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tv   We Got Him Obama Bin Laden the War On Terror  CNN  September 11, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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hi, everyone. i'm pop pi harlow. welcome to newsroom following two gripping hours that you just saw here on cnn where we saw the only footage filmed inside of the twin towers on 9/11, stories of heartbreaking loss as well as stories of incredible heroism from the first responders, people we all thank and people we remember today on this 15 years since 9/11. i do want to welcome our viewers
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in the united states. we are following two stories live this evening. first, as i mentioned, americans marking a staggering 15 years since the terror attacks of september 11th. this is a live picture from new york tonight. those two beams of light shining up into the sky as they do this day each year where the world trade center once stood. 15 years ago today, hijackers crashed two planes into the twin towers and a third into the pentagon. brave passengers on board united flight 93 fought back against the hijackers, keeping the jet from reaching another major target. it crashed into a field in shanksville, pennsylvania, likely saving countless lives. the heroic -- the horrific attacks and the heroic efforts afterwards all being remembered today. the lives of nearly 3,000 people taken. our nation changed forever. their names were read aloud at the memorial at ground zero this morning. a bell tolling after each name
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of a life lost. it was at this service where our second story tonight developed. hillary clinton's doctor announcing that she has pneumonia after an onlooker captured this video of clinton leaving the 9/11 commemoration ceremony early. two law enforcement sources telling cnn it appeared clinton fainted. the clinton camp is not saying that. they're saying she was overheated and now saying she has pneumonia. aides helping her into the van with secret service around her. after the incident, clinton was taken to her daughter chelsea's apartment in new york city. cameras capturing her there a short time later coming outside. she even waved to people and said she's feeling great and took a photograph right here with a young girl. then after that tonight, clinton's doctor released a statement read, quote, secretary clinton has been experiencing a cough related to allergies. on friday during a follow-up evaluation her prolonged cough, she was diagnosed with pneumonia. she was put on antibiotics and advised to rest and modify her
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schedule. while at this morning's event, she became overheated and dehydrated. i've just examined her and she's now rehydrated and recovering nicely. that statement coming from dr. lisa bardack, her personal physician. well, tomorrow hillary clinton is scheduled to travel to california to campaign and to fund raise but a senior aide tonight saying that trip is up in the air and there is, quote, serious evaluation of her schedule. that is all being considered right now. earlier tonight i spoke with cnn chief medical correspondent dr. sanjay gupta and asked about her diagnosis of pneumonia and what it entails. >> the diagnosis of pneumonia typically involves, besides a doctor's visit, involves blood work, a chest x-ray, things like that. these are things typically that are done inside a clinic or hospital, something like that. it's a diagnosis that can be treated.
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she's on antibiotics for a bacterial pneumonia. it's a serious diagnosis. the doctor recommended rest, recommended, you know, obviously staying well hydrated because there's a real concern about dehydration. you have the fever, the bacterial infection itself can cause the dehydration, so it makes sense to fit this stuff together, but it still feels like there's a beat missing here. we got information late and it still seems incomplete. >> but you also noted something important and that is that both of these candidates have been examined by their personal doctors, not an independent board of physicians. >> well, look, it's a point that's come up in the past as well, not just with these two candidates. mr. brinkley brought this point up. this idea there's a friendship still between these personal doctors and these candidates. clearly with donald trump's doctor's letter talking about him being the healthiest president ever and talking -- it was just these glowing terms. it wasn't an objective letter. and i think, you know, the public deserves just
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objective letters on both sides. objective information as opposed to sort of the editorial thing that may come from someone who has more of a friendship type connection. so the idea of having an independent board of doctors or allowing medical records to be seen, even by a group of reporters, i think, is important. of course, you know, i think doctors and journalists are similar in this way, poppy. you always want to get more information, certainly. with regard to this situation happening right now. having a diagnosis on a friday and just hearing about it on sunday after an episode, you feel as though you may never have heard about this had it not been sort of forced upon us. that we never would have heard about the diagnosis of pneumonia. that sort of information is important to know. it's a treatable diagnosis. she is being treated for it, but it's also a serious diagnosis. and that's the sort of thing that a lot of people would want to know. >> all right. our dr. sanjay gupta. let's talk more about it and the politics of it all.
