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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  September 15, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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insight into the medical condition. we learned that she, in addition to be treated last friday for pneumonia, she saw the doctor for the persistent cough we heard on the campaign trail. she has been treated for that and now on medication for ten days for pneumonia. now the question here has been one of transparency. the clinton campaign acknowledges there were misstep here. she has been off the campaign trail watching all this from her home in chappaqua. they were trying to get their politics right by releasing this letter from the doctor. let's take a look at one of the summaries here from the doctor basically giving an overview to her condition. she says this, my overall impression is that mrs. clinton has remained healthy and has not developed new medical conditions this year other than a sinus and ear infections and diagnosed pneumonia. she is recovering well with antibiotics and rest.
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she is continuing to remain healthy to serve as the president of the united states. the clintons realize they lost time here and eager to get back to campaigning. the top priority is her health. that first debate with trump is now only 11 days away. christine and george. >> 11 days. thanks, jeff. donald trump holding a fiery rally in ohio. trump targeting the subject of hillary clinton's health since she fell ill over the weekend. >> i don't know, folks. you think hillary would be able to stand up here for an hour and do this? i don't know. i don't know. i don't think so. i don't think so. now we have one left and in all fairness, she is lying in bed getting better and we want her better and back on the trail. right?
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we want her back on the trail? >> trump's health is a mystery even after a made for tv moment where he surprised dr. oz with a physician's letter of his own. reporters were not allowed inside. let's bring in sunlen serfaty traveling with the trump campaign in ohio. >> reporter: good morning. questions over transparency over the campaign, trump is releasing issues over his health today. the trump campaign plans to release a one-page summary. the results of that physical he had last week. trump also sitting down to discuss his health in an interview that was taped on wednesday with dr. oz. some of the audience members leaving that taping told cnn that trump said he doesn't exercise much. he would like to lose between 15 on 20 pounds. he does take drugs, statin drugs, to help lower
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cholesterol. here's more of what trump had to say with dr. oz in which he insists he feels good and believes he has the stamina to be president. >> let's talk about stamina. you use that word a lot. you made an issue in the campaign. you argue a president has to have a tremendous amount of stamina. if elected at age 70, you would be the oldest person to enter the office. >> just about the same age as ronald reagan and hillary is a year behind me. i would say based on my life. i actually and i don't know if this makes sense. i feel as good today as i did when i was 30. >> reporter: this is important to note the trump campaign while they are planning on releasing the summary, it is not the full release of what the physical shows nor is it the full details of trump's medical records. it is far less detailed than previous nominees released. still lacking a whole and
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complete picture of trump's health. george and christine. >> to get some context on all of the topics every day to talk about, let's bring in zach wolf. managing editor of cnn digital. let's talk about the issue of health and transparency. we saw donald trump on the dr. oz show. if we have these images, this is a made for tv moment where trump is talking to specific voters. voters who typical skew female. dr. oz show is an important voting block for donald trump. he released some information, but the fact of the matter is, zach, at this point, hillary clinton has released the most. she told us in a two-page letter that she suffered an ear infection that required draining of fluid and c.a.t. scan of her brain and a c.a.t. scan of her
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heart. she is low risk of heart disease. more information for clinton. made for tv moment for trump. which matters for voters? >> it is interesting we are having this debate. it is true. they are two of the oldest candidates to make it this far. trump would be the oldest president in history. he eats fast food with abandon. he loves it. he admitted on the show that he doesn't exercise. there are those issues. can he stand up to the job? for her, we saw her appear to falter on camera. it is obviously an issue for her. can they handle this job? which is the most important job in the country. something voters are interested in. on the other hand, these are two people who have been campaigning almost nonstop for more than a year. the idea that either of them doesn't have the stamina is interesting. you know, four years is a long time. at least over the last year and
