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tv   New Day Sunday  CNN  April 10, 2016 3:00am-5:01am PDT

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st collection of shows free with xfinity on demand. this cnn breaking news. >> good morning too grateful to you with us. we're following some breaking news this morning. in fact two story. one, a temple fire in india that's killed nearly a hundred people. and new details about the deadly terror attacks in europe as well. >> we're going to begin in brussels where prosecutors say that the terrorist whose organized the deadly attacks in belgium last month initially planned to hit france, again. >> but as they saw how quickly the investigation into last year's attacks in pairs was moved they switched gears and
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targeted brussels instead. as prosecutors announce charges if are the so called man in the hat you see highlighted here. he's the only known surviving brussels attacker. this is video taken right before and after the airport bombing. cnn's international correspondent live in brussels. fred, what do you know what's happening this morning? >> reporter: there is a lot of information that's come to us over the past 15, 250 hours. but the most important of it is probably the one that's coming this morning from the federal prosecutors office. they have now come forward and confirmed that these -- the terror group that was operating here in brussels originally wanted to strike in paris. e really quickly the statement or part of it from the for prosecutors office. they can now confirm numerous
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elements in the investigation have shown the terrorists initially had the intention to strike in france again. eventually surprised by the speed of the progress in the investigation they took the decision to strike in brussels. several things about this, on the one hand they say there are numerous things that have showed these people wanted to strike in paris. does this mean that the people t high value targets they took into custody on friday, are they talking or are other elements that the investigators now have that led them to believe the original plan was to strike in paris. and after the brussels attack a laptop was found, where he was saying that after salah abdeslam was taken into the custody they felt they might g the next to be arrested and felt they needed to strike as fast as possible. certainly the new information steams seems to confirm that. the big question, what would they have don't in paris?
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we found out that one of the alleged targets that due tom brady struck was the finance district in paris. are they going to get more intel is the big question? certainly a lot of information that is coming out at this point in time. it seems as though the investigators here in brussels are slowly piecing together what this cell has dope and possibly also piecing together who else might be involved christi. >> fred pleitgen, thank you so much. in india, a fireworks display exploded at the temple during a religious festival. >> at least 100 known to be dead and 500 hurt.
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sparks from the display ignited unexploded fireworks, causing massive explosions and that fire. cnn live in mumbai. are they still trying to rescue people there? >> reporter: that's right. authorities are still trying to work through the rubble to rescue people. but the situation does appear to be really, really grim. i spoke to somebody who was at the site of the temple just a short while ago. and she said that even when they are pulling bodies o out of rubble some are char sod badly they are beyond recognition. and authorities are going to have to use dna testing to identify the bodies. so the situation does remain very grim. it was a massive fire, as you can see in the footage. the incident took place at 33:00 a.m. it is not -- 3:30 a.m. it is quite common during
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festivals for devotees to be praying overnight. and they had fireworks as part of the celebrations. but there were also other fireworks stored close by in the temple complex. and sparks ignited the other firework fireworks. also the impact was so severe it made some of the other buildings close by fall. and that is why we have these mounds of rubble. ambulances rushed to the scene. the prime minister, he's ordered navy ships to be mobilized and to reach the areas calling supplies. he's also taking a team of doctors including burn
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specialists to help those who have been wounded. the need of the hour is really is very much to give medical attention to those who have been injured and struggling for their lives at hospitals close by. >> thank you very much. such horrible tragedy there in india. we'll continue to follow through you. thank you. back here in the u.s. the race to clinch the democratic nomination for president is tightening this morning. hillary clinton still has the most delegates but it appears the momentum belongs to sanders. sanders won wyoming last night. giving him a big morale boost into next week's crucial new york primary. his 8th win in the last 9 contests. now he's making the case that he's the best candidate to take down donald trump. >> when it comes to our good
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friend donald trump. , last cnn poll had us 20 points ahead of him. we are making a whole lot of progress. and i think the reason is that we're doing so pretty unusual in a campaign. number one, we are telling the american people the truth. >> cnn commentatorcommentators, both for getting up early on a sunday. good to see you. nomiki, sanders won wyoming. both candidates earned seven delegates a piece however, even though he won. what can he do to build on this momentum to take new york and try to cut further into her lead knowing how this process works that even if he wins the votes that are taken or the caucuses, delegatewise she still cuts into
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anything he seems to earn. >> they are about dead even to where they were a month ago in delegates. this poll that came out this week that shows bernie sanders is leading donald trump by 20 points and he's above ted cruz by 12 point while hillary clinton is tied with ted cruz and only beats donald trump by 9 points before the election. that is good for bernie sanders. that is good for the general election. that cuts into her message. with all the scandals behind her, her poor record on a lot of progressive issues that democrats deeply care about. she's running a campaign her own husband's record. and that is going to be significant in new york state. new york voters are particularly informed because we have so many different news publications and so many candidates come through and media figures and they are very tapped. and new york is very diverse. so the message that bernie sanders is putting out there, economic inequality, of prison
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reform, criminal justice reform. praised by everybody from the form former naacp head --. [ slow down ] -- after being gone for the past decade. >> i want to bring victory into this. you're chuckling so i know you have something to say here but also talking about i want to play this from hillary clinton as she talks about how much she needs new york eers to come outo lock in her nomination. >> we are on the path to the nomination but i need to win big here in new york. because -- because the sooner i can become the nominee, i can turn and unify the democratic party like i did with president obama back in 2008.
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and the sooner we can go after the republicans full-time. >> how much of a difference will that make viie victory. >> i think it is important and important for the democratic party in the country. the sooner we can start focus okay a general election. the fact is we still have a primary. you can't get to donald trump or ted cruz without winning the primary first. the math is the math. contrary to what's been says, this race is not about momentum. never been about momentum. after march 15th, hillary clinton came out with five evicts and then proceeded to lose the next couple of states. the demographics are changes and changing to favor hillary clinton in new york,
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pennsylvania, maryland and so so son. yesterday was a perfect example. bernie sanders has to win but he has to win by large margins. yesterday was a good day for hillary clinton because she came out a of a date without much diversity and the 77 delegate split. and the reason bernie sanders is trouncing donald trump the way he is is because he hasn't been getting attacked for the past two and a half decades. the republican party has not ever turned their sights to bernie sanders. --. >> i want to get to director spike lee. he just released another ad supporting bernie sanders and minorities. take a look here. >> people of color have a deeply vested interest in what bernie sanders brings to us in this election. >> michael brown, sabd ra bland and my mother eric garner. >> they are not just hashtags
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and trending topics. but these are mothers and fathers. sons and daughters. >> he sees all of me. he sees all of you. he sees us as a whole people. as a whole country. that's why i'm voting for bernie sanders. >> i'm bernie sanders and i professor th approve this message. >> what difference do you think celebrities make in urging people to vote for their choice nomiki? >> well i think that campaigns -- all campaigns have a history of bringing in notable figures to get their message out. and if you can use notable figures in way who support your cause to get that issue out, more power to them. but i think this ad is very powerful. i was at an event the apollo. they are all discussing issues like how the clintons have accepted more private prison money than any candidates in history and how the private prison industry has $5.5 billion in stocks and they are the ones who lobbied for the crime bill.
