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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  August 17, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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inside the trump campaign shake up. the so-called street fighter who's the new chief executive of team trump. donald trump hires steve bannob, so say good bye to the more presidential trump we have been praum promised. now can the campaign stop his slide in the polls? >> he can hire and fire anybody he wants from his campaign. they can make him read new words from a teleprompter. but he is still the same man who
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insults gold star families, demeans women, mocks people with disabilities, and thinks he knows more about isis than our generals. >> let's get straight to cnn sarah murray with the very latest on the trump campaign shake up. >> reporter: well, don, it certainly is rare to see this many campaign shake ups over this short amount of time. but donald trump's campaign doesn't do anything by the book and sources say he was very frustrate woud with the directif his campaign and decided over the weekend he wanted to make that change. and that's why we're seeing stephen bannon come on and kellyanne. this is a chance for him to go back to the basics, hold the kinds of big rallies he really thrives on and to go with his gut. but when i spoke with kellyanne
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conway tonight, she was careful to say that he would be talking about issues, obama care, national security and that he's not going to leave that teleprompter behind. one of her top goals is to make sure voters understand this is not a referendum on donald trump because we know he's been a very divisive figure but rath er a choice between hillary clinton and trump. they want to play to those voters who might be looking for a change. as of now, donald trump is lagging in basically every battleground state. but we will see if new advisors could help change that tide. >> now i want to bring in cnn's politics executive editor and bryan celter, cnn's senior media correspondent. john phillips, kabc talk radio host and trump supporter. and matt lewis, senior contributor to the daily caller
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trump's polls are making prominent republicans have been defecting. now this shake up. and the lawyer called this an expansion of winners. what's the reality here? >> the reality is that donald trump realized that what was going on with his campaign and the struggle of trump being trump and trump being a traditional politician was just not going to work. we're going to be very critical of the shake up because of the timing and the fact that we've seen two campaign managers fired in the last 60 days. but skryou have to look at it a say would it be worse had he not made a change? donald trump needs to make a change if he's going to beat hillary clinton. all the polls show he's losing specifically in the five or six battleground states he needs to win it. >> there was this whole meeting with the family and donors. and someone got in his ear or was it just the polls?
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>> i think the polls are a yard stick of basically the overall feeling and current in the campaign. >> for people not familiar with breitbart, lay out their claim to fame. i remember them coming to fame during cheryl sherrod. >> this was attacking the obama administration. and the website plays loose with the facts. there's no doubt about that. a lot of conservative writers. it's too extreme for us. we would call it nowadays, part of the altright. we're talking -- >> conspiracy theorists. >> and sometimes believers in white nationalism. i don't want to smear the entire site but it expresses extreme points of view. it's a home for writers who believe these things. donald trump did not seek out a moderate in terms of a media
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executive. he sought out a very right wing media executive. >> we have spoke about this rise in breitbart. what's your assessment? >> so, the altright, it's hard to define, but essentially these tend to be young men, it's a coalition of i would say men's rights activists, video gamers, white nationalists, and the thing that breitbart has done is help normalize it. there are other sites that -- there's one that's called v dare that have been around a long time that have catered to this fringe rights-wing movement which i would draw a distinction between this and mainstream conservati conservatism. but breitbart is now mainstreaming it and apparently the alt writers, for lack of a better term are happy that
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bannon has been promoted. they see it as a win that they're now inside the tent. >> they're mainstream so to speak. this is back in march. it sounds like some bloggers. what do you think of that? >> breitbart has a writer that compares cnn to hitler. it's not only inappropriate, it's ridiculous. it's extreme sorts of rhetoric, but it has a home online. the had times said breitbart
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recently accused president obama and compared planned parenthood's work to the holocau holocaust. just log off and stop screwing up the internet for men. how much of this bleeds over to the campaign, that remains to be seen. >> john, what do you make of all this? >> the breitbart website is very aggressive and i think that's the direction trump is going to go in. we have two candidates with very high negatives and the one that makes their opponent the focus is going to be the one that wins. she's made a very good job of making this race all about donald trump. he's going to have to make hillary clinton the focus. and i think that's what stephen bannon is going to bring to the table. he's going to have trump very aggressi aggressively go after clinton. it's going to be a human cock fight with feathers flying
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everywhere. that's his time on the national stage to really take it to her face to face, which she's never really had done before. >> the association with breitbart -- go ahead. not face to face. so, the association with breitbart i think is important because if you get a story from breitbart you wonder if it's true most of the time and many times there's no legitimacy to the stories. you know what a click bait is? there's an outrageous headline to get you to click on it and then you realize there's no there there. >> i think he's been associated with stephen bannon from day one and it's not necessarily bee been out in the open. and you think bannon is taking a paycheck, not that he needs one. let us not underestimate what bannon could potentially do.