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senior washington correspondent joe johns joins me tonight from washington, d.c., and our cnn politics producer dan merica is in chappaqua, new york, near the home of hillary clinton where she is, we believe, at this point in time. dan, let me start with you. it was after she left her daughter chelsea clinton's apartment earlier today, she went to chappaqua, that is where we understand from her personal physician that she was examined by her doctor. have we heard anything from the campaign tonight at all? do we know if that's where secretary clinton still is? >> we've been told secretary clinton arrived at her home in about the 1:00 hour. her doctor then came over and that's when -- that's when they went through everything together. the doctor left and clinton has remained there ever since. we've been here since then. there's been no comings and goings from what we've seen. the secret service remains positioned outside her house. and chappaqua is kind of what you see behind me, a boring,
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sleepy new york suburban town. the question is, what happened in the meantime? we didn't know exactly where hillary clinton is for a certain amount of time and it's raised a lot of questions. secretary clinton is somebody who is very tightly scheduled. this is somebody who headlined over 37 fund-raisers last month. and as you've mentioned, has a very large schedule in the coming week. as we've reported, secretary clinton and her aides are discussing whether to cancel the california trip that starts tomorrow. she has a large fund-raiser in the bay area. flies to l.a. has two large fund-raisers in l.a. in the l.a. area as well as an appearance on the "ellen degeneres show" and a campaign event. aides inside the campaign are considering whether that kind of scheduling is necessary, "a," and, "b," if she should even be doing anything like that, flying, let alone campaigning with some sort of walking pneumonia. i thought it was pretty telling that the doctor included in the statement that she advised
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secretary clinton to modify her schedule. clearly the campaign saw that statement before it went out. so it's telling that they let that get out. let her say that. it's kind of a nod to the fact that they are taking this seriously, but there are a lot of questions about why we are finding out now when she was diagnosed on friday. >> all right. dan, stay with me. let's just speak about this schedule because even on friday when we now know that diagnosis of pneumonia came. she had this meeting on national security, she had a press conference. sat down with our chris cuomo for an interview. i mean, she was pretty much going nonstop on friday then went to that big fund-raiser with barbra streisand on friday night. >> right. i think that points to the fact that especially now after labor day, the tempo has just picked up tremendously. she's on the campaign plane with reporters. she's also doing gaggles, a news conference and so on. so i can tell you also from
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covering mrs. clinton, frankly, for two decades off and on, that one of the things that she has often tried to project is strength and that whatever happens, she just keeps going. so we don't know specifically why she didn't cut back on her schedule or whatever but what we do know is that hillary clinton tries to push and push and push. and i think this is one of those things sort of indicated back on labor day when she was in cleveland, ohio. i was there. dan merica was there also where she had that extended coughing fit. now they've got a lot of publicity, but the fact of the matter is she's had some other extended coughing fits and chalked it off to the fact she has allergies. she said she was allergic to donald trump who was also in the cleveland area at the time. but it is clear she's keeping up a hard schedule. she does have from time to time
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these little health issues that pop up and all it really does is sort of feed into the critics who suggest mrs. clinton, former secretary clinton, has a serious health problem that needs to be addressed and needs to be considered by the voters. they can help themselves by being a bit more transparent about it, especially more transparent than they were today. >> look, and we'll see folks have called on both candidates to release their medical records. neither has. donald trump has said in recent weeks he will if she does, but neither of them have. we'll see if they do after this. we are getting some first reaction tonight in just the past few moments, joe, from trump campaign aides. what are they saying. >> absolutely right. and the trump campaign aides are indicating in a general way that donald trump himself has said he doesn't know anything about this. they want to be respectful of hillary clinton's health. it is being said that the message they want to put out is that they wish hillary clinton
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well. they hope she gets medical care, the care that's needed. and another source actually tells cnn that surrogates have been instructed to be respectful, not post on social media about hillary clinton's health, and separately someone familiar with the situation has told cnn that staff was instructed to keep quiet, not post anything negative on social media about the issue. and even under the threat of termination, apparently trump has said he doesn't know anything about this and he hasn't tweeted anything about hillary clinton's health also. also points to the fact that just from a campaign standpoint, this is a story that drives itself, and all donald trump does is draw attention to himself if he says anything about it. >> joe johns reporting for us from washington tonight. dan merica there in chappaqua. let us know if you get any update from the clinton thank you both very much.
