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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  April 10, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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would be 5 million germans, 20 million americans massing at the capitol or 90 million angry chinese at the tiananmen square. thanks for being a part of my program this week. i will see you next week. happening now in the "newsroom," bernie sanders and hillary clinton united on one idea. >> that we will do everything possible to prevent this country from seeing a donald trump or some other republican in the white house. that would be a disaster for this country and i will do anything to prevent that. >> i will take him over donald trump or ted cruz any day. >> reporter: as both crisscross across new york in an all-out delegate battle. "newsroom" starts now. hello, everyone. thanks for joining me. i'm fredricka whitfield.
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hillary clinton stopping in baltimore. a live picture here of the event that is about to get under way. meanwhile, bernie sanders is in coney island touting his victory in wyoming last night. which means that sanders has won eight of the last nine contests. he's still trailing clinton, though. and every delegate counts in this race. and cruz closed in on donald trump by almost 200 delegates. we have so much more straight ahead in the events happening today in the race for the white house. and the crucial new york primary straight ahead. but first, this. we begin with new developments out of brussels. prosecutors now say the terrorist who planned the deadly attacks in belgium last night were plotting to hit prance
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again. but as they saw how quickly the investigation into last year's attack in paris was moving, they switched apparently gears and turned their target to brussels instead. this comes as belgian authorities captured mohamed abrini who has confessed to being the man in the hat at the brussels airport. kelly morgan, cnn's senior producer, is in brussels for us today. how much do we know about the details of this plan? >> reporter: fred, this is coming from a french broadcaster bfm. they say, according to a source close to the investigation, and more specifically, this information has come from a computer owned by airport suicide bomber ibrahim el bakraoui. now, on this computer, according to bfm.
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>> was a file listing two targets. the business district and catholic association in paris. furthermore, there were notes to the effect that they were in a hurry. specifically, one read, "we need to protect ourselves from the police." so this will come as a shock to parisians finding out that they were intended target of yet another attack. remember, a plot was thwarted in that city a week after the attacks here in brussels. that plot apparently was in the advanced stages of planning. so, yes, the french will be on high alert again, fred. >> all right. kellie morgan in brussels, thank you. appreciate it. let's talk more about this with peter better again and cnn intelligence and security analyst bob baer. i know that you have felt
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apprehensive about the fact that he's revealing these details about whether the hat was sold, et cetera, and whether he indeed is the man in the hat. now what are your feelings about this possible plan that was changed in midstream? >> well, i think what it attests to, fred, is belgium police are breaking up the momentum of this group. if they hadn't been knocking these doors down, getting into safe houses, capturing computers, checking information against the information of those computers, they wouldn't have stopped this attack. but they are doing exactly the right thing. all of these groups you have to break the momentum in order to stop them. >> peter, in your view, how much of that momentum has been compromised by these arrests by these recent raids? >> well, mohamed abrini, the man in the hat, is the last surviving person that we know of who played some kind of active role in the paris attacks and
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then similarly he played a very important role in the brussels attacks. so the immediate cell that carried out both the brussels attacks and paris attacks seems to be mostly behind bars or dead. the problem, however, fredricka, is that the network that is supporting them is still out there and that network, the more we know about this, seems to grow larger and larger with every passing week. >> bob, in your view, what more can be learned by way of these arrests? >> well, the people, fred, directly involved -- i think they are all going to be arrested at some point in the next couple of months, if not the next couple days. but i think as peter was alluding to, it's other networks out there, other connections. the german interior ministry said that, look, 70% of the people coming into europe as refugees are coming without documents. and among them are members of the islamic state. and he put the number of people
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in germany, at nearly one thousand active jihadis. we haven't begun to grasp this problem. we can get this one cell but how many more are out there? >> i wonder, peter, what does your gut tell you about whether the resources or the communication between these members of these networks say in brussels, how much they are directly tied to a bigger network outside of the country or if they have put themselves in a situation where they have an autonomy just within a country of brussels? >> from the paris attacks and all of the attackers made a video with isis showing that they are in syria and that's clearly directly and trained by isis central, the extent to which they are autonomous, in the sense that they were given
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an overall directives, what the u.s. military would call commanders intent. they were told to go ahead and carry out the attacks at a time and place of your choosing. that's typical of many terrorist organizations. with the brussels attackers, we still don't know that precise relationship to isis central but i think that we will find that, again, there was a very tight kind of link to isis central in syria. one interesting thing, fredricka, all of these people are francaphone countries and this network doesn't appear to have deep roots in other european countries, which isn't to say there aren't other networks that are completely separate. because as bob has just pointed out, you've got hundreds of germans that have come back. you've got hundreds of brits who have come back. we haven't seen anything very
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dramatic in those countries as yet but clearly other european countries that are not francofone face similar problems. >> when they draw a correlation between an arrest last month and then the ensuing ex pollution of bombings in the airport and the subway, and now these arrests and to any other potential plot that may be hatched? >> well, as peter said, these groups are autonomous. they go to syria, the fighters, they learn how to work machine guns, make explosives, battlefield tested. they come back and, as peter said, they act on their own. they hit targets of opportunity. if they don't have any central planning, it's very difficult for the police to intercept messages or communications. so they can, at any moment, take a vest and go to a crowded yeah
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place and blow themselves up and that would be considered a victory. >> appreciate it. coming up, an aide accusing ted cruz of, quote, gestapo tactics. our chris frates is there. >> good afternoon, fred. after back-to-back losses to ted cruz, donald trump is back on the campaign trail here in his home state of new york and he's not very happy. i'll tell you why after the break. it's more than a network and the cloud. it's reliable uptime.
