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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  July 25, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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clearly an attempt on the first night to bring out a lot of progressive voices. elizabeth warren, bernie sanders, to try to appease some very, very angry progressives and sanders supporters. big reason for today's gavel shake-up to avoid another scene like this one as dana just referred to. debbie wasserman schultz booed at a breakfast for the democratic delegation for her own home state of florida this morning. take a look. >> first of all, i want to -- >> jeff is on the convention floor. jeff, scandal now surrounding the very first event happening on the schedule here on the arena after a lot of back and forth. we now know we won't be congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz at the podium in a few minutes. >> the reality is, she had hoped to weather the storm. she hoped to keep enough support around her to be able to be speaking on that podium behind
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me here in just a few minutes. but reality came it a crashing conclusion after that florida meeting which you just saw there. jake, i was in this hall around 11:00 at night. debbie wasserman schultz was alone walking across the stage, clearly doing a try-out to give a speech today. that was decided she would not do that. the reason is this, the wound that had been basically healing between the clinton and sanders people, at least somewhat, suddenly reopened by all of the revelations found in the wikileaks here. so if any progressed been made, they certainly are still raw, still fresh here as dana said, among sanders supporters. >> and jeff, this convention, starting off even messier than last week's republican convention. we showed members of the florida delegation booing debbie wasserman schultz at breakfast this morning, that her home state. and that's a possible preview. if she were to go on that stage, look, i'm from philadelphia.
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i know what booing can sound like. those are really mean ones. >> they were very mean, jake. i was just talking with members of the florida delegation and they, the bernie sanders supporters there, even though they are from florida, they are not supportive of debbie wasserman schultz. they are happy she won't be here on the stage today. let's take a long are look at what happened this morning which is what led to this decision for her not to speak today. >> jeff zeleny on the floor. a large group of protesters are gathering outside the arena. this could become much bigger than what we saw outside the republican national convention. let's go outside to miguel marquez. what do you see out there? >> we probably have a thousand or so protesters at the wells fargo center, site of the dnc. if you look over the barricade here, the people you see on the other side of the police and delegates going through, also
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tour buses bringing delegates through on the far end. these protesters have marched out of this park, where they are meant to be, but this is right next to it and they have moved here, so they can shout at delegates. some delegates are bernie supporters. but they are literally the big chant today is "hell no, we won't vote for hillary." they say that bernie sanders is the only one that can beat donald trump in the fall. barring that, they want another party to come out of this saying they will never vote for hillary clinton and this is the beginning of a dem exit, democratic exit. jake? >> and miguel, i know that sanders supporters are upset he didn't win the nomination. a lot of them feel like the wikileaks, dnc leaks, prove that
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fix is in. is there anything specific that they as a group are demanding? do they want bernie to be the running mates? they want tim kaine off? is there anything specific they want? >> they want him at the top of the tickets. they want the super delegates to change their minds. they want, they want their last stand, they want the super delegates to change their mind, vote for bernie sanders, so that they can put him at the top of the ticket and he can run against donald trump in november. they say, short of that, they will either go for jill stein, some other third party, write bernie sanders in. some other that hillary clinton -- jake? >> all right, miguel marquez, outside. thank you so much. let's bring in our panel, if we can. david gergen, gloria borger, also with us, patty saliz doyle,
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andre bower and of course mayor for life of the great city of philadelphia, michael nutter. mr. mayor, let me start with you. logistically, it looks like everything is okay in terms of the convention, in terms of philadelphia doing a good job, so far, knock on wood. >> yes. >> but politically, this is kind of a mess right now. >> it is a challenging day. >> we've had better moments. but we're democrats. often there is a bit of activity right at the beginning. i think much of it, almost all of it, will be gone in the course of the day into the evening to the night. and tomorrow will be a whole new thing. >> that's the hope. as someone who supported bernie sanders run for presidency and someone who talks it sanders supporters, i'm getting the feeling that they are angrier today than they were a week ago because of these wikileaks.
