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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  September 17, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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president barack obama was born in the united states, period. >> well, there you have it. that's what he's saying now. the fallout from donald trump's admission about president obama's birth place. a fragile cease-fire, the truce in syria is holding but humanitarian aid still not reaching those who desperately need it. staying in syria, u.s. forces helping turkish troops as they clear isis from the northern part of that country. but this video shows them leaving. why? from cnn headquarters in atlanta, welcome to our viewers here in the united states and
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around the world. i'm george howell, "cnn newsroom" starts right now. 5:00 a.m. on the u.s. east coast. just when you thought the birther issue, that controversy, that it might be finally over, it's not. donald trump is now saying the actual words, admitting that the president of the united states, barack obama, was actually born in the united states, but he's also reviving false claims about hillary clinton. listen. >> hillary clinton and her campaign of 2008 started the birther controversy. i finished it. i finished it. you know what i mean. president barack obama was born in the united states, period. now, we all want to get back to
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making america strong and great again. >> the clinton campaign reacted quickly, they said it's sickening and disgraceful to blame the democrat for the discredited birther controversy. gary tuchman has more now on trump's ties to the birther movement. >> reporter: it's been a narrative stoked by donald trump for years, ahead-bake into the trump lexicon since 2011. >> why doesn't he show his birth certificate? he wasn't born in this country which is a real possibility. i'm not saying it happen, i'm saying it's a real possibility. he's one of the great cons in the history of politics. was it a birth certificate? you tell me. some people say it was or it wasn't his birth certificate. i don't know. >> reporter: cnn went to hawaii to investigate the same year trump made those claims. have you seen barack obama's
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original birth certificate? >> yes. >> reporter: the director of health confirmed empathically the president's birth certificate is and that he was born in hawaii. >> as a republican member of the last republican governor of hawaii's cabinet do you have any doubt that barack obama was born in the united states? >> absolutely not. i have no doubt. >> reporter: and when president obama released his form that april, trump had this to say. >> i'm very proud of myself because i've accomplished something that nobody else has been able to accomplish. >> reporter: but it didn't end there, trump continued to float the birther idea. in 2014, he questioned the release and legitimacy of the certificate on irish tv. >> i don't know, did he do it? a lot of people agree with you that they feel it's not a proper certificate. >> reporter: the issue came up this year with cnn's wolf blitzer. >> who knows about obama.
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>> is he a citizen? >> who knows? who cares right now? we're talking about something else. i have my own theory on obama. some day i'll write a book, and it will be very successful. >> reporter: and even when trump has refused to comment about it you don't talk about the birth certificate anymore. do you regret bringing it up? >> i don't talk about it anymore. >> reporter: it came to head when "the washington post" push lishd an interview with trump late thursday when he once again said i'll answer that question at the right time. that sent the campaign into damage control mode. quickly releasing a statement late last night saying trump believes the president was born in the united states and claimly wrongfully that the clinton campaign was behind the conspiracy. stating that hillary clinton's
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first campaign put that out. in an attempt to smear the then candidate barack obama. >> president barack obama was born in the united states, period. >> reporter: gary tuchman, cnn, new york. tom foreman now tells us how the birther movement got start with trump. and how he got to this point. >> the birther movement had its birth in barack obama's first presidential run when some democrats wanted to stop him. and hit on his idea that maybe he wasn't born in the united states and wasn't eligible. hillary clinton never embraced that story. so, why do some people think that she did? so to 2007 when an campaign aide wrote an assessment of the race when he said that barack obama's lack of american roots could hold him back in the primary. what will he was talking about is obama's unusual childhood, living some in hawaii, living
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some in indonesia. thought that might not play well to voters. he never said that the president wasn't born in the united states. one campaign worker immediately got dumped by the campaign. what can the story belie? republicans embrace it and donald trump in particular. as donald trump considered a run for the presidency himself, showing up on tv saying why doesn't he, obama, show his birth certificate? he goes on talk radio and the internet saying, i'm starting to wonder myself whether or not he was born in this country. and even stating if he wasn't born in this country which is say real possibility that he has pulled one of the great cons in the history of politics. so you see how he's stacking it up here. and everyone thinks the story is dead. it's finished. there's the proof, he was born in america. but not so fast. we move forward and trump starts