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it's almost ridiculous to have him running the day to day operations 80 days out because hawaii hasn't had the experience. he's very savvy media executive. he understandess what is going to drive people and i think he'll put donald trump -- >> it means the three of us at this table are going to have to have our computers and phones out fact checking the heck -- >> lit me give you a quick example of what the breitbart site did. during the immigration battle, they reported there was something called a marco phone and it was allegedly cell phones that would be given to illegal aliens. you know what they really were? they were satellite phones that were to be provided to people who live on the border who cannot get cell phone reception to report illegal immigrants. this story blew up. the truth halfway -- a lie is
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halfway across the world before the truth gets out of bed. and that's how you can really change things. >> listen to this. >> donald trump has decided to double down on his most small, nasty, and divisive instincts by turning his campaign over to someone who's best known for running a so-called news site that pedals divisive, at times, racist, anti-muslim, ant anti-semitic conspiracy theories. >> how is this new leadership going to help him win? >> hillary clinton has skated the last several weeks on all the scandals coming out about her. because the focus has been on donald trump. if they can shift that focus from donald trump to hillary clinton, i think that will give him an opportunity to reintroduce himself to voters
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and say look, maybe i'm not going to win you over but she can lose. >> quickly. so, we're talking about steve bannon. you know who they do know? they know roger ailes and formerly helping donald trump as is roger stone who is the master of the political dark arts. imagine these three horseman helping donald trump. >> and if donald trump loses, he has the right men in his camp to launch some sort of new enterprise. i'm not saying that's what trump is planning tonight but you got to imagine. >> and it may not help him with women considering -- >> but they're smart. >> and you mention all those names. ♪ that's dragnet. i want to tell you what to expect when hillary clinton and donald trump go head-to-head. preservatives, sweeteners.
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den don's former campaign manager called steve bannon a guy who is willing to go right at his ponenopponent. bannon has been called the most dangerous political operative and been called a bully and a street fighter. what do you think his advice is going to be for the debates, for example? >> i know steve a little bit and i think all those things are probably true. i think ease k he's simultaneou brilliant and grand yoes. i think this is trump's trump, basically. so, i actually think this is a guy who's going to reinforce the let trump be trump narrative. i think he's going to be very agre aggressive and tell trump what
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trump wants to hear. not to say that's necessarily bad advice, but it's sometimes helps to have someone confirm what you believe. so, if trump was ever going to go after hillary, i think the odds are now dramatically increased that he will be very aggressive. >> i want to ask you about roger ailes. and he's going to help trump with the debates. >> we know that these are two friends that have been friends for decade sas. it makes sense they're sharing advice with each other. these phone calls are happening and will continue to happen. we know they met up over the weekend at trump's golf course as well. so, ailes can bring a lot of television expertise to the table and help trump with the new channel perhaps. >> kellyanne conway is going to help the new campaign manager. do you think kellyanne can do
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it, keep him on message? >> who has done to some extent is his daughter. as much as you can get him to stay on message, i think his daughter has been able to do her best to try and keep -- i think kellyanne is well respected in the establishment that can dispense advice and she's very successful. she's not looking to join the trump campaign to get the next big job. she's a very well respected -- >> where are the kids? weve haven't seen much of them. >> they're on vacation. which makes no sense at all. >> oh, really? >> unless you've given up and you don't believe your father can get there. >> they just need vitamin d, bryan. >> they have a roof top at trump tower, can't they go to the top and hangout in the penthouse.
