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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow  CNN  August 6, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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4:00 p.m. eastern. i'm poppy harlow in new york. we begin with politics. we begin this afternoon in new hampshire where in just a few hours trump is set to hold a campaign even. he has had what can be described as a tumultuous we can. trump is now behind clinton in the granite state by 15 points. however, there could be bright responsibility for him there. that poll was taken before he made a play for party unity last night endorsing senator ayotte as well as house speaker paul ryan and senator john mccain. so are we really seeing a party that was divided actually united? could it be enough to turn things around for trump. what is he going to say in new hampshire tonight to sort of quell the anger i'm sure among some of the republicans there that he didn't get behind their senator from the get-go?
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>> of course we are going to be looking for that. we are going to be looking of course if he can stay on that message of unity. of course last night was seen as a major reversal, coming off of what was called by several people donald trump's worst week yet. he feuded with a gold star family. following that, he anerred and stunned republican leadership when he refused to endorse paul ryan. he spent the later part of the week cleaning up those situations. you know, a time that several republican leaders said he could have spent attacking hillary clinton. instead, he went on to last night clean up his remarks on a baby that he had said that was going to get thrown out of a rally, to endorsing senator paul ryan, senator ayotte, and john mccain. we know from senator ayotte's spokesperson she will not be attending this event here today. she did issue a statement saying
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she appreciated donald trump's endorse men and she looks forward to defeating both her opponent and hillary clinton in november. he has virtually stopped doing these weekends rallies. it's prompting speculation from political analysts that he is trying to react to those polls. poppy? >> kristen, thank you. we'll wait for updates from the event tonight in new hampshire. we appreciate it. let's talk more about the we can that was as well as what appears to be a shift of the republican leadership to their party unity. thank you both for being here. tom, let me begin with you. gosh looking at the week that was, i think it was clear to a lot of folks that something happened on the thursday night, whether it was that the advisers finally got trump to listen, something happened that caused him to a tweet out that i was
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wrong about saying he saw video of money going into iran coming off a plane, video that didn't exist. and frankly, that he did a complete about-face and endorsed mccain, ryan, and ayotte last night. what do you think is driving this pretty dramatic shift? >> one of the most fascinating dynamics of this entire cycle has been the push and pull where trump will say something seemingly off the wall, sort of apologize for it, sort of not apologize for it and then see the light at the end of the week. you know, i think in this case, though, it was hard to ignore the poll numbers. you know, coming out of the republican convention, he had a nice little bump. he was playing tight in the states that he slooutsd absolutely needs to win in november. and coming after this last week it was hard to -- you couldn't just ignore the change in the numbers. you couldn't just chalk it up to
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a clinton democratic poll bump. at that point, it's kind of -- it's a come to jesus moment, full. come to reince priebus moment. >> it's interesting this week, right ron. i mean we saw major republican party defections, whether one of the top women on chris christie's camp deflecting and going to support clinton, meg whitman, of hp enterprises a republican backing hillary clinton. those are just two of them. you are working on piece that looks at the history of infighting in the republican party, comparing the defectors over goldwater in '64 or mcgovern in '72 to now. what have you found? what's the historical comparison here? >> i think this is at the high end of defection right now. there is one similarity f. you look at 1964, which was the fig biggest example of republicans fissuring. they were able to announce a
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independence committee for onson humphrey that had a lot of former republican office holders and big business types. they had eisenhower's cabinet and henry ford ii. but they didn't have the percentage of mill father and national security officials we talked about in the last hour raising questions about trump. and the biggest difference of all is you tooul smpltly didn't have the current and recent elected officials publicly indicating their distance from the nominee. eisenhower was skeptical of barry goldwater but didn't denounce him publicly n fact made a radioad. you had a few elected officials in new york who said they wouldn't vote for him but not what we've seen with mark kirk, and richard hannah, and the congressman in colorado who is running an ad saying i don't think much of donald trump. or the one in virginia who says i'm going to vote libertarian.