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they are the one whose have been targeted african american communities and communities of color and that is problem with the clinton rhetoric. >> okay. i want to give bakari a chance for the last word here. thank you nomiki. go ahead. >> i love spike lee. he's a mor house brother of mine. the irony is it is a very good ad. but the mothers of those individuals who were mentioned, of michael brown, eric garner, trayvon --. those are all supporting clinton. and yes --. hillary clinton does well in communities of color and diverse communities and that is going to play this 19th during the primary. >> and then of course pennsylvania afterwards on the 26th. we will be watching of course. we appreciate your insight. bakari, and nomiki thank you. also hillary clinton and bernie sanders both appear on state of
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the union with jake tapper this morning at 9:00 a.m. eastern here. and thursday night they both, secretary clinton and sanders face off in a cnn democratic debate live from brooklyn. >> much more ahead on your "new day." donald trump makes a surprise visit to the 9/11 museum in new york. it is his first time. and he pulled out his checkbook. was it all politics? also much more coverage on belgium terror. the paris terrorist suspect mohamad abrini claims he's the man with the hat in prosecutors attack. and john kerry is talking terrorism and news.
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life feels a little lighter, potency probiotic, livelier, a little more you. ultimate flora probiotics. troousz ted cruz secured all 34 delegates in colorado, helping him cut into trump's lead in the delegate race. overnight in las vegas cruz said a contested republican convention in july is now all but certain. >> donald's path to 1237 is almost impossible. it means the odds of going to a contested convention in cleveland have become much must have higher. if we go into a contested convention we're going to have a ton of delegate, donald is going to have a ton of delegates and
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it is goings to be a bhalt in cleveland. and let me tell you, in that scenario i think we'll go in with an overwhelming advantage. i believe the first ballot will be the highest vote total donald trump receives. and on a subsequent ballot we're going to win the anonymous and earn a majority. >> cnn politics senior reporter steven cullisson joins me. thank you for joining us early. is he right? ted cruz sounds a bit like a salesman. of course he's going benefit from that kind of talk so is he really accurate in his portrayal here? >> he's had a good week. he walked off with 36 of the 42 delegates in wisconsin. and he is right in that every race which goes by and he wins more delegates it's much more difficult for donald trump to get to the 1237 figure by which could win the first ballot and take the nomination. what e with saw in colorado was
3:20 am
ted cruz's political machine and organization was functioning very smoothly. and that will go over well. donald trump needs to win about 63% of the remaining delegates to get to 1237. so he's going have to up his game. at the moment he's been winning about 45% of the delegates in the contests so far. but there is one caveat the race is heading east to new york on april 19th and then we have contests in pennsylvania, maryland, where donald trump is expected to very well. so the race now is all about how many delegates ted cruz can peel away from donald trump in those states where trump will do well to make sure he doesn't get to that 1237 number. >> because ted cruz is not looking to be doing as well in new york as other places. donald trump back on the campaign trail today we're saying. in new york saturday, this is very surprising to me, made what is reported to be his first visit to the 9/11 museum.
3:21 am
he was there with his wife and he also made a $100,000 donation to the museum. sounds like politics at play here but you give me a read. >> you can't ignore the fact that this is coming a week before the new york primary. it is also coming in the context of this big debate between donald trump and ted cruz about new york values. you'll remember in a debate some weeks back that ted cruz condemned new york values can which he said were not conservative and were liberal values and painted donald trump as a much more liberal candidate. donald trump is positions himself as the ultimate new yorker, perhaps going for the rudy jewelny new york vote if you like. he thinks he has a good chance in upstate new york which is
3:22 am
more conservative. and he thinks he can co-very well. by standing up and condemning liberal new york values it might not be such a bad campaign tactic by ted cruz. >> the boston globe today published what they say is an imaginary front page, where they envision headlines under a donald trump presidency. one says, deportations to begin, unquote. this was done by the globe's editorial board. is this going too far? >> i guess we should stress this was done by the editorial page and not the news operation of the globe and the globe says it readers will be able to see the difference easily. this is happening a month after the massachusetts primary. so it is hardly influencing local politics. but i think it is a sign of something we're going see more and more. there hasn't been that much
3:23 am
scrutiny right now what donald trump would actually do as president. that's started to change in the last few weeks. he had a rough patch on abortion and foreign policy. he's now being looked at as a potential nominee. one of the two people who could actually become the president of the united states. so i this i we are going to see much more scrutiny of his positions and deportations of illegal immigrants. i think it is going to be interesting to see how the scrutiny increases on donald trump and how he handles the increased pressure. nominees always get under the spotlight the first we go on in the race. as the very testing time for a candidate. >> oh yeah. it is going to become quite intense if it hasn't already. thank you very much for joining us this morning. cnn hosts a town hall with donald trump, tuesday, 9:00 eastern. his wife and daughter will join him. anderson cooper is the host of
3:24 am
that. tuesday 9:00 eastern right here on cnn. well a form ee eer nfl play shot and killed in new orleans. also the suspect in the brussels and paris attacks charged with terrorism. the bomb shell confession he dropped on prosecutors and the effect it may have on the war against isis. so it can do more for your business. when work takes you across the globe, your unlimited data travels with you to 140 plus countries and destinations at no extra charge. and that's not all. because with t-me there's no overages. ever. switch your business to t-mobile at work. and get four lines. with 10gb of 4g lte data each for just $35 per line. nobody does business data like t-mobile. whewhat does it look like?ss, is it becoming a better professor
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shoshow me more like this.e. show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. 27 past the hour. i want to share new information out of brussels this morning. >> belgium prosecutors now have their so called man in the hat. mohamed abrini was arrested friday in a raid.
