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tv   New Day  CNN  November 2, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> obamacare means higher prices, fewer choices, and lower quality. >> i am sick and tired of the dark, negative, dangerous vision! >> for any democratic voter having a bad case of buyer's remorse. you can change your vote to donald trump. >> the american dream itself is at stake. >> hillary is not the victim. the american people are the victims. >> why does he do these things? who acts like this? i'll tell you who. a bully. this is "new day with" chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. good morning, everyone. welcome to your "new day." up first, hillary clinton and donald trump making their closing arguments. clinton going after trump's character. and lashing out at what she calls his divisive vision. >> donald trump, staying on message, staying off the news shows, not to screw up that message. he's saying clinton is crooked and obamacare has to go. he's also making an interesting pitch to clinton's early
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supporters. he's saying, hey, if what comey just said or didn't say made you change your mind, vote for me. only six days to go. let's begin our coverage with cnn's phil mattingly in all-important florida. phil? >> good morning, chris. for four days all the clinton campaign advisers were talking about was jim comey. they were attacking him. trying to undercut the premise and rationale for that letter sent to capitol hill. no more. here in florida, yesterday, hillary clinton trying to turn the page. the reality here is this. the clinton campaign recognizing that as we head into this final week of the campaign, better be talking about donald trump. take a listen to what hillary clinton had to say. >> he calls women ugly. disgusting, nasty, all the time. he calls women pigs. rates bodies on a scale from one to ten. why does he do these things? who acts like this? and, i'll tell you who, a bully. that's who.
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>> very clear the clinton campaign wants a referendum on donald trump, not james comey, not the fbi e-mail server. we also had a moment where hillary clinton lashed out, kind of showing her frustration with a specific donald trump related protester, but also donald trump in general. take a listen. >> i am sick and tired of the negative, dark, divisive, dangerous vision and behavior of people who support donald trump. >> now the interesting element of that, that moment brought more of a response from the crowd than we've seen for a long time. really firing up her supporters there. and that's going to mean a lot in these last couple days. obviously all about getting out your coalition if you want to win on november 8th. the clinton campaign focused very hard on that today. look across the map where all of the surrogates are going. joe biden comes to florida. president obama to north carolina. elizabeth warren nevada.
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bernie sanders, wisconsin, michigan, trying to hit those labor voters that the trump campaign thinks they can pick up. look where hillary clinton is, arizona. a red state. a state democrats traditionally don't look to or send their people towards. the clinton campaign seeing early vote turnout amongst hispanics. that's not an expansion of the map that's a true battleground. you know very clearly if they win arizona this race is certainly going towards hillary clinton. trying to help push that forward today. guys? >> phil, appreciate it. don't get sun burned down there in orlando. donald trump staying away from tv interviews to stay on message. trump making waves with this call to early voters saying you voted for clinton, now change your vote. cnn's sara murray live in washington with more. what is it, seven states where you can actually do that? he was in wisconsin where i think you can do it up to three times. right? >> that's right. you can do it in wisconsin. it's only a handful of states and it's rare for voters to do this. but donald trump essentially making the pitch that look, we've learned more in the last
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few days, and it's not too late to change your mind. take a listen to what he said. >> this is a message for any democratic voters who have already cast their ballots for hillary clinton, and who are having a bad case of buyer's remorse. you can change your vote to donald trump, we'll make america great again, okay? >> now the fact that donald trump made this pitch in wisconsin is an indication of how the campaign is trying to branch out into more democrat-friendly territory. they say they're going to spend $25 million on the airwaves. including in a number of blue leaning states. if you look at their travel schedule today you get a skens of how they're continuing to campaign in those places as well. mike pence for instance is going to be stopping in new mexico and colorado, both states that appear to be leaning towards the democrats but the trump campaign is hoping to put in play. but pence is also playing a little bit of defense.
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he's stopping by arizona. this was red, but it's shaping up to be a little bit more of a battleground. now as for trump, he is going to be in florida. a pivotal day for his campaign. his advisers say he's going to be pretty focused on the economy today. >> okay, sara, thanks so much. joining us now to discuss it is senator chris coons of delaware, a clinton supporter. good morning, senator. >> good morning, alisyn. >> so let's try to take the pulse of where the clinton campaign is today. is it fair to say based upon her tone out on the campaign trail, and her words, that she is feeling more frustrated, and even anxious than she had hoped with a week left? >> well, i think secretary clinton would like to be spending this last week focusing on her positive message. on her record on her experience, and on her plan for how to grow the economy from the middle out, how to restore american manufacturing, how to keep us safer and stronger abroad, and how to strengthen education >> yeah.