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it creates an atmosphere against the backdrop of this barely can say it bear deat that time in the republican leadership where you see them considering crossing to the other side. i think all of this does have an effect. >> you know what we didn't have then? we didn't have twitter. so we had less to talk about. >> yes, absolutely right. >> i thought it was interesting in jake tapper's interview with john kasich pushing him saying look are you going to get behind your party's candidate or not. and kasich spoke about the importance of actions, even more important than words. let's watch. >> i mean, i didn't go because -- i just don't -- i think it's about manners. if i went prepared to go there and get up and endorse a nominee, i just thought it was inappropriate to go into that convention hall. i just believe that there are solutions. i believe that we have to recognize the problems, but we
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have to be positive. >> all right. he also said in that interview, tom, that his actions speak the loudest, the fact that he didn't go to the consflengs his home state. the fact that he hasn't gotten behind his party's candidate. scottie nell hughes a trump supporter told me last hour he can twin white house without winning ohio. if that is his path and it has never been done by the way in a republican in history getting the white house without ohio, he has to win pennsylvania, and he is down 1 points there. how much does he need kasich? >> well, eye i'm not sure that you can twin white house without winning ohio. and you know, his campaign earlier in the cycle had been pointing that out. the states that they need to win. and ohio is right there square in the rust belt. there are so many electoral votes you can't -- you can't losist put simply. i want to build on what ron was saying earlier. with that kasich interview it was fascinating.
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classically in politics, what the politician will do if they don't like the candidate in their own party they will never tell you that out front. they will say coming up with a convenient he can accuse for not showing up to the convention. it's a little bit harder when you are the home state governor, for instance, but you find something to say. the fact that kasich is out there so openly saying -- just blatantly saying this sfes to this rift. you know, when i talk with republicans, there is a lot of folks who are looking past november at this point. checking this up as a wash. poppy. >> i think -- i want to you weigh in on it, ron, because i think that is -- that is how a lot of us in the media and pundits seat see it. when you are talking about the average american it may embolden them into going to the polls when he points out that the establishment isn't getting behind our guy. >> george romney, the governor of michigan was silent on gold
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water. and comparing him to mitt romney. john kasich is striking him. there is more direct overt operation. but you are right, trump's bigst asset is seen as an agent of change, more than hillary clinton. for his piece of the electorate, that is a motivating factor. the problem is it's clear in the polls that that's not a majority. what you have got is this coalition where he is facing historic deficits amongst minority voters 91-1. also resistance among college educate white collar white voters where he is significantly underperforming where the desire for change is being outweighed by the chance that he is not prepared for president and that he is too racially divisive. simply coalescing his party
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leadership can take him part of the way. he has to break through those other two big blocks in the electorate. >> thank you both. coming up next, trump's campaign to make america great again may not be great for his businesses. >> trump steaks. where are the steaks. >> we have trump steaks. we sell water. and we have water. and it is a very successful -- you see the wine. he mentioned trump vodka. >> all right. a fascinating look ahead at some new signs signaling that trump's controversial vooes views, his campaign, weighing on his brand. also, president obama's personal essay about his wife and his daughters and being a feminist in america. you should be getting double miles on every purchase! the capital one venture card. with venture, you earn unlimited double miles on every purchase, everywhere, every day.
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donald trump's presidential campaign may be impacting his brand. there is new data out from four square, and it suggests there was a clear decline in foot traffic to trump branded golf courses hotels and casinos since he entered the race last june. christina necessariy has the numbers and the details. >> reporter: that's right poppy. trump branded businesses may be taking a hit here. that's according to data from four square. now the tech company says there has been a clear decline in foot traffic to trump branded golf courses hotels casino. it has a good sample size. it's based on the activity of 50 million monthly users. the data show a dramatic fall off in march. down 17% in that month. and in april from the same period a year earlier. another point of comparison, traffic to those sites was steady year over year before trump announced his bid for president.