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>> maybe some are, but the crowd outside from those inside the delegate in this auditorium, these are the people who voted for bernie in the primary who are here to support bernie will vote for him when the roll call is taken. but also follow bernie's lead it get behind hillary clinton and tim kaine. >> with respect to -- they booed bernie sanders this morning. >> i'd like to do a count and how many were delegates. but bernie made the point. he said this is reality. we are at the point where we fought got fight. we won a lot of battles. there are major changes there. they got rid of debbie waterman schultz. it is reality and there are only two candidates and as hillary clinton and donald trump and you can't go for donald trump. first step in the revolution and sanders revolution is to stop
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donald trump. >> that's his message. >> patty? >> i can't remember, and i'm sure twitter will correct me, but i cannot remember any time in modern history where the chair of a party the night before the delegate, the convention, had to resign. i don't -- i mean, we've seen lot of tumultuous conventions in our collective life times, but that seems unprecedented to me. >> look, it is not good. and as a former campaign manager, this is a huge pain in the -- >> tush. >> tush. but bernie sanders has been gracious. debbie wasserman schultz resigned. she is not speaking. not gaveling in. not gaveling out. i personally think she should get on a plane and go back to florida because she has her own reelection to be concerned about, and she should be
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concerned. but tonight we have the first lady. tonight we have elizabeth warren, senator sanders. all three of them really speak to millennials. all three of them. i think after tonight we won't talk about debbie wasserman schultz any more. we will talk about what a great night the democrats had in the hall. >> tonight we will talk about bernie sanders. his speech sets the tone, i think, for this entire convention. he has it convince those people on the street and his die hard supporters that he is not selling out. okay? that he is now a part, a real part, of hillary clinton's election. and that it is not a sell-out. and you know, it is a hard thing for him to do up there. but if he does it well, and he does it the right way, and his -- i've been talking to his people, they are very sparse on the details of this speech tonight. he can set the tone for her to do very well at this convention and debunk the caricature of her that was set at the republican convention. >> but i wonder, kneea malik, if
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it doesn't matter what he says about hillary clinton because what so many sanders supporters are upset about is the very clear evidence in the dnc leak in which you have senior officials of the democratic party, including chief financial officer, talking about ways to smear bernie sanders on his religion, on his campaign. really ugly stuff. >> yeah. and all along they were convinced that the dnc had its thumb on the scale for hillary clinton. convinced it was rigged and these e-mails i think at least prove part of it. there is an ability for the sanders people to separate debbie wasserman schultz for the broader dnc and it doesn't help, i talked to sanders supporters, it doesn't help she is honorary co-chair still of the hillary clinton campaign. >> didn't that put out a message? didn't clinton send out a message saying she would bring her on? >> she will campaign for her as well. she also want more than the platform victories.
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they want there to be less daylight between the platform and what hillary clinton is actually saying. for instance, platform says $15 minimum wage. that isn't where hillary clinton is. they want more movement. there is a real moment today when the supporters were saying we want bernie, we want bernie. and in that moment and this is mark preston's idea, in that moment bernie sanders should have said, you will have bernie with a hillary clinton candidacy. because that's what they want to see. they want to see him more involved in terms of the message from hillary clinton. >> we will have the gavel come in in just a about a minute. until that happens, i will rudely interrupt you david gergen. until it does, we want to know about this seeming rather tumultuous. >> we understood there would be this unity and there was, but and here i think, we thought this would be fairly harmonious, as bernie sanders had been so gracious, that people would follow him. but turns out, his voters are independent folks and from his
1:11 pm
point of view right now, they are too independent. >> here they come. mayor of baltimore, stephanie rawlings blake will be gaveling in. let's listen in. this is the mother beth al ame choir, local church here in philadelphia and they will sing. ♪ mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the lord ♪ ♪
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the trampling out the vintage where the greats of wrath are stored ♪ ♪ he has lost the faith for lightning of his terrible swift sword ♪ ♪ his truth is marching on >> glory glory hallelujah ♪ ♪