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bringing it up again. a lot of people do not think that it, the birth certificate, was an authentic birth certificate. he keeps going on twitter saying an extremely considerable source has called my office and told me that barack obama's birth certificate is say fraud. and he keeps building ton, he never lets it entirely die. every one of these single appearances is from donald trump. a lot of people feel it's not a proper certificate. and he never stopped with this. he kept saying, telling cnn, who nose? who cares right now? i have my own theory on obama. bottom line, every bit of this came from donald trump. hillary clinton did not start it. and he did keep it going. those are two facts, no matter how much trump may try to deny it. >> tom foreman, thank you. hillary clinton is speaking
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out about trump and what he's saying now about the birther controversy. she says, though, there is still one thing donald trump must do. >> for five years, he has led the birther movement to delegitimize our first black president. his campaign was founded on this outrageous lie. there is no erasing it in history. barack obama was born in america, plain and simple. and donald trump owes him and the american people an apology. >> all right. a lot to talk about. let's get some context on all things political with cnn politics reporter eugene scott live with us in washington. eugene, thank you for being with us here. let's talk the birther movement. donald trump said the actual words that the president of the united states, barack obama, was indeed born in the united states. by saying that, the question is
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this, could he alienate some of his core supporters or would that give him an opening to african-american voters would that give him an opening for delegitimizing president. >> i think he's made it clear there's not much he can do to alienate his base. they're with him to election day and perhaps longer that. but whether or not this move will be effective enough to bring more african-american voters on to the trump train remains to be seen. and quite frankly, is not likely. this is just one statement of many that donald trump has made that some african-americans voters have found offensive, and arguably, this is not the one that is the most offensive. but i think mr. trump's desire to remove this question from his political campaign is a move that he holds fruitful in the debates.
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>> and also, trump indicating, you know, hillary clinton started the birther movement. but again, we just heard from our own reporters who looked into this, that is just simply factually inaccurate. >> yes, multiple fact checks have made it clear that this did not start with the clinton campaign. we had her former campaign manager on cnn yesterday indicating that it was a coordinator who was the originator of these ideas. and that that person was fired immediately. you can see the full story on but that certainly hasn't kept trump from saying that it began with hillary clinton. >> if elected, donald trump said on friday that washington should have made a better deal with havana. he's threatening to reverse that deal if cuba doesn't release more prisoners. in march of this year, he told cnn he would consider opening a
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hotel in cuba. so this simple notion that donald trump would reverse it, how is that playing with his base, and how is that playing with independent voters who are looking at that? >> i think there is some concern from his base that this deal we made with cuba was not in the best interests of the american people. and puts our security and our trade policies at risk. whether or not that is true, it's not clear yet. it remains to be seen. as you mentioned this all happened very recently. but i think donald trump is trying to put forward ideas that he feels have been with him since the earliest stage of this campaign on board. as far as independents are concerned, i think everyone, independents and even people who aren't supporting trump are concerned about trade policies and want to seat best trade policies move forward for the american people. and whether or not this move thwarts changing our production for efforts for removal with
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cuba would do that, it's not right clear yet. >> eugene scott live in washington. thank you. also to point out with hillary clinton she is back on the campaign trail. michelle obama also out, not mentioning donald trump saying about critics here, when they go low, we go high. we are seeing hillary clinton trying to make up for the backslide in the polls we see there. eugene, thank you. we move on now. we now move on to syria to tell you about that cease-fire that started monday, it is holding. but humanitarian aid is not rolling out as expected. the united nations has been waiting all week from security guarantees from the syrian government and as cnn's fred pleitgen reports, mistrust, it is growing on both sides. >> reporter: in aslep poe, this is what the cease-fire looks