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test. welcome back. bernie sanders is speaking right now at a rally in coney island, new york. let's listen in. >> republican governors who are trying to suppress the vote. now, this country from day one has struggled with a lot of pain and a lot of bloodshed to create a vibrant democracy where all people could participate and shape the future of this country. and now you've got republicans who are working overtime trying to make it harder for people of color or old people to vote and i say to those -- >> bernie sanders trying to appeal to the diversity of new york as he stumps for more support in coney island a little over a week away from the new york primary. so new york state of mind? that's an understatement.
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democrats bernie sanders and hillary clinton are laser focused on the primary and what they are both calling their home states. after winning wyoming yesterday, sanders is boasting that he has won eight of the last nine races. but today on "state of the union," clinton was unphased reiterating that hundreds of delegates still set them apart. >> right now, i am leading him with about 2.5 million votes in the popular vote. i'm leading him in pledged delegates with a larger margin than then senator obama ever had over me. i feel good about the upcoming contests and i expect to be the nominee and i will hope to have a unified democratic party so that we can turn our attention to the republican nominee. >> are you preparing for the scenario where neither of you enter the convention with the exact number of pledged
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delegates you need and there might be something of a fight or contested convention? >> no. i intend to have the number of delegates that are required to be nominated. >> all right. let's bring in cnn politics producer. clinton has consistently held new york and a new poll shows that she's leading sanders by 16 points. where does sanders say that he has an advantage? >> reporter: senator sanders has consistently had an advantage and he says that upstate voters who help him in this primary. clinton has made stops in rochester, albany, and you're right both of these senators former senator and senator
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sanders, representative of the state for eight years, lived there for 18 years of his life. hillary clinton has focused on upstate but believes that white working class voters in upstate new york could help him win the primary in late april. >> all right. dan merica, thanks so much. competing with a big crowd there in baltimore awaiting hillary clinton's arrival at the rally there. thank you so much, dan. appreciate that. in the meantime, donald trump is back on the campaign trail and he's expected to speak in upstate new york at any moment now and it's a good bet that he will be hitting ted cruz pretty hard. today, trump's new convention manager is accusing the cruz campaign of gestapo tactics and not playing by the rules as the delegate hunt heats up. let's go to cnn chris frates in
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rochester, new york. they are worlds apart. is it believed that trump will showcase a different style or message from what we have been seeing from him? >> reporter: well, i tell you, fred, this is the first time we've seen donald trump in three days and he's back on the campaign trail here in his home state of new york and it's really hard to understate how important new york is going to be for donald trump. on april 19th, there's 95 delegates at stake and a chance at winner take all and that's huge for donald trump as he tries to stop ted cruz's momentum who has been on a bit of a hot streak and the polls show that he's doing well here. if you look at the latest news poll, 54% for ted cruz and 15% for donald trump even behind john kasich. donald trump taking advantage of ted cruz's own words. ted cruz criticized new york and new york values and donald trump said that's directly a shot at
11:18 am
new yorkers. >> these are unbelievable people. and when they talk about new york values, they are amazing values. and he didn't say that. now he's got a liberal spin on. he made that up. when you look at his face, he was talking about new york values. he would give nothing to new york. he would never help new york. you always need help. i mean, place, states, cities, they need help from the federal government. they need all sorts of money for all sorts of projects. he will never give anything to new york. he has hatred for new york. >> reporter: so ted cruz explaining that he was criticizing new york's liberal politicians. not his people. donald trump trying to make hay of that particularly because cruz has won four out of the last four contests. big wins in wisconsin. just yesterday he picked up 34 delegates in colorado ands that
11:19 am
has the trump campaign calling foul. they said those were gestapo tactics, that he's threatening delegates to get their support. cruz is saying that he is throwing a temper tantrum because he didn't get his way. the cruz organization says we have a better organization than donald trump. donald trump needs to win here in new york and get that organization going and he's brought on a delegate strategist to help do that. we'll see what he says in a few minutes as he makes one of his first appearances here in western new york, fred. >> chris frates, thanks. appreciate it. the state of the presidential race with our panel, jason is a political science professor. ryan lizza is a political commentator and jeremy diamond. hello to everybody.
