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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  April 9, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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hello again, thanks for joining me. i am fredricka whitfield. there are delegates on both sides up for grabs out west in the race for the white house. as we speak, democratic caucuses in wyoming have just begun. live pictures of people there in cheyenne and in colorado it is day two of that state's republican convention in colorado springs. senator ted cruz will be delivering remarks there momentarily after others who are on stage now finish. so far cruz has won all of the delegates up for grabs in that state thus far.
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the final 13 delegates will be awarded today. we will bring you more on politics in a moment. but first. this out of brussels right now. police in belgium have charged mohamed abrini for participating in the activities of a terrorist group. he was arrested in raids friday. no word if he is the man in the hat seen at the airport before the bombings. they've also identified osama krayem as the second one present at the subway attack in brussels. police carrying out new raids today in a neighborhood. dozens of police officers moving into the area as residents there evacuate. cnn producer kellie morgan and bob baer is standing by. kel kellie, what can you tell us
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about charges? >> reporter: charges against the suspects that were arrested yesterday, the key suspects, wanted in connection to the paris attacks. we are learning he is being charged in connection to the brussels attacks. one man involved in both attacks. getting a clear link of the reach of the terror cell. as well, you mentioned osama krayem. this man, they say they have evidence he was the man that bought suitcases and bags used in the blast. we know one of the properties that was raided yesterday was believed to be that of abrini. that happened after the dramatic arrest. he was walking along a street in plain sight when he was pounced on by the police and taken into custody. now this is being treated as a coup.
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abrini is charged for both attacks. we are getting a better idea of the reach of the terror cell, how well coordinated it is. secondly, with having krayem identified as the second metro bomber, if indeed as widely being reported in the belgian media that abrini is confirmed as the third airport bomber, what we essentially have are two men that walked away from the blasts. the question is why, did they back out at the last minute or is this something more sinister in that they are coordinators of the attacks and needed to survive because there are other plots in the planning. that's the concern for police. they'll be questioning the men as much as they can to find out what else is going on and what else is in the planning. >> thank you so much for that. i want to bring in bob baer, cnn intelligence and security analyst, former cia operative.
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good to see you. so what about the last point that kellie made about whether authorities are trying to find out whether the two recently arrested were part of the plots, did they chicken out at the last minute or are they part of another operation, some of the planners of what could be another operation. how will investigators get to the bottom of that? >> fred, i think you have to look at abrini, if that indeed is him at the airport in brussels, he is wearing a hat, special hair, big glasses, heavy jacket. looks like he was evading coverage by cctv cameras. i am going to go on a limb, say he was the minder, to make sure the guys went through with the attack. they may have had a dead man switch on carts, if they changed their mind it would still blow up. the other one was probably the minor for the subway bombers, yes, we can assume they were planning other attacks.
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the other thing is they arrested a sixth suspect that had been under house arrest. he had gone to syria where he lost a leg, came back. they knew he was there, a member of the islamic state. they let him go on 15th of march. these people are very much operating in the open. it is like a hostile army in parts of brussels that are sort of doing what they will. >> with these arrests, potentially they've got so much information to divulge, but will they, would they divulge, what are expectations about how law enforcement would be able to get information from them before they were to be prosecuted? >> i have spent years talking to these people in various prisons around the world, jihadis, i have yet to see any of them confess, give up information. they're still committed. they'll probably tell a whole string of lies. i think what the belgian police are doing is the right thing, you have to knock down doors,
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get into computers, find out what's in their pockets, connect these people. you can't do this any longer by data mining, you have to do raids. and they're doing the right thing. >> do you feel like with the arrests the people thus far involved, particularly as we talk about the brussels attack, that they are the tip of the iceberg, that perhaps the network there in brussels is far larger than anyone's expectations? >> i think that anybody that's gone to syria engaged in that very, very nasty civil war there is going to come back committed jihadist and are liable to carry out attacks in belgium, in terms of population going to syria, i think it is tip of the iceberg. anybody coming back from syria is potentially a suicide bomber. >> bob baer, thank you so much. appreciate it. good to see you. all right. still ahead, the fight for