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like, government forces moving around armored personnel carriers in a contested district. and oftentimes, this is what the cease-fire sounds like. syrian army personnel acknowledging they don't trust the truce. we're sticking to the cease-fire, this pro-government fighter says, but the other side is not. that's why i don't think the cease-fire will work. for their part, rebels accuse government forces of breaching the cease-fire. despite the transgressions, though, the u.n. says by and large the cessation of hostilities is working. but many aleppo residents are still suffering from the clashes that took place before it went into effect. at the hospital, this man and his 7-year-old lie side by side both injured in the shelling
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that killed his brothers. when the bombshell fell, i went to the ground, the boy said. i felt the shrapnel in my body. it happened last friday, the day the cease-fire was announced, crushing his face with a cessation of hostilities might work. he's an activist cease-fire. i was here in the hospital, he says, and i saw wounded people still brought here. and the calm remains strained. damascus saw heavy clashes friday around the rebel-held district. and early morning hours up six and government forces exchanged fire right here on the streets of a help poe. another sign of how current the cease-fire is. fred pleitgen, cnn, aleppo. >> the united states has announced the death of another high-ranking isis leader. a drone strike in raqqah syria
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killed minister wael adel salman. salman was in charge of propaganda videos that showed execution. he had direct access to abu bakr al baghdadi. this is "cnn newsroom," still ahead, why the last thing the candidates in sunday's russian election want is an american flag. we'll explain that. plus, taiwan faces its second typhoon in less than a week. after the break, where that storm is headed. "exercise more." i know that. "try laxatives..." i know. believe me. it's like i've. tried. everything! my chronic constipation keeps coming back. i know that. tell me something i don't know. (vo) linzess works differently from laxatives. linzess treats adults with ibs with constipation, or chronic constipation. it can help relieve your belly pain, and lets you have more frequent and complete bowel movements
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newsroom." i'm george howell. russians are about to go to the polls this weekend. this is the first election for parliament in five years, and candidates backed by the kremlin are expected to win big. matthew chance shows us what opposition the candidates are up against. ♪ >> reporter: it's the kremlin-controlled channel, where most russians get their news and duped. for the first time in years one of the country's main opposition figures is a guest. nicole lie kasynov and to an american planted in front of him, reminding millions of
2:19 am
viewers that russian opposition is accused of defending. even this exposure on state television is an opportunity. >> in doing some people, but others start to waken up. they make up, think it's possible, whatever the situation seems to be under the total control of the putin but it's possible to appear on the channel and they start thinking that something could be changed, something could be changed in the country. >> reporter: these are the scenes in 2011, after the last parliamentary elections in russia. amid allegations of rigged voting, crowds gathered in moscow, chanting down with putin. opposition activist says the kremlin is desperate to avoid repeat. >> the differences between this election process and the previous one which was -- the difference is for the first time an opposition party is allowed
2:20 am
to participate in elections, creating some kind of picture that elections are free and fair, in accordance with international standards. >> reporter: but that picture isn't complete, opposition figures like kasynov have complained of threats and harassment. here he was being recorded with being attacked with a pie in a restaurant. there's a secretly preliminaried sex tape posted online which critics say was in attempt to human yat. and it gets more sinister, showing kasynov in a sniper video. he said it was a joke, but in the a country where kremlin critics are routinely murdered, no one is laughing. how concerned, how frightened are you, that something could happen to you? >> well, these days in my country, fortunately, everyone
2:21 am
should be careful of behavior of authorities and other people, me, too, normal person, that's why i also -- i can expect something to happen with me and my family. but i have to continue this -- i would say this job that i was committed to do. >> reporter: and like him hundreds of opposition candidates across russia are taking that risk, despite the threats standing in these russians elections, for a slim chance their opposition voices will be heard. matthew chance, cnn, moscow. >> matthew, thank you. protesters outside of the russian embassy in ukraine are angry that voters in crimea will take part in those russian elections. what you see there looks awfully intent. keep in mind, those are
2:22 am
