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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  August 7, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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australia hosted those games. the only countries that have not hosted an olympics is africa and china. thanks to all of you for being part of my program this week, i will see you next week. hello, everyone. donald trump trying to get back on message after a bruising week of public scuffles, but the hits keep coming, this time in the form of new poll numbers. a new nbc news wall street journey poll shows clinton up 8% over trump in likely voters, clinton maintains that edge even when you factor in the libertarian and green party candidates. meanwhile trump is refocusing his attention on clinton, launching new attacks, going so
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far as that question her mental stability. >> it was in front of some crazy reporters, and they asked her a crazy question. and she used the term, she short circuited. she took a little short circuit in the blane. she's got problems. if we had real people, this would be a real problem for her. but i think that the people of this country don't want somebody that's going to short circuit up here. >> republicans are rallying around trump. he talked exclusively this morning on state of the union. >> governor kasich, thank you so much for doing this. the last time i saw you was around the time of the republican convention, which you did not attend. very interesting results.
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it's the first convention in modern history according to gallup, where more people were less likely to vote for the nominee after the convention, than were more likely. 51% said they were less likely to vote for trump after the convention, and 36% said they were more likely. why i do you think that is? >> well, look, i think, jake, in america, people, even though we have these enormous problems. i don't think people want to live in a world of anger. they want to believe there's a better tomorrow. i got the sense that there was sort of a foreboding out there. and i just don't think that's where people want to be. i didn't go because -- i think it's about manners. you know, if i wasn't prepared to go there and get up and endorse the nominee, i thought it was inappropriate to go into that convention hall. here's something's that really
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true. people want politicians to stand on principle, until the principle they're standing on is not one they agree with. what no one should be confused about, no one -- i read an op-ed piece about hillary, she's on the bus, bernie's driving and she's in the back seat. >> you said there should be no confusion about your support of hillary clinton. >> i do not support for hillary clinton. >> i have not endorsed donald trump. >> have you ever voted for a democrat for president? >> no. >> you've only voted republican? >> i am a republican. >> is it possible you will not vote for a republican for president? >> let's not get ahead of ourselves. this is very disturbing and alarming to me. well, it's not alarming, i wish i could be fully enthusiastic, but i can't be.
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>> did you watch the republican convention? >> i watched all of donald trump's speech. i saw the khan's speech. >> you tweeted after trump started attacking the parents and questioning things about the parents, you tweeted. there's only one way to talk about gold star parents, with honor and respect. captain khan is a hero, together we should pray for his family. trump's response was he was viciously attacked by the khans. >> i didn't see that. but here's what i do want to tell you. as the governor, every year, except this year, because we fortunately haven't lost anybody. we have had families of people who have been lost serving their country. they come to the state house,
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they gather in the cabinet room and then one by one, these families come in to see me. it's very tough. usually there's a picture of their son or their daughter or their mother of their father, that's right up there as they come in. i give them a flag. and i sit and i talk to them. i tell them about the loss of my mother and father in a sudden accident and i said, you know, let's not compare, but what i can tell you, is i have seen the black hole. i have had the deep mourning and the pain, but here's what i know. i believe the scripture when it says that those who give up their life or serve someone else, will wear a big crown. that their service is marked in
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the book of life, never to be erased. i hug them. sometimes a few people will sit in the room with me. sometimes a tear gets shed. sometimes i give recommendations as to how they can find somebody to help them. it's really tough, jake. but i am honored to do it. because if there's anything that i can say to these families, anything at all, and they got kids in there. and their dad is gone or their mom is gone. it's just excruciatingly difficult. but i'm so glad i do it and i'm so glad that they would honor me to come. >> there was a report in the
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"new york times" that donald trump, jr. called you and tried to sus out your feelings or your interest in being vice president and said you would be able to run domestic and foreign policy, is that true? >> i never got a call, apparently one of my aides did. >> your aid said that that's accurate? >> that's what one of them has told me. >> it was accurate? >> and i never got a call and that's yesterday. and again, i said during the campaign -- and nobody in the press believe that -- i might have been -- i might have agreed to be george washington's vice president, but i got the second best job in the country, president, governor of ohio, so i was never interested in being anybody's vice president. >> it wasn't tempting at all? >> you know what's amazing? i never considered it. >> no? >> i would be the worst vice president, i have too many
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opinions, jake. >> you have a lot of opinions. well, because you get to run foreign policy an domestic policy. it's a pitch. >> you got to remember, we got michigan on our border. >> campaign chairman paul manafort said you were embarrassing your state of ohio. you said you felt the pressure to endorse. who put the pressure on you? >> people would call who are long time friends of mine and say, you know, you need to do this for yourself. you need to support the party. and secondly, don't give the impression that you're a clinton supporter. well, let me be clear, i'm not. i see four years of gridlock with her. total gridlock and meltdown in economics. so that's one thing.