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>> and opportunities for the working class here at home. >> so why not focus on that? >> she would really rather be having those arguments than the arguments going on. i was out in the field campaigning in north carolina and wisconsin and i met a lot of people who are fired up to get out there and vote early and frankly a lot of people who are ready for this election to be over. >> look, they say if you want to know how something's going, follow the money. right? so if you follow the money in terms of where she's buying ads, there are some interesting choices. there are going to be new ads running in new mexico and michigan. why focus on those sort of more traditionally blue states if -- if the campaign isn't feeling anxious right now? >> well, alisyn, i think they're trying to make absolutely certain that the states that have been in the column for her for months stay in that column, and there's no opportunity for donald trump to sort of break out of her blue firewall. we've invested a lot of money and time, had a lot of surrogates going to states in recent weeks that are reached, that have historically voted republican and i think as is always the case in campaigns,
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the gaps have been tightening a little bit in recent days, and so they're investing funding in advertising, and in sending surrogates, to states that are pretty reliably believe will vote democrat in this presidential election but also where there's important state elections, federal elections as well, and where it's a good idea to make sure that we've secured the base. >> look you say the polls are tightening. in a new abc news tracking poll, the daily poll, they are exactly even. i mean it's a dead heat. 46% to 46%. how do you explain how at this late date it is this tight? >> well, alisyn what i saw on your show earlier this morning was a state by state analysis, not a national analysis, but state by state shows that secretary clinton retains an important and comfortable lead in some critical states like new hampshire and pennsylvania and even north carolina. if you go through the electoral
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map on election day she still remains ahead of donald trump. >> hmm. >> but it is concerning that this is a campaign that's turned into one more about negatives than positives. >> and to be clear we want to show the cnn poll of polls in case any one poll is an outlier we crunch the numbers of the top five polls, and here you see hillary clinton still with a lead, 47% to donald trump's 42%. senator, what do you make of what is happening with the fbi? not just the letter that director comey sent to congress, but this this next thing, this next surprise as it's being called, this tweet that was sent out with a link to a long dormant account, at the fbi, that suddenly revealed the heavily dedakted documents about bill clinton's pardon of mark rich more than a dozen years ago. what do you think is going on with the fbi? >> alisyn, i looked into that. i read some articles about that last night. i'm deeply puzzled.
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the fbi and the department of justice have long-standing practices of not commenting on investigations under way, on not commenting where there isn't sufficient information and of avoiding public comment when it might have undue influence on election. reporting suggests that james comey the director of the fbi declined any public comment on the investigations into donald trump's ties, his campaign manager's ties, to russia earlier this summer. following that longstanding practice and i think that's a good practice and it's good as well. so i really was surprised by what you're referencing, this unjustified, unexplained release of now long outdated e-mails about a long closed investigation. james comey was involved in that investigation when he was with the department of justice in a previous role. >> yeah. >> but it just sets a troubling pattern, and it's my hope that our public confidence in the fbi will be restored. i am certain that this latest revelation of some trove of e-mails that may or may not even
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be related to hillary clinton may or may not be duplicates, may or may not be personal. >> yes. >> we really don't know much about it, and apparently neither did director comey. i'm confident that will amount to nothing and ultimately, voters who are going to the polls today, this week and up to next tuesday, will be making up their mind on which of these candidates has a stronger vision for our future. >> yes, they sure will. senator chris coons thanks so much for being on "new day." >> thank you. >> let's get to chris. >> all right. so hillary clinton's campaign is debuting a new ad once again using trump's own words as an attack against him. this time it's about treatment of women. here it is. >> putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing. when i come home and dinner's not ready, i go through the roof. grab them by the [ bleep ] and when you're a star they let you do it. you can do anything. >> more accusers coming forward to say they were sexually
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assaulted by donald trump. >> i'll go backstage before a show, yes. and everyone's getting dressed. >> donald trump walked into the dressing room while contestants, some as young as 15, were changing. >> all right with the uncomfortable task of dealing with uncomfortable information, sarah huckabee sanders, senior adviser to the trump campaign. it's an obvious ad but it also has an obvious negative. how do you deal with it? >> i think hillary clinton is looking for any distraction she can find. she's had one of the worst weeks, probably the worst couple of weeks, that any campaign has had this cycle. you've seen obamacare skyrocketing. she is under criminal investigation by the fbi not just for herself, but also the clinton foundation. she's looking for any distraction she can find, to distract voters from talking about her bad week, her failures, and i think that this is a new low in american politics that she's going only to focus on personal attacks. she's got no rationale at this point why voters should be voting for her. and so she's going down the road
