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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  September 28, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. donald trump and hillary clinton both claiming a victory to springboard from monday's debate stage to a full-fledged blitz of campaign trail. one hour from now, mr. trump will be in chicago to address the polish american alliance. and later today, he hits up events in iowa and in wisconsin. and clinton's campaign rolls out some heavy hitters. michelle obama, chelsea clinton, and bernie sanders will all stump for her from north carolina to new hampshire. their target, college voters. cnn's sara murray is in orlando, where trump returned to the trail and to the attack. and joe johns is following the clinton campaign and its star-pored surrogates. but let's begin with you, sara. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol. well, donald trump spent a lot
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of the day yesterday complaining about the moderator, complaining about the microphone on the debate stage, but by the time he got here in the evening, in florida, he was ready to go on the attack and take advantage of some of the opportunities he may have missed on the debate stage. take a listen to one of his cutting lines from last night. >> she couldn't even pass her bar exam in washington, d.c. she failed it. the single weapon that she's got is the media. without the mainstream media, she wouldn't even be here, folks. that i can tell you. she wouldn't even be here. she wouldn't have a chance. >> reporter: now, he went after her over her e-mails, he went after her over foreign policy, he called her virtually incompetent. carol, at times, it was like seeing the donald trump from the republican primaries. he would interrupt himself to tout his own poll numbers, to insist he won the debate, and to slam the media. it's very clear he's trying to
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figure out what the right tone is to hit in these coming weeks and to better take on hillary clinton when they face off again in the next debate. back to you. >> all right. sara murray, reporting live for us this morning. thank you. as donald trump steps up his attacks on hillary clinton, she's bringing out the big names to key up support in key states. any moment now, john warner will divorce clinton during an event with tim kaine. and in new hampshire, bernie sanders joins clinton as she unveils a new plan for college affordability. in north carolina, chelsea tlen returns to the campaign trail. and michelle obama there visit both philadelphia and pittsburgh in pennsylvania. cnn's joe johns is tracking all of this. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol. the clinton campaign is pushing hard now to capitalize on what it sees as a big win in the first debate, lock in what's called the obama coalition of younger voters, women, and minorities. you can see that in the direct appeals to these groups in her performance in the debate. very evident in what the clinton
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campaign is doing today. the candidate herself appearing in new hampshire with bernie sanders, who mastered outreach to younger voters in the primaries. my colleague, manu raju reports that they'll be stepping up to energize the pro-clinton vote in several of the states where she could use the help. in the outreach to minority voters and women, the clinton campaign has a new ad featuring michelle obama, a straight-ahead ad, in which the first lady speaks directly into the candidate, expressing her support for the candidate. and they're also hoping for more free media coverage of the alicia machado controversy, the miss university from venezuela who was berated by donald trump for gaining weight. meanwhile, hillary clinton's running mate, tim kaine, will be in virginia with the highly respected former republican senator, john warner, looking to peel off more of the gop voters who do not like donald trump. so this campaign projecting the
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sense that it's running a victory lap for sure. it's been called gloating, at least in the appearance of the celebration. carol. >> joe johns reporting live for us this morning. thank you. donald trump insists he was holding back at the debate, and then he said, just wait until the next debate. he'll double down on his attacks. hillary clinton is on the attack, too, hitting trump on taxes. >> he actually bragged about gaming the system to get out of paying his fair share of taxes. in fact, i think there's a strong probability he hasn't paid federal taxes a lot of years. he said that makes him smart. now, if not paying taxes makes him smart, what does that make all the rest of us? >> so let's talk about this with me now, ron brownstein, senior
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editor for the atlantic, and political science professor at morgan state university, welcome, gentleman. >> good morning. >> good morning. so, ron, mr. trump told an audience in florida, clinton committed a horrible crime and destroyed lives. do you think he'll call her "crooked hillary" in the next debate? >> i think he'll be much tougher on her. but i think his problem is really more about himself, right? both of these candidates have lots of dents in the fender. and the biggest challenge, i think each of them face at the debates was resolving some of those dents, banging them out in front of the biggest audience they will ever have. donald trump at the first debate, instead, reconfirmed, i think, for voters who have skeptical of his experience, his qualifications and his temperament, it's hard to imagine that any voter who was doubtful on any of those fronts came out of the debate more convinced that he's ready to be president and getting into an argument with a beauty contest contestant, you know, 40 days away from trying to be the leader of the free world