11:20 am
and without huge fanfare and now in upstate new york, the backdrop from chris frates hoping to drum up excitement. is he going to hit hard on ted cruz for those new york values comments or might it be something else? you heard chris talking about kind of maybe like a recalibration of his camp. >> donald trump isn't donald trump if he's not swinging at somebody. he's always going to be attacking someone, attacking ted cruz, women. ted cruz really walked into this by saying new york values. but let's be honest, new yorkers weren't going to vote for ted cruz anyway. they were going to vote for donald trump. anyone who can't make the distinction between the liberal politicians and the state, everyone knows that distinction. it is a state he was going to lose and that's what donald trump is going to focus on. >> even if trump wins big in new york, he really needs to win
11:21 am
very big in every upcoming race, doesn't he? and cruz is making the case that trump can't do it. are we headed, indeed, into a contested convention and, you know, if so, there are some who are already making their predictions. in fact, this is what ted cruz had to say about it last night. >> what wisconsin means is donald's pass to 1237 is almost impossible. it means the odds to having a contested convention in cleveland is very high. on a subsequent ballot, we're going to win the nomination of a majority. >> ryan, some are predicting -- donald trump is having to win like 80% of the remaining delegate count in order to get to that 1237. is that reasonable? >> yeah, look, i think what's
11:22 am
happened since march 15th where rubio got out of the race is the never trump movement sort of got its act together and you had two big states, utah and wisconsin that slowed trump's momentum. in that same period, from march 15th to wisconsin, you had trump make just a month long series of outrageous statements. his poll numbers with the general electorate collapsed and sort of wisconsin, which was the only state that voted on that day put an exclamation point on all of his troubles and all of the experts predict that he will not be able to secure a majority of bound delegates by june 7th. the other thing that's been happening is ted cruz has a very sophisticated delegate hunting operation and if you look at what's happened in these delegate fights in recent weeks in louisiana, tennessee, colorado and north dakota, donald trump is getting his
11:23 am
clock cleaned. >> you're talking about the districts, those supporters getting into those districts. that's the thing, the area that donald trump revealed a while ago that he did not understand. that fiery tweet that he said, how is it that you could get the popular vote, the most votes and then not the delegate count? i bet he understands it now. >> he's certainly trying to, right? he's putting together a team that is really going to tackle this delegate problem aggressively. he's hired a veteran republican operative who has handled several presidential campaigns going back decades and this is somebody who is going to be able to take trump's uncon grenventi playbook and making clear that he reports directly to trump and not to campaign manager corey lewandowski. it's going to be interesting to see how much recalibration is
11:24 am
taking effect. all right we're seeing him avoid the media spotlight. >> which is odd, isn't it? >> definitely. and so it bears the question of whether we're seeing a recalibration strategy that is going to see a much more disciplined trump or whether this is temporary as he lies low for a bit before they seize their opportunity to once again make all of these headlines after the new york primary. >> jason, let's talk about the democratic race. bernie sanders winning eight of the last nine races and hillary clinton is now focusing a good part of her campaign ongoing against the opponent of a republican. >> yes. >> is that a great risk when we're talking about just barely 200 delegate counts minus the superdelegates between she and bernie sanders? >> well, the thing is, you can't
11:25 am
say the superdelegates don't count. >> they do count but they can change their mind. >> that's true. but she's not worried. she knows she's going to clean up well in new york and pennsylvania and do well in places like maryland. she's not concerned. i do think what is important is the margins of these victories matter. she's not going to gain that much. he's in such a statistically position. i think hillary clinton feels like she can knock it out after new york and a couple of these other states. >> all right. thank you, gentlemen. good to see all of you. appreciate it. in just four days now, cnn hosting the democratic presidential debate live from brooklyn at 9:00 eastern on cnn. also coming up, a navy officer charged with espionage, accused of spying on the u.s. for a foreign power.