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she -- she originally campaigned she wouldn't do. >> so -- >> i think it shows the desperation in her campaign at this point. >> certainly tight on both sides. that's why it's all negative all the time. nobody's saying anything good about themselves. they're saying something bad about somebody else. the simple proposition there is this is what the guy has said. and this is what the guy may have done. no doubt about it. can you deny any of that? >> he certainly apologized for the things he said. look i can't verify any of the other accusations out there. but what i can verify is that hillary clinton's record is one of nothing but corruption, and scandal. and she's been in government for 30 years, and she has nothing to show for it. i think that's a real problem for her. and that's why, again, this is a candidate who is under federal investigation. we haven't seen a presidential candidate hit this kind of low, i think, any time in modern politics. and that is a big problem for her and far bigger than any, you know, allegation that nobody can
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verify. >> what's the difference between clinton being investigated by the fbi, and them saying we don't have enough evidence to make a case? and the various probes or inquiries or any of the special words that the fbi likes to use of their pursuing questions about trump, man afort, what's going on with any connections to russia, oligarchs with connections to russia. no proof of any crime, that's why comey doesn't want to talk about it. what's the difference? there's no proof of any crime against clinton either. >> i don't think you can compare the two. hillary clinton was the secretary of state and mishandled classified information. by pure definition, anybody that lets classified information fall into the hands of anthony weiner is by definition mishandling it. i don't think that those two things are in comparison at all. >> do we know that anthony weiner has classified information? >> and comey hasn't said that there's nothing there. that's why he's got an investigation at this point. >> comey said exactly that. he said we don't know if these
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e-mails are significant to the case. >> we don't know. but he hasn't said that they aren't. >> oh, absolutely. >> and if -- >> he hasn't said that they are, either and he certainly hasn't said that anthony weiner has classified information like you just did. >> if they weren't significant he wouldn't have started this investigation -- >> he already acknowledged through the office that he hasn't even reviewed them yet. they haven't even been looked at -- >> but he has to know there's significance there or he wouldn't have done this. he's an obama appointee. i think everybody wants to attack comey and make him the enemy here. the only person that has created this problem is hillary clinton. it's not director comey. it is hillary clinton's mess and she is the only person to blame in this process. democrats were praising comey just weeks ago talking about how he's a man of integrity. a man of honor. and the second he doesn't agree with them, they start going after him. >> same thing you guys are doing. >> that's the same flavor -- >> same thing you guys are doing. >> trump said horrible -- would you like me to read it to you what he said about jim comey?
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>> no. >> no you don't. lucky you didn't say it because we'd have a different conversation. now he loves them. now he says the fbi is back -- >> i think because there was so much there that was being ignored and the american people demanded for answers and i think that's why comey is now coming out saying look we've got to review this further there obviously has to be something there people want to know, they want answers and i think he's done the right thing by at least opening it up and searching for those answers. >> the reason i'm checking you carefully on this is there's no question if you have e-mails you have to review them. comey could have done it differently. he didn't. okay that's his part of the conversation. but donald trump is going around the country saying, the truth has come out. now we know, boy, thank you, huma. thank you anthony weiner. what does he know? what does he know that we don't? because jim comey told us we don't know what it is. we're going to look at it. what does he know? >> i also think you have to look at some of the things that have come out in wikileaks. just moments before the story breaks podesta's e-mail very clearly lays out we've got to get rid of these e-mails.
5:16 am
they knew something was coming. they knew they needed to cover it up. i mean this is a big -- >> he didn't say cover it up. this is a problem. she was wrongly using the server. it was wrong. >> right. >> illegal? no. according to the fbi. but wrong. damaging. definitely. what if i had your e-mail about what you guys talk about inside the campaign about how to deal with different situations? >> i think you'd probably be pleasantly sproesed. >> oh, ho, ho -- lay them on me. >> look i got a lot of pictures of my kids. if you've got some spare time -- >> oh, please. sarah, not expose them to this process. >> you bet. >> six days to go. stay healthy. alisyn? >> all right, chris we want to turn now back to that breaking news out of iowa. a terrible story. two police officers shot and killed in separate ambush attacks in the des moines area this morning. there is a massive manhunt under way for the killer at this hour. cnn's jean casarez joins us now with all of the breaking details. >> the des moines police department is saying there's
5:17 am
definitely a clear and present danger for all police officers in the area. this happened a little after 1:00 this morning. it was in iowa, urbandale. they got a call that shots had been fired so officers arrived at the scene. what do they find? they find one of their own, who has been shot dead, sitting in his patrol car. other officers come to try to assist him, and about 20 minutes later, des moines officers just happen to find one of their officers at an intersection, in his patrol car, shot dead. 20 minutes apart. listen to the press conference we've got some of that earlier this morning from the des moines police officers. >> in all appearances it looks just like that, that these officers were ambushed. it -- on the surface right now, just like i said we're just a few hours into this. it doesn't look like there was any interaction. between these officers, and whoever the coward is that shot them while they sat in their cars.