fireworks hitting the embassy. the protesters threatened to launch rockets next time. they also chanted "freedom to prisoners of the kremlin." russia annexed ukraine two years ago. one of the country's most famous residents makes his case for a pardon. edward snowden fled to russia three years ago after leaking a trove of highly classified security documents. he now says president barack obama should pardon him. snowden claimed his actions helped to bring needed changes. the white house said he should return and face espionage charges. snowden's appeal comes after a new movie was released about him. lawyers for the founder of wikileaks say that they will appeal a ruling by a swedish court to uphold his arrest warrant. julian assange is wanted in connection with rape allegations from 2010. assange has been holed up in the
2:23 am
ecuadorian embassy in london since 2012. he says he's afraid swede issen will send him to the united states where he could be charged for publishing government documents. assange said last month he would led swedish investigators question him. peru's ministry of culture says flames gutted the san sebastian church. as firefighters try to control those flames many works of art were lost. the church underwent a $1 is.5 million restoration in 2013. the second typhoon to impact taiwan in less than a week continues to batter that island nation. our meteorologist derek van dam is here to tell us about it. >> george, it has been a difficult week in taiwan, specifically, the southern tip and northern tip of the island. we've had two different type typhoons in the span of 72
2:24 am
hours. take a look. we're taking you back three days. i just want to show you what typhoon meranti did to the southern tip of taiwan, roughly three days ago, is this just before it made landfall in the southeastern sections of china. look at this woman here getting completely knocked over on her motor bike. and some of the roofing behind her actually getting blown over as well. you can get an idea of what this island nation has to deal with when you get these typhoon that line up one after another. here's the information. the eye walling, very disorganized which is north and east of type pay, 100 kill 0 meters, 205 kilometers sustained winds for the tomorrow. here's the last one and the current malakas threat. the first going south, heaviest winds or strongest winds in the southern sections of the country. and of course, malakas noted to
2:25 am
the northern of taipei to the north side. so meranti had winds of 180 per kilometer clocked. but look at the winds on the southern japanese islands that stretch through taiwan through the japanese mainland, 162 kilometer wind gusts actually measured within that location. the good news is, the storm is starting to pull away from any populated areas. it's going to be in the open ocean for a while, gain momentum, lose strength and also head towards the region into southern sections of japan in the next 48 hours but it will be a significantly weaker storm once it reaches that area. the main threats will be gusty winds and heavy rainfall leading to less flooding or landslides. how much rain can we expect? an additional 100 millimeters
2:26 am
possible in taipei. the most astounding thing about this, we have had such a quiet season, even though we have an uptick in recent activity here in the western pacific, we're actually below where we should be this time of year, with only six typhoons so far for that region, when we should have 11 by the middle of september. >> also pretty slow in the atlantic. >> same thing. we have had quite a drought in the atlantic this season. even though there are storms that continue to form, they just never reach the united states with the exception of helena. this is "cnn newsroom," still ahead this hour, u.s. special operation forces in syria, some were taunted ahead by the threat. plus, the u.n. says the uk hasn't done enough to stop hate crimes. we take you to a polish community in england warning of attacks against migrants. we're live to our viewers in the united states and around the world. you're watching "cnn newsroom."
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[ laughing ] not the other way around. [ clock ticking ] welcome back to our viewers here in the united states and around the world, you are watching "cnn newsroom." it is good to have you with us. i'm george howell with the headlines we're following for you this hour. donald trump has finally said for himself the words that the president of the united states, obama obama, was indeed born in the united states. trump has held and promoted the belief for the past five years that president obama was born outside of the u.s. he's now falsely blaming hillary clinton for the so-called birther movement. trump also threatening to roll back the obama's administration's diplomatic opening to cuba if he becomes president, and if havana doesn't
2:31 am
free political prisoners. in miami, florida, home to many cuban immigrants trump said the u.s. should have made a better deal. last year, trump said that he was fine with the reopening of diplomatic relations with cuba. leaders of the european union are laying out their vision for the future without the united kingdom involved. the bloc agreed focus on border security amid the crisis, until the former notification from britain which could possibly come next year. the u.s. has sent about 40 special forces -- special troops to turkey to help battle isis in northern syria. the pentagon said their mission is to train, to advise and assist the turks. the turkish troops entered syria in august to clear isis out of the border region there. that cease-fire in syria, it is still holding for now, but civilians, they still haven't received the food and supplies that they desperately need.