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all right. welcome back. i'm fredricka whitfield. according to heavily redacted documents just released to cnn, a u.s. navy officer has been arrested for espionage and is being charged with giving secret information to a foreign
11:30 am
government. cnn's nick valencia has been digging into this. there are several wide-ranging details including what? >> a u.n. official just gave me the lowdown. this is a case of national security. the investigation apparently took place for quite some time. according to this u.s. official, it was months. and the individual being charged in this case is lieutenant commander in the u.s. navy. we don't know how long he has been in the u.s. navy or exactly which foreign nation he was accused of communicating with. he was taken into custody at the beginning of the fall, eight months ago, and he's been held in custody ever since. the details were released this weekend when he made his first preliminary court appearance. a failure to safely store classified material. he communicated also secretly and gave advantageous
11:31 am
information and tried to conceal and hide foreign travel so there's an intent to deceive charge there. failure to report foreign contacts and then as well as bringing discredit upon armed forces by soliciting at least one prostitute and he's being charged with adultery for having sex with somebody who is not his wife. what happens to him now? it's in the convening hands whether to refer it to court-martial depending on how sensitive this information is that he was giving to the foreign nation, it could be punishable by death penalty. president barack obama making a rare appearance on fox news this morning. is he doing enough to protect america from terrorists? that's the question and how he responds, next. what's with him?
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all right.
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welcome back. this morning, president barack obama made his first appearance on fox newschannel in more than two years. he praised hillary clinton's run as secretary of state and said e-mails from her private server did not jeopardize national security. take a listen. >> i continue to believe that she has not jeopardized america's national security. now, what i have also said is that -- and she's acknowledged, that there's a carelessness in terms of managing e-mails that she has owned and she recognizes. but i also think it's important to keep this in perspective. this is somebody who served her country for four years as secretary of state and did an outstanding job. >> cnn digital correspondent chris moody is joining me from washington. what else did he say?
11:36 am
>> reporter: president obama has to be very careful when discussing this issue. he talked about what he could and that was his belief that he did not jeopardize the national security. that's not the same of her falling outside of the bounds of the regulations involving the passing around of confidential material. but also he assured the interviewer that it wasn't just that she didn't fall off the bounds of national security but -- excuse me. i'm sorry. >> okay. you know what, i wonder, chris, sometimes we have a little audio problems there. i wonder if there's more to say about the president being asked in an interview that he did with "the atlantic" magazine in which he says terrorism takes far
11:37 am
fewer lives than car accidents and falls in bathtub. did he elaborate on that? >> he was defensive on that. chris wallace pressed him on why after attacks or major news events involving foreign policy he did things like going to baseball games like in cuba or played golf after mr. foley was beheaded by isis. take a listen to how he responded to the question. >> there isn't a president who hasn't taken more terrorists off the field than me in the last 7 1/2 years. i'm the guy who calls the families or meets with them. or hugs them or tries to comfort a mom or a dad or a husband or a kid after a terrorist attack. so let's be very clear about how much i prioritize this. this is my number one job and we have been doing it effectively. >> so you see, fred, he was making a differentiation between the policies that he has -- even
11:38 am
policies that the left have criticized of him and going after isis and also the response he has at home. making sure that people know that even though there might be terror attacks around the world, that americans don't change their behavior, that they are not cowed into changing how they live their lives and wanted to he can press that by doing things like playing golf and going to the baseball game like he did, which he has taken criticism on. >> chris moody, thanks so much from washington. >> thank you. coming up, "the boston globe" warning of riots by the military and mass deportations. these headlines say it's a prediction of what life would be like under a john nadonald j. t presidency. we'll explain, next.