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a half, they both had good paces. >> just be interesting to see how the polls play out in the next couple days because you have the made for tv moment that clinton has been criticized for being wonkish on policy. you have the letter with more details. what is more important to voters? >> it is clear, zach, the health issue is important. this is the most important job in the country and some argue the most important job in the world. that is why the health issue is important. the policies, sometimes, we talk about personality and health and letter from a doctor. the policies get lost in the mix here. let's talk about policy. we will hear from donald trump in six hours. he will unveil what he says is the most amazing economic proposals in our lifetimes. we heard him on killed care yesterday with his daughter talking about his child care
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proposals. and donald trump, again and again, some of the big think tanks, they score and say they would hurt the economy. a place called oxford economics says he would blow a $1 trillion hole in the economy. what do you expect from him at 11:00? will he move the ball here on what he wants to do in terms of tax cuts? will he revise and try to be more favorable to the think tanks who say he would be bad for the economy? >> he has thrown a wrench in the typical ideas of the economy. if you look at that paid maternity leave proposal that he had. it was interesting. it relies on unemployment benefits. something republicans are not necessarily into. he is not taking a conventional approach to this. that's for sure. that is what has foiled a lot of these groups that look at these
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proposals. there is not a lot of meat on the bones. we have to figure out what it means. that takes time. it is hard to do in a short amount of time. >> also the e-mails leaked. former secretary of state colin powell. he is very hard on donald trump. he is critical of hillary clinton. the simple fact, zach, these are private e-mails. they were hacked and released. that's a big deal. >> it is. you know, you often wonder what these politicians are thinking. they say things in public that are not as interesting, maybe, and what goes on in their minds behind closed doors. we have a window on that with colin powell in the hacked and leaked e-mails. you can imagine him saying these things if you have seen him calling trump an international
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pirarah. he is just like us. a lot of people, i think, in reading these things. >> so much more content in the e-mails and less to the outrage of someone who is now a private citizen. two people could -- your conversation be so public. the age of hack. thank you, zach. talk to you in a few minutes. to money news. ford ending small car production in the u.s. ford will move c-max and focus models to mexico. production moves means other cars will be made in the factory. the government should not allow ford to move, according to trump. >> they will employ thousands and thousands of people not from this country and they'll sell the cars through a weak border. no tax, no nothing.
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we will have more unemployment in flint and michigan. >> auto industry took a hit during the recession, but this chart shows all workers that manufacture vehicles and parts. 330,000 jobs have come back. pay has not rebounded quickly. that brings me to my romans numerals. hourly rages are up 93 cents since the low point following the recession. some of these are tied to union agreements, but wages are still lagging. especially for auto workers. there are signs of hope in the fragile cease-fire in syria. a new deal on the ground to extend peace, but important aid still not getting to the people who need it most. a look into why next.
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the united states and russia agreeing to extend the fragile cease-fire in syria for another 48 hours. there have been violations of the three-day truce, but on both sides. not a single fatality has been reported. that is considered hopeful news. there is still no humanitarian aid in sight for those who need it most. cnn's jomana karadsheh is live in jordan with the latest. jomana, is this cease-fire effective as aid is not flowing as it was intended? >> reporter: we have to look at what has been going on, george. we are entering day three of the truce and so far, there has been no significant violent incidents reported, according to u.n. officials and according to u.s.
