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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  March 31, 2016 11:00am-1:01pm PDT

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the way. we'll stand by to hear what trump has to say. john king, thanks very much. that's it for me. thanks very much for watching. in the meantime, the news continues next right here on cnn. hello, great to have you along with us on this thursday. i'm pamela brown, in today for brooke baldwin. republicans hope to stop donald trump from becoming their party's nominee are facing a new sense of urgency after the front run ae runner's stunning assertion about abortion. now one of his gop rivals says that's far from the only reason trump is unfit to be president. john kasich just laid out his own top five. take a listen. >> we know about his comments on abortion, which have put women in a very difficult position and we know he has since moved to correct those, in one way or
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another. he actually talked about the use of nuclear weapons, both in the middle east and in europe. you wonder about his hand or his thumb getting any close to the critical button that presidents are in charge of. number three, he says we should basically abolish the geneva convention which was created to make sure we had fair treatment for anybody who could be captured in war and that somehow we ought to abolish the geneva convention and engage in i guess more torture, which doesn't set well with any of the people who have served our country so honorably. he's called nato basically to be abolished. i can't figure out what his position is today. i happen to believe that nato needs to be strengthened. and then one of the most curious -- i don't even know how he went there. is that in picking the supreme court justice, that donald trump suggested that we have to --
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that any supreme court justice must make a commitment to review and investigate hillary's e-mails. i don't even know how you do that. that's something i can't even figure out. >> so any moment from now donald trump will meet with the rnc at its headquarters in washington, d.c., right here, and trump, as you know, ignited a new firestorm that had people on both sides of the abortion debate coming to a very rare agreement. and he went too far when he said this -- >> do you believe in -- >> no, but there's -- >> do you believe in punishment for abortion, yes or no, as a principle? >> there has to be some form of punishment. >> for the woman? >> yes, there has to be some form. >> you take positions on everything else. >> i do take positions on everything else. it's a very complicated position. >> what about the guy who got her pregnant, is he responsible for the abortion decision? >> it hasn't -- different feelings, different people.
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i would say no. >> now let's listen to hillary clinton who's speaking live. >> -- partisan political assaults. that is why i will defend marriage equality and work to end discrimination against the lgbt community. that is why i will defend voting rights which is under assault. that is why i will defend medicare and medicaid. that is why i will defend the rights of immigrants and work for comprehensive immigration reform. >> there we see hillary clinton speaking in purchase, new york. she also addressed the comments
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that donald trump recently made about abortion. to talk about that, i want to bring in cnn chief political correspondent dana bash, pastor mark burns of the harvest praise and worship center in south carolina and he's also a trump supporter and jennifer rubin with "the washington post" right term blog joining us. dan, i want to start with you, just to put the last 24 hours in perspective. as we heard john kasich there really unleashing on donald trump and holding a news conference to take advantage of this. >> that's right. it is very smart politics for him to do that. you know, he said to anderson cooper in cnn's town hall on tuesday that people are just starting to pay attention to him and it's because when there were so many candidates in the race, he didn't go negative, he didn't have, you know, bombast in his speech and in his tone. well, you know, that might be true but he also is now one of three, and trying to get out there and be a part of the news cycle, and he has done that successfully by not just talking
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about donald trump's comments on abortion but wrapping it all up. abortion, what he said on some national security issues and so forth. so he's trying to stay in the game and be a player as an alternative to donald trump. >> and really hitting on some of these controversial comments donald trump has made just in the last couple of days, if not the last 24 hours. and pastor burns, one of those comments that's getting so much attention, is about what he initially said about abortion and then, as we know, he changed his position three times in three hours. how do you defend him? >> well, you know, again, i think, first of all, chris did a wonderful job in the trip question, it was a trap question, it was designed to -- you're kind of damned if you do, damned if you don't -- >> but shouldn't he already have his answer prepared ten months into the race, i mean, at least ten months in, shouldn't he have a prepared answer for such a hot topic, especially in the republican primary?
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>> one of the things that has made donald trump so special, and the reason why even now millions of supporters are still voting and supporting donald trump, is because he speaks really from his heart. he's not scripted. he doesn't have a laid out political -- he's not a political, you know, pundit that has a script laid out like most politics do, which is why millions of americans really don't trust politicians. i think donald trump did a wonderful job in issuing out a statement, stating very clearly women should not be punished. they also are the victim of this abortion. he also has a strong stance in why abortion should be illegal. and it should be left up to the states to do that. >> so if he speaks from the heart though, as you point out, pastor, then what is his real position? it clearly changed three times in three hours. >> again, i think it's really important. the focus on the fact that chris, again, he's a seasoned reporter, very skilled at what
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he do, and he put donald trump into the position that you're damned if you do, damned if you don't. if it's illegal, the question was, if the states had made abortion illegal, then would you consider it a punishment for women who were involved? so then he pointed out again that if it was illegal. so if donald trump again was put in the position, a quagmire position, again, damned if you do, damned if you don't. he said the statement, i'm just like ronald reagan, i'm pro-life. donald trump is pro babies, he's pro children, and he wants to make sure the unspoken voices are spoken for, which is, again, why he's standing strong by corey lewandowski, standing strong by his principles. millions of americans are supporting. he's not your smooth talking political pundit who knows exactly what to say at the right time, but he is a -- >> he's also pro ignorance, come on, he is not running for high school president, he's running for president of the united states, and we shouldn't have a
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grade on the curve standard for him, or a trick question on something as basic as do you want to punish women. what has been going on, what dana noted, what john kasich noted, was really rampant ignorant on just about every topic. john kasich did a good job but, more than that, he wants to let japan and south korea get the bomb, he wants to charge mexico for the wall, it goes on and on. and the pastor is also right -- >> well, listen -- >> excuse me, you spoke for a very long time, now it's my turn. he also, you know, it is true that he is unscripted and that's the problem. you get the unfiltered donald trump who doesn't know foreign policy. who hasn't made up his mind or bothered to look at what he should or what he does believe upon an abortion. can you imagine this in a general election campaign? hillary clinton is already going to town on him. if you want to get real, take a look at some of these poll
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numbers. he's already losing overwhelmingly the woman vote. he's also losing the educated vote. he's losing the white male vote. he's losing the over 50,000 vote. who's going to vote for this guy? >> so pastor, what do you have to say to jennifer basically saying he speaks from the heart but he isn't thinking through key policy stuff you should know by now? >> well, again, i think it's important why, again, millions of americans are still voting for donald trump. again, god bless john kasich. god bless him. the only time he really gets any kind of news cycle is when he's talking about donald trump. and so of course obviously he's going to chime in so that he can get some tv time. god bless him. he's played the nice guy. god bless him for that. the fact of the matter is, millions of americans are tired of the politicians who just talk policy, policy, policy. >> but that shouldn't justify pastor -- >> you got to understand -- let me finish, let me finish, let me
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finish. because you spoke and now it's my turn to speak. >> you spoke a lot. >> millions of americans are really tired of the standard, quote, political jargon that most people don't really understand. this is why millions of new republicans are signing up and voting in the republican party. millions of new voters -- >> i'm going to get to you in just a second -- >> -- and voting, standing up for donald trump. >> okay, pastor, i hear you. >> i'll be your circuit breaker. >> thank you very much. because i also want to look at the way this has been handled. as we've seen through the course of this primary, donald trump usually doubles down on these controversial comments but this time seemed different. he quickly sent out those statements. he's been pretty quiet today. what do you make of all of that? >> completely different. look, this is -- i'm not going to get into sort of the back and forth about -- about, you know, the politics of it right now. but i think, again, putting
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politics aside, on the policy of this, he got, because of the backlash, mediate backlash, from not just anti-abortion groups but abortion rights groups, which is almost impossible to unite on anything. coming together and saying whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, that is not a policy anybody agrees with. no matter where you stand on the abortion spectrum. that's why he didn't have a choice. it is very uncharacteristic. extremely so. wh what, what it has been some of the issues john kasich mentioned today, whether it is nato, whether it is not letting -- temporarily letting muslims into this country. he has doubled down, he has tripled down, that's been his m.o., and it's worked for him with these primaries. but this is just something they knew right away they had to change.
