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tv   CNN Newsroom With Victor Blackwell and Christi Paul  CNN  April 9, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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only with xfinity. this is cnn breaking news. >> it is so good to have your company this morning. >> it's 10:00 in the east coast, 7:00 in the west. cnn news room begins. >> a new raid wrapping up in the brussels neighborhood. dozens of officers moved in as residents were being evacuated. >> this comes a day after authorities say they arrested a sixth suspect with alleged ties to the brussels and paris attacks. on the phone kimberly dozier and at the scene of the raid, fred plankton. have authorities wrapped up
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operations there? >> reporter: they seem to be in the process. i want to step aside. you can see a police vehicle blocking off the immediate road to the residential building. we are right in front of that residential building. we can show you where the raid took place. it is on the fourth floor of this building right here. it is still unclear what if anything the police might have found there. what i can tell you is that a couple of minutes before cordons were lifted we saw a lot of police forensic units come out with large brown bags that appeared to be full of evidence. they drove off and shortly after that the cordon was lifted. we did see police officers earlier combing through the area. there is a vacant lot seemingly searching for something. not clear whether anyone was taken into detention, not clear whether they found anything of interest. this is part of the wider anti-terror operations that have
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been going on here in the city for the better part of 20 hours which has resulted in the arrest of six people including those very high value targets that were sought in relations to both paris and brussels attacks. >> thank you very much on the scene of the latest raid by the authorities in brussels. and now we will take a deeper look at all of this. >> the fight against isis and how it could be affected by the raids that we are watching joined now by author of "isis inside the army of terror" and talking to kimberly dozier. michael, i want to start with you. as you watch what is happening in brussels today, this being one of the number of raids in the last few weeks, do these raids effect the brussels cell specifically or is it a major blow to the entire organization? >> not a major blow to the entire organization but affects the european cells. when you capture somebody alive
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they are filled with human intelligence. they will tell you the names of their confederates. this is why i think you are seeing this escalation. now they have six people in custody. cnn reported yesterday that are waur as many as a dozen known isis operatives on this european bulletin that were still at large. if the net is closing in on them that is both good and bad. bad because as we saw with the brussels attack, that was an operation planned months in advance but the timing of it was accelerated because salah abdeslam had been captured. and when one is taken in it means that the cops are hot on their tail. if there is anything in the late stages of being planned now there is a likelihood that it could go off sooner. and i think this is the sort of fear at the moment. more success made the more dangerous things become
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ironically so. >> i wanted to ask you whether there should be preparations for security in the expectation of another terrorist attack because all of these leaders and suspected terrorists have been captured now. would that just be security in brussels or elsewhere throughout europe? >> it has to be everywhere. the specific countries that i keep hearing both from former isis members and from u.s. intelligence are italy, spain, germany, france and belgium. germany i was told by recent isis defector the plan was to send female suicide bombers to set things off and themselves included as a way to exacerbate the refugee crisis there. isis, the organization is now
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biforicating into two. they have their domestic arm and then they have the very prominent and now robust foreign operations arm. and the foreign operations arm is being led by european nationals, not by arabs. so this is a very dangerous state of affairs. >> are you surprised that all of these suspects are staying in this area of brussels or are staying in brussels at all with the arrests that we have seen? >> not really. if they can high tail it out of there and go to another country or back to syria they would. think about it. they come from these communities. these communities in a sense created these jihadis. this is where they revived mosques from people who were in
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the constuilation of this ideology. salah abdeslam lived for four months one block away from his childhood home and nobody dropped a dime on him. heas pretty safe there. in the region where isis is superimposed. these are the areas i refer to as the brier patch. don't throw me in the brier patch. you will get pricked by the thorns but i'm comfortable and safe here. it is pretty much the same thing. they feel in areas of london that they are at home. they are not living in europe anymore. they are living in some kind of colonial outpost of isis territory. >> cnn global affairs analyst. is there a sense that we are seeing more raids because the people that they are bringing into custody might actually be talking? >> this is the hope that they
