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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  July 22, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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and that does it for us. thanks for watching, "cnn newsroom" starts right now. terror in the heart of germany. a gunman kills nine people in a shooting rampage in munich. we'll take you live to the scene. a disturbing twist in an aviation mystery. evidence emerges of a suicide route practiced by the pilot of missing malaysian airlines 370. and hillary clinton unveils her pick for a vice presidential candidate. live from atlanta, welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm george howell. >> i'm natalie allen. you're watching "cnn newsroom," live from atlanta.
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our top supporty is from germany. police say a single gunman was responsible for killing nine people in munich. at first, police thought as many as three shooters were responsible. it's always chaos when these things break out. but a man who killed himself is the lone suspect. this amateur video shows a man dress the in black who appears to be holding a gun, but it's not clear if if is the shooter in question. >> the shooter started at an mcdonald's before crossing the street to the city's biggest shopping mall, the limb olympia center. he was 18 years old and had been living in munich for at least two years. children are among the dead. >> translator: the most difficult day for me as the police chief in munich.
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it was one of the most difficult days i had during the last 40 years. the events of yesterday, of this night makes us sad and speechless. our thoughts are especially with the victims. >> those victims have not been named. our erin mclaughlin joins us. when you hear the police chief say this is the toughest day of his 40 year career, that certainly says something. what do we know about how all of this unfolded? >> reporter: well, natalie, it truly was a horrific and tragic, not to mention chaotic day that began at 5:50 p.m. local time at an mcdonald's not far from here is when authorities say a lone gunman with a pistol, walked inside the mcdonald's and opened fire. he left the mcdonald's and made
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his way then to a shopping mall. authorities say that's where he killed the majority of his victims, at least nine people killed. and at least 16 were critically injured. now the gunman made his way from the mall. his body was later discovered at around 8:00 local time, not far away. they believe he committed suicide. now, in the chaos that unfoaled, authorities say there were multiple reports of multiple shootings tloults munich. all of those reports, additional reports have been discredited. there were also eye-witness aaccouna accou accounts telling police there were two other shooters managing to get away using vehicles. they managed to track down those individuals and discredit that as well.
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so at the moment, this was a lone gunman. but what they are trying to establish is whether or not he planned the attack himself. natalie? >> what do we foknow, what moreo we know about him? al i know is he's 18 years old and had dual citizenship. >> reporter: authorities have not named him. so we don't know his name. we also don't know, critically, his motives. and that is something that authorities are trying to investigate right now. i was speaking to one eyewitness who really recalled this harrowing account of being outside the mcdonald's as the attacker opened fire. he comforted a 17-year-old teenager, an immigrant, held him in his arms as he lay dying. and he said that the attackers, as all of this was unfolding was screaming out anti-foreigner, in his words, sentiment. take a listen. >> translator: i heard a scream
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at first. you [ bleep ] foreigners. i am german. you will get it. and then the first shots were fired. and a boy of 14 or 17 years of age who was left for me chanced, fell to the floor. then the next shots were fired. and i threw my bicycle aside and with went on my belly to the boy. i stayed with the boy, tried to make sure he was alert. in the meantime, more shots were fired. i estimate about 20 to 30. the boy asked me for help. i tried to talk to him, asked him his name, his age, if he had a girl friend. i tried to make sure he looked at me, that his eyes are open. >> reporter: such a tragic account. as you can see behind mniamemnm the area has been cordoned off. the victims have yet to be named, natalie? >> thank you. we spoke earlier with a woman
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who works inside the mall. lynn stein explained where she was when she heard gunfire and witnessed the chaos that followed. >> i was inside. i was going to buy something and my co-worker was working. and i heard the shots fired and several shots. maybe six, seven. and people are confused and looking around, and started running out, and there was like an emergency exit right at the shop i was at, so i ran outside as well. and then there were more shots. and people came outside and m e more ran. and they were screaming and later, i heard the shots. like i think they transferred. there's a parking lot, a parking house, and i heard shots there or coming from that direction. so, at that point, i went back inside the mall, because i wanted to check on my co-worker.