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"the boston globe" is taking a hard stance today against a trump presidency. creating an entire section of the paper with a phony snapshot of what it says america might look like next year under trump. the headlines glare with mass deportations, market sink, trade war looms, u.s. soldiers refuse order to kill isis families. the fake front page is accompanied by an op-ed by the editorial staff which says the gop must stop trump. donald j. trump's vision for the future of our nation is as deeply troubling as it is profoundly unamerican and goes on to say, quote, the toxic mix
11:43 am
of violent intimidation, hostility to criticism and explicit scapegoating of mine north shows a political movement is taking hold in america. if trump were a politician running such a campaign in a foreign country, right now the u.s. state department would probably be condemning him. so joining me right now, brian stelter, cnn media correspondent and host of "reliable sources." the editorial on the page prominently under the newspaper banner and then, of course, you see those words, such as "the gop must stop trump." the opening line saying, "the future of our is unamerican." how unamerican or bold is it that anyone in american would be stopped at the urging of a content in a newspaper that is supposed to be unbiased? >> yeah. in this case, it's kind of going
11:44 am
to the extreme, isn't it? i was reading this morning, the headline "deportations will begin." this is an opinion coming from the editorial page of the boston globe which is separate from the newsroom. a lot of people don't care about the difference and it's being bashed online. i think what we're seeing here are editors in "the boston globe" where editors and producers and anchors want to make a statement and get people's attention and pay attention to what trump has been saying in his own words. that's what "the globe" says it is doing. but it's definitely been controversial. it's almost like something out of the satirical newspaper but in real life. >> it presents itself differently when you go to >> when you open it up, you see
11:45 am
the normal idea section. massachusetts is a liberal state but there is support there for trump as well. we saw that in the state's primary. i wonder if some trump supporters will be canceling their subscriptions. they know what they were doing with this cover and they were seeking to create controversy and they have. even though it has a serious point, they suggest that kid rock being an ambassador to japan. so they are having some fun with it while, at the same time, trying to make a serious point. >> and it's april 9th, 2017, looking ahead, one year from now. so in a time where newspapers, particularly across this country, are really in a tight place, many are kind of staying alive as best they can with their hard copy. >> right. >> did "the boston globe" calculate this as a necessary risk to take? what was behind the decision
11:46 am
making for "the boston globe," traditionally a conservative mainstream newspaper, taking this kind of risk? >> i think you're on to something there. earlier this week at "the boston globe," an unusual internal memo came out saying, we need to rethink everything we do. can we come up with a plan for the future that isn't as relied on print and come up with new, bold strategies to gain readers? this was already in the works before that memo came out. that's what is happening in print newsrooms all across the country, people being urged to try new things, to be experimental and come up with new ways to find readers. this might impress a lot of other ones. this is out of the box thinking, whether you love it or hate it. it's sort of reflecting on what we are seeing in other newsrooms as well. trump is a once of a kind out of the box candidate. we've seen that on websites as well, especially any liberal websites and this is another way
11:47 am
to put a spotlight on what trump has said but keep in mind, the editorial page said ted cruz will be a more dangerous candidate. those are the words of the editorial page. they are not making a front page about cruz. they are making a front page about trump. >> no comments about john kasich but they did take the time to talk a little bit about mitt romney as well and paul ryan. >> right. they are suggesting that. the convention this summer, the editorial board would love to see romney or ryan as head of the party. i reached out but they haven't commented at the moment. i suspect at some point down the road we'll be hearing from trump about this fake front page. >> probably. brian stelter, thank you so much. >> thanks. much more from the "newsroom" right after this. but the specialists at ford like to show off their strengths: 13 name brands. all backed by our low price tire guarantee. yeah, we're strong when it comes to tires.