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are not making some of the same mistakes where they didn't question him for long enough or ask him what are the future plots you have planned. it's not clear if he would have answered these questions. the other thing is exploit what they find with these people as they arrest them, cell phones. they seem to be rolling up a lot of people who were childhood friends, guilt by association. the belgium rules of evidence they have to have more than that. to michael's point i think one of the reasons that they are able to find some of these people still in these neighborhoods is that it's worked before, staying and hiding in place. those communities also have a lot of people fearful of getting involved with the criminal elements that they keep to themselves so there is not as much loyalty going on and sometimes you don't know who the
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neighbor is because it is just better that way. we have to look at long term how the isis trainers may have told these people to operate to lie dormant until the time was right. we don't know if they needed to be signaled by isis to carry out some of these plots. they are following regular marching orders, go home, stay home, keep your head down, you probably won't get caught. >> michael talked about the likelihood that another terrorist attack could be expedited because of these arrests. how disruptive do you think the arrests are to some of these plots? >> there is really no way to know how many elements there are to a specific plot or that people who were involved can get together with the five people who are left, 12 people in a ring and seven might now be arrested. now the last time i was in
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belgium just after salah abdeslam had been arrested and that weekend belgian officials were warning of plots that they were aware of but they didn't have much specificity and were asking the international community for help. that is a thing where you can assume that if the people who are hiding in plain sight feel like the cops are getting too close, will they carry something out? know that is what spurred the brussels airport and subway attacks. can't know what is in their minds right now if they are still out there wherever they are. >> so appreciate your insight into this. thank you for being with us. >> there is much more ahead in the cnn news room, including a wild scene awaiting ted cruz in colorado today. it is the campaign inside the campaign. wait until you see how
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republican delegates are -- >> donald trump is on twitter. the republican front runner weighing in on the democrats fight over who is really qualified to be president. >> secretary of state john kerry makes an unannounced visit to afghanistan. he is there to help that government which is in danger of collapse. can his trip make a difference especially for the cause of peace. that engage people and to connect us with the wonderment of nature. with the tiger image, the saliva coming off and you got this turning. that's why i need this kind of resolution and computing power. being able to use a pen like this on the screen directly with the image, it just gives me a different relationship to it and i can't do that on my mac. this is brilliant for me. my school could be fast. could be a blast. can't find a single thing to wear.
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the republican race for the white house is moving to colorado, a state that has its own rather unique take on the process. >> no voters are lining up at the polls. nobody is gathering at local caucuses. state party members are the king makers. senator ted cruz has already picked up 21 delegates so far. we are joined from colorado springs. help walk us through this process and good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning to
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you. some 6,000 colorado party insiders are going to be gathering here in colorado springs today. all of the activities are supposed to start in about an hour from now and will be electing the remaining 13 delegates to represent colorado. there are hundreds of people who want to fill those 13 slots. so it will be an exciting day here. we expect to see presidential candidate ted cruz give a speech to this crowd this afternoon. he is the only presidential candidate expected to stop here in colorado today. he has a lot of momentum coming into the state convention. we mentioned that 21 of colorado's delegates have already been elected and it has been a ted cruz clean sweep so far. that happened at the district conventions which wrapped up yesterday. we had a chance to talk to one of the delegates who was elected. >> i want to fight for pro-life
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issues, for our second amendment, for our religious liberties and i am a national delegate because i do believe that cruz is the man, the only one with a proven record and a history that he has been fighting for these issues. so i whole heartedly pledge and support ted cruz. >> reporter: colorado's remaining 13 delegates will be chosen today. every vote counts as we know. 1,237 is the mark the candidate has to hit to clinch the nomination. if this results in a contested convention colorado's delegates could be more in play because not all of the delegates have to pledge to a specific candidate going into the convention. four of those delegates are on pledge but everybody saying at this point that they are going to back ted cruz. >> very good point. good to see you.
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thank you. >> let's talk about the state of the gop race. joining me now to do that is cnn political analyst. we just heard that ted cruz is looking like he is on the verge of getting a clean sweep there in colorado. what does this tell you about the state of donald trump and his ground game? >> first one broader point, colorado has to be one of the six or seven most important swing states. it seems absurd to have delegates pick by a process that involves thousands of people instead of hundreds of thousands of people. it is a broader issue as primary has become hard fought. having said that no question what donald trump has done in this race is focus on big events and big states and put much less kind of elbow, shoulder into the smaller states, the caucuses, all of these complex processes and coming back to bite him.