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she didn't take the phone, and i couldn't reach her. so i went back inside. >> so many questions. when we hear from people there, so many questions about the motive, questions about how he was able to get the gun in germany. very difficult to get a weapon in germany. when it comes to mass shootings there, they are rare in that nation, but it has happened before, most recently in 2009. a teenaged gunman carried out a mass shooting in a school in southwestern germany, killing 15 people before taking his life. >> in 2006, five people wounded before the gunman killed himself. in 2002, a school massacre in a town. a 19-year-old former student killed 16 people and took his own life. cnn contributor steve moore joins us. 's he's a retired supervisory agent with the fbi. we talk about these things all
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too often here. but what do you think when you hear this shooting took place and the 18-year-old behind it? >> caller: i'm really curious about the words he used, saying he was a german and shooting at foreigners. this could be something akin to what we have here, a white supreme cyacist attack, a natio attack. but we're not going to know anything until police release details. >> and what about the police movements, that as you saw this thing unfold, you and i talked about how quickly, how important it is that police move quickly? >> caller: yes, and i think the police did what they could. they got there as fast as they could. but he was apparently out of the location before they could at least as far as i can see, before they could do anything about him. it's highly unusual that somebody if it were terrorism would actually take their own
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life. >> it's george here. i wanted to ask you what we know about the gunman so far. you see it there on the banner, that he was a german/iranian national. and that iranians for the most part are shia muslims, so that would not be in line with isis and sunni muslims. but i wanted to get a sense from you. it sort of takes the terror nexus out of this, when it comes to motive. >> caller: well, yeah. george, i'm probably as confused about this as you are. but you're absolutely right. the iranian population are generally shia, and with the exception of the government are generally not radicalize. so this, again, it does not fit the type of terrorism that we're used to as far as isis-based terrorism. >> and steve, what about the kochb fusion at the beginning of these atrocities when police don't know how many gunmen that
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they have. that they're working with. >> caller: yeah, natalie, that is so common. it's almost to the point where you can just take the number of alleged gunmen and divide it by three almost. i have not been, i've been to several shootings, and i have never seen one where the number of reported shooters is accurate. and usually it's going to be just one unless you have a major rohrist attack. >> steve, i raised this question earlier. but we are talking about germany. a gunman in germany. it's incredibly difficult to get weapons like that in that nation. >> caller: well, i think, george, what it's going to come down to is that people believe that guns -- i mean the war against drugs proved that we can't stop drugs. guns are easier to manufacture than drugs, and they come apart easier. people can manufacture them anywhere and ship them easily.
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it is not as easy as just banning guns to think that they'll go away. >> i also want to ask you. so we see these images of so many people on the ground. we see law enforcement doing their role in these very delicate and dangerous moments. but for people who are out there, who get caught up running for their lives, what do you do? i mean, it's a matter of getting to safety, checking in with your family. from a law enforcement perspective, what would you advise people if caught up in something like this? >> caller: well, george, that's an absolutely phenomenal question. i actually train people on what to do when there is an active shooter. and what i have found, even being the bad guy, being the shooter at times so i can see from their side is that people who tend to hunker down and stay where they are tend to have more casualties than people who run or at least try to, in some way,
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interdikt the shooter. if you hide behind something and the shooter has time, he will find you. >> we were talking when the bangladesh terror happened, and we had people on bloerns talking with us watching the whole thing. in this as well, we had people watching from balconies. what would you advise people to do that there is a shooting incident and they're being a witness. how can they help officers? >> caller: well, the best thing they can do for their family is to stay away from where bullets are flying. but if they are intent on helping the police, they can video what they're seeing for the sake of evidence later. or they can, they can report what they're seeing. the problem is, first reports are almost always wrong or ex-and rated. and somebody who is, you know, if a guy comes out shooting goes back in and comes back out they
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see two shooters instead of one. sometimes just the most basic information. it's a long gun and people are falling down tells the police it's more than a pistol, you better be beware. >> facebook has started their safety check. >> you can check in and a notefication is sent to people on your friends list. they used that shortly after the rampage in the german city. one day after painting a picture of doom in the united states, the u.s. republican nominee, donald trump, is now reacting to the shooting in munich. >> in a rather subdued tweet he said god bless the people of munich.
