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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  October 19, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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good morning. i'm carol costello live from las vegas from the university of nevada las vegas, the site of tonight's high stakes showdown. tonight is the third and final presidential debate. hillary clinton and donald trump about to trade their last punches face to face. they will make their closing arguments to the american voter and make no mistake, many, many will tune in tonight to see the blood. trump desperate to rescue his campaign. he may be more unpredictable than ever. will he continue his scorched earth tactics? and clinton is scrambling to
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contain damage of her own. she has faced a constant drip of embarrassing e-mails supposedly stolen, actually they were stolen from the hacked account of her campaign chairman john podesta. we have a lot to cover. let's begin inside the debate hall with cnn's manu raju. good morning. >> reporter: hey, carol. this is donald trump's last and perhaps best chance of turning around his campaign after one of the rockiest months of his campaign season or of any presidential candidate in recent memory. he's seen a number of allegations of course come out suggesting that he had performed unwanted sexual advances on women. of course, he denied flatly all those allegations. in addition, this bitter fight with his own party and two rocky debate performances himself. poll after poll has borne that out, including in arizona today, a traditionally republican state showing hillary clinton winning that state by five points as of right now.
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so donald trump is trying to make the case that the system is stacked against him and that this election is rigged. >> they have rigged it from the beginning by telling totally false stories. most recently about phony allegations where i have been under attack constantly. >> i have always felt that everything we can do to get people to vote, we should do it. he obviously is in a different school than i am. he wants people not to vote. i just think it's so untoward for him to try to scare people into elections are rigged. >> reporter: now, the question is how does hillary clinton address that tonight. expect her to push back pretty forcefully on that issue. how else does hillary clinton deal with this constant stream of revelations that keep coming out from wikileaks, who has accessed thousands of her e-mails, internal campaign e-mails, some of which painting her campaign in a very unflattering light. both candidates coming in with
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major controversies. how do they deal with this on this huge debate stage? last best chance for donald trump to turn around his campaign as well. >> manu raju live for us this morning, thanks so much. let's talk about all of this. with me, jason johnson, politics editor of the, cnn political commentator rebecca berg, national political reporter for real clear politics and mark preston. welcome to all of you. such a lot to talk about. mark, i want to start with you. this is the last chance that these candidates have to present their vision to the american people. will we really get into the vision thing tonight? >> you know, one can hope that that will happen tonight but it's very unpredictable. specifically since we saw what happened during the last debate. as you said, we are talking about 50 million people, maybe 60 million people watching tonight. this is the last time they will be onstage together, the last time donald trump can try to take down hillary clinton, call into question her capability of being commander in chief,
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calling in her judgment and talking about policy proposals. the same thing with her as well. she can call into question his temperament and if she can land some blows and walk out of here with a tie, that would be a win for her. but donald trump, if he comes in and talks about policy, i think that will be a big victory for him. >> but all the times -- all the signs, rebecca, is that donald trump may not talk about policy. brian se brian stelter talked to one of trump's campaign advisers, scorched earth policy. they are inviting people that might shake clinton again to the debate. for example, mrs. patricia smith. she lost her son in benghazi. just to remind people of who that is, this is mrs. smith. >> for all of this loss, for all of this grief, for all of the cynicism, the tragedy in
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benghazi has brought upon america, i blame hillary clinton. i blame hillary clinton personally for the death of my son. >> okay. so actually, maybe it's a good thing that mrs. smith is sitting in the audience because this is an important topic but donald trump needs to talk more about how hillary clinton's policies went wrong there over just saying look, here's mrs. smith, is she going to shake you. >> it isn't just about attacking hillary clinton for donald trump. obviously that's a very important component but hillary clinton still isn't vastly popular even as she's winning this race right now. big problem for donald trump is the way voters view him. this recent fox news poll that came out showing hillary clinton
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ahead by seven points i think was just devastating for him. it showed only one-third of voters trust his temperament, only one-third of voters trust his judgment over hillary clinton. these are really damaging metrics if you are trying to run for president and make the case that you are fit for the presidency. so that's i think the case that donald trump is going to need to make, but he hasn't been making it. over the past week or two, instead he's been focusing on conspiracy theories, basically laying the groundwork for why he might lose this election. that message doesn't really bode well if you are trying to win. >> another guest that mr. trump has invited is president obama's half-brother who is no fan of president obama, by the way, but president obama's not running. >> yeah. this doesn't make any sense to me. these brand new surprise guests like we're on some morning talk show or whatever. look, this is a presidential debate. you are not swinging hey, batter, batter, not trying to mess up a free throw. he needs to be focused on the
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person he's actually debating. donald trump's biggest challenge, he spent the last couple weeks doing the scorched earth policy. he can still sell himself. donald trump needs to spend more time saying look, this is why i will make america great again rather than attacking hillary clinton. the more time he spends attacking her, the less time he has to make his case for the united states because early voting has already started and he's behind. >> we have a little tiny bit of sign that maybe hillary clinton will remain positive tonight, because her campaign released a new ad and it's titled "positive play for everyone." let's listen. >> this is not an ordinary time and this is not an ordinary election. i want to send a message to every boy and girl and indeed, to the entire world that america already is great but we are great because we are good. we are going to lift each other up. i want us to heal our country and bring it together.
