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tv   Legal View With Ashleigh Banfield  CNN  May 19, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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information. thanks for joining us. >> "legal view with ashleigh banfield" starts right now. this is cnn breaking news. >> hello everyone. i'm ashleigh banfield. this is "legal view." with begin with breaking news of a major commercial airplane crash. right now the search for answers in the egypt flight 804 disaster is focussed on a spot in the eastern mediterranean. about 200 miles off the island of crete where a military plane spotted two floating objects that may or may not be part of that air bus 320 that disappeared from radar just seconds after entering egyptian air space. flight 804 on route from paris to cairo. 66 people were on board that plane. while almost nothing can be said for certain about what happened or how egyptians say terrorism
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appears more likely than a technical failure, reality is there are still questions. but the working theory is the possibility of that terror and that is the case in washington. u.s. officials tell cnn there were no known threats beforehand and no evidence yet either way. officials in greece say the twin engine jet swervedst 90 degrees to the left and then a full 360 degrees to the right before plunging from 37,000 feet down to 10,000 feet and then completely vanishing. if it is indeed the work of terrorists this would be the third commercial plane intentionally downed in the last two years. and our special live coverage this hour begins with arwa damon
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live in cairo and. why are the americans at this early stage suggesting that their theories are pointing towards terror? >> as you said officials are saying there is no smoking gun, really just conjecture but the circumstantial evidence is leading them to point to the fact that this was likely a bomb, the fact that the plane just fell out of the sky, no bad weather, no gaping hole. secretary of state john kerry in brussels just moments ago offering his condolences. listen to what he said. >> the united states is providing assistance in the search effort and relevant authorities are doing everything they can to try to find out what the facts are of what happened today. i have no more knowledge than others at this point with respect to those facts. >> but the u.s. is working. u.s. intelligence officials working with the egyptians and
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the french. that flight did leave paris for cairo sharing manifests, talking about possible avenues of investigation. they will be narrowing down officials tell us on the ground crew in paris. that is really sometimes the weakest link in terms of these types of investigations and in terms of airport security. they will be looking at passengers and crew. right now u.s. saying that they believe that this was likely a terrorist attack. >> stand by if you will. i want to get right to arwa in egypt right now. there is such a mystery with regard to the path of this plane not just before it crashed but before it took off. there are a number of countries that it touched on in the 24 hours leading up to what happened. walk me through why that is significant and where that plane
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was. >> reporter: it stopped in at least two african nations among them tunisia and then went oto paris. but according to what authorities are saying the plane was swept in paris. presumably if this was an act of terrorism and if explosives were involved, given that the plane was swept in paris authorities either missed something or it was one of the passengers, crew members, someone else who brought these explosives on to the plane after it was actually swept. it's not just u.s. officials who are saying that their initial inclination is to lean towards stating this to be an act of terrorism but in egypt, as well, the country's civil aviation minister saying this is more likely to be terrorism than some sort of technical failure. the bottom line is no one really knows for sure. what the authorities are saying is that there was nothing
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raising their suspicions ahead of time. there were no passengers whose past led them to be suspicious. there was no cause to think twice about even allowing the plane to take off. the other thing that they are looking at very closely was as you were referring to earlier, the plane's final moments as it was moving from greek air space into egyptian air space where it very quickly dropped off the radar and the egyptians were very fast within ten minutes of it dropping off the radar and no one being able to communicate with it declaring it to be a missing plane. this is where the families were initially brought and where they were first coming through here many of them shocked, really trying to come to grips with the news of the various different possibilities. then as the day went on much of that shock turning to deep, deep sorrow. some of them still trying to cling to hope that perhaps their loved ones might still be alive