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probably doesn't help on that score, either. yes, widonald trump can be tougr at hillary clinton, go at her vulnerabilities that are real, but unless he resolves the doubts he's facing against voters, i think it's still an uphill climb for him. >> but it seems right now that donald trump and his camp are sort of looking for a way to make hillary clinton look bad in the eyes of women. you heard donald trump say he's going to bring up bill clinton's extramarital affairs. it could be worse, we don't even know. will he do that in the next debate? >> carol, i've got tell you, that could be the greatest mistake that donald trump could ever make. people forget, the next debate is a town hall. it's not just a split screen with you and the other candidate. it's men and women and undecided voters in the audience. if donald trump decides to waste his two-minute answers attacking hillary clinton on what her husband did, you are going to hear an audible gasp from men and women in the audience who can't believe he's spending that kind of time. his best bet now is to sit down, focus more directly, and find ways to remind the american people that he is a viable candidate for president of the
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united states. if he ratchets up the attacks, that's not going to go over well in a town hall debate, where people want empathy, not assaults. >> because, ron, the next debate will be much more intimate. the candidates will be sitting down, closer together, two moderators, right? there will be that live audience. so is it harder for candidates to attack one another in that forum? >> jason's exactly right. that forum is very different. of course, it is famously that forum where george h.w. bush checked his watch during the town hall and, you know, it kind of symbolized a candidate that was kind of running out of energy and running out of time. so, yes, in a town hall, the overriding goal is to understand that you understand people's leaves, you understand their concerns, and you kind of get what they're going through. it does make it tougher to have that kind of purely political back and forth. and i think that the candidates -- look, so far this race has been much more about each candidate trying to personally disqualify the other than to either advance their own
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agenda or critique the other side. we saw a little shift from that in the first third of the last debate, but the last part was very personal. maybe in this town hall debate, we'll have the two candidates forced to both describe what they offer the american people and what they think is wrong with what their opponent is offering. >> do you think that will actually happen, jason? >> i think it's going to have to. i think, you know, hillary clinton accomplished what she needed to on monday, which was to simply remind people, this is why you should vote for me, and not just vote against donald trump. donald trump didn't help himself at all, but i don't think he lost any voters. but this next town hall debate is key, because trump's entire campaign has been based on the fact that, hey, i understand ohio. i understand western pennsylvania, i understand michigan. if he is in a conversation with a 27-year-old single mother who says, look, i lost money on a for-profit college and trump university makes me afraid that you're not going to care about my education, he can't attack that woman. he can't call her foolish or stupid. hillary clinton is prepared to answer a question about
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benghazi. i don't know if trump will be ready for those kind of questions from somebody at a town hall. >> but is hillary clinton ready to answer those kind of questions in an effective way, ron? because she has trouble sometimes connecting to middle america and those people in the middle class who can't find jobs. >> that's why the race is so close. you had a candidate where 60% of country don't think he's qualified and roughly 60% think he's biased against women and minorities. and yet, he is right within reach in many of the national polls, at least, before the debate. and that reflects the uncertainties that people have about hillary clinton. i think the biggest challenge -- the biggest hurdle she has to get over is why is she in this? it isn't so much her honesty and voracity. that, i don't know if she's ever going to resolve that. it's, is she in this because she's an ambitious person who wants power, or she wants to make your life better? that's what she was trying to accomplish at the very beginning of the first debate, and i think the second debate will be a critical opportunity for her to do so. and if she can't do it there, again, it's hard to imagine that
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it gets done before election day. >> okay, so what are the chances that trump skips the next two debates, because people are talking about that, jason. >> iffing he could get away with it, he would. what was it, back in 2000, george bush was like, let's try to make sure we have a debate during the world series so no one's going to see it. look, donald trump has recognized with his new campaign adviser, very smart. he does better, both of these candidates do better when they're not in the press. if he thinks by not debating hillary clinton that over the next 30-something days, that that will allow him to maintain his lead and continue to advance on pennsylvania and continue to hold his lead in ohio, then he'll skip it. i think the backlash that he'll get, being called a coward or a quitter or a loser will be nothing compared to the benefits he'll get not getting beat down again in front of 80 million people. >> ron's shaking his head. >> no, look, you can't skip the debate. that becomes the entire story. and it again becomes this donald trump kind of violating the norms of what people expect in the president, which is pushing the boundaries by not releasing
6:11 am