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glory, glory hallelujah ♪ glory, glory hallelujah ♪ ♪ glory, glory, hallelujah ♪ his truth is marching on ♪ i have seen him in the lifetime of a hundred circli circling ♪ they have built him in in altering the evening dews ♪
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♪ i can read his righteous sentence in the dim and flaring, his day is marching on ♪ ♪ glory glory hallelujah ♪ glory glory hallelujah ♪ glory glory hallelujah ♪ his truth is marching on
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♪ the beauty of the lilies ♪ rise across the sea ♪ with our glory in his prism last trans figures you and me ♪ ♪ as he died it make men holy, let us die to make men free ♪
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♪ our god is marching on ♪ glory glory hallelujah ♪ glory glory hallelujah ♪ glory glory hallelujah his truth is marching on ♪ ♪ glory glory hallelujah ♪ glory glory hallelujah glory glory hallelujah ♪ ♪ glory, singing glory hallelujah ♪
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♪ his truth is marching on [ cheers and applause ] >> the mother bethal ame choir. the mother bethal ame church is one of the oldest in the united states, founded in 1794. we are expecting any minute
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now, the mayor of baltimore, the honorable stephanie rawlings-blake to gavel, to gavel the democratic convention, 2016. >> i am mayor stephanie rawlings-blake. mayor of the great city of baltimore, and secretary of the democratic national committee. and temporary secretary of the democratic national convention. it is an honor and a pleasure to welcome you, delegates, alternates, standing committee members and all of our honored democrats, and other guests here in philadelphia. and all of you who have joined us by television, by radio, and on-line, here in the united states and around the world, i hear by call the 47th quadrennial democratic national convention to order! [ cheers and applause ]
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>> the democratic national convention has officially been gavelled in. the convention is officially under way here in philadelphia. after a rather rocky start. we're going to have much more live coverage. we will take this quick break. now she writes mostly in emoji. soon, she'll type the best essays in the entire 8th grade.
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welcome back to the lead. we are live in fill that. we just got gavelled in a few minutes ago by the mayor of baltimore but i want to quickly go back out to outside the arena to miguel marquez. miguel, we are getting reports that protesters are getting rowdier outside. what is going on? >> reporter: what you're looking at right now as that song was being sung, as the gavel was being hammered down on the dnc, this group, democracy springs, about 200 strong came marching in. they have taken down a level of civil disobedience to block the delegates from coming in to this one particular entrance. as you can see, they are laying down in front of the entrance.
1:24 pm
they are letting police through. and the police look over this way -- >> thank you, miguel. we will cut you off right now. we will cut you off right now. boys to men, philadelphia's own is here and they are performing on stage. ♪ boyz 2 men going on ♪ long overdue, we got boyz it 2 men ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ and all of philly, come on ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ say oh, yeah ♪ got scream ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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boys from philly back again ♪ ♪ boyz ii men home again >> here we go, hear you say ♪ ♪ boyz ii men ♪ boyz ii men everybody say hey oh, ♪ ♪ what with a what ♪ come on ♪ ♪ motown philly's back again ♪ doin a little east coast swing ♪ ♪ boyz ii men going off
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♪ not too hard, not too soft ♪ okay, everybody, one last time ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ boyz ii men, dnc >>. >> philadelphia's own boyz ii men providing what has so far been a rare note of harmony at this democratic national convention in 2016. let me turn to another philly boy, michael, i went to school in philly, i think trump will do well there. >> trump won all 67 in the
1:28 pm
primary. i thought john kasich would have done well. he was still in the race in certain parts of the state. particularly the suburbs of philadelphia. and trump blew him out. and my parents come from the coal regions of northeastern pennsylvania, rodhams are in northeastern pennsylvania. joe biden is from northeastern pennsylvania. that's going to be a real battle ground as well. as you know, every cycle since '88 we have debated, is the state really in play? it hasn't been. this time it feels like it will be. >> when i was talking to vinnie termony of the termony brother and their famous cannolis -- no, what i was going to say, and we will play it later if we can, i said, are there trump supporters here. he started talking about blue collar workers in south philadelphia. i said, are there trump supporters? he said, yeah, they are called leaners. they lean in and say, i'm voting for trump. >> you wonder if there is a reverse bradley effect.