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>> he accepted his party's nomination in a speech in ohio. he said that the united states is if kroigs an crisis and he i one that can save it. >> u.s. president obama took issue with it saying that the idea that the united states is on the verge of collapse is not true. people should not give in to fear. >> mr. president, when donald trump spoke to his convention he talked about the security threats. he painted a very dark picture. now marethere's been a terroris attack in germany. doesn't that suggest he's right about the darkness? >> no, it doesn't. terrorism is a real threat, and nobody knows that better than me. one of the best ways of preventing it is making sure that we don't divide our own country. that we don't succumb to fear. that we don't sacrifice our values. and that we send a very strong signal to the world and to every
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american citizen that we're in this together. >> you're watching "cnn newsroom." still ahead, new details in the disappearance of malaysia airlines flight 370. up next, what the fbi uncovered and how that information could help the search. also ahead, hear the well-guarded secret of hillary clinton's running mate. get back to great. now get a swiss gear backpack for only $10. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great. ♪ ♪
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from chase. so you can. welcome back to "cnn newsroom." the mystery into the disappearance of malaysia airlines 370 is deepening. a fbi report shows the pilot flew a suicide route on his home computer. >> the new york magazine obtained this report. it says the simulation was less than one month before mh 370 disappeared. >> let's get more details on this. maul matt rivers joining us from beijing. this casts a shadow of question over that pilot, but what does it imply and does it give us any
11:20 pm
indications of where this plane might be? >> reporter: well, this is certainly a significant development. all of our information on this is coming from this new york magazine article. that article citing a document that the document said it obtained that was part, again, according to the magazine, of the malaysian government's investigation into the disappearance of this flight. what this document says is that during the course of their investigation, several hard drives from a home flight simulator, from the home of the pilot of mh 370, they were recovered and handed over to the fbi for analysis. during that analysis, again, this is according to new york magazine. during that analysis, the fbi was able to uncover several deleted data points that showed that the pilot flew a simulated flight on that flight simulate irthat very closely matched the suspected route of the actual mh
11:21 pm
370 flight. and, as you mentioned, this report says that that simulated flight took place just within a month prior to mh 370 taking off from kuala lumpur. so cnn cannot independently verify the contents of that document, but still a very significant report, given that malaysian authorities have long deflected accusations against this pilot. a factual report published on the first anniversary of the plane's disappearance said the captain's and the to handle stress at work and home was good. there was no significant changes in his lifestyle, interpersonal conflict or family stresses. so this certainly casts some more doubts on this pilot and perhaps has a significant impact on this investigation going forward. >> matt, all of this, as you rightly point out, will have to be confirmed with the fbi, but it's been some two years now.
11:22 pm
why are we just getting this information now? >> reporter: well, that's the big question here is if this report is true, if this document does in fact exist, why wasn't it released to the public before hand? now we have not heard anything from the malaysian government yet, no response, at least publicly about this report, but that's the question. we actually spoke to a family member of one of the people on board that plane here in beijing. we spoke to him this morning, and he said, look, there's been all kinds of speculation about what could have happened to this plane, but we want the information. we want there to be transparency. that's the big question here, george. >> transparency, especially for these families who have been waiting for so long with such little information about their loved ones. matt rivers, live for us in beijing, thank you. hillary clinton has chosen virginia senator tim kaine to be her running mate. the announcement was made on
11:23 pm
social media and via text to her supporters. she will introduce him in person at a campaign rally on saturday in florida. >> and in a facebook post september out hours ago, clinton wrote, i'm thrilled to announce my running mate, tim kaine. tim is a life-long fighter for progressive causes and one of the most qualified vice presidential candidates in our nation's history. >> we take a closer look at kaine and his background. >> reporter: hillary clinton and tim kaine. new partners on the democratic ticket. >> if you want a "you're fired" president or a "you're hired" president. >> reporter: clinton's running mate is an insider, from virginia. >> if i have anything to do with it, we'll went again. >> reporter: by selecting kaine, clinton is betting that experience in government, not sizzle, is the best way to defeat donald trump.