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so when you get home, all you have to do is enjoy it. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. all right. bernie sanders is making a big push to try to win over nonwhite voters. an emotional sanders responded to a question from one of the moderators relating his family's tragic holocaust experience to his life's mission to fight racism. >> i can remember as a kid tears coming down my eyes knowing that much of my father's family was wiped out by a lunatic in
11:52 am
germany. you know, and that stays with you. it's something that you never forget. and to see racism or people heeding each other for the color of their skin or for the accent that they may have, the language of the country that they came from is from the deepest part of me something that is so grotesque and awful that from a very early age it was clear to me that i'd have to spend my life helping to oppose that type of behavior. >> and on "state of the union," hillary clinton reiterated that the high incarceration of black men has been a main priority of hers since the first day of her campaign. >> the very first day of this campaign, i gave a speech about criminal justice reform and ending the era of mass incarceration. i have been consistently speaking out about what i would do as president and i think it's
11:53 am
important for people to recognize, we have work to do. >> let's talk about it. more with cnn political commentator, host of b.e.t. news, mark lamont hill. good to see you, mark. >> thank you. >> the sanders campaign, making a concerted effort to try to connect with nonwhite voters and one way in so doing, the release of this ad put together by spike lee, let's take a look together. >> people of color have a deeply vested interest in what bernie sanders brings to us in this election. >> people like michael brown, sandra bland and my father eric garner. >> they are not just hash tags and trending topics, these are mothers and fathers. >> bernie sanders sees all of me. >> this ad representing diversity, is this enough? does this help bernie sanders appeal to an audience, an
11:54 am
electorate that for a very long time hillary clinton's campaign has been able to say that it already has the attention of? >> it's definitely a step in the right direction. bernie sanders campaign got off to a rocky start when it came to the race card that he was more concerned about economic justice as the primary vehicle to arrive at racial justice and the event in seattle where he showed up to someone else's event and black lives matter protesters came on the stage for these state sanctioned that we're talking about. in some ways, this covered up the fact that he does care about racial justice and equality but that he has a particular world view of getting there. having people like spike lee speak out on his behalf gives him credibility. what we're finding is that the
11:55 am
more people hear about bernie sanders, the more they tend to like him. the problem is, the black community has a deep connection socially, psychologically and i would say bizarrely to the clinton administration and family. they have a kind of natural constituency among black folk which needs to be unravelled if bernie sanders is going to be successful. that's an uphill climb and his lack of success in the south suggests that he has a lot of work to do. >> even he acknowledged that recently. in this poll taken back in february, it was showing the real disparity between how hillary clinton appeals to nonwhite voters versus bernie sanders. clinton polling 67% in favor of a nonwhite voter to bernie sanders 28%. so how does bernie sanders take the momentum of what he's seeing in the eight of the last nine contests to now trying to appeal to an audience where there's a real deficit when you compare
11:56 am
his track record to hillary clinton? >> people need to see more of who he is and what he's about. and they realize that he had an agenda that spoke to their interests. the same thing can happen to bernie sanders. if he continues to speak to issues, reparation issues more specifically, continue to talk about mass incarceration, if he can continue to talk about racial issues and justice, he has a shot. at some point, he has to be much more aggressive in showing how the clinton agenda and policy making machine is not in the interest of black people because if he continues to show how good he is but doesn't do enough to aggressively challenge hillary, hillary is still going to run out the clock and that's not going to be a good sign. >> at the same time, quickly, how does hillary clinton overcome the dialogue particularly about what bill clinton is trying to answer to in the last week and over come
11:57 am
not taking the nonwhite vote for granted and, you know, leading themselves into the false sense of security that they have that in the bag? >> i'm not sure i'm willing to presume that they are not taking that for granted. they know that they have that vote in their pocket even if it means shooting down black protesters. you keep him busy, do something. every time he goes on the campaign trail, it will be a long summer. >> mark lamont hill, thank you so much. speaking of clinton, let's go to baltimore. hillary clinton is there speaking to a pretty sizeable audience. let's listen in. >> i don't know about you, but i just feel like it's really not american for us to be leaving
11:58 am
out a large group of kids. we have no idea what their talent might be, how far their education could take them. so we're going to start with preschool and then i'm going to work hard on elementary and second education with our teachers and our educators because i want to be their supporter. instead of pointing out that a lot of the problems in our schools have to do with what's going on in society and we need to work with our teachers and educators to help our kids. and then we're going to make college affordable for everyone again. i have put out a plan for what will give everybody the chance for debt-free tuition. and the way it will work is that for middle class families and working and poor families, you will be able to go to college
11:59 am
without borrowing a dime. and public colleges and universities will be asked to take a hard look at their costs. because they have been going up way too fast. now, both senator sanders and i share the same goal. we both want to make college affordable. i have a plan that can actually pay for us to do that. senator sanders plan is for free college, which would include sending donald trump's kids and grandkids to college for free. i'd rather -- i'd rather we concentrate on people who are having trouble paying for it, not people who would be free riders on that system. and then the other problem is that senator sanders only puts two-thirds of the money from the federal government into the plan, which means you have to get a third of the money for it to be free from your governor and state legislature.
12:00 pm
now, i don't know about you, but they don't look overly enthusiastic but ask for the fine print because what i have proposed can be achievable and create results almost immediately. and then the other thing we'll do is we're going to help you pay down and get rid of your student debt. how many people here have student debt? 40 million people in our country are burdened by student debt. what we're going to do is let you do what you can do -- >> hillary clinton reiterating her vision of america as she stumps for more support in baltimore ahead of the new york primary just nine days away. so hillary clinton and donald


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