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tv   Legal View With Ashleigh Banfield  CNN  July 5, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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clinton should have been fired from her job, by, who, president obama, as secretary of state if she were still in that position. it's quite off base. a lot more coming up, including president obama on the stage with hillary clinton later on. >> an extraordinary day in politics let's go to ashleigh banfield with "legal view" right now. hello, everyone. i'm ashleigh banfield. welcome to "legal view." we begin with legal breaking news. the fbi not recommending charges against hillary clinton over her use of personal e-mail servers while she was the secretary of state for the united states. the fbi director james comey spoke just a short time ago and characterized secretary clinton and her aides as, quote, extremely careless but also said that this fell short of criminal intent. here is the fbi director james
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comey in his own words a few moments ago. >> from the group of 30,000 e-mails returned to the state department in 2014, 110 e-mails in 52 e-mail chains have been determined by the owning agency to contain classified information at the time they were sent or received. eight of those chains contained information that was top secret at the time they were sent. 36 of those chains contained secret information at the time. and eight contained confidential information at the time. the fbi also discovered several thousand work-related e-mails that were not among the group of 30,000 e-mails returned by secretary clinton to the state in 2014. we found those e-mails in a variety of ways. some had been deleted over the years and we found traces of them on servers or devices that had been connected to the
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private e-mail domain. others we found by reviewing the archived government accounts of people who had been government employees at the same time as secretary clinton, including high-ranking officials at other agencies, folks with whom the secretary of state might normal normal normally correspond. still others dumped into the slack space of the server that was decommissioned in 2013. with respect to the thousands of e-mails we found that were not among those produced to the state department, agencies have concluded that three of those were classified at the time they were sent or received. one at the secret level and two at the confidential level. although we did not find clear evidence that secretary clinton or her colleagues intended to violate laws governing the handling of classified information, there is evidence that they were extremely
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careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information. although there is evidence of potential violations of the statutes regarding the handling of classified information, our judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case. prosecutors necessarily weigh a number of factors before deciding whether to bring charges. there are obvious considerations, like the strength of the information, especially regarding intent, responsible decisions also consider the context of a person's actions and how similar situations have been handled in the past. in looking back at our investigations into the mishandling or removal of classified information, we cannot find a case that would support bringing criminal charges on these facts. all the cases prosecuted involved some combination of clearly intentional and willful mishandling of classified information or vast quantities
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of information exposed in such a way to support inference of misconduct or indications of disloyalty to the united states or efforts to obstruct justice. we do not see those things here. although the department makes decisions on this, we are justified in our view that no charges are appropriate in this case. what i can assure the american people is that this investigation was done honestly, competently and independently. no outside influence of any kind was brought to bear. republican donald trump wasted no time in reacting and sent out these tweets. "the system is rigged. general petraeus got involved for far less. very, very unfair, as usual, bad
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judgme judgment" and then he went on to say, "crooked hillary compromised our national security. no charges. wow!" and then "#riggedsystem." i want to bring in jeffrey toobin and political commentator errol louis is here, too. i want to go over some of the wording that the fbi director james comey said. you know that those words were carefully vetted. he said although we did not find evidence that clinton or her colleagues intended to violate the laws, there is evidence they were careless in their handling of e-mails. we have seen charges brought many a time where the intention wasn't there but the recklessness was. so why is this any different? >> because the crime of disclosing classified information is a specific intent crime. some crimes it doesn't matter what your intent is.