his tax returns. i think the process would take over. plus the fact that they recognize that despite the momentum and the gains he's made in polls, he's the one who still has to change the dynamic and continue to gain to win. and i think he needs to perform better at the debates. and that is a much more viable solution than skipping them. the question is, whether the history is the first debate is usually the most significant, and whether he can undo -- you never get a second chance to make a first impression. 80 million people were watching. it was his best chance to resolve some doubts about whether he was capable in sitting behind that big desk, and 65% came out thinking he was not up to the job. that was a big headwind for him, the biggest one as he tries to move from the low 40s where he is in the polls, to something like the mid-40s, he'll almost certainly need to win. >> thanks to both of you. still to come in the newsroom, a former miss universe takes on
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no apologies from druonald trump for calling a former miss universe miss piggy. in fact, he's doubling down on what he calls alicia machado's weight problem. it's the latest weapon in hillary clinton's arsenal when it come to mr. trump's treatment of women. and now alicia machado is everywhere, hammering her message home. >> they was really aggressive. he was really rude. he was a bad person with me and that is the story that i need to share, for my community. w can't accept, we can't accept
6:17 am
more insults for my latin community. no more. no more insults for the women. i know very well mr. trump and i can see the same person that i met 20 years ago. >> with me now to talk about this is model, author, and founder of thank you so much for being here. >> so glad to be here. it's such a treat. thank you. >> before i ask you the first question, i want to remind our viewers what mr. trump had to say about alicia machado yesterday on "fox & friends". >> she was the winner and you know, she gained a massive amount of weight. and it was -- it was a real problem. we had a real problem. >> and just to clarify, you're not here to choose any political candidate. you're just here to talk about how these comments might affect women.
6:18 am
so -- >> yes. and it does affect women. excuse me, it affects women, it affects men, it affects women and boys when on such an elevated platform, a presidential candidate says these derogatory things about women. it sets a very toxic -- it sends a very toxic message out into the world. and that is absolutely not acceptable. >> so some people might say, you know what, alicia machado, she won miss universe and she weighed 118 pounds when she was crowned miss universe and then she gained all of this weight, that was in violation of her contract. >> well, you know, i do have to say that she probably starved herself to get down to that weight and her natural body went to the place where the natural set point was. she seemed to be very healthy and for someone to come out into the public and to fat-shame her back then, and from what i remember, he had a whole exercise routine with her and it
6:19 am
was all public -- >> it's funny you should mention that, because we do have pictures of that. anderson cooper asked alicia about that. back when she was crowned miss universe and gained all this weight, donald trump wanted her to lose weight, and he would supervise her exercise routine. so this is video of that. >> god bless her. >> and she's a very young woman at that time, right? because this was back in 1997. today she says, oh, i would never do that. let's listen. >> in that moment, i was in my -- 19 years old. and, you know, i had my self-esteem on the floor. i -- you know, it was the most horrible moment that some girl can live. and you know, i forgot that
6:20 am
moment. i forgot about that moment and i have now my career, after 20 years, and i know i'm a big voice from the latin community. and in this elections, our vote will be great. we'll be powerful. >> she brings something up really important. i think women that are taking a look at the candidates need to really see who represents them in a fair and equitable raise and rises -- lifts them up. so use the hundreds of millions of women that are out there, especially the women that i represent, the weapon that are size 12 and above, 100 million women, it's a women's issue. we need to really pick the right candidate that's going to do the best job. >> but you can tell how angry she is about this still. >> oh, of course. >> and she used that anger to propel herself to become this important voice. >> a voice. >> a voice within the hispanic
6:21 am
community. >> and i think she's using her voice in a very, very good way., if anyone needs to check in with their kids, the women, the men, to find out how to treat somebody who's being bullied, if you have a eating disorder,, please check that out. >> so what should mothers and fathers tell their daughters? >> it's everywhere, so, yes, we're going to have exposure to younger people who are maybe struggling and donald trump is not going to trigger somebody into an eating disorder. i want to make that clear. however, someone has the propensity or has it in their genetic makeup or in their background and they hear that he's speaking about women this way, it could lead them in a direction. it could actually push them in a direction. so you want to talk to your children. you want to sit them down and say that this particular man was misinformed. he had not gotten his media points. he has not been trained well in
6:22 am
talking about body image issues. and that there is diversity. there is beauty in diversity. and to lead with that. open the conversations up, because these kids are being exposed to so much, this specifically, and most importantly, is highly toxic. and we need to help our kids understand that this is not appropriate. >> emme, thanks for stopping by. >> my pleasure. still to come in the newsroom, phoney bank accounts cost the wells fargo ceo $41 million, but will it cost him his job. real milk vs. almond milk ingredient spelling bee lecithin lecithin. l-e-s (buzzer sound) your word is milk. m-i-l-k milk wins. ingredients you can spell. of bad breath germs% for a 100% fresh mouth. feeling 100% means you feel bold enough to... ...assist a magician...