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and might have somehow survived this while others very angry wanting to know why this happened, of course, wanting to have access to even more information. a lot of it at this stage still being pieced together. >> such a sad scene and playing out all too often the minute a plane goes down there is that location where families await every shred of information. i want to open this up to michael wise who is a senior editor of daily beast and co-author of isis inside the army of terror and ron stock air a 320 pilot. michael, i want to tap you for your sources. i know you have been working your sources with regard to terror connection. unique reporting that u.s. officials saying they are leading towards a bomb theory. what are you hearing? >> well, what is bizarre about
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this is isis is not chattering about it. the isis fellow travelers and media counts have not claimed responsibility for it. at this point during the right after the metro jet bombing they had taken credit saying we took it down. it was reported they shot it down with a missile. we know it is improvised explosive device that was smuggled on board. it is still too soon to tell although i will say france continues to have an enormous bulls eye over it as a country and as a people by isis. i reported at the daily beast the new head of the foreign intelligence service of isis is a french national who grew up in paris. he is of north african dissent. this man according to defectors from isis and informants played a central role in the paris attacks and almost certainly had
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a role in the brussels attacks. this guy comes from france and there is an enormous network of isis agents scattered throughout the continent but in france and in belgium. it would not surprise me in the least if this does turn out to have been an isis attack and plotted and perpetrated on european soil. >> and there are many ways that that plotting could play out. it could be the theory of it being a bomb and there is that possibility of a pilot. and that is not a question that a pilot wants to have to answer to. i do have to ask you, ron stock, this is the fear that many people have especially after german wings which was a co-pilot and of course egypt air flight 990 which the egyptians will not admit to being a murder suicide, but all evidence by american standards points to that. i would like to get from your perspective as an air bus 320 pilot how difficult this is for your community to realize that
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the investigation and the microscope is as briskly on the pilots as everything else. >> well, as we have seen from the german wings situation, a pilot if he wishes to can fly the aircraft into the ground. the likelihood of somebody getting into the cockpit today, the door is a robust system. everything that we have seen so far and speculation at best leads to a bomb especially what transpired with the aircraft after the abrupt turns, the 360, almost like the tail came off the aircraft. again, it's speculation at this point and i think once we retrieve the information from the cockpit voice recorder and
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also the flight data recorder we'll have a better idea of what happened. >> let me dig deeper into what you just said, the swerve, motions of the airplane, the reporting that the plane took a 90 degree turn to the left and then a 360 degree turn to the right, it is critical to know if that is humanly possible for a pilot to fly that pattern in a desperate attempt to rescue a failing airplane or if it is also possible that it's debris that might have been flying in that pattern and registering as something flying in that pattern as if it maybe could be a full plane or parts of a plane. give me your theories on both of those issues. >> first off, the air bus has many protections built into it. for instance, it limits the handle of the aircraft that a
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pilot can put in. the likelihood, redundancies that are built into the systems of the air bus aircraft make it highly unlikely that a mechanical failure caused this incident. yes, a pilot can go 90 degrees left and make a 360 degree turn but everything i have heard so far was that they were somewhat abrupt maneuvers, maybe too early to tell. would a pilot do that? no. why would a pilot? and if there was with that said, if there was a problem mechanically with the aircraft we normally communicate to atc immediately of the situation. >> and then just that other piece about the timing. i don't want to get too technical but i think it will tell us a lot when we find out the timeline between those
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banks, the left turn and the right turn. if it is instantaneous, can a pilot swerve that fast with that kind of machine? >> as i said earlier, this airplane limits without getting too technical, it limits the bank angle that a pilot can put in. yes, we can make a turn at 37,000 feet. roll rate, a left 90 and a right 360 i don't know the timeframe that that actually transpired in. we can make those turns but they would be limited by the aircraft systems. >> when we come back i want you to think this through the break, those countries and the cities that were touched down by this plane before it ended up and
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there was a sweep, the significance of the sweep happening and all the people who are tangentual to that action and the passengers and the crew. i want to ask about the significance of that in this investigation in a moment. coming up we dig deeper into the reasons that the american officials believe it was a bomb that may have taken down that plane. you can watch "legal view" at anytime back in a moment.
