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tv   New Day  CNN  November 2, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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he says for people who cast their ballot, change your vote if you didn't vote for me. we only have six days to go. let's begin with cnn's phil mattingly, live in ornldz. >> reporter: good morning, chris. look, when it comes to the last five or six days, it's all been about one thing, jim comey's fbi letter to capitol hill. clinton campaign attacking him repeatedly. now, turning the page. the reality is this, when the clinton campaign looks at the race. looks at the dynamics of the race, they realize they do better when it's a referendum on donald trump. that's exactly what hillary clinton was going for yesterday here in florida. take a listen. >> he calls women ugly. disgusting. nasty, all the time. he calls women pigs. rates bodies on a scale from 1 to 10. why does he do these things? who acts like this? i'll tell you who. a bully. that's who. >> reporter: guy, there's a very specific target, obviously in
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that message. in her message yesterday down here in florida. women voters. women voters who really locked into the clinton campaign after she brought out in the first debate alicia machado the former miss universe. set that for donald trump, they saw a huge boost, in the wake of bringing her up kind of disappeared. that debate seems a long time ago. alisha machado was back on the campaign trail, introducing hillary clinton yesterday. the clinton campaign also rolling out a new ad targeting women voters. laying out the incendiary things donald trump has said about women up to this point. but also, guys, an unscripted moment here in florida. as hillary clinton really went after a protester who interrupted her rally, echoing what you're hearing from campaign ads across the board. take a listen. >> i am sick and tired of the negative, dark, divisive, dangerous vision and behavior of people who support donald trump.
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>> reporter: guys, it's one area where we saw a crowd get more wild than we've seen over the last couple of weeks. here's what mattereds today. where hillary clinton is going. she's going in nevada, out west. obviously, nevada a luge swing state. but also going to arizona. a traditional red state that the clinton campaign says is not their effort. they really believe because of early hispanic turnout, it's a true battleground state. if donald trump loses arizona, they feel like this race is completely over. her surrogates all over the place, clinton campaign, trying to get away from that fbi review, trying to get back on the message they thought was winning before that letter from jim comey ever came. >> sure sounds like it. thank you so much for laying that out for us. donald trump vowing to repeal obamacare and slamming the e-mails. trump has a new message, according to hillary clinton, change your vote.
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hi, sara. >> donald trump on the campaign trail yesterday in wisconsin he's basically told the crowd, look, we have learned a lot. and it's not too late to change your mind even you already cast a ballot. take a listen to what he said. >> this is a message for any democratic voter who have already cast their ballots for hillary clinton. and who are having a bad case of buyer's remorse. you can change your vote to donald trump will make america great again, okay? >> now, wisconsin is one of a handful of states that allows voters to do that if they've already cast their ballot. and also a relatively new target for the trump campaign. in addition to some of these states tilting blue, the trump campaign says they're putting $25 million up on the airwaves. and a lot of this money is going to target states that really have been more friendly to democrats in recent elections than to republicans. now, if you look at donald trump's running mate, mike
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pence's schedule today, you really get a sense of how they're trying to play both offense and defense at the same time. mike pence is going to be on the campaign trail in arizona. of course, that's a state that's been tilting red but is newly looking like a battleground. but he's also going to be in new mexico, as well as colorado. both states tilting blue where the trump campaign trying to make a late play. as for trump, he'll be in the much more traditional battleground state of florida. >> let's discuss, we have cnn political comment tirt and cable news errol lewis. we have national political matt biezer. and cnn and daily beast washington bureau chief jackie kucinich. great to have you here. errol, the fbi letter from comey which has been a massive nonevent, right? because he didn't giver any new information. has allowed trump to read into it. so, he's saying, wow, look at what he learned. it's all so terrible, hoping
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that people don't read that next sentence which is combly didn't say anything. clinton is using it how? >> she's using it to say, the dark divisive, all of those things she said in that big rally that the system is against her, too. 7 up until now, donald trump has owned the sense that the system is rigged and things aren't right. >> and saying it right now, by the way. >> by the way, director comey not so bad all of a sudden. now hillary clinton gets a little bit of that as well. frankly, there has been this resentment that's been building. she hasn't really drawn on it. you mostly see it in fund-raising. but there are other parties out there, they don't like donald trump an they don't like how the candidate and party has been portrayed. you're also starting to see it in early voting. some basic rules of the game where you got early voting cut off, cut short. confined to one place, instead
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of 16 places in a key county in north carolina. people saying, wait a minute, this isn't right. i want to express how this is being played against me, by my party and candidate by making sure i go out and vote. >> so, jackie, it sounds what hillary clinton is doing is going back to things that were very popular. alicia machado, miss universe, the attacks that she says donald trump made on her as well as other women. let me play for you what hillary clinton said yesterday, going back to those. >> he called her miss piggy, called her miss house keeping because she's a beautiful latina. he brought a bunch of reporters to a gym to watch him order her around to exercise. he also said this is somebody who likes to eat. i'd like to say, who doesn't like to eat? but you've got to ask, why does he do these things?