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wells fargo is announcing it will end controversial sales goals by saturday. this is the ceo at wells fargo is fighting to keep his job, but he's willing to give up $41 million to do it. the fed continues their
6:27 am
investigation into how the bank employees opened 2 million bogus bank accounts. ceo john stump will forfeit most of his salary for the years, that includes his bonus, and $41 million in stock awards. senator elizabeth warren said he demonstrated gutless leadership and should actually resign. tomorrow, he will face house lawmakers. our chief business correspondent, christine romans, is following this for us. so, is he voluntarily giving up this money? >> well, that's the big question. is the board making him do it or is he trying to show some contrition and tell this house panel tomorrow, look, we take this seriously and we're going to make sure, we're not going to be paid bonuses for years in which there were shenanigans at this company. what were those shenanigans? carol, to meet really aggressive sales goals, bankers were opening up fake accounts, signing customers up for credit cards they didn't want or even know that they had, 2 million of those accounts. they fired 5,300 people, said this went on for about four years. but now many wells fargo
6:28 am
employees, former employees, are telling "cnn money" this went on longer than the bank is admitting, and that's indeed what the board of the company is probing now. it has already been fined $185 million by the consumer financial protection bureau and by other regulators. but the public outreach here is not slowing down. this went on for a period of years. we're talking about 5,000 employees who were fired and all of these customers who were, quite frankly, screwed by their bank. and that is really something that just shines such a terrible light tonight banking industry in general. there's a senior executive there, an executive named terry tollstead, who's going to retire earlier than expected. she also will forfeit a whole boat load of money, $19 million in stock awards, carol. she will not exercise $34 million in stock options. she'll still walk away about $77 million. she was at that bank for 27 years. so she had all kinds of deferred compensation, i'm sure, and retirement planning there. consumers, angry. wall street, angry. shareholders on wall street,
6:29 am
very angry. the stock has -- might pop a little bit today, but overall, it's down some 17%. it's just been punished. one of its biggest shareholders is warren buffett. he's someone i'm really interested in hearing about, someone who he thinks what looks like a culture of bad behavior, so bankers there and executives could meet goals for higher pay. >> christine romans, many thank thanks. and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. new jersey governor chris christie facing a potential bombshell in the bridgegate trial. christie's ex-ally says that christie was not only told about lane closures in 2013, he actually joked about the resulting traffic jams. christie has adamantly denied having any knowledge of an order to create that traffic jam to get back at a political enemy. jessica snyder is covering this
6:30 am
story for us this morning. good morning. >> good morning, carol. you know, bridgegate defectively derailed christie's presidential bid. and now as he helps steer trump's campaign, the allegations are mounting that he knew his operatives were shutting down lanes to the george washington bridge and that christie even got a few chuckles out of it. and prosecutors say they have the pictures to prove it. >> i knew nothing about the lane realignments before they happened. i knew nothing about the lane realignments as they were happening. >> reporter: but prosecutors say otherwise, arguing that governor chris christie did know about the intentional lane closures that led to massive traffic jams on the george washington bridge. prosecutors argue these pictures are proof. the shots taken at a september 11th memorial event in 2013 show christie in a jovial mood, standing with bill baroni. the lane closures were
6:31 am
reportedly political paycheckback against mark sokolich, the democratic mayor of ft. lee, who refused to support christie's republican re-election bid. baroni is facing charges that he work stated the shutdown, while another port official, david wildstein, has pleaded guilty. wildstein testifying tuesday that moments before the photos were snapped, baroni allegedly told christie, governor, i have to tell you, there's a tremendous amount of traffic in ft. lee this morning, major traffic jams. and you'll be pleased to know that mayor sokolich is having trouble getting his telephone calls returned. christie replied, i imagine he wouldn't be getting his calls returned. christie has not been charged in this alleged retaliation plot. >> i had nothing to do with the planning of it. i had no -- nothing to do with authorizing it. and we sit her now nearly three years later and there has not been one scintilla of evidence
6:32 am