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>> okay. so mark, you remember during the last debate hillary clinton said when they go low, we go high, but she went low in that debate. is she going to stay on message and not respond to donald trump's attacks? >> i will put this in sporting terms. this is where you play prevent defense. if you are winning the game you don't want to necessarily lose. you are willing to give up a touchdown here or there but basically, a tie is a win for hillary clinton tonight in the eyes of voters that are going to matter -- >> what does that mean? she just stands on the stage and listens to -- what is a tie? >> a tie would mean that donald trump doesn't come out and land a serious blow on her on the e-mails where she doesn't have the right answer, where she doesn't have the right answer on the fbi/state department supposedly quid pro quo which we know it isn't, but still, it is definitely in the lexicon right now. it's her coming up with the right answer and quite frankly, delivering a vision that she did in that ad at the same time, at the same time now trying to be a little bit more likeable to the voters because that's a big problem for her. >> really, republicans have
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taken away a major talking point for donald trump. marco rubio came out and said his party should not be talking about these e-mails released by wikileaks because they are acting on behalf of the russians and -- >> it could happen to republicans. >> it could happen to republicans at some point. that will really detract potentially from donald trump's argument. he has been trying to raise this issue and now hillary clinton will be able to say well, look at what this senator from your own party is saying. >> the other thing is it's very hard to explain in a concise way. >> right. the issue with the e-mails all along from my perspective and i think a lot of regular undecided voters, is like show me where this is a problem. if there was an e-mail where hillary clinton said go ahead and let the soldiers suffer in benghazi, if there was an e-mail that led to people being captured, if it was some mission impossible list where soldiers and spies were caught, we can see where the e-mails make sense. basically it feeds into the idea she's a typical politician which everyone felt anyway. i don't think trump has made
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much mileage with it. as long as he spends time attacking her instead of selling himself it's a loss. >> let me say this on the e-mails. if it was somebody else who was the republican nominee the e-mails would be devastating for her. only because there is this line that do as i say, not as i do. that has been the clinton mantra since they have been in public life. that really does frustrate people. if donald trump wasn't the nominee, if marco rubio was the nominee i think the e-mails would be problematic. >> have to leave it there. thank you so much. coming up in the "newsroom," live coverage throughout the day of tonight's presidential debate. coverage begins at 4:00 p.m. eastern. be sure to watch the debate 9:00 p.m. eastern here on cnn. i almost forgot the cnn plug. coming up in the "newsroom" it's the candidates' final chance to sell themselves and their policies but will style win out or will substance? we will talk about that next. i spent many years as a nuclear missile launch officer.