11:24 pm
>> elections are just beginning. the real work starts tomorrow. >> reporter: he's neither flashy or showboat. a seemingly stead ey hand. >> i want to be sure that whoever i pick could be president immediately if something were to happen. that's the most important qualification. >> i'm tim kaine. >> reporter: so who is timothy michael caine? a decade ago he introduced himself in the democratic response to president bush's state of the union address. >> i worked as a missionary as a young man and learned to measure my life by the difference i can make in someone else's life. >> reporter: it was that stint ago a jesuit missionary that shaped and distinguishes him. he learned fluent spanish and still speaks it today, which makes him a different kind of attack dog begins trump. >> if you're a latino, he's going to trash talk you. the best decision i ever made was moving to richmond to marry
11:25 pm
my wife ann. >> reporter: he built his political career in virginia, rising to be governor. he's 58. ten years younger than clinton, known well inside the party but not beyond. >> i'm not the one with the biggest profile. i'm not the one that's the best known. >> reporter: he signed on with clinton this time around, endorsing her in 2014, more than a year before she declared her candidacy. for an original barack obama supporter, it was a chance to make up for lost time. >> give it up for tim kaine! >> reporter: his politics are more moderate than the liberal strain driving today's democratic party, he's catholic. outwardly moved by pope francis's visit last year. his views on abortion are more conservative than most democrats. >> i'm personally opposed to the death penalty and abortion. i'm going to carry out the law and protect women's rights to
11:26 pm
make their own reproductive decisions. a war against isil is just, it's necessary, it's noble, but it's illegal. there's been no congressional authorization for this war. >> reporter: it's an open question whether kaine fits the mold of today's red hot politics. yet his selection could help soften clinton's partisan edges. >> we need a bridge builder, and we've got a bridge builder in hillary clinton. >> and all eyes will be on those two with the democratic national convention set to kick off this week. >> the teams are now in place it seems. the suspected gunman in the deadly shootings in munich was caught on video by witnesses coming up here, what he said and how it might uncover his motives is just ahead here. ot studying ! he's streaming my games. you can't get away with that.
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welcome back to our viewers here in the u.s. and around the world. you're watching "cnn newsroom" live from atlanta, i'm natalie allen. >> i'm george howell with the headlines we're following this hour. in munich germany, officials say there was only one shooter behind the attack that killed nain people. the 18-year-old man was a dual german and iranian citizen, that he killed himself and not known to police before all this happened. his motive remains unclear. a fbi forensic report shows the pilot of mh 370 flew a suicide route on a simulate ior.