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i want to talk more about this from the man who wrote the book on hillary clinton, cnn political commentator carl bernstein. he's the author of "the woman in charge, the life of hillary rodham clinton." you know, carl, you were on cnn's "new day" this week and said she should release her medical records. many folks would like to see both candidates' medical records. as our jeff zeleny, we know less about these candidates' health than we do for many other people who have run for president in the past. do you think she will now release her health records? is that the smartest move? >> it's certainly the smartest move, but it's clear that she tried to hide this, and this is going to hurt her, certainly in the short term in that regard. at the same time, it's important, as you note, that donald trump has released virtually nothing of any importance having to do with his health. but more than that, trump really has covered up the reality of his life. we have now seen great reporting by "the new york times," "the washington post," "the wl
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street journal" on donald trump as a lifelong con man in business, and we have learned nothing from him about the reality of so much of his business, his tax records, et cetera. so i think we also got a big job in the press to do here about demanding openness from both of these candidates, but especially trump. he is the one who has not disclosed. you hardly think of hillary clinton as being someone who is open. she's not. she obfuscates, she avoids and she's had a difficult relationship with the truth as i say in my book and at the same time, trump has given us nothing in the way of contextual, truthful accounts of his life. >> so, carl, i do think it is interesting that this all comes in a week where hillary clinton and her camp made it very clear that she was going to be more open. she was going to be sort of more hillary, if you will, show the voters,
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the press, more of who she is. the personal side of her. yet the campaign knew on friday that she did have this pneumonia diagnosis. did not tell the public about it until this evening. do you see an obligation there for the campaign to have come forward with this sooner? if so, why? >> yes, because, obviously, she has a serious diagnosis, and voters and people in this country ought to know about it. >> but it's pneumonia, right? let me play devil's advocate and say it's pneumonia. right? this is not something that's incurable. this is pneumonia. it is something that people get and get better from. >> absolutely. >> did they have a responsibility to come forward with it on friday? >> yes, i think they have a responsibility to come forward with it at some point very soon thereafter, and it seems clear they were not going to until they were forced to which often happens with hillary clinton. but i want to come back to a central point, and that is that we need to demand openness from both these candidates, but especially the one who has been more guarded, has covered up more.
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we don't know anything about his taxes except what we've read in "the new york times," "the washington post," et cetera. we have got a blackout about real information about donald trump's own life from himself. and from his campaign. we need to be getting away from this idea that it's just hillary clinton who hides things. there is no parity here. p-a-r-i-t-y. the candidate who really hides things is trump and we need to start demanding he open up as well as hillary clinton and also, she would serve herself very well as i said on "new day" earlier this week or last week, to say, the american people, i hear you. you want me to be open. i am going to do it. here are my speeches from goldman sachs. here are my health records. i've learned something in this campaign about myself and about what's expected of me, and i'm ready to respond and to be more open.
10:16 pm
and let's get on with it. and i think she'd do herself an enormous amount of good by doing that, and it's not too late now. and maybe even this episode will be helpful in that regard to force her to do that, especially given the lack of anything like that by her opponent. >> we'll see if we do get those medical records from clinton and trump. carl bernstein, stay with me. i have to get a break in here. we have much more ahead. especially about what today's news means for the presidential race. the optics of it all. what do we know historically when it comes to candidates' health and the vote. david gergen with me next.
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10:19 pm
going on a two-day california trip that was scheduled long ago. she was supposed to headline a large fund-raiser in san francisco tomorrow night. she was then going to fly to l.a. where she had two events, two fund-raisers. one with lionel richie and another with diane von furstenberg as well as a campaign event and an appearance on "the ellen degeneres show." right now the next open event will be in las vegas where she's supposed to headline a rally and speak about the economy in las vegas on wednesday. this is an acknowledgment from the clinton campaign that this pneumonia diagnosis is an issue. i was struck when the doctor put out a statement and said i advised secretary clinton to change her schedule. the fact the clinton campaign allowed that line to be in the doctor's statement was fairly telling. it nodded to the fact that, "a," this was an issue for them. something they took seriously.
