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tv   Legal View With Ashleigh Banfield  CNN  April 8, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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donald trump has 70% unfavorables. you have both parties who would elect, possibly nominate the most unpopular candidate that's running in their primary. absolutely bizarre. >> thank you so much for being with us. a appreciate it. >> thank you for joining us on this busy friday. >> "legal view" starts now. >> this is cnn breaking news. >> hello, everyone. i'm ashleigh banfield. welcome to "legal view." we will begin with the breaking news of a new arrest in belgium in connection with the brussels attack. the information coming from the belgian prosecutor's office. belgian media have further reporting. they are saying this man, paris attack suspect, mohamed abrini is one of the men arrested in belgium today. that said, a counterterror
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official tells cnn it's too soon to know for sure whether in fact that is the case or not. cnn terrorism analyst paul cruickshank is me along with senior diplomatic editor nic robertson who's live from london. chief national correspondent jim sciutto and intelligence analyst bob baer. i'm going to begin with you, paul. you have been working your sources most of the morning. do they feel confident this belgian broadcaster may have the right information, that they have caught one of the most important people in the paris attacks? >> i just spoke to a senior belgian counterterrorism official. they tell me they are hopeful that one of the men they arrested earlier today is mohamed abrini, but they cannot say that yet with certainty. why can't they say that with certainty?
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because when you go in and make one of these arrests, somebody's name is not written on their forehead in terms of who you got and brought in to custody. they need to verify through fingerprint analysis, dna and other methods. we know something about this terror cell, the terror cell behind the brussels attacks. they have been using fake identities. they have been uses multiple aliases, disguises and they need to make sure they have the right guy before they make an announcement. they are hopeful. >> this is him. these are the pictures when mohamed abrini was photographed with salah abdeslam, who has been captured. this is a matter of days before the paris attacks. those close circuit television images were captured at a gas station not far from where the attack happened. >> that's right. during the 48 hours before the paris attacks, salah abdeslam, who has now been captured and
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mohamed abrini were in a car together going back and forth between brussels and paris. they are suspected to have transported the paris attackers to paris in the 48 hours before the attack. mohamed abrini then disappears and he's been one of the most wanted men in europe since. very much somebody working as part of this terror cell that carried out the attacks in paris. same cell carried out the attacks in brussels. >> that's where i want to bring in nic robertson. you heard paul cruickshank talking about how europe son red alert for this man. how much wisdom is there that mohamed abrini may have an integral role in what happened in brussels? >> the fact that it is part of the same cell, the fact he knew salah abdeslam and the fact they were on the loose between the
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paris and brussels attacks speaks to that possibility. have they tried to avoid each other because they knew they were searched for? had they both slipped in or were hiding in the same place with the same network, almost yards from their childhood. they have been friends since childhood. they trusted each a other. there's every potential that he was. what if it is mohamed abrini, we don't know at this time. belgian authorities haven't confirmed that and there's more checking they need to do but you can imagine this would be huge for belgian and french investigators. why? because on the one hand, they already have salah abdeslam. on the other hand they get one of his co-conspirators. now whatever questions they ask salah abdeslam about what happened in paris, what was behind the scenes there, how big was the network, who you connected with, all of the details, the same for brussels, they have someone else they can check that information off against, bean bream.
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they can do the same with abrihi. that puts authorities in a stronger position than one person who may be lying or telling partial truths. >> bobber, is it coincidence that within 24 hours or so of a mass release of surveillance video tracking the man in the tan jacket with the big hat who was spotted in the brussels airport just moments before the bombs went af, rolling a cart beside the two suicide bombers. it is a coincidence we have several arrests in belgium and that video has gone all over the world, most specifically all throughout belgium for people to look at with an appeal saying, if any of this looks familiar to you, if the man walking in the video looks familiar, if his gait looks familiar, if you have seen the jacket he threw away along the route, help us help you to find these people.