5:18 am
that's the best we got that we can explain at the scene right now. both of them were in their cars. >> so they're still trying to put together a profile at this point of what this suspect or suspects may look like. they haven't come out with that. but there's definitely a manhunt to try to find exactly who did this and they are pair pg the officers up now in urbandale they only have 50 on the force but they're pairing them up and saying that there is somebody out there shooting police officers and we have to find them before other officers are killed. >> this is horrible. how can they even know who they're looking for? do we think that there are surveillance videos from somewhere around the? >> urbandale has body cameras. des moines doesn't. but if you're ambushed how much would a body camera actually show? >> yeah, this is going to be tricky. also there have been calls for a long time to harden the cruisers. give them bulletproof windows, you know, make these more secure environments for them. not in anticipation of this, but just in general.
5:19 am
this has a horrible, horrible familiarity to what they dealt with here in new york. wound up being that mentally deranged guy who came up and killed two officers in their car cold blooded murder. it also casts a shadow on what's going on with policing in this country in terms of cops being victimized. last year 123 cops killed on the job. to date, 111 now. you include these two officers, 113. but, more killed this year by firearm than all of last year. >> shame. >> and to be ambushed is really ayn a more selective number. >> absolutely. jean, thank you. and please come back when you have any more information. >> we will. >> so both presidential candidates have big supporters. and also big opponents. so how does that wind up creating advantage or disadvantage? who wins on that score? next.
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hillary clinton and her surrogates barnstorming key battleground states today. clinton is shifting her focus
5:24 am
back to donald trump's character. and away from renewed scrutiny over her e-mails. so what will energize voters in the next six days? let's bring in cnn political commentator and former donald trump campaign manager corey lewandowski, and national spokesperson for a hillary clinton supporter. nice to see both of you. karine, let me start with you. as we heard on the trail yesterday, hillary clinton has gone back to talking about donald trump's character, the offensive things that he has said about women. if she's trying to appeal to, say, swing voters, or undecided voters, do you think that that's an energizing message? or is it also possible it could just turn them off from voting? >> well, i think, alisyn, you have to remember that election day isn't actually on november 8th. it's actually happening right now and what she's doing is giving that character argument, right. she and her surrogates are out there talking about why donald trump is unfit and really putting out on the line what is
5:25 am
at stake in this race. so i think it's actually incredibly important for her to do that. >> are we going to hear, corey, today, donald trump counter punching as he likes to do about these attacks? or is he going to stay with a laser-like focused message on say repealing obamacare? >> i think donald trump's message for the next six days is why he should be elected president of the united states, why he's going to bring fundamental change to washington. and if you look at the recent polls that have come out and specifically how hillary clinton's doing with white women, particularly white married women, she's losing to donald trump in that particular demographic. if you look at how the african-american turnout is not turning out at the same level that we've seen in the last two presidential election cycles, that's very concerning for hmm. so she has to prosecute a case against donald trump because she doesn't have a case to vote -- >> so you're telling me that you think, knowing donald trump as well as you do, that he will be able to resist the counterpunch for which he is so famous? >> look you know me. i'm a counterpuncher kind of guy
5:26 am
myself and i love when donald trump counterpunches. but with six days to go in this election if you look at what he has done since friday when the fbi said we're going to reopen the investigation, he has been very precise and concise talking about what his plans for america which is let's fix the health care system. let's stop our national debt growing. let's get our jobs, and bring back -- fix these bad trade deals. look at the states he's going to, michigan, wisconsin, colorado, he's in new hampshire on friday. places where there's an opportunity for him and his message has resonated with typically states that a democrat will carry he has a real opportunity here to win. >> when we see him on television more? he's been a little bit invisible in the past few days since all of this broke. >> well i think relatively speaking he's doing three rallies today in florida. he's got another one tomorrow in florida -- >> but you know sit-down interviews. >> i don't think hillary clinton is doing a whole bunch of sit-down interviews either to be fair. >> what about what corey just said in terms of the enthusiasm with black voters that in terms of early voting that does seem to be down.