1:29 pm
where they are embarrassed to tell a polster that they are for donald trump. i believe there is probably a hidden vote for him. not unlike we saw in this town for frank rizzo. when rizzo ran, people were embarrassed to say they were running for rizzo. >> yeah, former combative police commissioner ran on a law and order ticket. let me ask you a question. you're the trump supporters at our political table here. and he is running on this law and order ticket. he called himself the law and order candidate. i heard a democrat, one i would name and you would recognize the name, but i wouldn't because it wasn't that kind of discussion, expressing concerns that this convention will leave the impression that democrats are not on the right side of the law and order debate. what do you think? >> i can't speculate what will be on the podium. but they could do that and i have heard some of the things
1:30 pm
they are talking about doing and i think they could leave that message. an healthy message. >> mayor nutter, is there a theory at all when you have, the mothers of victims of police, sometimes excessive force, sometimes as in the case of michael brown, justice department investigated and said it was not excessive force, is it a risk as to not appear as though you are on the side of the men and women in blue, including chief ramsay, police commissioner here, who is going to speak? >> so that's the thing about democrats. we understand both sides of a very complicated issue. we recognize there have been challenges. especially for african-american males and challenges of police officers being shot and killed. i lost eight, five to gunfire, during my time as mayor. you have to be able to do both. >> mayor, sorry to interrupt. let's go to the floor. it sounds like -- are they chanting "bernie"? can i go with one of the reporters down there? california delegation.
1:31 pm
>> in your mighty name that we pray, amen. >> that was reverend dr. cynthia hail. founder of a church in georgia. waiting to hear from our correspondents on the floor of the convention what the excitement was, what chanting was. maybe a moment of unity. it was not. mr. mayor, i interrupted, sorry. >> on complicated issues, you have to see both sides. not either/or. commissioner ramsay, one of most respected anywhere in the united states of america, he will be speaking. and you have to acknowledge that some mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, have lost their loved one, shot by a police officer who was either unarmed or not provoked by a police officer. >> dana bash on the floor. what just happened? >> reporter: you have a lot of
1:32 pm
supporters of bernie sanders screaming bernie enthusiastically and hillary clinton supporters trying to drown them out saying "haililla hillary, hillary." that just spilled out for the first time, this was just gavelled in, less than an hour ago and my suspicious is that is going to be the give and take we will hear in a very boisterous way in the next few days. >> all right, i believe we will hear the pledge of allegiance right now. >> i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, with liberty and justice for all. >> the people of the two women
1:33 pm
reciting the pledge of allegiance were the oldest and youngest delegates here at convention. ohio democratic national delegate ruby gilliam at 93. and clarissa rodriguez from the texas democratic party, who is 17. we will hear from bobby hill, 14-year-old. ♪ oh, say can you see by the dawn's early light ♪ ♪ what so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming ♪ ♪ whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight ♪ ♪ ore the ram parts we watched were so galantly streaming ♪
1:34 pm
♪ and the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air, gave proof through the night that our flag was still there ♪ ♪ oh, say does that star-spangled banner yet wave ♪ ♪ ore' the land of the free ♪ [ applause ] and the home of the brave ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
1:35 pm
>> that was 14-year-old bobby hill, veteran member of the keystone state boy choir who famously sang for the pope and became something of a celebrity after that unexpected moment. here is some of that footage we are bringing to you about the moment. i think last december when he sang for the pope. it was in philadelphia. and september, okay. >> some footage from bobby hill when he met the pope in september in philadelphia. let's take a very quick break. when we come back, we will talk
1:36 pm
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welcome back to cnn's live coverage of the democratic national convention. never a dull moment. i want to go right now to the floor of the convention hall to join cnn's pamela brown who will bring us news about what is exactly going on between senator bernie sanders and his supporters who are still hoping
1:41 pm
that he can be the democratic nominee. pam, what can you tell us? >> right. they are very fired up, especially over the wikileaks e-mails. i spoke to one supporters who said this made her even more upset and in fact the bernie sanders camp is so concerned that there could be some kind of demonstration or protest on the floor that just within the last hour, the bernie sanders camp urgently reached out to the hillary clinton camp basically saying that even though debbie wasserman schultz re-signed that the tensions are reraw and there is concern there could be contention. so leaders from both sides have actually met to figure out a game plan to prevent any sort of excessive disruptions and in fact bernie sanders sent out a text message to the delegates here in this room, basically saying, as a personal courtesy, asking them not to protest at all. we were expecting an e-mail from
