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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  March 26, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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we begin with breaking news. belgian police announce the first charges in connection with the terror attacks in brussels, a man identified as faycal c
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charged with terrorist murder. three others face charges of participating in a terrorist group. also learning that the former belgian ambassador to the united states, andres adam, died in the brussels attacks. cnn international correspondent phil black in brussels. what more can you tell us about the charges? >> reporter: after days of dynamic police work and raids, a number of arrests, nine or so and charges. in the case of one of the men, they're significant as you touched on there. a man identified by authorities as faycal c, as in the letter c, they're not giving out his full name just yet. he has been charged with participating in a terrorist group's activities. more than that, he is charged with terrorist murder and attempted terrorist murder, which indicates he played something of a direct role in the attacks on tuesday. at this stage authorities aren't saying how specifically he was
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involved. the police are looking for two people, one that played a direct role in bombing at the airport, another that played a direct role in the bombing at the metro station. they have not yet said if this person is one of those two wanted suspects. a number of other charges against other individuals have been laid. also worth noting a man detained here in very spectacular, dramatic fashion yesterday, shot in the leg at a train station. he is still in police custody. he hasn't been charged. his detention has been extended, while he is interrogated by the authorities here, fredricka. >> and phil, you talked to a number of people, including a young survivor. how did this interview come about and how is he doing? >> reporter: a remarkable story, talking about mason wells. 19-year-old american in europe as a mormon missionary a couple of years now, at the airport. it would seem very close to the
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first suicide blast that took place there. he suffered severe burns to his face and arms, second and third degree burns, shrapnel wound to the leg, serious injury to an ankle as well. the extraordinary thing is he was conscious through it all, able to give an incredibly details compelling account of those few moments. take a listen. >> i wasn't expecting it, i was looking down and the blast came from the right. i believe my body was picked off the ground for a moment and my ipad that was in my hands, i don't know what happened, it just disappeared. i think it might have hit me in the head when it got blasted out of my hands. my watch on my left hand just disappeared. left shoe was blown off. large part of the right side of my body got really hot and then really cold and i was covered in a lot of fluids, a lot of blood,
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and a lot of that blood wasn't mine. >> reporter: i asked mason what he was thinking and feeling as he lies there recovering in the hospital. he talks about feeling incredibly lucky. by his own admission doesn't think he should be alive, he was so close to the detonation. he saw other people further from the blast site far more severely injured than he was. he feels incredibly lucky. he is able to give this composed, controlled telling of those horrific few moments. >> extraordinary account. what a survival story. thank you so much. phil black in brussels. according to french affiliate, salah abdeslam, the alleged paris terrorist that evaded authorities for four months told authorities he only had a minor role in the november paris attacks. when requestioned following tuesday's bombings, he refused
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to answer. belgian authorities say he was planning new attacks when he was captured. cnn has also obtained exclusive new video of the apartment where it is believed salah abdeslam was hiding, down the concrete stairs into a basement, you see a small room cluttered with clothing, tarps, electronic equipment. it is a rare view into the hideout. authorities say salah abdeslam was captured because he made a mistake, using a cell phone police were tracking. molenbeek. the neighborhood where salah abdeslam was arrested is called a hot bed for radicalization. clarissa ward went there to figure out why. >> reporter: on the streets here, though, it feels like a normal working class neighborhood with a large immigrant population, but the problems here are beneath the surface largely. the lack of integration here is
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striking. on the streets you will hear arabic much more than french. when you talk to people, you will often hear people say they don't feel fully belgian. they feel like second class citizens. molenbeek imam says younger second and third generation immigrants feel particularly marginaliz marginalized. >> there is a big community in muslim that are feeling now that they are not belgian citizen. the reason of that is first of all the unemployment belgians, they don't feel they're accepted in this society. >> i am joined here by a former adviser to the state department on combatting extremism online, spent time in molenbeek working with muslim youth. good to see you. give us more detail as to why so