5:27 am
how big of a concern do you think that is? >> look i mean i think it's a bit unfair to compare historical figure as barack obama to numbers from 2008 and 2012. but with all that said, yes, they need to turn out more -- more of the early voting from the black community. and they just need to keep their gas on -- their foot on the gas to do that. but here's the thing, just looking at yesterday, for example, hillary clinton and her supporters were in 14 media markets. donald trump and pence were in one media market. which is pennsylvania. i mean, so there's something to say about that. she actually has the surrogate and the -- and the -- you know and the backing to really reach out to these voters that she needs to. and also with early voting it is trending positively for democrats. right? we're doing better, there's a survey, a florida survey that cme out last night that looked at early voting and showed like 28% of the gop, republicans that are coming out to vote were actually crossing over and
5:28 am
voting for hillary clinton. and if that stands, that would be astounding. right? because both john kerry and both barack obama they got less than 10% respectively from the gop >> hmm. >> of voters. so i think that was really important. and also she was winning early voting by 53% in florida. which is a state that we all know, if donald trump doesn't win that state there's really no path for him at all. >> corey -- >> donald trump was not just in pennsylvania. he did a massive rally in wisconsin last night and his sons, which you know it's amazing that no one talks -- every time chelsea clinton is on the campaign trail she's this great surrogate for her mother and she gets that credit. donald trump's kids don't get that same credit. donald trump jr. was in ohio. eric was in north carolina. his daughter was on the trail. melania is on the trail, ivanka trump is an the trail. i don't see that on the map of where donald trump surrogates are. if we're going to compare apples to apples -- >> it's not apples to apples -- >> he was in pennsylvania and he was in wisconsin and three
5:29 am
events in florida today and i think if you want to put his schedule up against hillary clinton's he does more events -- >> it's not apples to apples. you're talking about vice president biden. you're talking about president obama. you're talking about senators warren, and, and, and sanders. you're talking about -- >> and senator ron johnson and scott walker and all of the others that campaign -- >> yes, scott walker he does this event with scott walker yesterday you know first time in awhile. i mean it's just not the same. it's not -- >> i mean but, but, donald trump hasn't been in public life. he couldn't have those sorts of high level -- >> no, he -- well that's because all his high level surrogates are running away from him. i mean that's what is happening because of trumpism because of what he's putting out there because of the hateful rhetoric that he's been putting out there -- >> a good point. karine has a good point. his previous nominees and presidents are not rallying to his side, and there's a report that jeb's son said that he believes that his grandfather, george h.w. bush and his
5:30 am
father -- his uncle, george w. bush, are likely going to vote for hillary clinton. >> here's what we saw yesterday, donald trump is getting right now about 86% of the republicans that are voting for him which is a higher percentage. hillary clinton is getting of democrats right now. his numbers continue to increase her numbers continue to decrease. so at the end of the day mike pence talked about this republicans are coming home states like arizona going to be off the table. it was a week ago, a week ago where they were saying hillary clinton is going to win in texas. and hillary clinton is going to win in georgia. you know what they're saying today? hillary clinton is going to detroit in michigan on friday because she is so desperate to keep that state that she hasn't -- >> last ward. >> alisyn a couple of things. the fundamentals of this race has not changed. hillary clinton still has multiple paths to 270 while donald trump is still trying to cobble up one path to 270. and that is just the state of the race. now, granted the democrats need to keep their foot on the gas, and not leave anything on the table which is why she's going to michigan. and the last little -- the 72 hours post that letter from
5:31 am
comey hillary clinton campaign raised $11.3 million. so they're -- >> got it. >> no, you're not going to have the last word. election day is almost here. and you can join us next tuesday for election day in america. we have every race and every result covered. you can stay with cnn until the -- a lot of feet on a lot of gas pedals right now corey. >> hey, i'm not going with the gas. what i'm saying corey sounded like a fedex guy there how fast he was talking. so if political candidates are judged on their character, let's be honest, trump and clinton are not doing well. how can the final days of the campaign determine who comes out on top? the question becomes, what is the question that voters are going to ask when they enter that booth? and how will they answer it? next.
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trump has a very simple message. clinton is crooked, and obamacare is terrible. on clinton being crooked it's all about the e-mails right now. clinton is saying if this is a character contest you have to pick me.