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if you are drunk driving, for example, and you say to the officer, but i didn't intend to drunk drive, if you're driving with a blood alcohol level over a certain amount, you're guilty. it doesn't matter what your intent is, that is not true of the unauthorized disclosure of classified information. in order to have a criminal charge, the government must prove that you knew that you were doing something improper, you knew that you were disclosing classified information when you had an obligation to keep it secret. >> while you're saying that, why don't we pop up on the screen the statute that james comey was working with. this was the statute that james comey was working with. "a felony to mishandle classified information either intentionally or in a grossly negligent way." so what about those additional words, the grossly negligent way, making it a misdemeanor to
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knowingly remove classified information from appropriate systems or storage facilities? >> director comey said historically no one would ever bring charges in a case like this. frankly, the grossly negligent has not been the basis for any criminal cases that i'm aware of. let me say a word about general petraeus. i know that's going to come up a lot. general petraeus, of course, was charged, pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor for disclosing his classified diaries to his biographer who was also his girlfriend. the difference between the petraeus case and this case is that petraeus acknowledged that he knew the information he was disclosing was classified. hillary clinton's position all along has been i never intentionally disclosed any information that was classified. >> right. >> and the investigation did not disclose any evidence that contradicted that. >> other than her own -- >> so that's the legal
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distinction between the two cases. >> although -- and i'll bring in evan perez in on this -- unless there were a couple of incidents, we have learned there were not a couple of incidents and also the secretary said she never knowingly sent anything marked classified. we now know from the 30,000 e-mails that she turned over, 110 of them contained classified information at the time they were sent or received and not just a little classified. a lot classified. so characterize that for me. >> well, that's right, ashleigh. that's one of the most important distinctions of this case. i know secretary clinton has spent a lot of time lawyering her statements. you'll notice she changed them over time. where she finally arrived at is that she did not send or receive any classified information. we know now there were seven e-mail chains, including ones in which she sent and received e-mails that included highly,
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highly classified information, including special access programs. that's the most sensitive of information that the u.s. government possesses. and so we now know that the fbi disagrees with the last characterization by the clinton campaign. it's clear, as the director of the fbi said, normally you don't bring criminal charges in cases like this. however, you do handle this in an administrative sanctions matter or a security sanctions. that means that a normal person, if you are secretary of state, you might have your security clearance removed or when you apply for a security clearance the next time, they will have a letter in your file that will make it more difficult for you to get that security clearance. obviously she's running for president and she's going to be the ultimate authority on what is classified and who gets a security clearance. it's highly improbable that someone could become president and not have access to classified information. it's clear that while this is not a criminal matter for the
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fbi, they are now recommending it across the street to the justice department which will make the final call in the coming weeks, we now know that they believe this was obviously very extremely careless handling of classified information. perhaps not criminal but simply not the way it should have been handled. >> right. and sanctions can also come from voters as well, if they are not coming from the state department since that's now moot. evan, stand by. i want to bring in errol louis. this is the strangest story in how people will parse it differently. the story will vary according to what cable channel you watch. good news and bad news. however, i can't say that good news is "today i wasn't charged." >> i think every individual looking at this has some kind of relationship to e-mail, to information, to national security and, of course, to the politics of the situation. i do think that hillary clinton's partisans are going to
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say, look, we're done, this is over. and i think it plays off of some of the more lurid charges that have been hurled at her. when trump said she shouldn't be allowed to run. she'll end up in jail. >> he's gone so far as to libel her, that she's guilty as hell before the investigation was completed. >> right. that part, at least, the other reasonable people i think are going to continue in their direction. the reasonable people will look at it and say it's bad but it's bad at a certain level. it's not criminal, it's not something someone should go to prison for. it does give voters information about whether or not she has the judgment and the temperament that she keeps claiming she does have when it comes to these very sensitive matters. how that interacts with technology, i have seen some tweets that say she's a grandmother who had security clearances on the internet and was not good at putting those two things together. is she going to try that as a mea culpa? we'll see that on the campaign
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trail. this is important for people to look at because, in part, she will be, if elected, somebody who has to face the very same questions and apply the same standards at a much higher level both to the white house staff. >> i think you need to think about, what was the alternative here? it was james comey saying, i recommend charges. that would have been a complete catastrophe for her. there's a very realistic possibility if he said that, she would not be the democrat nominee. >> are we done, though? because he's just sending that across the street to the department of justice. >> yes, we're done. >> we know that loretta lynch operates autonomously, has done things differently than her administration at times has wanted. she has that degree of separation. you are sure we are done? >> done. i cannot think of a circumstance where the fbi has recommended no
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charges and the doj has gone forward with it. >> the director is saying no reasonable prosecutor, no, not one, not few. he said no reasonable prosecutor would have gone ahead. >> this is what -- >> isn't he handcuffing them to something they don't want to be handcuffed to? >> this is why we have the fbi. when i was assistant u.s. attorney, i would make recommendations all the time and i would say, do you think we have a case here? and hundreds you have ausas do that but i have never heard of a case where the prosecutors say we're going to go forward even though you think, mr. fbi agent, think there is no case here. i'm sure it has happened but -- >> he's not talking about your attitude. he's saying what do you have to
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go into court with. >> that's what he's talking about. >> by the way, remember who jim comey is. he's a former deputy attorney general. he's a former united states attorney in new york and manhattan. he's been on the other side of the table many times making those judgments. he's uniquely situated to be able to -- >> uniquely situated in the administration, i think people will say, and that's where the politics come in. >> he has a tenure appointment. >> this is going to be parsed in every single solitary way including the twitter universe. errol, jeffrey, thank you. donald trump is also going to take center stage after he
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continues to defend some tweeting of his own where people have questioned his judgment because they showed a six-pointed star. many saying the jewish star, the star of david. and hillary clinton would scatter hundred dollar bills. he's saying, are you kidding me? lots of stars have six points. all right. it's the battle of the judgment today, folks. we're back after this.