3:28 am
officials say he has now confessed to being the man seen at the airport right before the brussels bombing. he's also the final known suspect directly linked to the bombings last year in paris. former nfl player will smith was shot to death overnight after a traffic dispute in new orleans. police say he was killed after exchanging words with a driver who rear-ended his car. smith's wife was also shot and taken to the hospital. smith spent his entire nine year career with the saints, including winning the super bowl. the team confirmed the news a short time ago calling it a senseless and tragic loss. >> britain's prince william and his wife the duchess of cambridge started a trip to india. william and katherine will also meet with children's yup groups and mingle with celebrities and
3:29 am
take part this a game of contradict all to strengthen ties with the uk. -- cricket. key topics for kerry's visit are terrorism, refuge crisis and nuclear disarmament. first trip to hiroshima by a secretary f of state. the pope is making waves with a new message about non traditional families and divorced catholics. plus the key terror suspect just dropped on prosecutors. details come tting here easy. because the hardest part of any trip, should be leaving. expedia. technology connecting you to what matters.
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(vo) nationwide is different. hon, did you call nationwide to check on our claim? (vo) we put members first. actually, they called me. ♪ nationwide is on your side okay. those explosions are coming from inside a temple in southern ind india. a fire broke out during a fireworks display at a celebration in kollam. the town's police commissioner say they will be charged with culpable homicide. sanders picked up another win in wyoming, solidifying his momentum into the new york primary. hillary clinton also earned seven delegates. she says her campaign is on a
3:34 am
path to win that nomination. and let's talk about republican front runner donald trump hitting the trail today no new york, rochester. and digging in accusations against ted cruz of having hatred for his home state, new york. and saying his rival would never help new york as president. prosecutors say the terrorists who organized the deadly attacks in belgium initially planned to hit france again but had to change their plans to brussels. this as prosecutors say one of the men rounded up in the terror raids has confessed. mohamed abrini says that he is the man in the widely circulated surveillance video taken right before and after the brussels attacks. he said that he sold his hat and threw away his coat. abrini is also the fanl named suspect in the paris attacks. with me to discuss this cnn
3:35 am
senior law enforcement analyst tom fuentes, kimberly dozier and lieutenant general mark hertling. and we also have cnn senior international correspondent fred pleitgen. you have the latest from brussels this morning, fred. >> reporter: certainly. and it was very big news out of the federal prosecutors office about an hour and a half ago. they can now confirm that numerous links in the investigation are telling them that the initial target by this group would have been paris but apparently they were so surprised by the pace of the investigation going on that they had to divert and conduct those attacks in brussels. it is something that's been spectr speculated about. right after the brussels attacks, a laptop was found by one of the bombers, where messages were found of his where he apparently said that he felt the police were closing in and they needed to act as fast as possible.
3:36 am
some people believing that perhaps the capture of salah abdeslam has been a catalyst for that plot to go forward. salah abdeslam was captured about three days before the brussels attacks and then you have a confession by mohamed abrini. so it really does appear as though he's giving investigators some information they are now putting forward to us as well. >> thank you very much for that. tom, regarding the suspect, the so called man with the hat, is there a chance that he is not who he claims to be? and is that something that law enforcement has to seriously contemplate here? one, is he truly that guy? and two, is what he's saying really the truth here or could he be planting false information? >> you know, martin, those are great points. first, i've read accounts that the police confronted him with facial recognition technology and that is when he admitted to
3:37 am
being the man in the hat. but i've worked with that technology and unless they have very good frontal pictures of him without the hat and glasses, it would be very difficult. if they have other pictures, fine. but facial recognition technology is still in infancy and still not as reliable as it should be. secondary, if he'sot the man in the had he might say he is just to take the heat off whoever that is. and that other person could still be at large. so those are great points. one other point, you know, we often after these attacks say oh this had to take weeks and months to plan this and arrange it and coordinate it. and here from what the they are hearing from the various suspect is they turned on a dime. they decided to accelerate and two, three days later they are attacking in brussels. >> just shows you quickly they can pick a target and do it and when they are already prepared
3:38 am
with explosives and firearms and safe houses, they are ready to go all the time. >> why would they want to strike france again if what we are hearing is true? >> well, to show that the french authorities can't stop them. are i think a disturbing fact in this is that so far we haven't been told that there was any evidence of communications from this cell back to isis in raqqah. so it is as if they are operating with a great deal of autonomy. they have the skills, they have the weapons. they choose the target of their choice. so when it was too hot for them to attack paris, they find another soft target in brussels. that means there could be other cells and the belgian interior minister talked this yesterday, that there could be other cells out there operating with the same independence working at will just waiting for this police pressure to die down. >> general, we saw this before.
3:39 am
that as investigators closed in there was another attack. prompted. had to happen in brussels they say. not paris. do we worry about that again happening? >> these attacks in and of themselves are not that complex. it is the build up to the attacks that is critically important. getting the money there, getting the bombs made, getting the weaponry there. but you can turn on a dime. the thing that i'd be looking for is first of all the connections between the cells. and there is now indicators that some of these individuals were at several safe houses. there are fingerprints left about and evidence. that is the kind of information you have to expand to see where the cells are connected. the other thing that is importantly is when you look at the bevy of folks who have been found and arrested, all kind of diverse backgrounds. one from sweden. another from belgium. another who's a syrian. how did they get connected? where is the money coming from?
3:40 am
and now this guy abrini, i'm not sure he's either not lying or he is lying. and the belgian prosecutor, this is raw intelligence they are giving out right now. this has not been analyzed yet. i'm not so sure i would release that yet. or are they trying to stir up a web a little bit and get some more contacts in there. >> and that thought occurred. because i do wonder, the prosecutor seems to be giving out a great deal of information. granted you have a public that is frightened and worried. so you want to look like you are making progress. but is there the possibility here that prosecutors themselves are trying to force something on these groups? >> well that is a dangerous tactic. we saw this happen once before when salah abdeslam was captured and was being interrogated. the prosecutor resident leased the information that he was quote unquote collaborating with
3:41 am
the prosecutors. and that just possibly spurred his ring in hiding into action and spurred the brussels attacks on the airport and subway. so yes they could be trying to flush people who are in hiding to move so they can catch them. but they have got to consider that they could also be pushing them towards violence. >> well let's hope that is not the case but that could be the possibility. thank you all for joining us this morning. the pope's new message to divorce catholics. and the reaction that this is have been around the world. and a panel of religious experts who are sharing how significant this announcement really is. ever. mon the all-new audi a4, with apple carplay integration.