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if he was pulling away from the field it wouldn't matter. in a world where every delegate matters he is being hurt by his lack of attention to the detail especially in these complex states that are not holding primaries. >> almost seems to be a naiveness. overnight trump tweeted isn't it a shame that the person who has boy far the most delegates and many more millions still must fight. doesn't it capture the moment of trump's campaign? >> absolutely. the rules are the rules cht you have to receive a majority of the delegates to be the nominee. if he is the person with the most delegates and the most vote that should put him in position to get the additional delegates he needs. i think his biggest problem at this point is that trump has significantly deteriorated as a potential general election candidate since last fall.
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if you look at his numbers his unfavorables are very weak and they reflect the controversies that afflicted him on the campaign trail. because they are weak i think he is in a difficult position to try to convince people to vote for him. that is why you have conventional wisdom about the convention developing that if he does not get there on the first ballot it will get much harder for him very quickly. >> and speaking of convention wisdom, we know that trump branded as an outsider but just beefed up the role of one of his veteran strategists. he spoke to cnn yesterday. let's listen. >> depends on who you talk to if i'm part of the establishment or antiestablishment. the point is that i understand the establishment. i have run campaigns. that doesn't make you the establishment. you buy into i'm not a lobbiest. i don't spend much time in
7:19 am
washington anymore. am i involved in politics? yes. do i have relationships back into the system? yes. some see me as the bridge to trump now. >> donald trump will tell you that nothing worries him but it would seem by this new hire that he is indeed worried. >> that was a great interview yesterday. absolutely. this is something that should have happened a long time ago. this campaign has operated without any of the usual structure that campaigns have to build. one thing we have learned and i have covered presidential politics, running for president is an enormous organizational undertaking. especially now where we are in this position where we are seeing all 50 states matter. that hasn't been the case most often. you go from 1984 until now there have been very few races that have gone to the end and managed and contested all of the states on the calendar and donald trump
7:20 am
simply has not been organized for that kind offardue s combat. bringing in professional help is something they needed to do. the question is whether it is too late and whether too many opportunities have slipped off the board for him already to reach that majority that many people think is the single best chance to get this nomination. >> that is why we say time will tell. always good to see you. cnn host a town hall with donald trump tuesday night. it will include his family. anderson cooper is the host tuesday night 9:00 eastern here on cnn. north korea is making another claim about its weapons development program. is that regime really one step closer to making more powerful nuclear war heads?
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some stories making headlines this story on the heels of his trip to iraq secretary of state john kerry made a surprise visit to afghanistan. >> he arrived this morning looking to shore up the unity movement. secretary kerry will hold key meetings. former house speaker sexually abused at least four boys decades ago alleged. the claims date to when he was a high school wrestling coach. prosecutors say one of his alleged victims was only 14. protesters it manding the resignation of david cameron. they are upset about his links to offshore finances revealed tht panama papers. he reluctantly admitted he owned
7:25 am
shares and now he says he mishandled owning up to that. north korea claims it has tested a new engine for intercontinental ballistic missile. cnn cannot confirm it but earlier this year north korea claimed it tested a hydrogen bomb and managed to miniaturize nuclear war heads to fit on ballistic missiles. another terror raid is wrapping up in belgium this hour. >> after yesterday's drag net nabbed six suspects. we will bring you the very latest. this week's business travel brings us to nashville. it is something fun to do when you are off the clock. welcome to the music city
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rolling jam boree. >> it becomes a sing along. you see the normal things. mostly the show is on the inside of the bus. >> we let everybody take part in sing along like they always wanted to to their favorite country songs. we do have some noncountry fans but we have bar classics that everybody will know. we get people from everywhere, from the northern part of the united states, australia, scotland. we have had some swedes on here. >> we always like to find something different and fun to do in a different city. you get entertainment with comedy at the same time you get historic places in nashville. >> it's the best city in the world. it has gotten this very creative energy and that really great small town feel. >> off the clock is brought to