11:19 pm
>> i said maybe they just need vitamin d. >> you think they've given up or just need a vacation? >> look, when you're campaigning for the presidency, you're going from time zone to time zone, high stress. we just had the conventions that was exhausting for everyone involved. frankly, i think trump should take a vacation. >> what do you think their roll is? because remember the whole cory thing and the kids had an intervention and said this guy has to go and now he's gone. what do you think their role was, if any, in this change? >> i think their father, donald trump values their advice. >> do you think they played a role? >> who knows. they certainly did in the last one. if they give him that advice and keep him grounded, i think that's the main purpose for them. ivanka did a great speech that
11:20 pm
convention and humanized him in a way he needs help. >> there hasn't been reporting that they were involved in this one. can you imagine what it's been like for donald trump, paul manafort is telling you to change and not be yourself. i know in politics it's more complicated. i imagine he's relieved because he's surrounding himself with people who will let him bow himself. >> you should be yourself to a point but being a traditional -- >> i would say everything other than politics when someone tells you don't change, change. other than politics. i think when you're in politics and you can correct me if i'm wrong, i think that's the reason you have people around you is because they're doing the read on you and not only you, but the voter as well. >> and what mark said.
11:21 pm
my wife is -- works in politics and she often times will be advising members of congress, senators and because she's a woman, she can put them in line sometimes. you've got to make these calls. you've got to do this and she does it in a way that if i did it, they'd probably punch me in the nose. >> and that's what kellyanne conway's been doing through television. all day long she's talk about polls. i think she was talking directly to donald trump. >> the best way to reach him is through the tv flp it really is. >> i do think that kellyanne was here last night. i think there was a lot invested in the speech and i think she felt invested in that. and i've never seen her feel that invested in something and sort of react the way that she did. because we had a heated exchange but we've had way more heated
11:22 pm
exchanges in the primaries. so, i think she was invested in what was happening. >> trump didn't have a public event today where the priess could attend. he had a summit. >> which i think is smart. donald trump has 80 some odd days to try to turn it around. he has a time reset. it's going to be that first debate. we'll be interesting to see if is stephen bannon and ailes to are able to get his attacks down to just one. >> what today's trump campaign shake up mean for the republican party and other
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. shake up is shaking up the party too . i want to bring in cnn and a former policy director for mitt romney. be boris, you first. so, michael cohen, the special counsel for the trump organization.
11:27 pm
it was a very interesting exchange earlier. they spoke about the changes in the campaign. watch. >> say it's not a shake up. but you guys are down. and it makes sense that -- most of them, all of them? >> says who? >> polls. i just told you. i answered your question. >> which polls? >> all of them. >> okay. >> he's asking what are you going to ask me. i'm going to show you the polls. he's down in colorado, florida, north carolina, virginia. states that he needs. he's also down nationally. do you recognize that he is not winning now? which is what brianna was asking cohen. >> the issue isn't whether you're winning now, the issue is whether you're winning on november 8th. >> the question was do you
11:28 pm
recognize he's not winning now? >> i recognize that according to those polls he's not up. i can read numbers like anybody else. the l.a. towns poll has him within one point. and even nbc is within six points. i'm very confident that over the next 82 days we will win this election. >> but for now in the polls, he's not winning in those polls and in the polls you mentioned, you said he is down. so, he's not winning. >> but he's winning the election. >> really? oh, you mean he's going to win? okay. i hope that you would believe that since you are part of the campaign. does this shake up mean we're going to see ryan introduce donald trump for the last time? >> i don't think so. i think he's fully in this. i love the rnc. they've proven to the voters that they respect them.