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who waacts like this? i'll tell you who, a bully. >> jackie, we've heard that. why is she going back to the well? >> this is a play for the clinton team but they're going negative again. it shows that they're worried. because if she -- they had been switching for a day or two, it feels like a week, but it's only a day, to a positive message. to more aspirational-type message. and now, we're back to alicia machado, because she wants to remind women in particular why they don't like donald trump. why they don't want to vote for donald trump. particularly, in the state of florida. the fact that they are back to that message just shows that the tightening of the polls has them a little nervous. >> well, what's one of the immutable truths in politics, as much as the voters like to say they don't like it, negativity
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works best. what's your danger on the clinton calculation, they believe they win on the likability contest. they believe ultimately, despite the high negatives on both sides that donald trump plays as the worst person than hillary clinton. what's your take? >> the polls definitely bear that out. trump is liked less than clinton, not by much. the whole campaign has been about e-mails and women. to the extent we're talking about see mails trump is doing better. to the extent we're talking about women, hillary clinton is doing better. i think hillary clinton is really trying to change the message back to women. after a couple days of e-mails, fair or not, you know, she is reinserting alicia machado into the narrative. i think using donald trump's own words to hang him has been quite an effective strategy agency their new ad is quite effective in that regard. >> errol, let's talk about
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another surprising thing the fbi did yesterday. they put out what is being described as a surprise tweet on say a little-used account where they published 1 define beiges of internal documents about bill clinton's pardon years ago of marc rich. that raised eyebrows. and the clinton campaign said, what is this about? and the fbi basically said, well, is this sort of in response to maybe a foia request. we were allowed to release public documents. here's their statement that they put out yesterday. the fbi records management division receives thousands of foia requests they're processed in a first-in, first-out basis. per procedure for foia, these materials were published to the reading room according to law and procedures that is an account that had been dormant for a year. >> it had been dormant for a
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year and got fixed just recently and all of a sudden came back to life. lo and behold, one of the first things is documents related to former president clinton. i saw on twitter it being described as open mike night at the fbi. people are just funneling out all kinds of different things. i think this is in a more sober moment probably after the election, this needs to get looked at. i mean, there are different procedures to sort of be in place to have the fbi pull back closer to election day. that has to get looked at. 60 days before an election doesn't have much meaning where most states are voting early. it also needs to get looked at. shounl there be some human intervention before your organization starts spouting out documents that could have a potential sensitive or political impact. as i started looking through this stup, trip down memory lane, marc rich, i hope you don't spend too much time explaining to your viewers, he's
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dead. this is not relevant or timely documents. it would best be maybe sort of held back from another month from this dormant, formerly dormant account. >> thank you very much. >> there's a huge historic moments looming in sports. 1908 versus 1948. one of these marathon world series droughts ends tonight. the cubbies and the indians play game seven of the world series. winner take all. shoals live in cleveland with the best job in the world for the "bleacher report." >> not bad right now, chris. and it's time for the greatest two words of all of sports -- game seven. this is the cover ever "the plain dealer" this morning. it says buckle up. fitting that these two teams that have the longest drought in all of baseball, in terms of winning a world series, would take the series the distance. here in game six, progressive field, the air let out of the
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building from the get-go. top of the first, addison russell and then this ball. the ball drops in two more runs for the cubbies they take a 3-0 lead. and then he rushes this to left center. that's a grand slam. russell, 22 years ago old. youngest player to hit a grand slam in the world series since mickey panel did mantle did it yankees. of course, a winner take all game seven tonight. >> anybody who plays this game, you know, grows up dreaming of winning a world series. you know, to play in a game seven tomorrow, that's pretty special. >> so, it all comes down to this. the indians have their ace corey kluber on the hill tonight. he's already won two games in the series.