to contradict what i just said. >> reporter: and of course, christie has not been charged. he also says he has not been called to testify, and he does not expect to be called to testify. carol? >> let's go back to these pictures. because they could have been telling christie a joke in the pictures, right? >> right. and of course, that's what he would argue. throughout these three years since this scandal started unfolding, there has been a trickle of little details here and there, but there has, no smoking gun that corrects governor christie to knowing about this or being directly involved in plotting it out. and of course, christie has denied it. but, despite that, you know, his poll numbers have really been sinking. in fact, in a poll taken just before this bridgegate trial started, his approval rating was only at 26% in new jersey. very tough. >> well, okay, so the people on trial for this, they were his most trusted aides. >> they were. >> why would they sell him out at the trial? just to get lighter sentences? >> of course. and you know, wildstein, he is cooperating with the government. he's the one who said that
6:33 am
christie heard about this, especially at that september 11th memorial ceremony. but bridgette ann kelly, one of his top aides, as well as bill,, they are on trial, and have not admitted to any guilt. >> and they have never talked to the media about this. and people have tried. >> we see them every day leaving court, sometimes they're smiling, but not saying anything. >> jessica snyder, thanks so much. still to come in the newsroom, president obama gets ready to field questions from active duty service members and veterans. up next, a preview of tonight's big cnn town hall. guess what guys, i switched to sprint. sprint? i'm hearing good things about the network. all the networks are great now. we're talking within a 1% difference in reliability of each other. and, sprint saves you 50% on most current national carrier rates. save money on your phone bill, invest it in your small business. wouldn't you love more customers? i would definitely love some new customers. sprint will help you add customers and cut your costs. switch your business to sprint and save 50%
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call now! hours from now, president obama will sit down for a town hall event hosted by cnn's jake tapper. the focus, veterans, national security, and foreign policy. active duty service members and veterans will be able to ask the president questions as he wraps up his final months in office. so, let's bring in cnn white
6:38 am
house correspondent, michelle kosinski, to talk more about that. good morning. >> hi, carol, this will be in a few hours, the president will arri arrive. this crowd will be interesting and pretty diverse. you mentioned active duty service people, they're going to be veterans, but people who have some connection to the military. there are going to be some special guests, some world war ii veterans, there are going to be family members of military people. there are going to be people who lost members of the military in war. and you're right, they're going to be able to ask president obama questions that are on their minds. so we expect it to be about their compensation, moral in the military, possibly some questions about isis. and it's interesting, when you look at the poll numbers, we know that right now, nationwide, president obama is very popular. his approval ratings are over 50%. i mean, those numbers made headlines this year. but over the years, when you look at his approve rating among members of the military, it has been much, much lower. the high, according to polls,
6:39 am
was about 35%, shortly after he took office. that was in 2009. but then those numbers among the military plummeted to 15%. in fact, there was a poll done earlier this year by the military times on how people felt who were in the military about president obama, but also how they felt about the upcoming election. and they chose donald trump over hillary clinton, two to one, but on top of that, about a fifth of service people who were surveyed felt that they would not vote if the choices were donald trump or hillary clinton. so that's the kind of feeling that is out there, among members of the military. and that's what president obama is going to face when he's here today. this will be an interesting look at his interaction among the specific group of people. people who have served their country, some of them who have been to war, and some of them who have suffered great losses as a result, carol. >> all right.
6:40 am
michelle kosinski, reporting live from los angeles. you can catch tonight's town hall hosted by jake tapper tonight at 5:00 p.m. eastern. vice presidential hopeful tim kaine is in his home state of virginia. you have to look at live pictures. this is out of alexandria, where kaine is meeting with voters. of course, that's not tim kaine. this is former republican senator, john warner. he joined kaine on stage to announce his supporter for hillary clinton. warner once served as secretary of the navy. he spent 30 years in the senate. trump is also getting a boost of support today from more than 50 members of the bush administrations, including the former secretary of defense, donald rumsfeld. let's talk about all of this. congressman ryan zinky is here. a former navy s.e.a.l. commander and a trump supporter. i'm joined by cnn military analyst, retired major general, spyder marcus. he supports hillary clinton. great to be with you. >> nice to have you here. let's talk about this town hall tonight, congressman.