2:16 am
officials, we have seen a drop in violence. there has been sporadic violence here and there considered violations by both the regime and opposition fighters. according to the monitoring group, the most important thing here is not a single person has been killed in the areas that are covered by the truce. as you mentioned, the issue that remains much focus here is humanitarian aid. so far, we have not seen the delivery of desperately needed humanitarian aid of food and medicine to the areas needed. the convoys are ready to roll from the turkey side of the border. they will not move until they get guarantees from the opposition they will be granted sa safe passage. the area needed aid most is
2:17 am
aleppo. they need to go through a main road into the area. this is a highly contested area. we have seen so much fighting between rebel forces and the regime there. according to the agreement to the u.s. and russia, this area should be turned into a demilitarized zone to allow aid to flow. we have not seen the regime or opposition fighters yet, but the civilians are trapped and waiting for that aid. >> certainly many people hoping these particulars, these details can be worked out so aid can flow. jomana karadsheh live in jordan. thank you. 17 minutes past the hour. the jets and bills set to kickoff week two of the nfl season. and to make history on twitter, andy scholes has the bleacher report next. beyond has a natural
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all right. broncos linebacker brandon marshall lost two endorsements after kneeling during the national anthem. that is not stopping him. >> andy scholes has more in the bleacher report. >> brandon marshall will donate $300 for every tackle to organizations in the denver community. this comes after he lost two endorsements for joining colin kaepernick and his protests over social injustice. marshall says his intent is not to offend, but raise awareness and create dialogue for affecting positive change. earlier this week, he met with the denver police chief to
2:23 am
discuss his protest. >> the more understanding of what they go through and the different trials and tests it is to be a police officer and he got my side of the spiel as well. i think it was a good meeting. >> the jets and bills will hit the field tonight. it will be the first ever thursday night game streamed live on twitter. you don't have to have a twitter account to watch the game on the site or app. download the app and you are all set. you cans also watch the game by going to the atlantic coast conference will move its upcoming conference championships out of neutral sites in north carolina. this is in response to the transgender bathroom law known as house bill 2. this means the acc championship football game will not be in charlotte as planned.
2:24 am
the nba also boycotted north carolina by pulling the all-star game out of charlotte and moving it to new orleans. the pro football hall of fame announcing the 2017 class. cnn's hines ward making the cut. also making the cut is chad o o ochocinco. between hines ward and i, we have two super bowls and two mvp. the cnn sports department is doing quite well. >> thank you, andy. nice to see you. all right. 24 minutes past the hour. the health of donald trump and hillary clinton is the talk of the campaign trail. still. both revealing new details and both accused of holding back. latest on the 2016 race ahead. honekehow is it? perfect! who's this? you don't always use it to share something. he's doing it!
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it is back to the campaign trail for hillary clinton after three days off to fight pneumonia. now her campaign putting out new medical information, but is it enough to quiet the critics? after a few days laying off hillary clinton's health, donald trump taking not so subtle jabs on hillary clinton on the stump. donald trump is facing questions over how much information he is releasing. both candidates accused of not being forthcoming. cnn polls show one is hurt by lack of transparencies. >> polls are twiligightening. >> welcome back to "early start." i'm george howell. >> i'm christine romans. and hillary clinton is back on the campaign trail after the medical time-out for pneumonia. it raised more criticism that
2:30 am
clinton has not been transparent. her campaign released information in a two-page letter from clinton's doctor who says she is recovering well from pneumonia. this as polls she clinton's absence from the campaign trail and transparency issue overall may be taking a toll. cnn's jeff zeleny is following the latest. >> reporter: christine and george, hillary clinton campaigning in north carolina today after three days in chappaqua recovering from pneumonia. late yesterday, the clinton campaign released a letter from her doctor offering more information and insight into the medical condition. we learned that she in addition to being treated last friday for pneumonia, she saw the doctor one friday prior for that persistent cough we heard on the campaign trail. she is treated for that and now on medication for the pneumonia.
2:31 am
now the question here has been one of transparency. the clinton campaign acknowledges there were misstep here. she has been open the campaign trail watching this from chappaqua. they were trying to get the politics right here by releasing this from her doctor. let's get a summary from the doctor giving an overview to her condition. she says this, my overall impression is mrs. clinton is healthy and not developed a new medical condition other than a sinus and ear infection and recently pneumonia. she is recovering well with antibiotics and rest. she continues to remain healthy and fit to serve as president of the united states. george and christine, the clinton campaign hopes this put an end to it and pressure on donald trump to release more medical information. the clintons realize they have lost time and eager to get back to the campaign trail. one adviser tells me her health.