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once again, breaking news this hour. the fbi director saying just in the last hour that his agency is not going to recommend charges to the department of justice against former secretary of state hillary clinton over the use of her personal e-mail servers, plural, while she was serving as secretary. james comey did say that he thought mrs. clinton and her aides were, quote, extremely careless, in how they handled the e-mails and that sensitive information. we are also watching north carolina because that's where she is right now. she's with the president today and she caught a ride, in fact, on air force one with the
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president as they left washington heading there. a rally in north carolina, mrs. clinton is starting her day, however, not as fun. she was in washington where she spoke to the national teacher's labor union, the biggest in the country. she made no mention of that big news right off the top of our show. the fbi's decision on her e-mails and not to recommend charges. tennessee senator bob corker will be there and hillary clinton is holding on to her lead over donald trump although it does appear to be narrowing. secretary clinton leads donald trump 46-40, the same poll done two months ago had a bigger spread. mrs. clinton was leading mr. trump by 11 points in that particular matchup.
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we have full coverage for you on this. our white house correspondent michelle kosinski is also on the road. she's currently in charlotte. with me here in new york is correspondent jason carroll and political commentator errol louis. i think i had my timeline mixed up. i don't think she's jumped on air force one yet. and i start with that because it is a fancy ride and it's not lost on her opponent. he's all over the twitters about what it costs to do this kind of thing for me, a taxpayer. and donald trump doesn't think that's fair. set the context for that kind of travel. >> reporter: yeah. that was sort of the critical rebuttal. you can't make this stuff up. this is two hours before the president boards a plane with his former secretary of state but can you imagine the
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difference? this is good news for them considering what the alternative would be, for them to get up on that stage together and if she had been recommended by the fbi for criminal charges. what would have to be said? this is a sigh of relief. although, granted what the fbi said was in no way good, that she should have known better, that she and her team exhibited extreme carelessness. so her opponents will want to focus on that language and the mistakes that were made whereas the president and democrats will want to diminish this and move on as quickly as possible. i think what's likely to happen here is that the president will let her speak. it will be interesting to see how this is addressed on the president's first day out on the campaign trail. let her say whatever she's going to say about this development and then he can focus on her record, her qualifications, contrast her with her opponent
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and the things that he's sad that the white house and democrats are diametrically opposed to. the white house is also going to have to respond to this, though. the white house on board that plane is going to face questions from reporters. what the white house has focused on in the past, when questions were raised about this situation, was to look at it from the perspective of, you know, what the fbi said that there was no evidence of willfulness or intent to mishandle information and the fact that hillary clinton said that she made a mistake, that they will focus on her moving on from that mistake and now on the campaign trail with mr. obama. ashleigh? >> this case is taking over for a big campaign story that plagued the headlines all weekend long and it had to do with a tweet and a picture of hillary clinton with a six-point
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star. many call that the star of david, saying crooked hillary, scattered dollar bills all throughout it, there you have it, most corrupt candidate ever. people say that is anti-semitic and it got changed to this. the star of david image, if that's what you call it, was erased and replaced with a circle instead. now, for the trump campaign's part, they say it wasn't a star of david. it was a sheriff's star. it's the kind of thing that you can find on any web-based image and that's not true. this specific image had come from a bigoted message board, identical, the dollar bills, the picture of hillary. it wasn't like i found a star and put it there. >> that's one school of thought. if you talk to people from the trump campaign, they have a different school of thought. and the person taking a fall for
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this, the social media director for the trump campaign, he found that particular image, he said he got it off of microsoft shapes, not a jewish star of david. and he said, quote, he also lifted it from an anti hillary twitter user where countless images appear and not sourced from an anti-semitic site. that doesn't explain why -- >> it's identical. >> it's identical to a similar image found on an anti-semitic neo-nazi site a few days ago. >> it's the whole compilation image. the whole image, the whole compilation was found on a bigoted website. >> clearly they knew it was offending some people. that's why they changed the star to a circle. >> the speaker of the house is not happy. >> paul ryan saying given the
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fact that trump campaign has had problems with tweeting and issues of tweeting, he said something today that speaks to this issue. he basically criticized the trump campaign, not my words. listen. >> look, anti-semitic messages, their not no place in a presidential campaign. tt tweet's been deleted. i don't know what funkie put that up there. >> that was a man by the name of daniel scavino, the campaign social director. he said, look, those people are saying that he was anti-semitic. he said for the msn, the mainstream media, to say that i'm an anti semite is awful. >> trump's daughter converted to judaism.