1:15 pm
now what is happening? some of these businesses are located in blue states. new york, trump soho. that property so saw some of the steepest declines. four square pointed out women are playing a role. it reports a double digit drop in women visiting this year. it's important to note that this doesn't necessarily mean profits are hurting at any of these properties. we don't know the if these people would have been spending a tremendous amount of money at these profrts rlt and remember that trump makes money from licensing his name. so for the parties that he doesn't own out right which there are many, it's unclear whether he gets paid less on licensing deals just because spending is down. let's talk about foot traffic and four square data and what it all means. brian stelter, host of reliable
1:16 pm
sources, is with me. my immediate thought was my mom doesn't know what four square is. by that, i mean people who are older -- you are not old mom, older, right, if you look at the information here, urban areas. >> and younger, yes. >> and younger. so that sways the data, right. >> four square is mainly used by young people in urban areas. but the data was adjusted to prereflect for broader retail trends. the company did the best it could to check against other broader trends and it the found a significant drop off, more significant in blue states than in red states. maybe people who tend to be liberal are less likely to buy trump branded items. trump's brand was about power, permit, and wealth. now it is more of a clearly political brand, a conservative brand. that will have implications. >> he has said if he doesn't win the general election he will
1:17 pm
have considered it a complete waste of time. and if he doesn't mean it will be interesting to see what impact it has on his businesses. >> founder of weeki leaks was pressed on well, would you hack donald trump's stuff, are you going to get us donald trump's tax returns. talk about whether or not it was a joke or not. >> this is serious. assange is being pressed by marr maher. there is a lot of people that believe he is against clinton and pro trump. >> that there is a personal animus there. >> owe bill mayor said why don't you hack on donald trump's taxes. assange said we're working on it and backtracked and said it was a joke, they are not actually plunging into his tax returns. >> why would they backtrack. >> because they view itself as a
1:18 pm
whistle blower. they are more of a recipient, if you give us the documents we'll help share them. whether wikileaks get ahold of the tax returns, or hackers or somebody else, journalists have to keep asking for these documents. >> when he is sitting in the oval office and the audit ends and what the results are and the trickle down effect. >> assange today spoke at the green party convention, not supporting joe sign, but saying a choice between trump and clinton is like a choice between cholera and gonorrhea. >> early for those words. >> provocative. he is nothing if not provocative. >> look at this. this is a new trump video that has made hillary clinton look like a pacman eating e-mails.
1:19 pm
i think we can play it. [ pacman sound effects ] >> you this should turn this into a webb game. it's creative. you know what the campaign is doing here, they are trying to take advantage of the fact that they don't have as much money to spend on traditional ads than clinton they are clearly outmatched. it is a webb ad, costs almost nothing. hillary clinton is buying tv adds during the ois. she is going to be in front of many more people with traditional advertising. another example of how trump is doing things differently from past candidates. >> brine stelter. tomorrow morning. >>? tomorrow morning, 11 a.m. >> and you slept 11 hours last night. you are ready to go. i'll take that any night. up next. the battleground states. coming up we look at the battle
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all right. the fight is on for north carolina. one of the big battlegrounds in this year's election. once a republican stronghold, it went blue for president obama in 2008.