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many young muslims in molenbeek feel disconnected from the rest of belgium? >> i got the chance to spend time with a lot of youth in molenbeek and surrounding areas. here's what i found. there's intense desire to feel wanted and belonging. one group of high school students that showed videos of a trip to auschwitz to understand europe and their place in it. to a person, each of them told me they didn't feel efforts were appreciated. and in a place they didn't feel connected to their parents' generation, didn't feel a path to feeling belgian, they're looking elsewhere for their identity. it is a really destabilizing place to be. that's what isis takes advantage of. they offer them a way to express muslim identity they don't find in their neighborhood. >> they're vulnerable when you spell it out like that, but then there's the person or persons that take advantage of that. how are they able to infiltrate this area, go unnoticed, and
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then be able to seize on those vulnerabilities under the noses of people. >> as your reporting has shown, molenbeek in particular and a lot of places in europe have been ghettoized. there are large groups of people that look like you, you can blend in easily. a lot of people try to keep out of each other's business. people i spoke to in molenbeek know stuff is going on, they try to keep away from it, tend to daily lives which are already complicated and busy. it is in the cracks that these people can navigate. >> then where are the parents or loved ones or friend of any of these who were very vulnerable, where are they to intervene when they notice behavioral differences, attitudinal changes to see someone is preying on them and potentially influencing them? >> you have to understand
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looking at places like molenbeek is like looking at gang ridden areas in the united states. often parents are busy, working multiple jobs, trying to make ends meet. everybody is kind of on their own. it is because of that loose family structure, loose community structure that people are able to come in and take advantage of it. i wish it was a case where people were in each other's lives to catch people before they fall through the cracks, but there's a lot going on in these neighborhoods that we all, not just belgium, global citizens need to try to address. >> and what about as pertains to intelligence or police, are they part of the solution? because you hear on one hand people say if you have more police presence or patrolling, et cetera, it victimizes everybody and the wrong message may potentially be sent. then if you hear those that are critical of intelligence gathering or police who say they're not in there enough to even understand the
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vulnerability or act in a productive way to prevent something terrible from happening. >> i hear both from my contacts on the ground and from my conversations. it is a high crime area. people want to feel safe in their neighborhoods like any other citizen. i hear those complaints and you hear other complaints that you're being a little more -- casting a wide net. but there's no replacement for good law enforcement and good policing and good investigations. i think people in molenbeek expect that, but expect also a partnership with law enforcement, so if you can make neighborhoods safer, take care of crime issues, make us feel valued, we will cooperate more. >> thank you so much for your time. appreciate the expertise. >> thanks for having me. straight ahead, onto the road to the white house. democratic voters caucusing in three states, washington, alaska, hawaii. next why it might be a very good day for bernie sanders. worked on a surface is e
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♪ ♪ all right, they like them a lot in havana. the rolling stones rocking that city there, that island nation, the first major international band to play there. and guess what, the show was free. no official crowd estimate, but cuban media says the venue holds a half million people and was nearly full. the rolling stones arrived the same week as president barack obama who promised to end decades of mistrust and hostility between the u.s. and cuba. soon voters in this country in three western states begin caucusing. washington state, alaska, and hawaii. senator bernie sanders is
9:15 am
favored in all three over hillary clinton. he received big endorsement, including a powerful ad airing in hawaii featuring representative gabbert. >> what i saw in bernie was the heart of aloha. no matter where you come from in this country that we are all in this together. i am tulsi gabbard, i support bernie sanders to be our next president and commander in chief. >> representative tulsi gabbard joining me from hawaii. aloha. >> aloha, fredricka. >> this ad was personal for you. in it you explain your decision to serve in the iraq war. why is senator sanders speaking to you as the candidate of your choice? >> fredricka, the stakes in this election are so high. it is from that experience that i had serving in iraq, serving in a medical unit where every single day i saw firsthand that high human cost of war.