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there's nothing like making their day. except making sure their tomorrow is taken care of too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can. two major political events happening now. on the left, democratic caucuses in wyoming under way. on the right of your screen, the colorado state republican convention in colorado springs under way. so let's begin in wyoming. that's where bernie sanders is hoping to cut off clinton's delegate lead today. clinton is hoping for a big win after collecting key endorsements from the state's top democrats. talk more about it with wyoming state representative and bernie sanders supporter charles pelke who is joining us on the phone. representative, who should feel confident in wyoming now? >> well, if laramie is any
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indication, bernie sanders will do well. we have a massive turnout at the albany county caucus. and i would guess at least 80% of those people are bernie supporters, maybe less. it's a big turnout. i think that, you know, the caucus structure tends to favor bernie sanders i think largely because it requires a degree of enthusiasm and certainly this campaign has generated quite a bit of enthusiasm, particularly among young people. >> right. so bernie sanders has a trend going, he does well, he does better than hillary clinton does in the caucuses, but in the case of wyoming where hillary clinton and her camp maybe went into this feeling confident because there were so many delegates or superdelegates or even leaders who endorsed hillary clinton. does that give her a false sense of security? >> well, i mean, in terms of
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superdelegates in the state, we have four. all four of them have committed to hillary clinton already, but you know, one of the things we are hoping for is to send a strong message to party leadership that they ought to listen to the voters, and if we have a very strong turnout for bernie sanders in the state today, and i think we will, i think it will send a message. i don't think those uncommitted or superdelegates are solid. >> is wyoming more significantly part of the equation in this caucusing this year? >> i am having trouble hearing you. >> how about now. it does seem like a lot of interference on our line. now hopefully it is better. do you feel like wyoming is in the race different this election season than presidential years prior? >> well, i mean, we have in 2008, we had a very, very strong turnout for barack obama.
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you know, i mean, wyoming democrats are a very small minority. i mean, there are 60 members in the house of representatives and only 9 of us are democrats. that said, i think the committed democratic party members tend to be more progressive than even in other states. >> so right now you are a bernie sanders supporter, but if it is hillary clinton who becomes the party nominee, would you be supporting her? >> oh, absolutely. you look at the alternatives. what do we have, we have donald trump and ted cruz. there are a lot of people i would vote for before i consider voting for them, so -- and i will definitely support my party's nominee. i just -- my only hope is that if she gets the nomination, she does it on her own and not with the sole support of superdelegates. >> all right. representative charles pelkey, thanks for your time. happy caucusing.
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>> take care, have a good day. >> all right, thank you. all right. and now i believe we are going to some breaking news here. this is out of brussels. mohamed abrini admitting to be the man in the hat at the brussels airport. mohamed abrini has admitted to being the third suspect seen on surveillance video with brussels airport bombers. belgian federal prosecutor is telling cnn this. again, you're seeing that video shortly after the explosion taking place at the airport. in this statement, the federal prosecutor's office can now confirm that the man that you see walking there in that video is that of mohamed abrini right there in that shot to the far right. you know the other two suicide bombers to the left, pushing the
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carts, killed in the explosion that killed 30 people roughly and the person who had been widely searched for in that trenchcoat, wearing that rain hat there now apparently according to the brussels authorities, the person who was arrested in raids earlier, mohamed abrini. mohamed abrini now telling authorities in brussels that that is indeed him, the man in the trenchcoat and rain hat there that they had this extensive search looking for him for a very long time. kelly morgan joins us. what more can you tell us about the admission from mohamed abrini that he was the man in the trenchcoat. tell us more. >> reporter: hello, fred. is that a question to me? i think i missed it.
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>> question to you. they were saying he admitted to this, mohamed abrini admitting to this. why do they believe him? >> reporter: well, that is the question, isn't it. how can you believe someone who allegedly carries out these kind of attacks. extraordinary developments really. he's told police that he's dumped his distinctive white coat in a garbage bin on the escape between the airport and the city center and extraordinarily that he sold his hat. extraordinary confession really. as you say, do police believe it. we know he definitely got rid of the jacket, we saw the cctv footage that police released on thursday appealing for public help in trying to identify this man. and here we are two days later, he's in custody. he's identified himself as the
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third airport bomber and also we have the other man police were hunting, the second metro bomber who has been identified as well. so we've got two men here, we've been searching for them more than two and a half weeks, finally have them in custody. you would assume they're being questioned police to find out if they're involved in any other plots in the planning. >> so are investigators revealing more as to how this confession came about? was this after many hours of probing, was this strictly voluntary on his part? do we know any details like that? >> reporter: we haven't been given any detail about that. he has been in custody around 24 hours now, and we had that raid today. there seems to have been some information forthcoming because we had this raid earlier today in an area of brussels that was thought to be the safe house of the terror cell.