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>> what do you see with trump? >> i see gridlock there too. >> do you remember when you were asked to endorse paul ryan and john mccain? >> paul, he's in a jack kemp mode, he's positive, he wants to reach out to the people in poverty, he wants to lower the tax code so that we don't punish people who are successful. great guy. used to be an aid when i was budget chairman. kelly ayot, a terrific senator. i'm going to go and campaign for her. i'm going to do whatever i can to focus on her. i was just in illinois the other day, helping senator kirk raise money for the house republicans in illinois. i've been for senator paul, i'm going to colorado. i was in philadelphia in a tough
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race over in philadelphia. yeah, i'm going to help all house and senate members and that's important to me. let's talk about mccain. i love john mccain. john mccain is such an amazing guy, not just an american hero, but here's a guy who has served his country well, he takes orders from no one. mccain shouldn't have to be elected to senate. he should be senator as long as he wants there. i don't care what it takes, i got to go out there and help mccain. he truly is, for the people that watch this show, he's a remarkable guy. he so loves his country. >> governor, your admiration for john mccain is moving, your nominee for president, republican presidential nominee
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says that he prefer nonprisoners as heroes. >> he's a hero. all throughout this--anybody can say, trump said this, you said that, why don't you slug him over the head. my actions have spoken louder than any words. >> your refusal to endorse him? >> and think about this, i want to know when anybody had a convention in their state when they were the governor who didn't go in the convention hall? i mean, some people really furious with me about that. but i did what i thought i needed to do. and you know what? i never went in that hall to promote myself, and believe it or not, i wanted to show respect to the nominee and my going up there and disrupting his deal was not what i intended to do. >> can trump win ohio? >> can he win ohio?
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he's going to win parts of ohio because people are angry, frustrated and haven't heard any answers. but i think it is difficult if you're dividing to win in ohio, i think it's really, really difficult. >> what does donald trump need to do to get you to vote for him. you said you will never vote for clinton. is there some way you might chag your mind? >> i want unifying. you can either operate on the dark side of the street or you can operate in the light. i believe america needs people to operate in the light. plain and simple. >> governor kasich, thanks for your time. >> with jo-- plits hillary clinton's
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all right, wap. so before the break, we just heard from ohio governor john kasich on why he skipped the republican convention and why he hasn't endorsed donald trump. i want to bring in denise fuentes and amy kramer. good to see all of you. so denise, you first, you know john kasich has not endorsed
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donald trump. how critical is kasich's support of trump there? >> this is extremely critical. but it is not a surprise to anyone given everything that has transpired before during and after the election that he just will not endorse trump. i think there's a lot of candidates out there -- what resonates is every man to his own and fighting his own turf. i think what speaker ryan says is what people are listening to, we must stay in the house and keep the senate and the house which we can't let hillary clinton take over. so they have admitted that she is ahead and will be very difficult to defeat because their candidate continues apparently not want to go to class and not to want to go to school on how to take the reins of being president. >> did you feel like you were
11:19 am
hearing some inferences about the dark side or the light side of the sidewalk or the road? >> i think governor kasich is a man of great principle, and him not showing up at the convention meant that he didn't want to be a hypocrite or mislead people or do anything that would already confuse the voter. i think the republican voter is not that different from the democrat voter, is that we don't want to live in a country of a anger. i don't think any american wants anger, and this is what k50es coming up, and if you look at the polls, as i was staying before, the fact that they don't think hillary's honest, seems to be second to the fact of experience and somebody who will be in charge and have the right temperament. that seems much more important to the voter than anything else. >> so amy, trust is something
11:20 am
both candidates really have a big problem with. but the latest abc news/"washington post" poll has hillary clinton up eight percentage points from eight days ago. is it the post dnc bump? >> it's because of the dnc bump, but look at all the money they've spent in all these swing states and there's been no money spent by donald trump or by any of his supporters. >> when you are just hammered with negative ads time and time again in these states, it does have an impact. >> donald trump says he doesn't need to make an investment. >> i think he does need to make an investment.