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44 past the hour and pope francis is making head lines. after offering a more tolerant stance towards gays, lesbians and other family. let's talk about this major change with cnn's senior vatican analyst john allen and father edward beck. father beck, first of all, help us understand what is it like to be a divorced catholic in the church and how significant is this change to their every day faith? >> well christi for many years divorced catholics have felt like they are on the outside if they are divorced without an awe
3:46 am
nullment and they have remarried they have kind of been shunned. they couldn't come to communion. they felt as though they were kind of the pariahs. and now this document says no, we want you to be part of us. we want to work with you to get you even to be more part of us. if you haven't gotten an annulment for some reason. we still want you to be part of our community. talk to your priests. talk to other faithful cathol s catholics. see if in some way you can be some part of this kmubion. and if your conscience says you should be receiving communion because this is the best ux do right now then make that decision and be more a part of that faith community. that's liberating. that's been church teaching for a long time but as john allen says it's been the best kept secret. it's no longer a secret. the box is open and we have to deal with it and the result is that people are feeling more welcome and included and have
3:47 am
more hope. >> so john allen. it may have been a best kept secret but it is not an edict. it is not a mandate by any means. how does that change or influence, this statement from the pope, the every day faithful to go to their priests and feel like they are going to be welcomed? that they are really going to have those options to take communion, to remarry. how are the priests absorbing this. >> i was going tell you all about this brilliant piece of analysis we have set to run on the kruk site tomorrow before by edward beck but it turns out you have him right here. but the church has always had this scope for pastoral practice trying to decide how a rule applies in a set of circumstances. you are also right, christi. the pope has not created a new
3:48 am
rule what. he's done is provide space for priests in the trenches to make common sense decisions about how this teaching on marriage that the church has and the rule, how they apply in individual sets of circumstances. and in answer to your question, i suspect that experience is going to vary: i expect there will be some parishes and diocese where bishops and priests take a slightly harder line about how accessible communion ought to be to divorced and civilry remarried catholics. and i suspect other places will be more flexible and accommodating. again that hasn't really changed anything. but basically what the pope has done is encourage that second camp. that is, those who are inclined to be more welcoming. and sort of removed this cloud of suspicion that sometimes surrounded that group. so they don't have to feel like they have to look over their shoulder to worry if officialdom is going to come after them.
3:49 am
on the contrary, what they are hearing is encourage. >> i want to pivot to politics here. we know that a presidential candidate or nomination candidate, we should say trying to get the nominee for the democratic side, bernie sanders going to the vatican next week. how will, father beck, that effect the political realm? will it bring catholics to his side? >> well catholics are notoriously independent when it comes to voting. you can't be assured of any kind of catholic voting bloc. so i would say that catholics are intrigued that basically sanders has defined himself as the cultural jew. >> right. >> but he is in agreement with the economic policies of pope francis. there is a lot of agreement. if you look at what they say about economics and the need
3:50 am
to -- 1 percent can't hold all of the wealth and it has to be more equal distribution of the wealth. they agree there. the organization has invited sanders to speak. so whether or not he even gets the meet the pope is up in the air. but he will speak. and i think people are going to say wow, he is open to something that the pope is certainly pushing and sanders is pushing. so i think it causes a certain amount of intrigue. but if it is going to get more catholic vote, i would tend to doubt that. there are other issues catholics are also concerned about where they would not agree with senator sanders. >> okay. so what would those issues be, john allen? >> well father edward is right. the idea there is a catholic vote in america is something of a myth. the truth is that catholics are one quarter of the american population. a big chunk but they are as divided as the rest of the american population. certainly for more conservative
3:51 am
catholics socialism tends to be a dirty word and that of course is what senator sanders describes himself to be. more conservative catholic voters would be focused on the pro life issues, particularly things around abortion, policy, the contraception mandates as part of healthcare reform. also in limited government. and on all of those issue, senator sanders is not a very good fit. this may attract some more liberal minded catholic voters to be interested in sanders. ale though there is also a danger of the backfiring. if there is one thing catholics don't like it is perceptions that someone is trying to take advantage of the pope or manipulate him in some way. and sanders turns his visit into a campaign rally, i think there is a risk of some blow back there in terms of catholics who are maybe taking a look at him for the first time. >> and we see father beck nodding his head in agreement to that. we so appreciate your insight and taking the time with us this
3:52 am
morning. thank you. >> thank you. happy sudden. >> happy sunday to you as well. ahead donald trump holds his first rally after days of down time in new york. and what can we and deputy dog person. s bea my name is barbara and i make dog chow natural in davenport, iowa. now that i work there and see all of the care and the ingredients that go into it. i value the food even more. i feed yoshi dog chow natural because there's no artificial colors, preservatives and it's made with real chicken. he's got so much energy. his coat is so shiny. and he just seems over all happier. i'm so proud to make dog chow natural in davenport, iowa. may not always be clear... but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. for over 75 years, investors have relied on our disciplined approach to find long term value.
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3:55 am
strong winds at the masters just can't seem to blow jordan spieth from the top of the leader board. >> 22-year-old golfer had a one shot lead heading into today's final round.
3:56 am
live in augusta this morning. the winds did mess some things up for others though. >> reporter: absolutely. it was really windy on the course yesterday. spieth was able to weather the storm getting through his round. it wasn't perfect. he did run into some trouble at the end of his round. he ended up getting a bogey on 17 and a double bogey on 18. he finished the day 1 over in round three. coming today with a one shot lead over smiley kaufman. spieth is the first golfer ever to lead the masters for seven consecutive rounds. but he knows he's going to have to be on his game today in order to win it all. >> it was a really tough finish, from holding a the 4 shot lead and being in similar position to
3:57 am
last year to all of a sudden it is nanyone's game. i'm in the lead of 54 holes. if you told me at that the beginning of the week i'd be obviously very pleased. >> another story here at augusta is the play of bernhard langer. trying to become the oldest golfer to ever win a major. jack nicklaus holds the record. he's won the mass masters twice. the first back in 1985. and jordan spieth wasn't even born yet. >> thank you so much. your next hour of "new day" starts after this break. alliso i'm val, the orange money retirement squirrel from voya. val from voya? yeah, val from voya. quick question, what are voya retirement squirrels doing in my house?