10:18 am
we are told there was no ammunition or explosives found there, so it is very difficult to say. we are kind of getting information dropped at various times in the day. keep the interest in the story going, it feels that way. just a short while ago prosecutors were saying they couldn't confirm that he was the third airport bomber and here we are saying he made the confession he, indeed, was. >> very important development. thank you so much. we'll be right back. each day was fueled by thorough preparation for events to come. well somewhere along the way, emily went right on living. but you see, with the help of her raymond james financial advisor, she had planned for every eventuality. ...which meant she continued to have the means to live on... ...even at the ripe old age of 187. life well planned. see what a raymond james advisor can do for you.
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i am fredricka whitfield. this breaking news out of belgium, among those arrested in the recent raids there just a month after those horrific, deadly explosions at the brussels airport as well as a subway, among those arrested mohamed abrini now telling law enforcement that he is that third suspect in the airport, the one in the hat. the man in the hat, the man in the hat, the man in the trenchcoat that authorities have been looking for. you remember the surveillance video showing three believed suspects involved in the bombing at the brussels airport, two men pushing a cart. they were the suicide bombers. then this man you see here that has circled in the trenchcoat.
10:23 am
he, too, was accompanying the suicide bombers. intelligence expert bob baer with us now. bob, your reaction to what we're hearing from authorities in brussels saying that mohamed abrini confessed saying i'm the man in the hat, the man in the trenchcoat. what's your feeling on this? >> this is great. the belgian police are finally doing their job, they're putting the pieces together, arresting people, connecting the dots, which they should have been doing since november 13th, since the paris attacks. i mean, now they're going to ask the question were you the minder, and how was the bomb built, how was this directed and the rest of it. getting these people behind bars is key to breaking down this cell. >> and based on our conversation less than 15 minutes ago, i think you did a great job of explaining how so infrequently suspects of this caliber would reveal anything, and that this
10:24 am
suspect would then admit to and say i am the man in the hat, the man in that trenchcoat. you know, why would that suspect be compelled to do that because now he's offering an opening, that there might be more information i can divulge. why would he do that? >> i am sure by now they have his dna from the bombing site, safe house and the rest of it, just confronted with facts. often prisoners admit to facts the police already know, can establish scientifically. the question is is he going to cut a deal to give up the rest of the cell. as i said, that is rare, takes a good interrogator to get it done. they don't torture, won't put physical pressure on this person, they have to wear him out in a cell and the rest of it. often sometimes these people will be loyal to family and
10:25 am
they'll do faivors for the family. but again, that's rare. >> bob, help explain what potentially would his role have been. here's that image, that image of the two on the left were the suicide bombers that carried out the attack. here he is in the trenchcoat and hat, if that's indeed mohamed abrini. he admits to being that person. that he would be playing a role of making sure the other two executed, carry out the plan and he potentially would move on helping to plot other potential plans? help explain the dynamic potentially. >> well, typically you'll have a minder in one of these operations that if the suicide bomber changes his mind, you can remotely detonate the charge because what you don't want to do is leave these guys in the airport to throw up their hands, give everything to the police. so this obviously is a brutal business. and they like an outsider to be
10:26 am
able to ultimately control the switches. we will find that out, but in the past they've done that. >> also joining us, fred polite kin. tell us what investigators are revealing, maybe circumstances in which which mohamed abrini made the confession? >> yeah, absolutely. it is one of the things they were keen to tell us, fredricka, we were on the phone with a federal prosecutor a couple of minutes ago. they also put out that statement. as to why mohamed abrini did reveal he was that so-called man in the hat. the federal prosecutor's office cannot confirm that mohamed abrini is the third man present at the brussels national airport attacks. after being confronted with results of the different expert examinations, he confessed presence at the crime keerngs explained having thrown away his
10:27 am
vest in a garbage bin, and having sold his hat afterwards, we spoke to the federal prosecutor as i said a couple minutes ago. he told us tools used were electronic facial recognition tools, it was when mohamed abrini was confronted with that he confessed he was the man in the hat, told them later how he went about leaving the airport. remember, couple days ago the authorities in belgium put forward video images essentially showing him going from the airport into town where he left the airport building, went past a rental car counter. at some point you could see him, he had gotten rid of the jacket. says he dumped the jacket, sold the hat, he says that's how he made his get away. how much is he talking at this point, unclear. certainly information that the prosecutor's office in belgium
10:28 am