11:21 am
but one thing i want to talk about john kasich. i don't know why he's so relevant right now. >> because he's the governor of ohio and trump needs ohio. >> it's like he's a sore loser and it's also the same man when he pledged to support the republican nominee. did he lie when he said that? put on your big boy pants and get over it. paul ryan said we have a binary choice right now, it's hillary clinton or donald trump. is the republican party going to be able to live with itself if they loses? >> is it that he's turned his back on the party, that he's being disingenuous? >> i think that kasich stayed in the race longer than he had to. i think it's been clear for a while that his first priority is all things relating to john
11:22 am
kasich. and he's a tendency for sangt moany that won't play outside of the state of ohio. it's very unlikely they can win unless they convince a fair amount of democratic voters to vote for trump. he knows his position as recently as in this interview, trump can win over my vote, essentially. he wants to be courted, he wants to play a role in this process going forward. his staying out of the convention all together in tefrls of not en -- what's best for the donald trump campaign. but he's going to continue to try to insert himself as much into the process, knowing to a sense he can play king maker with the ability to sway votes in ohio, with a state that trump
11:23 am
absolutely has win now that virginia is looking redder bluer by the day. >> first of all, if you look at the last few days, i think he's gotten the messages, he came out and endorsed paul ryan which he should have done in the first place, john mccain, these are steps back in. it's very tricky if you have never run for public office, to jump from being a business manaman to being one of the two candidates. >> how much of what he's saying is viable, is realistic, is believable? >> i think that voters are paying attention and the end of the day they're going to vote on
11:24 am
issues that matter to him. they're going to vote come november. this is what matters. the reason donald trump's got the support he has is because he's out there listening to the american people. he is not echoing what is coming out of washington and new york, from the media. >> i'm sorry, with all due respect, he's listening to no one but himself. i think everything he does every day is an insult to his highly paid staffers. he's paying for really good advice that he's not listening to. he's his worst own enemy. and you're right, this is about messaging. we're no longer in the primary, we're in the general election. hillary clinton was for him to defeat, but he's defeating himself every time he goes off at the mouth. all right, still ahead,
11:25 am
donald trump looking to make some inroads in the battleground state of north carolina, psly among african-american voters, moments ago trump wrapped up a rally in that state. trump's daughter in law was there. we'll talk to her next. watch stains disappear right before your eyes. remove 4 times more stains than detergent alone. t-mobile's coverage is unstoppable. and with extended range lte it reaches farther than ever. skylines, coastlines, out in the country, deep in the city. we got you covered. 311 million americans and counting.