11:29 pm
contrary to that, you've seen many in the establishment back away which says to me they don't respect their voters. they gave him a mandate like no republican nominee have had before. they care about the party and beating clinton. >> this is what reporting. some senior republicans say the rnc must stick with trump or risk losing congress. if trump wins or loses is that going to have a big impact on the down ballot candidate? >> it's very difficult to divorce these races from what's happening in the presidential. they're all dealing with the head wind in their states because of where trump is polling right now. obviously they're a snap shot in time. so, depending on where the campaign goes, that will largely dictate the fate of the these
11:30 pm
candidates. but it's impossible to divorce their fate. it's going to be difficult. >> what do you think adding bannon does with the trump-rnc relationship. >> i'm sure they thought it through, i guess. but i could not thing of a person -- he plays to trump's worst instincts. and i think it's surprises me and i have to take into account that the manafort story was building and building and has not yet played out . if you had to make a change, you did it when you did it. but every time a campaign's in trouble in august, you go back to ones i've run and others, there's always a shake up because you want to take it off the candidate and almost invaryaebl you'll see changing the end of august. you talk about these polls
11:31 pm
nationally. what you have to look at is state by state. and the divorce between people trying to get people to split their tickets. people are saying you vote one way and then they can vote for me. it's getting rarer and rarer all the time. >> look at ohio, florida. ohio within the margin of error. iowa's very tight. this was a snap shot of some polls north carolina, virginia, important states that i think we'll be very competitive in and there are other key states that it's much tighter. that's one poll. there was a poll last week where donald trump was up by one point. there's a lot of tightness. there's not been a shake up. it really is an expansion. a shake up means somebody leaves. paul manafort is very much
11:32 pm
there. >> there in person only, maybe. >> he's part of the team was in all of the key meetings today. >> he said it was an expansion of winners. >> there was not a campaign manager for this campaign since cory lewandowski left and in addition to stephen bannon and we shouldn't skip talking about kellyanne conway when we talk bute this change. >> what do you think of this expansion of winners? >> i'd like see it where we put losers. the issue is never about the advisor. the issue in my mind is always about the candidate. you can switch advisors and positions all you want, the ultimate question is who does the candidate listen to? and if they're going to listen to someone like kellyanne conway, then that's good news for the trump campaign. but if this is another way of rearranging deck chairs and trump is going to be trump.
11:33 pm
>> he's been saying for months now let donald trump be donald trump. the idea to try to script this guy and put him on teleprompters is not working. >> whoever donald trump was listening to this week, that's who he needs to listen to the rest of the campaign. we saw him sitting there with a team of national security advisors looking very presidential. he's been on message. drove home important messages to the african-american community. he needs to now deliver a speech to women, working women and whoever he's looking to this week on the teleprompter, that needs to happen every single week and he will absolutely win. >> your eyes said it all. you don't think he had a phenomenal week? >> he may have had a phenomenal week if the decks were cleard and you could listen to what he was saying. the problem is all the other
11:34 pm
problems -- some days you get angry. the new york times and the washington post have been brutal on trump but trump deserves some of this himself because you start saying the press and throwing press people out, the press gathers around like a herd and they're going to protect themselves and you can see in local markets. i was listening to the local tv where local anchors are respected and you can see the way they were talk about it and contrary to what you may think about ohio -- >> there's a frustration from trump himself? or from -- >> i'm sure but here's my question, who in the world decided it was good for trump to have a rally in connecticut? >> hillary clinton was down for three days, i think last weekend. donald trump went to
11:35 pm
connecticut, held a rally. that was on all the networks. she was doing nothing but sitting at home. >> winning connecticut is -- >> okay, but that's fair. and he held a rally in connecticut which is close to new york and if you go five miles off -- >> you're saying it kept him in the news. >> it was a rally in a state we want to win and it kept us in the news cycle that hillary clinton was off. >> right now mormons are exerting him. >> local media is a good way to drive coverage, drive positive coverage. if that's the case why not go to florida, pennsylvania or ohio? instead of spending time in connecticut -- >> it didn't take a lot of time, resources to go to connecticut. it was a saturday in which hillary clinton. >> i was on saturday night and the speech was on all the networks. >> we'll be light back.