5:36 am
and she is going after all the things that he has said and done. so, if it comes down to character, if that question when people enter the voting booth is, which one of these people do i really see as president, who's going to win? cnn political commentator and author carl bernstein joins us now. please answer that definitively, carl, so we can all go home. >> first of all, i think the task for hillary clinton is to define herself beyond the server. and the server has, to a large extent, defined her in this campaign. really, her task is to turn out as many women, blacks, latinos, as she can. and get a message across to those few voters who have not made up their minds yet, that donald trump is, indeed, unfit to be president of the united states, and remind voters of what his record as a human being, and a businessman, is. which is to say, that he is a
5:37 am
sociopath. that we've seen it in this campaign. that he lies. pathologically. that he has no program of substance for america that goes to the beth of who we are as a people, and to demonstrate that her life has been dedicated to a kind of public service that is different than what we've seen in the e-mail controversy. but her task is a very difficult one. she's got to keep this coalition together, as well as enthuse those who thus far have not been willing to come out and say, we must vote for hillary clinton. she's got to hold it all together and get some more people to the polls. >> well, look, i mean her task is also challenged by the fact that so many republicans, and certainly trump supporters, think that she has bad character. i mean we just saw -- we just ran a whole piece of interviews of people who wait online for
5:38 am
trump rallies, and they have their whole laundry list of things that they think where she's fallen down on the character issue. do you think that when people go into the polling booths character is what they're voting on next week? >> i think it's difficult to generalize. i think, though that there is no question that she has been defined by the server. her character has been defined for tense of millions of people in america by the server and setting it up and her comments about it which have been less than truthful, that this has defined her in a way that goes back to a quarter century in public life of the clintons in a way that is very, very hurtful. remember her favorable ratings when she came out of office as secretary of state were sky-high. and they have now gone into the dumps, that the country is in a place where clearly it wants some kind of change, and again
5:39 am
it's a generalization. but she is stuck with being the person who has been in public life for 24 years. has been a lightning rod for republican hatred, republican animus, on top of which the character issue is one that has dogged her and bill clinton for a quarter of a century. and remember, we are looking at an election year in which most voters are disgusted with the choice -- >> oh, but that's right, carl. if they're saying look, i've had it. it doesn't work in d.c. it's all about money. it's never about me. these people are all the same. it doesn't matter what they say. forget it. i'm trying something different. i'm going with trump. how much worse can it be? what are they getting wrong? >> there are a lot of people who feel that. the thing that i would say they're getting wrong is to look at the record of donald trump as a citizen and a businessman.
5:40 am
and look at it against the record of the clintons. no matter what their politics, donald trump's record as a citizen and a businessman is one of a scam artist, a con man, a bigot, somebody who sows hatred among racial and religious groups. it is not what america is about in the sense that we think of ourselves in our traditions in this country. it is a real break. and if that is -- and that's a big part of his vote unfortunately. this -- this election is not just about donald trump. >> yeah. >> and hillary clinton. this election is about the people of america, and where they are in their lives. >> yeah. >> and they're beliefs. and that is why hillary clinton is in trouble as well. >> yeah. >> and why donald trump has done as well as he has. he has appealed to a set of -- >> right. >> -- conditions and frustrations that has put him where he is and put the country in a place --
5:41 am
>> yeah. >> -- in a dangerous place where it has never been before on the eve of election with this kind of demagoguery -- >> yeah. >> running for president as the nominee of a party. >> carl, thank you for your perspective. great to have you on "new day." all right we do have some breaking news we want to get to right now. we have an update on one of our top stories. police in iowa have identified a suspect they say in the ambush of those two police officers in the des moines area who were shot and killed this morning. there was a massive manhunt under way for this -- there is i should say still a massive manhunt for scott michael greene. police say he is armed and dangerous. be very careful if you know anything about him. the officers were ambushed separately in their cruisers, early hours, this morning. the shootings happened about 20 minutes apart from each other. and within blocks of each other. if you have seen this man on your screen scott michael greene, if you have any information about him, call your local 911 and they will put you in touch with the right authorities. >> all right we're going to stay
5:42 am
on that throughout the morning and remember the authorities are saying if you see him contact them. do not approach yourself. we're also covering the election this morning, there are new developments. let's say one thing that everybody has in common watching the show right now, stressed out. how can you mike it six more days? and then what happens when this is over? is there going to be some kind of ptsd? we'll discuss next. first this morning, dolly parton. we all know her and love her, right? famous country singer. but did you know she's also helping children around the world learn how to read? >> how can she get any better? >> oh, this is how. this week's impact your world. take a watch. ♪ jolene, jolene, jolene >> dolly parton is one of the most award winning female country singers of all time with a chart topping career spanning six decades music isn't her only passion. she's also a big advocate for literacy.
5:43 am
>> if you can read you can educate yourself. there's a book about anything out there. >> in 1995 parton started the imagination library in honor of her father. >> my own father didn't get a chance to go to school. he couldn't read and write. it really bothered him a lot. >> according to a u.s. department of education survey, 32 million adults can't read. parton's imagination library strives to lower that number by providing new, free books every month to preschool age children. >> my dad was so proud when the kids would get the books, he just was prouder of that than probably my great success in show business. >> the charity has given out over 82 million books in the u.s., uk, canada and australia. >> what could be better than reading?
5:44 am
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we can't go back to the years of devastating cuts to public education. so vote yes on prop 55. prop 55 prevents $4 billion in new education cuts, without raising taxes on anyone, and with strict accountability. budget forecasts show if we don't pass prop 55 big cuts that hurt our kids are coming, and california will suffer budget deficits all over again. so vote yes on 55. because it helps our children thrive.