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in an effort to make inroads with the african-american community, donald trump's campaign was in church this morning, a primarily black church in north carolina. this is what a first church attendees had to say. >> 52 years to be exact, african-americans have voted almost 95% democrat. you have never seen a church
11:30 am
step out in support of a republican candidate for a long time. in a person such as donald trump when it has said that he has no black support, to see this happen is wonderful. >> he's not a politician, so he doesn't have to answer to anyone. he's got a mind of his own, and we want that change, we don't want to go by the books anymore, we want someone who will be touched by our feelings, don't just hear us, listen. >> some nationally recognized trump supporters including omarosa, one of trump's contestants on his tv. laura patton, who's vice president of the eric trump foundation and senior assistant to donald trump, ivanka trump
11:31 am
and melania trump. the poll shows just 1% of african-american support. why is this event so important right now and how did this come about? >> well, as an african-american and minority myself, this event was the most important thing i have ever done in my life. with respect to the percentage, fredericka, i have to say that i absolutely don't believe it. because the support i saw in this room says exactly the opposite. if you don't believe me, then believe the numbers, since 2008, the number of americans living in poverty is 28%. the african-american median household income has declined by nearly $4,000 and since barack obama took office, the amount of black homeowner ship has dropped from 47% to nearly 40%. so you ask yourselves, are you
11:32 am
better off than you were eight years ago? because i know i'm not. >> so, lynne, would it have been more effective if donald trump himself was there? >> he will be here, and he'll be reach ought to the black community more and more as the campaign goes on and he trusts his daughter and i to handle that task. >> how hard was it to make a pitch to the church there to end up winning their support for donald trump. >> it is my home state, i'm honored here, to come back to my home state of north carolina. i didn't have to do anything to pitch people. quite frankly the support for 100% without a doubt. they were superexcited to have
11:33 am
the service today and really it's an honor to be here and we're excited to be here. >> on the facebook page of the church it does spell out or try to explain why it's donald trump that the pastor there and many of the members of the congregation are throwing their support behind him. one of the comments, staying with hillary clinton is like being with an abusive ex, one that you already know left you broken and wounded. at this point give the new guy a chance. do you think the black vote is demonizing hillary clinton rather than the merits of donald trump or the promises that he's willing to make to that community and actually deliver on? >> well, look, i had nothing to do with the facebook page, but what i'll tell you, is there's a famous quote, wait, i forgot my quote. >> the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and getting the same
11:34 am
result. what we have is eight years of the same result. hillary clinton is the same thing you got with barack obama. i had nothing to do with that facebook page, if that's the way they feel, they should most it. they know that donald trump is going to do the absolute best thing for our country. he's going to bring back jobs, and it really doesn't matter what's on their facebook page, i know what's in their hearts in there and they support donald trump. >> as a black american, i can say voting democrat is often times entrenched this our families, our fathers did it, our mothers, our grandmothers, our grand fathers, but people today are ready for a common sense leader, and it's time to vote in a common sense manner. and quite frankly, the democratic party hasn't done a
11:35 am
lot for my community since they took office decades and decades ago. and it continues to this day. >> post the dnc and the rnc, we're seeing national showing that hillary is nine points ahead, and donald trump seemed to lose a lot of steam, particularly with a few missteps, among them he was asked that hypothetical question about if his daughter ivanka was harassed at her work by her boss, then he hoped she would just leave. eric trump raised a lot of eyebrows when he went on cbs and he said this. >> ivanka is a strong, powerful woman, she wouldn't allow herself to be objected to it. and by the way, you should take it up with human resources, but at the same time she wouldn't allow herself be subjected to that. and i think she did well.
11:36 am
>> is it an issue of strength versus weakness? >> i think what he said was totally fine, i think everyone is making something out of nothing there. eric supports nothing to do with sexual harassment, there's nothing further from anything he would endorse, including my father-in-law, quite frankly. it's just the same old tale, let's take a sound bite out after a greater interview -- >> there are a number of incidences that involve sensitive topics as it pertains to women and that's one of them. and we know that among polling donald trump, your father-in-law is not doing well when it comes to appeal to women voters. is this yet another incident that makes it difficult for a surrogate as yourself to speak on behalf of donald trump? >> not at all. in fact, lynne and i have been
11:37 am
in north carolina for the past several days, with the women you previously mentioned, with katrina pearson, from omorosa. and what i'm going to tell you, donald trump employees, he has more female employees than women. he wants the best for the job. man, woman, black or white, he wants the best for america. >> and as an employee of donald trump myself, i can personally assure all the women out there, it's all about what you bring to the table, not your ethnicity, not your gender, not your race, and if i didn't produce, i wouldn't be there. >> lynne patton, ivanka trump. thank you for being there with us from the rally today.