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after his retirement. take you back to breaking news. it is a theory, a bomb that took down a plane carrying 66 people, 56 of them passengers and ten of them crew. the uk and france both helping egypt in its search for debris and hopefully survivors. we can report this floating objects have been found in the sea 210 nautical miles southeast of the island of crete. a technical problem not completely ruled out at this time. egypt's civil aviation minister is echoing the united states theory that it is more likely terrorism than a mechanical
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bomb. again, you can stress if it is the work of terrorists this would be the third commercial plane intentionally downed in just the past two years i want to bring in aviation analyst and former inspector general. cnn's safety analyst with us and cnn intelligence and security analyst bob bayer live with us, as well. cnn contributor michael weis has stayed with us, co-author of isis inside the army of terror. >> i want to go to you with the idea that charles degaulle airport was the last place this plane had been before it disappeared from the sky. it had been swept at charles de
9:20 am
gaulle. it brings us to issues and changes made there. tell me about that airport and why the scrutiny will point to specifics about what has happened in the past few months there. >> many criticisms in that airport come not just from suspicions but things that have been found and disclosed. 57 people they found with ties to isis or other terror groups. you know, the reporting on that was a little unusual because they didn't say that they were fired and investigated or prosecuted. the united states you cannot have ties to the terror groups. those links are investigated and prosecuted. the news we got is that their security badges were lifted and several dozen were fired. it didn't say everyone was. there wasn't a lot of information that came out. one of the participants in the brussels and paris bombings purchased detonators from a source near paris.
9:21 am
there are a lot of things that point to the airport. when you sweep the plane it is overnight maintenance and overnight staff. as you stop at various airports along the day what is a better way to describe is a walk around and you do look for obvious problems but at charles de gaulle airport there was something written on the plane. >> the notion that the investigation will be so quick i can only assume it began within moments of learning the plane had disappeared of everybody who had access to the plane, to the tarmac, the staff, the crew, the pilots and the manifest of the passengers. this is a massive forensic operation. >> and remember with the metro
9:22 am
jet bombing isis said we managed to smuggle a guy into the airport at sharm el sheikh. it was a soda can filled with an explosive material. if this is the case then france has got a major, major problem on its hands. if terrorists of any stride can infiltrate charles de gaulle airport and work as technicians or flight crew or a pilot you are talking about the deep penetration of european society by dangerous international criminals. we have seen this already. the paris attack, the brussels attack, these were native sons of europe. as we mentioned in the earlier segment what is happening within isis? we don't know this was isis. it looks to me probable that it was or al qaeda. within icitous is the
9:23 am
europeanization of the organization. it is biforicating into two separate groups. one is safe building project waging a war in syria and iraq and exporting to the middle east. the other arm or other group is people from europe who are ascending in the ranks of their security services being relied upon by isis high command by the council to plot and conceptualize and carry out terrorist attacks because they know the terrain in europe better than anybody. >> they are europeans. >> so i do want to bring that theory to david because with the timeline of this disappearance there is something that you have brought up that sounded strange and that was the fact that the pilot stopped responding before all of the signals were actually lost. most people think if there was something catastrophic the signals would blow and then you
9:24 am
ask for the pilots and you wouldn't hear from them. this was the opposite. there was no contact with pilots and then the signals went out. i'm going to ask you to hold your thought. i'm going to take you to the white house, a live briefing from the press room. >> it is painful to contemplate. the president has received multiple updates from his national security team. u.s. national security and aviation experts have been in touch with their counter parts in france and egypt to offer assistance. many of you all have probably also seen the announcement from the department of the defense that the united states navy is working to deploy an orion aircraft to provide support for the search of the missing jetliner. at this point straight to your question it is too early to say what may have caused this disaster.