11:31 pm
it was done less than one month before the plane went missing. tim kaine now the running mate on hillary clinton's ticket. she is set to introduce him in person at a campaign rally on saturday in miami. democrats close to the campaign say kaine got the stamp of approval from president obama and bill clinton. in germany, police say they will have to investigate everything and it will be even more difficult because the shooter is dead. >> little is known about him other than he is 18 years old and had lived in germany for the past two years. angela merkle has planned a meeting for saturday. >> we are joined on the line
11:32 pm
from frankfurt. what are you hearing about how this happened, how this broke out and anything you can tell us about this shooter? >> caller: the first thing is it's not over yet, there are at least three of the injured still fighting for their lives. we can hope and pray for them. and the second thing is there is no, nobody knows what happened. nobody knows what the motive of is of this shooter. it could be an islam ist. it could be a racist, pranerhap. there are rumors that he could be a person in treatment for mental ill. and this is a moment when i hope that the political scene stop spreading poison rumors. there are some things indicating
11:33 pm
that mab ybe he couldn't be an islamist. he's german and iranian. second thing he definitely shouted that he is hating turks. this is not what isil people are doing. the last thing is, in the end, he has shot himself without killing other more people. this is not a jihadi way usually to kill himself. but you know, the most important thing is to wait for the authorities to announce what they think what happened there and not spreading more rumors. >> one question that comes to mind, especially given the, you know, the requirements, the restrictions for people to get weapons there, the question as to how he ended up getting that weapon. >> caller: this is the wise question to ask. we have no idea.
11:34 pm
we have a law, laws in germany, so it's not easy especially now for 18 years old young man to get weapons. you have to define it out. this is a very important thing to define out, because maybe there are some problem we have with our law, with our laws unfortunate, but swrwe have to d that to make our country more secure. >> do you have any information on whether authorities have found family members, whether this person lived alone? or has this family been interviewed at all? anything like that? >> caller: i have no way about family. i just know that as german authorities promised yesterday, that they're going to go for everything, and i'm really sure in this moment they are trying to check the family to try to find more background on this
11:35 pm
guy. >> i have to ask you this question, and i apologize for asking it, because it, you know, right now the story line, it's about the dead, it's about the fact that children are among the casualties. but i do want to get a sense of just the public sentiment, given what happened there. the motive could be many things. you point out, it could be mental illness. there are questions about whether it could be terror. it looks unlikely. regardless of all that, the simple fact that this happened in your nation, how are people responding? what is the feeling among people? >> caller: you know, first thing is that now everyone is in shock. definitely people in munich, but the whole german-iranian community is. it's the same thing, no matter what the motive. the same thing we have. in africa, the refugee, a 17 years old and took an ax and
11:36 pm
went after civilians. the most important thing is that we have to do everything we can for keep this country safe. but at the end of the day, we should not let hate and the people who are spreading hatred to decide about our, our way of life. this is the most important thing. we want isil -- do we want sois to decide the next elections? i hope not. i hope we are smart enough not to let them spread fear and hate in their countries, and this is the most important thing. this is not about islam. it's about democrats standing together, standing up and fighting extremism on every side. >> well, we certainly appreciate
11:37 pm
you joining us there from frankfurt, thank you. germany had already been on edge following an ax attack by a teenager on a train last week. journalist nicolas now is on the phone from munich to talk to us about the situation there in germany. so nicolas, i pose the same question to you, given the ax attack that we'd seen before, given this attack in munich. what is the sentiment among people? >> caller: well, at the moment, it seems that the situation in munich is slowly returning to normal, so trains are starting to run again since early in the morning, and concerning the motive or anything else on the perpetrator, we all, we don't know anything yet. so far there's no indication whatsoever of a political motive, so we will just have to wait until the police have
11:38 pm
further, have been inquiries and a further information. >> the fact that he was able to get a weapon, that just seems to be a big question in my mind, certainly, in the minds of many people. in your nation, it's very hard to get access to weapons like the one that he used. is there an investigation into that? >> caller: that will certainly be investigated. when the attack started, there were reports of three perpetrators with rifles. now it seems that it was only a pistol, which still is hard to get in germany, and you have to have all sorts of permits and so on, so that will be one of the points police are investigating. >> we know that the gunman and witnesses exchanged words, when he was discovered on the rooftop. what can you tell us about that? >> caller: well, there is a video, and police seem to believe it's genuine.