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the cubs countering with kyle hendricks. you know what, guys there were a lost of cubs fans in the stands last night. and ticket prices have soared for game seven. cheapest tickets going for is 1,000 bucks in the market. i'm guessing even more cubs fans making the trip in case they get to make history tonight. 25 million americans have already cast their ballots in early voting. and there's say troubling trend developing for democrats in key battleground states. we'll delve into the numbers -- next.
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have already cast ballots in early voting. so what does that mean? who has the advantage? cnn politics executive editor mark preston live at the decision desk with a look at the numbers. what do you have, my friend? >> hey, good morning, chris. yeah, election day a week from now. 24.4 million, a little more than that have actually voted already in 38 states. 12.4 million in the 12 battleground states. basically, this is the path to 270 electoral votes that donald trump and hillary clinton needs to get. let's take a look at one specific state in particular. it's a state that barack obama is going to be in today. a state of north carolina. we saw joe biden there yesterday. 1.6 million people have voted in north carolina. who has the advantage when it comes to registration now. these are democrats who have already cast their ballots. republicans cast their ballots. look at this number down here, 26.1%.
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these are folks independents or aligned with another party. so looks like democrats have a pretty good lead. in many ways they do, 220,000 vote lead. but let's look at 2012 right here. look at the advantage they had at this time back in 2012, chris. right there they had a 291,000 vote lead at that time. so, clearly, we're seeing a tickdown. the question is -- where's it coming from and where are they losing votes? let's go into three different demographics. this is the obama coalition that he used to win in 2008 and 2012. right now, 73% have been white voters who have voted so far. black voters, 23%. just a little bit more than that. of course, the african-american vote overwhelmingly goes for a democrat. at 23% where were they back in 2012? look at this number right here. this is troubling for democrats. 28.4% at that time. so we're clearly seeing a downtick right now in the
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turnout of african-american voters in north carolina. let's look at gender. we talked a little bit about men and women in this race. look at that right there. there is a 12-% difference. women now, of course, overwhelmingly going for hillary clinton. at least she has say strong lead to men. again, these are the early votes we're seeing in north carolina. we go back to twentsd 12, it's just about the same. if we go to the mill mentennial. these two columns predominantly would be democrat. these two could be republican. we're seeing a downtick right now, chris, as you can see in the younger voters. hillary clinton has got work to do in north carolina. donald trump needs north carolina in order to win the election. >> mark, thank you for that. let's talk about it who has the advantage in other voting states. errol louis and jack chi sin ku.
2:21 am
is there nor going on with black voters? >> i think there are a couple things going on. without obama there, when is the whole thing, not so much that people are turned off by clinton, but you had historic numbers because you had historic candidacy the last time around. the other thing, there is a conservative streak within black communities especially those tied to the pen that cost or holiest churches, they've had doubts about some of this stuff. you know, this hasn't been an easy time for them around same-sex marriage. about the woman's right to choose. this is not thanksgiving that goings over easy for them. and to a certain extent not going to the other side. or maybe deciding this isn't for me. i'm going to stay home. i'm going to spend more of my time on a different kind of politics. they didn't quite find the answer they were looking for, it seems like.