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it took them a couple times to get it right, so to speak, to have the right language as an anti-abortion activist would, you know, kind of the language of the march for life and those groups. that's why he did it. >> so jennifer, does he need new advisers? >> listen, it doesn't justify abject ignorance. there are other candidates in the race. vote for one of them. you know, we've gotten so accustomed to dummying down the questions to him, the dialogue, that we no longer expect anything better. it's not going to washington from here on out. you already see the poll numbers sinking in wisconsin. he's got to have some states that are not as friendly territory that are so-called closed primaries in which he does much poorer. not only from the other candidates but from superpacs,
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from people who agree with him, who don't agree with him, he is a great uniter. >> hillary clinton spoke about this last night, telling cnn's anderson cooper the republicans are all in this together. >> they all want to dictate a woman's reproductive health care decision so, you know, the choice is really clear. the republicans all line up together. now, maybe they aren't quite as open about it. as donald trump was earlier today. but they all have the same position. if you make abortion a crime, you make it illegal, then you make women and doctors criminals. >> the other two candidates, as you pointed out, came out condemning those remarks. pastor burns, is that fair? will the gop suffer for trump's
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remarks? are you concerned about that? >> not at all. again, we are so focused on, you know, as many distracting points about certain things that donald trump might -- you might consider wrong. but the thing is, donald trump is the epitome of political incorrectness. you go back to the strength of the border. donald trump is focusing on strengthening the borders of the united states, bringing jobs back to the united states, and focusing first on the american people, which is why, again, millions of people are voting for donald trump. if we focus on that and focus on why people are rallying behind donald trump, this has not stopped the support for donald trump at all. all this has done is continuo continuously focused the focal point of people are tired of political correctness. they really want real results and somebody who is not controlled by big packs,
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superpacs, big businesses. they want somebody who can get into the white house and make some real changes, radical changes that are not focused on the political correctness of our society but really make some real practical changes that make life better for all americans, black americans, white americans, and all. >> i want to go to you because we're all curious what's happening right now at the rnc headquarters. take us behind the scenes. we know trump is meeting with the rnc, what, 48 hours after he backed away from that pledge? >> it's going to be very interesting to see what this is all about. we're just getting information as we're seeing the picture. clearly, it appears that he's going there. hard to imagine he's not going to meet with the republican chair reince priebus. the two of them talked. just like he told me he talks to many candidates now, the three candidates as frequent lip as he can, but you're exactly right, that the timing is quite interesting, given the fact the last time there was a
11:16 am
high-profile meeting with priebus and trump, it was way back in september when reince went up to new york to specifically sit with donald trump and ask him personally to sign the pledge that he would back the republican nominee and at that time it was of course everybody thought potentially he would be the one to bolt the republican party and he told anderson that he doesn't think the republican party is treating him fairly. there are a lot of important things coming up that are a little bit in the weeds, but all of us are going to be talking about. just like people know sports stats, they're going to know these. like the rules that are going to gov vern the convention coming up. rules are going to be decided a week before the convention in july. priebus signaled maybe the rules from last time around, from 2012, could be changed, but good luck telling that to trump and
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cruz who benefit right now from last time around's rules. >> you'd just love to be a fly on the wall in that meeting. panel, thank you very much. just ahead, as donald trump refuses to rule out using nukes in europe, president obama hosting a nuclear summit right here in the united states. haerp the reaction. plus, a major development involving the paris terror suspect who's been captured. and a scandal erupts involving the governor of alabama. at the center of it, a female adviser. a secret tape. and sexually charged conversations. details just ahead. ♪ ♪virgin islands nice ♪ ♪so nice ♪so nice, so nice ♪
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president obama is meeting with more than 50 loeaders from around the world. to pursue a world without nuclear weapons. listen to what the president had to say back then compared to what the gop presidential front-runner is saying now. so today i state clearly and
11:22 am
with conviction america's ability. >> i would never take any of my cards off the table. >> how about europe, we won't use it in europe. >> i'm not going to take it off the table. >> you might use it in europe? >> why not just say it? >> i am not taking cards off the table. >> cnn's white house correspondent michelle kosinski is following the story for us. you just heard from the white house. what do they say? >> yes, also, when you look at what happened in belgium with these allegations now that some of the suspects in the past may have been involved in a plot against nuclear facilities, may have been surveilling a top nuclear scientist in belgium, may have been looking closely at facilities. i mean, the white house has to consider that a big concern. what they just said somewhat downplays the threat. they said it backs up their
11:23 am
knowledge they already had that isis wants to get its hands on nuclear material. they also said look at belgium. it has extremely tight nuclear security. they don't consider what those brothers may have been doing a significant threat. that said, though, nuclear security and trying to get that material out of the hands of isis is a big focus of this summit. kind of an unexpected one. this happens every two years. it's been going on since 2008 was the first one i think. but isis has really changed the urgency level. when you hear the white house talk about what needs to be done in terms of nuclear security around the world. trying to make sure everybody has the top security at nuclear facilities. trying to enhance security at ports of entry so the nuclear material can't be smuggled into countries. there are other concerns about the civilian use. not of weapons grade nuclear
11:24 am
fissile material as it's called but radio logical material used in the medical field. used for developing countries that don't have tight security. when you talk to experts at this summit now, that's one of their big concerns. how do you make sure security is tight, even in civilian uses, even at hospitals and countries that don't have great security. so that's going to continue to be a real focus here, as well as trying to come up with practical real ways to keep north korea from advancing its nuclear program, pam. >> all this going on without russia at the table. michelle kosinski, thank you. coming up on this thursday, he was the most wanted man in europe. new developments today involving captured paris suspect salah abdeslam and what authorities plan to do next. also happening right now, donald trump is meeting behind closed doors with the rnc. we are waiting to see if he addresses the media on the way out. of course we will bring that to you live. also, prepare for a trip back in
11:25 am
time. it's the premiere of the cnn original series "the eighties." up next, we'll take you live inside tv's most famous watering hole. bet you can guess.