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a law enforcement raid is wrapping up at this moment in the brussels neighborhood. dozens of police officers flooded the area a bit ago and residents were evacuated. >> this is coming a day after
7:31 am
authorities arrested six suspected terrorists involved in the brussels and paris terror attacks. >> reporter: you are absolutely right. that raid is coming to a close as we speak. we have been able to get more information for you about what happened in that raid. remember, a little earlier i was telling you the raid centered around the fourth floor of the building. we know it is the third and the fourth floor and apparently on those two floors several doors were knocked down by the police officers. we spoke to residents who say the officers raided a lot of the apartments and then padlocked the doors and told residents they have to pick up the key somewhere else to get back into their apartments. we don't know whether or not the police have found anything inside that building that is of interest. judging by the fact that most police have left now we don't believe they necessarily have found anything that could be terror related in anyway shape
7:32 am
or form. the raid itself is one that has been going on because of the ongoing terror sweeps that the belligian have been conducting. that led to the arrest of one of the main suspects in the paris and brussels attacks and other people who are high value targets for the police here, as well. the police are saying they are very satisfied with the way things are going but they are keeping that very high operational tempo up to make sure there isn't anybody who could be dangerous for the population here. >> and the fear is as a result of previous arrests we have seen new terror attacks, right? >> yeah. that is absolutely right. you have the arrest of salah abdeslam who many people said was a logistical planner of the paris attacks, someone who they say drove a car to the scene of the attacks and then later fled back here. three days after he was arrested
7:33 am
we had the brussels attacks, the attacks on the airport and on the subway station. so the authorities have learned from that. one thing they apparently did is asked salah abdeslam about all of his ties to the paris attackers but never asked about whether or not there were other plots in the works. three days later you have the attacks it is a very big concern of the authorities here that something similar could happen again why you are seeing terror sweeps around the city today. >> thank you very much. john kasich has fewer delegates than marco rubio who dropped out. governor kasich says he is not going anywhere. we are speaking with a former senator who is backing kasich and his new target in new york this morning. it's not trump, ted cruz. that's next. wiback like it could used to? neutrogena hydro boost water gel. with hyaluronic acid it plumps skin cells with
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it's crunch time thmpt republican national convention three months away and a contested convention is on a lot of people's minds thinking it is certainly a possibility. the candidates are fixing their gaze on new york with just ten days to go before 95 delegates are up for grabs. the potential spoiler for front runner donald trump is john kasich. the ohio targeting senator ted
7:38 am
cruz. his new ad takes direct aim at cruz's new york values slam. >> new yorkers aren't stupid, ted. after we were hit we rallied, rebuilt but remembered. >> when you smear new york values in iowa for votes we remember that, too. now you come here and conveniently say you love new york. forget about it, ted. >> we are going to discuss with the new hampshire chairman for john kasich. good to have you with us. thank you. >> good morning. >> john, let's start with you. what is the strategy for governor kasich to target ted cruz right now as opposed to donald trump? >> this is about honesty and authenticity. john kasich has it. ted cruz said one thing in one place and trying to walk back
7:39 am
the remark. it is also about what ron brownsteen said, winning every vote and every delegate coming in with the strongest roster of delegates you can. at that convention one question they will be asked, who is best prepared to lead the country and who will win? what republican will lead the party to victory in november. in every poll john kasich beats hillary clinton. ted cruz loses. he loses to hillary clinton. donald trump loses to hillary clinton and someone like that at the top of the ticket won't just lose the presidency but lose our republican senate seat in new hampshire, ohio and pennsylvania. that is why john kasich is going to come into the convention with momentum and that is why i think he will be the nominee. >> we should point out that governor kasich is ahead of your candidate in new york. are we going to see some sort of shift or push from ted cruz to try to turn around some of the back lash that has been given to