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so, i'm back now with my panel. we were talking about where donald trump was last weekend
11:40 pm
and we were talking about the media. but we make a big deal out of there's a new campaign manager. is that even resonate with the people at home? do they think therefore donald trump's going to change? >> not at all. it can help the enthusiasm of the campaign. but bobby and suzy didn't wake up and say, whoa, a new campaign manager. >> regan changed campaign advisors during that campaign. >> and that didn't -- we always sort of play this inside game and look at these things very deeply. we have to think about what the country is thinking about. normally people come awake around labor day in presidential races and trump was lucky the olympics were around but come labor day and in this race particularly, the focus group stuff i saw out of ohio last night. forget the difference between
11:41 pm
the two candidates. the level of interest, i have never seen it quite this high because the stakes are high. and the problem with the stakes being high is that's a very dangerous place for trump to be. he's got to be able to convince people that in the toughest of tough situations that you can trust me do the right thing and right now they don't. >> he's got to pivot, he's got to pivot. but you said it's wear? >> the debates. this is a process story. boy, there seems to be disorder around the trump campaign. the opportunity comes with the first debate. remember in 2012, romney had that great first debate in denver. it was great because it changed people's perceptions of what mitt romney was and before that, it was a money gruber.
11:42 pm
>> he was strong in that debate. >> this year there's a similar dynamic. >> he has the message. i think hillary clinton's message has been donald trump doesn't have the temperament. and by contrast, donald trump is i'm the best person for the economy, i'm going to get tough on isis and that comports with the mood of the electorate. the washington post had an article out last weekend and said this is it the one poll that if trump wins we'll go back to and sha this is what won trump the election. only 40% believe it's in a good place. so, if he can drive this message home without the side stories, he can win. >> i mean, it's one thing for people to say i believe he can do it. >> everyone mentions this 70% of the country believe its in the wrong direction. but who do you blame that on?
11:43 pm
because congress has a very low approval rating, the president has a higher approval rating. if she is running somewhat on president obama's -- whose responsibility is that? >> he's running not only on his back, she's running on status quo. that's her whole candidacy is to say continue what we've done so far. continue what we, the clintons have done for 35 years and that's been rejected all over the country. >> obama has a 54% favorability rating and i think that's because of donald trump and hillary clinton. >> that may be true. but people want change. >> of course they want change. >> and the thing the trump campaign has to do is return to the message as trump the antiestablishment figure who will fundamentally change the dynamic of what's happening in this country. >> the conventions were earlier this time, rather than later and
11:44 pm
you say by labor day. but we have this three week straech stretch now of people who may change the dynamics of this. >> no, the dog days of summer. >> the economist poll showed the people the trenched in atrump or clinton, 18% were still willing to change their mind and both candidates polling under 50%. >> there are 30% of the voters are going to be of color this time around. donald trump's favorability in the black community today is about 3%. the lowest i've ever seen ever. >> the poll says 1%. >> he'll have to win 80 to 85% of the vote. let's assume the first debate is going to be very, very important. let's also remember the day after labor day, early voting begins in this count re.
11:45 pm
30% of the votes will be cast becau before the last debate in this country. >> we're putting out ads now. more and more money's going to work. the campaign has had to catch up. she's been the presumptive nominee for two years. we're putting all that in place now. >> let me put these numbers out. you mentioned african-americans. the one i saw was 1%, with a margin of error plus or minus 3%. and when you look at there's a fox news latino poll, 70% believe trump's not honest and trustworthy. 51% think the same of hillary clinton. bob says 85% of the white vote. with these numbers, he's not going to get much of the latino vote. he'll get some -- >> and in the fox news poll between the two of them, romney
11:46 pm
got like 27% of the latino vote. in the fox news poll, trump is up 20. >> what? >> trump has 20% of latinos. she's at 66% and 14% undecided. here's why because we assume every time he talks about illegal immigrants, all latinos turn off. but that's not true. >> the same dynamic happened in 2012 when the obama campaign put money on the air to defy mitt romney. the issue is have the clinton campaign's numbers been able to move sufficiently with all the money they've put up. you're putting up ads now and that's fine. but i think it may be too late. >> trump is very different from mitt romney. all he has to do is deliver his message to the people.