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then back to red for mitt romney in 2012. this year, you can calling it a deep shade of purple. >> i'm going to be in north carolina so much that you are going to get so sick and tired of me. >> reporter: in north carolina -- >> we're going fight for every vote in this state. >> reporter: this is where the rubber is meeting the road. hand to hand political combat being waged tao door by door. >> would you vote for republican trump or democrat hooik. >> reporter: and one phone call at a time. >> we are trying to get all the registered voters. we need all hands on deck. >> reporter: and the stakes couldn't be higher. >> if hillary clinton wins north carolina it's almost a sure thing that she has won the election. for donald trump, it is an absolute must-win stake. >> reporter: on the ground a stark contrast in approaches. team clinton has 12 field offices open throughout the state in coordination with the democratic national committee with a paid clinton campaign
1:25 pm
staffer in each of the 25 regions. the trump campaign has a smaller foot print relying almost exclusively on the republican national committee for offices and staff. >> when i saw trump mock a disabled person i was in shock. >> reporter: the clinton campaign bought adds beginning in june. the trump campaign hasn't spent any money on tv ads yet. only one group supporting trump is on the air, the nra with a modest $250,000 buy. >> hillary as president? no thanks. >> reporter: another factor affecting the dynamics of the race, north carolina's rapidly changing demographics. the state is growing more diverse, more urbanized with a influx of college graduates. and the clinton campaign is hoping to capitalize on these trends, to mobilize a coalition of voters that helped then
1:26 pm
senator obama become the first democrat since jimmy carder to carry the state in 2008. >> are you fired up? >> reporter: it's why the president and hillary clinton made north carolina the place for their first joint campaign appearance last month. >> i'm ready to pass the baton. >> reporter: but clinton campaign officials say one of their top targets in the tar heel state are gettable republicans skeptical of donald trump. >> certainly, whereas secretary clinton may not be the person that some of the republicans who are unaffiliated really want, she certainly is a much much better choice. >> reporter: the clinton campaign is directing its efforts towards college educated suburban woman. >> i'm good. how are you. >> reporter: bringing in celebrities to help make the case. >> i know that i would not want to vote for someone who calls women dogs. if ever there was a year where people might be open to changing how they traditionally would have voted i feel like this is it. >> reporter: like rar yella george, who has voted republican before but not this year. >> i have said this to my friends. i know she as a lot of baggage and people have criticisms for
1:27 pm
her but i just can't go for trump. >> reporter: but others aren't convinced. >> i wish there were honestly a better candidate to run as a republican this year. but again i feel so strongly about the other option that i won't vote for their. >> reporter: the trump campaigning is tailoring its outreach, too. >> we are looking to identify, persuade and turn out gop conservative leaning unaffiliated voters. >> reporter: a strategy being carried out step by step by trump volunteers. >> we will be a little further up. >> reporter: not visiting every house. only knocking on doors they know -- >> hi. >> hi, how are you. >> reporter: are open to voting for their candidate. cnn, rally, north carolina. from north carolina, we will take you next to georgia. long, long -- it has long been a republican stronghold. could this state finally turn blue? we'll show you the surprising brand-new poll numbers out of georgia that give hillary
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a red, red state, the state of georgia. hillary clinton is now leading, according to their latest polling. she is leading donald trump in georgia. this is the latest poll from the atlanta journal constitution. it shows that clinton is four points ahead. we go to martha's vineyard where the president just went with his
1:32 pm
family on their summer vacation. suzanne, georgia showing a bit of a flip here, it's still early as trump supporters would point to. but how significant is that is this. >> it's surprising when you think about this. certainly the democrats don't want to spend a lot of money in georgia quite yet. back in may they commissioned the poll and exactly the opposite. trump at 45, clinton at 416789 now that flipped. there is a couple of reasons why. first of all, she seems to have gained when it comes to independents. they reliably will vote republican. they are very conservative. they have the same numbers now at 36% for trump, 36% for hillary clinton. she is making gains among the independents. secondly look at the surge in the american vote in the state of georgia. she garnered 87% to trump's 2%. he made literally no gains when it comes to the american community. that is what he needs to focus on. poppy, there are still some
1:33 pm
areas which she is weak. 20% of white voters support her. so she needs to really gain ground with that group, as well as people who are over 65. if you look at the issues that they are concerned about this makes sense because hillary clinton, she has been emphasizing a steady hand when it comes to foreign policy, immigration, and health care. those are all issues in which she does better with georgia voters. trump does better when it comes to fighting terrorism, fighting isis, and also looking at the economy as a whole. that is how it is breaking down here. but it is fascinating to see because we have been watching states like new hampshire, and michigan and pennsylvania where clinton has been dominating and really making sure she is ahead -- those are states that are critical to donald trump. no one really took a look at georgia. >> right. you have to wonder if the clinton camp was surprised themselves when they saw the polling out of georgia. you are on martha's vineyard. the president is taking his vacation.
