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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow  CNN  August 13, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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radios the symptoms of parkinson's bicycling. >> today i'm 63. and i should have declined physically. but each year, i believe my health has improved. >> go joe, go! >> i won. i beat the mountain today. i didn't beat that train. i'll never beat that train. but today, of all days, i'm normal. >> top of the hour. 5:00 eastern. you are life in the cnn newsroom. i'm poppy harlow in new york. glad you are with us. we begin with presidential politics. it is the battle for the white house. only one side working the campaign trail this weekend. republican donald trump has a rally planned tonight in a state that is not considered a battleground state at all. solid blue connecticut. cnn is live in fairfield, connecticut. i will take you there in just a moment. on friday n the swing state of
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pennsylvania, donald trump told supporters, there is only one way that he will lose the state. listen. >> we are going to watch pennsylvania. go down to certain areas and watch and study and make sure other people don't come in and vote five times. because if you do that -- and i know you are all voting. is everybody here voting? if you do that -- if you do that, we're not going to lose. the only way we can lose, in my opinion -- i really mean this -- pennsylvania, is if cheating goes on. >> let's go straight to fairfield, connecticut. that's where we find jeremy diamond. it's interesting jeremy because the last time connecticut went red, for a republican in a presidential race was '88. why is the trump camp saying they are there tonight? >> the trump campaign has continued to emphasize their campaign is one of a 50-state strategy, essentially. right? and they are saying that connecticut is one of those
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states that could potentially flip red. now the polling has not yet shown that. and it's really interesting, especially given the fact that donald trump you know is spending time in this blue state of connecticut while at the same time he is lagging in some key swing states, battleground states from pennsylvania, ohio, other states where donald trump needs to win in november in order to become president of the united states. and he is actually lagging there and also lagging in some states that typically lean republican, where hillary clinton is kind of cutting into his natural advantage in those states as well. >> right, like georgia, for example, which had polling last week showing her up actually four points in georgia. but the trump camp points the maine for example, where they are also putting money and energy. and saying our internal polling shows us maine could go our way even though maine hasn't bond republican since '92. >> that's right. maine is one of those states where you can pick off an
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electoral vote if you can split the vote in that state. that's one of the strategies behind that. donald trump when he was in maine most recently had a number of protests because he was campaigning in the liberal bastion of maine. >> i think the question this begs, jeremy, the bigger question, strategy here, where is the ground game, and why does this make sense is something that could be frustrating to republican party leaders. >> absolutely. we have seen this week was a tough one for donald trump. not only were his polling numbers doing down nationally and in key swing states but he also repeatedly accepted into more controversy. just as he was end inning wounds because of the comments he made with the gold star family. then he made comments about second amendment people and what they could do to hillary clinton. it's been a tough week for donald trump. republican officials are insisting that the campaign and the republican party are moving forward together.
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we had republican national committee chairman rhines priebus with him yesterday in pennsylvania just as donald trump is trying to stay on message, trying to hammer home his economic message and being tired of the status quo in washington. campaign official are continuing to try to get donald trump back on message and keep him away from the controversy that distract from his core message, disfracture his campaign. certainly he is pushing to have an unconventional campaign as we can see with this stop here in connecticut tonight. >> we will also see if he triple down on his comment. he keeps saying the election is rigged. and he said yesterday that pennsylvania he would only lose if escheated out of the state. we will see what he says tonight. i want to bring in a trump campaign adviser and the ceo of cke restaurants a major restaurant corporation in this country. thanks for being with me. >> good to be here.