10:20 pm
and, "b," that they were seriously considering the amount they scheduled secretary clinton. the way she raises money and has raised money throughout this campaign has been very labor intensive. it requires her going from place to place, headlining events like the one she was supposed to do in the next two days. she's headlined over 330 fund-raisers as a candidate and over 37, i think exactly 37 in august. that's a lot of work. and it's a lot of time spent raising money. there are serious questions within the clinton campaign tonight whether they are overscheduling her, whether they had too much on her plate. and the biggest sign of that is the fact that on friday they learned that she was diagnosed with pneumonia from her doctor. >> right. >> but she continued to do two fund-raisers and a large national security event. >> dan, have we gotten any update from hillary clinton's campaign or her doctor since this initial update a few hours ago where they said she has pneumonia but she's rehydrated and, quote, recovering closely. that came and it was hours until we learned she canceled the
10:21 pm
trip. any update from her campaign how she's doing or why this decision to cancel it? any change in her health? >> no, they are basically saying that she is recovering. the same thing they said hours ago. and she clearly tried to squash any thought that she was really sick when she walked out of chelsea clinton's apartment in manhattan. her campaign was well aware cameras were there. the press pool had been escorted to a position to see her walk out. she walked out, she waved. she said she was feeling great. commented on how beautiful the day was. a young child ran over to her. she chatted with the child a little bit. it was staged to show i'm healthy. i feel good. i feel okay. she came back to the house, was observed by the doctor. and i think more than anything, this cancellation is an acknowledgment that she had a lot on her plate the tast week or two. and acknowledgment they maybe they shouldn't have gone forward with as much as they did on friday given she'd been diagnosed with pneumonia. >> dan, thank you for the
10:22 pm
breaking news. the headline, hillary clinton canceling that two-day trip for fund-raising in california after being diagnosed with pneumonia and going to take some time, it appears, off the trail to recoup from this. we are 58 days out from critical election. let's bring in cnn presidential historian, douglas brinkley from austin, texas and former presidential adviser david gergen is with us from atlanta and cnn political commentator carl bernstein, the author of "a woman in charge: the life of hillary rodham clinton." david gergen, the trump campaign on all of this is saying nothing tonight. they have not tweeted one thing. trump has not said one thing, and we have heard that they are -- the message from the campaign is they are wishing clinton well. that is our reporting from sources involved with the trump campaign. hillary clinton making the decision to go off the campaign trail, not take that trip to california. your take. >> well, as far as the trump campaign, i think they're finally showing the discipline that would have been helpful to bring to the table a long time
10:23 pm
ago. they shouldn't say anything. listen the whole country wishes hillary clinton well. we want her to recover. and good for her that she's taking a couple of days off the trail to get back in shape. that said, i must tell you that echoing carl bernstein a few moments ago, they would have been so much wiser to have dealt with this pneumonia on friday and just put out a statement. candidates routinely come down with illnesses in these presidential campaigns. these are grueling experiences. and hillary clinton has come down -- she's got -- been diagnosed with pneumonia. she's going to get over it. she'll be back on the trail soon. and then all of this would have evaporated. as it stands now, she is seen once again -- even as she was trying to tell, i'm going to be reransparent, she's seen as, like, they were covering it until they were forced. their hands were forced. >> so, david, why do you think she didn't? why do you think the campaign did not do that? even this morning the statement
10:24 pm
that nick meryl, her spokesman, put out was that she was overheated. he could have at that time said she had pneumonia. he did not. >> exactly. poppy, it's the most baffling question surrounding hillary clinton and her campaign. this woman is so accomplished in so many ways. it's so obvious. it's so obvious that they're not helping themselves and really living up to their responsibilities as a candidate. it is absolutely true that donald trump has covered up far more. and both these candidates ought to be held to a much higher standard. that having been said, tonight we're dealing with a story that has suddenly been given legs. the alternative right was pushing all these conspiracy theories. but tonight we're into a situation where it is a legitimate campaign issue about her health. people do need to know, and i think she will release her health records, detailed health records, as i think mr. trump will be forced to do with his health records. historically, as douglas brinkley will tell you, way back
10:25 pm
when, franklin roosevelt could cover up that he was in a wheelchair. you know -- and hyde park where his museum is, there are thousands of pictures of fdr as president. only two showing him in a wheelchair that he couldn't walk. john f. kennedy lied to us about his health but in recent years, poppy, it's been required, expected especially of candidates either approaching or in their 70s. ronald reagan, bob dole, john mccain, all of them had to release their health care records. >> so, douglas brinkley, you're a presidential historian. speak to the history here, "a," on how much this affects how people vote, a candidate's health or perceived health, and also the fact that in recent elections, john mccain, for example, we've known a lot more about the health of the candidates than we do this time around. >> that's right, and i agree with everything david gergen just said. i would add that one of the problems hillary clinton has is that concussion back in 2012.