2:22 am
>> and mike, there's something else going on, donald trump talking it's happening to him but it's happening in pockets of early voting areas which is that the system is being made difficult for them. lines are long. the number of precincts where you can go to vote early have been reduced. the time lines have been shortened and you're hearing about it in a lot of key places. what's your take? >> if you talk to democrats, certainly that is one of the differences from 2012, and why you may be seeing lower numbers in a state like north carolina. there are fewer places for them to go. atlanta and georgia, another state that hillary clinton had her sights set on at one point, huge lines of voters. you know, trying to cast ballots. so, that may be a difference in the early voting figures that we're seeing right now. that it's made more difficult over the past four years. in a state like north carolina, controlled overwhelmingly by republicans at the state level right now. so, those numbers could shift, as more people are able to cast
2:23 am
ballots. and on election day. certainly, that's why president obama's there today, trying to drive up, particularly, the african-american vote in north carolina. >> jackie, let's look at the states and see who has the advantage in each of these. these are the early voting, dems lead in colorado, iowa, north carolina, nevada. republicans lead in arizona, florida, ohio, utah. these are important, obviously, battleground states. what do you see here? >> i mean, utah -- utah is an interesting add to that list. we should note that particularly with mcmullen being the independent candidate there. one thing i wanted to mention, we're talking particularly black voters, being a key part of the obama coalition, hillary clinton, the silver lining for her is that she's sort of putting together her own coalition in a way. it's more female, college-educated women.
2:24 am
there's also more hispanics in the hillary clinton coalition. they're hoping in some of these states where it is close, where they can make up and have some of where the black turnoff has fallen off, they can make it up with hispanics and black women. >> they know internally where they're strong or weak because they intend more time crunching numbers. let's look at the maps where they're spending their time, you will see the prophesy, of this not just coming down to a few states, but handfuls of counties across the country. you'll see clinton being in nevada and arizona, a lot of controversy with that. can she really win? is this the best chance with resources? trump more focused on florida. his campaign believes if he doesn't win florida, it's really tough. now surrogates also important here. where are they going? >> a lot of places. as you can see. i mean, they've basically cloned themselves. >> this is the clinton side.
2:25 am
they're stretching out. now, so you have a different strategy. you send the big dog, hillary clinton, into places where you're trying to make room. you send your surrogates into places where you're trying to keep the space that you have right now. and you'll see that reflected. now, obama, president obama being north carolina speaks loudest to me. >> errol, what do you think? >> absolutely. i think also for north carolina, in particular, for obama, it's personal. he won it in 2008. he lost it in 2012. it was the narrowest loss that he had. the obama team has wanted sort of revenge on that outcome. and they spent a lot of time, arguably, an inordinate amount of time trying to get that state in their column. fine, niece his last few weeks, let the president play out the politics as he sees fit. >> panel, thank you very much. meanwhile election day is almost here. stay with cnn until the last vote is cast and beyond.
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>> we have news from the war front for you. iraqi forces pushing forward towards mosul ready tole clear out isis extremists. hundreds of thousands of civilians are still there, and many of them are being used opportunistically by isis as shields and as cover. how you take the city without killing innocents. very hard. especially here. we'll tell you why -- next. str? that airline credit card you have... it could be better. it's time to shake things up. with the capital one venture card, you get double miles on everything you buy, not just airline purchases. seriously, think of all the things you buy. this why you asked me to coffee? well yeah... but also to catch-up. what's in your wallet?