1:42 pm
delegates at all. but we have spoke with several bernie sanders supporters who are delegates who say they are fired up, they are very upset. we heard preview of that this morning at breakfast with debbie wasserman schultz. we heard chant for bernie in the hall and hillary chants as well. they are worried. very upset about the e-mails and as one supporter i said, they are upset that tim kaine was chosen as hillary clinton's vice presidential pick. they were hoping she would pick someone more left, more liberal and some of them we spoke with said they are not ready to throw their support behind hillary clinton yet despite bernie sanders asking them to do so. they are anxious to hear what she and others have to say during the week. >> pamela brown on the floor of the convention hall bringing us the latest in what is shaping up to be a rather contentious battle if not between hillary clinton and bernie sanders then the forces behind bernie sanders. and the forces behind hillary clinton. let me bring in right now chris
1:43 pm
val collin, democratic nominee for senate seat there as well. sir, thanks for being here. >> congratulations on your primary victory. though you still have to -- >> got another round to go. >> let me ask you, first of all, you know about running committees. you headed the democratic congressional campaign committee for years. when you see these e-mails internally of people that are supposed to be neutral, when it comes to clinton versus sanders, talking about spreading dirt on him, what's your reaction? >> well, look, i can certainly understand that, jake, why these raise serious concerns. you saw a lot of inappropriate e-mails, debbie wasserman schultz did the right thing in stepping down. we just had the mayor of baltimore swear, bring convention to order, but it is important to separate that from what went on throughout the country in terms of the actual results. hillary clinton won in a dig way on the delegate front. bernie sanders brought incredible amount of energy to
1:44 pm
this race. he will address this convention in a short time. i'm absolutely confident he will rally supporters and full support of hillary clinton. >> i have no doubt he will try to rally his supporters. but i guess the question is, can he achieve it? so many of them already before sanders even started running believed that the fix was in. when it comes to politics, when it comes to the economy. then they found their messenger, bernie sanders, and now come these e-mails which suggest wow, the fix really wasn't. >> here is the thing. and i think bernie sanders would acknowledge this as well. throughout the campaign, he did a very good job of running against the democratic national committee. he did a good job of running against sort of the establishment. that helped encourage a lot of supporters. i would argue that that tension throughout the campaign actually helped him do even better than he otherwise would be in terms of rallying folks and despite that impact when it came to
1:45 pm
getting elected delegates, hillary clinton still came out ahead a lot. there is no doubt that bernie sanders, in my view, has to do a really good job tonight of letting his supporters know that if it's not hillary, then it's donald trump. with all the instability that would bring to the country. and the dangers that would be brought to the country. and in the end bernie sanders brought ideas and excitement to the table, he has positive changes in the democratic platform. i served as the ranking democratic member of the budget committee in the house when he was in the senate. we worked very closely together. a lot of the things he brought to the table will strengthen us in the fall. >> stay here, i want to get reaction to breaking news. dana bash is on the floor of the convention hall. democratic national committee just issued a brand new statement about these e-mails. dana, what can you tell us? >> it is an apology. and that is what it says in the very first sentence. the interim chair, donna
1:46 pm
brazile, and others at head of the dnc just said on behalf of everyone at the dnc we want to offer a deep and sincere apology to bernie sanders, his supporters and entire democratic party for inexcusable remarks made over e-mail. these comments do not reflect the values of the dnc. over our steadfast commitment to neutrality during the nominating process. and it goes on to say that dnc does not and will not tolerate disrespectful language exhibited towards candidates or individuals. so they are trying to get things going and they are trying to calm things down. but as i'm talking to you, you can probably hear the loud chants behind me. you hear people screaming bernie. you hear people screaming "hillary." because i was talking to you, i didn't hear what prompted that. but clearly this statement was an attempt, final attempt, to begin this process, begin this convention, trying to calm things down.