9:16 am
i'm supporting bernie sanders because he is that commander in chief that will exercise good judgment and foresight, who will take seriously the need to defeat our enemies, groups like isis and al qaeda that are conducting horrific attacks, but will have good judgment to end unnecessarily interventionist regime change wars that cost our country trillions of dollars, thousands of lives, continue to take a toll at home. when you look at the money that's been spent on unnecessary wars, it is directly correlated to constraints on resources in hawaii and places like flint, michigan, and in other communities across the country, the need to invest in nation building here at home. and that's what bernie sanders has committed to do and why i'm endorsing him for president and commander in chief. >> do you feel like bernie sanders has done a good job
9:17 am
explaining his foreign policy at great length over former secretary of state hillary clinton? >> i think he has made clear some of the distinctions between the two of them. obviously he speaks often about how he voted against the iraq war, where secretary clinton voted for it. the distinction between the fact that secretary clinton was the architect behind the military overthrow of gadhafi in libya, which has resulted in a completely failed state. thousands of lives lost. total chaos. and isis now having a strong hold there, which they didn't have before, and the difference between the two of them on the current regime change war being waged in syria. secretary clinton supports that war, promises to continue it, and in fact escalate it by implementing a no fly zone, putting us in direct conflict with russia. bernie sanders detailed how he is against continuing that
9:18 am
regime change war against that no fla zone, and will continue to fight to defeat isis. >> does it seem bernie sanders avoided details on isis, what his policies or proposals would be if he were in the white house, how he would address the global war on terror as it pertains to isis. >> i think first of all i want to say in many of these debates, in many of these town halls there hasn't been the focus that i believe this question deserves, the question of what are the qualities that the next commander in chief need to have, what are we looking for. what kind of decisions will they make. i think he has talked about his focus but comes down to this question of judgment and what kind of commander in chief we'll have. i'm supporting bernie sanders because he has shown through his record as well as positions he has taken that he will take seriously the need to defeat our
9:19 am
enemies, but he will stop these costly, unnecessary wars that have taken such a toll on our country. >> when you step down as vice chair woman of the dnc and then endorse bernie sanders, were you making more a statement about who you're throwing your support behind or were you also making statement about separation or disappointment that you have with the dnc? >> no, the decision that i made to resign as vice chair of the dnc was made because in that position you have to stay neutral. you can't and shouldn't be taking sides in one race or another, especially as we're talking about a democratic presidential primary. so i stepped down from that position to endorse bernie sanders for the reasons that i talked about. as a veteran, i understand the high stakes in this election and the fact that people have not talked enough about the most important question of war and peace.
9:20 am
and that most important responsibility that our next president will have as commander in chief. >> representative tulsi gabbard. >> thank you. tuesday, three candidates appear on cnn for a town hall in wisconsin, a week before the primary in that state. the town hall airs tuesday night, 8:00 p.m. here on cnn. we'll be right back. ncial compa, but your logo is old and a little pointy. so you evolve. you simplify. you haven't changed. you still help people live their best lives. and finally your new logo is ready, and you decide the perfect time to show the world is right... now.
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at least two americans are confirmed dead, more remain unaccounted for in the belgium attacks. the bombings also injured 14 americans, impacted lives of family and friends all over the world. cnn's brin has the story. >> reporter: her boyfriend and belgium native is among 31 people killed in the tuesday attacks. his family identified the 21-year-old's body friday. >> i'm going to miss the fact that he was my best friend. and i just feel like i could spend the rest of my life with him. always told this to him at the end of our phone calls.
9:25 am
it means bart is always in emily's heart. >> reporter: the horrific news delivered to the pinczowski family as well, alex and sasha were checking into a flight headed to new york. the family confirmed they received a list of survivors at a brussels hospital and the siblings weren't on it. in a statement, the family said we are grateful to have closure on this tragic situation and are thankful for the thoughts and prayers from all. this as secretary of state john kerry made a sobering announcement, americans also among those killed. >> the united states, i want you to know, is praying and grieving with you for the loved ones of those who have been cruelly taken from us. >> reporter: a senior u.s. official confirmed two americans among the victims, but their identities haven't yet been released. some families are waiting for word, like justin and stephanie schultz from tennessee who are
9:26 am
still missing. they were dropping off carolyn moore at the airport. she was visiting the couple that live in brussels. she survived the blast but says she has still not heard from her daughter or son-in-law. and an emotional reunion for surviving victim mason wells and his parents. wells, a missionary from utah suffering from severe burns. this is the third terrorist attack he survived. he remembers this one vividly. >> i was looking down, all of a sudden a huge blast came from the right. i think my body was actually picked off the ground for a moment. a large part of the right side of my body got really hot and then really cold, and i was covered in a lot of fluids, a lot of blood. and a lot of that blood wasn't mine. on this easter weekend, thousands turn out in the square in brussels, paying homage to
9:27 am
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welcome back. it is voting day in the democratic presidential race. hillary clinton, bernie sanders battling over 142 delegates in alaska, hawaii, washington state. clinton has an extremely comfortable lead ahead of today's contest. she won 1711 delegates. including super delegates to sanders' 952. at a rally last night in seattle, sanders looked ahead to key contests in may and june.