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iraqi forces advantaging on mosul, bracing for what's expected to be the fiercest
2:31 am
fighting yet against isis. they're facing snipers, land mines and evidence that isis will use thousands of civilians, mostly women and children, as human shields. cnn's national correspondent arwa damon is live on the front lines near mosul. give us the latest, arwa. >> reporter: well, alisyn, if we just take a quick look over here, we're not going to spend too much on this corner because there's a massive fire fight around us. but that tower that you see right there, that is the mosul television 20ur. and it is considered to be the most eastern most perimeter of the city itself. that is how close these counterterrorism forces are to mosul. there are units that have pushed farther ahead. coming down this road earlier, this morning, they detonated a number of ieds, roadside bombs. the civilian population here had actually informed them about describe be the fighting to us later as being very fierce, very
2:32 am
intensive. as we quickly swing around and look to this side of the street, you see some people, they've begun coming out on the road. they've come to speak to the iraqi security forces. they also come to try to just enjoy the fact that they can walk around outside without fear. farther down there in the back is a mosque that is shelters other women and children and men who pulled back into this area, to try to escape the fighting that has pushed further forward. and it's been fairly intense for the better part of the morning, alisyn. >> arwa, you can share any of the stories of those people around you? >> reporter: there was one family whose son was actually killed in the fighting. he took a bullet or two. and they were telling us that his -- his wife was actually taken from him by isis. and forced to marry. was raped by an isis fighter. and they say that that is just one example of the things that
2:33 am
would happen to families here. there's another elderly man in the mosque who said that isis detained him for 62 days accusing him of sorcery. they released him but he was then condemned to 300 lashes. many of them just talk about the sheer agony of constantly feeling as if they are under threat. constantly feeling if no matter what they did they would die. the other thing they were telling us alisyn, most of the isis fighters and their families pled mosul leaving before the iraqi troops arrived. >> arwa, almost inconceivable for us. thank you for the reporting. we'll check back in with you. chris. we're just six days from the election, and hillary clinton is rolling out the heavy hitters including the former and present president. how many of an advantage do they give her? we'll take a closer look at the
2:34 am
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hillary clinton and her surrogates are barn storming key battleground states, hoping to guarantee her path to 270. the push coming as clinton looks to move past scrutiny over her e-mails and turning her focus against donald trump's character. who is she using as big name supporters? let's bring in maria cardona. a hillary clinton supporter. and talk radio host john phillips. he's a dmpl trump supporter. one of the main distinguishing features here, lady and gentleman, is this cast of characters around each. really, trump is a one-man show, right? and you have on the clinton side more of a team approach. the biggest star on that team, arguably, president barack obama. and he just said something that's indicative of this last push in the election. let's play it.
2:39 am
>> i want ever man out there who's voting to kind of look inside yourself and ask yourself, well, if you're having problems with this stuff, how much of it is, you know, that we're just not used to it? you know, like, when a guy's ambitious and out in the public arena and working hard. well, that's okay. when a woman suddenly does it, suddenly you all are, well, why is she doing that? i'm just being honest. i want to you think about it, because she is so much better qualified than the other guy. >> so, maria, what is the upside? obviously, the president doesn't say this by accident. what is he trying to touch? >> i think that was a remarkable moment, chris. because here you have not just the first african-american president saying this, but the fact that this is a guy that is acknowledging perhaps some of the misgivings that men have in voting for what would be the first woman president.
2:40 am
and in acknowledging that, i think he's giving permission to the men out there, that, hey, it's okay, let's acknowledge that this is a feeling. but let's move past it. and really look at what her qualifications are. we know he's mentioned several times as have other people on the trail for her that she is the best qualified candidate in recent presidential history. i also think it was remarkable because he wasn't just a guy saying it but he is an african-american man. let's also acknowledge within communities of color that are the strength for hillary clinton. there are a lot of men in my own community, latino community, there's a lot of machismo, as you know. they perhaps do have misgivings that they don't talk about, perhaps embarrassed about. so by the president saying this, i think it was kind of bringing it out in the open and acknowledging that it is a reality, that look at what she is going to do for our communities, our families, the legacy of progress that we have had so far. i thought it was remarkable.