9:25 am
the investigation is underway. and investigators will consider all of the potential factors that could have contributed to the crash. the president asked his team to keep him aprized of developments. >> switching topics to the legislation on the hill, the agreement on the new bill, is there any reaction on that? >> the administration made clear that legislation must provide workable and comprehensive -- >> josh earnest taking a right turn off of this air disaster that we are following. if i can get you to come back in on that question, the mystery of it is a simple question.
9:26 am
the pilots couldn't be reached before the plane seemed to disappear. is there something to this? >> had it happened just before the airplane started to veer off it wouldn't have been as suspect. the fact it was 90 seconds they tried to reach him and couldn't get them and were not responding for 90 seconds. in that amount of time there is time for them to respond saying which in an emergency typically the pilot can take time to say stand by or complex problem stand by. those are typical responses you see. we got none of that. it went from no response to this varying of aircraft. >> this is i feel like de ja vu all over again.
9:27 am
so many circumstances were somewhat similar although we are early in this particular air disaster. the significance of where it disappeared, it was ten minutes into egyptian air space. if that is a coincidence then it's a coincidence. if it is not a coincidence is there anyone else on board a plane that could know when you are in a certain air space so that they could exact their terror if that were the case? or is it solely information inside the cockpit? >> it's the information inside the cockpit. i think what worries us all now is this was put on by ground staff in paris. these bombs can vary. they can have switches on them so when they start to descend they are triggered. it can have combined with the timer. by the way, it just takes a few ounces of explosives in a cockpit, under the control panel. you lose control of the airplane. these planes are not guarded at
9:28 am
night. paris charles de gaulle people are not embedded there. there is a lot of north africans working at these place. the french have been worried about this for a long time. if this was a bomb not until we find the detonator would we understand why it went off at that point. it sounds to me the fact that the pilots were communicating in a pleasant conversation doesn't sound like a suicide operation to me on the part of the pilots like the 1999 downing of egypt air. we are going to have to wait for the forensics and looks like we will find it. they have seen pieces in the water. this is very worrying because american airplanes flying out of charles de gaulle will also be at risk. >> trying to find the trigger will be critical but will take second priority to finding survivors. we are still within 24 hours of this disaster and there are search and rescue teams.
9:29 am
i will thank you all for your expertese on this. coming up as we look further into the crash investigation and what has turned up so far in the search area where egypt air flight 840 disappeared, is it possible to survive something like this? if it did crash into the mediterranean could there be anyone still alive that they could find? back after this. hmmmmmm..... [ "dreams" by beck ] hmmmmm... hmmmmm... the turbocharged dream machine. the volkswagen golf gti. part of the award-winning golf family.
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got this breaking news.
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egypt's vice president said we have found the wreckage. u.s. officials are saying early signs are pointing to a bomb taking down this plane. i want to talk more about this with gave david gallow. with us air bus 320 pilot ron stock and cnn aviation analyst. david gallow first to you, obviously as tragic as this is this could be the best news in terms of at least the hopes of maybe finding survivors or critical flight data recorder cockpit voice recorder. >> i'm wondering what that means we have found the wreck aage. i think most of us were prepared to find bits of wreckage at the
9:35 am
surface but then to look for where the impact point was and then begin under water search for the black boxes. if they have the entire wreckage at the surface that is something very unusual and i would be anxious to hear what the truth is. >> of course, we don't know. this is early in the discussion. it could be issues in translation, some wreckage thrks wreckage. it could hinge on a lot of that. to the issue that if there is confirmation of some of the wreckage that could be buoyant that changes this metric completely from the mystery that we were embroiled in for months with mh-370. >> now the trick or task at hand will be to use those bits of wreckage in hand that are floating to back track the hours to the impact time and try to better understand or narrow down an under water search which is not an easy thing to do. it is not routine especially in
9:36 am