7:40 am
him? >> after about 30 losses in the states by john kasich who continues to run even behind marco rubio in terms of number of delegates that he has it is not surprising that the kasich campaign would continue to look for strategy to gain some type of momentum. at the end of the day john kasich is going to arrive at the convention and presume he will stay at the race until the end. he will arrive with the fewest number of delegates and zero momentum and continues to run as a spoiler. in terms of our campaign we recognize that new york state is home state territory for donald trump. he has the home team advantage there. we are the visiting team. that is completely understandable. if he doesn't win his own state that draws up a serious question. we recognize this is a long ball game and we organized our campaign to go all the way to the end until june 7. that is why i became california chairman of the campaign in august recognizing this process
7:41 am
could go to the end. >> he makes a point that governor kasich is the third in delegate count but still trailing not just donald trump and ted cruz but also marco rubio. how do you counter that at this point when he is trailing a guy who is not even in the race any longer. >> marco rubio failed to win his home state of florida. john kasich won his home state, ohio. if a republican doesn't win ohio a republican won't be president. that's critical. someone who will come into november, beat hillary clinton. john kasich is the person to do that. we are heading into states where you have pointed out john kasich runs stronger than ted cruz in new york and pennsylvania, connecticut, rhode island. this is a stronger area. john kasich beat ted cruz in the new england states with the exception of the caucus in
7:42 am
maine. i think this is an area of strength for john kasich. he will win more delegates. marco rubio is holding delegates because he doesn't want donald trump to be the nominee. it will be an open convention and the ted cruz spokesman was claiming it wouldn't be and he would get a majority two or three weeks ago. it will be an open convention and those delegates will listen to the candidates. they will see who has the experience and the vision to lead the country. john kasich has balanced budgets, cut taxes, never lost an election and every poll shows him beating hillary clinton not just nationally but in critical swing states. and i think that's going to weigh on those delegates and why i think he will pick up delegates on every ballot. in 1860 there was a contested convention, abraham lincoln came in trailing and pulled it out. john kasich isn't abraham
7:43 am
lincoln but the lesson in history is wait to see how delegates vote on the floor. john kasich will be the nominee and next president of the united states. >> is every senator who gets on the programs filibusters? >> you have your -- >> there's no pathway to get to the nomination and that is the situation which we face right now. that is the reality. john kasich will not be the republican nominee for president under any circumstances. he is flailing around looking for some type of strategy to change the dynamic here after losing in about 30 states. it is hard to say someone is more electable candidate when they have lost over and over and over again in about 30 states. it is hard to say you are the more electable candidate when you keep losing to either donald trump or ted cruz. >> it is hard to say you are
7:44 am
more electable if you get beaten by hillary clinton in every national poll. >> that is ridiculous. >> gentlemen, i'm sorry, we are running out of time. >> this is about beating the democrat. >> this is a filibuster for the senator. >> you had your chance. >> thank you so much. we'll have to wait and see how all of this pans out. polls don't always tell the full story by the time we get to it. we appreciate hearing you voice today. thank you for making the time for us. bernie sanders and hillary clinton are battling over who is qualified to be president. and with the new york primary days away that war of words is getting ugly. we'll tell you what they are saying in a moment. that engagee and to connect us with the wonderment of nature. with the tiger image, the saliva coming off and you got this turning. that's why i need this kind of resolution and computing power. being able to use a pen like this on the screen directly with the image,
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at this hour democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders is at a campaign event in new york. you are looking at live pictures of that right now. hillary clinton will be headlining her own event soon. it is days now before the new york primary. the candidates are locked in a war of words. bill clinton joining the fray suggesting that sanders has different standards for clinton because she is a woman. take a listen to what sanders told jake tapper about that. >> i appreciate bill clinton being my psycho analyst.