2:41 am
and a really, really smart move. >> john, what's the risk in this? >> well, look, you always need co-signers when your credit is bad. and hillary clinton is a deeply unpopular figure in american politics, even when she's leading in the polls but i'm not sure this is going to work. you've seen president obama barn storming the country campaigning on her behalf. and what's happened, black vote is down in north carolina, florida and ohio, from where it was 2012. we saw vice president joe biden campaigning with hillary clinton what did he do, he went on with our own michael smerconish and said you know, if i ran against her, i think i could have beat her. and what's happening, hillary collided to beat him. and susan sarandon came out and endorsed jill stein. i think if hillary clinton is going to win this election,
2:42 am
she's got to do it on her own. >> maria, you got to feel good when the competition brings up susan sarandon as a celebrity. the early voting shows flat to increases for the democrats. you guys are arguing that shows trump isn't the only one with a movement behind him. how so? >> first of all, let me talk to what john's great spin was. because here you have his candidate who doesn't have anybody vouching for him. and the people who said that they voted for him can't even say his name. it's like his name can't even be mentioned. he's that toxic to the republican party. and to the country in general. so, to your point, these are people -- her surrogates are people who are out there reminding people. and their supports, we talked about bernie sanders. well, bernie sanders is reminding people that the progressives have a lot at stake here. and that bernie and hillary have
2:43 am
worked together to make this agency the most progressive platform. >> one other point just so i don't get a call from the vice president's office. as you know, john, the vice president said if i had run i think i would have beaten hillary. i think i would have beaten anyone. anyone running for president should feel that way or they shouldn't be in the race. a little bit more to the statement. there's a lot of work to be done. democrats are dealing with number information the obama coalition that they thought would be higher. >> though, i have to say hispanics are voting at an historic rate and that say great thing for democrats, agency as women. supporters on both sides of the aisle will sound out. who has the better character? tennessee. on this side of the road is virginia... and on this side it's tennessee.
2:44 am
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2:45 am
treated that way, and my grandson growing up thinking... that's how you should treat women. that scares me, that scares me a lot. so hillary's got my vote. we don't see eye to eye on everything, but she's strong, and i respect her. and she's someone that my grandkids can respect too. im hillary clinton and i approve this message.
2:46 am
2:47 am
2:48 am
the issue of character could decide the presidency next week. and both candidates have been a bit bloodied on this issue. so, who comes out on top with voters. randi kaye put that question first to trump supporters. >> they have no real issues that they can win on, so, all they can do is try to pick on trump and his character. and try to make that be the issue. >> reporter: donald trump supporters in eau claire, wisconsin, defending their candidate and his character, despite a new ad in the clinton campaign. what do you think of donald trump's character? >> awesome, beautiful. donald trump really has the character of god. a loving, compassionate father. donald trump was the man that god chose for a time like this. >> reporter: are you concerned at all about your candidate's character? >> absolutely not. no. i think we've all fallen short of what god expects of all of us. we've all missed the mark.
2:49 am
so he missed the mark a few times. >> reporter: this voter originally supported ben carson but now he's looking at trump. >> he's not perfect. i'm looking for somebody to save this country. >> reporter: they are given the options. they say they can look beyond him. they're even able to forgive him about groping width on that "access hollywood." does it bother you to hear him talk about women that way or no? >> yes, but is it a deal breaker? no. >> reporter: some of that made the media worse than it is? the tape is the tape. he said those things on tape. >> yeah, he doesn't bother me. >> reporter: what is it that he said about sexually assaulting them, not even women question trump's character. >> i think women need to grow up personally. it's been a lot of years. get over it. >> reporter: despite this ugly clash between supporters and protesters, those in trump's corner went on to suggest it was
2:50 am
a joke that hillary clinton would even attempt to hit trump on the issue of character. >> he may have said things, but hillary has done the things. >> her character is so flawed. got so many problems. who's she to point the finger. >> reporter: what do you think about character? where do you see problems? >> obviously, e-mails, benghazi and all the other problems she's caused in the world. >> can i do a hillary pivot, and just say it's not unfit that he's unfit. she's done everything that's illegal. and has done everything she possibly can to sell this country out. >> reporter: and about the clinton e-mails. >> her mouth is moving, she's not telling the truth. >> i just can't trust her as an candidate. she's not reliable. she's not honest. >> reporter: the last thing this country needs, trump supporters say some another politician. even if their man is not perfect. >> i think he's better suited
2:51 am
for this country. it's more a business this country needs. rather than the corruption that clinton represents. >> reporter: it sounds like you're willing to look past his character flaws to have the president you want? >> yes, absolutely. >> reporter: randi kaye, cnn, wisconsin. >> how do clinton supporters feel? in florida. >> reporter: the november sun is still boiling in florida, but the heat doesn't seem to be wilting the spirit of these hillary clinton supporters awaiting they are arrival. >> i am wildly enthusiastic about hillary clinton. >> reporter: the people at this rally in pasco, florida. you're thinking as she makes her closing arguments why she should be president should she be talking about donald trump? >> she should be talking about donald trump and continuing to challenge him. >> i don't like him.