the water of this depth that is about 4,000 meters. so that will be a difficult task ahead. >> and that's one of the deepest areas as i understand the mediterranean. by sheer happenstance that is very unfortunate in terms of doing recovery. before we talk about recovery there is the possibility of survivors. what are the temperatures and conditions like in that area? people literally have fallen from the sky and survived these air disasters. could we find survivors in this water? >> i think it all depends on the water temperature as i understand it is conducive to surviving if you are a healthy person and you might survive hours, maybe 12 hours, maybe more. you never know about the human spirit. so it is possible. it all depends on whether the plane came down softly or
9:37 am
whether it was a high speed impact. >> i want to bring in justin greene, airline pilot, as well and attorney, too. i can't help thinking about all of those people who are awaiting any bit of news on this. each of these pieces of news is helpful and devastating at the same time. i don't know how the airline industry nav gates this. are we learning our way along these things or do we have a machine in place to handle it all properly. >> we have a machine in place in the united states. the ntsb is taking a lead on helping the victims' families i guess navigate the days, weeks and months after an aviation disaster. what the families right now i'm sure all are hoping for a miracle. >> americans have committed assets to this and offered assistance through intelligence and actual real military. >> before the navy orion aircraft was searching. that is great. we used to use those to search
9:38 am
for submarines. it is a perfect vehicle to do the search. but one of the nice things about aviation disasters after aviation disaster is that the world community comes together and many different nations and adversaries will assist each other in trying to find the wreckage and trying to get information for the families. >> you do learn so much more of it. it's a great question for you as a pilot i know this is near and dear to you. this is your work space. after mh-370 and the world effort that came together on that, are we farther ahead in terms of being able to take the bull by the horns on this disaster and get some kind of resolution? we may find the actual wreckage. we may find the people but what happened, how it happened and solving that part of it? >> i think with the technology today that yes with each
9:39 am
incident that occurs we learn more. of course, you did mention that we are dealing with 4,000 meters. it may take time for them to go over the black boxes to go over the data and come up with a solution or reason for this occurrence. to answer your question i think we learn all the time and the technology is there. what's disturbing to me is i believe said it took 90 seconds for a response from the pilots. >> there was the 90 seconds between the last communications from the pilots and then the communications, the signals going out. that was something also disturbing. i have to end it there because i have a lot more breaking news that i need to get to. i can't thank you enough. thank you to the three of you. with this early theory of
9:40 am
terror a big focus is security at charles de gaulle and also the airports that you visit, as well. we will take you to charles de gaulle and find out what they have done to make it even more secure over the last several months and why that might not be enough. next. why do so many businesses rely on the us postal service? because when they ship with us, their business becomes our business. that's why we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. here, there, everywhere. united states postal service priority: you
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9:45 am
air space. on board 66 passengers and crew. officials in greece say the plane swerved to the left 90 degrees and then a full 360 degree turn to the right before plunging from 37,000 feet down to 15 then to 10 and then disappearing in the final seconds. hours later military plane spotted objects floating in the water, some 200 nautical miles off of the coast of the island of crete in greece. not yet clear whether these are the same objects referred to in the seemingly definitive statement made by the vice president of egypt air that they found the wreckage. that happened moments ago. we learned from egypt air that there was no distress signal from the plane before it crashed. i repeat, there was no distress signal from that airplane before it disappeared. cnn colleague joins me now live
9:46 am
from the place where it took off, charles de gaulle outside of paris. that is the last place anybody saw flight 804. there has been so much news out of that airport about security clearances for some 57 people just being pulled because of ties to islamicism and the security in that airport, as well. it seems the story is going to go to the massive forensic project that the people there now have to undertake to find out how this happened. can you take me there? >> reporter: exactly. the paris prosecutor announced it has launched an investigation into the missing flight. this is standard procedure here for air disasters but the first steps is taking a look at the list of passengers and crew aboard the flight. of course, the personnel that may have had access to the flight quite often in terms of security this is the weakest
9:47 am