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>> walk me through the campaign thinking on connecticut y they think connecticut is in play? >> i think the reporter had it right. they think every state is in play. donald trump feels he can do well in pennsylvania, feels he can do well in michigan, connecticut, and new york, which are traditionally democrat states but he has a lot of confidence in his ability to reach working class americans and middle class americans with his message. i think connecticut fits in that. >> andy, let's talk about the comments in pennsylvania last night, saying that he will lose if -- only if he's cheated out of winning in pennsylvania. and this comes on the heels of him saying a lot that this election system is rigged without really any evidence, evidence to point to that. why does he keep saying this? >> i think he said a lot that he believes the sim is rigged to disenchan chiz working class and middle class americans, and that
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establishment elites take advantage of the system for their own political or personal benefit like the clips. what he is talking about here is he wants a fair, honest, and open election. look we had in 2015 four -- four politicians were indicted in philadelphia for voter fraud. this isn'ts like -- this isn't just out of thin air. what he is saying maybe they will have poll watchers, make sure the polls open on time, the machines work, and they close on time. nothing wrong with an open and fair election. that's his point. >> in 2004 john kerry in ohio having concerns about whether or not it would be, quote, unquote, rigged or not. it does go both ways. statistically there is no evidence that major elections, like the presidential election there is any significant amount of voter fraud. that's my broader point. jeremy diamond, since you are on
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the trail, are these comments resonating with his supporters, with his voters? because if he plays it right that could encourage a lot more people to get to the polls? >> yeah. absolutely. voters resonate with these comments. every time donald trump talks about whether it is a rigged press or a rigged system or whatever it may be, a rigged election, this is something that rouses his supporters into applause and cheers every time without fail. it's something that voters feel, they feel disenfranchised by the political system. they see donald trump as a vessel to bring them back into the fold back into the system of politics and as somebody who can shake things up. of course there is the flip side, which is that if donald trump says the system is rigged and hillary clinton is going to beat him because of that rigged system, voters may say why do i get off my couch and vote? sterm a double edged sword. certainly he is getting enthusiasm going so his supporters go and vote and say we are going to counter this
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rigged system by going and voting and casting our vote for donald trump. >> apdy, i want your take on these poll numbers, four new polls, nbc wall street journal marrist polls showing that donald trump is lagging hillary clinton. in nick, behind her by nine points. that's key because north carolina went for romney in 2012. you would think he would have a lead there. he has barely more than a third of support in all four of those key swing states. it begs the question, has he hit a ceiling? is there a ceiling to his support? how do you read the numbers? >> first of all as to the ceiling point i refer you back to the end of july when he was ahead in the polls, which means there are people out there who would consider voting for donald trump. but for some reason in these polls switched to hillary clinton. there could be a lot of events that turned those numbers back around as president dukakis will tell you, being ahead on the polls doesn't mean that you win on election day. the polls in general -- i
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checked real clear politics average before i came in here. over the past week, despite a media barrage all week that joan if george washington could have withstood the polled narrowed a little over a percent between him and hillary clinton nationally. if you go to t-- we need to see the debates. what is going to happen in the election. we need to see if there are october surprises. i wish he was doinger b. it's too early to claim victory for defeat. >> andy, trump campaign national spokeswoman katrina pierson was on our air earlier today and said something that is just patently not true. >> barack obama went into afghanistan creating another problem. it was hillary clinton and her incidents in libya, which was also a reckless decision, to create that vacuum. they armed the rebels. they are even funding them now. >> you are saying barack obama
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took the country into afghanistan post 2009? is that what you are saying? >> what i'm saying is the policies -- >> you just said that we were not in afghanistan. >> the policies of barack obama and hillary clinton -- that was obama's war, yes. >> pearson later today andy acknowledged afghanistan and the mission to afghanistan was not launched on president obama's watch. this is the second time that she has come out and said something patently not true about important policy. if you consider what she said a week ago about president obama's policy saying they are responsible for the death of captain khan who was killed in iraq in 2004, four years before the president took office. let's listen to that. >> surely, you can understand the confusion considering how donald trump never voted for the iraq war. hillary clinton did. and then she didn't support the troops to have what they need. it was under barack obama and hillary clinton that changed the rules of engagement that probably cost his life.
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>> so any, my question is, to have that happening repeatedly, what does that do to the campaign? >> first of all, i'm glad you didn't run something where i said something inaccurate. i'll start with that. but as far as what she is talking about with afghanistan, i think what she was probably trying to get to was that president obama when he was running for president said afghanistan is the war we need to focus on. he clearly was not the one who took us into afghanistan. >> not to cut you off. what i'm asking is as the spoke person for the campaign she is repeatedly saying things about foreign policy that patently not true at all. and she is doing it again and again. >> well, you want your surrogates to be accurate, obviously. they are not always going to get it right. there is a lot of pressure but you do these interviews. but i can't -- you are going to have to talk to somebody from the campaign who deals with surrogates, not me.