11:38 am
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a significant milestone president obama underscored. he says in part, in my lifetime, we have gone from a job market that basically confined women to a handful of often poorly paid positions to a moment when women not only make up roughly half the workforce but are leading in every sector from sports to space, from hollywood to the supreme court. in fact more women than ever, married or single are financially independent, end quote from the president there. so we decided to assemble some powerful ladies who are familiar faces to you right here on cnn. and we talked about what their hopes are for the places they
11:43 am
work and live. but first regardless of political parties, they all chimed in following the history being made from other women's pursuits to the white house, from victoria white hall, to emily chisholm. shirley chisholm, the list is very long, does her place as a nominee for a major party mean that the ceiling has been shattered? >> i think so, in the sense that you have to see it to be it, right? now you have little girls all across the country are saying, that could be me. my own daughter says she wants to be president of the united states. we weren't seeing that in earlier generations, so just seeing that woman nominee sends a message that this too can be possible. >> for a very long time, we
11:44 am
weren't hear not even hillary clinton talk about potentially being the first, until the dnc rollout. >> this election is not about gender it's about an agenda, one that includes every single american. >> and suddenly we're hear michelle obama. >> and because of hillary clinton, my daughters, and all our sons and daughters now take for granted that a woman can be president of the united states. >> all set the stage for how historic this is. >> i'm glad that you recalled the names of other women, shirley chisholm is a hero and when obama was elected, we thought about shirley. but what's significant about hillary clinton, is also all the women's shoulders she's standing
11:45 am
on from history and today. you saw the dnc, there were women from top to bottom, from dawna brazil twirling off the stage, there are women bolstering her. so i think there's a collective women's sense of pride and the celling is now possible, so you can't be what you can't see, to echo what she said, now we know that this is possible. we have seen secretary of states. my daughter has almost only seen women be secretary of state. so that's a new normal. >> how does this change the dynamic? >> i bought these presidential place mats for my little boys, i put the president place mat down, she said mom, there's all grandpas there, there's no grand mas there. he's shocked to see his world,
11:46 am
he sees women around him making decisions at all kinds of different jobs, for his realty it's much different than the way i was growing up. and certainly my 18-year-old niece who always tells me she's not going to vote for somebody because it's a man or a woman, she almost takes for granted what i think give or take women in history. she doesn't want to cast a vote based on gender because she doesn't think she needs to. >> we saw some younger women getting really angry for older women, saying you've got to vote for hillary clinton. >> you were a trump supporter, but when we talk about the history made for a woman, in the democratic party for the first time as a nominee, does this become an issue that is really bigger than politics? >> thank you all very, very much. >> yeah, i think that's fair. i think there are a lot of women who want to see the right woman
11:47 am
at the top of the ticket, the right woman become president. hillary clinton achieved history. no one can take that the her. forever we will read about her in history books as the first major female nominee of a major party. but i think they need to step back and see -- hey, this is a big moment, but i'm going to vote on issues. >> i think another reason millennials got kind of offended because they are the biggest voting bloc in u.s. history. >> look at the world they're in, that they don't feel they have to vote for a woman, because they don't think this is going to be their only chance to vote for a women. and that's different from when he was growing up when there wasn't any female candidates. our girls are growing up saying feminism is to have choices, and
11:48 am
we can choose the person we want to choose whether it's a woman or not. >> there are so many women locked in poverty, locked out of education, locked out of opportunity, so they are looking at this through a different lens, where my mother, who lived through jim crowe, is looking at this through a different lens. so we have to kind of broaden our prospective to let in all the women, and there are women suffering that have never not suffered. so also when we hear certain rhetoric about when things were good, there's some women it has never been good. and perhaps if you have -- it's not just a game, not just hillary, who else is with her, who else is going to hold her accountable to women's issues, particularly around poverty, mass incarceration, reproductive rights, minimum wage. so i think those of us who are privileged have to look back and care for the women who are behind us, who are under the
11:49 am
boot. >> i just graduated from law school is one of the things that's so interesting is the affinity groups were not based on gender. there wasn't a lot of energy law student men, law student women. >> we knew there was going to be an issue, because the president wrote a column in glamour magazine. he said 240 years after our nation's founding and almost a century after the women finally won the right to vote, a woman is nominated for a major party. i want all of our daughters and sons to see that this too is their inheritance. and this from a president who made history himself. and now he is talking about the next chapter being written but he's also talking about the face of feminism.