6:41 am
president obama is in his final months in office. it could be a no-holds-barred night to attack mr. trump. are you worried about that? >> well, first, you know, the president's town hall, i'm glad that he's doing it, i think it's an important discussion. it's going to be a tough sell for the military. the military is frustrated. you look at the vacuums that have been created and national security has got to be our first and foremost ambition ahead. and, you know, most of the military, you know, looks at it from, you know, from a retreat perspective. we see our position, you know, lessening. and we see that the troops don't feel like the president has had his pack. where i do agree with the president is the authorization to use military force. i think we need to debate, because when you do use our forces, we need to make sure they have the right equipment, right training, and right rules and engagement to win decisively on the field of battle. our troops deserve that. and under this president, most of the active duty feel like the president has not had his back.
6:42 am
>> so general marks, why don't members of the military like president obama more? >> i have to agree with the congressman, that the primary issue that the military has with our current president is that he hasn't stated with clarity of purpose what it is he's trying to achieve and he's vacillated in several instances. let's take our withdrawal premature withdrawal from iraq in 2011. the conditions were not set for that. in fact, the position of the administration was to go forward into iraq and to maintain a presence in iraq through a status of forces agreement, which would allow u.s. forces to serve there and not be subject to iraqi law. and we changed that, simply because the administration couldn't get its job done, kiss to get them onboard and to meet our requirements and to have this relationship going forward. that was a tremendous mistake on the part of the administration. but i do believe going forward
6:43 am
that what candidate clinton needs to do is distance herself from president obama, because of her administration is what i would label an '03, an obama 3. she will continue to have and share the same kind of challenges that the congressman just laid out with the military going forward. >> and you know, as president obama is being questioned by those military veterans and active service members, and jake tapper in that town hall, voters will be thinking about the election and will be thinking about what plan hillary clinton or donald trump has to defeat isis. it came up in the debate the other night, congressman. here's how it went down. >> look at her website. you know what, it's no different than this. she's tell us how to fight isis. just go to her website. she tells us how to fight isis on her website. i don't think general douglas mcarthur would like that too much. >> well, at least i have a plan to fight isis. >> no, no, you're telling the enemy everything you want to do. >> no, we're not. no, we're not. >> see, you're telling the enemy
6:44 am
everything you want to do. no wonder you've been fighting -- no wonder you've been fighting isis your entire adult life. >> okay, so mrs. clinton has not been fighting isis her entire adult life. but the other stuff that donald trump had to say, you know, he won't release his plan to fight isis, because he says it's a secret plan and he doesn't want the enemy to know what his intent is, congressman. some voters might say, well, i kind of see his point, but don't we need to know whether we're going to send our young women and men out on the battlefield? don't we need to know something about the plan? >> and that's why a debate is necessary for the authorization to use military force. is we need to debate when we commit tour troops, we need to make sure that we give them all available means. and to the point that mr. trump is correct, you do not telegraph what you're going to do. mrs. clinton also said she wouldn't put troops on the ground in iraq. we have over 5,000 troops in iraq and we have troops in syria. and i've been one that either we
6:45 am
fight or go home. if we're going to fight, then let's make sure we have the right equipment, right training, right rules of engagement to win decisively on the field of battle. and that forced package has to be sufficient to move the needle. where i do agree, we need a national discussion and debate about, because it will take resolve and continued commitment by americans and our troops and those that are them to support this effort. but we're going to have to do with a coalition. our allies will have to be part of this effort. the u.s. should not do it alone. we can't do it alone. but militarily, we have to be in the lead, because no one else can. but, again, it's a coalition force. so to donald trump's point is that we should not telegraph, i would agree with that, but we need a larger policy discussion to make sure the troops are supported. >> so, general marks, hillary clinton, i think she supports a no-fly-zone over syria and president obama does not. i know that's different from president obama's plans to fight
6:46 am
isis. but what is her exact plan? >> well, you know, the key thing that has to take place at the commander in chief level is what we're looking at is the requirement for predictability at the policy level. and what that means is, you need to -- the most important aspect of leadership is predictability. your friends need to know how you're going to respond, and those that you're trying to convince to join your team better be convinced. and those that are your enemies, they better take caution. and so, what we have with candidate trump is what i would call kind of a very all over the map approach toward his view of what we're going to do, relative to radical islam. it's not just isis. let's be frank. isis is going to morph into something else. it might even be incredibly worse. so there has to be a level of predictability here. and it needs to require -- our strategy needs to require -- it must require all elements of
6:47 am
power. my totally agree with the congressman. if you're going to go in, let's get all in militarily. that's why the air campaign is necessary, but insufficient. there has to be additional application -- there must be an additional application of force in order to go after it militarily, but also, we have failed diplomatically. we are not aggressively attacking them on the information campaign, and we can do a lot economically that would start to question as well. so it takes all those elements of power in order to go after this threat. >> okay. senator warren, he just, you know, the longtime republican senator, trhrew his support behind hillary clinton, moments ago. he said from the stage that mr. trump should not attack gold star families. let's listen. >> and no one should have the audacity to stand up and degrade the purple heart, degrade military families or talk about the military being in a state of disaster. that's wrong.