1:47 pm
smooth things over as pam brown was just saying. bernie sanders himself texted his supporters saying please do not protest. we haven't seen an actual protest but there is a lot of passion and already they are letting their voices be heard on the bernie sanders side. there are a lot of delegates here. remember, 43% of the vote went to bernie sanders. he is well represented here on the floor. >> thank you, dana bash, for that breaking news story. congressman, i know you have to go. but quick question. if you were a sanders supporter, and i know you weren't, you supported hillary clinton, but if you were a sanders supporter, how do we get out information or questions about whether or not sanders is jewish or whether or not sanders is an atheist. my peeps in west virginia or kentucky may be interested in hearing that. how offended would you be? >> i would be offended. i think everyone would be offended attes this e-mailes.
1:48 pm
entirely appropriate that the dnc issued an apology to sanders supporters. i'm looking forward to bernie sanders coming tonight and despite everything that happened in the past. we are looking to the future. and if you want it look to the future we have to get to the other rally behind secretary clinton who adopted a lot of the bernie sanders positions on issues. >> all right, thank you. appreciate your time. we will take a quick break. don't stop watching. don't know what will happen on the floor next. stay with us.
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you recommend synthetic and can yover cedar?to me why "super food"? is that a real thing? it's a great school, but is it the right the one for her? is this really any better than the one you got last year? if we consolidate suppliers what's the savings there? so should we go with the 467 horsepower? or is a 423 enough? good question. you ask a lot of good questions... i think we should move you into our new fund. ok. sure. but are you asking enough about how your wealth is managed? wealth management, at charles schwab. welcome back to cnn's live coverage of the democratic national convention in philadelphia. it is getting hot in here.
1:53 pm
a few minutes good on the convention floor, a number of protesters, opponents, delegates who oppose the pacific trade deal, the ptd, stood and directed the woman chairing the convention, brought in to replace congressman debbie wasserman schultz, the soon to be ex dnc chair, and they were chanting, interrupting her, congresswoman fudge said i will be respectful of you, you be respectful of me. it got a little heated. let's good to the floor of the convention. sunland, tell us more, what just happened? >> reporter: congresswoman fudge has been trying to restore order on the floor. but to be honest she hasn't had much success. majority of her speech has been interrupted by loud rounds of boos whenever she mentioned tim kaine, whenever she mentioned hillary clinton. she has been interrupted on multiple times. i want to show you one of the main sources of the protests
1:54 pm
coming from the california delegation over here. they brought with them homemade signs. brought with them signs that say no tpp and they will just protesting, they said, count those votes. count those votes. and with the process from the democratic primary at multiple times tried to move forward with her speech. we heard the boos. we also heard another side chant "hillary, hillary." so there is still a lot of chaos. jake? >> sunland, thanks. and bill press, let me bring you in. former chairman of the democratic party. california democratic primary, hillary won. but bernie sanders supporters think the votes were not counted. >> remember it was date before the california vote, probably going for hillary clinton anyway, when some super
1:55 pm
delegates came out and announced for hillary and pulled the wind out of the sails for the california votes. people are still very angry. they think the primary was stolen. this is a very well organized protest. they are zeroing in on the tpp. bernie sanders people got a lot out of the platform. but one thing they didn't was opposition to the tpp. clinton people did not want it embarrass president obama. i'm sure the white house put pressure on. that's one that bernie sanders lost. these people are not willing to give it up. there is a delegate from marin county, ran for congressman, who organized this protest. he has, when they came here, organizing to take this on. recently now to take on the nomination of tim kaine because they wanted an elizabeth warren or tom perez or brown or bernie sanders. they came here with this in mind. didn't take long to get to it. they have taken over the
1:56 pm
convention for now. >> a rocky start here in philadelphia. much more live from the democratic national convention. our coverage will continue with wolf blitzer and anderson cooper right after this. don't go anywhere.
1:57 pm
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happening now, day one for the democrats, their turn in the spotlight, their goals for the week and their big name lineup tonight. also tonight, feeling burned. bernie sanders telling supporters to get behind hillary clinton. supporters saying, sorry, no thanks. some bernie backers marching and rallying nearby, these are live pictures. we will bring you new developments as they unfold. plus, cracking the hacking. was russia behind the e-mail leak and turmoil inside the democratic party? we will look at the new evidence. i'm wolf blitzer, i'm in philadelphia and you're in "the situation room."