11:50 am
of being a feminist. and how it's acceptable and how men have to be on board too, and how in large part, this is about a level playing field, not just for women, but for men and women. >> that's what i love about president obama so much. he doesn't just talk the talk, he walks the walk. the fact that he wrote that article for glamour magazine, just by writing it, he demonstrated to so many men and women around the world and boys and girls around the world, yes, you can be a man and be a feminist and we also need to change our thinking and our mentality. >> he's married to michelle obama. let's be clear. >> and he's got two daughters, two fierce daughters. and a mama in the house. so there's also something about men surrounded by women. right, that tend to be feminist. >> all right, next hour, much more from kaley, kelly, mckayla
11:51 am
and christine, we talk about what their expectations are in the economy under a trump or clinton white house. we'll have much more straight ahead after this. to bring a warmer jacket. yu when? every day since you could walk! now i just say it with my eyes like... folks, park ranger mark. -sup, bro? -hey, forest cop. you're taking up a lot of space. i'm going to need you to move a vehicle. todd, load the four-wheeler into the truck. flo: that's like bundling! 'cause progressive can bundle your boat, atv, and rv with your truck to save you money. don't talk to her. she has rabies. rabies was created by the government. look it up. [ flames whoosh ] [ gasps ] who are you people? yay, grandpa's still alive. i don't want to buy any cookies, little girl.
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welcome back. a-rod is calling it a career, alex rodriguez, got emotional when he announced his retirement this morning in new york. >> i love this game, and i love this team. and today, i'm saying goodbye to both. this is also a proud day. i was 18 when i broke into the big leagues.
11:56 am
i never thought i could play for 22 years. i just wanted to make the team. i want to thank the steinbrenner family, for giving me this opportunity and for making me part of this team.
11:57 am
>> wow, pretty extraordinary. cnn's richard roth is at yankee stadium. you can really see his love of the game and this has been his entire life and to say goodbye to it, well, you know, the silence really was very deafening and it said a lot, didn't it? >> reporter: one of the most accomplished but also controversial players in sports major league history, a-rod as he is known is just four runs away from a major achievement, 700 total. only babe ruth, hank aaron, barry bonds ahead of him. but for alex rodriguez, it was a godfather thing for him, something he couldn't refuse. stay an advisor to the yankees, but stop playing, which you can
11:58 am
see is difficult for a player like a-rod, after the press conference he was asked what his legacy in baseball will be? >> i want to be remembered as someone who's madly in love with the game of baseball, someone who loves it at every level, someone who loves to learn, teach it, watch it, play it, coach it. and also i'm going to be hopefully remembered for someone who tripped and fell a lot. but someone that kept getting up. >> reporter: what he talked about tripping and falling, including probably in that is his suspension for the entire 2014 season for his use of performance-enhancing drugs. no one will know how much of his runs batted in total is due to the drugs. but his coach said, he's one of a time, there's never been anyone like alex rodriguez.
11:59 am
august 12 of this month, he's got three games potentially in boston, a town that's always hated him, we don't know the reaction, now that he's going to be getting out of the game. the yankees made it clear he can return to the game if he wants to, but it won't be for new york. >> richard for yankee stadium. appreciate it. fresh ingredients, step-by-step recipies, delivered to your door for less than $9 a meal. get $30 off your first delivery
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