2:32 am
some of those u.s. special operations forces are receiving a very cold reception there. our jim sciutto has more on that. >> reporter: american special operations forces taunted as they leave syria by the same rebel group the u.s. government is arming and backing. in an embarrassing confrontation, the rebels chant "down with america" while the man behind the camera called the american troops pigs and threatens to cut off their hands. these troops are part of 40 american special operations forces now on a new mission. accompanying and assisting turkish troops in an attempt to clear isis out of northern syria. but this chilling sendoff shows their presence may not always be welcome. one person filming the u.s. soldiers' departure said the rebels can not accept fighting alongside america. >> if it's true, obviously that kind of rhetoric is not
2:33 am
acceptable. as part of what should be a coalition designed to go after a common entity which is da'esh, and we certainly wouldn't condone that kind of bombastic, impugilistic rhetoric against, frank list, our forces or anybody else. >> reporter: in a separate incident, u.s. special forces raised the american flag in an outpost in northern syria after coming understand fire of what they believe are the forces of u.s.-allied turkey. meanwhile, a u.s.-brokered cease-fire appears to be holding as it enters its fifth day. the only way into one of the hardest hit areas of the city is one highway fittingly nicknamed death row. until that humanitarian relief starts flowing, the pentagon does not consider russia or the syrian regime to be in compliance with the cease-fire.
2:34 am
threatening the plan to establish a joint center in switzerland, aimed at coordinating u.s. and russian air strikes against isis and other terror groups. >> that was our chief u.s. security correspondent jim sciutto reporting there for us. a 21-year-old british man has been sentenced to life in prison for an isis-inspired murder. prosecutors say that he and an accomplice planned to murder an imam because the cleric practiced the formal faith healing that isis rejects. the 72-year-old imam was followed as he left prayers at the mosque. he was then beaten to death with a hammer. authorities say the accomplice may have fled on to syria. the united states nations say that authorities in the uk need to do a better job of condemning and prosecuting hate crimes. incited dangerous anti-migrant and xenophobic rhetoric. our isa soares visited immigrant
2:35 am
mispoland. >> reporter: she comes here every day. in silence, with a simple blessing. she pace her respects for life taken away. this person was only an acquaintance to her but his death has made many poles here feel like that. he was left for dad with six teenagers, an event that the police is treating as a hate crime one of 36 since britain decided to leave the european union according to polish embassy. mira has experienced racism first hand. >> my neighborhood told me to [ bleep ] from his country. but since brexit, it's worse. like beautiful balloon blow up,
2:36 am
and many hates come on people. many people are not politically correct anymore. and they say what they think. what they always think, but they never tell about it. >> reporter: it's these experiences that have left the polish community here on edge. so to ease tensions polish police have send two officers to harlow to patrol for a week. we bumped into them in the central town. >> we're basically to protect our colleagues. that's our main role. we want to speak with the polish community, see what the concerns are. >> reporter: 68% of the people here voted to leave the european union. while we can't say that the incidents are related to brexit vote. what they have exposed is a huge for the line of a community that has one of the highest levels of immigrants in the country. the locals outraged by the death tell me this isn't a racist
2:37 am
town. they say it's jut antisocial behavior by a group of unruly youngsters. as we walked through the city center the social divide is palatable. >> i haven't come across any racism. people argue that. we are getting a lot of europeans coming into the town in harlow, and they've been given housing where people that have lived there all their life are struggling. >> reporter: economics clearly play a part here, harlow, once a vibrant town full of opportunities with factories dotted around it is now full of boarded-up properties with unemployment highest among the county. and those who have been here for years with little to do are looking for someone to blame. >> it's been that way since brexit. been that way. before brexit, it was going already. they're blaming eastern europeans, you can't blame them.