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>> oh, definitely, ashleigh. first of all he is probably in a safe house they weren't aware of. he wasn't using his identity or on cell phone or e-mail. police did the right thing and put the pictures out in public and hoping for good luck. that's probably what happened if this is mohamed abrini. what is extraordinary for me is the fact he was claerly involved in the 13 november attack in paris. one of the most wanted men in europe. still, if in fact he was involved in the airport attack, he then carried out a second attack. i find that very disturbing. he felt confident enough to get out, put the two bombers in the airport and put these guys in the airport. if that was him. >> the tiny issue to that question, we are weeks since the belgium attacks. why are we just now seeing this video? time is of the essence with these people. they are elusive and cross
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borders so easily in europe. they could cross in to the united states. why would it take weeks for them to put that video up saying have you seen this man? >> i think it is a mistake. they should have put it out right away. i think the belgians are not good at this. they have a dysfunctional police force. they have -- all of these people have been operating almost in the open in brussels when it carried out attacks. from the museum attack to the paris attacks and so forth, and yet they seem to operate with impunity. i don't think they could get away with this if they were based in paris or berlin or someplace else. it is the belgian police have had some problems. >> jim sciutto, to that point, there's been reporting this week and my suspicion is that much of it has come from u.s. sources, that the tools that are available to counterterror forces in europe have not been exploited or used properly and have been ignored. this is a simple tool. this is crime fighting 101 to
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find a missing child to put out video like this. does this prove those sources correct in they are not using the tools properly to try to find these people in a timely manner? >> this is the way it is described to me by multiple u.s. an counterintelligence officials. european agency a's not just the belgians, frankly, have a pre-9/11 mentality in terms of the way they share information. there are many more restrictions. they are not sharing, not even between countries, solely between countries but even within agencies within countries and you'll remember pre-9/11 this is one of the criticisms of the 9/11 commission that you have competitive relationships between the fbi, cia, all things addressed after 9/11. this is not a leap, at least in the view of u.s. intelligence officials that european agencies have made to the debris they need to. when you see the nexus between belgium and france, not only on
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the paris attacks, but also likely on the brussels attacks, that is key. that's a key weakness. the other thing i would say, they have not done the necessary testing to get 100% confirmation this is mohamed abrini. listen, they know his face very well. i would say if they have him in custody now, or someone else, they will know very quickly with confidence if it is mohamed abrini or not . >> my suspicion is we are minutes away from finding out that this is him or not. it's not something the belgians have an interest in keeping quiet. we don't know everything. here's something else we don't know. i will ask you to comment on this. while americans listen to this news about the arrests made in belgian, paris france. should they be concerned about their ability to move in the countries over there but freely to this country here? that story is next.
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just a moment after the brussels airport explosion and subway explosions claimed 31 lives, injured 270 others, finally weeks a after the surveillance video of the path this man took have been released. that man was spotted at the airport rolling his luggage cart along the suicide bombers. the man in the tan jacket with the big hat. the mystery man may have been desperately tracking for some reason have not asked us to epihelp track him. there he is on the right. you probably got sick of seeing this picture over and over. a still, fuzzy, grainy picture. that's all we had to go on from the belgian police. thank you very much for the picture, but little did we know there was so much video, as
9:15 am
well. closed-circuit video of a path he took that went on and on after he left the airport. well, a day ago it was released and is it coincidental, there have been several arrests today. a plea went out to people who may have seen this man anywhere along the path to help police to find him. i'm joined by my panel paul cruickshank, jim sciutto and bob baer. before we went to break, i asked a question about the significance of the way these terrorists move about the country of europe. the bigger question for a lot of people watching in america, do they have the same kind of freedoms? is it as easy for them to break out of the big cell there to make maybe a big cell here? what are the challenges we are facing in regard to this? >> the challenges are daunting. the visa waiver program, you get
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in to a tour group to the united states, i.c.e., the fbi have 24 hours to check out a name and if they are not in a database any of these suicide bombers could show up in new york. the fact is europeans do not share databases with the united states. if they have somebody who's a suspect, a convert of the islamic state they won't sent it forward. it is a hunch. it would be easy to transport a cell to the united states, acquire weapons locally, tapt, pore rox side acetone bombs. will it happen, i have no idea but it is logistically easy. >> daunting to think we are relying on the same authorities that up until the airport explosion and the subway explosion in brussels thought the killer pair of brothers were a couple 0 of mafioso types, criminal types that weren't