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we have breaking news to share with you right now and it's sad news. a u.s. service member and u.s. civilian have been killed in afghanistan. cnn pentagon correspondent barbara starr has the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. a very grim reminder that even when u.s. troops are not in direct combat, the war takes a very heavy toll on the u.s. military. earlier today in kabul, apparently an advise and assist team, not a combat team, was going to a base in kabul when they were attacked by an unknown assailant. one u.s. military member killed in action. one u.s. civilian also killed. in addition to that, one military member wounded and two additional civilians wounded. they are said to be in stable condition. the u.s. military and the coalition investigating exactly what happened, who the assailant might have been. according to reports, that assailant also later killed. these incidents have happened in
7:16 am
the past. thankfully it's been awhile since there's been one. but this is a heavy toll on u.s. military families amidst all the politics when people are talking about combat and not being in combat, for u.s. troops overseas and the civilians who support them, a very grim day and very grim reminder of how tough the job can be. carol? >> and how important tonight's debate will be when the two candidates talk about foreign policy. barbara starr reporting live from the pentagon, thank you. there will be six different topics addressed in tonight's debate. a lot of ground to cover in what's sure to be an action-packed 90 minutes. let's take a closer look at how the debate is laid out. i want to bring in our senior media correspondent, brian stelter. good morning. >> good morning. 15-minute blocks of time, six different topics. the moderator, chris wallace, has identified the general areas he will be bringing up. you think about the first two debates, we did not hear about immigration in detail. we did not hear about trump's
7:17 am
plan for a wall in detail. that's one of the topic areas. the other ones include foreign hot spots, relevant to your conversation just now with barbara starr. also supreme court and decisions about the supreme court that the next president will face. also debt and entitlements, the economy and fitness to be president. so those six topic areas will be covered by chris wallace. he will ask specific questions for each of them. the format's a lot like the first debate. two minutes to one candidate, then two minutes to the next candidate, then lots of back and forth. nch >> i know a lot of liberals are worried about chris wallace because he works at fox news. te he's a top rate journalist. >> clearly on the news side, not the opinion side of fox news. he has challenged trump and clinton throughout the campaign. if the clinton campaign has concerns they are not expressing them publicly. they may have that in private but definitely not in public. >> thanks so much. for more i want to bring in the co-chair for the commission on presidential debates, frank
7:18 am
fahrenkampf. so you exhausted? >> not yet. not yet. we have 12 more hours or so to go. then it will be over. i will have a big martini. >> i bet you will. i want to start with this "new york times" report about the handshake, because we heard that hillary clinton's people do not want bill clinton to shake the hands of any of the trump children or melania trump. is that true? >> i don't think -- there was some discussion of that. i think that's been taken care of. i don't think that's going to be a problem. >> so will they shake hands? >> i don't know. it's up to them. we can't force them to shake hands. you remember the last debate when it began, hillary and donald did not shake hands but at the end they did shake hands. it's up to them. >> we even heard the families would be coming in from different entrances so, you know, they wouldn't even have a chance to run across each other. >> i think it may be modified. we had walk-throughs with the candidates this morning. final decisions will be made then. >> how -- what were those discussions like? >> you know, i think, this is
7:19 am
the 30th debate the commission has done on general election presidential and vice presidential debates since 1988. i must say the work between the two camps, the professionals that are on the ground, the debate teams, has never been better. to the point they have agreed on most things and when there's been a problem they will flip a coin. i think the negotiations with the people on the ground has just been excellent. >> but this notion about hand shakes, it's just -- it just gives the appearance of a total lack of civility. >> yeah. i'm concerned about that. if i had my druthers i would say you should for the best interests of the american people go out and shake hands but that's again, i don't dictate that. they have the right to do what they want to do. >> so what do you suppose the clinton camp was afraid of by not shaking -- >> one thing i have learned in all the years in politics, i never speak for another candidate' thoughts. >> you can't even bring up like one thread that they were giving
7:20 am
a as to why this would be an untenable situation? >> no. not going to talk about that. >> the trump side, do they want to shake hands? >> again, one of the reasons i think the debate commission has survived all these years is we don't get involved in discussing what goes on in the negotiation. i'm not going to do that right now. we were looking forward to the two of them coming out and i think as brian pointed out, there are some real specific issues that haven't been touched. i told chris wallace he's really in a way batting cleanup tonight. he's had the ability to see the other debates and the vice presidential debate and figure out what wasn't covered in depth that the american people really ought to know where the candidates are. i think the subjects that he's lined up are some that the american people want to know. >> in your heart of hearts, through this whole process, was there a time when you didn't think a certain candidate would even show up for the debate? >> there's always been that problem. if you go back to 1980, jimmy carter refused to debate when john anderson and ronald reagan had accepted and the first
7:21 am
debate, then president of the united states refused to participate. so it's always the choice of the candidates. there's no law that says they have to debate. but we take the campaign as it comes to us. we plan for the debates, we can't control whether someone's going to show up or not. >> there's a sentiment out there that these debates, this presidential year, have been just so ugly and disheartening. will this, you know, especially with young people, what are they to think of debates to come? >> well, we don't know. like i say, we don't dictate, we can't dictate what the candidates are going to say. >> just as an american citizen. >> as an american citizen, my favorite word in the world is comity. c-o-m-i-t-y. that's not only missing in these debates, it's missing in washington and has been for a long time. there's a structural problem right now in our country, in government, in respect for people who hold elective office and how we get things done.