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thank you so much for spending your morning with us here on christi paul.
4:01 am
>> i'm martin savidge. we're following two breaking stories. a temple fire in india that's killed nearly a hundred people. and details about the deadly terror attacks in europe. prosecutors say france was the original target of the brussels attackers. >> interesting. they say how quickly the investigation into the paris attacks was moving so changed their plans and hit brussels instead. this is new information coming as prosecutors announce terror charges for the so called man in the hat, mohamed abrini. he was seen in surveillance of the brussels airport, this video, taken right before the attacks and he's also accused of driving the paris attackers to their targets last november. cnn international correspondent fred pleitgen is live in brussels. what are you hearing there?
4:02 am
>> reporter: from our french affiliate we got some information a couple oaf minutes ago. they are saying sources tell them that the targets that were supposed to be struck in france by this terrorist cell were supposed to be the financial district this paris. as well as a catholic association in paris as well. that is information from our affiliate and that certainly seems to mesh with the statement we got from the federal prosecutor earlier as well. they also said several sources were telling them that it was france that was supposed to be the target. however because their investigation was moving forward so quickly, apparently the cell felt they needed to change their target and strike as fast as possible. we're also covering breaking news in india. a fireworks explosion at the temple has killed at least 98 people. more than 500 more are hurt. >> this happened earlier this
4:03 am
morning in the town of kollam near the southern tip of india. a medical officer told cnn most of the deaths were head injuries caused by --. let's jump back into the political arena here and the race for president. senator cruz winning big out west. donald trump back on the trail today hoping to shore up support in new york. ted cruz secured all 34 delegates in colorado, which is helping him cut into donald trump's lead in the race. overnight in las vegas, cruz said a contested republican convention in july is now all but certain. those are his words. cnn politics reporter jeremy diamond joins us. obviously another strong showing from ted cruz and his
4:04 am
organization. is it too soon to say it is all but certain a contested convention is in our future? >> well that certainly seems to be the way things are headed and given the way that cruz's delegate operation has been successful in essentially wooing and securing the slate of delegates that they prefer to have at the convention. ted cruz is now saying -- he's comfortable saying i think this is likely going into a contested convention. listen to what he said last night. >> it is going to be a battle in cleveland. to see who can earn a majority of the delegates that were elected by the people. and let me tell you. in that scenario, i think we will go in with an overwhelming advantage. i believe the first ballot will be the highest vote total donald trump receives and on a subsequent ballot we're going to win the nomination and earn a majority. >> so there you have ted cruz talking about the potential for a contested convention.
4:05 am
of course donald trump now is also building out a delegate team. he's playing a little bit of catch up. he's brought in an expert veteran gop hand as far as conventions are concerned and working on that. donald trump has taken the last four days off. he'll be back today after essentially huddling and plotting the path forward. >> jeremy diamond. thank you. i want to bring in scotty nel hughes and donald trump support ert and also conservative radio host lenny mcalister. cruz thinks donald trump is going to fall short. do you think losses like we saw in colorado for donald trump are exposing cracks in the trump ground game? >> first when i listen to senator cruz sit there and say the delegates are elected by the people. i have to point out that is false. it is not the delegates elected
4:06 am
by the people that we are worried about. it is these at large delegates that are being appointed by the republican party of each state by the establishment votes within the state. those right there are going to be the detrimental ones, the unknown factor the question mark. when you talk to the delegates they are actually someone who might not necessarily support cruz either. as for cracks within the trump campaign, this is the difference from someone who accepts money and donations from day one and has been campaigning for years to be president and someone who's using his own money and being fiscally responsibility. mr. trump grew his campaign as the campaign grew. and maybe he didn't have a grou game that was needed for a state like colorado. however he's obviously playing catch up and he's grown his campaign as -- >> let me stop you there. lenny, she's right here in the
4:07 am
sense that these primaries a actually controlled by the parties themselves. it is like an exclusive club. they get to make up the rules and the rules tend to favor the establishment candidate. the republican establishment has pretty much said trump is not our guy. cruz is the man we want. >> here is flip side. the flip side is donald trump wins a bunch of primaries where it is an open primary and they vote for him. the trump and campaign is not complain about that and there are a lot of republicans saying listen, we've in many instances had our nominee selected by us by democrats and independents that are voting for the republican nominee who happens to be the weakest nominee polling against hillary clinton. you can't complain about it in one regard and say it is against you and the same exact process which has given donald trump the
4:08 am
lead ignore as well -- >> voters who say why am i going to the polls if the delegates seem to be decided in such a way that it is stacked against my vote? so weigh in here skoit. >>cotty. >> the republican party has been crying for years we needed to attract and bring over to our part an establishment politic n politician. and these are folks that ran for jeb delegates or rubio delegates and now they are being pointed in cruz's trump's slot. and if this was all about getting ted cruz to be the nominee here in the convention then why doesn't rubio release his delegates and kasich drop out and unite? the truth is these people are using ted cruz to get to a brokered convention and then they are going encourage choose. and this is their last chance. >> lenny nobody new york city
4:09 am
like donald trump does. if he get over 50% here. does he get all of the delegates? how does it work. >> he's in good position to possibly get most if not all of the delegates and that is something that should come into play for donald trump. i don't think anybody is going to be surprised on the 19th if he gets you will the delegates. but it boils down to the rest of the map. and what do the delegates do from there? we have campaigns cozying up to one set of rules and when they play against them there is a lo lot of complaints. past the first ballot, to coalesce the support. >> there is no doubt that cleveland is going to be one very interesting place in the middle of july.
4:10 am
scotty nel hughes. we're going talk about bernie sanders as well. winning the wyoming democratic caucus. it is his 8 of the 9 last contest wins. should hillary clinton be concerned some are asking. >> also we'll go back to india and the latest developments in that temple fire and mounting death toll. >> and prosecutors in brussels say they officially nabd the terror suspect, the man in the hat. weighing in on the arrest has on the war against or the. et here . there were people who listened along the way. people who gave me options.