2:52 am
>> he's awful. >> reporter: during this rally, clinton spent considerable time challenging trump. >> when i think what we now know about donald trump and what he's been doing for 30 years he sure has spent a lot of time deme demeaning, degrading, insulting women. >> reporter: but most of the people we talked to harrisburg clinton should focus on hillary clinton in order to build up enthusiasm. >> one thing, donald trump can speak for himself and get himself in trouble without hillary's help. and, so, i believe she should continue to talk about herself, her vision for this country, for the next four years. and hopefully, the next eight. >> i think america knows where he stands. i think it's been very clear. the nice has covered it extremely well. >> reporter: polling indicates that hillary clinton has an enthusiasm gap. how many of you are enthusiastic about hillary clinton? not among the devoted supporters
2:53 am
who go to hillary clinton rallies but among others who don't like trump and might not be motivated to vote for clinton. however, even among the faithful here, you notice something. do you like hillary clinton? >> yes. >> reporter: are you enthusiastic about her? >> yes. >> reporter: are you more enthusiastic about her than barack obama. >> no. we like barack obama. >> reporter: how many of you more enthusiastic about barack obama than hillary clinton? in the back there -- a little bit? a little bit. who is more possessive about hillary clinton than barack obama? what? you think you are? >> i mean, i'm a big barack obama supporter. but we're excited to see a woman break through. and move forward. and set history, as barack obama did the same thing. >> reporter: hillary clinton may not have enthusiasm levels that president obama had when he ran
2:54 am
but that's why clinton, her staff and supporters are please the president is on her side. >> republicans have created trump, the monster, now, they have to deal with him. we are going to win. >> yes. >> we are going to win by a land slide. >> reporter: and that is the great hope here. gary tuchman, cnn, pasco county, florida. >> fascinating, right? >> a little more complicated on the democratic side of the ball to paraphrase the vice president, hillary clinton is being compared to the all mighty when you talk about barack obama. he made history for the african-american communities the way she never will. >> she'll make history for women. you heard the women there, they also like barack obama. you heard that woman had you as enthusiastic -- she yelled no. >> we talked about it before, for some reason being the first woman isn't as galvanizing a purpose as it was for the first
2:55 am
african-american president. on the trump side you see something very interesting, too, they care so much about change they will ignore anything about the man. >> and they dislike hillary clinton so much they are willing to overlook a few flaws. >> for the same reasons they could dislike trump. but they don't. >> on that neote, six day, and counting. hillary clinton and donald trump delivering closing arguments and a flurry of ads. we'll explore the strategies in the final stretch -- next. at ai? let me show you something better. the capital one venture card. with venture, you earn unlimited double miles on every purchase... not just...(dismissively) airline purchases. every purchase. everywhere. every day. no really! double miles on all of them! what's in your wallet? it begins from the the second we're because, healthier doesn't happen all by itself.
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>> obama care means higher prices, fewer choices and lower quality. >> i am sick and tired of the dark, negative, dangerous vision! >> for any democratic voter having a bad case of buyer's remorse. you can change your vote to donald trump. >> the american dream itself is at stake.
3:00 am
>> hillary is not the victim. the american people are the victims. >> why does he do these things? who acts like this? i'll tell you who. a bully. this is "new day with" chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> welcome to your new day. 6:00 in the east. hillary clinton and donald trump laying out their closing arguments. lashing out at his divisive vision. >> meanwhile, trump is trying to keep the e-mail issue at the forefront. he has a new pitch to voters who have already cast their ballots for clinton, change your vote. we're now only six days from election day and we have it all covered for you. let's begin with cnn phil mattingly. give us the latest, phil. >> for the clinton campaign it is simple, yet important. they do a lot better when she is talking about donald trump and not the fbi. that is exactly what happened here in florida in the ever-imp


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