6:48 am
>> so, congressman, you know that whole thing with the khan family, it still lives. or in your mind, does it? >> well, no one should attack a gold star family. no include mrs. clinton lying to mrs. smith, who, you know, her son lost his life, unfortunately, in benghazi. so i think in this, both sides are wrong. i think we should respect our gold star families. and look, as a military person win fought with the individuals next to me. i didn't care whether they were republican, democrat, muslim, christian, what i cared about the merits of the person and the commitment to our mission and the love of our country. and i think we should leave it at that and look at the serious issues that face our country. you know, on national defense, we'll have to look at immigration, vetting of our refugees, and looking at securing our borders, too. >> well, hopefully all of that will come up in the big town hall tonight with jake tapper. congressman ryan zinke and
6:49 am
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nearly 300 people died when malaysia airlines flight 17 came apart in the sky over eastern ukraine. that happened two years ago. today, we are getting more information about what exactly happened that deadly day. this morning, an international investigation team said that the missile that tore through the boeing 777 was brought into ukraine from russia. now it's gathering evidence for a possible criminal trial.
6:54 am
cnn's phil black joins us with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we knew what sort of missile was responsible because that was established by an earlier investigation, a russian-made surface-to-air missile system. it's contentious because both russia and ukrainian forces operate that particular antiaircraft system. russia always insisted it had nothing to do with it but this two-year long criminal investigation says it has found overwhelming evidence that says otherwise, through examining social media posts, video, pictures, through looking at mobile cell phone towers, intercepted phone calls and witness accounts, this investigation says that it has accumulated a vast amount of evidence that shows this particular missile system was brought from territory of the russian federation into ukraine, it then progressed in a convoy to the position where it was fired and shot down that airl e airlin airliner, killing all 298 people on board.
6:55 am
then it returned to russia the very next day. now, this is a criminal investigation. it's an update on a criminal investigation. its purpose is to ultimately bring people to justice, bring them before a court. today the investigators didn't want to say too much about that except that they believed they have identified some 100 people or so linked to the transportation or the firing of the weapon system and so now they are trying to examine or get further information on the chain of command, who ultimately ordered that missile system to move into that position, lock on to that aircraft and fire. they didn't say it specifically but the implication of this is that this investigation is now focused on serving russian military personnel. carol? >> so i know you sort of intimated it but who exactly could be charged with a crime for, i mean, let's remind viewers this was a passenger plane. this was not enemy aircraft over ukraine. >> reporter: no, indeed. malaysia airlines flight from
6:56 am
amsterdam, flying over ukrainian air space with 298 people on board, finding out who did this is obviously the very difficult part. they say that they are now working on that next step of the investigation, where that progresses from here it's really unclear because russia continues to deny that it was involved. >> phil black reporting live this morning, thank you. the next hour of "cnn newsroom" after a break. it's scary when the lights go out. people get anxious and my office gets flooded with calls. so many things can go wrong. it's my worst nightmare. every second that power is out, my city's at risk. siemens digital grid manages and reroutes power, so service can be restored within seconds. priority number one is keeping those lights on. it takes ingenuity to defeat the monsters that live in the dark.
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good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. donald trump campaigning this hour behind closed doors. he's in chicago right now. he's expected to speak before the polish american alliance and then mr. trump will attend a fund-raiser before traveling on to iowa and wisconsin, obviously these are pictures from t


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