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cnn is ready to take you back in time with the premiere of "the eighties." at 9:00 p.m. eastern. to kick it off, we're taking you to a place where everybody knows your name. ♪ ♪ making your way in the world
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today ♪ ♪ takes everything you got >> a new tavern opened at 12 beacon street. >> a mailman never forgets an address. why isn't this message getting to my brain? >> probably because you're sitting on it. >> cheers to that. cnn's michaela pereira is inside that famous boston bar, having a blast, serving up drinks. what's today's drink special? >> you know -- oh, we got a drink special i'm going to tell you about. it was a bad idea to send me to a bar, can i just say, cnn, you might have wanted to rethink that. we've been here since very early. there's a lot of people in this bar from all over the world. they're having a great time. this is lisa, the bartender. she's been working here for 21
11:31 am
years. why did you -- why so long? you like it here? >> i love it. what better cubicle? >> it's a good cubicle. people that come in here, is it '80s nostalgia, what is it? >> amazes me how many people come through the door. the show's been off the air for 23 years now. they loved that show. >> some are young fans like this lady here tina. she knows more about '80s nostalgia and cheers. how do you know the show? >> i've seen every episode. >> how old are you? >> 31. >> i'm going to test your knowledge. this is a -- what is it called again? a screaming viking. that was a drink from one of the episodes, season 6, the premiere episode, when kirstie alley actually started. what is the deal, it's not actually the recipe you guys did that was on the show, it was a recipe you've come up with, right? >> yes, it is. it's a fun rum drink now. >> i feel like a fun rum drink.
11:32 am
>> how can you not? especially on a thursday afternoon. why not? >> right on. >> here's the deal. i'm going to learn how to make one of these fun rum drinks. next hour, you come back to me, i'm going to see if i can make anybody drink it. >> that sounds like a -- don't drink too many of those in the meantime, michaela, because we are going to come back to you. >> i haven't had a single one. >> all right. well, have fun, very jealous like i said. cnn's new original series "the eighties" tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern/pacific. the race will come down to delegates and special rules that could be changed. we'll discuss. plus, the governor of alabama says he will not step down after embarrassing reportings emerged of him making inappropriate remarks allegedly to one of his aides.
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right now, donald trump is meeting with the rnc as he faces backlash over his abortion remarks. the entire outcome of the republican nominated convention could be in the hands of 112 people, many of whom haven't been named yet. i'm talking about the convention rules committee. it's the group that will decide whether to ditch a temporary rule that could really smooth republican front-runner donald trump's path to the nam nation.
11:38 am
it's called the eight state rule. here's how it works. it requires any gop candidate to win a majority of delegates in eight states in order to win the party's nomination. mitt romney's forces pushed through the temporary provision at the 2012 republican convention to try to block senator rand paul. right now, only donald trump exceeds the eight-state threshold. cruz and kasich would not make the cut. so let's talk this over with our guest, an expert on the gop nominating process. kind of break it down for us. at first glance, this could be confusing for people, particularly for me as i try to understand this. first of all, when will convention rules committee decide whether to keep this eight-state rule? >> we'll have a spring meeting coming up. i'm sure it will come up as to whether or not to reduce the number from 8 to 5 or 3 which is what the number was originally. eventually the convention itself will have to adopt the rules. there will be a permanent committee that will have to meet the week before the convention
11:39 am
starts. at the end of the day, it will be the convention itself that adopts the convention rules. >> who is in this committee? who decides the membership? >> each state picks a man and woman to serve on the rules committee. so you end up with 112, which is 50 states plus six territories. >> okay. so this rule, do you think it would still exist when the 2016 gop convention happens in cleveland or not? >> i really don't know. i mean, i think currently it looks as though governor kasich would have to win either two or four more states to even make it an issue. senator cruz, if he wins wisconsin, will be much closer. and so much of it depends on what happens in the rest of the process. there are plenty of states left in order to meet the threshold. when i go to fix a problem that doesn't exist. but if we get toward the convention, we'll have to take a look at it. if this rule is ditched, could that open a path to a latecomer surprise?
11:40 am
>> no, we'd have to change a different rule for that. >> all these rules. >> it's a lawyer parliamentarian dream here. we'll need some of that fun rum at the rules committee maybe probably to get it all right. there's another rule that basically says once the balloting starts, you keep voting until someone gets a majority. in order to prevent new entry, we probably have to have another rule to prevent denominations after the first ballot. >> what is the back story to this rule? >> the back story is governor romney didn't want congressman paul to be named so he brought the number of states to eight. he was the only person eligible to be a nominee and eligible to receive votes. to give you a flavor, we just recently changed part of that rule because recently you couldn't even record it. now at least we started the
11:41 am
process where votes for other candidates will at least be recorded. they just won't be tallied. towards the 1,237 which as you know is the minimum to be nominated. >> thank you, randy evans, appreciate it. >> thank you, send me one of those fun rums. >> i will. meantime, coming up on this thursday, a salacious audio recording and the revelation of an alleged sex scandal has rocked the office of alabama's governor. a top political aide to governor robert bentley has just resigned. this comes a week after he publicly admitted to making sexually inappropriate remarks to her. those words alley captu alleged captured in this audio recording. >> he couldn't tell who i was sending it to and didn't say, hey, baby, i love you so much and i like to spend the rest of my life with you'd kiss me -- i love that. you know i do love that.
11:42 am
i put bhi arms around you and i put my hands on your breasts and i put my hands -- and pull you real close. if we're gonna do what we did the other day, we're going to have to start closing the door. >> he denied he ever had an affair but his wife filed for divorce last year. joining me now, alina machado, cnn correspondent. what is the recourse the governor is facing? >> pamela, there is mounting pressure for the governor to resign. we've talked to at least one alabama state lawmaker who intends to begin the impeachment process some time next week. the governor's office says he has no plans to resign. it started last week when published the sex recording,
11:43 am
reportedly made by someone in the bentley family to figure out if bentley was involved in a relationship. even though we don't know specifically who the governor is talking to, he does not dispute the authenticity of the tapes. he also does not deny it is his voice on the tapes having a sexual conversation. but he has compae out and said those were inappropriate comments and he's already apologized to his family and others. the 74-year-old denies ever having had a physical affair. the woman at the center of the sex scandal is now a former top aide named rebekah mason and yesterday mason resigned from her post and said she plans to focus on her family, who she says are the most important people in her life. the governor's office meanwhile released a statement about her resignation saying, quote, i appreciate rebekah mason's service to my administration and the people of this state. i wish the best for her and her family. it's also worth noting that last week the governor fired his former law enforcement chief, a man named spencer collier.