disclosed today both about mohamed abrini and osama krayem, i am being the second person at the metro bombing that happened on the same day, that's certainly a lot of new information the authorities have been able to gather in a very short period of time after the arrests. of course only happened yesterday evening. >> extraordinary detail. thank you so much. we are not done talking about this. stay with us. learning a terror suspect arrested is the person who admits to being the man in the hat right there, the man in the trenchcoat at the brussels airport during the terror attacks. we'll have much more after this. by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is,
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breaking news in belgium. authorities say now they have the third suspect from the brussels airport bombing that led to the deaths of 30 people. the bombing that took place there at the airport as well as in the subway. the third suspect, the person circled there, the man in the hat, mohamed abrini, arrested in recent raids, now admitting according to brussels authorities to be the man in the hat. we continue our coverage with cnn intelligence expert bob baer and frederik pleitgen. fred, back to you on the details that we are now learning. authorities are revealing he admits to being the man in the hat, in the trenchcoat, under what circumstances did the admission come? >> reporter: it was interesting, fredricka. when we spoke to the federal prosecutor a couple minutes ago, he really made a point to tell us that this was not something that was only relying on circumstantial evidence. he said that this was more than
10:33 am
them just doing the tests and facial recognition as well. they made clear that he actually admitted to this after being confronted with evidence they presented. they said most of it was electronic, facial recognition tools they used. when he was confronted with them at some point he said yes, it is me on that picture. later also apparently told them the exact way he then left the airport. it is interesting. remember, a couple of days ago there was that video that was put out by the belgian authorities that essentially showed that man in the hat leaving the airport, going into the town fairly casually. he now described that's exactly what he did. that he dumped his coat, he essentially sold the hat that he was wearing, which apparently was also part of the disguise. the authorities here, of course, will continue to question him. he has now been charged with being part of a terrorist
10:34 am
operation. so certainly they can keep him in detention, try to squeeze information out of him, not just of course about the brussels attacks but about the paris attacks as well where he is also implicated as having been the person to essentially drive salah abdeslam and some of the others to paris to conduct the attacks, fredricka. >> would be, what would be the method, technique that interrogators or police can use to get this kind of admission out of him? >> fred, what they'll do is simply drive home the facts they know which is, you know, forensics, dna, facial recognition. you know, they're going to ask him about the hat, for instance. why were you in disguise in the airport, if indeed you intended to blow yourself up, doesn't make sense. there's a lot of inconsistencies, like selling the hat. that doesn't make sense, you throw it away. what happened to the vest. why hasn't that been recovered. for instance, why didn't you
10:35 am
blow yourself up right then and there, were you going to hit first responders which is a typical isis tactic, set up an explosion, wait for the police and ambulance to show up, then blow yourself up. there are so many things they're going to drive home because they know so much at this point, they'll catch him in lies. you can count on it. he is not exactly going to be truthful from the beginning. this can be a long process. we will say we know everything, help us or we will take the facts we know and do you in with that. >> fred, did investigators reveal anything about his role specifically? we talk about him, the man in the hat. then his role, was he a miner to make sure the other two carried out the attack, that they set off their explosives. is there any kind of suspicion as to whether he was going to be involved in another planned attack? investigators saying anything about what next, what his plan
10:36 am
may have been and his role? >> reporter: that's not something they have told us, that they found anything out about. what could be planned in the future, that's a question on the ground in belgium. after salah abdeslam was captured, it was only three days later that the brussels attacks took place. whether or not there are any other people out there. but one of the other things that investigators will be very interested in, why did they target the targets they did. why did they hit the metro station. why did they target brussels and not, for instance, paris. remember back to the investigation of the brussels attacks, one of the laptops found from one of the suicide bombers described that suicide bomber saying that he felt they were on the run, that police were onto them, that they essentially decided quickly to then conduct brussels attacks. the big question is was there something bigger in the works, a larger plan, something longer term that perhaps was this
10:37 am
warted by the fact that salah abdeslam got captured. is there any more insight mohamed abrini can give. he has always been treated as someone fairly senior in all this. he was obviously very close to salah abdeslam. he was among the people that drove that renault car where the paris attacks were conducted. he was at the apartment in schaerbeek which was the main weapons lab for the brussels attacks. certainly is someone who is very much on the radar of the police, someone they always treated as being fairly senior in the plots both in paris but in brussels as well. >> fred, this arrest came as a result of the raids we have been seeing in the last 24 to 48 hours. are investigators revealing anything more about more arrests anticipated, other people being watched and parameters of raids,