2:38 am
>> reporter: for this 40-year-old merchant back to work nothing is for free. in pursuit of a better life, he was the one who paid the highest price. isa soares, harlow, east of the england. >> thank you for that report. leaders of the european have agreed on a road map for that bloc. the president of the european counsel donald tusk say talks about the european eu cannot begin until a formal from britain. the mayor sadik khan said the uk shouldn't rush into it. >> it's crucial that london has a seat around the table. why? because london is a powerhouse for hour country. we need to make sure we have access to a single market. you're right to remind me, we've got to make sure even outside of
2:39 am
the eu we have possible services that's why it's really important we don't rush into negotiations with the eu. >> those complications don't include the chance that scotland could leave the uk in order to stay within the eu. this is "cnn newsroom." still ahead -- the united states is reacting to shock allegations against the philippines president including claims that a death squad that he controlled fed a body to a crocodile. we'll look into that. plus, a u.s. woman made a frantic 911 call as her alleged abductor slept nearby. what police found when they got into the house, still ahead. m in no hurry to make anything happen. neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair works... one week. with the... fastest retinol formula. visibly reduce wrinkles. neutrogena®. went up the waterspout. down came the rain... ...and clogged the gutter system
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welcome back to "cnn
2:43 am
newsroom." i'm george howell. in venezuela, the nonaligned summit is set to begin. the leaders from nations that are not affiliated with the major power blocs are all gathering to discuss global affairs there. but before things got under way, venezuelan officials unveiled the statue of their late president hugo chavez. some venezuelans are protesting that resources are being devoted to this meeting, huge shipments of food are been seen arriving after those leaders all of this after the economic crisis has led to crippling shortages of food and basic supplies. the u.s. reacting to shocking allegations against the philippines president that claims that he may have fed a -- someone may have fed a body to a crocodile. a self-described hitman has testified that president rodrigo duterte has ordered killings. all of this when the head of the
2:44 am
city. and some independents are calling for an independent investigation. our ivan watson explains that. >> reporter: in a senate inquiry, an eyewitness gave astounding accusations implementing the current president of the philippines in the killings of a death squad when rodrigo duterte was the mayor of the city. he claims he was a hitman, he claims he killed at least 50 people and he was under direct orders of duterte during the quarter century that duterte was the mayor of the city. in one case, he testified feeding a victim to a crocodile. a presidential spokesman denied that rodrigo duterte ordered killings. >> do you think the president is capable of giving some directive? >> do i think he's capable?
2:45 am
no, i don't think he's capable of giving a directive like that. >> reporter: cnn cannot independently verify the allegations made in this eyewitness testimony, but the human rights organization, human rights watch, is now calling for an independent inquiry into the allegations, arguing that president duterte cannot be expected to investigate himself. >> i do think this was a big day in the philippines. this was testimony in the philippines senate, under oath, by a man who said that he personally was involved in 50 killings, that he heard duterte and saw duterte give orders to kill people. he saw duterte kill people with his own eyes. and he came across as credible. now, it has to be said, these are just allegations, but they need to be investigated. >> reporter: the reason that the senate inquiry is under way is because of the enormous number of police killings that have taken place during rodrigo
2:46 am
duterte'ses will than three months in office. he launched a war on drugs and reportedly has reported to police to shoot to kill if any suspected drug criminal resists arrest. according to police statistics, more than 1,000 suspects have been killed in less than three months. ivan watson, cnn, hong kong. >> ivan, thank you. police in ohio got a desperate 911 call tuesday from a woman in that state. while she was being kidnapped. it led to some gruesome discovery there. three bodies and a suspect in custody now. here's how it all unfolded. >> 911, what is the emergency? >> right across from the fourth street laundromat. >> where is it? >> across the street from the 4th street laud grow mat. >> you're in the lad grow mat? >> no, i'm in the bedroom with him.