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i don't know her. i don't know her foreign policy expertise. there are very good foreign policy surrogates out there. when we say things as surrogates, we always try to be honest. i'm sure they were honest mistakes on her part. we don't try to come in here trying to misrepresent the facts. >> any thank you for abouting with me. i'll see you later. we will dig into donald trump's economic proposal. we'll get back to fairfield connecticut when donald trump speaks there live. a lot ahead. a state of emergency in louisiana. deadly flooding engulfing much of southern louisiana. the worst part is that it is far from over. we'll take you there live. also, a cnn investigative report exposes new details about what appear to be the blurred lines between the state department and the clinton foundation while hillary clinton was secretary of state. our drew griffin breaks it all down. and later, the economy takes center stage on the campaign
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>> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. all right. heavy rain and record flooding in part of southern louisiana. right now the governor, governor john bel edwards says the state of emergency will stay in effect there until september 109d. he says this is quote, a truly historic event. take a listen to what he saw over -- those are aerials of him flying over some of the worst impacted communities in louisiana right near baton rouge. so far we know at least two people have died. more than a thousand have been rescued so far in this flooding. boris sanchez is in the midst of the flood zone. >> reporter: now that the flood waters are starting to recede in some parts of louisiana we are getting a clearer picture of the
2:17 pm
extent of the damage, how bad the flooding was, how strong the waters were. over to the left of me -- we are in an industrial yard here in amight, louisiana. that's a pickup truck crushed like a child's toy, flipped over. that truck was on the other side of that building. there was a tractor here earlier that was helping people get across this flooded area to get to their homes and come back. the tractor got stuck in the water and had to be pulled out itself. you can see huge pieces of asphalt that have been lifted off the ground and tossed about like pieces of paper onto the street. i want to point something out. you see it across the street here in that area just off the street. that white pickup truck, that was truly a man that was trying to cross the road while it was flooded out. he clearly did not make it across. he had to be rescued by officials. one of the 1,000 rescues that firefighters, paramedics and other emergency officials have had to make here in louisiana because this devastating
2:18 pm
flooding. the last thing i want to point out, across the street, that trailer. i spoke to the guy that lived that that trailer. he kept it across the street here in this industrial park. opportunitically he didn't spend the night here last night. it got floated 120 yards. and slammed against the trees there. i asked him how he felt. here's what he said. >> terrible. gentleman that has that tractor right there, he lost his house in the flood back in march. he just couple weeks ago got his house back in order. and he has lost -- he has lost everything. he had six, eight feet of water in his house. that's terrible. i mean these people -- it's just -- it's a sad thing to see. >> reporter: the major concern now are the cities and towns that are south of here, poppy, because all this water that was here has continued moving in that direction. the other question is, when is the rain finally going to stop? it had settled down here a couple of hours ago.
2:19 pm
now it's falling yet again. experts tell us it will continue at least until monday, poppy. >> boris live for us in louisiana. thank you boris, we appreciate it. coming up next, a top hillary clinton aide travels by train to new york. the reason for her trip was a mystery until now. new details about the state department's relationship with the clinton foundation ahead. (vo) stank face. a universal expression of disgust, often caused by inadequate cat litter. if you or your a loved one suffers from stank face, the cure is tidy cats. it's new and improved with guaranteed tidylock protection that locks away odors. so you don't have to face one more stank face. tidy cats. every home, every cat. there's a tidy cats for that.