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4:14 am
democratic race to clinch the nomination heats up. bernie sanders just got another jolt of momentum by winning the wyoming caucuses on saturday, seizing 8 of the last 9 contests. but clinton still holds a significant lead in delegates. the math is close when you look at just the pledge delegates but once you factor in the super delegates the margin widens. dan, clinton is hoping that she and stunt sanders momentum ahead of the new york primary on april 19th. can you can she. >> both candidates seem to be enjoying in their home states. hillary clinton represented the state for eight years, now lives here. in westchester county. bernie sanders was born here. and both are enjoying campaigning the new york way. taking the subway. yesterday she went to jr.'s
4:15 am
cheesecake and ordered but did not eat cheesecake in front of the press. and she's trying to stunt bernie sanders momentum here in new york. but it is important to remember that wyoming, 14 delegates at stake and the candidates actually split the delegates despite bernie sanders winning the state. and in new york it is 247 delegates available so it is very delegate rich compared to the wyoming caucus. hillary clinton made it clear yesterday she's actually ready to move past bernie sanders. she wants to start focussing on donald trump. take a listen to what she said in brooklyn. >> we are on the path to the nomination. but i need -- i need to win big here in new york because the sooner i can become the nominee, i can turn and unify the democratic party like i did with
4:16 am
president obama back in 2008. and the sooner we can go after the republicans full time. >> now there is a reason she might be doing that. this race has grown more ak moens as they enter new york. accusations on bode both sides. so secretary clinton very clear she wants to focus on donald trump. a candidate who as you spoke about in the last segment is already focused on building the delegates for the republican nominee. >> of course hillary wants to move on but i don't think bere sanders -- that's not his plan right now. thank you for joining us. cnn politics senior reporter steven collins joins us. hillary clinton is not the only one standing at a podium asking people to get to the polls and
4:17 am
vote. there is a great article in the "new york times" this morning talking about how bernie sanders actually has some supporters who are using reddit and twitter to get votes. what does that say about the process that there are people watching this who know the super delegates have a lot of control here and now they may be asking, okay, you are telling me to go to the poll. but what does my vote really matter at this point. >> i think it is symptomatic at the entire structure of the sanders campaign. i don't think he gets enough credit for the way he's used internet and social media to build this grassroots movement. and you are right it is basically bernie sanders best hope of winning the nomination now given the fact he's about 230 pledge delegates behind hillary clinton. is to get super delegates. party officials. party office holders to switch their support hillary clinton to
4:18 am
him. he has to make the argument that he's more electable than hillary clinton. that he would do a better job in taking on donald trump if he becomes a republican nominee. i have to say though. if you speak to these super delegates you realize what a big task bernie sanders does have. they don't generally, the ones who have already supported hillary clinton, back the idea that he would be a better general election candidate. or necessarily that he's more qualified than hillary clinton. but i think the fact that the sanders campaign is going aggressively after these folks is recognition that, you know, without switching super delegates their path to the nomination is narrowing, given the fact as we saw last night in wyoming. he won by 10% but only came out with the same number of pledge delegates. >> so you are saying the ability to sway these super delegates is really not gonna happen.
4:19 am
>> he nodes too get a big win in new york. you can imagine the impact that might have on the democrat party. should spread panic if hillary clinton were to lose the state. where the clinton, bill clinton and hillary clinton have laid down a massive political network. that would be one of the things that would start perhaps making super delegates skravp their heads. >> how likely is that? what would bernie sanders have to do at this point in the game to sway that many people in new york. >> that is the big question. he has to make a case that he's more qualified to be president than hillary clinton, that he understands new yorkers. i think what you are seeing in the sanders campaign is they are gresz ely targeting western new york. syracuse, rochester, who have been very hurt by migration of manufacturing jobs. they feel the bernie sanders message on trade is much more in
4:20 am
tune with real new yorkers really think. they feel hillary clinton is out of touch. and they can use the fact that nafta, the north american free trade act was passed you shou e administration of bill clinton. he has to drive this economic inequality message very hard to try and get hillary clinton off ambulanc balance. hillary clinton is portraying herself as a real new yorker who understands what new yorkers think. and i think at least the polls say it is an uphill task for sanders. >> always appreciate your insight sir. >> and hillary clinton and bernie sanders are both appearing on state of the union with jake tapper. that is at 9:00 eastern. and i want to tell you about thursday night. they are both facing off in a cnn democratic debate live from brooklyn, new york as well.
4:21 am
wolf blitzer moderating. thursday, 9:00 p.m. eastern. ahead we're following breaking news in india. a fireworks explosion killing nooer a hundred people during a religious festival. we'll get the latest. plus a suspect in brussels and the paris attacks now charged with terrorism. how the bomb shell confession he dropped on prosecutors could help in other terror investigations. be sur talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. bayer aspirin. hey, we're opening up and we need some new signage. but can't spend a lot. well, we have low prices and a price match guarantee. scout's honor? low prices. pinky swear? low prices. eskimo kisses? how about a handshake? oh, alright... the lowest price. every time. staples. make more happen.
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4:25 am
those explosions coming from inside a temple in southern i . ind india. police say nearly a hundred people are dead and at least 540 injured. the police commissioner said the temple authorities will be charged with culpable homicide. >> cnn's malacca kah pure with the latest from mumbai. >> reporter: we just got word that prime minister narendra modi has arrived in the town of kollam. we are looking at a hundred people dead and several hundred more who are critically injured and fighting for their lives in hospitals close buy. the prime minister moved swiftly
4:26 am
to galvanize help. he's ordered helicopters, involved the indian army and navy. to mobilize helicopters and relief teams to try and bring as much medical attention and help as he can. that really is the need of the hour. the situation there is so grim that rescue people, authorities who are pulling bodies out of the rubble say some have been burned so badly they are charred beyond recognition and they will have to use dna testing to determine the identities. the situation remains grim indeed. the need of the hour is medical attention. but there are also lots of angry voices who are wanting to know what happened and whether there was any negligence on part of temple authorities to figure out what went wrong. >> thank you for that update. now information out of
4:27 am
belgium. prosecutors say the brussels attackers had intended to hit france, a second time. why they suddenly changed their plans. ople when they thought they should start saving for retirement. then we asked some older people when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving and when we actually do is one of the reasons why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement. just start as early as you can. it's going to pay off in the future. if we all start saving a little more today, we'll all be better prepared tomorrow. prudential. bring your challenges.