2:32 am
the first debate with donald trump is now only 11 days away. christine. >> 11 days. jeff, thank you. donald trump posting a fiery rally in ohio last night after days of soft pedaling his attacks on hillary clinton, he targeted the subject for the first time since clinton became ill. >> i don't know, folks. you think hillary would be able to stand up here for an hour and do this? i don't know. i don't know. i don't think so. now we have one left and in all fairness, she is lying in bed getting better. we want her better and back on the trail, right? we want her back on the trail. >> a subtle or not so subtle jab there. trump's health is a mystery even after a made for tv moment here after surprising dr. oz with a
2:33 am
physician's letter. trump says he does not exercise. he said he would like to lose 15 to 20 pounds and he is on statins. the trump campaign is set to release a summary of the physical today, but that remains far less than what other presidential nominees released in the past. >> joining us to break down the candidates health and policies. zach wolf. good morning, zach. we have hillary clinton on the campaign trail today. we will hear from donald trump in new york about the economy. he says he will have an unbelievable package of proper poet proposals. we found something very interesting. ivanka trump when she was selling this doing interviews. her organization is giving eight
2:34 am
weeks paid leave. we find that may not be true. >> according to the huffington post who went to trump hotels who don't necessarily work for the trump organization, but subsidiaries of the trump organization so they fold up into the larger organization. they don't get any paid maternity leave. they rely on sick leave. the bare minimum you can do in federal law. according to the huffington post. that is stunning in argument of what ivanka trump talked about the other day. >> the issue of health. for both of the candidates. for trump, the business dealings and taxes not released. hillary clinton's e-mails. all of this is playing in the minds of voters. i want you to look the polls. let's start with the state of ohio here. you can see donald trump ahead 48% when it comes to honesty and
2:35 am
trustworthy. voters there think he is more honest and also in florida. 48% over clinton's 40%. as these polls are tightening, what do these candidates have to do now? especially hillary clinton who is surely suffering. she has been kicked from the topic. >> that gets to the heart of her problem. honesty and trustworthiness. the voters don't trust her according to the polls. these have to be concerning numbers for the clinton campaign. florida and ohio. you know, two states that president obama won. she, of course, wants to sort of follow his map or, you know, in the trump era, expand it. the idea that it is this close has got to be concerning to them right now. this health issue and how the
2:36 am
press was kept in the dark and people did not know about the pneumonia. i think that may help feed the idea for a lot of voters that they don't know what's going on with her. >> you talk about the trust issue and how that's been hurting her and helping him in the polls tighten the polls. you look at the economy polls. in ohio, who can better handle the economy? trump up ten points in ohio. in florida, who can better handle the economy? trump up eight points. he will give the big economy speech. he is coming out as the champion of working women. i wonder why he just continues to get so much credit on being so good for the economy. although his policies have shifted on the economy. you look at the child care plan they rolled out. listen to what he said in 2004 about women taking maternity leave. >> you know, pregnancy is
2:37 am
never -- it's a wonderful thing for the woman and for the husband. it is an inconvenience for a business. whether people want to say that or not, the fact is it is an inconvenience for a person that is running a business. >> you know, some of the prior statements contradict what he is saying now about trying to be in support of working women. it doesn't seem to hurt him in the polls. >> it doesn't. the other interesting thing about the proposal, it is focused exclusively on women and democrats and the clinton campaign have complained they want to extend parental benefits to men and bring them in more. the idea you focus on women, creates a mommy class. that is another unintended consequence. it all comes back to here we are just a few months from the election. we are getting specifics from the trump campaign which, you
2:38 am
know, this is not the usual time where you are rolling out policy proposals. that happened back in the primaries. another example of the year is totally different. >> another big topic we are all talking about is the political hay from the colin powell leaked e-mails. he is critical of clinton and he is very hard on trump. zach, it is the simple fact the private e-mails from a person who is not holding a public office. retired from office. it's been leaked and put out. that is a big deal. >> it is unfortunate. i think for colin powell. i think all of americans with the dnc hacking and all of the government hackings and now colin powell hacking. don't put anything in e-mail you don't want public. >> especially about your bosses. all right, zach. nig nice to see you. 39 minutes past the hour. more trouble for wells fargo. an official tells cnn the
2:39 am
department of justice issued subpoenas to the bank over the fake accounts. the source investigating says the probe is in the early stages. it is not clear if the bank will face charges. the ceo john stumpf will be grilled by the senate banking committee and elizabeth warren. he said he is sorry for the fake account scandal, but he will not step down. he dodged the question about the executive in charge who is slated to retire with a $124 million payout. representative elijah cummings has requested wells fargo turnover documents about the sales tactics. the university of north carolina rocked by rape allegations by one of the football players. why the accuser decided to go public.