9:31 am
>> and i believe if we win here in washington, we're going to win california. we are going to win in oregon. and we have a real path to victory to the white house. let me also say that if we win the democratic nomination, we are going to win the general election. >> joining me right now, democratic strategist and bernie sanders supporter na meek ee cons and democratic strategist and clinton supporter hilary rosen. good to see you ladies. mr. sanders saying we have a real path toward victory. is the expectation fairly high that he'll do well today perhaps
9:32 am
in those three states? >> absolutely. i think that all of the blogs that do estimates from real clear politics to, all the wizards give bernie sanders 85% chance or more in each of these states. what that means is you have a little over 100 delegates in washington, about 20 or so in alaska, and another 16 or so in hawaii. that makes up a little over half the difference now in pledge delegates between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. and come june 7th, that means he could catch up if not surpass hillary clinton in pledge delegates. bernie sanders has always said from the beginning that the delegate count in the beginning will be higher toward hillary because the stakes in the beginning are more conservative. that's the way the democratic party set it up in the '80s. moved super tuesday to the southern states for establishment candidates and also set up the superdelegate to
9:33 am
prevent an insurgent candidate. we have a different party today, more progressive party. i think western states are more reflection of independent, newer democratic thinking voter. it will be good for bernie sanders june 7th when he catches up. >> hillary, is clinton and her campaign too presumptuous instead of focusing on bernie sanders making the comparison, continue to draw distinctions. instead she's spending more time talking about the frontrunner, donald trump. >> first let me say it is super cool that bernie sanders could fill mariners stadium last night with a screaming crowd. more power to him. that was great. but having said that, i think the math we heard isn't exactly accurate. first of all, these are not going to be winner take all caucuses today, so hillary clinton is going to get delegates regardless of whether sanders wins or not. so you keep having a
9:34 am
proportional lead going into big states like new york, pennsylvania, maryland over the course of the next two weeks where she has a significant lead and delegates will switch the opposite way. having said that both bernie sanders and hillary clinton are taking on donald trump, appropriately so because that's the conversation happening in this country. i think democrats have essentially decided that hillary clinton is going to be the nominee, all of the polls show that. they like bernie sanders, they want to keep hearing from him, he is raising important issues, but people are anticipating a general election matchup with clinton, trump. >> and hawaii democrats are going to be caucusing, and tulsi gabbard was just on with me moments ago, she's featured in a sanders ad and reiterated as she spoke with me, talking emotionally about her military
9:35 am
service and that she, you know, really started leaning toward bernie sanders, knowing his track record was he did not vote for the war in iraq. so i guess bernie sanders' campaign is starting to roll out some of the big dogs, so to speak, such as tulsi gabbard. is that a sign of the camp feeling nervous, feeling like it has to make a more poignant statement about where he would be on national security or foreign policy by bringing out someone else to speak on it more so than himself? >> well, i think it is no surprise that campaigns have surrogates, hillary clinton has hundreds between her super pac surrogates and campaign surrogates. you think about where bernie sanders was ten months ago. he was at 3%, had no money in the bank, nobody was showing up to his speeches. now you've got seattle stadiums sold out, collecting millions of
9:36 am
dolla dollars, millions of contributions, and i respect hillary, but it doesn't make sense. democrats are slick. you wouldn't have 80% under 40 supporting a different candidate and have stadiums sold out. >> isn't it perplexing that while you have a stadium, mariners stadium filling up, you have giant rallies, but then when you look at the numbers in terms of proposed delegates, it doesn't seem to match up. is there the turnout fascination with him, the message, but then people get whether caucusing or going to the voting booth, they vote otherwise. >> i think democrats like the message. no question they like what bernie sanders is saying, but you know this week is kind of a