11:44 am
collier has been outspoken about the alleged affair. he has accused the governor of inappropriately using resources to cover up the alleged affair. governor bentley has denied doing anything illegal. again, it sounds like he plans to stay in office, despite this scandal. pamela. >> no doubt, the saga will continue. alina machado, thank you. up next, we have some breaking news. authorities have agreed to extradite to france a key suspect tied to the paris and brussels attacks. could this mean his cooperation is in the works? plus, hear from the ex-wife or perhaps the most wanted terrorist in the world. the head of isis, abu bag dady what she says he was like as a husband and a dad, that's next.
11:45 am
11:46 am
when a traumatic back condition robbed a young girl of a normal childhood, she refused to give in. dr. sanjay gupta takes a look at how she transformed her pain into a will to win.
11:47 am
>> this look is said to intimidate jeannette lee's opponents. for this champion pool player known as the black widow, there is more than meets the eye. >> a common misperception about why i look the way i do is to look intimidating but it's because my spine doesn't curve up. >> jeannette was diagnosed with scoliosis at 12 years old. >> we went to this doctor two days later, i'm having surgery and i woke up to absolute hell. i just remember being so -- in so much pain after surgery. i grew over 3 inches. >> her traumatic experience including having to wear a brace in school shattered her confidence. >> i really felt broken. >> until she discovered pool. >> i really believe it healed me. >> despite intense back pain, she practiced as much as 30 hours at a time. >> it was my escape. i turned pro when i was 21. i was nevumber one in the worldt
11:48 am
23. >> she has undergone more than ten neck and back operations. but she refuses to give in. she's a mother of six. a successful business woman. and a motivational speaker. >> i live every day knowing that there's nothing i can do that i should take for granted, because it can be gone tomorrow. >> dr. sanjay gupta, cnn, reporting. we have some breaking news now. donald trump right now is meeting with the rnc. a surprise sit-down just 48 hours after trump backed away from the rnc loyalty pledge. the front-runner could speak any moment. of course we will take it live. stay with us. let's celebrate these moments... this woman... this cancer patient... christine... living her life... loving her family. moments made possible in part by the breakthrough science of advanced genomic testing.
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welcome back. right now, donald trump is meeting at the rnc, in a firestorm over comments he made
11:51 am
about abortion and other topics. also the fact he backed away from that pledge, the loyalty pledge, about 48 hours ago. imagine all that is part of the conversation today. and we hope that donald trump will speak to reporters after this meeting with the rnc. we just got word from belgium that this man, salah abdeslam, you probably recognize him, he will be extradited to france. believed to be part of the deadly terror attacks in paris that killed 130 people in november. i want to bring in bob baer, cnn intelligence and security analyst and former cia operative. bob, great to have you on. so salah's lawyer says he wants to cooperate with the french, this is on the heels of his lawyer previously saying he was cooperating and then we know the attacks happened in brussels. what do you think about this? do you take it seriously? do you think it's a sign he's willing to spill on other alleged terror cells? >> pamela, there's no indication
11:52 am
that he's handed over any actionable intelligence so far. he didn't stop metro attack, the airport attack in brussels. it would be typical for a lawyer to say my client's going to cooperate if he's treated well. this man was the center of the paris attacks on 13th of november and the brussels attacks. he knows a lot. but i still think he's a believer in the cause. and he's unlikely to talk. these people rarely do. it's very hard to flip them. i think the french are going to have a hard time with him. >> haven't there been other cases where terrorists have wanted to talk to authorities and boecast about it because they're proud of their terrorist ties? >> well, these guys, so-called, they will flip and talk, but the ones committed to martyrdom are very unlikely. these people have very, very hard core of course and even in
11:53 am
prison they refuse to talk. i just don't see so far he's made any move, as i said, to cooperate in this, just none. >> well, and clearly he wasn't cooperating before. if he knew about the attacks in brussels which it's believed he did. a woman, by the way, speaking of isis and his loyalty to them, a woman claiming to be the ex-wife of isis leader abu bacara al baghdadi, is talking about her marriage to him. i want to talk about it on the other end. >> translator: he was great, the children's ideal father, the way he was with children, he was a teacher. you know how teachers are. he knew how to deal with chi children, better than how to deal with the mother. i marry a normal person, a university lecturer. it wasn't until after he changed his name i knew he was active. >> we know he's the leader of
11:54 am
most dangerous terror group in the world. what do you make of her speaking out? is she putting herself at risk here? >> oh, she's putting herself at risk. i mean, it's a fascinating confession here. i mean, the fact that she's calling him a good father. but so many of these people that have gone over the edge politically are also charismatic. and they're well liked within the group and the rest of it. and they sell this absolutist violent idea to the followers. but in order to do that, they have to be very -- like i said, charismatic, personable. his talk in mosul, i speak arabic, it was riveting for someone who understands the language. i can see this description of him being accurate. yes, she is putting her life in danger. she better go in hiding. >> quickly, does this have any intelligence value to officials tracking al baghdadi? >> yes, anybody around him, his network, anything she gives up is very importantor piecing this all together. even if it's old. i mean, getting a database on
11:55 am
this guy and going after him, you need this sort of thing, yes. >> bob baer, thank you very much. well, it's safe to say that donald trump hasn't had a very good 24 hours and his rivals are pouncing. what john kasich says are the five reasons trump should never be allowed into the oval office. this, as trump holds a surprise meeting with the rnc. he just walked out. details just ahead. you do all this research on
11:56 am
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with no membership fees. download the app and get 15% off your first order with code "bulk." hello, i'm pamela brown in today for brooke baldwin. we begin with breaking news. just 24 hours after igniting a firestorm with his stunning comments about abortion, donald trump just met behind closed doors with the republican national committee.