5:48 am
both candidates, of course, trying to carve that path to 270. that has both candidates and their surrogates hitting the trail targeting, of course, the swing states. donald trump is in florida today. while his vice presidential candidate is trying to turn some red states blue. or actually the other way around. >> yeah. >> meanwhile hillary clinton and her high profile are stalking important swing states as well. let's get to the bottom line with cnn political analyst david gregory. good morning, david. >> good morning. >> what is your bottom line today? >> well, i think what's so important for hillary clinton, and you look at that surrogate map, it is her coalition of voters. it's younger people. it's african-americans. the hispanic vote which may be particularly ascendent this year in states like arizona and other states as well that is so important. and fighting whatever enthusiasm gap may exist right now. and that gap may be the difference between her core supporters coming out and republicans who might be coming
5:49 am
home, not so much for trump, but maybe in some of these swing states where you have competitive senate races, take ohio, rob portman winning big, are those voters who are coming out to vote for him, might they also vote for trump? that enthusiasm i think is really important right now for her. >> so, i had a clinton person trying to sell me on the proposition that comey coming out with essentially a nonevent helps them. because they're spinning it as, you see? you see the resistance? you see how crazy it is if you don't have the right person in there. is that just wishful thinking? >> it's in part wishful thinking. i also think there's some precedent for that. what have clinton's enemies done over the years? not just of her, but of former president bill clinton? they've often overreached. and there has been a counterreaction among their supporters. i do think that there's some hope for that. look if you see an thuchl gap, there's a lot of concern that african-americans may not show up in the same numbers in certain states like a north carolina that they did for president obama.
5:50 am
could something like this where she's seen as embattled actually help get people out and see this as really essential as the race looks like it's tightening as we get to a week out? i think there's the potential for that. but the other reality, chris, as you know, she's not able to go on offense as much. she's trying to do it, frieg to make this about his qualification and fitness for the presidency to make it about him. right now it's about her, her server, the potential for corruption. >> it looks like the race is 2350i9enning if you look at the abc "washington post" daily tracking poll they're both at 46%. 46-46. it couldn't be any tighter. but then you need to look of course at the cnn poll of polls which crunches all the top five polls so that you don't get any one particular outlier, and there clinton still has a five point lead 47 to 42% david. >> yeah and i think the electoral map shows how still difficult this is for donald trump. our friend ron brownstein was on the program earlier talking about the blue wall the phrase he coined to describe the
5:51 am
democratic advantage. it still gives her an opportunity to kind of hold on to key states like that and to tack on colorado, nevada, et cetera, so she can lose some of these big battlegrounds we're talking about and still get to 270. he's having to campaign, as are the primary surrogates in mike pence, going to states like a michigan, like a wisconsin, where there's scant evidence that he's really got an opportunity to turn the state blue there but it's competitive enough to give it a try. and i still think that gives her the advantage. >> and quickly, david, what is the realistic ability to change anything between now and election day? >> i really think it's about who shows up, chris. so if you're the clinton campaign you've got all these surrogates you can touch all of the demographic buttons on the electoral map, you've got to see that as an advantage for her. but again, republicans seem to be coming home. you have the republican committee out there, the party out there, for these swing state senate races that bring a lot of those republican voters home but
5:52 am
you know there's so much that's happening now that we can't see. it's about who's showing up. >> david, thank you. great to talk to you. >> all right. so, how do you feel? how is this race making you feel? the american psychological association says there are a lot of people who are feeling very stressed out. 52% of u.s. adults say the presidential race is a very or somewhat significant source of stress. in their life. >> you think? >> let's discuss -- >> i mean -- it's everywhere. we want to bring in psychotherapist -- how often are you hearing this from your patients? >> daily. >> and what are they say? >> it ranges from what can we do, what can we -- how are you feeling? how are you managing? from i have to put relationships on hold. i can't even talk to anyone who doesn't agree with me. this is too inflammatory -- >> and that's just -- >> so -- >> that's just from alisyn who has probably one of your patients.
5:53 am
is it our fault? why are they so stressed out? how much of it is us? >> i do think there's a flood of information that is available, and for people who are interested, they are getting lost in it. and i think some of the social media obviously can start on one area and all of a sudden you find a lot of times, it's very inflammatory. there's a lot of anger. there's a lot of strong feelings, and i think that gets internalized. and it can add to feeling more stressed by the time you're finished, rather than just feeling more informed. >> it is information overload. i mean even though we're in the information business. absolutely there are polls that suggest that if you are often on social media your anxiety spikes. here's the poll. social media and election stress in the u.s. somewhat or significant source of stress the adults who use social media yes. here we go. 54% feel stressed adults who are not using social media, 45%. so exactly the inverse. >> one more reason to watch tv.