link so they are looking at baggage handlers, service providers, catering on board, all of those people will have to be checked and rechecked. officially here at charles de gaulle anybody with access to those restricted areas must already undergo a police security check and then they are screened again. even so in the last few months as you point out dozens of people were let go because they were feared to have links to islamist groups. so absolutely security has been stepped up here for months. today it is operating as normal and we still see armed patrols throughout the airport, random security checks for passengers and bags and more goes on behind the scenes, random checks in personnel security lockers. all of this is an attempt to keep the security as tight as possible. as you know it is almost impossible to get to 100% in any
9:48 am
airport. >> understandable. reporting live for us at charles de gaulle in paris. thank you for the breaking news. we also have this. the vice president of egypt air saying we have found the wreckage telling our christian amampour we found wreckage. officials tell us there are no hits on existing terror watch lists for any of the passengers who were on board egypt air on board that plane. we continue to follow the story. coming up next, one of the first people to call today's crash terrorism was none other than donald trump. but it was two hours before anyone suggested that was even possible. is that reckless or was he on the money or jumping to conclusions? hillary clinton may just weigh in on this. there is an exclusive interview coming at you with hillary clinton right here on cnn not far from now. you do all this research on
9:49 am
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back to our breaking news on egypt air flight 804 cnn
9:53 am
learning from the airline's vice president that, quote, we have found the wreckage. the early belief of the u.s. government officials is that it was a bomb that took down that plane carrying 66 people, 56 of them passengers, 10 of them crew. while nothing at this point is being completely ruled out egyptian officials are falling in line that it is more likely terrorism than perhaps a mechanical problem. as investigators figure out what it was that caused this disaster of egypt air flight 804, donald trump says he thinks he knows what it is taking to social media saying it is work of terrorist. looks like yet another terrorist attack. airplane departed from paris. when will we get tough, smart and vigilant, great hate and sickness. two hours before official mention that it was possible but
9:54 am
not probable or exactly going to be a terrorist issue. joining me now mark preston. so the issue here is that some say that is very reckless two hours before anyone knows anything to say this is terror or looks like terror. and yet that is exactly what the u.s. officials are saying so that is tough to weigh. >> the big question for donald trump has been not only from republicans but democrats, independents and news media is donald trump jumping to conclusion and saying whatever is on his mind without facts. that tweet probably isn't so egregious necessarily knowing what we know now and what happens in that region and knowing there is a terror threat. what is interesting is that donald trump is going to start getting intelligence briefings probably after the convention, intelligence community will be briefing him. does donald trump go out and talk about what he learns?
9:55 am
>> an incident like this where this is all over the news media, in every headline, the talk of terror, this tweet comes out. hillary clinton is about to speak just in a few minutes. don't miss it because i guarantee i don't work in your business but i guarantee that that whole thing about being a loose canon, i'll bet she is going to hold up the tweet. >> she will point to her role as secretary of state. what donald trump said in that tweet is exactly what has brought support to donald trump, somebody who is willing to stand up and to fight against what he says are the ills and the terrorists, so to speak, that are attacking the u.s. it is this kind of language that has gotten donald trump to republican presidential nomination. >> it will be fascinating to see the reaction from hillary clinton. thank you. as always appreciate your time and effort. don't miss this exclusive live interview. hillary clinton in just the next
9:56 am
hour in the cnn news room sitting down with chris cuomo in just a few moments. next back to the breaking news, the plane vanishing over the mediterranean. egypt air saying they have found the wreckage. and u.s. officials say they are working under the theory that it was a bomb that took that plane down. more on that just after this break. melodic music throughou♪ hi kiara, i'm sarah, are you ready to go see some wild horses? yeah! we are going to ride this pretty white one.
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this is cnn breaking news. >> hello. i'm wolf blitzer. 1:00 p.m. here in new york. from around the world thanks for joining us. coming up later this hour the democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton will join our chris cuomo for a live interview. we will get her first response to the crash of egyptian airliner in the mediterranean sea. let's get to the breaking ws


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