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welcome back. you are live in the cnn newsroom. newly uncovered e-mails by the conservative watchdog group judicial watch are raising questions about whether a:foundation donor was provided special access within hillary clinton's state department. the clinton camp denies anything inappropriate occurred and claims there was no conflict of interest nor any favors granted. but the larger issue raised, was the clinton's family's many competing and overlapping pools of interest, the foundation, the state department, the library, the campaign, et cetera. which without clear lines of delineation create conflicts of interest. that brings us to the latest news about one of secretary clinton's top said department aides who was simultaneously involved with the clinton foundation. the reason this is raising questions is because at the time of clinton's serving as secretary of state she sent a letter to an official at the state department. in it she wrote she would yoet not participate personally and
2:24 pm
substantially in any particular matter that has a direct and particular affect on the foundation. hillary clinton did not. but one of her close aids did. cnn's senior investigative correspondent drew griffin has been digging into the story. >> reporter: on june 19th, 2012, cheryl mills, then the chief of staff for secretary of state hillary clinton, boarded an amtrak train in washington's union station bound for new york. for the last seven months, senate investigators have been trying to find out what mills was up to. and for seven months, the u.s. department of state has refused to answer. now, cnn has learned a potential reason why. cheryl mills, then a u.s. government employee, and secretary of state clinton's chief of staff, was in new york working on behalf of the clinton foundation. a source close to the situation confirms to cnn mills was interviewing two potential candidates to lead the clinton foundation. mills would interview top level executives atw walmart and the
2:25 pm
drug company pfizer. both companies, huge donors to the clinton foundation and both arev worked with the clinton global initiative. was mills role in violation of governmentette igs rules. did she have permission from department of state, did state even though the trip was taking place? cnn has asked the u.s. state department all of these questions. this was the response. federal employees are permitted to engage in outside personal activities within the scope of the federal ethics rules, a state spokesperson tells cnn. all federal employees are subject to federal ethics laws and regulation, including rules pertaining to conflicts of interest. the vague response raises more questions that are just not being answered. not to cnn. but worse says one watchdog group, not to the republican-led senate judiciary committee, which has a right to know. >> congress has a rightful right to ask for any information it wants to from the executive branch of government to keep track of them skchltd the
2:26 pm
government should be turning that information over. when you have a breakdown in that system we have a breakdown in our democracy. >> reporter: it's easy to understand why cheryl unless i was trusted with helping find the next director of the foundation. her relationship with the clintons goes back decades into i am honored to be here today on behalf of the president. >> reporter: as bill clinton's deputy white house counsel, she defended the then president during impeachment proceedings. in 2008, when hillary clinton was running for president, mills was her senior legal campaign adviser. >> i hillary rodham clinton. >> reporter: and when hillary clinton became secretary of state mills left the board of the clinton foundation and became hillary clinton's chief of staff. the create see about the new york trip, the dual roles. the mixing of business between state, clinton foundation, and its donors all play into a central theme of donald trump's campaign, that politicians like the clintons use government to benefit themselves.
2:27 pm
>> these are crooked people. they have been crooked from the beginning. you look at that foundation. it's pure theft and pure crookedness. >> reporter: shirl mills's attorney says her client was simply doing volunteer work for a charitable foundation. she was not paid. the clinton foundation also says mills was not a paid employee. clinton campaign spokesman brian fallon sent this statement, cheryl volunteered her personal time to a charitable organization as she has to other charities. cheryl paid for her travel to new york city personally and it was crystal clear to all involved that this had nothing to do with her official duties. the idea that this poses a flick of interest is absurd. drew griffin, cnn, atlanta. >> drew thank you very much. all right coming up. here's a pop quiz four. what is arguably one of the most famous lessons on economics ever taught? here's your answer. >> this is very controversial.
2:28 pm
does anyone know what vice president bush called this? 1980? anyone? something doo-economics. >> ahead, the man, ben stein, gives us his economic lesson on the plans put forth by clinton and trump this week. for as long as i can. new patented ensure enlive has hmb plus 20 grams of protein to help rebuild muscle. for the strength and energy to do what you love. new ensure enlive. always be you.
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2:32 pm
teacher, ben stein. thank you for being with me. >> it's my honor, of course. >> you know, it's interesting, you usually support republican economic positions. you usually vote for the republican candidate. this time around, though, you are not supporting donald trump. you say you are going to write in a candidate? ; is that right? >> well, if i can, i'm going to write in lindsey graham. i love him. i wanted him to be president. i loved him. lindsey graham. just remember that game name if you want to write in someone, lindsey graham. >> let's go through this. we got hillary clinton's tax returns, the joint filing from her and her husband yesterday. that he made $10 million. paid in 30%. nothing juicy in the returns. what is interesting is how she made her money. 06 #% of her money came from paid speeches arc number of them to big wall street banks. what do you make of the argument from her critics that persist that she is in the pocket of the big banks?