10:38 am
or do they feel like, you know, this was the big catch they were looking for? >> reporter: they certainly seem to believe there could be other people on the run. certainly the history of the arrests we've seen so far in this case seem to indicate that at the very least there were people that helped facilitate, helped hide these people after the paris attacks and leading up to the brussels attacks. look at the case of salah abdeslam, he was apprehended by authorities in molenbeek, there were several people in that apartment with him. when another apartment was raided in the forest district in brussels, there were several people in that apartment as well. you look at abrini when he was taken in by the police last night, there were two other people. the police believe there are people that may have been known about this cell and helped facilitate this cell being able to operate, whether or not they're in the inner circle is something very much questionable. there was a big raid earlier today that i saw firsthand for
10:39 am
several hours. the police later told us there was no explosives, no weapons found in an apartment raided there, but they believe an apartment in that complex may have been used by the terror suspects as a safe house and that's something that certainly does appear to be in line with the sort of participate we have been seeing around the brussels attacks where an apartment that the police thought was empty all of a sudden had several terror suspects in there, one senior terror suspect was shot in the forest apartment. the apartment in schaerbeek, the main weapons lab, they thought that was empty as well. it has appeared to be a pattern, that there was a series of safe houses in the city. might still be some out there. >> all right, thank you so much. we will continue the conversation after this. ♪ in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives,
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courtyard, the official hotel and i got together to remind you that no one's the same without the game... like @sirloinking who writes, "just came home with $85 worth of groceries with names like, goats beard,
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pawpaw and that vile weed kale. what happened?" well, a lack of football is what happened. breathe. soon, you'll be enjoying a big 'ol brat at a tailgate and kale smoothies will be but a memory. next time you order kale, try using a silent "k". tastes so much better. fred pleitge i'm fredricka whitfield. let's talk the road to the white house. has republican frontrunner donald trump modified his style. for example, his tweets are less provocative than we are used to. the latest one last night. saying isn't it a shame the person who will have by far the most delegates and many millions more votes than anyone else, me, still must fight. following the hiring of his new convention manager, paul
10:44 am
manafort. are we already seeing a tamer trump? ben ferguson and michael toner, cnn delegate analyst, good to see you guys. ben, you first. are we going to get more of this? is it a tamer trump or just, you know, a rest pit? >> it is a narrative that somehow if he goes to convention, and it is not his convention and he's not the nominee, that it was stolen from him. the fact is donald trump knew the rules when he got into the race. he understood there was a magic number. 1237. he is not going to get to that number looks like before the convention. i'll even use donald trump's own standard for this. he said that mitt romney was a huge loser. mitt romney was even able to get this number and secure the nomination.
10:45 am
he also said john mccain was a loser. john mccain was able to get 1237 and secure the nomination. it tells you just how weak a candidate donald trump is and also tells you how many people are voting against him instead of for him. the fact is donald trump understands winning better than anybody. he talks about it all the time. he also understands losing, he calls everyone else losers. guess what, he may be a loser going into the convention. >> so michael, weak a candidate as ben would say or clever because while donald trump seems to be spontaneous, we also know that a lot of this is very much planned. now he has hired paul manafort to help him win the republican nomination. in fact, this is what paul had to say on the air with us about why he believes trump even hired him. zb >> there becomes a time winning
10:46 am
isn't enough. it is how much and when. he reached out, i have known donald since the 190s, and we talked about it. he felt i could help him and he made the changes. >> michael, is this the start of something new in donald trump's campaign? >> i think it is start of a new phase in the presidential campaign. paul manafort, terrific hire, knowledgeable of party rules, worked a large number of conventions. ben says, the magic number, donald trump has two ways to get nominated. first way is 1237 before the convention, there's a chance he can do that, but the second way donald trump is short of 1237, there will be a pool of unbound delegates, perhaps as many as 150 to 200 unbound delegates. if he gets enough of those to join the delegates he's won, he can get over the top that way as well. that's how gerald ford was nominated in 1976, which was the
10:47 am