2:40 am
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breaking overnight. a cross country flight diverted after a suspicious device on board. the flight from newark to san diego landed in denver. the bomb squad searched the plane with denver police before giving the all clear. no word on what the device was. passengers re-boarded to continue their trip. university of north carolina football player accused of sexually assaulting a fellow student turned himself in and now suspended from the team indefinitely. it comes a day after the sophomore delaney robinson
2:46 am
saying she was raped by him in february. the alleged victim said she acted after months of inaction by authorities and university. the local d.a. says they are not dragging their feet, but the investigation is ongoing. >> is there evidence that proves the case beyond a reasonable doubt? i think the unc police department is working in that vain. it can take a long time in certain cases to gather that type of evidence. >> he is charged with sexual battery and assault. both are considered misdemeanors. the atlantic coast conference announcing it will move the upcoming conference championships out of neutral sites in north carolina. it is a response to the state's transgender bathroom law known as house bill 2. the nba has also boycotted north carolina by pulling its all-star game out of charlotte and moving
2:47 am
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[ clock titime. ] you only have so much. that's why we want to make sure you won't have to wait on hold. and you won't have to guess when we'll turn up. because after all we should fit into your life. not the other way around. the united states and russia agreeing to extend the fragile cease-fire in syria for another 48 hours. the state department admitting there have been violations to the truce on both sides, but not a single fatality has been
2:52 am
reported since implementation. that is the hopeful news. unfortunately, still no humanitarian aid for the people who need it most. cnn's jomana karadsheh is live from amman, jordan, following the story. jomana, there have been no lives lost. what is the sense on the ground whether the cease-fire is truly working? >> reporter: well, there is some optimism, george. we are entering day three of the cease-fire and no significant violence recorded. there has been sporadic violence here and there. incidents of violations have been recorded. both the regime and opposition accused of carrying out violations. as one monitoring group put it, the most important thing here, for three days, we have not seen a single combat-related death in the areas covered by the truce. when it comes to humanitarian aid despite the relative calm,
2:53 am
we have not seen the aid reach the areas. >> speaking of the humanitarian aid, jomana, why is it not getting to the people who need it most? >> reporter: according to the united nations and the aid agencies, they have the trucks loaded with the aid. they are ready on the turkish side of the syrian border. we are waiting for guarantees of safe passage. they will not send drivers and convoys in harm's way. they will ask the united states and russia to put pressure on the parties on the ground to give them the guarantees. when it comes to the priority for the u.n. here, they say it is eastern aleppo where they need to get the desperately needed aid in. for that to happen, that need to go through the main roadway here
2:54 am
which is contested between the rebels and opposition here. it has changed hands a few times. we heard the russians say the syrian military will withdraw from the road. we are waiting to see if that does happen. in the meantime, it is the hundreds of thousands of civilians in besieged areas, especially eastern aleppo, which is hardest hit, still waiting for the aid. >> we have to wait and see. jomana karadsheh live in amman, jordan, following the developments. congress member michael mccaul says he misspoke when he claimed wednesday russian heart attack hackers targeted the rnc the same way they targeted the dnc. he says he meant in addition to the hack, he meant political operatives have been targeted.