2:33 pm
she wouldn't release the transcripts. how much weight do you give that argument? >> she is 100% in the kt poverty big banks. she is the business as usual candidate. she is the wall street darling. the hedge fund managers have given her upwards of $120 million. she is the wall street, american finance, slash, business, slash, capitol hill establishment personified. by the way, that doesn't make her a terrible person. business as usual in the united states is pretty darn good business. >> i mean, she points to that and she says, there is in no way a flick of interest here. i obviously will do what is needed as president to regulate industries, regulate the big banks. bernie sanders now obviously a big supporter of hillary clinton, though, did take her her to task on this in the primary. listen. >> everybody else to release. i'm your democratic opponent. i release it. here it is.
2:34 pm
there ain't nothing. i don't give speeches to wall street for hundreds of thousands of dollars. you got it. >> i wonder, ben stein, what do you think americans need more, what is more valuable to americans, to see the transcripts of the speeches that hillary clinton gave to the big banks and was paid for, or donald trump's tax returns? >> i think they are both important. i don't really care about mrs. clinton's transcripts. i have given a million speeches to big wall street. >> about. i know what you do. you say nice things about them. flatter them, and tell them what important work they do. they do do important work. they are to the leeches or criminals. they are doing incredibly important work. i want to she mr. trump's tax returns. he has claimed is he a billionaire because of his spectacular deal making. that's going to use those skills. i don't think he is as rich as he says. >> do you really care -- ben, do
2:35 pm
you care how rich he is? should the voter care. >> yes, yes, i think so. >> so or you shhh they care about the marginal tax rate he paid and care about what charitable contributions he has give, which would be laid out in the returns? >> i think all of those things are interesting. i think the most interesting thing is this, he bases his claim that he will be better on the economy because he has made so much money. that's a non-sense claim. the fact that a person is incredibly good at making deals and building real estate does not have a darn thing to know whether he knows gob guiding a 18 or $19 trillion economy. he claims it does. i want to see if he is telling the truth. by the way, i think he does have much useful things to say. and he is the voice of the first amendment, the voice of anti-political correctness, and i applaud him for that. i want to see how rich he is. i don't believe a word of what he is saying about being worth $10 billion. if he says that's his main claim
2:36 pm
to fame, let's see if it is a true. >> ben, also one of his major, major parts of his economic plan that was laid out this week in detroit is tariffs, i mean that he would slap really significant tariffs -- >> terrible idea. shockingly bad. >> if you look historically, the last time that happened, 1930s, smooth hallee. >> right. >> it is said to have extended and made worse the great depression. is there evidence it would be different today. >> no, tariffs are a terrible idea. free trade is the right idea. as mrs. clinton said -- bear in mind i am not a big fan, but she was totally right. the u.s. can compete with anyone. we don't need to have tariff walls, we need to have free trade, cheaper trade and goods for the united states. that's always better than tariffs. tariffs are always a bad idea.
2:37 pm
i sympathize for those losing their jobs. they should get retraining. but tariffs are a bad idea in the u.s. economy. >> my producer is asking me to ask you if you new hillary clinton at yale law school. >> i was a big huge third year student radical. i was elected to give the graduation speech because i was a popular radical. she was a mousey first year that nobody paid attention. to times have changed a lot. but she was always perfectly nice to me. and god bless her. >> i don't know what you mean by mousey, ben stein. >> she was a very quiet thing. i can remember very well that the new students the first years would walk right next to the rows of lockers on the first floor whereas we second and third year people would be slapping five and walking cool. they would be walking carefully by their locker. mousey applies to bothen in and women. she was a quiet, shy hard working first year.