11:47 pm
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the death toll has risen to 13 in the wake of floods in and around baton rouge. retired lieutenant general russel honore joins me now. thank you for joining me. general, you first. you ran the task force in katrina in the aftermath of that disaster. lots of parallels are being drawn. how would you compare them? >> there are many similarities. katrina came and in 24 hours it moved out and it left new orleans under water. this storm lasted for about four days of rain, don, and it had a cascading effect. we have a lot of volunteers working with our great first
11:52 pm
responders in louisiana saved a lot of lives. that weekend timing, and in our culture, we have boats, great boatman and the cajun navy came in and really saved the day, because it was such a widespread flooding, don. >> and they were needed. we love that they did that. julia, you're in livingston parish, one of the hardest hit areas. i'm sorry for all that you're going through. you told our producer that 36 members of your family have lost their homes. that is incredible. how are you holding up? >> actually, that is correct. we're doing fine where i am. i live in higher elevation than they do. that's 36 members, but that's the entire family of 13 homes. we only have seven homes in the family that were not affected, so these family members are now staying with other members that didn't lose their homes. >> i want to take a look now at
11:53 pm
some of the pictures you have been posting on facebook. your family's homes literally submerged. your mom's home. this is of your mom's home. your uncle donald's house, lynn's house, derek's house you mentioned. what did they do when the water started to rise? >> you know, at first we didn't realize it was going to be that bad. everybody was referencing '83, but it's a lot worse than '83. on friday that was our thought. saturday morning we realized this is going to be a lot worse and we started doing anything that we can to get certain things out of the house and maybe using blocks to block our furniture and refrigerators. we found out later on it just wasn't enough. >> what's the most pressing need right now for you and your
11:54 pm
family? >> it's so hard to say. we never even -- we never imagined that this could happen. it's hard to know where to start. >> general, many of the roads have been shut down. how are the big interstates that link baton rouge to other areas? >> they're finally open, don. interstate 10's open. you know, that 12 -- between hammond and baton rouge, they put in a big concrete structure in the middle of that interstate. i think that may have disrupted the water flow, because that's happened before with flooding in that area. much of that is a flood zone for the rivers that run across interstate 12 and 10. that could have had some impact.
11:55 pm
we would like to get the corps of engineers back in there to look at that floodplain. we're going to have to look at how we move and continue to construct subdivisions in those areas. a lot of people went in there not knowing they were in a flood zone. >> my sister is down there. her house wasn't flooded but pretty darn close to it. i think after maybe all the flooding and the storms they had, especially katrina, maybe it changed the thopography. thank you, general. jolie, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> go ahead. >> sign up for fema assistance. >> thank you, general. the victims of the flood are in need of diapers, batteries, bottled water. send supplies to --
11:56 pm
>> and you can also donate through the red crosby texting la floods to 90999 to make a $10 donation. we'll be right back. i was diagnosed with endometrial cancer. stage four cancer. and i was shocked. the plan at that point was to start chemo. every three weeks i would get my chemo infusion. it would work for a few months then would quit working again. my oncologist ordered the genomic testing.
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that's it for us. thanks for watching. i'll see you back here tonight at 10:00. our coverage continues now with rosemary church at the cnn center in atlanta. trouble in brazil. two u.s. swimmers pulled off a flight and ordered to stay in the country amid their robbery claims. out of control, a fast-moving wildfire threatens more than 30,000 homes near los angeles. authorities say they have never seen anything like it before. and heartbreak. the story behind this picture of a wounded boy in syria that's gone viral. hello and welcome to our viewers here in the united states and of course, all around the world. i'm rosemary church. this is "cnn newsroom." >>


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