last national convention where we could not know who would be nominated when the convention began. president ford was short of majority threshold going into convention, got enough unbound delegates to go over the top to defeat ronald reagan. >> fredricka? >> yes, go ahead. >> one thing, you may see donald trump change his tone. you have to be friendly with people if you need them to come to your side at a convention. one of his biggest liabilities is how nasty he has been toward every other candidate, how much trash talking he has done. if you're a delegate that was leaning toward someone else or you were initially a rubio delegate, for example, or a kasich delegate if it comes down to him dropping out, ben carson even, are you going to like going to donald trump's side when he has been so nasty to rubio, little rubio, jeb bush, all these things play into it. it does not play to his favor now. >> i wonder also, gentlemen, if
10:48 am
donald trump feels like ted cruz, delegate count may be quite lopsided, while he still may feel a ted cruz nipping at his heels, like colorado, looks like ted cruz is doing well. donald trump hasn't gotten any. we will see what happens at the end of the day. is this an indicator that trump sees you have to get to 1237. if he doesn't have that, has to endear himself to the undecided that could sway, that really it is ted cruz who might sneak up on him in a very serious way. >> well, ted cruz is clearly invested significant resources in the delegate process, very organized, very focused. but donald trump is ramping up his resources here, hiring of paul manafort, broadening the delegate team. we will have to see how it goes the next two months. i think everyone understands this is going to go all the way to the california, new jersey primary in early june. until we get past the california
10:49 am
and new jersey primary, we don't know if any candidate gets over 1237. it is not possible for any candidate to go over 1237 until california and new jersey primary. so we have the next 60 days to see how the various campaigns do in this arena. >> all right, thank you so much. go ahead real quick. >> also shows the holds that donald trump has on his campaign structure. he thought he would be able to win it, didn't have to worry about delegates. he didn't have a ground game virtually anywhere when it came to delegates. he is coming very late to the party, and this is one of those weaknesses in his leadership. he said i am going to do it my way. doing it his way has cost him. the only person he can blame is himself for this one. as an executive, he should have known better, had the ground game ready. >> leave it there. ben ferguson, michael toner, thank you. >> thank you. john kerry visiting afghanistan today. we go live to kabul, hear why he had a stern message over growing
10:50 am
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all right. welcome back. so right now u.s. secretary of state john kerry is wrapping up a trip to afghanistan. he met with afghan leaders to ease political in-fighting. bring in nick paton walsh in kabul. perihelped broker a unity deal
10:54 am
in 2015. is that pact crumbling or was the meeting today in any way connected to the work he'd already done? >> reporter: well, i think most people view kerry's trips here as politically timely. no greater political sense of crisis, in the past few weeks, frankly, many criticized lack of action and cohesion within kabul. the key, security, brought home in the last minutes here. behind us, pretty much, according to pool notes we've gn been getting from journalists traveling with secretary kerry, his plane taking off before loud explosions rocked what seems to be -- can't tell because of dark behind us, what's around the diplomatic area here of kabul, where the u.s. has its embassy and other countries have their embassies, too. we don't know precisely what caused the explosions. the sound familiar to a shell
10:55 am
landing, pretty regular here for kabul but the timing, frankly, impossible to ignore as john kerry makes a visit here where security is top of the list. it's clear these four separate explosions are highly unlikely to be ill-timed accident but related to insurgent capabilities. the fighting afghanistan has seen for years, when the weather warms up, a more high level of violence here and many concerned that the taliban are so much on the offensive in the south of the country, they could in fact take its key capital at some point in the near future here. those blasts behind me echoing the level of violence swirling around the capital. in the country as a whole, according to u.s. figures responsible for 5.5 thousand afghan soldiers losing their lives just last year alone. way more than nato lost in the entire war here and sadly afghan
10:56 am
civilians saw 11,000 casualties dead and injured last year alone. numbers astronomical at this stage and no real greater way proving how poor security is here in afghanistan moments after the u.s. secretary of state pulls out of the capital you hear four explosions take off. >> nick paton walsh, thank you, in kabul. back at the top of the hour with the latest on the major terrorism arrest in belgium. authorities say they now have the so-called man in the hat, the third suspect in the airport bombing in custody. we'll be right back.
10:57 am
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welcome back. this breaking news. talking about out of belgium, belgian federal prosecutors say mohamed abrini has admitted to being the man in the hat seen in the brussels airport with the two bombers just before the explosions and then you see in the surveillance video images of him walking away. police say abrini confessed after being confronted with facial recognition evidence by the belgian authorities. abrini was arrested yesterday along with five others in raids carried out in the etterbeek neighborhood of brussels. we have team obsercoverage.


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