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connected to terror. that wouldn't show up on our radar if it is not showing up on theirs. jim, to you. the connection that needs to be mined between those responsible in paris and those responsible in brussels. tell me why it is of grave importance, not only to the europeans but to the americans? >> it shows the ability of these groups to operate beyond theiren borders. we already know they have great freedom to move from the battlefields in syria, the training grounds in to europe. we saw that with the majority of the paris attackers and ties in the brussels attacks as well. mohamed abrini himself traveled to turkey and possibly to syria, too. one the freedom of movement from battlefields to europe and once in europe, back and forth between european countries and we have seen it with the many ties between the brussels and terrorist attacks. including the fact if this is mohamed abrini, of course a key player in the terrorist attacks
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in paris and had contact with the man who blew himself up on the subway in the brussels attack. that is key. the larger point about the u.s. and there's great concern about how these cells move possibly move attackers anded is bombers, et cetera, in to the u.s. the u.s. does not have the number of jihadis that europe does. it doesn't have the proximity to the battlefields that europe does and it doesn't have the borders but in effect visa free travel throughout the countries. the scale of the problem is different but as bob voted visa free, vees esa waiver program from makes it plausible for those attackers to come here and beyond that, you and i have talked about this before, ashleigh, you don't have to cross the ocean, because isis has shown its ability to radicalize people here in the u.s. >> on-line. >> who may have never been to europe or syria and those lone
9:19 am
wolves are a concern to security authorities. >> to that point, paul, the idea the president put forth not too long ago that adds to jim sciutto's list of maybe why the cells are more deadly, dangerous, hateful in europe than here, he said we don't -- there are all sorts of programs available, integration here, schooling that is not separated. that there are options. there's a social safety network for a lot of muslims here. my concern is these kinds of people who are willing to blow themselves up, do they really respond to that kind of thing? if they do make it i through the visa waiver program make it to the united states can they be softened to the delightful nature that is americana? >> if isis decides to send a terror cell to the united states and they have that ambition, they will be here for one
9:20 am
reason, to try to launch an attack. >> because mohammad youssuf abdulazeez -- attah and his crew didn't care about the american lifestyle. >> people coming in it is more difficult to infiltrate terrorists in to the united states than europe because they can essentially just drive in to europe. or pose as refugees or come through borders, much more difficult to get to the united states. there's the crucial point that in the united states they do not have these logistical support structures in place they have in places like belgium and france right now. these individuals who carried out the paris and brussels attacks, they grew up in these neighborhoods and know these cities. they know how to operate there, how to organize a terror
9:21 am
plotting, more difficult for them to do that in a country they do not know, the united states. one good thing the united states has going for it, as you say, is the fact the united states muslim community very well integrated, low levels of radicalization but there's concern that a small minority are hearing that isis -- trying to join them and some -- we've seen cases over the last year or so wanting to launch attacks in the name of isis. >> san bernardino. only take a's one or two or a husband and wife with a child that can perpetrate this kind of thing. to the three of you, thank you for the insight. it could be minutes until we find out confirmation. we will continue to monitor that story and bring that to you. confirmation or not? you will find out here. thank you so the three of you. jim sciutto, bob baer and paul cruickshank, appreciate it.
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the democrats have changed their tone today. it is surprising when you see what a difference a day makes. donald trump has changed his plans, too. he said he will go big and stay home. what does that mean? stay here for that. the tug-of-war over those pesky delegates.
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together, we're building a better california. breaking news. this time to san antonio, texas for it. i want to take you to the lackland air force base, a sprawling military training facility lt there. something happened that we did not expect to happen today. that's why you see the flashing
9:27 am
lights. pentagon officials telling cnn an airman shot his squadron commander. authorities at the base say both of those people are now dead. few minutes ago the installation commander spoke to reporters. >> this morning we received one of those calls you never want to receive. we did have a situation here at lackland annex where we felt there maybe an active shooter situation. that was confirmed, unfortunately for all of us. i will tell you, i will confirm, i saw it on news broadcast that we have two victims. both of those victims have been determined to be deceased. we will not go in to the specifics regarding those victims. as you all can very well understand, our hearts and prayers go out to the families that are going to be affected by this traj ji. >> never good when the brigadier general has to come out to address the press in this way.