9:37 am
good example where virtually the entire country was talking about terrorism and what happened in brussels and bernie sanders didn't veer at all from his economic justice message. now that's an important message but people are worried about a commander in chief. >> okay. we talk about those campaigning for others, for hillary clinton she has a big dog, has bill clinton campaigning hard for his wife. the former president made comments on the trail that some took as a swipe of president barack obama. hillary clinton was asked about it during an appearance on jimmy kimmel and this is what was said. >> i think last week he said something to the effect of hillary clinton presidency would makeup for, what was the exact word, the awful legacy of the last eight years. lot of people thought it was a shot at president obama. >> it wasn't. it was obviously not. he nominated president obama for a second term and we are both
9:38 am
very proud supporters of president obama, but what it was was the recognition that president obama, who i think doesn't get the credit he deserves for getting as much done in our country has faced this i am plaquable wall of hostility from the republicans. we're seeing it again, jimmy, with their opposition to even meeting with and considering the president's nominee for the supreme court. that to me is just beyond partisanship. >> hillary, real quick, that kind of cleaning up, will it be a distraction? >> i mean, i don't think there's any question people believe hillary clinton has been loyal to president obama. her biggest fights with bernie sanders have been over her loyalty to barack obama. the interesting question i think is whether anyone can really
9:39 am
change the partisanship that's occurred. i think she wants to. she said it has become so debilitating for the country. i have my doubts that republicans will ever willingly give up power. >> we will leave it there. happy easter weekend. >> thank you. >> tuesday night, three republican candidates appear on cnn for a town hall in wisconsin, comes a week before the primary there. that town hall tuesday night at 8:00 eastern on cnn. we'll be right back. hey america, still not sure
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i think we have to change our law on, you know, the water boarding thing, where they can chop off heads and drown people in cages, in heavy steel cages and we can't water board. >> we have to toughen our surveillance and communication, we have to toughen soft targets with greater police presence. >> we need a comprehensive strategy to utterly destroy them, that involves carpet bombing them to oblivion. >> needs to be intelligence sharing with allies around the world. >> i would involve our friends
9:44 am
in the arab community that know that radical islam is also intent on destroying and threatening them. >> this week presidential candidates have doubled down on their own policy, foreign policy messages outlining how they would address acts of terrorism as commander in chief. christian whitten, national security advise or to senator ted cruz and former state department senior adviser under george w. bush. christian, welcome. >> thanks, great to be here. >> i wonder in light of this week's attacks in brussels why is it your candidate felt he needed to step into a war of words with donald trump. did that undermine his dialogue about foreign policy? >> no, it is important to confront donald trump. we have seen again why trump is unsuited to be president. these may sound like tough positions on paper, when they're put on bumper stickers, let's water board the terrorists, but that wouldn't save lives, in
9:45 am
addition to torture being illegal and kind of unamerican. the idea that first of all anyone that knows anything about a terror cell knows when one of their senior leaders is captured, all their plans are changed. torturing people we capture wouldn't unearth any future plans necessarily nor would it save american lives. we need to step back and look at how you undermine all of the support mechanisms that have led to jihad in europe and places like san bernardino in california. >> is there worry about what the global message is when ted cruz says it is important to police more muslim communities in the u.s. to help weed out or that be part of counterterrorism efforts. what's the message globally ted cruz is sending if he were indeed commander in chief? >> i think we will get more into that in the near future. talk about more surveillance in the united states, when you get down to it, is working with muslims. this is something the new york police department did under michael bloomberg.