7:49 am
the reality is ever since wisconsin when that became the six out of seven states that we have won in caucuses or primaries i think the clinton campaign made it public that here in new york they are about to become very negative, about to beat us up. i just want them to understand that we have tried to run an issue oriented campaign but we are not going to be attacked every single day. our record will not be distorted. we are going to fight back. >> let's bring in philip levine and then we have charles chamberlain and a bernie sanders supporter. charles, i'll start with you, what does sanders believe about clinton? surely he is not believing she is not qualified. >> i think the question of qualification when you look at the experience that secretary clinton has that stands up. the question here is about
7:50 am
judgment. what sanders is saying is when we look at the issues and the question of voting for or supporting terrible trade deals or when it comes to how you are funding your campaign with $15 million worth of wall street money or when we are looking at whether or not you voted the right way on the most disastrous policy decision in modern times bernie sanders, barack obama were both on the right side when it came to whether or not we should fight in iraq. and hillary clinton was on the wrong side. >> the question i asked was whether he felt that mrs. clinton was somehow qualified to be president. we weren't going to the record of bernie. what does bernie believe? >> comes to questions of judgment i think what he is saying is that voters need to ask does her judgment qualify her for president? this is a primary campaign. you are drawing contrasts. >> bill clinton has joined this
7:51 am
battle and said apparently bernie sanders is implying he is sexist here. how do you make that judgment jump? >> i got to say this, i'm not here to defend bernie sanders. we know he is too bright of a man to qualify and say that secretary clinton is not qualified for the position. i think when these campaigns get very heated things happen. i understand that. >> does that apply to bill clinton, then? >> when president clinton speaks he is defending his wife. he helped to elect a lot of democrats including our president obama on the second term with the incredible speech at the convention. i think what we have going on here in new york is two home teams. we have the mets against the yankees and giants against new york. don't get fooled by senator sanders strong new england accent, he is a new yorker. he must win new york to survive
7:52 am
this primary. we all know secretary clinton is qualified for the position. we hire her as ceo any day of the week. >> do you think we are just talking about they are ramped up? >> i think absolutely no question about it and we all love the media but the media has to sell advertising. these are great points to talk about. >> do you think this is really just coming out of the heat of passion? >> this is a classic campaign. we are at a primary race trying to draw contrast. go back to 2008 and right now eight years ago you had hillary clinton campaigning on jeremiah wright. >> seems we are no longer talking about the issues. we are talking about the person. is that what it has come down to try to delineate one as sexist or unqualified?
7:53 am
is that how the voter is supposed to make a decision? >> i would say this is not about issue of qualification based on experience. that is the issues which is what bernie has been running on. there is nothing new to be saying qualified, unqualified, lack of judgment. the question is who is better for america? who will rebuild the middle class? in the case bernie sanders is making is i will make the right decisions because i'm not funded by wall street. i know to be against bad trade deals. i voted the right way when it came to the war in iraq. >> martin, i think when you start talking about judgment we can talk about the vote to give gun manufacturers immunity. when they ask about senator sanders judgment to allow immunity to gun manufacturers that is a question of judgment and something that the people of new york will decide. >> you are right on that. thank you both for joining us this morning.
7:54 am
hillary clinton and bernie sanders both appear on state of the union with jake tapper tomorrow morning on cnn. and then this thursday night clinton and sanders face off on cnn democratic debate live from brooklyn new york. that is thursday night at 9:00 eastern here on cnn. right after the break we are taking you to the augusta national. history possibly being made first time a player could win masters back-to-back since tiger woods 14 years ago. when you think about success, what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours.
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jordan speith. >> and tom watson playing his final round. >> and more from this morning's bleacher report. >> the big question out here in augusta is anyone going to be able to catch jordan speith? speith had his first overpar round of masters career yesterday but able to hold on to the lead. he has led six straight rounds tying arnold palmer's record. speith has a won shot lead over rory mcilroy coming into today.
7:59 am
golf fans are in for a treat as speith and mcilroy are paired together. >> i would rather be playing with someone less threatening, to be honest. he has certainly proven himself in majors. but i think it will be a really fun challenge. >> i need to focus on me and focus on everything i need to do well to be sitting up here on sunday with one of those on. >> yesterday's second round was an emotional one for the great tom watson. the major winner playing his final round ever at the masters. the crowd gave watson a huge ovation. at 66 years old said i just can't keep up with the young guys anymore. he won the masters twice during his career. many guys trying to find a way to slow down jordan speith.
8:00 am
stenson posted this picture on instagram with his daughter with the caption, alice told me don't worry about speith, daddy, he will be late for his tee time. speith made his tee time. alice's plan didn't work. beautiful day out here at the masters. a little windy and chilly. hopefully will warm up and we have a great round of golf today. >> there is so much more news ahead. we will turn it over to fred. i want to warn you, political guests have been a little feisty today. >> anything goes. and maybe there is a lot of tension building as we get to the half way point in the primary caucus season. anything goes at masters, too. anything can happen. it has been very windy and that is the surprise and seemingly the ritual of the masters. >> very good point.


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