9:28 am
lackland was on lockdown for a while after the shooting took place. the authorities there specifically saying they do not believe this is a terrorism-related shooting. let me repeat that. at this point, they don't believe there's terror involved. more details as soon as we get them. i want to bring you other braebing news out of texas. time in austin. here's a suspect now in custody, who they say they believe is connected to the death of this young woman, haruka weiser. this is the young woman you may have heard the e-news broadcast about, the university of texas freshman who was sadly found dead this week. dead on the university campus. police say the suspect is a homeless 17-year-old and he is in the process of being charged with her murder. firefighters say they found signs of someone trying to burn some of the victim's belongings and that someone called the
9:29 am
polic police. haruka weiser was just 18 years old. >> i want to turn you to the race for the white house. the presidential candidates are in a new york state of mind. rightly so because the biggest delegate jackpot of the month and one of the biggest of the entire year is up for grabs in 11 days. this as hillary clinton and her democratic rival bernie sanders are pretty much cooling all of that rhetoric you have been seeing blazing up the airways. the last couple of days has been tense. forget the talk over who is and isn't qualified to be president. things are different today. have a listen. >> it will be up to the voters of new york who will pass judgment in the weeks ahead. it is a silly statement but she free to say whatever he chooses. >> is he qualified to be president? >> here's what i believe. i believe voters will look at a both of us, but i will take
9:30 am
bernie sanders over donald trump or ted cruz anytime. >> i have known hillary clinton for 25 years. i respect hillary clinton. we were colleagues in the senate and on her worst day she would be an infinitely better president than either of the republican candidates. >> she's qualified. >> of course. >> i don't know, maybe the best word here is kumbaya. let's go to the gop side. we are expected to hear from john kasich at any moment this hour. things are warming up in fairfield, connecticut. he is holding a town hall in connecticut before returning to new york. and changing the attention to new york. then there is trump. right? you always know the headline will go there at some point. the she overhauling his schedule to go all in on the empire state. you all ready for this? you can hear that, right?
9:31 am
in the background, he scrapped some important travel plans that were going to take him to the west coast, california and he also scrapped something else, colorado's state convention. if you don't think that is a big deal, i will give you 37 reasons why it is. because 37 delegates are slated to be selected this weekend. mr. trump is not shaking any of their hands. joining us with why this matters, as if we didn't know that 37 is important. jeremy diamond who does math on a regular basis because now we are all compelled to do math. colorado is lovely this time of the year. donald trump thinks that new york is nicer at this point. explain. >> he is absolutely cancelled his plans to go to the west coast and will stay in new york and focus his attention. he announced sunday in rochester, new york. he is focused on winning as many of the 95 delegates as he can in this state. that's a lot of delegates to pick up. and to get that you can't just win statewide you have to clinch
9:32 am
a majority of the votes stayed wooig wide and congressional districts or keep your opponents to getting to 20%. there are om students for john kasich and ted cruz to potentially come in and steal a little bit of trump's advantage in this state and steal some delegates but for now looks like trump has the the advantage. the question is how many of those 95 can he win. >> it is not the first time i have heard this. there are other states where critical thresholds have been needed for donald trump and jet he didn't veem to give much of a hoot about that. all of a sudden he has hired an important guy and that important guy has the name of paul manafort. i have mentioned his name as the one to watch. talk about why this matters. let's take a listen to it. >> there comes a time when winning isn't enough but it is how you win and how much you win. he recognized this was the time and he reached out to some people who suggested me.
9:33 am
we got together -- i have known donald since the 1980s. we talked about it and he felt i could help him and he made the changes. >> it almost sounds like his announcement to the american olympic team when they were about to dwsh. >> he is good at what he does. he was there for '76 the last contested convention that went well in his favor. >> he has run different campaigns, reagan, ford, first bush. >> is he the boss of the trump campaign? >> i wouldn't go so far as to say that but one thing was clear. he said i report directly to the boss and the boss is donald trump, not the campaign manager corey lewandowski. of course they put a press release out the other day when they announced manafort would take on these expanded roles within the campaign saying he will work closely with corey lewandowski, the campaign manager. what we are seeing is the campaign is shifting in to
9:34 am
overdrive on this delegate-focused strategy. they are acknowledging this is likely the way it will go. they will have to come close to the needle on this 1237 number. they are shifting to that strategy. they are put ing a strategy in place in new york to get as close to 95 as they can. that is now the path forward for this campaign. a message driven strategy. >> i hear donald trump watches the news on his plane all the time. we are supposed to be his advisers, he is not going to like this. hillary clinton said it takes a village and that is apolitic able to the campaign. >> we are seeing the campaign grow. >> we are indeed. in the way that many explained to him that you need. you have to mind the delegates. a appreciate it. nice to see you, by the way. >> on the set. >> in person. thank you so much. i told you earlier, we are basically following the news ticker out of the belgian state prosecutor's office because we expect any moment any moment they will tell us whether one of the people they hauled in over
9:35 am
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i want to get back to breaking news out of belgium right now. new arrests in connection with the horrifying brussels attacks. the belgian media are putting out reports right now this this man, in the highlighted circle in the center of the screen, paris attack suspect mohamed abrini, is in fact one of the people that has been swept up in that net of arrests.