1:34 pm
. he is taking this vacation on the heels of high approval ratings. 54% we saw this week, the highest of his second term. how much does that help hillary clinton? some have called this number, this approval rating for the president, one of the most significant factors in numbers in this race thus far. >> reporter: it only helps in the sense that what happens in the next couple of months leading up to november. obviously president obama is really trying to shore up his legacy and what people believe his legacy is. if there is a terrorist attack or a shooting god forbid, if there is some sort of national disaster that could dramatically change the equation. look at the jobs numbers. we just saw them come out on friday. good economic news f. that continues and people see the numbers and tie that to the boom administration that's a good thing. they will see that as something they should go ahead and vote for the democrat. it depends on what happens in the next couple of months. but poppy it's anyone's guess,
1:35 pm
really. >> that's what makes it exciting politics coverage. thank you so much. coming up next, have you thought about the ability of some to hack our own voting machines? it can happen. the tech expert that called in after the hack on the dnc, the one that investigated all of that, will join our loughery segal to talk about it all ahead. >> 40 years ago we had watergate, right? and that's where you had, you know, a couple of boxes of files that were stolen. now we are talking about 20,000, 30,000 files.
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all right. from the dnc to hillary clinton's campaign for the white house, hackers have penetrated american politics like never before, releasing sensitive documents on line. and now hackers could actually influence the outcome of the presidential election. could they? that's a big question. to find out our cnn money senior money koerntd correspondent loughery siegel went to this conference called the black hats conference where the best of the best hackers meet to find out. >> i think a hacked u.s. election could tip the balance to one candidate or the other. >> reporter: over the last few months hacking and politics have become a dangerous kbiks with the dnc and clinton campaign getting hack. we are at a conference where the best hackers in the world get together to talk security. while there is no indication that the voting process has ever been pac hacked we decided to
1:40 pm
ask some of the hackers here if it were even possible. you guys were pulled in to help the dnc figure out whether or not they had been hacked. and you did figure out they had in fact been hacked. and all signs point to russia. what are the implications of this? >> this is a bit of a watershed event. 40 years ago we had watergate, you know, and that's where you had a couple of boxes of files that were stolen. now we are talking about 20,000, 30,000 files that are being dumped on the internet. >> do you worry that are other state actor sitting in on important information that's internal to the election? >> that's a hundred percent certainty. there is no doubt there is other actors that have yet to be found. it's too big of an opportunity for them, too easy to get in. >> reporter: it goes beyond the canes being vulnerable fl what about the actual machines we use to vote. a security firm actually purchased a couple electronic
1:41 pm
voting machines on e-bay to see how really secure they are. you have to remember there are a ton of different types of voting machines out there and cities and counties choose between scanning and optical choices and other parts of the country stale make their votes on plain old paper. here's our experts' perspective. >> what we are seeing is what a voter would be presented with. when you get your voter identification card, which is a smart card, and you would insert it into the machine, and then go ahead and start your voting process. with the smart cards running small little computer systems on there, a device as tiny as this can be used to manipulate the smart card to allow you to vote multiple times. >> the idea behind this is anyone who is able to get their hands on the the cards that are going to be used if they have the tech knick skills they could build what you just built which
1:42 pm
allows them to cast their vote as many times as possible. >> i could probably put in 400 votes myself in less than a couple of minutes and the poll workers would be none the wiser. >> what happens after you submit your vote? what are other ways these are vulnerable. >> these devices have to communicate with a database system. we don't know what the transport network looks like between this machine and the database server. anywhere along that path if the hacker had something installed then the communications could be intercepted. >> given all this research, what would you say is safer? electronic voting or paper. >> i will be voting this year with the paper mail in ballot. >> reporter: assuming that the worst could happen, what keeps you up at night? >> a compromised election. >> he doesn't believe we are that close to a compromised election just yet but he does want to raise awareness of these vulnerability.