2:38 pm
>> she was hitting the books and you were out partying and making noise. one of you is perhaps a few months away from the white house, right ben stein. >> absolutely true. tells you something about the value of studying. >> thank you for joining us. >> nice to be here. coming up, an allout fight for the battleground state of virginia. a brand-new poll shows the numbers not looking good there for the trump camp. next how campaign staffers on the ground are looking to turn those numbers around one voter at a time. you are live in the cnn newsroom. stop...
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battleground virginia. it is a longtime red state. president obama helped turn it blue in 2008. this go around the clinton and trump campaigns in an all out fight for vrn's 2016 votes. in a poll out on friday. hillary clinton leads donald trump by 13 points there among registered voters fl how is team trump working to urn turn those voters around? athena jones has more on the ground in virginia. >> i'm reaching out to you on the trump campaign. >> reporter: the battle in virginia is being waged by volunteers like these. >> are you planning to support hillary komg come november? >> yeah, yeah. >> reporter: working to identify and recruit supporters to help turn out the vote in this swing
2:43 pm
state. >> thank you northern virginia. >> reporter: with three months to go until election day, neither side is taking anything for granted. >> virginia is absolutely critical. the road to the white house runs through the commonwealth. we are committed to making that happen for our republican nominee. >> it is a death competitive sa state. >> the clinton team has had staff here since april and has 28 field offices with more opening this month. much of their focus will be on turning out voters in northern virginia counties, close to d.c. an area with a large college educated population that has grown more diverse in recent years. >> louden county is a huge battleground. very large, second only to fairfax. there is a lot of swing voters there, a lot of people who can be persuaded. >> reporter: once reliably republican, louden county voted twice for president obama in 2008. >> it is good to be back in virginia. >> reporter: and 2012. >> how's it going, leesburg.
2:44 pm
>> reporter: now it's the top target for both clinton and trump. >> we have to get everybody out, louden county is so important. >> reporter: the real estate mogul has already won over some louden county voters. >> he basic chi says things like it is. i feel that you can trust him, more than hillary. >> it's mainly a never hillary vote. >> really? >> yes, because i think she has way too much baggage to be president of the united states. >> reporter: but clinton supporters here are just as committed. >> i think competency is important, and she clearly has a lot of experience and seems to know what she's doing. >> she's the best candidate for the job. i have been a sporter of hers for a along time. in this particular case, i think that she is certainly the better choice. >> reporter: and the clinton campaign hope tapping tim kaine
2:45 pm
as her number two will help her in the state. >> do you want to trash talker president or a bridge builder president. >> reporter: the clinton team and allies have spend nearly $5 million on tv ads in virginia while the national rifle association has spent just over $260,000 on behalf of trump. the trump campaign hasn't spent any money on the air waves, but that doesn't mean republicans aren't fighting hard to win here. >> we are working right now with our volunteers to identify as many republicans as week. then as we move forward in the campaign, that will become persuasion and motivation to get out the vote. >> reporter: trump's campaign is leaning heavily on the republican national committee for its get out the vote efforts. the rnc has been on the ground here since the beginning of 2015. >> my name is jacob. i'm with the trump campaign. >> reporter: they have 40 paid staffers working with hundreds of volunteers to woo voters. particularly in southwest virginia, the shenandoah valley and south side of verge along
2:46 pm
the north carolina border. and they are not conceding louden county, where this recent grad is hoping the debates will help him make up his mind. >> i will be watching to see how the candidates distinguish themselves from each other. >> reporter: athena jones, cnn, leaseberg, virginia. >> athena jones for us in virginia. thank you. and now to this week's cnn hero. there are many organizations that help the homeless. they provide, food, shelter, medical supplies. but what about washing their clothes? nicholas markazi could not find any group helping with that. he and a friend turned a van into australia's first mobile laundromat. >> most people take for granted putting a fresh, clean set of clothes on. for someone who is sleeping rough and who really doesn't have access to washing and drying their clothes, it's something that's continually overlooked. >> the group travels every day to nine australian cities. next they are coming to the united states. and you can watch their story at
2:47 pm while you are there, nominate someone you think should be a cnn hero. look at all these purchases you made with your airline credit card. hold only got double miles on stuff you bought from that airline? let me show you something better.