9:40 am
this has not been officially confirmed by the police there. it is the broadcasters saying this at this point. joining me now is pamela brown a and diplomatic editor nic robertson joining me from london. people that see a big name like mohamed abrini and see the highlighted pictures of his face want to know if it is the man in the tan jacket. the man in the tan jacket who's been plastered all over the media a in europe, whether the grainy picture from the airport, or this one where we saw him walking side by side with the suicide murderers or the recent surveillance video they just sent out to the media showing him walking away from the airport and the route he took for many minutes afterwards. do we have any idea what it is him. >> nothing is certain right now but some in the intelligence and law enforcement community in the united states believe there is a link between the man that we see
9:41 am
in that surveillance video and mohamed abrini. some believe that it is him. there isn't a consensus. but i have heard they have possible i.d. for the man in the white as well as the sec person they were looking for, connected to the metro station bomber. i'm told that possible i.d. is mohamed abrini. they have been able to summon the u.s. -- some in the u.s. government believe that based on process of elimination, backtracking and looking at connections between the suspects they know about and their ties to other people and putting this web together they were able to hone in more on mohamed abrini as the person in the airport. again, there's not consensus, and they are waiting to hear more from the belgians about who was arrested because there is uncertainty whether it was mohamed abrini arrest and whether he is, in fact, the man at the airport. i want to mention why officials
9:42 am
are cautious here is because you may remember there was a person released by the belgian authorities a week or two ago. he was initially thought to be the man in white in the airport. turns out he wasn't. officials released him. that's why officials are being cautious now. >> nic robertson, if in fact, mohamed abrini turns out to be the man in the tan jacket, who all eyes have been on, not just the authorities, remind me why it is such a big deal. why he is such a big get. >> we know he was an important player in the paris attacks because he was with salah abdeslam two days before, caught on cctv camera, driving one of the vehicles used to deliver the attackers to one of the scenes of the attacks two nights later on november 13th in paris. a devastating attack. we know that he was a key player there. how big we don't know but a key
9:43 am
player. if he was indeed that man in the white jacket at the airport, that puts him at the center of the brussels attacks. so with a wide scope of knowledge on both attacks. that's important to the authorities. they have salah abdeslam. if they have him, they have two narratives, two people to question, and that gives them a much better idea when they are getting to the truth and when they are lied to or getting half trut because they can check salah abdeslam against mohamed abrini and this will perhaps help to round up the network out there, round them up more quickly and have, if you will, be able to put a better lid on the whole broader network involved. we continue to hear from french and belgian authorities that the networks involved are bigger than they imagined. this is a big deal to get him on many levels. >> hopefully leads closer to the proverbial head of the snake what.
9:44 am
pamela brown, nic robertson, thank you to both of you as you have been working your sources. we will bring you that news whether they got the guy in the video and whether it is mohamed abrini. so many delegates and so little time to scrape them up from every little crevasse you can find them. after the break, my political panel will weigh in on the campaigns for president and the role of the empire state as king maker or queen maker. ♪ you're not gonna watch it! ♪
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♪ we can't let you download... uh, no thanks. i have x1 from xfinity so... don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. the race for the white house, all eyes are on new york, hugely important primary is a week and a half away. check your calendar, not kidding. more about this with cnn political commentate and donald trump supporter kaleyleigh mcenany. in the pink. here's the deal i do not typically start a new segment with a commercial. but i'm going to because it's a
9:49 am
donald trump attack ad on ted cruz. i want to ask you about it. have a look at this, guys. >> the values in new york city focus around money and the media. >> i saw something that no place on earth could have handled more beautifully, more humanely than new york. ♪ >> new york values. i keep wondering if new york people swing from chandeliers or if we are going to hell in a hand basket or if it is what cruz is saying. he is retooling the new york values and he says it means liberal politicians are dictating the agenda and a lot of folks in upstate new york believe that. >> why didn't he say liberal values. if you meant liberal values, you say liberal values. >> he is saying that now. now that he needs new york. >> he needs new york. and needs new jersey.
9:50 am
i think it is a brilliant ad because that was trump's debate moment where he flipped it around and talked about 9/11 and how the state came together. the best moment in debate and an effective ad. >> you know your business is so weird but so is mine, mine is totally normal. explain thou works. when you go out early in the campaign trail and say something like new york values knowing full well there are buckets of money in new york up and you will be taking the a-train up to those buckets soon enough. i don't get it -- ted cruz is no idiot. that guy is brilliant. he has argued before the supreme court. he knows his you know what. how do you tweak it and get it to work? explain how this does work. >> i am not sure. i would not have advised him if i were on his campaign team to double down on the new york values comment he way he did.