12:00 pm
this meeting comes just after trump met with his foreign policy advisers at the site of his new hotel in washington. it's his remarks about abortion that are trdrawing a lot of hea. he says women should be punished for having abortions if one day the procedure is outlawed in the united states. then later reversed his stance, taking three different positions in three hours. after switch backlash from people on both sides of the abortion debate. that includes his gop rivals. john kasich says it's far from the only reason trump is unfit to be president. he laid out his own top five. take a listen. >> we know about his comments on abortion which have put women in a very difficult position. we know that he has since moved to correct those in one way or another. he actually talked about the use of nuclear weapons, both in the middle east and in europe. you wonder about his hand or his thumb getting any close to the
12:01 pm
critical button that presidents are in charge of. number three, he says we should basically abolish the geneva convention, which was created to make sure we had fair treatment for anybody who could be captured in war and that somehow we ought to abolish the geneva convention and engage in i guess more torture. which doesn't set well with any of the people who have served our country so honorably. he's called on nato basically to be abolished. i can't figure out what his position is today. i happen to believe that nato needs to be strengthened. then one of the most curious and -- i don't even know how he went there. in picking the supreme court justice that donald trump suggested that we have to -- that any supreme court justice much make a commitment to review and investigate hillary's e-m l e-mails. that's something i can't even figure out. >> just moments ago, hillary
12:02 pm
clinton lumped in kasich as well as other republicans with trump on the abortion issue. >> donald trump is showing us exactly who he is and we should believe him. but let's remember this. all the republican candidates want to make abortion illegal. if you make abortion a crime, then you make women and doctors criminals. i'm always struck by the fact that these republicans all want limited government except when it companies to women's rights. >> so a lot to talk about, to say the least. let's get right to it. cnn's political reporter knnia mallika henderson, rebecca beard, real clear politics, great to have you all on. we're all wondering what happened in that meeting between donald trump and the rnc, nia, what in the world did they talk about? do we know yet? >> you know, oh to be a fly on
12:03 pm
the wall in that meeting. of course it comes after what might have been the worst 24 hours of donald trump's campaign. you have seen the rnc in some way step in at critical moments during donald trump's campaign of course when he flirted with maybe running a third party. they made him sign a pledge he would back the nominee. little good that does, he's already backed out of that pledge. but they have along the way, you know, encouraged him to tamp down on some of the rhetoric. whether it was around muslims, illegal immigration. you imagine that's the kind of thing going on there. and of course a likely discussion of what's going to happen and what the rules are in terms of a cleveland convention. this comes at a critical time for trump's campaign where he has called for the gop to unite around him but at the same time the gop seems more fractured than ever and more emboldened.
12:04 pm
with the anti-trump wing to take him down. >> david, i mean, i don't know who asked for this meeting, but do you think that the gop is really -- or the rnc i should say is a concern, especially in light of the last 24 hours, that this is all hurting the gop? >> oh, i'm sure they are very concerned. i think they've been concerned for a while. you've really seen party leaders intervene at different points in times when these controversies have bubbled up. whether it is paul ryan making the call, mitch mcconnell making the call to tamp down the donald's rhetoric. think his answer the other night on not pledging to support the nominee, which frankly all the republican candidates said the same thing on that. i think there is some nervousness on trump, given that he is the most likely one to bolt and run third party. so i think if you're priebus, you want to keep a constant line of contact there and feel him out, see where he's going.
12:05 pm
because that's the last thing the republicans need. they've already got enough of a mess. the last thing they need is a third party that would get in this general election and hand the election to hillary clinton. >> you know, rebecca, donald trump is no stranger to controversy. but the last 24 hours seems different as nia pointed out. what do you think, especially when it comes to abortion and some of these other big policy issues, particularly for republicans? has he not thought through these policies or does he just want to cause a stir? is this an effective strategy, what do you think? >> well, it didn't seem this is a deliberate strategy to come out, say one thing about abortion and then flip his position entirely in the course of maybe an hour. i don't think that's any politicians deliberate strategy even if it does get news and cause a stir. i think this is probably a policy position he hadn't fully thought through. donald trump, as he himself will admit, is a new pro-lifer within the past couple years, decade or
12:06 pm
so. so he doesn't know the ins and outs of pro-life policies in the way that someone like cruz would for example, who has been a pro-life candidate for his whole political career. this really showed for me at least, donald trump is still learning the ropes and there's still mistakes to be made. in terms of the political implications, we have to remember, he is already so unpopular among women, evangelicals still tend to support cruz. so really among his core supporters, i don't think there are any core supporters among trump's base motivated solely by an issue like abortion and for him this is a big deal breaker. >> there's this new cnn poll that shows trump's support among women very low. this was before his abortion remarks yesterday. could his numbers dip more? how could this impact trump's female vote in wisconsin where we know the primary is in less
12:07 pm
than a week and elsewhere? >> yes, we've already seen from these polls in wisconsin women are supporting ted cruz now. at least at this point, if we believe this poll. in past races, we've seen it reverse. meaning that women were more likely to support donald trump than they were ted cruz. what's been remarkable i think about these last 24 hours is if donald trump falters, it will largely be because of republican women. you've had republican women almost have a feminist moment over these last 24 hours and coming out, very high-profile women, women, you know, in the anti-abortion fight, really strongly opposing donald trump. it's almost like they have borrowed a line from democrats. women are using that strategy now against donald trump. it's something remarkable that i think we're witnessing now. >> and something else that's garnered some controversy is what donald trump has said about nuclear weapons, particularly what he told msnbc's chris
12:08 pm
matthews about not ruling out using nukes in europe. let's take a listen to this. >> can you tell the middle east we're not using nuclear weapons -- >> i would never say that. >> how about europe, we won't use it in europe? zbl >> i'm not going to take it off the table. >> you might use it in europe? >> no, i don't think so. >> then just say it. >> i am not taking cards off the table. >> david, your reaction to that? >> yes, i just didn't find this comment as controversial. especially a republican primary base. i think republican voters are very skeptical of sort of showing our hand. i think trump did have an answer. he didn't say he was going to use nuclear weapons in europe. help just said, i'm not going to show my hand. if you're a republican voter or anyone listening to that, his actual sentenanswer is "i'm not to show my cards." if you're listening closely to that, i think it's probably a pass on that remark from republicans. i think the abortion comment, he
12:09 pm
was clearly just out of his league, didn't really know how to answer it, as rebecca said. i think that is the most problematic answer he gave. >> he just wrapped up this meeting with the rnc. of course, as he normally does, he is tweeting about it. he said, just had a very nice meeting with reince priebus and the gop. looking forward to bringing the party together and it will happen. rebecca, your reaction? we got to bring you in. >> sounds like the meeting went well. it's i think indicative of how much trump has changed over the course of this campaign, that he is now talking about uniting the party, tweeting out this very diplomatic really for him tweet about his meeting with reince priebus, just at the same time, really, in the same week that he has been warning the republican party against pulling any fast ones on him. he flamed up over this louisiana delegate selection process. where ted cruz's campaign went
12:10 pm
in and just by virtue of their better organization were able to come out with more delegates than trump. it looks like for now they've made peace. >> quickly, nia, rand paul is touting this big endorsement tomorrow. do we know anything about that? >> you know, i don't personally know anything about it. you know, we'll have to see. i think the story of endorsem t endorsements this year is that they really mattered. if anything, they backfired. they've gotten these endorsements and gone on to lose the contest. i think this is an unpredictionable year, that endorsements have not mattered at all. >> david, rebecca, thank you so much. >> thanks a lot. >> thank you. >> we are getting some breaking news in at this hour. the word of an active shooter situation at the greyhound bus station in richmond, virginia. police have now confirmed they are dealing with this. we're going to have more right after this break. stay with us. (patrick 1) what's it like to be the boss of you?