1:43 pm
what i did hear from these guys is if one voting machine is perceived as compromised it has broad implications in how the american public perceives the voting system. coming up next, president obama penning a very candid essay about what he believes feminism means in the 21st century and where he says he himself fell short. his new essay honoring the women in his life. we'll discuss it with ann marie slaughter next. on stuff you bought from that airline? let me show you something better. the capital one venture card. with venture, you earn unlimited double miles on every purchase... not just...(dismissively) airline purchases. every purchase. everywhere. every day. no really! double miles on all of them! what's in your wallet?
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president obama this week publishing an essay in glamor magazine titled "this is what a feminist looks like". he focused on the challenges women and young girls face right now including his two daughters and his wife. the president writing yes, et cetera a important that their dad is a feminist because now that's what they expect of all men. he called on every man to fight sexism and to work hard at creating truly equal relationships. let's talk with this with ann marie slaughter the author of the 2012 essay "why women still can't are have it all" for atlantic magazine and author of the book "unfinished business" which comes out in paperback on wednesday. nice of you to join us. you read the president's words. it's interesting. he said this is a, quote, extraordinary time to be a
1:48 pm
woman. is it? >> it is. and he talks about, you know, how far we've come, and the world that his daughters will enter or have entered and how different than that the world his mother and grandmother were in. partly he is saying absolutely it is a great time to be a woman. but then he is also saying, we have a long way to go. >> he discussed his own short comings. this is what shuck me most. right? he said look i try to do the best i can but i have fallen short. and he said, when our girls were young i was often away from home. can i look back now and see while i helped out it was usually on my schedule and my terms. the burden disproportionately and unfairly fell on michele. what did you make of that? >> that's the part i absolutely focused on the most, too. because it's really important. he's acknowledging that he wasn't an equal parent, that he was helping.
1:49 pm
helping is not -- that really doesn't get at equality. you have to be the one who is making the trade-offs just as much as your partner is. and he talks about realizing that. and he now,'s look at his daughters, of course he wants them to be able to really pursue their careers while they have family. and he realizes that their partners are going to have do a lot more than he did. >> i think look, you have written about this extensively in unfinished business. i'm sort of living through it now with a newborn at home. i have a husband who has been truly an equal partner. that was facility at a timed by the fact his company gave him an extended amount of time out so he could be an equal partner. it comes down to the fundamentals of society and what is allowed and given to parents of both genders. >> it does. really right now we are discriminating against fathers, right? we are giving mothers not enough time, but mothers this good companies get six weeks to a up
1:50 pm
can of monday. and fathers at most are getting two weeks. and that means they never have a chance to bond with their babies the same way. and they never have a chance to be equal caregivers because if mom's there most they do end up in a secondary role. so we need to talk about parental leave. >> yeah. no question about that. you wrote an op ed about all of this on and you talk about the chairman of sochy, a huge company, kevin roberts getting ousted after he said in an interview that the debate over gender equality is over and women have an intrinsic ambition to be happy unlike men's vertical ambitious. it's interesting, you said this is a blessing in disguise because if we can't hear it, we can't fight it. >> yeah, i mean, i think it was an incredibly stupid career move. and obviously he has now been relieved of his position. but i do think it's important
1:51 pm
that he said what he thought. because i think a lot of men think that, that, well, women don't really want to be at the top. they are happy being at home with their kids and working some. my point is women aren't getting real choices. if you have a family and you want to take care of your family, it doesn't mean you don't also want to be at the top. but it means you have got a different set of things to juggle. and true equality is putting men and women in the same position and then letting both of them have more time to negotiate caregiver and then still be able to make it to the top. >> i think the president got to that at the end of his essay in glamor. he wrote, we need to keep changing attitudes that raises our little girls to be demure and our boys to be assertive. right? this comes down to calling little girls bossy for example. and i wonder if you think that gender stereotypes have changed in the right direction since you wrote that now famous essay back
1:52 pm
in 2012 "why women can't have it all". >> i think we are getting there. and that is the other part of the president's letter that i loved. because he essentially says, look, i had a really macho image of masculinity growing up. and i've realized that that just wasn't me. and he says things have gotten easier since i let myself be myself. he says we have to let girls be assertive and we have to let boys shed a tear. i think we have embraced a broader concept of masculinity, men who could be caregivers, be emotional, be their whole selves just as women can be nurturing but can also be bosses and real leaders. >> i think you are it radio, there is more attractive in my book than an awesome dad. i'll tell you that for sure. on grats on the book, "unfinished business" coming out in paperback on monday. up next, he put his life on the line to stapp an arsonist.