9:51 am
i think in a rare moment of agreement, kayleigh and i agree it gave donald trump an opening and an opportunity to make him seem presidential and measured. >> back off my state. >> being from the area. i'm j from jersey, we are like, wait, ted cruz. i like ted cruz and i'm a conservative but i don't think it was a wise it wasn't a wise tactic for him to double down. i get why he did it then. and now new york, now he is raising money here. he is coming to the city. they are at the point where they have to raise more money and then to double down on it, i don't think it was a good idea. look at what we have been talking about the last three days. this has been in the news cycle for three days opposed to ted cruz message what about he would do for new york and as president we are talking about this. >> probably because it is so fun to quote the front page of a tabloid. >> that was awesome. second of all, listen, i
9:52 am
personally find it refreshing that we are talking about values on the republican side. for a party that has for so long said it stands for quote unquote values they have been valueless in this race. >> listen specifically, hearing donald trump talk about values, the more donald trump and ted cruz open their mouths the more they lose election voters. it would be nice if donald trump had values, respecting the values of new york. new york is about pluralism, diversity for all. those are new york values. >> i have lived in the tristate area for 15 years now. i -- ben carson and i have never been arrested and i love to look at this skyline. i see it every day and thank my stars that i'm here. but you know what, it is the headline that is so much fun to play. it doesn't go away.
9:53 am
if we are talking about values turn gears to the vatican. why is bernie sanders leading an extraordinary campaign minutes before the vote actually takes place in new york to go to the vatican? does he think that maybe new york values are so catholic this is a good trip for him? >> i condition read -- it is interesting this has come down to new york. it is becoming almost as weird as a broadway play. you have got -- almost a subway series sort of cirque du soleil thing happening and a lot of candidates are doing things that don't make sense. i don't think that bernie sanders is the kind of candidate to speak of values who should critique hillary clinton. and donald trump shouldn't talk about values. >> it is hard to criticize the pope. >> a brilliant move. >> one of bernie sanders's criticisms is he is an atheist, kind of an atheist. he is secular. >> good word for it.
9:54 am
>> kind of not your traditional president wheri where hillary c publicly talks about he her faith. >> you have ted cruz in brooklyn, bernie sanders meeting with the pope, hillary clinton riding the subway for goodness sake. >> i take that subway. i hate it. >> i've swiped three times myself on my way here this morning. >> but the fact that ted cruz with the new york values thing, i think what he should have said is he should have went down a list of the problems in new york with de blasio and his alignment with marxist and what is happening in new york and here and then differentiated what he meant. new york values represent a lot
9:55 am
of things to a lot of people. >> we will have one of the sex and the city martini drinks so we can talk about our new york values. >> i'm jersey. >> i'm a turkey girl. >> have a great weekend. >> next thursday, clinton and sanders face off in a debate here on cnn. this is going to be good stuff. live from brooklyn starting at 9:00 p.m. eastern. i told you i have been here 16 years. thank you for watching, everyone. have yours a wonderful weekend and stay good for wolf blitzer who is the best in the biz right after the break. if you have allergy congestion, muddling through your morning is nothing new. ...your nose is the only thing on your mind... ...and to get relief, anything is fair game. introducing rhinocort® allergy spray from the makers of zyrtec®. powerful relief from your most frustrating nasal allergy symptom* ,all day and all night. hasn't your nose been through enough already?
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hello. i'm wolf blitzer. it is 1:00 p.m. in washington. wherever you are watching around the world thank you for joining us. i want to get to the breaking news out of brussels.
10:00 am
local media say police have arrested a suspect in last year's paris attacks, part of the cell connected to last month's deadly bombings in brussels. joining me from london senior international diplomatic editor nic robertson. what more do we know about these arrests, the exact location and who was captured? we know that it was mohamed abrini, one of the people captured and also a man called -- we don't have a lot of details about him. there is speculation about his role or whereabouts during the brussels attack. that haven't been released on an official basis but with what we know about mohamed abrini, he was in the man who drove with salah abdeslam, one of the planners of the paris attacks, two days before the paris attacks, drove from brussels paris, picked up on cctv camera at a gas


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