2:55 am
and some parts of the united states are facing tropical storm julia this morning. let's get the latest from meteorologist pedram javaheri. >> tropical storm julia is offshore. the impact is less felt on the land here. it meanders here. we get light to moderate rain for charleston and myrtle beach and wilmington. the bulk of it wants to stay offshore. here is what it looks like. temperatures, low to mid-90s in the southeast. denver, a gorgeous 76 degrees. minneapolis, enjoy at 76 degrees. the northeast stunning. boston to new york city. 67 to 73 degrees. it wants to stay there. it warms up a few degrees every day working toward the weekend. we eventually make it up to the low 80s in new york city to almost 90 in washington, d.c. notice this, final weekend of the summer season. we begin a warming trend, but
2:56 am
still it keeps us five or six degrees above normal in the 80s. guys. thank you, pedram. let's get an early start on your money. dow futures up this morning. the market closed mixed yesterday after the drop at the open. the market all over the place. no one knows for sure when the fed will raise interest rates. stocks in europe and asia lower. oil is falling after a huge drop yesterday. it is below $44 a barrel. apple has sold out of iphone 7 in all finishes and jet black. the phone has not sit stores yet. other colors available tomorrow. investors love the stock. 3. 3.5% increase yesterday. this comes as sprint and t-mobile says pre-orders are four times higher than the previous model. that may be all investors go on for now.
2:57 am
apple is not releasing first weekend sales figures. if you are to the getting a new phone, you may be getting a piece of the iphone. chipotle is hiring thousands of employees in just one day. the chain needs 5,000 employees as it opens 200 new stores in the next year. it has 60,000 employees nationwide. last year, it hired 4,000 people in one day. it got 65,000 applications for the 4,000 jobs. that is harder to get into harvard. chipotle has struggled to repair image following the e. coli outbreak and sued by former employees. chipotle target is hiring 77,000 people for the season and u.p.s. is staffing up. it is expecting to bring on 95,000 seasonal workers. that is one of the reasons we saw the census numbers about
2:58 am
family income growing. jobs are growing. folks say a lot of seasonal and part-time lower wage jobs. that is why you don't feel like the economy is getting better. >> it actually is. the numbers show it. hillary clinton and donald trump both releasing new medical information, but the questions are out there. did they release enough? do they need to release more? the pressure is on for more transparency. "new day" starts right now. >> it is hot and it is always hot when i perform because the crowds are so big. >> i felt overheated. i decided i needed to leave and quickly i felt better. >> i don't know, folks. you think hillary would be able to stand up here for an hour and do this in. >> donald trump's doctor said he would be the healthiest president in history. that is not serious. >> i feel as good today as i did when i was 30. >> you have everything out there to see. >> you have one candidate who released decades of tax returns.
2:59 am
the other candidate refuses. >> i can't take mrs. clinton seriously. >> i think it is time he meets the same level of disclosure i have for years. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo. >> it is thursday, september 15th. let's talk about the candidates' health. hillary clinton set to get back on the campaign trail after sidelines with pneumonia. clinton releasing a letter from her doctor saying she is fit to serve as president. >> the overriding concern is transparency. the candidates are telling you what you need to know. so donald trump is also getting in on this. he is trying to out healthy hillary. offers details. he made a media event from his disclosure. going on a daytime talk show. trump acknowledges he is overweight and teased a full report from the recent physical will come out soon. why does it matter? because stakes could not be
3:00 am
higher. 54 days until election day. eight 11 days until the major moment of this race, the first debate. we have it all covered. let's begin with cnn washington correspondent joe johns. >> good morning, chris. being described as hillary clinton's doctor's note. the note from hillary clinton's physician essentially described the treatment she received for what the doctor characterized as noncontagious bacterial pneumonia and it described the times the doctor examined mrs. clinton a couple weeks ago on september 2nd when she was first put on a short course of antibiotics. and then again on september 9th when the democratic nominee was diagnosed pneumonia. on that day put on a ten-day course of antibiotics. she has remained healthy and has not developed new medical conditio t


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