1:53 pm
you have to meet this police officer. wait until you hear his story, when we go beyond the call of duty. also a programming note. our chris cuomo takes you inside the hideout of the notorious drug lord el chapo. how did he evade authorities so many times? tomorrow night, 8:00 p.m., only right there. we'll be right back.
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he considers himself just a regular guy. but to the people of miami, he is no question a hero. officer mario gutierrez went beyond the call of duty when he stand a man from setting a gas station on fire. our ed lavendera has his story and the daring decision that nearly cost him his life. >> reporter: on an october night in miami dominique jeanity tried setting fire to an underground storage tank at this gas station next to miami's international airport. surveillance footage shows smoke smoulderring as he grabs a gas pump and starts dousing the ground. >> it scared me because i thought wow we are going to die. >> reporter: that's miami-dade county police officer mario gaut
1:58 pm
years who races in, jumps out of his car, hits the emergency gas pumps and then find himself above a simmering time bomb. >> unsure if the tanks would explode. >> they wouldn't have been able to talk to me because i would have been nothing but vaporized. >> reporter: he tries stopping jean with a taser. jean starts wildly stabbing gutierrez with a knife and a screwdriver. >> he came for my throat and i blocked it. >> reporter: gutierrez falls to the ground. jean swings at him 20 times. >> reporter: it was a fight to the death. >> reporter: he grabbed his gun, firing five times killing jean on the spot. >> i never heard the gunshots. never heard them. all i heard was did clinking of the shell casings on the ground.
1:59 pm
>> reporter: it lasted 30 seconds but dealing with the emotions hasn't always been easy. >> ifeld felt like -- like i failed. i -- i was -- i need to know that i put up a fight, that i fought this guy. because i didn't remember it. i had no recollection of it. so that really, really bothered me. >> reporter: these days officer gutierrez patrols the miami airport alongside his hero. >> who are we going to see? >> juan leon who saved my life. >> reporter: another officer found gutierrez bleeding on the ground. >> his brown shirt was completely cover. it was red. >> reporter: he raced his friend to the hospital just in time to save his life. >> he is my brother. my brother. >> reporter: that's the
2:00 pm
unbreakable bond of officers on the front lines. ed lavendara, cnn, miami. top of the hour. so glad you are with us. i'm poppy harlow in new york. we begin with politics. after a week long standoff, donald trump's icy relationship with gop leaders appears to be thawing. the latest truce forged just last night became breaking news as trump ended weeks of speculation by coming out and endorsing house speaker paul ryan and other high-profile members of his own party after he said recall whier this week he wasn't quite there yet. >> in our shared mission to make america great again, i support and endorse our speaker of the house, paul ryan. >> moments later, donald trump also publicly backed republican senators john


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