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two nypd officers being hailed as heroes for what they did to save others when they believed their own lives from in grave danger. bryn ginngrass. >> reporter: this sergeant was borned and raised in afghanistan and came to the united states on a calling. >> saw a lot of people die in front of my eyes. i was a kid, but i was helpless. i couldn't do anything for them. you know what i mean? and i always wanted to be able to save someone's life. >> reporter: he's now raising his 12-year-old daughter in new york. armani is a single father. >> every time i leave home, she gives me a big hug and looks in my eyes and says, "dad, promise me you're going to come home." >> reporter: it's a promise the 10-year-old veteran almost couldn't keep.
2:52 pm
he was patrolling new york's times square, a crossroads of america with officer peter sibolski. >> sitting in the passenger seat, he's sitting in the driver seat and the next thing i know, something hits my right hand and the dashboard. i look over to see who just threw something at the me and i see a man giving me a really mean grin and speeds off very quickly. i look back to see what it was that was thrown at me. he goes, "boss, this is a bomb." it was making a clicking sound, flashing a bright light. i felt like we had 15 seconds. ? >> in my mind, i accepted we were going to die. i wanted to get us as far as possible. i didn't want anybody else to die with us. >> reporter: the officers drove away from the crowd, bomb in hand. with seconds passing, they prayed together, two men different faiths. >> i looked up. god, i just don't want to feel pain. and at the same time, peter was praying. i mean, the sign of the cross, started saying our father. >> reporter: the bomb squad
2:53 pm
eventually determined the device was fake and hours later, police captured the man suspected of throwing it in the van. the pair returned to their homes as heroes and armani's promise to his daughter remained intact. >> the minute i hugged her, she goes, "dad, don't you dare do that again." >> reporter: bryn gingrass. new york. it is man versus machine at the iron horse bicycle classic in colorado. get this. of not only do cyclists face 2,000-foot mountain passes, they have terrain over 50 miles. for one competitor, that is nothing compared to the challenge he faced after being diagnosed with parkinson's disease. >> this is the iron horse bicycle classic. a grueling 47-mile race through the mountains against a train. >> to ride the iron horse, you have to have the mind-set that you are going to suffer.
2:54 pm
it's the same for me, the same as it is for everyone else. >> reporter: but for joe williams, it's not the same. what he faces every day is far more challenging. >> receiving the diagnosis was shattering. the chief neurologist came out and said, joe williams, you have parkinson's disease. >> reporter: the left side of his body with freeze up. soon he could discover he could reduce the symptoms of parkinson's by cycling. >> today i'm 63. and i should have declined physically. but each year, i believe my health is improving. >> go, go, go! >> i won. i beat the mountain today. i didn't beat that train. i'll never beat that train. but today of all days, i'm normal. defiance is in our bones.
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. as fidel castro turns 90 today, the cuban government claims he has survived hundreds and hundreds of assassination attempts, from an exploding cigar to a ma mafia hit. >> how many people have tried kill fidel castro.
2:59 pm
according to intelligence officers, there have been over 600 attempts on castro's life. while that number is impossible to confirm, we know from a u.s. government report that both the american mafia and the cia tried to do castro in, and there have also been scores of cuban exiles to try to kill castro. widely from attempted poisonings of castro cigarses, wetsuit and even a chocolate milk shake he was about to drink. assassins have tried to blow him up and make his beard fall out. no other leader in modern times has faced so many assassination attempts. castro is now retired, but remains heavily protected. he says that he never expected to see 90 years old and that's something that his many enemies probably agree with him on. >> patrickotman in cuba. in one hour, donald trump will take the stage and speak live in
3:00 pm
fairfield, connecticut. he's holding a rally 4 hours after he said he could be cheated out of a win in pennsylvania because of voter fraud. what will he see tonight in connecticut? will he double down? by the way, he's in a state tonight that has not gone red since 1988. we will bring you his remarks, live. before that, "smerconish" begins right now. ♪ i'm michael smerconish, live from philly, as all election eyes are again on pennsylvania. donald trump said last night that the only way he would lose this state is if the election is stolen from him. no, mr. trump. if you lose here, it will be due to my suburban neighbors and i'll explain. the candidate seems caught in an endless loop of


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