with ash carter to get his take.
7:31 am
in talking about intelligence, some suggest that we should revisit the subject of torture to get information faster. is that a good idea in. >> all of our military and intelligence leaders have spoken on this, and we in the department of defense follow the army field manual. it does not allow torture. and america conducts itself in accordance -- >> does torture work? >> that's important. the experts there who have laid down our policy in that area have agreed for both effectiveness reasons and for reasons of reflecting our own values that we're not going to do that sort of thing. and, of course, we don't have any -- we occasionally assist the iraqis in capturing people and so forth on the battle field and the -- they remain in iraqi
7:32 am
custody, but it's not the american practice or policy to do that. >> okay. so with torture out of the question, i asked secretary carter about the u.s. role in destroying isis. and about how to prevent more people in europe from joining the terrorist group. >> how can the united states armed services prevent something like that from happening, though? can it as far as the people in iraq and in syria? >> well, we make a necessary contribution. it's not sufficient. it's not the whole thing. it's a necessary contribution. that contribution is to enable, provide the critical capabilities that allow in iraq, the iraqi government to take back territory and to reseize control of their country, and then govern it and keep security in it, and in syria to assist syrian forces which we work with, to particularly collapse isil's control of what they call their capital, which is raqqa, a
7:33 am
city in syria. we'll do that. that will remove the parent tumor, but it won't of this cancer called isil. it's not going to remove all the problems. there will be people and lone wolves everywhere, and so forth, and we'll need to combat them not just in a military dimension but law enforcement and homeland security. i'm confident we will and can, but we have do that, and that's why the brussels attacks are not a reminder for us because we didn't need one that we need to accelerate the defeat of isil. but anyone doubting in europe, it's a reminder that we have to accelerate our effort. >> and he includes europe in that. europe has to accelerate its efforts to defeat isis or terrorists not only within europe but also on the battle field. with me now to talk more about
7:34 am
this, bob baer. welcome, sir. >> thank you, carol. >> secretary carter made a point of saying europe's own citizens are carrying out terror attacks. and europe has to take away the cause. is it doing that? >> carol, no. europe is failing. you look at belgium. the north african descendents that live there that are citizens, not people that can be expelled or sent home, the schools are terrible. they can't get jobs. youth unemployment is 40 %. they live in effectively ghettos. as we've seen over the last couple weeks, they don't cooperate with the police. they look out at outside authority as hostile to them. these people wouldn't have gotten away so long if they weren't getting support in the community. there's a huge, huge problem in belgium which will take years to fix. and right now they don't have a
7:35 am
solution. yes, they will roll up eventually, the paris network of 13 november. but in the long term, they have no plans. it's just like in the long term we have no plans for syria or iraq. >> let's talk about plans for syria and iraq. al baghdadi j the isis leader is hiding somewhere within syria or iraq. we don't know. what we do know is his troops for lack of a better term are priding training for bomb makers and inspiring acts of terror in europe and sometimes the united states. secretary carter told me sometimes we see the communication between isis terrorists in the field of battle and terrorists in training, i guess, who are living in europe and want to get inspiration or training from al baghdadi. so how tapped in are we when it comes to intelligence in this area? >> i don't think we're very good, carol. they've learned, they've read snowden.
7:36 am
and even going back to 2004 and 2005, they watched now the military and the cia crushed zarqawi, al qaeda in air strike. th -- iraq. they changed their tactics. the same they were fighting in iraq moved to syria and are now in the islamic state. they know what they're doing. they can stay off the air. we're not going to get a heads up for the next attack in europe. they know how to use encryption and how to use apps like telegram that the messages disappear. they're getting much better, and much better at combat in terrorism as we saw in the paris attacks. tactically, that was a sound attack. and you could only learn that on the battle fields of syria or iraq. >> all right. i have to leave it there. bob baer, thanks for joining me this morning. still to come, barack obama and hillary clinton slamming cruz over his plan to patrol muslim neighborhoods. nti-wrinkle cream
7:37 am
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7:41 am
the brussels terror attacks having a ripple affect along the 2016 campaign trail. donald trump says he wants to bring back water boarding, but
7:42 am
it's ted cruz's call to patrol muslim neighborhoods that's stirring things up. >> as far as the notion of having surveillance of neighborhoods where muslims are present, i just left a country that engages in that kind of neighborhood surveillance which, by the way, the father of senator cruz escaped for america, the land of the free. the notion that we would start down that slippery slope makes absolutely no sense. >> so when republican candidates like ted cruz call for treating american muslims like criminals and for racially profiling muslim neighborhoods, it's wrong. it's counterproductive, and it's
7:43 am
dangerous. >> at a forum in wisconsin, ted cruz fired back. >> i have to say i'm so sorry to be dismaying barack obama. i was attacked by barack obama and hillary clinton and new york's mayor which suggests maybe i'm doing something right. >> and the new york city police commissioner attacked ted cruz's idea as well. with me now, ron brownstein. welcome, ron. >> good morning. >> so despite the criticism, cruz's favorability rating is 60%. donald trump's is 63%. i guess cruz's message is resonating. >> this is why this is an unstable area of public venue. it's important to note that cruz
7:44 am
who has made the very incendiary proposals has emerged as pretty much the last hope of the republican establishment to stop donald trump which is an indication of how worried they are of what trump might mean for the party. the largest construct here is that republican voters by and large have majority support for pretty much the most extreme proposals that have come out on trying to deal with the terror threat by resisting immigration of muslims. on the other hand, those ideas do not have majority support in the public. that is the fundamental conundrum that republicans face. they have an electorate that's willing to consider ideas far beyond what the public considers. >> it's funny you mention that. i have more numbers from the same poll. when you look at all registered voters, cruz's approval rating drops to 34 %. that could get him in trouble if he -- hillary clinton's ratings
7:45 am
aren't so high either. >> the trump numbers as well. they're left with two candidates that most strategists in the parties have viewed as their least electable out of the cast of thousands they started with. donald trump in the cnn poll is looking at unfavorable ratings that i think are unprecedented for a front runner at this point in the race. a disapproval rating of over 80 % among minority voters, nearly eigh 80% among college graduates. hillary clinton is weak too, but nearly as weak. that's why you have so many republicans who are frustrated that an election that seems within reach for them, they are now left with the two candidates who, as i said, many of them viewed as the least electable. >> so why are so many republicans rallying around cruz? >> it does in this sense.