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4:30 am
the breaking news coming out of belgium. we're learning the original targets of the brussels attackers weren't really meant to be belgium at all but in france. specifically the financial district in paris. that according tour affiliate bfma source close to the investigation says they also wanted to strike a catholic association in paris but they were spooked, officials say by the probes and shifted to
4:31 am
brussels. one of the men rounded up officials say has exon fess -- confessed to being the wearing the hat. he's now space facing several terror charges. cnn international correspondent frederick pleitgen is in brussels, this coming as result of the situation after the raids correct. >> reporter: investigators are saying there are various sources. second high profile man also arrested on friday krayem also played a role in the bombings as well. officials say there are several sources they are taking this information from. one of the things we have to keep in mind that right before the brussels attacks happened.
4:32 am
another high value target was arrested and salah abdeslam and there were people who believe that could have been an accelerate for the brussels attacks. a laptop was found from one of the suicide bombers that said that he felt that the police were on their trail and they needed to move very quickly. so certainly it had been an assumption that perhaps brussels may not have been the original target of these attackers. nevertheless seems as though they are getting valuable nefgs from abrini. waiting to see if that will be corroborated. so far what the brussels authorities are telling us are things they actually put out before. a map of the route that abrini took after he left the brussels airport and he seemed to confirm that to them that he dropped his coat at some point. and later sold his hat somewhere, which some believe is bizarre. but there is an up tick in police conducting raids and actions after these arrests took
4:33 am
place where you could really feel they seemed to have something more to act on than before. one of these things, yesterday at the major raid conducted in brussels, we now herd from the federal prosecutor here they believe the apartment that was raided may have been a safe house here in brussels. >> and we're also getting word of an ongoing investigation today in brussels. and you just alluded there seems to be a lot of follow-up action. have you ever anything about that? >> well we have heard there were several operations going on in districts in brussels. it is unclear whether or not the police have concrete suspects they are still looking for or whether they were looking to see if there is a wider web. they certainly still do believe there are people at large and could be very very dangerous and that is also why you are seeing this up tick in operations. >> thank you for the update.
4:34 am
christi? >> as so much of the this new information collins to light. i want to look at investigation. michael weiss, and kimberly dozier. and general mart hertling. thank you for being with us. general, based on what fred just talked about, they are getting information from various sources and that mohamed abrini confirmed the route that he took, the route they suspected after the paris attacks but he's given this information that he sold his hat, that huh threw away the coat. how much credence do you put in what this man says? do they usually give you tidbits of truth and then the rest are to true you off? >> they do. there is some truth in there but probably a whole lot of falsehood. and the interrogators. that is the difficulty with releasing this kind of information early on.
4:35 am
fred's doing a great job in reporting trying to get as much as he can. but i would warn that the belgian officials to keep a little quieter in terms of release of this information. because you have to piece the puzzle together. and interrogators are looking for gaps and seems in the kind of information they are giving. e they shoulden be taking all information as 100 percent correct. they need to find the seams of these and bounce it off of the other suspects as well. >> we are getting news here that a movie theater near brussels is being evacuated. that is all we know. we don't know why or specifically where it is. but you talked about isis targets about the fact that france was the intended target here and they sped up their plans for an attack and had to change it to belgium because the speed of the investigation kind of took this terrorist group by surprise.
4:36 am
but you mentioned italy, spain, germany france, belgium. that is an expansive territory. i'm just curious, how organized do you think isis is in all of those markets? >> well the reason spain and italy are on the map -- well, on their map, is for islamic historical reasons. -- if we have our druthers one day we will conquer rome. it is also the proximity to their fallback garrison in libya. it's kwies close. it's has a growing concern, and what 500 miles off theose f coast of europe at this point. how wide are the networks? how sophisticated? in a sense paris was a spectacular success for isis.
4:37 am
abaaoud was you were indicated in about half a dozen attacks. all of which had been aborted. the high speed rail attack which was interdicted by active u.s. servicemen. you know, we don't know and this is what's worrying me. i can tell you my supposition based on interviews with former isis members is i think there are a larger number of isis operatives in europe than currently known. that said -- >> they're flex -- >> yeah. >> -- what the investigation was doing and say okay. forget what we had planned, let's do this. >> and what worst me there is look, there is no question that operation was planned months in advanced. they had to make the tatp, the suicide bombs. they had to scout the soft targets.
4:38 am
they did it in brussels perhaps more easily because they came from brussels. . but if they were able to essentially relocate the site of this attack within a matter of weeks, days, that's a remarkable level of adaptability. and innovative thinking on their part. and again, this is what worries me. you know, where are these guys currently in the continent. we have the schengen visa-free system. you have asked me for many days and weeks why do they stay so close to the scene of their crime? well it is because they are easily embedded in the communities. they know the area. >> so kimberly, i want to ask for your reaction to this news. first that it was intended target of france and second we're getting word of a movie
4:39 am
theater being evacuated. how confident are you in the information that investigators are gleaning from all of these various sources? >> well we did have two top belgian ministers say in the past two day, that while they have had great success rolling up members of the criminell the don't know they have gotten everybody and the alert has to remain high. it is not surprising they are not taking chances and if they think a movie theater might be targetsed just clear everyone out. two things might be happening. they might be flushing out the remaining members of this paris sbruls cell. or there could be others operating independently who decide to move up their time line on attack. what we don't know is how much if any of these cells communicating with others. in other situations if you look at groups like islamic jihad.
4:40 am
they have a system they call the grapes which each cell exists unto itself. doesn't really have to communicate back with the original leaders and they don't talk to each other. so all of these police raids. all of this activity could be flushing any members of the original or some other cell out into the light. the good thing is by making them move you might be able to capture them but they could also be moving up their plans for violence. >> general. >> one of the things i learned from an al qaeda interrogation we did a couple of years ago. the terrorists said you never attack in your own backyard unless you are put on the defensive. that is critically important. what's happening now appears to be either they were hurrying up or they were on the defensive. >> interesting. general mark hertling. thank you. and kimberly dozier and michael
4:41 am
weiss. thank you. still ahead. satire in the front page. why today's "boston globe" has this tutorial spread on what they think a donald trump presidency would look like. >> and hibbe prepare for challenges specific to your business by working with trusted advisors who help turn obstacles into opportunities. experience the power of being understood. rsm. audit, tax and consulting for the middle market.
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me point out. but it happened to hillary clinton thin this week. she had to swipe about five times to get on the train. >> i thought it to be a delightfully human moment. we've all been there. snard live decided it was just too good to pass on. >> do you know my favorite part about the subway. i love to ride it. and i am comfortable riding it. in fact here's me using it earlier today. >> the new york city subway is the best way to get around. been a while. is this a working metro card? is this -- i'll just go in the old fashioned way. i'll take a cab. cab is the best way to get around.