7:22 am
hopefully the next president, whoever he or she is, has a heavy load to carry to get back to having comity and the two parties working together for the best interests of the american people. >> you have been around a long time, have been in politics a long time. >> you mean i'm old? >> hey, i'm old, too. i'm with you. will it get better? is there hope? should we be hopeless? >> no, i think we can have hope. i'm hopeful this next president will do the job that has to be done. >> thanks for doing what do you. thank you so much. still to come in the "newsroom" lots more on the big debate and we will talk about two words. scorched earth. how will trump's latest campaign tactics play out onstage tonight? sureor put themhave ston a rack.e tires. but the specialists at ford like to show off their strengths: 13 name brands. all backed by our low price tire guarantee. yeah, we're strong when it comes to tires.
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oh, they're excited here in las vegas and good morning. i'm live from unlv, site of the third and final presidential debate. good morning. i'm carol costello. donald trump and hillary clinton just hours away from their high stakes showdown. trump trying to reverse his campaign's recent slide. clinton hoping to make her closing argument to voters. there are six topics that will be covered during the 90 minute debate, everything from the national debt to who is more fit to become the next president. trump has invited president obama's half-brother who backs the gop nominee. another guest is patricia smith, the mother of one of the men killed in the benghazi attack. mrs. clinton has invited mark
7:28 am
cuban, nemesis of trump, and a fellow billionaire. she's also invited meg whitman, ceo of hewlett-packard and long-time republican. and ryan moore, an iowa man born with a rare form of dwarfism who has shared his story of a 20-year friendship with clinton. while trump and clinton will likely throw punches tonight, well, back in the day, 2008, trump was singing a different tune. cnn has uncovered new video of trump praising the clintons during an interview with new york 1. >> i think she's a wonderful woman. i think she's a little bit misunderstood. you know hillary's a very smart woman, very tough woman. that's fine. she's also a very nice person. i think she's going to go down at a minimum as a great senator. i think she is a great wife to a president and i think bill clinton is a great president. lot of people hated him because they were jealous as hell. bill clinton was a great president. hillary clinton is a great woman and a good woman.
7:29 am
>> all right. let's talk about this. let's bring in political commentators jeffrey lord and maria cardona. jeffrey is a trump supporter and maria is a hillary clinton supporter. welcome to both of you. >> good morning. >> i wish it was something stronger but it's not. >> before the day is over. >> let's talk about what mr. trump said in 2008 because there was a time when these two people actually liked one another. what happened? >> carol, there is precedent for this. john f. kennedy and richard nixon came to congress together, they were the best of friends. the kennedy family contributed to nixon's senate campaign in 1950. in 1960, when they were running against each other, somebody said to kennedy well, you know, nixon still really likes you. he said he won't by the time this is over. >> but that's like a 90 degree turn. he went from hillary clinton's a nice woman -- >> they're running for president. >> -- to hillary clinton is a crook and should be in jail. >> they are running for
7:30 am
president. the clintons sought him out for a contribution, clinton library or foundation. things change when you run for president. these things happen. >> i can say the same about hillary clinton. they attended donald trump's -- one of donald trump's weddings and appeared to be friends. so what happened? >> like jeffrey said, a presidential campaign. but this isn't the first time we have heard that donald trump has said nice things about the clintons. he not only has given money to hillary, he's given money to the clinton foundation but so people look at this as political expedience, clearly. this is a political campaign and he's done a 180 and is now trying to focus everything he has on bringing her down. but i think the problem is that people are going to look at it and say okay, well, he's flip-flopped, he's going to take a look at the issues that he is talking about and he's going to say, they are going to say look, he has huge issues with the issue of being fit to be president of the united states.