9:46 am
it has been stopped by even more liberal mayor of new york. the idea of working with clerics at mosques and other senior leaders in muslim communities to expose the jihadist, to expose those that want to subvert modernity, replace with terror and theocracy. that's helping muslims, working with muslims to turn on the bad apples. around the world that should be an appealing message. importantly, it is different than the last eight years because ted cruz is not afraid to see what we see, to say what is going on. radical islam is at war with america, at war with the west, just being honest, something that president obama and hillary clinton have not done. >> this is what ted cruz said specifically in a statement tuesday. we need to empower law enforcement to patrol and secure muslim neighborhoods before they become radicalized. but translation to a number of people in the muslim community, many people have expressed that there's a feeling statements
9:47 am
like that mean muslims are being painted with a very broad brush. >> yeah. i think you're going to see that sentiment from groups like council of american islamic relations, a group trying to label any muslim that works with police as uncle tom. when you get farther into this, what we are talking about is working with muslims to expose the jihadists and not to wait until we're attacked, not to wait until shooting and bombing starts but look at the root causes of the problem, which isn't the muslim religion. it is political islam, belief in violent jihad. >> what's the message that is sent, particularly for muslims that feel disenfranchised, not feeling they're wholly accepted, particularly into u.s. society. are we now sending very different messages with that? >> i think the message is they're going to have a friend in the oval office if they want
9:48 am
to confront the people that are trying to pervert their religion. if they're up for taking on the islamists. that's the key distinction. you talk about killing isis, that's important for starters, but we're dealing with a movement that spiked in recent years but has been around many decades. the people that are going to win that are muslims, calling for e reforming and doing what they have -- this isn't the language we heard for the last years under obama and it is different than what we had under george w. bush. you can say islam is the religion of peace or it is not. it is neither here nor there. fact of the matter we are dealing with an ideology we have to confront. >> christian whitten, thank you so much. appreciate it. >> thank you. cnn is the place to be for today's caucusing results. stay with us for complete
9:49 am
coverage and analysis beginning 2:00 eastern time. be right back.
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when we started the company, we tested a lot of classes, international history and personal finance. what we saw work was life-style categories, quilting, knitting, cooking, cake decorating. >> john and his partners began classes to meet demand and online classes came into focus. >> we went out, talked to quilters and knitters, realized there's a lot of technical skills that need to be learned to be able to do these crafts well. >> they now offer hundreds of classes a year, sell supplies to an ever growing base. it is something john sees as evolution of the growing maker movement. >> i think one of the reasons our classes resonate with people so much is it's really entertainment. people watch our classes and enjoy watching them, they're fun. they also then take away
9:54 am
tangible skills that they can use to make things. belgium's prime minister says his country needs to improve its strategy against terrorism after the deadly attacks. during the raids this week, belgian officials found 33 pounds of tatp explosives. when they searched the house used by the suspected brussels airport attackers, tatp is nicknamed the mother of satan because the white crystal powder can easily be set off by too much heat. what is alarming is how easy they can get the materials. nick valencia went for an explosives training course and found out it is indeed that simple. >> sobering and frightening how terrifyingly easy it is to make a bomb. didn't know anything about bomb aching going into this assignment. in 45 minutes, we could make three explosives that could be
9:55 am
deadly. the frightening thing about it, the products to make the bombs are easily accessible. >> fire in the hole. >> in rural alabama, elite members of law enforcement agencies from around the world prepare for the worst case scenario. state of the art training against global terrorism. >> all about saving lives. >> this all hits close to home. he is a brussels police officer and canine handler, sent to the u.s. for training as his city was hit. had he been in belgium, he would have likely been guarding the subway during the attacks. >> the knowledge we have here, we can share that with the rest of the world who wants to make it a better world, i think that's one step in the good direction. >> this is what we know that they're using all over the world. >> reporter: he founded the training company trip wire. he says lessons he teaches are critical in the fight against
9:56 am
isis and beyond. >> conventional explosive side, that doesn't bother me. things that bother me are stuff you can make in your house, in a garage, make it anywhere. >> we found out firsthand what he meant. >> go ahead. grab some ammonium nitrate. >> he shows us how in minutes anyone can make this kind of explosive. >> i am holding two volatile bombs in my hands. this has three components to it, this has two. we will put it on the ground to see what it does. three, two, one. fire in the hole. what i found terrifying about the entire experience is how simple and easy it is to make an explosive using ordinary household products, products capable of inflicting massive casualties. it is these explosives training courses that are crucial to stopping those that want to inflict chaos.
9:57 am
for morris and the team around him, their success is a matter of life and death. >> he says it is a matter of understanding the enemy, he says, not a matter of if but when the next attack happens. >> sobering indeed. thank you very much. the next hour of cnn newsroom starts after this. volkswagen believes safety is very important so all eleven models come standard with an intelligent crash response system... hmm..... .....and seven stability-enhancing systems... hmm... ...for more confidence... on road trips. hmmfff... hmm... for those who take safety seriously. like we do. the volkswagen safety in numbers event... hurry in and get a $1,000 volkswagen reward card when you purchase or lease select new 2015 or 2016 volkswagen models. (ee-e-e-oh-mum-oh-weh) (hush my darling...) (don't fear my darling...)
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