2:47 am
>> do you know what color the house is? >> no. please hurry. >> a woman pleading for help. her accused abductor sleeping in the same room. >> does he have a weapon? >> he's got a taser. >> are you injured? >> a little. >> reporter: speaking at a whisper, the woman's fear is pal papable. >> is there any way to get out of the building? >> i don't know him him getting. you. >> is there a bam rooming in the house? >> his bedroom is closed and he made it so it would. >> you told you had to go to the rooming bam, he would do something to you? >> yeah. >> so are you tied up now? >> well, yeah, but i kind of freed myself. >> dispatcher urging her to stay on the line. >> oh, i spoke him up. >> set the phone down. >> then silence, minutes pass
2:48 am
the woman waits desperately. >> are you still there? >> how much longer? >> what? >> how much longer? >> timely, officers arrive and the caller works up the courage to leaved bedroom. >> can you get out of the house? >> it's locked. >> it's locked. >> are you at the door? >> yeah, i am. >> she's at the door. >> is there a window there, yes i'm looking out of it, tell me them to come back. >> she said to hurry come back. >> after some 20 minutes on the line. the woman is rescued. >> come out, come on out, hurry up. get up, where she? >> still sleeping? >> smee mow your hands. put up your hands right now, do it! police arrest shawn grate including stacy stanley, a grandmother who went missing last week. grate also showed police another
2:49 am
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so is, maybe you want to go out and catch a comedy show. ever think of going to north korea for that, that might not be the first place that comes to mind, but the country is getting increasingly bolder with it's satire. as our will ripley reports. >> reporter: live from pyongyang, it's not saturday night. the men that say it is the "snl" of north korea. ♪ this 80-minute comedy show which cared this summer on state tv features jokes about u.s. president barack obama. i smacked my head on the bathroom floor i was so shocked by north korea's hydrogen bomb dead nation. this boasts about north korea's fast growing nuclear program. last week, pyongyang announced its fifth nuclear test since
2:54 am
2006, the second in this year alone. north korean comedy show took aim at those allies calling south korea's president a granny and its special envoy a dog. japan's special enjoy is called a monkey, a word north korean propaganda used in 2014 to describe president obama. while the u.s. president has long been a target of the pyongyang press, analysts for n.k. news say this political satire is a first for north korean tv. "saturday night live" has featured plenty of jokes about north korea leader kim jong-un, but the americas show it makes fun of its own elected officials something you'd never see in north korea, where only praise of the leadership is allowed. in sponge yang, even political satire has its limits. will ripley, cnn, tokyo.
2:55 am
>> not everyone was laughing there. but everyone is certainly clapping. prince william to the rescue. let's show you here, the duke of cambridge, rushing to help a dignitary who took a tumble on friday. watch. the crowd gasped as he fell, prince william was visiting a school in harlow, england, at the time it happen aed. he wasted no time helping the man back up to his feet. >> so, you know that saying about cats having nine lives. >> i want to show you one cat that may have more than a dozen lives. it's a kitten that fell out of an suv on a highway in russia. my goodness, 17 vehicles barely missed that tiny cat, often comes to within a whisker, somehow the cat survived until one motorist stopped in the middle of a busy road and carried that cat to safety. >> thank you for being with us,
2:56 am
i'm george howell at the cnn center in atlanta. for our viewers in the united states, "new day" is next. and for other other viewers around the world "amanpour" starts next. we thank you for watching cnn, the world's news leader.
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i think that her bodyguards should drop all weapons. let's see what happens there. >> he has led the birther movement to delegitimize our first black president. >> hillary clinton and her campaign of 2008 started the birther controversy. i finished it. >> he's lied and he's divided this country enough. >> that does not give anybody the right to violate. >> nearly 1 in 4 female students will experience some form of unwanted sexual contact. >> it's


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