7:31 am
that's going to be -- that has been her campaign theme, it's going to be her campaign tonight as well. >> i want to go back to the civility thing. we actually need civility in a democracy. >> i agree. >> it's gotten to the point where the hillary clinton camp doesn't even want bill clinton to shake melania trump's hand. i mean, i know that sounds like a small thing but it's not. >> i agree. but look, look at what he did in the last debate. bringing bill clinton's accusers which is, you know, we all thought wow, that's going to be the lowest form of what you can do, and he went there. he did it. so i don't blame the clinton campaign for not wanting to do that. but we could say well, look, he has gone low from the moment that he announced for president. >> no. >> yes, absolutely he has. >> brian stelter talked to steve bannon on the plane, one of trump's campaign advisers, and steve bannon says there will be other surprise guests. they are going full out with
7:32 am
these guests because they want to throw -- like what's the point of that? because when it comes right down to it, don't you want each candidate to present their vision of america to the american people? don't you want your vision to sound better than theirs? so why do you have to bring people into the audience to shake the other candidate up? >> i think this began with the introduction of mark cuban into this situation. they were going to bring him in to somehow try and freak donald trump out which decidedly didn't work. >> we are going tit for tat again. >> i can only say as somebody who loves american history, none is this is new. none of this is new. we had 200 some odd years -- >> doesn't make it a good thing. >> no, but we are fighting against the tide here. this began immediately with john adams and thomas jefferson and continues to this day. i think you have to allow for human behavior here. >> here i think is the problem with this particular presidential cycle. yes, this is nothing new but what is new is that people are living this every second of every day because of social media.
7:33 am
it has allowed everybody and i believe because of the way that trump has set the tone from the very beginning of the day that he announced his candidacy calling mexican immigrants rapists and criminals -- >> illegals, he was talking about. and it's true. >> he has gone the lowest common denominator in this conversation. not just by the way he has talked about the issues, but he himself has talked about violence at his rallies. oh, punch that guy, throw them out. calling for people to -- calling to jail hillary. i'm sorry, jeffrey. donald trump has gone the lowest common denominator in terms of civility. he has set the tone for this. >> i'm sure jeffrey, you would say hillary clinton has come out and called donald trump a mysogenist. >> she began by calling him a sexist. then the racist, xenophobia, all this sort of stuff. he's going to fight back. he should fight back. >> this didn't come out of the
7:34 am
blue. when you diminish women for 30 years and you see the tapes that have come out. >> i'm letting you guys go for a reason. because this is not what much of america wants to see on that stage tonight. they don't want to see the candidates attacking one another. they actually want to know, for example, if donald trump wants to build a wall to keep us all safer, how is he going to pay for it? will he come out and specifically tell us how, because nobody believes he's going to make mexico pay for it. >> certainly he believes that he can do this because he's a pretty good negotiator. >> he doesn't believe that. >> absolutely, carol. >> he's vacillated on it. >> no, no, absolutely he believes this. there are all kinds of ways you can do this. at least as i understand it from various people in terms of the money that illegal immigrants in this country -- >> your prediction is he will tell us? >> i don't know. i don't know. i'm saying certainly he believes this. you know, one of the things i find fascinating here in this sort of ruling class elites versus american people that have you all these elites who say you
7:35 am
can't build a wall, yet when it comes to their own personal safety they got walls around their own property. why is that? >> on the other hand, hillary clinton has not really presented her vision to america. a lot of people assume she's going to be president of the united states. but they don't have a clear idea of why they should be happy about that. >> well, i think she will absolutely underscore that tonight and she has been talking to the american people about what her vision is. her vision is to make the economy work for everybody, not just those at the top. >> but how? >> okay. she's going to raise the minimum wage. >> i know that. i know that. but she's working with a hostile congress so how will she get past that? >> they talked about that, she talked about that when she was in the senate. she actually was able to work with republicans. she has been able to do things in a bipartisan way. she will be able to do that again. i think what she will focus on tonight and frankly, she has tried to do this in the past two debates, let's not forget who was interrupting who the most, in the last debate it was donald trump trying to interrupt hillary clinton, she will focus
7:36 am
on trying to communicate her vision, not just of an economy that works for everybody, but on keeping americans safe, working with our allies, not dissing them, making sure that nuclear weapons are contained. >> got to leave it there. got to leave it there. >> the debate begins. >> the debate has already begun. thanks to you. got to be serious now. kurdish forces make a stunning discovery in iraq as they battle isis for mosul. they have uncovered a tunnel dug by isis filled with bombs and boobytraps. we will take you to the front lines next.