5:54 am
>> yes, there you go. i like that. >> but so what what i was interested in is some of your patients not only are they coming in with sort of anxiety and emotional response to this, sometimes physical response to this. what are those symptoms? >> certainly i think depending on people's own personal history that the sense of misogyny, bullying, narcissism, that mask dysfunction that has been on this election. that it has been very triggering for post traumatic stress. that it's brought up memory states that have been repressed over the years -- >> hold on a second. meaning that women when there's a lot of talk about sexual assault or sexual harassment, they're coming in to you with old memories? >> absolutely. from -- >> things that again have gone buried for awhile, and they've been reactivated thinking
5:55 am
especially about the fact that they should they have said something would they have been told they were liars. that this is very powerful, it's brought up certainly dream states about whether they are being followed, or -- >> wow. >> -- so absolutely. >> that's terrible. i mean what i see more in the specific anecdotally and i wonder how you see it is with kids. kids echo what they hear from their parents. whatever they pick up on social media, a lot of them once they get to be 11, 12, if they're not monitored, who knows what they're seeing. and there's this anger. this extremism, that comes through these kids where it's not just i like bush, i like clinton or here i like trump, i like clinton, it's they hate. they hate. they use the word i hate trump. i hate clinton. what do you do with that? >> that's the flood of the intensity. the language, the inflammatory nature that is certainly being modeled throughout this election. of course it comes down to kids,
5:56 am
and maybe in some ways that's a wake-up call they it helps us to acknowledge how pathological this is. and, certainly i think that's something that is a good conversation. >> and sue elias we know you're also working on people, take a deep breath, people do some relaxation exercises, people meditate. we will get through this. >> true. but i also think that people deal with their anxiety in different ways. for many that's very good advice. but i think there's also for some people information is very helpful. and i do suggest that they also get out and talk to people. not just isolate. not spend hours alone doing this. or, get involved in, you know, go out and help the voters -- >> sure, volunteer work. >> get active. >> that's great, sue thanks so much for all of this. >> take it and squeeze it all into a ball and put it deep down inside and when it comes out it should be in one rageful burst.
5:57 am
all right so did thank you very much let's turn to the anxiety that has now become laugh or cry, jimmy kimmel terrorizing kids across america again with his late night holiday tradition. parents tell their kids you know all that candy you got for halloween? oh, it's all gone i ate it. rewatch the reaction. here it is. >> here it is. sixth annual hey jimmy kimmel i told my kids i ate all their halloween candy. >> we ate all of your candy. step up. look at it again. >> all gone. >> i ate all of your halloween candy. >> you're just joking. >> no. i ate it all. >> -- all the halloween candy.
5:58 am
we're really sorry. >> i don't like you. >> you don't like us anymore? well that's -- >> i ate all your halloween candy last night. >> jimmy kimmel? >> not jimmy kimmel. you're hiding the candy i've seen this before. i watch youtube. >> next time we go trick-or-treating, you don't do that, okay? or i'll have to put you in your room. >> i ate all of your halloween candy. it's all gone. we're really sorry. are you mad at us? >> nope. tomorrow i'll bring my bag and we'll get more candy. >> do you forgive us? >> yep. >> it was really yummy candy.
5:59 am
[ indiscernible ] >> i ate all your halloween candy. >> no. >> remember when we went trick-or-treating last night? >> yeah. >> that was fun, right? >> yeah. >> you remember all the candy we got? >> yeah. >> well, daddy ate all of it. >> no. >> yeah. >> he didn't. >> yeah. he did. >> that was jimmy kimmel's own daughter jane. but we didn't see the outburst. >> i know. >> what happens next? >> that's terrible. how do you feel about that? do you believe that it's mean? >> yes! i think it's cruel. what about the one girl who was trying to process and she was like oh, look out the window now i can handle it. i'm looking out the window. >> i think it is a very good teachable moment of life's very important lessons. >> it's cruel.
6:00 am
>> life is pain. >> it squashes you like a bug cuomo. >> it's telling you something. >> that's his motto. >> you know who told me that carol costello? >> she did. i don't believe you. carol is the eternal optimist -- >> when i came here she said niom >> i don't believe -- >> i did say that to him, alisyn. i did. i admit it. >> see. >> you guys have a great day. >> you too. >> "newsroom" starts now. >> this is cnn breaking news. >> and good morning i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. we do begin with breaking news out of iowa this morning. des moines police releasing this picture of a man they say gunned down two police officers early this morning in ambush style attacks. police say both officers were sitting in their patrol cars at the time. they were found just miles apart from one another. schools in the area closing. as officials hunt for the killer.


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