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the breaking news at this hour, there's apparently an active shooter situation at the greyhound bus station in richmond, virginia. police have confirmed to us they are responding to this. we're making calls as we speak. we'll keep you updated with any developments on this active shooter situation there in richmond, virginia. and meantime, republican front-runner donald trump made some revealing comments about the supreme court nominees he would pick. trump says if he were to win the presidency, he'd nominate justices who will investigate hillary clinton's e-mails. listen. >> well, i'd probably look very seriously at her e-mail disaster because it's a criminal activity and i would appoint people that would look very seriously at that, to start off with. what she's getting away with is absolutely murder. you talk about a case, now that's a real case. >> so there's one catch to this. as a basic tenant, the supreme court does not prosecute individuals. the supreme court is the final
12:16 pm
arbiter of cases involving laws of congress and the constitution. so let's talk this over with constitutional law professor gloria brown marshall. just to put this out there, one of trump's advisers said he thought he was talking about the attorney general, not a supreme court justice, but the question was as we heard. given his answer, does trump understand how the supreme court works? >> well, no, u.s. supreme court justices are not pit bulls who are hired to go after anyone. as a matter of fact, the senate hearings are supposed to reveal any biases and look at the background of a particular nominee to make sure they will be unbiased. >> and make their decisions based on what the law and president dictates. >> of course. >> we've been talking a lot about this. as we know, there's been a lot of focus on president's supreme court nominee, merrick garland. hillary clinton was asked about
12:17 pm
him, whether she would tap garland if president. some say she dodged the president. listen to this. >> i really find this whole line of questioning one that i'm not comfortable with because we have one president at a time. and i think part of the problem right now is the republicans are trying to act like he's not really still president. i was one of the 65 million people who voted to re-elect president obama so my voice is being shut out because the republican senate won't actually process judge garland's nomination. i don't want any daylight between me and president obama. >> so what's your reaction? do you think she did dodge the question? >> i think she did dodge the question because she's a politician. u.s. supreme court justices are supposed to be above politics. that's why they serve for life. they're not supposed to be people who have a hidden agenda and all of that is supposed to come out during the hearing. the senate has a chance as representatives of the people to ask a nominee questions and make
12:18 pm
sure there's no bias that the nominee is very well versed in the law, has a background -- and is not going to be a pit bull for any one particular political party. >> gloria brown marshall, thank you. we're following some breaking news. we're getting word of an active shooter situation at the greyhound bus station in richmond, virginia. police have confirmed they are dealing with this. we'll have more after the break.
12:19 pm
12:20 pm
12:21 pm
12:22 pm
we couple back. we're following breaking news in richmond, virginia, where there's an active shooter situation we're told at the gra
12:23 pm
and how bus station. greyhound bus station. authorities are reacting to this situation. greyhound released a statement saying there's an ongoing incident at their richmond, virginia, gray and how statieyh. local authorities are responding. i want to bring in our law enforcement analyst art rodderic based in washington, d.c. art, you've covered many of these types of situations in your career in law enforcement. what's happening right now? >> well, it looks like they already -- the police obviously responded. blocked the area off. it sounds like they're already collecti ining evidence. i've been watching the local news. there's been different reports on a number of injuries i've seen. of course, none of this has been confirmed, but i've seen upwards of four people injured. it looks like they have the seen under control at this point. and obviously they are -- i don't know if they have -- or if you guys have heard, they
12:24 pm
neutralized the shooters at this point in time. >> we don't have that information. in the very beginning stages, it's hard to get the facts, but what we do know is authorities are responding. you know, you look at something like this, i mean, this is a place that people go to day to it a just to hop on the bus and get to where they need to be. so-called soft target as they say, right, art? >> yes, no, exactly, pamela, and, you know, the big question here is going to be what's the motivation behind the shooting. is it a simple criminal act or is it something more nefarious that we're very familiar with unfortunately in this country at this point. i'm sure they'll have this sorted out quickly. i can see some of the local news reporters on the scene there that are looking at -- they already have the evidence tape up and they're already gathering evidence at the scene. i see several ambulances there. so it looks like they have the area well under control at this point in time. >> so we're looking at pictures right here from the area. and some law enforcement
12:25 pm
officers look calm. we don't know how close they are to the situation at the gr greyhound bus station. what kind of coordination is taking place between the locals and the state and federal officials? >> you know, as we've talked about in other shootings of this kind, there's a lot of training that goes on here between law enforcement and theological communities, whether it's a school. i don't know whether they've had training specifically with the bus station. but it is classified as infrastructure location, department of transportation hub, so tt comes into account. the police obviously with the training they have in the past, want to respond, enter that type of location and try to neutralize the threat quickly. from seeing the news reporting
12:26 pm
here, you don't see anybody in a, in a position where it looks like something's going on there anymore. it looks like they've got the situation under control. it also looks like there's a point where they're, again, gathering whatever evidence they can at the scene. we haven't heard anything about the shooter at all which is unusual at this point in time. >> still early on, we're waiting to hear the facts. we're staying on top of this story. we're going to take a quick break and we'll be right back. is just to be able to recognize problems in the world around you. don't you dare change the rules. don't you dare play with your food. don't you dare get any big ideas. ignore what people say you can't do. don't you dare take that apart. don't you dare stay up all night on the computer. don't you dare raise your voice. ♪ ♪
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12:30 pm
we're still following the breaking news out of richmond, virginia. with received a statement from virginia state police.