7:37 am
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iraqi forces are closing in on isis' last stronghold in iraq. a commander predicts its troops will be inside mosul in two weeks. more than a dozen villages are now free from isis, including a town south of the city now liberated. but closer to mosul, isis militants have surrounded iraqi soldiers. clarissa ward is eight miles from mosul.
7:42 am
>> reporter: so we are here on the kurdish peshmerga forces front line position, the closest front line position they have to the city of mosul which is just about eight miles behind me. but the focus of today's activity has really been concentrated on the town just behind me. you probably can't see it very well because it's getting dark here and there's not a lot of power in that town. that town is still held by isis and throughout the course of the day we have been hearing a pretty steady stream of bombardment coming from the coalition forces where we are raining down on that town. we can actually hear some small arms fire appearing to come from the town as well. but throughout the day, we have heard artillery, we have seen at least four air strikes with coalition forces basically trying to soften the target is the term that they use. basically trying to wear down the resistance of isis militants who are hunkered down in that town. reports that we're hearing from the kurdish commander is there
7:43 am
are about 40 to 50 isis militants in that town behind me. reportedly all of the civilians have left it. certainly we would expect in the coming day or two to see some kind of offensive now to take full control of that town. so what does that tell us? well, it tells us that this is steady piecemeal slow progress. essentially what you are seeing here are these kurdish forces as well as iraqi forces who are mostly to the south of the city of mosul going village by village and trying to liberate them, flush out isis, before they really start to push into the city center of mosul, and that is where people are fearful the heaviest fighting will be and that is also where 1.2 million civilians are currently hunkered down. carol? >> all right. clarissa ward reporting live from mosul, iraq. i'll be back with more. you knmegared omega-3s...
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immigration on the list of
7:48 am
topics tonight on that debate stage. it's a critical conversation here in nevada. one in five people here in nevada are born outside of the united states according to pew research. there are 210,000 undocumented immigrants living in nevada. more than in any other state. one of them is an activist who came to america on a raft from mexico when she was 4 years old. >> we live in constant fear that my parents could be taken away from their grandson, noah, so when donald trump talks about deporting 11 million people, he's talking about ripping families apart. >> she will be attending tonight's debate as hillary clinton's special guest and joins me live now. welcome. >> thank you. >> what do you think it will be like inside the debate hall? >> i'm just very excited to hear secretary clinton. it's been 30 years of a career
7:49 am
and i think tonight's going to be a night many are looking forward to. i'm excited and honored to be there. >> there was a lot of talk about immigration early on in the campaigns, with both candidates. that issue seems to have fallen off the table. why do you think that is? >> you know, i'm not sure if it's fallen off the table. i think there have been a lot of different topics that have been brought up. but i think that secretary clinton has always shown that she's been wanting to work on immigration, that it's been something that she really wants to focus on, and i think that we can't see any more of a difference on the candidates on that. >> some people might say this campaign has gotten more nasty they are focused more on personal attacks than actual issues, and an issue that's very important in your life. >> this is my entire life. this election will determine what happens in my future and not only mine, but 11 million other people including five million children that are united states citizens of undocumented parents. all 16 million of us are looking
7:50 am
forward to what's going to happen not only tonight but on election day. i think a lot of people are looking forward to this debate. i think that especially in our community, we are looking forward to -- >> there is some sense that people thought that hispanics and latinos would be more energized because of the things donald trump has said. but they're not. do you sense that? are they energized? >> i think people are really excited about this election. we had sharon angle in 2010 and currently she's not a senator. this will be a huge issue and i think latinos will come out and vote and show their strength and they are going to be here. >> so hillary clinton says she wants to continue many of president obama's policies on immigration but he hasn't really moved the argument forward very
7:51 am