4:46 am
[ applause ] so see new yorkers, i'm just like all of you. i never sleep. i'm in a hurry to get to work. and when i'm running, i really hate it when a slow old jew gets in my way. >> oh my goodness. always entertaining. >> very very much so. yeah. next on "new day," sticking with politics. the boston gloeb has rather interesting front page. a take on what a donald trump presidency could look like. we'll show you all right after this. you know we said we'd take a look
4:47 am
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4:49 am
i don't know if you read "the boston globe," but this morning it's warning readers
4:50 am
about what they call the deeply troubling risks of a donald trump presidency. "the globe's" editorial board published an imaginary front page with headlines like "deportations to begin," and "markets sink as trade war looms." it's satire but the board says it is trying to make a serious point. cnn host of "reliable sources" brian stelter joins me now. that's a whole another story. what do you think is going on here? >> the idea here is to try to create conversation about what trump has said, what he has pledged, what he has promised. and it is a very interesting stunt by "the boston globe." i have a copy here. it reminds me of what college newspapers do on april fools' day where they create a fake front page. in this case it's trying to have humor as well as a serious point. it uses many of trump's quotes against him. for example, the headline here
4:51 am
says "u.s. soldiers refuse orders to kill isis families," and that's referring to when trump said that the military should, quote, take out family members of known terrorists. there are also some more humorous parts of this paper. it imagines the yellowstone national park will be renamed trump national park. so there are some jokes as well. but i can show you what the ideas section editor katie ki s kingsbury told me. she said what we're trying to do is take an exercise and using donald trump's own words. it says our goal is to create a conversation about what a donald trump presidency could look like. now, obviously, martin, this comes from a point of view. this is from the editorial page which is separate from the newsroom of "the boston globe." still, though, i'm sure some people look at this and say it's another example of liberal media bias. the editors say they are just trying to get people to focus on what trump has actually said. perhaps when we focus too much on bickering, back-and-forth, personal insults, maybe we don't pay as much attention to the quotes trump has given. that's what they're trying to do. >> i get that.
4:52 am
it could be very effective. is there going to be a ted cruz front page or bernie sanders front page? >> on page 2, they have a long op-ed that says that trump must be stopped. but then they also say that ted cruz would perhaps be even more dangerous. that's their words. they call him an equally extreme candidate. and "the globe" is suggesting that mitt romney who, of course, massachusetts former governor or paul ryan should be nominated to the convention instead. so "the globe" is trying to suggest alternatives to cruz and trump. i wonder if somebody online will make a parody front page for cruz instead of trump. >> what if you confuse what is real and what is not? maybe it's a joke to think of any of that. all right. brian stelter. >> there is always that, too. >> there is that risk you run. brian stelter, thank you very much, as always. catch brian stelter on "reliable sources" this morning at 11:00 eastern, of course, right here on cnn. there's a familiar face at the top of the leaderboard at the masters. can jordan spieth hold on? we're going to take you live to augusta.
4:53 am
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4:56 am
another big day in augusta. that's where cnn's andy scholes is live this morning. andy? >> reporter: hey, good morning, guys. jordan spieth is on the verge of history today. no one has ever led consecutive masters from wire to wire. and one more good round from spieth, and he's going to be bringing home his second straight green jacket. now, he was really running away with the tournament yesterday, but he ran into some trouble at the end of his round.
4:57 am
on 17, he would hit in for bogey followed by a double bogey on 18. ended up shooting 1 over in round three. now, coming into today, he has a one-shot lead over smiley kaufman. spieth, the first golfer ever to lead the masters for seven consecutive rounds. he knows he's going to have to be on his game today in order to win it all. >> it was a really tough finish to go from really holding a four-shot lead and being in a very similar position to last year to all of a sudden now it's anyone's game. so it's tough to swallow that. i'm in the lead after 54 holes. if you told me that at the beginning of the week, then i'd be obviously very pleased. >> reporter: another great story here in augusta is the play of bernhard langer. the 58-year-old german shot a 2 under yesterday and is in third place. he's trying to become the oldest golfer to ever win a major. jack nicklaus holds the record, winning the masters when he was
4:58 am
46 years old. langer has actually won the masters twice. the first coming in 1985. jordan spieth was not even born when he won it. just to show you how windy it was out here in round three, check out what happened to poor billy horschel after marking his ball on the 15th green, a big wind gust came through and blew his ball all the way into the water. according to the rules, it's like horschel hit the ball into the water. sew actually had to take a penalty stroke. not a great day for old billy. it's expected to be much less windy out here today, guys. spieth going to be paired with 4 24-year-old smiley kaufman, playing in his very first masters. he's been paired with spieth before when they were teenagers. they played in a junior golf tournament in dallas. by the way, spieth won that tournament. smiley joked yesterday that he's 0 for 1,000 when going up against spieth. he isn't exactly confident heading into today. >> i was going to ask, who won that one? thank you so much, andy scholes.
4:59 am
i want to tell you about former nfl player will smith. he was shot to death overnight after a traffic dispute in new orleans. police say he was killed after exchanging words with a driver who rear-ended his car. smith's wife was also shot, taken to the hospital. smith spent his entire nine-year nfl career with the saints including winning the super bowl. the team confirmed the news a short time ago, calling it a, quote, senseless and tragic loss. john kerry is in hiroshima. this visit is aimed at laying the groundwork for next month's g7 summit. key topics for that visit are terrorism, the refugee crisis, and nuclear disarmament. it is the first trip to hiroshima by a sitting secretary of state. the city was devastated by an atomic bomb at the end of world war ii. britain's prince william and the duchess beginning a week-long trip to india. they also met with children's
5:00 am
groups and tried their hands at cricket. the visit aims at strengthening ties between india and the uk. hey, i hope you make some great memories today. thank you for spending some time with us. >> it was a pleasure on my part. victor will be back. "inside politics with john king" starts now. donald trump looks for a new york rebound. >> i've got this guy standing over there looking at me, talking about new york values with a scorn on his face with hatred, with hatred of new york. >> i think most people know exactly what new york values are. >> with an old ted cruz attack line come back to haunt him? and he has just one win, but is john kasich now key to the gop math? >> they're rules. if they don't have enough points to win the game, then we go to a convention. >> news bulletin, we just won wyoming. >> plus,


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