12:31 pm
around 2:45 p.m., state police were alerted to the shooting incident at that greyhound bus station in the city of richmond. we've learned two virginia state police troopers and one civilian has been transported to the medical center for treatment. we're told by virginia state police that shooting suspect is now in custody. so the situation is contained. art, we don't know the circumstances yet of what happened. so presumably the two officers were responding to the incident, right? >> yes, that's what it sounds like. we also don't know if this could have been some type of vehicle chase or car stop that ended up there at the greyhound bus station or very well they might have responded. the key part of this incident is going to be, okay, what is the background of this incident, was this a domestic-type situation, a criminal-type shooting? it's probably one or the other
12:32 pm
at this point in time. >> raises questions about security at these transportation hubs, these soft targets. art rodderic, thank you for sharing your perspective. dana bass has new details about what was discussed. >> my understanding is, as you and i were sort of suspecting at the top of the hour, it was about delegates. and about convention rules. but specifically, you know, kind of how the mechanisms all work, how they could work, how they will work. and we are obviously -- we've been talking about delegates. how it will be kind of a very different sort of event if donald trump or anybody else doesn't get the 1,237 delegates needed. so my understanding is that was the crux of the discussion, it was about that, kind of going
12:33 pm
through the machinations of how it works. now, having said that, i'm not sure, and i haven't gotten from sources yet what the timing was for scheduling this meeting, pam. because you and i were also talking about, earlier in the show, the fact that on cnn's town hall, trump went after the rnc explicitly, saying they're not treating him fairly anymore. so not sure if this meeting was scheduled after that or if it was prescheduled, but it certainly will be interesting to know. i know something i will be following up on as others on our team will. >> i know you will, dana bash, thank you. as all this unfolds, governor kasich is waging a new war on trump, holding a stunning press conference, laying out five reasons trump is unfit for president, and declaring presidents don't get do-overs. >> it appears as though when he does these events and people press him, he becomes unmoored
12:34 pm
and then has to spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to correct all the mistakes that he made. i have to tell you, as commander in chief, leader of the free world, you don't get do-overs, you need to be able to get it right the first time. >> joining me is dylan bier, cnn senior media reporter. do you think john kasich has a point here? >> yes, i think he absolutely has a point. i mean, donald trump's critics for long, i mean, for nine months now, has been saying he doesn't have many policy positions, a lot of these things he's saying, he's saying off the cuff. for trump's sort of core base of supporters and the people who were caught up in trump's story and the sort of hype around his campaign and the sensational nature of his campaign, none of that seemed to matter. he was always very successful in brushing it off, in sort of, you
12:35 pm
know, relegating it to, you know, the media's just coming after me what have you. what we've seen in the last 24 hours is trump not be able to keep up that sort of charade. we've seen him stumble. we've seen him forced to make the sort of course correc tytion a gaffe and now lo and behold we have trump the candidate. >> he's been relatively quiet since the controversy erupted in the past 24 hours and it does seem like the media is going harder on trump these days. even cnn's own anderson cooper at this week's town hall was. take a listen to that. >> you retweeted an unflattering picture of her. >>cy thought it was a nice picture of heidi. >> come on. >>cy i thought it was fine. >> excuse me, excuse me, i didn't start it. >> sir with all due respect, that's the argument of a
12:36 pm
5-year-old. >> i didn't start it. no, it's not the -- excuse me, you would say that. that's the problem with our country -- >> every parent -- >> so what's your take on all this, how the media's sort of going after him a little more aggressively it seems? >> well, you know, there's been a very robust debate happening for a long time about how the media has covered donald trump, whether the media has enabled his rise. certain lip he's gotten a disproportionate amount of coverage. media has been going on hard trump for a long time. i think what's happening is trump continues to sort of up the bar on sort of the either incendiary nature of what he'll say, or really the scraping of the bottom of the barrel. i think what's happened recently is we're seeing in the wake of these really historic significant events like the attack in brussels recently, we're seeing donald trump sort of drag the republican primary down into this bickering over, you know, his wife and his opponent's wife.
12:37 pm
it's making it easier for tough questioners like anderson cooper, like msnbc's chris matthews, to really push trump and to really sort of expose that he is behaving like a 5-year-old, and that running for the president of the united states is not like being on the schoolyard. >> part of why he's getting so much attention in the media, too, he's will to put himself out there, do these interviews. we saw with chris matthews really a savaging that he got about abortion and that caused him to change his stance three times in three hours, that's the headline. what do you think about the decision to do an interview with someone like chris matthews? shouldn't be be stronger with who he's doing interviews with? >> yeah, right, and just to chris matthews' interview, i would point out the key number for me is 12, 12 times that chris matthews pressed trump to answer that abortion question.
12:38 pm
that is the sort of attitude that an interviewer needs to take when questioning donald trump. i think donald trump has long believed he's above the media, that he has nothing to lose. you know, why did he do anderson keeper the night before? why did they think that would be a smart idea? his attitude has always been he's better than the media and he can get away with anything. what the last -- again, the last two nights have proved, between the interview with anderson and then the interview with chris matthews is that's really not the case and he's being pushed in a way he hasn't been before. >> interesting perspective, appreciate it. up next, cnn takes you back to the '80s back when donald trump was just a real estate mogul. morgan fairchild joins me live with her favorite memories from that decade. plus, we're live at the famous cheers bar in boston where we'll be joined by michaela pereira
12:39 pm
right here. she'll have her fun rum drink for us after the break, stay with us.
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12:43 pm
the calendar may say 2016 but around here on cnn it's all about the '80s. cnn's new original series about the iconic decade premieres tonight. every time i hear that music, i just have to laugh. the first episode brings back many of your favorite classic tv shows. so what better place to kick this off than at the bar, a very famous boston bar called cheers? that's where we find our michaela pereira. she's been hanging out there with everyone. last hour, michaela -- >> it's called cheers, not cheers. it's how they say it in boston. i've been told i need to keep my day job because apparently, pamela, i'm a terrible bartender. this is called -- [ cheers ] i'm just saying, i'm a terrible bartender but they love me. woody made it in a bartender's challenge. i'm putting the finishing
12:44 pm
touches on it. we put a little garnish. watch this. one handed. and then mary, i'm not giving it to mary, no, no, i'm giving it to the cute blonde right there. >> there you go. >> mary got my last two mistakes, that's why. we've been having a great time. all of the people here are big fans of the show "cheers." they're ready to watch "the eighties" special tonight. you're going to get some great factoids on the program. but anyway, if you're in the area, come down to beacon street, they have a good time at this bar where everybody really does know your name. >> yes, they do. >> i love that. do i have a future in bartending? >> absolutely, we'll take you back any time, michaela. >> i think i need a little more practice. >> just what i saw right there, that was impressive, your bartending moves. i think you might have a future there. >> you should see me slide beer,
12:45 pm
it's not good. i'm having fun. that's all that matters. >> you've got the great assignment today, for sure. thanks everyone there at that cheers bar. sitcoms weren't the only shows in the '80s. there were high-drama soaps to keep us glued to the set. >> look at your driver's license. all right, come on. you're under arrest. >> if you want me, you'll have to get me the same way you got sara, you're going to have to kill me. >> a scene from the series "falcon crest" guest starring actress morgan fairchild. she made being a diva look effortless. take a look at this hollywood scorecard. fairchild starred in many of the hottest shows on tv during the '80s including dallas. of course morgan is joining us now from hollywood. you look amazing. you look just the same as you
12:46 pm
did in the '80s, morgan in those glamorous roles, those monster shows we've come to love. you've really done it all it seems like. i'm so excited to pick your brain about this. what do you remember about the '80s and working on these iconic programs? >> well, it was a time of great glamour and a lot of fun, wonderful casts. i mean, we had multigenerational casts. it gave me an opportunity to work with a lot of older actors that i admired when i was growing up. and, you know, just having fun with everybody. on "falcon crest," we had caesar romaine romero, i said, tell me what it was like working with them. and jane wyman was fabulous. they gave me all these rules. don't speak to her unless she speaks to you first, never speak to her about reagan, all these different things. we're sitting there all wrapped up in our glamorous stuff, fur
12:47 pm
coats and everything. she leaned over sand, did i ever tell you about when i was married to ronnie? i said no, go ahead. but one day i came down -- well, they brought us -- brought me to glam up the show i guess. one day we were doing a party scene and i was in one of these red leather micro mini sort of fancy big shoulder pad -- very much in the '80s with lots of jewels. >> always shoulder pads. >> and the big earrings and the big collars. somebody said, you got to go change, jane's going to hate that. i say the, what am i going to wear? about that time, jane walks on the set in, you know, little mint green a-line dress with pearls and she kind of comes over and looks me up and down and up and down and finally she grabs this big cuff and kind of clicks it, says, well, that's what this damn show needs, a little bit of glitz. so i had her approval. but my favorite story about her
12:48 pm
is one time we'd been up shooting in napa valley and i had one day of shooting and i was supposed to go back but i got very sick, i had the flu very badly. everybody thought i'd gone back. after i'd been ill for two or three days, i hear a little knock on the door and i dragged myself out of bed to, you know, open the door and tell housekeeping to go away and there was this tiny person standing there with this big vat of soup, no makeup, no nothing, it's jane wyman who had made me soup because she was still there and heard i was sick. >> oh, my goodness. those are such great stories that people don't know about. >> the camaraderie of the big cast like that was great. >> i've got to ask you, because as a child grow up, i loved watching pee wee herman and you were in his classic flick. >> yeah. >> pee wee's big adventure, i think it was called. let's take a look at that. >> that was the president again.