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his son-in-law is jewish. why is this such a big deal? there's plenty of swing states. why north carolina? >> it's an important swing state and it's a swing state that has -- president obama lost it narrowly in 2012. is north carolina going to be a red or blue state? it's a state where the numbers came in today and unemployment fell in '98, north carolina's 100 counties. i think the president will sort of wave that around that his economic plan has worked. >> are north carolinans most likely of a demographic to seize on what happened with the fbi director today or are they going to seize on what president obama says or what donald trump says
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tonight? >> for a lot of reasons that i won't go into, they have a very polarized electorate right about now. people around the military bases in north carolina, they are going to, i think, go more in the direction of james comey has explained why hillary clinton is unfit to be president. the bright blue democrats are going to say otherwise. i think it will be a great laboratory for us to see. the two campaigns are going to be sort of having dualing rallies on the sa-- have a duelling rally. perhaps his vice presidential pick as well. >> so i can safely say it's still swingy dingy. >> a political term. >> you've got to make the news funny sometimes. errol louis, jason carroll,
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thank you. michelle, we'll tap in with you later on today. ramadan is coming to a close. does that mean an end to the attacks that have gone global? images like this all over the world, cafes, shopping areas, the holiest sites attacked. i'm going to take you live to the middle east and get an assessment, next.
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three suicide attacks in 24 hours. that's how the people in saudi arabia are going to remember the end of ramadan. two of the latest attacks taking place just within minutes of
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each other. the most shocking one happening in the holy city of medina. at least four people were killed there and these incidents appeared to be coordinated, targeting both saudi security forces as well as westerners. isis is the prime suspect after urging its followers to wage terror during the holy month. take a look at the attacks on your map right there. they have circled the globe and they have killed hundreds all the way from orlando in the united states through europe and out into asia, east asia, in fact. the unrelenting carnage is being felt in baghdad, particularly in baghdad. look at this brand-new drone video. it is harrowing. just harrowing. certainly does give another look at the devastation that that impact was after that suicide bomb went off there, the suicide
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atoo attack. crews are still working to pull the bodies that is left from beneath the rubble there. all the while, funerals are already getting started for some of the 215 -- yes, 215 people who died as a result of this attack. all that happening as iraq's minister of the interior has decided to step down, citing a lack of coordination among iraq security systems. cnn is the only american network currently in iraq and our senior international correspondent ben wedeman joins us live there now. i know there's a long delay between us so i'm just going to ask you if you could give us some contours with what has happened with the extraordinarily deadly attack and now the future of any sort of governance in iraq. >> reporter: well, certainly it's shaken the government, ashleigh. we've seen, of course, the interior minister resigning, the government is scrambling, really, to show that it can act
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although unfortunately the horse has already left the barn as far as the attack on saturday goes. the prime minister, who, of course, was chased from the scene by angry residents, has since ordered an investigation into baghdad security. he's ordered that these devices, these bomb-detecting devices that years ago would no longer be used. the government has also executed overnight five isis members bringing the number to 37, the number executed over the last month. and the statement for the government said there are another 3,000 on death row. not necessarily all of them isis members waiting to be executed and looking to accelerate executions as well. this comes at a time when isis, despite this high-profile bombing in baghdad, isis is on
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the run. isis has lost a string of major iraqi cities in the last year and a half and most recently fallujah and the iraqi government, many of the car bombs and suicide bombers plaguing baghdad originated in fallujah and under iraqi government control, this bomb goes off and, of course, it turns out that the car bomb, the truck bomb, there was a refrigerator truck that didn't even come from fallujah, it came from the east, and the government is struggling to change this situation and answer a lot of questions but not that many people here in baghdad are buying it. >> the images that you have sent us back are just unbelievable. the drone video shows the extent of the situation. that's one of the worst attacks that we have seen in a long time. the death toll now at 215.