11:39 pm
you can hear the alleged perpetrator speaking without an accent. and for some people it seems to indicate that it is not an islamic background, that he's acting, that there might be medical history, but so far, there's really, everything's still out to be, and police are looking at the video and trying to make sense of it. >> and i do want to just get any sort of insight from you. i know that you're asking plenty of questions of officials there, trying to get any inkling of information about a possible motive behind this, but rightly to point out here that given that he is a german iranian national, many iranians for the most part, they are shia muslims, which would not be in line with sunni muslim, and isis
11:40 pm
with the terror connection, how are people trying to square that circle? >> caller: well, since the start of the attack, of course, on twitter, on the internet, people have started to speculate, but so far, police have only searched his room. apparently, some reports say he lives with his parents. so police have searched his room, have apparently confiscated some of his things. and we will just have to wait. of course there are experts saying suicide would be pretty untypical of an islamist perpetrator. but we will just have to wait and see. >> nicolas now, thank you so much for being with us on the line, a journalist in munich following the story, and we'll stay in touch with you. >> thank you. the mass shooting in germany comes as norway remembers
11:41 pm
another horrible attack. friday was the fifth anniversary of the 2011 terror attack. >> a bomb was set out in os rlo. eight people were killed there and more than 200 on an island. >> he opened fire at a youth camp, killed 69 people, wounded 110 others. after his arrest, he identified himself as an anti-muslim fascist, and he was convicted of mass murder. president obama made his first public comments friday on tur turkey's failed coup attempt. who he's voicing strong support for, that's next. he's streaming my games. you can't get away with that. woo! oh, don't worry about it. they can't hear me, i'm just in your head. (announcer vo) no matter how you use your data, verizon's got your back. now get 30% more data.
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jack knocked over a candlestick, onto the shag carpeting... ...and his pants ignited into flames, causing him to stop, drop and roll. luckily jack recently had geico help him with renters insurance. because all his belongings went up in flames. jack got full replacement and now has new pants he ordered from banana republic. visit and see how affordable renters insurance can be. 1 . welcome back. the u.s. president, barack obama is rejecting any suggestions that the u.s. was behind the
11:45 pm
failed coup attempt in turkey and is voicing strong support for the government and president erdogan. >> nic robertson spoke with a politician who is also hopeful of turkey's future. >> reporter: on the hilly fringes of turkey's capital, the leader rolls out a rosie vision of ankara's future, new housing for all. away with the old shacks, he says, his job to keep everyone happy with the government. as we pass, an old lady in a green scarf listens carefully. we'll come back to her later. in the valley below, he proudly shows us a brand-new sports stadium. we've got a new swimming pool, too, he tells me. it's what the people here deserve, and we got it thanks to president erdogan. back in his tiny office, he is
11:46 pm
busy. 30,000 local residents depend on him. he tells me he is a bridge between people and government. indeed, erdogan describes people like him at core of democracy. makes time to meet them, all 50,00 50,000. he has no high school education and had his turn a few years ago. erdogan is a simple man, he tells me. he speaks the language of the people, understands the people. he is a great leader. and so it was on the night of the coup. bombs dropping, tanks on the streets, he says he was one of the first to risk his life for the leader. i was climbing on the tanks, pulling at soldiers, he says. when i asked him why, he says because we want our future.
11:47 pm
the coup people would put us in jail, kill us. just when the country was getting better. outside his office, validation he is delivering for the government. i want to ask you, how is this area changed in the last ten years? erdogan is a great man, she says. he has made so many improvements around here, better housing, better life. but not everyone buys the mokhtar's message. remember the lady with the green scarf? she lives in one of the old ramshackle houses. we go back to see her. the government's not giving us good housing, she complains. and then she starts railing on the mokhtar. insulting him, says he gets paid by the government and he makes money filling out all those forms. we don't trugs him, but, she admits, life is getting better.