much. he tried to issue this executive order, it was challenged in the u.s. supreme court and he lost. so what will hillary clinton do that is different from president obama to solve our immigration problem? >> i think our entire country is at a loss not having nine supreme court justices which was the reason we are stalled on the court case right now. but secretary clinton has stated once and over again that she's wanting to find a solution for immigration reform. president obama tried to do that -- >> here's the problem. she is going, if she becomes president, right, she's going to take office and there will be a lot of people who distrust her. look at these people. they think she's a crook. she has to work with a hostile congress. so what about her says to you i can get this done? >> first, the first thing is that that's why i'm making sure that we are getting her a congress that will help her, making sure people are elected
7:52 am
that will help her pass not only immigration but so many other things that have been stalled for years. we had bipartisan support for an immigration bill in 2013 and unfortunately it wasn't brought up in the republican house. my family is waiting to hear from not only secretary clinton but other politicians as to what they are actually going to do and what solution they will offer. to the people that are seeing what's going to happen and watching tonight, i think it will be very clear the difference, again, it couldn't be any more different. i have a work permit right now and it could be tossed up in the air because donald trump has said he would take it away. >> thank you very much. we will radio flook for you in audience tonight. retired nba player charles barkley gets political, telling cnn in an exclusive interview he does not plan to vote and weighs in on trump's hot mic comments, disagreeing with other athletes who said trump's comments are just -- are not typical locker room talk. listen.
7:53 am
>> let me say this. i have a daughter so i'm against any form of sexual harassment, sexual assault. i want to make that perfectly -- i'm against any form of sexual assault or sexual harassment. but in the locker room, i have heard things and i have said things myself that i would not want to be repeated publicly. for people to act like they haven't heard stuff in the locker room i think is disingenuous. i have heard things in the locker room i would not want to be said publicly and i have said things in the locker room i would not want to be heard publicly. >> cnn's hines ward has more of this exclusive interview from charles barkley. good morning. >> good morning. yes. charles barkley called donald trump divisive but also said that he's having a hard time backing hillary clinton. he talked to andy schu lushlz a the upcoming election. >> i'm disappointed for the american people. it's not going to have an effect
7:54 am
upon my life who wins and loses. i feel bad for hard-working american people. i have always voted democratic -- democrat my entire life. but i'm having a hard time pulling the trigger for her so right now, i haven't made a decision if i'm going to vote or not. but if i vote, i'm going to vote democratic, but it's going to be -- it's just something about her that makes me uncomfortable and clearly, i can't vote for the other guy. >> now let's shift gears. the cubs are down 2-1 to the dodgers in the nlcs and i'm sure chicago fans are starting to get a little nervous because you remember, it's been over 100 years since the cubs have won the world series. nothing has gone as planned for the cubbies last night. dodgers catcher, who hadn't had a hit all series, hit a two-run home run off the cubs star
7:55 am
pitcher, jake arietta. cubs fans are looking at themselves saying oh, no but rich hill wasn't even in the major leagues a year ago. he pitched a perfect game. dodgers win 6-0 and take a 2-1 lead in the series. game four is tonight at 8:00 eastern and in the alcs, the blue jays won yesterday to stay alive. they are down 3-1 to the indians. game five on tbs at 4:00 eastern p.m. in other news, patriots head coach bill belichick is fed up and tired of having to use the microsoft tablets on the sideline, saying they are undependable. >> i'm going to stick with pictures which several of our other coaches do as well, because there just isn't enough consistency in the performance of the tablets and i just can't take it anymore. >> coach is an old school coach.
7:56 am
he has to learn technology. back to you. >> hines ward, i'm just taking a selfie before i have to go bye. that's it for me. thank you for joining me live. i'm carol costello. "at this hour with berman and bolduan" is next. thanks to all of you. in everything that matters? coming in first place... introducing the all-new 2017 ford super duty. the only high-strength, military grade, aluminum alloy body heavy duty pick-up. it takes first place in every measure of tough: best-in-class towing. best-in-class payload. best-in-class horsepower. and best-in-class torque. winner, winner, chicken dinner. this is the next level.
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in the treatment area. find a doctor at
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8:00 am
i'm kate bolduan. hello. >> i'm john berman. what day is it? >> it is debate day in america once again. >> how many more are there after this? >> zero. >> so how high are the stakes then? >> as john berman would say, wicked high. >> that is why we are live


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