10:26 pm
she had double vision and was sort of an unusual two-month period for her. and nobody really knows what that's all about. and that's fed some of the conspiracy theories. but the fact of the matter is i think the clinton campaign, the fact that here it's friday, they got a morning diagnosis of pneumonia and had her run one of the most grueling schedules i could imagine. i'm sure she wanted to. but it was in that moment friday with that basket of deplorables comment came out by doing another fund-raiser that wasn't necessary when she should have taken a lot of the weekend off. so, she's starting this week not only canceling california, but i'm afraid that baskets of deplorables is going to be haunting her campaign for weeks to come. so the best thing she can do is what she's doing, reboot, recharge. take a few days off. maybe pick up the ellen degeneres interview. maybe give that the exclusive on the recovering of pneumonia and then get to las vegas and start doing rallies and not just
10:27 pm
fund-raisers. >> and, again, our jeff zeleny reporting the campaign press secretary is coming out and confirming what aides told our dan merica, indeed, that she'll not be going to california on monday or tuesday. carl bernstein, you wrote the book on her. as joe johns was reporting earlier, look, this is someone who powers through. what do you expect her to do now? clearly she's resting at home. what will her next step be? >> i don't think we can predict. i think we can hope that some people will around her will finally say, hillary, you've got to open up in all kinds of ways here because that's when you're really at your best. but i think among other things, she and her doctor need to be in front of the press for an hour with medical records and discussing and open to questions about her medical history, and donald trump needs to do the same, and we need to demand it of both of them.
10:28 pm
but we have got to start looking at the whole lives of these two candidates, and with some real context. and one of the things that will help is, indeed, as doug brinkley says, perhaps she ought to be doing fewer fund-raisers and more substantive relating to the people who vote in this country. i think it would help her immensely. donald trump actually has done very well by avoiding some of this fund-raising and going straight to the people of the country. i think she ought to try it. and enough of the high rollers, even though conventional political wisdom says this is the way you do it. it's not working for her. she needs to really reassess in these last days of the campaign about going to all of her strengths as somebody with great experience, knowledge. look, today, we had the world trade center 15th anniversary. life and death. we saw this magnificent documentary.
10:29 pm
and we need to know which of these two candidates really can we trust to fight isis, to deal with a world of terrorism? and i don't think there's much question about who has the credentials, but she also has got to open up some. >> let me bring in joe johns, again, our senior washington correspondent because, like carl bernstein, you have covered hillary clinton in depth for a matter of decades now. look, she's resting at home, joe. she's not going to these fund-raisers on the west coast. do you believe that she'll do as carl bernstein suggests, hold a big press conference with her doctor, come out with her medical records, because i think the context of this is so important. as david gergen said earlier, this comes in the context of some top trump surrogates. the candidate himself making sort of unfounded claims about her health or why she wasn't on the campaign trail, they said. now this is a legitimate health
10:30 pm
concern. so, there's that context that needs to be considered, as well. >> yeah, i think that's just the question. you really hit on it right there. how will they handle this going forward? and 100 different thoughts on that. but i think probably the most important one is that if you view what has happened today in sort of the context, the totality of the campaign, the fact that she's come under attack and questions have been raised about her health, it makes it even more plausible that there would be a lot of concern about releasing any details out of fear that it would just fuel the fire, if you will. but the problem is that it's already out there, and we have video. we have a lot of video. video from today of mrs. clinton having real difficulty. there you can see it with the van, trying to get in.
10:31 pm
and it certainly looks there as if she misses quite a step. but the interesting thing is, that's not the only video we have. we also have the video from labor day that was in cleveland, ohio, where she was giving a speech and for the first several minutes, she went into a coughing fit that she laughed off. but i can tell you from sitting there, at that location -- well, need i go on? we also have the coughing fit there on the campaign plane. so all of these pictures, these images just help raise more and more concerns and it, i think, tells the campaign that you're going to have to handle this in a certain way and make public more information than you have in the past. even though that speech, for example, in cleveland, mrs. clinton had the coughing fit and then she got stronger as she went on.