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ben wedeman, good luck to you and your crew and thanks for sticking it out for those reports. i have other breaking news that has just come in. we've been waiting on any information potentially coming from the black boxes from the egyptair crash in the mediterranean. remember we were told they were decimated and that the information wasn't retrievable and then they sent the cockpit voice recorder and flight data recorder to france and they were able to put it back in some semblance of order and now they are getting some information and you won't believe what they are finding. i will tell you this, it refutes some candidates here in the united states who were so, so certain that this was a terrorist attack. i'm going to give you the details when we come back.
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a senior source from egyptair says that the cockpit and shows that there was an apr attempt to put out a fire on board the plane before it crashed into that sea. the plane vanished from radar back on may 19th plunging into the med. it was en route from paris to cairo. everyone on board, all 66, killed. the cause of the crash is still under investigation. donald trump tweeted out fairly into this that it looked like terror but now we know there was a fire on board. we heard earlier it was in the lavatory and now in the cockpit. it was definitely not a catastrophic explosion, according to the initial investigation. we'll continue to update you when we get more information. we have this breaking story as well.
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an update to the fbi recommending that no charges be filed against hillary clinton. no charges will be recommended to the doj. the speaker of the house has now responded. paul ryan saying this. while i respect the law enforcement officials at the fbi, this announcement defies explanation. no one should be above the law. but based upon the director's own statement, it appears damage is being done to the rule of law. declining to prosecute secretary clinton for recklessly mishandling and transmitting national security information will set a terrible precedent. the findings of this investigation also made clear that secretary clinton misled the american people when she was confronted with what he's considering criminal actions, those are his words. while we need more information about how the bureau came to this recommendation, the american people will reject this troubling pattern of dishonesty and poor judgment.
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and we also now have a statement from hillary clinton. here's what we have. hillary for america releasing, "we are pleased that the career officials handling this case have determined that no further action is appropriate as the secretary of state has long said it was a mistake to use her personal e-mail and she would not do it again. we are glad that this matter is now resolved and that comes from hillary spokesperson brian fallon. that's not over. the war of words probably just beginning as both of these top candidates are on the trail today in north carolina. donald trump appearing after hillary clinton later today. wait for it. if you think the twitter un stre verse is going to be electrified, wait for the rallies. i now turn to the war on terror. hundreds have dead as isis has been wreaking havoc during the holy month of ramadan. foreigners have been targeted in
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bangladesh, western interests under siege in saudi arabia and muslim citizens in iraq killed by the hundreds. those are just some of the devastating attacks. joining us now to discuss this is cnn military analyst colonel rick francona and bob baier. if i can start with you, rick, it was astounding to see when we just did that report from baghdad, the level of destruction, the death toll that was exacted in iraq, we've become somewhat conditioned to hearing about attacks in iraq. what we're not conditioned to hearing about are attacks on holy sites, like medina, that was attacked in the last few days. i wanted to get your take on this, just in terms of how the metric may have changed for isis or not. >> well, we've talked about how
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they are being squeeze out of their territory in both iraq and syria. it's pretty much the handwriting on the wall that they are going do lose their stronghold in iraq eventually. isis has got a real calculation to make, what are they going to be in the future? are they going to be a terrorist organization like al qaeda just randomly striking in the middle east or are they going to seek territory? if they truly want to be the islamic state, if they want to be a caliphate, they need geography, they need territory. i think they are looking at failed states, like libya, for example. in the meantime, they've got to create space for themselves in iraq and they are doing that by blowing up these targets in baghdad. they've shown that the government of al abadi is not capable of providing security and the people in baghdad are concerned about their own security than the retaking of mosul. that said, i think we'll see more of these strikes and this attack in medina defies logic to
9:48 am
me. >> defies logic to me. >> no matter who you are -- >> yeah. go ahead. finish that. >> i was just going to say, no matter what sect of islam you are, blowing up the tomb of the prophet is beyond the pale. >> it's beyond the pale and also just unfathomable, too. you wrote this fantastic op-ed for today and it's required reading if you are confounded as the rest of us as to why they keep killing muslims. we get it. they hate us in the west and we don't get it when they attack hundreds of muslims. we can almost get it when we hear that they were -- the rival speck, the shia, but in med sin that's a mix of everyone, shia, sunni, those people who subscribe to isis.
9:49 am
why would they attack their own? >> look, everyone i've talked to is utterly stunned and hard to believe that someone would attack of prophet muhammad in medina. religion is like the force. you can use it for good or for evil. when people begin to prevert their religion and it starts slowly and leads them in a wrong direction and to very dark places. it starts with the maligning of people and now you conceive of wanting to attacking the tomb of the prophet muhammad. this is so far gone that they see the muslim world as their principle enemy. this is perversely for a lot of us as muslims it's a war on islam, on muslims by radical muslims who invite the rest of the world's hatred. >> that's the next point i need to ask you.