11:48 pm
nic robertson, cnn, ankara, turkey. >> appreciate that positive note. he was able to end on his story there. well, the world is seeing record heat. we will show you the hottest hotspots on the planet, coming up. bend me shape me, any way you want me as long as you love me, it's alright bend me shape me, any way you want me... shape the best sleep of your life. sleep number beds with sleepiq technology adjust any way you want it. the bed that moves you. only at a sleep number store. pretty much over. show's (friend) wish we could start it from the beginning. (jon bon jovi) with directv, you can. you see, we've got the power to turn back time let's start over, let's rewind and let's go back and not quit the gym
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welcome back to the "newsroom." so, a heat wave is stifling parts of the middle east, and they're seeing some of the hottest temperatures ever recorded. >> from the international weather center, a lot of people around the world sweltering this month. >> yes. we have seen heat waves both hemispheres, it has been staggering, but in the middle east, they are now saying these are some of the hottest temperatures we've ever seen in the eastern hemisphere, but also, we're looking at temperatures over the last several days that rival the hottest temperature ever recorded. that was in death valley, california, 1913, that was 57 degrees or 134 degrees celsius, but they're saying because that's over a hundred years ago, some people are skeptical that that's an accurate reading. but because the temperature is
11:53 pm
so hot here, they've closed down some government buildings. it is so difficult, and people are just staying indoors, but even those overnight low temperatures aren't cooling off either. so, for the next several days, what can we expect? well, this is just one example. kuwait city, the temperature expected in the mid to upper 40s, don't be surprised if it actually makes it to 50 degrees in some of these areas, and certainly, as we go into the next 24 hours, as i take a look at kuwait city, don't be surprised if you see the potential for dust storms there, because we're seeing the wind -- the wind gradient really picking up here, could see wind gusts right around 50 kilometers per hour now, i want to take you across a california in the united states. a heat wave has enveloped much of the middle eastern -- midwestern part of the united states, but for the west coast, we're starting to see these santa ana winds. it's been very dry, and these
11:54 pm
pictures are coming out of santa clarita just to the north of los angeles by about 60 kilometers or 35 miles to the north. what started out as just the minor brush fire, this very afternoon, has erupted now to 3300 acres or about 1300 hectares that have burned. they are trying to get this under control. they're saying it is zero contained and now between 200 and 300 homes are being evacuated because we have seen such devastation associated with that fire. now, take a look at this as we look into the forecast coming up for the start of the weekend. hot and humid weather conditions all the way from the carolinas, north and south carolina. we have seen triple digit heat across the south central u.s., but there might be some good news in that temperatures cooling just a little bit across the midwestern u.s. by the beginning to the workweek. back to you guys.
11:55 pm
>> i was just wondering, cocaincocainkaren, we know that june was the hottest month on record. how is july looking compared to june? >> speaking for the united states? >> yes. >> it looks like this heat wave abates just a little bit across the midwestern u.s. by the tune of about 5 to 10 degrees, but still the south central united states is expected to continue to bake. the computer models are suggesting the next go weeks or so, we're still stuck in this rut with a ridge of high pressure over us, keeping us baking still. >> you know, it's hot here, but i won't complain, given what you just described there in the middle east. karen, thank you so much you know, we're following this story in munich, and there's so much to talk about from that attack there, but we do want to show you how social media user are reacting. >> the hashtags pray for germany and pray for munich are trending around the world. hashtags we're becoming all too familiar with.
11:56 pm
twitter users created images to convey their prayers, many with pictures, munich, hearts, and the german flag. >> one twitter user wrote, how many disasters do we need to unite humanity, to love one another more than to hate? that's a good note to end on. >> yeah. i'm natalie allen. thanks for watching this hour i'm george howell. we'll have more on the shooting in munich after the break along with more stories from around the world. you're watching cnn. i am rich.
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munich in mourning, terror strikes the german city with a gunman killing nine people. the very latest ahead. >> disturbing new evidence about what may have happened to missing malaysia airlines flight 370, and it has to do with the pilot. and the democratic duo, hillary clinton unveils senator tim kaine as her pick for vice presidential candidate. live from cnn world headquarters in atlanta, welcome to our viewsers here in the united states and around the world. i'm george howell. >> and i'm natalie


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