10:32 pm
i personally was wondering whether she was going to make it through the speech. the video and what's been going on just raises more questions as the critics say, mrs. clinton could have a health problem. >> poppy, can i make one last point? >> yes, david, i just got to get a quick break in here, so we'll be right back with our entire panel right after this. but the headline again, hillary clinton canceling a two-day trip to the west coast after we have learned that the democratic candidate for president was diagnosed with pneumonia on friday. much more of our breaking news ahead. because the ultimate expression of power, is control. this is the pursuit of perfection. but my guy knows what to bring... i overpack... like viagra single packs for ed. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain or adempas® for pulmonary hypertension.
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breaking news. welcome back to our viewers in the united states and around the world. we're following breaking news tonight. the hillary clinton campaign confirming now that she will no longer travel to california to campaign and fund-raise tomorrow. this after being diagnosed with pneumonia, we've learned. the announcement coming after a bystander captured this video of clinton leaving a 9/11 commemoration ceremony early today in new york. you can see her struggling to get in a van. she wobbles a bit and seems to stumble.
10:36 pm
the secret service is around her. her doctor says she overheated at the event. she was taken then to her daughter chelsea's apartment in new york city. she emerged a short time later and said to the crowds she felt great. but clinton's campaign and her doctor tonight deciding she needs more time to rest. again, she will not make that trip to the west coast. let me bring in senior washington correspondent joe johns, cnn presidential historian douglas brinkley, cnn political analyst and former presidential analyst david gergen and also political commentator carl bernstein, the author of "a woman in charge: the life of hillary rodham clinton." david before the break, you wanted to jump in. your thoughts? >> poppy, in my judgment she has two weeks to get these health records out. the first debate is two weeks away. she wants to dispose of this issue before she gets there. if, in fact, her health is good, this will be a two-day,
10:37 pm
three-day story and then she can go into the debate on the offensive. i put all my tax records out there. i put my health records out there and you, donald trump, you've been hiding, hiding, hiding and owe it to the american people to put it out. she can put him on the defensive. if she waits beyond the two weeks, both sides will be under fire from moderators and umdz a lot of pressure and they're going to be on the defensive. i'd think she'd do it now and do it quickly, maybe the end of this week. >> carl bernstein, to you. do you think now she'll be off the trail? we know she's not going to california for two days. we don't know whether she'll be on the trail elsewhere in the next two days. she's not going to the west coast. if she is off the trail for a few days, do you think some of the big names, you know, need to get out there and campaign for her? do we need to see more of tim kaine, do we need to see president obama campaigning for her, joe biden, in her absence or does that draw attention to her absence? >> no, i think they'll be out there from here until election day, and we know that already. i think that there's one thing
10:38 pm
that the campaign and the press can do here, and that is to demand that donald trump as well appear with his doctor and particularly records that have to do with heart, statins, stents. we need to know are there heart problems there as we would of any candidate of this age. we also want to know about the heart records of mrs. clinton. i think we're starting to break through here and that we need to be asking these questions in the next two weeks are a real opportunity for the press and for both of these candidates to level with us. >> from a historical perspecti perspective, douglas brinkley, as a presidential historian, how do health events akin to this affect the voter this far out? you know, less than two months out from an election? >> well, let's remember when barack obama in 2012 ran against mitt romney, he was preparing for the debates. he prepared in henderson, nevada. sea level or below sea level and suddenly the debate was in
10:39 pm
denver and he did terribly in his first debate and blamed it on altitude sickness. elections can hinge on these sorts of things. so, and the other problem, i think, hillary clinton faces if she doesn't release the medical records quickly is that donald trump just might do it. he might just release his and hold a press conference and start demanding she does. and she would suddenly be in a defensive crouch. you know, john kerry, when he ran in 2004 had prostate cancer. and it slowed him down, but that was in the spring of '04. we are now really 58 days until the election. this is an inconvenient illness and she's going to have to figure out a way to find this as a positive this week. and that would only be by talking straight to the press, being transparent and releasing her medical records the way carl bernstein just suggested. >> the campaign was not transparent in this diagnosis. i mean, they got this diagnosis
10:40 pm