7:46 am
i think they view him as a short term risk, and donald trump is a long term risk. you can't say either are a strong general election bet. but if cruz runs and loses, he runs and loses. trump can rebrand the party in a lasting way to millennials and minorities. they're concerned about what donald trump means long term, even though he would be more competitive in the immediate election. they're looking at difficult choices here in the sense that if you somehow stop donald trump you face the likelihood of a fissure with his supporters, frustrated and leaving the party. if you nominate you risk a fissu fissure. there are a lot of tough choices. cruz is the last horse they have in the effort to stop trufmp, even when we're moving into
7:47 am
states that trump will face struggles. >> i have to leave it there. many thanks to you, ron. i'll be brought back. don't let dust and allergies get between you
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the obama administration today publicly accused hackers associated with the iranian government of being behind cyber attacks on u.s. banks and a dam started in 2011. the u.s. attorney general and the fbi director called out the criminal complaint moments ago. >> one of the defendants is also charged with illegally obtaining access to the supervise ri control and data acquisition system of the bauman dam in new york. at the time of the alleged intrusion, the dam was undergoing maintenance. but for that fact, that access would have given the defendant to control water levels and flow rates and outcome that could have posed a clear and present danger to the public health and safety of americans.
7:52 am
>> cnn justice order evan perez is following the story for us. who is the defendant and where is he or she. >> reporter: these are defendants that are still in iran. the charges today were against seven iranian hackers in two companies. the attorney general says they were working for a company. there was an intrusion on banks and a dam outside of new york city. this wanted poster that you're showing is what the fbi issued for the hackers. they're still in iran, and we're talking about some of the biggest names in finance that were attacked including bank of america and wells fargo. these were defile of service attacks. they were designed to shut down online access to the banks. they caused of millions of dollars in damage according to the u.s. attorney, and the attack on the dam in new york didn't cause any physical damage, but they managed to get
7:53 am
into control systems that would have withbeen able to control w levels. it was a wakeup call about possible cyber attacks on u.s. utilities. >> thank you, evan perez. still to come in the news room, several days after the brussels terror attacks, scores of people remain missing. now their family and friends are watching and waiting for any news. [eerie music] i am the ghost of cookies' past...residue. gross. well, you didn't use pam. so it looks like you're stuwith me! bargain brand cooking spray leaves annoying residue. that's why there's pam. 7 dahe was thinkingsn't about his joints.ncing. but now he's taking osteo bi-flex, and noticing a real difference in his joint comfort. the feeling originates in this area...
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we need to be ready for my name's scott strenfel and r i'm a meteorologist at pg&e. we make sure that our crews as well as our customers are prepared to how weather may impact their energy. so every single day we're monitoring the weather, and when storm events arise our forecast get crews out ahead of the storm to minimize any outages. during storm season we want our customers to be ready and stay safe. learn how you can be prepared at together, we're building a better california. in the wake of the belgium terror attacks, the country is coming together with people around the world to pay tribute to the lives lost and show solidarity to those who survived. but for loved ones of those missing, an agonizing wait
7:58 am
continues. we share some of their stories. >> it's horrible beyond imagination. >> family members and friends of the missing in the brussels terror attacks still holding onto hope that their loved ones will be found. aleck zander and his sister were on the phone with their mother chi while wheking in their flight. >> the sound went dead. >> a man was set to see his girlfriend while waiting for the text, she decided to call. no one answered. >> it's been the worst days of my life. i just -- i guess i didn't know how much one person can love another until you just don't know where they're at. >> andre adam, also at the airport. we w he was with his wife. she was found, but the husband
7:59 am
is still missing. the daughter says each ring makes us hope for information. this missing couple from tennessee were walking back from the security gate when the bombs went off. on wednesday there was hope the couple had been found. justin's brother said his family was contacted by the state department and told the couple was on the injured list, but later a social worker called and said that information was incorrect. the brother tweeting he was disgusted by the mistake and to keep praying as their family hopes they're found alive. >> thanks for that story. for ways you can help the victims of the terror attack in brussels, go to thank you so much for joining me today. i'm carol costello. at this hour with berman and bolduan starts now.
8:00 am
hello, everyone. i'm kate bolduan. we continue to follow news out of belgium. the man hunt in belgium is intensifying and expanding this morning. authorities are now looking for two unidentified terrorist suspects linked to the horrific tragedy. one of them is a man spotted on airport surveillance video. the man in the light colored coat, the man with the black hat on is believed to have dropped off a massive bomb before leaving the scene. investigators are also now searching for another man, spotted at the metro subway station holding a large bag. this before the


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