9:50 am
if they inspire people, like those who blew themselves away in orlando and the two in san bernardino, is this the kind of brand destruction that wrecks inspirational value and you don't know what isis stands for if you're killing good muslims who are shia and sunni alike, are they going to stop their ability for recruiting people ashds the world because people are going to be tuned out by this. >> tipping point? >> it is a tipping point. there's a great scene and said i wish this happened in my time, tired of the ring and he says so do i, but that's not for them to decide. i think for a lot of muslims we realize even though it's unfair that we get blamed for
9:51 am
extremism, it's a struggle. >> bob baier, the rallying cry, the possibilities that people may have been sympathetic -- god knows who they are, but there are plenty -- those who were sympathetic to isis' cause before might now find it in the holiest of times that they, then, will start leaving more of a trail in their outrage, say, online or anywhere else, and it will be easier to track them because it's going to be such loud noise about this. >> actually, i think as the war goes on in iraq, it will get worse. you'll see this politics of backlash of dispaespair and additionally they look at the saudi regime as a postate.
9:52 am
if you're able to define muslims, a very small group like the islamic state, you can kill anybody you want in their terms. i mean, this is pathological for us. but as you see, you'll have to look at their statements after these attacks, whether it's bangladesh or baghdad and they are talking about the bomb of fallujah. you can make these car bombs anywhere, with acetone or peroxide. i think this violence will continue at this same rate. it's not going to bring down europe or islam but it's going to be very unpleasant for quite a long time. >> bob baer, really appreciate that. thank you. i also appreciate colonel francona. your op-ed is terrific and helps
9:53 am
to get our heads around something that is very tricky. thank you. i've got a little bit of video that will play into the headlines today. this is hillary clinton heading to air force one. she's on her way to north carolina with the commander in chief. she's getting a ride on board air force one with president obama as he does his first campaign stop in the race for the white house with the former secretary of state and as she boards at joint base andrews, there is, of course, this massive news that she's going to have to contend with. into the belly of the plane but into the belly of the beast, so to speak, as she heads towards the campaign trail that will be electrified by the news that the fbi will not recommend charges in the e-mail issue. however, a scathing indictment, so to speak, of her judgment from the head of the fbi. there's basically something to chew on for both parties who will chew louder and what will be spat out.
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it's not going to be pretty, folks. we're up next.
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welcome back. just before the break, i showed you pictures of secretary clinton heading to the fancy aircraft, air force one. typically went you get on board air force one, you can actually have your choice of a whole lot of television monitors, some of them actually airing live news. so mrs. clinton, if you're watching us, welcome to air force one. today is going to be a hell of a day. the f bcbi director james comey saying there will not be charges however they are saying that the judgment was lacking. those are my words, not the director's. but he did say it was extremely careless of the handling of the classified information at the time of send and receive. that's significant. but the fbi director says no charges will be recommended to the department of justice. joe johns is our senior washington correspondent. he's joining me now live.
9:59 am
there is no shortage of fodder. this will plague the headlines all the way to november. and it really just depends on how each camp treats this. >> absolutely. i think that's totally true. it's as expected, if you think about it. the hillary clinton campaign has been pushing to try to set this up as the end of the story on the e-mails but there's that question of judgment and that question of trust that continues to dog hillary clinton. for their part, they did put out a statement finally that said, e career officials handling this case have determined that no further action by the department is appropriate. the secretary has long said it was a mistake to use her personal e-mail and she would not do it again. we are glad this matter is now resolved. so that's the word from the campaign. glad this matter is resolved. nonetheless, it will be used as
10:00 am
a political issue and we already heard that from the speaker of the house today questioning whether the fbi was going in the right direction on this, ashleigh. >> saying the announcement defies explanation. joe johns, thank you for that. i'm going to turn things over to wolf blitzer who continues our coverage. hello, i'm wolf blitzer in washington. wherever you're watching from around the world, thanks very much for joining us. we start with breaking news. the fbi's assessment that there should be no charges, no criminal charges against hillary clinton in the investigation into her use of a private e-mail server during her four years as secretary of state. but while that would seem like very good news for the clinton campaign, the fbi director james comey did not go easy on her at all when he laid out the case to the american people. listen to this. >> although we did not find clear evidee


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