on friday. this morning when she had the stumble and had to leave early and get into the van, her campaign same out and the only detail was she, quote, overheated, and it was hours and hours later until this evening when her doctor released this statement, joe johns, that she, indeed, was diagnosed with pneumonia. do we have any idea from the campaign or advisers on why they didn't come out with this sooner? >> absolutely not a clue. all we know is that hillary clinton had a very busy day on fly and she powered through that day. she had a meeting with national security advisers from both parties. sat down and talked to them. then walked out and gave a statement and took a few questions. she had that interview with chris cuomo, with cnn. then she went to the fund-raiser that night. so a full day for hillary clinton there and a little bit of rest time yesterday, then back over to the memorial today, and that's when we actually saw
10:41 pm
the effects of it. so, no clear indication from the campaign about why they didn't just put out a statement and say she's not doing well right now. she has pneumonia, and she needs to rest, but it's -- you know, this is the middle of a very tough campaign, and the numbers are pretty close. and i wouldn't be surprised if we went and asked questions about that, it might be that the candidate herself was a little reluctant. >> david gergen, final thought quickly. >> i would like to add one thing here, if we do. and that is that her lack of transparency, which goes back way back to the arkansas years, has for the most part served her and bill clinton well, which is to say they have won. but this election cycle, it has not served her well. it has almost buried her. it has made donald trump a credible possibility for the presidency of the united states
10:42 pm
at least in terms of the numbers. it's not working. it hasn't worked, and it seems to me that she's got an opportunity here to change directions at exactly the right moment, perhaps nudged by this incident, and open up and go to the person who those around her rightly say has got so much to say on the substance. >> guy, i've got to leave it there. douglas brinkley, david gergen, carl bernstein, joe johns all for us tonight. thank you very much. coming up, how both candidates handle today's news going forward on the campaign trail. you're watching cnn. this car is traveling over 200 miles per hour. to win, every millisecond matters. both on the track and thousands of miles away. with the help of at&t, red bull racing can share critical information about every inch of the car from virtually anywhere. brakes are getting warm. confirmed, daniel you need to cool your brakes. understood, brake bias back 2 clicks.
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welcome back to our continuing coverage. the headline, hillary clinton will not be making a planned fund-raising trip to california, this after she was diagnosed with pneumonia. we've just learned about this diagnosis tonight. as for donald trump, her competitor in this race, he has not yet responded to the news that she has been diagnosed with pneumonia. sources do tell us at cnn that the trump campaign wants to be respectful of clinton's health. they say surrogates and staff are being told to keep quiet and avoid posting anything on social media about this. this approach is different from what we've seen from the trump
10:46 pm
campaign for months now with both the candidate and his campaign and top surrogates questioning clinton's health and stamina. let's talk more about all of it, the big picture. brian stelter is with me. he is a cnn media correspondent and host of "reliable sources." you were making the point earlier, if it was a previous republican candidate running against hillary clinton, they would have said something already. >> i think barack obama or john mccain or mitt romney or any other candidate would generally weigh in with well wishes, condolences, express concern over twitter or facebook. we haven't seen trump do that today. we also haven't seen him take any jabs or critiques of clinton. he's been silent partly because of the 9/11 anniversary. that will change tomorrow if some of his campaign aides are on television. so we'll see what tone they strike. sounds like they'll try and take the high road on this. the reality is all of trump's supporters and all americans are aware of the ideas and questions about clinton's health. trump doesn't need to spread it any further. >> look, what is indispute ababe
10:47 pm
is the campaign did not make it clear on friday she had a pneumonia diagnosis. they didn't do it until after she stumbled this morning. who knows if we would have ever been told. >> we should acknowledge the fear a lot of viewers have when they see that video. the concern. if you are a clinton supporter, you are very concerned watching that video. if you are a trump supporter you may be concerned. it's a scary thing to see, to see a politician or anybody stumbling that way. >> we can pull it up so everybody can see. >> let's acknowledge the fear. candidates are allowed to get and there's probably folks thinking we're making much ado about nothing. since baskets are in the news this week, for months, there have been sick conspiracy theories suggesting clinton is on death's door. "the national enquirer" has a horrible photoshop of clinton suggesting she's in dire straits. there's not evidence for that. that bask basket is outrageous. there's a second basket that's accurate, fair.