12:49 pm
i've got to steal back the x-1 before the soviets find the secret compartment containing the microfilm. the future of the free world is riding o this one. >> i'm going with you. >> no, it's too dangerous. >> i invented the x-1, i'm going with you. >> all right, let's go. >> you are such a pushover. >> i know you are. but what am i? >> must be fun to go back and look at those clips. pee wee herman, he was just so popular back in the '80s. what do you think the draw was? what was it about him that was such a draw in the '80s? >> well, he created a character, and paul is a friend, so i have to say, he created a character that was very nonjudgmental, it was very open to whoever you were. i think it was one of the first shows that sort of gave kids a chance to just find their own identity and he included
12:50 pm
multiracial casts on his show, and i think it was kind of a breakthrough in a way, and a big eye-opener for kids and he was a very good example for kids. the way that scene came about, we -- paul had called me and said, i'm doing my first movie, i need some celebrity guest stars. i said, well, when do you need to do it? he said, we have no money. i said when do you need so i get out, i come over, they're shooting on the back lot of warner brothers with some trees and everything and they're doing a ninja fight. tim burton was dregting. i took him aside and said i can do the ninja fight for you. i just can't fall out of the tree because "falcon crest" will kill me if i break my leg. then jim brolin got there and put us together. all you do is say i know you are, but what am i. but what does it mean?
12:51 pm
it doesn't marmtter. okay, so i know you are, but what am i? so then they're finished with us. so i said to jim, you know, do you have to go back today? because he was doing "hotel." he said, no, i got the whole day off. so did i. so we said, hey, do you want to do something else with us? what could we do? well, this is all we've got is the back lot. so jim says let me make a phone call. he calls aaron spelling, borrows the fairmont hotel set. we improvised the whole thing. that whole scene was totally improvised on the fly because that's the set we had and it was like mickey and judy saying, hey, let's put on a show. >> another big takeaway is do not mess with morgan fairchild, she will pull out the ninja moves on you. when you look at the political landscape, it's changed a lot. you're heading to the dnc this summer. what do you make of donald
12:52 pm
trump's rise in the current presidential race? back in the '80s he was a real estate mogul, right? >> yes, and i met donald many times back then in the '80s. you know, nice guy, was fond of him and ivana. i just don't think that he would make a good president in my person opinion. it's interesting watching his rise. it's interesting watching this whole election year has been kind of the most fascinating thing i've ever seen. and sometimes quite scary. but, yeah, it's interesting. and certainly in the age of conspicuous consumption that the '80s represented, donald and the gordon gecko character is good and all of these things came to the forefront of american society. >> all right, morgan fairchild, thank you so much. great talking with you and really an honor for me. so thanks for coming on the show. appreciate it. >> well, i love your work and it's nice to meet you even on camera. >> all right, thanks, morgan. hope to meet you in person one
12:53 pm
day. don't forget cnn's new series "the eighties" starts tonight at 9:00 eastern. show me movies with romance.
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call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. so the fbi has agreed to help prosecutors unlock an iphone and ipod involved in a murder trial. they may contain evidence relative to the case. this comes just days after the fbi announced it unlocked an iphone linked to a terrorist in the san bernardino attack without apple's help. i'm going to talk more about this with trial and defense attorney misty maris. thanks for coming on, misty. >> thank you, pamela. >> just to put this into context, a work with the fbi as a justice correspondent and i know the fbi has helped other local law enforcement officials with getting into phones before the apple, this latest apple fight. but tell us about this.
12:58 pm
what's going on here in this case? do we know if the same method that was used in the san bernardino phone is being used in this particular case, in arkansas? >> right. actually this particular case we don't know whether or not the same method is being used. it's been stated that there might be a different method for different types of phones. so right now the fbi hasn't come out and said exactly what method they used previously. and so it's really unknown whether or not they're going to use the same techniques. now for each individual phone it could be a completely separate process with different types of security procedures. >> but, you know, it all brings up this fight between apple and the fbi, because apple was saying that, you know, you need to figure it out. we want to protect our customers' privacy so it looks as though in this latest case, the fbi did figure it out with the help of a third party, but couldn't that make these phones more vulnerable? apple's whole issue is that if we come up with a solution to this, hackers will more easily get into the iphones.
12:59 pm
now the fbi has come up with this solution. doesn't that make these phones more vulnerable? >> absolutely. here's the thing. in this time where we're looking about security both with corporate and individuals, it is a little scary to think that there are techniques out there that can be used to hack into these phones. it's a really big question about the right to privacy. however, the fbi is permitted to use tactics that are within their investigatory practices and this is not outside of that. the difference is, so take a step back, the san bernardino case we're talking about a question of national security. here we're talking about a state criminal trial. so one portion of this case that comes down in the aansas case is we're talking about the rules of evidence still applying. whether or not what they extract from the phone is add miserable is court is another question.
1:00 pm
it depends on whether the fbi can classify their method. in a criminal trial, you have to show the chain of custody. you have to talk about your method of extracting this type of information because we need to ensure in the context of a criminal trial that the information isn't tampered with. so it's going to be a really interesting play-by-play now that the fbi has this technology. >> misty marris, thanks so much. "the lead with jake tapper" starts now. >> thanks, pamela. what you talking about, donald trump? that's a little marketing for the new series "the eighties" which premieres tonight. right now we have "the lead." breaking news, donald trump making a surprise trip to the rnc here in washington. amid fast and furious outrage from both sides of the abortion debate, after mr. trump appears to take three different positions on abortion in three hours. trying to prevent the ultimate terrorist attack. leaders from close to 60 countries joining president oba