10:48 pm
legitimate questions. legitimate scrutiny about her health. and today fuels all those legitimate questions. we've got to have a conversation this week about clinton and trump releasing medical records as your guests were saying earlier this hour. >> before i let you go, you have said this election is about strength and you believe hillary clinton is being treated somewhat differently because of her gender. >> i think we have to consider the gender dynamics here. it's not the only factor, definitely not. we're talking about the first female nominee in a major party in the united states. women generally stereotypically for decades, for centuries have been depictsed weaker than men. we've seen women leaders across corporate america having to show their strength in unique ways and show they're just as strong as men. a lot of this campaign is about gender, whether we want it to be or not, isn't it? >> brian stelter, we'll continue following this. we'll get a quick break in. much more after this. have conquered highways, mountains, and racetracks. and now much of that same advanced technology is found in the audi a4.
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>> you are looking at an image that we see every year here on september 11th here in new york. two lights shining up into the night's sky marking the twin towers that once stood there. 15 years after 9/11 this moment of new york firefighters raising an aamerican flag at ground zero still captures america's resilience after the terror attacks. today marks 15 years. the flag disappeared shortly after the september 11th attacks, but it turned up years later, and it's made its way back to the site. debra has more on the flag's incredible journey. >> reporter: on 9/11 in the burning ashes of the world trade center, three firefighters raised an american flag.
10:53 pm
it was 5:00 p.m. on a day that changed history. >> how we said patriotism post-9/11. >> the iconic image embodied america's resilience. featuring the film "the flag" it was unfurled at yankee stadium and was aboard the aircraft carrier that launched the -- >> i have never seen so many men and women cry just by touching a piece of fabric, and, of course, it wasn't just a piece of fabric, was it? >> reporter: except it wasn't the right flag. >> somewhere between 9/11 and the yankees stadium ceremony the flag went missing. >> reporter: the flag taken by three firefighters from a yacht in the marina near ground zero disappeared hours after the photo was taken. its fate remained a mystery
10:54 pm
until now. a stranger identifying himself as a former marine named brian turned over the flag to local firefighters. >> brian was purporting the flag to be the missing 9/11 flag. >> reporter: and so began a two-year process to confirm the flag was authentic and get it back home to the original owner. >> there was a level of secrecy as to what you potentially had. why? >> i was concerned that there was the potential that a lone terrorist, if they believed there was an american icon in a city of 110,000 people they might -- may want to either try to steal it or destroy it. >> reporter: lead detectives jim and mike atwood created a sketch of brian hoping to ask him more questions. all they knew was that he was allegedly given the flag on veterans day, 2007, by a man who had received it from a 9/11 firefighters widow. >> did you ever generate any
10:55 pm
satisfying leads? >> no, we did not. >> the break came with forensic scientist william snecht who painstakingly analyzed photos, fibers, and thousands of particles comparing them to original ground zero dust. >> the key things would be the composition of the building materials themselves. the concrete, the glass fibers, inner wall, gypsum. all those were critical. >> reporter: critical and ultimately conclusive. as detectives prepared for the journey home, they asked a retired nypd officer to make the final fold. >> he grabbed on to the flag and held it up to his face and smelled it and turned and looked at me and he said that's the smell that i remember from that day. >> reporter: the flag back where it began 15 years ago.
10:56 pm
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coming up next, cnn films presents 9/11 is a years later. a film with the only known footage from inside the twin towers on that fateful day. before we go tonight, i want to leave you with some really powerful images from today from the memorial services here in new york city this morning, from the pentagon, the rural country side of shanksville, pennsylvania. i'm poppy harlow in new york. thank you for being with us tonight. good night.
11:00 pm
hillary clinton cancels a trip to california after a very public stumble. turns out she has pneumonia. >> also ahead, taking action. south korea says that it is bracing for the worst following north korea's most powerful nuclear test yet. and king of the hard court. overpowering the world's number one tennis player to claim the u.s. open title. hello, and welcome to our viewers here in the united states and, of course, all around the world. i'm rosemary church. >> i'm george howell. "newsroom" starts right now.


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